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DATE: October 1, 2014


Central New York Oil & Gas Company, LLC (CNYOG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crestwood
Midstream Partners, LP (CMLP) is holding a non-binding Open Season and soliciting non-binding bids
for firm transportation service on the proposed MARC II Pipeline. The MARC II Pipeline will be a new,
30-mile, 30 pipeline designed to provide 1 Bcf per day of firm transportation from existing receipt
points on the CNYOG system for delivery to interconnects with the proposed PennEast Pipeline and the
Transco Leidy Line in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

The MARC II Pipeline:

The CNYOG system is comprised of the MARC I Pipeline, the North-South Lateral and Stagecoach
Storage. Together, these interconnected facilities span the core of the Northeast Pennsylvania
Marcellus dry gas formation, connecting producers, end-users and marketers with major gathering
systems, high-deliverability storage and major third-party transmission lines, including Tennessee Gas
Pipeline (300 Line), Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Leidy Line) and Millennium Pipeline. Over 1.4 Bcf
per day currently moves across the CNYOG system, including 1.2 Bcf per day of production receipts
directly connected to CNYOGs North-South Lateral and MARC I Pipeline.

The MARC II Pipeline will be a new 30-mile, 30 pipeline connecting the CNYOG MARC I Pipeline with the
PennEast Pipeline and Transcos Leidy Line. MARC II will connect the abundant supplies of natural gas
directly connected to the existing CNYOG system with major regional end-user markets downstream of
existing transportation bottlenecks, providing reliable, cost-competitive supplies of natural gas to
consumers in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets.


Crestwood Northeast Transportation & Storage Assets

Crestwood anticipates filing an Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity under
Section 7c of the Natural Gas Act with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Q2-15, with
a planned in-service date in Q4-17.


MARC II FTS-2 Service:
Firm transportation service on the MARC II Pipeline will be provided under the CNYOG Tariff FTS-2 rate
schedule. Maximum recourse rates for FTS-2 Service are as follows:

Monthly FTS-2 Reservation Rate Max Recourse Rate Units
MARC I (only) $7.8232 $/dth of MDFTQ
North/South Lateral & MARC I $12.2332 $/dth of MDFTQ

FTS-2 Commodity Rate
MARC I (only) $0.0029 $/dth
North/South Lateral & MARC I $0.0045 $/dth

FTS-2 Overrun Commodity Rate
MARC I (only) $0.2601 $/dth
North/South Lateral & MARC I $0.4067 $/dth

Fuel Charge $/dth Use/loss
MARC I (only) $0.0260 0.42%
North/South Lateral & MARC I $0.0698 0.52%

CNYOG will consider bids for discounted reservation rates. Fuel and commodity charges will be incurred
at the maximum recourse rate.

CNYOG is soliciting shipper interest in all points on the North-South Lateral and MARC I Pipeline,
including Stagecoach Storage, Angelina Gathering receipt points (Fields, Bellino and Neiley), Access
Midstream receipt points (Stagecoach Junction, Cherry Road, and the proposed Wilmot point), as well as
Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP). Available delivery points will include the PennEast Pipeline receipt point
in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and the Transco Leidy Line in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. CNYOG
will consider bids with a minimum term commitment of 10 years.

Under a MARC II FTS-2 service agreement, Shippers will make a single nomination from the primary
receipt point to the primary delivery point. Shippers will have secondary rights at all points in-path.
Secondary points out-of-path will be charged the maximum tariff rate.


CNYOG System Map

Open Season Dates:

The Open Season will commence when posted on CNYOGs website at
and extend until 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.

Bids are non-binding on requesting shippers.
This solicitation is not an offer. CNYOG shall not be deemed to have accepted any bid until the parties
have executed binding Precedent Agreements incorporating firm service agreements reflecting the
capacity awarded.
CNYOG may extend, modify, or terminate this open season or waive any provision of the open season at
any time by notice.



Parties who wish to participate or desire additional information concerning this notice and prearranged
Open Season should contact the following:

Edmund Knolle
Vice President, Business Development
Direct: (832) 519-2282
Mobile: (713) 818-2195
Tracy Halleck
Director, Northeast Marketing
Direct: (713) 380-3024
Mobile: (281) 352-6280



Company Name:

Contact Information:


Email Address:


Maximum Daily Transportation
Quantity (MDTQ):


Primary Point of Receipt

Primary Point of Delivery

Monthly FTS-2 Reservation Rate

$/Dth of MDTQ

Term of Service


Please e-mail completed Exhibit A to:

Tracy Halleck
Director, Northeast Marketing