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Order, Stocks & Inventor y

7.1 Machines 2
7.2 Small inventory 2
7.3 Inventory of equipment 2
7.3.1 Equipment inventory procedure: 2
7.3.2 Transfers of equipment 2
7.4 Consumable supplies 3
7.4.1 Amenities 3
7.4.2 Printing items 3
7.4.3 Additional resources 3
7.5 Ordering 3
7.6 Monthly stock-taking 4
7.7 Storage 4

Viking River Cruises AG 2014 2

Order, Stocks & Inventor y
7.1 Machines
It is the chief engineers job to retain and administer the operating instructions of the various machines
on board. The Housekeeper is responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the prescribed
cleaning plans as well as for informing the Hotel Manager of any necessary repairs in adequate time.
The Housekeeper is to ensure that the staff is all familiar with the various functions of the machines.

7.2 Small inventory
All toweling, tablecloths and bed linen are standardized by Viking River Cruises and are itemized in the
equipment inventory lists. There are enough stocks on board to ensure that nothing needs to be re-
ordered during the season.
No equipment is to be bought locally or directly from suppliers.

7.3 Inventory of equipment

All orders for new equipment (small inventory, machines etc.) are to be made solely by the Hotel
Manager in conjunction with the Operation Manager once the season has finished. Such orders are to be
based on the end-of-season inventory report. The deliveries start to arrive at the start of the new
We do not expect equipment to be ordered during season.

The inventory lists for the initial inventory report incorporate the details of the previous end-of-season
inventory. These lists are passed on to the Housekeeper at the start of the season.

The overall value of the equipment on board our ships is extremely high and it is therefore imperative
that our staff is aware of the fact.

The necessary lists needed to compile the equipment inventory report are handed to the Housekeeper
by the Hotel Manager.
It is expected that during a season a total of 3 equipment inventory reports are to be carried out.

1. Start of season inventory
2. Mid-season stock take
3. End-of-season inventory

It is essential that all three equipment inventory reports are conducted with the utmost precision.

7.3.1 Equipment inventory procedure:
7.3.2 Transfers of equipment

Viking River Cruises AG 2014 3

Transfers of equipment to other vessels within the Viking fleet are only permitted with the consent of
the Hotel Manager.

The loaning of equipment to sister vessels is strictly prohibited.

7.4 Consumable supplies

Amenities for the guest staterooms have been standardized by VRC. These items are produced by
L`Occitane and are delivered to each ship at the start of each season. The orders are based on the
previous end-of-season inventory report.
Please refer to the catalogue of services and Checklist for further details on how to go about this. A
reordering of amenities is possible via the Wiebelsheim warehouse and the appropriate order lists are
available from the Hotel Manager. Please take care to note the delivery dates.

Forms to be placed in the guest staterooms have been standardized by VRC. The forms are produced by
Gssler. The ordering of forms is based on the end-of-season inventory report of the previous season.
The forms are in part delivered to the ships at the start of the season. A reordering of some of the items
on bulk is possible via the Wiebelsheim warehouse.
An order list with the items you need to stock up on is available from the Hotel Manager. Please make
special note of delivery dates. Please refer to the catalogue of services and Checklist for further details
on how to go about this.

Viking River Cruises has chosen to work with Ecolab to provide our vessels with cleaning agents and
disinfectants. We are convinced that we have found the optimal range of cleaning products to tackle the
cleaning tasks on board.
When ordering Ecolab products, please remember that you are essentially dealing with chemicals. When
applied incorrectly, these chemicals can cause harmful skin irritations and have other hazardous effects.
The delivery of these goods is to take place via Odin/HMS.

Vacuum cleaner spare parts can be ordered at the purchasing department.

If additional resources are required for the day-to-day work in the housekeeping department, they are
listed in the Odin or HMS order file.

7.5 Ordering

The Housekeeper is responsible for ordering consumable supplies. Please refer to the loading plans given
to Hotel Manager, to determine the exact requirements for consumable supplies regarding the guest
numbers and the period until the next loading. Only those order lists compiled by VRC are to be used
when ordering consumable items. Copies of these lists can be received from the Hotel Manager.
7.4.1 Amenities
7.4.2 Printing items
7.4.3 Additional resources

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7.6 Monthly stock-taking
At the end of every month an inventory of the sanitary and disposable items must be made. To this end
and purpose an inventory form has been issued by VRC. This form is to be obtained from the Hotel

The monthly inventories are necessary to determine the actual costs per month. It is therefore essential
that you use as much precision as possible in making the inventory.

7.7 Storage

Please make sure that the storage of consumable items takes up as little space as possible. Remember
that you will have the opportunity to reorder and restock on consumable items at regular intervals.

While making a small inventory report it is important to bear in mind that the goods are kept in such a
way that the oldest are used up first and that the flow of items is maintained. Stock should be used up
evenly. This applies especially for the tablecloths; please make sure that freshly packaged stock is not
suddenly brought out in the middle of a season and mixed with items that have long since been in use.
This can result in significant differences in color appearing in the cloths which would go against the
Viking standard of quality.

Please remember to organize your storerooms in such a way that you can always identify and
find all items immediately.