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The Most
Man in
The Reinventions
of Rand Paul




Runs My Fridge
Save the planet without
leaving the house.
Going solar at home helps reduce pollution and
carbon emissions in your city and around the
world. And it’s easier and more aordable to do
than ever before—that’s why every four minutes
another American household or business goes
solar. Find out how you can be next.
vol. 184, no. 16 | 2014

4 x Editor’s Desk



A big new show for
Goya, the last of the
Old Masters

48 x Art

7 x Verbatim
8 x LightBox

51 x Movies

Remembering the
Sewol ferry tragedy in
South Korea

Michael Keaton plays
off his Batman past
for Birdman

10 x World

52 x Books

New tone from
the Vatican on
homosexuality; falling
crude prices; Kim
Jong Un reappears

Novelist Kathleen
Hale reviews three
new queenly bios
54 x Books

12 x Health

A report card on
recent progress
against obesity,
Alzheimer’s and more
15 x Nation

Katha Pollitt’s Pro
calls for an abortionrights revival
Senator Rand Paul checks his notes before an Oct. 12 event in Bowling Green, Ky.
Photograph by Charles Ommanney—Reportage by Getty Images for Time

The Kansas Senate
race’s known
16 x Milestones

Barack and Michelle
Obama honor Malala
Yousafzai’s Nobel
Peace Prize win

17 x Viewpoint

Jessica Bennett on
tech companies
offering an eggfreezing benefit
18 x In the Arena

Joe Klein on
the Democrats’


Handle With Care
The infection of two health workers in
Texas highlights the need for an effective
Ebola protocol by David Von Drehle

O L I V E R : E VA N A G O S T I N I — I N V I S I O N/A P

John Oliver’s
passionate take on
news comedy
56 x Pop Chart

Quick Talk with
singer Idina Menzel;
a female Ghostbusters;
great moments in
GIF history

24 Big-Tent Pitch
Likely presidential candidate Rand
Paul makes his case for a more diverse
Republican Party by Michael Scherer

58 x The Amateur

People’s President
Joko Widodo’s election in Indonesia
marks how the world’s third largest
democracy is evolving by Hannah Beech

Equal Justice
Initiative founder
Bryan Stevenson


Save It for Later
Millennials may deal with their uncertain
prospects for retirement by rejecting the
concept altogether by Jack Dickey

on the cover:
Photograph by Mark
Seliger for Time

55 x Tuned In

Kristin van Ogtrop
copes with Halloweendecoration overkill
60 x 10 Questions

John Oliver,
page 55

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time October 27, 2014


WorldMags. 28 at 2 lb. email syndication@timeinc. . Syndication For international licensing and syndication requests. Box 62120. of course. Paul is defined by his bold stands but is extremely cautious about how he presents is now 6 months old and nearing 14 lb. weighs in at 18 lb. Paul shows no signs of wanting to slide smoothly into the national political debate. Please recycle this magazine and remove inserts or samples before recycling time October 2014 T I M E . To request custom reprints. born March 31. D AV I NY 10020.O. He harbors immense ambition to both remake his party’s appeal and make libertarian ideals salable to voters—he called himself “libertarianish” before a group of pastors he met in North Carolina. who worked her way out of homelessness after being medically discharged from the Navy following the first Gulf War. left. Tampa. he found a higher than normal complexity count as he followed him along the campaign trail from South Carolina to Missouri to his home state of Kentucky. Letters should include the writer’s full name. “He is arguing that you can color inside and outside the lines at the same time. address and home telephone and may be edited for purposes of clarity and space Customer Service and Change of Address For 24/7 service.COM From now until Veterans Day. including Ginger Miller (left. with her husband in 1989). “Most candidates are just looking for ways to fill in old boxes. including two we featured in our issue. Nancy Gibbs. David about how his party can have a hope of winning the White House while losing ground with key voting blocs. Reprints and Permissions Information is available at the website time. visit time. He’ll be a pumpkin for or call 1-212-221-9595. D AV I D. FL 33662-2120. Rand Paul does not like being compared to his father Ron any more than sons named Bush like to dance in their father’s shadow. Our Washington bureau chief Michael Scherer has profiled a wide range of political brands and firebrands. 437. He promotes simple. PROGRESS REPORT Cover subject Emalyn Randolph. Time & Life Building. L E F T: P H O T O G R A P H B Y E L I N O R C A R U C C I F O R T I M E . an occasional contributor to Time. E M A LY N : C O U R T E S Y O F T H E R A N D O L P H F A M I LY. but the crucial difference is that while the Bushes all hail from the relative mainstream of the or call 1-212-522-5868 WorldMags. You can also call 1-800-843-8463 or write to TIME at P.” It is striking that we now have three families—the Editor’s Desk Game Changer NOW ON TIME. 3 editor Write to us Send an email: letters@time. R I G H T: C O U R T E S Y O F T H E J OYC E F A M I LY calling rand paul the most interesting man in politics is an invitation to an argument—but one we suspect he’d love to have. born Jan. 11 oz.” Scherer or call 1-800-274-6800. Those clans are a reminder that families are even more complicated than politics. below. Advertising For advertising rates and our editorial calendar. New York. But in Senator Paul. visit timemediakit. he’d rather start a new one. Back Issues Contact us at help. Please do not send attachments 4 Send a letter: TIME Magazine Letters. please use our website: time. contact us by emailing timereprints_us@timeinc.single@customersvc . about the fault lines between privacy and security. Since late January. lofty ideas. for all other uses. we’ll be featuring dozens of stories about the impact of war—on those who serve and on the people who support them. Barack Obama. about when a war is worth fighting. from Michael Bloomberg to Chris Christie and. email TimeIncReprints@ parsintl. the Pauls and the Clintons—near center stage in American but the details of implementation are often down in the weeds. For more. the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin—the focus of Jeffrey Kluger’s June 2 cover story on new ways to care for premature babies—has treated nearly 500 preemies.C O M : C O U R T E S Y O F G I N G E R M I L L E R . the Pauls have an ideological tributary virtually to themselves.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

Your kids You’re . Teach your kids how to be more than a WorldMags. Learn how at StopBullying. You don’t see bullying like this every day.

netSources: New York Times (2). G A R C E T T I .S.’ ERIC GARCETTI. PA LT R O W : G E T T Y I M A G E S.’ REGINA IP. British lawmaker. 12 GOOD WEEK BAD WEEK ‘PALESTINIAN STATEHOOD IS NOT A GIFT TO BE GIVEN BUT A RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED.’ IAN LUCAS. SAW EBOLA PATIENT NO. I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y B R O W N B I R D D E S I G N F O R T I M E (2) CEO. two-thirds see “too much emphasis on winning” ‘You’re so handsome that I can’t speak. speaking to Barack Obama when the President went to the actor’s house for a fundraiser ‘We are beginning to see a breakdown of law and order. for the first time in two decades The percentage of U.’ THE WEEK THE U.3 million viewers on Oct. walking back widely criticized comments that it’s “good karma” for women to have “faith that the system will actually give you the right raises” 87% Saturday Night Live The sketch-comedy show scored the worst ratings in its 40-year history on Oct. 3 The Walking Dead The zombie drama broke cable records with 17. 2014 WorldMags. G O O D W E E K : A M C . Deadline . L U C A S : E PA . B A D W E E K . declaring it “highly likely” that a National Football League team will call the city home within the next year. The lawlessness that is surfacing is Briefing ‘If you think you deserve a raise.’ GW YNETH PALTROW. you should just ask. AP (2). 27 The number of wrongfuldeath claims against GM for defective ignition switches deemed eligible by an arbitrator (the company’s initial estimate was 13) Los Angeles mayor. 11 81 million The number of people who played at least a single song from the new U2 album that was automatically added to iTunes users’ libraries ‘Football is something a big city should have. on the protests that have roared in the city for weeks time October 27. as the country’s Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution to recognize a Palestinian state SATYA NADELLA. This is not what Hong Kong is famous for. Microsoft’s N A D E L L A . parents worried about injuries in kids’ sports. AV Club. Los Angeles Times. Hong Kong lawmaker. Briefing LightBox Ribbons of Remembrance Portraits of the nearly 300 people who died during the South Korean ferry disaster on April 16—many were students on a field trip—are seen posted in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square on Oct.time.WorldMags. Four members of the ship’s crew face homicide charges stemming from the incident. Jung Yeon-Je—AFP/Getty Images FOR PICTURES OF THE WorldMags. GO TO .

net WorldMags.

But this was only a start- ing point for more detailed talks as participants break into smaller groups. But that would be stretching it. change takes centuries. points to a notable shift: people actually care about what a group of bishops is thinking.S. as he announced that a nonbinding vote on Catalan independence would go ahead on Nov. And second. The responses set the stage for the meeting in Americas 12% Asia 4% E. 5. diocese). it is just a snapshot of the Catholic leaders’ conversations about family issues as the synod entered its second and final week. 13 during the synod in Rome SPAIN ‘ǎe real adversary is the Spanish state. however. It is also not final. the synod—which brought together over 250 Cardinals and church representatives from around the world—released a document hailed by many as signaling a softer stance toward homosexuality. when congregations around the world were surveyed about family life. and conclude next fall when an even larger group of bishops will gather at the Vatican for further discussions. 13. The first week saw discussions on everything from polygamy to divorce. The first act came earlier this year. Here’s how many said yes.WorldMags. The unusual interest in a gathering of clerics. not by a mission to root out sin. Discussions will continue at next summer’s World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (a traditionally conservative U. the report reaffirms the meaning of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. not weeks. But it does not mean that the Vatican is changing its sexual-ethics policy. earlier. and will continue after it ends on Oct. POLL TOMORROW’S BUSINESS LEADERS Gallup asked people in 131 countries whether they were planning to start their own business within the next year. 9 despite opposition from Madrid. “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community. is not proscriptive—it is not a decree. which has done everything to stop us voting.S. moreover. nor does it mark a doctrinal shift. as Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines said. It fits with Francis’ message that his papacy is animated by a spirit of embrace. “The drama continues.U. Against this backdrop. saying the “consultation” ballot could proceed under a different legal framework 10 WorldMags. SOURCE: GALLUP By Cleo Brock-Abraham and Bryan Walsh .” Just as important is the fact that the drama began long before the synod commenced on Oct. by region: 35% Sub-Saharan Africa 23% Middle East and North Africa 15% Pope Francis speaks with a Cardinal on Oct. Conversations about sexuality in the U.” reads one passage of the 58-section report. For many. 19. guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities?” The passage is noteworthy for a church that has historically linked the word homosexuality with the word sin. of mercy. a Spanish court had sided with the central government and suspended the planned vote. That means. For starters. The report. “Are we capable of welcoming these people. on Oct.’ ARTUR MAS. On Oct. leader of the Spanish region of Catalonia. that itself may be a revolution. have a faster trajectory than they do in the Vatican or in many developing countries. but Mas vowed to press ahead. Briefing World Vatican Strikes New Tone—and Only a Tone—on Homosexuality BY ELIZABETH DIAS/ROME A gay revolution at the Vatican would be groundbreaking— especially if it happened at Pope Francis’ ongoing Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome. evidence of a revolution is hard to spot.

Saudi Strategy The fall in prices has been helped by signals from Saudi Arabia—the world’s largest oil producer and the kingpin of the OPEC oil cartel—that it won’t move to cut production to counter the drop. now pumps over 8. T E C H : A P . S PA I N . 14. H O N G K O N G : G E T T Y I M A G E S. K I M : K C N A / K N S/A F P/G E T T Y I M A G E S .7 Companies and governments have stored over 65 million voiceprints—data about the way people speak—in databases around the world. return to turn themselves in by Dec. marking a new world record against the backdrop of prodemocracy protests in the city WorldMags. Dubbed the “double Irish. Those who don’t will face stiffer punishment under an ongoing government crackdown on graft.5 million barrels of oil a day—nearly twice what it produced six years ago—adding to the global supply of crude. setting the stage for greater use of voice biometrics as a way of verifying identities.WorldMags. TECH He’s Back Kim Jong Un visits a newly built housing complex in Pyongyang in an undated photo released by North Korea’s official news service on Oct. might be suffering from ill health or had been deposed in a palace coup. the cost of a barrel of crude oil has dropped more than 20% from its $115 level in June to around $85—and there’s every indication that it will keep sliding. shown here with a cane. The visit marked the first public appearance by the North Korean leader since Sept. ending weeks of speculation about his whereabouts as observers of the totalitarian state debated whether Kim. $17. C O R R U P T I O N . American Oil Boom Thanks to its exploitation of previously inaccessible shale deposits. 7. Cheap oil could also rein in its armed forces: the Finance Minister recently said Russia might have to control military spending. B U S I N E S S . according to an Associated Press report. NORTH KOREA AT THE PUMP Why the Price of Oil Is Falling—and What It Means for the World After years of triple-digit prices. 1. HONG KONG MILLION Winning bid for a flawless BUSINESS The Irish government has announced plans to plug a tax loophole used by multinationals like Google to legally cut their tax bill.S. the U.” the scheme will be phased out by the end of the decade. so the drop will hit its Briefing Trending In CORRUPTION Authorities in Beijing are offering leniency to officials who. Russian Suffering Russia draws 45% of its revenue from oil and gas taxes. F R A N C I S : PA P H O T O S/ L A N D O V. 3. having fled China to avoid corruption charges.41-carat pink diamond at a Sotheby’s auction on Oct.

If a drug could turn this process on and off in a controlled way. unhealthy white fat into brown fat. DIFFICILE Fecal transplants can often cure this potentially lethal Briefing Health Medical Momentum Scientists make major moves in tackling ove challenging diseases BY ALICE PARK AND MANDY OAKL ANDER progress in medicine can be an inch-by-inch slog. experts can develop drugs that interfere with or stop the nervedamaging disease. and some who were nearly blind can now see their watch and computer.” They can now see in a petri dish how the disease develops. Brown-fat science. which repopulate the patient’s gut with healthy. less invasive vehicle: a pill. Such was the case in October. But it’s a big step in the right direction. C. when researchers revealed game-changing discoveries that fundamentally alter their understanding of common but tough-to-treat conditions. Half of the 18 patients can see three more lines on an eye chart. This kind of cure is years away. curbing obesity and overweight. Lancet. The cells must be tested for safety in humans and must be compared with existing treatments. while exciting. Stay tuned for news as the research develops. The treatment is now available at a few clinics like Massachusetts General Hospital. THE BREAKTHROUGH THE PROMISE WHAT’S NEXT ALZHEIMER’S Scientists call it “Alzheimer’s in a dish. The study shows that these stem-cell transplants are safe. Now that they can see what goes wrong with cells in the brain. Researchers have created the first batch of insulin-making stem cells that respond to sugar both in a lab dish of human cells and in mice. These medical breakthroughs could pave the way for treatments that may someday be yours. OBESITY Scientists pinpointed a brain signal that turns abundant. If the cells are safe and effective for use in humans. small steps culminate in big advances. AGE-RELATED VISION LOSS Transplanting retinal cells grown from IVF embryos restored vision to people with macular degeneration— without any serious side effects. which efficiently burns calories instead of storing them. a huge advance over animal models. but every so often. it could help burn calories and reduce excess body fat. 2014 . JAMA WorldMags. Other medical centers are expected to follow. Now scientists have a cleaner. It’s the first step in a process that will likely take years before it produces a new therapy. Colonoscopies are replaced by capsules. beneficial bacteria that wipe out the stubborn I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y T O D D D E T W I L E R F O R T I M E THE CONDITION time October 27. they could effectively cure Type 1 diabetes and free patients from regular insulin injections. making it possible for more patients to participate in further trials. Cell. TYPE 1 DIABETES Sources: Nature.WorldMags. is still in its early days.

Please see Patient Information for JUBLIA on next page. Do not use JUBLIA in your Indication JUBLIA (efinaconazole) Topical Solution. or plan to breastfeed. slogans. Tell your doctor about any side effects that bother you or do not go away. and other marks are trademarks of the Valeant family of companies. Use it exactly as instructed by your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions. 10% is a prescription medicine used to treat fungal infections of the toenails. The most common side effects include: ingrown Individual results may vary Introducing JUBLIA — a NEW FDA-approved prescription topical solution proven to treat toenail fungus (onychomycosis). • Before you use JUBLIA.! W NE WorldMags. LLC DM/JUB/14/0018 WorldMags. • Avoid . • It is not known whether JUBLIA is effective in children.fda. are breastfeeding. swelling. and whether you have any other nail infections. use of nail polish. Tell your doctor about all medications you are taking. Important Safety Information • JUBLIA is for use on nails and surrounding skin only. including if you are or plan to become pregnant. Pharmaceuticals North America LLC • JUBLIA is flammable. itching. and pain. because it is not known whether JUBLIA can harm an unborn fetus or nursing infant. Ask your doctor if JUBLIA is right for you and visit JubliaRx. Visit www. Avoid heat and flame while applying JUBLIA to your toenail. burning or stinging. JUBLIA is specifically formulated to reach the site of onychomycosis and fight the fungus that can live beneath the toenail — allowing some patients to have clearer toenails grow or call 1-800-FDA-1088. or cosmetic nail products while using JUBLIA. eyes. redness. blisters. or vagina. • JUBLIA may cause irritation at the treated site. Except as otherwise indicated. ©2014 Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America. It’s time to take the fight to toenail fungus. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. all product names.

It is not known if JUBLIA passes into your breast milk. Inactive ingredients: alcohol. 10% This Patient Information does not include all the information needed to use JUBLIA safely and effectively. • Use JUBLIA exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to use it. • are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Apply JUBLIA to your affected toenails 1 time each day. including prescription and over-the-counter . swelling. Shizuoka. Do not use JUBLIA in your mouth. Product of Japan For more information. • JUBLIA is flammable. Ltd. What are the ingredients in JUBLIA? How should I use JUBLIA? Active ingredients: efinaconazole See the “Instructions for Use” at the end of this Patient Information leaflet for detailed information about the right way to use JUBLIA. and pain. It is not known if JUBLIA can harm your unborn baby. General information about the safe and effective use of JUBLIA Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed in a Patient Information leaflet. Please see full Prescribing Information. Pharmaceuticals North America LLC Except as where otherwise indicated. eyes. Bridgewater. NJ 08807 USA Manufactured by: Kaken Pharmaceutical Co. slogans and other marks are trademarks of the Valeant family of companies. Keep JUBLIA and all medicines out of the reach of children. Do not use JUBLIA for a condition for which it was not prescribed. and herbal supplements. diisopropyl adipate. It is not known if JUBLIA is safe and effective in children. • Keep the bottle tightly closed and store in an upright position. vitamins. itching. bathing or washing before applying JUBLIA. all product names. It may harm JUBLIA (joo-blee-uh) (efinaconazole) Topical Solution. call 1-800-321-4576. cyclomethicone. JUBLIA is a prescription medicine used to treat fungal infections of the toenails. or vagina. Japan. Wait for at least 10 minutes after showering. even if they have the same condition you have. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effects that bother you or that does not go away. and purified water. anhydrous citric acid. Do not give JUBLIA to other people. ©2014 Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America. redness. What are the possible side effects of JUBLIA? JUBLIA may cause irritation at the treated site.PATIENT INFORMATION WorldMags. The most common side effects include: ingrown toenail. tell your healthcare provider about all your medical conditions. Food and Drug Administration. Avoid heat and flame while applying JUBLIA to your toenail. Do not freeze JUBLIA. What should I avoid while using JUBLIA? • JUBLIA is flammable. Keep away from heat and flame. butylated hydroxytoluene. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. between 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). including if you: • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take. How should I store JUBLIA? What is JUBLIA? • Store JUBLIA at room temperature. Important information: JUBLIA is for use on toenails and surrounding skin only. • Avoid pedicures. These are not all the possible side effects of JUBLIA.S. or cosmetic nail products. LLC DM/JUB/14/0131 Issued: 06/2014 9391901 WorldMags. disodium edetate. You can ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider for information about JUBLIA that is written for health professionals. burning or stinging. use of nail polish. blisters. What should I tell my healthcare provider before using JUBLIA? Before you use JUBLIA. C12-15 alkyl lactate. while using JUBLIA. Manufactured for: Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC. JUBLIA is used for 48 weeks. This Patient Information has been approved by the U.

n 15 . and as a businessman he knows that government regulations are bad (except when they are good). Roberts has scrambled to explain why he doesn’t own a home in Kansas.” chirped press aide Mike Phillips in a typical email. pollsters have little practice at predicting voter turnout in a tight race. Defining him “is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. time October 27. Roberts. a Wall Street banker convicted of insider trading. a Republican seeking a fourth term. invoking a pox on both parties. Recent surveys have generated a scattershot range of results. He’s believable when seen on TV. from a 10-point lead for Orman to a 5-point lead for Roberts. With the nation in a sour mood and a bunch of vulnerable Democrats up for re-election. He’s pro-choice (except for certain restrictions) and pro-gun (within limits). If that happens. Because the GOP has not lost a Senate election in Kansas since 1932. who is a perky 45. His public appearances—like a recent stop at Maypo’s Deli in the central Kansas town of Ellsworth—are often announced after the fact. a little gruffer and grouchier each time.” Both candidates carry baggage. That’s where Senator Pat Roberts. He is neither a Republican nor a Democrat—though he has been both.S. That is. if Kansas doesn’t get in the way. Roberts isn’t buying it. 8 in suburban Kansas City. Republicans are increasingly confident that they can win control of the “We can make sure you get a chance to talk to Greg come November. National reporters have been flocking to the state to see the potential spoiler. meanwhile. he campaigns with the stealth of a Navy SEAL behind enemy lines. 78. is like a poltergeist on the Syfy channel. But that’s the quickest way to the heart of a race that matters more with each passing day. Orman counters by saying he voted for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012. Orman. Until then. Orman is running as a can-do independent. There is no Democrat in the race: the party’s nominee agreed to drop out at the last minute after elders concluded that Orman had a better shot. WHILE THE AIRWAVES ARE FULL OF ADS FOR HIM. “My opponent is very amorphous about where he stands on the issues. 11 Chasing Vapors Pat Roberts faces an elusive challenger in Kansas’ wild Senate race TOM WILLIAMS — GE T T Y IMAGES BY DAVID VON DREHLE/K ANSAS CITY it is probably impolite to say that the U. debates Greg Orman. 2014 While the local airwaves are full of advertisements promoting the millionaire Briefing Nation Hep to that The incumbent fist-bumps a horseman in Fort Scott on Oct. Senate campaign in Kansas pits a geezer against a ghost.” the Senator grumbled during a debate on Oct. “He’s a liberal Democrat!” he declares again and again. on Twitter. he will parley with both sides and “support the party that will embrace a proproblem-solving agenda. And his tack to the right for the primary won him an endorsement from Tea Party Express but left him vulnerable to a more moderate challenger in the general election. but you’d be hard-pressed to prove that he’s for real. He will protect Social Security (by making some unspecified changes to the program). He doesn’t support Senate majority leader Harry Reid. He doesn’t post a schedule on his website. The independent hopes to materialize in Washington later this fall with control of the new Senate hanging on his vote. but his press office steers them away. with the exasperated annoyance of a man shooing the neighbor’s dog out of his delphinium bed. GREG ORMAN CAMPAIGNS WITH THE STEALTH OF A NAVY SEAL BEHIND ENEMY LINES WorldMags. This is getting on Roberts’ nerves. Orman does business with Raja Gupta. When Roberts touts Orman’s support of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. but he doesn’t favor minority leader Mitch McConnell. his message is simple: Greg Orman is none of the above. Orman says.” He will fill in the details later. instead maintaining residency with a rented room.WorldMags. finds himself haunted by a much younger foe.

David Greenglass vanished into pseudonymity in 1960 with one wish: “All I want is to be forgotten. Supreme Court. not just for her own education but also for the future of young people everywhere. whose theories examine how to regulate monopolies. 10. WON WON Malala Yousafzai ǎe Nobel Peace Prize By Barack and Michelle Obama A year ago. in hopes of attracting new viewers who don’t subscribe to cable television. He will forever be remembered. we were honored to welcome Malala Yousafzai to the Oval Office.” Greenglass won’t be forgotten. he implicated his sister Ethel Rosenberg and her husband Julius. Spied for Soviets . The conviction to fight time October 27. H O O K S . that fusion reactors small enough to fit onto the back of a truck will be available in a decade. and Jean Tirole. Let’s join her.. 14—stole atomic-bomb secrets for the Soviets. who has inspired us with his work to combat child labor and slavery. Ullman III. he admitted to me. The courage to stand up to Taliban gunmen determined to silence her. He joins the company from Home Depot and will move into the CEO role in August 2015. WorldMags. So we were thrilled when Malala was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Oct.WorldMags. 57. Greenglass told me he had falsified the most damning evidence against his sister. by two Frenchmen: Patrick Modiano. Let’s all do our part to help unlock the extraordinary talents and potential of all our children. alongside Kailash Satyarthi.” As an Army machinist assigned to Los Alamos during World War II. The state had deemed inhumane the process of force-feeding ducks and geese to fatten their livers. laughing with her friends as class began. succeeding Myron E. girls who. who was executed with her husband. ANNOUNCED That HBO will launch a stand-alone streaming service in 2015. they could probably get me to do anything that would preserve them . with breakthroughs often elusive. if just given the opportunity and the support. is the author of The Brother: The Untold Story of the Rosenberg Case The California ban on foie gras. it was clear that this young woman— not much older than our own daughters—possessed character far beyond her years.S. DIED Jan Hooks. Greenglass was remorseless when we spoke. David Greenglass ANNOUNCED By Lockheed Martin. 2014 YO U S A F Z A I : J U L I A N B R O A D — C O N T O U R /G E T T Y I M A G E S. So as we celebrate 17-year-old Malala. Fusion has been the energy industry’s white whale for generations.. could change the world.” Roberts. as president and future CEO of JCPenney. a novelist whose stories are often set during World War II. a New York Times correspondent. still convinced that “as long as they had something over my head about my wife and my family. G R E E N G L A S S : G E T T Y I M A G E S The Nobel Prizes in Literature and Economics. Greenglass—who died in July at 92 but whose passing was only revealed on Oct. by the U. actor and comedian best known for her work on Saturday Night Briefing Milestones HIRED DIED Marvin Ellison. He later confessed. And most men would do that. where she impersonated figures like Sinead O’Connor and Ivana Trump. Barack and Michelle Obama are the President and First Lady of the United States 16 UPHELD By Sam Roberts After serving almost 10 years in prison. and to spare himself and his wife. let’s not simply be in awe of her age or her accomplishments. He’s a Woody Allen punch line about misplaced sibling love. as “the man that had his sister and brother-in-law put to death. Years later. From the moment she walked in. She was like millions of girls in America and around the world who aren’t famous but whose promise is boundless. It wasn’t long ago that Malala was just a girl going to school every morning.


Jessica Bennett

The Big Chill

Why egg freezing may
be our generation’s Pill


spent a recent thursday at a fertility clinic in New York City with
a dozen other women. There was a
free seminar on egg freezing, and
I listened as a female physician described how a woman’s reproductive egg count
will already be reduced by half by the time she
reaches puberty.
The women in the room had presumably come
for the same reason I had. We wanted to know our
options. We didn’t make eye contact. We looked
straight ahead. It was as if each of us knew the
others’ biggest secret: we were single, aging and
worried we might not be able to find a partner in
time to get pregnant.
As it happened, my trip to the clinic came just
a few days before the revelation that Facebook and
Apple are paying, or will now pay, for elective egg
freezing for their female employees. That’s the
process by which healthy eggs are surgically removed from a woman’s ovaries and stored in a lab
until she is ready to get pregnant. When that time
arrives, the lab thaws the eggs and the would-be
mom begins the process of in vitro fertilization.
Facebook, which launched the benefit this year,
provides up to $20,000 toward the procedure—
roughly double the cost of a typical egg-freezing
cycle. Apple will begin similar coverage in 2015,
and there are other firms that either plan to cover
or already cover the procedure. Citigroup tells
Time it covers the process; Google is said to be considering it.


gg freezing was originally developed to
help preserve the eggs of cancer patients who
were undergoing chemotherapy. But two
years ago, the “experimental” label was removed
from the procedure, making it a viable option for
the masses. While experts say it’s too early to know
its long-term efficacy, the very idea that there
might be a way for women to build their careers
and their personal lives on a timetable of their
choice—and not one dictated by biology—has
caused an understandable amount of excitement.
A number of fertility clinics now offer free informational seminars on egg freezing. There are
egg-freezing parties during which women can discuss fertility options over martinis. Women have
begun seeking out financing options through services like EggBanxx, a startup fertility network
time October 27, 2014


According to the
journal Human
Reproduction, female
fertility starts to
decline as early as
age 27 and drops
more rapidly around
age 35

that says it fields more than 60 inquiries a week.
And on email lists and at dinners, women trade
egg-freezing info like recipes—details like which
insurers cover what, the right terminology to use
and the side effects of hormone injections.
Sometimes these women are busy tending to
their careers. There is some relief in knowing that
with their eggs on ice, they have more time to climb
the corporate ladder before bringing children into
the picture. And often the women in these conversations are just simplifying their dating lives: a huge
weight is lifted when every potential date doesn’t
need to be a candidate for husband and father.
It’s not too much to say that freezing eggs may
be our generation’s equivalent of taking the Pill,
a way to circumvent the biological glass ceiling.
Women today have greater autonomy over virtually every aspect of their lives: marriage, birth control, career. Isn’t it time our biology caught up?
From a business standpoint, covering employee egg freezing makes sense. It’s a workplace issue that could help companies recruit and retain
talented women who worry about personal time
frames in a way that men rarely do. And it’s increasingly clear that it’s a financial issue for companies,
a way to avoid costly and often less effective in vitro
fertilization procedures later on that more than a
dozen states already require businesses to cover.
Finally, it’s a practical matter. It’s a reaction to
the fact that young women are staying single longer.

The success rate of
in vitro fertilization
depends on age:
29.4% of all IVF
cycles result in
pregnancy, but for
women under 35,
the chances of
having a baby via IVF
rise to 40%

ut egg freezing is also a matter of equality. Men enjoy a virtual lifetime of fertility.
Egg freezing means that women can be at
least closer in step with them in that department.
It’s too soon to know how many women will
freeze their eggs as health care policies become
more responsive—or how many will decide to retrieve their eggs in the long run. Many women
who choose to undergo the procedure may get
pregnant naturally. Others may not choose to have
children at all. But that’s not the point. Egg freezing provides options. It’s an insurance policy, a
kind of peace of mind.
And if it’s a standard workplace benefit, who
wouldn’t want to protect their most perishable
Bennett is a contributing columnist at who
covers gender, sexuality and culture



Joe Klein

A Leadership Shortage

His policies are one. But the President
is onjen a prisoner of his instincts
on the first monday in october,
Kasie Hunt of NBC asked U.S. Senator
Mark Pryor, an Arkansas Democrat,
what his feelings were about President
Obama’s response to the Ebola threat.
He said, and I quote, “Ahhh-uhhhhhhhhhm,” followed by two minutes of gobbledygook. Two days
later, Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic
candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky, was
asked who she voted for in 2008 and 2012. Her answer was similarly excruciating, and foolish. She
cited the privacy of the ballot box. And about the
same time, former-nearly-everything Leon Panetta
landed a hammer blow on his old boss: “He [Obama]
approaches things like a law professor in presenting
a logic of his position ... My experience in Washington is that logic alone doesn’t work. Once you lay out
a position, you are going to roll up your sleeves and
you have to fight to get it done ... In order for Presidents to succeed, they cannot just—when they run
into problems—step back and give up.”
All of this, especially Panetta, added fuel to
the eternal bonfire of venality from the right.
That Obama’s presidency has “disintegrated” or
“crumbled” is now an article of faith in the Fox
holes. Drudge featured an Ebola poster with the
O an Obama symbol. That’s about as funny as’s infamous “General Betrayus” ad. So
it’s over, right? Obama’s toast, or a spectacularly terrible President at the very least, right?


hhhhhm. this is the part where i’m supposed to defend the President. He really did
pull us out of a probable depression with an effective stimulus package; the economy continues to
wheeze, but it wheezes forward. He really did make
history by producing a universal health care plan
that will not be repealed but will be reformed over
time. The nonstop Republican critique that these
programs were “disasters” has been rendered ridiculous. (In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell had to pull a
Mark Pryor on that state’s very successful version
of Obama’s plan.) The President has been sane and
relatively moderate in his selection of Supreme Court
Justices. His proposed job-growth policies would
probably work, if given a chance by the Republicans.
He has been sane, too, in his foreign policy, for the
most part. Those who say he should have been tougher on ISIS by arming the Syrian rebels—talking to
you, Madam Secretary and Mr. Panetta—are wildly



Three weeks before
he was re-elected to
a second term in
2012, Obama’s
approval rating was
at 50%

On the eve of the
midterm elections,
only 41% of
Americans think
the President is
doing a good job


wrong. We would have wound up arming ISIS. There
is precedent for this: we offered a fabulous buffet of
armaments to the Iraqis, who left them for ISIS as
they turned tail and ran in Mosul. Obama did cleave
to the dreadful Nouri al-Maliki too uncritically—
and thereby allowed a corrupt Shi‘ite fragment to call
its sectarian tune. That was Obama’s fundamental
Iraq mistake.
But who hasn’t made an Iraq mistake over the
past decade? The proof of Obama’s moderation can
be found in the blundering simplicity of his critics:
the neo-imperialists who think we can actually determine, by force of arms, what happens in the Middle
East; the left-libertarians who don’t think we have the
right to protect ourselves from terrorism by launching drone strikes, conducting special operations and
tracking terrorist phone calls. Obama has stood as a
bulwark against the irrationalities of both parties.


hat’s the case for obama. i really believe
it. But I also believe that Panetta has a point. It
is about the ethereal nature of true leadership. I
remember writing a similar defense of Jimmy Carter
nearly 40 years ago: a great number of the policies
that Ronald Reagan was later given credit for launching—Paul Volcker’s tough inflation cure; a bristling
stand against the Soviets, including intermediate
missiles in Europe—were Carter’s policies first. He
slugged his way to a historic peace treaty in the Middle East, but he didn’t convey two essential American
qualities: forcefulness and optimism. Indeed, if you
look at his infamous “malaise” speech, it’s a riveting
piece of work, containing more tough truth about
the country than the pile of Democratic utterances
in the ensuing decade. I remember thinking, Poor
Jimmy: history has led America to a rut, and we’ll
never be as powerful as we once were. Reagan proved
me young and foolish. Some of his achievements are
illusory or attributable to Carter policies (as in economics), but the man knew how to lead.
I can’t say that for Obama. I sense that Panetta
is right about his unwillingness to fight. Lately, the
President’s body language has too often conveyed disgust and cynicism. He seems defeated by the trivial
pursuits of the media and his opponents. He does
not have the sunny conviction necessary to carry the
country through a period of near biblical plagues and
wars. His policies and popularity have been crippled
by his dour political sense. A basic law of politics: this
cannot last. But I have no idea what comes next. n

time October 27, 2014




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net .net Neighborhood watch A worker disinfects the sidewalk outside the Dallas home of a nurse diagnosed with the virus WorldMags.WorldMags.


Hospitals in places like Boston and Kansas City have already experienced the high cost of isolating feverish patients while awaiting tests that prove negative. the Ebola virus was. “I have to admit to you. Vinson is being treated at Emory. a reporter for time visited Emory to get an idea of the work involved in setting up a truly safe center for the treatment of highly lethal and infectious diseases. Ribner filled the role of Noah. And from the late Mr. head of the U. and Emory was ready in August when the first U. health care workers became infected while fighting the West African epidemic and returned home for treatment. the doomsday planner who was wrong. Bruce Ribner recalled in a recent interview. “This is the 9/11 of infectious diseases. ‘You are not going to have any activity there. WorldMags. failure to control the epidemic in West Africa will mean more Ebola cases in the emergency rooms of America. And more hoaxes like the one that diverted a busload of Los Angeles commuters after a man loudly announced that he was infected with Ebola. The medical revolution wrought by vaccines and antibiotics lulled many physicians in the developed world into thinking of quarantines and isolation wards as bygone features of the medical dark ages. epidemiologists predict. By early next year.000 people in West Africa by the second week of October.S. Ebola patients—is one of a few exceptional cases. we can expect more panics like the one that diverted a United Airlines jet to a remote terminal at Los Angeles International Airport to evacuate a sick passenger. 29. beyond that. plural.N.” Dr. If a large and modern hospital in a major U. The second infected worker. But Emory—now a go-to facility for U.) Most of the world’s health institutions have been taken by surprise. and we’ve been asleep. Protocols for the disposal of human waste teeming with lethal virus. they are issuing instructions on caring for the contagious patients at home. As head of Emory’s serious-communicable-disease unit. for example.S. There. Liberia and Sierra Leone stirred little international concern—which has proved to be a terrible mistake. as the infected health care workers painfully learned. Health officials in Sierra Leone. and he was proved right. the virus had spread to at least two health care workers at Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Worse. Amber Vinson. t he staff at Emory University Hospital prepared for a crisis that never arrived. was able to travel aboard Frontier Flight 1143 on the day before her symptoms emerged. the virus “is running faster than us. of Europe. The brutal pathogen had infected some 9.” said the CDC’s Frieden. even with a fever of 99. military are scrambling to catch up. Its appearance last December in the borderlands of Guinea. to the e a r a f t er y e a r . More of the blame-shifting and political point-scoring that has erupted in Washington. anticipating a tempest that few could see coming. With the country on high alert.’ Inside the Ark in august. Hazmat suits.5°F.” he added.N. Dallas illustrates both the scale and urgency of the crisis in West Africa. the deadly arithmetic of contagion becomes overwhelming.” Or slipups. Two short months later. “A lot of people knew we had this program and just sort of said. time is running out. But “it’s hard to do it safely. that remote possibility became a lethal reality. wrong about the weather—until the deluge arrived. If the response at Texas Health Presbyterian has been seriously flawed compared with the Emory gold standard. This Ebola outbreak has rapidly escalated into a global public-health crisis. a small problem in remote places. wrong. Ebola is the deluge. have given up on finding bed space for Ebola patients. and it is winning the race.S. an estimated 70% of them will die. “We thought we conquered all infectious diseases 40 years ago. While it’s likely she was not yet contagious. a lot of people sort of saw this like Noah’s Ark. of Asia. and now agencies ranging from the . And the specter of racial profiling looms as travelers to and from Africa come under increasing medical suspicion. The two in Texas might seem like a tiny number compared with the thousands in Y 22 Africa. where the disease is hottest. “the care of Ebola can be done safely. As Dr. Leslie Lobel. Montana and Maryland. (Others include specially designated hospitals in Nebraska.S. Tom Frieden. But keeping our guard up will exact both a financial and a psychic toll. innocent slipup can result in contamination. explained at a news conference. Discovered in 1976 in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. corpse-disposal teams are reportedly accepting bribes to permit families to bury their dead in traditional ceremonies—a common route of transmission for the epidemic.S. instead. but both figures loom large for people coming to grips with the disaster. More of the conspiracy theories and overreactions that have sent a number of Americans in search of hazmat gear that they will almost certainly never need.” in the words of Anthony Banbury. “We can’t let any hospital let its guard down. told Time. officials were obliged to track down her fellow passengers and add them to a growing watch list of people who might have been exposed to the virus. As recently as late July. city turns one Ebola patient into three—or perhaps more—how can the overburdened agencies in some of the world’s poorest nations hope to deal with caseloads in the thousands? Ebola is a much more challenging problem than the world imagined. the number of infected men. director of the CDC in Atlanta.” Successful treatment of Ebola patients at Emory and the tiny number of similarly prepared facilities proves that.S. an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deemed it a “very remote possibility” that a traveler from West Africa could carry the Ebola virus to the U. an Ebola researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. Duncan. when a feverish visitor from Liberia named Thomas Eric Duncan showed up in a woefully unready Dallas emergency room.4 million. According to Banbury. ‘VIRTUALLY ANY HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTRY THAT CAN DO ISOLATION CAN DO ISOLATION FOR EBOLA. They reminded colleagues of the biblical prophet who built a huge boat under skies of bluest blue. finetuning the creepy details of a plan they hoped they would never have to activate.” Dr.” In a world knit together by airplanes and cargo ships. In Liberia. SEPT. for nearly 40 years. you’re just wasting your CDC director Tom Frieden on announcing the first Ebola case diagnosed in the U. and— notwithstanding the Emory ark—we’re not ready for it. 30.’s Ebola response. the world has fewer than 60 days to get the West African epidemic under control. “Even a single inadvertent.NATION | PUBLIC HEALTH WorldMags. Isolation rooms. women and children could reach 1. it is far better than what the world seems able to muster in West Africa. In short.

Finding that many qualified health care professionals willing to put their lives at risk is “a challenge. “There is a significant fear factor. The air in each isolation room is vented from the hospital through dedicated ductwork (though Ebola does not spread through the air).” Duggan told Time that similar news from Madrid. bedclothes—even feces and vomit.” he told Time. where a nurse contracted Ebola while caring for an infected missionary. In a message to leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Oct. “But practically speaking. Unconfirmed reports. They are putting their lives on the line for people they have not met. Ribner and a colleague at Omaha’s University of Nebraska hospital were tapped to describe these state-ofthe-art precautions for safe treatment of Ebola. Other local doctors and nurses have fled their posts. BEEN MORE HANDS-ON WITH THE HOSPITAL FROM DAY ONE. It’s a courageous ask. though no less appalling and painful.” It’s now clear that the CDC and other federal agencies gave too little credence to the idea that far-flung hospitals and clinics might find themselves dealing with walk-in Ebola patients—a situation underscored by the Oct. —with reporting by alexandra sifferlin/atlanta. while Republicans like Senator John McCain of Arizona called for an Ebola czar to bring order to the situation. CDC officials quickly organized a telephone briefing for hospitals across the country. The CDC’s Frieden dispatched a task force to Dallas.S. executive director for Emergency USA. via video link.” Ribner said. described untrained workers in various degrees of protective garb coming and going from Duncan’s room. and something that I’ve been trained to do. the world will need thousands more like her— on the front lines and scattered throughout the frightened world. who was preparing in early October to go to Sierra Leone to fight what she called “one of the biggest publichealth emergencies of our time. Ambulance attendants wear one-piece hazmat suits so they can’t absentmindedly scratch a nose. IN ISOLATION Nina Pham. nonlethal test samples. counts himself “somewhat optimistic” that success is on the horizon. was the first person to contract the Ebola virus in the U. When the first Ebola patient arrived— a medical volunteer in Liberia named Dr. Scientists around the world are working on vaccines. Pressure and heat sterilize instruments. with a medical worker standing watch for any possible breach. a medical charity that is creating a 100-bed Ebola facility in Sierra Leone. She left London on Oct. Seen in this light. I think what you just described would probably bankrupt our hospital. “I would guess that we’re very close. and 233 have died. Her boyfriend. the failures in Dallas are understandable. Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma said. 76 people who may have had contact with Duncan’s body fluids during his time at Texas Health Presbyterian are being watched for symptoms. for one. the Emory team thought of everything. Emory even has a protocol for donning and doffing gear: it uses the buddy system. on OCT. 2014 Frieden.. and the unit keeps its atmospheric pressure lower than that of the surrounding hospital so that air can’t escape through an open door. When Nina Pham. In Washington.. In those 12 years. People like Irish nurse Laura Duggan. and Ben-Gurion’s Lobel. WorldMags. that his country would need 750 doctors and 3.” says Eric ‘A Courageous Ask’ the solution. two days after a nurse in Texas was confirmed to have Ebola ‘WE COULD HAVE .’” Ribner recalled at Emory. God. If Ebola is to be defeated. Duggan decided to stick to her plans. 14. which is largely the province of state governments. “Probably three to five years for a vaccine and drugs to handle this outbreak in a much better way. and samples of Duncan’s virus-laden blood and waste moving through the same channels to the hospital lab as other.” That leaves the current epidemic and a desperate need for volunteer doctors and nurses to go to West Africa and shore up the failing effort. Sierra Leone. but each one fails to address the basic problem: no one knows where the next Ebola patient might turn up. was concerned that protective gear and safety protocols had failed to keep that nurse healthy.000 nurses to treat the anticipated caseload. publicized by a national nurses’ union. and the water in the toilets is treated with disinfectant before it is flushed through the pipes. What took Emory 12 years and stacks of money to perfect can’t be matched overnight on a shoestring. “It is my job. The infectiousdisease unit maintains its own lab to eliminate risk of contamination. perhaps. Democrats blamed Republicans for cutting federal dollars that could have been spent on public health.” she said matter-of-factly. especially during the doffing process. The ambulance serving the isolation ward is specially equipped and sanitized after each use. lay behind her choice. This lack of foresight was made worse. Needed improvements all. 9. had shaken her confidence. 15 decision to transfer Vinson to Emory. is to knock down Ebola at the time with all that. ultimately. promised similar medical SWAT teams to respond to cases elsewhere across the country and weighed the idea of establishing Ebola treatment centers at selected hospitals in each major city. according to the CDC. naina bajekal/london. by the limited federal jurisdictime October 27. came down with Ebola after working with Duncan. Similar suits garb the highly trained doctors and nurses who staff isolation rooms.” Duggan said.’” As of Oct. In all. T H I S PA G E : A P WorldMags. “That was my first little wobble. “This is what we have been preparing for for 12 years. individuals who are not properly trained are at risk for self-contamination. a nurse at Texas Health. at a Doctors Without Borders facility. more admirable. aryn baker/monrovia. “We feel very strongly that. though clearly something much deeper. Kent Brantly—the effort was vindicated. “I kind of just went ‘Oh.’ tion over public health. 13 to spend six weeks sweltering in protective gear while caring for Ebola patients in Kailahun. “I really appreciate this helpful information. a 26-year-old nurse.P R E V I O U S PA G E S : M I K E S T O N E — G E T T Y I M A G E S. Participants in the conference call reacted with stunned disbelief.” one Southern California health care professional offered in response.” After much thought. alice park/new york city and alex altman/washington n 23 . 10. she said.” Ribner says. 416 health workers have been infected with Ebola in West Africa.

net The Reinventions Of Rand.NATION WorldMags. a key primary state he has visited four times this year Photographs by Charles Ommanney for TIME WorldMags. Can he fix what ails the GOP? By Michael Scherer/Columbia Low-country fixture Paul brings his “big party” message to South .

net 25 WorldMags.

His stature is slight. With ponytails. in blue jeans and cowboy boots he’d borrowed from his brother.] Bush. having injected a bit of counterculture sympathy into dormroom debates.” he said. but if you worked a dim liquor-store countertop you still might card him. without ponytails.” Those were the ones who needed to be protected. he went on. and the room where they gathered. Those in attendance drew instead from the preppy set. You can draw a ‘IF YOU WISH TO LIVE AND WORK IN AMERICA. THE TEA PARTY GOES TO WASHINGTON . if that was the prerequisite for being arrested. “If we want a big party. Japanese-American internment and America’s history of anti-Semitism. after all. without tattoos. Government is mostly bad or mostly good. which since Richard Nixon has meant law and order. from government’s attempts to collect their phone records. allowing only slight variations. The freaks.” It would be one thing if Paul had stopped at Jewell. You could call them activists. who was considered suspicious in part because he lived an introverted life. But his mission these days is far more consequential. “That was it. the kids were eating it up. without earrings. his hair often askew and his dress more collegiate than senatorial—button-down RAND SPEAK 26 collars. They mostly hailed from college Republican circles. The art of presidential campaigns is to manipulate these notions with a stock set of characters and clichés. redheaded sophomore in the front row. some wearing sunglasses on neck straps like jock jewelry.NATION | RAND PAUL THE TAT TOOED A ND PIERC ED LONG H A IRS NE V ER SHOW ED UP to see Senator Rand Paul speak with students at the University of South Carolina in Columbia last month. This was South Carolina.S. “The Bill of Rights is for those who are unpopular. repeating a line he now uses across the country. rural values. the geeks.” he said. Republican candidates always “stand up” for their beliefs and evoke the glories of the past. Chris Wolfe. enough to impart authenticity without putting at risk the basic two-party math. U. He mentioned slavery. with brushed bangs. “I tell people the Bill of Rights isn’t for the high school quarterback or the prom queen. shirts with embroidered ponies and shields. He even name-checked Richard Jewell. had been glued to the Senator ever since the spring of 2013.” american politics is a craft of competitive storytelling. civil rights and big-city elitism. and the story almost never changes. He was arguing that the Republican Party. needs them too and that he is uniquely suited to play matchmaker. HISPANIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ‘If judgment is based on spending and the budget. when he tried to watch C-SPAN for the entirety of Paul’s 13-hour filibuster. with its back against a demographic cliff. Paul is 51 years old. blue or sick of it all. And that was the whole point he wanted to MARCH 19. the oddballs—they mattered too. “My goodness. Both sides play by the rules. THEN WE WILL FIND A PLACE FOR YOU. 2013. and embrace the promise of the future.” he said. a protest over the unlikely possibility that a President would send a drone to assassinate Americans on U. And his pitch was not just that America needs to think more about the freaks and geeks. pacing with a microphone.’ PAUL’S 2011 BOOK. By all appearances. The buzz-cut. “And that means with earrings.” Wolfe said. Paul knew this. then a lot of people would be arrested. He spoke to the crowd in a patient drawl—Kentucky by way of Texas— with the enthusiasm of a graduate student in the early rapture of ideas. “I went to bed for four hours. then the party has to look like the rest of America. soil without trial. to throw them in jail without a day in court. to confiscate their property without charges. then Bill Clinton should be considered preferable to [George W. blue blazers and proper hemlines. With tattoos. You probably already know what part you play—red. But this was not a gathering of losers and outcasts. even here. the Georgian falsely accused of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. a wood-stained memorial to the state’s old power structure. which means championing the working guy. even rebels in their way. the straight and narrow. was named for the politician who led the fight to protect school segregation in the 1960s. The free market is either perverse or righteous. an early presidentialprimary state that Paul happens to have visited more in the past couple years than any other likely Republican candidate. Democrats care. a strong military.’ WorldMags.S.

When Ferguson. putting forward a budget that would cut a half-trillion dollars in 12 months. At the University of California.C H A R L E S O M M A N N E YÑ R E P O R TA G E B Y G E T T Y I M A G E S F O R T I M E WorldMags. for a Change. Mo.. For the first year. The entirety of Mitt Romney’s two campaigns for President could be summarized as a clumsy attempt to bottle and sell a memory of Ronald Reagan. 18. spymasters “drunk with power” instead of focusing on condemnation of the crime. that was the role he played. ‘The Republican Party will APRIL 25. filled with fury and tear gas. Berkeley.’ SEPT. while effectively shutting down the departments of Education. after Edward Snowden leaked the nation’s surveillance secrets. HARVARD UNIVERSITY . Energy.S.” Bill Clinton’s 1992 “Change vs. 2014. and Commerce. This is the context you need to understand the radical ambition of Randal Howard Paul. 2013. he called for demilitarizing police and said race clearly skews the application of criminal justice. Paul called the U. SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE HEARING WorldMags. including more than a third of the funding for the State Department and 1 in 10 dollars for military personnel. A Congressman’s son by birth and an ophthalmologist by training. evolve or die. you might think I was talking about Jim Crow. wants his party to reach younger voters spending and debt.’ Then he started selling himself as something else as well: not just a budget cutter but also a visionary determined to reinvent the conservative Republican story line. More of the Same” and Barack Obama’s “Change You Can Believe In” in 2008. He helped lead Republicans in opposition to President Obama’s 2013 request to ‘If I told you that 1 out of 3 African-American males is forbidden by law from voting. Housing and Urban straight line between Jimmy Carter’s 1976 “A Leader. he was elected by a Tea Party twister in 2010 as a purist from Kentucky sent to make trouble for Republicans too comfy with The doctor is in Paul. at the University of South Carolina. procurement and operations.

he is trying to scramble the math and broaden his party’s appeal. as an invitation to financial calamity. a former campaign manager for both father and son who married Ron Paul’s granddaughter. HOWARD UNIVERSITY . The elder Dr. who cast the federal manipulation of interest rates. which does not follow the traditional Republican story line either. IN CONGRESS. It takes an irate. “In these hallowed halls. ever spoke or wrote those words. “Samuel Adams once said. VALUES VOTER SUMMIT ‘We should not have drug laws or a court system that disproportionately punishes the black community. they have parted ways on everything from earmarks (Rand opposes them) to economic ‘THE ENEMY IS TOO OFTEN RIGHT HERE IN THIS bomb Syria as punishment for using chemical weapons and supports giving legal work status (and eventual citizenship) to undocumented immigrants in the U. The Obama White House also took notice. “The whole purpose to Ron was to try to tell the truth.” Like another recent dynastic heir from Texas. But events—including his marriage to his wife Kelley. He got 30 co-sponsors for his bill to audit the Federal Reserve. since he would be sure to lose. which reek of 20th century pop psychology. Rand doesn’t like to talk about his father as he starts his run. a hero for the motivated fringe. which show the emerging demographics. He opposes longtime Republican efforts to limit ballot access and calls for nonviolent felons to have their voting rights returned after their sentences are served. His filibuster over drone law was joined by 13 Republican colleagues. IN BOTH PARTIES.” In the near vacuum of the prepresidential season. tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of the mind. an 18th century rabble rouser.” says Obama message strategist Dan Pfeiffer. and his staff will warn reporters that he might end an interview if the subject of the Old Man is raised. in Paul’s past. all the while causing headaches for the political consultants preparing for another chaotic Republican nomination fight. The son. drag-out father-son argument” about whether Army Private Bradley Manning should be considered a traitor for uploading gigabytes’ worth of classified documents to WikiLeaks.. They see the same polls he does. who was born in Kentucky— spun his compass and accelerated his calendar. With each of these positions. though Google and a few recent trade books will tell you otherwise. He came to the game by way of his father Ron. the perennial presidential candidate and Republican iconoclast.’” There is no historical evidence that Adams. At a family Christmas gathering in 2011. Benton remembers a “good old knockdown. outraged over the bipartisan consensus for war and wary of the Fed’s monetary dark magic. drug sentencing and foreign intervention. a core precept of the modern financial system.’ APRIL 10. The father started the brushfire. His followers spied and highlighted the word love spelled backward in the slogan “Ron Paul rEVOLution” and rented blimps to spread the message in the sky. The father thought not.” Rand told the cheering crowd at perhaps the first Tea Party gathering of this century. as much as anywhere. not content with blimps. the son sided with maintaining the rule of law. the same minimalist vision of constitutional power and the same Austrian economic theorists. It was for his father that Rand first stepped onstage.” explains Jesse Benton. one of the nation’s most influential conservative activists. Like his father. More recently. by many in his party. “The question to ask is. Rand will tell people that he has no interest in running for President as a continuation of his father’s campaign. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus went on the road with Paul and discovered that the young Senator was effective at impressing both high-dollar donors at fundraisers and new crowds not partial to Republican speakers. as long as the border is first secured and fairwage rules favored by unions are undone. But for Paul it was a perfect thesis on which to chart his course. Rand had started his career as a physician after attending Duke University School of Medicine.NATION | RAND PAUL WorldMags.’ 28 WorldMags. “He has changed the Republican Party more than any other Republican in the Obama years. To this day. at a 2007 event in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. and he had thought of returning to Texas to start in politics late in life. “He is the only Republican who seems to know about what their long-term structural problems are. the young minorities. It is the differences that are telling now. But Rand learned to think about politics at his dad’s knee and still trumpets the same Ayn Rand texts. ‘It does not take a majority to prevail. he has been embraced. 2013. Paul was always more prophet than politician. which the House passed 333 to 92. But here’s what matters the most: rather than getting laughed off the stage. the urban shifting away from older generations and embracing of more libertarian views on privacy. he has emerged from the Tea Party furies to become one of the nation’s most influential Republican leaders. IN THE WHITE HOUSE. 26. if gingerly. How come he has been at the center of almost every interesting new idea in the last five years?” A Father’s Son the answer lies. “Rand has always seen fixing problems and achieving solutions as very SEPT. 2014. “I think it’s a little bit of a warning sign to Democrats.S. wanted to see if he could prevail.” says Grover Norquist.

especially your right to privacy. calling the former President a “sexual predator. Part of this is just common ‘You wonder why the Republican Party is so small. and he was.’ WorldMags. words that quickly went viral. as is his habit. he hollered. Could we try to have one with the good?” he asked after sitting down. The Senator had just a few minutes between meetings. war. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. LIBERTY PAC .” Last month. “Most of the bad stuff has been written. one of Rand and one of Ron. Why don’t we be the people who are for voting and voting rights?’ SEPT.WorldMags. despite their distant probability. what are we fighting for?’” A Republican had paraphrased a 1960s protest song from the floor of the Senate. hung to be looking at each other. ‘War. 18. “What we need is someone to shout. “Can you imagine if a whole ship full of our soldiers catch Ebola?” he asked in a recent talkradio interview. at a conference table flanked by two oil paintings. 2014. wary of yet another reporter coming to poke and prod at the meaning of his political rise. Rand can be adroit. he has raised Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions repeatedly. he has proved himself an able knife sanctions on Iran (which Rand supports). training of foreign ground troops in Syria. BERKELEY The Fine Print i first met paul in his suite on capitol Hill. ‘Your rights. in a speech to oppose the U.S. MARCH 19. He has been pushing party leader Mitch McConnell to appoint a Republican press secretary for Congress. His jet-rocket rise has made him something of a cynic about the political process and the media. Where the father was often clumsy. are under assault. In four years in the Senate. who could counter the daily White House briefings with briefings of his own. eager to insert himself with a few choice words into just about any debate. At Old Kentucky home Paul prepares to greet supporters at a Bowling Green barbecue the urging of his wife.

he agreed to an appearance on MSNBC. Now he travels the country arguing that U. bombing campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. not less. Over the past year. Halliburton. it’s not an easy sale to make. it was a chance to tar him as another Southern politician dog-whistling to angry whites. “Intrinsically he is a libertarian. Matt Willis. when asked about the Maddow episode. Polls do show young and minority voters are more likely to support many libertarian social views. and then he moves on from there. In the current political conversation.” he said. if asked. attempts to topple dictators in the Middle East have all led to worse outcomes. I asked him about this kink in his political strategy. he has created a kitchen cabinet of foreign policy experts to educate him on the intricacies of statecraft and war. 2014.” said John Gaskin II. In mid-October. It is a measure of his caution that his positions now take several sentences to explain. not permanent assistance. When I asked what he thought of a recent court ruling in North Carolina that reinstated same-day registration and out-of-precinct voting. after initially saying he didn’t see much of a threat. UC BERKELEY Nowhere has this complexity been more apparent than in his views on foreign intervention. Shortly after winning the Senate primary in Kentucky. “He is not for the Affordable Care Act.” he said. before the voters could get any clarity.. and it is hard to imagine any other Republican trying at this point without its looking like an attempt to imitate Paul. “It’s a large issue. his staff ushered him from the room. Rand’s top strategist. But the same polls show millennials and minorities are among the most likely to say they want government to do more.” It was a perfect encapsulation of Paul’s thinking. saying that states and Congress should pursue an extensive strategy of decoupling all government benefits from marriage so a ban might pass court scrutiny. He opposes gay marriage but also opposes a constitutional amendment to define marriage.” Paul is far from a natural on the stump: he often fails to make eye contact with people he meets.S. “We’re going to have to reform it in order to save it. and his meaning is easily mistaken. “It doesn’t mean you give up your principles of thinking war is the last resort. 2014. which is that assistance needs to be temporary and the goals should be work.S.” Asked about Social Security. He wasn’t going to give up his principles.” explains Doug Stafford. After once supporting a plan to cut all foreign aid. But he also doesn’t think courts should be overturning the law. but there was no indication that he left any converts in his wake. Reaching Out but it would be wrong to call him . “You can see how the story can be written the wrong way. S. Asked about immigration. but I think the bottom line is you have to seal the border first. for his opposition to the part of the 1965 Civil Rights Act that imposed antidiscrimination rules on private businesses. BRING IT ON. he said. LIBERTY PAC WorldMags. He is a candidate a bit unhinged from history. His plan is to create something new.” In the past. But part of it arises from his particular situation. but he still thought he could break through with a careful message. he doesn’t say there is something wrong with the facts. “This is where it gets confusing. not fewer.” Paul says.C. he now says he wants to gradually wind down aid for close allies like Israel. He has also come around to supporting the U. n ‘I WILL END WITH MY DAD’S BEST QUOTE. “I think the facts became more apparent that we probably were at risk. before going on to describe all the ways Republicans need to improve their messaging to working-class communities. full stop. has called a voter-registration booth set up near where Brown was shot “not only disgusting but completely inappropriate. He will not say whether he supports bombing Iran if Tehran acquires a nuclear weapon. only to find himself under fire from Rachel Maddow. But then Paul isn’t trying to win in that conversation. like getting a new sheriff in office. 18. but he also sponsored a bill to strip Egypt of foreign aid after the government cracked down on protesters. “I have said and I will continue to say that we shouldn’t cut one penny from the safety net until we eliminate every penny of corporate welfare. He is against marijuana legalization even as he fights to end prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Paul went so far as to argue that former Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to invade Iraq to make money for his former company. No other presidential candidate has done this. he said.’ MARCH 19. “If the facts don’t fit the ideology. Paul says his position has nothing to do with his fierce opposition to racism.” But Paul told the community leaders that boosting voter turnout was the quickest way to address their local concerns.” If he voted in the state legislature. “His policies and things that he stands for cut the education budget and the social-spending-and-jobs effort.” As Paul drove from the event to board a private plane back to Kentucky. “It doesn’t mean that I won’t say the things I have said. Paul will just say he supports and would have voted for the Civil Rights Act. he would have opposed new voting restrictions since he wants more people to vote. The Missouri GOP’s executive director. he was mobbed by party members wanting to test his views. Paul traveled to Ferguson to meet with leaders of the NAACP and Urban League amid the ongoing protests over the killing of an unarmed black student named Michael Brown by a white police officer. But for Maddow and other liberals. he began by saying. explaining his change. the process is crooked and vicious. and he has a forced photoline smile that involves jutting out his bottom teeth like a kid in a family picture. one of the core members of the group. and ambition.” Now.” Then. WHICH I ALWAYS LIKE TO SAY: “FREEDOM IS POPULAR. a past supporter. After an event with the county GOP in Myrtle Beach. ‘I am honestly worried —concerned about who is truly in charge of our government. “He has learned that that is not the best idea. He also said that he would support increasing social spending in urban areas for federal programs like job training and that he would pay for it with savings from reductions in jail terms for nonviolent drug crimes. His answer was a study in nuance. instead it reflects his view of the limited role government should play in private business. The leaders were glad to see him and praised his openness. but also supports sanctions policies to try to prevent that from ever happening.NATION | RAND PAUL WorldMags.”’ sense. He also has a tendency to evade questions when he senses a confrontation. He opposed limits on campaign donations but supports a plan to bar federal contractors from donating to politics. who runs development for a local charter school.” says former Bush State Department official Lorne Craner. “You have a tendency when you are not in politics to be a little bit philosophical.

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who is just short of 5 ft. “It’s Mr. Germany. Meet Joko Widodo BY HANNAH BEECH/JAKARTA the passenger sitting in 42k. as Garuda Indonesia Flight GA 226 heads east toward the Indonesian heartland city of Solo. Jokowi rolled up his shirtsleeves. Jakarta. delighted at her Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation. a democracy with rich natural resources and more Muslims than any other country on the planet. and then governor of Indonesia’s swarming. universally known by the nickname Jokowi. will be sworn in as the seventh President of Indonesia.” says Jokowi. He improved public transportation and increased hospital beds. “He’s on the plane with me. Perhaps that’s why the 53-year-old former carpenter conspicuously flies coach. and Cologne. Jokowi’s election victory in July against Prabowo Subianto—a former general and political scion—symbolized the people’s triumph over a ruling clique that had long treated this resource-rich nation as a private fief. “I am quite skinny. A little girl named Shakira slowly makes her way to the bathrooms at the back of the plane. She glances at the sleeping figure. It’s hardly the stuff of epic leadership.” Photograph by Adam Ferguson for TIME On Oct. “I am not so important that I need a big seat in business class.WORLD erately successful furniture-factory owner attending business fairs in North Carolina. Jokowi. orders a cup of milk from the flight attendant. slashing the processing time for business permits and transforming trash collection. a habit that irks some members of the presidential entourage. Joko Widodo. Raised in a riverside shantytown in Solo (officially known as Surakarta). 20. seven years later.” she says. just another eruption in a country with the most active volcanoes on earth. And it just elected a new President. Jokowi was a mod- WorldMags. deep in economy class. Far below. an angry mountain sends a vermilion blaze into the night sky. I don’t take so much space. checking out each traveler with the forthright stare of a 5-year-old. then leans against the window for a nap. But Jokowi’s efficiency stood out amid the swamp of Indonesian politics and won . 10 in. a nation of 250 million people and a sleeping giant on the international stage. he had none of the advantages of birth or patronage. When he became Solo’s mayor in 2005.” Just a decade ago. dysfunctional capital. Utrecht. the Netherlands. like an overexcited tourist on safari. then points. .net WorldMags.

WORLD | INDONESIA WorldMags. For much of its history. As minor functionaries droned on. and Suharto. But Jokowi’s entrance into politics was motivated less by a sense of destiny and more by exasperation with Indonesia’s notorious red tape. and he will fulfill it. a goat bleated and roosters crowed under cockfighting baskets. in a sound-bite era. to an exuberant if messy democracy. Indonesia is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. nickel ore. the nation still struggles with homegrown Muslim terrorists.S.. syncretic form of Islam. The constitution recognizes various faiths and upholds secular virtues. Indonesia was ruled by a pair of men whose forces of personality united the archipelago: Sukarno. Buddhists and adherents of various animist and folk religions. “But everyone wants to hear my opinion on everything. But for all its distinctions. Indonesia can seem invisible internationally.” he says. the President-elect seemed flustered at having to stake out positions on a host of global issues that went unexplored during an election campaign focused on domestic challenges. the nation’s first President after Indonesia secured its independence from the Dutch in 1945. “There are a lot of questions about whether Jokowi will be able to run a big.” Doing It His Way perhaps jokow i shouldn’t be surprised. or your application will sit for weeks or months. Instead.” The Jakarta-based analyst Philips Vermonte says half-jokingly that “Jokowi is the micromanager in chief. “That’s why I know from my experience that democracy must deliver a better life to the people. and 27% of Indonesians are on Facebook. maybe even long it took for things to get done. health care. Indonesians are accustomed to dominant leaders. “It’s very important to be detail-oriented.” There is much to micromanage. Finally he rubs his forehead and sighs. we worked very hard for basic human needs. It rarely deploys its diplomatic weight. but the country is insular.” Jokowi tells Time. “Check. “We’re not a global leader on anything.” Jokowi. It was the kind of urbanization project—shorn of the usual land grabs and sweetheart deals—that Jokowi had promised to introduce nationwide during his campaign. the people’s President-elect. as the sun shone hot enough on the outskirts of Jakarta for men to shade their heads with giant banana leaves. I saw every day how WorldMags.” says Yohanes Sulaiman. the vast maritime highway that China is claiming aggressively despite the competing claims of six other governments. home to more than 13. Vision is not Jokowi’s thing. As he prepped for his inauguration. check and then check again. Indonesia’s income inequality has widened to record levels. Faced with these questions and more. “I’m just one person. Since the nation’s 1998 transition from the dictatorship of Suharto. Jokowi blithely promises 7% growth by 2018 and says “the solution is to change consumption to production. A pile driver attacked the earth and broke ground. he’s the opposite of quotable. Finally. most practicing a moderate. who ruled for more than 30 years. urban grids and insurance claims. education. Indonesia has proved that a 36 majority-Muslim country can be politically liberal. I made sure this changed. his family was so poor that often they could afford only aspirin for serious ailments. not quite complaining.” Jokowi tells Time. complex country. check. Jokowi was fulfilling some of his final duties as governor by attending the groundbreaking of a subsidizedhousing development. Indonesia is vast. Despite Indonesia’s vast natural resources. whether by standing up to China or positioning itself as a model of an emergent democracy. The nation’s land and water boast a treasure trove of commodities.” That lack of pretense was on display one recent September day. “My family. “My gut tells me history is going to call on Jokowi to provide leadership.000 islands spread over 1. Over the past decade. There’s also climate change. But the country is also home to roughly 25 million Christians.” Little Big Nation the superl atives at tached to the world’s fourth most populous country are startling.” says Ernest Bower. even if head-banging to Metallica is. While it’s been five years since there was a major suicide attack on Indonesian soil. endemic graft and protectionism have corroded foreign-investor interest. Jakartans are the most active tweeters in the world. The world’s largest archipelago nation is also very vulnerable to the rising seawater that could come with rising temperatures. along with Hindus. Jokowi will need to get up to speed fast. teeming with 300 major ethnic groups who speak more than double that number of distinct him popular support—even though. if only because they are so often ignored. the economy is slowing. Indonesia is the planet’s most diverse nation. this self-professed heavymetal fan inhabits a world of spreadsheets and flow charts. Thanks chiefly to having the highest deforestation rate on the planet. may be the ultimate proof of Indonesia’s political maturation. kicking up dust that blew in Jokowi’s face just as he and other officials were releasing doves into .” he says. Jokowi meanders his way through a mess of clichés and caveats. mi.15 million sq. when I became mayor of Solo. after China and the U. including Jakarta. like food. That needs to change.” If only it were so simple. “We’re deeply nationalistic but inactive internationally. There’s the South China Sea. After years of 6% growth. “When I was a businessman.” When Jokowi was a kid. the President-elect took the microphone and mumbled a few inconsequential words. chairman for Southeast Asia Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. Nearly 90% of Indonesians are Muslim. a political analyst at the Indonesian Defense University. he still prefers to look inward. Indonesia often ranks as the world’s top exporter of thermal coal. refined tin and palm oil. “You must give an envelope [of money]. but like his public. That’s why. the former general turned strongman.

voted to abolish direct elections for governors. But he’s also the first businessman to become President of Indonesia. As Jokowi’s motorcade negotiated unpaved trails back toward Jakarta. “Jokowi doesn’t articulate or project that much. He left Jokowi an unpleasant gift. baddest Indonesian politicians quaking in their shoes because he gets things done. Prabowo.” says Jamie Davidson. In September the country’s parliament. which is dominated by Prabowo’s Red and White Coalition. “People are scared because I am always checking. With the global commodity boom seemingly ending. but Jokowi has made “anti korupsi” his mantra. If I cannot realize what they want. He also touts his anticorruption efforts.” Jokowi says his commitment to investing in infrastructure in a country where 15% of production costs get eaten by logistics—more than double the global norm—should please international business. A local lad now runs the fourth largest country in the world. “By showing that we can change. New Power Generation jokowi’s job is to close the gap between Indonesia’s promise and the reality on the ground. is still fighting. though. and the response has been protectionism. then we will create a place where investors will want to come. pointing to his narrow shoulders. I want people to be scared so they will listen to my instruction. then it is a big problem. demanding answers. author of the forthcoming Indonesia’s Changing Political Economy: Governing the Roads.” Jokowi says later. “When I am in Jakarta. The President-elect has vowed to ease Indonesia off costly fuel subsidies and strengthen tax collection.” he says. political. Jokowi grins. what I promised. Jokowi remembered that this construction site was supposed to have been completed in eight months. Indonesia will no longer be able to depend on raw exports. Local residents rearranged their sarongs and wandered back to their shacks. The old guard. a local diner. there’s a strong sense that Indonesia is not able to compete with foreign companies.” The hopes placed on Jokowi can seem crushing. except it’s not really a question. mayors and district heads. “But he’s got some of the biggest. whose former troops were implicated in human-rights abuses during the Suharto era. without real taste. “But he only became popular through direct elections. That might sound harmlessly technical. If I learn that someone is not doing something . Democracy advocates in despair are intent on reversing the decision. “They have failed. not at the presidential palace. Long may he dream. As he waits for the skewers of meat to arrive. it’s what one does at a warung. 2014 Man of the people Because of Jokowi’s humble roots. narrowly lost the presidential election. that we can follow the the air. if less than overwhelmed..” When he finally takes a bite of goat. He dismisses Jakarta food as “too expensive. Much has been made of Jokowi’s positioning outside the traditional political and military elite. “People’s expectations are so high. WorldMags. many Indonesians expect him to understand the problems of ordinary citizens voters will no longer be able to choose antiestablishment figures like Jokowi who could bypass the entrenched power structure. “Jokowi is the new face of the new democratic politics in Indonesia.” Turning around a Jokowi wants to move the country up the value chain and has spoken of positioning Indonesia as “a global maritime nexus. even one as chaotic as Jakarta.” he says. Jokowi reflexively wipes his plastic plate and cutlery with a thin tissue.. Instead. That’s true power. n 37 .” Every type of challenge—economic. “Isn’t this the best satay in the world?” he asks. local legislatures will select future leaders. the line of cars made an unscheduled stop at another subsidized-housing project.” It’s the most passionate he has been in the four days Time spent with him. pleased to have caught sight of Jokowi. Indonesia is ranked 114 out of 177 nations in the graft-perceptions index issued by watchdog Transparency International. who have been spooked by the rhetoric of resource nationalism that animated the presidential campaigns— including his. religious—is pushed aside for the moment as Jokowi pulls up a plastic chair at his favorite Solo eatery.ADAM FERGUSON FOR TIME WorldMags. but it means that Indonesian time October 27. ethnic. It had now been 15 months—totally normal by elastic Indonesian standards but not by the Presidentelect’s.” He trails off and draws his finger across his throat. an open-air establishment that specializes in goat satay. That applies to the economy most of all. this disquisition on the pleasures of Solo spiced goat. chairman of the Trade and Investment Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia: “Locally. Says Douglas Ramage. I dream of eating this.” First he will have to lure back foreign investors.” says CSIS’s Bower. “It’s dangerous for me. is nothing compared with running a country of a quarter-billion people. Jokowi marched out of his car and cornered the foreman.


net .WorldMags.

A 2010 study from the Center for Retirement Research says 53% of U. Yet we came of age in an economic climate worse than any since the Great Depression.A. WITH LIMBER JOINTS AND WITHOUT MORTGAGE PAYMENTS—I AM AWARE THAT WE HAVE SOMETHING OF A RETIREMENT CRISIS ON OUR HANDS. this august institution that came of age in the era of World War II. And it didn’t take a lot of days on the job for me to notice that my employer was lowering its match on employees’ 401(k)s. You can’t miss it if you watch sports on TV. in 2006 and left business school in 2008 to start LearnVest). Even sunnier than the space is von Tobel herself. energetic and quick to launch into a speech confirming the nation’s collective retirement peril. Financially Fearless. But considering she was twice admitted to Harvard (she earned her B. I decided to find out. More than that. The numbers do cast a distinct pall. but like any other self-respecting late-50something professionals. The one caveat about her retirement expertise? She’s 31. with an average per-debtor load of $29. leading to grumbling among some of my older co-workers. we fancy ourselves a new DESPITE THE BLESSINGS OF YOUTH— I’M 24 YEARS OLD. I can’t miss it either when I call home. Though the business won’t disclose its client numbers. Von Tobel invited me this summer to LearnVest’s New York City offices. who saw their defined-benefit pension plans end in 2010. That alone seems to limit the chances of retirement’s having a future at all like its present.SOCIETY | RETIREMENT WorldMags. has reached its own retirement date. as von Tobel puts it. on two sunny floors a few blocks from Union Square. a firm that bills itself as a financial planner for average Americans. might be going bust. Millions of people 85 61 64 72 MILLENNIALS Make up 27% of the U. We invented Pinterest.000 20 AVERAGE DEBT OF BORROWERS AT GRADUATION 10 WorldMags.S. But what—if I may be so millennial—about me? Sixty percent of American $50. thank goodness. the CEO of LearnVest. My parents are in fine shape.” she says. 7 in 10 college graduates from the class of 2012 carried debt. Financially Fearless. LearnVest aims to make wealth care. the approximately 85 million of us born from 1980 to 1999. expect to retire at age 65 or earlier.400. according to a recent survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies.” She fears that the mixture of widespread access to credit and widespread financial illiteracy will doom the nation. LearnVest has raised more than $70 million in venture funding. They graduated into an MILLENNIALS ARE HIGHLY EDUCATED THEIR SALARIES HAVE LANGUISHED WHILE DEBT KEEPS GROWING impossibly far from the postwar prosperity that greased our grandparents into the workforce. in 1989 only 30% of households faced such a predicament. population 23 GEN Z Under age 15 GEN X 35–49 SILENT 70–84 MILLENNIAL BOOMER 50–69 15–34 40 6 GREATEST 85+ Preparing for Retirement my first call goes to alexa von tobel. So even if we did have the financial wherewithal to retire in 40 years. households are at risk of losing their standard of living when their earners retire. we’re told. should we want to? Are decades spent away from the office good for our bodies and brains? Does it make us happier to officially transition to a new phase so late in life? Perhaps retirement. with financial-planning packages priced in the mid-hundreds. We never unplug. Von Tobel has been on the cover of Forbes and on the cover of her own book. The boomers.000 0 2012 dollars ’95 2000 ’05 ’10 ’12 . as accessible as health care. We think freely. where financial-services firms pitch themselves to worried middle-aged men. they are gaming out survival plans for so many improbable scenarios.S. And that number concerns only people over the age of 30. I thought myself in no position to judge. Percentage who have a bachelor’s degree 34% 25% 24% $50k MILLENNIALS 66% used student loans GEN X 59% used student loans BOOMERS 43% used student loans 40 AVERAGE INCOME OF COLLEGE GRADS AGES 25–34 30 $29. “In my book. “I almost wrote a whole chapter on the history of why I believe we have a huge financial crisis looming. while I was twice rejected from Harvard. The long-term financial prospects for millennials are even gloomier: according to the Project on Student Debt.

“Young households” refers to households headed by a person younger than 35. the firm’s resident retirement expert. the fund he launched in 2002. I protest. she brought along Stephany Kirkpatrick.700 YOUNGER THAN 35 AGES 45–54 –55% –28% time October 27. I sign up for a highyield online savings account and a Roth IRA (down a cool 1. Kirkpatrick considers saving a matter of behavioral psychology. but they’re already in the thick of it. They’re saving to dispel future gloom. save by any means necessary. I silently translate.m. In preparing for retirement.85% at press time) and vow to limit my credit-card debt. waking many mornings having dreamed about what he traded—natural gas. when it looks like a mountain in need of scaling. Why would I ever need to retire? Von Tobel looks at me. he looks younger. The biggest one: What’s in it for us? The Early Retiree one muggy friday morning in houston. Arnold. So I guess I have no choice but to save: Save by investing in the stock market. but he liked it. His boffo returns in the go-go late ’90s at Enron facilitated a steady rise. He was working straight from 6:30 a. According to a recent Wells Fargo study. 47% of millennials spend more than half their monthly income paying off debt.” Nice brain ya got there. save by abstaining from indulgence. I’m supposed to spend money on frivolous things! Besides. and her tone turns serious again. FinAid. Census. “How do you know you’re not going to have a brain injury or something else happen? We just don’t know. Arnold had reached the top of his cutthroat profession. He took a summer vacation in Colorado and then got into philanthropy. 1995 and 2013.2 14 $11. Nerd Wallet WorldMags. By 2009 he began to question his passion as natural gas prices slumped. started at Enron in 1995. an economics and math major at Vanderbilt.700 1. No one wants to save for retirement. at economy seemingly hostile to young 41 . (For more.) But I also get to asking myself many questions about the savings gospel.500 1. I say. closing his fund with billions under management after opening it with $8 million and with 60 employees after starting with three. In 17 years.3%. to 5:30 p. and with his boyish. and the numbers do look good. compared with 27 for Gen X and 35 for baby boomers—they’ve also been under more pressure. We’re in this line of business. buy more insurance and plan my monthly budgets. they perk up. But.700 65 AND OLDER –6% 1984 1995 2009 57 62 73 1991 37% of young households today have negative net worth 2014 2064 Projected NOTES: Education figures reflect the percentage of 25-to-32-year-olds who had earned a B. so he quit.000 a year plus a 15K bonus—suited his skills perfectly. with an unemployment rate for job seekers ages 20 to 24 that averaged 12.8% for the year 2013. The father of three is all of 40 years old. To our sit-down. The first 14 years of work he loved. In May 2012. Per Forbes. The job consumed him.100 to $3. Then came the big returns and the big days for Centaurus Advisors. in 1979. Von Tobel says a change in perspective helps. Arnold did what so many workers dream of one day doing. putting him among the 200 richest Americans. I leave my LearnVest consultation planning to act on von Tobel’s simplest tips. there is no magic. His name is John Arnold. sheepish grin. The unemployment rate for those ages 25 to 54 was less than half that. I’m young and employed. reportedly returning more than 300% on investments in 2006. It would be a real shame if something happened to it.A. he earned headlines in the New York Times and Houston Chronicle. only savings and more 4 in 10 call themselves “overwhelmed” by debt.. and even the company’s bankruptcy and criminal downfall (in which Arnold was not implicated) barely stalled him. I meet a very happy retiree a little more than two years removed from the working world. Gallup. I’m not going to break down in my mid-60s. MILLENNIALS WERE HIT HARD BY THE GREAT RECESSION IT IS MORE DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO ACQUIRE ASSETS AND BUILD EQUITY THAT COULD PUSH BACK THEIR RETIREMENT Change in median net worth by age group from 2005 to 2009 Net worth (median) of young households Average age of retirement $ 0 to $170. But in place of a gold watch and a dinner at the Elks Lodge.500 $10. Kirkpatrick and von Tobel tell me I ought to sock away a little bit more in a Roth IRA.. Sources: Pew Research. Though millennial workers began saving for retirement earlier—the Transamerica study says 22 is the median age at which my generation’s workers started saving. see the sidebar on this story’s final page. It could do so much for me. In 2011 he knew he wanted out. He says the job—a junior-trader gig that paid $35.m. And young workers with jobs should not consider themselves especially lucky.9 billion. He figured his moneymaking opportunities were gone. So he closed the fund just shy of its 10th anniversary. what little employability I have comes from my brain. 2014 $3. just a few days after graduation. He had gotten tired of running his hedge fund and he had made enough money at it. his best days behind him. But when clients see the merits of incremental savings modeled over 30 years.600 $8.40 18 $ 00 to $101. so we see all kinds of really great people that just didn’t know that something could happen.WorldMags. he possesses a modest nest egg of $2. studies show that recession-era graduates often deal with depressed wages for the first decade of their careers. which is what he spends the bulk of his time on now. she says.

Then have an exit strategy concerning a passion of yours. that America’s retirement culture began to take shape. N. In conversations with so many residents. All of it. sold to us from both sides: it’s not only the financialservices firms’ looming horror but also the real estate developers’ well-deserved. I give the Pulte Group a call. Maybe this lifestyle ought to come to an end. who came here from Columbus.” he stocked for fishing—catch and release). one of America’s . free of puritan compunction.) Since the 2008 financial crisis. But the social climate. And in his retirement. heralding the rise of the retirement city: a new way of life for the old. It’s important. That’s how I find myself sitting shotgun in a double-length golf cart. Arnold has little to share in the way of business maxims. touring Sun City Carolina Lakes. four seasons (more than Florida has!). mostly from the East Coast. a round-the-clock actualization of a Jimmy Buffett song. mostly friendly. mostly with pensions and grandkids. (Punning developers named it Youngtown. Retirees defect. For a self-made man with such a spectacular mike drop to his credit.) So the people here are mostly retired professionals. Securing my piece of these developments. At an afternoon cocktail hour at the home of Melissa and Rich. His advice is simple enough: Find a career that suits you well.000 (the state’s discount on the fair market value. for tax purposes. “The one thing that money does—it allows you to follow your heart rather than do a particular job. promised Germans over 70 that the state would provide them with income. His was public policy. As we roll over the roads. It wasn’t until the 1935 signing of the Social Security Act. seniors often seek out places where the residents act the same as them and do the same things they do. when Otto von Bismarck. Webb had started selling houses at his Sun City development in Arizona. eight softball teams (the primary source of business for local orthopedists. In search of answers. mostly conservative. where in 1954 the first age-restricted residential community had cropped up. leisure-filled reward—the shimmering twilight years spent frivolously but guiltlessly before dotage arrives. is just what my new friends at LearnVest have me saving for. 42 largest homebuilders. the Iron Chancellor. or whatever their 2055 equivalent may be.SOCIETY | RETIREMENT WorldMags. Retirement is. Ohio. which endeavored to lift the elderly from poverty. the talk is of richer lives and newfound passions. especially the last part. to feel like you’re doing something meaningful after you’ve P H O T O .C. nearly all white. is what draws seniors to Sun City. more than the grounds. offers homes for prosperous active adults ages 55 and over. Melissa tells me. in back. (Imagine picking a college. the phrase like-minded people pops up.) Pam. The story that pension politics and the expected exhaustion of Social Security’s trust fund in 2033 tells is the same one von Tobel told me: we millennials will be on our own in retirement. known as the Del Webb line. about 50 still-selling 55-and-older communities bear his name. I had to explore. mostly active. if college had no classes and lasted 20 years. $50.I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y H O L LY A N D R E S F O R T I M E Ready-Made Suburbia retirement. statistics keep coming: 11 lakes on the property (two WorldMags. seems well suited for convincing stickler-y seniors.) Today. But it took postwar prosperity and the attendant improvement in seniors’ quality of life to vault retirement up to what it is now for the fortunate many. traces its founding to 1889. out of the range of many seniors and most assuredly out of mine. after all. a sales VP. from the Northern and Midwestern metropolises that gave them grueling if remunerative careers and head to warm climes with little industry to speak of other than condominium construction and physical therapy. a newish development 30 minutes south of Charlotte. a resident who gives tours. Time put construction tycoon Del E. as an institution. (Base prices start at more than $200. even though Webb himself is 40 years deceased. This is a name with some history. In exchange for surrendering lifelong friendships. one resident jokes). He wants rules mandating timelier funding for them and thinks it might be wisest for the defined-benefit plan to disappear altogether. (This change has long since been under way in the private sector.000. and try to make a lot of money at it. the kind forged by happy accident in heterogeneous communities. with Shannon. of homes with residents over 65). where defined-benefit pensions covered 35% of the workforce in 1990 but only 18% of it by 2011. Three years earlier. Webb on its cover in August 1962. six states have introduced plans with a mandatory defined-contribution component. is behind the wheel. one of Arnold’s primary causes is the reform of definedbenefit public-employee pensions.

terrified of even the slightest hint of Alzheimer’s. “provides opportunities across the board that send a WorldMags. “Take China. He’s made just a few concessions to time. moved there from Erie. Nader laments the generational gap brought on by technology and.’ Ñjohn arnold. He reads. talks. But a friend gave her a copy of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret.” Seniors feel lonely. says the healthiest seniors are the ones who keep working. despite the prices. I can hardly fathom enjoying a life in which I interact only with people my own age. and so does everyone else. a sociologist at Johns Hopkins. Whatever it takes. And we have done so largely in search of culture. I can get that free on Twitter. He still forgoes a computer in favor of his Underwood typewriter. and she soon realized she had to leave town to grow. We’re also averse. he is still brimming with the blend of scorn and optimism that made him a civic leader. I figure. 80. if you don’t know how to use an iPad. Adult children usually serve as seniors’ most important caregivers.” he tells me. Other communities have sprung up to corner the culture market—some universities have offered alumni the chance to retire on campus-adjacent developments—but that goes only so far. now she works as a life coach and pursues creative arts. After my afternoon with Nader.S. with all the same cultural points of reference. The Sun City residents tell me that they cannot picture my generation wanting to retire there. readymade suburbias the master builders have long sold.WorldMags. to square my assumptions with at least one senior. when he captured more than 700. Perhaps this closeness will persist into boom times. cutting pastries out of his diet and surrendering his hopes for an uninterrupted night of message to the elderly: ‘We need you. people largely just like me. ‘MONEY ALLOWS YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART RATHER THAN DO A PARTICULAR JOB. is no longer a frequent presidential candidate—his last campaign was in 2008. According to Cherlin. we want you. indeed. cajoles. While short-term breaks from the structure and demands of a job can improve the mind.’” Residential communities “put seniors out to pasture. Ursula Staudinger. Barb misses her friends. apparently we don’t care for outdoor recreation. predicts that the weakened American family structure will take a particular toll on retirees in the next few decades. another couple. Pa. mediumand long-term absences often lead to 43 . Seniors lose. But older people.” Ralph Nader says. advises. my generation has headed for cramped housing in diverse. (More than 8 million of the 33. Otherwise he’s the same Nader he was when he appeared on Time’s cover in 1969. Nader. Besides. even with Charlotte just a 30-minute drive away. but fathers who are absent during their children’s formative years will struggle to enlist them later. So I went to see the U. “you don’t have anything left for people your age.2 million U. the Great Recession has brought some families together. True enough. Nader says. demonstrates. Barb and Joe.000 votes—but he says he’s working harder than ever. the whole retirement industry. households with children under 18 are headed by unmarried women. Barb was reluctant to leave hers. they’re revered for their wisdom and experience and willingness to help the young. “A healthy society. the director of the Butler Aging Center at Columbia University. from an unlikely source.” Don’t even think about asking him about his own potential retirement date. writes. They keep in touch through Facebook. Joe says they know more people here than they did in Erie. here. he says.) Yet there is some small reason for hope. Joe left his government job early.’s ranking consumeradvocate curmudgeon. Time to Save i wanted. though. historic cities. 40-year-old billionaire retiree time October 27. Andrew Cherlin. prey on that anxiety. 2014 (Investment idea: Find a fixer-upper sanatorium next to an Apple Store. She used to be a teacher.) But it’s not just their immersion in screens that may scare millennials away from retirement communities. I kick some of these matters to academic experts. with adult children living with their parents out of necessity. Instead. And marketers. where they lived for 60 years.S. moved on from your old job and community and into a place full of people your own age. Well. There’s no retirement. which is hard to find at Sun City. to the homogeneous.

My brain feels better than ever. BIG PAYOFF $117.000 AGE $3. Kitces says. But those who did manual labor without the protection of a pension plan will have sore backs and need full schedules. a big to correctly time the twists and turns of the market. according to the consulting firm Towers Watson. research suggests. and everybody’s unhappy. I’ve learned. expertwitnessing. millennials might actually be right. if you can start setting aside money at age 25. A solution. you’ll save 9% of your income. ready to collect his first Social Security check. such as Fidelity Spartan International or Vanguard Total International Stock. a similar fund holding foreign stocks.000 tage today’s savers have over previous generations is that investing can now be simple and cheap. you’ll need to save only about 10% of your annual income to retire at 65. Relax.SOCIETY | RETIREMENT WorldMags. consider a 60-40 split. says financial planner Michael Kitces of Pinnacle Advisory Group in Columbia. 44 HEAD START. If your 401(k) doesn’t offer index funds in all three areas. The average 65-year-old. downturns in mental and physical health. millennials should expect fairer and better—not a blessing to drop out of society and ignore its problems. an economist at the Center for Retirement Research. 2014 . the larger your retirement package Investment beginning at . One advan- 25 35 age says investment adviser William Bernstein. I’ll save a little more cash just in case. nearly what a millennial should be doing. Sixty percent can be divided between a U. $251. The earlier you begin to save. you have better things to think about. Why stress about a measly 1% charge? William Sharpe. isn’t so much an essential social institution as it is a fun-house mirror for the old generation. Retirement.and 30-year-olds make up the first postwar generation with almost no shot at getting a traditional pension from a private company. though with greater risk. look for options with low costs and a broad mix of assets. Md. stockmarket index fund and. Start at age 35 and your target is a manageable 15%. for diversification.. And scientists expect the proportion of healthy years to increase. has 20 years to live. Index funds are now common in 401(k)s. Maybe it would serve us well to give up on our mythologized retirements. hoping for scraps of service labor to be thrown their way. Staudinger says.000 portfolio cut in half is going to feel devastated. At your age. might be for large American employers to allow their middle-aged workers to take sabbaticals and gradually reduce their hours as they age. Even so. expensive funds over a lifetime and found that the low-cost funds could deliver over 20% more wealth in retirement. As for retirement. But we need an attitude change first. But be ready for large swings. You should also pay off highinterest credit-card debt and build a cash reserve. WorldMags. Think education—not only degree programs but also short courses that teach marketable skills. But I’m dreaming of starting a movement. try to save enough (typically 6%) to get your maximum employer match. Today fewer than 7% of Fortune 500 companies offer such plans to new hires.S. Sure. Here are some things to remember as you prepare for your sunset years. Compare that with the 1% or so charged by typical fund managers. stock market—like the giant Vanguard 500 or newer cut-rate competitors like Schwab Total Stock Market Index— charges investors 0.S. In retirement.17% of assets or less per year. You are unlikely Trends be damned. try to leave it alone. the Nobel Prize–winning economist. In middle age. Retirement as we have long known it wastes the healthy minds of good people. That can cover sider investing much of your 401(k) in a stock fund.000 45 65 market loss represents a tolerable drop in your true lifetime wealth. An index fund that holds a representative slice of the U. and I’ll tell my friends to do the same. I can keep it that way into my 80s or 90s. who tend to perform worse than index funds after fees. most of them rather healthy. if I play the right games on my iPhone. writing for weekly magazines. And at your age. when members of Generation X entered the workforce.000 annual investment at a 6% annual growth rate. our differences get magnified. we’re all more or less the same. Earnings are reinvested with no tax burden That’s like free money. 50% of Fortune 500 companies offered such plans. says Anthony Webb. Twenty. I bet. If you don’t know how much risk you can handle. In your 20s it can make sense to forgo some saving to invest in your future earnings potential.000 Chart shows a $3. as some European firms have done. It’s not all long odds. you’ve got time. those who had good jobs can play tennis all day and work part-time: consulting. The rest can go into a bond fund.. “A 30-year-old who sees a $19. advising. recently projected the returns of indexers vs. According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. n time October 27. If you save 6% and your company matches 50¢ on the dollar. In HOW TO SAVE FOR RETIREMENT M O N E Y M A G A Z I N E ’ S P A T R E G N I E R S AY S M I L L E N N I A L S A C T U A L LY HAV E A N ED G E IF T HE Y’RE W IL LIN G TO USE IT Every generation likes to think it’s nothing like the one that came before it. I look forward to spending 60-some more years as I spent this one. if you have a 401(k) plan. $492. With fresh eyes and a sharp mind and a renewed sense of purpose. AGE 25 35 AGE 45 You have the best tools ever. like the ability to finance a move to another city for a better job. You can also spend money to improve your chances of a happy retirement. Con- You can handle some risk. which should earn a higher return than bonds or cash over time. After you set up a simple portfolio. But when age 65 rolls around.” Bernstein says. It can also provide greater flexibility. Everybody works. But wait until age 45 and you’ll be stuck socking away 27% of your annual income. like Vanguard Total Bond Market.

net .COM RETIREMENT | INVESTMENTS | INSURANCE © 2014. USA. NEWARK. We asked 200 people to think about how much money they’ll need in retirement. TALK TO YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR OR VISIT WE ASKED PEOPLE HOW MUCH MONEY THEY WOULD NEED TO RETIRE. PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL. How can you make sure the money is there for you. NJ. year after year? Talk to your financial professional about our guaranteed retirement income solutions that can help provide annual income for each year of retirement from Day One.. then had them stretch out a length of ribbon representing that amount to see how long it might last. INC. What we learned is that most of us significantly underestimate how much we’ll need.WorldMags. Recently we conducted an intriguing experiment. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The fact is. with people living longer. 0256203-00001-00 WorldMags. THEN SHOWED HOW LONG IT MIGHT LAST. retirement could last up to 30 years or more. 96 ELEPHANTS ARE KILLED EVERY DAY IN AFRICA “If we do not act.ORG WorldMags. we will have to shamefully admit to our children that we stood by as elephants were driven out of existence.” PHOTO JULIE LARSEN MAHER © WCS SAMANTHA STRINDBERG & FIONA MAISELS WCS CONSERVATIONISTS .

who wants a jack-o’-lantern that weighs 2.900-lb.” A pale color like this is common for a giant pumpkin AUTUMN Gourd Almighty Is competitive giant-pumpkin farming a sport? An art? An innate talent? Whatever it By Lily Rothman .net GOYA SHOWS US A WORLD WHERE WITCHES GATHER. but Topsoeld Fair’s general manager James O’Brien says that’s not what attracts the growers who compete each year. including the 1. thousands of dollars in prize money is at stake.?” he says. it’s growing—pun intended. BULLS FLY AND SATAN PRESIDES AS A GIANT HE-GOAT.. “they’re the size of Volkswagens. PAGE 48 THE WEEK BATMAN BECAME BIRDMAN The Culture The Topsfield winner in 1984 was about 400 lb.” O’Brien jokes.WorldMags.000 participants worldwide.” WorldMags. pumpkins century to get from the 400-lb. It took nearly a Photograph by Harry Gould Harvey IV for TIME For more about the race to grow big pumpkins. ǎe hobby now boasts an estimated 10. Mass. “It’s all about the bragging rights.. beast—heavier than a Smart car—reared by Hiram Watson of Farmington. it’s pumpkin pride. “Now. recently celebrated its 30th annual weigh-oç by crowning a 1. Sure. and several runners-up.000 lb. specimen shown above. visit time. ǎe Topsoeld Fair in Topsoeld.H. record set at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair to a thousand-pounder. but top pumpkin weights have more than doubled in the past two decades. “I mean.710-lb. Rather.

2014 . at work before an easel. whose life took him from a nowhere village to the royal court of The Culture María del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva Álvarez de Toledo y Silva.” the very fine retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts. Thirteenth Duchess of Alba. Its purpose was to let him work into the night. In Self-Portrait While Painting. 1797 Only Goya A retrospective for the Spanish master who saw things in the dark By Richard Lacayo 48 WorldMags. you can’t really blame francisco Goya. including even his portraits of other people. he’s a middle-aged stud—a majo—about 49.WorldMags. time October 27. Survey his work and you start to suspect that not until Alfred Hitchcock was there another artist who put himself into his own pictures so much. So it makes sense that at the start of “Goya: Order & Disorder. there’s a group of his self-portraits. the artist armed and ready to shed light onto the darkness of his own time. But it also seems a perfect emblem for Goya himself. wearing a hat with a metal ring of candle holders. for occasionally being a little full of himself. like shell cartridges.

circa 1795 Seated Giant. where the dogmas of the Catholic Church were beyond question. his best English-language biographer.P O R T R A I T W H I L E PA I N T I N G . Their silky Parisians look not so different from the Spanish nobles in so many of Goya’s canvases. circa 1818 Self-Portrait With Doctor Arrieta. a court painter for Charles III. superstition and cruelty— monsters and idiots infest Goya’s world. M A D R I D . a skilled craft but not the kind that makes you rich. the lumpen humans with their stupidity. which forced Goya to branch out into portraiture. Bayeu wanted Goya to produce the “cartoons”— actually full-scale oil paintings—that the tapestries would be based on. hunting and so on. Charles had recently decided to revive the royal tapestry factory. He was born in 1746 in tiny Fuendetodos. There were years of Self-Portrait While Painting. 19. Goya was suited to the job. L E N T B Y T H E M I N N E A P O L I S I N S T I T U T E O F A R T S . the Bourbon King of Spain. Goya didn’t exactly rocket into the royal his big break finally came in 1775. Charles closed the tapestry factory. but Goya’s bleak imagination went places they would never dream of going. K AT H E R I N E E . got to the point when he wrote that Goya was both “the last Old Master” and “the first Modernist. places that hold a key to the wars and atrocities of our own time. 1 8 1 8 : F R A N C I S C O G OYA . as a cost-saving measure during a short-lived war.P O R T R A I T W I T H D O C T O R A R R I E TA . He was summoned to Madrid through his friend Francisco Bayeu. B U L L A R D F U N D I N M E M O R Y O F F R A N C I S B U L L A R D . which runs through Jan. the customary travel in Italy and commissions here and there before WorldMags. His father died without a will—what was there to leave?—but before that the old man had arranged for his 13-year-old son to be apprenticed to a painter in the nearby city of Zaragoza. The Boston show. 1820 Why is Goya so fascinating? The late Robert Hughes.WorldMags. All those leering madmen. the son of a master gilder. This was a good thing. the levitating witches and simmering giants. S E L F . is organized by themes: women.” By his 30s. A B O U T 179 5: F R A N C I S C O G OYA . T H E E T H E L M O R R I S O N VA N D E R L I P F U N D . the same years that the representative French painters were Fragonard and Boucher. S E AT E D G I A N T. halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. B U R N I S H E D A Q U AT I N T ( F I R S T S TAT E ). children. Yet it’s hard to believe that he began his career in the mid–18th century. T H I R T E E N T H D U C H E S S O F A L B A . The cartoons are some of his loveliest and least-known work. In the reactionary backwater that was Spain. 1 8 2 0 : F R A N C I S C O G OYA . 1797: F R A N C I S C O G OYA . His several palaces needed wall hangings. lots of them. This helps draw out resemblances among works done in different years but obscures the considerable drama of Goya’s life. M U S E O D E L A R E A L A C A D E M I A D E B E L L A S A R T E S D E S A N F E R N A N D O. But in 1780. Goya possessed the full toolbox of Old Master capabilities. in the waning days of the Rococo. It was in portraits that Goya first truly caught fire. O N L O A N F R O M T H E H I S PA N I C S O C I E T Y O F A M E R I C A . S E L F . We know all about them from our own. the Inquisition was M A R Í A D E L P I L A R T E R E S A C AY E TA N A D E S I LVA Á LVA R E Z D E T O L E D O Y S I LVA .

2014 W H Y ? ( P O R Q U É ? ).” The show’s curators. so tender. so tough? Only Goya. however faintly. it was in the person of the awful Ferdinand VII. How else to describe Self-Portrait with Doctor Arrieta. shows himself helpless during another of his near fatal illnesses. A Royal Talent we’re so inclined to think of goya as the perennial critic of his times that it’s tempting to believe that even his likenesses of the royal family—he served four Kings and eventually became chief court painter—were meant to satirize them. is a sign of life. n time October 27. Among them was the music-loving Duke of Alba—in Goya’s creamy portrait. his best-known portrait of a woman (it’s not in the show) is a reclining nude. P H O T O G R A P H © M U S E U M O F F I N E A R T S . with her other she points forcibly down to words inscribed in the ground at her feet: solo goya. he’s a pensive man looking up from a score by Haydn—and his famously beautiful wife. the eternal posture of sexual availability. an inventory of wartime cruelties that was never published in his lifetime. his last self-portrait. a totem of romantic wish fulfillment— the painter imagining this unattainable woman declaring that he’s the only man . Having come so far. Frederick Ilchman and Stephanie Loeb Stepanek. So this. 1811–12 50 for her. the scabrous observer of hopeless humanity. propped up by the doctor friend who ministers to him with an almost sacramental cup of medicine.WorldMags. In 1793 a mysterious illness left him completely deaf. it was still in Goya’s studio. Maybe that explains why. the ilustrados who hoped to admit into their country a few mild beams of the Enlightenment. an exasperated Goya left for self-imposed exile in France. 1 8 1 1–1 2: F R A N C I S C O G OYA Y L U C I E N T E S . many of his first sitters were drawn from Spain’s tiny cadre of liberals and relative free thinkers. D I S A S T E R S O F W A R 3 2 . is an image of deliverance. A decade after that arch-reactionary assumed the crown. the man who shows us a world where witches gather. 15 years later. from 1797. But his second portrait of the duchess. Not likely. the six-year campaign by Spain and England to expel French troops that had replaced the Bourbon royals with Napoleon’s brother Joseph—whom the adaptable Goya went right on serving as court painter. In the isolation booth of the years that to the Peninsular War. fully dressed and anything but languid. But for Goya in full thunder. the way she did half the men in Madrid. “Only Goya. he was handed from one to another of them. The Duchess of Alba haunted Goya. Goya gives her to us with one hand perched on her left hip. Hughes wondered if this picture weren’t something even stranger. One scene of pointless torture has the heartbroken title that could have served the whole series: Why? Those ferocious images bear witness WorldMags. The painting is a tribute to the power of medicine—the power of reason—but it’s also a pietà. The doctor’s arms encircle the artist the way the Virgin cradles the dead Christ. Yet even in the frustration and isolation of his last years. vanity and greed. B O S T O N still in business and the Age of Reason had been stopped at the border. go to The Disasters of War. he produced most of the works that gave us “our” The Culture | Art Why? Disasters of War 32. As his reputation spread. The Naked Maja. to live for eight more years. from 1820? The artist. Goya would be resurrected. where he died in Bordeaux in 1828. where he could enjoy it alone. Goya produced some of his greatest work. mostly in his harrowing works on paper. think that may be Goya’s way of having her tell the world that only he could make such a superb painting. Who else could make a painting like this—so wise. about 74. 1 9 51 P U R C H A S E F U N D. why would he jeopardize everything for the sake of an inside joke? But in his 50s the darker strains of his disposition began to surface elsewhere. as though clawing his way back to the world. is a triumph of vertical authority. bulls fly and Satan presides as a giant he-goat. But when the Bourbons were restored. not despair. And like Christ. The 80 etchings that make up the CaprichosÑ caprices or follies—are a peerless survey of hypocrisy. Even the way Goya grips the sheet.

Shot in 30 days.” No. Birdman represents not just Keaton’s fictional apologia but also a comeback of near superheroic proportions. It’s a precision ballet whose most impressive effect is that it plays out like real theatrical life. Laura (Andrea Riseborough) and Mike (Edward Norton). riggin thompson (michael Keaton) parlayed a comic-book creature called Birdman into movie stardom. or a more explosive accident onstage. through the magic of art and technology. It’s a comedy. Birdman is grounded by the everyday problems of show people. the oddly punctuated title of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s daredevil comedy. James Theatre: Riggin and his co-stars Lesley (Naomi Watts). two of Iñárritu’s Mexican amigos. director and adapter of the Raymond Carver short story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. including that astonishing 13-min. he reprised the caped crusader in the 1992 This story of an actor in extremis has the jagged energy of a sustained guerrilla raid choreographed by Bob Fosse WorldMags. n 51 . achieved movie wonder with sumptuous long takes. ex-wife Sylvia (Amy Ryan) and manager Jake (Zach Galifianakis). Birdman has seven major characters running through the caverns of St. Birdman exploits its star’s biography. and Riggin trusts only the Birdman voice in his head. his face road-mapped with lifelines. Last year. his finest early role. the picture has the jagged entime October 27. Yet the star’s performance is the compass that guides all the actors who must play off him. Another. first shot.WorldMags. like Alexander Sokurov’s enthralling Russian Ark—here. The key for Riggin to rekindle his celebrity. Iñárritu’s own early films—Amores Perros. not ascend into mad apotheosis. “Gravity doesn’t apply to you. Keaton played Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s Batman. which these days means notoriety. scenes lasting 10 minutes or more are edited together with invisible transitions—but Birdman is still a unique technical accomplishment. director Alfonso Cuarón and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. after all—one that mixes its star’s career with its protagonist’s angst and. A quarter-century ago.” Nearly everything goes wrong in previews. His Riggin seems ready to sag into suicidal defeat. 21 Grams and Babel—boasted a narrative complexity in their sprawling tales of fates interlocked across a city or around the world. One night he miraculously takes flight—a superhero with his powers restored—as his avian alter ego triumphantly sequel before ditching the costume for film work as a character actor. He has a nightmare of being on a plane with Clooney (who also played Batman). the critic Tabitha (Lindsay Duncan). he borrowed Lubezki and ramped up Gravity’s degree of difficulty: nearly all of this two-hour movie seems to have been shot in a single take. is through some outlandish public gesture: a walk through Times Square clad only in his underpants. Keaton summons the weariness of age more than the manic verve from Burton’s Beetlejuice. But for Birdman. but it applies to Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). and when it crashes the headlines mention only Clooney. the Gravity comparison is unfair. in Gravity. Birdman is All About Eve plus Fosse’s All That Jazz times Fellini’s 81⁄2. Cuarón’s film launched audiences into a stratosphere of emotions. You may ask why. But it fits Birdman’s skewed comic vision. parallels his reallife career as Batman Angry Birdman Michael Keaton flies high as a washed-up superhero F OX SE ARCHLIGHT By Richard Corliss ages ago. That attitude could just be sour grapes—the snobbery-envy that afflicts many actors. Yet his Riggin still craves fame. Now 63. Finally. plus Riggin’s daughter Sam (Emma Stone). This isn’t truly a one-take The Culture Movies Keaton’s character. waits to pounce on Riggin and write a review that would kill his play. with the requisite flirtations. with the actors’ and the camera’s movements calibrated to the inch and the millisecond so that the action flows smoothly. but lately he has struggled to be taken seriously as an actor. And whereas Gravity had just Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. collisions and anxieties. a former superhero actor. makes them soar. So he’s making his Broadway debut as the leading man. And like any clever inside-showbiz satire. 2014 ergy of a sustained guerrilla raid choreographed by Bob Fosse. since the story takes place not in two hours but in the week or so leading up to Riggin’s opening night.

. (History rightly faults them both. But in Victoria. bankrolled Christopher Columbus. becoming the first female ruler in any part of the world for generations.. changing the course of education and women’s involvement in public affairs. who attempted to land one for her. Stacy Schiff’s best-selling. on the other hand. Wilson’s book. a female pharaoh of ancient Egypt. But then I’d be ignoring A. it’s that prominent women have actually toned it down since ancient times. a new biography by Kara Cooney.N. by A. Wilson. she crowned herself. I am the jackal. politics and interior design that whenever he mentioned actual humans I laughed out loud from sheer relief. so I would love to say that this tripartite release (from different publishers) is indicative of some feminist trend that signifies widespread interest in the lives of authoritative women. she bragged in Latin—a language her husband Ferdinand didn’t understand. acted like a badass. might aspire to be the next Cleopatra: A Life. to think he was in charge. She presided over the expulsion of the Muslims who had occupied Spain since the 8th century—as well as the expulsion or forced conversion of Spanish Jews— while allowing her husband. Princess Diana was melodramatic and manipulative. he is the author of lauded books like The Victorians (2002). Pulitzer Prize–winning 2010 biography of another famous pharaoh. Perhaps this dismissiveness was echoed by the men in Victoria’s life and contributed in some way to her abiding loneliness? Just a thought.” We hear Hatshepsut speak in The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt. Not October brings new biographies of three reigning ladies WorldMags. Set mostly in the 1400s. Yet Isabella managed to remain a virgin until marriage. technically her proxy. “Look. October also brings Isabella: The Warrior Queen. often not consensually. Britons want Charles to be the next King. If Hatshepsut’s preening tells us anything.” Wilson defers to Victoria’s male contemporaries instead of taking her seriously.” But women have been boasting for a long time. a period when the best that most women could hope for was to survive their teen pregnancies. confident men are brains and confident women are bitches. A triad of royal biographies invokes womanpower By Kathleen Hale 52 gay they were and how only did she choose her husband against the wishes of her brother King Enrique. I am the falcon who glides over the lands . I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y A G ATA N O W I C K A F O R T I M E . y’all.. I like to think that when Isabella bragged. And then there’s Victoria: A Life. but following Enrique’s death. I’m a falcon. This isn’t necessarily surprising. by Kirstin Downey.) Everyone in the Spanish kingdom seemed to be having sex with everyone else. Queen Isabella of Castile.WorldMags. You don’t see Miley Cyrus defending whichever outfit just raised eyebrows by saying. given how Wilson has made hay of such details as the pre-eminent British biographer of entire eras. with her husband Ferdinand. (Don’t be a snob—that’s a good thing. “I am awesome and mighty and cannot be made small.N.” Thus spoke Hatshepsut. meanwhile his Broadway co-star Tavi Gevinson apparently epitomizes her generation’s selfabsorption because she revs herself up for performances by saying.) She taught herself Latin and hired instructors for her daughters and ladies-in-waiting. Isabella is a tale of feminist ambition that reads like a pulpy novel. how . It’s exciting to see such a noble group of women celebrated all at once. about Britain’s long-reigning Queen. “I am the wild horned bull coming from heaven .. Michael Cera can be lauded for his Zenlike poise in interviews. and Kirstin Downey knows it. Victoria is less about its title figure than the men in her life: how fat they were. P R I N C E S S D I A N A : G E T T Y I M A G E S if pop culture is your barometer. her physical yearning for her husband Prince Albert and her psychologically loaded phobia of wigs— by saying that she had an “almost unbounded capacity for self-dramatization and self-pity. he undermines the Queen’s diary entries and letters—in which she talks about her loneliness. about the Castilian monarch who. which is so laden with details of war. After the Victorians (2005) and The Elizabethans (2011).net The Culture Books We Three Queens. Any of these books. perhaps especially Cooney’s.

She made sure that statues representing her carried attributes of both genders (breasts.. because every­ one who could get in her way stayed out of it.. and no protests were staged against her. To prove it. witches . more miss and quell than kiss and tell.. His was one of the voices urging the royals to show their sorrow rather than hiding away. Hatshepsut relied on a “fa­ cade of mutuality” with men to ensure do­ mestic peace. giving him “a bottlegreen cashmere jumper” for his 50th birthday that he never found an occasion suitably important to wear. The princess could be a difficult boss. time October 27. three years after Diana’s death. Here’s Arbiter engaging in repartee with the Queen after a lunch: “With hands immersed in the suds. refusing to speak to Arbiter if he delivered unsavory news. In Kara Cooney’s engrossing and com­ pulsively readable biography. we have called powerful women many things—bitches.” — CATHERINE MAYER Princess Diana in 1988 Hale is an essayist and the author of No One Else Can Have You. But she was also kind. In his admiration for the royals. Isabella of Castile (1451–1504) and Victoria (1819–1901) Windsor Ways An ex–press secretary tells . 2014 “Through the millennia.” he confesses.. Her story is perhaps the most feminist of all three.” There is poignancy too in his account of the royal courts trying. she writes. she reigned with the full support of every man around her. She told anyone who would listen that her royal status emanated orig­ inally from her father King Thutmose I and.’” Arbiter joined the royal staff in 1988 and retired in 2000. “Today. In writing an autobiography focused on his years as a Buckingham Palace press secretary. but the gods wouldn’t oblige. On Duty With the Queen. and all the more enjoyable for that.” Cooney suggests that Hatshepsut was a master at avoiding such epithets.K. “it still proudly sits in my wardrobe. all to align herself with those in 53 . “Five minutes waiting for a bus feels like an age.. but you can tell he misses his old job. but no skirt) and had sex with an 11­year­old half brother. Dickie Arbiter allegedly incurred the displeasure of Prince Charles. ‘I’ll wash. “Five minutes with the Queen flashes by in an instant. after his death. You dry. They needed a king. Her PR move was awe­inspiring: she proclaimed to the world that her power came directly from the god Amen. I quipped ‘I’ll wash. to cope after the news from Paris.’ ‘No.). a novel WorldMags.) When Thutmose II died. Arbiter has carved out a postretirement career as a royal expert. No civil wars were waged by Hatshepsut. all while he suppressed his own grief. And they knew she was the right woman for the job.” he The Culture Hatshepsut (circa 1500– 1458 B. from her brother turned husband Thutmose II.WorldMags. just out in the U.’ she said in a quiet but firm voice. But the heir to the throne need not have worried. she sent hundreds of men on a terrifying voyage to enrich her court with treasures and commissioned scores of self­ congratulatory public works. some Like Isabella. Hatshep­ sut ran out of Thutmoses to link her to the throne.C. seductresses. and failing. is a gentle book. as pristine as the day she gave it to me. (Hatshepsut and her brother tried their damnedest to produce a male heir. you dry. Arbiter paints a picture of life at court that conveys better than some of the more sensational accounts the true oddness of life on Planet Windsor.

tive Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights shows that states with the most such restrictions performed worse on health indicators for women and children. in our love for our children and for our dreams—not that different. All of which might sound shocking. would have eventually threatened Davis’ life. The phrase sums up my not uncommon history—youthful years of fearing birth control failure. How would that work? Either abortion’s O. a new study from Ibis Reproduc- WorldMags. is that “no one is for abortion.” she writes. pregnant. Now Katha Pollitt’s brilliant new book. arrives like an urgent letter as rights are fast eroding. n . 25. pregnancy and my three beloved children. talks bravely in her new memoir about her own abortions— one for severe fetal anomalies and another for an ectopic pregnancy. to explore a thicket of questions that pollsters—not to mention conversations at the dinner table—don’t get at with any nuance. who traveled from one such county to New York State for an abortion. new restrictions put it out of reach for women in 87% of U. It’s a normal fact of life and has been since ancient times. the grainy ultrasounds—but was on some level too squeamish to think clearly about what felt like contradictory ideas. They seemed unable to believe that anyone could love children and also be “pro. not embryos. even tragic choice to many. many women. women have ingested poisons. a candidate for Texas governor. Pro marshals science. counties. Instead. statistics and stories of real women’s lives— with all the “tangled secret misfortunes” of families—to make a myth-busting argument that abortion is a social good. not a selfish act but one of self-preservation.” To be truthful. The sign says. pregnant and prochoice.” It’s past time. let alone judgment on. history. It was an act of love—for her family. I had private questions—about those tears at miscarriage. syringed themselves with lye and turpentine or used dangerous probes— without anesthesia—risking death and injury to end unwanted pregnancies. Pollitt is not preaching here to a choir of pro-choicers nor expecting to change the minds of abortion foes—she’s addressing the “muddled middle.” We hear pro-choice politicians like Hillary Clinton say abortion is a “sad. even among staunch pro-choicers. she writes. which. It’s good for women. protesters screamed at me.WorldMags. Many of my fellow squeamish Americans have the same trouble reconciling abortion and love. Clear logic minus the moralizing has not been easy to find. Women have always had abortions. While abortion is now one of the safest procedures Manning is the author of My Notorious Life. A poet and prominent feminist. 2014 I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y E L E A N O R D AV I S F O R T I M E on the wall of our family room hangs a picture of me. Yet abortions were happening: the Ebers Papyrus. Pro makes a controversial case that abortion can be an act of love By Kate Manning 54 It’s good for men.S. With Pollitt’s characteristic wit and logic. the procedure—“Not one The Culture Books The Choice. with more than half of respondents saying they don’t want to ban abortion but don’t want it widely available either. Chief among them: Who is the abortion debate really about? The answer here is that it should be about women. left untreated. I bet. The only thing making me squeamish these days is contemplating the dangerous measures women will resort to as abortion rights are lost and how women and children suffer as a consequence of government intrusion on the most sacred and private decision a woman can make: whether or not to bear a child. miscarriages and. the conciliatory tagline.” Wendy Davis. always agonizing? Contrary to abortion opponents’ claims that abortion restrictions protect women’s health. and accessible or it isn’t.. medicine. But as Pollitt asks. Pollitt writes about Janelle. Janelle and I. have we really reached a point where a woman’s child must be fatally compromised or she must be near death or suicidal or have been raped in order for her to have an abortion? Is abortion always tragic. Polls reveal murky thinking. it was not a difficult decision. Over the centuries.C. deconstructing scriptural interpretations that have been used to frame the debate. from squeamish Americans whose reluctance to think deeply about abortion has allowed a radical movement against abortion rights to steamroll us. describes an abortifacient plant-fiber tampon coated with honey. At that march. religion. eventually. Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights. For her. We are not different.K. later years of fertility treatments. an Egyptian text dating from circa 1500 B. a novel about a 19th century midwife time October 27. carrying a sign at an abortion-rights march in 1989. Janelle is a mother who wanted to give her three kids a better life by getting a job that would pay enough to send them to college. It’s those women and children who should be at the center of our concerns. Having an abortion meant she could pursue that dream. It’s good for children. so rarely do we hear about abortion’s benefits. Pollitt’s analysis of the Bible leads her to conclude that the book makes no mention of.

The anchor desk. Last Week Tonight assumes that a comedy audience will watch 17 minutes about predatory lending. More important. But Last Week Tonight developed a form that suited its format by asking: What can you do with a pay-cable newscomedy show that no one else can? Well. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has drawn an average of 4. A small-town police department in Georgia owns a tank. Oliver is not shy about taking sides and showing genuine. (In August. so it’s free to dive into anything: police militarization. including Time’s parent company. building themes and callbacks. Time Inc.” This also is true: on Last Week Tonight the British comedian has proved that you can still do new things with the fake-news show—including finding actual news. no ads—and his lead segments run half that length or more. Oliver’s show relies on one of the hoariest principles in comedy: it’s funny because it’s true. His earnestness may be better suited for our social-media era. absurdity and outrage. And. It does actual investigative journalism. Maybe it reflects a weariness with weariness itself.) Beyond that. Die. Motherf-cker. So Last Week Tonight takes on commercial culture with as much gusto as its Comedy Central predecessors do politics. When Last Week debuted on HBO in April. The topical jokes. HBO has no sponsors to alienate. R-rated outrage—as compared with the eye rolling of The Daily Show or the built-in irony of Colbert’s devil’s-worstadvocate satire. Last Week Tonight is a full 30 minutes—remember. civil forfeiture. And for all his puppet jokes and English selfdeprecation. for instance. well. which it showed off in a video on its website.WorldMags. whom HBO poached after he spent the previous summer filling in for Jon Stewart. As TV news digests itself into ever smaller bites. The usual question of The Daily Show is. unironic. you can swear. on par with the network’s longrunning Real Time With Bill Maher WorldMags. scored to the song—this is true!—“Die. or content paid for by advertisers and published by news companies. Oliver lambasted native advertising. to serve up facts from the absurd to the horrifying. Last Week took its seemingly biggest liability. Last Week Tonight can’t scholarship money than it implied. says HBO. its weekly schedule. Why is the media obsessed with this story? Last Week Tonight’s is. in one stunning report.1 million viewers each week. until climaxing with a bizarre gesture (singing about mandatory prison sentencing with puppets) or call to action (urging online trolls to deluge the FCC with comments in favor of net-neutrality rules that protect equal-speed Internet access). Oliver has successfully bet on his audience’s intelligence and against its The Culture Tuned In Sincerely Funny John Oliver reinvents fake news with real passion By James Poniewozik john oliver’s most reliable punch line is “and this is true!” He delivers it with an incredulous chuckle. Yet at its heart. Oliver himself. and made that its biggest strength. productively. They’re not riffs but symphonies. at length. it feels good to have someone to get mad with. when passion is more shareable than sarcasm. tension and release. drones. Oliver’s serious-funny advocacy seems like a cultural baton passing. It’s a new take on old news. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are as beholden to news pegs as the 24-hour media cycle they expertly satirize. it seemed at first a lot like The Daily Show. Maybe after years of authorities’ failing and fat cats’ gaming the system. Why isn’t the media obsessed with this story? And Oliver has the luxury of obsessing. n 55 . from truthiness to truth. it dug up tax documents to prove that the Miss America organization was awarding far less Photograph by Peter Yang for TIME All in a week’s work Since beginning in April. The national animal of Scotland—this is true!—is a unicorn. detail and data.

I’m excited that my son probably won’t take them and throw them on the ground and break them.268 tip after taking two pizzas to an Indiana Wesleyan University chapel service. “ ON MY RADAR X 12 Years a Slave “I just saw it on my vacation.” It’s the anthem of all anthems. R O W L I N G : G E T T Y I M A G E S. I do like to decorate a tree. I completely understand if people aren’t ready for it until Thanksgiving.WorldMags. U N T I T L E D ( A F R O M U S E ). M E N Z E L : PA U L Z I M M E R M A N — G E T T Y I M A G E S. Holiday Wishes. S A Domino’s deliveryman got a $1. What’s the most memorable version of “Let It Go” you’ve heard so far? There are so S Director Paul Feig confirmed there will be a women-led Ghostbusters movie. I felt guilty that I hadn’t watched it. the stunt was meant to teach students the value of giving. I wouldn’t even pick a favorite. If Barbra Streisand can make a Christmas album. I Don’t The Culture Pop Chart E LOV IT QUICK TALK Idina Menzel Winter must be this Broadway star’s season. Here are six more: JANUARY 1998 JUNE 1987 The GIF is invented WorldMags. I can. © C H R I S O F I L I (4).” It’s been a year since Frozen. Last year the 43-yearold taught the world to “Let It Go” as the voice of Frozen’s Elsa. S Pop singer Demi Lovato jokingly accepted a marriage proposal from a 5-year-old fan during a concert in Illinois. Not even the dance remix? Don’t you love it? When it first became successful I was like. 2 0 1 4 : G E T T Y I M A G E S. It’s on display at London’s Tate Modern museum until April 6. a new. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Featuring both man-made fabrics and natural fibers in a variety of vivid colors. N E L S O N : G E T T Y I M A G E S. G H O S T B U S T E R S : E V E R E T T C O L L E C T I O N The Dancing Baby GIF. Now he’s 5. one of the first viral web moments. it’s the largest work ever from acclaimed American artist Richard Tuttle. now she’s releasing a Christmas album. 1 9 9 5 – 2 0 0 5: C H R I S O F I L I – D AV I D Z W I R N E R . —nolan feeney THE DIGITS Your album came out Oct. ROUNDUP Great Moments in GIF History Photo-sharing site Imgur recently announced the GIFV. you’re Jewish . “This has to have a club version—and a gay club version. appears on Ally McBeal . I do collect ornaments. O R T H E W E AV E O F T E X T I L E L A N G U A G E . M I K U : C B S. S AY A N Y T H I N G : E V E R E T T C O L L E C T I O N . What are your holiday traditions? I celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I D O N ’ T K N O W... I P H O N E 6: A P P L E . or The Weave of Textile Language doesn’t just take up a whole room.” by Magic! “It’s become my favorite song with my son in the car. Also. many.” X “Rude. I’m barely into Halloween with my son. Isn’t it a little early for Christmas music? I think that’s ridiculous! SThe Japanese hologram performer Hatsune Miku appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman. high-quality version of the popular animation file type (whose letters stand for Graphics Interchange Format). The upgrade is the latest milestone in the nearly three-decade history of the GIF. so he might understand the importance of a good ornament. The top bid for Willie Nelson’s braids (cut before he went gray) at an auction of items from country singer Waylon Jennings’ estate I’ve been asking the label to tell me why.

now living mostly in Trinidad. uses the hard-G pronunciation the following year G DECEMBER 2013 GIF becomes the subject of a Jeopardy! question FOR TIME’S COMPLETE TV. made a name for himself in the 1990s partly for using elephant dung in some of his paintings.  NBC axed VERBATIM ‘Cry. Obama. (They were removed after a backlash.S. it will eventually help lead the GIF renaissance Oxford Dictionaries USA declares GIF the Word of the Year MAY 2013 GIF creator Steve Wilhite confirms the soft-G pronunciation.K. VISIT time. The White House put emojis in an official release to help millennials understand the economy. 29 to Feb. ROWLING. the Harry Potter spin-off hitting the big screen in . FILM AND MUSIC COVERAGE. there will be no new Adele album this year. however. Samantha Grossman and Laura Stampler WorldMags... Catch these and more in “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” at New York City’s New Museum from entertainment By Daniel D’Addario.  Despite rumors she started in May.” G FEBRUARY 2007 NOVEMBER 2012 Tumblr launches. A superfan eventually solved it: “Newt Scamander only meant to stay in New York for a few hours. These four untitled works don’t feature that medium—just watercolor and pencil—but they are part of his massive Afromuse series of portraits. museum. J. Nolan Feeney. TV series after director Cameron Crowe tweeted his discontent. 1.’ plans for a Say Anything . tweeting a cryptic anagram meant to offer clues about the plot of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s Ofili’s first retrospective at a LE A V IT E SERVING FACE English-born artist Chris Ofili. created from 1995 to 2005.)  People are complaining that their hair is getting caught between the metal casing and glass display on the iPhone 6. foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense.WorldMags.

Perfect! For a moment. Every holiday has a unique decoration-to-significance ratio.. Which means that when my neighbor with the generator-powered blow-up jack-o’-lantern thingy with black cats rotating inside fires up his yearly tribute to the holiday he can’t explain. not many decorations. Ratio: 3:50.” “the devil” and “the ancient Celtic festival known as Am I exaggerating to say that this felt just like Sophie’s Choice? Maybe a bit. But this year I was given a Halloween miracle. now that it’s been rebranded. And every year it gets more out of hand. not a lot of decorations. i. He knows that our trick-or-treating days are numbered.4 billion on Halloween this year? Including $350 million on costumes for pets? I’m just guessing. 3. When it got dark.. What the dogs and I definitely agree on is that the decoration situation is a problem. in his prime trick-or-treating years. with sentiments of I-now-hate-Halloween-even-more clouding my brain. who may as well be wearing signs that say (with apologies to W. 2. Hence my fakeholiday suspicion. Fourth of July: significant. the entire nuclear unit must attend or risk getting reported to the family-values police. Thanksgiving: very significant to lots of people. Take Christmas. But making the right decision. . But what sort of institute of higher learning schedules Family Weekend on Halloween? Maybe it’s an ivory-tower machination so multilayered and clever that people of average intelligence like me can’t possibly understand it. 31. Oh. because the sight of all those decorations hurts me. when Family Weekend was merely Parents’ Weekend. I’m pretty sure it’s a fake holiday. then watched him proudly march in the elementary-school parade.000:1. n time October 27. I made vegetarian chili for my friend Sharene’s annual post-trick-or-treating party. And as much as I truly. but: we also have a child who is 7. but I suspect my dogs would rather I donate their costume money to a pet-rescue organization. which featured a giant backyard maze made from tall wooden stakes and endless rolls of thick black plastic that took weeks to assemble. Let me explain. truly hate Halloween—the fake orange spider webbing and generator-powered decorations and strangers who ring the doorbell even after I’ve turned off the front porch light—I suppose I know it too. both aesthetically and psychically. Why hate Halloween? Four reasons: 1. “There are no strangers only friends I haven’t met and I know I love you already so please scratch my belly. That Halloween I rushed home from the office to help him change into his costume. Our oldest son’s university scheduled Family Weekend to begin on—wait for it—Oct. I was elated that I didn’t need to go all the way to Aruba to skip Halloween. back in the pre-helicopter-parenting age. Halloween? What are we celebrating on Halloween? Can anybody tell me? Type “What does Halloween celebrate?” into Google and you’re confronted with “the triduum of Allhallowtide. and lots and lots of decorations. particularly when measured by my patented decoration-to-holiday-significance ratio. Did you know that. the kids would lose themselves in the maze. But . Regardless. and calculation that Halloween’s decoration-to-significance ratio is 37. but I’m just going to admit it: I hate Halloween. Including my oldest. And although there was a time.. questionable during the rest of the year. Random people wearing masks ring my doorbell in the dark when no one is home but me and our big dopey dogs. never mind.” So basically nobody knows. So basically a ratio of 1:1.” 4.. suddenly so grown up and full of wisdom that he advised us to skip Family Weekend for the sake of his 7-year-old brother. The decorations. for example. Yeats). I just can’t picture our little guy attending the Friday-night dinner and lecture in his Tron costume. our oldest. pitting Tron against his older brother.e. the decorations! For years I’ve wanted to opt out of Halloween.THE AMATEUR WorldMags. All I can say is. becomes impossible to monitor and possibly life-threatening for 48 hours. My children’s candy consumption. Oh. was 7. Americans are projected to spend $7. but . It was magic. I just want to close my eyes and get on the next flight to Aruba. not even the Internet. 2014 I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y L U C I G U T I E R R E Z F O R T I M E National Retail Federation.. whooping with delight. And then I remembered when our college sophomore.B. Very significant to many people. seemed impossible. the way you can opt out of the vision-care plan at work. So 1:20. and most of the kids who raced through it are in college. It was one of the highlights of the school year. give or take. it’s a good thing Edward Gorey died before he had to see fake orange spider webbing coating every privet hedge in suburban America. according to the 58 WorldMags. The maze is now just a Kristin van Ogtrop A Halloween Miracle In which I am tricked into enjoying a holiday that has never felt like a treat this feels weirdly un­ patriotic and definitely funkilling.

Your first bold choice. U..WorldMags. Crossed down into Baja. The 2015 Camry. Production model will vary. Joined a soccer game. Wanted tacos for Prototype shown with options. Retook the ship. Freed some livestock.S. toyota. Lost my passport to a Started my Camry. They were really good tacos. ©2014 Toyota Motor Sales. Inc. Hitched a ride on a cargo . ONE BOLD CHOICE LEADS TO ANOTHER.A. Got boarded by pirates. WorldMags.

“To create new crimes”? Isn’t that a big accusation? These companies spend millions of dollars a year on lobbying to fight reforms that will bring down the prison population. death row and kids in prison Your book Just Mercy is about getting legal help for poor people in Alabama. free of political influences. rape and assault. I want more justice than Tom Robinson gets in To Kill a Mockingbird. they get stopped. Is this the scariest stat? I think the newer statistic that 1 in 3 black males born in 2001 is expected to go to jail or prison during their lifetimes is more astonishing because it’s about the future. It really provokes me. No one defends it. health and human services.WorldMags. And how many people have you exonerated? Under 10. [court-appointed] lawyers in Alabama could only be paid $1. and yet we still have 10. I want kids out of adult prisons. They are put in an adult jail. I think it’s shaped by wealth. they’re more likely to go to prison for doing something lots of kids do.000 for their outof-court time. It’s so unnecessary—we have juvenile facilities. And 1 in 6 Latino boys. 10-year-olds being prosecuted as adults. That wasn’t true in the 20th century. Do we deserve to kill? Do we have a system of justice that functions free of bias. I want people unfairly sentenced to be resentenced. People call you Atticus Finch. Until recently. he time October 27. I say it’s very naive. People of goodwill can correctly say we can’t engage in this activity when we are so compromised by our own What’s the role of the corporations that build prisons? I think corporations have really corrupted American criminal justice by creating these perverse incentives where they actually pay legislators to create new crimes so that we can maintain these record-high-level rates of imprisonment. They get targeted for abuse. The poor are very vulnerable in a system that relies so heavily on skilled advocates. Do you mind? I mean. P I A N O : A L A M Y What do you say to people who say. 36% of the people convicted and 55% of the people sent to prison. Also. 2014 S T E V E N S O N : J AV I E R S I R V E N T F O R T I M E . How do you counter the argument that people who kill deserve to die? The question with the death penalty is. because the system is so unreliable. and if they don’t manage those confrontations. and roads.000 children in an adult jail or prison. GO TO time. they get 60 How many people have you gotten off death row? Something like 115. What are the biggest impediments? We have a criminal-justice system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent.S. we make concessions where the person might plead to something just to get out of prison. You say that 1 in 3 black men in the U. Those dollars are coming from education. “It’s easy to not go to jail—don’t commit a crime”? arrested. doesn’t make mistakes? I think the answer is no. under 30 is in jail. Black kids make up 18% of the people arrested [on drugpossession charges]. In this country we have a presumption of guilt that follows young kids of color so that even when they haven’t done anything. . A lawyer could make more defending a traffic ticket than a capital case. I want the innocent released. I don’t believe that America’s system is shaped by culpability. Even when we’ve shown that they’re innocent. it’s our indifference that allows it to continue. Prison spending has gone from $6 billion in 1980 to $80 billion today. then doesn’t provide skilled advocates. I’ve represented 10 Questions Stevenson says he finally bought a house so he had a place to play piano Lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson on crime. —belinda luscombe FOR VIDEO OF OTHER INTERVIEWEES. on probation or on parole. What is the most frustrating part of your work? We have 14 states with no minimum age for trying a child as an adult. I’m really looking for more than Atticus Finch achieved.

TM.WorldMags. © 2014 Kashi Company .net 11g Protein 15g Protein with 1/ 2 cup skim milk 9g Fiber 4g total fat per serving NON-GMO Project Verified TM ®.

EBRI. WorldMags. Yet the answer can be as simple as sitting down with your Allstate Agent and making a plan. Registered Over 56% of Americans have no idea how much they’ll need to retire. LLC (LSA Securities in LA and PA). (877) 525-5727. NY. And showing you all the ways life insurance can help provide for your family. starts with someone you know. IL. A good plan. Lincoln. Securities offered by Personal Financial Representatives through Allstate Financial Helping to make your money work harder. Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York: Hauppauge. Like setting a reasonable retirement goal. Start the conversation by calling your local Allstate Agent today. Member FINRA. Life Insurance Retirement Savings Mutual Funds IRAs Annuities College Savings Plans Source: 2014 Retirement Confdence Survey. . Because the same person you count on to protect everything in the here and now also has some pretty good ideas about the future. NE 68506. Main Offce: 2920 South 84th Street. Allstate Life Insurance Company: Northbrook. © 2014 Allstate Insurance Co. and a good life. In New York.

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