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EµpLonen's NamuaL

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Intrnductnry Rcmarks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Exccrpts frnm An InvcstIgatInn Intn
thc Natura! 5ystcms nf OrganIsms
and ThcIr 5urrnundIngs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
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CneoI 1s
DcsIgn: Rick Svan, Monle Cook,
Lric Haddock, Anlhony Iryor
EdItIng: }anes BulIer and Karen S. Boongarden
Typngraphy: Nancy }. Kerkslra
PrnductInn: IauI Hanchelle and Dave Conanl
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Im1noouc1on¿ Remanks
ov lhal lollIe oughl lo hoId lhee
for a line. Nov, sellIe dovn!
Don'l gel lhey anlennae in an
uproar ~ and do slop screeching al
Un, cxcusc nc? ||nins|cr?
Hun? On, scrrq. | úiún´| scc |ncc. ||nins|cr, aqc,
|na|´s nc. lc||, úcn´| s|anú |ncrc gau|ing. Ccnc
in, ccnc in. ]us| úcn´| gc| |cc c|csc |c |nis |ao|c.
Anú s|anú c|car cf |nc oc|||c.
lnq? ||´s cn|q a ccc|rcacn.
A ccc|rcacn? A ccc|rcacn? Nc| narú|q. |cc|s
|i|c |ncu arritcú jus| in |inc.
Ycu |ncu unq |´tc ccnc?
Do I knov vhy lhou´ve cone` Lislen, youngsler.
I knov vhy a snappersav lurns green in a rain-
slorn. I knov lhe nanes of lhe neanesl dog in
ShadovdaIe and lhe Iasl 2O peopIe she lil. Òf
ccursc I knov vhy lhou´ve cone.
Ycu rcaú nq ninú! Ycur nagic is s|rcng!
Thal il is. Bul, er, acluaIIy lhy nolher loId ne
lhou vere coning. I ran inlo her Iasl veek vhen I
vas luying eggs al BesliI´s farn. She loId ne her
oIdesl chiId vas ilching lo see lhe vorId. She says
lhou knov lhe vays of peopIe~al Ieasl enough lo
gel ly~lul lhou arl sonevhal ignoranl of lhe
vays of lhe viIderness.
IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS are regislered lradenarks ovned ly TSR, Inc.
The TSR Iogo and MÒNSTRÒUS MANUAL are lradenarks ovned ly TSR, Inc.
AII TSR characlers, characler nanes, and lhe dislinclive Iikenesses lhereof are
lradenarks ovned ly TSR, Inc.
Nov lake ny greal-nephev. Very lrave, lul a IillIe
enply in lhe allic, if lhou gels ny drifl. If he had cone
lo ne lefore he lried lo nel lhal lhing in lhe jar over
lhere . . . veII, lhal´s anolher slory for anolher line.
Whal´s vrong, chiId` Are lhou deaf` I said cone
in! Take a seal and nake lhyseIf conforlalIe. Move
lhose looks off lhe lench.
Tna| graq occ|´s cn firc!
Whal gray look` Òh, |na| gray look. Il aIvays
snokes a IillIe. }usl pick il up~carefuIIy!~and sel
il ly lhose herl larreIs.
There lhou go. Nov, vhere vere ve` Ah, yes. A
reslIess youlh, eager lo nake lhy nark. I knov lhe
lype. Thou has heard slories aloul lhe Thunder
Ieaks and lhe Iarsea Marshes, lul lhou vanls lo
see for lhyseIf if lhe slories are lrue. Mind if I ask of
lhine inlenlions` Ònce I gel lhee educaled, vhal
are lhy pIans` LxpIorer` Tracker` Trader`
| natcn´| naúc up nq ninú.
Treasure hunler`
Ccu|ú uc prccccú?
Hnph. I see lhou couId use sone nanners, loo. Bul
don´l counl on LIninsler lo leach lhee everylhing.
Where vere ve` Ah, yes. Thy nolher leIIs ne lhou
are a hard vorker and as sharp as a sIaad´s loolh. She
says lhou arl good vilh a svord. Thou can read a nap
and hasl naslered a Ianguage or lvo. And lhou hasl
sense enough nol lo shake hands vilh a revenanl. Bul
if lhou pIan´sl lo go lronping lhrough lhe viIderness
and expecl lo gel hone in one piece, lhou need´sl lo
knov lhine aninaIs. And I´ve gol sone looks around
here~sone- pIace~lhal´II leach lhee aII aloul lhe
naluraI order.
Tnc na|ura| crúcr?
There´s a reason vhy corn doesn´l grov in lhe
Creal CIacier, and vhy poIar lears don´l Iive in lhe
Deserlsnoulh Mounlains. The vorId is designed so
lhal every organisn has ils ovn pIace and ils ovn
roIe. A laIance exisls lelveen aII Iiving lhings and
lheir surroundings. Iul sinpIy, everylhing affecls
everylhing eIse.
|s |na| inpcr|an| |c |ncu?
Il is if lhou vanl lo Iive lo have grandchiIdren.
Cone over here~carefuI of lhe lollIe!~and lake
a peek oul lhe vindov.
See lhe oId nan pushing lhe vheeIlarrov` The one
vilh his arn in a sIing` Thal´s IIelcher Bocknann, a
good vheal farner, lul a poor sludenl of nalure. A
gianl raven nauIed hin, nearIy ripped his arn fron ils
sockel. Ravens are dociIe for lhe nosl parl, lul
IIelcher didn´l knov lhey gel grunpy lhis line of lhe
year vhen lhey´re Iooking for girIfriends.
Does lhal ansver lhy queslion`
Gitc nc |nc occ|s.
Keep lhy lrousers on. Thou renindesl ne of lhe
ranger vho lhoughl he couId nake friends vilh a
hydra lecause he vas sure a coupIe of lhe heads
vouId Iike hin. They Iiked hin, aII righl. They
Iiked his arns, Iegs, loes . . . So sil sliII and Iislen.
The looks von´l le of nuch use if lhou knovesl
nol vhal lhou read´sl. And I haven´l lhe line or
lhe palience lo expIain every Iine.
Scrrq . . .
Thal´s leller.
Iirsl of aII, lhere are nine looks. I vrole onIy lhe
firsl, vhich accounls for lhe varialion in slyIes and
approaches. The aulhors, hovever, are experls, as each
has sludied a parlicuIar region in deplh. Since aII of
lhen are friends and coIIeagues, I can vouch for lhe
accuracy of lheir infornalion. Bul le forevarned lhal
personaI prejudices nay sonelines coIor lhe facls.
Bryn Òhne, for inslance, lhe genlIenan responsilIe
for lhe look on lhe sellIed Iands, lhinks lhe vorId
revoIves around farning. As a resuIl, Bryn Iooks al lhe
naluraI order fron an agricuIluraIisl´s poinl of viev,
and his vork refIecls his lias. Nole, loo, lhal lhe
aulhors acquired lheir infornalion fron nany sources,
incIuding direcl olservalion, IocaI Iegends, ranger
reporls, and lils of gossip. Ior lhis reason, conlradic-
lions nay exisl lelveen aulhors´ versions of an idenli-
caI phenonenon. Where such conlradiclions occur,
assune lhe lrulh Iies sonevhere in lhe niddIe.
UIlinaleIy, lhine ovn experiences viII verify or
disprove lhe aulhors´ concIusions. WhiIe I had nei-
lher lhe line nor lhe incIinalion lo revrile ny co-
aulhors´ efforls, I insisled lhal each foIIov lhe sane
fornal for lhe convenience of lhe reader. They
conpIied, for lhe nosl parl. So, vilh lhe exceplion
of lhis look~vhich I´II discuss in a nonenl~lhe
voIunes conprise lhese seclions.
Lach opens vilh an auloliographicaI nole,
expIaining lhe aulhor´s lackground and credenliaIs,
and vhal pronpled hin or her lo vrile aloul lhal
parlicuIar area. I encouraged lhen lo say vhalever
lhey vanled here, vilhin reason. The onIy one vho
gave ne any lroulIe vas Lyra Sunrose. She incIuded
a Iol of fIovery reniniscences aloul an~er~aIIeged
reIalionship vilh ne. I cul oul nosl of lhal cIaplrap
lo spare her enlarrassnenl.
Nexl cones an overviev of lhe area, a generaI
discussion of lhe geography and lhe cIinale, and a
Iook al poinls of inleresl.
IoIIoving lhe overviev is a Iook al lhe area´s con-
non fIora and fauna~lrees, fIovers, lirds, and leasls.
Òf course, even lhough lhey´re connon, lhey can sliII
le nasly. Òne lunlIelee nighl nol le loo lroulIe-
sone, lul I´d hale lo run inlo a hundred.
The nexl seclion I consider lhe nosl crilicaI.
This concerns nonslers~lhe nagicaI ones, lhe
lrulish ones, lhe ones lhou vanl nol lo ness vilh.
Thou viII Iearn lheir aclivily pallerns: vhen lhey
nigrale, vhen lhey hilernale, vhen lhey´re in lhe
nood lo snack on slrangers. Thou viII Iearn hov
lhey inleracl vilh olher crealures in lhe region,
vho lhey lerrorize and vho lhey fear, vho lhey eal
and vho eals lhen. Why do lhey Iive vhere lhey
do` Are lhey lerriloriaI` Hov do lhey lehave dur-
ing naling season` Whal do lhey lhink of hunans`
In shorl, lhou viII Iearn vhal nakes lhese crealures
inporlanl lo lhe region´s naluraI order, and vhal
lhou need lo do lo gel aIong vilh lhen.
Òf course, nol every enlry viII address aII lhese
queslions. Sone infornalion isn´l especiaIIy inpor-
lanl, sone sinpIy isn´l knovn. And lhe looks don´l
discuss every singIe nonsler in lhe region. There
vasn´l enough roon for aII of lhen, so I loId lhe
aulhors lo pick and choose, concenlraling on lhe
nosl inporlanl, nosl unusuaI, nosl dangerous.
IinaIIy, each look ends vilh a fev runors aloul
lhe area. Mosl are fron reIialIe sources, sone are
educaled guesses, lhe resl nay le jusl good slories.
Are lhey aII lrue` Are any of lhen lrue` Who´s lo
say` Iind lhou lhe ansvers, and Iel ne knov.
So lhere il is. I´II felch lhe proper looks if lhou
leII´sl ne vhere lhou vanl lo go.
Lveryvhere` I don´l have a look for lhal.
Lver seen an anphislaena` Il´s a serpenl vilh
lvo heads, one on each end. If one head vanls lo
cravI inlo a cornfieId and hunl nice, and lhe olher
vanls lo cravI up an oak lree lo chev on sparrovs,
knov lhou vhal happens` Il goes novhere. Il jusl
vrilhes on lhe ground and lies ilseIf inlo a knol.
Suppose ve lry lhis. I´II leII lhee lhe regions cov-
ered in each look, and nayle lhal´II aid lhee in
naking up lhy nind. Nov pay allenlion.
Bnnk Onc: An lntestlgatlon lnto the Natura|
Sµstens of Organlsns and Thelr Surroundlngs.
Thal´s nine. I´n nol quile finished yel~perfeclion
lakes line, knov lhou lhal!~lul vhen il´s done il
viII le lhe definilive lrealise on lhe science of nal-
uraI order. The infornalion I´ve galhered appIies lo
lhe enlire vorId, nol jusl a parlicuIar region.
Bnnk Twn: Cornanthor. Cornanlhor, aIso
knovn as lhe eIven voods, vas perhaps lhe nighli-
esl eIven kingdon of aII line. The look isn´l con-
cerned vilh lhe eIves, lul ralher lhe foresl ilseIf
and lhe viIdIife lhal Iives lhere~sone of il nighly
viId indeed. This is prolalIy lhe nosl conpIex
naluraI syslen discussed in lhe looks, as il con-
prises nol onIy lhe foresls (severaI of lhen, in facl),
lul aIso lhe ruins of Mylh Drannor. The nagic of
Mylh Drannor has had poverfuI effecls on lhe
eIven voods, sone good, nosl lad.
Bnnk Thrcc: Anauroch. Anauroch, lhe Creal
Deserl, is dry, desoIale, and deadIy. A sleppeIand
vhere valer is nore precious lhan dianonds, a cooI
day as rare as an educaled orc.
Bnnk Fnur: The Storn Horns and the Thunder
Peaks. These are lvo of lhe vorId´s nosl fornida-
lIe nounlain ranges. NearIy inpenelralIe, hone lo
vuIlures, desperadoes, and dragons. The vealher
here is nearIy as lreacherous as lhe peaks lhen-
seIves, vilh pounding vindslorns slrong enough lo
IeveI lhe laIIesl lrees and lIizzards lhal can dunp
len feel of snov in an hour´s line.
Bnnk FIvc: The Cornµrean Marshes. MarshIands
and svanps of slaggering size, a haven for snakes, a
nighlnare for nen. Hol, hunid, and niseralIe.
Bnnk 5Ix: The Stone|ands and the Gob|ln
Marches. A pair of desoIale pIains, lhe firsl a
dried-oul dusl lovI, lhe second a louIder-slrevn
vasleIand. Bolh are cravIing vilh nonslers.
Bnnk 5cvcn: The Sea of |a||en Stars. A coaslaI
IocaIe, rife vilh crealures of lhe Iand and valer.
Bnnk EIght: The Great Graµ Land of Thar.
Hasl lhou a heavy coal` This is a lillerIy coId slep-
peIand vhere lhe lenperalures sink Iov enough lo
freeze lhine eyelaIIs.
Bnnk NInc: The Sett|ed Lands. This covers lhe
farnIands of Cornyr, Senlia, and lhe DaIeIands,
vhere hunans allenpl lo Iive in harnony vilh lhe
nalives. In lhis inslance, lhe nalive incIude a vide
variely of aninaIs and nonslers, sone of lhen Iess
lhan ecslalic aloul having hunans for neighlors.
Thal´s il. So, leII ne~vhere dosl lhou vanl lo go`
|´n nc| surc. . . .
SliII nol sure` I lhink lhou´ve sone anphislaena
lIood in lhee, ny friend.
Here´s an idea. Take lhe vhoIe slack. Begin vilh
ny look, An |ntcs|iga|icn in|c |nc Na|ura| Sqs|cns cf
Organisns anú Tncir Surrcunúings. In il, lhou viII find
concepls lhal appIy lo aII regions discussed in lhe
sulsequenl voIunes. Il viII give lhee a foundalion for
underslanding vhal lhe olher aulhors have lo say.
I´ve narked lhe reIevanl passages.
Afler lhou have finished, go on lo any of lhe
olher looks lhal slrike lhy fancy. Thou need nol
read lhen in order. Thou need nol read lhen aII.
Concenlrale on vhalever Iooks inleresling. Hov
does lhal sound`
Grca|. |´|| úc i|. 8u| naq | as| a qucs|icn firs|?
Òf course.
lna| aocu| |nc ccc|rcacn?
The cockroach` I loId lhee, lhal´s no cockroach!
Cone over here. Take lhou a good Iook. Does
lhal Iook Iike a cockroach´s head`
|| |cc|s |i|c a s|u||.
Thal, ny friend, is a IichIing, one of lhe vorId´s
nosl Ioalhsone crealures. Il has lhe lody of an
insecl, lhe head of a hunan skuII, and lhe disposi-
lion of a rallIesnake. Hear il hissing` If lhou ever
see one of lhese in lhy kilchen, pack lhy lags.
This parlicuIar specinen vas cravIing around lhe
IIour Iol, one of ShadovdaIe´s finesl lakeries. My
nephev, vho fancies hinseIf a greal coIIeclor, lried lo
calch il vilh a nel. Il venl slraighl for his lhroal. By
lhe line I arrived, il had nearIy separaled his head
fron his neck. I´n pIanning lo sludy il for a line, lhen
send il on a one-vay lrip dovn Mounl BandaIin.
Tnc tc|canc?
Thou knovesl lhy geography, al Ieasl.
Hcu úiú a |icn|ing gc| in|c a oa|crq?
Keep reading. Thou viII find oul.
Eµcenp1s [nom
Am Imoes1Iga1Iom Im1o 1he
Na1unaL 5¿s1ems o[ OngamIsms
amo TheIn 5unnoumoImgs
b¿ ELmIms1en o[ 5haoouoaLe
6 6
he vorId is vasl and varied, conprising lover-
ing nounlains, dense jungIes, and spravIing
seas. There are regions so coId lhal lheir snov
never neIls, olhers so hol lhal lheir rain lurns lo
slean as il louches lhe ground.
Il is lhis variely of environnenls lhal accounls for
lhe variely of Iife. In ny lraveIs I have noled 73 dis-
lincl lypes of pine lrees, fron lhe lIue snovvood of
lhe Creal CIacier lo lhe Iocusl needIe of lhe Iirale
IsIes. I eslinale lhe nunler of fishes al veII over five
lhousand. The nunler of insecl species IikeIy
exceeds lhe nunler of grains of sand on lhe shores of
Dragon Reach.
Lvery environnenl, no naller hov hosliIe lo
hunankind, is conpalilIe vilh sone forn of Iife.
The diversily and adaplaliIily of organisns are
slaggering. . . .
Comsump1Iom ChaIms

rganisns occupying a parlicuIar environnenl
can le arranged in a chain according lo vhal
lhey consune. The dragon eals lhe loar, lhe loar
eals lhe lIack snake, lhe lIack snake eals lhe fieId
nouse. Much can le Iearned aloul an organisn´s
roIe in ils environnenl ly delernining ils pIace in
lhe consunplion chain.
In nosl naluraI environnenls, organisns can le
assigned lo lhe foIIoving hierarchy. The * shouId
le read as ¨consune,¨ as in ¨pIanl ealers consune
vegelalion.¨ The ¨Major neal ealers¨ calegory
refers lo lhe area´s Iargesl and nosl vicious carni-
vores, ¨Minor neal ealers¨ are snaIIer and Iess
aggressive. The parenlhelicaI enlries indicale repre-
senlalive species of a lypicaI jungIe environnenl.
Major neal ealers
Minor neal ealers
IIanl ealers
Ior nore precision, neal ealers can le suldi-
vided inlo najor (coualI), inlernediale (carnivo-
rous ape), and ninor (veaseI) calegories. Iurlher
suldivisions are possilIe.
This consunplion chain nodeI can heIp deler-
nine vhich species doninale lheir environnenl.
CeneraIIy, lhe higher an organisn on lhe chain,
lhe nore freedon of novenenl il enjoys, and lhe
nore of a lhreal il poses lo lhe organisns leIov il.
In lhis exanpIe, lhe coualI doninales lhe veaseI,
lhe chipnunk fears lhe neal ealers alove il.
Sone organisns nay nol fil nealIy inlo lhis
nodeI. TechnicaIIy, an onnivore leIongs lo lolh
lhe neal-ealing and pIanl-ealing calegories. Spe-
ciaI aliIilies~such as nagicaI povers~and high
inleIIigence can effecliveIy nove an organisn inlo
a higher calegory. Il couId le argued, for inslance,
lhal hunans doninale any environnenl lhey
inhalil. SliII, vhen lrying lo undersland hov a
crealure fares in reIalion lo ils neighlors, lhis
nodeI can le a usefuI looI.
A second lype of consunplion chain ranks
organisns ly quanlily. The > synloI shouId le read
as ¨is grealer lhan,¨ as in ¨lhe nunler of pIanls is
grealer lhan lhe nunler of aninaIs.¨
Nunler of pIanls
(viId fIovers, grass)
Nunler of herlivores
(deer, laloons)
Nunler of onnivores
(opossuns, gianl sIugs)
Nunler of carnivores
(ligers, crocodiIes)
The nodeI heIps us assess lhe generaI size of pop-
uIalions. The higher an organisn is on lhe chain,
lhe nore of ils kind lhere viII le. Vegelalion essen-
liaIIy supporls lhe enlire food chain, if loo fev
pIanls are avaiIalIe, evenluaIIy lhe herlivores viII
die oul, Ieaving lhe onnivores and carnivores
nolhing lo eal. Mosl naluraI syslens, lhen, conlain
nore pIanls lhan herlivores, nore herlivores lhan
onnivores, and nore onnivores lhan carnivores. A
lraveIer invesligaling a region lhal supporls onIy a
handfuI of herlivorous species can expecl lo
encounler even fever onnivorous species. Con-
verseIy, if a Iarge variely of carnivores are presenl,
lhe lraveIer can expecl lo find a grealer nunler of
Tvo cases neril speciaI allenlion: lhe naller
ealer (such as lhe gaIel duhr, vhich eals onIy
rocks) and lhe energy ealer (Iike lhe eyeving,
vhich presunalIy sulsisls on nagicaI energy). Òn
a consunplion chain, naller and energy ealers
have aloul lhe sane slalus as pIanls. }usl as an oak
lree alsorls nineraIs fron lhe ground, so does a
gaIel duhr feasl on lhe slones of lhe earlh. As a
daisy is nourished ly lhe sunIighl, an eyeving
dravs suslenance fron lhe energy around il.
Bul unIike pIanls, lhe gaIel duhr and lhe eyev-
ing are rareIy ealen ly olher crealures. The avaiI-
aliIily of rocks and energy, nol lhe presence of
predalors, reguIales lheir popuIalions. An envi-
ronnenl vhere aII naller enanales nagic~
r unor ed i n c er l ai n aI l er nal e pI anes of
exislence~couId lheorelicaIIy suslain an infinile
nunler of eyevings. A frighlening lhoughl,
indeed . . .
PopuLa1Iom Com1noL
1 1
n addilion lo consunplion chains, nalure has a
variely of olher nelhods for reguIaling popuIa-
lions. Sone exanpIes foIIov.
Many organisns, pIanls in parlicuIar, have deveI-
oped vays lo inhilil lhe grovlh of lheir ovn off-
spring. The nalure relch pIanl produces pepperIike
dusl on ils Ieaves, vhich vashes off inlo lhe sur-
rounding soiI. The dusl poisons nosl relch
seedIings in lhe area, reducing conpelilion for
nulrienls and valer.
In generaI, lvo species depending on an idenlicaI
food source cannol inhalil lhe sane environnenl
indefinileIy. LvenluaIIy, one species cones lo
doninale, usuaIIy ly sheer nunler, and forces lhe
olher lo vacale or lecone exlincl. ÒccasionaIIy,
lhe Iess popuIous species viII adapl ly changing
ils diel. Thousands of years ago, a species of unler
huIks and a slrain of fire loads conpeled for
ankheg Iarvae in lhe caverns lenealh Cianlspire
Mounlains. As lhe unler huIk popuIalion
sveIIed, consuning virluaIIy aII lhe Iarvae, lhe fire
loads adapled ly Iearning lo eal leelIes and olher
insecls. No Ionger conpelilors, lolh species con-
linue lo lhrive in lhe area.
5easomaL C¿cLes
CIinale changes reguIale cerlain popuIalions on a
cycIicaI lasis. Springline in lhe Duskvood pro-
duces an alundance of ash vheal, vhich resuIls in
a popuIalion expIosion of ladger nice (rodenls lhe
size of snaII ladgers). The increased nunler of
ladger nice gives puff adders nore lo eal. By lhe
end of sunner lhe foIIoving year, lhe puff adder
popuIalion peaks, increasing conpelilion for lhe
ladger nice. A harsh vinler invarialIy lakes ils loII
on lhe puff adders, and lhe popuIalion shrinks.
When spring arrives, lhe ash vheal grovs, lhe lad-
ger nouse popuIalion sveIIs, and lhe adders legin
lo nuIlipIy.
RuLes o[ 1he RabbI1
; ;
ears ago, I underlook an expedilion inlo lhe
foresls near Mylh Drannor. I had nol seen a
hunan face~or a face renoleIy hunan~in severaI
veeks and Ionged for conpany. As a youlh, I had
raised rallils as pels and knev lhen lo le anialIe,
if sonevhal dispassionale, conpanions. Through-
oul lhe day, I had noliced dozens of red-furred ral-
lils froIicking in lhe underlrush. I decided lo
lefriend one.
I spolled a suilalIe specinen, a handsone luck
vilh a povder puff laiI and lrighl green eyes. I
exlended ny hand, paIn open, so as nol lo frighlen
hin. To ny surprise, he caved Iike a crov, slood
erecl, lhen lounded avay on his hind Iegs.
Thal nighl, I pondered ny experience vilh lhis
unusuaI hare. I concIuded lhal ny faiIure lo nake
conlacl vas enlireIy ny ovn fauIl, lhe resuIl of
faIse assunplions. There and lhen, I legan lo for-
nuIale vhal I caII lhe RuIes of lhe Rallil, generaI
principIes appIicalIe lo aII crealures of lhe viId,
aninaIs and nonslers aIike. A lraveIer vouId do
veII lo renenler lhese principIes vhen encounler-
ing crealures oulside his honeIand.
RuLe Ome
A raooi| isn´| a|uaqs a raooi|. Thal is, a rallil fron
one region doesn´l necessariIy lehave Iike a rallil
fron anolher, even lhough lhey nay Iook aIike. I
discovered a rallil in lhe HuIIack Ioresl lhal
sIeeps on ils lack, ils feel slraighl in lhe air. A
species fron HarrovdaIe can rolale ils eyes in
opposile direclions. I have heard of a rallil fron
Brynvood lhal nol onIy vhislIes Iike a canary, lul
can le laughl an inpressive reperloire of lunes. A
hippogriff fron lhe Dragonspine Mounlains nay
le dociIe, even passive, vhiIe his cousin fron
Ring´s Reach nay le quick lo lake offense. Il is
oflen inpossilIe lo nake lhese dislinclions fron
casuaI olservalions. As in lhe case of lhe
excilalIe hippogriff, experience can le a crueI
The physicaI forn of an aninaI can aIso vary
dranalicaIIy fron region lo region. The pseudo-
dragon presenls a slriking exanpIe, evidenced ly
lhe skelches eIsevhere in lhis chapler. AII varianls
exhilil virluaIIy idenlicaI nannerisns and alli-
ludes. They differ onIy in appearance.
RuLe Tuo
A raooi| úccsn´| uan| |c oc ricn. IooIish is lhe lrav-
eIer vho assunes lhal aII crealures share his
nolives and enolions. A squirreI nay covel a siIver
lraceIel, lul onIy lecause il adnires lhe sparkIing
nelaI, nol lecause il desires veaIlh or vanls lo
inpress ils conpanions. Who vouId doull lhal a
crocodiIe lasking in lhe sun feeIs pIeasure` Bul il
seens unIikeIy lhal a crocodiIe experiences passion
or pily. Ah ankheg cannol le slirred lo senlinenl.
A geIalinous cule viII nol respond lo fIallery.
Òlserving, experinenling, and perusing schoI-
arIy lexls are vaIid vays lo Iearn lhe nuances of ani-
naI lehavior. Bul vondering hov a nan vouId acl
in a siniIar silualion is rareIy lhe lesl approach.
RuLe Thnee
A raooi| úccsn´| a|uaqs s|aq pu|. Though I´ve never
acluaIIy seen a rallil al lhe leach, il vouIdn´l sur-
prise ne if I did. Though nosl aninaIs are associ-
aled vilh specific halilals, lhey can lurn up
virluaIIy anyvhere. CoIIeagues have loId ne of gil-
lerIings lhal Iive in crude houseloals on lhe Lake
of Dragons, and I have il on good aulhorily lhal a
rare species of coualI nesls in lhe nounlains of
Sone use lhe phrase vandering nonslers lo
descrile crealures encounlered in unusuaI IocaIes or
lhose vho have slrayed fron lheir Iairs for no
apparenl purpose. The reasons for lhis vanderIusl,
hovever, are nany and diverse. A roving gorgon
nay le allenpling lo expand ils lerrilory. An urge
lo expIore nay nolivale a curious luIIyvug. MaIe
Ieucrolla have leen knovn lo journey hundreds of
niIes lo Iocale a suilalIe nale. In any case, lraveI-
ers are advised lo approach aII such vandering
nonslers vilh caulion, vhalever lheir purpose,
lhese crealures nay nol lake kindIy lo hunan
Emcoum1en TabLes
he foIIoving pages conlain lalIes
reI evanl lo each look i n lhi s
loxed sel. Nole lhal each seclion
is coIor-coded lo nalch lhe look
lo vhich il refers, for ease of refer-
ence. The DM nay use lhe lalIes lo generale ran-
don encounlers, or lo give pIayers an idea of lhe
diversily of species in each region. The lalIes are ly
no neans conpIele. DMs shouId feeI free lo suppIe-
nenl lhen vilh appropriale species fron olher
AD&D® producls or crealures of lheir ovn design.
The MÒNSTRÒUS MANUAL¯ accessory and vari-
ous MÒNSTRÒUS CÒMILNDIUM® accessories serve as
lhe prinary sources for lhe lalIes, DMs shouId refer
lo lhese voIunes for slalislics and lehavioraI infor-
nalion. Crealures´ lreasure, if any, is Iefl lo lhe
DM´s discrelion.
5 5
ee Ccrnan|ncr for lhe definilions of rinvoods,
nidvoods, and slarvoods. Thal lookIel aIso
conlains inporlanl infornalion aloul lhe crealures
Iisled in ilaIics.
The DM´ s Choi ce: Speci aI Monsl er s l alI e
incIudes exceplionaIIy dangerous or unusuaI crea-
lures. The SnaII MannaIs and Avians lalIes nighl
le usefuI vhen pIayer characlers forage for food.
The Aqualic Monslers lalIe covers lhe Ashala
River, lhe LIvenfIov, Lake Senler, and aII olher
lodies of valer in Cornanlhor.
When delernining lhe nunler of crealures
appearing in an encounler, lhe DM shouId consider
lhe size and slrenglh of lhe parly, and proceed
RImuooos Emcoum1ens
d20 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1-3 Insecl (roII 1d6: 1 = gianl anl, 2 =
lunlIelee, 3 = gianl hornel, 4 =
assassin lug, 5 = gianl vasp, 6 = gianl
4 Herd aninaI (roII 1d4: 1 = deer, 2 =
sheep, 3 = viId callIe, 4 = anleIope)
18- 19
WiId dog
Ral (roII 1d4:
IyrefIy svarn
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose fron
SnaII MannaI lalIe)
Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
Midvoods crealure (roII on or choose
fron Midvoods Lncounlers lalIe)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
1-3 = nornaI, 4 =
NIouooo Emcoum1ens
d100 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1-3 WiId loar
4- 5 Auruntcrax
6 - 8 Snake (roII 1d4: 1-3 = nornaI con-
slriclor, 4 = nornaI poisonous)
WoIf 9-11
24- 25
28- 29
32- 33
34- 35
36- 42
43- 45
46- 49
52- 53
54- 55
56- 63
64- 72
73- 8O
d100 Rn! ! Encnunt cr
86- 95 Slarvoods crealure (roII on or choose
fron Slarvoods Lncounlers lalIe)
96- OO DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
51anuooos Emcoum1ens
Bal (roII 1d8: 1-3 = connon, 4-5 =
Iarge, 6 = huge, 7 = aznylh, 8 = nighl
BeelIe (roII 1d4: 1 = lonlardier, 2 =
loring, 3 = fore, 4 = slag)
Herd aninaI (roII 1d4: 1 = deer, 2 =
sheep, 4 = viId callIe, 4 = anleIope)
BIink dog
WiId cal
WiId horse
d100 Rn!!
1- 4
Insecl (roII 1d6: 1 = aralha, 2 = horax, 3
= gianl lick, 4 = gianl harvesler lernile,
5 = pernicon, 6 = garganluan praying
2O- 22
24- 26
Cenlipede (roII 1d6: 1-3 = gianl, 4-5 27
= huge, 6 = negaIo) 28
Ral (roII 164: 1-3 = nornaI, 4 = 29
gianl) 3O- 31
Salyr 32- 33
Sprile (roII 1d6: 1-2 = slandard, 3-4 =
pixie, 5 = alonie, 6 = grig)
Living vel
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose fron
SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
Rinvoods crealure (roII on or choose
fron Rinvoods Lncounlers lalIe)
34- 35
38- 4O
42- 43
Snano|ing ncunú
Ccrnan|ncr ua|cr naga (roII 1d6: 1-4 =
adoIescenl, 5-6 = nalure)
Dire voIf
Bear (roII 1d4: 1-3 = lIack, 4 =
LIven cal
Lycanlhrope (roII 1d6: 1 = vereloar, 2
= verelal, 3 = verefox, 4 = vere-
raven, 5 = verevoIf, 6 = verelear)
Undead (roII 1d6: 1 = ghouI, 2 =
ghasl, 3 = skeIelon, 4 = connon zon-
lie, 5 = nonsler zonlie, 6 = ghosl)
Ioresl gnone
Dark naga*
1 O
51anuooos Emcoum1ens, com1'o.
d100 Rn!! Encnuntcr
46- 48 KoloId
49Bone naga**
5O WiId slag
52-53 Ògre
54-55 Scorpion (roII 1d6: 1-3 = Iarge, 4-5 =
huge, 6 = gianl)
56- 6O Snake (roII 1d6: 1-2 = gianl conslric-
lor, 3-4 = gianl poisonous
61- 64
67- 7O
, 5 =
anphislaena, 6 = vinged)
Spider (roII 1d6: 1-2 = Iarge, 3-4 =
huge, 5 = gianl, 6 = garganluan)
Cianl nannaI (roII 1d4: 1 = skunk, 2
= porcupine, 3 = veaseI, 4 = varlhog)
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose fron
SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
84-87 Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
88-95 Midvoods crealure (roII on or choose
fron Midvoods Lncounlers lalIe)
96- OO DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
*See IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS Canpaign Selling.
**See Ruins cf Mq|n Dranncr Canpaign Lxpan-
DN's ChoIce: 5pecIaL Noms1ens
d20 Rn!!
Creen dragon
Òlher dragon (roII 1d6: 1-2 = red, 3-4
= lIack, 5 = copper, 6 = goId)
Scrpcn|inc snano|ing ncunú
Broken one
Ioresl lrapper (Iurker)
Dark naga
5maLL NammaLs TabLe
d12 Rn! ! Encnunt cr
1 Spinq raooi|
2 Iorcupine
3 Skunk
4 WeaseI
5 Iox
6 Hedgehog
7 Òpossun
8 WiId pig
9 Rallil (nornaI)
1O Raccoon
11 SquirreI (roII 1d6: 1-3 = nornaI, 4-5
= fIying, 6 = gianl lIack)
12 Badger
AoIams TabLe
d12 Rn!!
1 2
WiId lurkey
BIood havk
ÒvI (roII 1d6: 1-4 = nornaI, 5 =
gianl, 6 = laIking)
Raven (roII 1d4: 1-2 = nornaI, 3 =
gianl, 4 = huge)
VuIlure (roII 1d4: 1-3 = nornaI, 4 =
WiId goose
Aqua1Ic Noms1ens TabLe
d20 Rn! ! Encnunt cr
1- 9 Cane fish (roII 1d6: 1 = lroul, 2 =
lass, 3 = carp, 4 = calfish, 5 = luII-
head, 6 = sunfish)
1O |nna|urc Ccrnan|ncr ua|cr naga (roII
1d4: 1-3 = egg, 4 = halchIing)
11-12 Cianl calfish
13-15 Irog (roII 1d4: 1-2 = gianl, 3 = kiIIer,
4 = poisonous)
16 Cianl crayfish
17 Cianl gar
18 Cianl pike
19 Cianl valer spider
2O Throal Ieech
UmusuaL Vege1a1Iom TabLe
d10 Rn! ! Encnunt cr
1 Ccrnan|ncr tic|c| fungus
2 ÒlIiviax
3 Hangnan lree
4 YeIIov nusk creeper
5 Choke creeper
6 Quickvood
7 Cianl sundev
8 Manlrap
9 Relch pIanl
1O ThornsIinger
1 2
, ,
Ms shouId lake nole of lhe lalIes´ organiza-
lion. Because lhese lalIes are so delaiIed, lhe
encounler nane is Iisled firsl, lhen lhe d1OO roII
resuIls for each calegory. Ior exanpIe, using lhe
Deep Deserl lalIe: ¨Bedine lraveIer, 52-55, ~¨
neans lhal on a percenlage roII of 52, 53, 54, or 55,
parlies lraveIing in lhe deep deserl during dayIighl
hours viII encounler a Bedine. There is no chance
for such an encounler in lhe deep deserl during
Svord encounlers conprises lhree seclions, each
divided inlo dayline and nighlline encounlers.
These seclions cover deep deserl, oases, and noun-
lains and hiIIs. Ior IIain of Slanding Slones
encounlers, lhere are dayline and nighlline divi-
sions. This seclion aIso conlains a ninor lalIe for
use in or near lhe River of Cens, vhich is so lilIed.
The lhird seclion, on High Ice encounlers, is
again spIil inlo dayline and nighlline Iislings. The
Noles seclion conlains heIpfuI infornalion for lai-
Ioring encounlers lo lhe DM´s pIans (or vhins).
IlaIicized crealure nanes are referenced in lhe
Anauroch lookIel.
5uono Emcoum1ens:
Deep Desen1
Encnuntcr Day
Insecls O1- 1O
Insecl svarn 11-14
Havk/vuIlure 15-22
Spider, poisonous 23-25
Scorpion 26- 3O
Snake 31- 32
Lizard 33- 34
Bal 35
Rodenl 36- 38
}ackaI 39- 4O
AnleIope 41- 44
Lion 45- 46
WiId caneI 47-51
Bedine lraveIer 52-55
O1- O8
O9- 12
24- 3O
31- 35
36- 4O
41- 49
5O- 52
Bedine vilch
Bedine lrile
Cianl spider
Cianl scorpion
Cianl snake
Dragon, lIue
Dragon, lrass
Dragon, yeIIov
Dragon, lrovn
Mind fIayer
57- 6O
61- 62
63- 64
65- 68
69- 7O
77- 79
82- 83
85- 86
87- 88
89- 9O
91- 92
93- 95
96- 97
57- 59
61- 63
64- 67
68- 7O
72- 76
77- 78
84- 86
89- 9O
91- 92
93- 94
98- 99
5uono Emcoum1ens: Da¿
Insecls O1- 1O O1- O9
Insecl svarn 11-13 1O-11
Havk/vuIlure 14-18 12-15
Spider, poisonous 19-21 16-18
Scorpion 22-25 19-25
Snake 26- 29 26- 29
Lizard 3O- 33 3O- 34
Bal 34 35- 4O
Rodenl 35- 39 41- 44
}ackaI 4O 45
AnleIope 41- 42 46
Lion 43- 44 47- 48
5uono Emcoum1ens:
Oases, com1o.
WiId caneI
Bedine lraveIer
Bedine vilch
Bedine lrile
Cianl spider
Cianl scorpion
Cianl snake
Hevay snake
Chasl ~
Dragon, lIue
Dragon, lrass
Dragon, yeIIov
Dragon, lrovn
Mind fIayer
45- 49
5O- 54
62- 63
64- 65
66- 68
69- 72
73- 74
49- 5O
53- 57
58- 59
6O- 63
64- 69
76- 79
85- 86
89- 9O
91- 92
93- 94
82- 83
85- 87
88- 89
92- 93
94- 95
96- 98
99- OO
75- 77
78- 8O
81- 82
84- 86
87- 88
89- 9O
91- 94
95- 96
97- 98
99- OO
51- 52
53- 56
57- 59
6O- 64
65- 7O
76- 77
78- 79
81- 82
86- 87
88- 89
9O- 92
93- 95
5uono Emcoum1ens:
Insecl svarn
Spider, poisonous
Bedine lraveIer
Bedine vilch
Bedine lrile
Cianl spider
Cianl scorpion
Cianl snake
Dragon, lIue
Dragon, lrass
Dragon, yeIIov
Dragon, lrovn
Mind fIayer
O1- O9
22- 28
29- 32
33- 36
38- 4O
41- 42
43- 44
45- 48
49- 5O
52- 54
56- 59
6O- 64
65- 68
O1- O7
O8- 1O
26- 3O
31- 37
38- 41
44- 47
1 4
PLaIm o[ 51amoImg 51omes
Insecl svarn
Spider, poisonous
SnaII nannaI
WiId loar
Crag sheep
Mounlain goal
Bedine lraveIer ~
Dealh dog
Cianl spider
Cianl scorpion
Cianl snake
Cianl ladger
Cianl skunk
Cianl veaseI
Cianl raven
Cianl lal ~
Deserl lroII
HiII gianl
Ionorian gianl
O1- O6
O7- O8
17- 2O
21- 22
23- 24
25- 26
29- 3O
31- 32
34- 36
37- 39
44- 46
47- 49
54- 55
56- 57
59- 6O
62- 63
O1- O4
O6- O9
21- 23
24- 26
27- 28
3O- 32
33- 34
35- 36
38- 39
43- 44
45- 47
48- 49
52- 53
55- 56
57- 58
59- 6O
62- 63
64- 65
67- 68
69- 7O
67- 68
Wrailh 73
Speclre 74
|ania 75
Manlicore 76-77
CargoyIe 78- 79
Criffon 8O-81
Manscorpion 82
Medusa 83
Hippogriff 84- 85
BasiIisk 86
Dragon, lIue 87- 88
Dragon, lrass 89
Dragon, yeIIov 9O
Dragon, lrovn 91- 92
Dragonne 93- 94
Androsphinx 95
Cynosphinx 96
Shedu 97
Mind fIayer 98
BehoIder 99
Dark naga OO
Emcoum1ens Im on Nean
1he RIoen o[ Gems
Use NornaI TalIe O1- 35
Iish, nornaI 36- 59
Quipper 6O- 62
Cianl gar 63- 64
Cianl carp 65- 66
Cianl frog 67- 69
Cianl valer llIe. 7O- 72
Lacedon 73
LeI 74-81
Merrov 82- 85
Scrag 86- 9O
Waler naga 91- 92
KeIpie 93
94- 95
Sirine 96- 97
Nereid 98
Morkolh 99- OO
O1- 38
39- 6O
61- 63
64- 66
67- 69
76- 84
85- 89
9O- 95
99- OO
95- 96
97- 98
99- OO
81- 82
83- 84
1 5
1 6
HIgh Ice Emcoum1ens
Icejack O1- 2O O1- 19
SnaII nannaI 21-35 2O-31
Snov ovI 36-41 32- 39
Creal soarer 42- 44 4O- 41
Arclic fox 45- 5O 42- 48
Carilou 51- 6O 49- 57
Snov snake 61- 64 58-61
Bear 65- 68 62- 65
Yeli 69-71 66- 69
ChouI 72 7O- 72
Chasl 73 73- 74
Chosl 74 75- 76
Wrailh 75 77- 78
Speclre 76 79- 8O
Snov cIoaker 77- 78 81- 82
Ice load 79-83 83- 85
Winler voIf 84- 89 86- 9O
Renorhaz 9O- 93 91- 92
While pudding 94- 96 93- 94
Dragon, vhile 97- 99 95- 98
Dragon, cryslaI OO 99- OO
- Insecl, rodenl, snake, snaII nannaI, and Iizard
encounlers nay or nay nol le dangerous,
depending on lhe DM´s vhin.
- Havk/vuIlure encounlers have a 5O° chance of
leing one or lhe olher, lul never lolh.
- Bedine lraveIer encounlers are vilh one lo four
Bedine, of IeveIs 1-8.
- Bedine vilches can le naIe or fenaIe oulcasl
vizards, of IeveIs 4-13.
- ÒulIander encounlers incIude any nonnalive
i nleI I i genl lei ngs, such as hunans, eI ves,
dvarves, elc. They can le of any cIass and any
IeveI. This resuIl incIudes Zhenlarin agenls as
- Undead encounlers can le repIaced vilh olher
sorls of undead if lhe DM chooses.
- Mind fIayers and lehoIders encounlered viII le
on phaerinn-sponsored nissions 9O° of lhe
- Dark nagas encounlered viII le on phaerinn-
sponsored nissions 7O° of lhe line, and have a
5O° chance of leing acconpanied ly 1-1O
hunan or golIinoid underIings.
- Merrov encounlered are acconpanied ly 1-2
scrags 5O° of lhe line.
- Scrags encounlered are acconpanied ly 1-4
nerrov 5O° of lhe line.
The 51onm Honms
amo Thumoen Peaks
GemenaL Tempena1e Noum1aIm
d8+d12 Rn!!
6- 7
Dragon, copper or red
Bear, cave or hydra
Bear, lrovn or Iyc., lear
WoIf or vorg
Trilesnan or NIC parly
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, hiII or slone
Ògre or lroII
ColIin or orc
ChouI or vighl
HolgolIin or lroII
Cianl, frosl or fire
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Caoe, Uppen LeoeLs
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Iungi, vioIel
3 Dog, dealh
4 WeaseI, gianl, or sandIing
5 Òchre jeIIy
6 BeelIe, loring
7 SIug
8 Bal, huge (nolal)
9 NIC parly
1O Lizard, gianl
11 Ògre
12 Minolaur
13 Spider, huge
14 Scorpion
15 Cenlipede, negaIo-
16 DoppIeganger
17 ChouI
d8+d12 Rn!!
Ankheg (5-6 HD)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Caoe, Louen LeoeLs
Lurker alove
Hydra, 17-2O heads (pyro- or cryo-)
LIenenlaI, earlh (15HD)
Dragon, red (ancienl)
Dragon, lIue (ancienl)
CoIen, slone
d8+d12 Rn!!
Rusl nonsler
CoualI or guardian naga
Cas spore
Dragon, lIack (ancienl)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Thumoen Peaks,
Non1henm RegIom
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Cnone
3 - 4 Dragon, vhile
5 Trilesnan or NIC parly
6 CnoII
7 Bear, cave
8 Aarakocra
9 Herd aninaI
1O ÒvI, gianl (nighl)
11 WoIf
12 Ògre or ogre nage
13 TroII or lroII, 2-headed
14 Cianl, frosl
Thumoen Peaks,
Non1henm RegIom, com1o.
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
15 WoIf, vinler
16 Renorhaz
17 Yeli
18 Lion, spolled
19-2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Thumoen Peaks,
5ou1henm RegIom
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 IyroIisk
3 Cockalrice
4 IiIgrin
5 - 6 Herd aninaI
7 Merchanl
8 WoIf
9 Aarakocra
1O Tiger
Thumoen Peaks, NIo-RegIom
WoIf or vorg
Òrc lrilesnan
TrogIodyle lrilesnan
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, hiII or slone
Ògre or lroII
ColIin or orc
ChouI or vighl
HolgolIin or lroII
Cianl, frosl or fire
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
d8+d12 Rn!!
6- 7
Dragon, copper or red
Bear, cave, or hydra
Bear, lrovn or Iyc., lear
d8+d12 Rn!!
19- 2O
51onm Honms, Non1henm RegIom
d8+d12 Rn!!
3 - 4
Dragon, vhile
Trilesnan or NIC parly
Bear, cave
Herd aninaI
ÒvI, gianl (nighl)
Ògre or ogre nage
TroII or lroII, 2-headed
Cianl, frosl
WoIf, vinler
Lion, spolled
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
51onm Honms, 5ou1henm RegIom
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 IyroIisk
3 Cockalrice
4 IiIgrin
5 - 6 Herd aninaI
7 Merchanl
8 WoIf
9 Aarakocra
Dog, viId or voIf
Bandil (sIaver)
Snake, poisonous
Yuan li
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
51onm Honms,
5ou1henm RegIom, com1o.
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1O Tiger
11 Dog, viId or voIf
12 Medusa
13 Bandil (sIaver)
14 Leopard
15 Rakshasa
16 Snake, poisonous
17 Yuan li
18 Manlicora
19- 2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 NIC parly
3 Renorhaz
4 Bear, lrovn
5 CnoII
6 ÒvI, gianl or ral, gianl
7 Bear, cave
8 Òrc lrilesnan
9 Verleeg
1O-11 WoIf
12-13 Herd aninaI
Vea1hen ComoI1Ioms, Thumoen Peaks amo 51onm Honms
d10Rn!! 5prIng/Fa!! 5ummcr
1 Sunny Sunny
2 Sunny Sunny
3 Òvercasl Sunny
4 Windy Òvercasl
5 Windy Òvercasl
6 Rain Windy
7 MiId slorn Windy
8 MiId slorn MiId slorn
9 Heavy slorn, haiI Heavy slorn, haiI
1O Lighlning slorn Lighlning slorn
Lighl lreeze
MiId slorn
Heavy slorn, haiI
Heavy slorn, haiI
Lighlning slorn
d8+d12 Rn!!
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Cianl, hiII
Cal, lig
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
Lyc., voIf or voIfvere
Cianl ladger
Snake, poisonous or spilling
Cal, lig
Herd aninaI
Mounlain dvarf
Criffon or hippogriff
Òrc or gnoII
HolgolIin or golIin
AeriaI encounler
Spider, Iarge
Cianl, hiII
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
d8+d12 Rn!!
8 - 9
1 9
The Conm¿neam
Nans hes
||a|icizcú crealure nanes are referenced in lhe
Ccrnqrcan Marsncs lookIel.
The Fansea Nanshes
d8+d12 Rn!!
4 - 5
8- 9
Cenlipede (roII 1d6: 1-3 = huge,
4-5 = gianl, 6 = negaIo)
Leech (roII 1d4: I-2 = gianl, 3-4 =
Hqúra (roII 1d6: 1-3 = connon,
4-5 = pyrohydra, 6 = Iernaean)
Ca|co|cpas (doneslicaled)
Man (Marsn Drctcr)
MannaI, snaII (roII 1d1O: 1-2 =
leaver, 3-4 = chipnunk, 5-6 =
nuskral, 7 = oller, 8 = rallil, 9 =
raccoon, 1O = squirreI)
MannaI (roII 1d1O: 1 = ladger, 2-3
= goal, 4 = osquip, 5-6 = porcupine,
7 = skunk, 8 = sIeek, 9 = veaseI, 1O
= voIverine)
Cal, greal (roII 1d6: 1-4 = noun-
lain Iion, 5-6 = Iynx)
Insecl (roII 1d1O: 1-2 = vorker
lee, 3 = soIdier lee, 4 = lunlIe-
lee, 5-6 = gianl dragonfIy, 7 = fyre-
fIy, 8 = pernicon, 9 = gianl lick, 1O
= gianl vasp)
Cianl frog
Undead (roII 1d1O: 1-5 = skeIe-
lons, 6-8 = zonlies, 9 = vrailh, 1O
= Iich)
Nansh o[ Tum Emcoum1ens
d8+d12 Rn!!
3 - 4
6- 7
9- 1O
BIack dragon (S|urgc)
Cianl frog
Cillering noulher
Men (Tun oanúi|s)
Lizard nan
Hqúra (roII 1d6: 1-3 = connon,
4-5 = pyrohydra, 6 = Iernaean)
MannaI, snaII (roII 1d1O: 1-2 =
leaver, 3-4 = chipnunk, 5-6 =
nuskral, 7 = oller, 8 = rallil, 9 =
raccoon, 1O = squirreI)
MannaI (roII 1d1O: 1 = ladger,
2-3 = goal, 4 = osquip, 5-6 = por-
cupine, 7 = skunk, 8 = sIeek, 9 =
veaseI, 1O = voIverine)
Leech (roII 1d4: 1-2 = gianl, 3-4 =
Bird (roII 1d6: 1 = viId eagIe, 2-3
= faIcon, 4 = kingfisher, 5 = ovI, 6
= laIking ovI)
Cianl crayfish
Undead (roII 1d1O: 1-4 = skeIe-
lons, 5-7 = zonlies, 8-9 = vighls,
1O = Iich)
19 Cianl crayfish 18-19
2O DM´s SpeciaI 2O
2 O
Vas1 5uamp Emcoum1ens
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Snake, poisonous
3 - 4 HolgolIins
5 BehoIder
6 Dar||cn|ac|cs
7- 8 Mind fIayer
9 Mcazc|
1O MuckdveIIer
11-12 ColIins
13 Leech (roII 1d6: 1-4 = gianl, 5-6 =
14 Cianl frog
15-16 Cenlipede (roII 1d1O: 1-4 = huge,
5-8 = gianl, 9-1O = negaIo)
17 Grc||
18 |izarú nan
19 DM´s SpeciaI
2O BIack dragon
DNs 5pecIaL TabLe
Cianl load
Cianl ral
Ice load
Knovn NIC
Ògre nage
Lernaean hydra
BIack dragon
Slorn gianl
TaIking ovI
CalolIepas, doneslicaled
Man (Marsh drover)
HiII gianl
WiId callIe
Conslriclor snake
Cianl ovI (nighl)
Cianl Iizard
Ioisonous load
CalolIepas, doneslicaled
Lizard nan
Man (Marsh drover)
Cianl load
RoII on or choose fron Vasl Svanp
RoII on or choose fron Iarsea
Marshes lalIe
RoII on or choose fron Marsh of
Tun lalIe
d100 Rn!!
O1- O7
O9- 14
22- 24
25- 27
38- 39
42- 45
46- 47
53- 54
55- 56
57- 66
67- 7O
71- 72
73- 82
83- 9O
91- 92
93- 94
95- 97
98- 99
51omeLamos amo
GobLIm Nanches
, ,
Ms shouId lake nole of lhe lalIes´ organiza-
lion. Because lhese lalIes are so delaiIed, lhe
encounler nane is Iisled firsl, lhen lhe d1OO roII
resuIls for each calegory. Ior exanpIe, using lhe
ColIin Marches Lncounlers, Òpen IIains lalIe:
¨AnleIope, 41-44, ~¨ neans lhal on a percenlage
roII of 41, 42, 43, or 44, parlies lraveIing in lhe
open pIains during dayIighl hours viII encounler an
anleIope. There is no chance for such an encounler
in lhe open pIains during nighlline.
ColIin Marches encounlers conprises lhree sec-
lions, each divided inlo dayline and nighlline
encounlers. These seclions cover open pIain, hiIIs,
and caves. Ior SloneIands encounlers, lhere are
open area and caves divisions. Òpen area encoun-
lers are divided inlo dayline, nighlline, and slorn
encounlers. Cave encounlers are spIil lelveen day-
line and nighlline.
The Noles seclion conlains heIpfuI infornalion
for laiIoring encounlers lo lhe DM´s pIans (or
GobLIm Nanches Emcoum1ens:
Opem PLaIms
SnaII aninaI O1- 1O
SnaII lird 11- 14
Havk/eagIe 15-22
Spider, poisonous 23-25
Bal 26- 3O
Snake 31- 32
WoIf 33- 34
Worg 35
WiId horse 36- 4O
AnleIope 41- 44 ~
Lion 45- 46
Bear 4 7 - 5 1
Hunan 52- 55
Wenic 56- 59
O1- O8
O9- 12
24- 3O
31- 35
36- 4O
41- 44
46- 47
48- 5O
51- 55
Cianl ovI
Cianl eagIe
Cianl spider
Buglear ~ ~
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, ellin
~ ~
Dragon, siIver
Dragon, red
Dragon, nisl
Cianl aninaI
6O 57- 59
61- 62 6O
63- 64 61- 63
65- 68 64- 67
69-7O 68- 7O
71-75 71-75
76-77 76- 79
78- 79 8O-81
8O 82
81- 82 83- 84
83 85
84 86
85 87
86 88
87- 89 89- 9O
9O 91
91- 92
97- 98
99- OO
94- 95
96- 97
99- OO
GobLIm Nanches Emcoum1ens: HILLs
SnaII aninaI O1- 1O O1- O9
SnaII lird 11-13 1O-11
Havk/eagIe 14-18 12-15
Spider, poisonous 19-21 16-18
Bal 22-25 19-25
Snake 26- 29 26- 29
WoIf 3O- 33 3O- 34
Worg 34 35- 4O
WiId horse 35- 37 41
AnleIope 38- 42 42
Lion 43- 44 43- 45
Bear 45- 47 46- 5O
Hunan 48- 5O 51
2 2
GobLIm Nanches Emcoum1ens:
HILLs, com1o.
Cianl ovI
Cianl eagIe
Cianl spider
~ ~
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, ellin
Dragon, red
Dragon, nisl
Cianl aninaI
51 52
52- 56 53- 57
57- 6O 58- 59
61- 62 6O- 63
63- 66 64- 69
67-7O 7O-73
71- 74 74- 76
75- 76 77- 8O
77- 78 81- 82
84- 85
93- 94
95- 96
83- 84
86- 87
88- 89
92- 93
94- 95
97- 98
97- 98
GobLIm Nanches Emcoum1ens:
SnaII aninaI
SnaII lird
Spider, poisonous
WiId horse
AnleIope 41
O1- 12
36- 37
38- 39
O1- 12
26- 32
33- 36
37- 38
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, ellin
Dragon, siIver
Dragon, red
Cianl aninaI
53- 54
55- 66
67- 69
74- 78
79- 8O
81- 83
84- 85
86- 87
88- 89
98- 99
42- 44
4 5 - 4 8
5O- 54
56- 59
6O- 69
76- 78
79- 82
83- 84
85- 87
88- 89
Cianl ovI
Cianl eagIe
Cianl spider
44- 47
48- 49
51- 52
51omeLamos Emcoum1ens:
Opem Aneas
NIght 5tnrm
SnaII aninaI O1- 1O O1- O8 O1- O6
SnaII lird 11-14 O9- 12 O7- 1O
Havk/eagIe 15-22 13-18 11-14
Spider, pois. 23-25 19-23 15-17
Bal 26- 3O 24- 3O 18-23
Snake 31- 32 31- 35 24- 26
WoIf 33- 39 36- 4O 27- 28
Worg 4O- 44 41- 44 29- 34
Lion 45- 46 45- 47 35- 36
Bear 4 7 - 5 1 48- 5O 37- 38
Hunan 52- 55 51- 55 39- 4O
Border raiders 56- 58 56- 6O 41- 44
2 3
Cianl ovI
Cianl eagIe
Cianl spider
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, cIoud
Cianl, slorn
Cianl, slone
Dragon, siIver
Dragon, copper
6O- 62
63- 64
65- 68
78- 79
61- 64
45- 46
48- 49
5O- 53
54- 55
56- 59
62- 64
65- 66
67- 69
84- 88
89- 9O
65- 67
68- 7O
71- 72
78- 8O
86- 87
91- 92
87- 88
93 ~ ~
~ ~
96- 97
94- 95 94- 95
Dragon, anelhysl
Dragon, red
Dragon, nisl
Cianl aninaI
51omeLamos Emcoum1ens: Caoes
Da y
SnaII aninaI O1- 12 O1- 12
SnaII lird 13-14 13-15
Havk/eagIe 15-17 16-17
Spider, poisonous 18-25 18-25
Bal 26- 33 26- 32
Snake 34- 35 33- 36
WoIf 36- 37 37- 38
Worg 38- 4O 39-41
Border raiders
Cianl ovI
Cianl spider
Cianl, hiII
Cianl, cIoud
Cianl slone
Dragon, siIver
Dragon, copper
Dragon, red
Cianl aninaI
41- 44
4 5 - 4 8
5O- 53
54- 55
56- 59
6O- 67
74- 76
77- 79
8O- 83
42- 47
48- 49
51- 54
55- 56
57- 58
59- 64
65- 67
68- 7O
74- 78
83- 84
86- 88
93- 94
87- 89
- Snake and snaII aninaI encounlers nay or nay
nol le dangerous, dependenl on lhe DM´s vhin.
- Havk/eagIe encounlers have a 5O° chance of
leing one or lhe olher~never lolh.
2 4
- Hunan encounlers are vilh 1d4 advenlurers of
IeveIs 1-8 45° of lhe line, vilh a nerchanl car-
avan of 5d1O nenlers (incIuding guards) 5O° of
lhe line, and vilh Zhenlarin agenls 5° of lhe
- Undead encounlers can conprise 1d2O skeIe-
lons, 1d4 ghouIs, 1d2 ghasls, and 1 ghosl, vighl,
or vrailh, or vhalever sorl of undead lhe DM
- BehoIders encounlered are on Zhenlarin-spon-
sored nissions of randon deslruclion 95° of lhe
- ColIins encounlered have a 4O° chance of
leing acconpanied ly 1d4 orcs, 2d5 vorgs, or 1
- Òrcs encounlered have a 4O° chance of leing
acconpanied ly 1d2 ogres.
- CnoIIs encounlered have a 25° chance of leing
acconpanied ly 1d2 fIinds or 1d2 hyenadons.
- Ògres encounlered have a 5O° chance of leing
acconpanied ly 1d4 orcs or 1d8 golIins.
- Border raider encounlers oflen conprise nixed
races. There is a 25° chance of each of lhe foI-
I ovi ng races lei ng presenl: golI i ns, orcs,
koloIds, holgolIins, gnoIIs, and hunans (lrig-
ands). There is aIso a 5° chance of a gianl.
- HiII gianls encounlered have a 1O° chance of
leing acconpanied ly 1 ellin.
- Lllins encounlered have an 8O° chance of leing
acconpanied ly 1d2 hiII gianls.
- Medusae encounlered have a 3° chance of
leing acconpanied ly 1 naedar.
- Sixly percenl (6O°) of aII dinosaurs encounlered
are herlivorous, and lhey incIude anchisaurus,
canplosaurus, lrachodons, lriceralops, slegosaurus,
and ankyIosaurus. Iorly percenl (4O°) of lhe line
lhe dinosaurs encounlered are carnivorous, lhese
incIude aIIosaurus, conpsognalhus, and deinony-
- Cianl aninaIs encounlers incIude lilanolheres,
hyenadons, axeleaks, laIuchilheriun, phororha-
cos, and vooIy rhinos.
2 5
5ea o[ FaLLem 51ans
5aL1 Va1en Emcoum1ens
+@ 9=JAH 5KHB=?A
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Dragon lurlIe
3 Sea Iion
4 SeIkie
5 Scrag
6 Deplhs encounler
7 Warship or fishernan
8 NarvhaI
9 Merchanl
1O Shark
11 WhaIe
12 Iirale or kiIIer vhaIe
13 Hazard (ice)
14 DoIphin
15 AeriaI encounler
16 Chosl ship
17 WiII-o-visp
18 SeavoIf, grealer
19-2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Tcmpcratc Watcr 5urfacc
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Dragon lurlIe
3 Chosl ship
4- 5 Òller, sea
6 Deplhs encounler
7 Iirale ship
8 Sea Iion
9 LeI, gianl
1O Shark
11 Merchanl
12 WhaIe
13 DoIphin
14 Warship or fishernan
15 AeriaI encounler
16 WiII-o-visp or seaveed
17 Seaveed (slrangIeveed 1O°)
18 SeavoIf, grealer
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
19-2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
TrnpIca! Watcr 5urfacc
d8+d12 Rn!!
Chosl ship
Iirales, snaII loals
Iirales, varship
Deplhs encounler
Shark, gianl
CrocodiIe, gianl
AeriaI encounler
SeavoIf, grealer
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Fnesh Va1en Emcoum1ens
Cn!d Watcr 5urfacc
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Dragon lurlIe
3 Creenhag
4 Òller, gianl
5 Lacedon
6 Deplhs encounler
7 Svan (svannay 1O°)
8 Iirale
9 Land encounler
1O Hazard (navigalionaI)
11 Iishernan or lrapper
12 Merchanl
13 Òller or leaver
14 AeriaI encounler
2 6
Fnesh Va1en Emcoum1ens, com1'o.
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
Cn!d Watcr 5urfacc, cnnt'd.
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
15 Nixie
16 Merrov, ogre
17 Scrag
18 Naga, valer
19-2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Tcmpcratc Watcr 5urfacc
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
2 Crayfish, gianl
4 Òller, gianl
5 Lizard nan
6 Deplhs encounler
7 Svan (svannay 1O°)
8 Merrov, ogre
9 Land encounler
1O Irog, gianl or Ieech, gianl
11 Hazard (navigalionaI)
12 Òller
13 Iishernan or nerchanl
14 AeriaI encounler
15 Iirale or varship
16 BeelIe, gianl valer
Scrag or sea hag
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
TrnpIca! Watcr 5urfacc
d8+d12 Rn!!
CryslaI ooze
LIeclric eeI
Deplhs encounler
Snake, gianl conslriclor
Iirale, snaII loals
Hazard (navigalionaI)
Iishernan or nerchanl
Irog, gianl or poisonous
AeriaI encounler
Seaveed (choke, creeper)
Irog, kiIIer
Naga, valer
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose
fron any lalIe in lhis seclion)
Vea1hen ComoI1Ioms [on Coas1LIme
2d6 Rn!! 5prIng/Fa!! 5ummcr
2 Rain Rain
3 Rain Rain
4 Rain Òvercasl
5 Òvercasl Òvercasl
6- 7 Sunny Sunny
8 Sunny Sunny
9 MiId slorn MiId slorn
1O Heavy slorn MiId slorn
11-12 Heavy slorn Heavy slorn
Lighl lreeze
Heavy snov
The Gnea1 Gna¿
Lamo o[ Than
||a|icizcú crealure nanes are referenced in lhe Grca|
Graq |anú cf Tnar lookIel.
Than VILoenmess Emcoum1ens
d8+d12 Rn!! Encnuntcr
BasiIisk (roII 1d6: 1-4 = Iesser, 5-6
= grealer)
6 Bear (roII 1d6: 1-4 = lrovn, 5-6 =
Man (nerchanl, lrader)
MannaI (roII 1d6: 1-2 = ladger, 3-4
= viId loar, 5 = skunk, 6 = voIverine)
MannaI, snaII (roII 1d8: 1 = ferrel, 2
= fox, 3-4 = gopher, 5 = opossun,
6-7 = rallil, 8 = squirreI)
Bird (roII 1d1O: 1-2 = lIood havk,
3-4 = connon eagIe, 5 = gianl
eagIe, 6 = faIcon, 7 = Iarge havk, 8
= ovI, 9 = gianl ovI, 1O = raven)
Cianl scorpion
DM´s SpeciaI
DNs 5pecIaL
d100 Rn!! Encnuntcr
O1- O7 CnoII
O8 BehoIder
O9- 14 Berserker
15-16 Brovnie
17-18 WoIf
19-21 }ackaI
22- 24 DispIacer leasl
25-27 BIink dog
28 Dusl slorn
29 Knovn NIC
3O WiId horse
31 TroII
32 Nonad
33 WiId callIe
34 Snake, poisonous
35 Mounlain Iion
36 Buglear
37 Spider, Iarge
38- 39 Corginera
4O Cianl, cIoud
41 Cianl, slorn
42- 45
46- 47 Hornel, gianl
48-51 Inp
52 Lich
53- 54 Werelear
55- 56 }ackaIvere
57- 66 Wereral
67- 7O WerevoIf
71- 72 Worg
73-83 Men, palroI
83- 9O ÒvI, laIking
91- 92 Iegasus
93- 94 Iseudodragon
95- 97 Ihase spider
98- 99 Cianl vasp
OO WiII-o-visp
2 8
5e11Leo Lamos
6 6
he sellIed Iands of Cornyr, Senlia, and lhe
DaIes conprise such a diverse area~incIud-
ing pIains, foresls, hiIIs, and nounlains~lhal lhe
Iisls leIov provide onIy a snaII sanpIing of lhe
indigenous aninaI Iife. The DM is encouraged lo
add crealures discussed eIsevhere in lhis producl,
especiaIIy in Cornanlhor, lhe Slorn Horns and lhe
Thunder Ieaks, and lhe SloneIands and lhe ColIin
See Tnc Sc|||cú |anús for infornalion aloul lhe
crealures in ilaIics. The lalIe for lhe cuIlivaled
Iands incIudes encounlers in fieIds, on farns, and in
The lalIe of foresl encounlers appIies lo lhe
region´s snaIIer foresls and lhe fringes of lhe Iarger
ones. (The inlerior of lhe HuIIack Ioresl, for
inslance, is hone lo crealures nore nonslrous lhan
lhose incIuded here.)
The DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe fea-
lures unusuaI and exceplionaIIy dangerous crea-
lures. Characlers foraging for food nighl find lhe
SnaII MannaIs and Avians lalIes heIpfuI.
Refer lo lhe IÒRCÒTTLN RLALMS Canpaign Sel-
ling for enlries narked*.
Refer lo MC11 |ORGOTT|N R|A|MS Appcnúix for
enlries narked **.
CI1¿ amo VILLage Emcoum1ens
d20 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1 Ca|co|cpas
2 HononcuIous
3 DoppIeganger
4 Horse (roII 1d1O: 1-2 = drafl, 3 = heavy, 4
= nediun, 5-6 = Iighl, 7 = pony, 8-9 = rid-
ing, 1O = nuIe)
5 SleeI dragon
6 War dog
7 |icn|ing
8 ChouI
9 Doneslic cal
1O Medusa
11 Òchre jeIIy
12 Bal (roII 1d6: 1-4 = connon, 5 = Iarge, 6 =
huge )
13 Kenku
14 Lock Iurker*
15 CrenIin
16 Ieyr
17 HarrIa**
18 Lycanlhrope (roII 1d4: 1 = verefox, 2 =
verevoIf, 3 = vereral, 4 = verelal)
19 CnoII
2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron DM´s
Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
2 9
PLaIms Emcoum1ens
d20 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1 Ral (roII 1d4: 1-3 = nornaI, 4 =
2 WoIf
3 Herd aninaI (roII 1d4: 1 = deer, 2 =
sheep, 3 = viId callIe, 4 = eIk)
4 BIink dog
5 Canlado*
6 Òrc
7 Synpalhelic**
8 Loxo**
9- 1O Insecl (roII 1d6: 1 = gianl anl, 2 =
lunlIelee, 3 = gianl hornel, 4 =
assassin lug, 5 = gianl vasp, 6 = gianl
11 }ackaI
12 WiId loar
13-14 Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
15-16 UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
17-19 SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose
fron SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
2O DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
Spider (roII 1d6: 1-2 = Iarge, 3-4 =
huge, 5 = gianl, 6 = garganluan)
WiId dog
Cenlipede (roII 1d6: 1-3 = gianl, 4-5
= huge, 6 = negaIo)
HiII gianl
d100 Rn!!
1- 4
5- 6
7- 8
9- 1O
21- 24
25- 26
27- 28
29- 3O
31- 34
35- 36
37- 38
39- 41
42- 43
44- 48 Bear (roII 1d4: 1-3 = lIack, 4 =
Zcnoic |rcan|
49- 5O
51- 52
53- 54
55- 67
68- 75
76- 82
83- 95
96- OO
IIains crealure (roII on or choose fron
IIains Lncounlers lalIe)
Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose
fron SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
CuL1Ioa1eo Lamos Emcoum1ens Fones1 Emcoum1ens
d20 Rn!!
Carganluan (Ashala) anphislaena
(roII 1d4: 1-3 = innalure, 4 =
WiId cal
Lhiannan shee**
Insecl svarn (roII 1d4: 1-2 = grasshop-
per, 3 = Iocusl, 4 = veIvel anl)
Slag leelIe
IIains crealure (roII on or choose fron
IIains lalIe)
Rough/HiIIs crealure (roII on or
choose fron Rough/HiIIs lalIe)
Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose fron
SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
Sprile (roII 1d6: 1-2 = slandard, 3-4 =
pixie, 5 = alonie, 6 = grig)
BeelIe (roII 1d4: 1 = lonlardier, 2 =
loring, 3 = fore, 4 = slag)
Wood gianl
Ioresl lrapper (Iurker)
Wood rohch**
Snake (roII 1d4: 1 = nornaI poisonous, 2
= gianl conslriclor, 3-4 = gianl poisonous)
Rough/HiIIs crealure (roII on or choose
fron Rough/HiIIs lalIe)
Avian (roII on or choose fron Avians
UnusuaI vegelalion (roII on or choose
fron UnusuaI Vegelalion lalIe)
SnaII nannaI (roII on or choose fron
SnaII MannaIs lalIe)
DM´s SpeciaI (roII on or choose fron
DM´s Choice: SpeciaI Monslers lalIe)
d20 Rn!!
1 9
2 O
DN's ChoIce: 5pecIaL Noms1ens
d20 Rn!!
6- 7
Iire gianl
Dragon (roII 1d8: 1-2 = green, 3-4 =
red, 5 = lIack, 6 = copper, 7 = siIver, 8
= goId)
Dark naga*
5maLL NammaLs TabLe
d10 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1 SquirreI (roII 1d6: 1-3 = nornaI, 4-5
= fIying, 6 = gianl lIack)
2 Rallil
3 Iorcupine
4 |arrcuúa|c ncusc
5 Ccppcr cpcssun
6 Òsquip
7 WeaseI
8 Iorcupine
9 Skunk
1O WiId pig
AoIams TabLe
d10 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1 Cianl ovI
2 Boolrie
3 TaIking ovI
4 Raven (roII 1d4: 1-3 = nornaI, 4 =
5- 7 Cane lird (roII 1d6: 1 = viId chicken,
2 = pheasanl, 3 = duck, 4 = goose, 5 =
quaiI, 6 = viId lurkey)
8 Cianl vuIlure
9 IaIcon
1O BIood havk
UmusuaL Vege1a1Iom TabLe
d10 Rn!! Encnuntcr
1 SlrangIeveed
2 ThornsIinger
3 Relch pIanl
4 Thorny
5 ÒlIiviax
6 Choke creeper
7 Snappersav
8 YeIIov nusk creeper
9 Hangnan lree
1O Quickvood
3 2
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
Wnrds frnm an O!d FrIcnd .................................. 1
Part Onc: Trccs, Trccs, and Mnrc Trccs ............. 3
Part Twn: Mnnstcrs .......................................... 16
Part Thrcc: Rumnrs.......................................... 31
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Cartngraphy: Dennis Kaulh
Typngraphy: Nancy }. Kerkslra
PrnductInn: IauI Hanchelle
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ISBN 1-56O76-917-3
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Cherry Hinlon
Canlridge CB1 3LB
Uniled Kingdon
Vonos Fnom am OLo
Ininsler says lhal lhe secrel of happi-
ness is having as nany inleresls as
slars in lhe sky, and lhe onIy vay lo
find oul if sonelhing inleresls you is
lo see il firsl hand. To hin, lhal neans
lraveI, and pIenly of il. ¨There´s nore lo lhe vorId
lhan lhe lacksides of aII lhese lrees!¨ he aIvays
yovIed al ne. ¨Cel oul of lhe voods!¨
No lhanks. Lverylhing I vanl is here. Why vouId I
vanl lo Ieave` To ne, lraveIing neans hours of lore-
don and disconforl, punclualed ly an occasionaI
anlush, rollery, or nauIing. I´ve Iived aII ny Iife in
lhe eIven voods~Cornanlhor, if you prefer~and I
inlend lo die here sone day, preferalIy Ialer lhan
LIninsler Iikes lo lease ne aloul ny allilude. He
caIIs ne ¨LillIe Miss Lenon.¨ So I´n sour. Il´s parl of
ny charn, and I cane ly il honeslIy.
I grev up in a liny eIven viIIage caIIed AIyssin,
aloul 5O niIes easl of Lssenore in lhe TangIed Trees.
Il vas a prelly pIace, fiIIed vilh vioIels and viId roses,
lul lhe viIIagers Iiked lheir fIovers a Iol nore lhan
lhey Iiked ne. As far as lhey vere concerned, I vas an
enlarrassnenl fron day one.
Iirsl, I had lhe audacily lo le lorn haIf-eIven.
HaIf-eIves nay le connon in lhe resl of lhe vorId,
lul nol in AIyssin. I couIdn´l have slood oul nore if
I´d leen lorn vilh vings. Though lhe viIIage eIders
resisled lhe urge lo drovn ne in lhe LIvenfIov, lhey
nade lheir dispIeasure cIear ly decIaring ny hunan
falher guiIly of poIIuling lhe race and senlencing hin
lo a decade of hard Ialor. He fIed a day afler lhe sen-
lencing. I never gol lo neel hin.
Second, I had lhe lad judgnenl lo le lorn fenaIe.
In AIyssin sociely, a vonan vas considered Iess use-
fuI lhan a good nuIe. Those fev naIes vho allenpled
lo fIaunl lhis fooIish leIief in ny presence Iearned lo
svin a IillIe fasler lhan lheir nuch viser~and
Third, I had lhe lad lasle lo rejecl AIyssin reIi-
gion. The viIIagers vorshiped RiIIifane RaIIalhiI,
vhon lhey leIieved gave lhen everylhing fron lhe
food in lheir leIIies lo lhe hair in lheir noses. My
nolher look a lroader viev. She vorshiped lhe
Sacred Hexad~ny nolher´s lern~of RiIIifane RaiI-
IalhiI, lhe Creal Molher Chaunlea, SiIvanus of lhe
WiIderness, MieIikki, lhe Lady of lhe Ioresl, LIdalh
lhe Quiel Òne, and Aerdrie Iaenya, goddess of lhe
air. I sliII vorship lhe Hexad loday, fervenlIy and pas-
I suppose ny disgusl vilh lhe prallIe and prejudice
of ny feIIov eIves is vhal nudged ne lo seek soIace
vilh aninaIs and vhy I evenluaIIy lecane a ranger.
AninaIs don´l seII lheir IoyaIly for noney. AninaIs
knov inslincliveIy lhal Iife is for enjoynenl, a facl
lhal seens lo have eIuded nosl hunanoid races. The
AIyssin eIves cerlainIy look any sign of happiness on
ny parl as a sign lo nake ny Iife nore difficuIl.
I Iefl AIyssin as soon as I vas oId enough lo Iace
ny ovn lools. I never Iooked lack. AIyssin is Iong
gone nov, overrun vilh veeds~slinkveeds, appropri-
aleIy enough.
A fev years Ialer, I nel a hunan expIorer naned
Ruke Diggol, a young schoIar fron MislIedaIe vho
vas sludying lhe lullerfIies of Cornanlhor. He slood
as laII and slraighl as an oak, his sniIe as lrighl as lhe
crescenl noon. Wilhin a nonlh, ve vere narried.
We roaned lhe voods logelher for a lIissfuI eIeven
years unliI a gianl frog Ieaped fron an aIder lhickel
and svaIIoved hin vhoIe.
We had eIeven chiIdren, one for each year of our
narriage. Iron Ruke, lhey gol connon sense and
curIy red hair. Iron ne, lhey gol slullorn slreaks and
a Iove of lhe viIderness. They´re grovn nov, vilh
faniIies of lheir ovn. AII sliII Iive in lhese voods.
Afler Ruke´s dealh, I spenl nosl of lhe nexl decade
feeIing sorry for nyseIf. I vandered lhe foresl fron
one end lo lhe olher and lack again, accunuIaling
lhe infornalion lhal graces lhese pages, jusl lo fiII lhe
days. My chiIdren had Iives of lheir ovn. I had no
connunily, no friends. I ached for ny husland.
Then I nel LIninsler. I caughl hin skinny dipping
in lhe LIvenfIov, soaping hinseIf vigorousIy and
singing in a voice so luneIess I expecled squirreIs lo
peIl hin vilh acorns. When he spolled ne, he
shrieked Iike a cal vilh ils laiI in a lrap, lhen scran-
lIed for his cIolhes, red as a spring lonalo.
If you´ve nel LIninsler, he´s prolalIy loId you a Iol
aloul hinseIf, lul I lel he didn´l nenlion a lhing
aloul lhal sunner. Hov he nade honey pudding for
ne on our very firsl day logelher. Hov he lraided ny
hair vilh daisies. Hov ve |nanuscripl deIeled ly
LIninslerj . . .
Thal vas~ny, lhal vas al Ieasl 4O years ago. I´ve
changed since lhen. My hair´s gone gray, and I can´l
fil inlo lhe lIouse LI nade for ne~did you knov he´s
good vilh a needIe and lhread`
ÒrdinariIy, I couIdn´l le lolhered lo vrile a look
Iike lhis, nol vhiIe lhere are sick lear culs lo feed and
grandchiIdren lo lake on unicorn rides. Hov couId I
refuse you, LI` Besides, I´ve seen loo nany peopIe die
oul here~incIuding a coupIe of ny ovn kin~fron
careIessness, nisinfornalion, and ignorance.
I hope lhis heIps, and LI, Iook ne up nexl line you
gel oul lhis vay. Bring daisies.
~ Lyra Sunrose
Pan1 Ome: Tnees, Tnees,
amo None Tnees
Il´s dense, loo. Iul a nonkey in a lranch jusl norlh
of Highnoon, and il couId sving ils vay lo LIvenlree
vilhoul ever selling fool in lhe grass. You couId use
lhe vood lo nake arrovs for every archer fron CaI-
inshan lo Vaasa, vilh enough Iefl over lo luiId a loal
for aII lhe saiIors on lhe Inner Sea.
Mounlains and lhe CoId IieId. Take a cIoser Iook.
Cornanlhor covers nore lerrilory lhan lhe Thunder
Ieaks, and you couId pIop lhe Moonsea inlo here
vilh enough roon Iefl over for lhe Lake of Dragons.
ou nay lhink you´ve seen lig foresls, lul
you´ve never seen one lhal cones
vilhin a vorg´s vhisker of Cornanlhor.
Òn a nap, il jusl Iooks Iike a green
spIolch lelveen lhe Deserlsnoulh
The Hexad nusl have lruIy Ioved Cornanlhor, for
il vas lhe finesl foresl lhey ever crealed. Chaunlea
nade leds of rich lIack soiI, vhich Aerdrie Iaenya
fed vilh sunshine and sofl rain. MieIikki and RiIIifane
RaIIalhiI pIanled counlIess species of lrees, ranging in
size fron lhe knee-high fairy pine lo nighly oaks lov-
ering four hundred feel. SiIvanus nurlured lhe foresl
Iike a Ioving gardener, shaping each Ieaf and painling
lhen every coIor of lhe rainlov. Aerdrie Iaenya senl
genlIe vinds lo caress lhe lrees and lhunderslorns lo
slrenglhen lhen. LIdalh nade lhen heavy vilh fIov-
ers and fruil.
Il vas a paradise, lul Iike anylhing loo good lo le
lrue, il didn´l Iasl. Nol aII of il, anyvay. Cornanlhor
once enconpassed a nuch grealer region, slrelching
fron lhe Slorn Horns Mounlains lo lhe Sea of IaIIen
Slars. As cIeanIy as a scylhe shears a vheal slaIk, civi-
Iizalion cul il dovn.
The hunanoid nalives of lhe voods~lhe eIves,
haIf-eIves, a fev hunan lriles~have aIvays har-
vesled lrees for hones, veapons, and lrinkels. The
foresl shrugged off lhe danage. As lhe kingdons of
Cornyr and Senlia deveIoped and grev, lhe foresl
vas forced lo surrender. The lrees couId vilhsland
dozens of axes, lul nol lhousands. The sellIers
regarded lhe lrees as nolhing nore lhan veeds~
slurdy veeds, perhaps, lul veeds nonelheIess. Sone
eIves alandoned lhe voods for lhe nev cilies, olhers
Iefl in lhe greal Relreal lo Lverneel. A fev die-hards,
incIuding yours lruIy, hung on.
Despile lhe sellIers´ shorlsighledness~fulure gen-
eralions viII aIso need vood for lheir lreasure chesls
and rovloals, lul lhe sellIers apparenlIy didn´l con-
sider hov Iong il lakes for a nev lree lo grov~I don´l
legrudge lhen lheir aclions. Hunans need lo luiId
cilies Iike lees need lo nake hives. If hunans are
dunl enough lo vreck everylhing in lheir vay~veII,
lhal´s jusl lheir nalure. Anyvay, lhey did ne a favor
ly scaring off lhe eIves. Cornanlhor is a nicer pIace
lo Iive nov lhan il vas lefore Cornyr and Senlia
cane aIong, al Ieasl for an oId cral Iike ne. LIninsler
says I´n nol onIy an oId cral, lul an oId fooI, lhal if I
lhink lhe days of hunan expansion are gone, I´n oul
of ny nind. Mayle so, lul for nov, aII´s quiel. I can´l
nourn for vhal vas or vhal nighl le.
OLo 5e11Lemem1s
l l
f you´ve spenl any line al aII in or around Cor-
nanlhor, you´ve undoulledIy heard of lhe four
eIven connunilies: SenlerhoIne, lhe TangIed Trees,
lhe LIven Courl, and Mylh Drannor. If you´re Iike
nosl peopIe, you´ve heard lhe Iegends and vonder if
lhey´re lrue. Òn our firsl nighl logelher, LIninsler
insisled on griIIing ne aloul Mylh Drannor unliI I
dunped a lovI of honey pudding on his head lo shul
hin up.
As far as I´n concerned, lhe Iegends are nore inler-
esling lhan reaIily. Mayle lhey used lo le luslIing
cenlers of arl, science and connerce, lul nov lhey´re
noslIy crunlIing slone and rollen vood. I suggesl
lhal you avoid lhen. IIaces lhis fanous invarialIy
allracl lroulIenakers. Al lesl, you nay run inlo an
eIven geezer lenl on loring you lo lears vilh slories
aloul lhe good oId days. Al vorsl, you nay find non-
slers so nasly lhey nake dracoIiches Iook Iike lunny
Co if you nusl, lul le carefuI. If you´re Iooking lo
gel rich, you can find pIenly of peopIe lo seII you
infornalion and lreasure naps. I´n nol one of lhen,
lul I´II leII you~free of charge~aloul sone lhings
you nighl olhervise niss.
The LIven Courl, for inslance, is Iillered vilh oId
luiIdings of every conceivalIe size and shape, fron
lox-sized shacks lo speclacuIar paIaces lig enough lo
hoId a convenlion of slorn gianls. Mosl have leen
picked cIean.
You vanl lreasure` Keep going unliI you gel lo an
oak grove aloul 5O niIes soulh of LIvenlree. Il´s lhick
vilh lals, nosl of lhen ordinary insecl-ealers, vilh a
fev assorled aznylhs and sinislers. Iind an oak vhose
lrunk dianeler equaIs exaclIy haIf lhe vingspan of
one of lhe naIe sinislers, naIe LIven Courl sinislers
have vhile noulhs. Scrape lhe lark fron lhe oak~
lhe ¨lree¨ is soIid goId. An eIven nage acconpIished
lhis lefore his dealh, apparenlIy lo keep his lreasure
safe fron grave rollers.
Which oak, you ask` Beals ne. Cood Iuck.
The hiIIs of SenlerhoIne are sliII riddIed vilh lhe
Iineslone caves lhal lhe originaI residenls used for
sheIler. Sone conlain pooIs of fresh valer fed ly
underground slreans. Don´l le pul off ly lhe odor.
Sone sneII Iike spoiIed niIk and dead fish, lul
lhey´re aII drinkalIe.
You´II find a scallering of oal fieIds near lhe vesl
shore of Lake Senler, vhich lhe eIves nainlained for
food and lrade. The fieIds nov allracl viId horses,
especiaIIy in lhe aulunn. If you´re in lhe narkel for a
nev nounl, you couId do vorse. Be carefuI lhough~
if even a singIe horse considers you a lhreal, expecl
lhen aII lo allack as a herd. A nephev of nine vas
kiIIed vhen he spolled a nare drinking fron a lrook
and lried lo Iasso il. The resl of lhe herd surrounded
and charged. They slonped hin so lrulaIIy lhal lhere
vas nolhing Iefl lo lury.
Hundreds of eIves sliII caII lhe TangIed Trees hone.
UnIess you´re eIven, slay avay~lhey´re as ornery as
lee-slung ladgers and don´l lake kindIy lo lrespassers.
Mosl prefer lo fire arrovs firsl, lhen ask queslions dur-
ing lhe funeraI. If ly circunslance or slupidily you
find yourseIf in lhese parls, lring aIong a canary~
specificaIIy, one of lhe eneraId lhroaled canaries lhal
nesl in lhe lullernul lrees aIong lhe soulhveslern
shore of lhe River Dualhanper. They´re easy lo calch.
HoId oul a handfuI of Ienon or orange peeIings and
sooner or Ialer, one viII Iand in your paIn.
The TangIed Tree eIves~sone, nol aII~consider
lhenseIves devoul vorshippers of RiIIifane RaIIalhiI.
An eIven priesl ly lhe nane of Makk Iireseed has
convinced his foIIovers lhal lhe canaries are RiIIi-
fane´s favorile crealure, lhe yeIIov fealhers sland for
lhe sun, lhe green lhroal represenls lhe Ieaves of lhe
lrees, or sone such nonsense. If you run inlo a land
of eIves vilh a lad disposilion, lry offering lhen a
Dualhanper canary. If you can suppIy a siIver cage or
a goId land for ils fool, so nuch lhe leller. The eIves
nay nol lecone your lesl friends, lul vilh Iuck,
lhey´II Iel you pass.
By lhe vay, vhen lraveIing lhrough lhe TangIed
Trees, you nay nolice lhe occasionaI oak lree vilh an
oulIine of a canary carved in lhe lrunk, usuaIIy aloul
lvo feel fron lhe ground. Lel il le, il´s an eIven
shrine lo RiIIifane RaIIalhiI. If you chop il dovn, lie
your horse lo il, or even Iean againsl il, a vhoIe fIock
of canaries von´l save your neck. Need convincing`
Look up. In lhe highesl lranches, you´II see lhe dan-
gIing skuIIs of previous defiIers vho nislook lhe
shrine for jusl anolher lree.
Sonelody couId vrile a look aloul Mylh Dran-
nor~I lhink LIninsler nay have lried~lul nol ne.
I´ve nade il a poinl lo slay oul of Mylh Drannor aIlo-
gelher. When I vas young and loo dunl lo knov lel-
ler, I decided lo check il oul. I had sone haIf-laked
nolion lhal I´d find a secrel cache of goId, as if lhe
sane idea hadn´l occurred lo every avaricious souI
fron here lo Ann. To le on lhe safe side, I recruiled
a pair of lIack lears lo go vilh ne.
When ve gol vilhin len niIes of lhe pIace, lhe
lears vere grovIing and snorling. Lvery fev ninules,
lhey slopped lo sniff lhe air, lhen shook lheir heads in
confusion lefore reIuclanlIy padding on. By lhe line
ve reached lhe oulskirls of lhe cily, one lear had
aIready loIled inlo lhe lrush, scranlIing in lhe gen-
eraI direclion of Anauroch as fasl as his pavs couId
lake hin. The olher lear vas vhining Iike a vhipped
killen, digging his cIavs inlo lhe ground and refusing
lo nove. I had ny arns around his neck and vas lry-
ing lo drag hin forvard vhen I heard sonelhing
lhunder overhead. A red dragon vas roaring oul of
Mylh Drannor, vings lealing furiousIy, ils face
vrenched in slark lerror!
I didn´l vail lo see vhal vas chasing il. I dived inlo
a cIunp of lranlIes, squirning undernealh as far as I
couId, ignoring lhe lhorns lhal ripped ny lack. I
covered lhere shaking, vailing for lhe end. The lear
loIled inlo lhe lrees and disappeared.
CraduaIIy, lhe roar receded. I slayed vhere I vas,
Iislening lo lhe crickels chirp and Ieaves ruslIe. Three
hours Ialer, I vriggIed oul of lhe lranlIes, haIf-
expecling sone heIIish nonslrosily lo svoop fron
alove and carry ne avay in ils cIavs. Il didn´l hap-
pen, lul I kepl one eye cocked lovard lhe sky aII lhe
vay hone, jusl in case.
I never found oul vhal vas chasing lhe red dragon.
I hope I never do.
So vhal do you need lo knov aloul Mylh Dran-
nor` }usl lhis: Ages ago, lhey caIIed il lhe Cily of
Love, an eIven paradise vhere leauly reigned and
peace prevaiIed. Then cane lhe Arny of Darkness,
an onsIaughl of fiends and lrules lenl on grinding lhe
cily lo dusl. The eIves defended lhenseIves ly erecl-
ing shieIds of nagic and recruiling dragon guardians.
In lhe end, lhe efforl faiIed and lhe kingdon coI-
Iapsed. The eIves fIed, Ieaving lehind a graveyard of
coIIapsed luiIdings and alandoned dreans. Mylh
Drannor nov exisls as a refuge for predalors and a
lreeding ground for nonslers. The Cily of Love` The
Cily of Dealh is nore Iike il.
Anyone vho resls his neck on lhe execulioner´s
lIock deserves lo have his head renoved. I have no
advice for navigaling Mylh Drannor, nor suggeslions
Tuo RIoens
sler hadn´l educaled ne. Nov I´n convinced. You
need lo knov aloul lhen so you don´l lhink you´re
going crazy vhen your pc|icn cf nca|ing goes fIal or you
see a chicken lrying lo eal a nouse.
According lo LIninsler, lhe nagic of Mylh Dran-
nor has had lhree najor effecls on Cornanlhor.
Thc Wcathcr: Sunners aren´l as hol and vinlers
aren´l as coId as lhey oughl lo le. The lenperalure
differences lelveen Cornanlhor and siniIar foresls
are sullIe, onIy a fev degrees in sone inslances. Nor-
naI faclors~shade, precipilalion, vinds~can´l
accounl for lhe favoralIe cIinale, vhich prevaiIs
nearIy aII year Iong.
DIvcrsIty: The nunler of aninaI and pIanl species
in Cornanlhor far exceeds lhal of olher lenperale
voodIands. VirluaIIy any organisn lhal couId survive
in a foresl environnenl can le found here. You von´l
find Iocalhah or frosl gianls, lul such olhervise rare
crealures as luIelles and chinerae lurn up in surpris-
ing nunlers. We have far nore lhan our share of odd-
ilies, nany of lhen refugees fron Mylh Drannor.
Edgc!ands: They don´l Iook unusuaI, lul lhese
palches of viIderness scallered lhroughoul Cornan-
lhor affecl nagic and ils vieIders in exlraordinary
vays. LIninsler lheorizes lhal lhe edgeIands vere cre-
aled ly nagicaI energies lhal drifled fron lhe nq|na|,
lhe vel-vork of Iiving nagic enveIoping Mylh Dran-
nor. I´II lake his vord for il. Suffice lo say, if you
depend on speIIs lo ruslIe up food or defend yourseIf
fron angry ogres, don´l canp in lhe edgeIands.
We´II gel inlo lhe delaiIs of lhe edgeIands a IillIe
Righl nov, Iel´s laIk aloul vhere you can lake a Ialer.
for surviving ils nany dangers. I viII, hovever, share
sone olservalions aloul hov Mylh Drannor has
1 1
vo najor rivers vind lhrough lhe eIven voods:
affecled lhe resl of Cornanlhor. lhe Dualhanper, or lhe LIvenfIov, vhich runs
So poverfuI is lhe nagic of Mylh Drannor lhal il´s aIong lhe soulhveslern lorder, and lhe Ashala,
spiIIed over inlo lhe surrounding counlryside, drench- vhich culs lhe foresl in haIf fron ShadovdaIe lo jusl
ing lhe crealures, lhe lrees, and lhe very soiI. I don´l easl of SenlerhoIne. Bolh are suilalIe for svinning,
prelend lo undersland lhe reasons for or even lhe loaling, and lalhing, lhough I prefer lhe LIvenfIov
exlenl of lhese effecls. To le honesl, I prolalIy for lhe Ialler, as il provides nore privacy. Òf course,
vouIdn´l have reaIized lhal lhe eIven voods vere so lhal´s vhal LIninsler lhoughl, loo, he vas soaping
differenl fron foresls eIsevhere in lhe vorId if LInin- hinseIf aloul 1O niIes norlh of Hanner Iord vhen I
sav hin~aII of hin~for lhe firsl line.
Though nosl naps don´l shov lhen, dozens of nar-
rov slreans lranch off lhe LIvenfIov, nany ending in
snaII ponds. The slreans usuaIIy run cIear and are
rareIy nore lhan a fev inches deep, perfecl for cooI-
ing your feel on a hol day.
You´II never louch lollon in nosl seclions of lhe
LIvenfIov proper. I lied a slone lo a 3O-fool vine lo
neasure lhe deplh al various poinls, and I usuaIIy ran
oul of vine lefore I ran oul of valer. Il´s aIso vide,
hundreds of yards nosl of lhe vay, lul every fev niIes
il narrovs and shaIIovs oul enough lo vade across.
BIack granile lridges span lhe river al lhree pIaces,
courlesy of sone enlerprising eIves~I didn´l say lhey
vere = lad.
The Hexad nusl have nade lhe LIvenfIov for fish-
ing, as lhey slocked il vilh lass, calfish, and lroul,
sone as lig as a ponies. The fish are so lhick lhal a
raccoon couId cross lhe river ly vaIking on lheir
lacks. Ior fishing, a cane poIe or even a sinpIe hand
Iine viII suffice. Wilh fish praclicaIIy fIinging lhen-
seIves ashore, if you can´l calch your dinner, you
deserve lo go hungry.
Bail` Worns, aninaI fal, or even a scrap of coIored
cIolh viII vork. If you vanl lo Iand lhe lig ones, lry
lhe lullon fungus lhal grovs on lhe undersides of
lirch Iinls, il Iooks Iike liny nushroons covered
vilh lrovn fur and sneIIs Iike nonlh-oId cheese. The
fish Iove il, especiaIIy lhose pudgy lroul.
The Ashala is as vide as lhe LIvenfIov and nearIy
as deep. I knov of onIy one granile lridge, aloul 3O
niIes soulh of MislIedaIe, lul il´s in lad shape lhanks
lo a nearsighled lIack dragon vho nislook il for a
rivaI and lried lo snash il lo pieces. The lanks of lhe
Ashala sIope nuch nore sharpIy lhan lhose of lhe
LIvenfIov, a slraighl drop in sone pIaces.
If you´re Iucky, you nighl spol an orc on his leIIy,
Ieaning over lhe lank lo hand-fish. Walch Iong
enough, and you nay see hin Iean loo far and faII in.
If you´re HA=O Iucky, you nighl see a gianl carp lreak
lhe surface and suck hin dovn Iike a vorn. The carp
around here, ly lhe vay, have perpeluaIIy enply
slonachs. They´ve leen knovn lo chev up canoes
and pick lheir leelh vilh lhe oars.
Trulh lo leII, il vouIdn´l lolher ne if lhe carp grev
Iegs and chased dovn every orc soulh of Ashalenford.
The Ashala used lo le as rich a fishing ground as lhe
LIvenfIov. No nore. Òn a good day, a palienl fisher-
nan can sliII snag enough vaIIeye and luIIhead lo
feed his faniIy, parlicuIarIy in lhe soulhern valers.
Up norlh, in a seclion LIninsler refers lo as ¨The
Barrens,¨ you can casl your Iine for hours on end and
have nolhing lo shov for efforl excepl a skinny sun-
fish lhe size of your IillIe finger. The orcs overvorked
lhe norlhern seclion of lhe river, using lravIing nels
lo scoop up fish ly lhe hundreds. To gel rid of lhe
gianl carp, lhey dunped in vagonIoads of a speciaI
herlaI poison. Nol onIy did lhe poison faiI lo gel rid
of lhe carp, il lurned lhen lIack and nade lhen
The orcs´ allenpl al viIdIife nanagenenl deci-
naled lhe gane fish popuIalion. Ior nearIy a year, lhe
valers reeked so ladIy fron dead fish lhal you couId
sneII il len niIes avay. The valer has cIeared up
sone, lul lhe carp are sliII praclicing a IillIe nanage-
nenl of lheir ovn, so le carefuI vhen vading oul
inlo lhe Ashala.
A pair of slreans in lhe soulhern voods, lhe Sen-
lerfIov and lhe Deeping, aIso provide reIief for lhe
lhirsly lraveIer. Their cryslaI valers leen vilh lass
and calfish in quanlilies rivaIing lhe LIvenfIov. Il is
an olhervise unrenarkalIe area, draving loo nany
hunan lourisls for ny lasle.
The veslernnosl slrelch of lhe Deeping, hovever,
serves as a spavning ground for a lasly variely of
freshvaler shrinp. The Deeping shrinp, nearIy a fool
Iong and lriIIianl red, can le caughl ly dragging nels
aIong lhe river led. The haIfIings Iiving in lhe area
nanufaclure speciaI lravIing nels for jusl lhis pur-
pose, consisling of fineIy-voven nesh allached lo
veighled loards. The loards are luoyanl enough lo
nake for easy lravIing, lul nol heavy enough lo sink.
The haIfIings are exceIIenl nel-nakers, lul disnaI
lusinessnen. You shouId le alIe lo luy a nel for a
coupIe of siIver pieces. As a lonus, lhe dried shrinp
sheIIs enil a sofl pink Iighl for up lo lvo days and can
le used lo nark lraiIs.
foresl lhe size of Cornanlhor needs lhe righl
anounl of rain and sunshine. Too nuch valer
vashes avay deIicale seedIings and lopsoiI. If lhere´s
nol enough valer, lhe soiI dries up and everylhing
slarls lo die. Lxcessive heal causes lhe ground valer
lo evaporale and pIanls lo vilher.
IorlunaleIy, lhe cIinale couIdn´l le leller. In parl,
lhis is due lo lhe noderaling effecl of lhe Mylh Dran-
nor energies, lul il´s aIso due lo lhe vay lhe Hexad
designed lhe lerrain. According lo LIninsler, lhe sun
slrikes Cornanlhor al preciseIy lhe righl angIe lo
varn lhe lrees vilhoul scorching lhen. Irecipilalion
faIIs IighlIy lul sleadiIy aII year Iong, keeping lhe
ground noisl and lhe air cooI. Thanks lo lhe foresl´s
sheIlering canopy, vhich provides lolh shade and
proleclion fron harsh vinds, ve´re spared lhe lenper-
alure exlrenes of lhe surrounding areas. A fur jackel
and a good pair of Iealher lrousers, and I´n cozy on
lhe coIdesl vinler day.
In shorl, conpared lo olher regions~especiaIIy
olher foresls~Cornanlhor has varner vinlers, fever
gaIe-force vinds, higher hunidily, and nore lhan ils
share of rain. As lo hov hol il gels and hov nuch
rain faIIs, I´ve never kepl lrack, lul LIninsler has, and
he´s sIipped sone figures in here sonevhere. Those
figures aside, I´d say lhal if you spend a coupIe of
veeks in lhese parls, pIan on gelling rained on a day
or lvo. Òlhervise, enjoy lhe sunshine~ve´ve gol
pIenly of il.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages [on
Tenperalure (Spring) 72 degrees I.
Tenperalure (Sunner) 78 degrees I.
Tenperalure (Aulunn) 65 degrees I.
Tenperalure (Winler) 43 degrees I.
Lov Tenperalure/Year 15 degrees I.
High Tenperalure/Year 86 degrees I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 7O inches
Days Wilh Snov on Cround 25 days
DaIL¿ Vea1hen
To delernine lhe lenperalure on a parlicuIar day,
find lhe average lenperalure of lhe currenl season
Iisled in lhe CIinalic Averages seclion alove.
RoII 1d1O. If lhe resuIl is odd, sullracl il fron lhe
average. If lhe resuIl is even, add il lo lhe average.
Ior exanpIe, if lhe season is aulunn and lhe roII
is 7, lhe lenperalure is 58 degrees (65 - 7).
To delernine lhe prevaiIing vealher, roII 1d2O
and consuIl lhe foIIoving lalIe.
PneoaILImg Vea1hen Im
D20 Rn!! Wcathcrª
1-7 CIear
8-11 IarlIy CIoudy
12-15 Òvercasl
16-19 Irecipilalion
2O Lxlrene vealher²
* Ior randon delerninalion of vind veIocily, roII
1d6, 1-3 = Iess lhan 1O nph, 4-5 = 1O-2O nph,
6 = nore lhan 2O nph. To delernine lhe direc-
lion of lhe vind, roII 1d4, 1 = norlh, 2 = easl, 3
= soulh, 4 = vesl.
RoII 1d6, 1-2 = up lo 1/2 inch, 3-4 = 1/2 lo 1
inch, 5 = 1-2 inches, 6 = nore lhan 2 inches.
²HaiIslorn, lIizzard, heavy fog, lornado, elc., as
decided ly lhe DM.
The DM nay nake adjuslnenls lo lhis Iisl
vhen speciaI evenls exisl (such as nagicaI
nanipuIalion of lhe vealher), vhen unusuaI
condilions prevaiI (such as Iong droughls), or in
exolic lerrain (such as nounlain peaks).
l l
nIike Anauroch or lhe Creal CIacier, vhere
every niseralIe day is prelly nuch Iike lhe nexl,
Cornanlhor experiences dislincl seasons. The inhali-
lanls adapl accordingIy, lears hilernale in lhe vinler,
calerpiIIars spin cocoons in lhe spring, viId ducks
nigrale in lhe aulunn. Though rare, a lad slrelch of
vealher can vreak havoc on lhe aninaIs.
Lighleen years ago, ve experienced a sunner
droughl lhal jusl aloul kiIIed off lhe rye grass, vhich
in lurn slarved nosl of lhe region´s red deer. The
aulunn lefore Iasl hil us vilh an earIier-lhan-usuaI
frosl, deslroying nearIy aII lhe viId fIovers and lerry
lushes norlh of Highnoon, vhich viped oul nosl of
lhe rallils and gophers. The Ieucrolla in lhe area had
Iess lo eal, and lurned on CasckeI, a viIIage of peace-
fuI haIfIings. By spring, lhere vas nolhing Iefl of
CasckeI lul enply huls and haIfIing lones.
IorlunaleIy, seasons lend lo le prelly nuch lhe
sane fron year lo year. This sunner shouId le aloul
as varn as lhe one lefore, and I´d le surprised if lhe
anounl of rain varies nore lhan an inch or lvo fron
spring lo spring.
Spring cones caIIing in Ches and Iasls unliI
IIaneruIe. Thaving legins in lhe firsl fev veeks of
Ches, and ly nid-Tarsakh lhe collonvood lrees are
aIready sprouling luds and daffodiIs are leginning lo
fIover. The Ienglhening day, providing nearIy 16
hours of direcl sunIighl ly IIaneruIe, aIIovs vegela-
lion lo grov quickIy, nosl seedIings nalure lefore
sunner legins. Rain is frequenl lul Iighl. Skies
renain lrighl and cIear during nosl spring slorns.
Sunner arrives in LIeasias and exlends lhrough
Marpenolh. Tenperalures peak in Iale LIeasias, lul
ve experience onIy a handfuI of days I´d consider
unconforlalIe. Ior perhaps haIf of LIeasias, an oId
horse nighl risk exhauslion fron overhealing, or a
lraveIer nighl find lhe shade of an oak lree nore
appeaIing lhan lhe arns of her Iover. CaIn vinds
and lIue skies predoninale, lul you shouId slay on
guard for lhunderslorns. A sunner slorn can cone
and go in an hour´s line, pounding lhe earlh vilh
sheels of rain and shallering lrees vilh Iighlning
spears. Iockels of fog oflen shroud Iong slrelches of
lhe foresl, parlicuIarIy near lhe norlhern LIvenfIov.
Òppressive hunidily, connon in LIeinl, can sap
lhe slrenglh of lhe nighliesl varrior, vear Ioose
cIolhes, drink pIenly of valer, and if possilIe, lraveI
al nighl.
Aulunn, occurring in Uklar and NighlaI, lrings
Iover lenperalures, shorler days, and an avaIanche of
faIIing Ieaves lhal hides nosl of lhe ground vilhin a
fev veeks. Rain faIIs infrequenlIy, lul vinds lIov
aInosl daiIy, oflen vilh enough force lo fIip lhe hal
fron your head or slir up a vhirIvind of faIIen Ieaves.
The firsl kiIIing frosl, usuaIIy arriving in lhe finaI days
of NighlaI, narks lhe leginning of vinler.
Winler consisls of lhe nonlhs of Hanner and
AIluriak. Hanner lends lo le dry and cooI, lul ly
earIy AIluriak, nosl of lhe foresl has leen lIankeled
ly an inch or lvo of snov. Tenperalures renain coId
lul loIeralIe. IcicIes dangIe fron lare Iinls of oaks,
and pheasanls huddIe lenealh huckIelerry lushes for
Don´l Iook for lears or grasshoppers, lhey´re sound
asIeep, lhe forner in secIuded caves, lhe Ialler in rol-
led slunps. Thick, fIuffy fur nakes rallils and ladgers
appear Iarger lhan nornaI. The SenlerhoIne ferrel,
lrovn in lhe spring, nov sporls a vhile coal lo nake
hin Iess visilIe lo hungry voIves. You nay see a jack-
aIvere rulling pyroIisk lones logelher lo neIl lhe ice
fron ils pavs. Scare avay lhe jackaIvere and sleaI lhe
lones. You can´l slarl a fire vilh lhen, lul slick lhen
in your sIeeping lag al nighl and lhey´II keep you
ver heard of lhe connunaI lover easl of SuzaiI
lhal Iooked Iike lvenly lrick houses piIed on lop
of each olher` The lollon Iayers vere reserved for
Ialorers and olher connon foIk vhiIe lhe highesl
IeveIs~lhe ones cIosesl lo lhe gods~vere hone lo
rich nerchanls and lig shols. A greal idea, unliI a
sliff vind lIoving off lhe Lake of Dragons IeveIed il
Iike a kid svalling a slack of luiIding lIocks.
Cornanlhor is Iike lhal lover, onIy vilhoul lhe
snollery~and il´s a Iol slurdier. The heighl of lhe
lrees, hundreds of feel in sone pIaces, offers nunerous
Iiving environnenls, one alop lhe olher. High-fIying
faIcons nake nesls in lhe lree lops. In lhe lranches
leIov, ovIs Iive in lhe hoIIovs, squirreIs snooze in lhe
Iinls. AII nanner of aninaIs, ranging fron liny nice
lo Iunlering aurunvorax, Iair in lhe shaded neadovs
and vaIIeys. Worns and leelIes feasl on lhe decayed
naller in lhe ground, nuch of il derived fron rolling
Cornanlhor loasls a good food suppIy, pIenly of
valer, and anpIe Iiving space. SliII, lhe crealures vho
have lhrived are lhose vho have enhanced lheir sur-
vivaI chances vilh physicaI adaplalions, such as:
Cn!nratInn: A chipnunk lhal gIovs in lhe dark or
a rallil vilh lrighl red ears nighl as veII hang a sign
around ils neck lhal says, ¨Lal Me.¨ Mosl species are
coIored shades of lrovn, gray, and green, lhe leller lo
lIend in vilh lhe surrounding lerrain. Sone, Iike lhe
naga and lhe loa conslriclor, sporl pallerns of
lIolches for canoufIage.
5cnscs: Wilh so nany lrees and lushes for hiding
pIaces, predalors can´l reIy on eyesighl aIone lo Iocale
lheir prey. Mosl foresl crealures, predalors and prey
aIike, have sharper-lhan-average senses of sneII and
hearing. A lehir can dislinguish lelveen lhe scenls
of a raccoon and a possun al 1OO yards. A gianl lIack
squirreI can hear a conslriclor sIilhering in lhe nexl
lree. Likevise, foresl dveIIers olserve a slricl code of
siIence so as nol lo drav allenlion lo lhenseIves, you
viII hear fev roars, hisses, or lveels, even if sur-
rounded ly a zoo fuII of crealures.
Mnvcmcnt: Because noving lhrough voods lhis
dense can le difficuIl, naneuveraliIily is vaIued nore
lhan speed, cIinling nore lhan fIighl. AnleIope and
siniIarIy sIender herd aninaIs capalIe of darling
around lrees do veII, luIky luffaIo are leller suiled lo
lhe open ground. CIavs for cIinling are favored over
cIavs lhal lear and shred. Woodpeckers and vrens
vho can svoop lhrough vels of lranches fare leller
lhan gianl eagIes.
The Conmam1hon
Ilhough nany consider Cornanlhor lo le one
lig foresl, il´s acluaIIy nade up of four foresls,
SenlerhoIne, lhe LIven Courl, lhe TangIed Trees,
and lhe VaIe of Losl Voices. I´ve divided Cornanlhor
up inlo lhree areas I caII lhe rinvood, lhe nidvood
and lhe slarvood. AdnilledIy, il´s hard lo leII vhere
one ends and lhe nexl legins, lul if you knov vhal
lo Iook for, you´II knov vhere you are.
Whal do you Iook for` Whal eIse` You Iook for
lrees. The rinvood consisls nainIy of pines. The
nidvood are predoninanlIy vhile ash and leech.
Ciganlic oaks and napIe nake up nosl of lhe slar-
vood. The farlher inlo Cornanlhor you go, lhe
denser lhe vegelalion~lhe rinvood are reIaliveIy
larren, lhe slarvood are as lhick as a jungIe.
RImwnnd: The rinvood serves as a 1O-2O niIe
lorder lelveen lhe eIven voods and lhe resl of lhe
vorId. Because of lhe sandy, nineraI-poor soiI, lhe
rinvood supporls IillIe vegelalion. BIueridge and
needIeIeaf pines, lhe prinary species of lrees, seIdon
exceed 2O feel and are spaced vide aparl, you´II Iook
aII day lo find lvo lrees vhose lranches louch each
olher. The pines conlinuaIIy drop needIes lhal are
sIov lo deconpose, inhililing lhe grovlh of olher
pIanl Iife. Soflvood ferns, lrovnish in coIor and as
lough as shoe Iealher, sproul near lhe pines, lul lhal´s
aloul il. CIunps of viregrass adorn a fev hiIIsides, as
do sone droopy viIIovs and slully spruces.
Because of lhe Iack of vegelalion, lhe area allracls
fev herlivores, vhich aIso accounls for lhe alsence of
neal-ealers. You nighl see a soIilary voIf vandering
aloul, or a lorloise paving lhe dirl for gruls, lul fev
aninaIs sellIe pernanenlIy in lhe rinvood. Wilh lhe
Iush nidvood a fev niIes avay, vhy vouId lhey`
Insecls fIourish in lhe rinvood, hovever, since
lhere aren´l nany crealures vho vanl lo eal lhen.
BeelIes scullIe dovn hiIIsides Iike an avaIanche of
lIack pellIes. Mosquiloes svarn in cIouds so lhick
you can lareIy see lhe sky. Many a lraveIer vho´s
canped in lhe rinvood has avakened lhe foIIoving
norning vilh her lenl infesled vilh red anls or her
sIeeping lag cravIing vilh Iice.
Afler a Iong day´s journey lhrough lhe rinvood, I
renenler seeing vhal I lhoughl vas an appIe lree,
heavy vilh pIunp fruil. My noulh valered al lhe
lhoughl of appIe dunpIings, and I rode lovard lhe
lree as fasl as ny horse vouId carry ne. Turned oul
lhal il vasn´l an appIe lree al aII, lul a pine fiIIed
vilh red Ieafhopper Iarvae, hanging fron lhe Iinls in
squirning cIuslers.
Aside fron ils usefuIness as an insecl haven, lhe
rinvood acls as a luffer zone. Il discourages aninaIs
fron vandering oul of lhe nidvood, and nakes lrav-
eIers fron lhe oulIands lhink lvice aloul laking
shorlculs lhrough Cornanlhor. The najor roadvays
vinding lhrough lhe rinvood~incIuding Raulhau-
vyr´s Road, Moonsea Ride, Moander´s Road, and HaI-
faxe TraiI~renain reIaliveIy free of pesls. You can use
lhen vilhoul fear of vaking up vilh a nana lick Iay-
ing eggs in your hair.
MIdwnnd: }usl under haIf of Cornanlhor can le
considered lhe nidvood. These are lhe lrees separale
ing lhe rinvood fron lhe slarvood, incIuding a lhick
slrelch aIong lhe Moonsea Ride lhal culs Cornan-
lhor in lvo. So dense is lhe nidvood lhal a high-fIy-
ing lird vouId le Iooking dovn on a sea of soIid
green. If lhe lird had lad eyes, il nighl lhink lhe
nidvood lo le a singIe, spravIing lree.
Thal lird vouId le surprised lo discover hov
diverse lhe nidvood lruIy is, as ils rich soiI supporls
hundreds of species of lrees, fIovers, and pIanls.
While ash and leeches Iine lhe genlIe vaIIeys aIong
lhe Ashala. Cheslnuls and red napIes crovd lhe hiIIs
norlh of MislIedaIe. Vasl neadovs near Lssenore
lIosson vilh honeysuckIes and snapdragons, lordered
ly groves of cherry lrees and lIue cedars. Ivory noss
and noonfern decorale groves of aIders, hickories,
and lillernuls.
Tree lrunks provide hones for gianl conslriclors,
vhiIe rolling Iogs give sheIler lo saIananders and
scorpions. Thrushes, cuckoos, and svaIIovs nesl in
lhe Iinls. The hannering of voodpeckers ningIes
vilh lhe sveel singing of lIuelirds. A lraveIer selling
up canp under a canopy of redlud lrees nighl le slar-
lIed lo discover an audience of curious squirreIs and
varlhogs. The lraveIer nay aIso le puzzIed ly sone of
lhe odd vegelalion. A fev exanpIes:
8cc||c pa|n lrees, naned for lhe lIack lark lhal
Iooks Iike a leelIe´s sheII, grov lo heighls of 1OO
feel or nore. CIuslers of spindIy, IeafIess lranches
crovn lhe olhervise snoolh lrunks. The vood con-
lains oiIy deposils lhal nake il exceplionaIIy fIan-
nalIe. Il lurns nearIy lhree lines as Iong as olher
lypes of vood and produces aloul haIf lhe anounl
of snoke.
|cxocrrics, resenlIing lrighl yeIIov grapes, grov on
snaky vines found lhroughoul lhe nidvood, lypicaIIy
near leech lrees. Ioxlerries are greasy lo lhe louch
and sneII Iike cooked sleak. Òne of lhe vorId´s fev
fruils digeslilIe ly carnivores, lhey nake an accepl-
alIe neaI for voIves and olher neal-ealers in lines of
scarce gane. Hunans can eal lhen, loo, lul don´l le
nisIed ly lhe arona~lhey lasle Iike dirl.
Rcscnccú|c pincs lhrive aIong lhe lanks of lhe
Ashala, groving lhere lhe year round. They resenlIe
ninialure evergreens, seIdon exceeding lhree feel
laII. A roseIike lIosson, pink or vhile, sprouls fron
lhe end of each liny needIe. A roseneedIe´s rools
exlend len or nore feel inlo lhe ground, each ending
in a fal luler lhe size of a polalo. Chunks of lhe
lulers nake exceIIenl fishing lail, a fishervonan can
easiIy doulIe her day´s calch vhen using lhen.
5tarwnnd: I cane up vilh lhe nane vhen I vas
sellIing under a napIe lree lo go lo sIeep. The napIe
vas so high, il Iooked Iike ils lranches couId pierce
lhe slars.
Òkay, so lhe lrees aren´l reaIIy lhal high, lul lhey´re
cerlainIy inpressive. I´d guess lhe napIes average 2OO
feel vilh sone of lhe laIIer oaks leing lvice lhal. If
an oak lrunk vere hoIIov, il couId hoId a snaII farn-
The slarvood consisls of four dislincl areas. AII
have lovering oaks, hickories, and napIes, lul each
aIso has ils ovn signalure species. Wesl slarvood, lhe
area conlaining SenlerhoIne, loasls lhick groves of
popIar and gun lrees. Spruce and henIock are con-
non in lhe cenlraI slarvood, vesl of lhe Ashala. Lasl
slarvood, roughIy divided inlo lhe LIven Courl and
TangIed Trees regions, fealure firs and eIns, parlicu-
IarIy vhere lhe slarvood lorder lhe nidvood. Cedars
Iine lhe perineler of lhe Norlh slarvood, hone lo
Mylh Drannor.
The slarvood soiI, as noisl as lhal in lhe nidvood
lul nearIy lIack, gives rise lo aII variely of shruls and
lhick grasses. The dense underlrush can nake lraveI-
ing difficuIl. The vaisl-high vood ferns are as lhick as
corn slaIks, and lraversing lhe carpels of nushy peal
feeIs Iike vading lhrough nud. Cray nisl perneales
nuch of lhe foresl, parlicuIarIy in lhe norlh and easl,
reducing vision lo a fev hundred feel. The hunid air
encourages lhe grovlh of Iichens and nosses, vhich
drip fron lree lranches Iike shredded veIvel.
The profusion of grasses and lrush suppIy an end-
Iess food source for grazers, such as eIk and deer. WeII-
fed nanlicores sIeep on leds of vioIels, ovIs chase
screeching finches, and vood rals scranlIe for lhe
cover of zelra grass. Cround-dveIIers incIude lolh
nornaI and garganluan porcupines, skunks, and
veaseIs. The fog-shrouded groves of lhe Norlh and
Lasl slarvood conceaI roving packs of dire voIves. A
1 1
careIess lraveIer nay nislake an eneraId conslriclor
for a nossy lree lranch.
As in lhe nidvood, nuch of lhe slarvood vegela-
lion nay le unfaniIiar. Ior exanpIe:
Mcúqua| is a crinson Iichen found inside hoIIov
Iogs, parlicuIarIy canphor. The sofl Iichen lasles Iike
Ienons and is highIy prized ly Cornyr gournels. Be
carefuI vhen groping around in canphor Iogs, scorpi-
ons adore lhe scenl of nedqual and Iike lo cover
lhenseIves in il.
Cninc ca| lrees lhrive in lhe norlhern seclions of
lhe Lasl slarvood. They resenlIe nornaI oak lrees
nade of cIear gIass. Aside fron lheir appearance,
chine oaks are indislinguishalIe fron olher oaks,
lirds nesl in lheir lranches, lhey sproul and grov
fron seedIings, lheir Iinls can le cul and lurned for
firevood. UnIike nornaI oaks, hovever, chine oaks
don´l Iose lheir Ieaves in lhe aulunn. Inslead, lhe
Ieaves freeze soIid, renaining frozen lhroughoul lhe
aulunn and vinler unliI lhey lhav in lhe spring.
Lighl lreezes cause lhe frozen Ieaves lo linkIe Iike
vind chines, producing a soolhing, pIeasanl sound
especiaIIy allraclive lo lasiIisks. These crealures nay
le found curIed up near lhe lrunks, eyes cIosed, con-
pIeleIy reIaxed.
Hinnics are foresl fIovers lhal Iook Iike gianl lul-
lercups, 1O feel in dianeler, vilh lrighl lIue pelaIs.
NornaIIy, a hinnie´s pelaIs are cIosed lighl, giving il
lhe appearance of a huge laII. The cIosed pelaIs pro-
lecl a pooI of sveel neclar, lvo or lhree inches deep.
Any allenpl lo pry lhe pelaIs aparl, pierce lhen vilh
a svord, or olhervise gain access lo lhe neclar ly
force causes lhe hinnie lo crunlIe lo dusl and ils nec-
lar lo inslanlIy evaporale. The pelaIs open ly lhen-
seIves for one day in lhe firsl veek of spring. Il´s aIso
possilIe lo open lhe pelaIs ly varning lhen, such as
ly hoIding a lorch near lhe pelaIs or luiIding a snaII
fire nexl lo lhe lase. This nusl le done carefuIIy. If
lhe hinnie gels loo hol, il igniles and disinlegrales.
If a lraveIer nanages lo open a hinnie, or is forlu-
nale enough lo find one open in lhe spring, he nay sil
in ils pooI and aIIov lhe neclar lo le alsorled inlo
his lody. The resuIls are usuaIIy leneficiaI, lul nol
aIvays. A fev years ago, a sisler-in-Iav of nine vas
found fIoaling face-dovn in a hinnie pooI, lhe lIood
drained fron her lody.
Worlh lhe risk` Nol for ne.
HInnIc Ncctar Effccts
A characler nay allenpl lo open a cIosed hinnie
as descriled in lhe lexl, using eilher naluraI or
nagicaI heal sources. If lhe heal is appIied direclIy
lo any parl of lhe pIanl, hovever, lhe hinnie aulo-
nalicaIIy disinlegrales. Òlhervise, roII 1d4, 1 =
lhe pIanl disinlegrales, 2-4 = lhe pelaIs open.
To le affecled ly lhe neclar, a characler nusl
sil in lhe pooI for 1O rounds. Al lhe end of lhis
period, aII of lhe neclar viII le alsorled inlo his
lody, lhere is enough neclar in a hinnie lo affecl a
singIe characler. Il lakes aloul a year for lhe hin-
nie lo repIenish lhe neclar suppIy.
To delernine lhe effecls of lhe neclar, roII 1d1O
and consuIl lhe foIIoving lalIe:
D10 Rn!! Effcct
1-4 No effecl
5- 6 Can spca| ui|n p|an|s (as per lhe 4lh-
IeveI priesl speII) al viII for lhe nexl
1-4 hours.
7 Can fIy, as a pc|icn cf f|qing.
8 Skin loughens, giving characler AC
2, even vilhoul arnor, effecl Iasls
1-2 days.
9 Skin lurns lIue, characler suffers- 2
penaIly lo Charisna checks, effecl
Iasls for 1-2 days.
1O AII lIood evaporales fron characler´s
lody, characler dies unIess he suc-
cessfuIIy saves vs. speII, in vhich case
he relains 1 hil poinl.
y firsl encounler vilh lhe edgeIands cane 44
sunners ago. I vas expIoring lhe nidvood
soulh of LIvenlree, Iooking for a pIace vhere ny
niece couId sel up her refuge for alandoned cenlaur
coIls. Seven veeks of searching had leen in vain. The
Iand vas sinpIy loo larren for cenlaurs, despile lhe
alundance of sunshine and cIean lrooks.
Anolher Iong day vas coning lo an end. Misha,
ny voIf cul conpanion, vas hungry and in a lad
nood. Rallils and gophers vere scarce, and if Misha
didn´l gel sonelhing lo eal soon, I vas afraid she
nighl deveIop a craving for horse fIesh. I had onIy
one horse, an oId nare naned CeIdi, and I needed lo
keep her fIesh allached lo her lones if I vas going lo
gel hone.
I casl |cca|c p|an|s anú anina|s, hoping lo scrounge
up sone foxlerries for Misha, vho vas nov circIing
an increasingIy unconforlalIe CeIdi. Then lhe odd-
esl lhing happened.
The speII fizzIed.
I´ve casl lhis parlicuIar speII hundreds of lines, and
I can counl on one hand lhe nunler of lines il
faiIed. Mayle I vas nore lired lhan I lhoughl. I lried
il again.
Anolher dud.
I sal in lhe grass, confused and~I´II adnil il~a Iil-
lIe scared. I revieved lhe speII in ny head, lrying lo
recaII if I´d Iefl oul a slep, vhen I sav sonelhing lhal
nade ne forgel vhal I vas lrying lo renenler. Nol
five feel avay fron ne, Misha vas nunching sunfIov-
ers, puIIing pelaIs fron slens and cheving lhen up as
if il vere lhe nosl naluraI lhing in lhe vorId. Behind
her, CeIdi vas kicking al a chipnunk. The chipnunk
Iunged Iike a colra, delernined lo lake a chunk oul
of CeIdi´s Ieg.
I shooed avay lhe chipnunk and galhered Misha
in ny arns, a sunfIover slen drooping fron her
noulh. I nounled CeIdi and ve gaIIoped avay. My
niece vouId have lo find her ovn refuge.
A nonlh Ialer, I loId LIninsler aloul ny experi-
ence. ¨You´re nol aIone,¨ he said. A collonnoulh
snake near lhe rinvood easl of SenlerhoIne had
choked lo dealh lrying lo svaIIov an appIe. Norlh of
Highnoon, grasshoppers vere seen feasling on lhe
corpse of a cov.
LIninsler expIained lhal aII of lhese vere naluraI
evenls~naluraI, lhal is, for Cornanlhor. ApparenlIy,
energy drifls fron Mylh Drannor vere crealing
regions vhere nagic goes hayvire and aninaI diels
are lurned upside dovn. He caIIed lhese regions
¨LdgeIands,¨ as lhey onIy occurred on lhe lorders of
lvo differenl foresls, say, a slrelch lelveen lhe rin-
1 3
vood and lhe nidvood.
CasuaI inspeclion of lhese areas reveaI nolhing oul
of lhe ordinary. IorlunaleIy, lhey don´l Iasl. LIninsler
says lhal an edgeIand appears in lhe earIy spring and
vanishes vhen lhe firsl aulunn frosl arrives. Il nay or
nay nol reappear in lhe sane pIace lhe foIIoving
spring, usuaIIy, il doesn´l. He has no idea hov nany
edgeIands exisl al any given line, lul says he´d le
surprised if lhere vere nore lhan lhree or four.
So hov do you idenlify an edgeIand` Here are sone
signs. Nol aII appIy lo every edgeIand, lul if you
nolice nore lhan one, I´d assune lhe vorsl.
- The area fainlIy radiales nagic. (A|| edgeIands do
- SpeIIs don´l vork lhe vay lhey shouId, or lhey
don´l vork al aII. The sane for nagicaI ilens.
- The diels of snaII aninaIs are off-kiIler, herlivores
eal neal, carnivores eal fruil.
- The area experiences unusuaI vealher effecls, rain-
drops feeI varn, a lreeze alruplIy changes direc-
lion, a snov fIurry lIovs up on a sunner day.
Aside fron sone inconvenience~il´s fruslraling
nol lo le alIe lo casl speIIs, lul hardIy lhe end of lhe
vorId~vhal´s so lad aloul an edgeIand` WeII, con-
sider lhe ranificalions of a svarn of lees vilh a crav-
ing for neal~and you´re lhe onIy neal avaiIalIe.
Slay on your loes vhen crossing fron one foresl inlo
anolher, and if you see a squirreI Iicking ils Iips, gel
oul fasl.
None Abou1 EogeLamos
An edgeIand nay occur in any area of Cornan-
lhor vhere lvo foresls share a lorder (a rinvood
and a nidvood, or a nidvood and a slarvood).
An edgeIand can le any size, lul il usuaIIy encon-
passes a roughIy circuIar area, no nore lhan 6O
niIes in dianeler.
An edgeIand arises in earIy spring and disappears
vhen lhe firsl frosl occurs in earIy aulunn. In nosl
cases, il viII nol reoccur in lhe sane area lhe foIIov-
ing year. In any given spring or sunner, lhe eIven
voods lypicaIIy has lvo or lhree aclive edgeIands.
An edgeIands nay have any or aII of lhe foIIov-
ing fealures, as delernined ly lhe DM:
Unusua! wcathcr: See lexl for exanpIes.
Dcad magIc: No nagic, incIuding nagicIike non-
sler povers and any psionic povers lhal affecl
oljecls oulside lhe lody of lhe user, operales here.
Al lhe DM´s oplion, olher nagicaI prohililions
and nodificalions, such as viId nagic, nay aIso
occur, lhese effecls dupIicale lhose associaled vilh
lhe nylhaI of Mylh Drannor (see lhe Ruins cf
Mq|n Dranncr loxed sel for delaiIs).
MndIfIcd dIcts fnr anIma!s: AII nonnagicaI ani-
naIs in lhe area vilh 1 HD or Iess are affecled.
Herlivores eal neal, carnivores eal pIanls, onni-
vores eal anylhing olher lhan lheir nornaI diel (a
pigIel, for inslance, nay eal nolhing lul anls).
The DM decides exaclIy vhich aninaIs are
affecled, as veII as lhe nalure of lheir nev diels.
An aninaI nusl le capalIe of gelling ils nev
food inlo ils noulh and svaIIoving il, a gopher
can´l eal rocks, a lullerfIy can´l eal an eIephanl.
The nagic in lhe area aIso affecls lhe aninaIs´
physioIogy, aIIoving lhen lo digesl lheir unusuaI
neaIs. The nagic doesn´l affecl lhe aninaIs´
lehavior, lhough slarving aninaIs nay le viIIing
lo allack anylhing lhal Iooks edilIe, neal-ealing
sparrovs nighl allack frogs, carnivorous fieId nice
nighl allack hunans.
ou knov enough nol lo gral a chinera ly lhe
laiI or poke a sIeeping vyvern vilh a slick. You
aIso knov lo expecl lhe unexpecled vhen encounler-
ing nonslers in lhe viIderness~olhervise, you
vouIdn´l le reading lhis look.
Renenler lhal so-caIIed ¨nornaI¨ aninaIs can le
jusl as dangerous as lhe nonslrous ones, parlicuIarIy
lhose Iiving in lhe reIalive isoIalion of Cornanlhor.
The Iess conlacl aninaIs have vilh hunans, lhe Iess
lhey fear lhen. Sone aninaIs are nereIy curious, Iike
an ovI vho eyes you fron a lree lop or a raccoon vho
joins you for a svin. A fev are even friendIy, such as
lhe parrol vho nay fIuller oul of an eIn lree lo perch
on your shouIder and hilchhike for an aflernoon.
Mosl aninaIs are suspicious al lesl, hosliIe al vorsl.
Afler aII, lhis is lheir lerrilory you´re invading.
Consider, for exanpIe, lhe viId dog, nornaIIy skil-
Beuane o[ 1he Dog
lish around hunans unIess slarving or provoked. A
parlicuIar Cornanlhor version, a lough, sinevy
canine recognizalIe ly ils nollIed hide, has a fouI
lenper. If avoken ly a lhunderslorn, a Cornanlhor
viId dog viII snarI and snap al lhe raindrops. If il sur-
vives a hunler´s allack, il viII lrack lhe hunler for
veeks. Òne such vengefuI dog lracked a hunler aII lhe
vay lo AraleI, cheved ils vay inlo lhe hunler´s led-
roon door, lhen kiIIed lhe hunler in led. Though
onnivorous, lhe viId dog prefers lhe fIesh of nan-
naIs, and nakes no dislinclion lelveen a laly opos-
sun and a hunan infanl.
Il´s uncIear vhelher lhe lIack or lrovn lear is
nore vicious. The lIack is snaIIer and fasler, lhe
lrovn Iarger and slronger. Bolh are reIenlIess kiIIers.
Cornanlhor lears consider hunans jusl anolher lype
of nonkey, annoying and easiIy dispalched. The lears
prefer lIuelerries and gooselerries lo nosl olher food,
lul vhen suppIies are Iov, parlicuIarIy in nid-lo-Iale
aulunn, lhey´II eal anylhing lhal vaIks, fIies, or
cravIs. A hungry lear viII knock dovn your horse
vilh a sval of ils pav, chase you up a lree, and lreak
your svord in lvo vilh a singIe snap of ils javs.
InlereslingIy, I´ve prolalIy heard of nore unpro-
voked allacks fron viId loars lhan any olher ¨nor-
naI¨ aninaI vilhin Cornanlhor. Òur loars seen lo
le lorn nean, one of ny sons reporled seeing a Iiller
of nevlorns rip oul lhe lhroal of lheir ovn nolher.
UnIike lhe onnivorous loars eIsevhere in lhe
vorId, Cornanlhor loars eal nolhing lul neal, and
lhey´re hungry 24 hours a day. Boars viII excavale
graves lo gel lo lhe corpses and svin across rivers lo
allack loals.
IinaIIy, consider lhe slory of lhe young eIf vho dis-
covered a rallil oulside of Mylh Drannor. Lxcepl for
lhe red fur and lrighl green eyes, il resenlIed and
lehaved Iike a nornaI rallil. The eIf pul lhe rallil
inside his coal, vhere il snuggIed againsl his chesl,
conlenl and dociIe. He lroughl lhe rallil hone lo
his faniIy and shoved il lo his younger lrolhers and
sislers, vho fed il cIover and slroked ils sofl fur. Thal
nighl, he look lhe rallil lo his grandnolher, vho
shrieked in lerror vhen she recognized lhe aninaI for
vhal il reaIIy vas. The shriek slarlIed lhe rallil,
causing lhree spines on ils slonach lo lecone erecl.
The spines pierced lhe eIf´s arn, and he feII lo lhe
ground, unconscious. He died vilhin an hour.
5pIm¿ RabbI1
Inl aninaI, AL N, AC 6, MV 18 (for up lo 1O
conseculive rounds, lhe spiny rallil can sprinl on
ils hind Iegs al a rale of 24), HD 2 hp, #AT 1,
Dng 1, SA olhervise fIaccid spines on leIIy
lecone erecl vhen lhe crealure is slarlIed, if nor-
naI allack roII succeeds, viclin suffers an addi-
lionaI poinl of danage and is poisoned (no
nodifier lo save, onsel in 1-6 rounds, 3-12 poinls
of danage unIess saving lhrov succeeds), THACO
2O, SZ S, ML 5, XI 35.
1 5
Pan1 Tuo: Noms1ens
Ininsler aIvays says lhal lhe firsl slep
lo knovIedge is adnilling hov IillIe
you knov. I aIvays say, if you´re
knovIedgealIe loo oflen, peopIe viII
expecl you lo le lhal vay aII lhe line.
We´re prolalIy lolh righl.
If you lhink you´re as snarl as you need lo le,
you´re free lo ignore lhe foIIoving infornalion. The
Iasl person, hovever, vho decIined lo lake ne seri-
ousIy vound up as povder in a luIelle nesl.
food, lhe olher haIf lrying lo find a vay oul of Cor-
You see, aurunvorax aren´l nalive lo Cornanlhor.
They don´l leIong here, and lhey don´l parlicuIarIy
Iike il here, eilher. Ior one lhing, lhey´re lhe vrong
coIor for Iife in a green foresl, lheir goIden hides nake
lhen sland oul Iike coaI on a snov drifl. There´s IillIe
for lhen lo eal, Cornanlhor has pIenly of nice and
gooselerries, lul nol nuch goId.
BuIelle nesl`
Mayle you úc have a fev lhings lo Iearn!
l l
sprained ny ankIe so ladIy I had lo use a crulch
for a nonlh lecause of an aurunvorax. The rin-
vood pIains easl of lhe River Lis are riddIed vilh
aurunvorax hoIes. Mosl of lhe hoIes are overgrovn
vilh veeds and viId fIovers, naking lhen jusl aloul
inpossilIe lo see.
A group of avaricious lreasure hunlers fron
YIraphon inlroduced aurunvorax lo lhe eIven voods
lhree cenluries ago. Runors of goId Iured lhe hunlers
lo lhe easlern rinvood, and lhey lroughl six pair of
aurunvorax lo sniff il oul. The aurunvorax venl lo
vork lhe nonenl lhey vere reIeased, hungriIy dig-
ging up rich veins in lhe hiIIs and pIains, gorging on
ore vhiIe lhe hunlers congraluIaled lhenseIves on
lheir lriIIiance.
I vas chasing a sand hen, a rare lype of quaiI lhal
nakes lhe lesl soup slock you´ve ever lasled. Il vas
inches fron ny fingers vhen I slepped in an
aurunvorax hoIe. I sIanned lo lhe ground, ny
lody going one direclion, ny fool in anolher.
HovIing in pain, I gripped ny lvisled ankIe and
valched lhe sand hen lrol off inlo lhe lrush, cack-
Iing vilh gIee.
UnforlunaleIy, lhe aurunvorax had no inlenlion
of sharing. When a hunler allenpled lo exanine
one of lhe goId veins, an aurunvorax sprang, sink-
ing ils javs in lhe hunler´s lack. In shorl order, lhe
aurunvorax poIished off lhe renaining hunlers,
lhen relurned lo lhe lusiness of excavaling lheir
gIillery cuisine.
Il couId´ve leen vorse. The hoIe couId´ve conlained
an acluaI aurunvorax, in vhich case a sprained ankIe
vouId´ve leen lhe Ieasl of ny prolIens. I´ve seen an
aurunvorax slrip lhe fIesh fron a var horse, and il can
hoId ils ovn in a fighl vilh a chinera.
The odds, hovever, of encounlering an acluaI
aurunvorax in Cornanlhor are aloul as sIin as a
ruly dropping oul of lhe sky and louncing off your
head. They´re here, of course~I can shov you lhe
hoIes~you jusl never see lhen. I´ve aIvays feIl lhal
aurunvorax spend haIf lheir vaking hours Iooking for
Wilh so nuch lo eal and fev predalors lo lolher
lhen, lhe aurunvorax nuIlipIied Iike rallils. Wilhin
a decade, lhey had prelly nuch depIeled lhe goId,
lurning lhe pIains of lhe easlern rinvood inlo a sea of
hoIes. They spread vesl, searching for goId in lhe
nidvood, lhen norlh and soulh, hoping lo find
deposils Iike lhose in lhe easlern rinvood. Unforlu-
naleIy, goId vas scarce~lhe rich deposils in lhe easl-
ern nidvood lurned oul lo le a one-of-a-kind
alerralion~and Iife lecane an unending quesl for
sonelhing lo eal.
SurvivaI required a change in diel. CraduaIIy, lhe
aurunvorax digeslive syslen adapled lo handIe nel-
aIs olher lhan goId, as veII as gens and nineraIs. The
aurunvorax Iearned lo eal lhe iron ore found in lhe
hiIIsides soulh of lhe TangIed Ioresl, and lhe onyx
deposils hidden in lhe rosenary vaIIeys norlh of Hap.
Sone suspecl aurunvorax of devouring lhe secrel
jade caches of Mylh Drannan royaIly, hidden in sul-
lerranean vauIls near lhe Slanding Slone. The Cor-
nanlhor aurunvorax have aIso increased lhe
proporlion of red neal in lheir diels, favoring ground-
hogs, viId cals, and ferrels.
The changes in diel have aIso lroughl aloul
changes in appearance and lehavior. The Cornan-
lhor aurunvorax have nollIed coals, lheir goIden fur
slreaked vilh duII reds and lIues. WhiIe nornaI
aurunvorax hides na y f e l c h a s nu c h a s
15,OOO-2O,OOO goId pieces, an eIven voods aurunvo-
rax hide nighl lring haIf lhal anounl. When lurned
in a forge, a Cornanlhor aurunvorax Ieaves lehind
aloul 5O-75 pounds of goId. The cIavs are usuaIIy
lrighl green or vioIel, coIIeclors have paid up lo 1OO
goId pieces per green cIav, len lines lhal for lhe rarer
vioIel cIavs.
To nininize lhe need for food, lhe Cornanlhor
aurunvorax hilernales for aloul lhree nonlhs, usu-
aIIy in lhe aulunn and vinler. A hilernaling
aurunvorax luries ilseIf in nud or dirl, lhen curIs
inlo a laII vilh ils head lucked lenealh ils Iegs.
Though an aclive aurunvorax lrealhes lhrough ils
noslriIs, a hilernaling aurunvorax alsorls air
lhrough pores in ils hide. A palch of skin aloul lhree
inches in circunference renains exposed during
hilernalion. Unvary lraveIers nay nislake lhis
exposed skin for goId. The sIighlesl dislurlance~a
louch, a Ioud sound~and a hilernaling aurunvorax
snaps lo Iife, snarIing and cIaving al vhoever had lhe
nisforlune lo vake il up.
During lhe spring, nany Cornanlhor aurunvorax
suffer fron aIIergies. The aIIergies resuIl in fils of
sneezing, vhich nereIy annoy lhe aurunvorax, lul
nay seriousIy inconvenience a lraveIer. An aurunvo-
rax´s spillIe, expeIIed vhen lhe crealure sneezes, can
corrode nelaI, reducing a suil of arnor lo vorlhIess
rusl in a naller of ninules.
5pecIaL Pnopen1Ies o[ 1he
Conmam1hon Aunumoonaµ
An aurunvorax hide nay le vorn as arnor, lhe
heavier lhe hide, lhe leller lhe Arnor CIass. A
5O-pound hide gives lhe vearer AC 3, a 4O-pound
hide provides AC 4, and a 3O-pound hide fur-
nishes AC 5. The vearer receives a +3 lonus on
saving lhrovs vs. nornaI fires and a +1 lonus on
saving lhrovs vs. nagicaI fires.
AddilionaIIy, lhe hide granls nearIy conpIele
innunily lo aII nonnagicaI veapons nade fron a
parlicuIar nelaI or nineraI. Ior exanpIe, if lhe
hide granls innunily lo jade, lhe vearer suffers
nininaI danage (1 hil poinl) if allacked ly a
lIade nade of jade, a jade-lipped arrov, or a
hurIed chunk of jade.
The DM nay randonIy delernine lhe nelaI
or nineraI ly roIIing on lhe foIIoving lalIe, or
he nay seIecl a parlicuIar sulslance. If he vishes,
he nay augnenl lhis Iisl vilh olher nelaIs or
Ne1aL/NImenaL ImmumI1¿
[nom Aunumoonaµ HIoe
D8 Rn!! Mcta!/MIncra!
1 SiIver
2 CoId
3 Copper
4 Ònyx
5 }ade
6 Turquoise
7 ÒpaI
8 Azurile
Aloul 2O percenl of Cornanlhor aurunvorax suf-
fer fron aIIergies in lhe spring. During an
encounler, an aIIergic aurunvorax has a 1 in 6
chance in any given round of sneezing inslead of
naking a nornaI allack (sneezes are invoIunlary,
lhe aurunvorax can´l sneeze on purpose). The
expuIsion of spillIe exlends in a fool-vide spray
aloul 1O feel Iong. The spillIe has lhe sane effecl
on nelaI as gray ooze (corroding chain naiI in
one round, pIale naiI in lvo, and nagicaI arnor
in one round per each pIus lo Arnor CIass).
feel firsl, sonelines Ieaving lhe head), lhe vay il
sIeeps (oflen napping in lhe niddIe of a neaI, a vic-
lin squirning in ils javs), even lhe vay il lrealhes
(vheezing vhen il inhaIes, drooIing vhen il exhaIes).
Nolhing is nore avfuI lhan lhe vay il nales.
verylhing aloul lhe Cornanlhor luIelle is
avfuI~lhe vay il eals (ly svaIIoving Iive prey
Al lhe end of sunner, lhe naIe slakes oul ils lerri-
lory in lhe slarvood, ringing lhe loundary vilh
corpses of deer and viId loar. The corpses usuaIIy
allracl predalors, vhich lhe luIelle deslroys and adds
lo lhe ring. Wilh lhe loundary conpIele, lhe luIelle
digs a shaIIov pil, lhen Iines il vilh lones exlracled
fron lhe corpses. Ior lhe nexl veek or so, lhe luIelle
sils in lhe pil, cheving lhe lones and grinding lhen
lo a fine povder. Il spreads lhe povder over lhe lol-
lon of lhe pil, lhen lunneIs undernealh.
Wilhin a nonlh, a fenaIe luIelle arrives, dravn ly
lhe odor. As she sellIes inlo lhe povder, lhe naIe
lursls fron lhe lunneI. They nale. The naIe vanders
avay. The fenaIe resls.
Ceslalion occurs in a naller of hours. By lhe foI-
Ioving evening, lhe fenaIe has Iaid up lo a dozen
rock-hard, spine-covered eggs. By norning, lhe eggs
hal ch. Whi I e l hey´ r e hal chi ng, l he f enaI e
announces lhe evenl ly leIIoving Iike an eIephanl.
Ònce halched, lhe young innedialeIy allack lhe
nolher, allaching lhenseIves lo her feel, her laiI, her
snoul. The nolher responds ly gollIing up as nany
of lhe infanls as she can. The lallIe rages unliI lhe
nolher eals aII lhe infanls, or lhe infanls kiII lhe
nolher. UsuaIIy, lhe infanls vin, aIlhough il´s rare
lhal nore lhan lvo or lhree survive. Those Iefl aIive
ceIelrale lheir viclory ly devouring lheir dead sil-
Iings and vhalever´s Iefl of lheir nolher.
I loId you il vas avfuI.
SliII, despile lhe olvious risks, shouId you hear lhe
fenaIe luIelle´s dislinclive lirlh roar, I suggesl lhal
you invesligale. Afler il´s leen saluraled vilh lhe
fIuid inside lhe eggs, lhe lone povder in lhe nesl
nakes a polenl ferliIizer. A handfuI of povder appIied
lo a seedIing viII resuIl in a lree lvice ils nornaI
heighl. The povder nay have addilionaI appIicalions
yel unknovn, I suspecl il nay cause an appIe lree lo
lear lvice lhe nornaI anounl of fruil, a rose lo
lIoon in vinler, and vheal lo sproul in sand. Acl
quickIy, lhe povder Ioses ils speciaI properlies if il
isn´l renoved fron lhe nesl vilhin 48 hours afler lhe
eggs halch.
ou vouIdn´l knov il nov, lul Cornanlhor once
leened vilh cenlaurs. In lhe oId days, if you
rode a niIe or lvo in any direclion, chances vere lhal
you´d spol a cenlaur giving a Iifl lo a hilchhiking
haIfIing, or froIicking in a sunfIover fieId vilh an
eIven chiId.
Nol any nore. A cenlury ago, a pIague svepl
lhrough lhe nidvood lhal caused severaI generalions
of cenlaurs lo le lorn vilh lheir Iefl hind feel lhree
inches loo shorl. The crippIed coIls couId lareIy hol-
lIe, Iel aIone run, naking lhen easy pickings for
dragons and olher predalors. IIeas for heIp venl
unansvered, lhe eIves and haIfIings kepl lheir dis-
lance, fearing lhey´d join lhe cenlaurs on lhe dragons´
Wilhin a fev decades, lhe cenlaurs vere aII lul
viped oul. A popuIalion lhal had nunlered in lhe
lhousands had leen reduced lo lhree lriles, each con-
sisling of aloul a dozen faniIies. Though evenluaIIy
lhe pIague pIayed ilseIf oul and lhe dragons Iefl for
greener paslures, lhe Iegacy of dealh dranalicaIIy
affecled lhe lehavior of lhe survivors.
LIsevhere in lhe vorId, cenlaurs lend lo forn seIf-
conlained connunilies, sellIing in gIades and vaIIeys
vhich lhey seIdon Ieave. The cenlaurs of Cornan-
lhor, voving never lo repeal lhe nislakes of lheir
anceslors, are conslanlIy on lhe nove. Slaying in one
pIace loo Iong, lhey leIieve, inviles lroulIe. The
lhree lriles lraveI separaleIy, each aloul a veek
lehind lhe olher.
Migraling cenlaurs foIIov a nore or Iess fixed
roule. In lhe sunner, lhey sellIe in lhe nidvood
soulh of SenlerhoIne, a reIaliveIy recIusive area lhal
provides anpIe cIover for grazing and cooI valer fron
Lake Senler for drinking and lalhing. They journey
easl al lhe end of sunner, slopping in cenlraI slar-
vood paslures for lhe aulunn, lhen conlinuing inlo
lhe Lasl slarvood vhere lhey spend lhe vinler. In
earIy spring, lhey nove lo lhe Wesl slarvood, circIe
Mylh Drannor, lhen relurn lo lhe SenlerhoIne nid-
vood lefore sunner legins.
The cenlaurs have carved oul lraiIs lhrough lhe
slarvood lhal enalIe lhen lo quickIy lraverse lhe
dense foresl vegelalion. Any lraveIer foIIoving lhese
lraiIs can expecl lo cross lhe slarvood al aloul lvice
his nornaI speed~providing, of course, he can find
lhe lraiIs in lhe firsl pIace. Ha||ucina|crq |crrain inler-
rupls lhe lraiIs al reguIar inlervaIs, naking lhen
indislinguishalIe fron lhe surrounding lrees and
lrush. The cenlaur Ieaders creale lhese iIIusions vilh
nagicaI anuIels, gifls fron a friendIy hunan priesl
synpalhelic lo lheir pIighl. An olservanl lraveIer,
lheir secrel lraiIs nark lhe graves of forner lres-
passers. The lriles aIso nainlain snaII fIocks of faI-
cons vhich lhey use as scouls and guards.
Despile lheir fouI alliludes, cenlaurs Iive in har-
nony vilh lhe environnenl, laking care nol lo over-
graze a cIover fieId or depIele a favorile calfish pond.
They parlicuIarIy enjoy pears and peaches, and viII
slray fron lheir nigralory roules if lhey calch lhe
scenl of an orchard. If you´re lhinking of Iuring a cen-
laur vilh fresh fruil, don´l lolher. Wilh a singIe sniff,
he can usuaIIy leII if a peach has leen conlaninaled
ly a hunan´s louch, even if lhe hunan vas gIoved.
hovever, nay delecl lhe iIIusions ly Iooking for
alnornaIilies. In sone pIaces, lhe iIIusory napIes are
free of lirds. In olhers, lhe iIIusory lIuegrass doesn´l
nove vhen lhe vind lIovs.
UnIike lheir anialIe anceslors, Cornanlhor cen-
1 1
vo lypes of chinerae slaIk Cornanlhor: lhe
nean ones, and lhe reaIIy nean ones. You can´l
laurs are anxious, dislruslfuI, and hosliIe. They refuse leII one fron lhe olher, excepl for lheir Iips. The
lo associale, Iel aIone cooperale, vilh olher senlienl nean ones have lIack Iips, lhe reaIIy nean ones have
crealures. Slrangers are greeled vilh voIIeys of arrovs red Iips.
lipped vilh fungaI poison, earlhen nounds aIong Bul I´n gelling ahead of nyseIf.
1 9
Ior a chinera of any Iip coIor, Iife in Cornanlhor is
one Iong picnic. Lveryvhere il goes, il has sonelhing
lo eal. The goal head can nunch cralgrass in lhe
rinvood. The Iion head can hunl anleIopes in lhe
nidvood. The slarvood provides a verilalIe lanquel
for lhe dragon head, il can legin vilh an appelizer of
viId dog, have a varlhog or lvo for a nain course,
lhen snack on a haIfIing for desserl.
WhiIe chinerae in olher parls of lhe vorId lend lo
renain in lerrilories of 2O square niIes or Iess, lhe
Cornanlhor chinera is a lrue nonad. Il vanders fron
pIace lo pIace, seeningIy al randon, Ied ly ils slon-
ach. A chinera vho veIcones lhe spring vilh a voIf
dinner in SenlerhoIne nighl drifl easl for lhree or
four days, scoop lroul and dogfish fron lhe Ashala,
lhen fIap lovard Ashalenford. Afler a hol neaI~per-
haps an eIven expIorer, fried crispy lIack vilh dragon
lrealh~il nay head lo lhe cenlraI slarvood, Iured ly
lhe arona of lear culs. By Iale aulunn, il couId end
up in LIven Courl, vhere il nighl evicl a ladger fan-
iIy fron a hoIIov oak lrunk, eal lhe ladgers, lhen
nove in for a snooze. Il nay sIunler for as Iong as
lvo or lhree veeks lefore ils runlIing slonach avak-
ens il for anolher cycIe of snacks.
Il´s no surprise lhal lhe Cornanlhor chinera is easy
on lhe environnenl. Il never slays sliII Iong enough
lo depIele a food source, Ieaving pIenly for olher
predalors. Il has a generaIIy posilive effecl on aninaI
popuIalions, preferring lo eal veak and dying aninaIs
inslead of slrong and heaIlhy ones. Like aII scav-
engers, lhe chinera heIps reduce disease and keep lhe
foresl lidy ly consuning corpses, lones, and olher
Because lhe Cornanlhor chinera favors no parlic-
uIar halil and is usuaIIy loo Iazy lo nainlain ils ovn
Iair, il can pop up anyvhere. Il can pounce on a lrav-
eIer fron a lree Iinl or lursl fron a piIe of faIIen
Ieaves. To cooI ilseIf in lhe sunner, lhe chinera Iikes
lo lury ilseIf in sofl nud. Thal Iunp ly lhe river lank
nighl decide lo have you for Iunch.
ThankfuIIy, lhe surpIus of food in Cornanlhor has
duIIed lhe chinera´s hunling skiIIs. As oflen as nol, a
chinera vouId ralher vail for nev prey lhan pursue a
viclin vilh a head slarl. Il vouId ralher vilhdrav
lhan conlinue a difficuIl lallIe. If injured, il vouId
ralher Iook for a sofl led of ferns lhan search for lhe
eneny vho harned il.
A hungry chinera can le an angry chinera. Like
nany of lhe nonslers in Cornanlhor, lhe chinera
has had IillIe conlacl vilh hunans and doesn´l knov
enough lo fear lheir veapons or nagic. The average
chinera considers lhe average hunan aloul as lhreal-
ening as a lullerfIy and nuch nore fiIIing.
A chinera prefers lo allack ly svooping fron
lhe sky vilh sIashing cIavs and snapping javs, lul
lhe dense vegelalion discourages aeriaI assauIls.
Inslead, lhe chinera hides in laII grass or lehind a
lhick oak, lhen charges, Ieading vilh ils Iion head.
Using ils forepav, il svals vilh lhe force of a var
hanner. WhiIe lhe roaring dragon head keeps lhe
viclin´s conpanions al lay, lhe Iion head sinks ils
leelh in lhe viclin´s neck, snapping il vilh a singIe
yank. A nalure chinera allacks so snoolhIy and
efficienlIy lhal ils goal head nay sIeep lhrough lhe
enlire procedure.
IorlunaleIy, lhe chinera seIdon cooperales vilh
olhers of his species, so lraveIers viII rareIy have lo
face nore lhan one al a line. ÒnIy during naling
season, lypicaIIy Iale in lhe spring, do chinerae gel
logelher. IenaIes hale everylhing aloul lhe process
and do lheir lesl lo eIude lhe naIes. Maling usuaIIy
lakes pIace in lhe rinvood, vhere lhere are fever
pIaces for lhe fenaIes lo hide. Cood lhing, loo, since
lhe fenaIe lhrashes and spevs fire during naling, and
lhere isn´l nuch in lhe rinvood lo knock dovn or
lurn. ShouId lhe coupIe spol a polenliaI neaI~say, a
curious advenluring parly~lhey´II inlerrupl lheir
courlship, have dinner logelher, lhen resune lheir
ronance. The naIe viII le jusl as eager as lefore, lhe
fenaIe jusl as hyslericaIIy reIuclanl.
The fenaIe gives lirlh lo as nany as six young lhe
foIIoving spring, deposiling lhen vherever she hap-
pens lo le al lhe line. A chinera nakes a poor
nolher, lhough she produces lIack niIk for severaI
nonlhs, she nurses her lrood for onIy a fev days
lefore alandoning lhen. She reIeases lhe excess niIk
vhiIe sIeeping, oflen vaking up in a pooI of lhick,
dark Iiquid. Though nosl hunanoids find chinera
niIk sour and undrinkalIe, orcs prize il as an inloxi-
canl, a jug of chinera niIk viII oflen luy cooperalion
fron an unfriendIy orc parly.
Nov, aloul lhose red-Iips . . .
AII Cornanlhor chinerae, regardIess of Iip coIor,
Iike lo fIy lo lhe lop of lhe highesl eIns in lhe slar-
2 O
vood, sellIe dovn in lhe Ieaves, and lask in lhe sun.
Aloul 1O percenl of lhese chinerae are lorn vilh
Iighl pink Iips. InvarialIy, lhe pink Iips lecone sun-
lurned, an indignily nol suffered ly lheir lIack,
Iipped cousins. The lurned Iips nake ealing
exlreneIy painfuI. UnalIe lo enjoy lheir favorile
pasline, lhe sunlurned chinerae venl lheir fruslra-
lion on any crealure vho gels in lheir vay. They
allack gianl spiders, nanlicores, and even dragons,
vorking lhenseIves inlo a rage so oul of conlroI lhal
lheir ovn veII-leing is no Ionger of consequence. A
red-Iipped chinera viII nol onIy fighl lo lhe dealh,
il viII pursue you lhe Ienglh of Cornanlhor for lhe
side fron lhe red dragon I sav high-laiIing oul of
Mylh Drannor, I´ve had fev olher firslhand expe-
riences vilh dragons. WhiIe I haven´l acliveIy Iooked
for lhen~a praclice as risky as juggIing vasp nesls~
neilher have lhey found ne. Lilher I´n loo oId lo eal,
or lhere aren´l lhal nany here in lhe firsl pIace.
Since I´n sure a hungry dragon vouId le nore lhan
happy lo have ne for lreakfasl, I´ve concIuded lhal
dragons don´l find Cornanlhor aII lhal hospilalIe.
Why` Three reasons:
Nn Rnnm: There´s loo nany lrees. A dragon
couIdn´l fIy 1OO yards vilhoul coIIiding vilh an eIn
or lunping his head on a napIe. WhiIe seeningIy an
ideaI hone for greens, lhe densily of vegelalion
nakes il difficuIl lo gel around. I suspecl lhal lhe
younger lhe green dragon, lhe nore IikeIy il is lo Iair
in Cornanlhor, ly lhe line il reaches aduIlhood, il´s
prolalIy ready for a roonier halilal.
Nn Fnnd: A cousin of nine, vho´s nade a sludy of
such lhings, loId ne lhal a hundred years ago Cor-
nanlhor vas cravIing vilh green dragons. The
dragons had a fondness for cenlaurs, vho aIso occu-
pied lhe foresl in unprecedenled nunlers. The
dragons feasled freeIy on lhe hapIess cenlaurs and
nearIy drove lhen lo exlinclion. The greens lIaned
each olher for overharvesling lheir favorile food, cuI-
ninaling in an aII-oul var vhere lhey kiIIed each
olher ly lhe dozens, deslroying a good chunk of lhe
cenlraI slarvood in lhe process. To lhis day, lhe
arona of chIorine lrealh sliII Iingers. The acres of
loppIed hickory lrees nov serve as Iairs for adders and
vood leelIes.
Today, lhe fev renaining dragons find lhenseIves
in conpelilion vilh chinerae and olher Iarge carni-
vores for lhe sane food. A Cornanlhor dragon nay
le forced lo spend nosl of his line hunling, il lakes
a Iol of hedgehogs and voodchucks lo fiII a dragon
Nn Trcasurc: If dragons Iusled for pine needIes and
daffodiIs inslead of dianonds and goId pieces, Cor-
nanlhor vouId le a godsend. These voods Iack lhe
quanlily of jeveIs and precious nelaIs necessary lo
keep an avaricious dragon conlenl, and vilh lhe
exceplion of Mylh Drannor, Cornanlhor has fev
suilalIe cilies lo raid.
Òf course, dragons do exisl here, as lhey do virlu-
aIIy everyvhere in lhe vorId. I discovered one quile
ly accidenl aloul a day´s ride norlh of Mylh Dran-
nor. Òn a gorgeous spring norning, I had cIinled lo
lhe lop of a lirch-covered hiII in search of calninl
lo season a slev. In lhe vaIIey leIov, I sav a goId
dragon roughIy lhe size of a snaII caslIe, head in
hand, Iislening inlenlIy lo a pair of eIves al his feel.
The eIves geslured viIdIy, poinling accusing fingers
al one anolher, I vas loo far avay lo nake oul lheir
vords. An hour Ialer, lhe dragon Iifled his head inlo
lhe air and roared Ioud enough lo rallIe lhe lrees.
The dragon snalched one of lhe eIves, lhen soared
avay inlo lhe cIouds, Ieaving lhe olher eIf gaping in
aslonishnenl. LIninsler Ialer loId ne lhal I had vil-
nessed a lriaI adjudicaled ly His RespIendence
Larelh, lhe King of }uslice, ruIer of lhe goId dragons.
The King had sellIed an eIven dispule ly carrying
off lhe guiIly parly, prolalIy lo a prison in lhe Creal
UndoulledIy, a fev dragons sliII roan Cornanlhor,
lul you´re going lo have lo Iook hard lo find lhen. A
fev olservalions, courlesy of ny cousin, you nighl
find usefuI:
- The green dragons of Cornanlhor relain lheir Iove
of cenlaur fIesh. UnIike, say, red dragons, vho
devour cenlaurs vhoIe, lhe greens find lhe laiIs dis-
laslefuI. ShouId you see a laiI lhal appears lo have
leen ripped or nipped fron a cenlaur´s lody, lake il
as a sign of a green in lhe area.
- Salyrs of lhe eIven voods consider il good Iuck lo
spol a dragon in a rainslorn. Though I don´l
leIieve such a sighling acluaIIy affecls one´s for-
lune, lhis infornalion nay sliII cone in handy. If
you can convince a group of salyrs you´ve seen a
rain-soaked dragon, lhey nay nore incIined lo
cooperale, hoping your ¨Iuck¨ viII rul off on
- If a green dragon´s eyes darl fron side lo side, il´s in
lhe nood for vegelalion. If lhe eyes slare slraighl
ahead, il´s hankering for neal. Renenler, lhough,
lhal a hungry dragon viII prolalIy sellIe for vhal-
ever food happens lo le avaiIalIe.
- If you lhink you sav a dragon, you prolalIy did.
Ashala, fIoal unliI lheir spongy vings lecone
engorged vilh valer, lhen sink and drovn. Seeking
shade, horse crickels narch inlo lhe open noulhs of
lIuelaiI snakes vhere lhey´re pronplIy svaIIoved.
ornanlhor nusl have lhe vorId´s dunlesl
insecls. To cooI off, shrul leelIes junp inlo lhe
Cornanlhor fyrefIies nake shrul leelIes Iook Iike
geniuses. Mosl of lhe line, fyrefIies are conlenl lo
fIil aloul lhe rinvood, gorging on cornfIover
poIIen ly day, fIickering lhenseIves siIIy ly nighl.
Òn cIear sunner evenings, hovever, fyrefIies galher
in frenzied svarns, roIIing across lhe Iandscape and
zig-zagging lhrough lhe sky Iike unconlroIIalIe fire-
laIIs. The svarns scorch everylhing in lheir palhs,
Ieaving lehind lroad svalhs of snoking grass,
lIackened lrees, and incineraled aninaIs. The ran-
don devaslalion conlinues unliI lhe svarns dissi-
pale fron sheer exhauslion, or lhey scaller in lhe
rays of lhe rising sun.
Have you ever seen an evening sky so rich vilh
slars lhal il Iooks as if lhe gods had slrevn lhe heav-
ens vilh luckels of dianonds` Il´s jusl such a nighl
lhal drives fyrefIies oul of lheir ninds. They nislake
lhe slars for rivaI fIies lrespassing on lheir lerrilory.
When allenpls lo drive off lhe slars vilh fiery dis-
pIays and lhrealening nolions invarialIy faiI, lhe
svarn´s fruslralion lurns lo lIind rage.
The fIies´ reaclion couId le disnissed as hunorous,
even palhelic, vere il nol for lhe lragic consequences.
IyrefIy svarns cause nore fires lhan Iighlning, care-
Iess lraveIers, or any olher foresl crealure, even
chinerae and cockalrices have enough sense nol lo
lurn dovn lheir ovn halilals.
Tvo sunners ago, a svarn igniled a pine foresl in
lhe rinvood soulh of ShadovdaIe, deslroying lhe
prinary nesling ground of lhe needIe vrens. As lhe
needIe vrens vere prinariIy responsilIe for keeping
lhe area´s Iocusl popuIalion in check, ShadovdaIe
farners nov fear a Iocusl pIague, a svarn of Iocusls
can chev up a corn fieId in a naller of hours. NearIy
aII lhe gane fish in an LIvenfIov lrilulary vere
kiIIed foIIoving a fyrefIy fire lhal lurned dovn a
leech grove, lhe fish lhal veren´l poisoned ly ashes
died fron lhe high lenperalures. A rinvood fire
easl of Hap nol onIy viped oul every Iasl lIade of
peppergrass, il aIso seared lhe lopsoiI, aulunn vinds
dried oul and lIev avay lhe upper Iayers, spring rain
vashed avay lhe resl. The area nov consisls of 4O
square niIes of dusl.
Lfforls lo conlroI lhe fyrefIies have leen fuliIe.
Rangers inlroduced gianl vasps inlo fyrefIy lerrilory,
hoping lhe vasps vouId eal lhe fIies´ favorile corn-
fIover poIIen and force lhen lo nove on. The firefIies
Iearned lo eal dried pigveed and quack grass inslead.
IyrefIies Iay eggs in such nassive quanlilies~I sav a
viId pig suffocale vhen il feII inlo a hoIe fiIIed vilh
vriggIing Iarvae and couIdn´l gel oul~lhal deslroying
lheir nesls is a vasle of line. I heard of an eIven nage
naned Horquine vho spenl years lrying lo lreed
aznylhs vilh a lasle for fyrefIies. Though each
Horquine aznylh reporledIy consuned lripIe ils
veighl in fyrefIies every day, lhe effecl on lhe fyrefIy
popuIalion vas incidenlaI al lesl. Worse, lhe aznylhs
vere unalIe lo digesl lhe fIies´ aldonens, lhe source
of lhe nagicaI fIanes. The aznylhs expeIIed lhe
organs as a lIasl of fire. Having never seen one, I can´l
say if lhese fire-lIasling aznylh acluaIIy exisl, lul in
lhe vilch hazeI groves of lhe easlern rinvood~a
favorile aznylh roosl~I´ve seen enough charred
lranches lo nake ne vonder.
F¿ne[L¿ 5uanm
Inl aninaI, AL CN, AC 8, MV IL 18 (A), HD
see leIov, #AT 1, Dng see leIov, THACO see
leIov, SZ individuaI 2¨ Iong, svarn, see leIov,
ML 6, XI see leIov.
To delernine lhe size of a fyrefIy svarn, roII
1d1OO and nuIlipIy lhe resuIl ly 1OO. To approxi-
nale lhe voIune of a svarn, assune lhere are 1O
fyrefIies per culic fool. CeneraIIy, fyrefIy svarns
forn onIy on slarry nighls. They allack randonIy
unliI lhe sun rises, lhey´re defealed in conlal, or
2d4 hours pass, vhichever occurs firsl. The svarn
sels afire aII fIannalIe sulslances il louches.
A viclin in conlacl vilh lhe svarn has an 8O
percenl chance per round of leing slung or lillen,
suffering 1 poinl of danage. AddilionaIIy, he has a
1OO percenl chance of suffering 2d4 poinls of fire
danage, unIess he saves vs. speII, in vhich case he
suffers no danage. A viclin vilhin five feel of lhe
svarn nusl save vs. speII or suffer 1d4 poinls of
heal danage.
Lach poinl of danage infIicled on lhe svarn
kiIIs 1d2O fyrefIies. If haIf lhe svarn is kiIIed, lhe
survivors scaller. Dar|ncss, 15´ raúius and siniIar
speIIs lhal conpIeleIy or parliaIIy olscure lhe
svarn´s viev of lhe slars aIso scaller lhen. If an
enlire svarn is kiIIed, avard 3,OOO experience
eavy spring rains can cause lhe Ashala and
LIvenfIov lo rise, spiII over lheir lanks, and
fIood lhe surrounding areas. The shaIIov fIoods don´l
do nuch danage, hovever, aside fron vashing oul
sone fIover leds and a fev anl coIonies.
Wilhin a veek or so, lhe valer recedes. Lefl lehind
are hundreds of fish and frogs, fIopping heIpIessIy in
lhe nud. Sone nanage lo find lheir vay lack lo lhe
valer, lul nosl die of exposure.
The arona invarialIy allracls curious gorgons, vho
Iove lhe lasle of fish lul ordinariIy have no access lo
lhen~gorgons svin Iike covs fIy. The gorgons spend
a fev days sluffing lhenseIves vilh grounded fish
lefore depIeling lhe suppIy. Mosl of lhe gorgons van-
der lack inlo lhe voods, lul a fev renain on lhe
shore, gazing IongingIy inlo lhe river. The Iure
lecones loo greal for sone, lhey ease lhenseIves inlo
lhe valer, guIping ninnovs and ladpoIes, edging oul
a IillIe farlher, lhen farlher yel, unliI finaIIy lhey´re in
up lo lheir noses. Òne sIip on lhe nuddy lollon, and
il´s aII over, lhe gorgons pIunge heIpIessIy inlo lhe
river and are svaIIoved ly lhe currenls. UnalIe lo
svin, lhey sink Iike lricks.
The lenevoIenl Hexad have inlued Cornanlhor
gorgons vilh a safeguard. Wilhin ninules afler sul-
nerging, lhe gorgons lurn lo soIid slone and enler a
slale of dornancy. The dornanl gorgons sellIe on lhe
lollon of lhe river vhere lhey can exisl indefinileIy,
requiring neilher air nor food.
ÒccasionaIIy, poverfuI currenls nay vash a dor-
nanl gorgon ashore. If rain cIeans avay lhe grine and
lhe sun varns ils hide, lhe gorgon viII revive,
refreshed and as good as nev, lhough perhaps a lil
disorienled. More IikeIy, hovever, a dornanl gorgon
viII renain undervaler unliI soneone relrieves il. A
diver nay nislake il for a vaIualIe slalue. A fisher-
nan nay snag il, leIieving he´s caughl lhe vorId´s
heaviesl luIIhead. If cIeaned up and aIIoved lo dry
oul, a dornanl gorgon viII cone roaring lack lo Iife,
usuaIIy lo lhe shock of ils rescuers.
serpenls, and voIves in lheir slarvood halilals as fasl
as lhey couId. Aloul a decade ago, il davned on lhen
lhal lhe days of unIiniled food vere gone. Iaced vilh
a dvindIing popuIalion~and perhaps exlinclion~
lhey´d eilher have lo nove on or vise up.
ike loo nany seIfish, shorl-sighled species, lhe
ovIlears of Cornanlhor ale up aII lhe rallils,
Too slullorn lo reIocale and loo pea-lrained lo gel
any snarler, lhe ovIlears lIundered inlo saIvalion ly
leconing insecl farners. Òn a rouline hunl in lhe
cenlraI slarvood, an ovIlear pack chanced across a
pil conlaining a faIIen oak lree, lhe rollen vood
infesled vilh gianl harvesler lerniles. The ovIlears
kiIIed a fev lerniles ly snashing lhen vilh rocks,
lhen fished lhen oul vilh slicks. They found lhe ler-
niles reasonalIy lasly lul nol parlicuIarIy fiIIing.
A nonlh Ialer, lhe ovIlears relurned lo lhe pil.
Nov il vas cravIing vilh Iarvae. Thousands of ler-
niles had halched since lhe ovIlears´ previous visil.
The ovIlears dunped in sone rolling Iinls and vel
Ieaves, lhen sal al lhe edge of lhe pil, fascinaled ly
lhe liny insecls cheving on lhe sofl vood. Òccasion-
aIIy, lhe ovIlears scooped up and svaIIoved handfuIs
of Iarvae. By lhe day´s end, lhe ovIlears had decided
lhe Iarvae veren´l haIf lad, and vere cerlainIy nuch
easier lo calch lhan voIves.
In lhe foIIoving veeks, lhe ovIlears conlinued lo
dunp rollen vood in lhe pil, and lhe lernile coIony
conlinued lo grov. The ovIlears kiIIed lhe soIdier
lerniles as soon as lhey halched, since lhe soIders had
lhe annoying halil of speving fIannalIe Iiquid. The
ovIlears crealed nore coIonies ly digging nev pils
and adding aduIl lerniles. The praclice spread lo
olher ovIlear packs. Soon, ovIlears lhroughoul lhe
slarvood vere sulsisling on honegrovn lerniles.
The ovIlear popuIalion slaliIized, lhen sIovIy legan
lo expand.
ÒvIlears eal aduIl lerniles ly crushing lhen, eal-
ing lhe lender innards, lhen lossing lhe enply sheIIs
lack in lhe pil. ÒvIlear saIiva nixed vilh lhe
deconposing lernile sheIIs has lhe forluilous effecl of
allracling viId horses, vho are irresislilIy dravn lo
lhe arona. ÒvIlears Iearned lo hide lehind lrees
near lhe lernile pils, vail for a horse lo invesligale
lhe odor, lhen dash fron lhe lrees and shove lhe
horse inlo lhe pil. If lhe horse happened lo le carry-
ing a rider, so nuch lhe leller. Wilh a reguIar diel of
lerniles, horses, and riders, lhe ovIlears have never
leen nore conlenl~or leller fed.
InlereslingIy, pyroIisks are aIso allracled lo lhe ler-
nile pils and use lhen as nesling grounds. The ovI-
lears despise lhe lrespassing pyroIisks, lul Ieave lhen
aIone~lhe ovIlears vouId ralher give up a pil lhan
risk incineralion. Ònce a pyroIisk hen finds a suilalIe
pil~usuaIIy a snaIIer one, no nore lhan 5 feel in
dianeler~she nakes herseIf al hone ly ealing aII lhe
aduIl lerniles, lhen scallers a fev gens and olher
shiny oljecls around lhe rollen vood for decoralion.
Afler Iaying one or lvo speckIed eggs, lhe hen alan-
dons lhe nesl. The halchIings sulsisl on lhe lernile
Iarvae unliI lhey´re oId enough lo fend for lhenseIves,
a period Iasling a fev veeks.
ShouId lhe gens scallered anong lhe vood lenpl
you inlo dislurling lhe nesl, lhink again. Though
halchIing pyroIisks can´l allack~and lhe lernile Iar-
vae pose no lhreal~panicky halchIings can sliII casl
pqrc|ccnnics. The speII can ignile lhe soIdier Iarvae,
causing lhe pil lo spev fIanes and roasl lhe halch-
Iings, lhe Iarvae, and anyone vho happens lo le
slanding around.
TenmI1e PI1 FInes
If igniled, a IarvaI harvesler lernile pil spevs a
geyser of fire 1O-2O feel high. The geyser lurns for
2d4 rounds. Any crealure in conlacl vilh lhe
geyser suffers 4d4 poinls of danage, assune aII ler-
nile Iarvae and pyroIisk halchIings are inciner-
aled. Any crealure or characler vilhin 5 feel of
lhe geyser suffers 1d4 poinls of danage.
5hambLImg Noumos
ou vouIdn´l lhink lhe vidlh of a lIuelerry slen
couId cause so nuch lroulIe, lul il did.
In lhe deplhs of lhe Lasl slarvood, a fev niIes
norlh of HaIfaxe TraiI, grovs a hundred acres of lIue-
lerry shruls. UnliI lhey ripen, lhe lerries are inedi-
lIe, paIe green and hard as slone. By Iale spring, lhe
lerries lurn purpIe and sveII lo lhe size of valerneI-
ons. And lhe lasle~inagine lhe sveelesl lIuelerry
you´ve ever ealen, gIazed in honey vilh jusl a hinl of
cinnanon. TruIy exquisile.
Al one line, a snaII lrile of eIves and dozens of
shanlIing nounds sulsisled on lhese lerries. Il vas
an unusuaI Iiving arrangenenl, lo say lhe Ieasl, since
shanlIing nounds rareIy congregale vilh olhers of
lheir kind, Iel aIone vilh olher species. Thanks lo
lhe alundance and quaIily of lhe lerries, lhe
nounds and eIves gol aIong jusl fine. They ale al
lheir Ieisure fron sunner lhrough aulunn, lhen
slockpiIed lerries lo gel lhen lhrough lhe vinler.
Spring lroughl a fresh crop.
Òne slarIess sunner nighl, a coualI spiraIed fron
lhe sky and crashed inlo lhe lerry fieId. Il died on
inpacl, lul nol even lhe force of ils Ianding couId
expIain ils slrange narkings and coIoralion. Bolh lhe
nounds and lhe eIves refused lo exanine lhe crea-
lure´s renains any cIoser, convinced lhal lhey´d seen
loo nuch aIready. The superslilious eIves vere afraid
of il, and lhe nounds, vho nighl le lenpled lo eal il
in olher circunslances, vere suspicious of ils slrange
sneII and sluck vilh lhe lerries. In line, lhe corpse
deconposed and vas alsorled inlo lhe earlh. The
nyslerious coualI vas soon forgollen.
The foIIoving spring, lhe lIuelerries lIossoned as
usuaI. Days lefore lhe lerries nalured, lheir slens
slrelched and lroke, and lhe unripened lerries feII lo
lhe ground. The eIves and nounds valched heIpIessIy
as one ly one, lhe lerries dropped, lhe lhin slens
unalIe lo supporl lheir veighl. Wilhin a nonlh, lhe
enlire crop vas ruined.
The eIves exanined lhe lushes and discovered a
lrovn dusl covering lhe slens. The deconposing
coualI had infecled lhe fieId vilh a forn of vine
lIighl lhal had caused lhe slens lo eIongale.
The eIves lIaned lheir Ieader for lhe crop Ioss, and
al lhe urging of lhe Ieader´s Iieulenanl, crushed his
skuII vilh a rock. The Iieulenanl, an eviI priesl vho
caIIed hinseIf BIackjackaI, assuned Ieadership of lhe
lrile. He convinced severaI of lhe shanlIing nounds
lo lecone aIIies. The eIves and nounds nov roan
lhe slarvood, assauIling innocenls in lhe nane of lhe
dark god TaIos.
The renaining nounds slayed lehind, hoping lhe
fieId vouId recover. LvenluaIIy il did, lul nol lefore
lhe inpalienl nounds ale lhe oId lerries. The
lainled lerries caused lhe nounds´ lodies lo slrelch
unliI lhey resenlIed innense serpenls, head and
hands on one end, Iegs on lhe olher. These serpen-
line shanlIing nounds sliII dveII in lhe area, nesl-
ing in nossy lrees, guarding lheir lIuelerry fieId
fron lrespassers.
2 5
5enpem1Ime 5hambLImg Noumo
Inl Iov, AL CN, AC O, MV 9, HD 11, #AT 2 or
1, Dng 2-16/2-16 or conslriclion, SA conslric-
lion (nornaI allack roII lo encoiI, lhen viclin
aulonalicaIIy suffers 2d4 poinls of danage per
round, unIess freed vilh 6O lolaI poinls of
Slrenglh, vi cli n´ s Slrenglh i ncI uded), SD
innune lo fire and lIunl veapons, suffers haIf
danage fron coId (no danage if saving lhrov suc-
ceeds), haIf danage fron piercing and sIashing
veapons, each Iighlning-lased allack used againsl
il adds 1 fool in Ienglh and 1 HD (pIus appropri-
ale hil poinls), regeneralion (fuIIy recovers Iosl
hil poinls in 12 hours) THACO 9, SZ L (3O´ +
Iong), ML 18, XI 1O,OOO.
5 5
foIIovs ils ovn nigralory roule, leginning in a foresled
area slaked oul ly lhe aduIl feeders. A nap eIsevhere in
lhis look shovs lhe roule of a lypicaI coIony.
lirges roosl everyvhere, vhere lhere´s a lIood sup-
pIy, lhere´s prolalIy a slirge coIony. Lach coIony
A coIony´s feeding grounds usuaIIy conprise a
square niIe of lrees occupied ly a sizalIe popuIalion
of lirds and nannaIs. By day, lhe slirges hang ly
lheir feel fron lhe highesl Iinls in lhe area, sound
asIeep. By nighl, lhey suck lIood fron sIunlering
dogs, goals, and pheasanls, avoiding lears and olher
Iarge aninaIs vho nighl pul up a fighl.
Wilhin a fev nonlhs, lhe slirges viII have legun
lo depIele lhe food suppIy. Irey lecones harder lo
find. ÒIder, veaker slirges legin lo die off. Iorlu-
naleIy, fenaIe slirges oulnunler naIes, len lo one, ly
sunner´s end, haIf lhe fenaIes are ready lo Iay eggs.
Slirges von´l Iay eggs in lheir feeding grounds, fear-
ing conpelilion fron lheir ovn young. LarIy in lhe
faII, lhe pregnanl fenaIes nigrale lo a dislanl IocaIe
lo deposil lheir eggs. Since lhey prefer larren fieIds,
lhey oflen choose a sile in lhe rinvood. Lach fenaIe
Iays hundreds of eggs in a shaIIov hoIe, vhich she
sIoppiIy covers vilh a fev inches of dirl and lrush.
The exhausled fenaIes lhen fIy lo a secIuded foresl for
a fev veeks of hilernalion. MeanvhiIe, ladgers and
viId pigs are lusy digging up lhe unprolecled slirge
eggs. AII loId, lhe slirges viII Iose aloul 9O percenl of
lheir eggs lo predalors.
By lhe leginning of spring, lhe dozing nolhers
avaken and fIy lack lo lheir feeding grounds. In lhe
inlerin, lhe lird and nannaI popuIalion has revived
sonevhal, providing lhe relurning fenaIes vilh fresh
food. The food suppIy is aInosl aIvays Iess lhan il vas
lhe year lefore. Sooner or Ialer, lhe region viII no
Ionger le alIe lo supporl lhe enlire coIony. Sone slirges
engage in cannilaIisn. A fev reIocale vhiIe olhers sin-
pIy slarve, loo Iazy or loo din-villed lo nove on.
MeanvhiIe, lhe halchIing slirges, vho energe fron
lheir eggs in nidsunner, nigrale in a randon direc-
lion. This frequenlIy neans fIying 1OO niIes or nore
lo eslalIish lheir ovn feeding grounds. The cycIe
The lroken sheIIs of slirge eggs usuaIIy conlain
dropIels of a greasy green jeIIy lhal deveIoping slirges use
for nourishnenl. AduIl slirges find lhis jeIIy repuIsive,
possilIy lecause lhey associale il vilh lhe denands of
parenlhood. A lraveIer can repeI slirge allacks ly snear-
ing lhis jeIIy over his exposed fIesh. The jeIIy fron a
dozen eggs viII prolecl an average-sized hunan for an
enlire day. Il sneIIs lad, sorl of a cross lelveen pig´s
lrealh and rollen callage, lul if you´re lruIy inleresled
in avoiding a nesl fuII of slirges, you´II gel used lo il.
6 6
reanls lhrive in Cornanlhor, and nol jusl
lecause of lhe environnenl. Sure, lhe sun keeps
lhen varn and veII fed, and lhe frequenl rains give
lhen nore lhan enough lo drink, lul if lhe lreanls
hadn´l eslalIished nuluaIIy leneficiaI reIalionships
vilh olher species, lhere nighl le a Iol fever of lhen.
Like a nornaI lree, lhe lreanl depends on lhe
heaIlh of ils vood for survivaI. WhiIe lhe vood nay
appear lo le as soIid as slone, il´s acluaIIy Iaced vilh
liny lules. The lules lransnil food, nanufaclured in
lhe Ieaves, lhroughoul lhe lreanl´s lody. The lules
aIso carry valer fron lhe rools. If lhe lules lreak
dovn, lhe lreanl dies.
Il´s no vonder, lhen, lhal lreanls fear |uoc ui|| nore
lhan any olher disease. Caused ly liny spores in lhe
soiI, lule viIl enlers lhe lreanl lhrough lhe rools.
Ònce inside lhe lrunk, lhe spores nuIlipIy rapidIy and
lecone fungaI grovlhs lhal feed on lhe hearlvood,
lhe core of lhe lrunk lhal conlains nosl of lhe food
lules. The lreanl IileraIIy rols fron lhe inside oul.
Wilhin a fev nonlhs, lhe lreanl coIIapses, ils lrunk
loo veak lo supporl lhe veighl of ils Iinls. Il dies an
agonizing dealh shorlIy lhereafler.
Cornanlhor lreanls have successfuIIy conlalled
lule viIl ly serving as hosls lo a speciaI species of rol
grul vilh a voracious appelile for rollen vood. A lre-
anl suffering fron a lule viIl infeclion opens a snaII
crack near lhe lase of ils lrunk, lhen sluffs lhe crack
vilh decaying lark. Rol gruls, allracled ly lhe lark,
enler lhe crack and vorn lheir vay inside lhe lreanl.
The gruls lurrov lhrough lhe lrunk, ealing lolh lhe
rollen vood and lhe fungi. Thereafler, lhe gruls
renain inside lhe lreanl, keeping lhe lreanl free of
decay and prevenling a recurrence of lule viIl. The
grul lurrovs don´l harn lhe lreanl, in facl, lhey seen
lo enhance lhe fIov of valer and nulrienls. ÒIder lre-
anls nay house hundreds of gruls. A voodsnan
allenpling lo chop dovn a lreanl nay le greeled
vilh a shover of gruls vhen his ax spIils lhe lark.
Bark-ealing crealures, such as voodchucks and cer-
lain lypes of viId horses, aIso pose a lhreal lo lreanls.
To scare off predalors, nany lreanls surround lhe lases
of lheir lrunks vilh a speciaI species of vioIel fungus.
UnIike nornaI vioIel fungi, vhich are 4-7 feel laII and
aInosl excIusiveIy sullerranean, Cornanlhor vioIel
fungi rareIy exceed 3 feel in heighl and grov on lhe for-
esl fIoor. Tiny lendriIs exlend fron lhe lase of lhe fungi,
lap inlo lhe lreanl´s rools, and vorn upvard inlo lhe
lreanl´s lrunk. The fungus Iives on lhe lreanl´s sap.
ShouId a predalor lhrealen lhe lreanl, lhe fungus
fIaiIs vilh ils lranches, allenpling lo rol lhe preda-
lor´s fIesh. A lreanl nay le surrounded ly as nany as
six vioIel fungi, lul lvo or lhree are lypicaI. When
lhe lreanl noves, ils fungi nove vilh il.
Treanls aIso risk danage fron lark leelIes, vhich
lurrov under lhe lark lo Iay eggs, and Ieaf anls,
vhich chev hoIes in lhe Ieaves. To deaI vilh lhese
pesls, lreanls encourage aznylhs and Iarge lals lo nesl
in lheir Iinls. The aznylhs and lals enjoy lhe pri-
vacy of lhe lreanl´s Ieafy crovn, and feasl on lanquels
of fal leelIes and crunchy anls.
BIack squirreIs aIso nake lheir hones in lhe lre-
anl´s lhick foIiage. The squirreIs enjoy nillIing on lhe
fenaIe lreanl´s off-shool slaIks. The slaIks lhal survive
lhe nillIing evenluaIIy lecone nev lreanls. Since
Cornanlhor lreanls aInosl aIvays generale nore
slaIks lhan lhe foresl can supporl, lhe squirreIs heIp
Iinil lhe popuIalion.
So vhal are lhe chances of finding a lreanl vilh aII
of lhese crealures` Il depends on vhere you Iook.
The lirch lreanls of lhe rinvood~idenlifialIe ly
lheir snoolh vhile lark~usuaIIy have rol gruls in
lhe lrunk, purpIe fungi around lhe lase, and aznylhs
and lIack squirreIs in lhe lranches. These lreanls
grov exceplionaIIy Iong rools lo gel lo lhe deep valer
lalIe, anchoring lhen in pIace for periods as Iong as
six nonlhs, lhey need aII lhe heIp lhey can gel lo sur-
vive. The sap of lhe lirch lreanls has a deIeclalIe
arona, a conlinalion of Ienon and ninl. Il can le
used lo nake perfunes and food fIavoring.
Mosl nidvood lreanls resenlIe goIden viIIov and
lIack Iocusl lrees. Wels of deep grooves cover lhe
lark. The nidvood lreanls share lhe allilude of lre-
anls eIsevhere in lhe vorId: generaIIy passive, lul
quick lo confronl eviI. Many have vioIel fungi
guardians, necessary lo prolecl lhen fron lrush rals
lenl on digging nesls under lheir lrunks. BIack squir-
reI lenanls are aIso connon. Midvood lreanl lark
can le loiIed lo produce goId and lIack dyes.
Slarvood lreanls Iook Iike dark lrovn oaks and
nisl gray eIns. AII have dianond-shaped pallerns
elched inlo lheir lark. Aloul haIf share lhe nidvood
lreanls´ dociIe personaIily and halred of eviI. The
olher haIf lend lo le hosliIe, lhe slarvood conlain so
nany polenliaI enenies lhal lhe lreanls prefer lo
slrike firsl and negoliale Ialer. A slarvood lreanl nay
conlain any conlinalion of rol gruls, vioIel fungi,
aznylhs, and lIack squirreIs. The Ieaves, vhen ealen,
viII cure cerlain fever pIagues.
Cornanlhor vioIel fungus fIaiIs vilh 1-2 lenla-
cIes, each 1 fool Iong. Lxcepl for lhe snaIIer size,
il resenlIes a nornaI vioIel fungus in aII olher
Conmam1hon VIoLe1 Fumgus
Inl non-, AL N, AC 4, MV 1, HD 2, #AT 1-2,
Dng successfuI lendriI allack rols fIesh in one
round unIess a successfuI saving lhrov vs. poison
is roIIed or a ?KHA @EIA=IA speII is used, THACO 19,
SZ S (3´), ML 12, XI 12O.
Va1en Nagas
1 1
fron egg lo aduIl. To lhe unvary, each slale poses a
he valer naga undergoes a rigorous~sone
vouId say gruesone~series of lransfornalions
AduIl valer naga spend lhe vinler hilernaling in
deep hoIes dug in lhe fIoors of ponds or rivers. They
energe in earIy spring and, afler ealing a hearly neaI
of frogs and fish, nale undervaler. The fenaIe Iays
1OO-5OO eggs in lhe deepesl area of lhe pond, lhen
covers lhen vilh nud. The nud conceaIs lhe eggs
and keeps lhen varn.
Waler naga eggs resenlIe dark green spheres,
aloul 3 inches in dianeler, coaled vilh a proleclive
Iayer of cIear jeIIy. The jeIIy provides nulrienls for
lhe deveIoping naga and aIso delers predalors. If
louched, lhe coaling allaches lo lhe predalor´s fIesh.
In a naller of ninules, lhe predalor´s lody lrans-
forns inlo naga egg jeIIy. Despile lhis unique defense,
rareIy do nore lhan haIf of lhe eggs halch, aloul 3O
percenl are inferliIe, anolher 2O percenl faII viclin
lo Iov lenperalures and various diseases. If you fish
an egg fron lhe valer~use a slaff or a nelaI poIe~
lhe coaling viII dry oul and lecone inerl in aloul an
hour. The dried coaling can le used as an anlidole
for cryslaI ooze poison. By nid-spring, lhe naga eggs
legin lo halch. A lypicaI halchIing Iooks Iike a fool-
Iong lIack vorn vilh a poinled head and a circIe of
spikes around ils neck. Il lrealhes valer vilh four
pair of giIIs under ils chin.
HalchIings spend lhe dayIighl hours resling on lhe
fIoor of lhe pond, lhen rise al nighl lo feed on nin-
novs and decayed pI anls. When a predalor
approaches, lhe halchIing lecones as rigid as slone.
The rigid halchIing lhrusls ilseIf al lhe predalor Iike a
liny spear, ils neck spines erecl. If lhe predalor sur-
vives lhe allack, lhe halchIing can vilhdrav and lry
again. Ierhaps a fourlh of lhe halchIing naga survive
lhis slage, lhe resl are consuned ly gianl carp and
olher carnivorous fish.
If you calch a halchIing~lhey occasionaIIy allach
lo fishing Iines~slrip off lhe neck spikes vilh a
sharp lIade. A handfuI of spikes, vhen ground lo
povder and consuned, gives you lhe effecl of a |ruc
sccing speII, enalIing you lo see aII lhings as lhey
acluaIIy are.
The halchIings grov quickIy, reaching a Ienglh of
1O feel in a naller of veeks. During lhis line, lheir
neck spikes faII oul, and lhey legin lo acquire lheir
characlerislic scaIes (eneraId green in relicuIaled pal-
lerns vilh paIe jade green) and red spikes aIong lhe
Ienglh of lheir spine. They aIso grov IizardIike Iegs, a
pair al each end. Lungs deveIop, enalIing lhe adoIes-
cenl naga lo cravI ashore and lrealhe air. Though il
can sliII lrealhe valer, lhe naga spends nosl of ils
adoIescence on Iand, creeping lhrough lhe grass for
rals and sIilhering up lrees for lIuelirds.
AII lul lhe nosl ferocious predalors, such as
chinerae and dragons, avoid lhe adoIescenl naga. If
lhe naga can´l frighlen lhen avay, il can usuaIIy oul-
run lhen, lhe naga´s Iegs aIIov il lo nove as fasl as a
jackaI. The inlacl hide of an adoIescenl naga, incIud-
ing lhe Ieg skin, can lring as nuch as 5,OOO goId
pieces fron coIIeclors.
By Iale sunner lhe adoIescenl has grovn lo ils
fuII 2O-fool Ienglh. Al lhis line, lhe naga enlers ils
finaI slage ly shedding ils ouler Iayer of skin. Il
scrapes againsl rocks or olher sharp projeclions unliI
lhe skin peeIs off in a singIe piece. Ils head cones off
as veII, aIong vilh ils Iegs. A liny lud resenlIing a
ninialure hunan skuII appears vhere lhe serpenl
head used lo le. Òver lhe nexl fev days, lhe skuII
expands and lecones covered vilh scaIy fIesh. The
valer naga is nov nalure. The shed skin, conpIele
vilh serpenl head and Iegs, can felch 35,OOO goId
pieces or nore.
The nalure valer naga can lrealhe lolh valer and
air. Il kiIIs prey, usuaIIy nannaIs such as voIves and
viId dogs, vilh ils poison lile or conslriclive coiIs. Il
oflen Iures viclins vilh nagicaIIy crealed lraps. The
valer naga of lhe LIvenfIov Iurk in shaIIov lrilularies
olscured vilh ua|| cf fcg. Those Iiving near lhe
Ashala hide in eIn lrees, ensnare viclins vilh uco,
lhen drop fron lhe lranches. I´ve heard of valer naga
naling vilh coualI norlh of Mylh Drannor, lheir off-
spring having lhe aliIilies of lolh parenls, lul as far
as I knov, il´s onIy a runor.
2 9
ELoem Fones1 Va1en Naga
Egg: Inl non, AL N, AC 8, MV O, HD 2 hp, #AT
O, Dng niI, THACO niI, SA if louched, lhe coal-
ing allaches lo Iiving fIesh and lurns lhe viclin lo
jeIIy in 1-4 rounds (no resurreclion possilIe), does
nol affecl vood, nelaI, or olher nonIiving naleri-
aIs, viclin can save hinseIf ly scraping or culling
off lhe jeIIy, freezing il, or lurning il, curc úiscasc
deslroys lhe jeIIy, SD lakes haIf danage fron
lIunl and piercing veapons, SZ T (3¨ dianeler),
ML niI, XI 35.
Hatch!Ing: Inl Iov , AL N, AC 7, MV Sv 12, HD
1 + 2, #AT 1 (if allack is successfuI, lhe halchIing
nusl spend lhe foIIoving round puIIing ilseIf free
fron lhe viclin´s fIesh), Dng 2d4, THACO 18, SZ
T (1´ Iong) ML 7, XI 65.
Adn!csccnt: Inl average , AL N, AC 6, MV 12,
Sv 15, HD 4 + 4, #AT 2, Dng 1-2 (lile)/1-4
(conslri cli on), THACO 17, SA i f vi cli n i s
encoiIed on a successfuI hil, lhe viclin is con-
slricled every round lhereafler, suffering an aulo-
nal i c 1- 4 poi nl s of danage, consl r i cl ed
hunanoids can escape vilh a successfuI open
doors roII al a -2 penaIly, SZ L ( 1O´ feel Iong), ML
9, XI 27O.
Maturc: Inl very , AL N, AC 4, MV 9, Sv 18,
HD 11, #AT 2, Dng 1-4 (lile)/2d4 (conslric-
lion), THACO 9 SA if viclin is encoiIed on a suc-
cessfuI hil, lhe viclin is conslricled every round
lhereafler, suffering an aulonalic 2d4 poinls of
danage, conslricled hunanoids can escape vilh a
successfuI open doors roII al a -4 penaIly), can
casl speIIs as a 5lh-IeveI vizard, SZ H (2O´ feel
Iong), ML 11, XI 5,OOO.
1 1
dovn viId loars, yel snaII and quick enough lo eIude
chinerae and olher predalors. No vonder lhe vorg
lhrives here, parlicuIarIy in lhe Norlh slarvood vhere
lhey´re as lhick as rallils.
he vorg occupies an envialIe posilion in lhe
food chain. Il´s Iarge and slrong enough lo lring
Though lhe slarvood provide a conforlalIe halilal
for lhe vorg, vilh pIenly of gane and nore lhan
enough lrush for Iairs, il aIso poses a prolIen. Lvery
aulunn lhe oaks cover lhe foresl fIoor vilh a carpel of
Ieaves as high as lhe vorg´s neck. Nol onIy do lhe
Ieaves hanper lhe vorg´s novenenl, lhey aIso nake
il difficuIl for lhe vorg lo slaIk prey. An aIerl deer can
hear a vorg crunching lhrough lrillIe Ieaves a hun-
dred yards avay.
The vorg has soIved lhis diIenna vilh a cIever
adaplalion, lhe resuIl of a gifl fron lhe Hexad, lhe
effecl of residuaI nagic fron Mylh Drannor, or per-
haps a conlinalion of lolh. Worgs of Cornanlhor
have deveIoped lhe aliIily lo vaIk on lop of faIIen
Ieaves, hovering a fraclion of an inch alove lhe sur-
face. AddilionaIIy, lhey can vaIk on fresh snov vilh-
oul sinking, run lhrough a nuddy fieId vilhoul
Ieaving lracks, even dash across lhe surface of a pond
vilhoul gelling lheir feel vel. Worgs can use lhis
aliIily al viII, a vorg can svin or lury ilseIf in Ieaves
vhenever il Iikes.
Worgs occasionaIIy aIIov golIins lo use lhen as
nounls. Hovever, Cornanlhor vorgs are nolori-
ousIy cranky. ShouId a golIin nake excessive
denands of a vorg~such as ordering il lo Ieave lhe
conforl of lhe slarvood~il is as IikeIy lo devour ils
rider as conpIy.
Vong 5unpnIse Bomus
When a Cornanlhor vorg noves across lhe lop of
faIIen Ieaves, fresh snov, valer, or siniIar surfaces,
ils opponenls suffer a -4 penaIly lo lheir surprise
3 O
Pan1 Thnee: Rumons
eIov, I offer an assorlnenl of lips,
specuIalions, and dispalches regarding
Cornanlhor, sone fron reIialIe
sources, sone jusl idIe chilchal. I
haven´l had lhe line or, lo le honesl,
lhe incIinalion lo verify any of lhese. Consider lhen
inleresling Ieads or dire varnings, and proceed
Van o[ 1he Oaks
1 1
he olhervise dociIe dryads of lhe cenlraI slarvood
have leen raIIying synpalhelic salyrs, pixies, eIves,
and druids lo slave off an inpeding allack ly an arny of
gnoIIs vho vanl lo denoIish lhe dryads´ oak grove for a
gnoIIish cenelery. The gnoIIs´ efforl has allracled lhe
inleresl of a nearly connunily of jackaIveres, vho vish
lo re-eslalIish lheir doninance in lhe area.
The[1 O[ 1he
Tneasune Tnee
an ax al a deer, nissed, and hil a Iarge oak. The spIil
lark reveaIed lhe goId lenealh. The land´s chieflain,
an exceplionaIIy inleIIigenl ogre naned Horukk, used
a nagicaI pendanl recovered fron lhe ruins of Mylh
Drannor lo ensIave a faniIy of unicorns. He is forcing
lhen lo hauI lhe lreasure lree lo lhe ogres´ Iair in lhe
Lasl slarvood.
land of ogres has discovered lhe goIden lreasure
lree soulh of LIvenlree. Òne of lhe ogres fIung
CooL VoL[uene
species of voIfvere residing in lhe nidvood soulh
of Lake Senler has deveIoped a unique aliIily lo
keep avay insecls. The voIfvere´s fur radiales coId, Iov-
ering lhe air lenperalure sufficienlIy lo kiII fIeas and
Iice. Lnlrepreneurs are offering sizealIe revards for san-
pIes of lhis fur, vhich lhey leIieve can le used lo nanu-
faclure seIf-cooIing coals and lrousers.
51namge NagIc
land of eviI druids in Lasl slarvood have cre-
aled lizarre nev speIIs lhal viII enalIe lhen lo
lripIe lhe reproduclion rale of chinerae, poison lhe
valers of lhe SenlerfIov, and creale sponlaneous ice
slorns al any foresl Iocalion. The druids´ nolives are
unknovn, lul il is feared lhey viII allenpl lo exlorl
lreasure and aIIegiance fron lhe senlienl leings of
Aqua1Ic Nemace
l l
ndervaler choke creepers i n lhe Ashala
lhrealen lo depIele lhe river of frogs and fish.
AninaIs lhal depend on lhese crealures for food risk
slarvalion. Worse, vilhoul frogs and fish lo eal lhen,
lhe insecl popuIalion nay sveII. An increase in
insecls nay resuIl in an increase in diseases, parlicu-
IarIy lhose carried ly nosquiloes.
FIne Bug
nanlhor. He enpIoys a speciaI sunncn inscc|s speII lo
galher innense svarns of fyrefIies in areas of dry
lrush, lhen drives lhen inlo a frenzy vilh facric firc
and |ign| speIIs. The aggravaled insecls ignile lhe
lrush, and lhe fire soon spreads lo lhe surrounding
lrees. The priesl has aIready incineraled hundreds of
acres of leech lrees in lhe nidvood vesl of lhe River
Lis. Nexl, he pIans lo lurn a viIIov grove in lhe nid-
vood soulh of lhe Slanding Slone, said lo le lhe
honeIand of lenevoIenl spriles.
vengefuI priesl, angry al lhe Iack of inleresl in
his TaIos cuIl, has voved lo lurn dovn Cor-
Anmeo Naga
lhe Ashala. Huge spears, fashioned fron lIack vaI-
nul Iinls, vere Iodged in lhe horses´ rils.
xpIorers have found dozens of viId horse skeIe-
lons in lhe nidvood aIong lhe veslern lanks of
A previousIy unknovn lype of spiril naga used lhe
horses for largel praclice. Crosslreeds of nornaI spiril
naga and Cornanlhor valer naga, lhese crealures
resenlIe 15-fool serpenls vilh hunan heads, slringy
hair, lIack scaIes, and funclionaI arns. They have lhe
poisonous lile, cnarn gaze, and eviI disposilion of
spiril naga, aIong vilh lhe speIIcasling aliIilies of
valer naga. They are aIso Iearning lo use veapons,
leginning vilh crude spears lipped vilh a poison
nade fron lhe jeIIy covering valer naga eggs.
Though nornaI egg jeIIy hardens vhen renoved fron
valer, lhe naga have lrealed lhe jeIIy lo renain noisl
and polenl indefinileIy. AddilionaIIy, inslead of lurning
lhe viclin´s fIesh lo jeIIy, lhe coaled spears rol lhe fIesh,
Ieaving nolhing lehind lul lones. The naga are aIso
runored lo le deveIoping an arrov lhal changes inlo a
poisonous serpenl nonenls afler leing fired fron a lov.
NoIs¿ NeIghbon
lrice nesling in lhe hoIIov of a nearly oak. WhiIe lhe
cockalrice vas avay hunling, a land of grigs sloIe her
eggs as a praclicaI joke. The despondenl cockalrice
has leen shrieking ever since. The eIves can´l sland
lhe rackel, lul lhey´re afraid lo go near lhe cockalrice
and are aIso Ieery of lhe grigs. They´re viIIing lo pay a
sizealIe revard lo anyone vho can shul up lhe cocka-
lrice, eilher ly relurning her eggs (lhe eIves knov
vhere lhe grigs Iive) or deslroying her.
Remoezoous uI1h
yrach, an eccenlric druid vho Iives in lhe cen-
lraI slarvood, seeks heIp in capluring a drag-
onne, vhich he inlends lo lane and use for a nounl.
He viII revard his heIper vilh a nap lhal shovs lhe
Iocalion of a secrel cache of rulies in a cavern
lenealh Mylh Drannor. Hovever, Kyrach refuses lo
cooperale vilh anyone vho uses nelaI veapons or
arnor, vhich he deens ¨unnaluraI.¨
Those seeking lo associale vilh Kyrach viII have lo
Ieave svord and shieId lehind.
faniIy of eIves in lhe veslern slarvood is leing
lornenled ly lhe ceaseIess screans of a cocka-
The 3OO-Yano BehIn
n innense granile slalue of a lehir, nearIy 1OO
yards Iong, vinds lhrough lhe slarvood vesl of
Mylh Drannor. Is il a scuIplure crealed ly anlilious
arlisans, or perhaps lhe idoI of a Iong-defuncl ser-
penl cuIl` Is il a genuine coualI, ils garganluan size
and slony lody lhe resuIl of lizarre experinenls ly
Mylh Drannan vizards` LxpIorers nay enler lhe
lehir´s open noulh lo find oul vhal´s inside. The
lehir nay conlain vasl lreasures, deadIy crealures, or
a conlinalion of lolh. RenovaI of a parlicuIar lrea-
sure nay lrigger a reaclion lhal lransforns lhe gran-
ile lody lack lo fIesh, enalIing lhe garganluan lehir
lo Iive again.
VamIsheo Cem1auns
lhe lrile has leen seen in a nonlh. The renaining
cenlaurs are underslandalIy concerned. Sone say
lhal a nagicaI disease infecled lhe lrile and caused
lhen lo shrink, a friendIy eIf svears he sav chip-
nunk-sized cenlaurs gaIIoping lhrough lhe under-
lrush of lhe cenlraI slarvood. Òlhers fear lhal a
recenl lhunderslorn caused a porlaI lo appear, lhe
porlaI svaIIoved lhe lrile and lransporled lhen lo
anolher pIane of exislence. SliII olhers fear lhal green
dragons have again infesled Cornanlhor, lhe dragons
ale lhe enlire lrile, and il´s onIy a naller of line
lefore lhe resl of lhe cenlaurs faII viclin.
ne of lhe lhree knovn cenlaur lriles of Cornan-
lhor has disappeared. Nol a singIe nenler of
UmueLcome Temam1
aniIies of slirges have laken up occupancy in lhe
lranches of a grove of rinvood lreanls, driving
oul lhe aznylhs and lIack squirreIs vho used lo Iive
lhere. Wilhoul lhe aznylhs and squirreIs, lhe lreanls
are nore susceplilIe lo disease and deslruclion. As
fasl as lhe lreanls drive lhe slirges fron lhe lranches,
olhers arrive lo lake lheir pIace. The lreanls leIieve
lhal lhe green jeIIy fron slirge eggs nay soIve lheir
diIenna, if lhe jeIIy is appIied lo lhe lreanls´ lrunks,
lhe slirges viII le repeIIed. Because lraveI is difficuIl
for lhe lreanls, lhey need soneone eIse lo find lhe
eggs and relrieve lhe jeIIy.
3 2
A m a u n o c h
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
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Part Twn: Ecn!ngy nf thc 5wnrd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Part Thrcc: Ecn!ngy nf
thc P!aIn nf 5tandIng 5tnncs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Part Fnur: Ecn!ngy nf thc HIgh Icc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Part FIvc: Thc Undcrdark nf Anaurnch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Part 5Ix: Lcgcnds and Rumnrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
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WI 53147
DcsIgn: Monle }. Cook
EdItIng: }onalha Ariadne Caspian
IntcrInr Art: DanieI Irazier
Cartngraphy: Dennis Kaulh
Typngraphy: Nancy }. Kerkslra
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Uniled Kingdon
A Gnea1 Nam's
he nan knovn as Iln AI´Arif vas nol
easy lo lrack dovn. Ònce found, he
renained IargeIy and naddeningIy
deaf lo enlrealies for cooperalion. His
slullornness and pride are greal
fauIls, nol onIy of lhe individuaI, lul of aII his peopIe,
in facl, lhese characlerislics denonslrale lhe faiIure
his foIk viII aIvays nake of dipIonacy and coordi-
naled endeavors . . . lul I digress. NeverlheIess, Iln
AI´Arif´s aid in conpiIing infornalion regarding lhe
slrange deserl of Anauroch proved invaIualIe. In facl,
I vouId deen il inpossilIe lo allenpl a siniIar lask
vilhoul his aid. There exisls, in aII IikeIihood, no one
vho knovs as nuch aloul lhe deserl, and lhe secrels
lhal il hoIds, as does he. These secrels are nany, and
sone are quile slarlIing. To le sure, nore slirs in lhe
savage reaIn of Anauroch lhan firsl neels lhe eye.
Iln AI´Arif~lransIaled, lhe nane neans Son of lhe
Creal Lore~refused lo speak of his Iife´s hislory in an
organized fashion. He vouId leII vhal he had seen
and Iearned, lul nolhing of vhal he has done. I, hov-
ever, have Iearned~lhrough sources varied and
nunerous (and sone suspecl)~nuch of his sordid
pasl, and reIale il here nov.
Born son of lhe sheikh of lhe lrile caIIed Maurani,
Iln AI´Arif is of lhe peopIe caIIed lhe Bedine. Anong
lhen, he is knovn aIso ly lhe lilIe lhe Wandering
Son, no one speaks his lrue nane. The Bedine are
deserl nonads, lhe onIy hunans lo caII Anauroch
lheir honeIand. AInosl vilhoul exceplion, lhe lriles
renain in lhal region of vasl Anauroch knovn as lhe
The Maurani vere once a Iarge, poverfuI lrile.
They roaned lhe enlire Ienglh and lreadlh of lhe
Svord in lheir quesl for survivaI. Al a lender 16 years,
Iln AI´Arif lecane sheikh of lhis poverfuI peopIe
vhen his falher vas lurned lo slone ly lhe fearsone
gaze of a lasiIisk.
No one vilh knovIedge of vhal happened nexl
viII speak of il, and lhe lhread of lhe slory vears lhin
lo lreaking. Hov Iong Iln AI´Arif renained as sheikh
is unknovn lo ne, lul he Iasled al Ieasl a fuII year~
no snaII acconpIishnenl for a green loy, you viII
agree, once you have read his reporl on lhe Creal
Deserl~prolalIy Ionger. Bul lhe deserl is harshesl on
lhe passions of youlhfuIness. The end of his reign
cane alruplIy vhen lhe Son of lhe Creal Lore nade
a serious nislake, a lad decision, IikeIy pronpled ly
his fierce lenper.
His lrile alandoned hin. Barlarous as il seens,
such is lheir righl, ly cuslon, vhen lhey disagree
vilh lheir Ieader.
Iln AI´Arif found hinseIf aIone in lhe deserl, loo
proud lo relracl his lIunder, valching his peopIe go.
LoyaI relainers and innediale faniIy nay choose lo
renain vilh lheir sheikh, lul none of lhe young
nan´s faniIy did so. Il is said of lhis precipilous
nonenl lhe lrile acluaIIy spIil inlo lvo lriles, lolh
of vhich sliII exisl loday. Neilher lrile speaks of ils
forner sheikh.
When a nan is Iefl aIone in lhe Creal Deserl, even
if he is Bedine, il is assuned he viII nol survive Iong.
The deserl has a vay of svaIIoving Ione individuaIs,
and lhey are never seen again. Nol so vilh Iln
AI´Arif. He vandered Anauroch aIone~lraversing
nol jusl lhe sandy Svord, lul lhe far, olscure regions
knovn as lhe IIain of Slanding Slones and lhe High
Ice as veII. He lraved eIenenls vhose lallering has
crushed nany a Iarger, Iess lenacious advenlurer. He
faced crealures vhose nagicaI nalures nake lhen
feared and reviIed ly his ovn peopIe.
He vas even caplured ly lhe insidious eviI forces
dveIIing in lhe Underdark leIov Anauroch. Inslead
of surrendering lo lheir viII, lhe Wandering Son
lided his line, recruiled his slrenglh and his cunning,
and escaped~and fron lhen gained knovIedge lhal
he aIone, anong hunans, possesses.
No olher nan is as veII-equipped lo leII lhe laIes of
aII lhose nyriad crealures lhal dveII in lhe Creal
Deserl. Lven vhal I knov of lhese nysleries cones in
greal parl fron ny discussions vilh hin. The foIIov-
ing accounl, in Iln AI´Arif´s ovn vords, shares aII lhe
infornalion he vouId give regarding lhe ecoIogy of
Pan1 Ome: The Lamos
o[ Amaunoch
vivaI is in lhe delaiIs.¨ (Ior a Ienglhy discussion of
deserl survivaI, see IR13 Anauroch.)
The 5uono
espile vhal oulIanders lhink, Anau-
roch is nol aII sand dunes and days of
endIess heal. ÒnIy lhe region caIIed
lhe Svord fils such a descriplion~and
even lhen, lhe slalenenl does nol
prove lrue for lhe enlire Svord. Hovever, lerrani, or
slrangers lo our Iand, oflen cIing lo poelic generaIilies
and ignore specific lrulhs. This is vhy lhey do nol
Iive Iong in Anauroch. The Bedine oflen say, ¨sur-
6 6
rior. Il surrounds lhe olher deserl regions and provides
a luffer lelveen lhen and lhe ouler Iands. To enler
Anauroch is lo enler lhe Svord.
he Svord sveeps around lhe soulhern parl of
Anauroch Iike lhe curved lIade of a Bedine var-
Il is a reaIn of dunes and dry heal, vilh onIy a fev,
videIy scallered oases lo provide lhe lIessing of valer.
ÒccasionaIIy, one encounlers lhe vhile, gIaring crusl of
a saIl pan, a scoured, pellIe-covered pIain, or larren,
rocky nounlains and hiIIs (vhose runored-lo-le goId-
fiIIed inleriors oflen drav fooIishIy unprepared, sofl,
honorIess oulIander prospeclors and niners) . . . lul for
lhe nosl parl, lhe Svord is an endIess sea of sand.
Il is aIso lhe reaIn of lhe Bedine, a proud, nolIe
peopIe unknovn lo nosl oulsiders. A vord of varning
lo lhose enlering lhe Creal Deserl: You viII find lhe
Bedine a grealer polenliaI danger lhan any of lhe fear-
sone leasls vhich roan lhe naked vasle. Do nol cross
lhe Bedine~you viII nol survive lhe experience.
Wilh lhis caulion aIvays in your nind, Iel ne leII
you lriefIy vhal a ocrrani nusl knov of ny peopIe. Do
nol disIike lhen oul of hand. UnIike oulsiders, lhe
Bedine are an open-ninded peopIe. They onIy reacl
vilh hosliIily if lhey are angered.
The Bedine aIvays give slrangers a chance lo prove
lhey can acl vilh lruslvorlhiness and honor. Mosl
oulsiders lhey encounler, hovever, are lrigands and
eviI vizards (vhon lhe Bedine caII ¨BIack Roles¨ and
you nay le nore faniIiar vilh as ¨Zhenlarin¨), so a
fev anong ny peopIe have a prejudice againsl paIe-
skinned slrangers.
In a vay, hovever, lhis prejudice is a lIessing.
Because ny peopIe assune a slranger lo le vilhoul
honor (unliI he has proven olhervise), lhey usuaIIy
aIIov hin a chance lo surrender shouId he anger
lhen lo lhe poinl of lallIe. No such offer is exlended
lo anolher Bedine.
Whal conslilules honor` I shouId nol have lo descrile
vhal every chiId Iearns as easiIy as sand spiIIs over a
dune, lul ocrrani can le dunler lhan caclus. Do nol
allenpl lo lrick or sleaI fron ny peopIe. Such aclions are
punishalIe ly dealh. AIso, avoid a Bedine lrile lhal is in
valer-pains. A Bedine does nol refuse anolher valer or
food if he has il lo give. Bul if he lhirsls or hungers hin-
seIf, he does nol hesilale lo kiII lo gel suslenance.
LaslIy, if you are a praclilioner in lhe fouI arls of sor-
cery, do nol dispIay such lase laIenls anong lhe Bedine
if you vish lo keep your head. Il vas nagic lhal nade
lhe deserl, and ve viII nol alide ils use. Mosl Bedine
lriles sinpIy lanish speIIcaslers~lul nol aII are so
kind. And do nol depend on sone oulsider´s nolion of
nercy. There is no exceplion lo any lrilaI ruIe. The
Bedine craven enough lo use nagic does so secrelIy, or
is oulcasl, Iiving aIone in lhe deserl~a punishnenl
lhe lriles consider as good as dealh.
Òne Iasl caulion: TraveIers in lhe Svord shouId lry
lo sonehov Iearn lhe Iocalions of such oases as exisl.
Il is aInosl inpossilIe lo carry enough valer lo cross
lhe deserl vilhoul lhe lIessing of an oasis.
The PLaIm o[
51amoImg 51omes
1 1
nside lhe sandy arc of dunes lhal is lhe Svord, lhe
IIain of Slanding Slones occupies nosl of lhe
soulh cenlraI parl of Anauroch. Despile ils nane, lhis
region is hardIy a fIal, fealureIess ¨pIain.¨ The rocky,
vindsvepl area is fiIIed vilh nunerous slony oulcrop-
pings carved inlo piIIars, spikes, and slranger shapes
ly lhe ceaseIess, vinding vind.
Al firsl gIance, lhe IIain of Slanding Slones seens as
devoid of vegelalion and valer as lhe Svord (and per-
haps even nore larren, vhich is vhy lhe Bedine never
cone here). Il is nol so. SheIlered vaIIeys, deep guIIies
and olher hidden spols hoId cooI slreans of neIled ice
fron lhe norlh. In lhese areas, Iife is alundanl.
The HIgh Ice amo

orlh of lhe IIain of Slanding Slones slrelches a
vasl vasleIand, covered vilh ice and dry, pov-
dery snov. Il is a Iand of perpeluaI vinler. The larren
enpliness is conpounded ly lhe disasler of lone-
kiIIing coId. The fIalness is lroken occasionaIIy ly
deep crevasses and jagged rifls. Neilher I nor anyone
eIse knovs hov far norlh lhis frigid sveep exlends,
nor vhal nighl Iie leyond.
Soulhvesl of lhe High Ice, frozen sand dunes sland
in rigid vaves~a frigid exlension of lhe Svord.
Knovn as lhe Irozen Sea, lhe area is noled for lhe
ancienl cilies lhal Iie luried lenealh ils crusled
sands. My lraveIs have shovn ne lhal lhe Irozen Sea
is nol unique in possessing uncharled ruins. Indeed,
such nyslerious, hidden pIaces can aIso le found
vilhin lhe High Ice, and even in lhe Svord ilseIf.
Vea1hen amo
) )
Ilhough il nay le hard for uIugarr~oulIanders~
lo leIieve, every nalive inhalilanl knovs lhe
vealher and seasons are nol uniforn in Anauroch. The
Creal Deserl is fanous for ils dry vinds and deadIy hol
sun, lul lhese are onIy one facel of lhe vealher here.
Welslorns lIov across lhe Iandscape, aIlhough lhey
are rare, lrief, and fierce as a gianl eagIe defending her
neslIings. They oflen drench a snaII area vilh nany
inches of rain. Il is difficuIl lo inagine valer as olher
lhan a precious lreasure, lul lhe sudden raging of
runoff lhrough a vadi can drovn a caneI, or sveep
avay an unviseIy pilched canp.
More connonIy, lhe hazards are scouring vinds
and lhe grains lhey fIing lefore lhen. Sandslorns
forning in lhe deep deserl pIague lhe region as a
vhoIe. Dusl olIilerales lhe sky. Dunes shifl, and Iand-
narks disappear, sonelines forever. Lnlire lriles can
le luried aIive ly lhe shifling sands. The vind, fIying
across lhe surface of lhe dunes, roiIs in lhe lroughs
lelveen lhen, rendering il aII lul inpossilIe lo
nainlain a sleady direclion.
In sandslorns, characlers´ Iine of sighl shrinks
lo O´-3´ and each nusl successfuIIy save versus
pelrificalion or lake 1-2 poinls of choking danage
The lenperalures drop consideralIy al nighl anong
lhe sand and rocks. Lach refIecls Al´ar´s lurning gIance
ly day, lul neilher hoIds her spilefuI heal Iong vhen she
is alsenl. Though I have lraveIed in lhe Iands oulsiders
Ieave lehind, vhere vegelalion chokes lhe horizon and
evenings are genlIy varn, I sliII cIing lo ny loyhood
deIighl in lhe chiII of deserl nighls. The heal of lhe day
nay lake cIay inlo lricks, yel lhird valch senlries jusl as
easiIy see lheir lrealhs hanging Iike IillIe sand cIouds in
lhe air lefore lhen. Il lakes onIy a IillIe dayIighl for lhe
sun lo varn lhe Iand lo scorching again.
Òf course, lhe Creal Deserl experiences Iarger cIi-
nalic changes leyond lhe day-lo-day varialions of
slorn and sun. The u|ugarr LI´Minsler cIains his
hone has four seasons, lul I knov he exaggerales.
There are reaIIy lvo seasons, as ve have here in lhe
Creal Deserl~hol and coId, sunner and vinler. The
vinler is shorl in lhe dunes, leing onIy lhree nonlhs
Iong, lul during lhal span lhe lenperalure pIunges
and lhe vind increases so as lo nake lhe Svord
inhospilalIe lo hunan Iife. ÒccasionaIIy, a dry snov
faIIs, vhile Iike lhe saIl pans lul Iighler lhan dusl. Il
does nol Iasl. Any noislure linds lhe sIiding sand
grains inlo a hard, sIick surface. Mosl Bedine fIee
underground during lhis line, lo fighl lhe Iiving
leasls in lhe caverns under lhe sand, ralher lhan
vasle avay in lhe lrealhIess chiII alove.
per lurn. Such slorns Iasl 1d2O lurns.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages [on
Tenperalure (Sunner) 1O1° I**
Tenperalure (Winler) 33° I.
Lov Tenperalure (Year) 11° I.
High Tenperalure (Year) 11O° I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 14 inches
* Ior lhe High Ice, average lenperalure is 18° I., Lov len-
peralure is -5O°, vhiIe high lenperalure is onIy 31°.
** Dayline average. Nighlline average is 62° I.
Pan1 Tuo: EcoLog¿ o[
1he 5uono
he sandy dunes of lhe Svord are
hone lo a greal variely of Iife, oflen
lo lhe surprise and horror of nevcon-
ers. This popuIaledness, vhere uIugarr
lhoughl lo find onIy sand and sun, is
due in parl lo Anauroch´s surprisingIy cIose proxinily
lo regions vilh nore hospilalIe cIines and Iarge
sources of valer. (Many Bedine, vho rareIy, if ever,
Ieave lhe Svord, vouId le shocked ly lhe Iuxurious
and forgiving cIinales of nearly Iands. Sighl of lhe
greal seas of valer lo lhe soulh vouId slun lhen
senseIess.) Il is fron lhese regions lhal lhe Svord
acquires nany of ils inhalilanls. Though lhey nay
nol have chosen lo cone here~oflen lhey vere
chased or driven ly sone predalor or circunslance~
and lhough lhey nay nol survive as Iong as lhe hardy
nalive crealures, sliII lhe Molher Deserl accepls aII
vho choose lo lread her sands. If lhey are cIever, lhey
can lhrive.
Anolher source of Anauroch´s diversily is Iess
appeaIing lo consider~indeed, lo lhe Bedine il is lhe
rool of eviI. Thal is nagic. Wanling no lruck vilh
nagic, neverlheIess I have leen forced ly circun-
slance lo olserve il nore cIoseIy lhan any Bedine
shouId, or vouId ever vish lo. I suffered lhese indigni-
lies lecause Iife, and revenge, are precious lo ne, and
lhal is aII I viII say of lhe suljecl. I pass on inforna-
lion aloul fouI nagicaI crealures so lhal olhers nay
have varning. The very vords Ieave a liller lasle in
ny noulh.
Many crealures found vilhin lhe Svord are nol
found in olher deserls, I an loId. (Though I have seen
nuch of lhe ReaIns, I have nol journeyed lo lhe
pIace caIIed Zakhara, nor do I vish lo.) Òlher crea-
lures are veII knovn lo frequenl arid regions, and
inforned lraveIers viII nol le surprised lo find lhen
in Anauroch as veII. Sonelines our nonslers have
sIighlIy differenl halils lhan lheir cousins fron olher
regions. Il is lesl nol lo assune faniIiarily. Learning
lhe nalure, halils, and secrels of lhose leasls vhich
provI ils scorched earlh is essenliaI lo surviving lhe
deserl. As lhe Bedine say: ¨A carefuI varrior viII
nake a vise eIder.¨
6 6
he firsl crealures a lerrani encounlers are nosl
IikeIy lhose insecls lhal fIy or cravI across lhe
sandy vasleIand. IIies, anls, lerniles, nolhs, and
Iocusls are aII connon pesls.
Iev lraveIers pay insecls any allenlion, hovever,
unIess lhey are enguIfed in dangerous svarns. (Ior
lhe slalislics of svarns, refer lo lhe MÒNSTRÒUS
MANUAL¯ accessory.) Whalever lheir lehavior in
oulIanders´ lerrilories, insecl svarns feed on any Iiv-
ing lhing lhey find in lhe deserl, incIuding pIanls,
aninaIs, and hunans. AIlhough quanlilies of fire and
valer are usefuI for dispalching svarns, lhere is an
easier (and, in lhe case of precious valer, Iess coslIy)
vay of varding lhen off. There is a naoa|, or pIanl,
caIIed u|arini| vhich grovs in palches vilhin saIly, fIal
areas of lhe Svord. This reddish grass, vhen nixed
vilh sparing anounls of valer, forns a lhin pasle
vhich repeIs insecls of aII kinds. AIlhough inedilIe
and slrongIy acrid, lhe pasle has no iII effecls upon
lhe skin.
Like insecls, spiders are quile connon, aIlhough
nol as nunerous nor as visilIe. Mosl spiders of lhe
deserl are poisonous, using lheir venon lo innoliIize
lheir prey. ÒnIy lhe exlreneIy Iarge anong lheir kind
regard nen as food (see Rare Beasls, leIov). SnaIIer
spiders, such as lhe rci|n´iruú (knovn in olher longues
as lhe laranluIa), are lruIy a danger onIy if sonehov
dislurled or accidenlaIIy agilaled. Spiders oflen
anlush lheir prey (le lhey insecls, scorpions, or even
snaII deserl rals) ly hiding in lhe sand. Sone luiId
hidden lraps vilh lheir vels. CarefuI lraveIers are
valchfuI of slepping onlo such a lrap, for an angry
spider aIvays liles.
Anolher liny lul dangerous deserl dveIIer is lhe
scorpion. The Bedine highIy respecl scorpions for
lheir hardiness and lenacily. Il is a conpIinenl lo le
conpared lo one, lhough nany ocrrani are ignoranl of
lhe slalus inpIied ly such a renark. These crealures
lehave aIike lo poisonous spiders~a valchfuI deserl
lraveIer is carefuI nol lo dislurl lhen. UnnoIesled,
lhey pose IillIe lhreal. If a nan is fooIish enough lo
sIeep vilh his gizan, or lools, off in lhe open deserl,
hovever, he shouId le vise enough al Ieasl lo shake
oul lhose lools vhen he avakens. Many a deserl
crealure considers lhe sheIlered confines a perfeclIy
conforlalIe cave or crevice lo resl in, nesl in, or
defend vilh his ulnosl povers. The Bedine check
lheir gizan for nighl visilors even vhen lhey have
sIepl in lhe safely of lheir ovn lenls.
The deserl snaiI is a slrange crealure lhal dveIIs in
lhe sand. Mosl aclive in lhe nore noisl and cooIer
vinler season, lhese crealures nark lhe onsel of lhe
hol vealher in an unusuaI vay. They seaI lheir lodiIy
noislure inlo lheir sheIIs vilh a viscous nenlrane
and alandon lhen upon lhe surface of lhe sand,
vorking lheir sofl lodies deep inlo lhe ground lo
hilernale avay lhe hol nonlhs. I do nol knov hov,
vilh lhe lIoving vinds, lhey expecl lo ever find
lhose sheIIs again, or if lhey viII sinpIy lake vhalever
sheII is handy vhen lhey resurface. I onIy knov lhal
sonelines lhe deserl is vhile vilh snaiI sheIIs. Des-
perale lraveIers have leen knovn lo lreak lhen open
and suck oul lhe slored dropIels of valer. The liny lil
of noislure recovered hardIy nakes such aclions
vorlh lhe efforl, lul lhere are lines vhen even a fev
drops keep a valer-poor lody aIive Iong enough lo
reach a reaI source of Iiquid.
Anauroch has ils ovn lreed of lals lhal fiII every
nighl sky. Where do lhey cone fron, in lhis lIeak,
fealureIess Iand` I have discovered lals individuaIIy
and in snaII groups lucked inlo lhe snaIIesl gaps
lelveen rocks on a vindsvepl ridge, or cIinging lo
lhe underfronds of oasis paIns. Their vingspan is
deceplive. Bal lodies are oflen snaIIer lhan a fisl, and
lhey fIy greal dislances.
Though lhey prinariIy feed on insecls, lals are nol
averse lo drinking lhe lIood of sIeeping Iarger prey,
such as caneIs, anleIope, and even hunans. When
asked vhich crealure is nosl nunerous in lhe deserl,
a Bedine usuaIIy ignores insecls and lheir iIk, and
repIies, ¨Bals.¨ Though universaIIy disIiked, lhe crea-
lures are regarded aInosl as one regards lhe sun, lhe
heal, and lhe sand. They are sinpIy a parl of lhe
deserl and everyday deserl Iife.
Iev lirds dveII in lhe Svord, lul havks and
olher carnivorous avians occasionaIIy find dinner
near oases. They nighl dine on snaII Iizards,
rodenls, and even Iarge insecls. VuIlures, of course,
nosl oflen feed on carrion, and viIIingIy foIIov a
polenliaI viclin deep inlo lhe deserl, circIing il as il
noves. Anong ny peopIe, sone cIain a cerlain lype
of vuIlure is acluaIIy a denon lhal seeks lhe souI of a
soon-lo-le-dead nan ralher lhan his fIesh. These
Iarge, lrighlIy-coIored lird-crealures are exlreneIy
rare, and are said lo hunl onIy hunans. (In facl, lhey
nay le pureIy nylh~I have never seen one vilh ny
ovn eyes.)
Lizards and snakes do Iive in lhe Creal Deserl,
lul lhey lury lhenseIves deep in lhe shifling sand
lo escape lhe heal of lhe day. AInosl aIvays, a lrav-
eIer slunlIes upon lhen al nighl. Like nosl of lhe
crealures in Anauroch, deserl repliIes eal neal
aInosl excIusiveIy. Their venon is concenlraled
poison lo heIp lhen suldue lheir prey. Colras and
spilling snakes presenl a very reaI danger lo aII
nighl lraveIers, vhiIe vipers and olher species are
found nosl frequenlIy near oases. The Òasis of
Vipers is, of course, avoided ly nan and leasl aIike
lecause of lhe prevaIence of poisonous snakes.
(More can le found on snakes in lhe Rare Beasls
seclion, on page 7.)
Near an oasis, lhe reIaliveIy hospilalIe IocaI cIi-
nale supporls nore Iife. The Iarger aninaIs can sur-
vive vhere lhere is valer enough, and food. They viII
lrave such proxinily lo predalors lhal I have heard
oulIanders renark vilh anazenenl~aII lo keep
access lo drink. AnleIope, especiaIIy gazeIIes, graze in
snaII herds. }ackaIs roan in hunling packs, feeding
prinariIy on vhal anleIope lhey can calch (usuaIIy
lhe veak and infirn). Sonelines a loId or desperale
pack savages lhe doneslicaled caneIs and horses of
resling lraveIers and Bedine canps.
More dangerous yel is lhe shrevd deserl Iion,
vhich slaIks any Iarge gane il finds, incIuding nen.
These cals are nasler hunlers and exlreneIy sleaIlhy,
efficienl kiIIers. The onIy defense againsl lhen is a
valchfuI eye and sone lraining vilh a slrong veapon.
Bedine canps are nol guarded nereIy againsl lhe jeaI-
ous raids of neighloring lriles. Iaced vilh prey lhal
denonslrales lhe aliIily lo skiIIfuIIy defend ilseIf,
nosl Iions choose lo search for easier gane ralher
lhan enler inlo a proIonged fighl. If a nan is fooIish
enough lo corner a lig cal, hovever, or lhrealen ils
young culs, he finds hinseIf in a fighl lo lhe dealh.
Herds of viId caneIs frequenl oases even as lheir
doneslicaled lrelhren do, lul lhese veII-adapled
leasls can le found deeper in lhe deserl lhan any
olher nonnagicaI leasl. AIlhough lhey can le lro-
ken lo canp Iife, il is nucn easier lo lrain lhe young
of an aIready ¨lane¨ caneI. WiId caneIs do nol hesi-
lale lo Iash oul vilh vicious kicks and liles lo defend
Rane Beas1s
) )
side fron connon aninaIs, as I have said
lefore, nonslrous crealures roan lhe Creal
Deserl. These are crealures lo le feared. Many are loo
poverfuI lolh in slrenglh and in sorcerous povers lo
le foughl ly even lhe grealesl varrior. Againsl lhese
fouI foes, il is nol covardIy lo fIee.
The BasILIsk
I speak firsl of lhe lasiIisk, nol lecause il is nosl
prevaIenl or nosl poverfuI, lul lecause I hale il nosl
of aII crealures. I Iosl ny falher, lhe greal Asiru, son
of Misarud, lo a lasiIisk, vhon lhe Bedine caII nagar
nc|ao, lringer of slone-dealh.
My lraveIs have shovn ne lhal lhese nonslers are
nol onIy horrors of The Creal Deserl, lul connon
in olher Iands as veII. I have never nel lhe leasl
eIsevhere lul nereIy Iislened, vilh grin nenory, lo
laIIads and recoIIeclions lhal goad ny rage afresh.
The Anauroch variely lasiIisk is lrovn-skinned.
Like nosl deserl-dveIIing Iizards, lhese crealures are
aclive onIy afler lhe heal of lhe day has passed. Dur-
ing sunIil hours, lhey hide underground in lheir
cave-Iairs. They are aInosl never encounlered
anong lhe endIess dunes of lhe deep deserl, prefer-
ring lo cravI aloul vhere eilher an oasis offers easy
access lo valer, or a nounlainside surrenders ils
sheIlering angIes of slone. BasiIisks are nol onIy
eviIIy cunning, lul Iazy and covardIy as veII. They
prefer lo Iair vhere food, valer, and sheIler aII Iie
dragons~ loo nany lo le nere coincidence. Drag-
onnes Iurk vilhin lhe Scinilar Spires and anong any
of lhe norlhern hi I I s i n lhe Svord. They are
found as veII lhroughoul lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones. LxlreneIy lerriloriaI, lhe leasls are never
encounlered in nunlers or even near olhers of lheir
ovn kind. As dragonnes do nol eal hunans unIess
vilhin an easy dash.
In ny experience, lhese crealures are irralionaI and
insane haIf of lhe line, and shrevd hunlers lhe olher
haIf. A deserl lasiIisk is easiIy angered, lul il never
fighls lo lhe dealh if il can avoid doing so. When
angered, il hisses Iike a colra. The Iizard nay allack
prey, of course, lul if lhe iniliaI allack faiIs, a lasiIisk
usuaIIy relreals and vails for an easier viclin. Many
Bedine have avoided a fierce (and prolalIy hopeIess)
lallIe vilh a lasiIisk ly sloulIy fending off lhe iniliaI
allack and lhen faIIing lack, ralher lhan fooIishIy
pressing on lo sIay lhe crealure.
When hunling, lasiIisks pounce fron a hiding
pIace and allack lheir viclins vilh lheir hideous
gaze and slrong, loolhy lile. If lhey are alIe lo kiII a
viclin lefore lhe effecl of lhe gaze lurns il lo slone,
lhey drag lhe carcass lack lo lhe (aIvays nearly) Iair
and devour il. Mosl lasiIisks need onIy eal a Iarge
neaI~a kiII lhe size of a nan or anleIope~once per
nonlh due lo lheir sIov nelaloIisn. They are gIul-
lonous, hovever, and eal any and aII neal avaiIalIe.
I have heard leII lhal, presenled vilh enough fresh
neal, a lasiIisk viII IileraIIy gorge ilseIf lo dealh. I
shouId lhink lhis vouId require a greal deaI of fIesh,
If il lurns a viclin lo slone, and if lhe Iizard cur-
renlIy has a lrood of young, lhe deserl lasiIisk relurns
lo ils Iair and Ieads ils young lo lhe pelrified viclin.
The liny repliIes (onIy one lo lhree inches in Ienglh
vhen nevIy halched) lhen acluaIIy devour lhe slone,
vorning lheir vay sIovIy lhrough il vilh liny lul
poverfuI javs.
ApparenlIy, lhese crealures have sonelhing in
lheir leIIies lhal aIIovs lhen lo digesl pelrified fIesh
as if il vere in ils originaI forn for nourishnenl. Meal
lurned lo slone is aII lhe young eal, hovever, and
lhey seen lo Iose lhis aliIily once lhey nalure. I have
never heard of a slone-ealing aduIl.
If a deserl lasiIisk pelrifies a viclin and has no
young, il ignores lhe nev ¨slalue.¨ A grealer lasiIisk
(of vhich runors nunler onIy one or lvo in aII
Anauroch) is nore IikeIy lo snash any innoliIized
viclins vilh a conlenplilIe Iash of ils laiI.
These fouI crealures are, in ny opinion, lhe olvious
resuIl of nagicaI crosslreeding. They dispIay lhe
physicaI characlerislics of lolh Iions and lrass
lhey have lo, lhe onIy peopIe vho need vorry aloul
lhen are lhose vho invade dragonne lerrilories. Sin-
pIy passing nearly, as lhe nonadic Bedine nighl, is
nol IikeIy lo anger a dragonne, lul anyone or any-
lhing Iooking lo sellIe pernanenlIy in a crealure´s ler-
rilory is soon savageIy allacked.
Òf course, in lines of greal fanine, vhen anleIope
or caneI herds are scarce, a hungry dragonne nay le
driven lo allack hunans, so lraveIers shouId aIvays le
vary. More, lhey nusl guard lheir pack aninaIs fron
predalion. WhiIe lhe crealure is unIikeIy lo allack a
nan, il nakes no such exceplion for his leasls.
Bedine vho lraveI lhrough lhe knovn lerrilory of a
dragonne oflen pul vorn, sveal-covered cIolhing on
lheir caneIs and goals lo give lhen lhe odor of nan.
This seens lo sIighlIy discourage a dragonne fron
allacking doneslic aninaIs~aIlhough il is ly no
neans fooIproof.
Dragonnes are nosl dangerous lo lraveIers during
lheir naling season, vhich is lhe firsl nonlh of fad-
ing heal. In lhis line, lhey Iose lheir senses. Lven
lhe olher leasls of lhe deserl knov lo avoid a drag-
onne´s lerrilory vhen il is overcone ly lhe naling
drive. Any crealure il sees, olher lhan a dragonne of
lhe opposile sex, il allacks. ÒddIy, naling-nad drag-
onnes rareIy slrike direclIy al lheir largels. Òne
nighl fIy lo a high, rocky pIace and push louIders
dovn upon ils foes. I have even seen a dragonne
svoop dovn fron lhe sky, gral a nan off his caneI,
and fIy lack up inlo lhe air, nereIy lo drop lhe vic-
lin fron a grealer heighl.
GIam1 5pIoens amo 5conpIoms
These crealures are rare, lul lhey nay le encounlered
anyvhere in lhe Svord or lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones. Scorpions cone in a variely of sizes. The
Iargesl I have heard of vas eighl feel Iong. Al one
line, a lrile of asaois (Iaerlis, lo oulsiders) allenpled
lo caplure a nunler of lhese vernin, lo lrain lhen as
allack crealures and possilIy even nounls. AIlhough
lhey had a cerlain success vilh a fev of lheir caplives,
generaIIy lhe leasls proved far nore lroulIe lhan lhey
vere vorlh.
Those gianl spiders found in lhe deserl are huge,
hairy lrules, vhich do nol lolher vilh vel naking as
pracliced ly lheir snaIIer cousins. They feed on snaII
rodenls and Iarge insecls, reIying on speed lo pounce,
and allacking vilh an especiaIIy viruIenl poison lhal
conpIeleIy (and pernanenlIy) paraIyzes prey, causing
aII lodiIy funclions lo cease.
Characlers allacked ly gianl spiders suffer -4 lo aII
saves if lhe allacker is size S or M, and -2 lo aII
saves if lhe crealure is size L.
Many Bedine leII canp laIes of epic lallIes
lelveen gianl scorpions and gianl deserl spiders.
Though u|ugarr consider lhen Iegends, lhese laIes are
nosl aIvays lrue in lhe essenliaI, olserved facls, hov-
ever lhey are decoraled vilh noraIs. The crealures
seen lo le naluraI enenies, and gIadIy feasl upon
each olher´s fIesh.
Laen1I s
Asaois, as lhese leasls are naned in lhe longue of ny
peopIe, are serpenline hunanoids unique lo Anau-
roch. IrinariIy sullerranean crealures, lhese fiends
oflen rise lo lhe surface al nighl lo raid Bedine lriles
for food. Like Ianias, lhey feasl upon lhe fIesh of
nen~aIlhough asaois prefer lhe inlernaI organs, or
¨sofl parls,¨ as lhey hideousIy caII lhen.
I have encounlered lvo varielies of asaois. The
nore connon, and I suspecl nore inleIIigenl, are
varriors, and lhe Iarger, nore nonslrous ny peopIe
knov as ¨slinglaiIs. ¨ The difference viII lecone olvi-
ous as I conlinue.
Connon asaois are lrovn or gray and narrov-
skuIIed as lhe IillIe svifls lhal darl across lhe dunes.
Their yeIIov eyes fIash naIevoIenlIy in lhe nighl
vhen lhey Ieap lo allack. They dress in crude arnor
and fighl vilh veapons lhal lhey fashion lhenseIves.
ÒccasionaIIy, sone lake up lhe equipnenl of lheir
faIIen hunan foes. Those asaois lhal carry scinilars
are oflen parlicuIarIy favorile largels of young Bedine
varriors. A recaplured svord is especiaIIy lIessed.
Laerlis can lursl up oul of a dune as if fron
novhere~il is lheir favorile nelhod of allack. Whal
slops lhen fron leing a vorse nenace lhan a greedy
Bedine sheik is lheir inaliIily lo allack under Al´ar´s
lurning gaze. As il is lo Anauroch´s Iesser Iizards, so
loo is lhe heal of lhe sun injurious lo asaois. Indeed, a
very IillIe exposure can kiII lhen. So, lhey onIy cone
oul al nighl.
Bul lhis does nol nean lhe crealures are nol
noliIe. Their underground passages creale huge cala-
conls lenealh lhe deserl. In lhe dank darkness, lhey
can lraveI far. If one is caughl alove ground ly day-
Iighl, or if a land is preparing an anlush, lhey dig
lhenseIves severaI arns-Ienglhs inlo a sofl duneside,
vhere lhey hide fron lhe heal of lhe day. Asaois orga-
nize lhenseIves inlo lriles, each ruIed ly a counciI of
eIders and a var-Ieader.
SlinglaiIs seen lo le a slrange, nulanl forn of
asaois. Brovn or reddish, ralher lhan gray, lhey Ioon
head and shouIders alove lheir snarler lrelhren, yel
seen conlenl lo nereIy foIIov. They are aIvays found
anong an asaoi lrile, never on lheir ovn. SlinglaiIs
can vieId veapons lolh vilh lheir hands and in lheir
prehensiIe laiIs.
Those sinuous, pellIed laiIs have a vorse funclion.
If a crealure uses ils laiI lo sIap a foe in conlal,
inslead of nereIy sIicing al hin vilh an exlra lIade, il
can secrele a Iiquid poison onlo ils viclin. Thus lhey
acquired lheir nane.
Though lolh asaois and slinglaiIs lhenseIves are
innune lo il, lhis poison is very effeclive againsl
olher crealures and againsl nen (il yieIds lerrilIe
consequences, lolh physicaI and nenlaI). Sone
Bedine varriors coal lheir lIades and poinls vilh
slinglaiI poison.
In lheir Iairs underground, asaois cuIlivale fungi lo
feed upon vhen neal is nol pIenlifuI. These crea-
lures, despile lheir eviI nalure, never var anong
lhenseIves. UnIike nany of lhe deserl-dveIIers, lhey
never resorl lo cannilaIisn.
Though fev hunans reaIize il, nosl asaois are nol
acling nereIy on lheir ovn vhins and slralegies. A
najorily of Iaerlis are acluaIIy nenlaIIy conlroIIed ly
iIIilhids and lehoIders lhal dveII under Anauroch
(see The Underdark of Anauroch for delaiIs).
A fev lriles renain aulononous. Lven lhese free
crealures hire lhenseIves oul lo lhe BIack Roles or
olher eviI naslers. ApparenlIy, lhey prefer lhe secu-
rily of vorking for oulsiders lo leing forced lo fend for
Asaois can le found lhroughoul lhe Svord. There
is a greal asaoi force galhering under lhe ruined cily of
RasiIilh. Those nonslers, hovever, are under lhe
direcl conlroI of lhe eviI crealures lhal dveII in lhe
Underdark. In conlrasl, nany ¨free¨ asaois dveII in
caves under lhe rocky spires of Azirrhal. Despile lhe
goId lhal can le found lhere, lhe Bedine avoid Azir-
rhal for jusl lhis reason.
LacrtI: Inl Very, AL LL, AC 5, MV 18, Br 8,
HD 3+3, #AT 3, Dng 1-2 (or ly veapon) x2
(cIavs)/1-6 (lile), THACO 17, SZ M, ML 15,
XI 12O
5tIngtaI!: Inl Lov, AL NL, AC 3, MV 14,
Br 1O, HD 7, #AT 4, Dng 2-5 (or ly veapon)
x2 (cIavs)/2-7 (lile)/2-8 (laiI), SA laiI hil
causes ccnfusicn for lvo rounds and carries Type
M conlacl poison, SD innune lo enchanl-
nenl/charn speIIs, THACO 13, SZ L, ML 18,
Ior nore delaiIs, see IR13 Anaurccn.
These vicious deviIs have sIaughlered vhoIe lriles of
ny peopIe. Using lheir eviI speIIs lo leviIder and sIay
lheir prey, lhey feasl upon lhe fIesh of hunans. Iorlu-
naleIy, for lhe Bedine and for lhe oulIanders vho
roan lhe face of lhe Creal Deserl, lhey are fairIy rare.
Iron aII I have heard and olserved, a nev Iania is
lorn onIy infrequenlIy.
Connon Ianias aIvays appear lo le fenaIes~
allraclive, desiralIe fenaIes~fron lhe vaisl up, lul
lheir Iover quarlers are aninaIs. And nol onIy one
species, lhe aninaI porlions vary grealIy. I nyseIf
have seen Ianias vilh lhe lodies of Iions, goals, anle-
Iope, and once, even a caneI. I have heard laIes of
even nore exolic aspecls. CouId I piclure nonslers
vilh lhe nelher parls of gianl Iizards, voIves, or even
Iarge cals nol nalive lo lhe deserl` Il slrains ny leIief,
lul I cannol say lhal il is nol so.
As lhere are lvo kinds of asaois, so loo are lhere
lvo varielies of Ianias. A Iania nolIe, hovever,
aIvays has lhe Iover lody of a gianl serpenl. HorrilIy,
lhe lorso lhal lops lhis snakeIike Iover porlion can le
eilher sex.
Il is said lhal nornaI Ianias are legollen ly lhe
naling of Iania nolIes. Bul no one I have nel can
leII lhe laIe of lhe nolIes´ origins. Mosl IikeIy, any-
lhing so crueI, so grolesqueIy forned nusl le a nagic-
caIIy crealed aloninalion fron ages Iong pasl. Ier-
haps il vouId le a filling quesl lo allenpl lo sIay aII
Iania nolIes, for if lhe runors are lrue, lhal vouId
speII lhe end of lhe vhoIe race.
Any lraveIer can le unIucky enough lo run across a
Iania in rocky, nounlainous regions of lhe Svord.
Bevare lhe naked leauly leyond lhe cresl of lhe hiII!
A Bedine vonan vouId never le so innodesl as lo
greel a nan vilhoul her veiI, lul lhere is a furlher
giveavay. Lanias refuse lo vear jeveIry of any kind.
A Bedine is decked vilh aII her veaIlh: rings, chains,
and lealen ornanenls jangIe al her neck, dangIe fron
her arns, and veighl her |cffiqcn againsl lhe lugging
of lhe vind. If she is jeveIIess, if she is veiIIess, lurn
Lven grealer nunlers roan lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones. A Iania prefers lo Iive aIone and she nakes
her predalions on a lraveIing parly one al a line. The
crealures aIso Iike lo Iair anong lhe ruined, noslIy
luried cilies of lhe dislanl pasl. UnforlunaleIy, such
ruins are connon lhroughoul Anauroch. Il is ny lhe-
ory lhal perhaps lhe nolIes are acluaIIy survivors of
lhe greal calacIysn vhich svaIIoved lhose cilies. If
lhis is lrue, lhen nolIe Ianias have nuch Iore lhal
has leen forgollen~nagicaI Iore~lhus fouI, danger-
ous infornalion prolalIy lesl Iefl ¨Iosl.¨
A singIe Iania is a curse upon lhose she dveIIs
near, lul far nore horrilIe is lhe Iania nolIe vhich
organizes a Iarge force of lhese nornaIIy soIilary crea-
lures. This has happened onIy once during ny Iife-
line. Bul lvo enlire lriles vere deslroyed lefore a
greal counciI, Ied ly ny falher, organized haIf lhe
lriles of lhe Svord lo deslroy lhis lhreal. Hundreds of
Bedine died in lhis var, lul lhe lhreal vas exlin-
guished. The pair of Iania nolIes vhich had Ied lhe
allacks vas sIain.
Today, Ianias can le found in concenlralions onIy
vilhin lhe Lion´s Lye Òasis and lhe far norlhern
ruin of HIaungadalh. My peopIe avoid lhese areas,
naluraIIy. The Ianias lhal conlroI lhe Lion´s Lye
Òasis are ruIed ly lhe poverfuI and crueI CIaendra,
a fenaIe nolIe nine feel in heighl. She uses a greal
nany sorcerous arlifacls, and connands a fornida-
lIe force of Ianias. Il nay le of sone vaIue lo nole
here lhal even lefore lhe Ianias cane, Bedine Ieg-
ends leII of horrific nonslers dveIIing in lhe surpris-
ingIy deep Iake forned ly lhe oasis. I knov lhis lo
le lrue. Al Ieasl one repliIian crealure~a dragon
1 O
lurlIe~resides lhere, conlroIIed ly a poverfuI, sor-
cerous valer naga. The naga possesses a greal hoard
of lreasure, vhich il keeps vilhin lhe sulnerged
ruins of an ancienl caslIe.
The ancienl cily of HIaungadalh is said lo le hone
lo as nany as one hundred Ianias and a dozen Iania
nolIes. Runor has il lhal lhere is nore lreasure lhere
lhan a nan can inagine, lolh in lerns of veaIlh and
dread nagic. Iron vhal I Iearned in lhe underground
regions, lhe phaerinn consider lhese Iania a najor
lhreal. The passages leIov lhe cily seelhe, a conslanl
lallIeground lelveen lhe lvo eviI forces (see The
Underdark of Anauroch, Ialer in lhis look).
The onIy shapeshifling vere-leasls lhal I have ever
seen in lhe Svord are vere-rals. A snaII lrile of
Bedine, caIIing lhenseIves lhe Nasala, are in acluaI-
ily vere-rals in hunan forn. Sonehov, Iong ago, lhe
enlire lrile vas infecled vilh Iycanlhropy. UnIike lhe
vere-rals lhal I have heard laIes of vhen I visiled lhe
oulIanders´ cilies lo lhe soulh of lhe Molher Deserl,
lhese crealures nosl resenlIe lhe snaII, quick, deserl
rals vhich connonIy skiller hierogIyphic lraiIs in lhe
dunes of lhe Svord.
Mosl u|ugarr fear vere-leasls vilh a deep and irra-
lionaI passion. The laIes loId in olher Iands aloul
lhen are so gruesone, so viIIainous, lhal no oulIander
vouId hesilale lo connil nurder on a nan he sus-
pecled of carrying lhe Iycanlhropic curse. I knov lhis
lecause I heard il, around canp fires and in connon
roons and laverns lhroughoul lhe ReaIns.
Bul ve in lhe deserl are nore open-ninded lhan
you ocrrani. UnliI I lraveIed, I had nol even heard of
lhe exislence of vere-leasls. And I vanl lo you lo
hear lhe laIe I an aloul lo reIale vilhoul your nalive
prejudice. Iul il aside.
The Nasala are exlreneIy insuIar, and allenpl lo
pass lhenseIves off as a caulious Bedine lrile lhal
avoids conlacl vilh slrangers. ÒnIy lheir snaII, viry
appearance (lhough lhal physique aIone is nol lerri-
lIy unconnon for Bedine), and lhe presence of so
nany nornaI deserl rals in lhe canp nighl give lhen
avay. Slrangers vho insisl on spending lhe nighl vilh
lhis lrile nusl aII loo soon discover lhe ralnen´s
secrel~and lhen lhey are devoured. Òlher lhan lhe
occasionaI slranger, hovever, lhese crealures lend lo
eal onIy lhe foods a nornaI Bedine lrile vouId
I onIy knov lheir lrue nalure lecause I slunlIed
upon lhen as lhey vere leing allacked ly a dark naga
and a force of asaois. The enlire lrile lransforned
inlo lheir ralnan shapes. The surprise aIone vas
enough lo lurn lheir foes avay.
Since lhey do nol hunl hunans, and discourage lhe
presence of slrangers vhon lhey vouId le forced lo
sIay, I viII nol lhink of lhe Nasala as eviI leings. I
vish lhen no harn.
The nunler of gianl serpenls and nonslrous Iizards in
lhe Svord is nol Iarge, lul lhey are a nenace
nonelheIess. Huge snakes, such as lhe gianl colra, are
a rare lul very reaI danger, lul lhe hevay snake is lhe
nosl feared.
My lraveIs in lhe oulIanders´ counlries have con-
vinced ne lhal none have as haled or as deadIy a foe
as lhe hevay. Monslers are nonslers lhe ReaIns over:
lhey kiII foIk, lhey ravage lovns, lhey lerrorize Iive-
slock. Bul lhe hevay´s speciaI laIenl is nore horrific
lhan any olher.
This lveIve-fool, sIiny-scaIed leasl secreles poison
fron ils skin inlo a veII or oasis, fouIing lhe valer so
lhal any crealure drinking fron il is paraIyzed. Il does
lhis in a covardIy allenpl lo veaken ils prey, lul ils
seIfish acl has far-reaching consequences. Wilhoul lhe
lIessing of good valer, vhoIe lriles, vhoIe regions,
are condenned lo dealh.
To defend ilseIf, lhe hevay can hypnolize ils foes
vilh a sorcerous slare. Il noves onIy in lviIighl. Nol
onIy Bedine, lul aII herd aninaIs as veII, viII kiII a
hevay on sighl.
Hcway: Inl Lov, AL CL, AC 7, MV 12, Sv 6,
HD 1+3, #AT 1, Dng 1-3, SA viclins drinking
poisoned valer nusl save vs. poison al +2 or suf-
fer 3O poinls of danage vilhin 3d6 ninules and
paraIysis Iasling 1d6 hours, slare viclins save vs.
paraIyzalion or foIIov hevay lo ils Iair, SD skin
poison, if ingesled, foIIovs poisoned valer effecls,
alove, THACO 19, SZ M, ML 5-7, XI 175
Òn lhe suljecl of serpenls, il nay le good lo add a
snaII lil on dragons. Drakes are rare in lhe Svord,
lul lhey do exisl. A veneralIe lrass dragon vhon lhe
Bedine caII Taqqio-|ncr dveIIs al lhe easlern end of
lhe Scinilar Spires. A runor lhal I have heard svears
a nunler (up lo as nany as a dozen) of olher,
younger, lrass dragons Iive nearly. This runor goes
on lo cIain lhal lhese lrass dragons sIev any and aII
lIue dragons (for lhese are enenies of lrass dragons,
lhe vay lasiIisks are enenies of Iln AI´Arif) lhal
once Iived in lhe area.
This is nol enlireIy lrue, for I have seen a lIue
dragon in lhe HiIIs of Scenl nyseIf, aIlhough il vas
sliII young and quile snaII for a dragon. In any evenl,
Taqqio-|ncr is knovn lo lhe Bedine as a lenevoIenl
proleclor of lhe Spires, aIlhough he has an annoying
halil of vayIaying enlire lriles so as lo laIk al Ienglh
vilh lhe eIders. Such an encounler can Iead lo a
deIay of nany days for a lraveIing lrile.
To lhe easl, a naled pair of copper dragons has
legun lhe halil of fIying in fron lhe Deserlsnoulh
Mounlains lo hunl halori. NornaIIy, lhese dragons
ignore hunans, lul occasionaIIy lhey svoop dovn lo
pIay sone slrange joke upon a lraveIer, as is lheir
nalure. Mosl hunans have nolhing lo fear fron lhen,
lul I once sav lhen allack and deslroy a caravan of
BIack Roles. Whelher lhe dragons vreaked such
deslruclion lecause lhe Zhenlarin are eviI or lecause
lhey perhaps shoved no apprecialion for hunor, I do
nol knov~or care lo ask.
Nol every dragon in lhe Svord is kind-nalured, of
course. Though nosl oulIanders are unavare of lheir
exislence, lhe Creal Deserl is hone lo a lreed of yeI-
Iov dragons~eviI lo lhe lone. They enjoy feasling
upon lhe fIesh of nen. Their grealesl deIicacy is
anolher race, hovever. YeIIov dragons seen espe-
ciaIIy fond of nunching on D´larig, a dirly dvarf race
lhal dveIIs on lhe soulhern and easlern fringes of lhe
Svord (use nornaI dvarf slals, see IR13 Anaurccn for
nore delaiIs). I have seen lhese fiendish crealures
nosl frequenlIy darling around lhe fringes of lhe
Saiyaddar, a seni-ferliIe pIain knovn for ils anleIope,
and for Bedine anleIope hunlers~eilher of vhich lhe
dragons happiIy devour.
LaslIy, I have heard laIes of a greal vyrn red
dragon, lrapped for sone reason in a cave on lhe
norlhern edge of lhe Svord, near lhe Òasis of Vipers.
This fiendish dragon is depicled in aII lhe runors and
Iegends lo have advanced nagic-using aliIily, even
for one of his lvisled kind, and he uses speIIs lo sun-
non nonslers fron olher vorIds and lurn his foes
inlo lerrilIe undead. He sends his crealures oul lo
vreak havoc and chaos as revenge for his nyslerious
enlrapnenl~vhich lhe Iegends aII agree occurred
Iong lefore lhe deserl vas even crealed.
Bolh andro- and gynosphinxes nay le found in lhe
Svord. My peopIe have Iong used sphinxes as charac-
lers in our laIes and caulionary paralIes reIaling lo
lhe differences and reIalionships of nen and vonen.
Il is considered a virlue anong Bedine nen lo resisl
lhe I ure of vonen and of I ove, j usl as lhe
androsphinx avoids lhe gynosphinx.
In reaI Iife, sphinxes roan lhe deserl in secIusion
and soIilude, avoiding aII olher crealures~a fairIy
easy lask in lhe deep deserl. Bolh lypes of crealures
seen lo le conpIeleIy nagicaI in nalure and need
food or even drink onIy once every fev nonlhs. Ior
lhis reason, lhey nay even le encounlered in lhe
ShoaI of Thirsl, vhere aII is dusl and saIl.
Sone sphinxes, of lolh lypes, knov speIIs vhich
can creale valer. If encounlered in lhe deep deserl,
sone are viIIing lo nake a deaI vilh a lraveIer. They
casl lheir speIIs if lraveIers can give lhen sonelhing
of vaIue.
Nol aII Bedine vouId lake advanlage of lhis
opporlunily. Though ny peopIe piclure sphinxes in
our laIes, lhey are neverlheIess lainled ly forlidden
nagic. Bul you oulIanders have fever fears aloul
nagic, so I leII you lhis in case il is of use.
Cynosphinxes are aInosl soIeIy inleresled in Iocal-
ing androsphinxes, or in sone nagicaI ilen or speII
lhal viII heIp lhen evenluaIIy find one. Androsphinx
nolivalions are far Iess focused, and lheir desires vary
grealIy. Many vander vilhoul any purpose al aII.
1 2
Pan1 Thnee: EcoLog¿
o[ 1he PLaIm o[
51amoImg 51omes
larren vasleIand.
n conlrasl lo lhe Svord, lhe IIain of
Slanding Slones is Iess a lradilionaI
deserl~or, a deserl in lhe vay lhal oul-
Ianders lhink of one, aII drifling sand
and lurning sun~and nore a rocky,
The nalive aninaIs and leasls lhal dveII lhere
are nore varied lhan in lhe sandy deserl, lul lhey
nusl nake adaplalions lo survive lhe rough, rugged
lerrain. There are fever refugees fron lhe Iands
leyond Anauroch here. Afler aII, even if lhe oul-
Iander leasls knov vhere lhey are heading, in lhe
vay aII leasls have lo sense sheIler and safely, nosl
of lhose perish in lhe dunes, or lecone fodder for
sone cunning indigenous Iife aIong lhe vay. Il is
lhe viII of Al´ar.
There are sliII fouI, nagic-lainled leasls slirring in
lhe IIain of Slanding Slones. Many of lhe crealures
lhal frequenl lhe Svord region aIso roan lhrough lhe
IIain~excepl for hunans.
Bedine lrilesnen generaIIy leIieve lhe IIain lo le
nore hosliIe lo Iife lhan lhe Svord. In lhis case, ny
peopIe are nislaken~il is nol nore dangerous, il is
sinpIy differenl. In facl, in sone prolecled, secIuded
vaIIeys, lhe Iand of lhe IIain of Slanding Slones is
Iush leyond a Bedine nonad´s dreans.
Like everyvhere in Anauroch, vinlers in lhe IIain
are especiaIIy coId and harsh. The vinds scour lhe piI-
Iars and rock fornalions vilh slinging Iancels of ice,
and gIillering cryslaIs rine surfaces lo unearlhIy
leauly and sIickness. Mosl crealures have caves or
rock-hidden Iairs lo prolecl lhenseIves fron lhe
dealh-deaIing coId. Sone even deIve dovn so far as lo
lreak inlo lhe nelvork of underground lunneIs lhal
nake up Underdark Anauroch.
Bul lhe very presence of lhe Iunps and nisshapen
nonunenls of slone neans lhal lhere are Iee spaces
oul of lhe force of lhe vind, and snug cracks vhere
linder can le Iil and nol vhipped avay fron frozen
fingers. Conpared lo lhe Svord, lhe IIain of Sland-
ing Slones offers a slranger lhe ghosl of a chance of
surviving lhe fierce vinler season.
4 4
odenls and lhe IiveIy snaII nannaIs, incIuding
rals, raccoons, gophers, hedgehogs, ladgers,
even foxes, lhrive in lhis rough area. Their lracks
crisscross any snaII pockels of dusl or earlh, lheir dis-
carded seed huIIs and dovny shed hairs nesl in
crevices and fiII hoIIovs vilh lhe Iiller of Iife. Mosl
slay near lhe occasionaI ferliIe vaIIeys, Iike Aerilhae´s
Resl, lul nany, parlicuIarIy rals, can le found in
praclicaIIy every ravine, cave, and crag.
Insecls, spiders, and scorpions are as connon here
as in lhe Svord, lul ralher lhan digging in lhe end-
Iess sIoughs of dunes, lhey crouch anong lhe rocks
vailing for prey.
WiId crag sheep herds Iive in lhe region, keeping lo
lhe greener vaIIeys. }ackaIs, coyoles, Iions, and even
voIves, nake lhese herds lhe largels of lheir depreda-
lions, as do gianls, holgolIins, oulIavs, and lhe olher
nore inleIIigenl races of lhe area.
The ferli I e areas, vi lh lhei r nyri ad snaI I
denizens, in lurn aIso supporl Iarger aninaIs: loars,
viId dog packs, skunks, squirreIs, varlhogs, goals,
and a fev lears. More rareIy, ordinary crealures
grovn lo gianl size, incIuding loars, ladgers, porcu-
pines, and skunks, as veII as huge spiders and scor-
pions (discussed previousIy in regard lo lhe Svord
region) nay le found.
Birds are nore connon in lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones lhan in any olher parl of Anauroch. The
rocks give lhen resling pIaces, nesling siles, and
hunling ground vhere lhe prey leIov nighl venlure
lo lhink lhenseIves safe. Hov cIearIy a ground
squirreI nighl foIIov lhe progress of a havk circIing
lhe vide sky alove a dune, endIess lIue punclualed
ly lhe naked siIhouelle of dealh. Bul anong lhe
narrov creneIIalions of slone, hov safe il nusl lhink
ilseIf~a dash fron sheIler, a crack everyvhere al
hand. I have seen lhe havks laller lhenseIves vilh
fury againsl a vaII of slone, and heard lheir piercing
shrieks of rage. Bul I have aIso seen lhen rise lri-
unphanl fron a sean of rock, dinner cIulched in
lheir poverfuI laIons, vhen lhe crevice proved loo
shaIIov, or lhe prey loo sIov.
VuIlures, havks, deserl ovIs, ravens, eagIes, and
olher hardy lirds scour lhe skies. Again, sone fev
have reached gianl size. Bul even a Bedine can leII
you lhal no lird spends lolh seasons here as a nal-
ler of course. A greal nunler of lirds of aII sizes and
species fIy fron lhe area lo avoid lhe coId, vindy
vinlers~even lhose lhal are nol nornaIIy consid-
ered nigralory ly oulIanders. Sone days in lhe
Svord, lhe sky darkens as lefore a sandslorn. Bul il
is onIy lirds fIeeing fron vinler in lhe IIain of
Slanding Slones.
Snakes, Iizards, and lorloises are connon anyvhere
in lhe IIain of Slanding Slones. Colras, rock
pylhons, spilling snakes, and giIa nonslers are lhe
nosl dangerous crealures of lheir iIk. They have even
leen used as veapons.
The holgolIin lriles lhal dveII anong lhe Sland-
ing Slones oflen caplure poisonous snakes and keep
lhen in lighlIy-knil laskels. Thus arned, lhey vail
alop a high cIiff for lheir enenies lo approach, ready
lo drop lhe snakes upon lheir foenen lo sov confu-
sion and panic in lheir ranks. WhiIe lhe largels hop
aloul, fIinging snakes oul of lheir nidsl and groaning
over unforlunale liles, olher holgolIins in lhe lrile
press forvard lhe allack fron leIov al lhe sane
nonenl. I have seen lhese laclics in aclion, and lhe
holgolIins vere lhe viclors of lhe engagenenl, suffer-
ing onIy lhree snakeliles anong lheir ground forces
fron poorIy-ained laskels.
I vas aIso once loId ly lhe oulIander vizard
LI´Minsler~vho, ly greal Al´ar lhe MerciIess is no
friend of nine~lhal lhe eyes of a snaII Iizard caIIed
lhe jer-jer-ul are vaIualIe in lhe disliIIalion of sor-
cerous polions vhich nake a nan exlreneIy agiIe
for a shorl line. The jer-jer-ul, vhose nane cones
fron lhe holgolIin longue and neans rock-hopper,
is a dexlerous IillIe leasl and is quile difficuIl lo
calch as il Ieaps aloul rocks on high cIiff faces and
slony crags.
Never nind lhe dread purpose of sorcery~I have
nol leen so undignified as lo scranlIe anong lhe
slones, chasing Iizards, since I vas a snaII loy.
Rane Beas1s
There exisls in lhe IIain of Slanding Slones a rock
knovn as lhe IiIIar of Tauros. This laII, crooked coI-
unn of slone serves as a sacred pIace for dragons of aII
kinds. I nyseIf have seen lhe greal leasls fIying
lovard lhe piIIar, ignoring aII eIse. Ònce lhere,
dragons perch alop lhe rock and spend hours in vhal
appears lo le sone sorl of nedilalion.
A ocrrani expIorer ly lhe nane of }o´luII suppos-
edIy cIinled lhe IiIIar of Tauros, and found an
inscriplion of nagicaI runes. He cIains lhal lhe
inscriplion is Iike unlo a fouI sorcerer´s speIIlook,
and fron lhese runes, dragons can Iearn nev speIIs~
incIuding, as lhese laIes aIvays say, nany unknovn
lo hunan vizards.
I do nol knov hov grealIy lhis rings of lrulh, lul I
do knov lhal I inlend lo never find oul for nyseIf.
Dragons cone fron lhe farlhesl reaIns lo visil lhe
IiIIar of Tauros, and lhey oflen engage in fanlaslic
lallIes over lhe righl lo ¨nesl¨ on lhe piIIar. Il is nag-
nificenl and chiIIing lo see lhe aeriaI dance of fighling
dragons. LillIe sand Iizards are lul a parody of lhe
fIashing, svooping grace of lhe greal vyrns. Whal-
ever is on lop is definileIy a prize lhey feeI is vorlh
risking lheir Iives.
BIue dragons are lhe nosl connonIy found of
lheir kind in lhe IIain of Slanding Slones. They
have fev or no enenies lhere, and so lhey hunl
vilhoul fear. Òne lIue dragon, ChondaIaalh, dveIIs
vilhin a rocky pinnacIe knovn as Heroes´ HeIn. I
give lhe area vide lerlh since I chanced across il
vhen lhe leasl vas relurning fron a gorge. This
greal vyrn is a nasler of nagic, and his Iair is
guarded ly nagicaI lraps and gruesone undead
vhich he has crealed.
1 4
Anong lhe rocky convoIulions of lhe IIain, a surpris-
ingIy Iarge nunler of hiII gianls nake lheir hones.
They nornaIIy hunl holgolIins, hunans, sheep, and
goals. ÒccasionaIIy even nore dangerous gane lakes
lheir fancy, such as cIiff-dveIIing hippogriffs, gianl
insecls, and lhose nonslrous-sized nannaIs (incIud-
ing gianl ladgers and porcupines) lhal fil lheir
slalure. I suppose for a crealure lhal Iarge, il lakes loo
nany sheep skins lo nake a cIoak.
NornaIIy, lhese gianls dveII in groups of len lo
lvenly, lul occasionaIIy lhey galher in even grealer
nunlers, caIIed logelher ly lheir king, Derrnog. This
Derrnog is a surprisingIy inleIIigenl varrior for a
gianl. He slands over lvenly feel in heighl.
I vas al firsl nyslified lo see such a lurn-oul of
nonslers, lul since ny iniliaI discovery of lhe coun-
ciI, I have found lhal lhe gianls oflen vage a concen-
lraled var againsl holgolIins (vho are nuch nore
nunerous), or allack lhe nuch rarer lul poverfuI
fonorian gianls lhal aIso Iair anong lhe rocky crags
and caves.
These aclions nay have provocalion, lul I have
never seen or heard leII of an inslance of aggression
fron eilher foe lhal vouId accounl for lhe force of lhe
hiII gianls´ revenge. Il couId le lhere are feuds of Iong
slanding. Bul I suspecl lhal Derrnog has sone grander
pIan lhan nere relaIialion.
HiII gianls grealIy fear lolh cIoud and slorn gianls.
I overheard a pair nullering darkIy aloul lhese olher
nonslers, vho lhey leIieve Iive in secrel cIoud caslIes
alove lhe deserl.
Òf lhe sky-gianls, I knov nolhing. I have, hovever,
had lhe unforlunale nischance lo encounler lhe fouI
fonorian gianls. These lehenolhs are naIforned and
hideous~personaIIy I leIieve lheir origin is lhe nad
experinenlalion of sone ancienl sorcerer. In facl, as I
have aIIuded lo lefore, I leIieve such experinenla-
lion expIains lhe lIighled exislence of nany of lhe
slrange crealures in Anauroch. Il is furlher proof vhy
nagic is lo le feared and avoided.
Though snaIIer lhan lheir hiII gianl cousins,
Ionorians Iike lo lorlure lheir prey lefore ealing il.
This larlaric cuslon gives rise lo an occasionaI vaiI
of pain lhal is carried on lhe vind, and lo lhe Bedine
nolher´s olservalion lo erranl chiIdren, even vhen il
is lruIy lhe vind´s vhine, lhal ¨Ionorians are feasling
loday.¨ The gianls´ Iarge, deforned hands do nol
aIIov lhen lo nake precise or deIicale novenenls.
Therefore, lorlure viclins are usuaIIy kiIIed very
quickIy, lhough accidenlaIIy.
The fev hunans lhal dveII in lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones speak of lhe larlaric holgolIins vilh halred
in lheir eyes and fear in lheir voices. These narauders
lend lo kiII aII lhey cone across, eilher lo sleaI fron
il, in lhe case of inleIIigenl viclins, lo eal il, or jusl
for pIeasure. Lven lhe gianls in lhe region have rea-
son lo le vary of holgolIins, as lhe Ialler have
devised ingenious hunling and lrapping lechniques lo
lring dovn any foe.
I have seen a force of holgolIins deslroy lhree hiII
gianls ly lhe sinpIe slralegy of allacking lhen as lhey
passed lhrough a narrov gorge. The holgolIins slruck
fron alove and leIov al lhe sane line, Iaying aloul
vilh spears, lovs, and crude lIades. Those alove aIso
pushed Iarge louIders dovn inlo lhe gorge lo slrike
lhe gianls, even lhough lhis laclic resuIled in harn lo
sone of lheir feIIov varriors.
Bul fonorians aIso eal lhe fIesh of lheir feIIov
gianls. Thal hiII gianls are nol happy eilher lo con-
pele for foodsluffs or lo lecone lhen nay veII
expIain lhe occasionaI vars lelveen lhe races.
fonorians are slronger and nore cunning. Worse lhan
lhal, fron lhe poinl of viev of aII vho dveII in lhe
IIain of Slanding Slones, lhey feed upon lhe sane
sorls of prey as hiII gianls do.
These rulhIess crealures are naslers of surprise and
anlush. Their encanpnenls are aIvays veII hidden,
and surrounded ly skuIking guards~and possilIy a
fev crude lraps. I have leen loId holgolIins never
fighl in an open area if lhey can heIp il, and lhal lhey
fIee or surrender if allacked vhen unprepared.
There are al Ieasl a dozen lriles of holgolIins in
lhe IIain, each nunlering a hundred or nore. Lach
lrile spIinlers inlo snaIIer var parlies for nosl of lhe
sunner nonlhs, reuniling during lhe vinler.
Il is nol conpIeleIy unknovn for a fev hunans
(usuaIIy lhieves or lrigands) lo join up vilh a var
parly of holgolIins, lul such aIIiances are usuaIIy
shorl, and lhey are aIvays in lhe sunner. When a
lrile nasses for lhe vinler, oulsiders are nol veI-
cone~lhe lrile carries onIy enough food and sheIler
for holgolIins, and nuch of lhe line, lhey faiI lo coI-
Iecl even lhal.
HolgolIins in lhis region caplure olher crealures
and use lhen as leasls of lurden, or even as veapons.
Òne lrile, lhe Bonegnashers, is said lo have caplured
a gorgon a fev years ago. ApparenlIy, lhe shanan of
lhe lrile fashioned sone nasks fron a rare pIanl
knovn as nutrcnoa lhal aIIovs one lo lrealhe lhe
pelrifying lrealh of a gorgon safeIy.
Wearing lheir nasks, lhe leasl´s keepers herd il
fron ils cave inlo a dead-end ravine. Then, lhe hol-
golIin varriors drive lheir eneny´s forces dovn lhe
ravine~righl inlo lhe gorgon.
These leasls are anong ny Ieasl favorile crealures of
lhe nyriad species I have encounlered in ny lraveIs.
They~Bul I can descrile lhen leller vilh a laIe.
Ònce, vhiIe lraveIing lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones, I vas in lhe conpany of a young u|ugarr of
IillIe honor (a nurderer and a lhief, lul a loIeralIe
conpanion for a shorl line) naned Tirug. We vere
Iooking for sheIler, lolh fron lhe vind and fron a
hungry land of hiII gianls, and darled inlo a
Upon descending inlo lhe darkesl porlion of lhe
guIIy, ve lolh heard lhe shriII pilch of a vonan
crying oul in pain. Tirug vanled lo ignore il, and
nov I see lhe sense in his Iack of conpassion. I vas
young, and fuII of nolIe inpuIses. I insisled ve
find lhe vonan and save her, and so ve foIIoved
lhe cry.
We found no lrace of hunan passage. There vere
onIy lhe lracks of sone sorl of slag~Tirug vas aclu-
aIIy nore faniIiar lhan I vilh such leasls. Those
lracks shouId have aIerled ne lo danger, as cerlainIy
lhey aIerled hin~anylhing nyslerious in Anauroch
can onIy le dangerous.
Bul I vas naive. Wilhoul varning, ve vere
allacked ly lhree Ieucrolla, vho had leen ninicking
a vonan´s cry lo enlrap us.
I escaped lhe fouI anlush, lul Tirug did nol. In lhe
fighl, I sav one of lhe hideous leasls lile righl
lhrough Tirug´s shieId and arnor vilh lhe lony ridges
lhal il has inslead of leelh. The laIes lhal I had heard
of such leasls did nolhing lo prepare ne for lheir
incredilIe ugIiness or lheir fouI sneII. I an loId lhal
lheir Iair is even nore odorous, and I have no desire
lo ever lesl lhe knovIedge.
Afler I escaped up lhe ridge, I valched as our
pursuing gianls enlered lhe guIIy. The Ieucrolla
inlerrupled lheir horrid feasl of Tirug lo hide~and
connenced lo inilale lhe cry of a gianl in pain.
The gianls paused, and lhen fIed. ApparenlIy, even
lhose din villed fooIs had Iearned lhe Ieucrollas´
The Ieucrolla relurned lo lheir forner feasl. Bul
ny conpanion´s dealh vas nol enlireIy in vain. Since
lhal hard Iesson, I loo have lricked a nunler of gianls
inlo running fron ne. I hide snug in a crevice and
ninic a gianl in pain~or ralher, a Ieucrolla inilal-
ing a gianl in pain. Il vas a difficuIl skiII lo nasler,
lul il has saved ny Iife lvice.
Leucrolla seen viIIing lo feed on anylhing, lul in
sone perverse vay lhe leasls prefer lo eal lhe fIesh of
inleIIigenl crealures lhey can deceive. I have heard
lheir hide is usefuI in lhe conslruclion of nagicaI
occ|s cf s|riúing anú |caping, and lhal lheir spillIe can
le inliled as an anlidole for cerlain non-IelhaI poi-
sons and polion-lased charns, lul I knov IillIe of
such nallers. I have foughl lhen off once. The nexl
line I nighl nol le so forlunale.
learing leak, lul lhe nanlicore can lhrov ils laiI
spikes fron a dislance oulside lhe reach of lhe eagIe´s
The nanlicores of lhe Creal Deserl are sliII nol
alIe lo resisl lhe lasle of hunans, hovever, and allack
aII lraveIers lhal cone near lhen. When nanlicores
cannol find a neaI of hunans or eagIes, lhey sellIe for
holgolIins or even snaII aninaIs.
Creal nunlers of nanlicores are knovn lo galher
near a huge nounlain knovn as lhe Svordpoinl. The
crealures are aIso repuled lo generaIIy hale Ianias,
and are knovn lo allack lhen on sighl. Lanias, on
lhe olher hand, oflen use sorcery lo ensIave nanli-
cores and force lhen lo acl as guardleasls.
Rarer lhan holgolIins, deserl lroIIs are sliII a
lhreal lo aII crealures, inleIIigenl or olhervise.
These rocky, lrovn-skinned cousins of lhe nuch
nore connon lroII of lhe ouler Iands are alIe lo
sIighlIy nodify lheir coIor lo leller lIend in vilh
lheir surroundings.
Deserl lroIIs are excIusiveIy carnivorous. In facl,
lhey do nol even drink valer~onIy lIood. Waler is
poison lo lhen, and nereIy louching il causes lhen
harn. No oulIander´s lroII suffers lhis condilion.
Again, I find evidence lhal Ieads ne lo lhink our
deserl crealures are crealed or nulaled ly sorcery.
Those nanlicores in Anauroch dispIay lrails lhal dif-
fer sIighlIy fron olhers of lheir kind Iiving in lhe
ouler Iands. These leasls are knovn as garcú-guur
anong lhe holgolIins and gianls in lhe region, vhich
neans ¨sIayer fron lhe skies.¨
I an loId lhal nanlicores oulside of lhe Creal
Deserl prefer hunan fIesh lo feasl upon. In lhe
IIain of Slanding Slones, such neaIs are fev and far
lelveen. Ierhaps lecause of lhis Iack, our nanli-
cores have laken up a nev favorile prey: gianl
eagIes. Mosl nanlicores in lhe region nake lheir
Iairs near lhe high nesling areas of lhese huge, eIe-
ganl lirds.
Manlicores hunl in packs of lhree lo lveIve crea-
lures, and can lring dovn gianl eagIes in fIighl vilh
lheir sheer nunlers. LagIes are aIso handicapped ly a
nanlicore´s laiI spikes. The lird is forced lo cIose vilh
ils allacker in order lo lring lo lear ils sharp laIons or
Any conlacl vilh valer causes a deserl lroII 1d6
poinls of danage per round. The danaged fIesh
cannol le regeneraled.
LuckiIy, deserl lroIIs are usuaIIy soIilary, and can le
conlenl feeding on crag sheep and snaII lirds and
nannaIs. A lroII is nol afraid lo lake on a crealure
lhal can fighl lack, hovever, and does nol hesilale lo
allack a gianl scorpion~or a land of nen. I have
heard laIes lhal a slarving lroII nay even allack sone
of lhe crealures fron lhe Underdark, Iike lehoIders or
iIIilhids (lhough nornaIIy il vouId seaI ils fale ly
doing so). Deserl lroIIs have al Ieasl Iearned nol lo
lolher lheir gianl neighlors.
These crealures do nol seen lo keep Iairs, lul vander
lhe IIain of Slanding Slones, lhinking onIy of lheir
nexl neaIs.
Though crafly and shrevd in lhe vays of slaIking,
hiding, and hunling, lhey are generaIIy nol as snarl
as nornaI lroIIs (or so I an loId~I have nol encoun-
lered enough of eilher variely lo nake a carefuI sludy,
nor can I see any poinl in seeking lhen oul). Mosl
deserl lroIIs can speak onIy a fev vords, and lhose are
hard lo undersland.
Very rareIy, a faniIy of up lo six lroIIs nay le found
logelher, parenls and young. These groups renain
londed for onIy aloul lvo years. When lhe young
lroIIs are alIe lo nake lheir ovn vay in lhe vorId,
lhe group disinlegrales. Lach heads off in ils ovn soIi-
lary direclion.
Thal I knov of, nolhing feeds on lroIIs~even lhe
fouIIy-scenled, carrion-ealing Ieucrolla find lroII fIesh
loo dislaslefuI lo ingesl.
Va1en Cnea1unes
The River of Cens and lhe surrounding vaIIey il cre-
ales are hone lo nany slrange and sonelines lerrify-
ing crealures. This river forns al lhe soulhern lorder
of lhe High Ice and runs vilh lhe frigid lenperalures
of neIling snov inlo lhe IIain of Slanding Slones.
Iierce Al´ar´s gaze varns lhe surface valer as lhe river
lraveIs lo lhe edge of lhe Svord, vhere il disappears
inlo a Iarge sinkhoIe caIIed lhe Throal. The river
renains narrov lhroughoul ils course, and in pIaces
deplhs of 5O feel or nore are nol unconnon. In lhe
lollons, lhe valer is sliII as coId and cIear as lhe ice
fron vhich il cane.
Bolh nerrov and scrags Iair in caves under lhe sur-
face of lhe river, and forn one of ils hidden lhreals.
These crealures Iive and hunl logelher, cooperaling
very veII. They spend nuch of lheir line galhering
genslones found on lhe river lollon. They aIso hunl
fish, and lhose aninaIs lhal cone lo drink al lhe
shore. Merrov and scrags nosl enjoy allacking groups
of inleIIigenl leings~hunans, holgolIins, and even
gianls~for lhese leings provide lolh food and lhe
lreasure lhey Iove.
Though inlerlreeding appears lo le inpossilIe,
lhe lvo races inlerningIe in every olher nanner~
and on equaI lerns. Bolh decorale lheir lodies vilh
lalloos and scars lo shov age, provess and posilion
in lheir duaI sociely. I once spoke vilh a vonan
vho cIained lo have acluaIIy spenl line vilh lhe
nerrov and scrags, and vho apparenlIy underslood
lhe lalloos. As a generaI ruIe, she said, lhe nore
1 8
narkings on an individuaI´s lody, lhe oIder and
nore skiIIfuI he or she is.
Merrov use prinilive spears, vhiIe scrags reIy on
lheir naluraI veaponry. Bolh are adepl al selling
crude lraps aIong lhe river´s edge lo aid lhen in
calching prey. Though lolh races can survive oul
of valer for an hour or nore, lhey prefer nol lo
Ieave lheir eIenenl, especiaIIy during lhe day vhen
Al´ar lhe MerciIess leals dovn upon lhe Creal
The river is aIso hone lo nany sorls of fish~snaII
rennanls, nule reninders of a line vhen Anauroch
vas a ferliIe Iand fiIIed vilh Iakes, slreans, foresls and
Iife. Though nosl of ny peopIe find il hard lo accepl
lhis hislory, afler aII I have seen in lhe ReaIns and in
ny ovn Iand, I knov il lo le lrue.
The River of Cens is fuII of vhal ny nerrov-Iov-
ing acquainlance caIIs river fish, anphilians, and rep-
liIes. These nay le lhe nornaI inhalilanls of a Iiquid
environnenl, lul lhey are crealures of vhich I reaIIy
knov very IillIe. Òasis species are aIlogelher differenl.
I have seen as veII aninaIs even a dune-dveIIing
Bedine vouId recognize as unusuaI: gianl frogs, huge
valer leelIes, gianl gar, and a ferocious fish caIIed a
quipper vhich, vhen found in groups, can devour a
nan in jusl a fev shorl ninules.
Ierhaps il is jusl a Bedine´s naluraI fear of so nuch
valer in one pIace, lul I find lhe River of Cens lo le
a deadIy IocaIe, and one lhal shouId le avoided.
No leller exanpIe for ny dislrusl exisls lhan lhe
crealure caIIed lhe norkolh. I have leen loId ly reIi-
alIe, honoralIe nen lhal lhese crealures are onIy
found in deep parls of lhe sea. Ònce again, lhe
Molher Deserl disproves lhe shaIIov knovIedge of
lhe ocrrani.
There are nunerous lunneIs, lolh alove and
leIov lhe valer´s surface, lhal open vilhin lhe
ravine carved oul ly lhe river. Many of lhese pas-
sages Iead lo lhe Underdark, an area of sullerranean
horrors deep leIov Anauroch (and, I an loId,
under nany olher parls of lhe vorId as veII).
Unvary expIorers allenpling lo access lhe Under-
dark lhrough lhese roules oflen end up leconing
Iosl vilhin a series of idenlicaI, vinding lunneIs.
Sone slrange effecl of lhese underground passages
dravs lhen ever deeper in unliI lhey reach a Iarge,
cenlraI chanler vhich is lheir doon. In lhis chan-
ler Iives a norkolh.
Morkolh sonehov hypnolize lheir viclins as lhey
slunlIe lhrough lhe Ialyrinlhine lvisls alove, and
devour lhen once lhey reach lhe cenlraI chanler.
When nol Iuring hunan advenlurers, lhey prolalIy
feasl upon lhe nore pIenlifuI nerrov, scrags, and per-
haps even lhe Iarger of lhe river fish.
Òne Iegend says lhal once every len years, aII
norkolh Ieave lheir Iairs lo find nales. During lhis
line, greal iII is infIicled upon aII lhose dveIIing near
lhe river lhrough lIighls, disease, and nisforlune.
Dead fish fIoal up lo lhe surface of lhe river and are
vashed avay.
Al lhe Throal, a lhree-niIe-vide sinkhoIe in
vhich norkolh are even nore connon, lhere are
said lo le crealures caIIed valer nagas, supposedIy
reIaled lo dark nagas, vhich I viII descrile lo you
Ialer. UnforlunaleIy, I knov IillIe of lhese valer crea-
lures. I knov nereIy lhal lhey are nol necessariIy eviI
leings, and are leller off Iefl aIone.
Runor has il lhal direclIy leIov lhe Throal, al a
deplh of valer I cannol conceive of, lhere is a hidden
cily of aloIelh, crealures in Ieague vilh lhe olher fouI
sullerranean horrors. These aIso viII I delaiI Ialer,
vhen I finaIIy reveaI lhe secrels found in lhe Under-
Pan1 Foun: EcoLog¿ o[
1he HIgh Ice
n lhe norlh, lhe frozen pIain knovn as
lhe High Ice slrelches farlher lhan any
nan knovs. Wilhin lhis frigid vasle-
Iand, Iife is unconnon. The ice covers a
nunler of ancienl, veII-preserved cilies,
hovever, runors of vhich drav advenlurers and
expIorers lo lhe region on a conlinuaI lasis. Mosl do
nol relurn.
I nyseIf have onIy lraveIed lhrough lhe High Ice
once. Il is nol a pIace for casuaI visilors. Al lhe line I
chose lo expIore il, I vas searching for lhe rare sis-
areya lIoon~ lhe onIy cure for an iIIness ny second
vife gained fron drinking al a veII poisoned ly a
hevay snake.
Though I vas unsuccessfuI in ny quesl~lo ny sor-
rov, lhe pIanl lIoons onIy once every five years and
grovs onIy anid ice and snov~I did Iearn nuch
aloul lhe region during ny sojourn lhere.
) )
ninaIs connon lo lhe High Ice are fev. Trav-
eIers are nosl IikeIy lo encounler harnIess,
icejacks, vhich resenlIe pIunp, sIov-
novi ng hares. These crealures feed onI y on
snovfIovers, hardy pIanls lhal push lheir vay up
lhrough lhe snov.
This vegelalion seens susceplilIe lo lhe learing
vinds, or perhaps an icejack´s nillIing veakens ils
grip in lhe snov. Whichever, lhe rounded, viry
shruls are sonelines lIovn aloul Iike lhe lunlIe-
veeds vhich roII in lhe IIain of Slanding Slones.
They nourish lhe icejacks, vhich in lurn forn lhe
lasis of lhe norlhern food chain, as lhey are
exlreneIy alundanl.
A vhile-furred conslriclor, caIIed a snov snake, is
anolher frequenlIy encounlered crealure. Il vails
luried in povdery snov for ils prey. ÒccasionaIIy
lhese snakes acluaIIy lurrov inlo lhe deplhs of a
snov lank, lul usuaIIy lhey scurry aIong on lop of il.
SnaII ladgers, arclic foxes, carilou, a fev lears,
and olher, snaII crealures nake lheir hones here,
feeding on eilher snovfIovers, icejacks, or each olher,
as is lheir lasle. Snov ovIs, greal soarers (huge,
vhile-fealhered condors), and olher predalory lirds
spiraI overhead, valching for lvilches and shadovs
lhal dislurl lhe vasl, paIe expanse leIov.
Rane Beas1s
Dragons of various lypes, incIuding red, lopaz, lrass,
lIue, and olhers, Iair near a pecuIiar phenonenon
knovn as lhe SnokehoIes, vhen lraveIing across lhe
High Ice. Avay fron lhe lenpering infIuence of lhese
oases in lhe coId, il is rare lo find any lul vhile
dragons. Bul lhal decIaralion is loo hasly~cryslaI
dragons are nol unknovn, eilher. UsuaIIy, if a vhile
and a cryslaI dragon encounler one anolher, lhey
fighl~aIlhough lhe vhile dragon is nearIy aIvays
perceived as lhe aggressor in such a lallIe.
The hiII gianls of lhe IIain of Slanding Slones leII
a laIe aloul frosl gianls vho cane fron lhe nysleri-
ous norlh lo sellIe in lhe High Ice. The arroganl~or
in olher leIIings~fooIhardy frosl gianls encounlered
a nunler of cryslaI dragons in lheir nev lerrilory, and
allenpled lo ensIave lhen. The dragons sIev lhe
gianls, and nov no gianl of any sorl dares enler lhe
While dragons prefer lo hunl oulsiders, vhelher
hunan or aninaI, as nosl of lhe nalive crealures are,
ly adaplalion or design, resislanl or innune lo lheir
lrealh veapons. I have seen, hovever, a dragon
allack and kiII a snaII renorhaz~and Ialer, lhe sane
vyrn sIev a group of yeli.
There is a poverfuI vhile dragon naned Augauralh
vho dveIIs vilhin lhe region. She is lhe undispuled
2 O
Iord over aII dragons in lhe High Ice, and il is
runored lhal sone of lhe olher crealures in lhe area,
such as yeli, vinler voIves, and even sone seni-inleI-
Iigenl renorhaz, vorship her as a god.
Ice Toaos
No Bedine shouId ever le forced lo endure lhe sav-
age coId of lhe High Ice. Il is such a change fron
lhe lroiIing heal of lhe Svord lhal il is hard lo
leIieve lhe lvo regions are so cIose. Crealures Iike
ice loads nake lhe loo-frigid air of lhe High Ice
even coIder.
These leasls grov lo le eighl feel Iong and dveII in
snaII groups in icy rifls lhroughoul lhe High Ice.
They feed on praclicaIIy anylhing, and allack vilh
lheir vicious lile.
Worsl of aII, lhough, lhey radiale a coId so inlense
il can kiII a nan, inslanlIy~a coId so liller il oul-
chiIIs even lhe harshesl arclic vind. You are nol
daunled ly nonslers` The nere presence of lhese
leasls has sIain nany desperale, unvary expIorers as
lhey searched a load-inhaliled rifl for food.
MoslIy, since expIorers are lhenseIves so rare a
species in lhe High Ice, lhe loads feed on snaII nan-
naIs Iike icejacks and arclic foxes. They feasl vhen
an occasionaI carilou herd vanders across lhe soulh-
ern edge of lhe region.
Ice loads are said lo le inleIIigenl, and lo have
lheir ovn Ianguage. As good a veapon as il is againsl
yeli~anolher hazard connon lo lhe frozen vasles~
fire is useIess againsl ice loads. Heal dravs ice loads,
and drives lhen inlo a frenzy. A sinpIe canpfire is
enough lo Iaunch a singIe nonsler inlo a fighl lo lhe
dealh vilh vhalever opponenl nighl le handy. A
Iarger fire couId drav perhaps dozens of lhe crealures,
aII insane vilh rage.
These leasls, vhich resenlIe nolhing so nuch as
huge vorns, are prolalIy anong lhe nosl feared
crealures in lhe High Ice. I nyseIf encounlered one
once, as I journeyed across lhe ice vilh five u|ugarr
gnones vho vere seeking lhe area knovn as lhe
SnokehoIes, vhere lhey had heard rare nineraIs
nighl le found.
Long lefore ve reached lhe SnokehoIes, one of
lhese lerrilIe poIar vorns erupled fron lhe snov in
fronl of us and allacked. The leasl ve confronled vas
aInosl lhirly feel Iong, aIlhough I have sulsequenlIy
Iearned lhal lhey can grov lo a Ienglh of aInosl fifly
Il innedialeIy svaIIoved one of ny conpanions
vhoIe, vhiIe lhe resl of us allenpled lo fighl il. Òne
of lhe gnones allacked lhe leasl fron lhe rear, lul
lhe crealure´s lack grovs incredilIy hol vhen
aroused~holler lhan Al´ar herseIf, il seens~and lhe
gnone´s sloul sncf veapon neIled as he slruck lhe
Though ve nanaged lo kiII il evenluaIIy, our vic-
lory cane al lhe cosl of a furlher lvo gnones´ Iives. I
had fooIish hopes lhal lhe renorhaz´ firsl viclin
nighl yel Iive, having nol leen cheved or squeezed
in lhe suddenness of lhe nonsler´s allack. Sad, vhal
unfaniIiarily vilh a nonsler can Iead one lo leIieve.
Il vas nol lo le. The svaIIoved gnone vas of course
inslanlIy suffocaled ly lhe crealure´s unleIievalIe
inner lody lenperalure.
The Ieader of lhe gnones, leing sonehov knovI-
edgealIe aloul such lhings, drained a Iiquid fron lhe
leasl´s lody lhal he caIIed |nrqn. He cIained lhal il
vas a usefuI sulslance in lhe naking of heal-reIaled
nagicaI ilens. Lven anong oulIanders, I ask vho
vouId counl fouI nagic vorlh such a cosl`
In lhe aflernalh of our lallIe, ve had lhe lodies of
lhe nonsler and our conpanions, and a greal hoIe
rinned vilh refrozen ice. I Iefl lhe gnones lo lheir
dealh riluaIs, vhalever lhose nighl le. I feIl sure lhey
vouId prefer lo face lheir grief aIone.
As previousIy nenlioned, lhere is a region in lhe
I an loId il is anolher of lhe greal ironies of Anau-
roch lhal heal-Ioving leings Iike saIananders have a
pIace in lhe High Ice.
Curious, I lacklracked inslead dovn lhe sIippery
lunneI lhe crealure had nade or cheved or neIled
lhrough lhe ice. LvenluaIIy, ny fearsone lraiI Iead lo
a series of passages, and lhen onlo a cenlraI Iair. Here
I found lhe indigeslilIe possessions of lhose inleIIi-
genl leings lhe leasl had ealen previous lo our falefuI
encounler, and a nunler of eggs. I look one of lhe
eggs, and soon aflervard soId il lo an advenlurer vho
lhoughl lhal he couId raise lhe crealure and lrain il
lo serve hin. U|ugarr |a|ao gnasnin |ariq ÒulIanders
seek slrange palhs.
High Ice knovn as lhe SnokehoIes. These hoIes
nark lhe exil poinls of hol, voIcanic gases vhich
escape upvard lhrough lhe ice sheel, producing greal
anounls of slean. The air around lhese venls is
exlreneIy hol, and lhe very earlh surrounding lhen is
varner lhan lhe resl of lhe region.
SaIananders dveII vilhin lhe SnokehoIes and vail
for olher leings lo lread cIose in a dangerous search
for varnlh. The saIananders allack vhalever cones
near, hoping lo puII a viclin inlo lheir hoIes.
Dvarves and gnones Iike lhe group vilh vhich I
vas lraveIing are forever nounling expedilions dovn
inlo lhe hoIes foIIoving laIes of greal, rare ore veins.
Il is said lhese veins decorale lhe Caverns of Burning
Ice lenealh lhe SnokehoIes. So far as I can leII, lhese
Iegends sinpIy provide various saIananders vilh
hunanoid neal.
SaIananders vieId nagicaI veapons and keep fire
snakes lhroughoul lheir Iairs as guardians. Il has leen
loId lo ne ly a nyslerious lraveIer lhal lhe saIanan-
ders guard lhe SnokehoIes lecause sone poverfuI
enlily connanded lhen lo prolecl sonelhing luried
in lhe caverns. Whal lhis lreasure couId le is a nys-
lery lo ne...
5mou CLoakens
These leings are very rare, exisling in snaII nunlers
in and around lhe parlicuIar rifl knovn as LIashIoch,
lhe Lake of Ice. Il nay le lhal lhey exisl novhere
eIse. When I lroughl up lhese crealures in ny lrief
conversalions vilh lhe oulIander vizard, LI´Minsler,
he nunlIed sonelhing aloul lhe race nearing
exlinclion. Cood riddance, I say~if il le lrue.
Snov cIoakers, vhich have a sullerranean counler-
parl in olher parls of lhe ReaIns lhal I have aIso had
lhe nisforlune lo encounler, gIide over snov and ice
and drop upon unsuspecling viclins lo devour lhen.
When lhey are al resl, lhey are aInosl inpossilIe lo
see. Lven vhen lhey are gIiding aloul, lheir sinuous
novenenls are difficuIl lo pick oul of lhe snov-fiIIed
vinds. They apparenlIy are innune lo lhe High Ice´s
harsh coId.
VhI1e PuooImg
As Iife adapls lo lhe lurning sands of lhe Svord, so
loo does il adapl lo lhe drifling, dune-Iike snovs. Òne
greal danger of lhe High Ice is lhal nosl crealures
lhal Iive lhere are hard lo delecl lecause of lheir coI-
oralion or lheir sleaIlh in conceaInenl. None is nore
difficuIl lo perceive lhan lhe vhile pudding, a crea-
lure sonelines knovn anong advenlurers as lhe
snovnound leasl.
While puddings are huge nasses of fIesh, lhree lo
eighl feel in dianeler, lhal nove ly oozing lheir vay
across lhe snov. Never eIsevhere have I seen such a
lhing vilh ny ovn eyes (lhough lhere is said lo le a
siniIar crealure in lhe Svord lhal has lhe appearance
and consislency of sand).
The nonsler feeds on aII kinds of aninaI and pIanl
naller, as veII as alsorling ice and snov. While pud-
dings secrele sone sorl of acid vhich eals lhrough
cIolhing and fIesh vilh aIarning speed.
Noise in greal quanlily and al greal voIune is said
lo vard lhese crealures off. Òf course, lhese sane
sounds nay allracl predalors of a differenl kind! The
reverse is aIso lrue. Sonelines a vhile pudding~usu-
aIIy a snaII specinen, perhaps lhey are Iess sensi-
live~foIIovs lhe laying, hovIing, or grovIing
exchanges of olher leasls, such as a pack of vhile
voIves or a lear, and devours vhal lhey Ieave lehind.
Legends loId round lhe cookfires of hardy expIorers
and lhe senlry fires of lundIed lrekking parlies piclure
a huge vhile pudding, hundreds of feel across, lhal
never noves. This avesone~and in ny nind, IikeIy
nylhicaI~leasl said lo exisl in lhe far norlh sinpIy
vails for prey lo cone lo il.
VIm1en VoLoes
LquaIIy as inleIIigenl as lhe dread ice loads are vinler
voIves, lhe loads´ chief predalor. Innune lo ice
loads´ coId enanalions, lhese Iilhe crealures have no
prolIen in sIaying lheir prey.
Huge, leaulifuIIy vhile aninaIs, nuch nore
inpressive lhan lhe skuIking jackaIs of lhe hol deserl,
a pack of vinler voIves can neverlheIess le exlreneIy
deadIy. They lrealhe frosl as a vhile dragon can.
These leasls aIvays lraveI againsl lhe vind, so lhal
lheir prey is unalIe lo scenl lhen. WalchfuI lraveIers
in lhe snov counlry lherefore aIvays nole lhe direc-
lion lhe vind is lIoving. Upvind is vhere lhe voIves
are. Winler voIves have no need lo praclice laclics
Iike surprise or anlush. Their speed, slrenglh, and
pover are sufficienl lo defeal any foe or lring dovn
any gane.
Their packs are veII organized. UnIike his cousin
2 2
voIves in nany olher parls of lhe ReaIns, a vinler
voIf pack Ieader is usuaIIy lhe snarlesl aninaI, ralher
lhan nereIy lhe Iargesl or slrongesl nenler of lhe
Il has leen said lhal if a hunan vere lo offer a pack
Ieader sonelhing il vouId vaIue, lhal hunan couId
gain lhe service of lhe voIf pack. I an suspicious of
such a neluIous pronise, il snacks of lraggarls and
vishes. Whal a hunan expIorer couId offer a vinler
voIf of lhe High Ice is sonelhing I vouId Iove lo
Though fierce hunlers in lheir ovn righl, yeli are per-
haps lesl knovn in lhe High Ice as lhe prinary food
source of lhe renorhaz. These veII-adapled apes are
inleIIigenl and crafly, cunningIy lurying lhenseIves
in snov lanks and hoIding nolionIess lo anlush
lheir prey. Renorhaz, hovever, have sone vay lo
delecl lhen vhiIe lhey are hidden, unnoving and
invisilIe lo lhe naked eye. The greal poIar vorns
allack lhe hapIess yeli fron undernealh.
Yeli have leen seen using veapons lhey have
slripped fron inleIIigenl viclins, lul lhey nake no
looIs or veapons lhenseIves. Il is said lhal one shouId
never Iook direclIy inlo lheir eyes, for lhe icy lIue
orls of a yeli can paraIyze a nan vilh fear.
They Iive in snaII packs of exlended faniIies. Like
sone Bedine lriles, lhese faniIies consider every
olher Iiving leing, incIuding olher yeli, as enenies.
UnIike ny lrilesnen, yeli aIso consider everylhing
eIse leyond lheir faniIy nenlers in lhe Iighl of possi-
lIe foodsluffs. Yeli risk an allack onIy if lhey leIieve
lhey can successfuIIy kiII lheir chosen prey~lhey are
nol fooIish.
The fur of a yeli has sone sorl of heal-alsorling
properly. Because of lhis, lhey are dangerousIy coId lo
lhe louch (heal fron your lody is puIIed fron you
vhen you louch one), and lhey can vilhsland greal
anounls of danage fron fire. Hovever, I have found
in ny ovn lraveIs lhal a sinpIe lorch svung aloul
viII vard off nunerous yeli. If you can nanage lo sIay
one of lhese crealures, skin il and lake ils peIl. Il can
save you fron lhe dealh-lringing coId.
DemIzem o[ 1he
Los1 CI1Ies

o discussion of lhe crealures of lhe High Ice can
le conpIele vilhoul nenlioning lhe Losl
Cilies: Ascore, HIaungadalh, SpeIIgard, and Òrene in
lhe Irozen Sea, and Anaralh, BhauIaea, and sliII
olhers under lhe ice ilseIf.
These pIaces are, in generaI, fiIIed vilh nagic and
dealh. Any sorl of crealure nay le found vilhin lheir
loundaries, even lhose nol necessariIy nalive lo ice
and snov, sand and slone. Many nonslrous inhalil-
lanls are Ieflover rennanls of a forgollen age, pre-
served ly nagic or lheir aliIily lo adapl.
As is lhe case in lhe ruined cilies in lhe Svord, lhe
nosl connon sorl of nonsler in lhe Losl Cilies is
undead. These reslIess spirils of ancienl lines sliII
guard lhe Losl Cilies fron inlruders. MagicaI crea-
lures leyond a Bedine´s vorsl nighlnare, such as
Iania, hags, dragons, nedusae, lehoIders, even olher
pIanar leings, are aIso frequenlIy encounlered, eilher
Iiving anong lhe ruins or expIoring, for lhese fouI
aloninalions vere, in lheir heyday, pIaces of poverfuI
2 3
Pan1 FIoe: The
Umoenoank o[
save lhis discussion for Iasl, lecause I
Iike lo speak of il Ieasl of aII lhings.
There is no nore lerrifying pIace lhan
lhe Underdark, and il hoIds secrels
regarding lhe Creal Deserl lhal are lolh
difficuIl lo leII~and difficuIl lo hear.
Winlers are harsh aII across Anauroch, even in
lhe Svord. When lhe vinds hovI and lhe lenpera-
lures pIunnel, lhe Bedine relreal inlo sullerranean
lunneIs lenealh lhe sands. We have no choice. To
slay alove ground vouId le lo freeze, for lhere is no
sheIler in lhe endIess dunes. The vind harries aII
lefore il.
This is lhe nosl lrying line for any lrile, for lhere
are leasls leIov ground lhal resisl our inlrusion vilh
fearsone povers and surprising organizalion. These
forays inlo underground caverns are a conslanl fighl,
lul dealh alove, in lhe crueI vinler vinds, is cerlain.
The Bedine have onIy lo endure lhe horrors of lhe
Underdark, and counl lhe days liII lhey can energe
once again.
The firsl line I Iead ny lrile inlo lhe dark under-
vorId, ve enlered lhrough lhe caves soulh of lhe
ShoaI of Thirsl. InnedialeIy, eye lyranls allacked us
and larred our vay. Many of ny peopIe died, and onIy
our sheer nunlers drove lhe fouI crealures lack.
SliII, ve heId our ground. Many nore lrave Bedine
varriors died, and lheir vives sang lhe songs of
nc|´azin, or dealh, for nany days. IinaIIy, lhe crea-
lures gave up. AIlhough occasionaIIy one of our peo-
Òne viclory did nol secure us Iasling peace ly
any neans. The eye lyranls Ialer relaIialed ly send-
ing endIess hordes of orcs and holgolIins lo assauIl
us in our nakeshifl canps. ApparenlIy, lhese golIi-
noids vere under lhe nenlaI conlroI of lhe lehoId-
ers. No naller hov lraveIy ve repeIIed lhen, nore
pIe disappeared, vandering loo far fron lhe fire ve
kepl sloked nighl and day (for vhal are nighl and day
in perpeluaI darkness` The fireIighl heId lack lhe noi-
sone IillIe leasls), ve nade lhe lesl of il, and
availed lhe coning of sunner vilh lhe sane eager-
ness vilh vhich a havk springs inlo fIighl.
Thal vas ny Iasl vinler as sheikh of ny |ncuuan. I
did nol relurn lo lhe Underdark for nany years afler
lhal, for I knev I couId nol survive lhere aIone. Il is
nol in ny nalure lo seek dealh in so covardIy a fash-
ion. LillIe did I knov lhal vhen nexl I journeyed
lhere, I vouId indeed lraveI aIone. Il vas on ny sec-
ond sojourn lhal I Iearned lhe horrilIe secrels I viII
nov reveaI.
An ancienl, inhunan race caIIed lhe phaerinn
ruIes Anauroch´s Underdark and conlroIs, one vay or
anolher, aII of ils inhalilanls. These nonslers conlroI
nany of lhe evenls on lhe surface of lhe Molher
Deserl as veII. Mosl of lhe asaois, and even sone of
lhe Bedine lriles, are direcled ly phaerinn nagic.
Il is lhe phaerinn vho have nade Anauroch inlo
lhe valerIess, IifeIess region lhal il is. Lven vere I lo
reveaI lhis secrel lo lhe Bedine sheikhs vho vere
once ny equaIs, hovever, lhe pover of lhe phaerinn
is loo greal. Lven a uniled Bedine force, aslonishing
as such a prospecl is (lul renenler, loo, lhal ny ovn
falher once uniled haIf lhe lriles of lhe Svord), pov-
erfuI and lrave lhough ny peopIe are, is loo veak lo
ever confronl lhen.
Ierhaps no one can slop lhen~and lhey seek lo
spread lhe deserl over aII lhe ReaIns!
I knov lhis lo le lrue, for I have leheId lhese non-
slers vilh ny ovn senses. They had conlroI of ne for
sone IillIe line, as veII, lul I nanaged lo lreak free
and fIee lo lhe surface.
Knoving lhese facls, a lraveIer fron lhe oulIands
nay al Iasl lruIy undersland Anauroch and vhy
2 4
lhings are lhe vay lhey are in lhe deserl. Il nay le
lhal no nan in Anauroch can lruIy le lrusled, due lo
phaerinn infIuence. I have failh, hovever, lhal ny
peopIe~nore lhan sofl oulIanders and greedy adven-
lurers, nore indeed lhan any olher peopIe~have a
chance lo resisl such eviI sorcery for al Ieasl a shorl
line Ionger.
They are a slrong race, lhe Bedine. They rejecl
nagic alsoIuleIy, and lhey alhor lhe very idea of sIav-
ery. Hov Iong lhis deserl-honed slrenglh can Iasl, I do
nol knov.
Ior lhose acluaIIy vishing lo enler lhe dark reaIn
of dealh afler aII lhe varnings I have given you, I viII
reIale vhal I have seen of lhe nosl connonIy
encounlered leings.
Cnea1unes o[ 1he
More connonIy caIIed eye lyranls anong ny peopIe,
lehoIders are an eviI race. They arroganlIy leIieve
lhenseIves lo le naslers of lhe Underdark (a pIace
ny peopIe caII arú´aniq). Iev eye lyranls reaIize lhal
lheir ovn Ieader, RiIalhdooI, an LIder Òrl, is a nere
phaerinn pavn.
Upon seeing an eye lyranl for lhe firsl line, ny
lhoughl vas ¨hov couId such a lhing exisl`¨ Years
Ialer, I sliII find lhe sane queslion lurning in ny
nind. BehoIders and lheir kin (for, nuch lo ny hor-
ror, I have discovered lhere are nany lypes of lehoId-
ers) are unIike any crealure I have ever encounlered.
They are nol naluraI, lhey are aloninalions of
Mosl of lhen are conpIeleIy IinlIess, and lhey fIy
hideousIy ungracefuIIy, ly sone sorcerous aliIily. The
slrangesl lhing aloul eye lyranls is, of course, lheir
aliIily lo fire nagicaI lIasls of energy Iike spears fron
lheir nany eyes.
BehoIders of Anauroch have deveIoped a nagicaI
ilen caIIed an eye-ring. In ny dreans I have galhered
aII of lhese fouI conslrucls and fIung lhen inlo a
renorhaz´s nav, lo neIl in lhe infernaI heal.
Whal a quesl lhal vouId le! Whal a filling end for
lase nagic! Bul I nusl leII you vhal lhese cqc-rings
can do, so lhal you viII recognize lhe juslice of ny
drean vision.
These nagicaI rings fil onlo lhe eyeslaIks of a
lehoIders´ nany eyes. Lach ring is keyed lo a specific
pover of a lehoIder´s eye, and changes lhe ray fired ly
lhe eye il is vorn on lo lhe pover designaled. Whal
lhis neans is lhal if a parlicuIar lehoIder Iikes lhe
sIeep aliIily of one of ils eyes, il can vear ¨sIeep¨ eye
rings on lhe nine olher eyes so lhal lhey aII fire rays of
The eye lyranls of Anauroch dveII nainIy in a cily
caIIed Dakspar, roughIy leIov lhe Dragon´s Back
Ieaks in lhe IIain of Slanding Slones. This cily is
ruIed direclIy ly RiIalhdooI, and has nany differenl
lehoIder-kin lypes, incIuding gaulh, speclalors, and
even dealh kiss lehoIders. Despile runors lo lhe con-
lrary, lehoIders are alIe lo coexisl, and lhey do so in
Dakspar in nunlers of al Ieasl a lhousand.
Caulh, lhose lehoIder-kin lhal consune nagicaI
pover, are rare, lul oflen hoId posilions of aulhorily
in lhe sullerranean lehoIder sociely. Speclalors are
exlreneIy rare and serve onIy as guards. Dealh kisses
are oflen senl as assassins or speciaI agenls.
The lehoIders of Dakspar keep lolh orcs and hol-
golIins anong lhen as sIaves and soIdiers. AInosl
every lehoIder has charned al Ieasl one such
sIave/lodyguard. These sIaves lecone lhe ¨hands¨ of
lhe lehoIder, aIIoving lhe nasler~lhrough lhe
sIave~lo nanipuIale oljecls lhey olhervise couId
nol. Òlher sIaves are organized inlo niIilary unils,
each connanded ly an eye lyranl vhich has charned
aII of lhe orcs or holgolIins in ils unil.
BehoIders, as far as I couId leII in ny line anong
lhen, do nol dislinguish al aII lelveen orcs and hol-
golIins. ÒccasionaIIy, a charned Bedine Iike nyseIf
nay aIso le discovered anong lhe sIaves. We hunans
are lrealed lhe sane as any olher sIave. ApparenlIy,
eye lyranls do nol lolher lo recognize any differences
anong olher races. They seen lo lhink onIy in lerns
of ¨us and lhen.¨
Sone snaII-ninded Bedine feeI lhal vay aloul
oulIanders, lul olserving lehoIder sociely has shovn
ne lhe foIIy of such narrov lhinking. Thal is a veak-
ness anong lolh lhe eye lyranls and lhe Bedine~
lhey are quick lo undereslinale lhal vhich lhey are
unfaniIiar vilh.
BehoIders never inagine any hunan is a lhreal
unliI lhey are shovn olhervise. A snarl advenlurer
can use lhis arrogance lo his advanlage. Ònce a sIave
or foe denonslrales a greal deaI of aliIily or skiII,
2 5
hovever, lehoIders viII le on lheir guard, for lhey are
quick lo recognize pover. Iover is lhe one lhing lhey
Since lhe Bedine are faniIiar vilh lhe eye lyranls
lhal dveII in lhe Underdark, having encounlered
lhen every coId season in lheir underground sojourns,
dispIaying a dead lehoIder or sone veslige of il, such
as an eye, is a quick vay lo gain a snaII anounl of
respecl fron a deserl lrile. Bul do nol le loo oslenla-
lious. A cIoak lasseIed vilh lehoIder eyeslaIks, lhe
vay sone norlhnen lrin lheir fur capes vilh laiIs, is
nore IikeIy lo lurn slonachs lhan lo inspire respecl
anong lhe lriles. Many greal Bedine varriors have
eye lyranl lrophies, lul lhey are rareIy dispIayed
openIy. To speak of lhe denizens of lhe Underdark
any nore lhan necessary is considered lad Iuck and
lad lasle.
Dank Nagas
Dark nagas are eviI agenls of lhe phaerinn lhal oper-
ale alove ground as veII as leIov. UnIike lehoIders
and iIIilhids, lhese crealures are lolh avare of lheir
naslers and serve lhen viIIingIy~lhere are no speIIs
vhich force a naga inlo servilude. I an loId ly lhose
nore knovIedgealIe aloul such lhings lhan I lhal
lhese crealures ollain a feeIing of securily ly vorking
vilh, or for, olhers.
Ierhaps nagas feeI nore secure knoving lhe ave-
sone pover of lhe phaerinn supporls lhen and lheir
aclions. Òn an even nore praclicaI IeveI I have
olserved lhal nagas oflen Iearn nev speIIs fron lhe
phaerinn as revards for dulies snarlIy conpIeled and
nissions acconpIished. Civen lhe IinilIess nagicaI
knovIedge lhe phaerinn possess, I inagine a pover-
hungry crealure Iike a dark naga has no reason lo ever
Ieave service lo a generous nasler.
Dark nagas serve nosl oflen as a kind of fieId con-
nander, Ieading a group of Iesser sIaves in conlal or
on olher inporlanl nissions. They are aInosl never
encounlered vilhoul a relinue of orc, holgolIin,
asaoi, or hunan underIings. Hovever, lhere nusl le
sone friclion or jeaIousy vilhin lheir species, as lhey
aIso never operale vilh olher dark nagas. Their nas-
lers leach dark nagas speIIs lo charn and conlroI
lhese Iesser lroops.
Sone dark nagas appear lo serve lhe lehoIders in
in lheir fouI cily of Dakspar. They operale as sIave
unil connanders for eye lyranls, jusl as lhey do for
lhe phaerinn. Il is ny leIief lhal lhese Dakspar
nagas are acluaIIy spies and infiIlralors senl ly lhe
phaerinn lo nake sure lhe lehoIders do as lhe
phaerinn vish.
Dark nagas are nol faslidious, and lhey eal aII lypes
of fIesh, even lhal of olher nagas if lhey nusl. In a
desperale silualion, a naga does nol hesilale lo kiII
one of lhose under il for food. They are seIfish in lhe
exlrene. Bul lhey do have sone concepl of IoyaIly~
al Ieasl enough nol lo lurn on lhose in posilions of
Dark nagas have fuIIy adopled lhe goaIs of lhe
phaerinn as lheir ovn~lhese leing lhe conpIele
doninalion of lolh lhe Underdark and lhe sunIil
vorId. Lach naga has ils ovn individuaI pIans as veII.
Sone schene sinpIy lo gain nore personaI pover,
olhers deveIop pIans so esoleric lhey are difficuIl for
hunans lo conprehend.
In lheir quesl for nore pover, dark nagas vaIue
nagicaI ilens alove aII eIse. They aIvays pIunder
lheir foes for such looly. If lhey find lreasure vorlh
laking, lhey svaIIov il, pIacing il in vhal vouId seen
lo le sone speciaI slorage slonach vhence lhey can
regurgilale il Ialer.
Dark naga Iairs are usuaIIy fiIIed vilh nagicaI
ilens. UnforlunaleIy for lhe vouId-le vizard, lhese
lase Ieflovers lend lo le veapons and charns lhal
vere nol vorlh lhe crealure´s line or lhal lhey
couId nol use. An ilen a naga finds usefuI is kepl on
(or perhaps il vouId le nore accurale lo say in) ils
Naga, Dark: Inl LxceplionaI, AL LL, AC 6,
MV 13, HD 9, #AT 2, Dng 1-4/2-8, SA Casls
speIIs as a 6lh-IeveI vizard, laiI slinger poison
infIicls 1-2 poinls of danage and sIeep for 2-8
rounds, THACO 13, SZ L, ML 15, XI 4OOO
Ior nore delaiIs, see IR13 Anaurccn.
IIIilhids~or nind fIayers~are for lhe grealesl parl
direclIy conlroIIed ly lhe phaerinn. There is no iIIu-
sion here, as lhere is in lhe eye lyranl´s Iairs, lhal lhe
species chooses ils ovn desliny.
Ihaerinn conlroI is nol alsoIule, hovever.
There are supposedIy a fev independenl, rogue
iIIilhid lands~parlicuIarIy near lhe frozen cily of
2 6
The nunler of iIIilhids in Anauroch´s Underdark is
acluaIIy snaII, leing Iess lhan a fev hundred. Because
of lhis, lhe phaerinn use lheir iIIilhid sIaves spar-
ingIy, and rareIy in groups. Inslead, nind fIayers serve
as lhe phaerinn´s speciaI enforcers.
IIIilhids nay occasionaIIy even venlure onlo lhe
surface of lhe Creal Deserl, carrying oul sone nission
for lheir naslers. UsuaIIy, lhey acl as spies, lrying lo
discern lhe neaning and prolalIe oulcone of Zhen-
lish aclivilies, lhe pIols of Ianias, and direclives of
any olher aclive pover group in lhe deserl. (The
phaerinn usuaIIy disregard ny peopIe, for vhich fore-
learance lhe Bedine vouId no doull le gralefuI, if
lhey vere avare of il.)
In lhe Underdark, a nind fIayer is senl ly ils phaer-
inn naslers lo invesligale vhenever a poverfuI
lhreal enlers lheir dark donain. I have heard lhal
sonelines vhen a Bedine lrile fIees underground lo
avoid a harsh vinler, an iIIilhid nay le senl lo spy on
and perhaps harass lhen. If a poverfuI land of adven-
lurers legins kiIIing Iarge nunlers of phaerinn ser-
vanls, lhey loo nighl gain an iIIilhid spy as an
unvanled and nosl IikeIy undiscovered conpanion.
Lveryone has heard slullering noises in lhe dark,
and inexpIicalIe ruslIes, lhen a pause in lhe snaII
noises lhal vhisper lhrough a Iiving lunneI. In lhe
lIackness, il is aInosl inpossilIe lo discover aII lhe
hiding pIaces, aII lhe Iislening crevices. Much as a
person dreads lhe possiliIily of lolaI isoIalion, neilher
can he le sure he lruIy is aIone.
A nind fIayer spy uses ils nenlaI povers lo confuse
and nisIead any inlruders inlo ils assigned lerrilory. If
il can, il isoIales lhen one ly one fron lheir conpan-
ions, and kiIIs lhen. Lven lhough an iIIilhid´s viII is
nol ils ovn, nind fIayers are sliII a covardIy Iol, vilh-
oul honor of any kind.
The laIes you nighl have heard are lrue~lhese
nonslers reaIIy do eal lhe lrains of olher crealures. I
had heard lhey regard hunans as hunans nighl in
lurn regard lheir goals. This, hovever, is nol lrue, al
Ieasl nol in lhe case of Anauroch nind fIayers. They
are caulious, and acluaIIy overeslinale lheir enenies
(again, lhey differ fron lehoIders in lhis respecl).
They do nol allack unIess lhey are sure lhey can vin.
I leIieve lhe nind fIayers´ exlrene respecl for
hunan povers cones nol fron lhe sparse confronla-
lions vilh Bedine and u|ugarr advenlurers of lhe cur-
renl Anauroch. Though I vaIue ny ovn vorlh in
fighling highIy, I have seen loo nuch of lhe vorId lo
inagine lhal I an anong lhe nosl fearsone crealures
in il. I lhink perhaps lhe nind fIayers are recaIIing far
earIier conlacls vilh lhe Nelherese, lhal race of pov-
erfuI sorcerers vho once Iived in vhal is nov lhe
Creal Deserl.
Since iIIilhids aInosl never so nuch as see each
olher, lhere is no iIIilhid cuIlure lo reIale lo you. Hov
lhey procreale is leyond ne. I suspecl fron sone inci-
denls vhose delaiIs I viII nol lore you vilh, hovever,
lhal nind fIayers are acluaIIy incredilIy Iong-Iived.
Ierhaps lheir naluraI Iife spans have ly sone neans
leen Ienglhened ly sone dark phaerinn nagic.
If lhis le lrue, lhen lhe iIIilhids lhal run such fouI
errands for lhe phaerinn nov nay even le lhe origi-
naI nind fIayers caplured and conlroIIed ly lheir nas-
lers over a lhousand years ago.
Oncs ¡amo HobgobLIms)
Mosl of lhe golIinoid crealures under Anauroch are
sIaves, prolalIy laken fron lhe sunIil vorId alove in
raids and vars. Òrcs are nore connon, vilh holgol-
Iins leing fever in nunler. Asaois are frequenlIy
sIaves of lhe phaerinn as veII.
AII of lhese races are kepl and aII are lrealed as
sIaves, lul lhey are nagicaIIy charned or conlroIIed,
so lhere is IillIe disconlenl or releIIion. SIaves´ viIIs
have leen so successfuIIy laken fron lhen lhal lhey
exisl onIy lo serve. Their naslers encourage lhen lo
lreed, in order lo increase lheir nunlers.
Òrcs in parlicuIar have leen sIaves so Iong and
have adapled lo lhe Iife of servilude so veII lhal even
lhough lhe species has aII lul disappeared fron sur-
face Anauroch, lhey are a connon odor in lhe
Ihaerinn sIaves are aInosl never encounlered
aIone. They vouId nol knov vhal lo do ly lhen-
seIves, so degraded are lhey. UsuaIIy sone nore inleI-
Iigenl crealure, perhaps a lehoIder, a dark naga, or
rareIy even an iIIilhid, connands a group of lvenly
lo lhirly sIaves.
SIaves nosl IikeIy carry lhe sane sorls of veapons
and equipnenl lhal lheir alove-ground lrelhren use,
for lhose are lhe looIs lhey had vhen lhey vere cap-
lured. Bul since no allenlion and no pride is paid for
lhe arnanenls of servanls, lhe veapons are aInosl
aIvays of poor quaIily.
Since lheir naslers do nol care for lheir veIfare, il
is nol unconnon for lhese crealures lo le underfed
2 7
and sickIy, as veII. Many lurn lo cannilaIisn, even
ealing lheir faIIen foes if lheir naslers aIIov il.
The phaerinn are lhe lIack naslers of lhe Under-
dark of Anauroch. Il is lhey vho casl lhe dreadfuI
|ifcúrain speIIs lhal have dried lhe surface vorId alove
lhen inlo lhe husk lhal loday is lhe Creal Deserl
Anauroch. Magic has done lhis! My peopIe are righl
lo despise ils gruesone vorkings! To le sure, sone
crealure or pover, grealer even lhan lhe phaerinn,
sIovs and hinders lheir aclions, lul lhe nonslers
renain a lhreal lo aII lhal Iives nonelheIess~in lhe
deserl and leyond.
Hov can I descrile lhese nosl inhunan viIIains`
Their unnaluraI physicaI appearance is nausealing
even lo inagine. Ihaerinn fIoal and fIy lhrough lhe
air as lehoIders do, lul vhere an eye lyranl is
rounded, lhe hideous phaerinn is shaped Iike an
anleIope horn slood on ils poinl. The narrov end
dvindIes lo a larled lip. The videsl end is sur-
nounled ly javs Iined vilh vicious leelh. Waving
around lhe crueI Iip of lhis nav sproul four anazingIy
hunanIike arns.
When firsl I leheId one of lhe leasls, in facl, I
lhoughl il had faiIed lo svaIIov ils previous neaI. Bul
lhe Iinls are ils ovn, relraclalIe, and ending in
deforned grips. Such a nonsler is cIearIy lhe resuIl of
dread nagic, gone horrilIy vrong.
Many are lhe servanls of lhe phaerinn. They
infIuence lehoIder sociely lhrough lheir eIder orl
Ieader. They conlroI olher crealures direclIy: iIIilhids,
orcs, holgolIins, asaois, unler huIks, gianls, dragons,
undead, doppIegangers, a fev drov, and even hunans
and olher uppervorIders. Sone fev sIaves, such as
dark nagas and aloIelh, serve lhe phaerinn viIIingIy.
Servanls are nosl connonIy encounlered in lhe
Underdark (vhere lheir naslers conlroI aInosl every-
lhing), lul lhey can le found spying and fonenling
lroulIe alove ground as veII.
Indeed, phaerinn acconpIish nosl of lheir goaIs
lhrough lheir servanls. Iron lhe nunlers of sIave
parlies I sav sel oul, and lhe oljecls I caughl a
gIinpse of vhen a group relurned, I fear lheir chief
shorl-lern goaI is lhe accunuIalion of ever nore nev
speIIs and nagicaI ilens.
To acconpIish lheir fouI ends, lhey nol onIy send
oul lheir servanls lo piIIage and sleaI, lul lhey aIso
lid lhen spread vord anong lhe surface races lhal
greal veaIlh can le had in Anauroch. Runors spread
vilh every canpfire, and of course, lhey onIy grov
nore aIIuring vilh each leIIing. By lhese runors lhe
phaerinn olviousIy hope lo drav lo lhenseIves
lhose arned vilh even nore poverfuI ilens.
Like every olher crealure of dark pover, phaerinn
rareIy coIIalorale logelher, aIlhough each individuaI
does keep a Iarge force of servanls vilh il lo do ils
lidding. There is no lrue Ieader or king anong lheir
kind. Inslead, lhey revere and honor lhose of lheir
nunler vhose skiII in sorcery is grealesl, and lhose
vho deveIop nev speIIs.
Ihaerinn eal vhalever servanl is handy vhen
lhey gel hungry. If an expIorer penelrales deep inlo
lheir Iairs, a slrange and horrilIe sighl confronls
hin~Iiving hunans, conpIeleIy paraIyzed, fIoaling
in lhe air lhrough nagicaI Ievilalion. Lach of lhese
viclins is injecled vilh a phaerinn egg. (Òccasion-
aIIy, lhe viclins nay le olher crealures, lul hunans
are apparenlIy preferred.)
As lhe fouI Iarva grovs, il devours ils viclin fron
lhe inside. Though paraIyzed, lhese poor souIs appear
lo feeI a greal deaI of pain. I suppose il is possilIe
nagic nay le alIe lo save lhe inculalors fron lheir
dread parasiles. Il nusl le capalIe of sone good. Bul
lhe easiesl and nosl honoralIe lhing lo do is lo pul
lhese lorlured peopIe quickIy oul of lheir nisery.
Hovever, lo insure lhe innalure phaerinn is dead,
lhe hosl lody shouId le lurned lo ashes.
Thal I knov of, phaerinn have no veaknesses lo
expIoil. Their pover can onIy le nalched vilh
equaI pover. Lach phaerinn is a sorcerer, and nosl
have deveIoped unique speIIs for lheir ovn use. I
nyseIf have seen phaerinn nagic drain aII of lhe
Iife-suslaining fIuids fron an eneny, lurning hin
inlo a dry, dead husk in jusl a fev ninules. Those
nagics invoIving charns and nind conlroI are
anong lheir nosl poverfuI. Iaugh on nagic! Lven
LI´Minsler, vho counls hinseIf a poverfuI sorcerer,
says he nusl le vary Iesl he faII prey lo a phaerinn
Ihaerinn are supreneIy arroganl and seIf-confi-
denl, posilive lheir nagic can overcone any lhreal. I
an nol so sure lhal lhey are vrong.
PhacrImm: Inl Supra-genius, AL NL, AC 2,
MV I1 9(A), HD 9, #AT 6, Dng 1-4 (or ly
veapon) X4 (arns~if al Ieasl lvo hil, lile is
aulonalic)/3-12 (lile) /2-8 (laiI), SA Casl
speIIs as a 22nd- lo 27lh-IeveI vizard, laiI sling
(if allack roII is 16 or grealer, sling inpaIes for
anolher 1d6 poinls of danage, and viclin nusl
save vs. poison lhree lines: firsl lo see if para-
Iyzed, second lo see if Ievilaled off lhe ground,
lhird lo see if egg injecled is ferliIe~if so, vic-
lin lakes 1 poinl/day afler 1d6 days unliI dead),
SD speII allacks lhal a crealure´s resislance over-
cones are used as heaIing (lhe danage lhey
vouId have deaIl is gained as 1 poinl per speII
IeveI, poinls gained Iasl 12 rounds) or can le
refIecled lack al lhe source, THACO 11, MR
44° (77° versus pelrificalion and poIynorph),
SZ L, ML 17, XI 1O,OOO
Ior nore delaiIs, see IR13 Anaurccn.
Benealh nuch of Anauroch lhere exisl slrange leings
knovn as lhaaIud, or lonl-lappers. These crealures
are oddIy shaped, leing in a nan´s generaI forn, lul
vilh a faceIess head. Large, loolh-fiIIed navs are
Iocaled in lheir nidseclions, and lhey appear lo le
sexIess as veII as hairIess. Their skin Iooks lo le of
granile, and il is said lhal lheir cIavs can lurrov
lhrough soIid slone al an anazing rale.
Tonl-lappers, knovn anong lhe fev Bedine lhal
have seen lhen as lhe IaceIess, do nol Iive on lhe
surface of lhe deserl, nor even in lhe caves and cav-
erns of lhe Underdark. Inslead I can reporl~ lecause
I have seen lhen vilh ny ovn eyes~lhey lunneI up
lo our Iand fron lhe very loveIs of lhe vorId. They
seek lhe ancienl lonls of lhose Iong dead sorcerer-
kings vho ruIed in ages pasl.
Why do lhey cone` The crealures revere nagic.
Like lhe phaerinn, lhey seek nagicaI ilens~lul
unIike lhose sorcerous nonslers, lhe IaceIess do nol
seek lo use lheir lreasures. They choose onIy lo honor
UnIike aII olher crealures of lhe Underdark,
lhaaIud are nol servanls of lhe phaerinn. In facl,
lhey do nol seen affecled ly lhe dark Iords al aII. The
IaceIess conpIeleIy resisl phaerinn nind-conlroIIing
nagic, and lhe nonslers knov il. Because of lhis faiI-
ure, lhe phaerinn have a speciaI halred for lhe Iace-
2 9
Iess. They are aIvays Iooking for nelhods lo inlerfere
vilh or deslroy lhaaIud.
Ior nyseIf, I have neilher seen nor heard of a
young lhaaIud. I suspecl lhal lhey are incapalIe of
reproduclion, vhich expIanalion vouId fil vilh crea-
lures of a soIeIy nagicaI origin.
An u|ugarr priesl ly lhe nane of DenoiIiss once
loId ne he had read in a look caIIed lhe 8cs|iarq vril-
len ly soneone naned HIannech lhe NaluraIisl.
(He graciousIy offered lhis sIender, Iealher-lound voI-
une up for ny inspeclion, nol knoving looks and
reading are sonevhal leyond ne. I vouId never
enlarrass a priesl ly poinling oul his error, so I jusl
nodded and sniIed.) The lexl leIIs a IillIe of lhe
nalure of lhaaIud.
According lo lhis cIever and Iearned look, lonl-
lappers eal slone, aIlhough lhey can exlracl nulrienls
fron lIood and lone if lhey have lo. I shudder al lhe
lhoughl. They can aIso alsorl valer direclIy lhrough
lheir skin.
DenoiIiss legan lo leII ne lhaaIud reverled lo
slone vhen lhey vere kiIIed. This vas nol nevs lo
ne. I had Iearned aloul lhe reversion sone line ago
on ny ovn. In facl, I leheId lhe phenonenon vilh
ny ovn eyes on lhal iII-faled journey across lhe High
An unforlunale encounler in lhal frigid Iand pul
ne in a fighl vilh lvo lhaaIud. Bolh had lhe huge
nelaI hanners lhal lonl-lappers aIvays seen lo
carry, vhich proved lo le fornidalIe veapons. My
conpanions and I sIev one, and ran fron lhe olher.
Bul our fIighl vas lo no avaiI. If onIy DenoiIiss had
read his look lo our lraveIing parly lefore lhal day.
}usl as lhe look confirned lo ne vhen DenoiIiss read
fron il, lhese leings can sense nagic (aInosl Iike a
canp dog scenling Iizards). UnforlunaleIy, ny
gnonish aIIies vere nol viIIing lo parl vilh lheirs.
The lonl-lappers insisled.
A vord lo lhe vise: If you encounler lhaaIud, and
lhey denand lhal you hand over your nagicaI posses-
sions, do nol refuse. Do nol Iie lo lhen, eilher~il
does nol vork. You are leller off vilhoul lhe lainl of
nagic in any case.
Tnmb-Tappcr (Thaa!ud): Inl High, AL LN,
AC -2, MV 1O Br 1-4, HD 8+8, #AT 3 or 1,
Dng 4-24 (hand)/+24 (hand) /1O-21 (lile) or
7-18 (hanner), SA Throv hanner (+2 lo hil)
or use one-handed (-2 lo hil), SD Innune lo
visuaIIy-orienled nagic, enchanlnenl/charn
nagic, and fire and coId. LIeclricaI allacks do
haIf danage (or if save is nade, none) THACO
13, SZ H, ML 16, XI 8OOO
Ior nore delaiIs, see IR13 Anaurccn.
3 O
Pan1 5Iµ: Legemos amo
shaII end ly inparling lhose laIes I have
heard lhal I cannol prove, or lhose I
vouId nol vish lo lry lo prove. Take
lhese lils of infornalion for vhal lhey
are~I have no idea hov nuch lrulh
lhey hoId.
_ There is an oasis in lhe Irozen Sea (an odd lhing
in and of ilseIf) lhal is hone lo a herd of pegasi.
These vinged horses are aIoof and Ieery of
slrangers, lul exlreneIy inleIIigenl and honoralIe.
If a hunan of good nalure approaches lhen and
gives an appropriale reason for needing lheir aid,
lhey nay aIIov lhenseIves lo le ridden.
_ Sone Bedine cIain lo have seen a crealure lhal fils
lhe descriplion of a renorhaz, lul lurroving ils
vay lhrough lhe hol sands of lhe Svord! Il nay le
a nulanl or a nev adaplalion, or perhaps lhe lesl-
ing of a nev nagicaIIy-crealed lreed of crealure ly
lhe eviI Zhenlarin.
_ A hunan vizard, a dark naga, and a land of ques-
lionalIy sane Bedine have laken il upon lhen-
seIves lo lry lo change lhe course of lhe River of
Cens. Ralher lhan aIIoving so nuch precious
valer lo disappear inlo lhe Throal and le Iosl for-
ever, lhey vish lo force lhe river´s fIov oul inlo lhe
Svord, and valer lhal dry reaIn. If lhis pIan is
lruIy vhal lhey are allenpling, sureIy lhe forces of
lhal dark, inhunan eviI leIov viII lry lo slop
_ ColIins, lrigands, and luglears fron lhe
SloneIands have recenlIy leen allacking Bedine
encanpnenls in lhe soulheasl. Runor has il lhal
sone fouI eviI drives lhese noisone crealures fron
lheir Iairs and hones and forces lhen inlo lhe
deserl. Òf course, lhe nevconers have no provi-
sions and no sense of deserl vays and dangers.
Their onIy hope of survivaI is lo raid anong Bedine
_ There is a Iocalion knovn as ¨The Secrel IIace in
lhe Sands¨ sonevhere in lhe soulhern parl of lhe
Svord. DifficuIl for anyone nol lorn lo lhe deserl
lo find, il is said of lhis pIace lhal a crealure of
avesone nighl, knovn as a larrasque, sIeeps
leIov. The crealure supposedIy can le avakened
ly sone speciaI riluaI, lul ils pover couId deslroy
lhe enlire region.
_ Tilans supposedIy vander lhe IIain of Slanding
Slones, uncovering veins of speciaI ores vilh
vhich lo forge ilens of incredilIe pover. Hunans
heIping lhen are said lo receive vondrous gifls.
_ UnliI nov, lhe onIy surface access lo lhe reaIn of
lhe lhaaIud has leen in lhe frigid, nearIy unreach-
alIe larrens of lhe High Ice. RecenlIy, hovever,
sone of lhese slrange, faceIess leings have leen
seen near lhe oasis of Ma´alar. Nol onIy are lhey
presenl in lhe hol deserl, I have heard lhey have a
greal nany lase nagicaI ilens vilh lhen. Bul lheir
purposes and lheir nelhods are unknovn.
_ An ancienl sorcerer, in lhe forn of a Iich, has
recenlIy leen seen in or around lhe ancienl ruins
of lhe cily of Òrene. This Iich´s goaIs are no Iess
lhan lo raise aII of lhe cily´s dead inhalilanls and
re-eslalIish lhe pIace as a najor cenler of nagicaI
and poIilicaI pover.
_ This Iasl runor vas nol even loId lo ne in Anau-
roch, lul il concerns lhe deserl neverlheIess. In a
snaII lavern oulside Nevervinler, a sIender, eIf-Iike
nan haiIed ne. By ny roles, he said, he knev ny
honeIand. He asked lhal I find his eIder lrolher,
vho had lraveIed inlo lhe Svord years lefore, and
lring hin hone. An u|ugarr vandering lhe deserl
aIone` I repIied he vouId nol have Iasled lvo
nonlhs~lul lhe nan insisled his lrolher vas a
Iearned nage. Òf course, I refused lhe lask~I vanl
no parl in hunling fooIish nagicians´ lones. SliII,
lhe Neveren leIieved his lrolher Iives. And he
slands heir lo a forlune.
3 2
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TSR Lld.
12O Church Lnd,
Cherry Hinlon
Canlridge CB1 3LB
Uniled Kingdon
he coasl of lhe Sea of IaIIen Slars
aIong Cornyr and Senlia has leen
ny hone for over 3O years nov. I an
Lucas Surin, caplain of a unil of Iur-
pIe Dragons currenlIy slalioned in
SuzaiI. I vas lorn a IoyaI suljecl of lhe king of Cor-
nyr in lhe liny viIIage of KaIIanarn, a day´s ride fron
SuzaiI. As soon as I vas oId enough, I Iefl lhe farn ny
faniIy cared for and headed lo Senlia, for I had
heard lhal lhey vere hiring alIe-lodied foIk as nerce-
naries, and ny hearl Ionged for lhe Iife of lhe svord.
I lraveIed lo Yhaunn, Iearning vhal I couId aloul
svord pIay and slreel fighling aIong lhe vay. By lhe line
My nev Iife legan on lhe coasl. I escorled caravans
and cIeared nonslers fron lhe Iand, lul aIvays I vas
dravn lo lhe sea. I legan lo lhink ny Iife vouId
lecone lhal of a saiIor, lul I couId never shake lhe
need lo fighl on dry ground (versus lolling on lhe
sea in a vooden ship far fron hone).
Afler ny journeynanship in Iife and in lallIe, I
relurned hone lo visil ny faniIy. WhiIe in Cornyr, I
Iearned lhal lhe crovn vas soIiciling for posilions
vilhin lhe IurpIe Dragons, Cornyr´s slanding arny.
The lhoughl of enIisling inlrigued ne. Bearing
sleeI in lhe nane of lhe crovn vas appeaIing, and il
I gol lhere, I vas alIe lo handIe nyseIf veII vilh sleeI.
resled leller upon ny conscience lo use ny svord for
a cause lhal vouId lenefil Cornyr, ralher lhan sinpIy
using il lo leller ny enpIoyer, vhich vas lhe silua-
lion I had jusl Iefl as a svord for hire.
I signed on vilh lhe Dragons.
Iale Iocked ils grip upon ne, and I found ny assign-
nenls kepl ne cIose lo coaslaI areas. I vas aIso given
lasks lhal look ne inlo Senlia, vhere I nel vilh oId
friends vho had enIisled in lhe Senlian arny.
Òver lhe foIIoving lvo decades, I Iived a Iife of
advenlure aII aIong lhe coasl, oulvilling viIy crea-
lures nalive lo lolh Iand and sea, aII in lhe nane of
King Azoun IV. During lhal line, I Iearned a greal
deaI aloul lhe peopIe vho Iive aIong lhe coasl and
lhe aslounding nunler of crealures lhal dveII jusl
leIov lhe surface of lhe valer, coning ashore al lines
for reasons lolh lenevoIenl and naIign.
Òne aulunn day I paid a visil lo lhe lesl pIace lo
find rare sheIIs on lhe coasl of Cornyr, an isoIaled
and snaII slrelch of sand aloul an hour´s ride off
Dragoneye Way lelveen SuzaiI and Marsenler. Il
vas a pIace I lhoughl onIy I knev of.
When I arrived I spolled a nan vho had Iong
vhile hair and a Iong leard. He vas dressed in roles
and a pecuIiar hal. He vas coIIecling sheIIs vilh one
hand vhiIe he puffed dislracledIy on a curved pipe he
heId in lhe olher. Iron his lrappings I look hin for a
nage. I reaIized he nusl le faniIiar vilh sheIIs and
lhe sea lo knov lo cone lo lhal parlicuIar slrelch of
leach. I vas inpressed, for I had leIieved I vas lhe
onIy one avare of lhis precious veaIlh of sheIIs.
I slruck up a conversalion vilh lhe oId nan aloul
sheIIs. He had leen coIIecling lhen for nany nore
years lhan I had, and he knev nuch aloul lhen.
Whereas I vouId pick sheIIs lased on lheir leauly
aIone, he vas lrying lo assenlIe perfecl represenla-
lives of every species. This nage, vho caIIed hinseIf
LIninsler, shoved ne nore aloul ny ovn sheIIs lhan
I ever vouId have discovered Iefl lo ny ovn devices.
When he asked ne if I knev of any olher good
sheII leaches, I loId hin of a fev secIuded slrelches of
sand I had discovered. As I did, I reIaled sone of lhe
advenlures I had had vhiIe Iooking for lhese leaches.
Inpressed vilh lhe anounl of line I´d spenl aIong
lhe coasl, he asked ne lo vrile dovn lhe lhings I´d
olserved over lhe years.
Whal foIIovs are sone of lhe experiences he
asked ne lo record. The Sea of IaIIen Slars is lruIy
vasl, and descriling lhe coasls around il vouId
require nany pages. Inslead, lhis vork concerns
ilseIf onIy vilh lhe coasl of Senlia and Cornyr, a
very Iong slrelch of Iand vilh a coaslIine loasling
nany naluraI inhalilanls.
The 5ea o[ FaLLem
The coasl of lhe Sea of IaIIen Slars, fron lhe edge of
ScardaIe in lhe DaIes lo soulh of lhe Slorn Horns in
Cornyr, can le lroken dovn inlo differenl regions.
Nole lhal lhe foIIoving regions are generaIized and
lhal fealures of a parlicuIar region can aIso le found
eIsevhere lhroughoul lhe coasl.
5canoaLe 1o
6 6
inlo a nosl inhospilalIe slrelch of Iand.
his coaslIine is as harsh as lhe coId vinds lhal
lIov across il. The vinds have lurned lhe coasl
The nosl dislinguishing characlerislic aloul lhe
coaslIine is lhe jagged rocks lhal lile Iike fangs inlo lhe
valer leIov lhen. BIack and dark lrovn rocks, cIiff
faces, and assorled snaII isIands exlend lelveen
ScardaIe and Yhaunn. CIiff faces are scallered aIong lhe
coasl. These lIack vaIIs of rock are an inposing sighl.
Nol a greal deaI of pIanl Iife exisls here conpared
lo olher seclions of lhe coaslIine. The rocky surface
and lhe vioIenl vaves upon lhe seashore prevenl
nosl lhings fron naking a hone oul of il. Bul
unusuaI and nundane crealures and pIanls do nake
lheir hones anid lhis lerrain.
Whal pIanl Iife lhere is coIIecls aIong lhe lops of
lhe jagged faces vhere lhe soiI is. SliII, nosl of lhe
pIanls are lashed and svepl avay ly lhe lides and do
nol have a chance lo lake deep rool.
Very IillIe sandy leach is found lelveen lhese
lvo lovns, and Iikevise nol a greal deaI of genlIy
sIoping lerrain eilher. This nakes luiIding a dock or
any porl faciIily difficuIl aIong lhe greal najorily of
lhe coasl.
The Iack of hospilalIe coaslIine aIso prevenls a
greal nunler of peopIe fron Iiving lhere. A fev of
lhe individuaIs vho luiId hones near lhe coasl slay
lecause of lhe viev, lhey nake lheir Iivings farlher
inIand. Iever sliII are hollyisl saiIors vho Iike lo fish.
Bul given lhe line, expense, and danger required lo
luiId aIong lhe coasl, nosl of lhe coasl residenls are
eilher rich or desperale~or pirales.
Wealher aIong lhe coasl lelveen lhese lvo cilies is
very coId and unforgiving. Winds lIov aInosl con-
slanlIy fron lhe sea-coId vinds lhal spare no one
fron lheir lile. This has discouraged nany peopIe
fron Iiving lhere. In rare Iocalions, especiaIIy during
vinler, lhe lide pooIs have leen knovn lo freeze in
shaIIov parls of lhe coaslIine. This has had lhe
nolicealIe effecl of lreaking up lhe rocky coaslIine
and naking lraveIing aIong such pIaces very haz-
ardous, for lhe shards of rock Iefl lehind inpede
Yhaumm 1o
6 6
and lhe shape of everylhing on lhe leach is deler-
nined ly lhe harsh surf. Bul sone differences are
vorlh noling. The prinary difference is lhal as one
lraveIs soulhvesl dovn lhe coasl, lhe lerrain legins
lo even oul and lecone Iess jagged and auslere.
his slrelch of Iand is siniIar lo lhe previousIy
descriled coasl. The shoreIine is aInosl as rocky,
}usl near Yhaunn, pIanl Iife is sparse. The vaves
and lhe larren rocks harlor IillIe in lhe vay of pIanls
olher lhan nosses and various cIinging vines lhal can
vilhsland lhe aclion of lhe vaves.
Tovard SeIgaunl, lhough, lhe pIanls lecone nore
proIific as lhe shore lecones nore hospilalIe. The
lides are genlIe and lhe rocks and leaches are nore
alIe lo accepl pIanls, affording lhen a reaI chance lo
lake hoId and grov. Il is here lhal one finds very coI-
orfuI pIanls and fIovers, as veII as lhe nosl diverse
kinds of fIora, as Iand pIanls have laken rool in lhe
soiI near lhe sand. And onIy feel avay, slrangeIy coI-
ored nosses drape lhenseIves over snaII, snoolh
The leaches of SeIgaunl legin jusl a fev niIes easl
of lhe cily, and lhey are nol lhe Iuxurious Iong leach
fronls lhal crop up in seclions of Cornyr. Inslead,
lhese are scraggIy, snaII slrelches of sand lhal don´l
have nuch lo offer in lhe vay of scenery. In facl, lhey
are jusl pIain ugIy and unproduclive. The soiI is loo
poor lo supporl farning. Hovever, lhe Iand is slrong
enough lo supporl luiIdings, and for lhis purpose lhe
area provides exceIIenl pIaces for docks and porls.
SeIgaunl is luiIl on jusl such ground.
IeopIe aIong lhis slrelch fish for a Iiving, a Iucra-
live profession. Surd and TuIlegh lolh supporl fishing
connunilies lhal are aclive in lhe area. The Iarge
anounl of fIal, easy-lo-luiId-on Iand in lhis area has
nade lhe conslruclion of viIIages and fishernen´s
houses aIong lhe coasl easy. WhiIe lhe lerrain Ieaves
nuch lo le desired in lhe vay of scenery, Iife lhere is
easy vhen conpared lo parls norlh. The vealher
aIong lhis coaslIine is lenperale lo cooI. The vinds
lIoving off lhe sea lring aII nanner of vealher lo lhe
shore, lul il is oflen cIoudy and rainy in sone parls.
This nakes for gIoony, disnaI days (al Ieasl, il vas so
during ny visils lo lhe area).
5eLgaum1 1o
6 6
his coasl is fiIIed vilh rocky lerrain siniIar lo
lhal found norlh aIong lhe coasl. An aInosl
equaI dislrilulion of rocky shoreIines, snaII leaches,
and snoolh, nol-so-rocky surfaces is found.
Areas of lhis coasl cIoseIy resenlIe lhe Iand near
ScardaIe, as veII as leaches lhal are varn and resen-
lIe pIaces nuch farlher soulh. Il is difficuIl lo pin
dovn a predoninanl fealure of lhe shoreIine, olher
lhan lo say lhal diversily ruIes.
Ior lhis reason, I vouId reconnend lhis coasl as
lhe pIace lo go lo see lhe grealesl coIIeclion of pIanl
Iife and viIdIife. Wilh aII of lhese differing halilals,
one is sure lo find vhalever one is seeking. Many
species of nigralory lirds, for exanpIe, lake advan-
lage of lhe pockels of lerrain lhey favor. And,
aIlhough il is oul of ny area of experlise, I an loId
lhal lhe pIanls and lerries aIong lhis slrelch are
rich, and lhal lhere is a Iol lo le discovered in lhe
vay of nev fruils, rools, and lhe Iike. The vealher
lecones nore lenperale and slalIe lhe farlher
soulhvesl one lraveIs. The vinlers and sunners
lecone Iess harsh, and lhe coasl jusl legins lo even
oul around UrnIaspyr.
UnmLasp¿n 1o 1he
Tum RIoen
6 6
his coaslIine, vhich represenls lhe enlire coasl-
Iine of lhe Kingdon of Cornyr, is IargeIy doni-
naled ly leaches and spolled vilh rocky shores. AIso
aIong lhis slrelch are a fev nonsandy leaches. These
are pIaces vhere lhe pIains and reIaliveIy even lerrain
of lhe Iand neels lhe sea. These areas are leing
eroded ly lhe sea and presenl a prolIen for lhose
vho Iive and farn aIong lhe coaslIine.
During slorns, in parlicuIar, lhe vuIneraliIily of
lhese Iocalions lecones apparenl. The area surround-
ing lhe river Ieading fron lhe Vasl Svanp is a good
exanpIe of lhis lype of lerrain.
Tvo lypes of vealher predoninale on lhe Cornyle
coasl. Iron UrnIaspyr lo aloul Hernil´s Wood,
lhings are even and lenperale, lhough harsh slorns
and harsh vinlers cone every fev years. Iron Her-
nil´s Wood lo lhe Tun River, lerrilIe slorns runlIe
oul of lhe Slorn Horns nounlains lhal infIuence lhe
vealher in Marsenler and SuzaiI. They lring heavy
rains and lIinding snovslorns in nonlhs lhal are
olhervise caIn. CeneraIIy, lhough, lhe Iocalion is Iiv-
alIe and pIeasanl.
Na1unaL Aqua1Ic LI[e
variely of crealures Iive aIong lhe
Sea of IaIIen Slars lhal faclor inlo
lhe survivaI of lhe hunans and
denihunans Iiving on lhe coasl.
Whal lhey are Iike and vhal lheir
reIalionship is vilh Iand dveIIers is expIained leIov.
I´II legin lhis area of discussion vilh lhe liny crea-
lures lhal have aIvays leen cIosesl lo ny hearl.

venlure onlo shore are lhe nosl inleresling.
AIong lhe coaslIine near ScardaIe Iives a parlicuIarIy
lrighlIy-coIored cral knovn as IiniaIian´s cral,
naned afler lhe fishernan vho once speciaIized in
lrapping lhe crealures.
any lypes of crals Iive aIong lhe coaslIine dis-
cussed in lhis vork. Anong lhen, lhose lhal
The sheII of lhis cral is usuaIIy lrighl lIue on lhose
specinens nalive lo lhe ScardaIe area, deepening lo a
shade of purpIe as one lraveIs soulh fron lhere. The
grealesl concenlralion of lhese crals is around
ScardaIe, hovever.
IiniaIian´s cral is lesl knovn for leing alIe lo lurrov
under lhe sand vhen lhrealened. Il has lvo Iarge,
scoop-shaped pincers lhal il uses lo dig. Il´s alIe lo
conpIeleIy lury ilseIf in Iess lhan a ninule. A person
can vaIk righl over lhe lop of one lhal has luried
ilseIf and nol knov il~unIess you knov vhal lo Iook
for: They Ieave a liny porlion of lheir sheII poking up
fron lenealh lhe sand.
These crals are caughl ly lailing lhen vilh lhe
fIesh of olher species of cral, lhough lhey viII nol eal
lhal of lheir ovn.
Their sheIIs are sonelines used as decoralions ly
seadveIIing races such as lhe nernen.
6 6
he fierceness of lhis repliIe is Iegendary. There
have leen nany slories of gruesone dealhs
caused ly lhese naIicious aninaIs.
The cIinale lhey Iive in is generaIIy varn and
lropicaI, lul sone have leen seen near lhe Tun River.
CrocodiIes are arnored repliIes and lhis lough hide
has kepl lhen safe fron nany allacks. ÒnIy a sharp
spearhead can le counled on lo pierce lhe skin.
Il´s lhis sane loughness lhal has Ied sone in lhe
kingdon of Cornyr lo incorporale crocodiIe hides
inlo lheir fashions and arnor. A conlingenl of IurpIe
Dragons uses crocodiIe hide on ils shieIds, for exan-
pIe. AIso, lhe hide has found a pIace as padding and
olher reIaled uses onloard ships, as lhe hide is valer
AIlhough lhe crocodiIe seens lo le creeping up lhe
coaslIine lovard cooIer cIines, ils nunlers are kepl
consislenlIy Iov ly sleady hunling.
6 6
lelveen lhe lvo, oulside of physicaI characlerislics, is
nosl pronounced in lheir inleIIigence.
here are lvo lypes of doIphins: lhose lhal are
fish, and lhose lhal are nannaIs. The difference
DoIphin fish are nuch Iike lypicaI sea fish. They
can grov lo le Iarge-sized and can svin very quickIy.
They are veII knovn as exceIIenl neaI fish and are
nuch soughl afler ly fishernen. They are difficuIl lo
calch, for vhen lhey iniliaIIy lake lail, lhey lend lo
svin quickIy avay. As lhey do so, lhey Ieap oul of lhe
valer and lack in again. Why lhey do lhis is
unknovn, lul il effecliveIy lries lhe endurance and
skiII of aII fishernen. DoIphin fish are connon near
MannaIian doIphins are nore videIy knovn,
especiaIIy anong sea-dveIIing races. SIeek, air-
lrealhing lodies, pronounced noses, and a high
degree of inleIIigence sel lhis aqualic crealure aparl
fron aII olhers.
NearIy aII races lhal are inleIIigenl have allenpled
lo use and lrain doIphins for one purpose or anolher.
Sone have leen nore successfuI lhan olhers, lul lhe
nernen have dispIayed lhe grealesl provess.
Whelher lhis is due lo a raciaI reperloire or an innale
skiII (or neilher) is unknovn.
Wilh lheir aliIily lo le lrained and lheir associa-
lion vilh Iegendary sea races, doIphins are lhe suljecl
of nunerous heroic laIes. HardIy a chiId vho Iives on
a coasl hasn´l heard laIes of doIphins learing nessages
fron lhe gods, heIping slranded fishernen, or varning
Iand dveIIers of dangerous seas.
5 5
everaI lypes of eeIs are found aIong lhe coasl.
Mosl connon are lhe freshvaler eeIs lhal are
deIicacies in parls of SuzaiI. The Tun River is anolher
Iocalion vhere eeIs are connonIy found.
Ireshvaler eeIs have lad repulalions, for lheir
snakeIike appearance and lehavior frighlens nosl
foIks. Wilnessing a snake sIilhering oul of lhe valer
and over a palch of nud is unnerving lo le sure.
Ireshvaler eeIs aren´l very connon, and lraveIers are
especiaIIy suljecl lo having lo cope vilh lhen.
NaluraIIy, lhe nosl fanous eeI is lhe eIeclric eeI. Ils
repulalion is videIy knovn, lhough sighlings of eIec-
lric eeIs are parlicuIarIy rare.
LIeclric eeIs have nol presenled a reaI lhreal lo
Iand dveIIers. Nevs of a dealh caused ly one is a sig-
nificanl evenl. Sea-dveIIing races share a differenl
hislory vilh lhe eeIs. Since lhey occupy lhe sane
environnenl, a grealer nunler of encounlers, and
hence dealhs, are associaled vilh lhese sea crealures.
Runors have il lhal lhe kuo-loa are allenpling lo
caplure and lrain eIeclric eeIs lo defend lheir Iairs.
9 9
ilhoul a doull, fish serve as lhe econonic
slrenglh of nearIy every porl lovn. Iishing is
responsilIe for feeding nany peopIe and crealing an
enlire cuIlure and hislory.
More vasl lhan aII lhe slories and hislories of fish-
ing and fishing connunilies is lhe variely of fishes.
This vork can´l legin lo address lhe scope of dis-
cussing lhe fish aIong lhe coasl, lul sone inleresling
facls and slories are vorlh noling.
In ScardaIe lhere vas a fishernan vho insisled he
had found a schooI of fish vilh goIden scaIes. He said
lhal vhen he lried lo nel one, il vas loo heavy for
lhe nel and ils veighl lore lhrough il. He used lhis as
proof lhal lhe goIden fish vas lruIy nade of goId.
This sparked a frenzy. Iishernen fron aII aIong lhe
coasl descended on ScardaIe´s valers, Iooking for
goIden fish. UIlinaleIy, one vas caughl and exan-
ined. To everyone´s surprise, lhe scaIes did in facl
have liny anounls of goId in lhen. Il lurns oul,
lhough, lhal lhe anounl in lhe scaIes is generaIIy nol
enough lo nake casling for lhe fish vorlhvhiIe. Wilh
lhal, nany fishernen Iefl lhe valers lo go lack lo
lheir reguIar pursuils.
A fev have renained and are sludying lhese goIden
fish. They leIieve lhal lhese fish, Iike lhe aurunvo-
rax, can serve as indicalors for undervaler deposils of
goId. Hov lo relrieve lhe goId once discovered has
yel lo le vorked oul.
IIying fish are anolher source of Iegends and slo-
ries. Mosl of lhese have leen forgollen or lrealed as
fairy laIes and are nol grounded in facl. More recenl
efforls have concenlraled on using fIying fish as indi-
calors for danger. Many fishernen leIieve lhal vhen
fIying fish are seen, lhere nusl le a significanl danger
leIov lhe surface. They nole lhal according lo Iogs of
ships lhal have leen anlushed ly huge sea crealures
such as kraken, fIying fish vere seen a fev ninules
lefore lhe falefuI allack.
Sone fishernen have allenpled lo lrain fIying fish.
They keep luckels of lail, and vhen lhey cone
across a schooI of fIying fish, lhey conlinuaIIy dunp
snaII anounls of lhe lail inlo lhe valer lo coax lhen
lo foIIov lhe ships.
) )
greal nany fishing connunilies dol lhe coasl-
Iine. AII of lhen have sone kind of porl, dock,
or Ianding sile for lheir loals.
Iishing is good aII aIong lhe coaslIine. The onIy
varialion in lhis IiveIihood invoIves lhe lypes of fish
lhal are caughl. Those fish lhal prefer coId valer are
found off ScardaIe, and lhose lhal Iike varner valers
are found off Marsenler.
I have heard sone laIk aloul lhere leing loo nany
fishernen in lhe valers and of lhe possiliIily lhal fish
nighl le depIeled fron lhe oceans. HardIy lhe case, I
lhink. Nol unliI I see coaslaI fishernen lake lo loals
lound for deeper valers viII I lhink lhere are nol
enough fish lo go around.
Anong lhe lypes of fishernen, loal fishers in lhe
shaIIovs are lhe nosl connon. They lake lo snaII,
five-person crafls and lroII vilh Iarge nels.
This nelling praclice yieIds a greal nunler of fish
al a line and is lhe nosl econonicaI. Slarling such
an enlerprise is coslIy, for lhe nels are very expen-
sive. Bul afler a vhiIe, lhere is enough profil fron
lhe venlure lo nake lhings vorlhvhiIe. Cornyr is
loying vilh lhe idea of laxing fishernen. They nean
lo inpose a yearIy fee for ovning a fishing loal.
ShouId lhis happen, lhe disconlenl viII le vide-
spread lo le sure. AIready lhere is laIk anong lhe
lhieves´ guiIds aloul salolaging lhe royaI navy´s
ships in prolesl.
The leings you are nore IikeIy lo encounler aIong
lhe coasl are hunan fishernen, and as a IurpIe
Dragon, I can say lhal you´re nosl IikeIy lo face lhe
grealesl danger fron lhen. Their nood svings fron
day lo day depend on vhelher or nol lhey have had
Iuck fishing. If nuch vas caughl, lhey´II le joviaI and
rovdy. If fishing vas poor, lhey´II le angry and Iooking
for a fighl. Many of ny nighls on valch duly vere
spenl queIIing sone rallIe-rousing fishernen vho
vere disconlenl aloul lhe poor calch of lhe day or
harassnenl fron pirales. Il´s a difficuIl Iife, one lhal I
don´l envy.
Kind souIs are found anong every profession,
incIuding fishernen, and I have run across ny share.
A lil norlh of ScardaIe Iives NoraI Kier, a fishernan
vho Iives sinpIy lul has a conpIex nind. ShouId you
le in dislress or need sone infornalion aloul lhe
area~especiaIIy lhe sea~seek hin. He Iives in a
vooden hul vilh a cIay-shingIed roof five niIes norlh
of ScardaIe. He von´l hesilale lo heIp you, given lhal
your ovn hearl is good and your inlenlions honesl.
6 6
hese are parasilic fish lhal deserve speciaI nen-
lion. Lanpreys allach lhenseIves lo fish Iarger
lhan lhenseIves and suck lIood oul of lheir hosls.
Lanpreys are speciaI for lhey uIlinaleIy kiII lheir
hosls, vhereas olher parasiles die vhen lheir hosl
Lvery fev years, a serious Ianprey prolIen pIagues
lhe rivers lhal enply inlo lhe oceans. Dead fish lurn
up ly lhe score, and saInon and olher fish lhal svin
upriver are parlicuIarIy affecled.
Worse, Iive fish caughl vilh Ianpreys allached lo
lhen are aInosl aIvays inedilIe, for lhe Ianprey
seens lo injecl sone kind of poison inlo ils hosl.
Though nol harnfuI lo Iand dveIIers, lhe sulslance
sours lhe lasle leyond any hope of naking lhe fish
narkelalIe. There have leen nany efforls lo rid lhe
seas of Ianpreys, lul none have proven successfuI.
5ea O11ens
5 5
naII nannaIs, sea ollers are crafly sorls lhal Iive
in saIl or fresh valer. They sonelines venlure
upriver in search of food.
They cone ashore during slorns, seeking vhalever
proleclion lhe Iand nighl offer in crevices and snaII
caves. Iishing connunilies use lhe sea oller as an
indicalor of hov severe a slorn viII le. Sea ollers
seen lo have an innale sense aloul lhe slrenglh and
duralion of slorns. They viII svin upriver and hide
in aIcoves or nereIy vail on lhe lanks for lhe slorns
lo pass. Bul vealher foIkIore cIains lhe farlher lhey
svin upriver and lhe nore huddIed lhey are on lhe
lank, lhe Ionger and nore severe lhe slorn viII le.
TraveIers vouId do veII lo keep an eye oul for sea
ollers near lhe coasl. Their aclions can send signaIs
lhal can save Iives.

o discussion of aqualic Iife vouId le conpIele
vilhoul sone nenlion of lhal nosl-feared,
videsl-spread lhreal lo Iife on lhe seas~pirales. Òne
of lhe nosl recenl seafaring viIIains lo nenace lhe
coasls is Lukar, a dvarf pirale. He has gone againsl aII
lhe lradilionaIIy heId nolions of dvarven cuIlure and
lecone an experl seafarer. He is said lo prefer lhe
fIanloyanl Iife in lhe open air lo lhe carefuI Iife of
lhe slereolypicaI underground dvarf.
Lukar is lesl knovn for capluring a goId-learing
ship fron lhe kingdon of Cornyr. He allacked in lhe
cIassic pIace for a pirale assauIl: lhe Neck, near lhe
Lake of Dragons. A sulslanliaI revard is offered ly
King Azoun IV for his caplure.
Anolher fanous pirale is Wishera, a vonan knovn
lo have a nunler of fenaIes anong her crev. She is
hunan and generaIIy lhoughl lo le lhe richesl pirale
sliII saiIing lhe seas. Her experlise Iies in raiding feI-
Iov pirale ships. Her viev seens lo le, ¨Why shouId
one lolher raiding ships under heavy guard vhen one
can raid a pirale ship, vhich usuaIIy operales aIone`¨
Her lig scores have cone fron raiding ships lhal
have lhenseIves conducled nore lhan one raid.
When she finds a ship vilh nore lhan one lounly, il´s
a largel she considers hard lo resisl. Knoving vhich
pirale ships are Iaden vilh lreasure requires an exlen-
sive infornalion nelvork, and Wishera cerlainIy has
lhe lesl one of aII. She uses vonen in lhe surrepli-
lious acquisilion of infornalion. They charn unsus-
pecling saiIors inlo reveaIing lhe shipping roules of
goId-learing ships. Il is runored lhal her leauly has
von lhe conlinued oledience of a Cornyrean navaI
There have leen runors lhal Wishera has legun lo
dallIe in lhe spy lusiness, using her crev lo gain
infornalion lhal is of use lo slalesnen aIone. Il´s
nore IikeIy lhal sone olher kingdon has legun using
her lechniques, for Wishera is driven ly veaIlh and
has a lrue Iove for conlal on lhe seas. DeaIing in
nundane lhings Iike slale secrels is nol her slyIe al
Òver lhe years, lhere have leen various anli-pirale
canpaigns Iaunched ly Cornyr. The coasls have seen
lhe rennanls of shipvrecks vash ashore. Despile
lhese canpaigns, pirales sliII ruIe parls of lhe ocean.
In Iighl of lhis, nosl kingdons have laken lo heaviIy
guarding individuaI ships ralher lhan conducling reg-
uIar palroIs. This concenlralion of resources has so far
proven lo le successfuI.
This Ialesl neasure has convinced sone pirales lo
aIIy vilh olhers so lheir slrenglhs can le conlined in
lhe assauIls. Hovever, lhis vorks quile poorIy for
lhen: There is a greal deaI of nislrusl anong lhe var-
ious lands, enough so lhal successfuI cooperalive
raids lhen degenerale inlo conlesls anong lhe pirales
lhenseIves for lhe looly. If a parlicuIarIy charisnalic
pirale cones aIong vho can svay lhose under hin or
her, lhe silualion nay change.
There vas sone laIk lhal such a pirale nay have
leen found. His nane is unknovn, lul he venl ly
lhe nonencIalure ¨lhe Terror of lhe Neck.¨ He
aIigned lvo pirale faclions lul afler a defeal on lhe
sea vas nol heard fron again.
) )
nyone vho has leen Iosl al sea can leII you lhal
lhe prinary concern afler food and valer is
shark allack. Ior sea-dveIIing races, sharks are eilher
an eneny or an aIIy. More lhan one race has lrained
sharks lo acl as guards for lheir Iairs, and such guards
are very effeclive.
Ònce sharks are assigned, lhey viII nol Ieave lheir
posl. Bailing lhen and lricking lhen is nol easiIy
done, depending on lhe IeveI of lraining lhey´ve had.
There have leen slories of sharks lhal did nol deserl
lheir posls even vhen lhey couId sneII fresh lIood
nol loo far avay.
Sharks allack anylhing snaIIer lhan lhenseIves,
and sone viII eal anylhing lhal viII fil inlo lheir
noulhs. A shark´s leIIy can le a lreasure-lrove. The
nosl fanous case of lhis invoIved a shark caplured
near SeIgaunl lhal had a hand vearing lhe signel ring
of a nolIe of Cornyr in ils leIIy. Thal nolIe´s fale had
leen a nyslery for nany years~unliI lhe shark vas
cul open.
6 6
nonsler-al-sea laIes are of gianl squids lhal reach up
fron lhe lollon of lhe sea vilh lenlacIes slrong
enough lo crack a ship´s huII. In facl, squids are nuch
nore lenign (gianl ones nolvilhslanding). They
feed on snaII ocean crealures and are fearfuI of lolh
Iand- and sea-dveIIing races. Squids have gained
favor over lhe course of hislory lecause of lheir fIesh.
Il carries, vhen prepared properIy, a pIeasanl lasle
lhal is favored in coaslaI lovns. }usl lo lhe vesl of
UrnIaspyr, a fishernan has opened a shop speciaIizing
in squid and oclopi. He is an experl al calching lhen
aIive and in using lhen in exceIIenl cuIinary cre-
alions. The shop is knovn as lhe ¨eighl and len¨ for il
has as ils sign a squid and an oclopus vilh lheir lenla-
cIes svirIed and lraided in a conpIex and leaulifuI
fiIigree, giving lhe inpression lhe lvo sea crealures
are dancing undervaler.
Sharks are encounlered aII aIong lhe coaslIine dis-
cussed in lhis vork. They do nol seen lo prefer any
parlicuIar Iocalion. Hovever, lhe groving consensus
is lhal lhe sharks are leginning lo foIIov pirale ships,
for lhey seen lo knov lhal vhere lhose ships go,
lIoodshed and slranded saiIors (in olher vords, food)
are lound lo foIIov.
hese are lhe source of lhe grealesl nunler of
gianl sea crealure Iegends. Indeed, nearIy aII
Fnogs amo Toaos
6 6
hese liny aninaIs, nundane vhen conpared lo
Iegendary krakens and vhalnol, lear a pIace in
lhis vork lecause of lheir inporlance and lhe fond-
ness lhal is shared for lhen up and dovn lhe coasl.
Toads and frogs are lesl knovn for lhe croaking
sounds lhey nake. These croaks have earned lhe
aninaIs lheir pIace in popuIar cuIlure. In pIaces
aIong lhe coasl, near Yhaunn and lhe Tun River, for
exanpIe, lhe croaks are acluaIIy considered neIodi-
ous. These neIodies have leen lranscriled in poelry,
sone of vhich I have vrillen nyseIf. AIso, loads can
le used as guards. In generaI, lhey slop croaking
vhenever an aninaI appears. Sone lraveIers vho are
used lo lhe croaks purposeIy led dovn near loads,
using lhe cessalion of lheir lhroaly chorus as a varn-
ing. Toads are aIso sources of food, lhough lheir pop-
uIarily has yel lo calch on, perhaps lecause of lheir
A nunler of vives´ laIes have leen spun aloul
loads. The nosl fanous one aloul gelling varls fron
lhen has nol leen proven. Sone slories do have vaIid-
ily. The loads near Hernil´s Wood are said lo le alIe
lo see invisilIe crealures~even lhose fron olher
pIanes. An incredilIe laIe, lo le sure, lul one lhal I´ve
leen vilness lo nyseIf. I had occasion lo le in lhe area
vilh a lhief. The lhief had a nagicaI ring lhal nade
hin invisilIe. We vere parl of a hunling parly slaIking
a deer. We caughl lhe lraiI, and lhe lhief eIecled lo use
his ring lo scoul ahead and sneak up on lhe quarry. He
did so, lul vhen he vaIked near a palch of frogs resling
in lhe sun near a slrean, lhey senl oul a cacophony
lhal I´n sure vas heard in SuzaiI.
We alandoned lhe hunl and chose lo sludy lhe
frogs inslead. They vere green, lul had reddish slria-
lions and unusuaIIy Iarge eyes. When lhe lhief look
off his ring, lheir agilalion ceased.
O1hen 5ea LI[e
1 1
n ny lraveIs, I have encounlered nany differenl
lypes of unusuaI sea Iife lhal have had an inpacl
on ny Iife. WhiIe in Cornyr, near Marsenler, I cane
across a lype of IiIy pad lhal caughl ny eye. Il vas
Iighl green vilh orange slippIing. I poked al il vilh
lhe lull end of ny spear, and lhe pad suddenIy
enveIoped il, allaching ilseIf lo lhe spear handIe. I
vas alIe lo kick il off vilhoul any lroulIe, lul vhen I
exanined lhe spear, lhere vere severaI liny loolh
narks in lhe vood, as veII as a slicky sap Iining lhe
gashes. This pad, vhich I don´l knov lhe nane of, is
sureIy poisonous and lhrealening lo lhose vho vaIk
lhe svanps near Marsenler.
Nol loo Iong afler ny slinl near SeIgaunl I heard
laIe of a person vho had died fron a leach snake
lile. Inlrigued ly sonelhing I hadn´l heard of lefore,
I venl lo lhe viIIage fron vhere lhe laIe had cone.
As far as I knov, lhe snake is found onIy near SeI-
gaunl. Il is sand-coIored and sIilhers siIenlIy aIong
lhe surface. When lhe lides recede, il cravIs inside
lidaI pooIs and eals vhalever il finds lhere. The
snake´s javs are exlreneIy poverfuI and can puIverize
cruslaceans in one lile. The viIIager´s loe had leen
lillen off, and he apparenlIy died lrying lo relurn lo
lhe viIIage for aid.
5 5
ea urchins are poisonous lhreals lo Iand dveIIers.
They have loxin-covered spikes lhal presenl seri-
ous prolIens for any larefool viIIagers. This seens lo
le a pureIy defensive neasure, lhough, as lhe urchin
seens unalIe lo nove ly ilseIf.
Urchin poison has leen an ingredienl in assassins´
polions for as Iong as lhere have leen lhieves´ guiIds.
Il´s aIso used as a parl in olher loxins, such as for lhe
soIulions lhal arrovheads and lIades are dipped inlo.
If a coIIeclion of urchins is found, one can le sure lhe
Iocalion is aIso knovn ly assassins and olher poison-
seeking rogues.
A naluraIIy occurring anlidole for urchin poison is
lhe KaIinarin fIover lhal grovs near lhe leaches.
Ireparalion of lhe anlidole is fairIy sinpIe. IuIverize
lhe pelaIs and add a lrace anounl of valer lo creale a
pasle. This shouId le appIied lo lhe vound nol nore
lhan five ninules afler lhe loxin has leen inlroduced.
1 O
Noms1ens o[ 1he Deep
he vorId alove lhe ocean hoIds nany
greal kingdons and races, as does lhe
sea, il´s an enlire vorId of ils ovn lhal
never sees lhe Iighl of lhe sun. This
seclion discusses sone of lhal reaIn´s
inhalilanls, and hov lhey affecl lhose of us Iiving on
9 9
e vere enjoying a lil of Ieave near Senlia
vhen I lecane acquainled vilh cralnan arli-
I found lhe pieces very leaulifuI and vondered hov
I nighl acquire sone arlifacls of ny ovn. I hoped lo
lake a fev exanpIes lack lo Cornyr vilh ne, and I
couId nol afford lhe ones I sav for saIe. I had lo find
ny ovn. The Iairs of cralnen are kepl secrel ly lhose
vho knov aloul lhen. They serve as reposilories of
veaIlh lo anyone cIever and Iucky enough lo sIip
lreasures oul of lhen. Iinding a Iair on one´s ovn is
difficuIl. I had onIy one lil of infornalion: The cral-
nen Ieave Iarge round peIIels of sand and dirl near
lheir Iairs.
I searched as lesl I couId for undervaler caves near
lhe coasl and found lhal lhe lerrain soulh of ScardaIe
vas rife vilh lhen. Mosl heId crealures lhal vere Iess
lhan hospilalIe. Òn a hunch, I Iaid oul a coIIeclion of
siIver pieces lo lail one of lhen, and il vorked. They
couId nol resisl lhe shiny oljecls. I foIIoved lhe one
vho coIIecled lhe coins lack lo ils Iair. I svan inlo
lhe Iair, and lo gain lheir favor I presenled anolher
handfuI of siIver pieces. Lxcepl for one cralnan, lhey
vere aII fearfuI of or hosliIe lo ne, and lhey cerlainIy
didn´l vanl lo lrade anylhing. Hovever, lhere vas
one anong lhen vho vas reasonalIy friendIy, and I
vas given a scuIplure, vhich I sliII have loday.
The cralnen are IargeIy a peacefuI group. They
keep lo lhenseIves, vhich precIudes lhen fron leing
a lhreal lo lhe sellIenenls. Bul, cralnen are lasly
crealures, and sone hunans are vonl lo hunl lhen
for lheir fIesh. Afler leing vilh lhe cralnen, and see-
ing hov lhey Iive, I cannol advocale dining on any.
5 5
ing his Iover, vho Iived in a lovn nearly our posl,
vhich vas near lhe WyvernfIov River.
oneone nev lo lhe unil vas overdue, and I vas
assigned lo Iook for hin. He had leen avay visil-
I vas vaIking aIong lhe coasl, vhich vas sIighlIy
rocky, lrying lo relrace his sleps. I assuned he had
leen journeying lo lhe viIIage vhere she Iived. I
found his lody Iying leIIy up, pushed ly lhe surf
againsl lhe rocky leach. I venl quickIy lo hin, hop-
ing lhere nighl le sone lrealh of Iife in hin. Bul I
couId soon leII he had drovned.
His lody vas covered vilh a slrange kind of sea-
veed I had nol seen lefore. Il vas green, lul lhe
slrands vere oddIy shaped, noslIy conposed of even
slrips and ralher fealureIess and slrangeIy Iacking in
I Iooked around al lhe pIace vhere I found his lody
and sav a cIusler of lhe sane seaveed. In lhe sun-
Iighl, lhe seaveed vas parlicuIarIy leaulifuI. So slrik-
ing vas il lhal I acluaIIy feIl Iighlheaded for a
nonenl. I had a lrief vision of ny conrade´s girI-
friend jusl lenealh lhe valer, enlvined in lhe sea-
veed. SuddenIy il occurred lo ne lhal I had
encounlered keIpie, an inleIIigenl and enchanled sea-
veed, vhich lakes lhe forns of vonen lo Iure nen lo
lheir dealhs.
I junped avay fron lhe area in horror and reIief
lhal I had sonehov resisled lhe enchanlnenl. I
venl lo lhe lody lo see vhy, if he had died, he had
nol leen dragged leIov Iike olher viclins of lhe
Cripped lighlIy in his hand vas a sprig of hernil
lerries, a pIanl lhal grovs jusl around lhe Hernil´s
Wood. Il has a nosl pIeasanl arona and is oflen given
lelveen Iovers in area viIIages as a sign of affeclion.
Wilh sadness I reaIized ny charned conrade had
given lhe keIpie lhe sane sprig his Iover had given
hin. ApparenlIy, lhe sprig´s arona has sone liller
effecl on lhe keIpie, vhich repuIsed il enough lo Iel
hin go. Bul lhe reIease had cone loo Iale, for he had
died anyvay.
Knov lhe hernil lerry ly ils yeIIov coIor and liny
lIuish dols lhal cover il. AIvays keep sone handy
vhiIe vaIking near WyvernfIov.
6 6
his race of fishnen is a lhreal lo a variely of crea-
lures, lul lhey lake speciaI halred lovard drov,
nind fIayers, and especiaIIy hunans.
Their aninosily regarding hunans is one lhal
exlends leyond any vrillen record. Il´s leIieved lhal
in ancienl lines, lhere vas a Iand-dveIIing race of
kuo-loa, lul lhey vere driven inlo lhe sea ly con-
seculive and concenlraled niIilary canpaigns.
There are olher lheories lhal couId juslify lheir
halred of hunankind. These range fron relrilulion
for vendellas againsl lhe kuo-loa for lheir sIave
raids, lo kuo-loan jihads againsl hunans vho don´l
vorship lheir god. Such reasons have leen reloId so
oflen, lhe acluaI foundalion for lheir feeIings has,
perhaps, leen Iosl lo line. Whalever il is, lheir
halred is kepl aIive and lurns deep in lhe leIIies of
lhese peopIes.
Kuo-loa Iive underground excIusiveIy. They harlor
an exlrene halred for lhe sunIighl and are onIy found
on lhe surface in dayIighl on rare occasions.
Kuo-loa, Iike hunans, praclice sIavery. Bul unIike
hunans, sIavery for lhen is a facl of Iife lhal per-
vades lheir cuIlure. Where sIavery is iIIegaI in Cor-
nyr and in lhe parls I knov of Senlia, lhe kuo-loa
consider il a necessily of lheir IiveIihood lo keep
sIaves. In facl, sone schoIarIy eslinales have pul lhe
nunler of sIaves al aloul 25° of lhe lolaI of lhe
kuo-loan popuIalion. This is significanl for lvo rea-
sons. Il indicales lhal kuo-loan raids for sIaves are a
conslanl aclivily and lhal lhey nusl have exlrene
conlroI over lheir sIaves lo nainlain such a Iarge
nunler of lhen.
Tvenly-five percenl of lhe popuIace uniled in a
connon cause shouId le enough lo effecl a revoIl~
or lo al Ieasl secure lhe escape of nany of lhe sIaves.
Il is a nyslery vhy lhe kuo-loa have such a hoId on
lhen. Il nay le sinpIy lhal lhey are exceIIenl naslers
and have enough experience lo prevenl any sorl of
organized releIIion. Òlher schoIars have surnised
lhal lhe kuo-loa excrele a sulslance lhal, over line,
affecls lhe nind, naking il veak and dociIe. Those
kepl in lhe conpany of lhe sIiny fish-crealures can-
nol vilhsland lhe conslanl infIuence of lheir liIe
sIick. This sane sulslance nakes nelling lhe non-
slers difficuIl.
The facls lhal kuo-loa conducl conslanl raids
searching for sIaves and lhal lhey hale sunIighl nean
lhal kuo-loa are encounlered aInosl universaIIy al
nighl~frequenlIy near roads lhal foIIov coasls cIose
lo lheir Iairs. IorlunaleIy, lhe nosl heaviIy lraveIed
roads aIong Senlia and Cornyr are usuaIIy loo far
inIand for lhe kuo-loa. They inslead reIy on raids
upon viIIages and lovns lhal are cIose lo lhe coasl,
and upon Iess lraveIed roads lelveen lhose lovns
lhal are nol usuaIIy napped.
Kuo-loa raiding parlies are veII-organized and exe-
culed affairs. The crealures raid vilh a specific pur-
pose. If lhey are searching for sIaves, lhey viII nake
every efforl lo drag off as nany peopIe as lhey can as
quickIy as possilIe. If lheir ain is lo infIicl casuaIlies,
lhey viII allack vilh a ferocily lhal nalches any
olher crealure´s I have seen.
The fishnen nake lheir Iairs excIusiveIy in suller-
ranean caverns. Nol enough infornalion exisls lo say
vhelher such caverns are usuaIIy fiIIed vilh air. Sone
Iairs are conpIeleIy sulnerged, sone are parliaIIy
under valer, vhiIe olhers are dry. I knov of four kuo-
loan Iairs aIong lhe coasl of Senlia and Cornyr.
They are aII snaII Iairs, and lvo of lhen have leen
recenlIy cIeaned oul. I an unsure of lhe slrenglh of
lhe renaining lvo, lul I have heard slories lhal one
of lhen, Iocaled near SeIgaunl, has recenlIy leen
groving slronger and posing nore of a lhreal.
The kuo-loa aIso nake Iairs deep vilhin nounlain
ranges in caverns and Iallices lhal connecl lo lhe sea.
CerlainIy if one vere lo invesligale one of lhe four
kuo-loan Iairs I have nenlioned, one of lhen vouId
Iead lo a vondrousIy conpIex and grand nelvork of
lunneIs and caves leening vilh aII nanner of fouI
In SeIgaunl, an efforl is undervay lo dupIicale lhe
nyslerious gIue lhal lhe kuo-loa use on lheir shieIds.
This gIue is slrong enough lo cause veapons lo slick
lo il even during conlal. Òne oul of four nen viII
find hinseIf suddenIy veaponIess during lallIe
lecause of il, vhich represenls an advanlage for lhe
kuo-loa. To dale, lhe efforl lo dupIicale lhis gIue has
leen unsuccessfuI. The slrenglh of lhe gIue nas leen
dupIicaled, lul lhe sulslance dries oul loo quickIy lo
le of praclicaI use: Il hardens inlo a soIid lIock in jusl
a fev ninules.
IorlunaleIy, vork vilh lhe gIue has nol leen con-
pIeleIy fuliIe. Il is leing used as a reslraining device
for difficuIl prisoners. When a convicl´s hands are
dipped inlo lhe gIue, il can funclion as a lype of
reslrainl if lhe prisoner´s hands are forced logelher.
LvenluaIIy, il is hoped lhe gIue viII save lhe iron
vorkers line and aIIov lhen lo re-creale olher, nore
usefuI ilens such as veapons ralher lhan nanacIes.
Hov lo dissoIve lhe gIue afler il hardens is sliII leing
vorked on, hovever.
6 6
raveIing aIong lhe coasl of lhe Lake of Dragons,
one has lhe opporlunily lo see shipvrecks caused
ly pirales, nonslers, and lreacherous vealher. AII of
lhe vrecks, unIess deslroyed or saIvaged ly lhe spon-
soring nerchanl conpany, lecone hone lo lhou-
sands of various narine pIanls and aninaIs lhal enjoy
feeding on or allaching lo vood, or curIing up in
vhalever snaII spaces lhe vreck provides.
Òlher crealures seek vrecks lecause of lhe lodies
of dead crevnen lhal Iie in lhe huIIs. Such vrecks are
hone lo lhe Iacedons, lhe narine variely of lhe
ghouI. More fouI valerlorne crealures cannol le
found. They are horrid, ugIy crealures vhose very
appearance is nausealing, and are lesl descriled as
lIoaled corpses of hideous coIor and harsh, ravenous
eyes. . . . My nighlnares of lhen are lhe nosl vivid
ones I have.
My laIenls have leen caIIed upon vhen lhere has
leen a series of ghouI allacks upon viIIages on or
near a coasl. If lhe renains of a ship vash up on a
coasl near a graveyard, one or nore ghouIs viII sneII
lhe fresh dealh and cIav lheir vay oul of lhe grave
lo cIinl aloard as soon as lhe vreck fIoals lo shore.
The pronise of fIesh spurs lhe ghouIs~lhe feasling
upon lhe lodies of lhe dead saiIors can legin in as
IillIe as an hour afler lhe ship neels Iand. Those
saiIors nol conpIeleIy devoured lurn inlo Iacedons
These ghouIs, afler feeding upon lhe crev and offi-
cers, find lheir food suppIy depIeled. They lurn lheir
allenlion eIsevhere, usuaIIy lovard lhe nexl and
nearesl coIIeclion of corpses. I cannol falhon hov
lhey are alIe lo pick oul lhe Iocalion of corpses, even
al far dislances. There nusl le sone inherenl, nag-
nelic quaIily in corpse lIood~or souIs~lhal dravs
Iacedons lo scenes of dealh. I surnise lhe noslriIs of
ghouIs are uniqueIy adapled for seeking oul dealh and
disasler, naking lhen nore capalIe lhan vuIlures in
Iocaling fIesh.
Lacedons aIso feed upon Iarge fish, lul since nosl
Iacedons Iive in vrecks lhal are coaslaI, an insuffi-
cienl suppIy of fish Iarge enough lo salisfy everyone´s
appelile forces lhen lo seek olher food.
When lhe ghouIs legin nenacing viIIagers, I and
ny iIk are caIIed upon lo dispalch lhe vrelched crea-
lures. My experience cones fron raiding lhe vrecked
hones of lhe Iacedons.
We allack aIvays during lhe norning, so lhe sun-
Iighl viII serve us. The ghouIs are aIvays found on
lhe Iover decks, oul of lhe sunIighl vhere il is reIa-
liveIy cooI. Il is easy lo find lhe sIeeping ghouIs, for
lhe valer around lheir lodies is felid and over-
vheIning in ils slench~parlicuIarIy vhen you dis-
cover lhe Iacedons in slanding valer. The disgusling,
sIiny fiIn lhal cIings lo lhe surface usuaIIy can le
seen Ieaking oul lhe vindovs and oar porls of nuIli-
decked ships. Care shouId le noled lo see vhich vay
lhe currenl is fIoving. Òne shouId nol nake lhe nis-
lake of assuning lhal since lhere is nore sIine fIoal-
ing on one side of lhe ship, lhe ghouIs are coIIecling
lovard lhal side.
Many ghouIs do nol Iike sIunlering undervaler.
Ierhaps lheir undead ninds are nore conforlalIe
resling in an alnosphere ¨alove¨ versus ¨leIov¨ lhe
valer´s surface. These ghouIs viII sulnerge aII lul
lheir noses if necessary. Because of lhis, ve have
sonelines approached lhe Iacedons fron lhe under-
side of lhe vreck, lhrough lhe valer. Wilh spears,
undervaler fighling is nol lerrilIy difficuIl. Bul il´s
nol exaclIy easy, as lhe Iacedons~as opposed lo lhe
olher, nornaI, Iand-lased ghouIs~are adepl al fighl-
ing in lhe lrine. They can slay undervaler lhrough-
oul lhe duralion of lhe neIee. I have yel lo see a
Iacedon surface during conlal.
Civen lhal sone Iacedons do nol sIeep undervaler,
one viII find lhal lhey have packed lhenseIves inlo
every avaiIalIe space lhal´s alove valer and in lhe
shade. This is lolh an advanlage and a disadvanlage
for soneone allenpling lo cIear a vreck of ghouIs.
Their packed condilion nakes il nore difficuIl for
lhen lo respond lo a lhreal, for lheir noliIily is sig-
nificanlIy reduced. Hovever, il aIso neans lhal any
roons or conlainers opened viII oflen resuIl in a
shocking surprise for lhe expIorer. Having lvo Iace-
dons faII oul of a cook´s calinel and onlo one´s chesl
isn´l pIeasanl. I knov fron experience.
Ònce avake, lhe Iacedons fighl vilh a fierceness
lhal nalches no olher. They viII enler sunIighl vilh-
oul hesilalion, lhough il is olvious lhal lhe sun is
causing lhen pain, lhough apparenlIy vilhoul lodiIy
The Iacedons fighl in packs as do olher ghouIs.
When confronled on lheir hone vrecks, lhey allack
vilh a speciaI fierceness and cunning. They are, of
course, conpIeleIy faniIiar vilh lhe vreck, and lhey
use every laclicaI advanlage lhey can. I have even
seen Iacedons near lhe WyvernfIov allenpl lo Iure
peopIe lhrough conpIicaled nazeIike vrecks unliI
lhey lecone Iosl, lhen sel upon lhen vhen lheir
prey´s lack is lurned.
The Iacedons can le kiIIed Iike any olher ghouIs.
ThankfuIIy lhey have no speciaI properlies lhal nake
lhen nore of a lhreal lhan convenlionaI ghouIs.
Lacedons, vhen lraveIing lo shore in search of
corpses lo feed upon, aIvays slick lo valervays. They
seen dravn lo valer lo a very greal degree, even lo
lhe poinl of going veII oul of lheir vay lo ensure
lheir conslanl conlacl vilh il. Hovever, lhe drav of
fresh neal viII oflen Iead lhen anyvhere.
When lraveIing up a river, Iacedons vaIk hunched
over and in singIe fiIe. UnIike olher undead, lhe Iace-
dons nake noise. When vandering, lhey sIosh
lhrough lhe valer vilh alandon, unconcerned aloul
lhe possilIe need for sleaIlh. Hovever, lhey are capa-
lIe of leing quiel vhen allenpling lo surprise lhose
Iiving leings lhey nighl cone across.
When lhey have lhe scenl of lhe dead upon lheir
noslriIs, lhey´II foIIov il direclIy over any lerrain in as
slraighl a Iine as possilIe. They nean lo gel lo lheir
prey and lack again lo lhe valer as quickIy as lhey
can. Il shouId aIso le noled lhal Iacedons viII rareIy
venlure far fron a slrean or olher lody of valer.
Hovever, if lhey find a suppIy of corpses in a Iakeside
graveyard, for exanpIe, lhey viII change lheir Iair
fron lhe lhe sile of a shipvreck lo lhe Iake. They
have no possessions, so nol nuch is invoIved in
changing Iairs. They nereIy relurn lo lhe Iake every
davn inslead of lhe shipvreck.
Òne finaI lhing I noliced aloul lhe Iacedons. Ier-
haps il is lecause lhey vere once aII saiIors lhal lhey
conlinue lo congregale vilh each olher even afler
dealh. They are alIe lo vilhsland iIIusions, lraps, and
lerrain lhal lax a person´s sense of laIance. They are
aIso alIe lo cIinl ropes vilh anazing speed.
1 4
LIzano Nem
1 1
heard aloul Iizard nen in slories ny parenls loId.
They vere lhe sluff of fireside laIes and nolhing
nore lo ne. In each slory, lhe leasls nade lheir
hones in svanps and dragged lodies of hunans lack
lo lheir Iairs as food. Since lhere vere never any
svanps cIose lo ne, I never gave Iizard nen a second
During our lrek around lhe coasl, I had occasion lo
give lhen second, lhird, and hundredlh lhoughls.
The slories I heard said nolhing of Iizard nen naking
lheir hones in caves under lhe sea, aIong coasls,
vhich is sonelhing lhey oflen do. The soulheaslern
lip of lhe Slorn Horns is an ideaI Iocalion for jusl
such a dveIIing.
We had jusl nade our canp, having vaIked for a
Iong line during lhe day and even lhrough dusk. Il
vas Iale, lhough I did nol knov lhe hour. I heard a
scrallIing over lhe rocks lovard lhe valer, and lade
Irovar lo lake cover lehind an oulcropping.
My firsl sighl of one legan vilh lhe refIeclion of
our canpfire in ils yeIIov eyes. I sav lhal Iong lefore I
sav anylhing eIse. The eyes fIoaled in lhe air lefore
ne, lvo dols of Iighl fixing ne in lheir gIare. I couId
aIso hear lhe valer running off ils snoolh-skinned
lody. Soon, I sav lvo nore such pairs of eyes. The
Iizard nen seened lo knov vhal our nunler vas, and
lhoughl lhe lhree of lhen vouId suffice lo lake us
dovn lo lheir Iairs. The lallIe vas over vilh quickIy,
lhanks lo Irovar´s nagic. I vas unscalhed, and lhe
lhree Iizard nen vere dispalched.
Irovar Iooked al lhe faIIen nonslers and vas alIe lo
leII a greal deaI aloul lhen. They each had lraceIels
of leelh around lheir lhighs, vhich she inforned ne
vas lhe insignia of lheir lrile. Their cIolhes, such as
lhey vere, vere very shally and unkenpl, even ly
Iizard nan slandards, she said.
This neanl lhe resources of lheir lrile vere scarce.
Their veapons~spears~vere very crude and vere
lareIy one slep alove cIuls vilh rocks al lheir ends.
Irovar suggesled lhal lhey nay have senl onIy lhree
nen oul of shorlhandedness. She aIso suggesled lhal
if ve vere lo allenpl lo find lheir undervaler Iair,
renoving lhen vouId nol prove overIy difficuIl for
lhe lvo of us. She offered a nagic lhal vouId enalIe
ne lo lrealhe despile ny sulnersion. Wilh lhal, I
1 5
agreed lo invade lhe Iair. Iinding il vasn´l difficuIl,
for il vas cIose lo our canp. The enlrance vas under-
valer lul easiIy reached. Il vas lo our advanlage lhal
lhe cave inlerior vas dry. The lrile vas indeed snaII,
nunlering no nore lhan a dozen. HaIf of lhen vere
varriors. UnforlunaleIy, one haIf lhal nunler had
veapons in hand. SliII, vilh Irovar´s nagic and ny
skiIIs, kiIIing lhen proved lo le easy.
I soon legan lo regrel lhe deed, for il seened nore
a sIaughler on our parl lhan a slruggIe for survivaI.
My spirils Iifled a IillIe vhen I found lhe cache of
ilens lhey had slored fron lheir raids on unsuspecling
canpers aIong lhe coasl. I couId leII lhal lhey had
raided al Ieasl one snaII caravan, for nany of lheir
slores, nov rolled, Iooked Iike lhey nusl have
leIonged lo a nerchanl. There vere lollIes of spices,
lags of grain, snaII kellIes, laulIes of gIass, and reans
of falric.
The Iizards had nol seened lo care aloul or even
knov vhal lo do vilh lhe lhings lhey had. There vas
a laII and chain as veII as a crosslov anong lhe
ilens, lul il vas olvious lhey had never leen used.
AIso anong lhal cache vas a greal deaI of fish lones
vilh lhe characlerislic loolh narks of Iizard nen on
lhen. They vere apparenlIy suppIenenling lheir diel
of hunans and denihunans vilh fish, presunalIy
lecause lhey couId nol find enough olher neal lo sus-
lain lhen. This vas a nev discovery for ne, for I had
never heard of Iizard nen resorling lo lhis.
My concIusions vere lhal vhiIe lhere nay le olher
Iizard nen aIong lhal slrelch of coasl, il is nol lheir
preferred halilal, and any Iizard nen encounlered are
nol IikeIy lo le as lhrealening as lhe falIed ones in
lhe Marsh of Tun or lhe Vasl Svanp. Irovar agreed,
and ve noved on.
6 6
hese fishIike crealures are siniIar lo lhe kuo-loa
in nany vays. They have siniIar physiques
(lhough lhe coIor of lheir scaIes does nol resenlIe
lhe kuo-loas´), and lhey Iair in lasicaIIy lhe sane
Iocalions. Hovever, lhe Iocalhah are Iess IikeIy lo go
inlo caverns deep inIand, preferring lo slay as cIose lo
lhe sea as lhey can.
The Iocalhah are especiaIIy differenl fron lhe kuo-
loa in lheir fighling phiIosophy, slyIe, and capaliIily.
They viII fighl lo lhe dealh onIy if lhey have no
olher choice. They are vise laclicians and viII lry lo
use any silualion lo ils lesl advanlage. SliII, lhe
Iocalhah Iack naluraI veapons such as leelh and
cIavs, and lhey nusl depend upon olher sources of
veaponry for conlal.
If lhey Iose vhalever veapons lhey nighl have,
lhey are forced lo relreal, for lhey no Ionger possess
any neans of proleclion. This aIso expIains vhy il is
unusuaI lo find a Iocalhah lhal is nininaIIy arned.
Localhah viII fighl onIy if lheir opponenls use
veapons siniIar lo lheirs. During such encounlers,
lhey viII grappIe vilh opponenls, and in lhis lhe
Iocalhah have proven lo le adepl. If caughl underva-
ler vilh a Iocalhah, il nay le very difficuIl lo vin lhe
conlesl, for lhe Iocalhah are experl vreslIers. ÒnIy
soneone using nagic lo counleracl lhe encunlrance
of valer has any hope of defealing a Iocalhah in lhal
Anolher significanl difference lelveen lhe
Iocalhah and kuo-loa is lhal lhe Iocalhah cannol go
onlo Iand. Their lodies are loo used lo lhe luoyancy
of valer, and lhey are unalIe lo lrealhe for any
anounl of line on dry ground. This physicaI lrail aIso
prevenls lhen fron leing concerned over Iand-
reIaled issues. Al lhe sane line, lhey lake pains lo
prevenl lhe surface vorId fron affecling lhen.
There vas a snaII lrile of Iocalhah lhal vas forced
lo Ieave lhe SaerIoon area lecause lhe heavy shipping
lo and fron lhere vas disrupling lheir fish suppIy.
This caused nuch disconlenl anong lhe Iocalhah,
and a fev ships aIong lhal roule vere salolaged, lul
evenluaIIy lhe surface dveIIers von oul and lhe
Iocalhah noved on.
I do nol knov vhal happened lo lhal lrile afler
lhey Iefl. I do knov lhal lheir caslIe Iair vas laken
over ly lhe kuo-loa. This incidenl iIIuslraled hov il is
oflen leller lo appease lhe Iocalhah lhan aggravale
lhen. AIlhough nevs of serious kuo-loan raids have
nol nel ny ears, lhe crealures are nosl cerlainIy
pIanning sIave raids.
There has leen sone specuIalion lhal lhe kuo-loa
vere encouraged ly anolher race of aqualic crealures
lo lake over lhe Iocalhahan Iair, lul lhis seens
unIikeIy, for lhe kuo-loa vouId nol need any speciaI
encouragenenl lo lake conlroI of a caslIe Iair lhal is
cIose lo hunan sellIenenls.
Sone Iocalhah enjoy nore favoralIe reIalions vilh
surface dveIIers. Triles have arranged for loIIs lo le
coIIecled fron fishernen vho use valers cIained ly
lhe Iocalhah. This vorks lesl vhen lhe Iocalhah are
in a posilion lo cause serious danage lo lrespassers´
1 6
ships. Near najor cilies, Iike SaerIoon, such neasures
generaIIy do nol vork veII. Ior lhis reason, one viII
usuaIIy nol find a Iocalhah Iair cIose lo a nelropoIis.
Lven lhough lhe Iocalhah are sea-lound, lhey are
very open lo lrading. Their IeveI of induslry and
lechnoIogy is ralher prinilive, and lhey pul nosl of
lheir efforls lovard naking veapons. They are aIso
adepl al fashioning jeveIry and crafls, and lhe
oljecls of lheir arlfuI Ialors are leaulifuI enough lo
connand high prices and aIso lo serve as a lype of
larlering currency for naleriaIs lhe Iocalhah cannol
nanufaclure lhenseIves.
The Iocalhah scavenge sunken vrecks and lhe Iike
for precious ilens, lul lhey are exlreneIy hesilanl lo
lrade lhese lreasures. When deaIing vilh Iocalhah
goods, I´ve found lhal one has lo le carefuI of forg-
eries. In a narkel in SaerIoon, I found a nerchanl
seIIing vhal he said vas aulhenlic Iocalhah jeveIry.
Hovever, lhe sheIIs used in lhe jeveIry vere connon
ones found on lhe leach.
Il lakes a keen eye, experience, and connon sense
lo spol fakes. The Iocalhah onIy use sheIIs and nale-
riaIs lhal are found deep lenealh lhe surface of lhe
sea. Make a lrip lo lhe leach surrounding lhe area lhe
nerchanl occupies. Òne never sees genuine Iocalhah
jeveIry conposed of anylhing resenlIing sheIIs found
on lhe leach or in shaIIov valers.
) )
and il is indeed a very leaulifuI lhing lo lehoId.
There vas sone pirale aclivily near Yhaunn lhal vas
leing allriluled lo nernen. The aclivily vas coaslaI,
and I, loo, leIieved nernen vere responsilIe. Many
have vilnessed allacks invoIving nernen approach-
ing lhe shoreIine.
connunily of nernen Iives jusl off lhe coasl of
Yhaunn. I have seen lhis connunily nyseIf,
Afler spending a greal deaI of line aIong lhe coasl
near Yhaunn, I discovered a nernan coupIe sunning
lhenseIves on lhe rocks. They vere young and prol-
alIy naive. I look advanlage of lhis lo approach
lhen. They didn´l run. The fenaIe knev lhe Con-
non Ianguage and ve conversed. I Iearned lhal ner-
nen are nol alIe lo vaIk on Iand Iike olher
crealures vilh arns and Iegs, lul are onIy alIe lo
svin and cIinl onlo rocks. They use lheir arns on
Iand for Ioconolion. I loId lhen vhal hunans vere
saying aloul nernen, and lhe pair vas laken alack.
Wilh lhese lvo nev friends, lheir resources, and a
fev days of invesligalion, I vas alIe lo Iearn lhal
cerlain crealures vere conducling lheir ovn allacks
and posing as nernen, lo shifl allenlion fron lhen-
seIves and onlo lheir haled eneny~lhe nernen.
These nev crealures lurned oul lo le sahuagin,
descriled Ialer in lhis vork.
The nernen connunily exisls lo lhis day, and a
snaII lul vocaI conlingenl vishes lo have cIoser reIa-
lions vilh surface dveIIers. This group, noslIy con-
posed of younger nernen, is lrying lo svay lhe
connunily lovard a leller reIalionship lelveen lhen-
seIves and lhe Iand dveIIers in lhe inleresl of lrade.
Conslanl lopics lhese nernen use lo supporl lheir
argunenl incIude fishing and defense. Bolh lhe ner-
nen and lhe surface dveIIers fish a greal deaI and
depend upon lhe sea for food and connerce. To pre-
venl eilher group fron fishing in areas vhere lhe olher
has ovnership, proper reIalions nusl le eslalIished.
AIso, lhe sahuagin are lhreals lo lolh groups. The
sahuagin raid surface caravans, fishing viIIages, and
sonelines even fishing loals as veII as nernan
connunilies. Cooperalion lelveen nernen and
surface dveIIers vouId prove very leneficiaI. Mer-
nen nighl aIso le alIe lo assisl in prevenling pirale
allacks. Ior cerlain, lhey vouId nake exceplionaIIy
good spies for lhe governnenl of Senlia. If lhe ner-
nen are lo eslalIish reIalions, il viII le vilh Sen-
lia, for lheir connunily is noslIy vilhin lhal
nalion´s lerriloriaI valers.

y firsl assignnenl as a IurpIe Dragon invoIved
guarding lhe possessions of a nage conducling
research near SuzaiI. The nage, Irovar, vas Iooking
for lhe Iocalion of a keep vhere she leIieved anolher
nage had once kepl a sludy. I vas escorling her and
her leIongings aIong lhe coasl of lhe Lake of
Dragons, leside lhe Slorn Horn nounlains. Nol lhe
choicesl of assignnenls, I lhoughl, lul afler I spoke
vilh Irovar and lecane faniIiar and conforlalIe vilh
her, I didn´l care vhere I vas as Iong as she vas ny
The lide had gone oul, Ieaving a generaIIy even
lerrain lo cross. I suggesled ve nake our lesl speed
across lhe area, for il offered an easier roule lhan lhe
Iand farlher fron shore.
We crossed lrying lo avoid lhe nany pooIs of valer
1 8
and nud lhe receding lide had Iefl. We conlinued for
a fev hours, lhen resled near a pooI. A second afler
Irovar sal on lhe sand, a nudnan rose quickIy oul of
lhe pooI. I had onIy heard of such crealures lefore. I
had never even seen a painling of one, so I vas very
shocked lo nole ils incredilIe speed and unique forn.
The crealure acled lefore I couId Iifl a finger. Hov-
ever, Irovar vas nuch nore IeveIheaded and casl a
quick speII. The crealure fIev aparl inlo Iarge chunks
of nud, caking us lolh. The nud hardened and vas
lough lo renove. Il vas dark lan in coIor, nalching
lhe rocks of lhe surrounding leach.
WhiIe I vas lrying lo caIn dovn afler lhe incidenl,
Irovar legan poking around in lhe pooI. She sniIed
and loId ne she had leen Iooking for a pooI lhal heId
a nudnan. She insisled lhal ve deIay our journey so
she couId lake sone of lhe pooI´s valer. I asked vhy
she found il so inporlanl and she said il indicaled
lhal lhe keep she vas Iooking for nusl le sonevhere
nearly. She expIained lhal valer running lhrough a
nagicaI pIace, Iike lhe keep, is oflen enchanled.
When lhe valer forns pooIs, lhe nud and siIl vilhin
lhose pooIs aIso lecones enchanled, and viII
inevilalIy Iead lo lhe lirlh of nudnen.
We foIIoved lhe pooI avay fron lhe shore, Iooking
for olhers. Il vas ny sharp eye lhal discovered a liny
slrean connecling lhe nud pooI and olher pooIs as
veII. Il vas spring, and lhe slrean vas apparenlIy
forned ly neIling snov fron lhe Slorn Horns.
Irovar found a lraiI of siniIarIy coIored nud Ieading
fron lhe originaI pooI lo anolher. I reninded her of
ny roIe as her guard, lul she seened fIip aloul her
aliIily lo queII lhe lhreal of any nudnen. We venl
lo lhe pooI, discovered nore nudnen, and she deaIl
vilh lhen as easiIy as lhe olhers. We foIIoved lhe
slrean and found sulsequenl pooIs vilh an increasing
nunler of nudnen in each.
Wilh each nev pooI, lhe nudnen seened lo rise
nore quickIy. The slrean vas nore concenlraled lhe
farlher inIand ve vaIked, suggesling lhal lhe enchanl-
nenl vas slronger and responsilIe for lhe increasing
nunler of nudnen. As lhal nunler cIinled, so did
our expeclalion of finding lhe keep.
) )
lhreal lo naIes vaIks lhe coaslIine of lhe Sea of
IaIIen Slars: lhe unusuaI valer crealure, lhe
nereid. A nereid, I an given lo undersland, is fornIess
unliI il presenls ilseIf lo lhe air, vhereupon il lakes
lhe forn of a leaulifuI vonan. Men are sIaves lo lhis
lenplalion and viII succunl lo il nosl assuredIy. In
facl, lhis hoId upon nen is so slrong lhal no nan has
ever leen alIe lo harn a nereid.
Wonen are nol affecled ly lhe charns of lhe
nereid, hovever. Il has leen said lhal nereid allenpl
lo lake lhe forn of leaulifuI nen vhen in lhe pres-
ence of vonen, lul vonen are easiIy alIe lo see
lhrough lhis disguise. This Ialler phenonenon is vhal
lroughl lhe allenlion of lhe IurpIe Dragons and
hence nyseIf lo a snaII coaslaI viIIage easl of
The son of lhe viIIage nayor had leen seduced ly
a nereid. The son said lhal he had kissed lhe nereid
and experienced pIeasure unIike anylhing he had
ever dreaned of. He aIso said lhal he had leen Iel
free of lhe nereid´s grasp lecause lhe nereid and he
had faIIen in Iove, and lhal he vas going lo le
lransforned inlo a crealure lhal couId foIIov lhe
nereid lo vhalever fale lhey vere going lo share.
His falher, lhe nayor, naluraIIy allenpled lo laIk
his son oul of lhis silualion, lul couId nol. He foI-
Ioved lhe son dovn lo lhe coaslIine and vas sulse-
quenlIy lroughl under lhe speII of lhe nereid as
veII. The vife of lhe nayor sunnoned lhe IurpIe
Dragons, hopefuI lhal ve vouId find a nelhod of
saving her husland and son.
We lraveIed lo lhe viIIage in lhe conpany of a
unil of experl fenaIe IurpIe Dragons. We hoped
lhal lhey vouId le alIe lo renedy lhe silualion.
They found lhe lvo nen on lhe leach, vailing for
lheir nereid lo relurn. Sure enough, lhe crealure did
relurn, lul lhe fenaIes vere innune lo her charns.
They assauIled lhe nereid vilhoul deIay and vere
alIe lo caplure ils shavI. The shavI conlained lhe
essence of lhe nereid, and lhe IurpIe Dragons
deslroyed il slraighl avay, vhich caused lhe nereid
lo fade fron exislence.
During lhe conlal, lhe vonen vere assauIled ly a
variely of allacks fron lhe nereid. Il seens lhe crea-
lures are apparenlIy alIe lo conlroI valer, and lhey
use il lo cause aII nanner of havoc even upon coaslaI
Iand. This parlicuIar nereid used vaves lo keep lhe
varriors al lay, lo cause deafening crashes, and lo cre-
ale servanl valer snakes. These neasures proved lo le
effeclive, lul lhey vere hanpered ly lhe facl lhal lhe
valer quaIily lhe nereid vas forned in vas nol as
cIear as valer aIong lhe leach of olher viIIages on
lhal coasl. Therefore, lhe nereid vas nol as slrong as
1 9
she nighl have leen. The viIIage had recenlIy had a
coaslaI fishing conpelilion and had used lils of fouI
fIesh and lIood lo drav predalory fish lo lhe coaslIine.
There vere assorled inpurilies fIoaling in lhe valer,
and lhis seened lo have a negalive effecl on lhe
nereid´s aliIily in conlal.
) )
nolher crealure lhal is deadIy lo naIes in parlic-
uIar is lhe nynph. Hovever, lhese crealures
aren´l as eviI ly nalure as lhe nereid can le. Inslead,
il is lheir inlense leauly aIone lhal slrikes naIes dead.
Nynphs can le encounlered in any naluraIIy
leaulifuI selling, and lhe coasl is no exceplion.
Many areas aIong lhe coasl of lhe Sea of IaIIen Slars
are slunning in lheir serenily and ave-inspiring in
lheir leauly. I encounlered a nynph vhiIe visiling a
nonkish relreal in Senlia, aIong lhe peninsuIa near
TuIlegh. The nynph had nade her hone in a snaII
lul perfecl grollo. I vas invesligaling lhe grollo sin-
pIy lo see vhal vas inside. I noliced as I approached
lhal lhere vere severaI varielies of sea Iife congre-
galing near lhe enlrance, crealures lhal vouId
olhervise le fighling each olher lo lhe dealh. This
concerned ne as I enlered, lul I did nol lhink of lhe
reason for such a slrange galhering of crealures unliI
il vas loo Iale. Il vas lhen lhal I sel ny eyes upon
lhe nosl leaulifuI crealure ever lo vaIk lhe Iand.
AIlhough I caughl onIy a gIinpse, lhe nynph vas
enough lo lIind ne inslanlIy. The gIinpse lroughl a
sudden vave of Iighlheadedness lhal svepl over ne
and I passed oul (during vhich line I dreaned of
nolhing lul her leauly). When I regained ny
senses, I reaIized I vas leing carried on lhe lack of
sone ocean crealure.
I vas greeled ly a nan vho expIained vhal had
happened, and said lhal I vouId le cured of ny lIind-
ness lhrough nagic. I vas laken lo a roon and heard
lhe voices of nany peopIe. When lhe nan vas done
vilh his speII, I opened ny eyes and vas alIe lo see. I
discovered lhal I had leen cured in lhe nonaslery I
had leen Iooking for.
The experience vas profound, and I Iearned a greal
deaI aloul lhe reIalionship lelveen nynphs and lhe
nen vho had luiIl lhe nonaslery. The nonks
expIained lhal nynphs, Iike sone druids, lake a par-
licuIar inleresl in areas of greal leauly, and lhal lhe
nynph I encounlered valched over lhe Iand lhe
nonaslery vas luiIl on. She laughl one of lheir nun-
ler lhe secrel lo reversing lhe curse of lIindness.
The nynph, I Iearned, had since noved on, lul I
vas aIso loId lhal nynphs lend lo leII each olher
aloul cerlain choice Iocalions, so lhe possiliIily lhal
anolher nynph viII relurn lo lhal exquisile grollo
renains. UnliI lhen, I have lhe elernaI piclure of her
nagnificenl leauly elched in ny nind.
6 6
lhe kuo-loa, lul lhey do nol harlor an inlense halred
of hunans aIone as lhe kuo-loa do. Inslead, lhey hale
aII Iife in generaI, and lhey are chaolic enough in
lheir phiIosophies lo lhink nolhing of decinaling
vhoIe viIIages and lovns.
his race of fishnen represenls lhe grealesl lhreal
lo lhe coaslIine. The sahuagin are as lrulaI as
The sahuagin have a nosl lerrilIe repulalion on
coasls olher lhan lhe Senlian and Cornyle. Thal is
nol lo say lhal lhese coasls have gone unlouched ly
lhe sahuagin, lul lhal lhese fouI crealures have cul
far grealer svalhs of deslruclion on olher shores.
Their raids have infIuenced lhe grovlh and hislory of
various regions. RuIers have nade lheir nanes can-
paigning againsl lhen vhiIe olhers Iosl hoIdings and
forlunes slruggIing lo resisl lhen.
Despile lheir poIilicaI effecl on lhe surface vorId,
lhere seens lo le no overriding purpose lo lhe
sahuagin praclice of raiding and piIIaging, olher
lhan lhe occasionaI allenpl lo gain looly. There
has leen specuIalion lhal lhey desire soIe conlroI
over lhe coasls, lul lhis seens inpraclicaI, given
lhal sahuagin can onIy survive oul of valer for a fev
hours. NeverlheIess, a reaI concern is lhal conlroI is
lheir uIlinale goaI.
In recenl nenory, lhere have leen lvo knovn sig-
nificanl sahuagin allacks on lolh Senlian and
Cornyle coasls. The Senlian allack vas near
Yhaunn, and lhe Cornyle near SuzaiI. Tvo lhings
nake lhese allacks vorrisone. Iirsl, lhe sahuagin are
fond of varn valer and rareIy venlure oul of lropicaI
and lenperale valers. The allack near Yhaunn
occurred during lhe vinler, vhen lhe valer vas near-
freezing. In facl, sahuagin lracks vere Iefl in lhe snov
lhal feII on lhe rocky leaches lhere.
AIso, lhe nany differenl groups of sahuagin are
poIilicaIIy veII organized, vilh a cenlraI king and sev-
eraI nolIes. The varriors encounlered near SuzaiI
2 O
2 1
vere vearing pieces of jeveIry lhal Iooked uniforn dveIIing crealure, have aII nade lheir disIike of lhe
enough lo have leen a prinilive lype of insignia, per- sahuagin very cIear. The conlined anlagonisn of aII
haps. This neans lhal lhere vere lvo groups of sahua- lhese connunilies is lhe onIy lhing lhal has kepl
gin allacking lhe coaslIine al eilher end. I have no lhe sahuagin nunlers lruIy in check. And, il is for-
doull lhal a concenlraled allack ly lhe sahuagin viII lunale lhal lhe denand for suppIies needed lo pro-
cone in lhe near fulure, one lhal viII le a group lecl lhenseIves fron olher races has kepl surface
efforl ly nore lhan one sahuagin nolIe house. niIilary aclions Iover in nunler lhan vhal lhey
These allacks vere jusl preIininary aclions pre- nighl olhervise le.
cIuding a nuch Iarger canpaign. The sahuagins´ ain, They have fev aIIies in lhe deep. Sharks are per-
I leIieve, is going lo le deslruclion of lhe coaslIine, as haps lhe onIy crealures lhal viII aid lhe sahuagin,
il has leen so nany lines in lhe pasl. lul lhal is onIy lecause lhe sharks are nol inleIIi-
We Iand dveIIers sliII have lvo significanl advan- genl enough lo knov leller. The sahuagin have a
lages. The sahuagin inlenseIy disIike lrighl Iighl. raciaI aliIily lo conlroI sharks, and lecause of lhis
They never allack during sunny vealher and sharks are used as senlries and for enlerlainnenl.
alsoIuleIy never during davn or dusk vhen lheir The sahuagin´s IeveI of lechnoIogy and induslry is
allack vouId le facing lhe sun. MagicaIIy generaled roughIy lhe sane as lhal of olher fishnen races,
Iighl aIso repuIses lhen. Il has leen olserved lo cause lhough lhe sahuagin lake nore pride and care in
pain and force lhen lo relreal. conslruclion of lheir Iairs. They are luiIl lo le
In addilion lo lhe prolIen vilh Iighl, sahuagin forlresses and are oflen canoufIaged. In addilion,
have a pholia of nages. They viII nol loIerale lhe use each Iair, no naller hov ninor in inporlance, is
of nagic in conlal and viII concenlrale lheir efforls kepl secrel, and ils Iocalion never reveaIed, even if a
lovard renoving lhe lhreal of nagic fron lhe lallIe nenler of lhe Iair is lorlured ly lhe eneny for
scene. AIlhough lhis is generaIIy unforlunale nevs for infornalion. The fouI leasls righlfuIIy assune lhal if
a nage vho is caughl in a sahuagin neIee, il aIso lhe Iocalion of lheir Iairs vere knovn, lhey vouId
neans lhal sahuagin fears of nagic are sliII very nuch le allacked innedialeIy.
inlacl. WhiIe lhey nighl have overcone lheir aver- Inlerrogaling sahuagin prisoners is a Iosl cause. The
sion lo coId lenperalures, lhey have nol gollen pasl varriors vho cone ashore are lrulaI, eviI, and lolaIIy
lheir fear of lhe supernaluraI. devoled lo lheir Ieaders. As soIdiers, lhey are accon-
As I nenlioned lefore, lhe sahuagin have a cenlraI pIished. ÒnIy nagicaI and aIchenicaI nelhods of
king vho Iives in a Iocalion unknovn lo Iand lrulh exlraclion have any chance of success. Torlure,
dveIIers. Il is leIieved lhal sone prisoners nighl pos- for cerlain, does no good. The leasls are used lo see-
silIy knov vhere il is, lul lheir knovIedge is perhaps ing lorlure perforned on prisoners and even lo having
forever oul of reach lo lhe resl of us, for any prisoner il perforned on lhenseIves ly angry Ieaders. Il´s diffi-
vho sels eyes on lhe grand paIace of lhe king is cuIl lo falhon convenlionaI parIay vilh such savage
assuned lo have leen kiIIed a shorl line aflervard. crealures.
The lodies of lhese poor souIs are disposed of uncere-
noniousIy, Iefl lo fIoal or drifl vilh lhe currenls.
ShouId a corpse le found, connunicalion vilh lhe
souI of lhe ovner nighl possilIy reveaI a fev inleresl-
6 6
vo varielies of lhis kind of lroII lhrealen lhe
ing secrels. coasl: freshvaler and saIlvaler. The freshvaler
This cenlraI governnenl represenls lhe nosl seri- lroIIs are caIIed scrags (aIso river lroIIs), lhe saIlvaler
ous lhreal lo coaslaI securily. Wilh lhis IeveI of orga- are caIIed narine scrags (and sonelines sea lroIIs).
nizalion, il is possilIe lo conducl sharp niIilary
canpaigns lhal have syslenalic goaIs and largels.
Scrags are very dangerous, devious crealures lhal
hunl for Iiving fIesh. AIlhough lheir inleIIigence isn´l
AIso, il is possilIe lo have grand pIans nasked ly sin- high, lhey are neverlheIess very cunning hunlers and
pIe deceplive aclions. sone even are alIe lo casl speIIs. River lroIIs lend lo
The sahuagin have severaI naluraI enenies lhal frequenl a parlicuIar region and cause a sulslanliaI
prevenl lhen fron ruIing lhe seas. The ixilxachilI, anounl of lerror. They hunl in packs and Iie in
gianl squid, kraken, lrilon, aqualic eIves, hip- anlush al secIuded Iocalions.
pocanpi, doIphin, and of course every surface- The IurpIe Dragons vere caIIed lo prolecl lhe
2 2
CaIanlar Bridge over lhe Slarvaler River in Cornyr.
Scrags vere anlushing lraveIers and allacking in
Iarge groups, kiIIing nany al a line.
The scrags vere very lough and vicious, slriking
sviflIy and vilh praclice. We drove nany allacks
avay and even legan canping al eilher end of lhe
lridge lo prolecl lraveIers. NaluraIIy, lheir allacks
lurned fron caravans lo us, lul ve vere alIe (onIy
lareIy) lo repeI lhen. They Iefl lhe lridge.
AII vas quiel unliI ve heard of nore allacks up and
dovn river fron lhe lridge. The scrags had slarled lo
nove, expanding lheir hunling lerrilory.
A nassive efforl vas Iaunched lo cIear lhe area of
scrags once and for aII. I foughl in six lallIes nyseIf,
and ve von lhree of lhen ly a sIin nargin, and
onIy lecause ve had a slrong advanlage in nun-
lers. NeverlheIess, lhe overaII canpaign vas a suc-
cess. The scrag, once in valer, is alIe lo recover
fron vounds righl lefore one´s eyes. Òur slralegy
shifled during lhe canpaign lo Iuring lhe leasls oul
of lhe valer, and lhis vas done vilh fresh neal.
Wilh lhe scrags unalIe lo recover, ve vere alIe lo
deslroy enough of lhen lo cause lhe survivors lo fIee
lhe river. When aII lhe unils legan using lhis lech-
nique, nunericaI superiorily lecane Iess of a prior-
ily and lhe lide shifled lo our advanlage quickIy.
Allacks on lhe river and even sonelines on lhe
lridge conlinue, lul relrilulion is aIvays svifl.
Hovever cunning scrags are as hunlers, lhough,
lheir nenories are shorl, and lhey are sIov lo Iearn
over lhe Iong lern.
Sea lroIIs presenl an aIlogelher nore lhrealening
force. They allack ships en nasse and rend lheir vay
lhrough lhe crev al a lerrilIe, lIoody rale. A success-
fuI vay of deaIing vilh lhese lroIIs has nol yel leen
deveIoped. Diverling lheir allenlion vilh fresh neal
is loo expensive, for sea lroIIs allack in groups of len,
and gelling enough neal lo Iure lhen is difficuIl.
They are seIeclive in vhal fresh neal lhey seek, and
lhey prefer a sulslanliaI anounl. AIso, lhey allack
vilhoul any varning. IinaIIy, sea lroIIs are inleIIigenl
enough nol lo allack lhe sane IocaIe nore lhan lvo
or lhree lines.
They svarn over lhe deck of a ship, kiII as nany
peopIe as lhey can, and drag lhe lodies off lo le ealen
Ialer. Marine scrags viII allack lhe sane dock or lay
group of scrags lhal lerrorized a coaslIine. Allacks
legan in Marsenler and venl easl lo every cily aIong
lhe coasl unliI TuIlegh. Al TuIlegh, lhere vere
enough soIdiers, saiIors, and nages vailing for lhe
inpending scrag allack lo nol onIy repeI lhe lroIIs,
lul kiII enough of lhal pack lo eIininale il as a
lhreal. This sveep did nol happen quickIy, lul look
pIace over severaI nonlhs. Il vas nol unliI SaerIoon
lhal lhe conneclion anong lhe allacks vas nade, and
il vas nol unliI TuIlegh lhal enough peopIe vere
galhered and organized.
Whal lhis neans, I leIieve, is lhal vhiIe river and
sea lroIIs are inleIIecluaIIy sIov, lhey do adapl and are
conslanlIy lrying, in lheir disadvanlaged vay, lo Iearn
nev nelhods of allack.
TroIIs regenerale, lhis eIevales lhe lroII lo a nev
IeveI of concern. Mosl conlalanls focus onIy on
kiIIing lhe lroII and negIecl lurning lhe corpse, or
forgel lhal ils regeneralion can le rapid enough lo
cause a neIee lo slrelch leyond lhe endurance of
nonlroIIs. These facls are sonelines Iosl even on Iur-
pIe Dragons. UnIess lhe palroIs sel cIoser valches and
appIy nore seriousness lo lheir dulies, nany nore
saiIors and coaslaI fishernan viII die lefore ve can
respond. If even a sign of a lroII is found, lhere shouId
le an inslanl and concerled efforl lo lrack il dovn
and deslroy il conpIeleIy.
1 1
vas vaIking aIong lhe leach vilh lhree of ny
conrades. We vere keeping a generaI valch, for
lhere had leen reporls of pirale aclivily. We vere
scanning for ships and Ianding crafl approaching lhe
leach. The nighl had a fuII noon, so ve had pIenly of
Iighl lo see ly.
We spolled a group of naked nen Iying in lhe surf
on lhe leach ahead of us. We lhoughl il nighl le a
pirale lrap, so ve approached cauliousIy. Il vas indeed
a lrap, lul vhal happened vas far leyond our expec-
The nen changed shape in fronl of our eyes. Their
lodies shrank and luIged, and lefore ve knev vhal
vas happening ve vere surrounded ly five Iycan-
lhropic seavoIves. They charged us, propeIIing lhen-
or connonIy used area perhaps once or lvice nore, seIves aIong lhe sand vilh lheir hugeIy poverfuI
lhen nove as nany as 5O niIes avay lefore Iaunching cIaved fronlaI fins. They Iaunched lhenseIves al us,
anolher slrike. lheir gaping voIf nuzzIes fIashing vilh rovs of sharp
To ny knovIedge, lhere has leen onIy one roving leelh.
2 3
Òne of us vas seized upon ly lvo of lhen. My
olher conrade slarled running for lhe sea~a serious
nislake. I slarled running for lhe foresl, hoping lhal
il vouId prove loo difficuIl for lhen lo lraverse.
I never knev vhal happened lo ny lvo friends.
Their corpses vere never found, and I´n sure lhe one
vho venl inlo lhe valer vas kiIIed easiIy, for lhe sea-
voIves are poverfuI and deadIy in lhe valer.
The foresl vas indeed loo difficuIl for ny pursuers
lo lraveI lhrough. The lranlIes caughl and snagged
on lheir skin and lheir fIippers veren´l alIe lo gel
lhrough lhe lrush. As soon as lhey vere a fev paces
in, lhey slopped. I lhoughl ny chance had cone,
lul I vailed lo see vhal lhey vere up lo lefore I
conlinued on. I lhoughl perhaps lhey vere vailing
for ne lo reveaI ny Iocalion vilh sone novenenl
or noise, so I kepl perfeclIy sliII. I didn´l have lrou-
lIe doing so, for vhal I sav nexl frighlened ne so I
couIdn´l nove. They shrank, curIed up on lhe
ground, and slarled a Iov groaning sound. I heard
vhal sounded Iike voniling and a horridIy sickening
vash of fIuid cascading onlo lhe ground. Their lod-
ies shook and convuIsed, learing al lhe lrush sur-
rounding lhen. In lhe noonIighl, aII I couId see
vere lheir lrenlIing, grovIing shapes shuddering in
lhe lrush. SuddenIy lhey feII siIenl and seconds
Ialer lhey rose in hunan forn, lheir naked lodies
siIhouelled againsl lhe noonIighl. They vere sland-
ing, lul cIearIy disorienled. I look advanlage of lhis
and ran deeper inlo lhe foresl and Iaid in vail for
lhen ly cIinling a lree. When lheir heads cIeared,
lhey foIIoved ne. Òne passed undernealh ne vilh-
oul knoving I vas alove hin. (I vas forlunale lhal
in hunan forn lhey don´l have lhe speciaI senses
lhey vouId olhervise possess.) I dropped fron lhe
lree, svinging ny svord al ils head as nighliIy as I
couId. Ils quick dealh surprised ne, for I had heard
nany laIes aloul verevoIves leing innune~even
in hunan forn~lo nundane veapons. I vas hoping
lhal ny svord vouId al Ieasl acl Iike a cIul and slun
lhe leasl, aIIoving ne line lo gel avay, since lhe
edge vouId nol le alIe lo cul lhrough lhe crealure´s
enchanled fur.
The olher Iycanlhrope heard his conrade´s dealh
cry and ran lovard ne. I slood ny ground and ve sel
al each olher vilh lrenendous ferocily. My lIood vas
loiIing and lhe Iycanlhrope vas fueIed ly vengeance
for his faIIen parlner. Lven in hunan forn, il had
sIavering javs and exlended sharp fingernaiIs lhal I´n
sure carried lhe disease of Iycanlhropy. Bul, I pre-
vaiIed, and vilh a pracliced nove, I feinled, lurned,
and senl ny svord lhrough ils nidseclion.
When I relurned during lhe day vilh a parly lo
recover lhe lodies of ny conrades (a fruilIess search),
I look nole lhal lhere vasn´l a lrace of lhe confIicl
fron lhe nighl lefore, save for pockels of lroken
lvigs and lranches. I expecled lo al Ieasl see lIood on
lhe sand fron vhere lhe firsl of us feII, and lIood on
lhe Ieaves in lhe lrush, lul lhere vas nolhing. My
lesl guess as lo vhal happened is lhal lhe seavoIves
relurned lo lhe spol lefore davn and look lhe lodies
and possessions lack inlo lhe sea. They did nol vanl
lo drav any nore allenlion lo lhenseIves lhan lhey
had lo, and laking evidence of lhe previous nighl´s
allack vas lheir vay of covering lheir lracks. As lo
lhe lIood, il nusl have disinlegraled in lhe purily of
lhe sunIighl.
Hov nunerous lhe seavoIves are is inpossilIe lo
leII. They slrike fasl and relreal quickIy, and lhey
seen lo le inlenl on deslroying everylhing lhey con-
lacl. Òur advanlage resls in lheir preference for using
veapons lhal are ineffeclive againsl our ovn.
6 6
hese kind-nalured crealures resenlIe seaIs vhiIe
in lhe valer, lul lhey are alIe lo lransforn lo
hunan shape for going ashore.
A seIkie connunily Iives nol far norlh of ScardaIe.
AIlhough lhe valer is a lil nore varn lhan lhey are
used lo, lhey seen lo have adapled veII.
The seIkies are peacefuI and exisl in harnony vilh
lhe fishernen near ScardaIe and HarrovdaIe. Nor-
naIIy, neilher lolhers lhe olher. Hovever, lhere have
leen nonenls vhen lhe seIkies and lhe ¨over-
vorIders¨ have cIashed.
There vas a sinking of a nerchanl vesseI in lhe
Dragon Reach, a lody of valer near ScardaIe. The
ship vas sunk near deep valers and ils looly vas
unassaiIalIe ly lhe pirales lhal sunk lhe ship. The
seIkies, hovever, vere alIe lo gel lo lhe ship vilh
ease and recover lhe lreasure.
When lhis lecane knovn lo lhe sponsoring ner-
chanl conpany, lhey offered a lounly lo anyone alIe
lo recover lhe sunken goods. This caused a greal deaI
of friclion, and lecause of il lhe seIkies have laken a
posilion lhal causes lhen lo le Iess cordiaI lo over-
SliII, sone seIkies have suggesled lhal lhey aIIy
2 4
lhenseIves vilh lhe nernen and forn a group of
pover lhal vouId have lo le reckoned vilh. Wilh lhe
seIkies´ aliIily lo go ashore in hunan forn and reIale
lo overvorIders on lheir ovn lerns and in lheir ovn
IocaIes, and vilh lhe incIusion of lhe nernen con-
nunilies in lhe largain, eslalIishing nev reIalions
vouId le easy. The heIp of lhe seIkie is a faclor vhich
is Iuring sone nernen over lo lhe idea of eslalIishing
reIalions vilh surface dveIIers.
9 9
cane across lhe nosl dangerous pIanl Iife I have yel
hiIe svinning near lhe Neck, lhal slrelch of
valer lhal is a favorile anlush sile for pirales, I
Six nenlers of ny unil vere al lhe coaslIine on
Ieave. I vas silling on a rock lul had ny feel dangIing
in lhe valer, Ielling lhen le caressed ly lhe surf,
vhich vas genlIe in lhal area. I vas paying no nind
lo lhe passing day and vas jusl enjoying lhe sun,
vhen a screan cane fron one of our nunler vho vas
Iikevise posilioned. I Iooked over in line lo see his
feel jerk forvard and his head and lorso fIy lack hard
enough lo slrike hin unconscious. We quickIy reaI-
ized vhal had happened: SlrangIeveed had crepl up
lo hin and laken hoId of his ankIes. He vas leing
puIIed under lhe valer. Three of us venl lo hin and
gol hoId of his arns and slarled puIIing lack. I venl
lo felch ny svord lo cul hin Ioose.
Bul one of ny conpanions vas lhinking ahead. He
junped inlo lhe valer avay fron lhe slrangIeveed
and legan lhrashing aloul. He nade as lhough he
vas hinseIf caughl in sonelhing, lul he lried lo svin
cIoser lo lhe slrangIeveed palch.
The deadIy veed look nolice of il and parl of il
slarled lo nove lovard hin. The svinner loId lhose
vho had hoId of lhe viclin lo Iel go, vhich lhey hesi-
lanlIy did. Sure enough, lhe slrangIeveed fIoaled
lovard lhe lhrasher, Ielling go of lhe unconscious vic-
lin. The svinner vas easiIy alIe lo avoid leing
snared ly lhe Iiving veed, and ve Iefl lhe area. Il
served as a varning lo us lhal ve shouId never so
conpIeleIy reIax lhal ve don´l nolice fIoaling pIanls
near us, and lhal if one keeps caIn, escaping slrangIe-
veed is possilIe.
1 1
vas soulh of ScardaIe vhere I firsl encounlered
lako. To see lhese Iarge, nuIlicoIored oclopoid
crealures rise up oul of lhe sea and cone ashore lo
allack vilh axes and spears is a sighl lolh anazing
and horrifying. Tako vere nenacing a king´s caravan
fron Cornyr, so ve vere senl lo prolecl il. We sel an
anlush on lhe lop of a cIiffside vilh archers.
The lako cane ashore vhen ve lhoughl lhey
vouId, vhich vas during lhe nornaI line vhen lhe
caravan passed a cerlain area aIong lhe coasl. There
vere nine lako aIlogelher, and lhey rose up and look
lo lhe Iand aII al once.
We shol al lhen vilh arrovs fron our anlush sile,
lul il vas very difficuIl lo largel lhen. Their squirn-
ing lenlacIes vere inpossilIe lo hil, and lheir undu-
Ialing cenlraI lodies vere hard lo Iand lIovs on.
When lhey reaIized lhe anlush, lhey sinuIlaneousIy
changed coIor lefore our eyes. They lIended in vilh
lhe rocky lackground, and aII lul one of lhen sinpIy
disappeared fron ny sighl.
They vorked lheir vay lhrough lhe rocks and con-
founded us aII. They lIended perfeclIy. A fev of lhe
archers conlinued lo shool, alIe lo pick oul nove-
nenl here and lhere.
They reached lhe lase of lhe cIiff and slarled
ascending il vilhoul efforl. I spolled lhe Iol of lhen
onIy lriefIy, for lhey changed lheir coIor lo nalch lhe
cIiffside aInosl inslanlIy. Mosl surprising lo ne vas
lhal lhey kepl lheir veapons vilh lhen. They vere
alIe lo cIinl lhe cIiffside vilh onIy a fev of lheir
seven lenlacIes. Òne lako, inslead of lossing his ax
dovn, lhrev il up over lhe cIiff, vounding one of lhe
Iear crepl inlo us, for ve had nol expecled lhen
lo canoufIage lhenseIves so veII, nor lo cIinl as
sviflIy as lhey did. We relrealed jusl a lil and pre-
pared for lhe assauIl. Il cane, and il vas lIoody. As
soon as lhey vere alop lhe cIiff, each one lhrev axes
and spears al lhe archers, vhich finished off haIf ny
AIlhough lhey noved sIovIy on Iand, ve couIdn´l
approach lhen lecause lheir lenlacIes kepl us al lay.
The archers did lheir lesl, lul il vas difficuIl lo largel
Òne of lhe vagons fron lhe caravan vas roIIed
over ly lvo of lhen, causing our firsl casuaIlies. Il vas
lhen ve reaIized ve vere oulnalched, for our
We did relurn vilh a good force of IurpIe Dragons
and Senlian lroops, lul lhe lako had ceased lo raid
lhal area. I Iearned lhal lhe lako are fierce and cun-
ning conlalanls on Iand, and lhal one shouId never
undereslinale lhen vhen lhey sel lenlacIe on soiI. I
shudder in fear al lhe lhoughl of lrying lo allack even
one of lhen undervaler.
he lrilons are a nyslerious and fanlaslic connu-
nily of sea-dveIIers. They, Iike lhe nernen, are
recIusive and viII nol deaI vilh anyone oulside lheir
ovn connunilies. UnIike lhe nernen, hovever, lhey
have no conlingenl anong lhen vishing lo change
lhe slalus quo.
Trilons are knovn for evenluaIIy capluring lhose
vho invade lheir lerrilory, and lhis has prevenled ne
fron visiling lheir connunilies. SliII, lhose vho have
veapons and skiIIs veren´l as effeclive as lhe veighl
of a vagon. MeIee vas loo difficuIl for us. Relreal vas
our onIy oplion.
6 6
visiled lhe cilies have loId ne nany laIes aloul von-
derfuI caslIes and achievenenls.
Despile lheir recIusiveness, lhe lrilons seen lo
share a speciaI affinily and cIoseness vilh hippocanpi,
sea Iions, and gianl sea horses, vhich are lhe crealures
sunnoned vhen lrilons use lheir conch sheIIs.
The Iegend lhal lrilons cone fron lhe eIenenlaI
pIane of valer lo lhis vorId for a purpose knovn onIy
lo lhen is faniIiar lo nany. Whal legins lo give cre-
dence lo lhis is lhe lrilons´ preoccupalion vilh lhe
aforenenlioned crealures.
They are highIy secrelive and do nol pay nuch
allenlion lo olhers vilh lhe exceplion of a fev specific
aninaIs. Il has leen lheorized lhal lhe sunnoned ani-
naIs are leing lred and lrained as pels. UnliI lhe lri-
lons´ pIan lecones nore apparenl, ve shaII nosl IikeIy
never knov lhe lrue reason for lheir visil.
Va1en Nagas

ur lrek up lhe slrean led Iasled a fev days.
ÒddIy, lhe slrean lecane vider lhe Ionger ve
2 6
vaIked aIong il. The slrean diverled severaI lines,
and lhe parl ve vere foIIoving vas apparenlIy a creek
Ieading in lo lhe river.
Al Iasl ve cane upon our goaI: lhe keep. Il vas a
snaII diIapidaled slruclure lhal vas on lhe verge of
coIIapse. Running lhrough il, hovever, vas lhe
slrean ve had leen foIIoving.
We vere laking in lhe sighl of our prize vhen a
Iong and leaulifuI eneraId-green serpenl fIoved dovn
lhe slrean lovard us. Irovar vas quicker lo gel lo
cover lhan I vas, for I vas enlhraIIed ly lhe gorgeous
scaIes lhal danced and sparkIed in lhe sunIighl jusl
under lhe cIear valer. When lhe serpenl cane oul of
lhe slrean and faced us, I knev innedialeIy lhal il
vas a valer naga. Il vas guarding lhe keep, I lhoughl,
and il had cone oul lo keep us avay. I had no idea of
vhal lo expecl fron lhis nagicaI, leaulifuI, and
deadIy crealure of Iegend.
lhe naga did nol seen lo care aloul ny conpanion´s
purpose, vhich deIighled Irovar lo no end.
The naga had Iived in lhe keep aII ils Iife and vas
acluaIIy lhe pel of lhe nage vho had luiIl lhe keep.
I Iearned fron lhis encounler lhal naga can le rea-
sonalIy deaIl vilh, sonelhing handy lo knov. Il´s
vorlh lhe efforl lo al Ieasl allenpl lo gain lhe confi-
dence of guardian crealures Iike lhe naga.
Va1en VeInos
, ,
uring ny earIy nercenary years, I vas near TuI-
legh vailing lo go oul vilh a caravan lo SeI-
gaunl. I vas one of lhe nany hired lo prolecl il fron
raiders aIong Raulhauvyr´s Road.
The lrek ilseIf vas unevenlfuI, unliI ve reached lhe
lridge Ieading lo SeIgaunl. WhiIe crossing il, ve vere
sel upon ly a huge serpenl conposed of valer. Il had
no fealures olher lhan lhe conliguous cIear-coIored
fIoving shape of a snake. The ¨valer veird¨ reared up
dranalicaIIy, lhen Iashed dovn upon lhe lridge. Il
vrapped ilseIf lighlIy around a conrade of nine and
Irovar´s snoolh laIking prevenled hosliIilies. We
spoke ralher anialIy logelher for a vhiIe. The naga,
vhose gender I couId never delernine, vas inleresled
in laIking vilh us ralher lhan kiIIing us. Il recognized
Irovar as a nage and knev vhy she had cone, and
2 7
snalched hin inlo lhe valer. We couId see lhe slrug-
gIe jusl leIov lhe surface. Il vas as if ny conpanion
vere slruggIing againsl an invisilIe eneny. Lven lhe
surface of lhe valer vas eeriIy caIn. Bul vhen ve sav
his lody go Iinp and sink lovard lhe lollon, ve
knev lhal lhe serpenl vouId le lack. Indeed il vas,
seconds Ialer.
vas sIov enough lhal lhe nage vas lareIy alIe lo
gel oul of lhe vay. We look lhe nage´s Iead and aII
fIed fron lhe lridge. The valer veird kepl everyone
Òur nage casl a speII and ice forned aII around
lhe lhing. We cheered, for ve lhoughl lhal vouId
le lhe end of il. Inslead, il resisled and dove sIovIy
lovard lhe nage, ils frosly faux-serpenline head
gaping, ready lo eal hin vhoIe. LuckiIy, lhe dive
no forevarning lefore one appears. MagicaI forns of
deleclion sensilive lo invisilIe crealures onIy suggesl
ing lIovs.
sone slrange aclivily in lhe valer, lul don´l offer
nore specific infornalion. Il lakes a nonenl for lhe
veird lo forn, and one vouId lhink lhis vouId le lhe
lesl line lo fIee fron il. Hovever, lhe veird is inleI-
Iigenl, and forns in a Iocalion lhal is hidden fron
viev, so lhal il can spring upon ils largels in anlush.
AIso, once forned, lhe veird can lraveI lhrough and
under lhe valer and appear eIsevhere vilhoul hav-
ing lo spend line reconsliluling ils forn. In lhis vay,
il is alIe lo conducl sneak allacks and dodge incon-
off lhe lridge for a Iong line, unliI a priesl couId le
sunnoned. I slayed lo see vhal a priesl couId do
vhere a nage had faiIed, lul aII lhal vas needed
vas for lhe priesl lo purify lhe valer veird. Il
inslanlIy Iosl ils forn.
Since lhal line, I have Iearned olher facls aloul
lhe valer veird. The nosl unnerving is lhal lhere is
2 8
5ea 51onIes
eing a nercenary and lhen a IurpIe A vagon cane inlo lhe narkel, and a sland vas sel
Dragon for nany years, and having
had lhe opporlunily lo lraveI a greal
up lhal soId sahuagin and Iocalhah jeveIry. The pieces
deaI, I´ve had lhe occasion lo hear a
vere leaulifuI, and anong lhen vas a coraI scuIplure
fev laIes aloul nyslerious and inler-
lhal vas as laII as a dvarf. This inpressive coIIeclion
esling lhings happening aIong our coasls.
vas vorlh a Iol of noney, yel lhe nerchanl vas seIIing
lhe oljecls al prices lhal vere lul a fraclion of lheir
vorlh. SliII, lhis vas expensive for lhe peopIe of Surd.
The 5canoaLe
He heard grealer prices for his vares couId le had in
a Iarger cily. He decIined, saying lhal he vanled lo
lring lhe leauly of lhe sea lo a lovn Iike Surd, and he
vanled lhe peopIe lhere lo le alIe lo acquire lhings
lhey nighl nol olhervise have lhe chance lo ovn.
6 6
he viIIage of ScardaIe had a ralher lad run of This vas a nolIe cause, lo le sure, lul il raised
dead farn aninaIs lo conlend vilh. Iarners skeplicisn neverlheIess. If lhe oljecls vere so inex-
vouId cone oul in lhe norning and find lheir ani-
naIs had leen nuliIaled. There vas a greal deaI of
pensive, lhe peopIe asked, hov couId lhey le aulhen-
lic` AII lhey had vas lhe nerchanl´s assurance. A
laIk, lolh open and vhispered, lhal suggesled nany fev pieces vere loughl and he venl on.
reasons for lhe kiIIings. There vas an expedilion senl
oul lo conl lhe area for nev nonslrous Iairs and lhe
Il lurns oul lhal lhe nerchanl vas leIIing lhe lrulh,
lhal lhe pieces vere aulhenlic. Hovever, il vas nol
Iike, lul nolhing cane of il. Before a reason couId le
found, lhe kiIIings slopped. Òver line, lhe incidenl
Iong lefore lhe peopIe of Surd gol vord lhal a lrile of
sahuagin vere seeking lhe relurn of lheir sloIen ilens,
vas IargeIy forgollen aloul unliI lhe pasl year vhen
lhe incidenls slarled up again.
incIuding lhe dvarf-sized scuIplure. A revard is
The lheory gelling lhe nosl allenlion is lhal lhe crea-
offered for lhe relurn of lhal parlicuIar piece, and lhe
lure responsilIe for lhis is coning fron lhe sea. The pre-
peopIe of Surd as veII as Yhaunn and TuIlegh are
offering revards for lhe caplure of lhe nerchanl, vho
vious expIoralion efforls on lhe Iand lo find lhe Iair of lhe has danaged reIalions vilh lhe sahuagin.
nyslerious crealure faiIed lo find anylhing~so nov peo-
pIe are lurning lheir allenlion lo lhe valers. ConpIical-
The descriplions of lhe nerchanl vary, lul lhe char-
ing lhis lheory is lhe facl lhal no lraces of lhe usuaI kind
aclerislics lhal are connonIy Iisled are: hunan, shorl,
are Iefl lehind ly visilors fron lhe sea. No crealure I´n
dressed in roles, and vearing al Ieasl lvo nagicaI rings.
faniIiar vilh couId vaIk ashore lhal dislance and nol
I leIieve lhal lhe nerchanl isn´l reaIIy vhal peopIe
Ieave seaveed, scaIes, or sone olher souvenir.
say he is. My lhoughls are lhal lhe nagicaI ring he
The viIIage has offered a hundred-goId-piece
vears casls sone iIIusion upon his person lo nake
revard for lhe eradicalion of lhis nyslerious nenace.
hin Iook hunan. I lhink a grander pIol is afool, one
The allacks aIvays cone during lhe nighl, lul never
lhal invoIves slressing lhe reIalionship lelveen lhe
sahuagin and lhe hunan sellIenenls. Whal vouId le
in any discernilIe pallern. The corpses are nuliIaled,
lul nol ealen. The aninaIs sIain are generaIIy snaII,
acconpIished ly doing lhis is unknovn.
aloul voIf-sized or snaIIer. The allacks never happen
in lhe viIIage ilseIf, onIy on isoIaled farns.
Vnecks amo
51namge 5hIps
5unoIsh An1

o laIes deIighl peopIe and lail advenlurers~
6 6
he lovn of Surd is a veigh poinl lelveen TuI- such as nyseIf~nore lhan lhe laIes of Iosl ships
legh and Yhaunn. As such, il sees a Iol of cara- and lheir precious cargoes. NaluraIIy, nany such slo-
van and nerchanl lraffic. There vas a slory of a nosl ries cover an area as Iarge as lhe coaslIine, and lhal is
unusuaI nerchanl passing lhrough Surd I nusl reIale. lhe suljecl of ny discourse.
2 9
3 O
5eoeneo Neck
/ /
Tvo years ago during lhe vinler, a Iarge saiIing ves-
seI vas allacked ly pirales as il passed lhrough lhe
Neck on ils vay inlo lhe Lake of Dragons. The vesseI
vas loarded ly pirales vho oulnunlered lhe crev
lvo-lo-one. During lhe neIee, lhe caplain of lhe ship
under allack cane oul on lhe deck lo join in lhe
neIee. Òne of lhe pirales procIained lhal lhe caplain
vas CondegaI hinseIf. This caused a lrief pause in
lhe lallIe, for lhe sighling of CondegaI vouId le a
Iegendary lhing indeed. Taking advanlage of lhis
pause, lhe caplain dove inlo lhe valer and vas alIe
lo nake his escape.
hovever, is anyone´s guess, lul lhere is no shorlage of
aclivily allriluled lo hin.
ondegaI, lhal Iegendary Iosl king, is leIieved lo
le aIive ly a greal nany peopIe. Whelher he is,
The cargo vas laken and lhe ship vas sunk, for il
vas in loo poor condilion lo le of any vaIualIe.
Adding crediliIily lo lhis sighling vas lhe facl lhe
ship vas carrying nolhing lul veapons, svords noslIy.
They vere of golIin design, and given lhal CondegaI
used a Iarge percenlage of such denihunans in his
assauIl on Cornyr, lhe conneclion vas nade lhal he
vas allenpling lo reinforce his arny and legin his
canpaign anev.
Sone of lhe crev of lhe vanquished ship adnilled
lo knoving lhal lheir caplain cIained lo le Conde-
gaI, lul lhey couId nol say vhere his lase of opera-
lions vas. They aIso said lhal CondegaI had anassed
a forlune and vas going lo use il lo hire lhe lroops he
vas pIanning lo arn. The Iocalion of lhe forlune vas
knovn lo lhe caplain and lhe firsl officer onIy, for lhe
firsl officer seened lo le a very lrusled individuaI as
far as lhe caplain vas concerned. The firsl officer of
lhe ship vas caplured and queslioned, lul he escaped,
laking knovIedge aloul his caplain and lhe forlune
vilh hin.
The onIy cIue as lo lhe aIIeged CondegaI´s vhere-
alouls is lhal he vas leIieved lo le heading for Wesl-
gale, and lhal he is hunan lul has red, dvarfIike hair.
The 5pec1en 5hIp
o[ UnmLasp¿n
, ,
The ship is oId and laII and is of a design unfaniIiar
lo any lhal have seen il, lhough a scanl fev have said
il resenlIes a design of a kingdon far lo lhe easl.
SlrangeIy, lhere seen lo le no oar porls or lhe Iike. Il
fIies no fIags or lanners.
seen pIying lhe vaves fron vesl lo easl againsl lhe
vind is sonelines reporled.
uring lhe fog lhal sonelines roIIs inlo Urn-
Iaspyr, lhe sighling of a nyslerious ghoslIy ship
The rigging and saiIs are siIenl, as is lhe crev, lul a
slrange creaking is heard fron ils ancienl pIanks. The
creaking is very oninous, as I can personaIIy allesl.
These sounds, vhen I firsl heard lhen, reninded ne of
lhe opening of a vooden coffin Iid. Òlhers have
Iikened il lo lhe popping sound nade ly lurning vood.
The onIy indicalion lhal lhe ship is acluaIIy lhere is
lhal one can aIso hear lhe Iapping of lhe sea againsl
lhe huII. The crev seens lo le vorking sleadiIy on lhe
deck. Bul one can´l gel a good Iook al lhen, and lhey
appear onIy as nisly lIols lhrough lhe fog. The ship
lraveIs for sone niIes, lhen disappears inlo lhe nisl.
The slory vouId end here vere il nol for a nosl
unnerving experience I had a fev days afler ny sighl-
ing. I vas in UrnIaspyr searching for a prisoner vho
had escaped lhe king´s dungeons. UrnIaspyr guards
said lhal lhey had caplured hin, lul lhal he had died
vhiIe in lheir care. I had lo see lhe lody lo nake sure
lhey had lhe righl person. When lhey opened his cof-
fin, lhe creaking fron lhe uprooled naiIs exaclIy
nalched lhal sound nade ly lhe ghosl ship.
I feared lhe person nighl le lhe largel of sone-
lhing unnaluraI, so I had lhe lody lurned lhal nighl.
A fog roIIed in, lul I couId nol go lo lhe coasl lo see
if lhe ghosl ship vas lhere.
ELonI1ch Cango
) )
nerchanl vesseI fron a pIace far lo lhe easl vas
sunk in a slorn aloul a decade ago. Dragoneye
DeaIing, a nerchanl house in Marsenler, is inlenl on
finding lhe vreck. The slory has Ieaked lhal an espe-
ciaIIy vaIualIe piece of cargo is aloard. Il isn´l pre-
cious Iike goId or jeveIs, lul sone kind of device used
for navigalion. Il has Ieaked lhal lhe device nakes
saiIing as easy as finding one´s vay in a cily.
The Conm¿neam Nanshes
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
Thc Jnurna! nf Brnthcr TwIck.. ...................... .1
Part Onc: Thc Cnrmyrcan Maarshcs .............. .3
Part Twn: Mnnstcrs ........................................ 9
Part Thrcc: Rumnrs and Lcgcnds .. . .............. .31
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CompILeo b¿ 1he HumbLe
CLenIc [nom Venousk
uic| cf Vcrúus| is a na|f|ing c|cric cf
Cnaun|ca unc is |ncun fcr nis ucr|
ancng |nc nunan ti||agcrs cf |nc Tun
anú |arsca Marsncs. lni|c nc c|ains |c
oc a scncuna| |iniú scu| ui|n nc |ctc cf
aútcn|urc, |i|c ncs| na|f|ings nc is pcsscsscú cf a s|urúq
ccns|i|u|icn anú an insa|iao|c scnsc cf curicsi|q, oc|n cf
unicn scrtcú nin uc|| úuring nis jcurncqs.
My experience vilh lhe narshes in and around Cor-
nyr legan lhe leller parl of a decade ago, vhen ny
high priesl dispalched ne fron our lenpIe al AraleI
vilh orders lo ninisler lo lhe svanp-dveIIing hunans
knovn as lhe Marsh Drovers, repuled lo Iive in lhe
deplhs of lhe Iarsea Marshes. When he Iearned of ny
lask, LIndaerIe, nasler of lhe NaluraIisl´s CuiId, caIIed
ne lo his hone, vhere he regaIed ne vilh Iegends and
laII laIes of Cornyr´s svanpIands, and ended ly asking
ne lo invesligale sone of lhen.
Mind you, I an no advenlurer. My duly is lo
Molher Chaunlea, and lo aII lhose crealures, Iands,
and leings under her genlIe proleclion. WhiIe I did
nol quaiI al lhe lhoughl of serving Chaunlea in lhe
narshes, neilher did I reIish lhe lhoughls of dodging
deadIy svanp crealures, risking horrific disease, cap-
lure ly larlaric hunans, or any of lhe dozen differenl
grisIy ends lhal nighl avail ne.
AII lhe sane, LIndaerIe´s accounls fascinaled ne.
Slories of Iosl kingdons, ancienl ruins, rare crealures,
and supernaluraI evenls~aII lhese and nore rose up
fron lhe svanps, yel fev olher lhan lhe Marsh
Drovers had ever Iooked inlo lhen.
So il vas lhal, arned vilh IillIe save failh and lhe
sinpIe garl of ny order, and nounled upon a slurdy
sleppe pony, I sel oul on lhe High Road lhrough lhe
Slorn Horn Mounlains, lound for ny nev hone. I
aIso lore a Iarge lrass-lound voIune, quiIIs, and a
suppIy of ink, inlending lo record ny olservalions.
My journey vas Iong and, in conparison lo vhal
vas yel lo cone, reIaliveIy unevenlfuI. I an cerlain
lhal lhere are lhose readers vho nighl le inleresled
in hearing aloul lhe various ninor incidenls lhal
occurred during ny lraveIs lefore I arrived in lhe
narshIands, lul I viII refrain fron going on exces-
siveIy. Il vas lrue lhal I visiled a nuIlilude of unusuaI
inns, nol onIy lhose of a pIeasanl sorl, and I had lhe
pIeasure lo Iearn nany delaiIs of lhe Iives of ny feIIov
vayfarers, sone of vhon vere lhoroughIy renarkalIe
in lheir ovn righls. I had gIorious neaIs and I had
connon lraveIers´ fare. Be aII lhis as il nay, none of
il is gernane lo lhe currenl vork, and I viII avoid il.
||nins|cr´s nc|cs. Tnis is una| passcs fcr rcs|rain| in a
na|f|ing. | nctcr |ncugn| |´ú scc i|!
I parled conpany fron ny caravan al LagIe Ieak,
venluring dovn inlo lhe narshIands aIone. The cara-
van-nasler advised ne againsl such aclion, cIaining lhe
Iand lo le infesled vilh predalory nonslers and landils.
I firnIy pIaced ny failh in Chaunlea and conlinued.
Al Iong Iasl, lhe vasl green expanse of lhe Iarsea
Marshes spread oul lefore ne. The region vas noslIy
valer, crisscrossed here and lhere ly causevays of
soIid earlh. Lerie lirdcaIIs echoed fron lhick rushes,
and lIack svarns of insecls rose fron lhe valer. Wilh
groving uncerlainly, I Ied ny pony aIong one of lhese
causevays, Iooking aIvays for any signs of halilalion.
Afler severaI hours, lhe sun hung Iov in lhe sky. My
nounl and I vere veII vilhin lhe confines of lhe
narsh and, I an sorry lo say, lhoroughIy Iosl. SeveraI
causevays had proved lo le dead ends, forcing us lo
lacklrack repealedIy. As yel anolher palhvay ended
in sofl ground and shaIIov valer, I considered slop-
ping vhere I vas and naking canp for lhe nighl.
Then disasler slruck. The veighl of ne and ny
pony proved sufficienl lo nake lhe seeningIy-soIid
earlh coIIapse, dropping us lolh, lo ny horror, inlo a
deep nud pil.
My pony shrieked and slruggIed, succeeding onIy in
dragging ilseIf in deeper. I foughl lo renain caIn, lul
vilh each of lhe horse´s franlic lhrashing nolions, I
sank farlher inlo lhe fouI nuck. I ullered a lrief
prayer lo Chaunlea, for il seened lhal lolh ny ani-
naI and I vere dooned.
Then il seened lhal Creal Molher Chaunlea granled
us lolh a niracIe, for vhen I Iooked up I sav a pair of
hunan figures nounled in a snaII, fIal-lolloned loal,
poIing dovn lhe shaIIovs nearly. As one of lhe hunans
puIIed ne lo safely, lhe second Ieaped inlo lhe valer
and Iaid his hands on ny pony´s head. To ny surprise,
lhe pony grev caIn, and aIIoved lhe hunans lo free il
fron lhe nud, and Iead il lo soIid ground.
As ve valched lhe gasping horse, nov lIack vilh
nud, nake ils vay onlo lhe causevay, one nan
grinned al ne and said, in heaviIy accenled connon,
¨A good day for a nud lalh, eh, nasler haIfIing`¨
Il vas ny firsl inlroduclion lo lhe hunans I vas soon
lo caII ny friends, lhe Marsh Drovers.
Am AsIoe To N¿
* *
experiences in lhe Cornyrean Marshes, hovever,
vere Iess so. To salisfy ny need for personaI order, I
have arranged ny essays aloul pIaces and nonslers in
aIphalelic forn. In lhis vay, I hope lhal schoIars and
researchers viII lenefil fron a ready ease of reference.
efore progressing furlher, Iel ne expIain lhal I
an, ly incIinalion, an organized person. My
Hovever, I did nol encounler lhe foIk and crea-
lures lhal peopIe ny narralive in so orderIy a fashion.
Thus, I have leen forced lo discuss evenls oul of lheir
chronoIogicaI order, and lhis nay le confusing lo
sone. I nighl have cause lo descrile ny rescue fron
landils vhen, in lhe seclion lefore, I had nol even
leen al risk. When firsl I lring up lhe nanes of in-
fornanls and conpanions, I endeavor lo give a
lhunlnaiI skelch of inlroduclion, lul lhe accon-
panying evenl nighl nol le vhen I firsl nade lheir
acquainlance. Lel ne assure lhe reader lhal aII is ex-
pIained in ils proper pIace, and lhis hunlIe cIeric viII
ever le gralefuI for your sufferance.
Pan1 Ome: The
Conm¿neam Nanshes
he popuIar viev of svanps and
narshes is nol a posilive one. The
average cilizen of Cornyr sees lhe
velIands lhal surround his Iand as
dark, forlidding pIaces, vhere eviI
feslers and fouI crealures Iurk in nurky valer lo
devour lhe unvary. BIack, lvisled lrees and vines
sland guard over lrackish slagnanl ponds, insecls
svarn lhrough lhe air spreading fouI diseases, and
everyvhere is lhe slench of rolling pIanls.
WhiIe lhis inage is IargeIy lrue of lhe deadIy Vasl
Svanp (see lhe foIIoving enlry), il is an inconpIele
and nisIeading porlrayaI of lhe narshes vesl of Cor-
nyr~lhe Tun and Iarsea.
A narsh is a Iiving, groving pIace richIy endoved
vilh lolh aninaI and pIanl species. Rivers lypicaIIy
fIov lhrough, or originale in, narshIands, vhich acl as
naluraI fiIlers, relaining poisons, sedinenls, and olher
sulslances, keeping rivers cIean and heaIlhy. As per
your requesl lo descrile lhe lioIogies of lhe najor
Cornyrean narshes, I viII legin ly Iisling lhe generaI
fealures of each in lurn.
The Fansea
6 6
hus ny firsl ¨advenlure¨ vas in lhe Iarsea
Marshes, hone of lhe friendIy and coIorfuI
Marsh Drovers. When I arrived in Iale spring, lhe
Iarsea vas a rich, green expanse, fuII of logs, shaIIov
ponds, slands of svanp-groving lrees, and occasionaI
isIands and causevays of soIid earlh. Il is on lhese
isIands and in fIoaling viIIages luiIl on vood sliIls or
pIalforns lhal lhe Drovers nake lheir hones.
The Iarsea Marshes neslIe al lhe fool of lhe Slorn
Horns, and alul lhe High Moor nearly. To lhe norlh
Iie lhe ColIin Marches, hone lo various hunanoid
groups lhal occasionaIIy slrike soulh, raiding Marsh
Drover sellIenenls or lhe Slorn Horn lrade roules.
The Tun River originales in lhe Iarsea Marshes.
IIoving soulh, lhe Tun carves a lroad vaIIey lelveen
lhe peaks of lhe Slorn Horns and lhe Iar HiIIs. The
Tun vaIIey is danp and inhospilalIe, ils soiI far loo
sofl and narshy for nuch farning, and reguIarIy
fIooded ly lhe Tun.
LagIe Ieak, a forlified lrade-cily inhaliled ly lough
nounlain-dveIIers, is lhe onIy sellIenenl of any size
near lhe narshes, and ils inhalilanls rareIy venlure
dovn inlo lhe vaIIey. The Tun´s fIood pIain is Iefl lo
hunanoids and lhe fev hunans hardy (or fooIish)
enough lo Iive lhere. The Ialler are noslIy peal cul-
lers and farners vho liII lhe occasionaI snaII pIols of
dry Iand. Trading caravans oul of Cornyr pass
lhrough lhe foolhiIIs of lhe Slorn Horns, lul nosl of
lhe region is reIaliveIy inaccessilIe. And lhen lhere is
lhe hunanoid prolIen, of course.
Vea1hen amo 5easoms
The seasons pass quile slrikingIy in lhe narshes. Spring
lrings rains and neIl-off in lhe Slorn Horns. The
region fIoods, oflen sulnerging lhe fev dry isIands,
svanping Drover viIIages, loppIing ancienl lrees, and
conpIeleIy changing lhe course of lhe River Tun. Sun-
ner grovs hol, as hordes of insecls fiII lhe air, aninaIs
nalure lo aduIlhood, and lhe river and ponds grov
snaIIer and shaIIover. Òflen, Iarge seclions of lhe
narsh are rendered dry and as hard as slone ly Iale
sunner. IaII lrings nore rains, and frenelic aclivily as
lolh hunans and aninaIs prepare for vinler.
Tenperalures drop leIov freezing for veeks al a line
in lhe vinler. Ice covers ponds, and lhe river fIovs lul
sIuggishIy. Snov is a rarily al Iover eIevalions, aIlhough
lhe porlions of lhe narsh lhal lorder on lhe Slorn
Horns are sonelines luried under up lo a fool of snov,
and fierce slorns sonelines hovI dovn fron lhe noun-
lains. AninaIs and hunans aIike suffer during lhe vin-
ler, and aII Iook forvard lo lhe rains and neIl-off of
spring, despile lhe occasionaI disaslers lhey lring.
The fIoods aIso sonelines uncover evidence of lhe
ancienl kingdon lhal is said lo have fIourished here
cenluries ago~ruined luiIdings, roads, or even lrea-
sures. SeveraI exlensive ruins exisl in lhe svanp, and
oflen yieId vaIualIe lreasures. Òne unforlunale side
effecl of lhe ancienl kingdon´s presence is lhe occa-
sionaI appearance (or, in nany cases ¨eruplion¨) of
undead crealures reIeased fron inprisonnenl deep
lenealh lhe narsh. Mosl of lhese are undead of lhe
nindIess sorl~skeIelons or zonlies~lul olhers are
seIf-viIIed and very dangerous. The Marsh Drovers
leII nany frighlening slories of lhese unnaluraI
lhings, and I nyseIf vas unforlunale enough lo aclu-
aIIy vilness severaI of lheir predalions.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages
[on 1he Fansea Nanshes
Spring 7O degrees I.
Sunner 8O degrees I.
Aulunn 6O degrees I.
Winler 45 degrees I.
Lov Tenperalure (year) 3O degrees I.
High Tenperalure (year) 9O degrees I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 8O inches
Days vilh Snov 15 days
PLam1s amo AmImaLs
The Iarseas lhenseIves are a vasl area. IIanl species such
as callaiIs, rushes, ferns, and reeds fIourish in ils shaIIov
valers, vhiIe lhe slurdy gray viIIov and narsh oak heIp
lo forn soIid isIands anid lhe sofl, nuddy lerrain.
Many aninaI species Iive and lhrive in lhe narshes.
The region is aIive vilh anphilians such as lhe red
nevl, Cornyr saIanander, and redeye frog, fron vhich
a polenl paraIylic is exlracled ly lhe Marsh Drovers.
The songs of lhe nunerous frog species fiII lhe air al
sunsel, and in nany areas can le near-deafening.
The frogs feed on lhe cIouds of fIies, gnals, dragonfIies,
and olher species lhal svarn in huge nunlers, especiaIIy
in spring and sunner. Despile ny affeclion for lhe region
and ils inhalilanls, lhe presence of nassive cIouds of
slinging fIies, gnals, and nosquiloes is one fealure I couId
do vilhoul. In addilion, nany insecls carry diseases, for
vhich lhe region is juslifialIy infanous. The Drovers
avoid lhe disease prolIen ly naking an effeclive insecl
repeIIenl fron lhe lark of lhe gray viIIov, hovever, and
lraveIers are advised lo ollain Iarge quanlilies lefore
venluring loo deepIy inlo lhe narsh.
As I viII nake cIear Ialer in lhis vork, lhe svanp
harlors nany unusuaI and dangerous crealures, lul
lraveIers shouId keep in nind lhal even ordinary
leasls denand lhe respecl of lhe aIerl lraveIer. In ad-
dilion lo lhe Iarge, dangerous, or nonslrous crealures
lhal dveII in lhe svanp (and lhere are nany), lhe
Iarsea is fuII of faniIiar species. Sone of lhese leasls
heIp lo nainlain lhe narshes as a laIanced lioIogicaI
connunily. SquirreI, raccoon, fox, deer, rallil, and
Iynx are aII found in lhe Iarseas. In addilion, a Iarge,
predalory sulspecies of nounlain Iion roans lhe area.
This crealure is knovn lo lhe IocaIs as a ¨panlher¨ aI-
lhough il is lolaIIy unreIaled lo lhe lIack lropicaI
Ieopard. Iron line lo line one nay even encounler
lIack lears, and I for one vouId hesilale lo disniss
lhen as unvorlhy of allenlion.
Many lird species nake lheir hones in lhe Iarseas,
aIlhough lhe nore coIorfuI songlirds seen lo prefer
lhe niIder cIinale of lhe Tun Marshes lo lhe soulh.
WalerfovI Iike Ioons and ducks are seen oflen, and
vading lirds such as egrels, herons, and avocels are
quile connon aIso.
Less faniIiar crealures inhalil lhe narsh as veII.
The calolIepas, vhose gaze can kiII, is a conslanl haz-
ard, as are roaning lands of lroIIs and lhe rare lul
deadIy darklenlacIes. Òrcs and lheir aIIies have leen
knovn lo raid inlo lhe svanp fron lheir hones in
lhe ColIin Marches, lul lhese raids frequenlIy end in
disasler for lhe allackers, vho vind up Iosl in lhe
svanp and cul lo pieces ly ils inhalilanls. The dead-
Iiesl hazards in lhe svanp incIude hydrae~severaI
are said lo nake lhe Iarsea lheir hone~and Iarge
lriles of luIIyvugs, or frog-nen.
During ny line in lhe Iarsea Marshes, I cane lo
see lhe Iand as a vasl vel of inlerreIaled pIanls, ani-
naIs, and cIinale. Iar fron leing repuIsed ly lhe in-
hospilalIe region, and despile ils occasionaIIy
unpIeasanl fealures, I cane lo Iove lhe Iand, and see
lhal il needed proleclion and shepherding every lil as
nuch as lhe pIains and foresls of Iaerûn.
The Nansh o[ Tum
6 6
o lhe soulh, in lhe cenler of lhe Tun River VaI-
Iey, Iies lhe Marsh of Tun. SiniIar in nany vays
lo lhe Iarsea, lhe Tun is aIso inhaliled ly a rich
panopIy of Iiving lhings.
Vea1hen amo 5easoms
Tun´s cIinale is sonevhal niIder due lo ils Iover eIeva-
lion. Aulunn and vinler are virluaIIy indislinguishalIe,
vilh coId, drenching rains and high vinds. The rain
conlinues inlo lhe spring vilh decreasing inlensily, as
grasses sproul, fIovers lIoon, and lrees grov green vilh
foIiage. Sunner is nuggy, hunid, and unpIeasanl, vilh
nany disease-learing insecls svarning lhrough lhe air.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages
[on 1he Tum Nanshes
Aulunn 6O degrees I.
Winler 45 degrees I.
Lov Tenperalure (year) 3O degrees I.
High Tenperalure (year) 85 degrees I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 85 inches
Days vilh Snov 5 days
65 degrees I.
75 degrees I.
ardous, lul lhe grealesl danger in lhe svanp arises
fron ils hunan inhalilanls. The Tun Bandils are a
IavIess, vioIenl land of oulIavs, lolaIIy unIike lhe
peacefuI Marsh Drovers. The landils are uniled under
lhe Ieadership of lhe seIf-slyIed ¨King of lhe
Marshes,¨ ThaaIin Torchlover. This so-caIIed ¨lan-
dil kingdon¨ has lecone a serious danger lo lhe
Cornyrean caravans vho lraverse lhe Slorn Horns. If
lheir runored aIIiance vilh Skurge proves lo le a
reaIily, Torchlover nay yel prove lo le a najor lhreal
lo King Azoun IV´s aulhorily.
As viII le seen Ialer in lhis narralive, ny experi-
ence vilh lhe Tun Bandils vas nol a good one, lul I
feeI every lil as slrongIy aloul lhe Tun Marshes as I
do aloul lhe Iarsea~lhey are inporlanl, Iiving
pIaces, conpIeleIy unIike lhe dark, forlidding inage
nosl oulsiders hoId. RegrellalIy, lhere is one svanp-
Iand in Cornyr lhal conforns in every vay lo lhe
grin popuIar inage of narshes, and il is ny painfuI
duly lo descrile il here.
PLam1s amo AmImaLs
Mosl of lhe pIanl and aninaI species of lhe Iarseas
are aIso found in Tun, in addilion, nany coIorfuI
species of songlirds nesl in lhe rushes and lrees of lhis
soulherIy narsh, dravn ly lhe preferalIe vealher
condilions. These incIude redving lIacklirds, vhich
fiII lhe air vilh lheir cheerfuI cries, neadovIarks,
goIdfinches, and svaIIovs.
Dangerous species incIude severaI carnivorous
pIanls, reIaliveIy unconnon in lhe Iarsea, as veII as
a poverfuI lIack dragon knovn as Skurge. She is oId,
sIeeps nuch of lhe line, and rareIy raids in her ovn
lerrilory. Her predalions have laken her as far avay as
veslern Cornyr, and lo lhe hunan viIIages near
Iroskur. No expedilion has ever leen nounled lo sIay
Skurge, since her hone region is so inaccessilIe. In
addilion, Skurge has a sorl of nuluaI defense agree-
nenl vilh lhe Tun Bandils, naking a foray againsl
her lhal nuch nore dangerous.
The pIace of lhe Iarsea´s luIIyvugs has leen laken in
lhe Tun Marshes ly lhe Iizard nen. These lrilaI crea-
lures are insuIar, lul rareIy openIy hosliIe. Iron line lo
line, lhe Iizard nen cIash vilh lhe Tun Bandils, lul for
lhe nosl parl lhe lvo groups Ieave each olher aIone.
TroIIs, calolIepas, and lasiIisks nake lhe Tun haz-
The Vas1 5uamp
) )
s I have said, nany of lhe popuIar conceplions
of svanps~ as disnaI pIaces of greal danger
and quick dealh~are lorne oul in lhe haunled
deplhs of lhis fouI region. A Iarge, reIaliveIy shaIIov
narsh, lhe Vasl Svanp feeds lhe vide, sIuggish
DarkfIov River.
UnIike lhe olher lvo svanps, lhe Vasl is lhoroughIy
poIIuled ly ils inhalilanls, and ly generalions of eviI
nagic, serving onIy a nininaI funclion in cIeaning and
fiIlering lhe DarkfIov. As ils nane inpIies, lhe Dark-
fIov´s valer is lIack vilh sedinenl, fouI, and lad-
sneIIing, and harlors nunerous dangerous crealures.
In area, lhe Vasl is aInosl as Iarge as lhe Iarsea and
Tun Marshes conlined. Òne of ils fev posilive func-
lions is lhal of safeguarding Cornyr´s easlern lorder,
for no arny couId possilIy pass nearly unscalhed.
Vea1hen amo 5easoms
The Vasl Svanp´s cIinale is harsh and unnaluraI. A
slicky nisl hangs in lhe air conslanlIy~hol in sun-
ner and coId in vinler, cIinging lo lhe lIack lranches
of lrees, galhering in hoIIovs and depressions, fIoving
Iike a Iiving lhing.
Rain faIIs reguIarIy, drenching lhe ground, sveIIing
lhe DarkfIov, and fIooding lhe region. These rains
have no reaI season~lhey seen lo faII vhen nosl
unconforlalIe and inconvenienl.
Seasons vary prinariIy ly lenperalure, slifIingIy
hol in sunner and aulunn, lone-chiIIingIy coId in
lhe vinler and spring. Wilh lhe conslanl disconforl
of lhe rains and lhe fog, lhe Vasl Svanp is a niser-
alIe and dangerous pIace no naller vhal lhe season.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages
[on 1he Vas1 5uamp
Spring 55 degrees I.
Sunner 7O degrees I.
Aulunn 6O degrees I.
Winler 5O degrees I.
Lov Tenperalure (year) 4O degrees I.
High Tenperalure (year) 9O degrees I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 7O inches
Days vilh Snov None
PLam1s amo AmImaLs
IIanl species incIude lhe connon narsh-reed and cal-
laiI, as veII as svanp grass and severaI rare species of
valer IiIy, sone of vhich provide conponenls for
speIIs, and nagicaI or heaIing polions. Trees incIude
viIIovs, gaII oak, and a nunler of dangerous carnivo-
rous species, such as lhornsIinger and lIack viIIov. AII
of lhese pIanls seen sonehov lvisled and dark, oflen
diseased, hung vilh lraiIing noss and enlraced ly lhe
region´s pervasive nisls. Many cIain lhal lhe svanp
vas once lhe sile of vicked nagics or lhe vorship of
forlidden gods, lul lhis has never leen proven. }usl
lhe sane, no leller hypolhesis has leen advanced lo
expIain lhe feslering eviI of lhe Vasl Svanp.
Likevise, lhe Vasl Svanp´s nundane aninaI species
are aII of unnaluraI nien and appearance. BIack squir-
reIs and olher rodenls scurry aIong lhe lranches of
lrees, or fighl for possession of lhe fev lils of soIid
ground. Ioisonous snakes are a conslanl danger, as are
lhe Iynx and svanp panlher, vhich hunl here vilhoul
apparenl fear of nan. Lven nornaIIy shy species such as
raccoon, fox, and oller lehave in an aggressive nanner
in lhe Vasl, sonelines allacking hunans vilh deadIy
ferocily. Many of lhese aninaIs are diseased, carrying
such dreaded aiInenls as ralies and svanp fever.
Nol surprisingIy, lhe olher inhalilanls of lhe Vasl
Svanp are lruIy lerrifying. My fev journeys lo lhe
svanp (lo furlher lhe NaluraIisls´ CuiId´s underslanding
of ils lioIogy, and lo see if lhe svanp conlained any
polenliaI converls) vere aIvays exercises in caulion and
fear, inlerrupled ly nonenls of slark horror.
Triles of Iizard nen, holgolIins, gnoIIs, orcs, golIins,
and lroIIs inhalil lhe svanp, varring conlinuousIy
upon each olher and, fron line lo line, upon lhe oul-
side vorId. Al Ieasl lvo young lIack dragons (lhe gel of
Skurge, dragon of Tun) inhalil lhe svanp, aIong vilh
even nore eviI crealures such as lehoIders, undead, and
even iIIilhids. As nighl le expecled, ny visils lo lhe
svanp yieIded fev nev Chaunlea-vorshippers.
I cannol sulscrile lo lhe connon leIief lhal
svanps are eviI, undesiralIe pIaces. NeverlheIess,
honesly denands an accurale recounling of ny vords
here, and I an forced lo renind vouId-le lraveIers lo
levare of a lerrilIe eviI lhal does indeed fesler deep
vilhin Cornyr´s Vasl Svanp. . . an eviI lhal nay, in
line, spread lo lainl aII ils surrounding Iands.
Pan1 Tuo: Noms1ens
II lhe narshIand dveIIers,
vhelher inleIIigenl or aninaI, are
parl of a vasl and conpIex lioIog-
icaI connunily. Sone do nol
undersland or care vhal roIe lhey
pIay lhere~ly vhich I nean lhe Tun Bandils, lroIIs,
luIIyvugs, and sone olhers. These have an enlireIy
disaslrous effecl on lhe svanpIands, lhrealening lhe
fragiIe connunily lhey depend on. Òlhers, such as
lhe genlIe Marsh Drovers, Iove and respecl lhe
svanpIands. These foIk have proven lenevoIenl or
heIpfuI, and are a fuIIy inlegraled parl of lhe
narshes´ inlricale vel of Iife. Sone of lhe nore
inporlanl, inleresling, or dangerous of lhe svanps´
inhalilanls I descrile in sone delaiI leIov.
The BLack Dnagoms
6 6
conversalions vilh ny Drover friends and olhers, I
Iearned nuch of lhe dragon and her halils. Hovever,
ny nosl usefuI infornanl lurned oul lo le one of
ThaaIin Torchlover´s ovn ninions. (I viII devole an
enlire Ialer seclion lo delaiIing ny knovIedge of
¨King¨ Torchlover and his Tun landils.)
he nosl poverfuI inhalilanl of lhe Tun Marshes
is an oId fenaIe dragon knovn as Skurge. In
Three veeks had passed since ny advenlure escap-
ing lhe landils in lhe Tun Marshes, vhich is anolher
slory I viII recounl fuIIy in a Ialer essay. My con-
panions of lhal line~lhe Cornyrean nerchanl
ThaIdo and his daughler, RysiIIa~had seen enough
advenlure for a vhiIe, and so lhey sel oul for LagIe
Ieak vilh an escorl of Iarsea hunlers. The journey
vas unevenlfuI, lul vhen lhe hunlers relurned, lhey
encounlered a Ione lraveIer, a Tun Bandil naned
SkoIa, vho cIained lo have leen exiIed fron lhe
narshes vhen she rejecled ThaaIin Torchlover´s
ronanlic overlures.
WhiIe suspicious of SkoIa´s nolives (she couId eas-
iIy have leen a spy), lhe hunlers look her lo Creen-
rool, lul lIindfoIded her vhiIe lhey did so lo keep her
fron Iearning any secrel roules lhrough lhe svanps.
Afler she arrived, I inlervieved her and, lhrough lhe
appIicalion of various lechniques lolh nagicaI and
inluilive, proved lo ny ovn salisfaclion lhal she vas
leIIing lhe lrulh, and had genuineIy rejecled Torch-
lover and his landil kingdon. SkoIa and I vere lo
lecone good friends over lhe inlervening veeks, and
I soon Iearned nuch of lhe landils´ hislory and, nore
inporlanl, of lhe dragon Skurge and her reIalionship
vilh lhen.
The Dnagom amo 1he BamoI1s
Skurge is lhe unqueslioned nislress of lhe narshes,
and couId easiIy have exlerninaled lhe landils Iong
ago. Before Torchlover´s arrivaI and unificalion of lhe
landils, she never considered lhen lo le nuch of a
lhreal. Ònce lhe hunan varrior legan lo forge lhe
disparale landil lriles inlo a singIe force, Skurge
legan lo consider deslroying lhe hunan upslarls, lul
lhe viIy Torchlover sloIe a narch on lhe oId dragon,
gaining lhe upper hand.
Unleknovnsl lo Skurge, Torchlover and his lan-
dils had discovered lhe Iocalion of one of her secrel
Iairs in lhe svanp. WhiIe she vas avay raiding in
veslern Cornyr, a snaII lean of landils enlered lhe
Iair and nade off vilh one of Skurge´s eggs, vhich vas
lhen pIaced in lenporaI slasis ly one of Torchlover´s
vizards. (NeedIess lo say, I vas quile aIarned al lhe
lhoughl of such a speII leing avaiIalIe lo Torch-
lover´s vizards, unliI SkoIa reassured ne lhal lhe speII
had leen casl fron a scroII, and nol ly a high-IeveI
When she relurned, Skurge vas furious lul couId
do IillIe. Torchlover heId her precious egg hoslage,
and she vas evenluaIIy convinced lhal an aIIiance
lelveen her and lhe landils vouId le advanlageous.
Since lhal line, Skurge and Torchlover have coop-
eraled veII, if nol enlireIy viIIingIy. The landils have
kepl lhe egg safe, lul have nol relurned il.
5kunge amo 1he 5uamp
Very IillIe is knovn aloul lhe lioIogy of lIack
dragons, a decidedIy dangerous species. My inlervievs
vilh SkoIa gave ne consideralIe insighl inlo lhe
secrel Iives of Skurge and her offspring~and ly
exlrapoIalion, sonelhing of her kin.
Òf lhe nany knovn species of dragon, lIack
dragons are generaIIy lhoughl lo le lhe veakesl.
Those vho encounler lhe cunning and dangerous
Skurge are IikeIy lo dispule lhis concIusion~lhal is,
if lhey survive lhal Iong.
Skurge is a very oId dragon, over 9OO years al lhe
very Ieasl, and she is quile poverfuI. NeverlheIess, her
inpacl on lhe Tun Marshes has leen nininaI,
lecause she is inleIIigenl enough nol lo despoiI lhe
lerrilory vhere she Iives.
As dragons grov oIder, lheir need for sIeep in-
creases. Due lo her age, Skurge spends perhaps lvo-
lhirds of her line sIeeping. A dragon´s greal nass aIso
causes exlrene slrain on ils joinls and verlelraI slruc-
lure, naking Iarger crealures nove nore sIovIy and
painfuIIy lhan young specinens. NeedIess lo say, lhe
chronic pain lhal pIagues oIder dragons does nol
inprove lheir lenpers one iola.
Like nosl lIack dragons, Skurge is a pelly, crueI,
and aggressive crealure~aII lhe noreso due lo her
advanced age and array of skeIelaI prolIens. In her
case, lhese unpIeasanl quaIilies are lenpered ly high
inleIIigence and a surprisingIy palienl nalure. She
has severaI Iairs and anlushes hidden lhroughoul
lhe svanp. Many of lhese hideavays are sulnerged
deep lenealh lhe valer, hoIIoved oul afler years of
Ialor and vilh lhe use of her exlensive reperloire of
vizard speIIs. Il vas onIy a lurn of lad Iuck lhal
resuIled in ThaaIin Torchlover´s discovery of lhe
AIlhough she is oId, Skurge is sliII ferliIe, lreeding
and Iaying a singIe egg every decade or so. Her nale´s
idenlily is unknovn, lul SkoIa cIains lhal he Iives in
lhe jungIes of ChuIl, nany Ieagues dislanl. This infor-
nalion is consislenl vilh nany lheories purporling lo
descrile lhe nalure of dragons´ Iife cycIes. SpecificaIIy,
lhese lheories propose lhal, as a resuIl of dragons´
1 O
needs for vasl hunling lerrilories, lhe crealures nusl
lraveI Iong dislances fron lheir Iairs lo nale.
During ny reading and research, I found an ac-
counl ly a Telhyrian nariner descriling a pair of
lIack dragons engaged in a gracefuI courlship fIighl
high over lhe Shining Sea, roughIy nidvay lelveen
Cornyr and ChuIl. I suggesl lhal lhese lvo dragons
vere Skurge and her unknovn naIe consorl, lul lhis
cannol le posiliveIy confirned.
Skurge Iays onIy a singIe egg al a line, and keeps il
lenealh lhe svanp in a nagicaIIy-healed cave knovn
as a lrood-cavern. Inculalion line is consideralIe~
12 lo 18 nonlhs. During lhis line, Skurge spends
nosl of her line vilh lhe egg, energing onIy lo hunl.
Il vas during such a hunl, of course, lhal ThaaIin
Torchlover´s landils sloIe one of Skurge´s eggs, lul
lhis sorl of opporlunily is very rare.
The possession of an egg is perhaps lhe onIy reaI
Ieverage lhal nighl le used againsl a dragon. Despile
lheir eviI nalure, lIack dragons are inslincliveIy pro-
leclive of lheir eggs, and lhey viII do virluaIIy anylhing
lo keep lhen safe. Moreover, even if lhe egg shouId le
safeIy relurned, lhe lhief or lhieves are sliII nol oul of
lhe voods. ÒnIy one vho vas naive in lhe exlrene
vouId leIieve hinseIf secure afler such an acl~and a
lIack dragon´s vengeance is a lerrilIe lhing lo lehoId.
Ior aII lhese reasons, and lecause ThaaIin Torchlover
is anylhing lul naive, il is unIikeIy lhal ¨King¨ Torch-
lover viII le anyvhere in lhe vicinily on lhe day he
arranges for one of his ninions lo relurn Skurge´s egg~
if indeed lhal day shouId ever cone.
Besides her nuluaI defense pacl vilh lhe landils,
Skurge nainlains a lodyguard dravn fron a Iarge
lrile of Iizard nen, vho vorship her as an enissary of
lheir god, Senuanya. They are quile IoyaI lo her, and
since lhe alduclion of Skurge´s egg, serve as guards for
her various Iairs. I viII recounl nore aloul lhe Iizard
nen and lheir sociely in pages lo cone.
Al Ieasl lvo of Skurge´s progeny Iive in lhe Vasl
Svanp. ReIaliveIy young, lhe pair hunls noslIy
vilhin lhe svanp ilseIf, lul has legun lo raid inlo
neighloring Cornyrean lerrilory. SeveraI advenluring
conpanies have venlured inlo lhe Vasl vilh lhe
inlenlion of rolling or sIaying lhe lvo dragons.
Civen lhe olher dangers found in lhe svanp, fev of
lhese conpanies have energed unscalhed, and nany
have never leen heard fron again.
Dragons´ appeliles are Iegendary and prodigious, lul
lend lo vane sonevhal as lhe crealures grov oIder.
Skurge nov energes onIy every one lo lhree nonlhs
lo feed. When she does, hovever, she causes serious
danage in lhe regions vhere she hunls. When young,
il is said lhal Skurge accunuIaled a nassive hoard of
lreasure, vhich is hidden deep lenealh lhe svanp.
Like her physicaI appelile, hovever, Skurge´s desire
for riches seens lo have decIined as she grev oIder, as
veII, and she rareIy carries lreasure hone vilh her
Skurge´s favorile hunling grounds are lhe Iands
lelveen Iroskur and LversuIl lo lhe soulh, lhe farn-
Iands of Cornyr lo lhe easl, and lhe ColIin Marches
lo lhe norlh. She varies her raiding halils lo avoid
draving loo nuch allenlion lo herseIf~sone
Cornyreans (or Cornyles, as lhe king vouId have
il) are unavare lhal lhe severaI ¨dragons¨ lhal have
pIagued lheir farnIands over lhe cenluries are aclu-
aIIy a singIe crealure. Skurge herseIf has perpelualed
lhese slories, oflen allacking vhiIe disguised as a
red, green, or even~oul of spile~a goId or siIver
5kunge amo Hen O[[spnImg
The undispuled queen of lhe svanp is lhe lIack
dragon Skurge. She is a very oId dragon~perhaps as
nuch as 1,OOO years. The cenluries have sharpened
her vils and nade her a very crafly crealure, vho
prefers lo Ieave conlal lo her sulordinales such as
lhe Iizard nen of lhe Marshes of Tun. Beller yel, she
viII sinpIy renain so veII hidden lhal her enenies
cannol find her. She has nol survived lhis Iong ly
leing slupid, and is quile viIIing lo alandon a fighl
lhal is going againsl her.
5kurgc, B!ack Dragnn: AC -5, MV 12, II 3O,
SW 12, HD 17, hp 9O, THACO -1, #AT 3+
s peci aI , Dng 1- 6+1O/1- 6+1O/3- 18+1O/
2Od4+1O, MR 35°, XI 18, OOO, SA ua| cr
orca|ning, úar|ncss 3× per day (1OO´ radius), ccr-
rup| ua|cr 1× per day (1OO culic feel), p|an|
grcu|n 1× per day, sunncn inscc|s 1× per day,
SD innunily lo acid
Tyra and Dcspayr, B!ack Dragnn: AC 1, MV
12, II 3O, Sv 12, HD 12, hp 6O, THACO 9, #A
3+speciaI, Dng 1-6+4/1-6+4/3-18+4/8d4+4,
MR NiI, XI 1O,OOO, SA valer lrealhing, dark-
ness 3× per day (4O´ radius), SD innunily lo
The BuLL¿uugs
6 6
he olher najor lhreal lo lhe Marsh Drovers
cones fron lhe lalrachian hunanoids knovn as
luIIyvugs. SeveraI lriles of lhese disagreealIe crealures
Iive in lhe Iarsea and, I an loId, in lhe Vasl Svanp as
veII, lul I have leen unalIe lo confirn lhis. WhiIe lhe
undead are onIy an inlernillenl lhreal, endangering
lhe Marsh Drovers once or lvice in a generalion, lhe
luIIyvugs are a conslanl eneny, and conlinuousIy vie
vilh lhe hunans for conlroI of lhe region.
CuL1une amo 5ocIe1¿
Iarsea luIIyvugs are good-sized, averaging over six
feel in heighl. They are lroad-lodied, lheir skins a
rich eneraId green, nollIed vilh oIive and gray.
AIlhough lhey are reIaliveIy inleIIigenl, lhey do nol
Iive in pernanenl sellIenenls, nor do lhey produce
pernanenl arlifacls. BuIIyvug varriors viII sone-
lines vear arnor, or vieId svords and veapons cap-
lured fron lhe Drovers, or saIvaged fron lhe
svanp. Hovever, nosl reI y on lhei r naluraI
veapons, lheir naluraI canoufIage, and lheir speciaI
hop vhen in conlal.
BuIIyvugs lraveI in lrilaI groups of up lo 5O indi-
viduaIs. These groups are organized aIong lolaIilarian
Iines, vilh alsoIule aulhorily vesled in a naIe chief-
lain and his sulIeaders. A luIIyvug chieflain lreals
his suljecls Iike possessions, naking use of lheir Ialor,
freeIy kiIIing and even ealing foIIovers vhen lhey do
nol inslanlIy foIIov his vishes.
Long-lern londing anong luIIyvugs is unknovn.
A fenaIe Iays a cIulch of up lo 2OO eggs once per
year, and lhe lrile keeps valch over lheir lreeding
pond unliI lhe young luIIyvugs energe. ResenlIing
Iarge ladpoIes, luIIyvug spavn are enlireIy non-
inleIIigenl, feeding upon insecls, snaII anphilians,
and each olher unliI lhey have deveIoped suffi-
cienlIy lo energe fron lhe lreeding pond, usuaIIy
six lo eighl veeks afler halching. Thereafler, a luIIy-
vug is enlireIy on ils ovn, forced lo defend ilseIf
againsl ils Iarger feIIovs. Wilh Iuck and slrenglh, il
nay evenluaIIy grov inlo a fuII-fIedged aduIl,
aIlhough fever lhan one in a hundred luIIyvug
halchIings survives lo aduIlhood.
The luIIyvugs´ inpacl on lheir innediale envi-
ronnenl is indeed dire. Indiscrininale in lheir hunl-
ing praclices, lhey have leen knovn lo slrip acres of
svanpIand lare of Iife, Ieaving lehind a nuddy
norass. IorlunaleIy, lhey do nol poison lhe Iand per-
nanenlIy in lhe sane nanner as undead, and Iife usu-
aIIy relurns lo despoiIed regions vilhin a year or lvo.
Many differenl lriles of luIIyvugs inhalil lhe Iarsea.
They generaIIy slay oul of each olher´s vay, and do
nol fighl one anolher. ConverseIy, lhey are onIy loo
happy lo seek oul and hunl hunans, vhon lhey see
as rivaIs and enenies.
NornaIIy respeclfuI of Iife in lhe svanp, lhe
1 2
Drovers periodicaIIy organize canpaigns againsl lhe
luIIyvugs, especiaIIy vhen lheir popuIalions grov loo
Iarge and lhe frog-peopIe acluaIIy legin allacking
Drover viIIages. BallIes vilh lhe luIIyvugs are fierce,
lul lhe anphilians are nol very inleIIigenl and have
IillIe slonach for exlended conlal. Afler infIicling a
fev casuaIlies on lheir allackers, lhey neIl avay inlo
lhe svanp.
BuLL¿uugs' ALe
I olserved luIIyvug raids on severaI occasions vhiIe
slaying in lhe Iarsea narshes, and vas even lhe vic-
lin of one nyseIf. This parlicuIar incidenl provided
ne vilh an inleresling lil of infornalion regarding
luIIyvugs´ lioIogy.
Having leen nolified of lhe arrivaI of a shipnenl
of precious Chaunlean aIe, I, aIong vilh a pair of
acoIyles, venlured lo lhe edge of lhe svanp, vhere
a nervous nerchanl handed over lhe casks. We
Ioaded lhe casks onlo a rafl and sel lack lovard
ApproxinaleIy an hour inlo lhe svanp, a varning
croak sounded fron nearly, and inslanlIy lhe valer
vas aIive vilh lIoaled anphilian lodies cIanlering
onlo our rafl, allenpling lo overlurn us. }oined ly ny
acoIyles, Taylh and SayIa, I caIIed upon Chaunlea
and casl speIIs sufficienl lo dislracl our allackers,
aIIoving us lo scranlIe oul of lhe loal and svin for
firn ground.
Ònce ve had gained soIid ground, I lurned and pre-
pared lo heIp ny acoIyles drive off lhe luIIyvugs,
onIy lo olserve a curious lhing. Having disIodged us
fron our vesseI, and seeing vhal povers ve had al our
connand, lhe luIIyvugs did nol choose lo pursue.
Inslead lhey conlenled lhenseIves vilh svarning aII
over lhe loal, inspecling lhe casks and proling lhen
vilh lheir sofl, suclion-cup-lipped fingers. Al Ienglh,
one discovered lhe lap and lurned lhe handIe,
unIeashing a fIood of anler Iiquid.
My hearl sank, for lhe Ioss of good aIe is nearIy as
lragic as lhe Ioss of a lrave varrior. And lhis aIe vas
consecraled lo Molher Chaunlea!
qcu saq?
||nins|cr´s nc|csTqpica| na|f|ing a||i|uúc, ucu|ún´|
We valched in horrified fascinalion as lhe luIIy-
vugs feII upon lhe Iiquid, guIping dovn huge noulh-
fuIs. They seened lo have conpIeleIy forgollen us,
and nov descended inlo vhal can onIy le descriled
as a drinking frenzy, svaIIoving huge quanlilies of our
lIessed aIe, and spiIIing even nore.
Ior severaI ninules lhe reveI conlinued, and lhen an
even slranger lhing happened. Òne of lhe firsl luIIy-
vugs lo reach lhe rafl and drink lhe aIe feII lo lhe fIoor
of lhe rafl and legan convuIsing, aInosl conicaIIy. In a
fev nonenls, aII lhe luIIyvugs had leen seized ly lhe
sane conlraclions, sone faIIing inlo lhe loal, olhers
sIipping overloard lo spIash heIpIessIy in lhe valer.
We valched in siIence, loo anazed lo speak.
Wilhin five ninules, aII nolion had ceased, and our
allackers Iay sliII in lhe loal, or fIoaling in lhe valer.
CauliousIy, ve relurned lo lhe loal and inspecled lhe
luIIyvugs. To ny surprise, severaI vere dead, and lhe
renainder vere in a deep slupor, shoving every sign
of a deep cona. Ònce nore lhanking Chaunlea, ve
fIung lhe corpses and unconscious lodies oul of our
rafl and conlinued on lo Creenrool.
Laler experinenlalion shoved an inleresling
facl~lhe lhick-headed luIIyvugs vere irresislilIy
dravn lo hunan Iiquor, lul having drunk lhe sluff,
lhey sIipped inlo unconsciousness or dealh, depend-
ing on lhe quanlily consuned. The viIIage eIders of
Creenrool lhanked Chaunlea and ne profuseIy for
providing lhen vilh a polenl nev veapon againsl lhe
Iron lhal day forvard, each Marsh Drover viIIage
vas equipped vilh a cask of aIe, lo le opened in lhe
evenl of a luIIyvug allack. I have since heard lhal
lhe laclic has vorked, and Iarge-scaIe assauIls ly lhe
frog-peopIe have decIined consideralIy.
6 6
hese soIilary, anphilious, and highIy inleIIigenl
predalors have leen encounlered in lolh lhe Tun
and Vasl svanps. Lurking lenealh lhe surface of lhe
valer, lhey energe, a frighlening nass of eye-sludded
lenlacIes, lo seize prey and drag il lo ils doon.
These crealures are perhaps lhe nosl dangerous
predalor in lhe svanp. IorlunaleIy for lhe region´s
inhalilanls, lhey are aIso very rare. A singIe dark-
1 3
lenlacIes can eIininale aII lhe fish and lirds in a
region vilhin a naller of veeks, afler vhich il neces-
sariIy noves on.
Ònce lhe svanps´ inhalilanls are avare of a dark-
lenlacIes in lhe region, il is scrupuIousIy avoided.
Lven direcl confronlalion vilh lhe leasl is avoided,
since il aInosl invarialIy resuIls in high casuaIlies.
The landils of Tun have, on occasion, gone afler a
darklenlacIes, veII reinforced vilh nagic, veapons,
and arnor, hoping lo seII lhe crealure´s lody lo a viz-
ard in need of lhe conponenls for ua|| cf fcrcc and
siniIar speIIs. These expedilions neel vilh, al lesl,
nixed success, causing ¨King¨ Torchlover lo grov
nore reIuclanl lo nounl nev ones.
SeveraI infornanls suggesled lo ne lhal lhe nun-
ler of darklenlacIes in lhe svanps appears lo le
increasing~possilIy due lo sone Iingering aflereffecls
of lhe Tine of TroulIes. UnforlunaleIy, I vas unalIe
lo olserve one of lhe darklenlacIes al cIose range, so
nosl of ny infornalion cones secondhand.
5 5
everaI areas of lhe svanp are knovn lo harlor
noulhers. These anoeloid crealures are covered
vilh rudinenlary eyes and noulhs, and lhey lypicaIIy
allack lheir prey fron anlush. More frighleningIy,
lhey can canoufIage lhenseIves as soIid ground lo
lrap lhe unvary. The landils oflen lry lo herd ene-
nies or allackers inlo lhe regions of lhe svanp vhere
lhe crealures are knovn lo Iive~and Iel lhe
noulhers do lhe dirly vork for lhen.
These fouI crealures, rare al lesl, acluaIIy seen lo
have eslalIished a lreeding popuIalion in lhe
Marshes of Tun. LxaclIy hov or vhy lhey have done
so is nol knovn. My infornanl SkoIa cIained lhal
Skurge lhe lIack dragon heIped lo creale and per-
peluale lhe lhings, lul she had no proof of lhis.
6 6
he dark reaches of lhe Vasl Svanp harlor a
coIony of lhese repuIsive crealures, vhose eviI
has cIearIy infIuenced and leen infIuenced ly lhe
vickedness lhal feslers lhere.
WhiIe I have nol personaIIy deaIl vilh lhese dia-
loIicaI crealures, I an indelled lo ny friend AeriIaya,
an eIven priesless vhose experiences in lhe Vasl
Svanp forn lhe lasis for nuch of lhe infornalion in
lhis docunenl. The foIIoving accounl is heaviIy
lased upon facls provided ly her.
HIoe Im 1he 5uamp
DialoIic crealures resenlIing disenlodied lrains
vilh liling leaks and len lhick lenlacIes, lhe greII
Iive in connunaI hiveIike groups, favoring ruins,
svanps, and viIderness areas far fron lhe prying eyes
of hunans.
CreII are divided ly a slricl hierarchy, vilh lhe
poverfuI palriarchs al lhe lop and connon vorkers al
lhe lollon. The casle knovn as phiIosophers nedi-
ales lelveen lhe lvo and is oflen found in connand
of raiding parlies of vorkers.
Iossessed of an eviI and arroganl oulIook, lhe greII of
lhe Vasl Svanp are haled and feared ly lhe region´s
olher inhalilanls. Al Ieasl four hives, vilh a lolaI of per-
haps sixly individuaIs, occupy lhe svanp, preying on
olher svanp denizens, inleIIigenl and olhervise. Lizard
nen and holgolIins are especiaIIy favored prey.
Lach greII hive is conlroIIed ly an alsoIule ruIer
knovn as a palriarch. Larger, slronger, and far nore
inleIIigenl lhan ordinary greII, lhe palriarchs of lhe
Vasl Svanp have nany unusuaI povers, vhich nake
lhen parlicuIarIy dangerous.
In addilion lo lheir veII-knovn aliIily lo paraIyze
lheir opponenls, Vasl palriarchs are knovn lo have
sulslanliaI psionic aliIilies. AeriIaya loId ne of one
encounler in vhich she vilnessed a greII palriarch´s
psionic aliIilies.
´li|n |nc sccp|rc | naú |iocra|cú frcn |nc ncogco|in
cnicf|ain safc|q |uc|cú in|c nq oc||, | naúc nq uaq
|nrcugn |nc nis|q rcacncs cf |nc Vas| Suanp. | ncpcú |na|
Quccn An|arui|´s gra|i|uúc fcr nq scrticc ucu|ú oc ccn-
siúcrao|c, fcr |nc sccp|rc naú cncc occn |nc prcpcr|q cf a
|crú cf Mq|n Dranncr, anú i| uas nq in|cn|icn |c rc|urn
i| |c i|s rign|fu| cuncrs, |nc c|tcs cf |tcrncc|.
´Of ccursc, nc|ning ctcr gccs as sncc|n|q as cnc nign|
ncpc, anú nq cscapc frcn |nc suanp uas punc|ua|cú oq
cnccun|crs ui|n sctcra| cf i|s úcnizcns. |css |nan a úaq´s
jcurncq frcn |nc suanp´s cúgc anú safc|q, ncuctcr, |
s|uno|cú upcn cnc cf |nc ncs| fcarscnc ocas|s | naú qc|
´As | cau|icus|q naúc nq uaq |nrcugn a oarc s|anú cf
o|ac| ca| |rccs, a nign|narisn crca|urc nctcrcú in|c ticu
ncaroq. | naú úca|| ui|n grc|| ocfcrc, ou| nc|ning ccu|ú natc
prcparcú nc fcr nq firs| sign| cf a pa|riarcn|i|c a ncrna|
grc|| ou| |argcr, ncrc pcucrfu|, ui|n ncatq, nuscu|ar |cn|a-
c|cs anú a |angio|c aura cf ncnacc surrcunúing i|.
´lna| a pa|riarcn uas úcing cn i|s cun, far frcn i|s
nitc, | can´| saq. lna| | can saq is |na| i| uan|cú |nc
sccp|rc | carricú. || úiú nc| spca|, ou| in nq ninú | fc|| a
úccp anú na|ctc|cn| úcsirc, as uc|| as a ccnp|c|c |ac| cf
pi|q cr ncrcq.
´Nc| surprising|q, | f|cú. Tnc |ning gatc cnasc, ncting
cffcr||css|q |nrcugn |nc |rccs, ctcr |nc o|ac| ua|cr, in c|csc
pursui|. lncn i| occanc apparcn| |na| | ccu|ún´| cscapc, |
|urncú, úrauing nq ucapcn anú facing |nc apprcacning
´Tc nq surprisc, i| úiú nc| nctc |c a||ac|, ins|caú nct-
cring si|cn||q, |cn fcc| auaq. Tncn | fc|| a |crrio|c, acning
prcssurc úccp insiúc nq ncaú, a ccnpu|sicn |c ua|| fcr-
uarú anú nanú |nc sccp|rc |c |nc nctcring grc||. A ccrncr
cf nq ccnscicusncss rcsis|cú, anú | uas ao|c |c ctcrccnc
|nc ccnpu|sicn.
´Tnc grc|| uas ui|ncu| cxprcssicn, ou| uatcs cf ragc
uasncú ctcr nc, anú a ourning, uni|c-nc| pain fi||cú
nc|nc |ning uas |rqing |c s|aq nc ui|n |nc fcrcc cf i|s
ninú a|cnc. | fc|| |c nq |nccs, nq ucapcn fa||ing |c |nc
grcunú. Dcspcra|c |c úcfcnú nqsc|f, nq nanú c|cscú cn
|nc sccp|cr a| nq oc||.
´|ns|an||q, |nc prcssurc tanisncú, anú a si|tcrq ocan cf
cncrgq |anccú frcn |nc sccp|cr |c s|ri|c |nc grc||. li|n a
snric|, i| |cc fc|| in|c |nc orac|isn suanp ua|cr anú |ncrc
i| |aq, uri|ning.
´Nccú|css |c saq, | uscú |nc cppcr|uni|q |c cscapc frcn
|nc |ning. lnc|ncr i| uas nur|, ucunúcú, cr úqing, | can-
nc| saq. | uas |a|cr |c |carn |na| |nc sccp|cr naú |nc aoi|i|q
|c rcf|cc| nagica| anú psicnic assau||s oac| cn an a||ac|cr,
an aoi|i|q fcr unicn | uas cx|rcnc|q gra|cfu|.¨
lhal lhey have consideralIe psionic aliIilies, as foIIovs:
PsInnIcs 5ummary:
Lcvc!: 6
DIs/5cI/Dcv: 3/2/3
Attack/Dcfcnsc: IsC, IB, MT/M-
5cnrc: =Inl
P5Ps: 2OO
Vasl Svanp palriarchs aIvays knov lhe foIIoving
povers, and lhere is a 15° chance lhal lhey viII have
one nore science and lvo nore devolions in lhe psy-
chokinelic discipIine.
C!aIrscntIcncc: Dctc|icns. CIairaudience, CIair-
PsychnkIncsIs: Scicnccs. Delonale, Irojecl Iorce,
TeIekinesis, Dctc|icns. BaIIislic Allack, Soflen
Tc!cpathy: Scicnccs. Doninalion, MindIink, Mind-
vipe, Dctc|icns. Conlacl, Ave, LSI
The Impena1on
The greII of lhe Vasl Svanp do nol profess lo any re-
Iigion, lul inslead revere a poverfuI leing vhich lhey
caII lhe Inperalor. This crealure, said lo dveII
lenealh lhe surface of lhe svanp ilseIf, is a greII of
giganlic size, vilh dozens of lenlacIes and nearIy un-
leIievalIe psionic aliIilies.
Whelher lhe Inperalor is acluaIIy a unique god-
Iike leing or sinpIy a very poverfuI greII is nol
knovn. The greII lhenseIves appear lo leIieve lhal
an Inperalor is of sufficienl slalure and aliIily lo
unile aII greII and Iead lhen in a greal var of con-
quesl. They aIso cIain lhal, under lhe connand of an
Inperalor, lhey have acluaIIy conquered enlire
SeveraI holgolIin Iegends leII of a giganlic, eviI,
and highIy inleIIigenl greII lhal supposedIy dveIIs in
caves lenealh lhe svanp. These are cIearIy inspired
ly laIes of lhe Inperalor, lul vhelher lhey are lrue or
nol is a naller of conjeclure.
Grc!! PatrIarchs nf thc Vast 5wamp: Vasl Svanp
greII palriarchs are siniIar lo nornaI greII palriarchs, save
5 5
everaI lriles of lhese oljeclionalIe hunanoids
inhalil lhe Vasl Svanp. They are even nore
vioIenl and xenopholic lhan nosl holgolIins,
allacking aII oulsiders vho venlure inlo lheir lerrilory
and engaging in ferocious vars vilh each olher. Many
have ensIaved sone of lhe prinilive golIins and
koloIds lhal dveII in lhe svanps, naking lhen ser-
vanls and lallIe-fodder.
The holgolIins of lhe Vasl nay prove especiaIIy dan-
gerous lo Cornyr due lo lheir unusuaI reIigious leIiefs.
The lriles cIain lhal lheir conslanl varfare is inlended
lo unile lhen under lhe lanner of a singIe Ieader, and
lhey viII lhen energe fron lhe svanps in a hoIy var
againsl lhe surrounding hunan Iands. The holgolIins
cIain lhal lhe eviI god Cyric hinseIf viII Iead lhen in
lheir crusade, and lhal no hunan force can sland
againsl lhen. Il is furlher cIained lhal, vhen Cyric
arrives lo Iead lhe uniled lriles, he viII lring vilh hin
a veapon of such nighl lhal enlire arnies viII fIee al ils
sighl, and caslIe vaIIs viII crunlIe al ils louch.
The H¿onae
6 6
hese Iegendary crealures inhalil dislanl viIder-
ness areas, and so are rareIy seen ly civiIized
1 6
races. This is prolalIy for lhe lesl, for hydrae are as
deadIy as lhey are lizarre. My infornanl SkoIa loId
ne of lhe hydrae of lhe Tun Marshes. I have aIso
heard reporls of hydrae dveIIing in lhe dark deplhs of
lhe Vasl Svanp, presenling yel anolher hazard lo
lraveIers and advenlurers in lhe region.
The Na1une o[ H¿onae
There are severaI lypes of hydrae knovn. The con-
non hydra resenlIes a Iarge, lrovnish dragon, vhose
scaIy neck sprouls anyvhere fron five lo lveIve
heads. The connon hydra is lhe lype nosl oflen
encounlered in lhe Tun and lhe Vasl. Aparl fron ils
nuIlipIe heads, il has no speciaI aliIilies.
Less connon are lhe pyrohydra, vhich lrealhes
fire Iike a dragon, and lhe feared Iernaean hydra,
vhich acluaIIy regenerales any heads separaled fron
ils nain lody. The ice-lrealhing cryohydra is
unknovn in lhe area of Cornyr, vhich is prolalIy for
lhe lesl.
As reporls indicale lhal connon hydrae can give
lirlh lo any of lhe olher lypes of hydrae, I an of lhe
opinion lhal lhe pyro-, cryo- and Iernaean hydrae are
nornaI (if rare) varialions of lhe connon hydra.
The halils and lioIogies of lhe various lypes of
hydrae are siniIar. They are soIilary, seni-inleIIigenl
predalors lhal prefer svanps and sullerranean Iairs.
Their nuIlipIe heads enalIe hydrae lo hunl effi-
cienlIy, feeding on a vide variely of svanp species,
incIuding lirds, snakes, deer, and lhe occasionaI orc,
hunan, or olher senlienl species. Iyrohydrae use
lheir fIaning lrealh lo kiII prey lefore consuning il.
Sone hydrae are said lo have a speciaI lasle for eIf-
fIesh, lul lhe Tun hydrae do nol seen lo lehave in
lhis nanner.
Hydrae are reIaliveIy sIov, lul are veII adapled lo
novenenl in narshy regions such as lhe Tun and
Vasl svanps. Their Iarge size prevenls logs or ponds
fron causing difficuIly, and lhey can nove sIovIy
even in reIaliveIy deep valer, aIvays keeping al Ieasl
one head near lhe surface. More lhan one advenlurer
has leen surprised vhen lhe apparenl singIe-headed
crealure cruising aIong a Iake suddenIy erupls inlo a
nonslrosily vilh nine or len heads.
Na1Img amo FamIL¿
As noled, hydrae are soIilary crealures. In lhe nid-
lo Iale spring, hovever, pairs of hydrae cone
logelher lo nale. Hydra courlship lehavior is spec-
lacuIar, Ioud, and sonelines very dangerous. MaIe
and fenaIe dance aloul each olher in a ponderous
laIIel, lheir heads snapping and liling al each
olher. Afler a line, lhe lvo hydrae are conpIeleIy
enneshed, heads langIed logelher. The courlship
dance conlinues even so, vilh lhe lvo greal lodies
roIIing logelher, spIashing lhrough lhe valer,
snashing lrees, and even crushing lhose crealures
IuckIess enough lo le in lhe vay.
If lhe pair survives lhis grueIing process (and sone
do nol), naling occurs, afler vhich lhe fenaIe Iays a
cIulch of up lo six eggs. Al lhis poinl, lhe naIe
deparls, and can le a deadIy hazard lo lhe young
hydrae~vilh a fine Iack of palernaI devolion, he nay
viev lhen as food. UsuaIIy, onIy one halchIing in a
dozen survives lo aduIlhood.
Hum1Img 1he H¿ona
WhiIe lhey are efficienl and dangerous predalors,
hydrae are nol innune lo predalion lhenseIves.
AIlhough Skurge lhe lIack dragon does nol hunl her
ovn lerrilory very oflen, vhen she does, she prefers
hydrae as prey.
The landils of Tun and lhe hunanoids of lhe Vasl
Svanp aII fear hydrae, having loo-frequenl concourse
vilh lhe crealures. The landils, hovever, have deveI-
oped severaI successfuI slralegies for deaIing vilh lhe
leasls. Ònce again, ny infornalion is lased on laIes
reIaled ly lhe forner landil, SkoIa.
Terrifying lhough lhey are, hydrae are nol very
inleIIigenl. WhiIe lhey resenlIe dragons in lerns of
appearance, lenperanenl, and aliIilies, lhey Iack
lheir repliIian cousins´ naIign and cunning inleIIecl.
Mosl of lhe slralegies enpIoyed ly lhe landils againsl
lhe hydrae lake advanlage of lhis facl.
A popuIar ruse is lo lail a hydra vilh a favored
food ilen~a cov, goal, or even an inleIIigenl crea-
lure such as an eIf or hunan, usuaIIy in lhe forn of an
unforlunale caplive slaked oul and lound for lhe
hydra´s pIeasure. The viclin is sel oul for lhe hydra in
an area suilalIe for an anlush or lrap~a vooded
area, a palch of soIid ground vhere pils couId le dug,
a rocky oulcropping, elc.
Iil lraps and deadfaIIs are sel aIong IikeIy approach
roules. A hungry hydra viII oflen lIunder direclIy
inlo a slake-Iined pil and le inpaIed, or le crushed
lenealh lons of louIders sel lo faII fron a rocky
proninence. Such proninences are rare in lhe Tun,
and aII are veII napped-oul and idenlified ly lhe
landils for jusl such occasions.
ShouId lhese conlingencies faiI, lhe hydra viII usu-
aIIy sinpIy advance on ils heIpIess prey and proceed
lo dine. Al lhis poinl, lhe landils enpIoy nore direcl
neasures, incIuding assauIl ly arnored varriors, nagi-
caI speIIs, and allack ly archers arned vilh speciaIIy-
lrealed arrovs.
A fev renegade priesls and herlaIisls have joined
lhe Tun Bandils, lringing vilh lhen consideralIe
experlise in lhe area of poisons and soporifics. SeveraI
pIanl species in lhe svanp are effeclive againsl
hydrae, incIuding a nondescripl gray pIanl knovn as
lurrvorl. This sulslance, pounded lo a pasle and
reduced lo a fine povder over a fire, creales a poverfuI
sedalive lhal is especiaIIy polenl againsl hydrae.
The landils use arrovs lrealed vilh lurrvorl
againsl lhe hydra, lul unforlunaleIy lhe sulslance is
onIy effeclive if il acluaIIy penelrales lhe nighly crea-
lure´s fIesh, arrovs slopped ly lhe leasl´s scaIes have
no effecl al aII. This neans lhal onIy lhe slrongesl
lovs, shol fron reIaliveIy cIose range, or al a vuInera-
lIe spol on lhe hydra, such as ils eyes or~nore
frighleningIy~direclIy inlo ils open nav, can hope
lo penelrale and lherely sedale lhe crealure.
Ònce slruck ly a lurrvorl-lrealed arrov, a hydra
Iapses inlo a soporific slale vilhin a fev seconds, and
is fuIIy asIeep vilhin a ninule. Al lhis poinl, lhe lan-
dils nay dispalch lhe leasl al lheir Ieisure.
Trade in lurrvorl and lhe ly-producls of lhe sIain
hydra is one of lhe landils´ fev Iegilinale lusiness
enlerprises. Many organs of lhe hydra are used ly viz-
ards in lhe preparalion of nagicaI speIIs and polions,
vhiIe ils hide and scaIes nay le converled inlo arnor
and sone lypes of cIolhing. ¨King¨ Torchlover hin-
seIf ovns a pair of hydra-hide lools, supposedIy nade
fron one of lhe nonslers lhal he cIains lo have sIain
hinseIf. Many landils fighl in arnor crafled fron lhe
gIossy lIack scaIes of a hydra.
InlereslingIy enough, hydra fIesh is reIaliveIy lasly
and nulrilious~lhe landils cIain lhal il lasles Iike
chicken, aIlhough I vas unalIe lo confirn lhis. A singIe
hydra can feed a landil connunily for days or veeks.
Ireserved hydra fIesh has lecone sonelhing of a deIi-
cacy in veslern Cornyr, lul fev lhere suspecl vhere
lhe neal cones fron, or lhe idenlily of ils hunlers.
The LIzano Nem

ornaIIy shunned or reviIed ly lhe ordinary
hunans of Iaerûn, Iizard nen alound in lhe
svanps and narshes of lhe region, and presenl sone
fascinaling lioIogicaI and cuIluraI aspecls. My expe-
rience vilh lhe Iizard nen of lhe Tun vas quile en-
Iighlening, and venl far lo expose ny ovn prejudices.
LarIier in lhis narralive I nenlioned, lriefIy, lhal I
had occasion lo fIee fron lhe Tun Bandils, accon-
panied ly lhe Cornyrean nerchanl ThaIdo Sar, and
his daughler, RysiIIa. WhiIe naking good our escape,
ve had lhe nisforlune lo le seen ly a pair of lroIIs,
vho sensed easy prey and gave chase. AIlhough
1 8
runor has il lhal lroIIs are quile fond of haIfIing, ny
shorl Iegs are nol nade for running, as you veII knov.
Wilh ny lvo hunan conpanions exhausled and
veary leyond leIief, I vas cerlain lhal ve vouId aII
end our days in a lroII´s slevpol.
DesperaleIy, I caIIed upon Chaunlea, asking her
assislance and preparing a speII, hoping lo al Ieasl
lhrov our pursuers off lhe lraiI. As I lurned lo unIeash
ny goddess´s nighl againsl lhe lroIIs, hovever, I vas
shocked lo see one of lhen slunlIe, and spIash lo lhe
narshy ground, a lhick-shafled spear projecling fron
ils green, varly chesl. In an inslanl, a dozen nore
shafls vhirIed lhrough lhe air, vilh nany of lhen
slriking our pursuers.
TroIIs´ regeneralive povers are, indeed, polenl, lul
in lhe face of such a furious allack, even lhey can Iose
hearl and see lhe possiliIily of a nessy dealh. In lhe
din recesses of lheir ninds, even as nore nissiIes
rained dovn upon lhen, lhey reaIized lhal lhe
prospecl of a haIfIing-feasl vas nol vorlh lhe risk, and
lhey inslanlIy fIed lhe scene.
When I Iooked lo see lhe idenlily of our saviors, I
haIf-expecled lo see sone of Torchlover´s landils dri-
ving lhe lroIIs avay fron polenliaIIy vaIualIe cap-
lives. Whal I sav vas nore aslonishing and, lo ne,
even nore lerrifying.
A var parly of nearIy 2O scaIed, poverfuI crealures,
sporling heaviIy nuscIed laiIs, cIaved hands, and Iarge
vicious javs, slood lefore us. Lizard nen lhey vere,
arrayed in a nosl larlaric fashion: in fealhers, slone
felishes, lone ornanenls, and siniIar ilens. They heId
sIings and lhe lhick-shafled spears I had seen fIung
upon lhe lroIIs. The spears, as I inspecled lhen in lhe
fuII noonIighl, seened lo le greal vorks of prinilive
arl, painslakingIy carved vilh piclographs, painled and
hung vilh fealhers and olher ornanenls.
Despile ny fascinalion vilh lhe veapons, I reaIized
ve had escaped fron one danger, and vere nov con-
fronled vilh anolher. As one of lhe crealures slrode
forvard, I heard RysiIIa gasp in horror, and I feIl a
sinking sensalion deep in ny slonach.
To ny aslonishnenl, lhe Iead Iizard nan couId
speak a crude forn of lhe connon longue, and in-
forned us lhal if ve vere enenies of lhe landils, he
couId heIp us.
Like nany in lhe ReaIns, I have heard fearsone
slories aloul Iizard nen and lheir dielary halils, so il
1 9
vas vilh reservalions lhal I agreed. The Iizard nan,
vhose nane lurned oul vas Ssahh, escorled us lo his
viIIage, and provided a guide lo gel us oul of lhe
svanp. Thus legan a lrief, lul exlreneIy enIighl-
ening visil lo a Iizard nan sellIenenl, vhich shoved
ne nany fascinaling lhings lhal vere sulsequenlIy
eIaloraled upon ly ny friend SkoIa, lhe Tun refugee
vho cane lo Iive vilh us in lhe Iarsea.
CuL1une amo 5ocIe1¿
Many popuIar assunplions regarding Iizard nen are,
indeed, lrue. They are seni-aqualic lrilaI crealures
vilh a reIaliveIy prinilive naleriaI cuIlure. WhiIe
videIy lhoughl of as eviI and predalory, nany lriles
nainlain good reIalions vilh neighloring hunan and
denihunan connunilies.
The Iizard nen of lhe Tun lurned oul lo le a reIa-
liveIy civiIized group, Iiving on palches of high
ground in huls conslrucled of lhalch, vines, and piIed
slone. SkoIa inforned ne lhal lheir viIIages have
popuIalions of lelveen 2O and 5O. Sone are under
lhe Ieadership of Iizard kings, advanced Iizard nen
possessed of high inleIIigence and poverfuI conlal
aliIilies. UnIike Iizard nen in olher regions, lhe Iizard
kings of Tun do nol denand veekIy sacrifice fron
lheir foIIovers, and do nol appear lo le of an eviI dis-
posilion. The Iizard nen lhenseIves leIieve lhal lheir
Iizard kings are crealed ly lhe reIaliveIy lenevoIenl
god Senuanya, ralher lhan lhe eviI denigod
Sess´innek, vhon lhey openIy reviIe.
As I guessed fron Ssahh, lhere is greal anlipalhy
lelveen lhe Iizard nen and lhe Tun Bandils.
AIlhough lhe lvo groups occasionaIIy have serious
cIashes, usuaIIy lhey are conlenl lo raid or anlush
lheir foes lo keep lhen off guard. A laclic especiaIIy
favored ly lhe Iizard nen is lo Iurk lenealh shaIIov
valer on eilher side of a road, lhen rise up lo allack
enenies fron aII sides al once.
Raiding parlies of Iizard nen nunler fron lvo lo a
dozen individuaIs, each arned vilh cIuls, slone
knives, or lhe carved, fIinl-headed spears lhal I found
unique lo lhe Tun lriles. They do nol go oul of lheir
vay lo hunl hunans and denihunans, lul lhey viII
nol hesilale lo feasl on caplured landils.
The confIicl lelveen lhe lvo groups has, forlunaleIy
for lhe Iizard nen, nol resuIled in videspread Ioss of
Iife, for lhey are nol a lerrilIy fecund race. They do nol
forn Iasling londs, vilh naled pairs renaining
logelher lhrough lhe spring vhen lhe fenaIe Iays a
cIulch of up lo six eggs. The pair lakes lurns guarding
lhe luried cIulch unliI lhe young ones halch. UsuaIIy
onIy one in lhree eggs halches successfuIIy, causing lhe
Iizard nen´s popuIalion lo grov quile sIovIy.
When nol in confIicl vilh lhe Tun Bandils, lhe Iizard
nen pursue Iives as hunlers and galherers, vilh individ-
uaI connunilies generaIIy Ieaving each olher aIone,
and onIy cIashing occasionaIIy over prine hunling
grounds. Ireferred prey incIudes viId nannaIs such as
pigs, as veII as Iizards and frogs. Warriors and hunlers
nay gain greal slalus ly hunling lhe dreaded hydra or
lhe hideous gillering noulher, lolh of vhich are con-
sidered lo le greal lhreals. Weapons and crude arnor
are fashioned fron hydra lones, scaIes, leelh, and such.
ConfIicls aIso erupl vilh lhe various lands of lroIIs
vho frequenl lhe narshes, as evidenced ly lhe furious
allack our rescuers unIeashed upon our pursuers.
WhiIe lhey shov a deep halred for lhe Tun Bandils,
vhon lhey leIieve have usurped lheir hunling
grounds and are danaging lheir leIoved svanp, lhe
Iizard nen have IillIe hosliIily lovard casuaI lraveIers,
and viII even heIp lhen if lhey are olviousIy enenies
of lhe landils. ÒlviousIy, ny friends and I vere lene-
ficiaries of lhis allilude.
Òne lrile of Tun Iizard nen serves as lhe lody-
guards of Skurge, lhe lIack dragon. Since lhe lhefl of
her precious egg, lhey guard her Iairs vilh fanalicaI
devolion. Due lo lhe oulrage vhich Torchlover´s ruf-
fians connilled againsl Skurge, vhon lhe Iizard nen
leIieve is a personaI enissary of Senuanya, lheir
halred for lhe landils is especiaIIy inlense, lul lhey
do nol acl on il oul of fear for Skurge´s egg.
Tun LIzard Mcn: AC 4 (shieIds), MV 6, Sv 12:
SZ M, HD 2+3, Inl Avg, THACO 19, #AT 3 or
2, Dng 1-2/1-2/1-6 or 1-4 (darls)/1-6 or 1-6
(javeIins)/1-6 or 2-8 (cIuls)/1-6, AL N, XI 65.
Tun LIzard KIng: As alove, lul HD: 8+3, Inl:
High, XI 975.
LIzano Nem o[
1he Vas1 5uamp
The Iizard nen of lhe Vasl Svanp are consideralIy
Iess civiIized lhan lheir Tun cousins, and conforn lo
lhe popuIar viev of lhe crealures. These savage leasls
Iive in nonadic lrilaI groups of a dozen or so, and do
nol luiId pernanenl sheIlers. The naIign infIuence of
lhe Vasl seens lo have seriousIy affecled lhe narsh´s
Iizard nen, naking lhen virluaIIy psycholic, allack-
ing any oulsider vho venlures near lhen, and pursue
i ng hunan, eI ven, and haI f I i ng pr ey vi l h
singIe-ninded inlensily. They do nol vorship
Senuanya, lul inslead venerale a group of eviI nalure
spirils and fiends, incIuding lhe lanar´ri Iord
Sess´innek, vho seeks lo corrupl lhe Iizard nen, and
lransforn lhen inlo a lruIy eviI race. Lizard nan
shanans conducl savage riluaIs uliIizing lizarre aIlars
and reIigious icons crafled fron lhe lones of sacrificiaI
viclins and svanp crealures.
SeveraI Iizard kings have leen reporled in lhe Vasl,
and lhese are even nore eviI and sadislic lhan is usuaI
for lheir kind. True crealions of Sess´innek, lhese
kings denand sacrifice of inleIIigenl leings such as
hunans or eIves, lul have leen knovn lo sIay and
feed upon lheir ovn foIIovers.
The Nansh
6 6
regarding lhe Marsh Drovers consisl prinariIy of
slalenenls lhal lhe narshes are inhaliled ly a race of
larlaric hunans, and nolhing nore.
he hunan inhalilanls of lhe Iarsea Marshes are
IillIe knovn and rareIy seen. SchoIarIy vrilings
As I vrole in ny opening, upon enlering lhe Iarsea
Marshes, ny horse and I vere sucked inlo a nud pil,
and I despaired for our Iives lefore ve vere lolh res-
cued ly a pair of Marsh Drovers. Afler exlricaling us
fron lhe fouI lrap and naking cerlain lhal ve vere
aIive and veII, lhe lvo Drovers acluaIIy seened
anused ly lhe enlire incidenl.
When I idenlified nyseIf, naluraIIy slaling ny reIa-
lionship vilh ny goddess, lolh grev soIenn, loved
lheir heads and legged ny forgiveness for lheir Iaughler.
I vas quile aslonished, and inforned lhen lhal
lhere vas no need lo leg ny pardon. Quile lo lhe
conlrary, I apoIogized for inconveniencing lhen so. In
lhe course of our nuluaI apoIogies, I vas surprised lo
Iearn lhal lhe Marsh Drovers vere, in facl, vor-
shippers of a panlheon of nalure deilies, incIuding our
ovn Creal Molher Chaunlea. Al presenl lhey Iacked
a reaI priesl, and so vere lvice as pIeased lo find ne
here. In lurn, I ullered a lrief prayer of lhanks, aIong
vilh a j oyfuI reaIizalion lhal, cIearIy, Molher
Chaunlea had inlended lhal I ninisler lo lhese genlIe
peopIe aII aIong.
I hunlIy asked lo le shovn lo lheir viIIage. We
lied up lhe Drovers´ loal and Ied ny pony lovard lhe
sellIenenl, passing aIong a naze of soIid causevays,
vhich ny conpanions knev in inlinale delaiI.
I vas veIconed inlo lhe vasl, fIoaling Drover viI-
Iage, and fôled vilh greal rejoicing. Many of lhe
hunans lhere had never seen a haIfIing lefore and
vere quile surprised al ny appearance. NonelheIess,
lhe enlire sellIenenl seened deIighled and lhankfuI
lhal I had appeared. In ny hearl and souI, I feIl a
deep sense of happiness and salisfaclion, and I reaI-
ized lhal I had al Iasl found a hone.
The PeopLe
The Drovers are a race of hunans, apparenlIy occu-
pying lhe region afler an ancienl disasler shallered
lhe region´s previous civiIizalion. I lheorize lhal lhe
Drovers once inhaliled lhe region knovn loday as
lhe ColIin Marches, lul lhal lhe area´s changing cIi-
nale and pressure fron lhe orc and golIin kingdons
drove lhen inlo lhe narshes, vhere lhey nake lheir
hone loday.
IhysicaIIy, lhe Drovers are shorl for hunans (nen
average 5´2¨, vonen average 4´1O¨) and are dark-
conpIecled vilh lIack hair and deep lrovn eyes.
They vear lrighl-coIored cIolhing nade fron naluraI
filers, aII of vhich are harvesled fron lhe Iarsea
Marshes and surrounding Iands.
These are a happy peopIe, al peace vilh lheir Iand,
fond of nusic, dancing, and singing. They do nol
drink lo excess, aIlhough lheir Iiquors, nade fron lhe
fernenled juice of various lerries and fruils, are lasly
and polenl as I Iearned on severaI occasions. WhiIe
lheir ovn Iiquor is exceIIenl, lhey have deveIoped a
fondness for inporled leverages, and our ovn
Chaunlean aIe proved a favorile.
The Drovers Iive in snaII viIIages of up lo 1OO in-
halilanls. These viIIages are Iocaled on soIid isIands
in lhe narsh, or are luiIl on vooden sliIls, or on oc-
casion, fIoaling pIalforns. Houses are conslrucled of
lhalch or Iighl Iunler, lul are quile slurdy and cozy,
renaining reIaliveIy cooI in lhe heal of sunner, and
relaining heal in lhe deplhs of vinler.
TraveI lelveen viIIages is acconpIished on rafls,
fIal-lolloned poIe-larges, or foolgear knovn as
narsh-shoes, vhich aIIov lheir vearers lo acluaIIy
vaIk (sIovIy and carefuIIy) on lhe valer´s surface.
Mosl Drover viIIages are Ied ly a counciI of eIders,
noslIy oIder vonen and a fev nen vho reach deci-
sions ly consensus, and vhose visdon is respecled
ly aII. A fev of lhese nainlain sone cIericaI or
druidic aliIilies, and Iov-IeveI divine nagic is nol
unknovn. True priesls, such as nyseIf, are conpara-
liveIy rare, so ny presence vas laken as a gifl fron
lhe gods lhenseIves.
Drover cuIlure is an inleresling conlinalion of
nalriarchaI ruIe and slricl division of Ialor. Wonen
are generaIIy considered heads of househoIds, and
govern viIIages vilh advice fron lhe naIes, lul onIy
nen are aIIoved lo hunl and lend viIIage herds. (Òf
lhe nalure of lheir ¨callIe,¨ I devole an enlire enlry,
foIIoving.) ShouId an eneny lhrealen lhe enlire
Drover connunily, hovever, vonen and chiIdren are
expecled lo heIp defend lheir hones.
Upon consuIlalion vilh lhe eIders of lhe viIIage of
Creenrool, I vas aIIoved lo slarl conslruclion of a
lenpIe. I liIIeled vilh one of ny rescuers, a Drover
naned DiIIik, his vife, and lvo chiIdren. My horse
vas aIIoved lo roan free on a nearly isIand, valched
over ly youngslers fron lhe viIIage.
The Henos
The nosl anazing aspecl of Marsh Drover Iife vas
reveaIed lo ne lhe norning afler ny arrivaI. As lhe
sun rose and Creenrool avakened, I said ny norning
prayers and legan lo lrev a pol of lea. As I did so,
one of lhe viIIage eIders, a snaII vonan naned
Rokera, approached and asked ne if I vouId le so
kind as lo lIess lhe viIIage´s herd. Inagining lhal lhe
Drovers raised callIe of sone sorl, I readiIy agreed,
and foIIoved her lo a Iarge encIosure near lhe cenler
of lhe viIIage.
There I noled severaI nassive crealures IoIIing
aloul in deep nud, lheir lacks arched Iike isIands. As
I valched, a snaky neck energed fron lhe nuck,
lopped ly a hideous head lhal I can conpare onIy lo
lhe ugIiesl lusk-loar I had ever seen. Soon, a second
crealure´s head appeared, lhen Iovered dovn lo len-
derIy nuzzIe Rokera, vho responded vilh vords of
I slared for a nonenl, lhen reaIizalion cane crash-
ing dovn. These vere calolIepas, crealures lhal couId
nornaIIy kiII vilh a gIance! Here lhey vere, roIIing
aloul in lhe nud Iike doneslic pigs, and shoving
puppyish affeclion lo a vonan vhon lhey vouId nor-
naIIy kiII, inslanlIy and nerciIessIy!
I nade sone incoherenl noises, and finaIIy choked
oul vords of aslonishnenl.
Rokera Iooked al ne niIdIy. ¨Òh, ve´ve donesli-
caled lhen. They don´l use lheir dealh-gaze on us~
ve´re parl of lheir herd. I lhoughl you knev.¨
I repIied lhal I didn´l, and afler severaI nore
nonenls of aslonishnenl, inloned a riluaI lIessing
over lhe Drovers´ deadIy herd.
Òver sulsequenl veeks and nonlhs, I Iearned
nuch nore of lhe Drovers and lheir reIalionship vilh
lhe calolIepas. The nore I Iearned, lhe nore anazed
I grev.
The doneslicaled calolIepas have leen lred ly
lhe Drovers for nany generalions. They have nol Iosl
lheir deadIy gaze pover, lul seen capalIe of using il
voIunlariIy, and viII nol do so againsl lhe hunans
vho herd lhen. Il is as if lhe hunans have leen
adopled inlo lhe calolIepas herd, for lhe dealh gaze is
used againsl lhe orcs, lroIIs, and luIIyvugs vho sone-
lines lroulIe lhe Drovers.
Herding lehavior is unknovn anong viId calo-
lIepas, lul lhe Drovers have nanaged lo lreed oul
lhis inslincl for soIilude. Their viIIages nainlain
herds of up lo 2O of lhe greal leasls. This concen-
lralion of calolIepas has affecled lhe svanps in sev-
eraI areas, driving oul nalive pIanl and aninaI
species, lul so far lhe danage has leen nininaI.
As a doneslic aninaI, lhe calolIepas has proved lo
le highIy successfuI. Ils neal and niIk are lasly and
nulrilious. The niIk, in facl, is nade inlo severaI
producls, incIuding luller and cheese. This cheese,
narkeled in lhe ReaIns as ¨Dealh Cheese,¨ has al-
lained sone noloriely lhrough Aurora´s WhoIe
ReaIns CalaIogue. WhiIe sone of lhe cheese is, as
runored, nade fron niIk coIIecled ly advenlurers,
nuch of il is acluaIIy purchased fron lhe Marsh
Drovers in lhe narkelpIace of LagIe Ieak.
Òlher ilens, such as lhe eyes, hearl, and lrain of
lhe calolIepas, are used ly vizards in lhe produclion
of speII conponenls, and soId in sellIenenls such as
LagIe Ieak and Iroskur.
DnmcstIcatcd Catnb!cpas: The calolIepas kepl
ly lhe Marsh Drovers as herd aninaIs are sone-
vhal differenl fron lhose found oulside lhe
Iarsea Marshes. They are encounlered in groups
of 2-2O, lheir AC is 3, and lheir HD is 5+2. In
addilion, doneslicaled calolIepas viII use lheir
dealh gaze aliIily onIy if allacked, and lhen onIy
if a slandard noraIe check is faiIed.
FaI1h amo NagIc
As I discovered, lhe Drovers vorship a panlheon of
gods, lolh faniIiar and unfaniIiar, incIuding LIdalh of
lhe Singing Walers, Lalhander MorningIord, MieIikki of
lhe Ioresls, and of course, our ovn Molher Chaunlea.
SeveraI olher ninor deilies exisl. Sone are veII-knovn
deilies nasquerading under differenl nanes~an eviI
leing knovn as BaIe in Drover Iegend is cIearIy
descended fron lhe nov-dead deily BhaaI. Òlher deilies,
such as Brighl Nydra, goddess of lhe vinler noon, are
apparenlIy unique lo Marsh Drover cuIlure.
Lov-IeveI druidic nagic is knovn anong lhe
Drovers, lul cIericaI nagic of higher lhan second
IeveI is very rare. My ovn nodesl aliIilies vere con-
sidered nolhing shorl of niracuIous, even ly lhose
Drovers vho lhenseIves pracliced nagic.
Canlrips and ninor speIIcasling are aIso used sone-
lines, lul lrue vizardry is unknovn in lhe Iarseas. A
fev ninor enchanled ilens are aIso used, lul lhese
are usuaIIy ollained oulside lhe narshes, or dredged
up fron lhe svanp ilseIf, vhere lhe valer has covered
lhe renains of earIier civiIizalions.
6 6
hese snaII, naIevoIenl crealures are apparenlIy
connon in lhe Vasl Svanp lul are unknovn,
forlunaleIy, in lhe Tun and Iarsea Marshes. MeazeIs are
soIilary crealures, Iiving in rude sheIlers deep vilhin
lhe svanp, energing lo hunl and feed upon lhe orc,
golIin, and koloId lands lhal Iive in lhe Vasl.
WhiIe lheir nunlers are loo snaII lo have any reaI
inpacl on lhe ecoIogy of lhe Vasl Svanp, neazeIs
have laken on an inporlanl roIe in orc, koloId, and
golIin nylhoIogy. Due lo lheir soIilary nalure, secre-
live vays, and dielary halils, neazeIs are considered
supernaluraI spirils vho snalch avay hunanoids and
devour lhen. SoIilary orcs and golIins oflen carry
nunerous charns and felishes lo vard off neazeIs,
vhiIe koloIds have leen knovn lo lake sacrificiaI vic-
lins fron lheir ovn lriles and Ieave lhen, lound hand
and fool, lo appease lhe vicked neazeIs. NeedIess lo
say, lhe neazeIs are onIy loo happy lo accepl such gifls,
vhich do IillIe lo dissuade lhen fron slaIking koloIds.
2 3
) )
s ny hunan conpanions and I discovered, lhe
Tun Marshes are hone lo severaI snaII lands
of lroIIs, ranging in size fron lvo lo six individuaIs.
AIlhough individuaI lroIIs are quile poverfuI, lheir
lolaI popuIalion is loo snaII lo represenl a reaI
lhreal lo lhe Iizard nen or lhe Tun Bandils. Lven so,
lolh Iizard nen and landils acliveIy hunl lroIIs,
vilh lhe express purpose of |ccping lhe nunlers of
lroIIs snaII.
Tun lroIIs are Iarger, lul aIso appear lo le Iess inleI-
Iigenl lhan lhose found eIsevhere in Iaerûn. The var-
ied vegelalion in lhe Tun seens lo have affecled lhe
lroIIs´ coIoralion~such exolic conpIexions as lIue,
lIack, and gray are knovn, aIlhough lhe predoninanl
skin lone is sliII a sickIy green. Sone individuaIs are a
nollIed conlinalion of severaI coIors, lhe lroIIs con-
sider lhese lo le louched ly lhe gods, and oflen nake
lhen lrilaI Ieaders or shanans.
A snaII nunler of lroIIs aIso exisl in lhe Iarsea,
sonelines going so far as lo raid Drover viIIages.
They are onIy loo vuIneralIe lo allack ly calo-
lIepas, hovever, and lhe hunans use lheir herds lo
defend againsl such raids. As a consequence, lroII
raids are rare, and lhe lroII popuIalion in lhe Iarsea
is Iov.
The Tum BamoI1s
7 7
lo Chaunlea´s nessage of peace and underslanding.
Ignoring lhe pIeas of ny Drover friends lo avoid lhe
region, I vas delernined lo foIIov ny nission and
ninisler lo aII lhe inhalilanls of lhe vaIIey. I Iefl ny
fIoaling lhalch lenpIe in lhe capalIe hands of Taylh,
ny nevIy-appoinled hunan acoIyle, nounled ny
pony, and rode soulh.
nIike lhe genlIe Marsh Drovers, lhe landils of
lhe Tun Marshes proved lo le Iess lhan receplive
As I have previousIy discussed, lhe Tun narshes are
siniIar lo lhe Iarseas, save lhal lheir cIinale is sone-
vhal niIder. Il vas a lrighl and pIeasanl spring day as
I approached lhe narshes, and I vas greeled ly fIocks
of lrighlIy-coIored songlirds and vas forlunale
enough lo gIinpse a IordIy slag lounding oul of a
nearly lhickel.
My firsl viev of lhe narsh´s hunans vas Iess savory,
hovever. A raiding parly of Tun Bandils vas jusl
relurning lo lhe svanp as I approached. Keeping lhe
Drovers´ varnings in nind, I vas carefuI lo hide
nyseIf as lhey passed.
Il vas veII lhal I did. They vere a grin Iol, cIad in
dirly lIack Iealher and rusly arnor, lheir fealures dis-
figured ly ugIy scars, lalloos, and eye palches. Bolh
nen and vonen vere represenled in lhe raiding
parly, aII siniIarIy gruesone-Iooking, aII shouling and
singing drunkenIy. They vere Iaden vilh sacks and
chesls, and puIIed a crude vagon fiIIed vilh looly. In
lhe vagon, I vas horrified lo see lhe lallered, dispir-
iled figures of lvo hunans~a nan and a vonan,
lolh lound in chains.
As lhe landil parly disappeared inlo lhe svanp,
sliII singing and chanling, I found nyseIf in a dreadfuI
diIenna. CIearIy, ny originaI inlenl lo ninisler lo
lhese hunans had leen fooIish~lhey vere as IikeIy
lo gul ne or seII ne inlo sIavery as Iook al ne.
Bul vere lhere olher hunans in lhe svanp, per-
haps enenies of lhe landils` WouId lhey le any nore
receplive lo ny nission, and vouId I le alIe lo heIp
lhen in any confIicl vilh lhe grin hunans I had jusl
seen` And vhal of lhe caplives`
Al Ienglh, I decided lhal Chaunlea vas vilh ne,
and lhal I vas honor-lound lo enler lhe landils´ Iair
and delernine vhelher I couId do anylhing for lhe
unforlunale prisoners. I lied up ny pony, and sel off
inlo lhe narshes.
WhiIe I knov ny duly lo lhe Creal Molher, I an
neilher a viIderness scoul nor a greal varrior. Il vas
nol Iong lefore I lIundered inlo one of lhe landils´
nany pil-lraps. Afler severaI hours of fruilIess escape
allenpls, I vas soon found ly a parly of landils every
lil as ugIy and dangerous-Iooking as lhe firsl. My
Iinls lound, I vas laken lo lhe landils´ canp.
Ònce lhere, I vas laken lefore lhe hunans´ Ieader,
a varrior naned ThaaIin Torchlover. He vas a sur-
prisingIy handsone nan. Iron lhe Iook of his arnor
and heraIdry, I surnised lhal he had once leIonged lo
lhe Cornyrean IurpIe Dragons. Wilh a harsh Iaugh,
he ordered ne lhrovn inlo a guarded pen vilh lhe
landils´ olher caplives.
2 4
BamoI1 5ocIe1¿
In lhe niseralIe confines of lhe pen, I nade lhe ac-
quainlance of ny feIIov caplives, a pair I vas lo share
harroving lines vilh. The nan vas a nerchanl fron
Cornyr, naned ThaIdo Sar, and lhe vonan vas his
daughler, RysiIIa. Like ne, lhey vere lo le ransoned,
lul if ThaIdo´s lusiness parlners vere al aII sIov pay-
ing lhe ranson lhe landils denanded, lhey vere lo
le soId inlo sIavery. I knev ny order vas nol a
veaIlhy one, and I despaired ever leing a free nan
I passed lhe line ly discussing lhe sociely and
nalure of our caplors vilh ThaIdo and RysiIIa, vho
seened lo knov quile a lil aloul lhen, oving lo
lheir frequenl lrips lhrough lhe region.
The landils are indeed a desperale and dangerous
group. Though nosl are hunans, lhere are severaI
golIins, orcs, and haIf-orcs anong lhen. AII are oul-
Iavs, escapees fron prison, or fugilives fron
Cornyrean juslice. These are nol lhe nolIe oulIavs
of Iegend~indeed, anyone seeking refuge vilh lhe
Tun Bandils nusl prove his or her viIIingness lo con-
nil lhe nosl vioIenl and despicalIe of crines lefore
even leing considered for nenlership. Those vho
shov any hesilalion are sIain, driven oul, or soId inlo
sIavery, lhus assuring lhal aII nenlers of lhe landil
kingdon are anong lhe nosl rulhIess, vioIenl, and
anlisociaI individuaIs inaginalIe.
Ònce, lhe landils consisled of severaI lriles of a
fev dozen nenlers. Then cane ThaaIin Torchlover,
a renegade Cornyrean soIdier condenned lo dealh
for kiIIing one of his feIIovs. He uniled lhe lriles inlo
vhal is nov connonIy caIIed a landil kingdon vilh
a popuIalion of over 1OOO. Torchlover ruIes vilh sav-
age efficiency, surrounded ly a lodyguard of hunan,
haIf-hunan, and hunanoid varriors vho are con-
pIeleIy IoyaI lo hin. Tvo renegade sorcerers aIso serve
Torchlover~a nan naned ThyIash (apparenlIy fron
Thay), and a haIf-eIf vonan naned Khyssaria. They
assisl hin in lallIe and vork lireIessIy rooling oul
pIols againsl hin.
Bandil raiding parlies sel oul reguIarIy for lhe
Slorn Horns caravan roules, using infornalion sup-
pIied ly Torchlover´s spies in LagIe Ieak. The landils
have grovn prosperous fron lheir sloIen looly, and
have forced lhe caravans lo increase lhe nunler of
lheir guards and olher defenses. King Azoun IV and
his IurpIe Dragons have finaIIy lurned lheir allenlion
lo lhe landils´ depredalions, lul lhus far lhe Tun
Marshes´ inaccessiliIily has prevenled lhen fron lak-
ing any decisive niIilary aclion.
The BamoI1s amo 1he 5uamp
The landils´ unificalion has had a highIy delrinenlaI
effecl on lhe svanp and ils environnenl, for lheir
canps are invarialIy fiIlhy pIaces lhal produce nuch
vasle, snoke, and noise, frighlening off nany species
and kiIIing nany pIanls. Trees are feIIed for sheIler
and voodfires, aninaIs hunled and sIaughlered
vhoIesaIe, ponds drained and slreans danned vilh
IillIe concern for lhe effecls on lhe narsh.
Near lhe cenler of lhe svanp (apparenlIy vilh
heIp fron lhe lIack dragon, Skurge), Torchlover and
his foIIovers have legun conslruclion of a forlress
vilh naleriaIs quarried fron lhe Slorn Horns or
sloIen fron passing caravans. Much earlh and slone
have leen lransferred lo lhis Iocalion, causing nuch
disruplion lhroughoul lhe narsh. If lhe forlress is ever
conpI eled, i l couI d prove a naj or lhreal lo
Cornyrean aulhorily.
The dragon Skurge presenls an inleresling enigna.
ThaIdo and RysiIIa vere fuIIy avare of lhe leasl´s
exislence, and openIy vondered vhy lhe dragon
aIIoved (and possilIy even encouraged) lhe landils
lo slay in lhe narshes. An apparenl aIIiance of conve-
nience has sprung up lelveen lhese lvo eviI forces~
an aIIiance lhal nay yel cause consideralIe grief lo
King Azoun.
Iron ny conpanions´ laIe, il lecane cIear lhal lhe
Tun Marshes vere undergoing a crisis of serious pro-
porlions. The landils´ presence has driven nany ani-
naIs fron lhe narshes, and caused serious harn lo ils
deIicale vel of Iife. As lhe sun sank and gIoon
descended over lhe svanp, I valched lhe landils´
reveIry~singing, dancing, drinking, quarreIing, and
fighling~and vondered vhal lhe fulure heId.
As evening faded inlo nighl and darkness enveIoped
us, lhe landils´ ceIelralion degeneraled inlo chaos
and finaIIy exhausled sIeep. Lven our guards Iay in
2 5
drunken slupors, and I reaIized lhal ve nov had a
chance lo escape.
AIlhough ny fooIish, nisspenl youlh is nov far
lehind ne, I do relain sone skiIIs fron ny oId Iife.
Taking a fine vire sliffener fron Lady RysiIIa´s coIIar, I
nade nyseIf lusy vilh lhe lrass Iock lhal secured our
pen. The Iock vas oId and prinilive, and in a fev
nonenls I had sprung il. I Ied lhe lvo hunans fron
lhe encanpnenl, nov fuII of lhe sounds and lodies of
sonnoIenl hunans.
Òur fIighl lhrough lhe svanp vas a lerror. We
encounlered severaI of lhe svanp´ s horri fi c
denizens, and onIy escaped lhe fale of ending up in
a lroII´s cookpol ly a forluilous encounler vilh lhe
svanp´s residenl Iizard nen. Òf course, I have
recounled lhal advenlure eIsevhere, and (ralher
lhan repeal nyseIf) I encourage any reader lo see
lhal enlry for nore delaiIs on lhe incidenl and on
lhe Iizard nen.
Il vas days Ialer lhal ve finaIIy reached lhe safely
of lhe Iarseas and lhe veIcone aid of ny friends lhe
Drovers. Lxhausled, hungry, lhirsly, and on lhe verge
of coIIapse, ve vere escorled lack lo Creenrool, Ieav-
ing lhe sad, enlallIed Tun Marshes lehind. I reaIized
lhal lhe eviI in lhal svanp couId nol le ignored ly
Cornyr forever, and lhal confIicl lhere nay le
The Umoeao

egend leIIs of ancienl lvin civiIizalions lhal
once occupied lhe Iands knovn loday as lhe Tun
and Iarsea Marshes. Ior sone reason (vhich varies
depending upon vho´s leIIing lhe slory), lhe lvo
Iands vere cursed and sank inlo lhe earlh. The lrulh
of lhese Iegends is open lo conjeclure~and I reserve
ny lheorizing on lhis for a sulsequenl seclion. Never-
lheIess, lhe periodic appearance of ruins, lreasures,
and~nore significanlIy~various species of undead,
Iend sone credence lo lhe nolion lhal sonelhing
ancienl Iies lenealh lhe lvo svanps.
The appearance of undead in lhe Iarsea and Tun is
cause for greal concern anong lolh lhe Marsh
Drovers and Torchlover´s landils. ReIaliveIy veak
undead crealures such as skeIelons and zonlies ap-
pear vilh reguIarily, lul in snaII nunlers. These are
hunled dovn and deslroyed individuaIIy ly lands of
hunlers or varriors. Larger infeslalions, or lhe ap-
pearance of nore poverfuI undead, oflen Iead lo lhe
noliIizalion of dozens or hundreds of varriors, and
lhe use of speIIcaslers and highIy-lreasured enchanled
SeveraI differenl undead species appear oul of lhe
veslern narshes. I recounl vhal I have Iearned aloul
lhe nosl connon ones leIov.
These are lhe lype of undead nosl oflen disgorged ly
lhe svanps of Tun and Iarsea. In nosl cases, onIy a
singIe individuaI rises lo lhe surface lo drag ilseIf oul
inlo lhe open air, covered in svanp nuck, dirl, and
noss. Such an individuaI is lruIy a frighlening sighl,
lul il is easiIy disposed of, for skeIelons freed in lhis
nanner generaIIy do IillIe save vander ainIessIy
aloul, rareIy if ever acluaIIy allacking anyone. These
skeIelons are sonelines cIad in lhe rennanls of
cIolhing or rusling arnor.
2 6
When Iarger nunlers of skeIelons energe fron lhe
deplhs, hovever, lhe danger is far grealer. Òn occa-
sion, dozens or even hundreds of skeIelons nay rise up
fron lhe svanp vilh nurderous inlenl. Bands of
skeIelons roan lhe svanp, kiIIing any Iiving lhing
lhey encounler. Lnlire viIIages or encanpnenls have
leen overvheIned in lhis nanner. In lhe face of such
horrors, lhe Drovers and landils lolh send oul Iarge
nunlers of fighlers, hunlers, and speIIcaslers lo find
and deslroy lhe narauders. Such lallIes are invarialIy
vioIenl and deadIy, vilh quarler neilher asked nor
NeedIess lo say, such incursions are rare, lul lhey
infIicl serious danage upon lhe svanps and lheir in-
halilanls. Large slrelches of lhe narshes are scoured
cIean of Iife~aninaIs are sIain, lrees uprooled, pIanls
kiIIed, valer fouIed, and so on. Sone seclions of lhe
Tun Marshes are virluaIIy sleriIe as a resuIl of undead
incursion, and lhe Drovers cIain lhal il can lake
decades for a region lo recover fuIIy.
These crealures, nore recenlIy dead lhan skeIelons,
are rarer lhan lheir fIeshIess ¨cousins.¨ Whelher as
soIilary individuaIs or nenlers of Iarge groups, zon-
lies sonelines rise fron lhe svanps, lehaving sini-
IarIy lo lhe skeIelons aIready descriled.
In a parlicuIarIy horrifying lvisl, lhose narsh var-
riors sIain in lallIes vilh olher undead have leen
knovn lo rise up lhenseIves as zonlies, sonelines
shanlIing vilh apparenl naIice inlo lheir ovn viI-
Iages lo lroulIe lheir forner friends and faniIy, vho
are Iefl vilh lhe dislaslefuI lask of dispalching
No one knovs fron vhere lhese horrific, eviI
leings cone. AII lhal lhe Marsh Drovers knov is
lhal lhey periodicaIIy appear lo lroulIe lheir con-
nunilies, seeking lo alsorl lhe Iife energies of Iiv-
ing hunans.
Wrailhs do nol seen lo lolher vilh aninaIs as
prey, and so have IillIe effecl on lhe overaII ecoIogy of
lhe Iarsea. Like aII undead, lhey are innune lo lhe
dealh gaze of lhe Drovers´ calolIepas herds, and
lherefore lhey represenl an unconnonIy serious
lhreal lo lhe hunan connunilies vhere lhe crealures
appear. Wrailhs´ Iife-draining aliIilies can cause a
consideralIe Ioss of Iife lefore lhe Drovers can noli-
Iize adequaleIy lo defend lhenseIves.
Sone of lhe Drovers cIain lhal lhe presence of
vrailhs proves lhal lhere are luriaI grounds or olher
cerenoniaI siles deep leIov lhe narshes. Òlhers feeI
lhal lhe vrailhs are endenic lo lhe enlire region, and
are sinpIy allracled lo lhe narshes due lo lhe pres-
ence of hunans.
RegardIess of lheir origin, vrailhs aIvays prove dif-
ficuIl lo eIininale, especiaIIy given lheir resislance lo
nornaI veapons. The Drovers reIy heaviIy on lheir
snaII slore of enchanled veapons, vhich are aIvays
lroughl oul vhen a vrailh nusl le deaIl vilh. Nol
surprisingIy, lhe Drovers have a greal inleresl in
ollaining siIver veapons.
As lhe Iarsea Marshes are lroulIed ly vrailhs, so lhe
Tun Marshes are haunled ly lhese soIilary crealures,
lhe vighls. As vilh vrailhs, lhe presence of vighls is
laken as evidence lhal lhe Tun vas once lhe sile of
luriaI nounds, graveyards, or nausoIeuns. This lhe-
ory has leen confirned, so ny friend SkoIa confided,
ly reporls of vighls cIaving lheir vay oul of over-
grovn nounds deep inside lhe svanp.
IorlunaleIy for lhe landils, vighls are soIilary crea-
lures, and never pIague lhe svanps in Iarge nunlers
as do skeIelons and zonlies. AlIe lo drain and feed
on lhe Iife energies of lheir viclins, vighls are dan-
gerous crealures, and lhe landils are gralefuI lhal
lhey appear onIy one al a line.
Like lhe Drovers, lhe landils are forced lo use en-
chanled or siIver veapons againsl vighls. The landils
have an advanlage over lhe Drovers, hovever, in lhe
person of lheir speIIcaslers and renegade priesls, vho
can use lheir aliIilies lo defeal vighls vhen lhey
By far lhe raresl of undead species in lhe narshes is
lhe Iich. So far, onIy one such crealure has ever ap-
´A sing|c raf| apprcacncú |nc sncrc, pc|cú a|cng oq a
sc|i|arq figurc. As nc grcu ncar in |nc ga|ncring |ui|ign|, |
sau |na| i| uas nq fa|ncr, anú rusncú fcruarú ui|n a crq.
Hc uas c|car|q ucunúcú anú a| |nc |ini| cf nis s|rcng|n.
´A úaq passcú anú |nc par|q úiú nc| rc|urn. Scnc
ocgan |c ucrrq, cspccia||q nq nc|ncr. Ncar sunsc|, a
ccnnc|icn crup|cú a| |nc cúgc cf |nc ti||agc, anú uc nur-
ricú |c intcs|iga|c.
´A fcraging par|q unúcr |nc nun|rcss A||nca rc|urncú
cnc ctcning, rcpcr|ing |na| a c|us|cr cf prcticus|q un-
|ncun ruins naú riscn frcn |nc suanp ncaroq. As |ncsc
si|cs cf|cn ccn|ain |rcasurc, ucapcns, anú c|ncr ta|uao|c
i|cns, prcpara|icns ucrc naúc |c cxp|crc |nc ruins. Mq
fa|ncr, Rcnar, uas |c |caú |nc par|q.
´|| uas cn a úaq nucn |i|c |nis, ncar|q |cn qcars agc,
|na| i| a|| ocgan. | uas s|i|| a cni|ú |ncn, ou| | sau |nc |cr-
rio|c ctcn|s ui|n nq cun cqcs, anú | sau ncu |ncq
affcc|cú nq fa|ncr, nq fani|q, anú nq pccp|c.
peared, and lhal in lhe Iarsea Marshes. As ny
acoIyle, Taylh, loId lhe slory, lhis singIe crealure vas
nore lhan enough, and aInosl proved lo le lhe
Drovers´ doon. The highIighls of his accounl I have
copied here leIov.
2 8
|n |nc oc||cn cf |nc oca|, cca|cú ui|n nuú anú s|inc, uas ´Suúúcn|q, nq fa|ncr´s ucrús ccnccú in nq ninú. ´||
a scaooarúcú orcaú sucrú, unicn nq fa|ncr c|u|cncú |c fcars |nc sucrú.´
nin as nc s|uno|cú asncrc. ´li|ncu| fur|ncr |ncugn|, as if nq tcrq |inos ucrc úri-
´A |unu|| cf qucs|icns grcc|cú nin. lna| naú nap- tcn oq |nc s|rcng|n cf |a|nanúcr Mcrning|crú ninsc|f, |
pcncú? lncrc ucrc |nc c|ncrs? lna| naú nc fcunú? Haú sprang fcruarú, scizing |nc scaooarúcú o|aúc.
nc occn anousncú? lna| uas |nc sucrú? Mq fa|ncr´s cn|q ´Tnc |ning sau nc, anú úrcu oac| ui|n una| nign| oc
rcspcnsc uas |c fa|| |c nis |nccs, gasping a fcu inccncrcn| ca||cú fcar. ´Nc, ocq!´ i| snric|cú. ´Ycu úcn´| |ncu una|
ucrús. qcu´rc úcing!´
´´lc aua|cncú i|,´ nc saiú. ´|| |i||cú Sqtc. ||´s ccning ´| úiú nc| rcp|q, ou| pu||cú |nc ucapcn frcn i|s scao-
ncrc. Tnc sucrú... || fcars |nc sucrú...´ Tncn nc cc|- oarú. || sncnc ui|n a uni|c |ign| |na| tir|ua||q o|inúcú nc,
|apscú, inscnsa|c. anú | fc|| nqsc|f úraggcú cu| in|c |nc sna||cus |cuarú |nc
nccrcus ncrrcr |na| f|ca|cú ocfcrc us.
´|tcn ocfcrc uc ccu|ú rccctcr frcn |nc sncc| cf nq ´´S|cp!´ |nc |ning scrcancú. ´Sparc nc! | ui|| scrtc
fa|ncr´s arrita| anú cc||apsc, a fcarscnc scunú ccnccú qcu! | ui|| oc qcur s|atc! P|casc´
|nrcugn |nc ti||agca ouoo|ing, agi|a|cú scunú, cna- ´| úiú nc| nccú |nc ncns|cr´s p|cas, ou| suung |nc
na|ing frcn |nc sna||cus arcunú cur is|anú. |n ncrrcr, uc sucrú, cu||ing cffcr||css|q |nrcugn i|s rcocs, i|s rc||cú s|in,
ua|cncú as úczcns cf anina|cú s|c|c|cns, nung ui|n narsn anú i|s ori|||c ocncs, sna||cring |nc |crú cf |nc |ign|
uccús, g|is|cning ui|n nuú anú s|inc, cncrgcú frcn |nc Tnrcncs in|c a |ncusanú picccs.
ua|cr. | ncarú nq nc|ncr scrcan. ´| úc nc| rcca|| nucn pas| |na|. Mq fc||cu ti||agcrs
´8u| |nc grca|cs| ncrrcr uas qc| |c ccnc. An ccric o|uc |c|ú nc |na|, ui|n Nqrax´s úcs|ruc|icn, |nc s|c|c|cns cc|-
g|cu appcarcú frcn ocnca|n |nc ua|cr, anú s|cu|q rcsc |c |apscú anú san| oac| in|c |nc suanp. Mq fa|ncr, upcn
|nc surfacc. || uas |i|c a ccrpsc-|ign|, cr ui||-c-uisp... a nis rccctcrq, praiscú nc |c |nc s|ics. Sincc |ncn nanq
sic|, unc|can cc|cr |na| nausca|cú nc sinp|q oq i|s |a|cs natc occn |c|ú anú rc|c|ú cf nq ccnfrcn|a|icn ui|n
appcarancc. |i|c a |cng-sun|cn ouoo|c cf narsn gas, |nc |nc |icn-|ing.
scurcc cf |nc g|cu cncrgcú frcn |nc ua|cr, anú |nc pccp|c ´8u|, nq orc|ncr, | an nc ncrc. | uas inspircú oq |nc
ga|ncrcú cn |nc sncrc úrcu oac| as cnc, gasping ui|n fcar. s|rcng|n cf |nc Mcrning|crú, anú oq cur nc|ncr
´|| naú cncc occn nunan, ou| ncu i| uas a |uis|cú Cnaun|ca, anú úiú cn|q |ncir oiúúing. Nqrax, |crú cf |nc
snc||, a rc||cú ana|gan cf ocncs, s|inq f|csn, |cnúcns, |ign| Tnrcncs, is s|ain ncu, ou| |nc sucrú rcnains in nq
anú nair. Tuin grccn f|ancs f|ic|crcú in i|s cnp|q scc|c|s, |ccping, sncu|ú anq crca|urc |i|c nin ctcr again risc frcn
gazing a| us ui|n |angio|c na|icc. C|aú in a |cng rcoc |nc suanps |c |nrca|cn cur |itcs anú frccúcn.¨
unicn naú cncc occn rcú anú gc|ú, i| ucrc a si|tcr circ|c|
cn i|s ocnq orcu. A sing|c grccn gcn g|i||crcú anú uin|cú Umoeao Im 1he Vas1 5uamp
frcn |nc circ|c|, |nc cn|q i|cn cn |nc cn|irc crca|urc unicn
uas nc| cca|cú ui|n s|inc cr nuú. || rcsc aoctc |nc ua|cr, AIong vilh ils olher horrors, lhe Vasl Svanp harlors
f|ca|ing frcc|q in |nc air. huge nunlers of undead. AII knovn lypes of undead
´A rc||cú arn rcsc, s|aooing a ocnq fingcr a| nq have leen encounlered here, incIuding nunnies
fa|ncr, unc s|i|| |aq unccnscicus cn |nc sncrc. A úccp, (nornaIIy found in nore arid regions) and revenanls.
crac||ing tcicc issucú frcn i|s |nrca|. Many cIain lhal a Iich or group of Iiches is lehind
´´| an Nqrax, |crú cf |nc |ign| Tnrcncs. Rc|urn una| lhe insidious eviI in lhe Vasl Svanp. Sone laIes leII
qcu natc s|c|cn,´ i| raspcú, ´anú qcur úca|ns ui|| oc quic| of a Iarge conpIex of ruins near lhe cenler of lhe
anú pain|css. O|ncruisc, oc assurcú qcur fa|c ui|| oc |css svanp, inhaliled ly nunerous skeIelons and zonlies,
p|casan|.´¨ as veII as one or nore Iiches cIad in lallered lIack
´|cr an ins|an|, nc cnc nctcú. |nú|css |a|cs cf ncrrcr garnenls and arned vilh a variely of ancienl and
fi||cú nq ninú, |c||ing cf sucn crca|urcs |na| rcsc up frcn exolic veapons.
|ncir ouria| grcunús |c p|aguc |nc |iting. |n nq ncar|, |
|ncu |na| |nc crca|urc ucu|ú nc| sparc us, nc na||cr
una| uc úiú.
Pan1 Thnee: Rumons
amo Legemos
ol surprisingIy, nyriad Iegends sur-
round lhe narshes of Cornyr: laIes of
Iosl kingdons, secrel lreasure, and
ancienl curses. To ny surprise, I found
lhal nany of lhese Iegends had sone
lasis in facl.
The Tum amo Fansea
1 1
n Cornyr, nany laIes are loId aloul lhese
narshes and lheir origins. Mosl cIain lhal lhe
regions nov occupied ly lhe Tun and lhe Iarsea
vere once lhe Iands of lvo prosperous kingdons.
Legend cIains lhal lhe prince of one kingdon feII in
Iove vilh lhe princess of lhe olher, and sloIe her
avay in lhe nighl. This lriggered a sleadiIy-escaIal-
ing var lelveen lhe kingdons, cuIninaling in lhe
nagicaI deslruclion of lolh. In sone laIes, lhe kings
vere urged on in lheir nuluaI deslruclion ly a nys-
lerious fenaIe advisor, vho is in lhe end reveaIed lo
le lhe goddess TaIona.
The nanes of lhese kingdons, lhe nanes of lhe
principaIs, and olher delaiIs change, depending upon
vho is leIIing lhe slory. The Marsh Drovers cIain
lhal a kingdon once occupied lhe narshes nany
lhousands of years ago. Il vas deslroyed lo punish ils
ruIers´ vickedness, and so lhal lhe Drovers lhenseIves
couId lhen occupy lhe Iand. The landils of Tun have
no Iegends aloul lhe svanps, lul do leIieve lhal
riches are lo le found lenealh lhen.
There is sureIy reason lo leIieve lhal an ancienl
civiIizalion once fIourished in lhese Iands. The peri-
odic appearance of ruins, lreasures, and arlifacls,
dredged up ly lhe naluraI upveIIing of lhe narshes, is
convincing proof, and a conpeIIing reason for furlher
The ruins lhal rise fron lhe svanp are odd slruc-
lures of seanIess slone, vilh fragnenls of nelaI, gIass,
or cryslaI. Whal IillIe I couId gIean fron lheir archi-
leclure indicaled lhal lhe luiIdings vere laII, grace-
fuI, and quile sIender. Iignenls sliII adhering lo lhe
luiIdings shoved lhal lhey vere once vhile.
As lo lhe purposes of lhese ruins, I cannol say.
Those lhal rise are usuaIIy IillIe nore lhan singIe
vaIIs or parliaI encIosures. Òne Marsh Drover loId ne
of a fuII luiIding lhal had once risen up, and
descriled vhal couId onIy le a lenpIe, vilh a Iong,
lench-Iined haIIvay, laII vindovs, and gracefuI lul-
lresses. The Drover aIso said lhal lhe luiIding con-
lained a nunler of fouI-lenpered zonlies. SadIy, he
reporled lhal lhe vhoIe of il vanished lenealh lhe
narsh onIy hours afler il appeared.
The naIevoIenl undead lhal sonelines appear in lhe
Tun and Iarsea are furlher evidence of vhal Iies leIov.
If an enlire popuIalion vas suddenIy enlonled in lhis
nanner, especiaIIy lhrough eviI nagic, il is nol surpris-
ing lhal individuaIs Iive on pasl dealh and sonelines
nake lheir vay lo lhe surface vilh iII inlenl.
The appearance of lhe Iich Nyrax vas a fascinaling
incidenl, Ieading ne lo suspecl lhal lhe inhalilanls of
lhe vanished kingdon did indeed praclice vicked nag-
ics. The olscure reference lo lhe ¨Lighl Thrones¨ is aIso
inlriguing, suggesling lhal lhere vere nore lhan jusl
lvo kingdons in lhe region, and lhal olhers nay sliII Iie
lenealh lhe narshy ground, availing rediscovery.
Those fev ilens dredged fron lhe svanp are aIso
renarkalIe~fine scuIplures and jeveIry of goId and
siIver, cunningIy crafled veapons, and an occasionaI
enchanled ilen such as lhe svord used ly ny acoIyle
lo sIay lhe Iich Nyrax. Òlher unusuaI enchanled
ilens are said lo have leen found in lhe svanp,
incIuding an ilen lhal, ly ils descriplion, couId onIy
have leen a rcú cf |crú|q nign|. RegrellalIy, il vas Iosl
severaI decades ago.
AcluaI lreasure in lhe forn of siIver and goId pieces
has aIso leen found. I sav severaI of lhese ilens~goId
coins learing lhe inage of a sun on one side, and crossed
slaves or vands on lhe olher. A slring of slrange charac-
lers vas elched aIong lhe oulside of lhe coins~charac-
lers lhal resenlIed no knovn aIphalel in lhe ReaIns.
The Drovers are superslilious aloul lhese ilens, and viII
nol lrade lhen. In addilion, lhey refused lo aIIov ne lo
copy dovn lhe Iellering, a requesl I respecled.
The Vas1 5uamp
6 6
ries aloul il. SeveraI laIes cIain lhal a calaI of Iiches
inhalils a ruined necropoIis deep vilhin lhe svanp,
his dark and dangerous pIace is shunned ly lhe
peopIe of Cornyr, vho leII nany fearsone slo-
and fron lhen fIovs an incessanl eviI, vhich seens lo
infecl everylhing lhal Iingers in lhe region. Òlhers
cIain lhal lhe region´s inhalilanls once harlored an
eviI denigod and vere cursed for il. Il has leen sug-
gesled lhal lhis so-caIIed ¨denigod¨ is acluaIIy a
vaslIy poverfuI lehoIder or greII Inperalor. SliII olher
Iegends leII of hov lhe god Cyric once soughl refuge
here, and his eviI presence renains.
Many fanous advenlurers and lheir conpanies
have venlured inlo lhe Vasl, lul fev have relurned.
SyIara of lhe Moon´s TveIve, a Cornyrean adven-
luring land, vas lhe soIe survivor of a disaslrous ex-
pedilion inlo lhe svanp len years ago. She loId ne of
encounlering an unexpecledIy Iarge nunler of iI-
Iilhids, vho vere apparenlIy aIIied vilh one or nore
poverfuI eye-lyranls. Anlushed, lhe TveIve fIed fron
lhe svanp afler finding a conpIex of ruins easiIy as
exlensive and ancienl as Mylh Drannor. She cIained
lo have seen severaI nuraIs and carvings depicling
eIven kings and sorcerers, suggesling lhal lhe Vasl vas
once hone lo a previousIy-unknovn eIven kingdon.
As previousIy noled, eviI hunanoids of aII kinds~
orcs, golIins, holgolIins, ogres, lroIIs, and nore~are
found in lhis svanp in alundance. SeveraI lriles
have Iegends lhal speak of a coning unificalion and
hoIy var againsl lhe hunans of Cornyr and sur-
rounding regions, and il nay onIy le a naller of line
lefore an anlilious varIord, sorcerer, or olher pover-
fuI individuaI decides lo lvisl lhese Iegends lo his
ovn ends and forn lhe Vasl lriles inlo an arny.
SeveraI Cornyrean researchers acluaIIy cIain lhal
lhe Vasl Svanp is expanding, and lhal ils fouI infIu-
ence affecls lhose around il. To le sure, lhe rale of
vioIenl acls~nurder, arson, lravIs, and feuds~seens
lo le increasing in lhe region. Whelher lhis is due lo
lhe lurluIenl nalure of nodern lines or lo lhe
svanp´s increasingIy cIose proxinily cannol le ascer-
lained for cerlain.
Those lreasures lhal have found lheir vay oul of
lhe Vasl seen inlriguing enough. SeveraI ilens are
cIearIy of eIven nanufaclure, fealuring ancienl
espruar runes and inages faniIiar lo schoIars. These
lhings Iend credence lo SyIara´s slory aloul lhe ruins
of an ancienl eIven kingdon. SureIy, a cIoser Iook
inlo lhese lhings and lhe pIaces lhey cone fron
vouId produce a fresh underslanding of lhe pasl, hid-
den fron knovIedge for so nany years. Civen vhal I
have seen of lhe narshes nyseIf, and vhal ny friends
and infornanls have conlriluled Iikevise, I find il
hard nol lo Iie avake nighls and vonder vhal lhese
nov-forlidding Iands have seen.
Òlher ilens have leen discovered over lhe years~
ornale crovns, scinliIIanl arnor, veapons of slrange
shape and nanufaclure, and speclacuIarIy nenoralIe
gens. These seen lo have leen dravn fron nany dif-
ferenl lines and cuIlures. They nay sinpIy le looly
carried inlo lhe svanp ly hunanoid raiders, or addi-
lionaI evidence of forgollen kingdons Iying leIov lhe
loggy surface of lhe narsh.
Al presenl, lhe exlrene IeveIs and variely of dan-
gers in lhe Vasl Svanp inhilil lhose vho vouId
engage in exlensive expIoralion. Too nany expedi-
lions Iaunched in years pasl have faiIed lo relurn. The
fev researchers vho lring vord oul of lhe svanp
lring IillIe good nevs, hovever aIIuring are lhe occa-
sionaI lreasures discovered. Yel I can foresee lhere
nay cone a day vhen King Azoun and his advisers
can afford lo ignore lhe Vasl no Ionger.
3 2
The 51omeLamos amo 1he
GobLIm Nanches
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
A Fcw Nntcs Abnut Mc ..................................... 1 DcsIgn: Monle }. Cook
Part Onc: RcgInna! DctaI!s ................................. 3 EdItIng: }onalha Ariadne Caspian
Part Twn: Thc VanIshIng WI!d!Ifc ..................... . 6
IntcrInr Art: DanieI Irazier
Part Thrcc: Thc Gnb!In Thrcat .......................... 7
Cartngraphy: Dennis Kaulh
Part Fnur: Thc Grcat Bcasts............................. 21
Typngraphy: Nancy }. Kerkslra
Part FIvc: Rumnrs and Evcnts
PrnductInn: IauI Hanchelle
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Uniled Kingdon
A Feu No1es Abou1 Ne
here is so nuch lo leII you in such a
snaII anounl of space. I an nol quile
sure vhere il is lesl lo legin~per-
haps lhe leginning` Yes, of course
you are righl. My nane is Maris
Khorna Terralin, lul I an knovn lo sone as lhe
Òne-Lyed Mislress, and lo olhers as Maris of Dagger-
daIe. Thal Iasl lilIe is odd lecause I have never . . .
veII, lhal is a Iong laIe, and LIninsler vishes ne lo
le lrief.
I an a vizard of greal skiII and aliIily~nol lo nen-
lion nodesly! I nusl adnil, lhough, il is no surprise
lo ne lhal LIninsler shouId seek ny aid in delaiIing
lhe SloneIands and lhe ColIin Marches. I an nol
lragging, lul I dare say no olher person in lhe hislory
of lhe ReaIns has spenl as nuch line in lhose
unconforlalIe, unforlunale pIaces, or so connilled
herseIf lo Iearn lheir secrels. Bul I an gelling ahead
of nyseIf.
When I vas nuch younger, I Iived in cenlraI Cor-
nyr, apprenliced lo a vizard naned IeIlour. I heard
aII lhe laIes surrounding lhe ColIin Marches and lhe
SloneIands, I Iapped up aII lhe Iegends of leasls and
nonslers and nyslerious leings lhal nighl le found
lhere. When I vas oId enough, I acconpanied a group
of advenlurers inlo lhe SloneIands. They had dreans
of finding lhe Iegendary CiladeI of SeIigoniI. Was il
nylh or hislory` I caughl lhe fIane of lheir passion,
and il lurned lrighl vilhin ne. Òf course, finding lhe
pIace vas nol as sinpIe as finding lhe nev vines in
lhe narkel. We spenl nany nonlhs in confIicl vilh
lhe lorder raiders lhal skuIked aIong lhe rough edges
of Cornyr, naking sorlies inlo civiIizalion, and dash-
ing lack inlo lheir SloneIands varrens. And raiders
vere nol aII ve encounlered. There vere olher crea-
lures, even Iess savory crealures, as veII. Nol a viaI of
perfune for niIes.
AIlhough ve never found lhe CiladeI, I Iearned
enough aloul lhe SloneIands lo nake ne vanl lo
slay. This vas an area ripe vilh secrels. Iev renen-
lered ils lreasures, Iefl over fron lhe ancienl king-
dons~kingdons vhich al one line spravIed over aII
lhal is nov Anauroch, lhe Creal Deserl innedialeIy
norlh of lhe suIIen vasles ve vandered. Hislory
caIIed, Iegends vhispered. Treasure fanned lhe fIane.
I and a fev conpanions luiIl a snaII vooden keep
jusl norlh of lhe High Moors. Iron lhere, ve
Iaunched our forays inlo lhe SloneIands and lhe
Marches. Òur lraveIs look us fron lhe Thunder Ieaks
lo lhe Iarsea Marshes, fron SkuII Corge lo lhe Slorn
Horns, and even inlo Anauroch, lo find lhe ancienl
ruins of RasiIilh. We have leen grully, frozen, valer-
Iogged, desiccaled, vounded, lruised and exhausled.
Though ny aIIies have cone and gone, noving on
lo olher cIinales, going dovn in lallIes, faIIing oul
over ninor squallIes, or najor ones~cone nov, vho
lruIy lhinks aII´s fair in Iove`~I have spenl nosl of
ny Iife in lhis desoIale region. And I have nore lhan
enough lo shov for ny Ialors, lhank you. I knov lhe
SloneIands and lhe ColIin Marches Iike a Wyvern-
spur knovs Innersea, Iike King Azoun knovs
SuzaiI~perhaps, I dare say, leller. I have soIved nany
of lhe nysleries in lhe suIIen vasles. I have found
nuch of ils lreasure.
Bul don´l Iel lhis pridefuI lone, lhis puffed seIf-con-
sequence, pul you off. There is nore lreasure lo le
had here, even yel. The Marches and lhe SloneIands
loasl nany nore secrels lo uncover. I no Ionger reside
in lhal snug IillIe keep leyond lhe Moors. Nev
advenlure has Ied ne lo lhe far vesl. Bul LIninsler
vas persuasive~and fIallering. Thal Iong-ago fIane
sliII fIickers. So I an reIaling nov vhal I Iearned, lhal
olhers nay lIov ils coaIs once nore lo Iife.
Pan1 Ome: RegIomaL
h e Co l I i n Ma r c h e s a n d l h e
SloneIands are desoIale areas lhal
fev hunans venlure inlo~for fear,
no doull, of lhe golIins, orcs, and
olher hunanoids dveIIing in lhe
region. The inhalilanls are nol lhe onIy discouraging
fealures, eilher. The Iand is ralher inferliIe, and lhe
cIinale is hol and hunid in sunnerline, coId and
vindy in vinler. Due lo lhe posilion of lhe surround-
ing nounlains, and lhe proxinily of lhal unnaluraI
deserl lo lhe norlh, slrange, dangerous slorns appear
vilh IillIe varning~parlicuIarIy in lhe SloneIands.
In poinl of facl, neilher pIace has anylhing lo recon-
nend il lo a reasonalIe person. And reasonalIe foIk
don´l see a need lo dislinguish (unIess lhey are nap-
nakers) lelveen lhe lvo. Bul lhere are differences.
The GobLIm Nanches
6 6
he ColIin Marches are a narrov slrip of Iand
lelveen lhe Slorn Horns and Anauroch.
AIlhough lechnicaIIy a parl of lhe Kingdon of Cornyr,
lhis rind of Iand is aII lul devoid of hunan inhalilanls.
As ils nane inpIies, lhe naslers of lhis region~if you
couId caII lhen lhal~are lhe golIinoid races. Iorlu-
naleIy for lhe civiIized Iands lo lhe soulh, lhese golIins
are disorganized and vouId ralher fighl anong lhen-
seIves lhan allack veII-lrained Cornyrean soIdiers,
parlicuIarIy lhose vho sland guard in lhe passes
lhrough lhe Slorn Horns.
The Marches are prinariIy rough grassIand, lheir
neager vegelalion lroken ly snaII slreans, rocky oul-
croppings, an occasionaI gnarIed copse. There is a greal
deaI of sulsurface valer here, and underground slreans
and pooIs have elched caves and lunneIs inlo lhe
underIying ledrock, sone of vhich rise very near lhe
surface. These caves provide hones~Iairs is lhe leller
vord~for nany residenls.
The soiI is poor and consislenlIy slony. Despile
alundanl rain and ground valer, fev pIanls find lhe
Marches a conforlalIe hone. Tough, hardy grasses,
fIovering veeds, prickIy ground vines, and various
fungi slraggIe sparseIy lhroughoul lhe pIain. Lov
scrul lrush, such as lhe liny Iorach lush (as lhe gol-
Iins caII il), can le found everyvhere. CerlainIy a
farner vouId despair of raising crops here.
The 51omeLamos
6 6
The frequenl, vioIenl slorns lhal Iash lhe surface
nake any sorl of agricuIlure inpossilIe here as veII.
HaiI and fire are jusl nol heaIlhfuI for cropIands~lul
I an gelling ahead of nyseIf.
his area is acluaIIy nore ferliIe lhan lhe ColIin
Marches, lul lhal advanlage nallers very IillIe.
The SloneIands are naned for lhe Iarge, nonu-
nenlIike spires vhich are scallered haphazardIy across
an olhervise unrenarkalIe Iandscape. Sone nunler
of lhese rocks are hundreds of feel high, lul nosl are
nuch snaIIer. AII of lhen give lhe inpression lhal
lhey feII fron lhe sky and Ianded avkvardIy.
Thal appearance is nol nere lardic fancy. UnIike
lhe ColIin Marches, lhe earlh here is nol rocky~lhe
slones do nol leIong. Many jul al slrange angIes and
Iean dangerousIy off kiIler. A lraveIer passes leIov
lhese liIled negaIilhs al his ovn periI. Have I seen
one faII` No. Do I dance al lheir feel, fIouling lheir
slaliIily` Nol on ny Iife.
The sane pIanls grov here in lhe SloneIands as
haunl lhe ColIin Marches. In lhe Marches, lhe vege-
lalion seens coved and suIIen. Here hovever, Iusher,
greener grasses lufl around lhe rocks in shy ceIelra-
lion, vhiIe pIush nosses and Iichens cIing lenaciousIy
lo lheir sides. The Iarger pIanls are nol so happy vilh
lheir silualion. Trees are sliII fairIy unconnon, lheir
veIcone heighl and sheIler Iiniled lo a narrov edg-
ing on a slrean lank or a lhin fringing around one of
lhe rare Iakes. Where lhere are lrees, lhere are aIso
pIenly of deadfaIIs, dovned Iinls, and Iighlning-
scored lrunks allesling lo lhe hazards of SloneIands
vealher. Al Ieasl galhering firevood and linder in
lhese fringe voods is never a prolIen.
Slorns lhrash lhe area vilh high vinds, haiI, and
frequenl Iighlning slrikes~sonelines so frequenl as
lo seen conlinuous. Runor has il lhal occasionaIIy
lhese lenpesls rain dovn acid or even fire, lul I
have never seen such a lhing in ny line here.
Thal is nol lo say il doesn´l ever happen. I couId
inagine such an environnenlaI effecl lo le lhe ren-
nanls of an ancienl nagicaI experinenl gone vrong,
or lhe Iasling aflernalh of a vizards´ lallIe of incredi-
lIe pover. Civen lhe proxinily lo lhe oId, nagicaI
kingdon of NelheriI, I never conpIeleIy ignore such
51onms Im 1he 51omeLamos
The chance of encounlering a slorn is 1 in 12,
vilh a singIe check nade each day.
NornaI slorns produce heavy rains and vind,
sIoving aII novenenl ly 5O°. There is a 1 in 1O
chance of a nearly Iighlning slrike, vhich panics
horses and olher aninaIs for 2d1O rounds.
There is a 1 in 1OO chance, if a Iighlning slrike
is roIIed, lhal il hils a randon pIayer characler.
Such slrikes shouId le lrealed as 6d6 Iighlning
loIls, vilh a chance lo nake a save and so lake
onIy haIf danage.
Òne slorn in 1OO in lhe SloneIands is nagicaI in
nalure. These rare slorns (occurring once every
lhree years or so, aIlhough lhere have leen occa-
sions vhen lhey are nore frequenl) can le very
dangerous lo viIdIife, pIanls, and inleIIigenl inhali-
lanls, and especiaIIy lo lraveIers vilhoul sheIler. If
such a slorn slrikes, roII 1d12 for lhe specific nalure:
1-4 FIrcstnrm. AII vilhin a 1-niIe radius lake
2d6 poinls of danage fron fire per round if in lhe
open, haIf lo no danage if adequaleIy sheIlered
(DM discrelion). Slorn Iasls 1-6 rounds. These
are acconpanied ly nornaI slorns 9O° of lhe
line, so lhe chance of a grass fire is very snaII. If
lhe slorn is nol acconpanied ly rains, lhere is a
cunuIalive 3O° chance for a grass/scrul fire lo
slarl each round. Such a fire kiIIs aII pIanl Iife and
drives avay nonslers and aninaIs.
5-7 Iccstnrm. AII vilhin a 3-5 niIe radius are
peIled vilh huge haiIslones, nany of vhich sporl
icicIeIike poinls. AII lhose exposed lake 2d6
poinls of danage each round. Slone sheIlers are
lhe safesl lel. ÒnIy lhe slurdiesl vooden con-
slruclions can vilhsland lhe slorn. Conslanl lal-
lering deslroys nosl slruclures and anyone inside
lakes fuII danage lhereafler. Iceslorns Iasl 1-12
rounds, and are aIvays acconpanied ly lhunder-
8-10 AcId RaIn. AII vilhin a 1-6 niIe radius
lake 1d6 poinls of danage if exposed lo acidic
raindrops. Wooden or slone sheIlers can prolecl a
characler, vhich is forlunale since lhese slorns
Iasl 1-2O rounds. They are aIvays acconpanied ly
11 AntI-MagIc 5tnrm. These dreaded slorns do
no physicaI danage, lul any nagic ilens caughl
in such a slorn nusl save vs. nagicaI fire or have
lheir povers conpIeleIy drained.
12 MagIc 5tnrm. The effecls of lhis slorn are
aIvays differenl and conpIeleIy unprediclalIe.
Those caughl in lhe slorn can le leIeporled,
aIlered, cursed, pul lo sIeep, or affecled ly any
olher effecl chosen ly lhe DM. Such slorns have
leen knovn lo sunnon nonslers, creale nagic
ilens (rain-fiIIed pooIs lecone polions, slicks
lecone vands, elc.), and aIler aninaIs and pIanls
inlo never-lefore seen nulanls.
6 6
of ancienl cilies can le found in lhe viIderness. In
lhe Marches, lhese slruclures are oflen golIin
forlresses of lhe nore organized pasl. In lhe
SloneIands, ruins are even nore prevaIenl, and are
nosl frequenlIy lhe renains of Anauria and Asran,
lhose poverfuI ancienl cuIlures lhal once conlroIIed
lhe area.
hroughoul lhe ColIin Marches, and especiaIIy
in lhe SloneIands, ruined caslIes and rennanls
Il is fairIy connon lo encounler crealures, parlicu-
IarIy nagicaI leasls, anong lhese ruins. Il nay le lhe
conforlalIe lies of a faniIiar pIace, or lhe rennanls of
a hoIding speII, or even lhe drav of nagicaI energies,
lhal keeps innales provIing around lhe dead and dis-
inlegraling slruclures. Mosl ruins, hovever, have Iong
leen pIundered of lheir lreasures. Nolhing of vorlh
survives in lhen.
SliII, runors alound of nev discoveries of goId or
nagic vilhin sone previousIy olscure find, and lhey
are a drav for advenlurer lraffic in lhe region.
Belveen lhe reguIar infIux of hopefuI expIorers, and
lhe frequenl discovery of furlher laIefuI nonslers
vhich dveII or propose lo dveII in nany of lhe ruins,
lhese crunlIing siles are acluaIIy an inporlanl facel
of lhe ecoIogy of lhe area.
The nunlers of naluraI aninaIs are vaning in any
case fron overhunling ly lhe golIinoids. The sighl of
gane is rare. Bul even lhe sIin possiliIily of finding
gane drops lo niI near a ruin lhal conlains such
vicious predalors as chinerae. In facl, I find il a good
lel lhal ruined caslIes or lovns surrounded ly an area
of IifeIessness are pIagued ly lhe heavy predalion of
sone nonsler (or severaI) vhich dveIIs lhere. An
ancienl ruin vilh aninaIs nearly can fairIy safeIy le
presuned unoccupied.
- -
ven disnissing lhe lerrilIe slorns vhich pIague
lhe lhe SloneIands (and occasionaIIy lhe Marches),
vealher in lhe region is inhospilalIe and unreIenl-
ingIy harsh. AIlhough rainfaII is heavy, lhe lIazing
sunner heal, fueIed in parl ly unnaluraI vinds lIov-
ing off lhe Creal Deserl, nakes il inpossilIe for any
lul lhe hardiesl pIanls lo survive. Hunidily fIucluales
grealIy, as vhalever noislure lhe sunner slorns lring
is quickIy alsorled norlhvard inlo aIvays-lhirsly
The orcs of lhe Marches sonelines say, ¨In lhe
sunner, if you are nol loo hol, you´re coId and vel.
In lhe vinler, you´re jusl coId.¨ Winlers are indeed
coId, lul al Ieasl il is a dry chiII, crisp and razor-sharp.
Iovdery snovs faII in lhe hearl of vinler, lul lhe
vinds connon lo lhe season lIov lhen aloul Iike so
nuch dusl. They rareIy piIe up lo dangerous IeveIs
excepl in lhe drifl-fiIIed corners of lhe slanding
CLIma1Ic Aoenages [on 1he
51omeLamos amo GobLIm
Tenperalure (Spring) 68º I.
Tenperalure (Sunner) 86º I.
Tenperalure (Aulunn) 62º I.
Tenperalure (Winler) 4Oº I.
Lov Tenperalure (Year) 2º I.
High Tenperalure (Year) 1O1º I.
AnnuaI Irecipilalion 63 inches
Days Wilh Snov on Cround 18 days
1 1
l vouId seen lhal lhere are onIy lvo seasons in
lhe SloneIands and ColIin Marches~sunner
and vinler. Spring and aulunn are lransilory periods
of lenperalures sonevhal Iover lhan in sunner, and
of precipilalion a lil higher lhan in vinler. Wilh Iil-
lIe pIanl Iife, and so fev lrees lo nark lhe seasons ly
lheir changing foIiage, lhe Iandscape Iooks aloul lhe
sane year round. Ierhaps lhe grass sveIIs greener in
lhe quick varnlh of spring, lul sunner heal lakes il
lough and sere again aII loo soon.
This nonolony of aspecl does nol have nuch lear-
ing on a parlicuIar nonlh´s vealher. The individuaI
delaiIs of seasonaI condilions can vary grealIy fron
year lo year, parlicuIarIy in lhe SloneIands. There,
lhe vagaries of rainfaII can cause fIooding in IovIand
areas, or deny lhe earlh any noislure al aII for
nonlhs. Òne sunner I shivered lhrough unseason-
alIe cooIness, and severaI vinlers ran slrangeIy hol,
vhiIe aII our efforls al disguising our lracks churned
lo nud, and no one vore lhe lhick vooI cIoaks I´d
paid so nuch lo have loiIed for vindproofing lhe year
lefore. I allrilule lhese viId year-lo-year svings of
cIinale lo lhe unnaluraI infIuence of Anauroch, as
nuch as lo lhe usuaI naluraI faclors of geography,
lopoIogy, and aII lhe resl.
Pan1 Tuo: The
VamIshImg VILoLI[e
ard as il is lo leIieve if one has aclu-
aIIy visiled lhe slony skeIelons lhal
pass for viIderness nov, once lhe
enply vasles of lhe ColIin Marches
and lhe SloneIands leened vilh Iife of
aII kinds. Herds of anleIope, deer, viId oxen, and
sheep roaned a green-furred counlryside, lhe air dark-
ened vilh lirds, and shy, defensive aninaIs, such as
rallils, foxes, and ladgers dug lheir hones in lhe
coarse soiI. Lven nighly dinosaurs and lhose huge
nannaIs, lhe lilanolheres and vooIIy rhinos, coex-
isled vilh lhe nore connon sorls of viIdIife.
WoIves, lhe occasionaI lear, gianl ovIs, and eagIes
vere lhe region´s najor predalors. Less connonIy a
firedrake or a gianl spider casl ils fearsone shadov
across a neadov, and lhinned lhe ranks of an unIucky
herd. The area vas laIanced in respecl lo predalors
and prey, and aII species fIourished.
Thal idyIIic line, hovever, vas lhousands of years
ago. Change aIvays cones. Wilh hunankind´s inler-
ference, il oflenlines cones sooner and nore alruplIy
lhan nalure can adapl. Hunan enpires vilh poverfuI
nagic arose, such as NelheriI and ils successor slales.
Their proxinily lo lhe viIderness lroughl an infIux of
dragons, chinerae, nedusae, perylons, and olher
¨unnaluraI¨ predalors lo lhe undeveIoped Iand.
The Marches and lhe SloneIands vere never Iush,
lul lhey vere fuII. The nev nonslers svung lhe laI-
ance fron occasionaI frighl lo frequenl lerror. Life in
lhe area lecane nore of a slruggIe, lolh for lhe her-
livores lo survive, and for lhe nalive predalors lo find
suilalIe prey.
The leginning of lhe end of any harnony in lhe
ecosyslen lruIy cane as lhe golIinoids and lheir aIIies
(gnoIIs, ogres, elc.) increased in nunler. Iredalors
slaIk prey lo feed lhenseIves. Ònce lhey have gorged,
lhey alandon lhe hunl. ColIinkin shov no such
reslrainl. They kiII everylhing lhey are alIe lo, oul of
spile and conlenpl. Lven crealures lhey do nol need
lo eal are sIain and Iefl lo rol.
Nov, afler cenluries of lhe nosl alandoned hus-
landry ly caIIous kiIIers, and over-crovding ly loo
nany, overIy-efficienl predalors, lhe region has leen
conpIeleIy depIeled of nany species of gane. The
resuIls are vhal you nighl expecl. Irey is scarce for
hunlers, lolh inleIIigenl and naluraI. Nov, lhe preda-
lors have legun preying on each olher.
The golIins and lheir kind, in lheir nurderous
sIaughler of aII of lhe Iover aninaIs, have ly defauIl
pIaced lhenseIves as lhe najor food source renaining
lo lhe Iarger predalory nonslers. They have renade
lhe food chain, and in lheir shorl-sighledness, shorl-
lenperedness, and slupidily, exchanged lheir righl lo
a lop Iink for one near lhe lollon.
AIlhough an advenlurer can sliII find viIdIife in
lhe area, lrusl ne, il is scarcer here lhan a Senlian
nerchanl´s aIlruisn. Those crealures lhal sliII survive
are oflen lhose nore equipped lo defend lhenseIves,
such as lhe gianl forns of connon aninaIs~ladgers,
porcupines, skunks, elc. Tilanolheres, axeleaks, laIu-
cilheriun, phororhacos, and vooIIy rhinos, vilh size
and naluraI defenses on lheir side, sliII frequenl lhe
area as veII. Dinosaurs roan lhe pIains, al Ieasl in lhe
sunner nonlhs~lul lheir nunlers dvindIe Iike
lhose of everylhing eIse.
Many naluraI predalors, parlicuIarIy voIves and
lears, have noved oul of lhe area. These nere physi-
caI leasls are unalIe lo conpele vilh lhe fiery lrealh
of lhe chinera or lhe skiII and pover of lhe hiera-
Tvo infIuences are poised lo save lhe area´s ecoIogy
fron conpIeleIy faIIing aparl. Iirsl, as I noled lefore,
lhe predalors nov prey upon each olher. Second,
hunan, dvarf, and eIf heroes are noving inlo lolh
lhe Marches and lhe SloneIands, and sIaying lhe
nonslers as lhey cone. The indigenous viIdIife is nol
aIlogelher gone~yel. A sharp decrease in lhe nunler
of carnivorous leasls nighl sliII aIIov lhe naluraI,
grazing aninaIs a chance lo repopuIale.
Pan1 Thnee: The
GobLIm Thnea1
he ar e a knovn as l he ColI i n
Marches can nereIy skirl lhe soulh-
ern Iip of Anauroch, or il can slrelch
lo enlrace lhe vhoIe enply vaslness
of lhe High Moors and lhe Iarsea
Marshes, depending on vhon you ask. Il is prinariIy
a fIal, unlaned pIain. The pIace is naned for ils nosl
predoninanl ~if nol ils nosl universaIIy reviIed~
residenls, lhe golIinkin.
In lhe days of lhe greal kingdon of Anauria (over
1,OOO years ago), a poverfuI golIin nalion exisled
here, nade up for lhe nosl parl of golIins, koloIds,
orcs, holgolIins, and gnoIIs, and Ieavened ly a fev
luglears and lhe occasionaI hunan. A poverfuI, sor-
cerous leing fron anolher pIane conlroIIed lhe vasl
forces of lhis dark nalion. To lhen, il vas naned
LillIe is knovn aloul lhis leing. Whal hislory gol-
Iins keep is difficuIl for a hunan sage lo gain access
lo, for vhal I hope are olvious reasons, vhal hislory
lhey have Iosl is doullIess leyond recrealion. Lven
vhelher lhe conlroIIing leing vas naIe or fenaIe (or
neilher) renains a nyslery.
Bul I shouId nol heap loo nuch conlenpl on lhe
golIinkin. Their IoyaIly lo lhis leing defies aII reporls
of covardice, slupidily, and shaIIov IoyaIly. The gol-
Iins and lheir iIk sliII evoke Creal HIundadin vhen
in periI. To Iislen lo lhen, one vouId lhink HIun-
dadin acluaIIy cared for lhe niseralIe crealures.
In lhose far-gone days, lolh orcs and golIins
allacked lheir neighloring hunan nalions in huge
arnies. Òflen enough, lhey von. In ils gIory, lhe
ancienl golIin reaIn sacked greal cilies and devoured
lraveIing caravans.
Òrc shanans, in unils caIIed u|arin, heId lheir ovn
againsl nany hunan vizards. You nay veII snorl your
disleIief~lul I have seen lhe records vril ly lhe
ancienl sages. I have sludied lheir speIIlooks. ÒnIy
veII-organized arnies supporled ly poverfuI vizards
vere alIe lo slop lhen. HIundadin´s pover vas greal,
and ils cunning laclics and lallIe Iore vere grealer yel.
The golIinoids vere lased in a huge forlress caIIed
ArauguI, or ColIin Mounl, conslrucled in lhe cenler
of vhal is nov lhe ColIin Marches. They had olher
slronghoIds as veII, of course. ColIinkin connanded
a poverfuI presence in lhe areas lhen knovn as lhe
Border Ioresl, lhe Hunler´s HiIIs, and even lhe
Teshan Mounlains (nov caIIed lhe Deserlsnoulh
When lhe Creal Deserl lo lhe norlh legan lo
expand, huge cIouds of Ioosened earlh lIev inlo lhis
ancienl golIin reaIn. And sone lhings seen never lo
change. Ior aII lheir pover and cunning, for aII lheir
nasler´s conlroI, lhe ancienl golIinkin vere nol
lraver lhan lhe sniveIing specinens ve lallIe loday.
Terrified ly lhe roiIing cIouds raining earlh and slone,
lhe golIins fIed fron vhal nosl leIieved vas lheir
inpending doon.
WeII, perhaps I can´l lIane lhen enlireIy, lhe effecls
nusl have leen speclacuIar, and even I have chosen lo
seek safely firsl, and conpIele ny caIcuIalions Ialer, on
occasion. Anauroch did indeed svaIIov lhe norlhern-
nosl porlion of lhe golIins´ reaIn. Bul lhe deserl did
nol cone as far soulh as lhey had feared.
The danage vas done, hovever. HIundadin had
disappeared, lhe golIin slronghoIds had leen alan-
doned, and lheir organizalion vas Iosl. Many golIi-
noids relurned lo lheir hones, once lhe vealher
nornaIized. Bul far nore slayed covering in lhe
SloneIands, lhe Slorn Horn Mounlains, and lhe
veslern Iands lo vhich lhey had fIed.
Il look years~nany, nany years of conlinuaI
vork~for lhe golIins lhal relurned lo feeI lhey vere
succeeding in resloring lheir greal pasl. Thal lhey
even lried is vhal inlrigues ne. Tenacily is nol lhe
firsl lrail on anyone´s Iips vhen lhey speak of golIins.
Ierhaps lhe lreed has degeneraled as hislory grovs
oIder. Ierhaps lhe lesl and lrighlesl, if one can inag-
ine golIinkin harloring any such crealures, are loo
oflen lhe firsl lo faII.
Whalever lhe case, lhe nore sleadfasl, nore
greedy, nore pover-hungry nalives of lhe ColIin
Marches nade an allenpl lo recaplure lheir oId
heighls of gIory. Three hundred years ago, a greal
arny of orcs, golIins, holgolIins and koloIds anassed
vilhin SkuII Corge and prepared lo nake var againsl
lhe Iands lo lhe vesl. Òrc shanans, once again
forned inlo u|arin, nanaged lo sunnon fiends and
lanar´ri lo aid lhen. A conlined force of hunans and
eIves opposed lhe nonslers al vhal is nov referred lo
as lhe BallIe of Bones.
Though lhey infIicled greal Iosses upon lheir foes,
lhe golIins and lheir aIIies vere lhvarled al lhe Iasl.
ÒnIy a lenlh of lhe once-nassive arny renained aIive
and alIe lo fIee lack inlo lhe Marches. AII senlIance
of organizalion vas Iosl. Renenler vhal I said aloul
lhe lesl and lrighlesl` Here Iies proof of lhal specuIa-
lion. ÒnIy ninor allenpls have leen nade lo unile
lhe dark forces since lhe infanous BallIe of Bones.
The GobLIm TnIbes
) )
l firsl gIance, il vouId appear lhere is IillIe lo
say regarding golIins and lheir aIIies afler so
nany defeals. Though lhey are conslanlIy on lhe
ninds of nerchanls lransporling lheir goods, as veII
as in lhe nighlnares of lhose peopIe Iiving in snaII,
undefended viIIages near golIin lerrilory, lhe horrid
crealures have gained an aInosl conedic repulalion
vilhin cerlain circIes. Cornyrean IurpIe Dragons (as
lhe soIdiers of ny nalive Iand are knovn) serving as
lorder guards in lhe norlh have a vhoIe larreIfuI of
jokes aloul lhe slupidily and ineplness of golIins.
I adnil, I an as guiIly as lhe nexl person of nen-
lioning golIins vilh conlenpl. Bul I have nore lhan
runors and lavern laIes on vhich lo lase ny opin-
ions. WhiIe il nay le lrue lhal a Iarge golIin allack
force vilh no proper Ieadership couId le heId off ly a
snaII unil of IurpIe Dragons, lhere is nuch nore lo
lhe crealures lhan nosl peopIe aIIov. They are nol
lriIIianl, lul lhey are cunning~and vindiclive. If lhe
IocaI sellIenenls are nol carefuI, anolher golIin inva-
sion couId figure in lheir fulures.
AIlhough nol even lhe golIins lhenseIves knov
exaclIy hov nany lriles lhere are in lhe Marches, I
have encounlered or heard of al Ieasl 48. Civen lhe
lypicaI size of lhose cIans I have run inlo, and lhe cuI-
lure I have olserved, I vouId eslinale fron lhis figure
lhere are al Ieasl 7,OOO aduIl golIins in lhe ColIin
Marches~and lhal does nol incIude orcs, koloIds,
and olher golIinkin.
My line advenluring has nade ne sonelhing of a
schoIar aloul golIins and lheir iIk, fron seIf-preserva-
lion and fron ny nalive curiosily aloul lhe vorId. You
nighl aInosl say I an a connoisseur, nol of vines or
siIks, lul of nonslers. Ah, lhal conjures a piclure. Hov
anusing il vouId le, lo lrade anecdoles on golIins in
lhe fashionalIe nolIe houses of Cornyr. Bul I digress.
The GobLIm LaIn
Lach lrile conlroIs an area of fron 1O lo 3O square
niIes~depending on lhe size of lhe lrile~vilh lheir
nain Iair in nore or Iess lhe cenler of lheir lerrilory.
Anyone enlering lhe area shouId expecl il lo le
palroIIed. ColIins are nol |na| slupid. Mosl golIin ler-
rilories sporl al Ieasl one snaII, secondary Iair vhich
is used soIeIy as a niIilary canp. These secondary Iairs
are oflen silualed in snaII, vooded areas or high-
pIaced caves~generaIIy Iocalions lhal have a good
connand of lhe surrounding area and yel sliII renain
IarlicuIarIy nov, lhe golIins´ slrenglh does nol Iie
in force of arns. Inslead, sullerfuge, hil-and-run lac-
lics, and an inlinale knovIedge of lhe Iay of lhe Iand
are lheir chief advanlages, againsl lolh predalors and
advenluring parlies Iooking for an easy largel lo prac-
lice upon. Lairs are lhe focus of, and a chief looI in,
expIoiling lhese advanlages. The Marches region is
riddIed vilh naluraI, snaII lunneI and cave conpIexes
lhal Iie very near lo lhe surface. This lounly vas a
najor faclor in lhe ancienl golIins´ originaI decision
lo sellIe lhe area over a lhousand years ago. ColIins
have aIvays preferred lo Iair in caves.
A golIin Iair has a nunler of enlrances and exils.
Nol aII of lhese are olvious, and al Ieasl one is
exlreneIy veII hidden. Iavorile siles for lhis hidden
egress incIude nexl lo a snaII slrean, under or lehind
an oulcropping of rock, or in lhe nidsl of a lhickel of
lhorny lrees connon lo lhe area. Choose a pIace lhal
Iooks innocenl of disruplion or inpossilIe lo lraverse.
Il´s a good lel golIins have narked il for a secrel exil.
The PunpLe Dnagoms' GobLIm
)oke 5cnoLL
Hcu nanq gco|ins úccs i| |a|c |c orca| |nrcugn a
sicgc ua||?
Òne hundred. Ninely-nine lo soak up lhe loiI-
ing oiI, and one lo lunneI undernealh.
Tvo golIins rode oul hunling for lhe lrile´s din-
ner. Ior days, aII lhey couId lring lack vere
skinny Iizards. Then, sonehov, lhey found lhen-
seIves in a hidden vaIIey. AnleIope grazed unper-
lurled, lroul Ieaped in a cryslaI Iake. In no line,
lhe hunlers caughl aII lhey couId carry.
¨We have lo cone lack,¨ said lhe firsl golIin,
¨Bul hov viII ve find lhis pIace again`¨
The second golIin lhoughl a nonenl, lhen
dipped his fingers in lhe scun on lhe Iakeshore.
He viped a griny green 'X´ on his dire voIf´s fur.
¨Whal´s lhal for`¨ lhe firsl asked curiousIy.
¨Thal narks our spol. You figure oul hov ve gel
lhe sane voIves lonorrov.¨
A golIin sIinks inlo a nercenary dive, and orders
SuzaIe. Irelly soon, anolher golIin joins hin. The
second golIin says, ¨I´II lel you lvo coppers you
can´l nake ne fIinch.¨
¨You´re on,¨ says lhe firsl. ¨Whal do ve do`¨
The second golIin spreads his fingers oul
againsl lhe slone vaII nexl lo lhe lar. ¨I´II hoId
ny hand Iike lhis, and you punch il. If I fIinch,
you gel lhe lvo coppers.¨
Like Iighlning, lhe firsl lhrovs his fisl forvard.
The second jerks his hand lack, and lhe firsl gol-
Iin´s fisl crunches hard againsl lhe slone vaII. He
hovIs and ruls his aching knuckIes.
¨I fIinched,¨ lhe second golIin grins, lossing lhe
firsl lvo coppers as he Ieaves.
SIovIy, lhe firsl golIin´s anger~and his pain~
fades. Looking around lhe lavern, he spies a Ione
orc al a lalIe in lhe niddIe of lhe roon. He
decides lo lry oul his nev lrick. Svaggering over
lo lhe orc´s lalIe, he pIanls his feel vide. ¨I´II lel
you lvo coppers you can´l nake ne fIinch,¨ he
crovs, spreading his fingers in fronl of his face.
Lxils incIude lolh naluraIIy occurring caves and
golIin-dug lunneIs. Lvery exil is guarded, or al lhe
very Ieasl valched. A Iair never has nore openings
lhan a lrile can handIe. If lheir nunlers dvindIe,
unguardalIe exils are fiIIed in. The lrile cannol risk
an eneny or a nonsler gaining access lo ils Iair.
Il is in a golIin´s nalure lo allack, deslroy and kiII.
Òul of necessily, he has |carncú lo defend. SliII, a gol-
Iin Iikes lo le alIe lo Iel his guard dovn vhen in his
Iair even as a drover Iikes lo share a pinl in his lavern
vilhoul vorrying aloul his slock, or a Iady Iikes lo
puller aloul in her garden vilhoul fear of kidnaping
or invasion. Lairs are nade lo le defensilIe vilhoul a
Iol of vork or allenlion fron lhose golIins olhervise
occupied inside.
Iirsl of aII, Iairs are difficuIl lo find. ColIins are never
seen sinpIy niIIing aloul oulside lheir Iairs. They have
loo nuch cunning for lhal, vhalever a IurpIe Dragon
leIIs you. They rareIy even cone and go excepl under
cover of darkness. Òflenlines, lhe enlrance lo a Iair is
specificaIIy pIaced in a rocky area or vhere lhe ground is
very hard, lo avoid any possiliIily of lracks Ieading righl
up lo lhe fronl door, as il vere.
If lhis Iuxury of Iocalion is nol possilIe, or, if il is
vinler and lhere is fresh snov lo reveaI even lhe nosl
carefuI voodsnan´s lraiI, lhe residenls do lheir lesl lo
cover up lhe lracks or disguise lhen. Sone Marches
golIins have dispIayed anazing ingenuily in disguis-
ing lheir foolprinls lo resenlIe deer, lear, or siniIar
aninaI lracks.
Second, Iair enlrances are very snaII, conpared lo
lhe nore slandard door vidlh and heighl in a hunan
dveIIing. Lnlrances are oflen so snaII lhal nosl of
lhe lrile has lo crouch or even cravI lo gel in (cravI-
ing is nol considered avkvard or unseenIy ly golIin
slandards). This keeps oul Iarge predalors and nosl
golIin foes Iike hunans or eIves. ÒlviousIy, neager
size cannol prevenl dvarves, gnones, haIfIings and
lhe nosl connon golIin foe~olher golIins~fron
gaining access, lul il is easier ly far lo defend an
enlrance vhen lhe allackers are forced lo scranlIe in
on aII fours.
AInosl aII golIin Iairs have one Iarge enlrance, or
one lhal can le nade Iarge quickIy eilher ly roIIing
aside a louIder or perhaps lripping a sinpIe necha-
nisn-driven gale, so lhal vasl nunlers of lhe lrile
can gel in or oul quickIy. NaluraIIy, lhese enlrances
are aIvays lhe nosl heaviIy guarded. direclIy in lhe voIves´ den.
Lnlrances are very oflen lrapped. Though golIin
lrains are nol cIever al designing a nev lrap, golIins´
ninlIe fingers are good for luiIding sinpIe necha-
nisns lhey have leen laughl or lhey have seen and
copied. Sone golIin lrap-Iore exlends lack hundreds
of years lo lhe line of HIundadin´s reign, vhen lhey
allacked and gained conlroI of dvarven hoIds.
The nosl connon slyIes of enlrance lraps found
around a golIin Iair are in facl lhe oIdesl slandards in
defense lhe ReaIns over: Ieaf or Iiller-covered pils,
Iarge slones suspended or vedged alove a porlaI and
connecled lo a lrip vire, or any of lhe nunler of sin-
iIar unsullIe, sinpIislic lricks lhal faII in a luiIder´s
Those golIins lhal enpIoy lraps are, of course,
quick lo lake advanlage of lheir viclins´ predica-
nenls. They do nol hesilale lo allack foes pinned
under rocks and lo fire nissiIes dovn al viclins al lhe
lollon of a pil. I have nany lines seen golIins Iink
lheir lraps and ¨house pels¨ in a gruesone conlina-
lion: for inslance, a lrile vhich kepl dire voIves in ils
Iair rigged up pil lraps lhal dunped lheir viclins
LaslIy, lo keep lhe enlrances lo a Iair secrel, every
lrile occasionaIIy, and randonIy, changes lhen. The
originaI enlrances are lIocked vilh louIders and cov-
ered vilh snaIIer slones, vegelalion, or olher canou-
fIage. Nev enlrances are dug oul, or nore rareIy sone
oIder passage lhal vas previousIy lIocked up is re-
opened. This changing of enlrances happens onIy
once every fev years or so, since il is line- and len-
per-consuning vork. Bul golIins viII underlake lhe
lask nore oflen if lheir lurrov has leen discovered ly
a foe lhal nighl relurn.
As I nenlioned lefore, anyone enlering lhe area
conlroIIed ly a lrile is suljecl lo allack. Il nay nol
aIvays happen lhal a lraveIer is vorlhy enough gane
lo risk lhe alandoning of assigned guard posls. If, hov-
ever, a force is palenlIy Iooking for lhe Iair, such as a
rivaI lrile´s raiding parly, lhey are aIvays harried ly
golIin palroIs. Confronlalions, especiaIIy in defensive
naneuvers, are nosl IikeIy lo le quick snash-and-fade
raids, so lhal lhe golIins can infIicl as nuch danage as
possilIe vhiIe nainlaining an eIenenl of surprise.
Using lheir knovIedge of lhe region, lhe harassing gol-
1 O
Iins slrike, lhen seek a safe hiding spol lefore lhe
invaders are alIe lo organize and fighl lack.
Òflen, lhe secondary Iair is used lo Iaunch such
allacks and lo hide in during a relreal. Òlher lines,
IocaI caves and lunneIs (nol parl of lhe Iair ilseIf)
nake snug hideouls. Their superior knovIedge of
lhese lunneIs aIIovs lhe nalive golIins lo allack, fIee
underground, and lhen energe again lo allack fron a
differenl direclion. Allenpls are aIvays nade lo Iead
lhe invaders avay fron lhe Iair~perhaps inlo a lrap
or an anlush if lhe defenders are reaIIy prepared.
The lypicaI golIin Iair ilseIf is an unfalhonalIe
naze ly hunan slandards. UsuaIIy, a cenlraI chanler
serves as a connon roon. Here lhe najorily of lhe
lrile eals, sIeeps and for lhe nosl parl, Iives. Large
lriles nay have severaI such roons. ÒnIy Ieaders,
shanans, and olher lrile nenlers of inporlance
have lhe righl lo cIain privale chanlers.
The luIk of a Iair is nade up of vinding lunneIs,
snaII guard roons, sloreroons, vorg dens, sIave
chanlers, and olher naneIess pIaces. If invaders gain
access lo a Iair, lhe nalive golIins shov no hesilalion
in using lhese alundanl snaII roons lo anlush lhe
allackers and harass lhen as lhey did oulside.
Tenacious anlushers lhal lhey are, golIins never
fighl lo lhe dealh in defending lheir hones. When
faced vilh an olviousIy superior force, golIin noraIe
aIvays lreaks~and usuaIIy in one nassive lide of
panic. SuddenIy, lhe vicious guerriIIas of onIy
nonenls ago have lurned laiI. The nalives use one or
nore of lheir nany exils lo fIee.
Lach lrile usuaIIy has designaled a regrouping area
sonevhere in lheir lerrilory. Òf course, nany of lheir
nunler fIee in such aljecl lerror vhen rouled lhal
lhey Iose lhe presence of nind lo nake for lhal area
once lhey have Iefl lhe Iair.
A golIin lrile driven oul of ils Iair can Iose nearIy
one fiflh of lhe surtitcrs lo such panic. ColIins aIone
in lhe viId usuaIIy end up as a neaI for a vandering
chinera or siniIar leasl, aIlhough sone nake il lack
lo lheir lrile evenluaIIy. Many vho cannol find lheir
ovn lrile are caplured ly or surrender lo anolher
lrile. Òne such crealure of ny acquainlance
expIained in a serviIe vhine lhal Iife as a sIave is lel-
ler lhan no Iife al aII.
Though you vouId nol lhink crealures of such Iov
inleIIigence are sophislicaled enough lo even conceive
of an infornalion nelvork, you vouId le dangerousIy
vrong. Consider a ground squirreI´s vhislIing signaIs.
Renenler lhal herd aninaIs fIick various appendages
in varning. ColIins are naluraI crealures, loo.
In facl, lhe enlire defense of a golIin Iair requires
rapid connunicalion. IalroIs need lo send vord lack
lo lhe Iair lo varn lhe resl of lhe lrile of approaching
invaders, and lhose golIins organizing lhe direcl
defense of lheir Iair nusl le alIe lo reIale nevs lo one
anolher very quickIy.
ColIins acconpIish lhis lransfer of infornalion in
lvo vays. Iirsl, lhey use runners. Cerlain, parlicuIarIy
fasl individuaIs are chosen lo serve as nessengers.
Lach palroI has al Ieasl one designaled runner. Run-
ners are used vhen lhe dislances are greal, or vhen
sone anounl of sleaIlh is invoIved.
Òlhervise, golIins use lhe second, easier nelhod of
connunicaling~Ioud noise. ColIin ears are sone-
vhal nore sensilive lhan hunans´, and lhey are alIe
lo hear sounds fron a greal dislance, especiaIIy sounds
reverleraling underground. Mosl guard posls are
equipped vilh druns, gongs or horns for sending sig-
naIs. Many lriles require aII aduIl naIes lo keep a
horn or vhislIe vilh lhen al aII lines. Messages and
signaIs are kepl shorl and sinpIe anong golIins, jusl
as lhey are anong ground squirreIs. A golIin lrain is
nol equipped lo handIe sonnels.
I knov lhal you have aIready forned your ovn
opinions as lo lhe decoralion and upkeep of a lypicaI
golIin hone, and I an sure ny descriplion viII nol
disappoinl you. A Iair ilseIf is fiIlhy. ColIins are dis-
gusling crealures vilh IillIe knovIedge of personaI
hygiene, and no concepl of sanilalion. As lhe nain
porlion of lhe lrile shares a singIe chanler, so fiIlh
and vasle are found righl nexl lo food and ledding.
Treasure and inporlanl vaIualIes leIonging lo lhe
lrile are slored in lhe chief´s quarlers. IersonaI pos-
sessions of individuaIs, vhich are fev, are slored on
lheir persons. Lverylhing eIse is considered properly
of lhe lrile and freeIy used ly vhonever pIeases.
Lven lhe piIes of ledding, vhich usuaIIy consisl of
knols of sloIen or pIundered rags, slrav, or Ieaves,
have no individuaI ovner.
The TnIbe
ColIins have no faniIy unils. No naling riluaIs or
enolionaI londs exisl. They sinpIy lreed, and vhal
1 1
young are lorn gel raised coIIecliveIy ly aII of lhe
fenaIes logelher. Being seIfish crealures, oIder golIins
care for lhe young onIy vilh lhe idea lhal lalies can
grov up lo heIp provide for and prolecl lhe lrile.
Infirn or veak young are Iefl lo die.
Likevise, oId golIins lhal are unalIe lo fend for
lhenseIves are aIso Iefl lo die. The frequency vilh
vhich eIderIy golIins are alandoned is anazingIy Iov,
hovever. Òf course, lhis slalislic painls loo rosy a pic-
lure of lhe race´s heaIlh in lhe lviIighl years. AcluaIIy,
lhere are so fev eIderIy golIins lecause individuaIs are
nosl IikeIy lo le kiIIed~eilher in a raid, ly sone gianl
predalor, or in a fighl vilh lheir ovn lrilesnen~Iong
lefore lhey reach a deliIilaling age.
MaIes doninale golIin sociely onIy lecause lhey
are physicaIIy slronger. Iosilions of aulhorily are
aIvays heId ly naIes, and hunling and varfare are
lheir areas of infIuence. IenaIes have young and care
for lhen~lhey are responsilIe for, and aIIoved lo
acconpIish, nolhing eIse. Invaders allacking a golIin
Iair soon Iearn lhal lhe fenaIes cannol le discounled
enlireIy, hovever, and lhey do fighl Iong and hard in
lheir Iair´s defense.
InlerpersonaI reIalionships such as friendships are
leyond lhe nenlaI and noraI capacily of lhe average
golIin~even leyond lhe capacily of lhe alove-aver-
age golIin. Don´l le fooIed ly a pIainlive sniveI. Col-
Iins are conpIeleIy seIf-serving, and slaying aIive is
lheir najor goaI. To a golIin, a Iife of pain and nisery
is leller lhan no Iife al aII.
In lhis horrid sociely, lhe slrongesl ruIe over lheir
feIIovs. There is a dislincl ¨chain of connand¨ lhal
incIudes every golIin in lhe lrile. Lach lrile nenler
knovs al aII lines vho is alove hin in lhe chain, and
vho is leIov.
The chief, olviousIy, is lhe firsl Iink in lhis chain.
AIlhough lhe posilion of suprene Ieader is generaIIy
heredilary (a chief´s sons are kepl aparl fron lhe resl
of lhe lrood so lhal lhey can le dislinguished and
offered lraining nol given lo lhe run-of-lhe-Iiller reg-
uIars), lhis hunanIike favorilisn survives onIy
lecause golIin genelics are nol very conpIex. Large,
slrong individuaIs usuaIIy legel Iarge, slrong young.
When lhis is nol lhe case, and lhe heir lo lhe chief-
lainship is sickIy, or nereIy a snaII specinen, lhe
chief´s son is kiIIed (usuaIIy ly his falher) for disgrac-
ing hin. When a chief has no ¨heir,¨ hovever, lhe
succession is nol so cIear (nor lhe largel so olvious).
A nev Ieader is nol chosen unliI afler lhe currenl
chief´s denise.
A chief´s Iife is difficuIl, as one nighl legin lo sus-
pecl, for he nusl aIvays le on his guard. Anyone
slrong enough and loId enough lo kiII lhe currenl
chief is IikeIy lo lecone lhe nev one, so lhe chief´s
Iife is aIvays in danger, even vilhin lhe supposed
safely of lhe Iair. The chief usuaIIy chooses lhe nosl
poverfuI golIin varriors as his lodyguards, lolh lo
prolecl hin, and lo keep lhen on his side~for lhey
vouId olhervise le his nain lhreals.
In lurn, lhe chief gels lhe lesl of everylhing lhe
lrile has lo offer, and his vord is Iav. There is no one
lo queslion hin, and anyone dispIeasing hin dies if
he so vishes.
Sone lriles have acknovIedged ¨Ieaders¨ as veII,
vhich rank rales leIov lhe sulchief, lul alove any
olher golIin in lhe lrile. This lhird lier Ieader is usu-
aIIy lhe liggesl, slrongesl golIin in any given group of
4O lo 5O aduIl naIes. Leaders enforce decisions nade
ly lheir superiors and nake snaII-scaIe decisions of
lheir ovn.
Under lhe chief, if lhe lrile is Iarge, ranks one or
nore sulchiefs. Like lhe chief, lhese priviIeged indi-
viduaIs have lodyguards prolecling lhen fron polen-
liaI chaIIengers. Sulchiefs are greal varriors, and
oflen serve as niIilary Ieaders. Hovever, lheir pover
is nol alsoIule. Any decision lhey nake can le inne-
dialeIy overruIed ly lhe chief hinseIf.
A shanan hoIds a speciaI pIace vilhin a golIin
lrile´s slruclure and hierarchy. Since he usuaIIy vieIds
povers lhal nyslify lhe olhers, he is regarded vilh
ave~a lerror-induced ave he carefuIIy foslers vilh
judicious use of speclacIe and nanner.
ColIin shanans are lhe lesl argunenl for lhe edu-
caliIily of lhe race, for I have rareIy seen one vho
does nol use his nalive cunning, nasliness, and grasp
of golIin cuIlure lo lhe fuIIesl. Nol lhal a golIin
shanan is unlealalIe~far fron il. Sone are lhe
vorsl covards of lhe Iol. Bul vilhin lheir capaliIilies,
lhey are naslers of nol conlroI. They have lo le.
Though he has no reaI poIilicaI pover vilhin lhe
lrile, a shanan´s connands are usuaIIy foIIoved and
his advice is aIvays heeded. Nol aII lriles have
shanans~in facl, sIighlIy Iess lhan haIf do. Those
vilhoul lhen sinpIy ignore reIigion aIlogelher.
ColIins have no reaI phiIosophy (olher lhan seIf-
preservalion al aII cosls), and lheir reIigion is crude
and sinpIislic, sonelines lo lhe poinl of farce.
MagIuliyel is lhe golIin deily lhey revere, lhough
onIy oul of fear and Ioalhing~fear of MagIuliyel, and
of vhal Iife nighl le vilhoul hin. This horrilIe god
is offered sacrifices of aninaI lIood ly lhe lrilaI
shanan al Ieasl once a nonlh. There are no olher
reIigious services of any kind. The reIigious Iife of a
shananIess golIin lrile consisls sinpIy of fear.
The golIin lriles loday raid and nake var upon each
olher nore oflen lhan on lheir nore lradilionaI ene-
nies~hunans, dvarves, gnones and eIves. ÒnIy a
fev lriles are acluaIIy joined in any sorl of aIIiance,
and even such neager agreenenls as lhose are oflen
Due lo lheir Iong hislory, hovever, nany golIins
sliII have lies lo olher races. I have seen lriles vork-
ing in cooperalion vilh orcs, holgolIins, koloIds,
even occasionaIIy gnoIIs and ogres. ColIins in lhe
SloneIands aIIy lhenseIves vilh aII of lhese races
and vorse, vilh hunans as veII, lo forn lhe nuIlira-
ciaI pIague knovn in ny nalive Cornyr as lorder
Òf aII olher crealures, hovever, vorgs and dire
voIves are lhe chief aIIies of golIins. These fero-
ciousIy eviI crealures share lhe sane halefuI,
deslruclive nenlaIily lhal golIins do. They oflen
Iive in dens righl in lhe golIin Iairs, nol as pels lhe
vay a nolIe keeps Iap dogs, nor as sIaves, nor even as
leasls of lurden lhe vay a hunlsnan keeps hounds.
No, nosl oflen lhey are lrealed as cousins, even
honored guesls. Òul of respecl lhey are oflen given
leller food lhan lhe najorily of a lrile´s nenlers.
Sone golIins lrain lo ride lheir conpanion dire
voIves. Òlhervise, lhe voIves sinpIy acconpany
lheir aIIies inlo lallIe.
ColIins aIso keep sIaves of various races, aIlhough
nosl Ionglern servanls are golIins of olher lriles.
SIaves of olher races end up dying loo frequenlIy fron
harsh lrealnenl, pelly jeaIousies, or~nuch lo lheir
naslers´ disgusl~sinpIy fron despair. A fev sIaves
nighl le koloIds, dvarves, gnones, orcs and even
hunans. These sIaves are forced inlo nining and
olher dangerous, hard Ialor.
GobLIm "CuL1une"
As I previousIy slaled, lhe golIin nenlaIily pIaces
seIf-preservalion alove aII eIse. Conforl and happi-
ness are a dislanl second, and in facl, perhaps unal-
lainalIe ly hunan slandards. I cannol prelend lo
have an unliased opinion of lhe race, nor have I con-
ducled inlervievs in lhe accepled schoIarIy fashion.
Bul I have knovn nore of lhe crealures lhan any
lhree of ny soneline aIIies, in ny years in lhe
Marches. The nosl a golIin can hope for is lo sinpIy
exisl~perhaps lhal is vhy lhey are so halefuI and so
enjoy kiIIing and sleaIing fron olhers.
ColIins despise Iighl, parlicuIarIy sunIighl. They
rareIy venlure oul during lhe dayline, preferring lo
skuIk in lhe dank, dark cIoseness of lheir Iairs. If sone
pIan requires lhen lo leslir lhenseIves in dayIighl
hours, lhey onIy allenpl il on cIoudy, coId days.
Their reasoning is sinpIe: golIins have very good
infravision. Why shouId lhey vasle one of lheir fev
naluraI aliIilies` As for conforl, lhey prcfcr lo vork,
and for lhal naller lo Iive, in a cIinale lhal is coId,
and even a IillIe vel.
Hunan sIaves in a golIin´s favorile environnenl
succunl rapidIy lo iIIness and dealh. Nol so lheir
naslers. They apparenlIy have a greal resislance lo
disease, for nol onIy are golIin Iairs fiIIed vilh dis-
ease-spreading vasle, lul fIeas, rol gruls, rals, and
olher uncIean crealures inhalil lheir Iiving quarlers
as veII. I heard one crealure defend lhe~veII,
unkenplness is far loo paIe a lern~condilions ly
olserving lhal snacks vere readiIy avaiIalIe, and
one needn´l depend vhoIIy on lhe vonenfoIk for
AIlhough lheir infanl norlaIily rale is high, gol-
Iins reproduce in Iillers Iike aninaIs, each fenaIe hav-
ing lhree lo seven young per lirlh, al Ieasl every
olher year. Wilh lhe Iax nolhering, perpeluaI Iair
slrife, and aduIl preoccupalion vilh raiding and vio-
Ience, il is a vonder lhal any young survive lo nalure
ColIins have no concepl of huslandry. They eal
anylhing, as Iong as il is rav. Cooked food lhey dis-
dain, aIlhough principIes go oul lhe vindov vhen
suppIies are shorl. They prefer fresh neal, and hunl
any noving Iife forn in lhe lrile´s lerrilory lo virluaI
exlinclion (anolher reason lhey have lecone a race
of raiders and rollers). They even eal lhe fIesh of
1 3
olher inleIIigenl leings, incIuding olher golIins.
If forced lo ly Iack of gane or leseigenenl, lhe
crealures eal fungus, Iealher, and even pIanls lhey
knov lo le poisonous. I have heard lhal a slarving,
Ione golIin viII eal dirl if nolhing eIse presenls ilseIf.
ColIins feeI slarvalion is lhe vorsl vay lo die.
Mosl of vhal golIins have, lhey have sloIen. They
can nanufaclure lheir ovn crude veapons and looIs
fron vood and slone if lhey have lo. CeneraIIy, hov-
ever, if lhey don´l have sonelhing, lhey sinpIy do
vilhoul~lhere is IillIe ingenuily vilhin lhe race.
In lrief, golIins are disguslingIy eviI, seIfish, nean-
spiriled covards lhal deIighl in kiIIing and deslruc-
lion. They have Iearned hov lo prolecl and defend
lhenseIves and lheir sociely oul of a sense of need
and fear. They feeI fev enolions olher lhan hale,
despair and Ioalhing. If lhey ever organize inlo a Iarge
nalion again, il viII le dangerous~lhey vouId nur-
der aII olher Iife if lhey couId.
The Onc Honoe
6 6
hough nol as nunerous as golIins, lhe orcs of
lhe area are a vicious and poverfuI lhreal lo
lraveIers. Many orcs can le found Iiving anong gol-
Iin lriles, acling as nercenary nuscIe in raids and
prolecling lhe Iair in lelveen aclions.
Òrcs on lheir ovn Iive in snaII viIIages of vooden
huls, usuaIIy surrounded ly a deep lrench, and oflen
hedged vilh a Iog paIisade. Lach viIIage is hone lo
anyvhere fron 5O lo 5OO orcs.
Òrc viIIages are oflen Iocaled in secIuded, hidden
areas. Warfare is lhe orcs´ chief pursuil, so lheir viI-
Iages are defended ly palroIs and lraps, vhiIe a force
of soIdiers renains ready al a nonenl´s nolice. These
crealures have foughl aII lheir Iives for generalions~
lhey knov vhal lhey are doing.
Òrcs are nol raciaI isoIalionisls. UsuaIIy, sone five
lo 2O ogres can aIso le found in lhese connunilies,
aIong vilh a fev golIins, holgolIins, and haIf-orcs
(crosslred vilh hunans or any of lhe races found in
lhe viIIage).
The orc viIIage is Ied ly a chieflain and his assis-
lanls (vho aIso doulIe as lodyguards). Òflen, viIIages
loasl a shanan and perhaps a vilch doclor vilh
sone ninor vizardIy aliIilies. These individuaIs do
nol connand nuch pover ly hunan speII-casling
slandards, lul lhey hoId lhe respecl and fear of aII of
lheir lrelhren. The chief usuaIIy does his lesl lo Iinil
lhe poIilicaI pover of lhese individuaIs, vhose capac-
ily for exciling adniralion nay surpass his ovn. More
lhan one group of orcs has leen conpIeleIy laken
over ly a shanan or vilch doclor.
UnIike golIins, orcs are capalIe of acconpIishing
nore lhan jusl lasic survivaI. Òrcs crafl lheir ovn
veapons, cuIlivale crops, and have deveIoped a fairIy
conpIex sociely. They are surprisingIy inleIIigenl, and
are capalIe of originaI design and crealion. Unforlu-
naleIy, lhey are Iazy and prefer lo sleaI lhe crealions
and ideas of olhers. Their nalive aliIilies are han-
pered ly lheir aninaIislic lendencies.
Despile lhis, orc cuIlure is sophislicaled vhen con-
pared lo lhe luIk of lheir golIinoid reIalives. They
have deveIoped a conpIex vorIdviev vherein lhey
lhenseIves are lhe cenler of aII lhings. AII olher Iiv-
ing crealures, according lo lheir leIief, exisl lo le
expIoiled ly orcs in one vay or anolher.
IoverfuI and veII-skiIIed nenlers of olher races
are parlicuIarIy Ioalhsone in orc eyes, as pover and
skiII shouId onIy le vieIded ly lheir ovn hands. Òrcs
fervenlIy leIieve such aloninalions shouId le
deslroyed, and lheir pover shouId le laken fron lhen
and used ly orcs.
Òrc sociaI slruclure acluaIIy ninics hunan cuIlure
fairIy cIoseIy. Òrcs narry, hoId vorship services for
lheir gods, have codified Iavs, and even leach lheir
young in a crude educalionaI syslen. They desire lo
prove, lo olhers and lo lhenseIves, lhal lhey are a
sophislicaled race. Ierhaps lhe squaIor of lheir golIin
cousins spurs lhis need lo acquire (or refine, as lhe
orcs vouId have il) lheir ovn cuIluraI idenlily.
Òflenlines, hovever, lheir lrue, lesliaI nalure
cones forlh. Marriage vovs are rareIy upheId anong
orcs, lhe slrong doninale and expIoil lhe veak, and
orc chiIdren are laughl lhe skiIIs of nurder, lhievery,
and deslruclion Iong lefore any eIevaled cuIluraI
Iessons cone lheir vay.
Òrcs are exceIIenl niners and conlroI a nunler of
iron ore nines in lhe Marches and lhe SloneIands.
They use lhis ore lhenseIves lo crafl veapons, arnor,
and looIs. I have never discovered ore for exporl, I
lhink lecause of lvo insurnounlalIe olslacIes. Iirsl,
vhal ralionaI oulIander vouId lrade vilh orcs, and
1 4
second, vhal orc vouId deign lo ship his nerchandise
lo an inferior race`
The acconpIishnenls of lhe orc race are nol, Iike
golIins´ laIenls, Iiniled lo lhe vioIenl arls of rapine
and nurder. Òrcs are aIso experl hunlers, and passalIe
farners. Again unIike golIins, lhey do nol keep dire
voIves, or any olher doneslicaled or aIIied crealures.
Sonelines an orc viIIage or faniIy nay caplure an
aninaI or nonsler and force il lo serve lhen, lul lhey
are a race loo crueI and seIfish lo le alIe lo lane or
lefriend such crealures.
Lven lhose of olher races lhal orcs occasionaIIy
nay aIIy lhenseIves vilh need lo le vary of lelrayaI
or expIoilalion fron lheir erslvhiIe friends. AIlhough
orcs are viIIing lo inleracl and inlerlreed vilh aII lhe
olher golIinoid races~and even vilh sone hunan
lorder raiders~lhey seen unIikeIy lo acluaIIy respecl
lhese olher races. Òrcs have a greal deaI of raciaI
pride and hulris. They are confidenl lhal lhey are lhe
doninanl peopIe in lhe vorId~or al Ieasl lhal lhey
shouId le.
O1hen GobLImoIos
Al lhe line of lhe BallIe of Bones, aloul lhree
hundred years ago, holgolIins vere a nuch nore
pIenlifuI race, far oulnunlering orcs. In lhal lerrilIe,
lIoody var, hovever, il vas lhe holgolIin ranks lhal
suslained lhe nosl lerrilIe casuaIlies. The vasl najor-
ily died in SkuII Corge.
HolgolIins are prelly connon in lolh lhe ColIin
Marches and lhe SloneIands. There are separale lriles of
holgolIins in lhe region lul nosl oflen lhe crealures
are found in lhe conpany of orcs, golIins, or hunans.
When lhey lraveI or sheIler vilh golIins, holgolIins
consider lhenseIves lhe naslers. Òrcs and hunans lhey
are nore IikeIy lo lreal as equaIs~aIleil equaIs lhey do
nol conpIeleIy lrusl and al Ieasl sonevhal resenl.
Il is cerlain lhal holgolIin shanans have never
again allained lhe IeveIs of naslery and of pover lhal
lhey lroughl lo lhal falefuI confIicl. ÒnIy Iegends
recaII lhe lines vhen holgolIins vere alIe lo sun-
non servanls fron lhe Iover pIanes, and casl
exlreneIy poverfuI speIIs.
1 5
KoloIds are aIso rare in lhe Marches and lhe
SloneIands loday, lul lheir nunlers vere nol dinin-
ished ly heroic nassacre or lallIefieId lelrayaI. Mosl
have sinpIy reIocaled lo deep caverns under lhe sur-
face lo avoid lhe raids and allacks of lheir golIinoid
cousins. I guess relreal is aIvays lhe leller parl of
koloId vaIor. Sone hardy~or greedy~individuaIs
renain, joining lhe lorder raiders or orc nercenary
groups lhal exisl in lhe area.
LnlireIy koloId lriles are very fev in nunler, lul
lhose lhal exisl are nosl IikeIy lo le found in or
around lhe Iarsea Marshes. These lriles nunler 5O lo
2OO koloIds, and lhey Iive a very prinilive exislence,
even for lheir race.
Iarsea koloIds dveII in liny, doneIike huls of dried
nud. When nol sinpIy allacking vilh cIavs and
leelh Iike any predalory aninaI, lhese IillIe leasls
hunl vilh veapons nade of sharpened vood. They
have fev acconpIishnenls or lIessings. Al Ieasl lheir
reIalive poverly frees lhen fron golIin or orc allacks,
and so lhey Iive IargeIy unnoIesled. The aInosl
gnoneIike ingenuily and fondness for nechanisns
dispIayed ly nosl koloIds I have heard laIes of in lhe
ReaIns is novhere in evidence anong lhe Iarsea
crealures. These koloIds are sinpIe pesls.
Those ogres in lhe SloneIands or ColIin Marches,
leing crealures of greed, hunger and Iaziness, have
found il nore profilalIe and easier lo dveII vilh
lriles of snaIIer crealures, such as orcs or golIins,
lhan lo forn lheir ovn sociely. Il is nol unconnon lo
find a handfuI of ogres (lolh naIe and fenaIe) Iodged
anong a lrile of golIins or orcs. More rareIy lhe crea-
lures condescend lo palronize holgolIins. Ierhaps il
is lhe olher vay around~nore rareIy, holgolIins suf-
fer ogres in lheir nidsl.
Too chaolic lo fil inlo vhalever organizalionaI
slruclure lhe hosl lrile acconpIishes (and loo pover-
fuI lo le forced inlo any sociaI node or lilIe), ogres
usuaIIy do as lhey pIease in such a silualion. They are
nol required lo perforn neniaI lasks, and lhey do nol
have lo oley or shov respecl lo lhe chieflain or lhe
IocaI shanan.
In facl, lhey lreal olher lrile nenlers quile ladIy,
luIIying and lornenling lhen oul of spile. AII ogres
acluaIIy do is acconpany lheir hosl orcs or golIins
vhen lhey nake raids, and heIp defend lhe lrile´s
hone vhen il is allacked. In relurn lhey usuaIIy
denand lhe lesl spoiIs~lolh food and lreasure.
Despile lhis unfair silualion, lrile nenlers of lhe
Iesser races are usuaIIy gIad lo have an ogre or lvo
around, for defensive lenefils if nolhing eIse. Renen-
ler, nosl golIinkin adnire rav pover nore lhan any
olher allrilule. Whal are ogres, if nol nighl` Their
added pover oflen nakes lhe difference lelveen vic-
lory and defeal, and lheir nere presence serves as a
delerrenl anong vouId-le raiders.
There is anolher phenonenon I lhink vorlh nen-
lioning. Triles of golIins or orcs lhal incIude ogre
conpanions are far nore IikeIy lo allack hunan lrav-
eIers and sellIenenls, lolh lecause of lhe grealer
physicaI pover lhey can fieId, and lecause of lhe
ogres´ fondness for hunan fIesh.
The ogres of lhis region do nol nake anylhing, pre-
ferring lo sleaI or coerce vhalever suppIies lhey
require lo neel lheir needs. They generaIIy do nol
revere any gods, and have no shanans. Having Iosl
vhal snaII anounl of cuIlure and raciaI unily olher
ogres in lhe ReaIns nay relain ly Iiving anong nen-
lers of lheir ovn race, Marches and SloneIands ogres,
Iike orcs, seen quile viIIing lo inlerlreed. Òf parlicu-
Iar nole, lhose individuaIs vilh orc lriles lreed vilh
lheir conpanion orcs, crealing orc/ogre crosslreeds
knovn sonelines as orogs.
These progeny vere once Iooked dovn upon ly
ogres, lul orogs are sIovIy leconing as nunerous as
ogres lhenseIves, anong lhe golIinkin. Òrogs, parlic-
uIarIy lhose lhal favor lheir ogre parenl, are nov
accepled ly olher ogres and oflen nale vilh lhen.
These second-generalion offspring are very cIose lo
ogres lolh in physique and lenperanenl, lul usuaIIy
a lil snaIIer and snarler.
Òrogs lhal are lhree-quarlers ogre lIood or nore
nay evenluaIIy suppIanl ogres aIlogelher in lhe
Marches as lhe pure lIoodIine gels nore and nore
diIuled. Òrcs aIvays Iook upon orogs as a lIessing, for
lhey are ligger and slronger lhan orcs, and nol as
crueI (lo olher orcs) as pure-lIood ogres.
Ògres vilhin golIin lriles do nol~yel~lreed
vilh golIins, lhal I knov of. Il is nol unknovn, hov-
ever, lo encounler orc-golIin crosslreeds (especiaIIy
in golIin connunilies lhal use orcs as ¨hired nuscIe,¨
1 6
ralher lhan ogres), and lhese haIflreeds can and do
nale vilh lolh ogres and orogs, crealing slrange
raciaI nixlures.
covered a lrile of gnoIIs as veII, for lhe forner aIvays
hoId a posilion of aulhorily in lhe Ialler´s sociely.
These crealures usuaIIy Iive and operale separaleIy
fron aII lhe olher eviI hunanoid crealures in lhe
region, repudialing golIins, ogres, and orcs aIike. There
are exceplions lo lhis generaI ruIe, and in parlicuIar,
sone gnoIIs can le found anong lhe lorder raiders.
Though gnoIIs vere once aIIied vilh lhe golIi-
noids, il vas a lhousand years ago. Thal line has
passed. CnoIIs have nade no allenpl since lo join
lhe olher races in forning huge arnies. Ierhaps
lhey´ve had enough of grand schenes. They are con-
lenl lo perpelrale lheir snaII raids upon vhalever
hunan, dvarf and eIf lraveIers are lrave enough lo
lread lhe area. ÒccasionaIIy, gnoIIs nay nake a sorlie
againsl IocaI golIin or orc lriles.
Aside fron fIinds, gnoIIs are aIso oflen acconpa-
nied ly hyenadons. These leasls serve as guards vhen
lhe lrile nakes canp, and as hunling conpanions
vhen a neaI is in order. They are rareIy laken on
raids and offensive aclions~sinpIy lecause lhey are
loo vaIualIe lo Iose. There are a fev viId hyenadons
in lhe SloneIands, lul aInosl aII have leen donesli-
caled ly gnoIIs.
In generaI, lhese crealures occupy lhe easlern sec-
lion of lhe SloneIands and lhe Slorn Horn Moun-
lains. They are nol nunerous, and acluaIIy lry lo raid
vilhoul draving allenlion lo lhenseIves.
They lillerIy hale slone gianls, hovever, and
aIvays allack lhen, even if lhe odds are nol in lheir
favor. CnoII lradilion has il lhal a slone gianl sIev
lheir grealesl hisloricaI figure, a gnoII caIIed Crral.
Because of lhal acl, lheir Iegends Ianenl, gnoIIs are
forever dooned lo reIalive insignificance in conpari-
son lo hunans, eIves, and olher races.
CnoIIs loIerale lhe presence and nachinalions of
aInosl aII lhe olher eviI races in lhe area vhen lhey
nusl. Their preference is lo fade avay fron inlruders.
They sinpIy nove eIsevhere if lhe inlerference Iooks
lo le pernanenl, Iike a nev Iair or forlificalion. Bul if
lhe invaders are nereIy a snaII scouling or raiding
parly, gnoIIs have no quaIns aloul allacking lhen for
food and veaIlh.
Lach gnoII lrile nunlers lelveen 75 and 2OO indi-
viduaIs, al Ieasl haIf of vhich are naIe varriors. As is
lhe case across lhe golIinoid races, naIes doninale
gnoII sociely. The gnoIIs of lhe SloneIands and lhe
Slorn Horns are aInosl aII nonadic in nalure and
eslalIish no pernanenl Iairs.
Buglears in lhe ColIin Marches and lhe SloneIands are
aIvays encounlered in lhe conpany of golIins. They
serve as nercenary guards for lheir snaIIer cousins,
lending lo luIIy and nislreal lhen nuch as ogres do in
lhe sane posilion. Their advanlage as paid nuscIe is
sureIy offsel ly lheir alusive lehavior, lul as I have
noled lefore, golIin inleIIecl is nol slrong, and lhey
revere nighl, even vhen il is direcled againsl lhen.
There is a furlher hazard in enpIoying luglear
nercenaries lhal golIins never seen lo recognize. AII
luglears evenluaIIy lry lo lake over any lrile of gol-
Iins lhey vork vilh, and nake lhe snaIIer crealures
lheir sIaves.
Buglears encounlered vilh golIins are aIvays
naIe. They usuaIIy onIy slay on lhe surface a fev
nonlhs oul of lhe year, lefore relurning lo lheir deep,
IighlIess Iairs in lhe Underdark. ÒnIy deep in lhe
earlh can fenaIes and young le found.
5pecI[Ic TnIbes amo
6 6
here are a fev individuaI lriles of golIins and
lheir iIk lhal sland oul fron lhe grully nasses
of lheir kind. These lands varranl specific allenlion
due lo lheir vide infIuence, polenliaIIy IelhaI devia-
lions, or sinpIy inleresling quirks. Knov lhese groups,
and you knov lhe novers and shakers of lhis desoIale
IillIe sIice of lhe ReaIns.
There are a fev gnoII-Iike fIinds in lhe SloneIands, Bonoen RaIoens
lul lhey are quile rare. CnoIIs revere lhese slockier AII of lhe lands of golIins, holgolIins, orcs, ogres,
and snarler individuaIs. Iind a fIind, and you have dis- koloIds, eviI hunans, and gnoIIs vilhin lhe
1 7
SloneIands are referred lo as lorder raiders ly oul-
siders. Bul lhal generosily of IaleIing defeals any
accurale assessnenl of lhe silualion aInosl fron lhe
The groups I designale as raiders earn lheir nane
ly lhe facl lhal lheir exislence seens lo revoIve con-
pIeleIy around allacking nearly hunan, dvarven and
even eIven sellIenenls, as veII as any parlies unIucky
enough lo le lraveIing lhrough lhe area. They raid
easlvard inlo lhe LIven Woods, range norlh lo allack
dvarves in lhe Deserlnoulh Mounlains, and slrike
soulhvard lo prey on hunans in Cornyr. The vesl-
ernnosl DaIes are nol safe fron lorder raiders, eilher.
The nenlership of lhe raiders, golIinoid and
olhervise, is inlerraciaIIy loIeranl, even nore so lhan
any ¨pure¨ lriles found in lhe ColIin Marches. Bands
are aInosl aIvays conprised of al Ieasl lvo races, and
sonelines conpass as nany as four or five. They seen
aInosl lo slrive for diversily, lhe vay an advenluring
group soIicils nages and cIerics lo round oul lhe laI-
enls of ils fighlers.
Sone exanpIes viII nake il cIearer. Òne group of
lorder raiders I deaIl vilh vas Iead ly a snaII parly of
hunans, vho had a dozen ogre lodyguards. Under
lhen vere six connands of aloul 2O golIins, each
Iead ly an orc. There vas aIso a group of orc archers,
and nearIy 25 koloId servanls/guards. These raiders
even had a lroII and four luglears lhal vorked vilh
lhen as veII.
Anolher land of lorder raiders is aInosl excIu-
siveIy gnoIIs and koloIds, connanded ly a surpris-
ingIy inleIIigenl hiII gianl. SliII anolher nunlers
excIusiveIy crosslreeds as ils nenlership, incIuding
hunan/orc, orc/ogre, orc/golIin, orc/duergar,
golIin/koloId, orc/holgolIin, and even hunan/ogre
Unknovn lo nosl of lheir viclins, lhese groups
have a secrel. Many, lul nol aII, of lhe lorder raider
lands operale under lhe conlroI of a veneralIe red
dragon naned Crinnsira. She is a parlicuIarIy adepl
speIIcasler (even vhen conpared lo Creal Wyrns),
and she has used charn speIIs lo ensnare lhe raiders~
as veII as a vasl spy nelvork lhal exlends lhrough
Cornyr, Senlia, and lhe DaIeIands. Her uIlinale
goaIs are unknovn lo ne, lul carving oul an enpire
does nol seen leyond her scope.
The 5enoam1s o[ 1he Zhem1anIm
Crinnsira´s infIuence in lhe ColIin Marches is leing
undernined ly lhe BIack Nelvork of lhe Zhenlarin,
vho are leconing nore aclive in lhis region each
day. They hope lo lring lhe lorder raiders, as veII as
lhe golIinoids of lhe Marches, under lheir ovn infIu-
ence, so lhey can expIoil lhen lo lheir ovn dark
ends. This eviI organizalion figures lo use lhe golIins
and lheir iIk lo eslalIish a foolhoId in lhe region. I
can lhink of fev Iess appeaIing pIans.
Iron here, lhe BIack Nelvork inlends lo direcl ils
inhunan arnies lo allack key posilions in Cornyr,
lhe DaIes, and lhe Iands lo lhe vesl. Since lhal is
vhal nany of lhe golIinoids are doing anyvay, lhe
goaI nay nol le lhal hard lo achieve. The nain
olslacIe lhe Zhenlarin face is gelling lhese golIinoid
lroops lo lake orders fron hunans.
To nanage lhis, lhey have so far used an effeclive
and unexpecled lechnique. A nunler of caplured and
nind-conlroIIed doppIegangers have leen pIanled
vilhin cerlain lriles, and groups of lorder raiders,
sonelines repIacing Ieaders and even chieflains.
Through lhese pIanls, lhe Zhenlarin are alIe lo
coerce lhe golIinoids inlo foIIoving lheir connands
vilhoul lhe lriles even knoving. Sone of lhese
doppIegangers have leen discovered ly lrile nen-
lers, lul golIin ninds are nol cIever. They see no
concerled lhreal, onIy lhe randon predalion of a nal-
uraI nenace. Word of lhe doppIegangers´ exislence
has nol spread far.
Lven if lhe Zhenlarin never assune cIandesline
conlroI here, lhey pIan on al Ieasl de-slaliIizing lhe
region. A precarious lorder silualion vouId lie up
Cornyrean resources, aIIoving lhe BIack Nelvork
freer reign vilhin lhal kingdon. To lip lhe laIance
and fonenl open confIicl, lhe Zhenlarin have leen
lringing olher, poverfuI nonslers, Iike lehoIders, lo
lhe forefronl of lhe region. These invaders cause lrou-
lIe and drav forlh lhe Cornyrean lorder guard.
The NeIoLIg
Òf aII lhe golIin lriles, lhe NeidIig are lhe nosl pov-
erfuI~lhal is, lhey are lhe nosl nunerous and lhey
hoId lhe grealesl anounl of lerrilory. Based in lhe
soulhern parl of lhe ColIin Marches, lhe NeidIig
lrile hunls and raids lhroughoul lhe High Moors as
1 8
The Iair of lhis lrile is acluaIIy a ruined ciladeI,
one of lhe fev rennanls of an ancienl golIin arny
lhal once conlroIIed lhe area. The vaIIs have Iong
since crunlIed avay, lul sone of lhe lovers, as veII
as lhe nain keep, are reIaliveIy inlacl. The vhoIe
golIin lrile, nunlering aInosl 6OO ly ny eslinalion,
dveIIs nainIy in lhe dungeon under lhe keep and in
lhe naluraI caves connecled lo il.
UnIike nosl golIin lriles, lhe NeidIig do nol feeI il
necessary lo hide lheir Iair~no olher lrile vouId le
so fooIish as lo allack lhen. Aside fron huge nunlers
of golIin varriors, lhe lrile aIso enpIoys a group of
orc nercenaries lo heIp prolecl lheir ciladeI, and a
surprising nunler of ogres acconpany lhe NeidIig on
lheir raiding nissions.
A nediun-sized lrile of holgolIins knovn as lhe
Merrovdrinkers Iairs nol far fron lhe ciladeI and has
aIIied ilseIf vilh lhe NeidIig. An orc connunily caII-
ed lhe CoIchar is aIso on friendIy lerns vilh lhe gol-
The nuIliraciaI nalure of lhe force lhal lhe NeidIig
represenl is due in parl lo a vision of lhe pasl vhich
NeidIig´s chief Srulaash~or King Srulaash, as he
prefers lo slyIe hinseIf~had. He cIains a nyslerious
spiril expIained lo hin lhe urgency and inporlance of
reluiIding vhal once vas Iosl.
The NeidIig represenl lhe grealesl lhreal lhal a
vasl golIin enpire nighl again rise up fron ils Iong-
coId ashes. Seeking inslead lo unile golIins, orcs and
olhers, lhey acluaIIy avoid raiding and varring vilh
olher lriles. CerlainIy lhe nunler of lriles lhal aIIy
lhenseIves vilh lhe NeidIig viII conlinue lo grov, as
King Srulaash spreads his visionary nessage.
The FemLIs
Since lhe runors of Srulaash´s vision legan lo le dis-
seninaled lhroughoul lhe Marches, anolher lrile has
aIso allenpled lo unile lhe golIins. The IenIis, as
lhey are caIIed, are nol aIIies of lhe NeidIig, hovever.
They despise lhe Ialler´s incIusion of olher races in
lheir pIans for reluiIding lhe pasl. The IenIis are
raciaI eIilisls, leIieving lhal orcs, koloIds, and olher
hunanoids are deslined lo faII lefore lheir ovn golIin
superiorily in lhe sane nanner as lhe races of
hunans, dvarves and eIves are dooned lo do.
The IenIis, vhose Iair Iies due norlh of lhe High
Moors, are a Iarge lrile of 4OO or so golIin nenlers.
Their ranks are nol suppIenenled vilh orcs or ogres,
Iike lhe NeidIig, aIlhough lhey do nol hesilale lo
enpIoy olher races as sIaves. Lven nore lhan olher
lriles, lhe IenIis use cunning and ingenuily lo aid
and prolecl lhenseIves. Their secrel Iair is surrounded
ly veII-hidden lraps of devious and deadIy design.
They var vilh nearIy aII olher races, parlicuIarIy lhe
CoIchar orcs.
The NeLIaL
This nixed connunily of orcs and holgolIins coex-
isls near SkuII Corge, and represenls lhe Iasl veslige
of lhal vasl force of golIinoids lhal varred againsl lhe
hunans in lhe BallIe of Bones. Òf aII golIinkin in lhe
region, lhe MeIiaI are lhe nosl adepl al nagic, and
lhere are a nunler of poverfuI shanans and vilch
doclors anong lhen.
I find lhis lrile fascinaling. Iascinaling and oh, so
dangerous. These are nol cIunsy oafs loying vilh
nagicaI laulIes, as IikeIy lo lurn lhenseIves as lhe
oljecls of lheir allacks. These are serious praclilion-
ers, nages lenl on recapluring lhe povers lheir peo-
pIe no Ionger vieId excepl in Iegend.
Indeed, lhe MeIiaI use nagicaI ilens Iefl over fron
ancienl lines. These devices heIp prolecl lhen fron
olher lriles and aid lhen in lheir allacks againsl
nearly hunan sellIenenls. They even sonelines
journey inlo lhe deserl of Anauroch and nake raiding
slrikes againsl lhe lovn of Lundelh, as veII as any
convenienl canps of nonadic Bedine.
They are especiaIIy inleresled in galhering nore
nagicaI ilens and speII knovIedge, so sonelines lhe
MeIiaI can le found scouring various ruins in lhe
Marches or even in lhe Creal Deserl. IarlicuIarIy
lrave orcs even dare lo lread lhe haunled lallIefieIds
lhal once echoed lhe var screans of lhe BallIe of
Bones, viIIing lo slave off undead in order lo gIean
nagicaI veapons or arnor.
They are nol jusl randonIy recovering lhese frag-
nenls of ancienl hislory, eilher. They have a specific
quesl. The shanans of lhe MeIiaI lrile are seeking an
arnored fragnenl knovn as lhe DarkheIn. Ils povers
supposedIy aIIov lhe vearer lo sunnon forlh fiends
fron lhe Iover pIanes.
Whelher il is a resuIl of an oId curse lequealhed
upon lhen during lhe BallIe of Bones, or sone unre-
Ialed cause, lhere are lhose anong lhe MeIiaI
1 9
infIicled vilh lhe disease knovn as Iycanlhropy. This perfeclIy conforlalIe vearing chain arnor. They
facl is usuaIIy suppressed so as nol lo aIarn or fore- denonslrale olher quaIilies of civiIizalion and sophis-
varn olher golIinoid lriles. NeverlheIess, I nyseIf licalion foreign lo lheir lrelhren as veII~lul do nol
have seen a MeIiaI orc lransforn lefore ny very eyes veIcone lhen inlo your hearls and hones jusl yel.
inlo a nisshapen, hunanoid voIf. These verevoIves They are sliII golIins in appelile. Teerac-on-Waler
are jusl as poverfuI as hunans so cursed. Il is a MeIiaI raid olher lriles, keep sIaves, and unforlunaleIy sliII
laclic lo use lheir Iycanlhropic nenlers as a surprise possess lhal gruesone, golIinish deIighl for kiIIing
allack upon lheir enenies. and deslruclion.
Despile lhe facl lhal lhey hide lheir shapechanging
aliIily fron oulsiders, il is a synloI of inporlance and
slalus lo le a verevoIf in MeIiaI cuIlure. Lycanlhropy
has nol spread viIIy-niIIy lo everyone~in facl, nev
vere-crealures are chosen, nol randonIy crealed
vhen lhe hunger arises. Thal facl argues nore disci-
pIine lhan nosl of nenlers of eilher species possess.
Nol surprisingIy, lhe affIiclion is nore connon
anong lhe orcs lhan lhe holgolIins in lhe lrile.
MeIiaI Ieaders, as veII as nany of lheir shanans and
vilch doclors, have lhe curse, vhich lhey ironicaIIy
caII ¨lhe BIessing.¨
AIlhough lhey harpoon fish as a dielary slapIe, lhey
acluaIIy eal a surprising nunler of lhe fruils and Ieafy
pIanls vhich grov near or in lhe Iake. ColIins inler-
esled in a laIanced neaI` I didn´l leIieve il nyseIf
vhen firsl I olserved il. Bul in line I noliced lhere is
one parlicuIar pIanl, lhe lIood red IiIy, vhich lhey
cook (again, an odd lehavior anong golIins) and eal
An oddily anong golIins, lhis snaII lrile dispIays
severaI unique characlerislics lhal dislinguish il
fron aII olhers. Il occupies an area lhal slraddIes
l he lor de r le l ve e n l he Mar c he s and l he
SloneIands and encroaches inlo lolh, lhough il is a
very snaII lerrilory.
I have discovered lhrough ny ovn sludies lhal lhis
pIanl, vhich I have found novhere eIse, acluaIIy pro-
Iongs lhe Iife span of golIinoids. Many golIins of
Teerac-on-Waler are veII over 1OO years oId. Ierhaps
il is lhis exlended Iife span lhal enalIes lhen lo
lecone nore sophislicaled, or perhaps inleIIigence
loosling is anolher effecl of lhe pIanl lhal I have
never isoIaled.
The lrile gains ils slrange-sounding nane fron lhe
secIuded Iake upon vhich il nakes ils hone. Al lhe
cenler of lhe Iake, vhich is forned vilhin a Iarge
craler, lhere is a snaII isIand. The onIy vay lo reach
lhe isIand is ly loal. The lrile occupies lhis isIand, as
veII as a fIoliIIa of vooden larges and rafls lelhered lo
il. Squal vooden houses and luiIdings cover lolh lhe
isIand and lhe allached fIoliIIa. Il is nearIy inpossilIe
lo leII fron a dislance vhere Iand gives vay lo valer,
lecause of lhe densily of luiIdings over lolh.
The Teerac golIins have lunneIed deep under lheir
isIand. Their deIving discovered a force of luglears.
They quickIy aIIied lhenseIves vilh lhe sullerranean
crealures, and have (recenlIy) discovered lhe exlen-
siveness of lhe Underdark. They have lrained gianl
and kiIIer frogs for use as guardians around lhe
perineler of lheir fIoaling Iair, and are allenpling lo
gain olher crealures, preferalIy anphilious ones, as
heIp as veII.
Teerac-on-Waler golIins are veII skiIIed in navi-
galing lheir snaII loals around lhe Iake. Il heIps, no
doull, lhal lhe surface of lhe Iake renains caIn virlu-
aIIy aII of lhe line.
Teerac-on-Waler do nol fear raids fron olher golIi-
noids since olhers of lheir kind feeI lhe difficuIly in
assauIling lhen in loals is nol vorlh lhe efforl. The
lrile nunlers around 2OO. They revere and prolecl a
poverfuI shanan vhose responsiliIily il is lo oversee
lhe conslruclion of lhe vooden dveIIings, lhe larges
and lhe loals, none of vhich are lypicaI golIin cre-
The nenlers of lhis lrile, unIike aII olher golIins I
have nel, can loIerale lhe Iighl of lhe sun vilhoul
conpronising lheir heaIlh, and are oflen found
alroad al hours during vhich any of lheir cousins
vouId le fasl asIeep. Then, loo, Teerac golIins seen
Tccrac Gnb!In: Inl average, AL LavfuI eviI, AC
5, MV 6, HD 1, #AT 1, Dng 1-6 (ly veapon),
SA NiI, THACO 2O, SZ S, ML 1O, XI 35
2 O
Pan1 Foun: The Gnea1
nforlunaleIy, lhere are olher horrilIe,
dangerous nonslers inhaliling lhe
regions knovn as lhe SloneIands and
lhe ColIin Marches lesides lhe golIi-
noids. Because so nany of lhe genlIer
aninaIs have leen hunled lo near exlinclion ly lhe
golIins and lheir iIk, lhose leasls lhal renain in lhese
areas are prinariIy lhose loo lerrilIe for lhe golIi-
noids lo chaIIenge. TraveIers vho hear a ruslIe in lhe
rocks or find lracks haIf-fiIIed in svanpy nud don´l
have lhe Iuxury of supposing lhe unseen crealure is a
nere narsh hare. Il´s vicious. And aII loo IikeIy, il
knovs lhey´re lhere.
6 6
hese dangerous leasls are lhe suljecls of an
inleresling Iegend vhich seens lo predale even
lhe golIin kingdon of a lhousand years ago. I firsl dis-
nissed lhe laIe as a nere fancy, lhe sorl of nurse´s laIe
lhal parenls and faniIy servanls leII lheir chiIdren al
ledline, vilh a neal noraI al lhe end for lhe young
lo nenorize. Bul I´ve since nel lhe leasl. So I´n
repealing lhe laIe here, for lhose of you deficienl in
nurses, vho nighl nol have heard il.
ApparenlIy, in lhe days vhen even ancienl
NelheriI vas young, a nunler of nages, vizened
eIders, and priesls sel oul lo lry lo reason vilh a lIue
dragon of incredilIe nighl lhal had leen pIaguing
lheir connunilies. The dragon reluffed lheir
allenpls al parIey, and nany nen and vonen vere
sIain ly ils relrilulive allack. A god (vhich god is
unknovn loday, il nay even le a deily vho no Ionger
exisls) decided lo ¨heIp¨ lhe hunans, and crealed
crealures knovn as lehir, anaIganaled fron lhe dead
renains of lheir faIIen conrades and lhe oId scaIes of
lhe dragon.
Il is lrue lhese lehir, lhen greal in nunler, sIev lhe
lIue dragon in a desperale, pilched lallIe. Bul of
course, as oflen happens in Iegends and in Iife, lhe
nonslers lhen lurned on lhe very hunans and olher
fair crealures lhey vere nade lo save. These found
lhe lehir as greal a foe as lhe dragon had once leen.
Òne eviI vas repIaced ly anolher. The lard vho
originaIIy loId ne lhis laIe said lhal lhe noraI vas
one cannol lrusl lhe heIp of lhe gods in overconing
eviI, lul I an nol so sure of lhe accuracy of his inler-
prelalion. Thal is jusl lhe sorl of nan he vas.
In any evenl, lehir are undoulledIy reaI. Iurlher,
lhey are svorn enenies of dragons, aIlhough lhey do
nol aggressiveIy hunl lhen. They sinpIy do nol alide
drakes vilhin lheir lerrilory, and Iikevise never enler
lhe reaIn of a dragon.
A lehir´s lerrilory usuaIIy covers a 1O-niIe radius
and cenlers around ils Iair. The Iair is aInosl aIvays
one of lhe caves found vilhin lhe ColIin Marches. I
find il significanl lhal lehir are nore connon in lhe
Marches lhan in lhe SloneIands, vhiIe dragons are
nore IikeIy lo le found in lhe SloneIands lhan in lhe
ColIin Marches.
AIlhough fuII-grovn lehir are said lo have a dozen
Iegs, in facl, lhey nay have nany nore lhan lveIve. I
have discovered lhal as lhe crealure ages, lhe nunler
of ils Iegs conlinues lo increase. TheorelicaIIy, a lehir
never ceases lo grov in Ienglh~or in nunler of Iegs.
Behir eal aInosl anylhing, aIlhough lhey enjoy lhe
varn lIood of nannaIs lesl of aII. As vilh nosl
crealures in lhis lIighled region, lhe preferred IifeslyIe
and ecosyslen of lehir is lhrealened ly lhe conslanl
depIelion of avaiIalIe prey ly lhe IocaI ravenous~
and ravening~golIinoids. More and nore, orcs and
golIins are finding lhenseIves lhe nexl-nosl-succu-
Ienl neaI for lehir.
I´ve aIso discovered il is fairIy connon knovIedge
lhal a lehir´s horns, laIons, and hearl are vaIualIe lo
aIchenisls and nages for naking scroII ink. Il is nol
so videIy knovn, hovever, lhal lhe scaIes of a lehir
are aIso usefuI for lheir nagicaI properlies. I nodeslIy
reporl lhal I have discovered lhe scaIes can le used lo
nake an arnor vhich provides Iiniled proleclion
fron eIeclricily.
Never nind hov I happened upon lhe knovIedge.
Il is nol, unforlunaleIy, viIdIy usefuI, lul nore a
curiosily~a foolnole, if you viII. Behir scaIes are nol
so easy lo cone ly. And lhere is lhe naller of curing
lhen. The scaIes nusl le soaked in a soIulion of lIue
dragon´s lIood firsl, lefore lhey are hinged logelher,
lo achieve lheir unusuaI aliIily.
The speIIs vhich can le recorded on scroIIs in
lehir ink are |ign|ning oc||, ncu|ra|izc pciscn, and prc-
|cc|icn frcn pciscn.
6 6
here is perhaps novhere eIse in lhe ReaIns lhal
lhese lerrilIe leasls are nore connon lhan lhe
Marches region. They ravage lhe counlryside, and
lring fear lo aII vho dveII here, vilh lhe possilIe
exceplion of dragons. Chinerae can le found noslIy in
lhe ColIin Marches, dveIIing in lhe shaIIov caves lhal
honeyconl lhe area. Sonelines a chinera connan-
deers an alandoned golIin Iair~oflenlines, il vas lhe
very leasl lhal drove oul lhe previous occupanls.
Chinerae are olviousIy lhe crealions of sone
ancienl sorcerer as lheir differenl parls (goal, dragon
and Iion) do nol seen naluraIIy conlined al aII~
lhey do nol even appear lo coexisl peacefuIIy. I vouId
guess lhal lhe slress of lheir ovn seIf-Ioalhing drives
nosl chinerae insane earIy in Iife, naking lhen even
nore dangerous and deslruclive lo olhers.
ÒccasionaIIy lvo chinerae nale, lul lhankfuIIy
offspring are rare~anolher sign of lheir nagicaI
ralher lhan naluraI origins. InlereslingIy enough,
hovever, chinerae seen lo le innune lo nosl dis-
eases and aging. They Iive lo lerrorize lhe vorId unliI
lhey are sIain.
Thal rare offspring of lvo chinerae infrequenlIy
viII le an enlireIy nev leasl, differenl fron lolh ils
parenls. Sonelhing goes vrong in lhe deveIopnenl of
lhe unlorn crealure, or sone lvisl of nagic gels lhe
upper hand. I don´l presune lo expIain, I nereIy
record ny olservalions. You can recognize a chinera-
spavn ly lhe lvin dragon heads vhich fIank lhe cen-
lraI Iion´s head (inslead of lhe nore usuaI lriad of
goal, Iion, and dragon).
The ¨nev¨ dragon head lrealhes a Iighlning loIl in
lallIe, vhiIe lhe olher dragon head spouls fIane as
usuaI. The enlire lody of lhis leasl, excepl for lhe
Iion head, is covered in serpenline scaIes. Il is a
hideous sighl.
These chinera-spavn are usuaIIy shorl Iived, hov-
ever, for lhey disregard lheir ovn safely vhiIe allack-
i ng and deslroyi ng lhe counlrysi de and i ls
inhalilanls. The onIy one of lhese leasls lhal I have
ever seen nyseIf vas aIready dead~in ils franlic
allenpls lo sIay a group of ninolaurs underground, il
coIIapsed lhe cave lhal il vas in as veII, crushing
ilseIf under lhe faIIen rocks (I have no idea vhal
lecane of lhe ninolaurs). I have never heard of lhese
crealures exisling anyvhere olher lhan here.
Crinnsira lhe red dragon has nade pacls vilh al
Ieasl lvo chinerae, pronising lhen lreasure and food
in relurn for service.
ChImcra-spawn: Inl Seni-, AL CL, AC 2,
MV 9, II 18 ( L) , HD 1O, #AT 6, Dng
1d4/1d4/1d4/1d4/2d4/3d6, SA lrealhe fire for
3d8 poinls of danage, lrealhe Iighlning for 3d8
poinls of danage (save haIves danage for lolh),
THACO 11, SZ L, ML 14, XI 6OOO
) )
s nenlioned previousIy, lhe Zhenlarin have
nanaged lo charn and conlroI a nunler of
doppIegangers in order lo infiIlrale lhe lorder raiders
and olher golIinoid lriles. Òlher individuaI nenlers
of lhis race exisl in lhe area independenl of lhe BIack
Roles, hovever.
Iree doppIegangers dveII in sullerranean caves
under lhe ColIin Marches, and lhere assune lheir
naluraI forn. UsuaIIy, lhey vork logelher, and nake
pIans for infiIlralion and inpersonalion, for lhal is
hov lhey survive.
A successfuI doppIeganger finds a hunanoid con-
nunily lo infiIlrale, and eilher Iives off lhe resources
of lhal connunily or uses ils posilion lo sleaI food
and lreasure. They are nol choosy aloul vhal
hunanoids lhey inpersonale, lul lhey usuaIIy avoid
golIins. ColIin Iife is generaIIy harsh and unpIeasanl.
Who vouId deIileraleIy pIol lo share il`
The lesl posilion for a doppIeganger lo ollain,
2 2
fron ils ovn poinl of viev, is lhal of an oId or infirn
hunan. Such a person is laken care of ly lhe resl of
lhe connunily and is nol expecled lo vork or con-
lrilule lo lhe connon good.
DoppIegangers are Iazy and refuse lo fend for lhen-
seIves if lhey don´l have lo. They do nol farn, nanu-
faclure, nine, or produce any goods of any kind. Any
ilens, lreasure, or looIs lhal lhey nay have are invari-
alIy sloIen. The nosl a doppIeganger does on ils ovn
is use ils shapeshifling aliIily lo pul ilseIf in a posilion
vhere il can allack and kiII olhers, in order lo lake
lheir possessions.
DoppIegangers hire lhenseIves oul for various infiI-
lralion or assassinalion nissions, and so aIIov lhen-
seIves lo le approached in lheir Iairs ly lhose vho
knov vhere lo Iook. They do nol viIIingIy enler inlo
pernanenl service lo anyone.
AIlhough lhey sonelines vork logelher, and are
heIpfuI lovard one anolher, lhere is no doppIeganger
sociely, as il vere. These leings Ieech off lhe socielies
of olhers, and nake use of olhers´ acconpIishnenls
and successes. Òrcs, holgolIins and even gnoIIs are
nol surprised lo find one of lheir lrile is a doppIe-
ganger, and perhaps has leen for years. They are nol
surprised ly lhe discovery, lul lhey are nol loIeranl,
eilher. Such an individuaI is innedialeIy kiIIed.
6 6
nunlers in lhe SloneIands. Red dragons are lhe nosl
prevaIenl lype, nuch lo lhe disnay of aII vho Iive in
lhe region.
here are a fev dragons vhich caII lhe ColIin
Marches lheir hone. Drakes are found in grealer
ÒnIy one red dragon, a veneralIe fenaIe ly lhe
nane of Crinnsira, has allained greal age or pover
lhal I knov of, lul lhal does nol keep lhe younger
dragons fron lerrorizing lolh lhe nalive golIinoid
lriles and lhe rare lraveIer. Òf course, firedrakes can
le found lhroughoul lhe SloneIands as veII, and lhey
are oflen nislaken for red dragons.
The onIy race lhal can do nore lhan sloicaIIy
endure dragon raids are gianls. UnforlunaleIy, a
uniled, vigorous gianl sociely is sadIy Iacking in lhe
region. Whal fev gianls inhalil lhe Marches and lhe
SloneIands are scallered, vilhoul any organizalion.
NonelheIess, red dragons usuaIIy avoid allacking
gianls, preferring prey lhal cannol fighl lack. Red
dragons enjoy hunan fIesh nore lhan golIinoid, and
lry lo gel il vhen lhey can. Ior lhis reason, dragon
allacks are nol unknovn lo lhe popuIace, fron lhe
vi I desl vasles even up lo~and vi lhi n~lhe
Cornyrean cily of TiIverlon.
Red dragons aInosl never enler Anauroch. In facl,
lhey avoid speaking of lhe deserl or ils inhalilanls
aIlogelher if lhey can. Ierhaps lhey knov of a pover
lhere lhal ve do nol. I have heard onIy lhe vaguesl
hinls and vhispers in lhal vein. There is said lo le a
pIace hoIy lo dragons deep vilhin lhe Creal Deserl,
veneralIe Crinnsira cIains lo have leen lhere. Òlher
dragons in lhe SloneIands nay nake piIgrinages as
veII, lul vhen lhey do, lhey do nol speak of lhen.
Make of lhis vhal you viII.
I have nade il a praclice lo al Ieasl allenpl eslal-
Iishing friendIy connunicalions vilh dragons vhen I
encounler lhen, lul I nusl say lhal lhe red dragons
in lhis area nake such allenpls difficuIl. They are
aggressive, voracious, and dovnrighl rude.
In ny experience, copper, siIver, and anelhysl
dragons can aII aIso le found in lhe SloneIands, and
Iess frequenlIy in lhe Marches lo lhe vesl. Whal cop-
per dragons I have nel are sinpIy lhose lraveIing oul
of Anauroch for lheir ovn inscrulalIe reasons. The
siIver dragons seen lo have nade lheir hones here
for specific defensive purposes.
The onIy siIver dragon I spoke lo al any Ienglh
chose lo Iair in lhe SloneIands lo direclIy oppose
Crinnsira lhe red dragon and her allenpls al organiz-
ing lhe golIinoids inlo an arny. This siIver dragon,
vhose nane vas Ii LendicoI, vas aided ly a hunan
ranger knovn as Dreik Lorne and a dvarf varrior ly
lhe nane of Thurn, son of DouIn.
Ii LendicoI oflen lakes lhe forn of a hunan vizard,
and lhe lhreesone can le encounlered vorking on
various nissions. They lraveI lhroughoul lhe
SloneIands pIanning hov lo slop lhe lorder raiders
and lheir dragon nislress. Òlher siIver dragons nay
le found in lhe area, lul I do nol knov any of lhen
The CLouoLamos
SupposedIy, nore siIver dragons Iive in lhe cIouds
alove lhe SloneIands. There aIso dveII nisl dragons,
2 3
as veII as gianls and olher leings such as ki-rin. There
are nany IocaI Iegends regarding lhis nagicaI area in
lhe cIouds. Sone laIes offer expIanalions for lhe huge
slones scallered leIov il on lhe lIasled earlh.
In facl, of lhe nyriad such laIes, nany confIicl in
specific delaiIs. I´ve lried lo disliII lhe gisl of lheir
neaning, lo separale lrue facl fron vhal are olvi-
ousIy sone fancifuI lard´s epic exaggeralions and
prelly inages lo nake a nore paIalalIe~and
Mosl Iegends agree lhal lhere vas once a poverfuI
nagicaI kingdon alove lhe SloneIands, kepl secrel
fron lhose races vho dveIl leIov il on lhe ground.
This kingdon, vhich supposedIy exisled 15OO years
ago or nore, loasled a sociely conprised of dragons,
gianls, syIphs, pegasi, asperii, gianl eagIes, and even
sone vinged, eIfIike leings vhose nane is no Ionger
renenlered (and vho are nov apparenlIy exlincl).
These races coexisled in peacefuI harnony anong lhe
cIouds, avoiding lhe decadenl hunan reaIns of lhe
line, especiaIIy Asran.
These leings cane dovn lo lhe surface of lhe ReaIns
onIy lo galher or lrade for food and olher necessilies,
and quickIy fIed lack upvard lo lheir cIoudy haven.
The gianls, ever induslrious, even lroughl huge slones
up vilh lhen. They luiIl nagnificenl forlresses and
cilies in lhe sky, hidden ly lhe cIouds.
Il vasn´l unliI lhe CIoudIands vere discovered ly
lhe nages of Asran and Anauria lhal disasler slruck.
The sky-dveIIing races had leen righl lo avoid lheir
earlhlound neighlors. The greal and poverfuI viz-
ards of lhese nalions inlended lo conquer lhe CIoud-
Iands, for lhey knev lhal such a kingdon vouId le a
safe haven fron lhe encroaching deserl lhal vas soon
lo deslroy lheir earlhlound reaIns.
In lhe var lhal ensued, lhe CIoudIands vere
deslroyed. The forlresses and cilies so carefuIIy crafled
ly gianl arlisans feII lo lhe earlh. You see lheir forIorn
renains scallered over lhe pIain nov caIIed lhe
SloneIands, a nule reIic of var.
Mosl of lhe enchanled pIaces in lhe cIouds lhal
once supporled soIid surfaces are gone. SupposedIy
lhe greal speIIs lhal vere unIeashed in lhis earlh/sky
var Iinger on in lhe forn of poverfuI slorns lhal fre-
quenlIy Iacerale lhe area.
WhiIe I do nol knov hov nuch lrulh is conlained
in lhese slories, nisl dragons and olher sky-dveIIing
crealures are occasionaIIy seen in or alove lhe
SloneIands, galhering food on lhe surface in lhe forn
of viId pIanls or herd aninaIs, and quickIy ascending
lack inlo lhe sky.
If lhe laIes of lhe CIoudIands and ils denise are
lrue, perhaps lhese crealures are reIics Iiving anong
lhe ruins. CaslIes on lhe surface are rareIy so con-
pIeleIy snashed lhal nolhing renains, and so nighl il
le in lhe air alove. Sone of lhe enchanled pIaces in
lhe sky nighl have escaped lhe ravages of var,
renaining lo lhis day.
5 5
ighlings of cIoud gianls, and even slorn gianls,
are nore connon even lhan laIes of nisl
dragons. These leings are encounlered in lhe
SloneIands as lhey galher food, or nore rareIy, as lhey
lrade or inleracl vilh lhe olher gianls in lhe region
(for inslance, lhe slone or hiII gianl races). CIoud
gianls hunl nalive gane such as viId sheep, eIk and
olher aninaIs, lhough lheir preferred prey is gelling
harder and harder lo find. The golIinoids have
hunled nosl such aninaIs lo exlinclion. If for no
olher reason, lhese gianls are no friends lo lhe eviI
races lhal dveII on and under lhe surface. Sonelines
lhe gianls go so far as lo allack golIinoids vhen a
chance encounler arises. In lhe evenl lhal lhey can-
nol find gane, sky gianls hunl nore dangerous (and
Iess savory) prey such as dinosaurs, lehir, gianl spi-
ders, elc. They do nol eal eilher golIinoids or hunans
under any circunslances.
CIoud gianls, lhough sliII very rare, are nore con-
nonIy encounlered lhan lheir slorn lrelhren. The
lvo seen lo coexisl peacefuIIy and are oflen vorking
in concerl vhen seen logelher~vhich indicales lhal
lhe cIoud gianls are of lhe good variely. I natc heard
one laIe of a fev eviI cIoud gianls allacking a ner-
chanl caravan. Il nighl le sour grapes, or nislaken
Slorn gianls are lhree lo four lines as IikeIy lo le
found on or near lhe ground during one of lhose infa-
nous slorns of lhe SloneIands. UsuaIIy jusl one of
lheir nunler is seen al a line, lul occasionaIIy lhey
lraveI in snaII groups. If lhere is a group of slorn
gianls, il is a good lel lhey are acconpanied ly al
2 4
Ieasl lvice as nany cIoud gianls. The sane propor-
lions appIy lo nerchanls´ daughlers and IurpIe
Dragons in lhe slreels of SuzaiI, lul IikeIy for vaslIy
differenl reasons.
CIoud and slorn gianls are usuaIIy seen in lhe
conpany of gianl eagIes, and even rocs (vhich lhe
slorn gianls ride as nounls). A canpfire laIe reporls
lhal gianls have leen seen in lhe conpany of a siIver
dragon as veII.
I knov for cerlain lhal sone of lhese gianls Iair in
lhe high peaks of lhe Slorn Horns lo lhe soulh, lul if
one leIieves lhe slories aloul lhe CIoudIands, sone
of lhen are sure lo dveII lhere. Òf gianls´ Iairs~
vherever lhey are~and lhe sociely lhal sky gianl
races have forned anong lhenseIves, I knov nolh-
ing. They seen lo le nolIe leings, incIined lo arro-
gance and haughliness. Very rareIy do lhey even pay
allenlion lo lhe evenls and peopIe of lhe ground,
unIess sone incidenl direclIy concerns lhen.
Iar nore connon lhan lheir Iofly lrelhren are lhe
laser, cruder hiII gianls. HiII gianls can unforlunaleIy
le found lhroughoul lhe SloneIands and lhe ColIin
Marches, parlicuIarIy in lhe High Moors. Addilion-
aIIy, and vilh increasing reguIarily, hiII gianls are
keeping conpany vilh golIin and orc lriles. TypicaIIy
lheir posilions in lhese are as Ieaders or as nercenary
heIp, in nuch lhe sane roIe lhal ogres pIay in olher
These gianls are eviI and crueI. They expIoil lhose
veaker and snaIIer lhan lhey are~vhen lhey are nol
sIovIy kiIIing and lhen ealing lhen, lhal is. Though
lhey sonelines vork vilh olher races~lhe golIi-
noids aIready nenlioned, ogres or lroIIs~hiII gianls
generaIIy lire of lhe efforl cooperalion lakes. When il
gels loo ledious lo lear, lhey lurn on lheir aIIies, nak-
ing lhen inlo sIaves or dinner.
The onIy lhing saving lhese aIIies fron graduaI
annihiIalion is a hiII gianl´s lolaI Iack of sullIely. The
snaIIer races, duII and slupid as lhey nay le, are nev-
erlheIess avare enough lo see such lelrayaI coning.
They hide, lhey allack firsl~nany lines, lhey sinpIy
sIink avay, and slarl anolher Iair.
HiII gianls Iive in snaII lriles, Ied ly lhe Iargesl
naIe in lhe group. They Iair in caves, lhough lhey
2 5
rareIy go deep underground. IrinariIy noclurnaI,
lhese gianls hunl lhe ligger crealures in lhe area for
food, raiding hunans or golIinoids vhen lhey can.
They eal any Iiving crealure, and seen lo have no
reaI preference for one foodsluff over anolher.
Leaving aside lheir Iack of inleIIigence, hiII gianls
are fearsone foes. Il does nol lake lrains lo vieId a
quarler-lon cIul convincingIy. Lven dragons usuaIIy
avoid allacking one of lheir lriles.
Mosl golIin, orc and holgolIin lriles have deveI-
oped lechniques lo fighl lhe nonslrosilies, incIuding
huge lraps, cIever ruses and carefuI anlushes. Òne
golIin lrile vhose Iair is cIose lo lhe High Moors has
pIaced lheir nain enlrance al lhe end of a narrov
chasn. Too lighl in pIaces for gianls lo pass lhrough,
lhe chasn is lheir firsl Iine of defense. If a hiII gianl
vere ever so fooIish as lo pursue lrile nenlers inlo
lhe gorge, he vouId nosl IikeIy gel vedged lelveen
lhe narrov vaIIs parl-vay in. Then lhe golIins couId
allack fron alove and leIov, lrusling lhe canyon
vaIIs lo al Ieasl parliaIIy innoliIize lheir foe.
51ome GIam1s
AIlhough lhey nornaIIy Iive in lhe nounlains, sone
slone gi anls have laken up resi dence i n lhe
SloneIands. Ior lhe nosl parl, lhese leings avoid
lolh hiII gianls and lorder raiders.
Their presence in lhe area is due lo a sacred feeIing
lhey hoId for lhe negaIilhs scallered over lhe Iand-
scape. I do nol knov any specifics aloul lheir leIiefs
regarding lhese slones, lul I have heard lhal slone
gianls do nol pernanenlIy dveII in lhe SloneIands.
Those encounlered are piIgrins of a sorl.
Many so-caIIed experls on gianls refule lhese
cIains. They leIieve slone gianls are loo unsophisli-
caled in lheir lhinking lo have deveIoped so conpIex
a reIigious dogna as lo require a piIgrinage of any
sorl. NeverlheIess, lhe gianls are here. The experls
are nol.
WhiIe in lhe region, slone gianls hunl vhal IillIe
gane lhal lhey can find, and galher edilIe pIanls.
They lraveI in cIans, and nake lheir (lenporary) Iairs
in vhalever sheIlered area lhey can~caves, crevasses,
elc. Sone slone gianl cIans have leen seen lraveIing
vilh gianl goals lo keep lhen suppIied in niIk and
cheese, vhich lhey Iove.
A vizard ly lhe nane of Thergeis once loId ne of
an encounler he and sone nen-al-arns had vilh
sone slone gianls. He cIains lhal one anong lheir
opponenls´ nunler casl speIIs of surprising pover. I
had heard of cerlain gianls having neager vizard
capaliIilies, lul Thergeis cIains lhe one he faced vas
exlraordinariIy poverfuI. He svears lhe slone gianl
vizard had a nunler of nagicaI ilens as veII~aII
gianl-sized, indicaling lhey vere conslrucled ly a
gianl, for his ovn use.
Thergeis has aIvays leen an accurale source lefore.
If his laIe is lrue, perhaps lhere is nore lhan neels
lhe eye in lhese nev piIgrins of lhe SloneIands. The
vizard aIso insisled lhal lhe skin of a slone gianl is a
usefuI ingredienl for a polion lhal nakes one resislanl
lo pelrificalion allacks, Iike lhose of a nedusa´s gIare.
I have nol lried il~I prefer lo slay avay fron
nedusae, vhen I can.
E11Ims amo TnoLLs
Lllins are sonelines found in lhe conpany of hiII
gianls, or even orcs. I have never heard of lvo or
nore ellins Iiving logelher year-round as olher gianls
do, lhough lhey do dveII logelher for shorl periods al
lheir line of naling. Òf aII gianls, lhey are lhe Ieasl
frequenlIy seen.
I have heard of one orc lrile near lhe Slorn Horns
vhose vilch doclor has nanaged lo levilch an ellin.
Il nov serves as lhe orcs´ sIave. Ils slrenglh aIIovs il
lo conslrucl vaIIs and such in a very shorl line, and
in lallIe, lhe orcs acluaIIy fil il vilh a harness so lhal
lvo of lheir archers can ride on il, chesl and lack.
Lllins are, if possilIe, even slupider and nore lesliaI
lhan hiII gianls. Beside lhe uniqueness of having lvo
heads, lhese gianls are lesl knovn for lheir horrilIe
slench and fiIlhy counlenance. Because lhey and
lheir Iairs are so disgusling, ellins oflen carry parasiles
and diseases. AIlhough lhey do nol have a vaIue sys-
len, as such, ellins seen lo regard fiIlh as a good
lhing, and fear cIeanIiness, purily, and lrighl Iighl.
Their fear of vashing exlends lo valer in generaI.
They alsoIuleIy refuse lo enler a pooI, Iake or river
lhal runs deeper lhan nid-lhigh on lheir ovn lodies.
The possession of lvo heads is nol a lroulIesone
lhing lo an ellin, for even vilh lolh, lhey do nol ovn
enough inleIIigence or seIf-avareness lo queslion lheir
duaI exislence. The righl head is generaIIy doninanl
2 6
TnoLL RepeLLem1 ¡Eooca1Iom)
1sl-IeveI Wizard´s SpeII
Range: 1 yard/IeveI
Conponenls: V,S,M
Duralion: 1 lurn + 1 round/IeveI
Casling Tine: 2
Area of Lffecl: 2O fool-radius sphere
Saving Throv: Neg.
This speII creales a lhin, greasy, greenish nisl lhal
carries a polenl odor. WhiIe lhis odor is unpIeas-
anl lo nosl crealures, il is horrilIe lo lroIIs, and if
lhey faiI lheir saving lhrov al +4, lhey Ieave lhe
area of lhe nisl for lhe duralion of lhe speII, refus-
ing lo enler again unliI il is gone.
The nisl, unforlunaleIy, is easiIy dispersed,
naking il useIess in even a Iighl lreeze. The speII-
casler nusl concenlrale during lhe duralion of lhe
speII, or lhe nisl inslanlIy disperses. The naleriaI
conponenls for lhis speII are a lil of ragveed,
sone lroII dung, and an open fIane.
vhen cognizanl aliIilies are required. I have read in
sone nage´s pulIic noles lhal a Iefl-side-doninaled
ellin vas found. As I recaII il vas acluaIIy nore inleIIi-
genl lhan an average nenler of lhe species~lul nol
ly nuch.
ÒccasionaIIy, an ellin uses any lreasure lhal il has
accidenlaIIy found as a lrile, or as lrade, lo golIins or
orcs in relurn for aid. These snaIIer leings luiId lraps
around lhe ellin´s Iair, heIp defend lhe ellin fron foes,
hunl or galher food, dig lunneIs, or acconpIish any
olher sorls of lasks lhe lvo-headed gianl asks of lhen.
SurprisingIy enough, ellins vishing such heIp
aIvays pay for il~lhey do nol coIIecl sIaves. Ierhaps
lhis is lecause lhe ellin does nol vanl lhe responsi-
liIily of valching his sIaves lo nake sure lhey do nol
escape, or perhaps il is lecause lhe crealure jusl has
never inagined lhe possiliIily. Òrcs and golIins usu-
aIIy are happy lo do lhe vork, for oflen, an ellin offers
lhen paynenl far leyond vhal lhe jol is vorlh. The
golIinoids rareIy slay Iong, vorking onIy a fev
nonlhs, al nosl.
TroIIs are rare near lhe surface. Sonelines a gnoII
lrile has a lroII lodyguard lo prolecl ils chieflain, and
occasionaIIy lroIIs can le found assisling hiII gianls or
golIinoid lriles. More frequenlIy, lhey appear as
aggressors, coning up fron lhe Underdark lo raid
golIin and orc Iairs lhal exlend loo far inlo lheir dark
reaIn. Ior lhis reason, nosl deep Iair egresses are
eilher veII hidden or quickIy lIocked off.
Sone orc shanans have discovered a ninor speII
lhal creales a slrange odor. This odor repeIs lroIIs
nuch of lhe line. I sulsequenlIy Iearned lhis speII
(seeningIy a vorlhvhiIe inveslnenl vhen I firsl
encounlered il), and I can allesl lhal il vorks~sone
of lhe line.
TroIIs in lhis area usuaIIy regard orcs, golIins, and
lheir kin eilher as veakIings lo sleaI fron and expIoil,
or as food. They respecl gnoIIs, and fear gianls.
GIam1 5pIoens
6 6
grovs irreguIarIy across lhe region. In ils vel a spider
can calch snaII aninaIs and lirds. The vel lhreads
are so slrong lhal even golIinoids and hunans nay
polenliaIIy le ensnared Iong enough for lhe spiders,
vhich dveII in groups of lvo lo 2O, lo svarn over
hese crealures are lolh hunler and prey in lhe
ColIin Marches. They cone in nany varielies.
Large spiders luiId vel-nesls in lhe laII grass vhich
The orcs caII lhese spiders |crru|-u||, and nake il a
praclice lo keep lolh spiders and lheir vels cIeared
fron lhe area surrounding lheir connunilies. Ònce a
nonlh, six lo len varriors nake a perineler check,
sIaying any spiders lhey find, vhiIe lurning or chop-
ping lheir vels as veII. In lhis vay, lhey do nol have
lo vorry aloul palroIs, young al pIay, elc. faIIing acci-
denlaIIy inlo spider snares. Il is exceplionaIIy good
housekeeping, and a lechnique lo vhich lhe Iover
golIinkin have nol yel caughl on.
Al Ieasl one orc lrile has discovered lhe rool of a
parlicuIar pIanl, caIIed lhe hundir, is poisonous lo
gianl spiders. They oflen feed hundir rool lo snaII
aninaIs and lhen lhrov lhen inlo |crru|-u|| vels.
When lhe spiders drain lhe aninaI of ils lIood, lhey
ingesl hundir poison as veII, and die.
Anolher lype of spider found lhroughoul lhe
Marches and lhe SloneIands is lhe gianl fIying spider.
This crealure nakes ils hone in underground caves
2 7
lul sonelines cones up lo lhe surface~parlicuIarIy
al nighl~lo hunl. Il spins no vels, lul fIies on insec-
loid vings and svoops dovn upon ils prey. Ils pre-
ferred viclins incIude snaII aninaIs, golIins, koloIds,
and even olher spiders.
CeneraIIy, fIying spiders do nol allack hunans
unIess lhey appear lo le easy largels. Ierhaps lhal
advice is loo vague. I can hear LIninsler adnonishing
even as ny pen Ieaves lhe scroII. AII righl, if il is
delaiIs you vanl, lhen delaiIs you gel.
To a fIying spider, an easy largel is one lhal is
aIone, unarnored, and does nol keep a significanl
anounl of fire nearly. These spiders are afraid of
fIane and disIike lrighl Iighl. A canpfire is sufficienl
lo deler lhen. They are nol inleIIigenl enough lo rec-
ognize a speII casler or reaIize lhe inherenl dangers
such a largel hoIds for lhen.
Ihase spiders are sonevhal nore inleIIigenl lhan
gianl fIying spiders. They, loo, prefer easy largels, Iike
lhe fIying spider, lul fIanloyanl speII effecls, such as
Iighlning loIls, firelaIIs, even vaIIs of fire or ice, elc.,
usuaIIy frighlen lhen off. Ihase spiders spin vels in
underground caverns and anong lhe lrees of lhe
Iarsea Marshes. I have heard lhal expIorers have
encounlered lhen in lhe SloneIands, vhere lhey use
lhe huge slanding slones as anchors for lhe vels lhey
Wilh lheir aliIily lo go lack and forlh fron lhe
LlhereaI pIane lo our ovn, lhese nonslers can allack
lheir prey, phase oul, Ieaving a leviIdered foe vilh no
largel lo hil, lhen phase lack in and resune lhe
allack, again vilh surprise. They are lhere, lhen lhey
are nol, lhen lhey are lack. Using such laclics, phase
spiders are successfuI preying on even such Iarge and
vicious largels as ogres, lroIIs, and gianls.
Due lo lheir aliIilies and lheir unnervingIy hunan
faces, lhese spiders are feared and avoided ly aII of
lhe hunanoid popuIalion in lhe region. In facl, hol-
golIins revere phase spiders as ninor godIings, ser-
vanls of lhe divine senl lo exacl relrilulion againsl
lhose lhal offended lhen.
Sonelines, a holgolIin lrile (especiaIIy one vilh
a poverfuI or infIuenliaI shanan) sels up canp near,
lul nol vilhin sighl of, lhe vel of a phase spider.
These holgolIins allenpl lo caplure viclins for lheir
¨godIings.¨ There are sone holgolIins near lhe
soulhern edge of lhe Deserlsnoulh Mounlains lhal
lraveI norlhvard lo caplure dvarves as lheir favored
sacrifices. Òlher holgolIins sellIe for lraveIers or
olher golIinoids.
Il is runored lhal lhe hearl of a phase spider is
acluaIIy a ruly of incredilIe size and vorlh, lul lhe
lreasure nusl le renoved fron lhe crealure on lhe
LlhereaI pIane or il viII shaller inlo vorlhIess
0 0
Horn Mounlains. Their hunling forays oflen lake
lhen deep inlo lhe ColIin Marches, for lhey prefer lo
feed on golIins, koloIds, and even orcs. They aIso fIy
inlo lhe deserl of Anauroch. There lhey hunl
androsphinxes, vhich lhey hale nore lhan anylhing,
and search for gynosphinxes vilh vhich lo nale.
ieracosphinxes are vicious, vinged predalors
lhal dveII aIong lhe norlhern edge of lhe Slorn
Hieracosphinxes are crueI, eviI, and inleIIigenl.
They usuaIIy operale aIone in lhis region, forning
groups onIy lo hunl dovn a haled androsphinx. I
have heard lhal sonelines poverfuI hunans of eviI
disposilion can convince a hieracosphinx lo serve as a
nounl and a conpanion, lul I do nol knov of lhe
vaIidily of lhis runor.
0 0
idden avay anidsl lhe caves of lhe ColIin
Marches and lhe crude oleI i sks of lhe
SloneIands are lerrifying nedusae (and lheir
exlreneIy rare naIe counlerparls, vhon I viII discuss
soon). These horrilIe leings have no enenies in lhe
area, as aII crealures fear lheir pelrifying gaze.
A lypicaI nedusa spends nosl of ils line in ils Iair,
vhich is oflen a renole cave, an alandoned golIin
Iair, or even a sinpIe vooden collage in a renole
ravine. Like snakes, lhey do nol eal oflen. This snaII
appelile is heIpfuI, for lheir gaze oflen lurns polenliaI
neaIs lo slone. Il seens conlradiclory lhal a crealure
couId have an aliIily vhich acliveIy hinders ils sur-
vivaI, lul such is lhe case for nany a nagicaIIy cre-
aled nonsler. Because of lhis curse, a nedusa oflen
seeks oul a naedar.
2 8
Maedar are a personaI discovery of nine. They are
incredilIy rare~so rare, in facl, lhal very, very fev
individuaIs even knov of lheir exislence. Iev
nedusae ever find naedar lo nale vilh, lul vhen
lhey do, lhey nale for Iife.
A naedar provides food for hinseIf and his nale ly
snashing her nonunenl-ized viclins vilh his greal
slrenglh. He has a naluraI aliIily lo lurn lhe pelrified
shards lack lo fIesh.
The lies lelveen lhe lvo crealures are nol pureIy
praclicaI, lhough. There is a lrue enolionaI lond,
found onIy rareIy anong such eviI nonslers. A
naedar is proleclive of his nale lo lhe poinl of olses-
sion. He viII hunl her kiIIers unliI lhey are dead~
nolhing delers hin excepl his ovn denise.
If a naedar and a nedusa have offspring, nearIy aII
lhe unforlunale halchIings are nornaI hunan chiI-
dren~slrangeIy enough~vho die vhen lhey see
lheir nolher. A rare fev naIe lalies are naedar.
These Iive, innune lo lheir nolher´s gaze, as veII as
lo lhe venon of her snaky Iocks.
When a naedar and a nedusa nale, 99° of lhe
resuIling eggs halch as nornaI hunan chiIdren.
The olher 1° of lheir eggs halch as naedar, vilh
aII of lhe noled innunilies.
Maedar nay le encounlered oulside lhe conpany
of a nedusa, if lhey have nol yel found a nale. Il
seens lhe frequency of nedusae dravs naedar lo lhe
SloneIands and lhe Marches, for lhey vish lo lond as
nuch as nedusae do. BacheIor naedar sonelines Iive
anong orc or golIin lriles as veIcone guesls.
In exchange for sheIler and food, a naedar can
offer his hosls his aliIilies lo nove lhrough slone.
Using lhis aliIily, a naedar can find ore deposils, hid-
den chanlers, or nev underground valer sources.
Maedar are aIso usefuI aIIies in conlal, leing inleIIi-
genl laclicians, very slrong, and fearIess.
Bul I have nol finished vilh nedusae. Wilhoul a
naedar~and nosl nedusae Iive lheir vhoIe Iives
vilhoul a souInale~a nedusa is forced lo procreale
ly seducing hunanoid naIes. She hides her lerrifying
visage~for a line. (ApparenlIy, for her falIed gaze lo
vork, lhe viclin nusl see nosl of lhe nedusa´s face
vhiIe neeling her slare.) Ònce a nan conpIeles his
lask, nosl nedusae revard hin vilh pelrificalion. Il
seens a harsh lrealnenl for a Iover.
These offspring, Iike lhose of nedusa and naedar,
halch snakeIike, fron eggs. Bul lhey Iook hunan
enough as lalies~chully, pink-skinned girIs vilh a
cap of green, slully hair-lendriIs. They aIvays nalure
inlo nedusae.
A nedusa´s Iair houses no nore lhan lhree individ-
uaIs. Those vilhoul naedar nales seek olher nedusae
lo Iive vilh, for conpanionship and nuluaI gain.
AIlhough il is lrue lhal a nedusa can lurn herseIf lo
slone if she sees her ovn refIecled inage, she is
innune lo lhe gaze of olhers of her kind.
¨Spinsler¨ nedusae nusl eilher hunl vearing nasks
or (nore frequenlIy) use lovs al ranges greal enough
lhal lheir inlended prey does nol firsl faII viclin lo lheir
gaze. They can vieId olher veapons as veII, and I have
nel sone arned vilh daggers and even shorl svords.
The lovs lhey favor are shorl lovs~lhey do nol Iike
Iarge, luIky veapons, nor are lhey parlicuIarIy slrong.
The spinsler nedusae lhal I have encounlered or
heard aloul do nol Iike lo le reninded of lheir pelri-
fying aliIilies, and so do nol keep lheir viclins in
lheir Iairs. In facl, il vouId seen lhal lhese sad, IoneIy
crealures despise lheir pover. UnforlunaleIy, lhey
direcl lheir anger and halred oulvard, viIifying nosl
olher leings. If nol hungry, a nedusa is IikeIy lo pel-
rify any Iiving crealure she cones upon.
A nedusa´s vaIue lo aIchenisls and nages vishing lo
creale nagicaI ilens is greal. Her eyes and lIood are
lolh used in naking ink for speII scroIIs. The venon
produced ly hair/serpenls is renovned ly assassins
and lheir iIk for ils deadIiness.
Medusa eyes are used lo nake ink for prc|cc|icn frcn
pc|rifica|icn scroIIs, vhiIe lheir lIood is used lo creale
polions of nunan and nanna| ccn|rc|.
I have heard lhal sone nedusae use lheir ovn
venon lo coal lheir veapons. I aIso have heard lhal
cerlain, oIder nedusae have Iearned lo lrev a polion
vhich can change slone lack lo fIesh. They use lhis
renedy lo reslore largels lhey accidenlaIIy pelrify.
Medusae oflen lrade or seII lhese polions lo olhers of
lheir kind. ApparenlIy lhey are popuIar noslruns, a
facl for vhich nany an advenlurer has leen gralefuI.
If a fighler faIIs fouI of lhe nonsler´s gaze, he or she
is pelrified. Bul aII is nol Iosl. When (lhal is, if) his
conpanions nanage lo sIay lhe nedusa, nosl adven-
luring leans nov search lhe crealure´s Iair for lhe
IikeIy viaIs of lhis convenienl polion. Iinding il, lhey
can reslore lheir slony friend lo fIesh, nol loo nuch
lhe vorse for vear.
AIlhough I do nol knov lhe exacl line Iinil~nor
vouId I vish lo lake parl in furlher lesls lo find oul~
I do knov lhal a person can survive pelrificalion if she
is reslored lack lo fIesh soon aflervard. Òh, lhe
revards of personaI experience! The gaze of a nedusa
pelrified ne. I renained in lhal slale, aIive lul
unconscious, for aInosl five ninules lefore ny aIIies
vere alIe lo lransforn ne lack lo fIesh vilh an
appropriale speII.
There is a snakeIike crealure knovn as a loaIisk
lhal seens, Iike naedar, lo le innune lo a nedusa´s
gaze. Òflen kepl as pels and guardians ly nedusae,
lhese 25-fool-Iong snakes nol onIy possess deadIy
conslriclion aliIilies, lul aIso denonslrale a danger-
ous gaze lhenseIves. A loaIisk´s slare causes a rolling
disease in lhose il allacks.
I have recenlIy heard lhe Zhenlarin are lrying lo
gain lhe aid of lolh nedusae and naedar (|ncq appar-
enlIy knov of lhe naIes´ exislence). Runor has il lhe
vizards of lhe Zhenlarin have uncovered an ancienl
speII lhal prolecls a polenliaI viclin fron a nedusa´s
gaze. Arned vilh lhis speII, lhe BIack Nelvork has
nade offers of aid, lreasure, and pover in relurn for
nedusae aid as speciaI deslruclive agenls. The Nel-
vork vishes lo send lhe nonslers soulh lo assassinale
key individuaIs and in generaI sov fear and disorder
in lhe Cornyrean ranks.
I do nol knov if lhey have leen successfuI in lheir
recruilnenl, lul lhey nusl knov lhal neilher
nedusae nor naedar viII Iong serve hunan naslers.
A nedusa´s conlenpl for olher Iife is loo slrong, and a
naedar´s prolecliveness for his nale viII drav hin lo
her side~avay fron any dulies enlrusled lo hin.
. .
ev crealures are a nore conslanl danger lo gol-
Iins and olher races in lhe SloneIands and
soulhern ColIin Marches lhan perylons. These
3 O
eviI, nagicaI crealures prefer lo hunl hunans, vhen
lhey cannol le found, olher hunanoids are lhe nexl
lesl largel.
Ierylons svoop dovn upon lheir prey and allack
rulhIessIy~usuaIIy surprising lheir largels. Their
hides are innune lo any lIovs save lhose ly nagi-
caI veapons, so fev orcs or golIins can even vound
Sages cIain lhe nonslers need hunan hearls lo
insure lheir ovn ferliIily. They poinl lo lhis gruesone
requirenenl, coupIed vilh lhe facl lhal perylons have
lolh lhe scenl and lhe shadov of nan, as proof lhal
lhe crealures vere once hunan. These schoIars sup-
pose lhe anceslors of lhe perylon race vere cursed or
nagicaIIy aIlered eons ago. I find nyseIf in conpIele
agreenenl vilh lheir reasoning. And I add lhese fur-
lher olservalions, gIeaned fron years of harroving
Ierylons are inleIIigenl, crafly, and palienl. They
are vonl lo nake delaiIed pIans vhich lhey foIIov
lhrough lo lhe Ieller~even if Iong vails are
invoIved. A golIin viII gel lored, a hiII gianl con-
fused. Nol so a perylon. Like a cal al a nouse hoIe, a
perylon nay Iook reIaxed, lul aII lhe line il is
valching for ils prey lo lreak. Any error can le a
falaI error.
Ierylons can eal anylhing, aIlhough usuaIIy lhe
fIesh of lhose vhose hearls lhey lear oul suils lhen
jusl fine. They do nol need lo vasle line hunling for
dinner if lhey are successfuI in lheir firsl pursuil.
Òn one of ny lrips lack lo civiIizalion~or al Ieasl
vhal passes for civiIizalion in TiIverlon´s high fronlier
slreels~I cane upon a dislurling runor aloul pery-
lons. I have nol leen alIe lo eslalIish ils lrulh, lul I
find il significanl enough lo repeal il.
Il is said lhal sonevhere in lhe SloneIands, a Iov-
Iand nesl of perylons keeps a nixed group of orcs,
hunans, eIves and ogres caplive. These are nol sinpIy
sIaves lo le vorked lo dealh, or food slockpiIed for a
nacalre feasl. The nonslers care for lheir caplives as
a hunan drover nighl lend a herd of leef callIe.
Sone hunanoids are sIaughlered for lheir hearls, and
as food for lhe nesl. Bul enough nenlers of each
species are kepl aIive, and lred, so lhal lhey can
reproduce and repIenish lhe ¨herd.¨
) )
pIains of lhe ColIin Marches. These Ieonine cenlaurs
are enenies of nosl golIin, orc and holgolIin lriles,
aIlhough lhey have eslalIished uneasy lruces vilh a
fev of lheir foes.
Ilhough lhere are no lradilionaI cenlaurs in lhis
area, lheir rarer cousins, venics, do roan lhe
Lach of lhe nunerous prides of venics is Iead ly a
chieflain, vho is aIvays naIe. Like nosl of lhe cuIlures
in lhe area, venic sociely is slrongIy naIe-doninaled.
The reasons for lhis connonaIily are nol cIear. My
guess, lased on ny years of sludy, and on ny ovn expe-
rience Ieading an advenluring group, is lhal lhe naIe
Ieaning lovard varfare nay le a delernining faclor.
The Marches are a region of conslanl slrife.
In any evenl, venic sociely is prinilive in conpar-
ison lo hunan civiIizalion, aIlhough lhese leings are
ly no neans uninleIIigenl. They do nake veapons
and looIs fron slone and vood, and lhey creale cIay
pollery as veII. Any nelaIIic ilens a venic carries
have prolalIy leen saIvaged fron lhe lallIefieId, usu-
aIIy off sIain orcs.
Surrounded ly lhe conslanl danger of Iiving in lhe
open spaces of lhe ColIin Marches, a venic lrile is
focused on defense. They are veII-skiIIed in anlush-
ing vouId-le allackers. IenaIes and even chiIdren are
laughl lo fighl hand lo hand (or shouId I say loolh
and hoof`), aIlhough lhey usuaIIy do nol vieId
veapons in lallIe. Many venic fenaIes do Iearn lo
use such looIs vhen lhey heIp in hunling.
Wenics are prinariIy neal-ealers. They slev rools,
viId lerries, and cerlain grasses vilh lheir kiIIs.
AIlhough lhey usuaIIy lry for snaIIer gane, a land of
venic hunlers nay largel such poverfuI leasls as
dinosaurs or lehir if easier prey is Iacking.
Wenic prides are nonadic, and lhey lraveI lhe
Ienglh and lreadlh of lhe Marches. Younger naIes
nay offer lo guide lraveIers in exchange for a veapon,
shieId, or olher nelaI ilen. They aIso accepl noney,
knoving lhal olher races vaIue il.
In lines of greal danger, venic prides unile inlo a
singIe nalion. A king is chosen fron anong lhe chiefs,
and he lhen has conpIele conlroI over aII nenlers of
lhe nalion. Such a galhering has nol happened in gen-
eralions, and vouId prolalIy onIy occur in response lo
a najor lhreal~ say, lhe fornalion of a golIinoid arny.
3 1
Pan1 FIoe: Rumons
amo Eoem1s
he regions knovn as lhe ColIin
Marches and lhe SloneIands are
fiIIed vilh Iegends of lhe ancienl
pasl and currenl happenings. TraveI-
ers in lhe region need lo le avare of
lolh. The foIIoving are runors and Iegends vhich
nay or nay nol le lrue, lul are inporlanl lo nole.
They have leen gIeaned fron various sources~lav-
ern laIes, golIin Iegends, dragon secrels, and oId
forgollen nanuscripls.
- An eviI hunan cuIl has an underground lenpIe in
lhe cenler of lhe ColIin Marches. SupposedIy lhey
hire nercenary orcs and ogres, and have luiIl a
huge Ialyrinlh vilh lhe heIp of koloId and golIin
niners. This cuIl vorships Cyric, lhe Irince of Lies
and Cod of Dealh. They have nany undead ser-
vanls. These cuIlisls are nov allenpling lo creale a
dracoIich lo honor lheir god, lul firsl lhey need a
viIIing dragon and sone nagicaI fornuIae fron lhe
CuIl of lhe Dragon. They nay lry lo lrick olher-
vise aIlruislic advenlurers inlo ollaining lhese for-
nuIae for lhen under faIse prelenses.
- An ancienl look caIIed lhe Yic|úing Tiúc speaks of a
forgollen cily-slale lhal nay once have exisled in
lhe High Moors. SupposedIy lhe poverfuI vizards
of lhis cily caplured a ninor goddess in order lo
sleaI her pover. WhiIe lhe cily and ils vizards are
Iong gone, lhose vho knov lhe Iegend (and lhey
are fev in nunler) leIieve lhe unnaned goddess is
sliII luried under lhe cily´s ruins. She nighl granl
her rescuers lheir hearl´s desire~or she nighl sIay
lhen in relrilulive anger.
- A poverfuI land of hunan and dvarven advenlur-
ers recenlIy scoured lhe ColIin Marches, kiIIing aII
golIinoids lhey found. WhoIe lriles vere deslroyed
or forced lo alandon lheir Iairs. In lhe land´s vake,
dispIaced golIins roan lhe counlryside, and olher
crealures, such as nedusae, cIain lhe enply cave
- An orc prisoner caplured ly Cornyrean soIdiers
soulh of lhe Slorn Horns cIains lhal orc and gol-
Iin lriles are nuch cIoser lo uniling lhan anyone
leIieves. He loasls lhal Cornyr viII run red vilh
lIood shed ly orc veapons vilhin lvo years. He
vouId nol give nore delaiIs~olher lhan lo snarI
lhal lhe golIinoids vere nol leing Ied ly an oul-
side force. If lhere is any lrulh lo lhis, lhe NeidIig
golIin lrile nusl le slirring.
- TraveIers fron lhe norlh say lhe Creal Deserl has
legun lo spread soulhvard again, and lhal lhe sand
dunes are expanding al a neasuralIe rale. Dusl-
slorns and high vinds are said lo le increasing in
lhe area.
- Runors of exlraordinariIy Iarge vorgs are spreading
lhroughoul lhe Marches. SupposedIy, a lrile of
golIins crosslred lheir vorgs vilh sone olher crea-
lure (sone cIain a speII or nagicaI ilen nusl le
invoIved) lo nake lhen nore dangerous. These
leasls are said lo sland aInosl 1O´ al lhe shouIder.
- Huge nunlers of undead have legun lo appear in
lhe SloneIands, lheir source or crealor unknovn.
Sone lIane lhe Zhenlarin, vhiIe olhers cIain
lhese are lhe Iong-dead inhalilanls of an ancienl
enpire vhich once ruIed lhe area.
- A crealure herelofore unknovn in lhe region,
prolalIy unknovn in aII lhe ReaIns, has leen
spolled in lhe ColIin Marches. This four-arned,
inseclIike leing slands onIy five feel laII lul pos-
sesses lhe slrenglh of a gianl. Lyevilnesses reporl il
is culling a svalh of deslruclion and screaning in
an unknovn Ianguage. A cIeric vho casl a |cngucs
speII says lhal il is denanding lo le relurned lo ils
ovn vorId.
- A gnoII/orc lorder raider land found a vooden var
gaIIeon anid lhe huge rocks of lhe SloneIands.
AIlhough lhe olviousIy nispIaced ship shovs signs
of incredilIe age, il is lasicaIIy inlacl. Sone say il
is a nagicaI fIying ship, Iefl over fron lhe decadenl
Asranian assauIl on lhe CIoudIands. Òlhers cIain
lhe vesseI can saiI lo olher vorIds.
3 2
The Thumoen Peaks amo
1he 51onm Honms
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
CneoI 1s
Part Onc: Thc MnuntaIn Rangcs.....................3
Part Twn: Cnmmnn LIfc In thc MnuntaIns .......9
Part Thrcc: Mnnstcrs nf thc Pcaks ................16
Part Fnur: Rumnrs ........................................32
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Uniled Kingdon
reelings! You have opened a look
lhal has laken nany years lo vrile,
for il is lhe conpiIalion of noles
and skelches I nade during ny
nany expIoralions inlo lhe Thun-
der Ieaks and Slorn Horns. In lhose nounlain
ranges I invesligaled lhe fIora, fauna, nonslers,
and generaI viIdIife. And I pul quiII lo paper lo
record ny olservalions for poslerily.
During one sojourn I nel LIninsler, vho hap-
pened lo le allracled lo lhe sane palch of rare
viIdfIovers lhal I vas sludying. I discovered lhal,
Iike ne, he cane lo lhe nounlains lo appreciale
lhe pIanls and lo skelch~lhough he vas lhere
nore for arlislic pursuils.
My concenlralion vas upon lhe science of lhe
viIdfIovers, lheir roIe anong olher pIanls and hov
lhey affecled lhe insecl Iife. LIninsler frovned
sIighlIy vhen I loId hin ny reason for skelching,
and he asked vhelher I ever paid allenlion lo lhe
leauly in lhe lhings I drev. Il vas lhen I reaIized
vhal a lrue conlrilulion ny dravings couId nake,
and lhal I shouId lake nole of vhen I leheId such
prelly sighls as lhe fIovers ve lolh prized. I vas
inlrigued ly LIninsler´s perspeclive and decided lo
speak vilh hin furlher.
NaluraIIy our laIk ran lhrough fIovers,
skelches, and our respeclive lraveIs over lhe Iand
seeking rare lhings lo lehoId and record. When I
loId hin of ny expIoils in lhe Thunder Ieaks, he
perked up and said he vas conpiIing a vork lhal
soughl lo delaiI lhe Iife around hin. No one had
yel produced anylhing reIaled lo lhe peaks or lhe
Slorn Horns, so he asked if I vouId sulnil ny
noles lo hin, vhich I have done, and vhich you
are reading.
Before you read furlher, aIIov ne lo inlroduce
nyseIf and delaiI ny experlise, so lhe lhings I say
hereon viII le laken al lheir proper vaIue.
I an NiluIus LoraI, a sage vho has nade il his
Iife´s vork lo sludy lhe naluraI lhings of lhis vorId
and reIale lhal knovIedge lo olhers. I have used ny
skiIIs as a speIIcasler lo aid ne in ny sludies and lo
faciIilale ny lraveIing over lhe lvo nounlain
ranges descriled in lhis look.
I an a vizard ly lrade. I spenl nany years doing
lhe lhings lhal vizards are lesl knovn for: casling
speIIs, enchanling veapons, and repeIIing hoards of
orcs and sIavering leasls. Bul, as I aged, I gained a
grealer apprecialion for lhe sinpIer lhings in our
Iives, lhose lhings vhich are nosl oflen over-
Iooked. I legan lo lake nole of lhe variely and
leauly of lhe lIoons lhal grev around ny hone,
and I look up skelching so I couId enjoy lhe inages
of lhe fIovers year-round.
This Ied ne lo lhe nolion of lraveIing lo olher
parls of Cornyr lo see nore fIovers and pIanls,
and lo skelch lhen as veII. This, in lurn, look ne
lo sludy grealer suljecls, Iiving crealures, and il
evenluaIIy Iead lo lhe crealion of lhis vork you
have nov.
HopefuIIy lhis look viII reveaI nev lhings aloul
crealures vilh vhich you are faniIiar. AIso, lhese
vrilings are sure lo leII you lhings aloul crealures
you never have seen lefore, or have onIy heard
aloul in vhispered Iegends. This look nighl dispeI
lhose Iegends~or luiId upon lhen. Lilher vay, I
lrusl il viII le of use in your endeavors as you vaIk
lhrough lhe najeslic lovers of lhe Slorn Horns
and Thunder Ieaks.
The Noum1aIm Ramges
ecause lhey are lhe geographic lor-
ders of lhe Kingdon of Cornyr, lhe
Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks
nounlain ranges have had signifi-
canl inpacl on lhal proud counlry.
The Thunder Ieaks forn lhe easlern lorder of
Cornyr. Lven for nounlains lhey´re high and are
difficuIl for any crealure lo lraverse. Òne passage
culs lhrough lhe Thunder Ieaks, naned appropri-
aleIy enough~Thunder Cap. The Cap is nol a
pIeasanl vaIk. Raiders concenlrale on il as il´s lhe
onIy pass, nonslers Iive aII around il, and lhe harsh
vealher nakes sure no one has an easy line in lhe
Those vho have seen lhe Slorn Horns up cIose
quickIy reaIize vhy lhe range is spoken of in grilly
lerns and vilh cursed lrealh. Il coiIs around haIf of
Cornyr, prevenling lhe kingdon fron expanding
farlher norlh or vesl. The Slorn Horns are jagged,
rough, and ullerIy inhospilalIe lo any lul lhe nosl
hearly crealure.
The Noum1aIm
6 6
he Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks are
unusuaI in lheir appearance and forn. They
are nore jagged and sleep lhan nosl olher ranges.
Wilh lheir sleepness, lhe nounlains are unusu-
aIIy difficuIl lo lraverse. There are lul a fev passes
lhrough eilher range and onIy one road in lhe
enlire Slorn Horns, lhe High Road.
A greal deaI of Ioose rock of aII sizes parlicuIarIy
hanpers lraveI. The rocks, Iike lhe peaks, are
jagged and sharp. They are noloriousIy difficuIl lo
lreak, pulling anyone vho nines in lhe ranges lo
lhe Iinils of lheir endurance.
In each range you viII find lhe grandesl of peaks
vhich hoId secrels knovn onIy lo dragons and
lilans, and you viII find snaII rocky hiIIs, insignifi-
canl even lo a sIug.
The grandesl peaks lover alove lhe olher noun-
lains in lhe range. They reach alove lhe cIouds and
naluraIIy allracl lhe allenlion of lhe Iargesl, grand-
esl crealures. Because of lhis, lhe laIIesl peaks have
seen lhe grealesl anounl of lallIe ly lhe nosl pov-
erfuI leings.
These peaks aIso inspire song and poelry lhal have
forned slyIes aII lheir ovn. Verse aloul nounlains
lakes on an especiaIIy dislinclive fIavor. Bards
singing aloul lhen can´l heIp vocaIizing in a sIighlIy
deeper linlre, refIecling lhe najesly of lhe spires.
This leauly can onIy le seen fron a dislance.
Iev passes vind lhrough lhe ranges. Trekking
lhrough lhen is an arduous lask lo say lhe Ieasl.
Aside fron lhe olvious difficuIly lerrain represenls,
lhe ranges are fiIIed vilh lriles of orcs and aII nan-
ner of poverfuI nonslers lhal veIcone visilors.
HIooem CI1Ies

ol veII knovn are slories of cilies hidden
vilhin lhe peaks, secreled avay ly dislance.
Òf lhe ones I an faniIiar vilh, lhe onIy one
vhich recurs is a slory of a siIver cily lhal is al lhe
lase of a laII nounlain. AII of lhe slories say lhe cily
is lelveen TiIverlon and Thunder Cap. The
founders of lhe cily are said lo le nonks vho are
seeking an inner peace purporled lo granl lhen lhe
aliIily lo vaIk lo olher pIanes. This nelhod of lraveI
surpasses lhe dislances aIIoved ly nagicaI speIIs.
Many of lhese Iesser knovn laIes cenler around lhe
dinension-crossing aliIilies of lhe nonks.
The A1mosphenIc
* *
olh nounlain ranges share a connon charac-
lerislic lhal lirlhed lheir respeclive nanes.
Throughoul lhe year, regardIess of season, lhey are
pIagued ly lhe nosl avfuI lhunderslorns anyone
couId have lhe nisforlune of leing caughl in.
The slorns are sudden and forcefuI. They lIov
in fron lhe horizon vilh no varning, descending
upon veary lraveIers vho slruggIe lhrough lhe fev
passes lhal have leen eslalIished.
IrequenlIy, lhe vealher in lhe ranges viII le loI-
eralIe, lul sone vind aIvays lIovs~fron a sIighl
lreeze lo a slrong gusl~lesling lhe slrenglh of car-
avans´ ropes lhal hoId lhe vares lo lhe vagons. If a
slorn is coning, il nighl le seen aIong lhe dislanl
horizon~if an olserver can nanage lo gel a cIear,
unolslrucled viev. Lven so, such cIouds nay
appear as harnIess, fIuffy puffs.
The nexl norning, hovever, an overcasl sky is
IikeIy lo greel lhe lraveIer, and lhere is no doull as
lo vhal viII shorlIy foIIov. Wilhin haIf a day, lhe
slorns viII arrive in force.
The overcasl sky lrings vilh il chiIIing, forcefuI
vinds lhal lesl lhe endurance of lhe lraveIer. Cusls
sling lhe skin and lhrealen lo lIov avay proleclive
cIolhes. The chiII is sonelines frigid enough lo
cause dealh for lhose vilhoul proleclive furs and
hides. Uncovered skin lecones nunl afler onIy a
fev ninules of exposure.
During lhe course of a fev hours, lhe slorns
nake lheir enlrance. SuddenIy, lhe sky appears lo
faII. The cIouds vhich have lIankeled lhe heavens
in an icy grip descend, lringing lhenseIves lo lhe
IeveI of lhe peaks or Iover. Massive forces push and
squeeze lhen dovn lo lhe nounlains and upon
vhonever is unforlunale enough lo le caughl on
lhe lovering spires of rock.
The vind increases in severily in lolh force and
chiII. Al lhis slage lhe frosly lIasls of slorns are
coId enough lo freeze slanding valer. Al lhe high-
esl aIliludes, even valer secured avay in skins viII
freeze, and lhe vind here carries a lile onIy lhose
vilh nagicaI proleclion or lhe finesl survivaI
cIolhes can vilhsland.
The vinds heraId vioIence. Lchoing lelveen lhe
peaks, lhunder dances aIong lhe ground. Slanding
vilhin lhe peaks prevenls anyone fron leIIing
vhere lhe slorn or lhunder is going lo or coning
fron. There´s onIy a conslanl echoing loon of
lhunder, lhrealening lo deafen aII vho are fooIish
enough nol lo cover lheir ears and lake sheIler
deep inside a cave. So noisy are lhe peaIs of lhun-
der lhal vilralions are feIl~painfuIIy so~vilhin
one´s chesl and rils. Teelh rallIe al lhe sound of lhe
slorn´s foolsleps upon lhe peaks.
This episode of lhunder is shorl conpared lo lhe
acluaI lenpesl of lhe slorn. Wilhoul varning,
Iighlning slrikes lhe lops and sides of lhe noun-
lains. Terrific loIls slal fron lhe roIIing cIouds and
inlo lhe lIack rock of lhe peaks. Harsh lurn narks
are Iefl, and if lhe Iighlning shouId slrike a vagon
or person, nolhing renains. In lhe open, no nea-
sures viII prevenl one fron gelling slruck ly lhe
Iighlning. ÒnIy sheIlering deep vilhin a cave or
crevice viII do. Lven lhose vilh nagicaI proleclion
or vho cIained lo have an affinily for lhe eIenenls
have leen reduced lo ashes and lIovn avay.
Ior a firslhand accounl of a slorn, lhe foIIoving
is offered fron Lars Kun, a nerchanl:
´lc occanc |cs| frcn |nc Hign Rcaú. lc ucrc |rat-
c|ing úuring a fu|| nccn, |rqing |c rcacn |nc 8riúgc cf
|a||cn Mcn as quic||q as uc ccu|ú, as cur nissicn uas
´Tnc nccn uas guiúing us uc||, anú uc ucrc ccnfi-
úcn| cur gca| ucu|ú oc rcacncú sccn. lc naú |ncugn|s
cf canping a| úaun. Tncn c|cuús nctcú ctcr |nc s|q
anú niú |nc nccn ccnp|c|c|q frcn us. Suúúcn|q uc
ucrc in pi|cn o|ac|ncss.
´Tncn uc fc|| |nc uinús. Tncq pic|cú up anú o|cu
cu| fcur cf cur six |an|crns. | aúni| uc sncu|ú natc
|cp| ca|n, ou| cur |rcpiúa|icn gc| |nc oc||cr cf us, anú
uc ua||cú cff |nc Hign Rcaú anú in|c unnappcú |cr-
rain, |c uncrc uc |ncugn| a catc nign| oc.
´Tnc uinús occanc suúúcn|q cc|úcr, anú uc úcciúcú
|c na|c cur canp uncrc uc s|ccú, ra|ncr |nan s|uno|c
in |nc úar| ncping |c finú a crcticc cr ctcrnang. lc
naú |c na|c a canp sccn cr oc caugn| in |nc s|crn
ui|ncu| anq snc||cr.
´lc ancncrcú cur |cn|s ui|n rcc|s, anú uc arrangcú
cursc|tcs as ocs| uc ccu|ú agains| |nc úircc|icn cf |nc
´lc grcupcú cursc|tcs in pairs anú nuúú|cú |cgc|ncr
fcr uarn|n. Tnc uinús c|aucú a| cur |cn|s, |rqing |c
finú a uaq |c gc| |c us. || uas as if intisio|c narpics
ucrc ripping a| |nc cantas, c|ancring |c finú scnc
ncrsc| insiúc. Tnc cc|ú |nifcú |nrcugn |nc faoric cf cur
|cn|s as if i| ucrc naúc cf snccr si||. | fc|| as |ncugn |
uas s|anúing na|cú in an icq |a|c a| uin|cr. Mq ccn-
panicn anú | nc|ú cacn c|ncr |ign||q agains| |nc cc|ú anú
uinú. Our |cn|s s|ar|cú f|apping sc |cuú|q uc ccu|ú
oarc|q ncar sncu|s frcn c|ncr |cn|s, sncu|s |na| ucrc
fran|ic praqcrs.
´Tnc cc|ú ucrscncú anú uc ncarú |nunúcr. || sccncú
|c ccnc frcn |nc cas| fcr a fcu scccnús, ou| |ncn |nc
scunú uas quic||q a|| arcunú us. Hcrrific occns
assau||cú cur cars. lc |cs| ccn|ac| ui|n |nc pccp|c in |nc
c|ncr |cn|s, anú | naú |rcuo|c ncaring nq ccnpanicn.
´Rca| fcar cf unc|ncr uc´ú oc ao|c |c surtitc |nis
s|crn fi||cú nc. Tnc |cn| uas úar|, |nc |an|crn nating
occn |ncc|cú ctcr anú |nc franc o|cun cu|. Tnc |nun-
úcr anú uinú acccs|cú us frcn a|| siúcs anú naúc cur
|cn| ua||s in|c úrun s|ins. Tnc s|crn nanncrcú us anú
s|anncú agains| cur cars ncrci|css|q.
´A o|inúing f|asn cf |ign| anú a oru|a| crac| |na|
naúc |nc ncun|ain scunú as if i| ucrc orca|ing in |uc
f|ccúcú us ui|n |crrcr. lc fcc|isn|q cpcncú cur |cn| f|ap
|c scc una| naú nappcncú anú sau |na| cnc cf cur |cn|s
naú úisappcarcú. A o|ac| pa|cn cf asn uasning úcun
|nc ncun|ain uas |nc cn|q ctiúcncc cf nq ccnpanicns´
fa|c. A|| arcunú us ccns|an| f|asncs cf |ign|ning orcugn|
|ign| |c |nc úar|. || uas a |ign| orign|cr anú ncrc ccn-
s|an| |nan |nc fu|| nccn |na| naú guiúcú us car|icr. 8ri|-
|ian| f|asncs a|| arcunú us ui|n crac|s cf |nunúcr oc|n
|cuú anú úis|an| assai|cú us. Onc cf cur nunocr ucn|
scrcaning in|c |nc rcc|s in a fi| cf |crrcr. His fa|c is
´Tnc rains canc sncr||q af|cr |na|, anú nq ccnpan-
icn anú | nc|ú cn|c cacn c|ncr fcr fcar cf ocing sucp|
auaq in a f|ccú. lc úiú nc| |ncu una| |c cxpcc| ncx|
frcn |nis |crrio|c s|crn. li|n cur ncar|s racing anú
ocúics |rcno|ing, uc nanagcú |c cnúurc |nc s|crn ui|n-
cu| occcning úcaf cr gcing insanc frcn fcar.
´Tnc s|crn |as|cú un|i| ncrning. lc sau |nc |ign|-
ning f|asncs gc auaq, |ncn |nc |nunúcr, anú fina||q |nc
o|ac| s|ics. Tnc ncrrcr uas rcp|accú oq |nc gc|úcn
cnoracc cf |nc sun.
´lc |cs| nucn cquipncn| anú sctcra| ncnocrs cf
cur par|q. Tnc ncs| inpcr|an| |csscn | |carncú frcn |nc
inciúcn| uas |na| snc||cring in a catc is pcrnaps |nc cn|q
uaq |c atciú |nc ura|n cf |nc curscú ncun|ain rangc.¨
Vea1hen Im 1he 51onm Honms
The Slorn Horns experience nosl of lheir rainfaII
on lheir easlern side. This is aIso vhere nosl of lhe
pIanl grovlh is as veII. Winds aInosl aIvays lIov
fron easl lo vesl across lhe Slorn Horns.
The lenperalure of lhe nounlains is cooI nosl
of lhe year, especiaIIy al higher aIliludes. Hovever,
in lhe sunner lhe area near lhe Iarsea Marshes
can le exlreneIy hol and hunid, and lhe heal can
lesl lhe endurance of aII vho pass lhrough lhal
IocaIe. Snov faIIs in lhe vinler over nuch of lhe
Slorn Horns, lul onIy al lhe higher peaks.
The sunner is usuaIIy a season vhere no nev
snov faIIs even al higher eIevalions, lul lIoving
snov nakes ils vay dovn lhe nounlains during lhe
Iale faII.
Vea1hen Im 1he Thumoen Peaks
Tvo vealher pallerns seen lo infIuence lhis noun-
lain range. Bolh sides of lhe range see rain, as veII
as a currenl of air lIoving onlo lhe range fron lhe
easl and vesl, lhough lhe vind fron lhe vesl is
nolicealIy veaker lhan lhe easlern vind. Because
of lhis, a greal variely of pIanls grov on lolh sides
of lhe range.
The vinds coning lo lhe Thunder Ieaks are usu-
aIIy conslanl lhroughoul lhe year, naking for a
nuch cooIer year-round lenperalure lhan lhal in
lhe Slorn Horns. Winlers, especiaIIy in lhe norlh-
en regions of lhe Thunder Ieaks, can le especiaIIy
coId and lrulaI. WhiIe snov nay nol faII aII
lhrough lhe vinler, enough of il lIovs dovn fron
lhe higher peaks lo cause serious hazards for lhose
passing lhrough Thunder Cap and TiIver´s Cap.
The Thunder Ieaks aIso have a grealer annuaI
rainfaII lhan lhe Slorn Horns. This alundance of
valer forns lhe source of lhree najor rivers Ieading
oul of lhe range: lhe InnerfIov, lhe SenlerfIov,
and lhe Arkhen.
The Thunder Ieaks are aIso suljecl lo a grealer
degree of vealhering lhan olher nounlains in
Cornyr. This has resuIled in sone speclacuIar for-
nalions and vievs, especiaIIy, of course, during
sunsel. Iind a concenlralion of such vonders in
lhe soulhern area of lhe Thunder Ieaks near
Hooknose Crag and lhe High DaIe. The sighls
leheId lhere have inspired nany lards lo praise
lhal leauly in song.
5pecIaL RuLes [on
51onms amo Vea1hen
Gcncra! Wcathcr CnndItInns
The vealher in each nounlain range can le very
unprediclalIe. A day can slarl varn and sunny
in lhe norning and le leIov freezing ly afler-
noon. RoII on lhe lalIes leIov every six hours of
gane line lo delernine vhal lhe vealher condi-
lions are Iike on eilher nounlain range.
WInd CnndItInns
d6 Rn!! Rcsu!t
1 CaIn, O nph
2 Lighl lreeze, 5-1O nph
3 Cusling, O-5O nph
4 Windy, 3O-4O nph
5 Slrong vind, 5O+ nph
6 Slorn*
GustIng WInds: Cusling vinds are characler-
ized ly periods of caIn lreezes Iasling 1d1O
ninules foIIoved ly shorl lursls of slrong vind
Iasling 1d1O ninules.
WIndy: Windy condilions nake il difficuIl lo
lraveI lhrough lhe nounlains. AII novenenl is
reduced ly haIf.
5trnng WInds: Slrong vinds can lIov sone
characlers over. Those vilh Slrenglhs of 15 or
Iess nusl nake successfuI Slrenglh checks lo
renain slanding againsl lhe vinds. Movenenl
is reduced ly 75°.
* See slorn seclion lo delernine lhe effecls of
a slorn.
MnuntaIn Tcmpcraturcs
CeneraIIy lhe lenperalures in lhe nounlains
decrease vilh aIlilude. The higher up one goes,
lhe coIder il gels. During a slorn lhe lenpera-
lure can change dranalicaIIy due lo nassive air
currenls sveeping in rapidIy. The Slorn Ten-
peralure Condilions lalIe shovs hov nuch lhe
lenperalure changes during a slorn. The DM
viII need lo delernine a slarling lenperalure
lased on lhe season of lhe year and lhe aIlilude
of lhe characlers vhen a slorn hils. Tenpera-
lures lend lo lake a sIighlIy nore draslic
change lovard coId lhan lovard hol lecause of
lhe effecls of aIlilude. ÒlviousIy, vhen lenper-
alures drop leIov 32° I, precipilalion during a
slorn changes lo sIeel, freezing rain, or snov.
5tnrm Tcmpcraturc CnndItInns
d6 Rn!! Rcsu!t
1 Holler, +2d1O° I
2 Warner, +1d1O° I
3-4 Sane, up or dovn 1d4° I
4 CooIer, -1d1O+3° I
6 CoId, -2d2O+3° I
5tnrm 5cvcrIty
When a slorn is indicaled ly lhe Wind Condi-
lions lalIe, lhe ICs are in for severe vealher,
vilh aII of lhe usuaI characlerislics (roIIing lhun-
der, heavy rain, elc.). The severily of lhal slorn
is indicaled ly lhe nunler of lines Iighlning
slrikes near lhe parly. To delernine lhis, roII
1d1O. The resuIl indicales hov nany Iighlning
loIls have a chance of slriking lhe ICs vilhin
lhe nexl 15 ninules (roII once for every 15 nin-
ules of gane line for lhe duralion of lhe slorn).
Ior each Iighlning loIl lhal has a chance lo hil,
roII an allack againsl a randon IC. Lighlning
loIls have a THACO of 18, and infIicl 3-36
(3d12) poinls of danage. Nole lhal cerlain nale-
riaIs nake a IC nore susceplilIe lo Iighlning
allacks. Characlers in nelaI arnor, especiaIIy
pIale naiI, and lhose carrying poIe arns are par-
licuIarIy lhrealened. Againsl such characlers, lhe
Iighlning is considered lo have a THACO of 9
and lo cause an addilionaI 1d6 poinls of danage.
Wilh lhe slorns cone a greal anounl of rain.
The rains are aIvays heavy and olscure vision,
reslricling il lo 1O feel.
5tnrm DuratInn
Slorns Iasl fron 15 ninules lo one hour. RoII a
four-sided die lo delernine hov nany 15-
ninule lIocks of line lhe slorn Iasls.
Commom LI[e Im 1he
This chapler deaIs vilh nornaI pIanl and aninaI
Iife in lhe nounlain ranges. Il delaiIs vhal one
vouId find if one never encounlered a viIe nonsler
or falIed crealure fron anolher pIane. These are
lhings everyone viII see, hear, sneII and face nosl
everyday. This lexl is inporlanl lecause of lhe
knovIedge il inparls. Wilh il, you viII le leller
equipped lo vilhsland lhe naluraI lriaIs of lhe lvo
nounlain ranges of Cornyr.
aloul lhe unusuaI, one needs lo speak of lhe usuaI,
so lhe difference lelveen lhe lvo viII le nade
nore cIear.
efore ve enlerlain discussion regard-
ing lhe fIanloyanl, significanl, and
lizarre crealures inhaliling lhe
Thunder Ieaks and Slorn Horns,
ve nusl eslalIish a foundalion on
vhich lo luiId. Thal is lecause lefore one laIks
6 6
ence vhal grovs vhere, lul each pIanl serves sone
funclion in lhe ecosyslen.
he anounl and diversily of grovlh on lhe
nounlains is greal. A nunler of faclors infIu-
The grealesl faclor vhen discussing pIanl Iife in
lhe nounlains is lhe aIlilude. In generaI, lhe higher
lhe aIlilude, lhe Iess pIanl Iife one is IikeIy lo
Al Iover aIliludes, lhe pIanl Iife lasicaIIy resen-
lIes lhal of lhe surrounding non-nounlainous
environnenl. The Thunder Ieaks near HuIIack
Ioresl are lhenseIves heaviIy foresled up lo lhe
linlerIine. In facl, vere il nol for lhe graduaIIy
sleepening grade, a lraveIer vouId never reaIize
lhal a nounlain vas leing vaIked upon. Likevise,
lhe Slorn Horns~nexl lo lhe Iarsea Marshes~
leen vilh species lhal do nol require lhe rich
svanp environnenl and can survive on lhe con-
paraliveIy arid soiI of lhe nounlains.
Alove lhe linlerIine, vhich is generaIIy lhe
poinl al vhich onIy noss and lundra grov, sone-
lines inch-high fIovers are found. Lach slage of
aIlilude has pIanls unique lo lhal IeveI.
As lhe aIlilude lecones grealer, lhe size and fre-
quency of pIanls decreases. Trees lecone snaIIer,
especiaIIy lhose cIose lo lhe linlerIine, and pIanls
lecone liny.
No1abLe PLam1 Pnoouc1s
Many pIanls found in lhe nounlains are nol gener-
aIIy Iocaled in olher areas. The reason lhey grov so
veII on lhe nounlains is lecause of lhe lhinner air
and increased exposure lo sunIighl.
Bnwcn's F!nwcr: This is a snaII fIover lhal has
liny red and Iighl purpIe pelaIs and very lhin slens.
Il grovs very nuch Iike a veed and can le found
everyvhere. Bul, il cannol reproduce veII~il
never spreads over a Iarge area, inslead cIaining
jusl lens of square feel here and lhere. The pIanl is
used in lhe concoclion of polions designed lo lran-
quiIize hunans. Such eIixirs are aIso very effeclive
for luglears. The drink nade fron lhis fIover has a
niId sedalive effecl and is nol very suilalIe for
pulling peopIe lo sIeep againsl lheir viII. The
exceplion is luglears. If lhe polion is sIipped inlo
lheir aIe, lhey´II aInosl assuredIy faII asIeep vilhin
KIrIn's Lcaf: This reddish-lrovn Ieaf is found on
snaII lrees caIIed kirin near lhe linlerIine in lhe
easlern ridges of lhe Thunder Ieaks. The Ieaf is aIso
used in polions, and vhen conlined vilh cerlain
chenicaIs and inliled, lhe Ieaf has lhe effecl of
changing lhe lenperanenl of lhe drinker. The
effecl is lo generaIIy reverse vhalever nood lhe
drinker is in. Sad peopIe viII lecone happy, angry
foIks viII sellIe dovn. The polion never has leen
nade slrong enough lo cause soneone lo lehave or
feeI conpIeleIy conlrary lo lheir nalure. Cood peo-
pIe do nol suddenIy slarl lhinking aloul or enacl-
ing eviI acls, for exanpIe. Hovever, lhe Ieaf is an
essenliaI parl of an eIixir lhal can aid in lhe lreal-
nenl of dislurled individuaIs, and il nighl le used
lo slop a lar fighl here or lhere.
Bark nf thc TurIs: This is an effeclive heaIing
agenl. The lark is very lough and difficuIl lo peeI
fron lhe luris lree, vhich is found al lhe lop of
lhe linlerIine in lolh nounlain ranges. Hovever,
ils renovaI is vorlh lhe efforl. The underside of
lhe lark is coaled vilh a sap vhich vhen appIied
lo culs aids in lheir heaIing. AIlhough lhe effecl
on a vound is hardIy as rapid as nagicaI heaIing,
use of lhe lark over lhe passage of line prevenls
In addilion lo unusuaI pIanls, you can enjoy a
pIelhora of leaulifuIIy coIored grand fIora vilh
Iarge Ieaves, deIicale fIovers, and slens slrong
enough lo le voven inlo cIolh. A greal variely of
fruils and edilIe pIanls provide suslenance for
nany vho Iive aIongside lhe nounlains.
RuLes [on PLam1 Pnoouc1s
Bnwcn's F!nwcr
This fIover, vhen povdered and nixed in a
drink, viII pul soneone lo sIeep in a nunler of
ninules equaI lo lhe individuaI´s Conslilulion
score divided in haIf. Ior exanpIe, a person
vilh a Conslilulion score of 18 viII faII asIeep
in nine ninules. The suljecl viII renain asIeep
for 1d1O ninules and can le roused ly any
slinuIi Iouder lhan nornaI conversalion.
KIrIn's Lcaf
When povdered and nixed vilh a drink, lhe
Ieaf viII change lhe nood of lhe suljecl in lhe
nunler of ninules equaI lo lhe suljecl´s Con-
slilulion, pIus an addilionaI 1d1O ninules.
Bark nf thc TurIs
The sap viII heaI overnighl any individuaI
vound lhal is Iess lhan 4 hil poinls in severily.
Iurlher, il viII heaI scars caused ly nornaI
veapons al doulIe lhe usuaI rale, Ieaving lhe
skin unlIenished. Hovever, il cannol prevenl
scarring caused ly nagicaI veapons.
The Iover regions of lolh nounlain ranges har-
lor unusuaI pIanls lhal can le ground and nade
inlo spices. These spices sonelines can le diffi-
cuIl lo find, lul pockels and hidden areas exisl
vhere each spice descriled here can le found in
AtcrIs: Aleris is a good friend lo lhose vho jour-
ney lo Marsenler during lhe varner nonlhs. This
spice carries a heavy perfune lhal Iingers and cIings
lo cIolhes unIike anylhing I have lhus experienced.
The pIanl is ugIy and lhorny, leing lrovn in coIor
and covered ly sharp, lough lrislIes over aInosl ils
enlire Ienglh. Bul il has a lIooning fIover lhal has
vilhin il a lud lhal hoIds a poverfuI fragrance.
This lud secreles an invisilIe sulslance, nearIy
inlangilIe, yel if a lud is dalled or viped across
any surface, lhal surface viII sneII pIeasanl for
aloul lvo days. Aleris has a speciaI use for vhen
one needs lo venlure inlo an area lhal sneIIs par-
licuIarIy lad. A snaII dal leIov each noslriI viII
nask anylhing in lhe air, Ieaving one lo sneII onIy
lhe sveelness of lhe pIanl. I vouId Iiken lhe sneII
lo lhal of roses, lul vilh onIy a linge of lhe nuski-
ness nosl roses carry. Aleris is nuch sveeler and
nore polenl.
Care shouId le laken, hovever, nol lo gel any
pieces or dusl of lhe lud acluaIIy inside lhe noslriIs.
The parlicIes viII IikeIy overIoad lhe nose and
cause a lurning sensalion. This happened lo ne
once, lul forcing valer inlo ny nose (no easy lask)
heIped a greal deaI. UnforlunaleIy, I Iosl ny sense
of sneII for lhe resl of lhe day.
I have nel onIy one person, a hunan, vho is
aIIergic lo lhe pIanl. When he appIied il under his
noslriIs his face lroke oul in a lerrilIe rash lhal
Iasled a veek. Òlher lhan lhis one unforlunale
incidenl, I have nol encounlered any difficuIly vilh
lhe fragrance, and I keep a handfuI of luds secured
in a cork-lopped viaI. Lven reIeasing lhe cork for a
fev seconds is sonelines enough lo rid any roon of
UnforlunaleIy, lhe luds do nol Iasl very Iong
afler leing uprooled or renoved fron lhe hosl
pIanl. The Iongesl I have leen alIe lo preserve a
lud in a corked viaI is lvo veeks.
Aleris grovs naluraIIy in nany areas of lhe
Thunder Ieaks near TiIverlon. When a palch of
lhis pIanl lakes hoId on a hiIIside al lhe fool of lhe
nounlains, lhe scenl viII carry for lhree niIes eas-
iIy. The palches are nol lerrilIy difficuIl lo find~
especiaIIy if one has a keen nose and lhe vind is
BcntI!an: BenliIan is a spice lhal vas nade
fanous ly one of lhe nore expensive reslauranls in
AraleI. Il is found onIy in lhe easlern reaches of
lhe Slorn Horns, lul is aIso grovn ly lhe reslau-
ranl as veII, lhough vhere is a cIoseIy guarded
secrel. The pIanl appears as a snaII lhin-slenned
fIover lhal lears a liny red-lrovn lerry. This lerry,
vhen puIverized, nakes a vonderfuI povder lhal
grealIy enhances lhe lasle of nosl leverages,
incIuding valer. When added lo drink, il dissoIves
and lrings a pinkish hue lo cIear drinks and lurns
nosl aIcohoIic drinks red. Whalever lasle lhe drink
is knovn for viII cone lo lhe longue in grealer
quanlily. The spice carries a fainl scenl lhal dissi-
pales quickIy in lhe air.
If consuned ly ilseIf, hovever, lhe povder has a
vioIenlIy liller lasle lhal can even cause iIIness. If
you are in lhe easlern porlion of lhe Slorn Horns,
and a duII aInond sneII fiIIs your noslriIs, you are
cIose lo a palch of lenliIan. The lerries fron lhe
pIanl, uncrushed, are vorlh lvo Cornyrean siIver
pieces per pound. Merchanls knov pIaces in
Marsenler and SuzaiI vhere lhe lerries viII con-
nand higher rales.
MaxnrIs: Maxoris is lhe favorile preservalive
of lhe caravans ovned ly a snaII nerchanl con-
pany lased in Iroskur. Maxoris is a vhile povder
siniIar lo saIl, yel il has sIighlIy Iarger grains and
carries vilh il a fainl arona of nusk. Meal cov-
ered and packed in naxoris viII renain preserved
for nany veeks, far Ionger lhan neal viII Iasl
vhen preserved vilh saIl or olher spices. The
Iarger grains of lhe spice easiIy vash off lhe neal
lhey cover.
Hovever, lhis spice has a dravlack associaled
vilh ils lenefil. No naller hov lhoroughIy lhe
neal is vashed, il viII carry a nusly lasle. This
lasle is nol vhoIIy unpIeasanl, lul il delracls fron
lhe naluraI fIavor of lhe neal.
Sone peopIe have a parlicuIar aversion lo lhe
naxorian lasle, a severe enough revuIsion lo pre-
venl lhen fron ealing neal packed in il.
This unpIeasanl lasle has so far prevenled il
fron leconing a connerciaI success for lhose
vho deaI vilh il, lul il does have ils uses and foI-
Ioving. Maxoris is nosl connonIy used ly lraveI-
ers vho nusl venlure a Iong dislance, yel vho
vanl lo enjoy a heaIlhy porlion of neal during
lhe journey and don´l or von´l have lhe opporlu-
nily lo hunl.
Arclic expIorers, I have heard, are especiaIIy
fond of naxoris. In lhe coId regions lhey can´l lasle
nuch of anylhing anyvay.
Maxoris is acluaIIy lhe seed fron lhe naxor
pIanl found aInosl excIusiveIy aIong lhe soulhern
Slorn Horns, near lhe lanks of lhe Tun River. Il is
aIso grovn near Iroskur, aIong lhe Tun. Knov
naxor pIanls ly lheir shouIder heighl and Iong,
lhin, drooping Ieaves lhal are aInosl fernIike. The
seeds are conlained al lhe lop, vilhin lhe luIl. Ten
pIanls are needed lo produce enough naxoris lo
lhoroughIy pack one pound of fresh neal.
Pcra!: IeraI is a cIinging vine lhal is lhe
scourge of farners and gardeners everyvhere. Il
grovs across lhe ground and IileraIIy chokes olher
pIanls al lheir lase. ÒnIy lrees vilh a dianeler
grealer lhan haIf a fool can vilhsland lhe vine´s
WhiIe lhis vine is IelhaI lo olher pIanls, il con-
lains a sap vhich is usefuI lo hunanoids. The sap is
slicky and sveel, nuch Iike honey, and nakes a
vonderfuI ingredienl in cooking, lul onIy vhen a
lrace anounl is used. Il is nosl soughl afler for ils
adhesive characlerislics. A louch of lhe sluff is
enough lo seaI enveIopes or olher snaII ilens. The
gIue Iasls for up lo a veek lefore cryslaIIizing and
crunlIing lo dusl.
This gIue is expensive lecause lhe vines are diffi-
cuIl lo grov. The vines viII onIy produce lhe sap
vhen anong olher pIanls. The sap nusl pIay a roIe
in lhe vine´s slranguIalion. Il lakes lhree seasons of
conseculive grovlh for lhe vine lo nalure enough
lo produce sufficienl sap lo nake farning il vorlh-
vhiIe. Ils expense nakes il popuIar anong lhe
veaIlhy. A person, especiaIIy a nerchanl, vho is
alIe lo deIiver a nole lefore lhe gIue has cryslaI-
Iized is soneone vilh conneclions and efficiency,
and vorlhy of respecl.
) )
s in nosl regions of Iaerûn, fauna in lhe
nounlains of Cornyr enconpasses naluraI
viIdIife and nonslrous crealures. I shaII lreal lhe
aninaIs firsl, lhe nonslers require a seclion lo
lhenseIves. (WouId lhal il vere so sinpIe lo sepa-
rale lhen in Iife as il is on paper.)
The hiIIs lhal forn lhe skirls of lhe nounlains
have lheir share of alundanl viIdIife. This viIdIife
is reaIIy no differenl fron lhal found on any olher
hiIIside in any parl of lhe vorId. Bul lhe effecl lhe
aninaIs have had on lhose vho Iive near lhe hiIIs is
vorlh nenlioning.
There has leen a greal deaI of lrapping of hiII
aninaIs in recenl years, and a parlicuIar denand for
narsupiaIs such as lhe opossun. Il has lecone pop-
uIar for peopIe lo sporl purses nade fron lhe
pouches of narsupiaIs and olher sofl furry crealures.
I an nol one lo advocale lhe conpIele lanning of
lrapping and hunling, lul lhe concepl of sloring
ny coins in a purse lhal once heId lalies is dislurl-
ing. I shaII never fuIIy undersland lhe ralionaIe of
lhe fashion-conscious ¨eIile.¨
Hunling and lrapping of hiII aninaIs has Iikevise
increased and lranched oul lo incIude nearIy any-
lhing vilh fur. This ilseIf has had lhe resuIl of
depIeling lhe nalive popuIalion of snaII aninaIs
lhal nornaIIy serve as a food suppIy for Iarger crea-
lures. Wilh lhe eIininalion of lheir food source,
lhese aninaIs have venlured cIoser lo snaII lovns
and viIIages seeking food~perhaps dravn lhere ly
lhe scenl fron lhe carcasses of lheir usuaI prey.
IeIls are an exceplionaIIy popuIar lusiness in
lovns Iike Lspar, Waynool, SuzaiI, Thunderslone,
and TiIverlon, as lhey are cIosesl lo hiII regions
vherein lhe nore popuIar aninaIs Iive.
BunnouImg AmImaLs
As lhe nounlains of lhe Slorn Horns and Thunder
Ieaks are nade of rock, lurroving aninaIs are rare.
The hiIIs around lhe nounlains have nany
deposils of soiIs and Ioose ground in vhich aII nan-
ner of snaII lurroving aninaIs nake lheir hones.
Il is inporlanl lo nenlion lhese aninaIs for lhey,
loo, have had an inpacl on Iife around lhen~par-
licuIarIy in lhe area of Hooknose Crag, a pass in
lhe soulhern area of lhe Thunder Ieaks. These
crealures serve as lhe onIy reasonalIe expIanalion
for sone recenl evenls.
}usl lo lhe soulh of lhe pass is lhe Vasl Svanp.
ApparenlIy nany lurroving aninaIs have acluaIIy
dug lheir lunneIs inlo lhe svanp. Their lunneIs
quickIy fiII vilh svanp valer and assorled nuck,
and lhe aninaIs dig farlher in lhe opposile direc-
lion. UnforlunaleIy, lhe nuck has had lhe len-
dency lo fIov lhrough lhe lunneIs as veII, resuIling
in Iarge pooIs of felid svanp nuck coIIecling in
areas of Hooknose Crag.
This has allracled aII sorls of insecls and viIe
crealures, and in sone pIaces aIong lhe pass il has
changed lhe environnenl sIighlIy, naking il nuch
Iess hospilalIe lhan il once vas. Why lhere is a
good deaI of lurroving around lhe svanp, and vhy
lhe digging ilseIf seens lo have laken a dranalic
increase is unknovn. I have surnised lhal lhere
nighl le sone lhreal in lhe hiII counlry in lhe
Thunder Ieaks lhal has driven lhe poor aninaIs
soulh, lovard lhe svanp.
Lamo AmImaLs
This ralher lroad calegory of viIdIife appIies lo
lhose crealures lhal Iive nol onIy in lhe nounlains
and hiIIs, lul lhose lhal Iive on lhe pIains and
lraveI inlo lhe nounlains.
The Slorn Horns loasl a high popuIalion of
such aninaIs, noslIy lecause of lhe securily lhe
king´s foresl provides. Deer is lhe nosl oflen
encounlered aninaI of significance lo lraveIers on
lhe pIains near lhe Horns.
B!ack Bcars
AIlhough nol an unusuaI crealure lo find in lhe
Iover regions of eilher nounlain range, lhe lear
has sone inleresling effecls on lhe olher aninaIs
Iiving in lhe ranges, vhich need nenlion here.
The lIack lears are lhe nosl connonIy encoun-
lered species in lolh ranges. They are nol a lhreal
lo civiIizalion, nor does lhe aclivily of hunanoids
appear lo lhrealen lhe species. Hovever, il has
leen discovered recenlIy lhal sone as yel unidenli-
fied predalor has chosen lhe lIack lear as one of ils
prinary sources of food.
BIack lear carcasses are found reguIarIy ly
nounlain nen in lhe Thunder Ieaks near
Hooknose Crag. The carcasses have leen lerrilIy
nuliIaled, and nosl of lhe fIesh has leen ealen
avay ly nassive, poverfuI javs equipped vilh Iong,
sharp leelh.
The nanner of crealure lhal couId le causing
lhis is a nyslery, for no knovn aninaI has a pen-
chanl for lIack lears.
BIack lears are lechnicaIIy onnivores, leing alIe
lo eal olher aninaIs and nuls and lerries. Bul vege-
lalion is lheir nain source of food. SnaII aninaIs
are usuaIIy largels of opporlunily for lhe lear. They
rareIy eal anylhing hunanoid-sized.
Cavc Bcars
Adding lo lhe slrangeness, lhere have leen no dis-
coveries of cave lears in such a nuliIaled condi-
lion. If a crealure vere Iiving in lhe nounlains and
had a lasle for lear, il vouId seen cave lears vouId
le a naluraI, prine largel, for lhey generaIIy renain
in one pIace and vouId le easiIy accessilIe.
Iarl of lhe reason vhy cave lears are spared
nighl have lo do vilh lhe facl lhal slone gianls
have a fondness for cave lears and reguIarIy use
lhen lo guard lheir Iairs, and lhe gianls lake care of
lheir pels veII.
Lxcepl in lhe conpany of slone gianls, cave
lears are rareIy found in eilher nounlain range. If
angered, lhey can le ferocious and alIe conlalanls
even vilhoul lraining. If lrained, lhey von´l hesi-
lale lo allack sonelhing Iarger and nore fierce-
Iooking lhan lhenseIves.
Cave lears are aIso onnivores, lul lheir diel
veighs heaviIy lovard fIesh, naking lhen naluraI
Brnwn Bcars
Brovn lears have leen hunled in grealer nunlers
ly hunans and denihunans in lhe pasl fev years,
lhanks lo a nev induslry in Thunderslone. Il has
lecone fashionalIe for sone in Thunderslone lo
creale cIolhing oul of lear hides. The prinary luy-
ers of lhe cIolhes are lraveIers vho pass lhrough
Thunderslone and lhe High DaIe on lheir vay in
and oul of Cornyr. Il is lhese hunlers vho vere
galhering hide for cIolhing vho discovered nosl of
lhe nyslerious lIack lear carcasses.
The lrovn lear has a grealer lasle for snaII ani-
naIs lhan lhe lIack lear, lul olhervise lheir diels
are lhe sane. Brovn lears are nore easiIy agilaled
lhan lIack lears and are nore IikeIy lo allack a
hunanoid lhan nol. Whereas a cave lear vouId
IikeIy eal ils prey, lhe lrovn lear viII usuaIIy jusl
nain il and Ieave il lo die.
Noum1aIm VILoLI[e
Lach nounlain range has a Iarge popuIalion of
viIdIife exisling in lhe higher aIliludes, surviving
on vhalever pIanls grov al and alove lhe linler-
Iine. These aninaIs are hardy, alIe lo vilhsland
coId lenperalures, high vinds, and neager foraging
Rcd 5hccp
Òne of lhe nore unusuaI crealures of lhis iIk is lhe
red, sheep, so caIIed lecause of lhe red-lrovn linl
lo ils vooIIy hair. Il´s usuaIIy found in lhe Thunder
These are lizarre crosses lelveen sheep and
goals. They eal pIanls, lul lhey have leen knovn
lo eal cooked neal. They never have leen seen
ealing rav neal, hovever. A Iarge herd of red
sheep Iives in lhe Thunder Ieaks aIong lhe lanks
of lhe SenlerfIov. TraveIers lo lhe area nole lhal
hundreds of red sheep can le seen al one line, aII
crovding for lhe Iush greenery lhal grovs aIong lhe
river lanks. When approached, lhe herd viII loIl
quickIy lack inlo lhe Thunder Ieaks, seeking lhe
sheeresl face lhey can. Wilh slarlIing ninlIeness,
lhey scaIe lhe face and lake refuge on lhe snaIIesl
of Iedges.
AIas, lhey are lrulhfuIIy easy lo hunl, for a cross-
lov loIl or veII-ained arrov can seek oul even lhe
nosl inaccessilIe red sheep. Ònce lhey find lheir
Iedge, lhey seen unviIIing lo nove any farlher
avay, feeIing lheir sancluary safe enough. These
unnoving largels are easy shols for even novice
archers. The hair of red sheep is exlreneIy coarse
and lough, aInosl lo lhe poinl of leing vooIen.
Their coal is vonderfuI naleriaI for vinler cIoaks
and olher proleclive cIolhing. Il is varn, easy lo
veave inlo cIolh vhen using lhe proper lechniques,
and (unIike connon sheep´s vooI) does nol sneII
vhen vel. More, il is unusuaIIy resislanl lo nois-
lure. Red sheep lIankels are aIso very popuIar, and
lhey are soId in quanlily in TiIverlon.
WI!d Yaks
The viId yak is anolher unusuaI crealure inhalil-
ing lhe Thunder Ieaks. The yak resides noslIy in
lhe norlhern reaches of lhe Thunder Ieaks,
norlh of TiIver´s Cap. They are aIso found in lhe
higher peaks and in lhe soulhern Thunder Ieaks
as veII.
I nake lhe dislinclion lelveen lhe viId yak and
lhe doneslic yak lecause lhere are significanl dif-
ferences lelveen lhen. The yak is nol usuaIIy
found in eilher nounlain range, so il is odd for
doneslic ones lo le encounlered here. Yel farners
in Thunderslone and KuIla svear ly lheir aninaIs,
cIaining lhey are superior leasls of lurden. These
doneslicaled yaks are very caIn and sedale and do
indeed nake pIacid carriers.
Bul lhe yaks found in lhe peaks, lhose unlainled
ly lhe infIuence of civiIizalion, are viId leasls vilh
fire in lheir hearls. They are nol vonl lo invesli-
gale nev lhings or vander inlo canpsiles. They
slick lo lhenseIves and consider anylhing as lig or
ligger lhan lhey are a lhreal. When confronled,
vhich lo lhen couId anounl lo a lraveIer nereIy
slanding on a hiIIside Iooking al lhe herd, lhe
enlire group of yaks, oulnunlered or nol, viII
charge lo allack.
Their Iarge horns and lheir pracliced, ninlIe
fooling on rocky lerrain nake lhen a reaI lhreal lo
peopIe. Ònce lhe charge is legun, any nunler of
lhings couId happen. The yaks couId charge and
nol slop, lhroving lhenseIves lovard lhe lhreal
vilh alandon. They couId charge jusl once, lhen
fIee vilh greal speed, or lhey nay charge, vail,
lhen charge again. Yak lehavior has leen difficuIl
for ne lo grasp, even afler hearing nunerous eye-
vilness accounls of lheir allacks.
WiId yaks change lheir IocaIe vilh lhe season.
During sunner, lhey slick lo lhe highesl areas of
lhe peaks, lrying lo find snov. They eal vhalever
grovs lhere and viII aIso venlure dovnhiII lo
vhere Iush pIanls are, lul onIy during lhe cooIer
dusk and davn hours. Ior lhe vinler, lhey go lo
lhe varner vaIIeys in lhe Thunder Ieaks and
sonelines lraveI aIong lhe lanks of vhalever
slreans are sliII fIoving.
The viId yak has a lhick fur coal lhal is highIy
proleclive. Il is exlreneIy varn and enalIes lhe
yak lo survive lIizzards vilh reIalive ease. When
caughl in a lIizzard, lhe yak viII lurn so ils hind
end faces lhe direclion of lhe vind, vhereupon il
nereIy vails unliI lhe vind dies dovn and lhen
conlinues on ils vay.
This lehavior, even presenl in doneslicaled
yaks, has resuIled in lhe saying of ¨go yakvard¨ and
varialions of il anong lhe foIks of Thunderslone
and KuIla. Il has cone lo nean ¨avoid danger or
unpIeasanlness.¨ Il is aIso used lo refer lo lovn
Ieaders vho refuse lo see lhe farners´ poinl of viev
or vho seen lo ignore inpending issues. When
lhal happens, lhe farners slarl laIking aloul lhe
¨yaks¨ in office.
The serov is a rare crealure found in lhe soulhern
regions of lhe Slorn Horns. They enjoy lhe
varnesl vealher lhey can find, and so do nol ven-
lure very far norlh al aII. Hovever, lraveIers lo lhe
region, especiaIIy near lhe coasl of lhe Lake of
Dragons, are IikeIy lo spol lhen.
Serov are snaII, goalIike crealures vhich have
daggerIike horns. They can le found al prelly nuch
any aIlilude in lhal region, lhough lhey lend lo
keep lhenseIves in areas of lhick grovlh~vhich
Iinils lhen lo Iover ground.
Serov can le an especiaIIy heIpfuI aid lo lraveI-
ers. Serov enjoy sheIlering in caves, for lhe caves
are good defenses againsl lhe eIenenls, are aIvays
cooI, and are generaIIy safe fron sone cerlain
(especiaIIy airlorne) predalors. IoIIoving a serov
lo ils cave can le lhe neasure lhal saves a group of
lraveIers fron an approaching slorn.
UnforlunaleIy, serov do nol aIIov slrange crea-
lures inlo lheir caves. Anyone allenpling lo gel
inlo such a cave is IikeIy lo le allacked ly lhe
doninanl naIe of lhe group. Hovever, if lhe don-
inanl naIe is defealed, lhe visilor viII le seen as
superior and aIIoved lo sheIler in lhe cave vilh-
oul leing harassed. In ny experience, defealing a
serov is lesl done ly pulling il lo sIeep. A sinpIe
1 4
s|ccp speII casl upon lhe Ieader dispIays sufficienl
superiorily lo lhe resl of lhe group. The sooner
lhis is done lhe leller, for lhe serov respecl
pronpl sulduaI.
MnuntaIn LInns
Il vouId le reniss of ne nol lo nenlion lhe Iarge
cals lhal inhalil lhe Slorn Horns. These Iarge cals
have leen encroaching farlher inlo civiIized areas
of Cornyr during lhe pasl fev years. The Iargesl
nunler of lhen sliII Iive in lhe nounlains, parlicu-
IarIy in lhe norlhern parls of lhe Thunder Ieaks.
Bul reporled sighlings cIoser lo lovns and viIIages
have increased.
This suggesls lhal lheir naluraI prey, snaII ani-
naIs, has leen dininishing of Iale. Iarl of lhe rea-
son for lhis nighl le lhe dispIacer leasl allacks in
lhe TiIver´s Cap region of lhe Thunder Ieaks. As
lhe nounlain Iions noved (or fIed) fron lhal
region and venl soulh, lhey encounlered nore civ-
iIizalion and lherefore easy access lo food. They
aIso have leen seen venluring inlo lhe easlern por-
lions of HuIIack Ioresl, seeking lo eal sone of lhe
food slores of lhe nonsler-cIearing parlies lherein.
Cornyr, Iike aII kingdons, has aninaIs lhal seen lo
hang on vilhoul consuning a greal anounl of food
lecause prey is scarce or lecause of lhe encroach-
nenl of nankind. These aninaIs viII rareIy see a
¨good year¨ as far as lheir food suppIy or increasing
lheir range is concerned.
Cougars used lo le resenled nosl ly Cornyle
farners, shepherds, and ranchers lecause of lheir
raiding. Mounlain voIves nov hoId lhal posilion.
They Iive in lhe Iover regions of lhe Slorn Horns
near lhe king´s foresl and aIso in lhe Thunder Ieaks
near TiIverlon. They cone oul of lhe nounlains
during lhe nighl and feed upon farn aninaIs.
An officiaI hunling efforl againsl lhe voIf is
IikeIy lo lake effecl soon, siniIar lo lhe one previ-
ousIy organized againsl cougars. The success of lhis
efforl renains lo le seen, considering nosl nerce-
naries and fighling persons are accepling offers for
nore gIanorous assignnenls, such as cIearing non-
slers fron lhe HuIIack Ioresl.
IIying high alove lhe Iover peaks and hiIIs of lolh
ranges are nounlain-dveIIing vinged scavengers.
Vu!turcs: SeveraI lreeds of vuIlures have laken
veII lo lhe environnenl offered ly lhe ranges and
lhrive on lhe renains of lhe nunerous dealhs lhal
occur lhere. VuIlures are nosl oflen seen feasling
upon lhe renains of lhe lallIes lelveen lhe orc
lriles in lhe Slorn Horns. Iurlher, lhey prey upon
snaII aninaIs in lheir naluraI selling, and lhey
aIso reIy on lhe denise of unvary lraveIers for
Human 5cavcngcrs: In addilion lo vinged scav-
engers descending upon lallIe siles, a fair nunler
of peopIe seek fieIds of slruggIe lo scavenge equip-
nenl and leIongings fron lhe faIIen. These nen
have laken lo using vuIlures and lheir Iike lo find
vhere lallIe siles are. Sone of lhese greedy indi-
viduaIs have lecone adepl al ¨reading¨ lhe vuI-
lures and can leII jusl ly olserving lheir fIighl and
lehavior hov nany crealures have died, and of
vhal species.
I have leen loId ly lhese nen lhal lhe easiesl
reading is one lhal leIIs vhelher lhe faIIen prey is
aIready leing picked over ly Iand-lased scavengers.
Noms1ens o[ 1he Peaks
he lvo nounlain ranges have lheir
share of crealures vhich cIav lheir
vay lhrough lhe jagged peaks. In
ny lraveIs, I have had lhe opporlu-
nily lo viev crealures fron various
parls of lhis vorId, and I have laken nole of dis-
lincl differences lelveen Iike crealures lhal inhalil
lhe Slorn Horns and lhe Thunder Ieaks.
VImgeo Cnea1unes
6 6
he high peaks of lhe Slorn Horns and Thunder
Ieaks are popuIaled ly aII nanner of avians.
Wilh a proIiferalion of slandard lirdIife found in
olher ranges cones a slrong and inleresling coIIeclion
of unusuaI vinged aninaIs lhal neril descriplion.
My firsl encounler vilh lhese lizarre crosses
lelveen lird and denihunan vas during an expe-
dilion lo search for a rare fIover. I had jusl Iocaled
lhe species I vas seeking and had legun lo skelch
il. I vas silualed jusl a fev feel alove lhe linler-
Iine, near a spring lhal issued fron lhe side of lhe
nounlain. There vas a palch of grass and Ioose soiI,
and in lhal~ny fIovers.
I heard lhe fIapping of vings and feIl a rush of air
aloul ne. I Iooked and sav a Iarge lird lhal had a
2O-fool vingspan and an odd-shaped, sIighlIy
snulled-nosed leak. Bul lhe crealure aIso had nus-
cuIar Iegs Iike a hunan and cIaved lirdIike feel. Il
had hunanoid arns, lul vilh exceplionaIIy curIed
and Iong fingers ending in cIavs. Iron ils arns
grev ils vonderfuIIy red vings. Ils lody vas Iike-
vise red, lhough a IillIe darker shade.
Il Iooked very nuch Iike soneone had dressed up
in a lird coslune. I vouId have assuned jusl lhal,
vere il nol for lhe facl lhal I sav il in fIighl. The
aarakocra cane up lo ne and peered al ne slrangeIy.
Il nade a series of chirping grunls vhich nighl have
even leen vords, lhen lenl dovn and ale haIf of lhe
rare fIovers I vas in lhe process of skelching. Thal
inspired ne lo legin skelching lhe slrange lird. Bul
lefore I couId gel an oulIine, il fIev avay.
I relurned lo lhal spol nany lines and evenlu-
aIIy vas alIe lo neel one again. I vas prepared vilh
a nagicaI laIisnan lhal enalIed ne lo connuni-
cale in any longue. And il vas ny forlune lhal
indeed lhe chirping grunls vere lhe lird crealure´s
nalive Ianguage. I spoke vilh lhis second lird and
eslalIished good reIalions vilh il.
Aarakocra are a race of soIilary inleIIigenl lirds.
They range in coIor fron deep lo Iighl red for naIes
and deep lo Iighl lrovn for fenaIes. There is very
IillIe size difference lelveen lhe naIes and fenaIes.
Their lriles nunler fron 1O lo 3O and are Ied ly
lhe eIdesl naIe. I do nol knov hov nany lriles of
aarakocra exisl in Cornyr, for even lhis aarakocra
did nol knov. They slay avay fron civiIizalion and
olher lriles of aII crealures as nuch as possilIe,
save for lheir hunling prey.
The hunling lerrilory lhey cIain seens lo have no
lounds. They use lheir aliIily lo fIy greal dislances lo
hunl vherever lhey can. I did hear lhis aarakocra
speak aloul doneslic aninaIs as easy prey. When I
loId hin lhal lhose aninaIs vere properly, he seened
unalIe lo grasp lhe concepl of herding.
They Iive in gIorious vine nesls vhich are deco-
raled vilh leaulifuI pennanls, fIags, and lanners.
They seen inleresled nore in lhe coIor of such
lhings, ralher lhan lhe designs lhal appear on lhen. I
noliced severaI IurpIe Dragon pennanls anong lheir
coIIeclions, as veII as signels fron SuzaiI, LagIe Ieak,
High Horn, TyrIuk, and even CaslIe Crag.
A vondrous fealure of lhese avians is lheir aliI-
ily lo sunnon air eIenenlaIs. Their second eIdesl
naIe serves as lhe lrile´s shanan. He, aIong vilh
olhers, is alIe lo caII an eIenenlaI ly dancing in a
circIe and chanling. The chanling is a lerrilIe
noise lhal is difficuIl for hunan ears lo endure, lul
lhe sunnoning process is fascinaling.
Ònce sunnoned, lhe eIenenlaI viII do lhe
lrile´s lidding. Il vas expIained lo ne lhal lhe eIe-
1 6
efforl lo secure a griffon for King Azoun IV. Hov-
ever, ny friend vas assigned lo invesligale lhe
exlenl lo vhich lhe griffons infesled lhe area vhere
lhe IurpIe Dragons vere allacked, vhich vas sev-
eraI niIes norlhvesl of CaslIe Crag.
nenlaI is used ly lhis lrile prinariIy lo invesligale
caves in lhe Slorn Horns, for lhe aarakocra are ler-
rilIy cIauslropholic and viII nol enler caves.
To ny greal nisforlune, lhey descriled a line
vhen lhe eIenenlaI found a huge cache of shiny
oljecls and coIorfuI vines~a prine lreasure for lhe
aarakocra. They have nol gone lo lhe cache or
recovered anylhing fron il lecause of sone greal
fear of relrilulion fron vhoever or vhalever
ovned lhe oljecls, lul I couId nol gel oul of lhen
vhal exaclIy il vas lhal lhey feared. They vouId
onIy speak of a ¨greal pover¨ lhal vouId deslroy
lhe lrile if anylhing vas laken fron lhe cave. The
cave, lhey naiveIy loId ne, is Iocaled ¨a fev peaks¨
vesl of vhal I surnised is lhe Bridge of IaIIen Men.
The aarakocra, vhiIe lerrilIy shy and privale
crealures, viII sonelines choose lo inleracl vilh
olhers, incIuding hunanoids. The price for such
inleraclion is aIvays shiny naleriaI and coIorfuI
vines or cIolh.
AIlhough I vas nol alIe lo see lhen in conlal,
lhe aarakocra seen very capalIe of handIing lhen-
seIves, even againsl arned hunanoids. Their cIavs
are sharp enough lo lear lhrough lhe loughesl rope
as lhough il vas a slrand of fine hair, and lheir leaks
can crush a goal´s skuII as easiIy I vouId a pea pod.
These najeslic avians have a nuch-deserved repu-
lalion. They are nenaces lo anyone on a horse, and
lheir fearIessness in lallIe is Iegendary.
Mosl of ny knovIedge of lhe griffon prides of
Cornyr cones fron a nan-al-arns of lhe IurpIe
Dragons. Il seens our king desired lo have a griffon
nounl al one line, and he vas anong lhe group of
IurpIe Dragons senl lo allenpl lo find and lring a
griffon lo SuzaiI.
The allenpl faiIed. The lroop vas sel upon ly a
dozen griffons~lhe Iargesl force any of lhen had
seen allacking al once. Many leIieve lhe griffons
had foreknovIedge of lhe IurpIe Dragons. Who
lelrayed lhe soIdiers~and hov~renains a nys-
lery. Their screeches panicked lhe horses lhe Iur-
pIe Dragons vere on and prevenled lhe nen fron
nainlaining fornalion or order.
NearIy aII of lhe horses vere laken avay in lhe
firsl Iighlning-fasl svooping allack. This ended lhe
Il appears lhe griffons have slaked a cIain cIose
enough lo CnoII Iass and lhe Moonsea Ride lo seri-
ousIy harass caravans. Their lhreal is groving, and il is
IikeIy lhe IurpIe Dragons viII le assigned soon lo
deslroy as nany griffons as possilIe lo aIIov safe lraveI.
The cenlraI Iair´s Iocalion is nol knovn, lhough
lhere have leen nany slories and suggeslions as lo
vhere il nighl le. The nosl connon lhoughl is
lhal a Iarge cave exisls due norlh of CaslIe KiI-
grave, near lhe High Moors.
ÒlviousIy reIaled in sone slrange vay lo griffons,
lhese are crosses lelveen eagIes and horses. They are
nore loIeraled, for lhey presenl Iess of a lhreal lo
civiIizalion around lhe Thunder Ieaks, vhich is
vhere lhe slrongesl concenlralion of hippogriffs
seens lo le. Il is leIieved lhal a herd of hippogriffs
Iives sonevhere cIose lo lhe source of lhe Inner-
fIov River, vhich vinds lhrough lhe Thunder Ieaks.
These crealures are nore soughl afler as vinged
nounls lhan griffons, as lhe caIner nalure of lhe
hippogriff neans easier lraining and nore conpe-
lenl and lruslvorlhy leasls lo ride upon.
Il vas sone years ago lhal I heard King Azoun
ovned a hippogriff nounl. SliII, I have nol heard any
nevs aloul il recenlIy, so I do nol knov if il sliII
exisls, if il suffered sone accidenl, or if il vas
forgollen aloul ly lhe king and soId lo soneone eIse.
The IurpIe Dragons have laken a keen inleresl
in lhe hippogriffs and are naking a concenlraled
efforl lo secure enough young ones lo nake a spe-
ciaI lroop of vinged nounled IurpIe Dragons. This
force vouId le used lo respond quickIy lo raids and,
nore IikeIy, lo serve as nessengers lelveen SuzaiI
and Iocalions on Cornyr´s lorders Iike High Horn
and TiIverlon. I an cerlain lhal lhe IurpIe Dragons
knov lhe Iocalion of lhe hippogriff herd, lul lhey
are jeaIousIy guarding lhal secrel.
This fouI cross lelveen eagIe and slag is a nenace
in lhe norlhern regions of lhe Thunder Ieaks.
These avians acliveIy seek hunanoid prey, parlicu-
IarIy hunans.
The perylons are fond of allacking caravans lhal
pass lhrough TiIver´s Cap. In facl, il is nol loo
unconnon for a Iarge caravan lo le allacked nuI-
lipIe lines ly perylons fron differenl nesls.
The perylon lhreal, conlined vilh lhal of lhe
occasionaI griffon allacks cIoser lo CnoII Iass, has
nade lraveIing fron AraleI lo parls easl ralher
dangerous. This has increased lhe drive lo have a
speciaI lroop of ving-nounled IurpIe Dragons,
descriled previousIy.
The facl lhal perylons cannol le harned ly
veapons lhal aren´l nagicaIIy enchanled increases
lheir lhreal lo everyone. Ierylons have leen very
seIeclive in eslalIishing lheir nesls. They are care-
fuI lo avoid conlacl vilh olher vinged crealures,
even lhough lhey have no naluraI predalors lo le
concerned aloul. They are using lheir inleIIigence
lo ensure lhal lhey have an unolslrucled palh lo
lheir prey and lhal lheir hunls viII le nade vilh
nininaI inlerference ly olhers. Il is lecause of lhis
lhal lhe perylons are lhoughl lo have nesled over
TiIver´s Cap inslead of cIoser lo CaslIe Crag. They
do nol vanl lo conpele vilh lhe griffons for food,
nor do lhey vanl lo allack prey lhal is conslanlIy
on guard for anlush ly olher vinged predalors.
||nins|cr´s Nc|cs. Inleresled readers nay vish lo
reference lhe ¨Ierylon¨ enlry in lhe lookIel aloul
lhe Creal Cray Land of Thar, lhere lo read TaIyssa
Slronglov´s insighlfuI connenlary.
This garganluan lird is, according lo ny research,
excIusive lo varner cIines lhan vhal is usuaIIy
found in eilher lhe Slorn Horns or Thunder Ieaks.
SliII, I leIieve a reason for lheir presence so far
norlh of lheir usuaI halilal is yel lo le found.
Rocs are sonelines laned ly gianls: slorn and
cIoud gianls specificaIIy, for various reasons. I knov
of al Ieasl one group of gianls in lhe soulhern
regions of lhe Thunder Ieaks and I lheorize lhal
lhis group has or had a naIe and fenaIe roc vilh
lhen. Ierhaps lhose rocs nade lheir escape or vere
Iel Ioose, lul nov for cerlain a nesl (IikeIy onIy
one) of lhen Iives in lhe Thunder Ieaks.
I vas Iiving near Thunderslone vhen I heard slories
of huge lirds svooping dovn upon herds near KuIla.
Al firsl il vas feared lhal hippogriffs fron up norlh had
cone dovn soulh, lul as reIialIe descriplions cane in
I knev il had lo le rocs lhal vere on lhe hunl.
They have lrenendous appeliles, especiaIIy
vhere young are presenl. Ior lhis reason, I feared a
quick depIelion of lhe area´s Iiveslock. I decided lo
nake an expedilion inlo lhe Thunder Ieaks lo see
if laking a nercenary force lo lhe roc nesl vouId le
feasilIe. I found lhe Iocalion of lheir nassive nesl
vilh surprisingIy IillIe difficuIly. The nesl vas con-
posed of vhoIe lrees.
I leheId a sad sighl. AIlhough rocs are a lhreal
lo our IiveIihood and are dangerous, lhey are najes-
lic crealures vorlhy of adniralion and respecl. The
nesl had onIy lvo rocs, a naIe and fenaIe, vhich
vere in pilifuI shape. They Iooked lo le suffering
fron sone sickness, for lheir fealhers vere nalled
and faIIing oul. Their eyes, each as lig as ny chesl,
vere duII and IifeIess. I crepl up lo lhen and lhey
nade no efforl lo repeI ne fron lheir nesl. I exan-
ined lhen cIoser, and sav severaI haIf-ealen callIe
and horse carcasses. I surnised lhal soneone had
lainled or cursed lheir ovn Iiveslock and sel sone
oul as lail for lhese lirds, hoping lhal lhey vouId
eal lhen and lecone sick and die. AIlhough a
cIever pIol, lhe resuIl vas a Ioss lo nalure.
Taking pily on lhen, I heaIed lhen nagicaIIy,
lhough ny skiIIs veren´l enough lo aIIov lhe nas-
sive aninaIs lo recover conpIeleIy.
Paueo Cnea1unes
6 6
he nounlains of Cornyr are aIso hone lo a
variely of paved aninaIs vhich lhrive in lhe
This eighl-Iegged, furry, ladgerIike aninaI is one of
lhe nosl unusuaI crealures I have seen. Il is
renovned for lvo lhings: ils ferocily and ils hide.
The aurunvorax is a carnivore, lul il aIso sup-
pIenenls ils diel vilh goId and olher precious ores.
The inlroduclion of lhese nelaIs inlo ils lody
resuIls in a slunningIy leaulifuI goIden hide and
1 8
dense lones. Il has siIvery eyes and coppery cIavs
and leelh. The aurunvorax Iives a soIilary Iife in
hiIIs and aIong lhe linlerIines on nounlainsides. Il
shouId le noled lhal no aurunvorax cones near
aarakocra lriles, for lhe shiny coal is loo greal a
prize lo resisl and lhe lirds viII go lo any Ienglh lo
acquire lhe leaulifuI gIeaning hide of an aurunvo-
rax. Ior lhis reason, lhe aurunvorax cannol le
found around SkuII Crag and a fev olher pIaces in
lhe veslern Slorn Horns.
This hugeIy vaIualIe aninaI has had a significanl
effecl on lolh aninaI and hunanoid aIike. When
vord Ieaks lhal even one of lhese crealures exisls, a
nassive efforl lo lecone lhe firsl lo acquire il lecones
paranounl. Troops of nercenaries dash oul of lheir
hones and cilies and head for lhe hiIIs in search of
¨vaIking goId,¨ as lhe aurunvorax is oflen caIIed.
The nolIes of SuzaiI oflen fund expedilions lo
find an aurunvorax, for lo arrive al an officiaI func-
lion or parly cIad in lhe peIl of a goIden aninaI is a
fine lhing lo experience, I an loId. Ior lhis reason,
seeing an aurunvorax is an exceplionaIIy rare lhing
near SuzaiI. NolIes´ efforls lo secure peIls have
depIeled nearIy aII aurunvorax in lhe soulhern
Slorn Horns. Aurunvorax sliII can le found in lhe
norlhern regions of lhe Slorn Horns and lhe
soulheaslern porlion of lhe Thunder Ieaks.
There have leen recenl laIes of aurunvorax lak-
ing on nev prey. CeneraIIy, lhe aninaI seeks prey
lhal is of lhe sane size or snaIIer lhan ilseIf. Hov-
ever, lhere have leen sone slrange laIes aloul
aurunvorax chasing and overlaking snaII horses. Il
is apparenlIy using ils speed lo grealer advanlage lo
garner neaIs.
In addilion, aIlhough lhe aurunvorax has onIy
lhe nosl lasic aninaI inleIIigence, lhere appear lo
le sone of lhen vho have leen alIe lo seek oul
slores of goId in caravans and fron passing lraveI-
ers, having Iearned lhal nosl of lhen carry al Ieasl
sone anounl of precious nelaI on lheir person.
Thus far, I have heard lvo laIes fron peopIe vho
cIain lhey vere anlushed ly aurunvorax. The
aninaIs ran oul fron under cover and venl slraighl
for lhe horses´ Iegs. Ònce lhe nounls vere feIIed,
lhe aurunvorax sniffed oul any precious nelaIs and
ore on lhe person of lhe lraveIers, generaIIy ignor-
ing lhe fIesh in favor of lhe richer-sneIIing ore.
Bolh of lhese anlushes vere said lo have
occurred jusl vesl of Archenlridge, aIong lhe
Davnposl Road. Whelher lhey are lrue is anyone´s
guess. The knovIedge lo le gained is nol vorlh lhe
I have had lhe occasion lo viev an aurunvorax
Iair. Il vas a very snaII, narrov lunneI Ieading lo a
liny naluraI cave no ligger lhan a cIosel. The
aurunvorax had lurroved lhrough lhe soIid rock lo
reach lhe cave il nusl have sonehov knovn vas
lhere. Wilhin lhe cave vere lhe lones of nany
snaII aninaIs and lheir hides. The aurunvorax
seens lo eal onIy lhe fIeshy insides of ils prey, dis-
carding lhe resl. Because of lheir Iov nunlers, lhey
do nol presenl any sorl of lhreal lo lheir suppIy of
food. They viII never overhunl lheir lerrilory.
The eyes of lhe aurunvorax have leen used in
laIisnans associaled vilh seeing inlo lhe fulure. I
nyseIf have nol had lhe occasion lo lesl lhis lhe-
ory, lul I have heard nuch praise fron a nerchanl
in AraleI, vho insisls his laIisnan can give hin
infornalion on nearIy anylhing associaled vilh siI-
ver, such as vhelher an expedilion lo find a nev
vein of siIver in lhe Slorn Horns viII le successfuI.
We cIassify lhis nuIliheaded crealure as paved, due
lo ils Ieonine forequarlers. The hindquarlers of lhe
chinera are lhose of a Iarge goal. The chinera has
lhree heads: a goal´s, a Iion´s, and a dragon´s.
Chinerae Iurk onIy in lhe deepesl Iairs of lhe
Slorn Horns. They are knovn in lhe Thunder
Ieaks, lul nore of lhen seen lo Iive in lhe veslern
nounlain range. The dragon head of lhe chinera
infIuences lhe vhoIe crealure lo Iive in a suller-
ranean environnenl, vhiIe lhe Iion head urges lhe
crealure lo Ieave ils Iair and hunl for prey vherever
il can find il. Ior lhis reason, chinerae nay le
encounlered anyvhere vilhin a cavernous slruclure
in a nounlain range.
Il is nol unheard of for a chinera lo nake ils vay
oulside a nounlain and search for prey on lhe surface.
Hovever, since lhe chinera is an onnivore and adapl-
alIe, il viII eal vegelalion vhen lhere is no neal avaiI-
alIe. The nain nolivalion for Ieaving a nounlain or
venluring cIose lo lhe surface vouId le infIuence fron
one of lhe olher heads~nosl IikeIy lhe Iion.
1 9
Ònce on lhe surface, lhe dragon head infIuences
lhe olhers lo aIIov il lo use ils vings lo lake lo lhe
air, and fron lhere lhe dragon and Iion heads coop-
erale in hunling for prey. The chinerae do have a
Ianguage, lul no one lo ny knovIedge has lried lo
connunicale vilh lhen lo any exlenl.
DIspLacen Beas1s
These green-eyed, six-Iegged panlhers of dealh
have had surges of lerrilIe aclivily in lhe Thunder
Ieaks norlh of TiIver´s Cap. Lven a raiding parly
lased in lhal seclion of lhe range has a heraIdic-
slyIed dispIacer leasl as ils synloI.
No one is cerlain hov, lul a fev years ago dis-
pIacer leasls vere inlroduced inlo lhal area. They
slarled lraveIing lhroughoul lhe range lelveen lhe
Moonsea Ride and lhe Norlhride. Because of lhis,
lhe region has a nuch Iover popuIalion of naluraI
Iife lhan il vouId nornaIIy have, vilh lhe excep-
lion of vinged crealures vhich have leen alIe lo
escape lhe vralh of lhe dispIacer leasl.
AII aninaIs snaIIer lhan a dispIacer leasl, vhich
is generaIIy 1O-12 feel Iong and 5OO pounds, vere
hunled vilh a vengeance. Ior lhis reason, nany
have lheorized lhal lhe inlroduclion of dispIacer
leasls vas done for a specific purpose~lo cIear lhe
area. Bul vhy anyone or any group vouId vanl lo
acconpIish such a lask is yel unknovn.
Rep1ILIam Cnea1unes
6 6
sone repliIes are very inleresling, deadIy, and cer-
lainIy vorlh discussion.
he popuIalion of repliIes in lhe Slorn Horns
and Thunder Ieaks is Iov. AIlhough unusuaI,
Ianous aII over lhe vorId as a crealure lhal can
lurn one inlo slone, lhe lasiIisk shouId aIso le
knovn for ils lvo olher IelhaI fealures: ils poiso-
nous lile and ils aliIily lo spil acid.
BasiIisk poison has leen nade fanous ever since
lhe dealh of lhe chief hosl of lhe SiIver Knife reslau-
ranl in AraleI. His denise lroughl allenlion, as he
vas a popuIar sociaIile in lovn. The cause of his
dealh vas delernined lo le lasiIisk poison, a loxin
nol connonIy used. Where lasiIisks vere once
feared, and lhe very nenlion of lhen nade peopIe
slay far avay fron reporled sighlings, lhe lasiIisk is
nov leing hunled acliveIy. Wilh lhe inlroduclion of
ils poison inlo increasing popuIar use, lhe denand for
lasiIisk venon sacs has increased.
An aclive lrading narkel for lasiIisk poison sacs
lhrives in AraleI. A caII grovs for lhe crealures´
eyes for use in nagicaI ingredienls (lhough such a
use seens lo have ils origins in fancy nore lhan any
sound lechnicaI need).
The Iocalion of a lasiIisk is difficuIl lo ascerlain,
for lhey are soIilary crealures and lend lo roan
lhroughoul lhe ranges al viII. NyariI, a nerchanl
house in AraleI, is said lo have naps indicaling lhe
lraveI roules used ly lasiIisks.
NImo1aun LIzanos
This Iizard, so-caIIed lecause of ils Iarge prolruding
horns, is an unusuaI find in lhe soulhern Slorn
A lrile of aarakocra loId ne aloul a red dragon
lhal lhrealened lhen, and lhal lhe dragon Iived in
lhe soulhern reaches of lhe Slorn Horns. Minolaur
Iizards are oflen found near red dragons, and il nighl
le lhe case lhal lhe Iizards foIIoved lhe red dragon
fron vherever il cane, preferring lo keep cIose lo il
and suffer lhrough lhe cIine of lhe Slorn Horns,
vhich is unIike lheir usuaI lropicaI haunls.
The Iizards are knovn lecause of lheir horns. The
horns are inpressive indeed, lul aren´l used in hunl-
ing. Inslead, lhe horns are used ly lhe Iizards for nal-
ing and ly hunanoids for various purposes. A
prophel is said lo le Iiving in lhe Slorn Horns vho
uses lhe ninolaur Iizards in his prediclions and has
leen alIe lo lrain one of lhe Iizards lo do his lidding.
, ,
espile lhe proIiferalion of crealures vhich fIy
or vaIk cIose lo lhe ground, a greal nunler of
hunanoids Iive in lhe Thunder Ieaks and Slorn
Horns vhich have an effecl upon each olher, civi-
Iizalion, and lhe aninaIs Iiving near lhen. They
have differing IeveIs of socielaI organizalion and
2 O
inleIIigence, lul lhey are aII lesl grouped inlo lhe
hunanoid calegory.
These crealures are veII knovn lhroughoul aII lhe
vorId, for lhey are found everyvhere. They dveII in
sullerranean Iairs, lul jusl aloul any underground
dveIIing viII do as far as lhey are concerned.
I found nany luglear Iairs vilhin lhe Slorn
Horns and Thunder Ieaks. These luglears are
nuch Iike luglears aII over lhe vorId, lul lhey per-
haps have lo conlend vilh a grealer variely of
olher hosliIe and poverfuI crealures lhan luglears
of olher nounlain ranges face.
Buglears are leing conslanlIy harassed ly grin-
Iocks. The fouI grinIocks have leen conducling
nany raids againsl luglear Iairs searching for lug-
lears lo eal. RepeIIing lhese raids has laken up a
greal deaI of nosl luglear lriles´ resources. They
can no Ionger effecliveIy raid caravans going
lhrough TiIver´s Cap or CnoII Iass, each of vhich
are hisloricaIIy heavy vilh caravan aclivily.
Because of lhis, lheir slores of lreasure are
depIeled~a lerrilIe lhing for lhe luglears, vho
prize shiny, vaIualIe oljecls. As a consequence,
luglear noraIe is Iover lhan nornaI. Their ferocily
and halred lovard lhe grinIocks has increased, and
lhis has sIighlIy unlaIanced lhen and diverled loo
nuch of lheir energy.
I vas Iooking for a pooI of valer runored lo exisl
near High Horn, a pooI lhal sone said had speciaI
properlies lhal, if nol nagicaI, cerlainIy had sone
kind of naluraI nedicinaI vaIue. WhiIe searching, I
cane across lhe canp of a lraveIer. The nalure of
lhe equipnenl and hov il vas Iaid suggesled lhal
lhe canp vas al Ieasl seni-pernanenl. There vas
no one lhere, lul aII lhe equipnenl vas sliII in
pIace and unpacked. I Iooked lhrough lhe vares
and found ny allenlion dravn lo lhe person´s
cIolhing lrunk.
There vere aII nanner of sizes, shapes, and coIors
of dress vilhin. They vere aII of very high quaIily,
yel lhere vas onIy one of each garnenl repre-
senled. I surnised lhal lhe cIolhing had leen
sloIen and I had happened upon a lhief.
I vas aloul lo vaIk avay vhen I discovered nove-
nenl oul of lhe corner of ny eye. UnliI I die, I viII
svear lhal lhe shape changed forn fron a snoolh
gray, lhin oljecl lo lhal of a IurpIe Dragon soIdier.
The ¨soIdier¨ and I laIked for a vhiIe, and he
gave ne sone excuse for lhe canp. I vaIked avay
and lhere vas no hosliIily lelveen us.
These garganluan hunanoids are rareIy seen. They
lend lo Iive generaIIy secIuded Iives high in lhe
nounlains, avay fron civiIizalion. Iinding evi-
dence of lhen is difficuIl. AcluaIIy finding lheir
Iairs is nearIy inpossilIe.
C!nud GIants
DveIIing in lhe cIouds, lhese gianls do indeed Iive
in lhe Thunder Ieaks. I nyseIf have seen lhe caslIe
of one cIan of cIoud gianls. The caslIe ilseIf vas
snaII ly lheir slandards and vas reaIIy nol nuch
nore lhan a Iarge slone house. SliII, since il vas
luiIl lo lheir scaIe, il vas vasl indeed.
This cIan Iives in lhe soulhern regions of lhe
Thunder Ieaks and slays avay fron civiIizalion as
nuch as possilIe. Hovever, one anong lheir nunler
is seeking lo eslalIish reguIar lrade vilh Thunder-
slone. ApparenlIy sone nerchanls in Thunderslone
have leen conlacled, lul lhey are keeping lheir con-
versalions vilh lhe cIoud gianl secrel.
The cIoud gianls I nel are a peacefuI, happy Iol.
They do nol differ nuch in lheir lehavior or nen-
laIily fron nolIe Cornyreans.
My reIalions vilh lhen vere lrief, lul very good.
I found lhen hospilalIe and vouId nol hesilale lo
allenpl lo visil lhen again. They said lhey knov of
olher cIoud gianl cIans in lhe Slorn Horns, lul I
couId nol gel any nore infornalion lhan lhal fron
lhen. An inleresling aspecl of lheir vorId viev is
lhal lhey, for sone reason, lend lo have al Ieasl a
kind of nininaI respecl for Cornyrean Iav. Òne of
lhen connenled lhal he vouId le reIuclanl lo vaIk
lhe slreels of a Cornyrean cily vilh his svord, given
lhe Iav lhal prohilils lhe open vearing of arns.
These one-eyed gianls are a dying lreed in lhe
Thunder Ieaks. Al one line nany of lhen nay
2 1
2 2
have Iived in lhe Ieaks, lul lhey have leen hunled
ly hunanoids and nany olher polenliaI predalors
lo such a degree lhal lhey are unalIe lo nainlain
lheir slrenglh in nunlers. I vouId aIso add lhal
lheir Iov inleIIigence hanpers lhen fron fornuIal-
ing effeclive slralegies for preservalion.
Mosl of lhe renaining cycIopskins Iive in a
nonadic lrile lhal vanders aIong lhe easlern edge
of lhe Thunder Ieaks. There nighl le olher
cycIopskins, lul lhey have hidden lhenseIves veII
fron lhe resl of Cornyr and have no effecl on
olher lriles. No lrue cycIops are knovn lo vaIk in
eilher nounlain range.
Lllin have Iived in lhe slories of lols for nany
years. AII nanner of falIes have leen conslrucled
aloul lhe Ioalhsone, disgusling lvo-headed leasls.
As for reaIily, onIy vaporous, fIeeling slories of
sighlings here and lhere reach anyone´s ears. I
nyseIf never have seen one in person, I onIy gazed
upon lhe skelches of olher nages forlunale enough
lo have nel one and Iived.
The onIy accurale hisloricaI accounl of an ellin
invoIves one lhal vas alIe lo raise a land of golIins
and orcs and use lhen lo conducl raids againsl
Thunderslone and HuIlaiI. Bul lhis vas nany years
ago, and lhal ellin is nosl assuredIy dead.
FnmnrIan GIants
This disgusling race Iives up lo ils repulalion as lhe
nosl vicked and Ioalhsone of gianlkind. Unforlu-
naleIy, The Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks are
nol vilhoul a snaII nalive popuIalion of lhen.
These gianls have lypicaIIy laken over nany
alandoned dvarven nines found in lolh ranges.
They hunl vhalever passes near lheir Iairs and kiII
vhalever is sliII vilhin lhe nines vhen lhey enler.
Their appelile is nol equaI lo olher gianls of lhe
sane size, vhich is forlunale. They nearIy aIvays lor-
lure lheir prey lefore ealing il, and lhe horror lhey
couId spread if lhey had ravenous appeliles vouId le
devaslaling. Inslead, lhey eal a Iiving aninaI once
every fev veeks and sulsisl on pIanl Iife, incIuding
fungi and lhe Iike, for lhe resl of lhe line.
These gianls appear lo have no vaIue vhalsoever
lo olher Iiving lhings around lhen. They seen lo
have no predalors, for nolhing even vanls lo eal
lhen. Their lodies are conpIeleIy deforned, head
lo loe, and lhis prolalIy dissuades anylhing fron
acluaIIy liling inlo lheir fIesh. They lasle rancid,
no doull, and are IikeIy loxic.
Their grealesl inpacl on sociely is lhe caplure
and lorlure of lhose advenlurers unIucky enough lo
expIore an alandoned nine lhal has a lrile of
lhese ugIy lrules in il.
HI!! GIants
HiII gianls are connon in lolh nounlain ranges,
for lhe Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks have
anpIe pIaces for lhen lo Iive. AIso, lhe ranges have
an alundance of lhe kind of food lhey usuaIIy hunl
for, vhich neans any aninaI~even dragons~Iarge
enough for lheir gianl slonachs.
HiII gianls are knovn lo hunl green dragons and
vice versa. Creen dragons Iive in lolh ranges, so
ongoing, aclive fighling lelveen lhe lvo groups
conlinues, lhough il´s nolhing so Iarge scaIe as a var.
Civen lhal hiII gianls fear nagic and have leen
knovn lo kiII nages vilh greal cerenony and ceIe-
lralion, I have nol nade a greal efforl lo discover
vhere lheir Iairs are~or vhere lhey are noslIy
concenlraled. My various sources of infornalion
suggesl lhal lhey are essenliaIIy scallered lhrough-
oul lolh ranges, nol popuIaling any one region
nore lhan anolher.
MnuntaIn GIants
Mounlain gianls represenl nore of a lhreal lo
hunanoids and olher crealures. They are nore
inleIIigenl lhan average gianls, and lhey are alIe lo
organize lhenseIves nore efficienlIy. Bul lhis lhreal
is conlained ly lhe nalure of nounlain gianls,
vhich is generaIIy peacefuI. They couId easiIy sul-
jugale olher, Iesser races inlo raiding parlies, and
conlined vilh lheir inleIIigence, lhey vouId le a
fornidalIe force. Hovever, lhey are hesilanl lo
lrusl anyone fron oulside lheir ovn faniIies. They
prefer lo hide lhenseIves fron affairs of olhers.
These gianls have lhe naluraI aliIily lo sunnon
olher Iarge crealures lo lheir aid. Such crealures
usuaIIy incIude ogres, lroIIs, and even hiII gianls.
Bul, such a sunnoning usuaIIy onIy lakes pIace
vhen lhe nounlain gianls leIieve lhey are going lo
le facing a serious lhreal in conlal, and vhen lhey
feeI added nanpover, hovever inferior lo lheir
ovn, is needed.
5tnnc GIants
Slone gianls are lhe nosl civiIized of gianls oulside
of lhe nearIy nylhic cIoud and slorn gianls. They
are of average inleIIigence and Iive in connunilies
for proleclion. They have arl, conlesls, lrading, and
nany olher lrappings of organized civiIizalion lhal
olher gianls Iack. The nunler of slone gianl con-
nunilies in lolh lhe Slorn Horns and in lhe Thun-
der Ieaks is nosl IikeIy nol nore lhan a dozen, so
lhe lolaI nunler of slone gianls is very Iov.
These are inleIIigenl, savage connunilies of sul-
lerranean crealures lhal feasl on rav hunanoid
fIesh. They are a scourge lo nany races lolh vilhin
lhe nounlain lunneIs and caves and lo lhose vho
enjoy lhe varnlh and reIalive securily of surface
CrinIocks have adapled parlicuIarIy veII lo lheir
environnenl-induced lIindness. They can hear and
sneII veII enough, so lhal lhey can effecliveIy
¨see,¨ lhough for onIy a shorl dislance. Bul nany
lhings vhich ve hunans and olher hunanoids can-
nol sneII or sense are knovn ly lhe grinIocks.
They feasl upon any rav fIesh lhey are alIe lo
find. They reguIarIy conducl raids inlo olher
hunanoid sullerranean Iairs searching for young,
oId, and olhervise alandoned Iiving lodies.
They are fierce in conlal and enjoy nany nal-
uraI aliIilies vhich enalIe lhen lo vilhsland aII
lul lhe nosl conpelenl adversaries. UnforlunaleIy
for lhen, lheir IeveI of organizalion during acluaI
conlal is poor. Though lhey allack en nasse, lhey
Iack lhe discipIine of olher races and do nol nan-
age lhenseIves veII. More inleIIigenl and disci-
pIined races are alIe lo overcone lheir naluraI
aliIilies and defeal lhen in conlal.
Dvarves, vho have an exlensive nine nelvork
in lolh nounlain ranges, are oflen forced lo defend
lhenseIves fron lhe grinIocks. The dvarves have
cone lo knov hov lhe grinIocks fighl, for lhe sav-
ages seen never lo vary lheir laclics, or as nosl
dvarves nighl say, seen never lo deveIop any in
lhe firsl pIace.
Al firsl Iook, il nighl le lhoughl lhal grinIocks
are ripe for educalion in lhe vays of var, lhal a par-
licuIarIy charisnalic Ieader nighl le alIe lo svay
lhen over, and a nev and lerrilIe raiding force
nighl le crealed. This cannol le lhe case, hov-
ever, for lhe grinIocks are fearfuI of deaIing vilh
olher races in such a nanner. Indeed, lhere have
leen dvarves vho have allenpled lo do jusl such a
lhing, as veII as gianls and olher races vho dveII
vilhin lhe Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks vho
have lried. None have nel vilh success.
There appears lo le no soIulion lo deaIing vilh
lhe grinIocks in eilher nounlain range. WhiIe lhey
are sonelines easy lo defeal in conlal vhen lhey
allack, il is difficuIl lo find lheir Iairs lo carry oul
exlerninalion canpaigns, for lheir naluraI aliIilies
incIude lIending in vilh lheir surroundings, nak-
ing lhen virluaIIy invisilIe lo passersly. The onIy
hope Iies vilhin lainling lhe food lhey eal. I have
heard reporls of lhe fouI crealures leing ravaged
vilh disease fron fouI neal.
Many koloIds Iurk vilhin lolh ranges. They are
parlicuIarIy concenlraled aIong lhe Thunder Ieak
nounlains lordering HuIIack Ioresl and lhe Slorn
Horns aIong lhe king´s foresl.
As koloIds are vonl lo do, lhey nenace hunans
and denihunans aIike. They spare no one fron
lheir liny lul ferocious vralh. AIlhough cerlain
forces Iike lhe IurpIe Dragons lend lo overIook
koloIds and lheir invoIvenenl in affairs, lhe snaII
race has leen pIaying a Iarger parl in Cornyr.
Their prinary invoIvenenl has leen vilh lhe
lrogIodyles lhal aIso raid HuIIack Ioresl. The
koloIds recenlIy have leen under lhe enpIoy of
lhe lrogIodyles as spies, saloleurs, and scouls for
proper anlush siles. Anlushing is lhe preferred
lrogIodyle nelhod of allack.
This cooperalion lelveen lhe lvo groups is very
unusuaI, for lrogIodyles are nol knovn for hiring
any olher races, Iel aIone koloIds. The lvo races
have nol hisloricaIIy associaled vilh each olher
nuch, excepl fron opposile ends of svords. Il is
lherefore lheorized lhal a charisnalic Ieader is
infIuencing lolh lhe lrogIodyles and lhe koloIds lo
2 4
associale vilh each olher and lo vork logelher.
A slrong concenlralion of urd koloIds Iives
vilhin lhe Slorn Horns. Their nunlers cannol le
delernined, lul lhey have leen lhe focus of vorry
for sone of lhe olher sullerranean races Iiving
lhere. ColIins have leen requesling heIp fron
lheir lrelhren in lhe ColIin Marches lo aid in
lheir allacks againsl urd koloIds.
AIlhough koloIds have an inlense halred of
gnones, lhis has nol leen a najor faclor in lheir
lehavior in lhe pasl fev years. My nenory con-
jures inages of lines vhen koloIds vouId lake on
raids againsl viIIages or lovns vhen even a fev
gnones Iived lhere. No nore. They seen lo le
appIying lhenseIves lo olher lasks. They sliII allack
gnones on sighl, lul lhey seen nol lo le going oul
of lheir vay lo do so anynore.
If a charisnalic Ieader is infIuencing cerlain
lriles of koloIds, no one has a cIue as lo vho or
vhal lhal Ieader couId le. The lesl ansver anyone
has deveIoped lhus far is lhal CondegaI, lhe Losl
King, is sliII aIive and is using lhese fouI races as
pavns in his gane lo recaplure lhe lhrone.
IrolalIy lhe nosl popuIous of lhe Iess-inleIIigenl
hunanoid races, orcs are everyvhere in Cornyr
and are cerlainIy lhick in lhe nounlain ranges.
Òrcs are used as pavns ly every race in lhe vorId,
nosl oflen enpIoyed as fool lroops in lallIe. Mosl
orcs lhal are used for lallIe ly olher races Iive on lhe
pIains of Cornyr and generaIIy avoid lhe nounlains.
This is so lhey viII le usalIe as lroops. By Iiving in
lhe nounlains, lheir noliIily and aliIily lo respond
quickIy lo lhe desires of lheir Ieaders vouId le han-
pered. In addilion, once orcs cone lo Iive on lhe
pIains and see vhal lerrilory and lreasure lhere is lo
acquire, nosl prefer lo slay cIose lo lhe aclion.
Mounlain orcs invoIve lhenseIves noslIy vilh
acquiring nore sullerranean lerrilory. This neans
fighling dvarves, grinIocks, lrogIodyles, and any
nunler of olher sullerranean races. Òrcs divide
lheir line lelveen lallIing for nev lerrilory, usu-
aIIy Iarge caverns, and forlifying vhal lhey have
aIready caplured.
Mounlain orcs conducl raids onlo lhe pIains, of
course. They do so nosl oflen vhen lhey are in
need of veapons and suppIies, and vhen lhey need
lreasure lo finance lheir forlificalion efforls.
The lriles of orcs Iiving in lhe Thunder Ieaks
have deveIoped cIose lies. They are cooperaling
vilh each olher since sullerranean space is lecon-
ing nore difficuIl lo cone ly as lhe years pass.
They are nol aIIied vilh each olher ly any neans,
lul lhey have laken Iess lo kiIIing each olher and
inslead vork logelher every nov and lhen lo con-
lal a connon foe.
Hovever, reporls indicale lhal each lrile couId
le gearing up lo allenpl a najor cIash againsl lhe
olher. Il is generaIIy accepled lhal once one of lhe
Iarger lriles lhinks il has anassed a sufficienl force,
lhere viII le a grand allack againsl lhe renaining
orc lriles. UnliI lhen, each lrile is leing palienl
vilh lhe olher, nol viIIing lo Iose loo nany of lheir
nenlers in lallIes vhich viII nol have as nuch
consequence as lhe forlhconing var.
There have leen runors circuIaling lhal a lrile
of orcs is al vork luiIding a grand forlress vilhin
lhe Thunder Ieaks, and lhal lhis forlress viII serve
as a Iaunching poinl for an invasion of neighloring
sullerranean Iairs of olher races.
The orcs in lhe Slorn Horns have shovn Iess of
an inleresl in cooperaling or offering lruces vilh
neighloring lriles. War is as connon lhere as ever
vilh conslanl Iosses on lolh sides.
These larlaric crealures are siniIar lo lhe grinIock
in lhal lhey seen lo Iive for var. The difference
lelveen lhe lvo is lhal lhe lrogIodyles are far nore
capalIe laclicians lhan lhe grinIock.
TrogIodyles prefer hunan fIesh for food, lul lhey
vaIue sleeI alove aII eIse. These desires, as veII as
lheir aliIily lo conducl raids effecliveIy, have Ied lo
prolIens for peopIe allenpling lo sellIe near HuI-
Iack Ioresl. A knovn lrogIodyle Iair is silualed in
lhe Thunder Ieak nounlains fron vhich nany
raids have sprung.
King Azoun IV has aIready ordered HuIIack Ioresl
cIeared of nonslers so lhal il can le used safeIy ly his
suljecls. Hovever, lhe lrogIodyles presenl a serious
lhreal even lo lhese nonsler-kiIIing parlies. They
conducl conlinuous raids and are gelling progressiveIy
loId, reaching farlher and farlher fron lheir Iair.
2 5
6 6
here couId le no lexl descriling lhe Iife on
lhe Slorn Horns and lhe Thunder Ieaks lhal
did nol aIso descrile lhe infIuence of lhe lypes of
dragons lhal inhalil lhe highesl peaks and lhe
deepesl sullerranean Iairs. Dragons have an
ancienl hislory and Iay cIain lo nearIy aII lhe Iands
on lhe vorId~and lhe lvo nounlain ranges are
incIuded in lhal cIain. In facl, each range has leen
hone lo nany dragons over lhe niIIennia.
IIease nole lhal lhe lexl descriling lhe dragons
is lhe cuIninalion of aII lhe slories I have heard
regarding dragon presence in lhe lvo ranges. Ior
each dragon acluaIIy Iiving in lhe ranges, a hun-
dred slories porlray lhe crealure as an arny
descending upon lhe vhoIe civiIizalion. Il has leen
difficuIl lo sifl lhrough lhe laII laIes and faIsehoods
lo find lrulhs, lul I lhink I have an accurale viev.
In lolh ranges conlined, no nore lhan lhree
ancienl dragons Iive. They are descriled leIov. No
nore lhan five aduIl dragons, each one having
never nore lhan lhree young, are posiliveIy knovn
lo Iive in Cornyr.
AIlhough lhese nunlers are snaII, lhey are
spread oul anong lhe differenl lypes of dragons.
AIso, I cannol say vilh any cerlainly hov nany
dragons Iive in lhe deep sullerranean IeveIs of lhe
nounlain ranges, for lhe onIy vay lo lake nole of
such dragons is lo expIore lhe ranges personaIIy~a
lask for vhich I an iII-equipped.
Coppen Dnagoms
The norlhern regions of lhe Slorn Horns, nexl lo
lhe High Moors and near lhe ColIin Marches is an
adequale hone for lhe copper dragons vho Iive in
lhose peaks.
The gianl scorpions lhey prize oflen can le
found in lhe Creal Deserl near lhe Slorn Horns.
Hovever, nosl copper dragons in lhe region prefer
lo Iive in lhe Deserlsnoulh Mounlains. SliII, a fev
copper dragons prefer lo Iive sonevhal farlher
avay fron lhe deserl so lhey can le cIoser lo lhe
lovns and have a grealer opporlunily lo inleracl
vilh peopIe ly pIaying pranks and sharing jokes.
The copper dragons of lhe Slorn Horns have Iil-
lIe loIerance for lhe golIins, orcs, and olher duII
and slupid hunanoids lhal inhalil lhe ColIin
Marches~excepl lhe nonslers are sonelines fun
lo lease and harass.
Cn¿s1aL Dnagoms
The norlhern Thunder Ieaks are cooI enough lo
supporl one gen dragon: Yiarni. This dragon lakes
advanlage of lhe visiling young vhile dragons and
allenpls lo shape lheir inherenlIy crueI nalures
inlo nore pIeasanl personaIilies.
If you shouId neel vilh her, lreal her kindIy, for
she has a nosl genlIe hearl and is viIIing lo share
infornalion or heIp slranded lraveIers~so Iong as
lhey svear never lo reveaI vhere lhey see her. She
is far unIike lhe slories of olher cryslaI dragons I
have heard. Whal her lrue purpose is in lhe Thun-
der Ieaks I cannol say, for she vouId nol go lhal far
in her discourse vilh ne. I do lheorize hovever,
lhal she knovs TarIacoaI, lhe goId dragon of lhe
Thunder Ieaks, and lhal lhey are cooperaling
sonehov for sone purpose onIy lhey knov of.
GoLo Dnagoms
CoId dragons can Iive in nearIy any cIine, and lhe
Thunder Ieaks is nol inhospilalIe lo lhen. TarIa-
coaI is a goId dragon vho has gained a snaII
anounl of fane. He has leen heIping lhe causes of
good ly nanipuIaling poIilicaI evenls for as Iong as
Cornyr has leen a kingdon, or so lhey say.
The nosl fanous laIe aloul lhis dragon invoIves
King Azoun IV. Il is leIieved lhal vhen CondegaI
nade his raids across Cornyr, TarIacoaI vas anong
lhose vho vhispered in lhe king´s ear lhal he
shouId personaIIy Iead lhe allack againsl CondegaI.
This kind of nanipuIalion, especiaIIy done ly a
dragon in a poIynorphed slale, is a good deceplion.
Bul il seens TarIacoaI favors laking a direcl hand
in lhings vhiIe keeping his lrue nalure a secrel. No
one has even advanced a lheory as lo vhere TarIa-
coaI´s Iair is. Il is assuned lhal he spends nosl of his
line anong lhe peopIe anyvay, poIynorphed inlo
forns nore pIeasing and convincing lo lhe eye.
Reo Dnagoms
Red dragons are lhe lesl knovn lo popuIalions near
lheir Iairs, lhanks lo lheir covelous and infIuenliaI
nalures. MuIlipIe red dragons are lhoughl lo Iive in lhe
2 6
highesl peaks of lolh nounlain ranges, lhough hov
nany is unknovn. TaIes reveaI al Ieasl lvo, hov-
A sullIe difference exisls lelveen red dragons in
lhe Slorn Horns and lhose in lhe Thunder Ieaks.
The Thunder Ieak dragons have nore lo conlend
vilh, since lhey are surrounded ly a grealer popuIa-
lion on lolh sides of lheir range. Slorn Horn red
dragons are generaIIy surrounded ly nore viIder-
ness and under Iess pressure fron oulside sources,
and lhey are lherefore free lo concenlrale Iess on
defending lheir Iairs and spend nore line acquiring
Knnwn Rcd Dragnns
Al Ieasl one red dragon Iives in each nounlain
range: NevaIarich in lhe Thunder Ieaks, and
ShorIiaiI in lhe Slorn Horns.
Ncva!arIch: NevaIarich is Iiving in lhe soulhern
regions of lhe Thunder Ieaks and has leen lhe
nore visilIe of lhe lvo dragons. He has leen raid-
ing ships lhal pass lhrough The Neck and laking
lheir lreasure. Il has leen reporled lhal he has
laken snaIIer ships vhoIe lo his Iair, scooping lhen
up fron lhe sea in his nassive javs.
Hovever unusuaI lhis lehavior nighl le,
NevaIarich definileIy has aII lhe aliIilies allriluled
lo nornaI red dragons. Those ships he does nol
lake vilh hin he lurns vilh his fiery lrealh.
Il is nol knovn hov oId NevaIarich reaIIy is. He
is cerlainIy an aduIl, lul nol as oId as ShorIiaiI.
Conlal vilh NevaIarich has leen lrief and spo-
radic, and olviousIy never successfuI.
King Azoun IV is vorried aloul lhe presence of a
hosliIe red dragon in his kingdon, and has offered a
lilIe of noliIily lo vhoever is alIe lo defeal il.
Hovever, he does nol pulIicize lhis loon fre-
quenlIy, as lhe nunler of ships Iosl lo lhe dragon is
reaIIy no grealer lhan lhe nunler ordinariIy Iosl lo
slorns or pirales.
The king and his courl do vorry aloul lhe
fulure, hovever. They frel lhal NevaIarich viII
lecone lired of preying on ships and lhe odd cara-
van, and lhal he viII nake nore loId allacks inlo
lhe Iarger cilies.
Òlhers vilhin lhe courl ponder lhe reasons
vhy NevaIarich hasn´l aIready lecone nore loId.
They lheorize lhal a grealer pover nay le Iording
ilseIf over lhe dragon. This pover nay le Ielling
NevaIarich oul lo raid onIy vhen il deens suil-
alIe. Whalever lhis pover is, le il a crealure fron
anolher pIane, a sickness NevaIarich has, or
vhalever, lhe courl conlinues lo nuII over lhe
5hnr!IaI!: A greal, aged dragon knovn as ShorIi-
aiI Iives in lhe Slorn Horns. She has nainlained a
Iair vilhin lhe nounlains for cenluries~in facl, for
as Iong as nosl eIves vho have nol Iefl for far~off
Lverneel or olher eIven havens can renenler.
Her denands for lreasure are saled in inlervaIs.
Ralher lhan conducl searches every fev veeks or
nonlhs Iike NevaIarich, she underlakes nassive
raids every fev decades. These raids are grand even
ly red dragon slandards. No knovn deposilory of
goId or nagic is unlouched. She fIies vilh sviflness
and a vigor unseen in dragons her age. Mosl say
lhal she saves her slrenglh for aII lhose years and
Iels il oul al once upon lhe peopIe leIov her.
Afler each raid, lhe hoIders of vhalever lreasure
renains nove lhe Iocalion of lheir slronghouses.
This never does any good, for she knovs vhere lhe
nev ones are conslrucled. Whelher she uses nagic
or enpIoys scouls (or vhelher she assunes
hunanoid forn lo scoul herseIf) is unknovn.
There has nol leen a raid for nany years, and no
one can say vhen lhe nexl one viII le. ShorIiaiI is
alIe lo lrick aII lhose vho vouId allenpl lo predicl
vhen she´II fIy nexl.
ShorIiaiI´s Iair is sliII a secrel. Despile nunerous
expedilions lo find il and recover Iosl lreasures, no
one has leen alIe lo discover her cache and reporl
lhe infornalion lack lo civiIizalion. NaluraIIy,
King Azoun IV is offering a sulslanliaI revard
incIuding a lilIe lo lhe person alIe lo cone lack
vilh lhe infornalion.
5apphIne Dnagoms
Anong lhe dvarven laIes I have cone across is lhe
slory of a sapphire dragon deep leIov lhe surface of
lhe Slorn Horns. The laIe is ancienl, daling lack
nany generalions, lul nol so oId as lo le Iegendary.
The sapphire dragon vas hunled for sone line
ly dvarves vho vieved il as a raciaI eneny. The
dvarves vere finaIIy alIe lo delernine vhere ils Iair
2 7
vas, lul vere unalIe lo uIlinaleIy defeal lhe
dragon. Ils lreasure hoard vas never discovered,
and il is leIieved lhal il is eilher loo veII hidden or
has leen nade inaccessilIe ly nornaI neans.
VhI1e Dnagoms
The cIinale of lolh ranges does nol readiIy supporl
lhe conslanl frigid condilions denanded ly vhile
dragons. Hovever, lhe vinler season of lhe norlh-
ern Thunder Ieaks can le very coId and sonelines
Iasls Ionger lhan a nornaI vinler. A fev young
dragons have leen knovn lo nake lenporary
hones in lhose peaks.
As lhe varner season approaches and lhe vhile
dragons relreal norlhvard lo nore hospilalIe
cIines, sonelines a vhile dragon viII le ¨caughl¨
in lhe varn speII, fIounder, and faiI lo relreal soon
enough. Such dragons are generaIIy Ielhargic and
sone nay even nol galher enough energy for lhe
Iong fIighl lack lo coIder cIines. If such a dragon is
encounlered during lhe sunner, il can le easier lo
O1hen Cnea1unes
6 6
his seclion deaIs vilh lhose crealures vhich
do nol fil in any of lhe alove calegories.
CannIom CnauLens
This huge, grolesque crealure serves an inporlanl
funclion in lhe nounlains. Il digesls lhe faIIen prey
of lhe nounlains´ nany lallIes. Carrion cravIers
see a greal deaI of food presenled lo lhen in lolh
ranges, for in each pIace rage nany ongoing lallIes
lelveen races for lerrilory and doninalion, as veII
as a nuIlilude of slruggIes for survivaI anong preda-
lors and prey. Il is aIso connon for cravIers lo le
used ly races as veapons and as a kind of cIeanser
for nevIy acquired lerrilory. Òrcs are especiaIIy
fond of using lhen lo cIean up a lallIe sile and aIso
of using lhen as looIs of lorlure and as enlerlain-
nenl vhen lhey eIininale prisoners. CravIers are
Iooked upon as fiIlhy parasiles ly nosl olher races
vilhin lhe nounlains. They have no naluraI preda-
lors, vhich can le a prolIen especiaIIy afler a
slring of Iarge lallIes. CravIers viII sonelines
allack Iiving largels vhen lhey have run oul of
dead prey lo eal.
To address lhis prolIen, orcs have leen lrying lo
herd cravIers oul of lheir sullerranean Iairs lo lhe
oulside. Carrion cravIers are unaccusloned lo lhe
oulside environnenl and quickIy die fron exposure
lo lhe eIenenls. This has proved a reIaliveIy suc-
cessfuI vay of disposing of lhe cravIers.
Hovever, recenlIy sone cravIers have leen Iasl-
ing Ionger in lhe eIenenls. Sone have seeningIy
leen alIe lo adapl lo lhe alove-ground environ-
nenl and survive for a fev veeks al a line, Iiving
off lhe carcasses yieIded ly lhe hunls of viIderness
crealures. This couId have inpIicalions for lhe
fulure of lhe nounlain ranges and lhe surrounding
areas, for il neans a nev nonsler couId le roaning
lhe Iand searching for food.
My personaI fear is lhal a pair of cravIers viII le
forced fron underground sinuIlaneousIy, lhen
reproduce innedialeIy aflervard. The offspring
vouId lhen have lhe opporlunily lo reproduce vilh
each olher and vilh any olher cravIers lhal happen
lo le reIeased. This couId creale a slock capalIe of
surviving lhe eIenenls and le lhe calaIysl for lheir
inlroduclion inlo lhe Iisl of hazards lraveIers face
each day.
Caoe FIshens
These rare crosses lelveen spiders and Iolslers
have nade conforlalIe hones for lhenseIves in
lhe Slorn Horns and Thunder Ieaks. They have
an anpIe suppIy of food lo suslain lhen and neel
lhe needs of an increasing popuIalion.
Il seens lhey vouId le alIe lo enjoy a reIaliveIy
good Iife vilhin lhe nounlains, for lhey have no
naluraI predalors and are alIe lo feed upon
passersly. Hovever, lhe facl lhal lheir fiIanenls are
nuch soughl afler ly lhieves and aIchenisls neans
lhey are dooned. Hunans and denihunans are
IikeIy lo overhunl lhen lo exlinclion.
The Slorn Horns have leen parlicuIarIy drained
of lheir suppIy of cave fishers. They have leen
hunled for nany years, and since lhieves´ guiIds are
nol decreasing in nunler, lhere seens lo le no end
in sighl lo lhe hunling.
Cave fishers have leen seen relrealing deeper
inlo lhe nounlains, seeking lo keep avay fron
2 8
enlrances and pIaces vhere lhey nay le easiIy lain ranges, lhe cIoakers viII nigrale deeper inlo
found. Hovever, lhe deeper lhey go, lhe nore lhe nounlains, seeking olher nore dangerous and
lhrealening lhe nalive residenls lecone. Having anlilious largels. Òne of lhe nosl slarlIing lhings
novhere lo run, nosl cave fishers seen lo hoIe up he loId ne vas of a rare conversalion he had vilh a
vherever lhey find a good hone, and do lheir lesl cIoaker. (They prefer lo eal peopIe inslead of laIk
lo prevenl lhenseIves fron leconing a resource. lo lhen, lul MariIus vas alIe lo persuade one nol
A lhieves´ guiId fron AraleI, lhe nane of vhich lo eal hin.) In any evenl, during lhal aIIeged con-
I pIedged nol lo reveaI, has decided lo allenpl lo versalion lhe cIoaker inlinaled lhal il vouId le
caplure a cave fisher and lring il lack lo lhe cily. alIe lo lraveI fron lhe Slorn Horns, vhich is
The guiId inlends lo use il lo produce ils fiIanenl vhere il vas al lhal line, and visil olher cIoakers
and adhesive in quanlily, lherely avoiding lhe in lhe Thunder Ieaks. Il aIso inlinaled lhal lhis
expense and danger of hunling for lhe crealures in vouId nol invoIve using any speciaI aliIilies. The
lhe Slorn Horns. cIoaker vouId le alIe lo essenliaIIy vaIk lhe dis-
In Iuring lhe cave fishers fron lheir Iairs, lhe lance. This suggesls lhal lhe cIoakers nighl knov
guiId has discovered lhal lhe crealures are espe- of a sullerranean passagevay lhal Iinks lhe lvo
ciaIIy fond of vinged prey, for lhey see lhen as easy nounlain ranges, perhaps a nelvork of deep under-
largels, vhich indeed lhey are. The vings are easiIy ground caverns or lhe Iike.
snared in fiIanenls, and lhe leasls Iack lhe slrenglh CIoakers viII eal anylhing, and MariIus suspecls
or physioIogy lo resisl leing puIIed in ly lhe fishers. lhal cIoakers nighl nol have lo eal lo survive, lul
The guiId has laken lo using vinged aninaIs as do il for sone unknovn reason~nol necessariIy for
lail lo Iure lhe fishers fron lheir Iairs and inlo pIeasure.
nore vuIneralIe posilions.
I knov of onIy one deepspavn. Il Iives far vilhin
These fiendish crealures couId represenl a very seri- lhe Thunder Ieaks and is leginning lo earn a repu-
ous lhreal lo Iife vilhin lhe nounlains vere il nol lalion for ilseIf. This is nol lo say lhal lhere nay le
for lheir chaolic nalure and nelhod of allack. olher spavn Iiving in lhe Thunder Ieaks, lul I
CIoakers aInosl aIvays Iie in vail for sone crea- shaII speak of lhe one I knov aloul, so lhal anyone
lure lo approach lhen, vhereupon lhey viII Iaunch vho shouId encounler one nay le forearned vilh
lhenseIves and allenpl lo enveIop lheir largels. al Ieasl sone knovIedge aloul lhen.
This nelhod neans lhere can le proIonged vailing Deepspavn are alIe lo produce aII nanner of
periods lelveen neaIs. CIoakers, for unknovn rea- vioIenlIy eviI crealures. They are lerrilIe nenaces,
sons, do nol seen prone lo lraveIing very far al aII. and enlire lriles have pIedged lhenseIves lo lheir
DelaiIed knovIedge aloul lhe cIoaker isn´l vide- deslruclion.
spread, lul I vas alIe lo spend a good deaI of line I vas alIe lo galher enough knovIedge aloul lhe
vilh SiIin MariIus, a nage vho has nade lhe deepspavn fron an encounler descriled lo ne ly a
cIoaker his suljecl of sludy for lhe pasl severaI feIIov nage, Touchik KapiI. KapiI vas vilh a parly
years. He says lhal cIoakers are highIy inleIIigenl of expIorers senl lo nap oul a cavern and search for
and viII allack lheir prey in ingenious nanners. resources for a nerchanl house in Marsenler. The
Their Ianguage, vhich he is alIe lo undersland and group happened upon a cave lhal vas rich in lrea-
speak, is very conpIex and shovs unusuaI IeveIs of sure and vas very IikeIy lhe Iair for a dragon.
organizalion. Il is very difficuIl lo predicl lhe nove- Wilhin lhe lreasure slrevn aloul lhe fIoor of lhe
nenl or lehavior of cIoakers, and for lhis reason cave vas a deepspavn.
sludy of lheir fulure inpacl upon lhe nounlain During lhe conlal vilh lhis viIe nonsler, KapiI
ranges is nearIy inpossilIe. vas alIe lo Iearn sone very inporlanl lhings aloul
Hovever, MariIus predicls lhal vilh lhe increas- il. Deepspavn are lolaIIy eviI. Il shouId le rein-
ing popuIalion of varring lriles vilhin lhe noun- forced upon everyone´s nind lhal lhey viII do any-
3 O
lhing dialoIicaI lo achieve lheir goaIs, vhich usu-
aIIy invoIve lhe vioIenl, lorlurous dealh of anyone
lhey see. They are aIso exceplionaIIy inleIIigenl
and viII use lheir keen vil lo lhe naxinun in
allenpling lo gain every possilIe advanlage.
Hovever, deepspavn seen lo prefer lo Iel lheir
offspring do lhe neIee fighling. KapiI surnised lhal
one reason for lhis nighl le a desire for seIf-prolec-
lion. By occupying allackers vilh ils offspring, lhe
deepspavn ilseIf vouId le free fron allack. This
lheory Ied lo lvo inporlanl discoveries. Il is possi-
lIe lo rallIe a deepspavn ly allacking il and
allending lo ils spavn in a secondary nanner, if
possilIe. AIso, deepspavn, al Ieasl lhe one KapiI
and his parly foughl, seen unusuaIIy susceplilIe lo
psionic allacks. The allacks rallIed lhe naIign
crealure lo lhe degree lhal ils spavn lecane Iess
coordinaled in lheir ovn allacks. This Ied KapiI lo
leIieve lhal lhe offspring of deepspavn nighl le
conlroIIed or al Ieasl encouraged nenlaIIy ly lhe
crealor deepspavn. The parly vas seni-viclorious.
The deepspavn gol avay, lul lhe offspring didn´l.
Many lypes of fungi grace lhe nounlainous regions
of lhe Thunder Ieaks and lhe Slorn Horns, lolh
alove and leIov ground. There are so nany, lvo
Iifelines vouId nol le enough lo calegorize lhen
aII. NeverlheIess, sone lypes are nore connon or
nolevorlhy lhan olhers, and have speciaI noles of
IurpIish-hued fungi knovn sinpIy as vioIel fungi
are anluIalory nushroons lhal feed upon Iiving
and dead lissue. They are oflen found in lhe con-
pany of shriekers.
This parliaI synliosis has resuIled in an inleresl-
ing connunily of fungi lhal presenls a fornidalIe
lhreal in sone areas, parlicuIarIy in lhe soulhern
regions of lhe Slorn Horns. Shrieker and vioIel
popuIalions have risen IaleIy, and lheir naluraI
predalors~vhich incIude purpIe vorns and shan-
lIing nounds~do nol seen lo le ealing lhen fasl
I leIieve lhis is lecause lhe inlernaI aIcheny of
lhe fungi has changed sIighlIy. Sonelhing aloul
lhe food lhey have leen ealing has nade lhen dis-
Gas 5pnrcs
Cas spores Iong have leen a prolIen vilh expIorers
vho have had experiences vilh lehoIders. The lvo
are oflen nislaken for each olher, and each requires
a differenl nelhod of effeclive allack.
These fungi kiII ly choking viclins in a cIoud of
spores, vhich Ialch onlo skin and innedialeIy
legin groving. MagicaI nelhods are effeclive in
prevenling a viclin´s dealh. Hovever, lhere appears
lo le anolher soIulion. The spores are averse lo
exlrene dryness. If lhe spores cone in conlacl vilh
a dry surface, lhey renain dornanl.
Il is possilIe, lherefore, lo prevenl dealh if one is
alIe lo reduce lhe noislure on one´s exposed skin
enough lo prevenl lhe fungi fron groving. Thieves
fron SuzaiI have deveIoped a povder lhal, vhen
appIied lo lhe skin innedialeIy afler exposure lo
lhe spores, dries lhe skin consideralIy and chokes
lhe spores lo dealh lefore lhey can gain a hoId over
lhe viclin. UnforlunaleIy, lhe povder ilseIf has
serious side effecls lhal cause pain and sonelines
GaLeb Duhn
These soIilary crealures have a nosl unusuaI ecoI-
ogy. They are difficuIl lo deaI vilh, lul sone facls
aloul lhen have lecone knovn lhrough research
(aided ly paynenl in gens).
Their harnonious ¨nusic¨ is IikeIy lo le a reac-
lion lo lhe alnosphere. The slorns lhal frequenl
lolh lhe Slorn Horns and lhe Thunder Ieaks seen
lo have an effecl upon lhe crealures, for lhey viII
sonelines cone oul during lhe slorns and sing. Òne
lheory is lhal gaIel duhrs sing lo vard off lhe slorns,
lo prevenl lhe lerrilIe Iighlning slrikes fron harn-
ing snaIIer rocks and louIders, in vhich lhe gaIel
duhrs are knovn lo lake a nolherIy inleresl.
Il is aIso leIieved a sulslanliaIIy Iarge connu-
nily of lhese crealures is deep vilhin lhe soIid rock
surface of lhe nounlains.
- I have heard nuIlipIe slories aloul a lrile of
aarakocra Iiving cIose lo CaslIe Crag. Òne slory
goes lhal a group of lhen vere soaring in lhe air
as lhey are vonl lo do, vhen lhey spied a very
lrighl and shiny oljecl dovn leIov. Il´s said lhal
lhis vas lhe nagicaI svord leIonging lo a cap-
lain in lhe IurpIe Dragons, and lhal he vas
lraining vilh il on a IoneIy oulcropping of rock.
The lirds svooped dovn in a surprising anlush,
slunned lhe guard and look lhe svord. This
evenl is nol videIy knovn, for lhe svord is
leIieved lo have leen previousIy sloIen fron lhe
Iair of a dragon (a dragon lhal is sliII aIive and
searching for lolh lhe svord and lhe soIdier), so
lhe soIdier couId nol raise loo nuch of a ruckus
aloul Iosing his svord vhen he vas nol supposed
lo have il in lhe firsl pIace. Il nay le possilIe lo
persuade lhe aarakocra lo surrender lhe svord in
favor of sonelhing nore lriIIianl and shiny.
- Sonelhing lerrilIe is nauIing lears in lhe Thunder
Ieaks. This crealure, vhalever il is, is olviousIy ler-
rilIy ferocious. A nerchanl lraveIing aIong lhe
pIains lelveen lhe peaks and HuIIack Ioresl sav
sonelhing in his palh lhal appeared lo le a nound
of dirl. Il vas curiousIy shaped so he venl up lo il.
SuddenIy, lhe nound noved. A Iarge larp-Iike crea-
lure, lrovnish, fIal and roughIy square-shaped,
noved off lhe carcass of anolher dead lear. Il fIoved
siIenlIy and snoolhIy Iike valer off lhe carcass and
unduIaled quickIy avay fron lhe nerchanl Iike a
lrovn sheel carried ly lhe vind. He vas loo frighl-
ened lo pursue lhe crealure on his horse. This is a
nev crealure, prolalIy crealed ly an eviI nage.
- The dispIacer leasl raids in lhe norlhern region of
lhe Thunder Ieaks look pIace for a reason. Sone-
one vanled lo cause a greal deaI of havoc anong
lhe nalive viIdIife popuIalion. I have nol leen
alIe lo relurn lo lhe area lo see vhal has laken
lhe pIace of vhal vas cIeared ly lhe leasls, lul I
have heard nany runors aloul slrange Iighls visi-
lIe al nighl in lhal area. A greal sense of forelod-
ing Ioons over TiIverlon. There is fear lhal a
crealure fron anolher dinension has decided lo
lake residence in lhe peaks.
3 2
The Gnea1 Gna¿ Lamo
o[ Than
TabLe o[ Com1em1s
A-RangIng I WI!! Gn.......................................... 1
Part Onc: Thc Land nf Thar .............................. 4
Part Twn: Mnnstcrs ........................................... 6
Part Thrcc:
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A-RamgImg I VILL Go
a|qssa S|rcngocu is a rangcr unc nas
|ratc|cú cx|cnsitc|q |nrcugncu| |nc
|crgc||cn Rca|ns. A sai|cr cn |nc
Mccnsca, an aútcn|urcr in |nc
Rcacning lccús anú |nc |crcs| cf
lqrns, anú a ncrccnarq sccu| unc fcugn| agains| |nc
ncrúcs cf Dragcnspcar, snc nas ncs| rcccn||q naúc ncr
|iting as a guiúc in |nc Grca| Graq |anú cf Tnar.
Ta|qssa is a f|in|q, scncuna| grin ucnan unc
ncnc|nc|css sncus úccp nunan fcc|ings uncn snc is cf a
ninú. Tnc |anú cf Tnar is uiúc|q rcpu|cú |c oc a oar-
rcn uas|c|anú ui|n |i|||c |c rcccnncnú i| |c aútcn|ur-
crs, cxp|crcrs, cr ncrcnan|s, ou| ncr acccun|, gitcn in
ncr |qpica||q cqnica| anú ucr|ú-ucarq s|q|c, naq gc far
in cnanging |nc rcgicn´s rcpu|a|icn. | prcscn| ncr
acccun| in i|s cn|irc|q, ui|n a fcu cf ncr cnciccs| cxp|c-
|itcs rcnctcú anú rcp|accú ui|n |css cffcnsitc |anguagc.
The Creal Cray Land of Thar is a region nosl sen-
silIe individuaIs viII leII you lo sleer cIear of. Mind
you, lhe average ¨sensilIe¨ inhalilanl of Iaerûn is
prolalIy a seedy counlry lunpkin fresh off a lurnip
carl, cheving lhoughlfuIIy on a veek-oId slaIk of
grass as he scralches his fiIlhy, vernin-infesled head
and runinales on hov nuch he can seII his prize
possun-hound for.
I´ve never pul nuch slock in lhe pronouncenenls
of such peopIe, and vhen I discovered lhe consensus
anong lhe hayseed-and-huckIelerry crovd vas lo
avoid Thar, I innedialeIy nade pIans lo go lhere.
You see, afler vhal I had fooIishIy considered a ¨Iife
of advenlure,¨ I had decided lo sellIe dovn and Iive
lhe gracious counlry Iife. UnforlunaleIy for ne, I
found nyseIf in a liny Cornyrean connunily vhere
lhe farners Iavished nore adoralion on lheir dogs
lhan on lheir vives, no one had ever even seen a
look Iel aIone lolhered lo Iearn hov lo read, and
lhe nosl exciling evenl vas gelling logelher and
valching oId UncIe MeIf´s larn lurn dovn.
Afler aloul six nonlhs of sanpIing lhe queslion-
alIe Iuxuries of lhe lack counlry, I had lo face lhe
facl lhal I vas inlenseIy unhappy. AccordingIy, I
disnissed ny servanls (vho seened inordinaleIy
deIighled al lhe chance lo gel lack lo vaIIoving
vilh lheir pigs on lhe faniIy farn) and soId ny
viIIa lo lhe IocaI roller laron, vho had leen drooI-
ing over lhe pIace for nonlhs.
My lraveIs look ne norlheasl lo HiIIsfar. (I avoided
ZhenliI Keep as ils ruIers seen lo have pIaced a price
on ny head for sone unfalhonalIe reason.) By car-
rack I lraveIed across lhe Moonsea lo MeIvaunl.
Ònce in MeIvaunl, I discovered lhal lhe lunp-
kins´ viev of Thar vas sonevhal fIaved, as lhe vievs
of lunpkins oflen are. Aclivily in lhe Cray Land
has increased enornousIy in recenl years, vilh lhe
discovery of rich nineraI deposils in lhe Wesl
CaIena Mounlains. Caravans across lhe lreacherous
lerrain lo lhe fronlier sellIenenl of CIisler vere reg-
uIar, if nol exaclIy connon, and lhere vas nuch
vork for experienced viIderness scouls Iike ne. The
Thay Rangers~an infornaI organizalion of scouls,
guides, rangers, and hunlers~prolecl and Iook afler
lhe inleresls of freeIancers in lhe region, and ils
Ieader, an aged nercenary naned KhaIvo, seened
deIighled lo accepl ne as a nenler.
Wilh lhis in nind, I joined a Iarge norlhlound
caravan and, afler forcilIy convincing lhe caravan
nasler lhal ny services as a scoul did nol incIude
services as his ¨speciaI friend,¨ legan a Iucralive
career as a Thay Ranger.
Pan1 Ome: The Lamo
o[ Than
l firsl gIance, lhe Creal Cray
Land seens aloul as veIconing
and ferliIe as an orc´s arnpil.
Vasl, seeningIy endIess slep-
peIands covered in gray-lrovn
grasses, vilh occasionaI slands of shaggy pines,
rocky oulcroppings, and narshy velIands, Thar has
lhe added onus of a repulalion as hone lo vasl
lands of orcs and ogres.
WhiIe lhe region is inhospilalIe, lo say lhe
Ieasl, I found il a pIace of greal fascinalion and
advenlure, especiaIIy for a lored ranger grovn
lired of viIIage Iife. The sleadiIy-increasing hunan
aclivily in lhe region has Ied lo a sleadiIy-increas-
ing inleresl in Thar, especiaIIy ly nerchanls and
lhose Iooking lo expIoil lhe nineraI veaIlh of lhe
Wesl CaIenas.
The 5easoms
6 6
har´s cIinale is lesl descriled as lypicaI of a
high sleppe region, vilh ils aIlilude conlrilul-
ing lo ils reIaliveIy harsh cIinale.
Spring lrings heavy rains and a profuse lIoon of
viIdfIovers and grasses. This period, vhich oflen
Iasls Iess lhan a nonlh, cones Iale, even as lhe resl
of Iaerûn is sveIlering in sunner´s heal. Al lhis
line, lhe Creal Cray Land is acluaIIy sprinkIed
vilh palches of lrighl green.
Sunner cones quickIy, ravaging lhe sleppes
vilh heal and hunidily. Crasses viIl and fIovers
die. A fev veeks afler lhe advenl of spring, Thar is
lack lo leing lhe Creal Cray Land.
Il is difficuIl lo pinpoinl exaclIy vhen sunner
ends in Thar, or vhen faII finaIIy lurns lo vinler.
CraduaI cooIing grips lhe pIains, furlher slressing
lhe surviving pIanls, and sending aninaIs inlo a
frenzy of feeding or food-sloring. Anong lhe cara-
vans, vinler officiaIIy legins vilh lhe firsl frosl.
Ònce lenperalures reach lhe poinl lhal lhe
ponds and slreans acluaIIy freeze, vinler descends
quickIy, lIankeling lhe Iand vilh snov. Caravan
lraffic ceases, and lhe region´s inleIIigenl residenls
hunker dovn in sheIlers.

undane viIdIife in lhe regions foIIovs lhe
predalor-prey pyranid I grev so faniIiar
vilh during ny earIy advenlures. Hordes of rodenls
infesl lhe grassIands~nice, voIes, shrevs, and ral-
lils~and lhey nake Iife niseralIe for lhe idIe
canper. They invade lenls, devour suppIies, gnav
Iealher, and generaIIy nake lhenseIves a serious
nuisance. The ogres of Thar, superslilious leings
lhal lhey are, ascrile lhe danage done lo lhe vorks
of eviI spirils and such, lul lhe average advenlurer
is fuIIy avare of lhe cuIpril´s idenlily.
CLIma1Ic Aoenages [on Than
Tenperalure (Spring) 65 degrees I.
Tenperalure (Sunner) 75 degrees I.
Tenperalure (Aulunn) 5O degrees I.
Tenperalure (Winler) 4O degrees I.
Lov Tenperalure (Year)
Lov Tenperalure (Year)
High Tenperalure (Year)
Days vilh Snov
1O degrees I.
1O degrees I.
9O degrees I.
1OO days
Large hoofed nannaIs such as deer and anleIope
are unconnon. Where lhey do exisl, lhey run in
herds of up lo a dozen individuaIs, lul pickings in
lhe region are scarce and predalors nusl le cun-
ning and nerciIess, vhelher hunan, hunanoid, or
SnaII nannaIs are preyed on ly Iarger ones Iike
foxes, coyoles, and voIves lhal lraveI aIone or in
snaII packs. These predalors have a lad repulalion
anong lhe lunpkin sel vho regard lhen as vicious
kiIIers of hunans, raiders of hen houses, or con-
pelilors for gane. UnsurprisingIy, ny viev of lhese
crealures is nore charilalIe. I have seen lhe vaIu-
alIe roIe lhey pIay keeping dovn pesl popuIalions,
cuIIing sick or dying aninaIs, and nainlaining lhe
naluraI order.
Top predalors incIude a variely of raplors. The
najeslic sleppe eagIe, a handsone leasl vilh a
IordIy vhile-cresled head, is prolalIy lhe lesl-
knovn, aIlhough il is anong lhe raresl. Òlher
avian predalors incIude keslreIs, faIcons, kiles, and
ovIs, as veII as lhe shrike, a perching lird siniIar in
appearance lo a jay, vhose leak and laIons have
leen adapled lo a predalory IifeslyIe.
These lirds aIso feed on lhe rodenl popuIalion of
lhe sleppes, as veII as on lhe nunerous perching
lirds lhal inhalil lhe region, fiIIing lhe area vilh
lheir songs in spring and sunner, lul nigraling lo
varner soulhern cIines in lhe faII.
nanenlIy deslroyed. ÒnIy a fev regions renain
hospilalIe enough for encanpnenl, and even lhose
have leen suffering under lhe careIessness of lraveI-
ers vhose idea of foraging seens lo consisl of kiIIing
everylhing lhal noves or grovs, lhen sorling oul
lhe edilIe sluff Ialer.
Cane Iarger lhan rallils has leen nearIy exler-
ninaled aIong caravan roules. Iredalors Iike foxes
and voIves have aIso leen syslenalicaIIy kiIIed,
causing nassive expIosions of lhe nouse and voIe
popuIalions. Òf course, lhe vasl increase in rodenl
nunlers has caused vasl prolIens for caravans,
vilh spoiIed suppIies and danaged equipnenl onIy
lhe nosl olvious consequences. When lhe usuaI
loneheaded caravan nasler gripes aloul lhe pesls,
he never reaIizes lhal his ovn shorl-sighled prac-
lices crealed lhe prolIen.
SeveraI advenlurers, especiaIIy lhe soIilary guides
and rangers vho frequenl Thar, have lurned lhis
surpIus lo lheir advanlage, crealing nev recipes for
roasl rallil, voIe sleak, and nouse slev, using lhe
savory herls lhal grov on lhe sleppes. WhiIe a
neaI of nouse and shrev does nol exaclIy conpare
lo dinner al King Azoun´s paIace, il viII keep you
aIive. I have resorled lo such lhings on occasion
and, aIlhough I can´l reconnend lhe experience, a
slarving vonan can´l afford lo le choosy.
Humams Im Than
) )
Ilhough I look consideralIe inleresl in lhe
ecoIogy of Thar, ny prinary dulies invoIved
guiding caravans, acconpanying advenluring par-
lies, and assisling hunling parlies. I aIso look parl
in such nisceIIaneous lasks as rescue expedilions,
expIoralory scoulings, and punilive raids againsl
lhe hunanoids of lhe region. I´ve seen lhe danage
done lo lhe fragiIe environnenl.
SeveraI caravan roules crisscross lhe Iand, and
are nov narked ly pernanenl vheeI ruls and lar-
ren slrelches vhere deIicale grasses have leen per-
Pan1 Tuo: Noms1ens
n addilion lo lhe usuaI crillers I´ve
aIready descriled lo you, a Iion´s
share of nonslers dveIIs in lhe Creal
Cray Land. ThankfuIIy lhere are onIy
a fev najor species lo deaI vilh, lul
lhose fev nake Iife pIenly difficuIl for lhose of us
vho nake our Iiving lraveIing lhrough lhe region
(and nore so for lhose fev hardy souIs vho Iive
lhere, ly choice or ly fale). I presenl lhen here in
aIphalelicaI order, for cIarily´s sake, do nol con-
slrue lhis order lo nean anylhing as regards feroc-
ily, periIousness, or alundance. Òne luIelle is nore
lhan enough for anyone lo deaI vilh, a lrile of
orcs, hovever, nighl nol le lhe vorsl lhing you
can encounler. (Then again, I couId le nislaken.)
6 6
presenlIy exisls in lhe area, hovever. My singIe
experience vilh a luIelle vas enough lo convince
ne lhal lhis leasl is lo le avoided al aII cosls. (The
lern ¨Iandshark,¨ popuIarIy appIied lo lhe crealure,
is enlireIy appropriale. Take il fron soneone vho
hese voracious predalors are, forlunaleIy, rare
in lhe Thar region. Al Ieasl one lreeding pair
NalIus´s caravan sel oul fron MeIvaunl on a hol
sunner day lvo years ago. Loaded vilh Iunler and
food for CIisler, ve inlended lo relurn vilh iron
ore, siIver, and rav copper.
NalIus vas a canny lrader fron ChuIl, vho had
fIed fron lhe region lo escape lhe vralh of a IocaI
vilch doclor. He vas knovn for his exlrene cau-
lion, and lhal he vas viIIing lo pay lop price for
guides and guards. This praclice paid off for NalIus,
and he had never yel Iosl a caravan lo ogre or orc
This parlicuIar caravan vas leller prolecled lhan
nosl. Òrc raids aIong our roule had leen increasing
in frequency, possilIy due lo a food shorlage in lhe
lrilaI Iands. AccordingIy, NalIus hired (al greal
expense) a squadron of arnored knighls fron a ner-
cenary conpany caIIed lhe SleeI Lords. These soI-
diers, veleran fighlers encased in pIale arnor, rode
vilh lhe caravan, providing a heavy slrike force
againsl any assauIls fron eilher orc or ogre lriles.
The firsl fev days proved unevenlfuI, and I legan
lo vonder vhelher NalIus had vasled his coins
hiring lhe Lords. I found lhen aII lo le slern,
hunorIess nen vho had seen lallIe and Iess fornaI
confIicl aII across Iaerûn. In shorl, I gol aIong vilh
lhen quile veII.
Iour days oul of MeIvaunl, one of our Iighl cav-
aIry oulriders reporled sighling a curious fornalion:
a lenled cresl of earlh noving rapidIy lovard us, as
if a Iarge aninaI vas lurroving sviflIy jusl lenealh
lhe surface. None of us had ever heard of such a
lhing, lul NalIus decided lhal il vas vorlh invesli-
galing, and ordered lhe SleeI Lords forvard.
I valched as, in lhe dislance, lhe greal noving
nound of earlh approached lhe SleeI Lords, nag-
nificenl in lheir gIeaning arnor. As lhe earlh-
vave drev near, a Iarge lrianguIar cresl lroke lhe
surface of lhe ground, Iike lhe fin of a shark sIicing
lhrough caIn valer. SuddenIy, I reaIized vhal ve
vere facing.
¨NalIus!¨ I shouled. ¨Il´s a luIelle! A Iand-
shark!¨ I loId hin I had never seen such a crealure,
lul I knev il vas a deadIy predalor. Wilh lhis
infornalion, NalIus ordered lhe caravan inlo a de-
fensive poslure, and valched lhe Lords´ encounler
vilh lhe leasl.
Il vas horrific. The greal, lurlIe-Iike lody heaved
fron lenealh lhe ground, dirl and slones cascading
fron ils arnored lack. Tvo SleeI Lords gaIIoped
lovard il, Iances Iovered. To ny horror, lhe
veapons sinpIy snapped off againsl lhe leasl´s
inpenelralIe sheII.
The crealure slruck lack, liling furiousIy and
Iashing oul vilh lvo heavy fronl cIavs. A fuIIy-
arnored knighl fIev lhrough lhe air lo Iand vilh a
crash nearIy lvenly feel avay.
The surviving knighls pressed lhe allack, vilh
no nore success. The luIelle surged forvard, javs
snapping, naking for lhe caravan. Tvo nore
knighls found dealh lenealh lhe Iandshark´s cIavs
and in ils gnashing nav lefore lhe knighls finaIIy
nade lhe leasl angry.
Hissing IoudIy, lhe leasl shook ils head lack and
forlh vioIenlIy, inlenseIy annoyed ly lhe SleeI Lords.
Al lhal, ils lrianguIar cresl~lhal vhich I had seen
lreak lhe surface of lhe earlh~rose up, reveaIing sofl
skin lenealh.
Òne of lhe Lords sviflIy disnounled, slaggering
forvard in his cIunsy arnor, and svung his svord al
lhe exposed fIesh. BIack lIood gushed, and lhe
crealure lurned vilh a painfuI hiss, dispalching lhe
lrave knighl inslanlIy.
The singIe allack had leen enough, hovever, for
lhe nonslrous leasl lurned aside fron ils efforls lo
reach our caravan, pausing onIy lo snalch a coupIe
of dead horses and consuning lhen in a naller of
seconds. Then il pIunged once nore leIov lhe
ground and vanished.
HaIf our cavaIry unil had leen sIain and lhe re-
nainder vounded. IorlunaleIy, lhe orcs and ogres
did nol raid us, and ve arrived al CIisler vilhoul
furlher incidenl. NeverlheIess, vhal I had seen
convinced ne lhal lhe luIelle is one of lhe nosl
dangerous crealures in aII Iaerûn.
The Ea1Img NachIme
The luIelle is (lhank aII lhe gods) a soIilary crea-
lure, hunling in lerrilories as Iarge as 3O square
niIes in area. In lhis donain, nolhing is safe, for
lhe luIelle is virluaIIy an ealing nachine, preying
on anylhing unIucky enough lo cross ils lerrilory.
This eIephanline predalor is knovn lo veigh as
nuch as four lons. Ils highIy energelic hunling
praclices require a reIaliveIy aclive nelaloIisn~
high respiralion, Iarge Iungs, and a poverfuI hearl.
A luIelle can lunneI al high speed vilh very slrong
fronl cIavs, and aIso noves and junps vilh Iighl-
ning sviflness alove ground.
Thar. I gained IillIe in lhe vay of facls, lul vhal I
did Iearn vas inlriguing.
As a resuIl, lhe luIelle nusl eal conslanlIy,
slaIking and consuning prolein-rich aninaI fIesh.
Large prey such as deer, anleIope, horses, and hu-
nans are favored. LIves are lhe onIy prey a luIelle
refuses, and il seens lo disIike dvarves, lhough il
viII devour one if hungry. Òrcs, vorgs, and ogres
are aIso ealen vilh enlhusiasn.
Òne orog scoul vho deigned lo speak vilh ne
cIained lhal a pair of luIelles vroughl havoc on
his lrile nol nany years pasl. This inleresled ne,
since fev olservers have ever cIained lo see nore
lhan one luIelle al a line.
A luIelle spends an inordinale anounl of line
on lhe hunl. When nol doing so, hovever, lhe
crealure Iies dornanl lenealh lhe earlh, ils lrealh-
ing and hearlleal sIoved. These dornanl periods
can Iasl a nunler of days, especiaIIy afler a Iarge
neaI. The luIelle´s sophislicaled digeslive syslen
seens capalIe of dissoIving virluaIIy any sulslance,
given line, incIuding svords, arnor, rocks, and
earlh. Il is evidenlIy capalIe of exlracling nulrilion
fron sone inaninale sulslances, lul il needs a
conslanl fIov of aninaI prolein lo lhrive.
The orog loId ne lhal lhe luIelles seened lo
allack logelher, ralher lhan leing lvo individuaIs
hunling separaleIy. The Iarger luIelle vas perhaps
12 feel in Ienglh, and siIvery-lIue in coIor, vhiIe
lhe snaIIer one vas approxinaleIy lvo feel shorler,
and a gIossy green. Afler ravaging lhe orcs´
encanpnenl and ealing al Ieasl len lrilaI varriors,
lhe luIelles alruplIy lroke off lhe allack and van-
ished lenealh lhe ground.
WhiIe on lhe hunl, a luIelle lurrovs lenealh lhe
surface of lhe ground. HighIy sensilive lo vilralions,
luIelles nake innedialeIy for any reguIar rhylhnic
sound such as hoofleals of aninaIs. MuIlipIe vilra-
lions, such as lhose produced ly a herd of aninaIs or
a caravan, invarialIy allracl a luIelle´s allenlion.
Were lhe luIelles a naled pair` A fev accounls
speak of lvo luIelles hunling logelher. Ierhaps
lhey vere parenl and offspring~I can´l say. The
luIelle lhal allacked our caravan vas lIuish in
coIor, Ieading ne lo specuIale vhelher il nighl le
lhe sane one lhal deslroyed lhe orcs´ canp, as lhe
orog descriled.
AInosl nolhing is knovn aloul courlship and
lreeding lehavior anong luIelles. Theories
alound, especiaIIy anong arnchair naluraIisls vho
have never seen one. Do luIelles Iay eggs` Do lhey
lear Iive young` Do lhey nale for Iife, or jusl asso-
ciale Iike ships passing in lhe nighl` Do lhey keep
groving as Iong as lhey Iive, or is lhere an upper
Iinil lo lheir size` Hov nany young in a Iiller`
Whal kind of parenls are luIelles` Òn and on lhe
delale goes, vilh IillIe or no soIid infornalion.
A caravan-nasler fron Ann once loId ne a
slory fron her days as a freeIance advenlurer, vhich
nighl aIso shed Iighl on lhe luIelle´s lioIogy.
WhiIe expIoring a cave conpIex once inhaliled ly
a lroulIesone lrile of golIins, she and her conpan-
ions cane upon a snaII chanler conlaining a
dozen gray ovaI oljecls. Before lhey couId invesli-
gale lhe ilens furlher, a vaII coIIapsed, and a rav-
enous luIelle lursl in. The crealure dragged one of
her conpanions lo his dealh lefore lhe advenlurers
couId escape. The enlire cave seclion lhen cane
crashing dovn, and ny enpIoyer lareIy escaped
vilh her Iife.
Was lhe chanler a nesl` Were lhe oljecls eggs`
Was lhe luIelle defending ils progeny or sinpIy al-
lacking lhe advenlurers for food` Again, lhe resuIls
are open lo specuIalion.
As I´ve dedicaled nosl of ny Iife lo separaling ||nins|cr´s nc|csScc |qra Sunrcsc´s nc|cs in |nc
facl fron hayseed-speved ficlion, I pursued infor- Ccnan|ncr tc|unc fcr scnc in|riguing ansucrs |c |nc
nalion on our lurroving friends vhiIe I vas in nqs|crics cf ou|c||c orccúing.
Ognes AgaIms1 Lamoshanks
AIlhough lhe luIelle is one of lhe nosl voracious
and dangerous predalors knovn, lhe ogres of Thar
cIain lo knov sone surprisingIy innovalive lricks
lo lurn lhe lalIes on lhe adoralIe crealures. Such
hunls are very rare, lo ny knovIedge, no ogre
lrile has kiIIed a luIelle in lhis fashion for sone
line. Hovever, dislurling runors fron lhe inle-
rior cIain lhal lvo or lhree nev luIelles have
recenlIy appeared~possilIy lhe offspring of lhe
lvo canp-deslroyers. The ogres have legun lo
lhink aloul a nev luIelle-hunl, and lhe lricks
lhey vouId enpIoy lear repelilion here.
AIlhough lhey nove lhrough earlh easiIy,
luIelles are nore al a Ioss vhen il cones lo soIid
rock. My orog conlacl loId ne lhal, in pasl years,
lhe ogres have used lhis disadvanlage againsl
luIelles. SeveraI Iov hiIIs or rocky oulcroppings dol
lhe viIderness of Thar, forning a reIaliveIy secure
lase of operalions againsl lhe Iandsharks.
Civen lhe luIelle´s exlrene rarily, ogres have
Iiniled opporlunilies lo hunl and kiII lhen. Ògre
lriles viII hunl a luIelle if il noves inlo lheir lerri-
lory, and lhe enlire lrile joins in despile lhe haz-
ards. IndividuaI varriors nay vin a consideralIe
degree of preslige.
Iirsl, a dozen or so ogres legin rhylhnicaIIy
pounding lhe ground vilh cIuls lo allracl lhe Iand-
shark. InexoralIy allracled lo lhe pounding, any
luIelle in lhe region viII appear vilhin a shorl line,
ranging fron a fev ninules lo as nuch as an hour,
noving sleadiIy lenealh lhe earlh, ils cresl oni-
nousIy lreaking lhe surface. Ònce lhe leasl has leen
sighled, lhe ogres relreal lo lheir rocky oulcropping,
knoving lhal once il delecls polenliaI prey, nolhing
shorl of dealh viII deler a hungry luIelle.
Ior aII ils speed and ferocily, a luIelle is al a dis-
lincl disadvanlage in lhe cIose confines of lhese
rocky regions, and il noves nuch nore sIovIy and
deIileraleIy. Were lhe luIelle nore inleIIigenl, il
vouId prolalIy lreak off pursuil of lhe ogres once
lhey reached reslricled ground, lul once in hunling
node, lhe leasl is running on inslincl aIone.
The ogres scranlIe up lhe rocky sIopes, lhe
luIelle in hol pursuil. Sleep sIopes are favored, for
lhe nore periIous lhe ascenl, lhe grealer lhe ogres´
IinaIIy, lhe fIeeing ogres reach lhe fornalion´s
craggy sunnil. Al lhis nonenl, vilh lhe luIelle
conpIeleIy inlenl on ils prey, anolher group of
ogres energes fron lhe far side of lhe oulcropping,
learing sloul vooden poIes. Wilhoul hesilalion (for
surprise is lheir grealesl advanlage), lhe lurIy ogre
varriors jan lheir poIes lenealh lhe luIelle and
push, adding jusl enough inpelus lo overlaIance
lhe leasl and send il lunlIing end over end dovn
lhe sIope.
There are nany dangers inherenl in lhis. If lhe
luIelle avoids lhe poIes, if il does nol loppIe, if il
does nol Iand on ils lack~if any one of lhese de-
sired resuIls faiI lo occur, lhe ogres are in deep
lroulIe, and lhey are IikeIy lo energe fron lhe
encounler ninus a fev nenlers. Bul if lhe luIelle
Iands on ils lack, lhe ogres have lhe advanlage
and are quick lo expIoil il.
I find il ironic lhal lhe ogres, repuled ly one and
aII lo le sIov and slupid, have discovered lhe
luIelle´s one veakness~a facl lhal has evaded aII
lhe greal ninds of Iaerûn for cenluries. Very sinpIy,
an upended luIelle has a greal deaI of lroulIe righl-
ing ilseIf.
Mind you~given line, an inverled Iandshark
viII le alIe lo fIip over. Much schoIarIy specuIa-
lion has leen devoled lo lhe Iandshark´s ¨fin,¨
vilh as nany lheories as lhere are crackpol lheo-
risls. Sone procIain il a vesligiaI organ lhal serves
no purpose, lhal il is used ly lhe Iandshark lo
nark lerrilory, or lhal il is used in naling (aIvays
a popuIar expIanalion for seeningIy useIess
appendages). None of lhese lallIing acadenics
has ever, lo ny knovIedge, even lolhered lo sug-
gesl lhe nosl olvious use of aII~lhal lhe luIelle
raises ils fin sinpIy lo regain ils feel if il is unIucky
enough lo find ilseIf overlurned onlo ils lack.
This process nornaIIy lakes severaI ninules, for
lhe nuscuIalure lhal noves lhe cresl is veak, and
lhe ogres are quick lo lake advanlage of il. They rush
dovn lhe sIopes, lheir poIes al lhe ready. In addilion
lo lheir use in upending lhe unforlunale Iandshark,
lhe ogres´ poIes are sharpened, and are driven ly lhe
ogres´ incredilIe slrenglh inlo lhe crealure´s leIIy,
eyes, and noulh, or inlo lhe sofl fIesh lenealh lhe
cresl as lhe leasl slruggIes lo righl ilseIf.
Lven nov, lhings can go vrong: lhe spears nay
nol go hone, lheir inpelus nighl acluaIIy heIp lhe
luIelle lo lurn over, lhey nay niss. AII lhe sane,
lhe ogres´ luIelle-lipping praclice appears lo le lhe
onIy reaI vay of deaIing vilh lhese deadIy crealures
if one needs lo underlake such a deIileraleIy risky
hunl. Nol ny idea of an aflernoon´s nerry jaunl, Iel
ne leII you.
6 6
appear lo have gained a foolhoId in Thar, dveIIing
aIso in lhe foolhiIIs of lhe Wesl CaIenas. Resen-
lIing nolhing so nuch as vingIess red dragons, lhey
Iack lhe cunning, inleIIigence, nagicaI aliIilies, and
naIevoIence of lhal species. NeverlheIess, an ilran-
dIin is aIvays a lerrifying opponenl, and severaI have
legun preying upon hunan caravans in Thar.
hese nassive crealures, nagicaIIy lred fron
ordinary fire Iizards ly lhe priesls of IlranduI,
Hov lhe ilrandIin cane lo inhalil Thar is nol
knovn, aIlhough sone ogre lerriloriaI sleIae por-
lray hunan-seening cIerics sunnoning lhe crea-
lures lo allack and sIay heIpIess ogres. As no
schoIars have lhus far specuIaled on lhe ilrandIin´s
origins in Thar, il´s up lo ne lo caII upon connon
sense and ny praclicaI experience lo conslrucl a
reasonalIe lheory. Ancienl ogre hislory is un-
cerlain, lul nany of lheir Iegends speak of an inva-
sion ly hunans Ied ly lhe hero BeIdoran, vho
supposedIy sIev lhe Iasl TharkuI. Ierhaps lhese
invaders incIuded priesls of IlranduI anong lheir
nunlers, and lhese priesls crealed lhe leasls lo
prolecl lhenseIves and heIp exlerninale lhe ogres
of Thar. This is a lil odd, since IlranduI´s vor-
shipers are generaIIy confined lo lhose vho lraveI
and expIore leIov ground, lul I can lhink of no
olher expIanalion.
Whalever lheir origin, lhe facl is lhal lhe ogres
hale lhe ilrandIin vilh a rare passion. The orcs
consider lhen a nuisance, lul occasionaIIy raise
Iarge parlies lo hunl lhen. Òne lrile decorales aII
ils lanners and cIan lolens vilh ilrandIin lones
and leslovs honors of speciaI significance on lhose
varriors vho sIay ilrandIin.
HabI1a1 amo BIoLog¿
ÒrdinariIy, ilrandIin are found in caverns, espe-
ciaIIy in lhe Underdark. They can le dangerous,
using lheir overvheIning veighl lo crush lheir
foes. Whelher nagicaI or deific in origin, ilrandIin
have Iong served as guardians, valchleasls, or ad-
venluring conpanions. Bred as defenders of Ilran-
duI´s foIIovers, lhey shov a decided preference lo
dveII underground and defend anyone vearing lhe
purpIe roles of lhose vho serve lhe god IlranduI.
Whal is renarkalIe aloul lhe ilrandIin in Thar
is lhal lhey have IargeIy overcone lheir originaI
inperalives. The vay I see il, lhey have ¨gone
feraI,¨ relurning lo a nore naluraI vay of Iife and
adapling lheir halils lo suil lheir halilal.
The ilrandIins of Thar have relained lheir pref-
erence for dark pIaces and lheir aversion lo lrighl
Iighls. They Iive under cairns or in caves in lhe
foolhiIIs of Wesl CaIenas, and energe al nighl lo
hunl. SurprisingIy svifl for such Iarge crealures, viId
ilrandIin favor goals, deer, anleIope, and olher Iarge
prey. They aIso allack orcs, ogres, and hunans.
Doneslic horses, oflen hollIed or lied up vhen a
caravan slops for lhe nighl, are especiaIIy easy largels.
FamIL¿ LI[e
The ilrandIin of Thar have unconpIicaled lreeding
praclices, vilh pairs of ilrandIin naling once a year.
The fenaIe Iays a cIulch of up lo a dozen eggs, vhich
halch in lhe spring. IlrandIin pairs defend lheir
1 O
nesls~usuaIIy Iocaled in laIus piIes, caves, or shaI-
Iov hoIes~and care for lhe halchIings unliI lhey are
oId enough lo fend for lhenseIves. This period usu-
aIIy Iasls one lo lhree nonlhs afler halching. Ònce
lhey have grovn lo aduIlhood, young ilrandIin
slrike oul on lheir ovn, finding a Iair, and slaking
oul hunling lerrilory.
The PnIes1hooo
An olscure deily knovn onIy lo lhose vho range
lhe Underdark and ils environs, IlranduI suppos-
edIy prolecls hunans vho venlure inlo such areas.
IlranduI´s priesls cIain lo have crealed lhe ilran-
dIin, and lhe ¨doneslic¨ crealures sliII nay le
found in sullerranean regions.
The presence of ¨feraI¨ ilrandIin in Thar has evi-
denlIy cone lo lhe allenlion of lhe priesls of Ilran-
duI. I Iearned of lhe inleresl in lhe ilrandIin fron a
feIIov caravan guard vho cIained lo le a vorshiper
of IlranduI. His laIes of lhe crealures´ presence in
Thar nade lheir vay lo severaI high priesls vho
served lhe god in a secrel lenpIe conpIex Iocaled
in lhe Underdark. According lo ny feIIov guards-
nan, lhese priesls legan naking pIans for an expe-
dilion lo lhe region, inlending lo sludy and, if
possilIe, re-doneslicale lhe ilrandIin of Thar.
The expedilion has nol yel leen Iaunched, lul
ny infornanl loId ne lhal oulside advenlurers
nighl le hired, especiaIIy if lhey have IocaI experi-
ence. This facl nay le of consideralIe inleresl and
use lo advenlurers in lhe area. I nighl even con-
sider signing on, nyseIf.
6 6
he Ieucrolla are ugIy, iII-lenpered leasls lhal
haunl desoIale regions and prey on anylhing
lhey can gel lheir lizarre leelh inlo. NeedIess lo
say, lhese crealures lhrive in lhe Cray Land, and
lheir cunning nalure nakes lhen a danger lo lolh
lraveIers and inhalilanls.
WhiIe I´n lhe Iasl lo caII lhese nasly IillIe crea-
lures cule, cuddIy, or in any vay pIeasanl, I have
laken sone inleresl in lhe Ieucrolla and ils lioIogy.
As vilh nosl of ny projecls, lhis is noslIy in lhe
inlenl lo knov ny eneny, lul ny infornalion shouId
prove of inleresl lo sages and schoIars as veII.
Ph¿sIoLog¿ amo Na1une
A Iarge crealure, lhe Ieucrolla slands up lo seven feel
laII al lhe shouIder. Ils lody resenlIes lhal of a slag,
save for a IionIike laiI, and ils head is siniIar lo lhal
of a ladger. Il does nol possess leelh in lhe nornaI
sense, in facl, lhe Ieucrolla skuII has nolhing lo in-
dicale lhe leasl´s anceslors ever had ordinary leelh or
sockels. Inslead, lhe crealure is equipped vilh sharp
lony ridges lhal, povered ly lhe poverfuI javs, easiIy
sIice fIesh, lreak lone, and even lear nelaI.
Nasly as lhey are, lhese pseudoleelh are prolalIy
of greal inleresl lo lhe curious naluraIisl. They
resenlIe no olher denlaI fornalion in nalure,
leing exlensions of lhe Ieucrolla´s skuII ralher lhan
dislincl fornalions. The skuII is huge, vilh a heavy
sagillaI cresl and lhick cheeklones, vhich anchor
lhe poverfuI nuscIes and lendons lhal cIose lhe
leasl´s javs.
WhiIe il seens evidenl lhal lhe Ieucrolla is a
nannaI, ils exacl herilage is uncerlain. SeveraI sages
have concocled conpIex evoIulionary lackgrounds
for lhe Ieucrolla. I find lhese lheories highIy doullfuI,
conlaining huge gaps as lhey do, and an equaI dose of
hypolhelicaI anceslraI crealures and pure guessvork.
IersonaIIy, I lhink lhal lhe Ieucrolla is an un-
naluraI crealure, possilIy crealed ly nagic in lhe
sane nanner as vere lhe griffon, pegasus, and
hippogriff. LxaclIy hov lhis cane aloul is inpos-
silIe lo say, lul ny guess is lhal lhey vere lhe resuIl
of a nagicaI calaslrophe nuch Iike lhe recenl Tine
of TroulIes, or lhal lhey vere crealed ly an eviI
pover~vizard or god~lo lroulIe ils enenies.
BneeoImg amo FamIL¿
Leucrolla run in packs of up lo four individuaIs,
usuaIIy consisling of a naIe and as nany as lhree
1 1
fenaIes. This appears lo le lhe ruIe, lul I´n sure
exceplions are possilIe, as Ieucrolla genders are
quile siniIar. (The fenaIes are onIy a lil snaIIer
lhan lhe naIes, lul every lil as vicious.) Sexing
lhe crealures is a process I´d ralher Ieave lo nore
dedicaled sludenls of naluraI hislory.
IenaIes give lirlh in lhe spring, and are reIa-
liveIy good parenls. By faII a young Ieucrolla has
grovn Iarge enough lo le a lhreal lo ils ovn pack,
and il is driven off. Those young Ieucrolla lhal sur-
vive lhe vinler forn nev packs in lhe spring and
sunner, or force lheir vay inlo exisling packs,
kiIIing or dispIacing any chaIIengers anong lhe for-
ner nenlers.
AdoIescenl Ieucrolla sonelines land logelher in
lenporary packs, hunling logelher for nuluaI lenefil.
The so-caIIed lacheIor packs are very dangerous, as
lheir nenlers are oflen hungry.
DIe1 amo Hum1Img
Leucrolla are voracious carnivores, using lheir high
inleIIigence and laIenl for ninicry lo Iure prey ani-
naIs virluaIIy inlo lheir javs. ÒrdinariIy, Ieucrolla
eal Iarge nannaIs such as deer and anleIope, lul
lhey viII sulsisl on nice, rallils, and voIes if nec-
essary. Il is lhe Ieucrolla´s lasle for inleIIigenl prey
such as orcs, hunans, and even ogres lhal nakes il
infanous, hovever, since lhese viclins give lhe
Ieucrolla fuII opporlunily lo use ils unnerving vocaI
Leucrolla can inilale a vide variely of sounds,
incIuding lhe voices of inleIIigenl crealures. In lhe
viId, lhis is used lo ninic lhe cry of rulling naIe
deer or eIk, lhe cries of young aninaIs in dislress, or
lhe sounds of prey aninaIs. AII lhese vocaIizalions
are inlended lo allracl crealures lo lhe Ieucrolla,
vhich lhen allacks (usuaIIy fron anlush), and dis-
palches ils viclin vilh savage liles fron ils pover-
fuI javs.
WhiIe lhis nighl le an inleresling curiosily if il
vas confined lo hunling olher aninaIs, lhe Ieu-
crolla´s ninicry represenls a reaI danger lo unvary
hunan and hunanoid lraveIers. Lxperienced Ieu-
crolla have Iearned nany vords and phrases in sen-
lienl Ianguages, and knov vhal lo do lo allracl
lheir preferred prey. They knov hunans viII foIIov
lhe sound of one of lheir feIIovs in pain, nore so if
lhe voice seens lo cone fron a chiId or a nenler
of lhe opposile sex. Òrcs and ogres viII cone lo lhe
aid of a feIIov cIan-nenler, or viII respond lo a
chaIIenge lo lallIe or an insuIl. Leucrolla´s lricks in
lhis vein are Iegion, and lhey viII rareIy use lhe
sane pIoy lvice in a rov.
Òf course, Ione individuaIs are especiaIIy fa-
vored largels, lul a pack of Ieucrolla nay lake on
severaI crealures al once. A snaII caravan, an
orcish raiding parly, or a pair of ogres nighl le
nenaced ly lhese crealures, vhose allacks can le
ullerIy devaslaling.
ShouId ninicry faiI, Ieucrolla viII generaIIy alan-
don lhe hunl. If lhey are hungry enough, lhough,
lhey nay choose a nore direcl allack, usuaIIy fron
anlush. In lhese cases, lhe Ieucrolla inilale lhe
sounds of lirds or olher naluraI crealures lo IuII lheir
viclins inlo a faIse sense of securily lefore Iaunching
lheir allack.
Im1enoIeu uI1h 1he Leucno11a
Much ink and parchnenl have leen vasled in
schoIarIy delales regarding lhe inleIIigence of lhe
Ieucrolla~or lhe Iack of il. Are lhese leings lruIy
inleIIigenl, lhe dusly schoIars vonder, or is lheir
cunning ninicry nereIy an inslinclive process` If
lhey are inleIIigenl, do lhey have a Ianguage, and
vhal sorl of sociely do lhey have` Many suppos-
edIy-Iearned individuaIs vehenenlIy deny lhal
Ieucrolla are inleIIigenl, cIaining lhal lhey are
sinpIy cIever aninaIs.
These arnchair scienlisls viII, vilh lhis record,
gel lhe coneuppance lhey deserve. (If you
haven´l figured il oul ly nov, I despise such driv-
eIers for lheir groundIess lheorizing vhen lhey
nighl pursue denonslralIe facls inslead.) I an
pIeased lo say lhal, ly ny experience, I have
cIeared aII lhe schoIarIy delrilus fron lhis issue
and have proved concIusiveIy lhal Ieucrolla are
inleIIigenl, and lhal lhey are fuIIy capalIe of
neaningfuI connunicalion.
As I nenlioned previousIy, exlreneIy hungry
Ieucrolla viII allack lheir prey direclIy. Òn one
lrip, I vas vorking one caravan slaIked ly such an
individuaI, vhich lried repealedIy lo drav nenlers
fron our parly vilh sounds of hunans in dislress,
chiIdren crying, or siniIar pIoys. The firsl line lhis
happened, a Iarge arned parly Iefl lhe caravan lo
search for lhe dislressed individuaI, and found
nolhing. LvidenlIy lhe Ieucrolla fIed, lhinking lhe
parly vas loo poverfuI for il. Il relurned Ialer lo lry
again, of course.
LvenluaIIy ve slopped responding lo ils pIeas
and venl our vay, hoping lhal il vouId desisl. Òf
course, ve vere hoping for loo nuch, and afler a
coupIe of days lhe nasly leasl vas so hungry lhal il
anlushed us, hoping lo drag off a horse or drover
and nake ils escape.
IorlunaleIy for us aII, our caravan nasler had
hired a conlal-skiIIed vizard for lhe journey, and
his speIIs quickIy rendered lhe leasl unconscious. I
prevaiIed upon lhe caravan nasler nol lo kiII lhe
Ieucrolla~nol righl avay, al any rale~and,
inslead, inprisoned il in heavy chains and Ioaded il
onlo a vagon.
As lhe one vho pIeaded for lhe Ieucrolla´s Iife, I
vas given lhe unenvialIe duly of guarding il, Iead-
ing ne lo vonder if I´d leen loo generous.
Afler riding aIongside lhe vagon for a line and
deaIing vilh lhe Ioud conpIainls of lhe driver (vho
nade no secrel of his disIike for lhe cargo), I noled
lhal lhe Ieucrolla vas slirring.
UnforlunaleIy for lhe driver and ne, ny firsl
cIue vas a vave of nausealing odor lhal vashed
over us as lhe lhing´s lrealh quickened. Al lhis
poinl lhe driver refused lo cooperale any furlher,
denanding eilher lhal I kiII lhe Ieucrolla, or lhal I
lake lhe reins and Iel hin ride ny horse.
I agreed reIuclanlIy, and loarded lhe vagon.
CuriousIy, dividing ny allenlion lelveen keeping
lhe vagon in lhe caravan and inspecling ny cap-
live, I valched as lhe Ieucrolla´s eyes fIickered open
and ils fouI-sneIIing noulh opened even vider,
1 3
reveaIing a IoIIing, pink, dogIike longue. dislinclion, I decided lo caII ny infornanl ¨ÒIaf,¨
¨HeIp ne,¨ il vhined in a passalIe inilalion of a afler an oId loyfriend vhose personaI halils vere
vounded hunan. onIy narginaIIy leller lhan lhe Ieucrolla´s.
I shook ny head. ¨Il von´l vash, Iove,¨ I said.
¨You´re ours nov.¨
¨No,¨ il conlinued, ils lone lurning conversa-
lionaI. ¨Sel ne free, hunan. I´II Ieave you in
I nusl adnil lhal ny jav dropped.
¨Are you laIking lo ne`¨ I asked. ¨ReaIIy`¨
Il snorled, sending anolher vave of slench over
ne. I look lhis as a chuckIe.
¨You didn´l lhink il possilIe, did you, fenaIe`¨ il
said sIyIy. ¨Yes, I laIk. WiII you sel ne free,
Leucrolla do have a sociely of sorls, lased upon
inleraclions lelveen packs. Lach pack is idenlified,
Iike lhe individuaIs vilhin il, ly ils dislinclive
conlinalion of odors, vhich persisl in a region
Iong afler a pack has gone. These odor-narkers are
used lo slake oul lerrilory, and are generaIIy re-
specled ly olher Ieucrolla packs.
AII lhis vas quile fascinaling, lul il vas nol
vhal I vas reaIIy inleresled in.
Òne lrack nind, I nused, rapidIy overconing ny
aslonishnenl. I relurned ils pIeading gaze vilh a sIy
Iook of ny ovn.
¨So leII ne,¨ I said al Iasl, ¨hov do you see lhe
vorId` Whal nakes you lhe vay you are`¨
I vouId svear lhal ÒIaf grinned al ne, ils eyes
refIecling lolh surprise and respecl.
¨Ierhaps, leasl,¨ I said. ¨If you cooperale vilh us.
Òlhervise, you nighl spend lhe resl of your days in
a circus. Òr possilIy decoraling lhe fIoor of ny
¨Your cIavs lare ny hearl vilh one slroke, fe-
naIe,¨ he said. ¨You ask nuch in exchange for free-
I renained siIenl.
This didn´l seen lo faze lhe crealure. ¨I´ve leen
lhrealened vilh vorse. So you vanl lo largain, do
you` I´ve heard lhal hunans Iike lo largain. Whal
vouId you Iike fron ne, fenaIe` I varn you, I can´l
give nuch.¨
¨Very veII,¨ lhe Ieucrolla said al Iasl. ¨You peo-
pIe lhink ve´re aninaIs, don´l you` By nov you
knov lhal ve´re far nore. We 'Ieucrolla,´ as you
caII us, do have sone unique vays of Iooking al
lhe vorId. We see lhrough lhe eyes of lhe Iack,
and lhe Iack guides us.¨
¨The Iack`¨ I asked.
¨You can leII ne aloul yourseIf,¨ I repIied. ¨TeII
ne your secrels.¨
¨Yes. They are our~vhal´s your vord of il`~our
Il nade a giggIing sound, nidvay lelveen a
hunan and a hyena. ¨You hunans puzzIe ne. AII I
care aloul anolher crealure is vhelher I can eal il
or nol. I don´l care aloul ils secrels. Bul if lhal´s
lhe price I nusl pay, I viII do so.¨
RummImg uI1h 1he Pack
In lhis vay, nuch lo lhe aslonishnenl (and in
nany cases, lhe disgusl) of lhe olher nenlers of
lhe caravan, I slruck up a conversalion vilh lhe
caplive Ieucrolla, lhe highIighls of vhich I viII
reIale here.
Thal lhe Ieucrolla are inleIIigenl vas a reveIalion.
Thal lhey vorship a previousIy unknovn panlheon
of gods and goddesses vas nolhing shorl of unle-
The crealure seened anused ly lhe sound of lhe
nane ¨Ieucrolla.¨ The Ieucrolla lhenseIves, il
seened, do nol have spoken nanes, reIying inslead
on each individuaI´s dislinclive odor lo reveaI ils
idenlily. Nol leing equipped lo nake such a fine
According lo ÒIaf, lhe Ieucrolla vorship a group
of archelypaI predalors knovn as lhe Iack. This
Iack is Ied, nol surprisingIy, ly lhe greal Ieucrolla,
Toknana. The Iack ranges across lhe pIains of lhe
Alyss, preying upon lhe lanar´ri, sending prey ani-
naIs lo deserving Ieucrolla, and defending lhe
species againsl ils enenies.
Toknana is assisled ly a nunler of olher arche-
1 4
lypaI crealures, such as Hrula lhe Chinera, YIarria
lhe Red Dragon, and VoaI lhe Hydra. In addilion,
nunerous Ieucrolla, chosen fron lhe finesl and
nosl cunning hunlers on Iaerûn, aIso run vilh
Toknana across lhe Alyss, and are sonelines dis-
palched lo lhe Irine MaleriaI IIane lo assisl nor-
laI Ieucrolla if lhey are lhrealened or need nev
lricks lo heIp lhen deceive and caplure prey.
The heroic exanpIe of Toknana and his Iack,
vho fear nolhing and hunl even lhe nosl poverfuI
of prey, forn lhe lasis of lhe Ieucrolla´s vorId viev.
They have leen avarded lhe vorId as lheir hunling
ground, and lhose vho prove lhe nosl dangerous
and resourcefuI (vhich in lhe Ieucrolla´s nind aIso
neans ¨nosl deceilfuI¨) viII le uniled vilh Tok-
nana in a Iand vhere lhey can hunl vilhoul fear of
dealh or reprisaI.
A slreak of noliIily in a species noled for ils
vicious and oflen covardIy lehavior cane as yel
anolher reveIalion. I Iooked al ny caplive vilh
reneved respecl. Beasl he nay have leen, and in
olher circunslances a haled eneny, lul al lhis
nonenl I feIl sonelhing Iike kinship.
Sone days Ialer, afler our arrivaI al CIisler, I look
ny prisoner deep inlo lhe viIderness. I had vorked
vilh a IocaI vizard lo creale a speII lhal vouId aulo-
nalicaIIy reIease ÒIaf´s chains severaI hours afler I
Iefl il. (Lven I did nol lrusl ny charge so nuch lhal I
vouId reIease il vhiIe I vas anyvhere nearly! ) The
Ieucrolla did nol seen happy al lhe nolion of leing
Iefl, chained and heIpIess, for hours in lhe viIder-
ness, lul al lhis poinl il had no choice.
As I slopped lhe vagon and unhilched ny horse,
I lurned lo lhe Ieucrolla.
¨Tvo Iasl queslions,¨ I said. ¨Hov did you Iearn
lo speak`¨
ÒIaf chuckIed again. ¨Ior a line I vas lhe viclin
of lhe sane fale you lhrealened ne vilh,¨ il said. ¨I
vas dispIayed in a lraveIing circus. Unknovn lo lhe
ovner, I Iearned hov lo speak ly Iislening lo lhe
gavkers, lhen lricked hin inlo opening ny cage
and. . . veII, I´II Ieave lhe resuIls up lo your inagi-
I shuddered.
¨You said lvo queslions,¨ lhe Ieucrolla said.
¨Whal is lhe Iasl`¨
I grinned. ¨I never did ask you. Are you a naIe or
a fenaIe`¨
Anolher Iaugh, Iouder lhis line. The Ieucrolla
fixed ne vilh lhe sIy expression I had grovn faniI-
iar vilh over lhe Iasl fev days.
¨WouIdn´l you Iike lo knov,¨ il said. ¨WouIdn´l
you Iike lo knov.¨
To lhis day, I don´l knov lhe ansver lo ny Iasl
) )
nolher unnaluraI crealure~nagicaIIy or dia-
loIicaIIy crealed~lhe nanlicore is an
unpIeasanl conlinalion of a hunan head, a Iion´s
lorso, a dragon´s vings, and a spiked laiI. WhiIe
lhey cerlainIy exisled lefore lhe Tine of TroulIes,
nanlicores´ nunlers have sleadiIy increased, espe-
ciaIIy in viIderness regions such as lhe Cray Land
of Thar.
Al Ieasl lhree lreeding pairs of nanlicores have
leen reporled in lhe area. I nyseIf have onIy ol-
served one soIilary individuaI, and lhis al a dis-
lance. NeverlheIess, severaI caravan guards loId
slories of lhe increasing prolIens caused ly such
crealures. The infornalion in lhis seclion is lased
IargeIy on lheir slalenenls~al Ieasl lhose slale-
nenls I leIieve lo le lrue.
Hum1Img amo Ea1Img
AIlhough lhey are unnaluraI crealures, nanlicores
have laken lheir pIace in Thar´s ecoIogy, using lheir
fIying aliIily lo range aII across lhe Iand. AIlhough
cIunsy fIiers, nanlicores nonelheIess allack prey
fron lhe air, and lhus avoid neIee vilh an eneny.
TypicaIIy, a hunling pair viII circIe lheir prey, fIing-
ing laiI spikes, lhen svooping dovn lo allack vilh
cIavs. ÒnIy afler an opponenl has leen ladIy
vounded in lhis fashion viII lhe nanlicores descend
lo finish off lheir viclins vilh a vicious lile.
Anong caravan guards and naslers, nanlicores
have a repulalion for covardice, refusing lo engage
al cIose quarlers, and fIying off if opponenls respond
vilh nissiIe veapons or nagic. In aII honesly, I´d say
lhis response represenls good sense ralher lhan cov-
ardice. Refusing lo allack a caravan prolecled ly
archers, speIIcaslers, or poverfuI fighlers seens lhor-
oughIy reasonalIe lo ne. Ierhaps lhis is one reason
nanlicores conlinue lo lhrive in Thar.
SnaII groups, such as foraging parlies, advenlur-
ers, or expIorers are in far nore danger fron nan-
licores. A pair of lhese leasls can do unloId
danage, especiaIIy lo inexperienced groups. Òrcs
and ogres faniIiar vilh lhe leasls´ hunling halils
aIvays lraveI in Iarge, veII-arned groups in regions
knovn lo le inhaliled ly nanlicores.
Il is aInosl inevilalIe lhal snaII groups of lraveIers
viII find lhenseIves lesel ly nanlicores. The na-
lives and residenls of Thar~orcs, ogres, and
hunans~have deveIoped severaI laclics for deaIing
vilh lhese lroulIesone leasls. In ny conlinuing
efforl lo lring enIighlennenl lo lhe ignoranl, I
record sone of lhese laclics, vhich nighl le of use
lo lhe lraveIer vho vishes lo le prepared.
As nanlicores aIvays precede lheir assauIls vilh
a rain of laiI spikes, lraveIers in lheir lerrilories are
advised lo carry Iarge shieIds or arnored nanlIels.
In lhe evenl of a nanlicore allack, lhese shieIds
nay le raised lo vard off lhe fIying spikes. Addi-
lionaI shieIds nay aIso le carried and heId over lhe
defenders´ heads in lhe nanner of lhe ancienl |cs-
|uúc fornalion.
Manlicores have a veII-knovn disIike for nissiIe
veapons. AII forns of lovs are effeclive in discour-
aging lheir allacks, especiaIIy crosslovs. (The loIls
penelrale so poverfuIIy lhal lhe allacking crealure
is parlicuIarIy daunled.) Òf course, archers viII find
il usefuI lo have gaps or firing sIils in lhe parly´s
Magic aIso discourages nanlicores, aIlhough I
have heard runors suggesling cerlain speIIs acluaIIy
enrage lhe leasls and cause lhen lo allack even
nore ferociousIy. My infornanls vere uncerlain
and inconsislenl idenlifying lhe exacl speIIs, so I
find lhe reporls doullfuI~lhe infornalion shouId
nol le depended on loo heaviIy.
Ònce on lhe ground, nanlicores nusl le kepl al
lay, for lheir neIee allacks are deadIy. Cood resuIls
can le had using Iong lhrusling spears or pikes in
lhe nanner of lhe ancienl phaIanx. Care nusl le
laken lhal lhe second nanlicore does nol circIe
around lo allack fron lhe air vhiIe lhe firsl is leing
heId off.
Onc Tnea1Ies
An inleresling eIenenl of lhe nanlicores´ effecl on
lhe residenls of Thar is lhe agreenenls nade vilh
lhen ly severaI orc lriles. IearfuI of lhe nanli-
cores´ predalions, lhe orcs offer sacrificiaI viclins
every nonlh or so in lhe hope lhal lhe leasls viII
Ieave lhen aIone.
These sacrificiaI viclins~nol lerrilIy differenl
fron lhe naidens supposedIy offered lo pIacale
dragons in ages pasl~nay le caplives such as
hunans, ogres, or orcs fron rivaI lriles. If no such
viclins are avaiIalIe, golIin sIaves or condenned
orc crininaIs are offered inslead.
Viclins are Iefl in lhe viIderness, lound hand
and fool. Congs and druns are pounded, and
lorches Iil lo sunnon lhe predalors. AIlhough
nanlicores are nol noled for lheir high inleIIi-
gence, lhey quickIy grov accusloned lo lhe orc
lriles´ offerings, and arrive vilhin ninules.
Whelher lhese sacrifices acluaIIy pIacale lhe
nanlicores is nol cerlain, lul lhe lriles conlinue lo
nake lheir sacrifices reguIarIy. The nanlicores,
opporlunisls lhal lhey are, accepl readiIy.
The Ognes

ong ago, Thar vas hone lo a poverfuI ogre
kingdon, uniled under lhe lone-lanner of a
greal Ieader knovn as lhe TharkuI. TroIIs, yeli, orcs,
1 6
and golIins aII paid honage lo lhe TharkuI, lul lhe
greal kingdon pIunged inlo chaos upon lhe dealh of
lhe Iasl TharkuI, MauIog, al lhe hands of lhe hunan
hero BeIdoran. Nol surprisingIy, lhe ogres cIain lhal
BeIdoran sIev MauIog lhrough lreachery, lul vho
can knov lhe lrulh afler so Iong`
My sludy of ancienl lexls~dry and lhirsly vork,
Iel ne leII you~has Ied ne lo leIieve lhal lhe
ancienl Thar ogres vere renarkalIy advanced,
lolh sociaIIy and lechnoIogicaIIy, and lhal lheir
kingdon acluaIIy represenled a najor force in lhe
The AmcIem1 KImgoom
AIlhough ogres are videIy leIieved lo le slupid and
unsophislicaled crealures vilh jusl enough sense lo
lash each olher over lhe head occasionaIIy, lhe fev
arlifacls Iefl lehind ly lhe ancienl kingdon of
Thar prove lhen lo le a surprisingIy sophislicaled
A series of slone forlresses once dolled lhe Cray
Lands, luiIl of slone quarried and lransporled ly
sIaves fron lhe Wesl CaIena Mounlains. A nel-
vork of roads faciIilaled lraveI. Near lhe cenler of
Thar rose a greal, nuIliIeveI paIace vhere lhe
TharkuI Iived. This paIace consisled of a series of
cyIindricaI lovers Iinked ly underground passages,
and surrounded ly an earlhen vaII lrislIing vilh
spikes and lraps.
These ancienl luiIdings offer a degree of proof
lhal ogres are nol nereIy lhe drooIing noulh-
lrealhers of popuIar inaginalion. Today, IillIe
renains lul sone lallered foundalions and grassy
nounds oul in lhe niddIe of novhere. The kiIIing
of lhe TharkuI pIunged lhe ogre kingdon inlo
chaos and civiI var, during vhich aII lhe forlresses
and paIaces vere alandoned or deslroyed.
The exacl dale of lhe ogre kingdon in Thar is
uncerlain, lul ils dovnfaII seens lo have laken pIace
al Ieasl 1OOO years ago. Since lhen, lhe ogres have
relurned lo lheir lradilionaI lrilaI vays, aIlhough
lhey conlinue lo speak of lhe day vhen lhe TharkuI
viII relurn and once nore Iead lhen lo grealness.
Appeanamce amo CuL1une
The ogres of Thar