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How many times we tried to fight with sins and with passions or how many times we prayed then
when we were disappointed?
On each time when it’s happening something bad we try to find the peace, better said peace appearance,
in humans things which keeps a few hours or days. Drugs starting to become a cure for our problems, a
loosening modality, unfortunately!
The motives which initiate the drugs input are diversified like family problems, the shyness which
doesn’t let us making heard, friends or the missing of these, the boredom, the desire to try something new.
To forget all this, drugs seems to be the perfect solution.
But really is this the better solution? At first you’ll have part of a “nice” sensations as: pleasure,
enjoyment, the decrease of tiredness condition, the increase of sociability, the mental acceleration, grown
sexual appetite, empathy, grown deference of herself etc.
But all these will subsist at most a day or two and then all these “pleasure” will come back but against to
you. You’ll be suffering because we know that the drugs have negatives effects on our body like: dizziness,
regurgitates, losing weight, memory problems, psychological dependence which signify that life of the
person who consume her it displayed “around” these substances.
Drugs change you in another person who depends on a pastille, on tattered, on a cigarette, in a person
who makes everything to drug, who doesn’t care about family, friends or even herself. When you are
drugging you doesn’t make harm just to you but you make harm to the others, to everyone who’s around
you, because owning to drugs you will make things that usually you wouldn’t: you become an aggressive
person, who steal, who can be himself a trafficker, who assist to the decadence on another persons and who
even kills. And what results on all these is THE PRISON.
The drugs destroy your life, it doesn’t let you to live, to be free.
The well known drug is the tobacco or the cigarettes succeeded by heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana
etc. The smokers sues one a slowly suicide, on time, because the tobacco contain over 4000 on different
chemical substances, from among 300 are toxic for human being. EX: nicotine, arsenic, cyanides, phenol,
benzenes etc and 43 are cancerigene.
The smoking is a vice which is acting on people, generating many victims. The smoking of one
cigarette cutting back the life with 7 minutes and the smoking of one pack with 140 minutes per day or 36
days per year that showing us the fact that one year of smokers have less on 11 months.
The smoking causes about 30 per cent from decease by cancer. On an average proximate 90-95 per
cent from deceases by pulmonary cancer on men and 70-75 per cent on women owing the cigarettes.
The alphabetical primness of diseases induced by smoking is amazing, for each letter on alphabet
exist at least a disease.
Drugging, you are commit suicide both bodily and inwards. Even if you didn’t realize, this suicide is
slowly, but safely and constitute a deadly sin who couldn’t be corrected.