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Business Loans : Healing Power Of Financing Sources In Canada

Dear Abby : Were Confused Abou Sources And !y"es Of Business Loans # Signed:
An$ious In Canada
O%&'%I&W ( Infor)aion on business loans in Canada * W+a financing sources
can business owners and financial )anagers e$"lore in S,& Co))ercial Finance
Dear Anxious In Canada : There's no question that the right financing sources and
business loans can deliver on that ' healing power' that the business owner / financial
manager needs to propel the compan to that 'next level' of sales and profits! In some
cases that might even mean a turnaround from less fortunate circumstances! "et's dig in!
Top experts in Canadian business financing constantl stress the ' conservatism' of our
ban#s and ma$or financial companies and institutions! That conservatism is probabl
$ustified when it comes to start up and earl growth firms and the good news here is that
man ' niche' financial solutions are available for those categories of financing!
%ven the govt steps in re start ups& franchises& etc and offers the .o- .uaraneed
Business Loan& ma#ing billions accessible for earl stage and smaller firms with
revenues less than ' (illion dollars!
)hat are the #e factors that the owner/manager needs to have under his or her hat in
order to access a financing source that ma#es sense* As# ourselves the following
questions& and being honest helps+
Do ou #now the minimum and maximum amount of financing our business needs*
Can ou properl identif the right stage our business is in re growth potential*
Do ou feel ,--. comfortable in positioning our compan for the right tpe of
financing if in fact ou were aware of those business loans and asset moneti/ation
facilities that ma#e sense*
If ou have a lot of time to waste then a recommended strateg is to approach all
financial institutions that offer business finance!
0utting our sarcasm aside it's #e to #now that ban#s and commercial finance firms are
ver focused on specific si/es& offerings& and credit qualit! 1o it should be ver clear ou
should be wor#ing with someone that #nows which commercial lenders are ,--.
interested in providing our firm financing ou require!
)hile Canadian chartered ban#s are b far the best bet when it comes to cost and access
to capital being established financiall is #e! 2an#s will loo# at our #e issues such as
our capacit to borrow& how much debt ou have alread& and what collateral and
general business conditions exist in our compan and industr!
3umerous financing sources exist outside the ban# in Canada 4 the offer:
A/' Financing
In-enory Finance
Wor0ing Ca"ial !er) Loans
!a$ Credi ,onei1aion Financing
.o- .uaraneed Business Loans
PO/Conrac financing
Sales royaly financing
Asse based business credi lines # re-ol-ing faciliies +a allow you o borrow
agains recei-ables2 in-enory and e3ui")en
&3ui")en Leasing/ Sale Leasebac0s
If ou're focused on that ' healing power' achieved in proper business financing see# out
and spea# to a rused2 credible and e$"erienced Canadian business Financing
Ad-isor wi+ a rac0 record of success who can assist ou in eliminating confusion
around business loan achievabilit !
San Pro0o" 4 4 Par0 A-enue Financial :
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based financing & %quipment "easing & franchise finance and Cdn! Tax Credit 5inance !
5ounded 6--7 4 Completed in excess of 8- (illion 9 of financing for Canadian
corporations ! Info /Conac :
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