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Aireld. Our Field.

ADB Airfeld Solutions: Your partner in AGL design

Proven expertise, rich experience
A successful airfeld lighting development or renewal project requires an Airfeld Ground
Lighting (AGL) design which is easy and cost effcient to implement and maintain,
complies with international standards and processes to ensure safety of the airfeld
lighting systems, and most importantly, is reliable in the years to come.
AGL design involves a variety of tasks that go from defning the exact position of each
light to dimensioning the secondary power sources at each airfeld substation and cover
activities such as power rating the Constant Current Regulators (CCRs), calculating
the PAPI location and setting angles, defning the airfeld lighting control system
requirements, distributing the airfeld cabling, preparing installation details in-line
with the equipment manufacturers, defning the AGL grounding system and lightning
protection, etc., etc.
With more than 65 years of experience in this industry, ADB Airfeld Solutions understands
that AGL design is a comprehensive effort which demands fne detailing. As one of
the worlds leading suppliers of AGL, we are well versed with the complexity and
specialization required to undertake AGL design. We offer a complete portfolio of design
and consulting services that go beyond airfeld lighting, and work closely with you to
ensure the success of your project.
ADBs experience in AGL design is both in-depth and diverse - From large airfeld
development projects for new airports, to massive AGL renovation projects and even
minor modifcations to airfeld layouts, our team has designed AGL systems for airports
varying in size and characteristics, and successfully managed projects at over 400 leading
airports around the world.
Our team of highly qualifed and specialized electrical engineers and CAD technicians is
adept in airfeld lighting and all its associated systems and processes. Furthermore, our
participation in ICAO and FAA visual aids work groups ensures that our design team is fully
aware and works in compliance with international AGL regulations and standards.
Being a premium AGL manufacturer, ADB also has the capability and fexibility to work
to varying levels of detail and customization. From preliminary to fnal detailed design,
to designing specialised elements such as Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring
Systems (ILCMS), Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS),
and airport ground surveillance systems, to mention a few, our team delivers on its
commitments, making ADB a highly reliable brand.
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ADB Aireld Solutions: Your partner in AGL design
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Flexible and holistic design: A fve-step process
Consulting services for better value
AGL Design and Engineering Training
Comitted to Quality and Effciency
From the moment you decide to develop, increase, or renew your existing airfeld lighting systems,
ADBs AGL design team works closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your
requirements. Using our modular design approach, our team can manage the process end to end, or
support just parts of it, customizing deliverables at each design phase based on your needs.
Flow chart of a standard AGL design process
Data gathering: Before the start of any project, we undertake a thorough data gathering of the
existing airfeld infrastructure and AGL systems. Our team analyzes the existing as-built drawings
and, if required, the topographical information available to customize the design, taking into
account the restrictions and/or fexibility of the existing infrastructure. If you are looking to
develop a new airfeld, we gather the necessary data on the future site and devise a suitable
strategy, keeping in mind the area surveyed.
Preliminary AGL design: The foundation of any successful preliminary AGL design is ensuring
compliance to international regulations such as ICAO, FAA, STANAG or IEC as well as national
regulations (UK CAPs, Australian MOS, French STNAs, etc.). At this stage, we also evaluate the
peculiarities and varying standards of airports, and consider the critical and sensitive areas of
your airports current and future navigation aids (ILS, VOR, DME, etc.). With these inputs, ADB
defnes the AGL layout and technical specifcations, and an initial Bill of Quantities (BoQ) based
on your airports approach category (visual, non-precision, CAT I, II or III), independent of who the
supplier of the AGL and electrical equipment will be.
Detailed design: What sets ADB apart is our impressive kit of assessment tools - CCR load
calculations, PAPI calculations, LED lighting savings, and sign calculations - developed in our many
years in AGL design. Our team analyzes your AGL control and monitoring system requirements,
and decides on whether an Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS) or circuit
control is preferred, which lights are to be monitored and controlled, and use of sensors. The
interaction with ATC and other related issues are also addressed. The detailed AGL design
prepared at this stage is therefore dependent on the supplier of the AGL and of the control and
monitoring system.
Final Detailed Design: In addition to the technical specifcations, electrical calculations and
AGL layout, the deliverables at this stage also include the detailed PAPI calculations and the
AGL installation details in compliance with the manufacturers requirements. Our team prepares
these installation details relying on its unrivalled knowledge of airfeld lighting and related
systems, and on its extensive experience in AGL installation supervision. The fnal deliverable
is a comprehensive Bill of Quantities which includes an in depth breakdown of the quantities of
each AGL related item to be supplied and installed. ADB is able to offer a more compelling and
competitive price for its AGL equipment, for design layouts prepared by our team, given that the
risk involved in such projects is considerably low.
Installation supervision: Finally, ADB AGL site engineers directly supervise the AGL installation
on-site, to ensure that the installation work follows the best practices and methodology described
in the fnal detailed design. The direct supervision also helps ADB prepare the AGL as-built
documentation and drawings as per your requirements.
ADBs expertise and leadership in AGL manufacturing is a result of the tremendous effort we put into
understanding operational needs and challenges of airports, and researching and developing new
technologies to meet these needs.
We offer our clients this wide gamut of knowledge and experience through our range of consulting
services on specifc and specialized AGL felds such as AGL control and monitoring, light technology
(LED or halogen), AGL power supply methods (types of CCRs, secondary power sources, HV and LV
switchgear, UPSs), and AGL preliminary layout alternatives (signs, blue edge, apron lead-in) among
Our AGL design team also helps you in the initial decision making by providing information on AGL
systems, of the various technologies available, and the ones most suited to develop your airports
infrastructure, to maximize the safety, effciency and performance of your airfeld.
ADB offers specifc training in AGL design and Engineering as part of its specialised
training seminars. Specifcally, the AGLPlus5 training is dedicated to AGL design and
Engineering and is aimed at providing an introduction to AGL design, products and system
characteristics and specifcations to meet international standards as established by ICAO
and other national bodies. For more information on AGL training and seminars including
the AGLPlus5 training please contact
ADB knows that airfeld ground lighting design is a very detailed and complex task
involving a number of processes. Backed by decades of training and experience in diverse
environments, our specialized team of professionals provides AGL design and consulting
services that are unparalleled in effciency and accuracy.
Our team is involved in the end-to-end design process, right from the initial decision of
the client to commence the project, to the on-site supervision of the design work at the
airport. An eye for detail and a commitment to quality combined with industry-leading
know-how, make ADB your ideal AGL design partner, no matter what your design needs.

Data Gathering for
changes to Existing
Airfeld Project
Final Detailed
Data Gathering for
Airfeld Project
Existing CCRs and circuits
Airfeld Lighting Layout
Circuit routing
Ducting Layout
Preliminary Technical
Preliminary BoQ
AGL Layout
Detailed Technical
AGL layout
Cabling layout
Datailed Bill of
Installation details
PAPI calculations
Assure best practice
is followed
Assure design
project is followed
Prepare As-Builts
Location of main airfeld
Dimensioning of
AGL strategy
Site Surveys
Site Surveys
ICAO, FAA, etc.
(ILS, VOR, etc.)
Control and
ADB calculation tools
(CCRs, Signs, etc.)
Dependant on equipment suppliers
calculation tools