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A structure laboratory in computer

Virtual LAB aim is Real Lab always dealing
presenting condition in real with material which
labs test with
approximation in Finite cause a lot of money,
Element Method or time and failure without
Numerical Method prediction.
Virtual Lab disadvantage
† For un usual Test sometime
the result is not precision,
but only a prediction
† For Test never done eq.
not in ASTM code, need a
verification in real labs
How To in Virtual Labs
Several Software
can be use for
virtual labs. A
finite element
with high
precision such as
Ansys, Abacus
and Adina or
using a simple
finite Element
Software such as
Sap2000 or
Atena Or Else
Result from both Labs
Virtual Labs Result Real Labs Result
Stress Strain in Arrow Pressure or Mass Weight
Diagram, Contour or Æ Strain
Heat Transfer. And a LVDT Æ Stress
curve of them Which will show a Stress
Strain Diagram
Virtual Test Result
†A Contour of Stress Strain in
† Sometime a animation of
Stress Strain
† Stress Strain Behavior in
pattern .
Real Test Result
†A result Of Test
† Analyze them and take a
A Sample Test
… We are Going to test … Our aim is taking a
a sample of cylinder stress strain curve in
as this in real labs sample.
… Sample 15 cm in
diameters and 30 cm
in height
… fc’ = 20 Mpa or K225
Preparation in Sample
… Checking a Pressure in … Using a Simple FEM
P … Model of Sample
σ =
Looks Like This
… So it Might Be about

dia 15 cm
A 176.625 cm2
Teg 225 Kg/cm2
Pressure 39740.63 Kg
39.74063 ton
Testing In Virtual Labs
… Adding A Pressure … After Analyze Stress
Location can be check
Detail Result
Sample 2
… We are Going to test
this Beam below
Preparation in Sample
… Using Atena, creating … So the Sample look
the sample like this
In Progress
… After Mesh … After Last Test