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Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2014 General Election

Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.

Why this matters: The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in deciding
whom to endorse for the Nov. 4 General Election. Your answers also will be shared with
reporters and probably will be published in the newspaper and/or on our website,
We also ask that you respond to every question, instead of simply attaching campaign materials,
resumes, etc. You are welcome to send us lists of supporters, a resume, etc., in addition to this
If you completed our questionnaire for the 2014 Primary Election, you will notice that some
questions are similar. (This questionnaire is shorter and several questions have been changed.)
Please complete this questionnaire instead of simply referring to past answers.
Please return the finished questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached Word
document to (Handwritten or fax responses dont work.)
Important; Please submit the questionnaire by the deadline listed in our email to you.
Questions? Contact Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, 503-399-6727,, or
Editorial Assistant Nancy Harrington, 503-589-6944,
Your name as listed on the ballot: Danny Jaffer
Age: 53
(If your age will change before Nov. 30, please indicate your birthday. We want to ensure we use
accurate ages in pre- and post-election editorials and news coverage.)
City/town of residence: Reside approximately two miles outside of Monmouth
and Independence city limits. Independence address.
Political party(ies), if this is a partisan office: Non-partisan.
Position you are seeking (name of position, district number, etc.): Polk County
Commissioner Position !.
Are you currently a full-time resident of the district you seek you represent?
Number of current, consecutive years living in the district you seek to represent:
I ha#e $een a resident of Polk County for all my 53 years. I ha#e resided
in Polk County for o#er 3% years &I li#ed o#erseas while ser#in' in the
military $ut maintained my residency in Polk County.( and ha#e currently
consecuti#ely li#ed in Polk County for the past ).5 years followin' my
retirement from the *.+. Na#y.
Family (name of spouse/partner, number and ages of children if at home or number of grown
children): ,ife- Ren.e/ Children- three 'rown children 0 one son-in-law.
Your education (high school, trade, college, post-baccalaureate; indicate degrees you earned):
1raduated from Central 2i'h +chool &Independence( in 3454 6re'on +tate
*ni#ersity in 3475 and *ni#ersity of 6re'on +chool of 8aw in 3445.
1raduate of *.+. Na#al 9#iation 6fficer:s Candidate +chool Pensacola ;8.
&347<( and =esi'nated Na#al 9#iator upon 'raduation from Na#y ;li'ht
+chool &3475(.
If employed, current occupation, employer and job duties:
Currently ser#in' as President of the 8uckiamute =omestic ,ater
Cooperati#e and Chairman of the 8=,C >oard of =irectors. +er#ed as an
elected mem$er of the >oard of =irectors &unpaid position( since March of
Previous employers and when:
6perations Mana'er for 83 ?ertex 9erospace in !%33 and !%3!.
*nited +tates Na#y &retired( 347< to !%3% - with fi#e years spent in the
Reser#e from 3445-!%%%. 2elicopter and ;ixed ,in' Pilot.
Military service and when:
*nited +tates Na#y 347<-344) @ !%%%-!%3% Primary 6ccupation- Na#al
9#iator &2elicopter and ;ixed ,in' Pilot( and 6perations 6fficer. +er#ed in
=esert +hield and =esert +torm/ 6peration Andurin' ;reedom Philippines/
Indonesia AarthBuake Relief.
*nited +tates 9ir ;orce Reser#e 3445-!%%% Rescue 2elicopter Pilot/
+chedules 6fficer Plans and 6perations 6fficer. +er#ed in 6peration
Northern ,atch &9ir o#er-watch of IraB(/ 6peration No$le 9n#il Coso#o.
Volunteer/civic/religious service and when:
Chairman of the annual Independence 9irport Memorial =ay Dri$ute
Ceremony Committee !%33-!%3).
;ord ;amily ;oundation Institute 8eadership Pro'ram 'raduate !%33.
Mem$er past +ecretary and ?ice-President of the Central 8ions Clu$ !%3%-
Past fundraiser for the Monmouth-Independence "MC9 supporter and
participant in the 9merican Cancer +ociety Relay for life #olunteer with the
Alla Curran ;ood >ank Independence and Central "outh +ports and Military
"outh +ports coach.
8ife mem$er of the 9ssociation of the *nited +tates Na#y and a mem$er of
the Axperimental 9ircraft 9ssociation.
Please list all public offices to which youve been elected, and when:
8uckiamute =omestic ,ater Cooperati#e &+pecial =istrict +A Polk County(
>oard of =irectors !%33@!%3).
Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when:
Polk County Commissioner !%3%.
Other prior political and government experience: 8e'islati#e 9ssistant 6re'on +en.
Cliff Drow &344)(/ Intern 6re'on +enate Minority 8eadersE 6ffice &3445(.
How the public can reach your campaign (remember that this information may be made public):
Mail address: 7<34 2i'hland Rd. Independence 6R 45353
E-mail address: ?ote)
Web site URL:
Phone: 5%3-737-3!53
Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
1. To an outsider, how would you describe the region you wish to represent -- geographically,
economically, politically and socially?
>eautiful Polk County is located in the heart of the ,illamette ?alley
$ordered $y the ,illamette Ri#er and the Coast Ran'e mountains. Polk
CountyEs economic $ase is a'riculture includin' 'rass seed wheat hops and
orchards of haHel nuts and is the second lar'est 'rape producin' county in
6re'on. +e#enty percent of Polk County residents li#e in towns ser#ed $y
excellent schools and a leadin' hi'her education institution ,estern 6re'on
*ni#ersity. Polk County residents lean moderate to conser#ati#e politically
and socially.
2. What are the positives and negatives of this region (district, county or state) that you wish to
Dhe positi#es- Dhe natural $eauty of the county the $ounty of the land the
determined work ethic of the people who li#e here the outstandin'
educational opportunities pro#ided $y ,estern 6re'on *ni#ersity and
Chemeketa Community Colle'e the low cost of li#in' &as compared to the
Portland and >end areas(.
Dhe ne'ati#es- 8ack of full-time industrial employment #acant industrial
land &althou'h this can also $e a positi#e( still too many kids not finishin'
hi'h school.
3. What specific skills and experiences do you bring to the position that would help turn those
negatives into positives?
8eadership or'aniHation colla$oration. I ha#e experience in or'aniHin'
disparate or'aniHations in workin' toward a common 'oal. Dhere are 'roups
within the communities of Polk County that are workin' to make use of
#acant industrial land in ,est +alem Independence and =allas and it would
$e $eneficial for the county to assist in the coordination of these efforts.
,orkin' on these issues in turn helps to impro#e opportunities for youth
and pro#ides moti#ation to continue their education.
5. What separates you from your opponent(s)? Be specific.
Axperience and education. Dhe work of the County Commission is to
analyHe allocate and plan the utiliHation of assets o#er a lar'e ran'e of
issues and lon'-term time frame and $e responsi#e to constituents in the
process. I ha#e a 'reat amount of experience in lon'-ran'e plannin' and
mission accomplishment. I ha#e worked locally across the country and
around the world dealin' with differin' or'aniHations personalities and
'o#ernments. I 'raduated from colle'e and law school and de#eloped the
critical analytical thinkin' that is reBuired to understand issues and complete
6. Please list five specific accomplishments that you have achieved in politics or civic affairs:
3. Proposed wrote and helped pass the non-partisan $allot measure for
Polk County elections !%33. 9llows mem$ers of all parties and non-affiliates
to participate in all the county-wide races in the primary as well as the
'eneral election.
!. 9s a mem$er of the ;ord ;amily ;oundation Monmouth-Independence
helped plan and raise funds for the proIect that $rou'ht the colorful $ike
racks to Monmouth and Independence parks and Main +treet locations in
!%3! and !%33.
3. 9s Chairman of the annual Independence 9irport Memorial =ay Dri$ute
Committee I ha#e planned and coordinated the honorin' of nearly 3%%
a#iators &military and ci#ilian( o#er the past four years.
). 9s a *.+. Na#y 9#iation 6fficer workin' disaster relief in the ,estern
Pacific I esta$lished and ran the 9ir 6perations Center in Fakarta Indonesia
arran'in' and dispatchin' aircraft mo#in' supplies and personnel into
earthBuake-destroyed Pedan' +umatra &Indonesia( !%%4. Mo#ed o#er
5%%%%% pounds of relief supplies and se#eral thousand relief workers in Iust
under three weeks.
5. Raised o#er J3%%% for youth pro'rams with the "MC9 !%33-!%3!.
2elped raise se#eral thousand dollars as a mem$er of the Central 8ions Clu$
for 8ions +i'ht and 2earin' pro'rams !%3%-!%3).
7. How much will your General Election campaign cost (be specific)? J33%%%
8. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing
board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details.
9. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major accounts, or
been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details.
10. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected, and how? (75 words
for each issue)
A. Pu$lic +afety. Dhis is one of the most critical thin's that 'o#ernment
must pro#ide. ,ithout 'ood pu$lic safety it is extremely difficult to attract
new $usinesses and maintain a healthy en#ironment and safe schools. I will
re#iew the county $ud'et to see what adIustments can $e made in the short
term to include tar'eted salary cuts to impro#e the current shortfalls in the
+heriff:s 6ffice and I will work to pro#ide the necessary information to
constituents so that we all can understand the necessity of payin' for
$rin'in' pu$lic safety $ack to the le#el that this county reBuires and
deser#es. 9 Pu$lic +afety 8e#y is on the ta$le.
B. Aconomy. I will work with all interested 'roups/ $usinesses
nei'h$orhood or'aniHations city 'o#ernments to help $uild and 'row current
$usinesses and attract new se'ments to our economy. Infrastructure like
roads another $rid'e o#er the ,illamette Ri#er and cy$er technolo'y as
well as tourism must $e discussed. I will facilitate those discussions and
work to support current $usiness and attract new employers.
C. Cohesion $etween the city and county 'o#ernments. 6#er the past few
years I ha#e sensed a le#el of anta'onism $etween the cities and county. I
intend to outreach to the city 'o#ernments in order to foster $etter workin'
relationship. ,e should not $e in an ad#ersarial relationship. ,e must work
to'ether for an impro#ed o#erall Polk County. I will stay in contact with city
leadership in order to reduce tension and increase colla$oration.
11. What do you see as other important issues?
Infrastructure- Dhe KthirdL $rid'e. Dhe =oakes ;erry Road and 2i'hway !!
proIects. Axtension of $road$and internet and cy$er capa$ility &MINet(.
Dourism- Promotion of our wine industry and $icycle tourin'. ,e need more
hotel space and campin' opportunities in Polk County.
>uildin'- ,e need to make the process for home $uilders to as concise as
12. Any skeletons in your closet or other potentially embarrassing information that you should
disclose before it comes up in the campaign? Anything (including health issues) that would
affect your ability to serve your full term? Any changes in your life situation that are
contemplated or expected before the election or before you would take office?
Thank you. Please return this questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an attached Word document to by the requested deadline.