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Throwing Arm
Champion or Guardian (sacrificial shield abilit!
"thic Tire bonuses
Pierce the Darkness (Sp)
Ever Ready (Ex)
Sacrificial Shield (Ex)
Impervious Body (Su) x3
(other mythic poers)
Enhanced !"ility (Ex) (mid #evel Extra)
Extra $ythic %eat (Ex) (lo level extra)
$ythic Si&ht (Sp) (hi&h level Extra)
#egendar $hield
Undetectable: This grants its bonded user the ability to become utterly
undetectable while invisible. While invisible and in physical contact with this
item, the bonded creature can't be detected or scryed by any method.
Unstoppable Strike: This weapon bypasses all armor. The wielder can expend
one use of legendary power when attacking to make the attack
against touch A. !f she instead expends two uses of legendary power, the
weapon also bypasses any deflection bonus to A the target has. An item must
be a weapon and be a minor or ma"or artifact to have this ability.
Unyielding: A legendary item with this ability has double the hardness of a
typical item of its type and triple the hit points. #urthermore, it's immune to
all attempts to sunder it made by non$mythic creatures. This is a persistent
Foe-Biting: When this item deals damage, its user can use mythic power to
double the total amount of damage it deals. !f the attack is a normal attack,
the bearer can expend one use of legendary power to double the total amount
of damage. !f the attack is a confirmed critical hit, the bearer must instead
expend two uses of legendary power to double the total damage. %amage from
weapon special abilities &such as flaming' and precision$based damage are also
doubled. This ability can be applied only to weapons. An item must be a minor
or ma"or artifact to have this ability.
#%l &0 build- '
() feats starting *onus+ '+,+-+.
le%el feats/ an from class
0 traits & of each but social
20-&) stats+ 22 allowed but -2 on another stat. 1 ha%e plus 2 naturall to all.
Captain A2lanti
$tarting race total starting stats
$T3 2& / 2 4 2'
5e6 20 / 2 4 22
Con &7 / 2 4 20
1nt &0 / 2 4 &)
8is &- / 2 4 &.
Crm &, / 2 4 &-
Threatening 5efender (Pathfinder Chronicles - Cheliax: Empire of Devils)
9onest (Pathfinder Player Companion: Quests & Campaigns)
"ar:ed b ;n:nown <orces (Pathfinder Player Companion: Bastards of Golarion)
Unintentional Linguist (Abyssal or Infernal)
Memorable (backup)
#egendar $hield
5istance+ =uic: draw (9>/9ardness that would ma:e it basicall indestructible/
*rawling (ma:es unarmed stri:es possibl deal magic to o%ercome resistance if there!
Guardian?s >ath $pecial Abilit
Sudden Block (Su)
As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to hinder
a melee attack made against you or an ad"acent ally. Add your tier to your
A or the ally's A against this attack. The creature making the attack must
make two attack rolls and take the lower result. (nce the attack is
resolved, you or your ally &your choice' can make one melee attack against
the creature. The damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.
"thic path Abilities ('!
Sacrificial Shield (Ex)
(nce per round when you would normally be hit by a weapon attack, you
can use your shield to block the attack. )ou must be using a shield in order
to use this ability. *ubtract your shield's hardness and hit points from the
damage of the attack and apply the remaining damage to your hit points. !f
the shield takes enough damage to destroy it, it's destroyed. (therwise, it
gains the broken condition, even if the damage was not enough to give it
the broken condition under other circumstances. )ou can expend one use of
mythic power when using this ability to negate any damage dealt to the
shield, though you still take any damage that exceeds its hardness and hit
points. )ou can choose to negate the damage after the damage is rolled.
Impervious Body (Su)
)ou gain %+ ,-epic. This ability can be taken a second time at .th tier or
higher and a third time at /th tier or higher. 0ach additional time it's taken,
the %+ increases by ,.
#imitless Ran&e (Ex)
1ultiply the range increment on all of your ranged and thrown weapons by ,
feet, and these weapons no longer have a maximum range increment for
you. )ou can throw any melee weapon as if it had a range increment of 23
feet4this increment isn't multiplied by ,, but the weapon doesn't have a
maximum range increment.
"thic <eats
5ual >ath Champion
Distant Barra&e (Ex)
As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to make a
ranged attack at your highestattack bonus. This is in addition to any other
attacks you make this round. When making this attack, ignore the
target'scover and concealmentother than total cover, and add your tier to
the attack roll. %amage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.
Combat @6pertise "thic
) starting feats *ounus
Combat 3efle6es
Combat @6pertise
>recise $hot
5istance Thrower
>oint-*lan: $hot
$hield <ocus
#e%el 2 *onus Combat feat
1mpro%ed $hield *ash
#e%el '
Bleeding Attack (Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax,
Empire of Devils)
#e%el ,
#e%el , *onus Combat <eat
#e%el -
Aabbing $tle
#e%el 7 *onus Combat <eat
$hot on the 3un
#e%el .
1mpro%ed Trip
"anue%ers To trade for
>erfect shot
<ur?s <all
<ar $hot
Aabbing $tle