zarahlim OVERCOMING DISCOURAGEMENT To the teacher: Read 2 Chronicles 31-32:23 Summary: King Hezekiah obeyed God in all that he did

. He sought God with every decision that he made. He did it wholeheartedly so he prospered (2 Chro. 31:21). But after everything that he did, he was still faced with a huge problem. His kingdom was invaded by the king of Assyria, Sennacherib. Hezekiah’s good attitude towards facing the problem helped Judah from being captured by the Assyrian king. He refused to give in to fear, instead, he held on to God. Because of this, God helped them win the battle against Assyria. Hezekiah worked wholeheartedly for God. He never hesitated to obey what God told him to do. Because of this, he prospered.  Most of the time, Christians take for granted their spiritual life. We think that we already know so much about God and the Bible and that we are already familiar with the way things are happening in our spiritual life that we tend to do things for the church / God halfheartedly. Because of this we don’t get results when we pray. We wonder why nothing is happening in our lives and we are not getting anywhere spiritually. We wonder why our prayers are not answered. Here we see that it is because we don’t give our best for God. He deserves the best so we should make Him the top priority in our lives. Serve Him wholeheartedly then we can be sure to get exciting results for our prayers. In 2 Chro. 32:1, it tells us that it was after Hezekiah’s acts of faithfulness that Sennacherib attacked Judah.  Every Christian will be faced with trials & temptations to test us & to strengthen our faith in God. It depends on the person if he / she will give up or be strong and overcome it.  Sometimes when Christians are faced with problems, especially after faithfully serving God, they will question God. They’ll get angry with God, thinking that God has forsaken them after everything that they’ve done for Him. We should always keep in mind that every problem that come our way don’t come from God. It is our own doings that caused it. God only allowed it to happen so that we can improve and strengthen our faith. In 2 Chro 32:7, Hezekiah told the people to be strong and courageous because God is greater than the king of Assyria. Because of his great faith in God, God honored him and did not let him down. Instead, they were saved from the Assyrian king’s threats.

Sometimes we think that being a Christian is easy. We wont be faced with problems once we accept Christ into our hearts. But every true spirit-filled Christian can testify that once they accept Christ, persecutions will come. But we should not be afraid of this because as the Bible tells us in Luke 6:22 that we are blessed when men hate us, when they reject us because of Christ’s name, because through that situation we know that we are different from them. They don’t want to accept us because we don’t want to do the things that worldly men do. So when we are faced with trials, temptations, and persecution, we should not blame God for it. We should not be afraid because God is greater than the things of this world. Once we put our trust in Him, He will surely redeem us from our hardships. Then we can earn rewards in heaven once we are able to overcome every trials that come our way. We should not give up, instead, we should always pray to Him continually (Lk. 18:1), pray without ceasing. Memory verse: “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1