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21, 2014

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Current Affairs Notes
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Current Affairs Candidates will be expected to display such general knowledge of History,Geography and Politics as is
necessary to interpret current affairs.Post your queries here.
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Saturday, October 06, 2012
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Pak-U.S Relations
While history has been unkind to Pakistan, its geography has been its great benefit. (Stephen P Cohen)
West-Iran, Afghanistan and Wakhan link to CARs
South-Arabian sea
Energy richer, most conflicted and most populous region
Trade route, sea route, energy corridor, Geostrategic location
A diplomatic blunder to engage in alignment policy in 1953
Serious of engagements and estrangements
MEDO in 1954
SEATO in 1954 withdrawal in 1972
CENTO/Baghdad Pact in 1955 withdrawal in 1979
Military sanctions in 1965 (suspension of military aid)
Symington amendment in 1979(suspension of military and economic aid)
Pressler amendment in 1985
Browns Amendment in 1996
Glenn Amendment in 1998 ( going nuclear )
Kerry-Lugar-Berman bill in 2009
In 1959, 1981 and 2001 aid without sanctions
Afghanistan issue
Shares Pak-US mutual responsibility
Both agreed to cope
US success to mould world sympathies

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Military and economic aid to Pakistan
Confrontation started over Haqqani network and Tehrik-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
Drone attacks, Raymond Davis case, Abbottabad operation and Silala check post attack
Pakistan could not mould world favours to its plight besides being partner in war against terrorists
U.S strategy to tackle the issue
Anti-Taliban government
Indian engagement
Pressure on Pakistan t o do more
Less share to Pakistan in Afghanistan development
Terrorist activities inside Pakistan through TTP (Swat, Bajoure,chitral as safe havens of TTP in kunr,
kandhar, Nooristan)
Military and economic aid to Pakistan conditional with full cooperation
Only those Taliban acceptable who are ready to accept US hegemony
Pak Strategy to tackle the issue
Taliban remain in government
To collect more military and economic gains
Indian evacuation from Afghanistan
U.S to leave the region completely
Good and bad Taliban definition of extremists
Neighboring States Strategy
Russia and China dont want U.S stay in the region
Iran and Turkey dont want Taliban government
India is also against Taliban regime
India wishes to receive maximum benefits from development perspectives
Clear, transparent and comprehensive strategic policies
-No hidden agreements
- Policy discussion in parliament
-Minimize intelligence agencies and military role regarding policy making
Ban on domestic religious extremist groups activities
Cordial relations with Afghanistan government
Pakistan should clearly define its links with Haqqani Group
Pakistan should focus its benefits from stable and peaceful Afghanistan
Pakistan should function as a professional trader not soldier
Mobilize regional stakeholders
Acknowledge Pakistans efforts to curb terrorism globally
U.S should clearly define whether it has its stake in Afghanistan or Taliban
Ban of drone attacks
Must help its afghan partners to rework their relationships with Pakistan
Must clearly define its agenda of exit till 2014
Must engage Pakistan in peace talks with Taliban
Must engage Pakistan in army training and development programmes
Must end Indian consulates and Moulvi Fazal ullahs TTP s activities in Afghanistans Eastern provinces
Provided civil government with more administrative powers
Engage regional security forces in peace activities
__________________________________________________ __________________
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" (Henry Ford)
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December 28, 2012)
Friday, October 12, 2012
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::Links of JWT magazine:: Current Affairs for CE 2013
Articles, World Affairs and much about CSS.
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Friday, November 09, 2012
anam ehsan
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@wasiqh,,,thnx alot bt plz guide me hw to access to this JWT's data in order to make it it is
nt being copied,,,,plzz helpp
All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.....!!
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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Originally Posted by anam ehsan
@wasiqh,,,thnx alot bt plz guide me hw to access to this JWT's data in order to make it it is nt being copied,,,,plzz helpp
use ctrl(control)+c to copy and paste it where ever you want.
''Surely with every hardship there is relief'' (The Holy Quran 94:6)
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Thursday, December 27, 2012
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East Asia: Need of Peaceful Solution and Role of China
As naval patrol vessels of China, South Korea, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries impacts each
other and stress installs, its time to consider peaceful and safe solutions. The claims of East Asian
Countries of sea sources and possible large supplies of oil and gas beneath ocean, stones. If a solution can
be worked out for discussing the continues between concerned parties: Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, China,
and the Philippines while precautionary shunning the controversial sovereignty issues, conflict can be
In the oil industry, border conflicts between countries are settled with joint development regions, or the
oil and gas procedure of unitization. Basically, unitization lets each country access underwater sources,
but results in border issues unchanged.
Oil tanks that cross national frontiers need special contracts. In oil states where cross-border tanks have
been discovered, for example areas straddling Norwegian and the UK in the North Sea, the state
authorities decided on a common structure to create these sources. With unitization, owners of managing
and nonoperating passions share property passions in a generating area, normally a field, to form one
natural managing unit. In return, persons receive a pre-negotiated amount of interest. Unitization is
usually performed to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective exploitation of supplies to benefit all
ASEAN nations, in particular, have an immediate need to negotiate conflicts quickly as a protecting
position. Over the past 30 years, China has obtained worldwide proficiency in oil exploration. Companies
managing from China could now in theory draw out sources under conflicted- boundaries or unique
financial areas by using online exploration, which can arrive at near 90 levels flat and increase out
several miles. ASEAN members, except for Malaysia, officially lag the China oil market and need to secure
supplies from private growth.
Additionally, oil and gas tanks can move underground from areas of high gas stress to lower stress
significance a well managing under China growth could cause pristine oil or gas supplies under the
Philippine part to move toward the China part. Unitization needs thorough applying and bookkeeping of
the tank, particularly if its to be utilized as a single source. Without unitization, the rule of capture
Current Affairs Notes - Page 3 - CSS Forums
4 of 7 10/21/2014 10:32 PM
usually prevails; oil and gas that have moved from beneath nearby boundaries can be easily appropriated
without settlement to others by generating organizations.
An unitization contract can help determine cross boundaries by splitting the problem of actual sources,
handled through a joint program, from sovereignty. Based on the solutions found to similar problems in
other areas of the world, an contract on the problem of transboundary oil tanks has
Established typical remains of oil and natural gas, not discussing a particular nation area but to certain
remains, the level identified by the states events through a combined technological percentage, motivated
to determine the sources in situ (Austria-Czechoslovakia 1960);
Defined accurate regional places in connection with oil sources (Norway-UK, 1976);
Established combined growth places, separated by provisional medians splitting two sub-zones, one for
each nation (Federal Republic of Germany-the Holland, 1962) or as many subzones as needed (Japan-
Korea, 1974);
Established combined growth places (Bahrain-Saudi Arabic, 1958) or combined routines (Iran-Sharjah,
1971) or typical places (Saudi Arabia-Sudan, 1974);
Defined delimitation techniques setting up secured places (Australia-Papua New Guinea, 1978) or a
collaboration area, described by regional harmonizes and separated into places (Australia-
In the Norway-UK agreement, for example, each govt required the recommendation of the version to
identify an agreement with the licensees of the nearby nation to employ a typical owner. The agreement
manages the free activity of individuals and components, issues of safety, examinations, taxes, exchange
of privileges and other issues, but does not impact privileges and legislation in each nation. This structure
symbolizes a good design for China and its others who live nearby. The plan would reduce management
costs, but give the events enough management to protect the sovereignty, demanding nations to consent
on the most effective growth plan and the way in which the continues are to be apportioned.
The Mexico-US case in the Gulf of Mexico is as another possible prescient design for China and members
At present, neither the US nor Mexico has described a plan for typical agreement in joint oil functions. To
allow combined growth of national hydrocarbons, Mexico has designed a legal means to protect its
patrimony. Pemex, the Mexican oil organization, is the only oil organization permitted as trader and
owner under the Mexican system. This structure prevents international management of oil and gas
development a situation similar to China and ASEAN nations, which monopolize management to
state-owned oil companies.
However this year, the US and Spanish government authorities finalized a contract to manipulate the
sources in the European Gap under an unitization contract. Formerly there was a 10-year moratorium on
exploration in this 5000-square-nautical-mile historic area, with continental-shelf and unique financial
area statements debated by the two nations.
The destruction of oil supplies onshore and in superficial ocean, such as Beach of Siam surrounding
Vietnam and Thailand, is driving China to discover for new sources in further overseas areas close to
common boundaries. Truly, Israel declared the biggest overseas organic gas development in its history,
the Leviathan area with 16 billion cubic legs of organic gas. Yet this area straddles competitive limitations
with The red sea, sovereignty problems will gradually be brought up.
In common, the techniques require organizations to handle the system. These can be complicated or
simply based on the level of believing in within the other persons regulators and organizations in issues
related to edge collections, allows, standards and exploration requirements, to name a few. Otherwise, the
techniques should include a full program of regulators and organizations to handle problems.
Finally, the alternatives to the transboundary tanks must be divided from the traditionally monopolistic
framework of the oil market. Different nations have different levels of growth and technical ability. Thus,
in the cases of such cross-border areas, China and, say, Vietnam each could employ companies to form a
Current Affairs Notes - Page 3 - CSS Forums
5 of 7 10/21/2014 10:32 PM
joint-development effort within competitive limitations and, under that contract, allow PetroChina and
PetroVietnam to handle the discussing of sources. However, as described, neither of the nations has yet
indicated possible features or recommendations for such an agreement or plans for settlement and
The significances of effective unitization contracts with China are huge. Namely, issue could be prevented.
State stars with financial passions would have immediate access to sources. It may also set a precedent
for future areas of the world in regards to source removal such as the Arctic Sea, Greenland, or the
Antarctic, where China looks for to extend its impact as an establishing superpower.
Monday, J uly 15, 2013
amara ali
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is it's cmpletee course of c.a??
Monday, J uly 15, 2013
Taimoor Gondal

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Originally Posted by amara ali
is it's cmpletee course of c.a??
It is not coplete course. you have to consult newspapers for day to day developments in different issues
and also cover the new emerging issues.
Success is never achieved by the size of our brain but it is always achieved by the quality of our thoughts.
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