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The Basics of Numerology

The Free Numerology with Heart eCourse

Numerology Lesson One - The Basics of Numerology
In this first numerology lesson you'll gain a basic understanding of what each number embraces within its
vibration. As we cover the different parts of an individual numerology chart, you will be able to apply the
concepts a given number represents. Let's begin:
All numbers have three possible epressions!
When we are out of balance, we may experience the polarities within the number the under!balance or
over!balance "ualities#. $his occurs until we learn how to balance the "ualities of the number within
ourselves. $he definitions we give below are the balanced expressions. %se your intuition to imagine what
"ualities the number would ta&e on if it were under!balanced or over!balanced. Later on in the course,
we'll present a chart of the under!balanced and over!balanced aspects of each number.
The Number Chart
The Number $!
$here is a beginning to every story. $herefore, within the number one we have many "ualities that
embrace L'A(')*+I, and courage such as:
The Number %!
$hen light was shined upon the sub-ect. $he vibration of two is the 'light bearer'. It's core
intention is balance and ,'A.'/A0I12, creating friendship wherever it goes. It holds such
"ualities as:
The Number '!
$he sub-ect began to express with great creativity. 3ehold the -oy of living with '4,)'**I51 in
its many forms. $he principles of the number three are:
The Number (!
1ow that we have creation let us put it into 65)/ and order. With practicality and
determination we can create order and serve. 2reat achievements have been accomplished
from the "ualities of the four, which include:
The Number *!
1ow that we have accomplished, let us allow 6)''(5/ to prevail so that we may progress and
create new enterprises. With the energy behind the five, we promote new ideas and
underta&ings. )ewards are to be reali7ed through such "ualities as:
The Number +!
Without others to love, serve, and cherish all is without purpose. $herefore, the six vibration
brings with it the )'*,51*I3ILI$8 to restore humanity and remind all of us of the treasures
within life. As six energy moves about in the world it embraces "ualities such as:
The Number ,!
1ow that I have learned how to give of myself, who and what am I really9 I must have I1(I:I(%ALI$8.
$herefore, the "uest for wisdom and &nowledge begins. 'ager to ma&e sense of it all, the "ualities of the
seven are
the unseen
The Number -!
1ow that I have discovered +eaven, how do I bring it to earth9 $here is power behind
/A1I6'*$A$I51 and I want to do what it ta&es to attain what I want. $he eight becomes very
busy managing and supervising with its sense of -udgment. 3ehind the vibration of the eight
har" wor&
The Number .!
+aving universal wisdom, I embrace the principles of forgiveness and .5/,A**I51. $he nine
holds the vibration of universal love. It teaches us how to accept each other. 3y having such a
vast overview, the nine becomes a bridge to many "ualities li&e:
The Number $$!
Let us create ILL%/I1A$I51 of all that is before us. $here is a path beyond what we &now
today. $he eleven lives in two worlds. 5n practical days, it vibrates with the two. 5n days that
it senses it's full nature, it is of an energy that translates a world beyond. $herefore, the eleven
energy is:
The Number %%!
Let us build upon a foundation of precision and balance and we will have a master plan. 5n a
practical day, the twenty!two becomes the four. When it senses its full capacity as a /A*$')
3%IL('), it can achieve what is barely imaginable. $he "ualities the twenty!two embraces are:
mastery of vast co-creative pro/ects
great achievement
high energy
As you become familiar with the principles behind the numbers, you can add to the list.
)emember that each vibration can be expressed as balanced, under!balanced, or over!
balanced. +ere is one example for the three vibration:
Balance" 0 1pressive
#n"er-balance" 0 2hy
Over Balance" 0 Boastful
Home 3lay
;. 2rab a dictionary, and thesaurus if you have one, and add some additional words that
ma&e sense to you for each of the numbers. $here's no right or wrong here. <ust en-oy
playing with some possibilities.
=. $a&e some guesses about how each of the numbers might be expressed as under!
balanced and over!balanced. )emember that the words above associated with each
number# are some of the balanced expressions.
>. )eview each of the numbers and ta&e a guess at which one you thin& most describes
Important 1ote: ,lease &eep your 'home play' for each lesson. 'ach lesson will build on
the next and we will be referring bac& to previous learning exercises in this wor&shop.
4uic& 5eview
5ne Leadership
$wo ,eacema&ing
$hree 'xpression
6our 6orm
6ive 6reedom
*ix )esponsibility
*even Individuality
'ight /anifestation
1ine .ompassion
'leven Illumination
$wenty!$wo /aster 3uilder
Lesson Two - The Alphabet in 5elationship to Numbers
A 1umerologist sees numbers as vibrational expressions. 1umbers are also associated with letters. 3oth
numbers and letters describe certain vibrational patterns. $hese patterns are forces that manifest within
a person's life and their environment.
3y examining a persons name and birth date an interpretation can be made. $he individual's ?snowfla&e
pattern? exists in relationship to the ever!present vibrations or expressions of the universe. $hese
constant expressions are wave li&e cycles and come full circle in a se"uence of nine degrees. Li&e a lotus
blossom illustrates, the unfoldment of human consciousness is accomplished within this se"uence.
'ach letter is 'personified' (efinition: A rhetorical figure of speech in which inanimate ob-ects or
abstractions are endowed with human "ualities# to help you better imagine the characteristics of each
$he letters of the alphabet correspond to the nine primary numbers as follows:
$ A62
% B7T
' CL#
( 89:
* 1N;
+ FO<
, =3>
- H4?
. @5
$his letter holds the vibration of a leader and is the most aggressive and self!starting of the
alphabet. 'A' is very adventurous and pioneering and has much independence. It is very self!
reliant. Li&ing to initiate, they often must learn through experience. 'A' is also a catalyst activating
other vibrations around them. $hey have to learn how to be less self!absorbed sometimes and
are often opinionated and stubborn until they learn how to channel their vibration. $hey love
change and adventure.
$his vibration is a sensitive helper and finds it's motivation through others. It see&s balance and
is very good in areas calling for diplomacy, mediation, and improvement. $his vibration responds
well to appreciation and can be "uite &ind, gentle, and lovable unless it is lac&ing in confidence
and self!appreciation. '3' wor&s best with others as a team member and can contribute much
once it feels connected
Within the '.' is a spontaneous creator. Anxious to express its inspiration and originality, wor& and
ideas flow. *ociable and friendly, a '.' ac&nowledges -oy as its greatest motivator. $he round
shape of the '.' guarantees that what it gives out usually comes bac& to it@ It is also "uite
sensitive and intuitive. $he arts in many forms are embraced within the '.'. In an unbalanced
state, the '.' can scatter its energies or have difficulty manifesting what it wants.
8 A(B
$his vibration is a steady builder who holds onto responsibility as its teacher. It wor&s long and
hard and brings practicality, patience, and orthodox values. *ometimes the '(' finds it hard to
express itself and finds physical and tactile approaches to help it channel its energy. $he '(' is
honest, true, and constant. 3eing in nature really helps a '(' to access its "ualities in a positive
way. In addition, a '(' is here to learn much about control and how to give ac&nowledgment to
the self.
1 A*B
$his vibration is "uite versatile and inspirational. +olding onto freedom, it embraces travel,
movement, and flexibility. It is straightforward and direct. It is usually interested in spiritual
matters. It li&es to learn and en-oys words, whether in written context or in spea&ing. It holds
within it a lot of energy and vitality. With the amount of energy that moves through an ''', it
usually remains fairly calm. $oo many '''s' can bring on impulsiveness and restlessness.
Within the '6' is a need to serve humanity and an appreciation of that which is esthetic. $here is a
complexity to this vibration. It needs to be with others as it feels that its destiny is found in home
and relationship. It holds values and principles very dear but it has a hard time with criticism. 3y
expressing cheerfulness and channeling its energies in creative directions, the '6' vibration finds
= A,B
$his is the vibration of the reserved thin&er. 5ften misunderstood because of not spea&ing up, the
'2' is constantly within engaged in introspective thought. $hey have much patience and ability to
assimilate &nowledge. $hey must learn to build confidence, and through sheer will and
determination, they usually gain much wisdom throughout life. +aving a dreamy nature and
much imagination, they often develop psychic abilities. $heir determination helps them overcome
obstacles. $o be harmonious they need to be aware of the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects
of life. 3usiness partnerships are usually a difficult experience for the '2'.
With an extreme awareness of the material world, this vibration often becomes "uite successful in
the areas of business and finance. It wor&s methodically and has &een perceptions. It li&es to
advance itself and will wor& hard to achieve what it desires. 2ifted with executive "ualities, it
usually finds itself in management roles. If it becomes confused by it's sense of power, it will have
many ups and down and can experience difficulty in ma&ing reforms or changes. /ost often it is
aware of spiritual needs and embraces these in its ability to manifest what it values and needs.
@ A.B
Within in the 'I' you will find much sensitivity, intuition, and intensity with a strong focus on
emotion. $he 'I' wishes to contribute to humanity but often becomes distracted by what is
reflected in its environment and life's dramas. It needs to have time alone to meditate and find its
center. It may often sacrifice to give to others as it has a deep understanding of other's needs. It
must learn self!compassion so that it is able to truly give what it so deeply desires. It also
possesses much creative and artistic energy. 1ature is a godsend for it helps the 'I' to stay
somewhat balanced.
$his vibration is also a leader but tends to be a little more cautious than the 'A'. It leads in an
original and innovative way but its broad perspective may ma&e getting started a little bit more
difficult. It prefers action but often indecision is at the base of its ideas. It needs a little more
support than the 'A.' It is optimistic and recovers well when difficulties arise. It has a good mind
and is ambitious in a "uiet way.
7 A$$D%B
$he '0' holds a master vibrational expression in that it has a high potential for achievement and
desires to inspire intuitively. It is very open to spiritual awareness and is an old!soul vibration that
holds much wisdom. $he '0' expression often does not have many close friends. It doesn't lac&
the ability to create friendships. Instead, it expresses those energies primarily through teaching
and leading many, as it holds within it much light. When '0' is out of harmony it often attracts
challenging situations. It is good at detail and is very creative. It disli&es second best. It
appreciates affection and is capable of expressing much affection as well.
L A$%D'B
$his vibration holds a magnetic attraction. It is a loving expressive vibration that en-oys the public
and is the most mental of the threes. Its -ob is to express the -oy of living and contribute of its
originality. It has abilities to reason which facilitate its abilities to create and contribute in words
and ideas. It is also sensitive and can be a bit critical when confronted.
9 A$'D(B
A solid and hard wor&ing vibration is the foundation of the '/.' $here is a love of home and a
protective nature. With practical approaches and organi7ation, the '/' desires to serve. $his
vibration is often hard to get to &now as it sometimes limits its viewpoint and has a fear to
expand its potential. It has intuition but often sees it as instinct. Its nature can assist in
managing material and practical affairs as well as managing others.
N A$(D*B
$he '1' loves to encounter change and movement. $herefore, it is always see&ing excitement and
variety. It can have interests in many areas and wor&s extremely well with others. It &nows how
to motivate others to achieve ideas and is progressive in its thin&ing. It is a little more rational
than the other five vibrations as it en-oys its mental abilities. It has a certain personal philosophy
that it resonates with and is open to sharing its analysis. 5ften it receives some sort of public
recognition andAor its purpose has to do with the public.
O A$*D+B
$he '5' holds within it a desire for responsibility and can ta&e on more than its own share at
times. It learns much about what it means to be of service and what it is li&e to give more than
its share. It is usually traditional and conservative and finds its freedom through some form of
creative appreciation which may extend into its domestic surroundings#. It retains what it gains
as its disciplined nature &nows what it ta&es to get what it wants. It attracts assistance and help
along the way, as it learns to balance its nature. It values the spiritual in its daily life.
3 A$+D,B
It is often difficult to &now what the ',' holds within its thoughts as it often is without expression.
It li&es to be alone to contemplate and has to learn how to channel its feelings. It is a thin&er
vibration and is capable of deep analysis and introspection. It often lac&s determination and
willpower to carry through its thoughts. With all this in mind, it does hold within it vast intuitive
"ualities and often possesses vision and an understanding of the unseen.
4 A$,D-B
$he 'B' is a vibration that is distinct and often a little eccentric. It en-oys its material
achievements and will extend its executive leadership "ualities to attain what it desires. It usually
has a cheerful disposition and much energy. $his vibration often attracts money and success even
though sometimes it has lessons around power. It is usually "uite generous but sometimes finds
relationships unsteady.
5 A$-D.B
$he foundation of the ')' is selflessness. It is here to assist humanity and is capable of great
understanding and tolerance. It has a strong potential to assist others, as it understands how to
motivate and inspire. It can be ta&en advantage of until it learns self!value and compassion. It
has much emotion running through it and a deep need to contribute. 5ften it expresses as a
teacher, writer, artist, or poet with a great potential to lead others. $here is a certain nervous
energy running through this vibration which can cause some delays or confusion. It is a self!
2 A$.D$B
$his vibration is the more emotional of the leader vibrations. It has spiritual roots that are often
expressed in unorthodox ways. It often follows a spiritual path. It can lead but often prefers to do
it indirectly. It holds within it individuality and ambition but often feels alone. Independent and
courageous, it will set an example to others of subtle ways to express emotion, which can create
cooperation which in turn is a demonstration of its power#.
$his vibration en-oys peace and will often prefer to follow rather than ta&e the lead if it feels that
it would promote ease. It does expect much from others but is usually "uite patient and helpful.
It desires relationship and en-oys closeness within its family. It often stays close to home, thrives
from affection, and is "uite gentle most of the time. It is a wonderful teacher desiring to help.
# A%$D'B
$he '%' is a receptive channel. It ta&es in and flows out and often scatters its energies. Its
challenge is to stay balanced. It is happiest when it feels supported. It is the more subtle of the
three vibrations but holds within much creative and artistic ability which may ta&e many different
forms during a lifetime. 5ften it doesn't fully &now what it possesses and must channel its
creative energy through words, music, andAor voice to gain a sense of self. It can inspire others
but is the more conservative of the three vibrations.
: A%%D(B
+olding within it much tension, the ':' is capable of vast accomplishments. It has a global yet
practical view that can envision ideas and manifest them into material form. $his vibration has to
push out into the world, often by moving from their hometown. It attracts great achievement and
monumental success. $hey inspire others in dynamic ways and are one of the most powerful
vibrations within the alphabet.
; A%'D*B
$he 'W' has the power of persuasion and holds excellent verbal abilities. 5ften it finds itself in
sales of some form, accompanied by movement and travel. It en-oys love and relationship and is
the more levelheaded of the five vibrations. Although it en-oys confronting any and all
experiences, it will not ris& as much as some of the other fives. It can vacillate and gets confused
sometimes, because it would rather experience than express. It usually en-oys plants and the
healing arts and has a sense of the order within life.
< A%(D+B
$his vibration is one to ta&e on many responsibilities and often feels much emotion because of
this. It cares, protects, and may even sacrifice itself. It holds within it sensuality which helps it
attract attention. It may en-oy nice clothing or beautiful things, which can lead it to believe it is
externally oriented. Actually, it wants simplicity and a settled lifestyle. It can attract worldly
success as it is artistically talented and holds within it magnetic energy.
> A%*D,B
$his vibration must learn to trust its intuition and psychic abilities. It has profound insights into
higher matters and feels very deeply. It wor&s best alone so it often feels lonely. It can be
uncertain and vacillating. /editation can help it get a sense of its connection to 'all!that!is' which
can ease its loneliness. Its mission is to uncover the mysterious, the hidden, and bring about
understanding. It often has a hard time committing itself to one thing, as it often senses before it
more than one direction.
? A%+D-B
$his vibration is extremely dynamic and is capable of great achievements. $he material world and
those of distinction call to it. It holds within both self!confidence and willpower. It has the
"ualities of an executive nature and can handle itself well in an emotional crisis. *ometimes it
may magnify or exaggerate, as it loves excess in food, luxury, and whatever it can indulge in.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 1ow let's apply what we've learned to your first name. 'ach of the letters in your name has a
vibration as listed in the information above. Let's use the name of '0ir&' as an example:
7 $$D%
@ .
5 $-D.
7 $$D%
/a&e sure to write out your name -ust li&e the table above. $a&e some time to ponder the
different vibrational fre"uencies that ma&e up your first name.
>. 1ow lets 'digit down' each of the individual numbers that are associated with each letter in your
name. 0eep adding until you get one digit. 6or the name '0ir&' it would be:
7 $$D% $ E $ 0 %
@ . . Aonly $ "igitB .
5 $-D. $ E - 0 .
7 $$D% $ E $ 0 %
D. Imagine how each of the letters in your first name blend to form one synergistic vibration.
*ometimes you will have letters that seem to be opposites. Actually, they simply ma&e up
different parts of one whole. A diamond is one precious stone but its many facets display a
number of different colors. 5ne ray of white light can be refracted into many colors.
1ow add the digited down number for your name. $hen digit that number down to one digit.
+ere's how it wor&s for the name '0ir&':
0 %%
% E %
0 (
The name 7ir& is a %%D(
F. 1ow go to Lesson One and loo& up both == and C not the '( G :' in this lesson# and see what the
vibration of '0ir&' is. 8ou'll see that ==AC is a 'master number' and that we can interpret its
vibration as == without being digited down#. It can be difficult for a master vibration to always
remain at such an intense vibrational level, therefore it can also revert to a C. Let's digit it down
one more = H = I C# to C. *o, since a ==AC is a master number, it can express as both a == and
a C. We'll tal& more about master numbers in your upcoming lessons.#
J. In the same way, digit down the numbers in your name and loo& up the result in Lesson One.
K. .alculate some more names including your last and middle names if you wish# and play with
their meanings. 8ou can call this last exercise 'extra credit.'#
Numerology Lesson Three - The Core Concept of Numerology
We li&e to thin& of our physical existence as a manifestation of our individual soul. Within the
manifestation of our soul, there is a desire to learn, grow, create, and experience life within a body. $his
body has an individual pattern!!a soul vibration!!that is uni"ue unto itself. When our individual vibration
is born into the physical world, it contains within it a seed. $his seed has a natural instinct along with
characteristics. $hese "ualities are what the individual pattern has brought with it. It also has within it a
Let's ta&e a loo& at this seed. It was planted at birth and there is a grand intention within. $he expression
of this life is a continuation of its 'spiraling' -ourney. 'xperiences of expansion, connection, and awareness
of its divine nature perpetuate the spiraling motion. It relies on its innate &nowledge to assist it in
growth, and its greatest hearts desires, to fuel it as it moves towards its purpose. As its roots grow, it
matures by &nowing its place in co!creation.
In previous lessons, we defined 1umerology as a tool to interpret the physical manifestation of vibration.
We can apply this tool to gain an understanding of an individual's uni"ue pattern. Within us, we have five
distinctive parts that wish to be synthesi7ed and brought into balance. Let us ta&e a moment to examine
each aspect to understand what part of our nature each part expresses.
Life 3ath!
$he Life is found in your 3irthday. $his vibration is at the heart of your being during this life. It tells you
what you are really li&e. Its "ualities want to be utili7ed and ac&nowledged. It is what is innate and
natural for you. It is the vibration in which your soul has chosen to ground its essence. $herefore
opportunities, experiences, and lessons that you attract this life will as& for you to draw on the energies
present in your Life ,ath. 3y embracing these resources you will then be able to synthesi7e your other
core parts. 1ote: Life ,ath is also called the '3irth 6orce' in some 1umerology texts.
Birth 8ay!
8our specific day of birth may direct you to added understanding of what you are here to do. 6or
example, in the 3irth (ate of <uly ;;
, ;KDE, the 3irth (ay is ;;. I li&e to thin& of it as 'added spice' as it
often combines with other energies to help them develop@ *ometimes you will also find talents connected
to this vibration since your 3irth (ay is a component of your Life ,ath derived from your entire 3irth
$he name you were given at birth tells a wonderful story. 8our name is what you must be this life. It is a
'(ivine ,romise' of opportunity. When embracing the "ualities of this vibration, you find that your soul
adds to its experiences, &nowledge, and growth. In the 'xpression number, you will find evidence of your
purpose. As you synthesi7e this core part, you will also discover a deeper connection to your other parts.
*ometimes natural abilities are also found within a person's 'xpression number. 1ote: 'xpression is also
called '(estiny' in some 1umerology texts.
HeartFs 8esire!
$his vibration comes from the vowels in your name. $he vowels are said to be very sacred and in some
languages were so respected they were never written@ $he +eart's (esire provides insight into your soul's
deepest urges and values what you find important, -ust, fair, etc.# $his is not to be ta&en lightly for it is a
very wise part of you. It is the part that has the deepest feelings and sheds light on what you most
desire. 8ou will find your most essential motivations here. 8our +eart's (esire is a ma-or part of your core
since it beautifies and rounds out your character. $his part of you also wishes to harmoni7e with your
other core vibrations so that you may express fully all that you are. I feel the +eart's (esire is a &ey that
will open doors for your other &ey parts to fully express. 1ote: +eart's (esire is also called '*oul %rge' in
some 1umerology texts.
$he information within the ,ersonality gives us an understanding of how others may attempt to see and
direct us. It provides us with insight on which aspects of our personality others may recogni7e and
validate. $his information is derived from their first surface impressions. What we are describing is the
influence the outer world has on us. 8es, the ,ersonality number has "ualities that are very much a part
of us. We may be content with what this vibration has to offer for a while. +owever, it is the +eart's
(esire vibration that assists us in manifesting our full natures. $he +eart's (esire will lead us to a greater
fulfillment found within our 'xpression vibration. As you will recall, the 'xpression includes both the
vowels +eart's (esire# and the consonants ,ersonality# in your name.
In 1umerology these are the five ma-or vibrations that ma&e up your core nature:
Life 3ath
Birth 8ay
HeartFs 8esire
8ou are a blending of these vibrations. *ometimes one core part may stand out more than others. 5ften
one part stays in the bac&ground as you recogni7e, express, and experience the other parts. 'ventual
synchroni7ation and blending of all parts into a balanced, fully functioning, and expressive self is the
ultimate experience of this lifetime.
In the next few numerology lessons we will explore each core aspect fully. We'll be showing you how to
specifically calculate each of these five core vibrations. $here are also other modifiers that can impact
these vibrations and we will also learn more about them in future lessons. $hese individual parts can
blend with ease or create disharmony which throws them out of balance#. Whatever the case may be,
rest assured it is all part of your co!created master plan@ $he plan is within your soul and expresses your
desire to experience more of life@
Numerology Home 3lay
In this numerology lesson we want to give you some exercises so that you can become comfortable
playing with words and finding their numerical values. (uring this exercise, you will review how to:
6ind the numerical values for each letter of a specific word.
Add those numbers together.
If necessary, add those numbers together until you have one digit 'digit down'#. )emember that
the numbers ;; and == are master vibrations and can stand on their own.#
$o do this exercise you will need to refer bac& to both numerology Lesson 5ne and Lesson $wo to find the
meanings of each vibration. %se Lesson 5ne for the totals of a given word and Lesson $wo for the
vibration of each individual letter that ma&es up the word you are studying. /a&e sure to chec& out both
the total and the individual letters.
Let's start your exercise by using the name of 3arbara as an example:
B %
A $
5 .
B %
A $
5 .
A $
Total %*
8igit 8own % E * 0 ,
In future numerology lessons you'll be learning the different parts that vowels and consonants play in
1umerology. At this stage, we'll give you the 'hint' that the vowels are what ma&es up a person's +eart's
(esire and the consonants are used to determine a person's ,ersonality how they are viewed by others#.
*o, begin to thin&:
:owels 0 HeartFs 8esire
Consonants 0 3ersonality
Total 0 1pression
We'll be showing you how to calculate the +eart's (esire, ,ersonality, and 'xpression numbers in an
upcoming lesson. 3ac& to the name '3arbara':
+er vowels are all 'A's' which tell us that she is very self!reliant and capable of leading. *he en-oys
change and also has a pioneering spirit. $his would mean that she is motivated to do things in a new way
as well as bring into awareness new or innovative ways of thin&ing. *ometimes with this much 'A energy',
she could become a little stubborn at times.
'3' and ')'. $he '3' brings in the "ualities of a helper and someone who would desire to be in connection
with others. It adds some gentleness to her nature. $he ')' helps her balance out the three 'A's' by giving
her a greater sense of humanity, which would help her from becoming to self!absorbed. $he ')' is also
good at teaching and li&e the 'F' total, it see&s universal wisdom.
When you refer bac& to 1umerology Lesson 5ne, you will see that the total of 'F' tells us that within the
name '3arbara' we have an individual that see&s wisdom and &nowledge. +er first name shows us that
she has a deep desire to learn and also has abilities that would assist her in being a great teacher. *he
probably uses her senses to gain deeper &nowledge into the unseen.
.an you start to get a sense of how the individual energies within the name blend to form a single
vibration9 1otice how they relate to each other and draw out the "ualities of each other. ,art of learning
1umerology is allowing your intuition to begin to synthesi7e the vibrations and seeing how they could
possibly come together.
>our Turn!
;. )ight now grab some paper and something to write with. We'll wait... 2reat.
=. 1ow ta&e a few minutes and play with the name 3arbara a little more. *ee what other
understandings you can come up with.
>. /a&e a list of ten words that are nouns any person, place, or thing#.
C. 1ow start with the first word on your list. Loo& at the vowels within that word and see if it doesn't
give you some insight into the heart of its nature.
D. 1ext loo& at the consonants and see how that item's personality is perceived by the external
E. $otal the word down to one digit and loo& up at its destiny.
F. .ontinue by doing steps C ! E with each word on your list.
+ere are some more examples that you may find interesting:
3oo&: =EE= I ;EAF which is a number that holds within it &nowledge@ At the heart of a boo& are the '5'
vowels which express a desire to ta&e on responsibility. It wants to be of service and li&es to give bac&. It
expresses for humanity@ It can ta&e many forms from practical to esthetic as long as it serves@
.ar: >;K I ;>AC which is a vibration that is hard wor&ing, constructive and practical. At the heart of the
word car is the vowel of 'A' which is aggressive and adventurous and has much independence@ It is a
catalyst activating other vibrations around it. *ometimes they are stubborn@ $hey love change@
$elephone: I =D>DFEDD I CEA; is a vibration that is innovative and original. It wants to initiate an
exchange. At its heart it has three '''s' and one '5'. With that much ''' you can tell that it travels@ It
see&s freedom but the '5' shows that it has a sense of family, community, and see&s to serve as well.
3y doing this exercise you can gain a sense of how vibrations blend. After we spend time discussing the
core vibrations in more depth, we will then practice blending those vibrations.
1umerology Lesson 6our ! $he Life ,ath
In 1umerology Lesson $hree we discussed the .ore .oncept. We provided an overview of the four ma-or
areas of 1umerology. When combined, they create our uni"ue individual core vibration. 5ver the next
four lessons we will discuss in more depth each of these four aspects.
In this lesson we are featuring the Life ,ath. We li&e to thin& of the Life ,ath as a 'seed' that is planted on
the day of birth. 8our accumulated wisdom lies within it. ,erhaps you could call this your 'heritage'. It is
much li&e a record that you can rely on for tapping into your innate talents and abilities. As you become
aware of this part of our nature, life seems to become more simple. If more parents understood their
children's Life ,ath, it would be much easier to provide direction and help to build confidence.
*ome 1umerology systems call this part of your nature the 3irth 6orce or 3irth ,ath. 1o matter what you
call it, its meaning remains the same. It is what you will always have on hand. 8our Life ,ath is one of
your greatest assets. 8ou can always count on this part of your nature to be there for you.
$he Life ,ath and the 'xpression wor& hand in hand. (r. <uno <ordan, one of our favorite 1umerologists,
used an analogy from business to contrast the Life path or 3irth 6orce# and 'xpression or (estiny#
numbers. *he said, ?$he 3irth 6orce represents the stoc& on hand and the (estiny the business to be
established.? We li&e that analogy because it can help you to understand how important your Life ,ath is.
When we surrender to our nature and use our tools, we can progress and begin to allow our purpose to
Also, we often find that the Life ,ath "ualities often appear as opportunities, challenges, and lessons. We
are learning how to embrace the "ualities of the Life path in a balanced way.
Let's begin by calculating the Life ,ath for the following 3irthday:
November %+th $.*'
$$ is $$D% % E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% A9aster NumberB - Aalrea"y one "igitB $ E - 0 .
$$D% E - E . 0 $.
$ E . 0 $C
$ E C 0 $
In the example above, we have a ; for the Life ,ath a ; 'seed' to use our previous metaphor#. $he
person with the 3irthday above can gain insight regarding the ; vibration "ualities of the 'seed'# and
&now that they have and can further develop those abilities. Let's do a "uic& review of the number ;.
We can be assured that this person has a strong will. $hey are someone capable of leading and ta&ing
initiative. $he person is probably fairly independent and may even wor& in a field that re"uires originality
and self!direction.
)emember that all vibrations can be expressed as 'balanced', 'under!balanced', and 'over!balanced'. If
the person in the example above is expressing their ; in a balanced way, they will use their leadership
and pioneering spirit. *ome other "ualities that may be active are the capabilities to generate creative
thought, inventive ideas, determination, a sense of humor, inspiration, and clear thin&ing.
1ow, if there are other aspects within the core that are at odds with the ; vibration, we may find the ;
will express itself in an under!balanced or over!balanced state. If this person has conflict in accessing
their innate tools, they may appear to lac& confidence, show signs of insecurity, become dependent on
others, or become passive under!balanced#. If they feel threatened or have difficulty in channeling this
vibration, then they might become bossy, opinionated, or dominating over!balanced#.
When wor&ing with an individual, the -ob of a 1umerologist is to guide. When wor&ing with a person's full
chart!!which you will be able to do after completing this entire course!!you will easily be able to see
where conflicts between different numbers could occur. 8our -ob is to assist in the blending of these
vibrations in such a way as to empower the person. $here will always be a reason why conflicting
numbers are present in a persons life. /ost li&ely it is to strengthen or develop the person in some way.
$ry to find the intention behind the creation of a potentially conflicted combination of numbers. As&
yourself, What positive attainment could come out of this combination9? 3y doing so, you will then be on
a useful trac&@ (on't spend a lot of time pointing out the 'negative' aspects. +ighlight the possibilities that
they may exist.
Numerology Home 3lay
A. (iscover the Life ,ath for some people you &now:
;. 2rab a pencil and some paper some people use a calculator but we recommend you do the
simple arithmetic by hand so that you can "uic&ly calculate the Life ,ath when you don't have a
=. Write down the full birth dates of at least five people who you &now.
>. ,ic& the first person's birth date.
C. .alculate their Life ,ath number.
D. )echec& the calculation it's always important to rechec& your first calculation@#.
E. Loo& up that person's specific Life ,ath number in the chart in Numerology Lesson One.
F. $a&e a minute to thin& of that person in light of their Life ,ath.
J. )epeat the above process with all of the names on your list.
K. As other people come to mind, calculate their Life path numbers as well if you have the birth
dates of your parents andAor siblings, their Life ,ath numbers can provide lots of interesting
information regarding your family#.
3. Analy7e the names of some well!&nown people such as:
6ohn Fran&lin 8elano 5oosevelt! 6anuary 'Cth l--%
)oosevelt, 6ran&lin (elano, ;JJ=!;KCD. $he >=nd ,resident of the %nited *tates ;K>>!;KCD#.
2overnor of 1ew 8or& ;K=K!;K>=#, he ran for ,resident with the promise of a 1ew (eal for the
American people. +is administration was mar&ed by relief programs, measures to increase
employment and assist industrial and agricultural recovery from the (epression, and World War
II. +e was the only %.*. ,resident to be reelected three times ;K>E, ;KCL, and ;KCC#. +e died in
9ichael Luther 7ing! 6anuary $*G l.%.
0ing, /artin Luther, <r. 1ote that we don't use the '<r.' to calculate his 3irth 6orce.# ;K=K!;KEJ.
American cleric whose elo"uence and commitment to nonviolent tactics formed the foundation of
the civil rights movement of the ;KDL's and ;KEL's. Among the many peaceful demonstrations he
led was the ;KE> /arch on Washington, at which he delivered his ?I have a dream? speech. +e
won the ;KEC 1obel ,eace ,ri7e, four years before he was assassinated in /emphis, $ennessee.
5ichar" 9ilhous Nion! 6anuary .G l.$'
1ixon, )ichard /ilhous ;K;>!;KKC. $he >Fth ,resident of the %nited *tates ;KEK!;KFC#. :ice
,resident ;KD>!;KE;# under (wight (. 'isenhower, he lost the ;KEL presidential election to <ohn
6. 0ennedy. 'lected ,resident in ;KEJ, he visited .hina ;KF=# and established dMtente with the
%**). Although he increased %.*. military involvement in *outheast Asia, he was also responsible
for the eventual withdrawal of %.*. troops. When .ongress recommended three articles of
impeachment for 1ixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal, he resigned from office August
K, ;KFC#.
1umerology Lesson 6ive ! $he 3irth (ay
In 1umerology Lesson 6our we discussed the Life ,ath and the &nowledge found within it. 8ou learned
how to find your individual Life ,ath vibration by adding up the numbers in your full birth date. In this
lesson we will examine the individual 3irth (ay -ust the day and not the month or year of your birth# in
further detail and discuss the information found within it.
(ifferent 1umerologists agree that the actual day of birth is a significant piece within the whole picture.
$hey also agree that the day of birth sheds light on important lessons to be learned. 3y calculating the
day of birth, you will be able to more clearly understand the nature of these lessons and how they relate
to the abilities you brought into this life. As you have learned in this course, these energies can be
expressed in balanced, over!balanced, or under!balanced ways.
5ver the years, we have found that the 3irth (ay identifies a person's first recogni7ed talents along with
how the person may perceive herself or himself. It often reveals abilities they are comfortable with. .lose
friends will usually identify with the characteristics of the 3irth (ay more than the ma-or theme within the
Life ,ath. As mentioned in earlier lessons, we li&e to thin& of the individual 3irth (ay as the added spice
one would put into a dish to bring out all its flavors@
In all cases, the best way you tap into the &nowledge found within a given numeric vibration is by reading
its combined expression as well as the individual numbers of which it is made.
6or this lesson, we are going to use the birth date of ;;!=E!lKD> as our example:
% E + 0 -
1mphasis is on the -
% 0 sub-influence
+ 0 sub-influence
3y understanding the energy behind each vibration we gain a richer meaning. In the example above, the
person would rely on J types of characteristics and abilities within their nature please refer to Lesson
5ne#. $his would lead them to use -udgment and discernment in approaching most tas&s. $hey would
en-oy applying themselves and finding wor& that utili7es the other abilities found within their core. $hey
would apply themselves in productive ways by contributing, organi7ing, and administering. With the J
they would also be inclined to be in a management position or possibly be inclined to start their own
business. /aterial gain would be important to them but in ways that would support and blend with their
other vibrations.
$he sub!influence of the = would add friendliness and balance to what they do. $hey would en-oy
connection with others and feel a desire to maintain harmony. $he = would also add sensitivity.
As we move to the sub!influence within the E we would find an ability to be of service and an attraction to
areas in which they could apply themselves. $his person would feel good about contributing to the well!
being of others. $he E is also a humanitarian vibration so it would draw out abilities which could be
applied in areas of healing, family, art, animals, nature, etc. )esponsibilities would hold their attention.
1ow let's go bac& and synthesi7e what we have -ust learned with their ; Life ,ath vibration. We have a
greater sense of how this person will direct their ; leadership "ualities. We can see how their
independence and individuality is flavored with these innate abilities. $he ; Life ,ath may soften a little
bit by the influence of the = as well as the consideration within the E. $he J would strengthen the ;'s
sense of direction with -udgment and discernment guiding it.
Numerology Home 3lay
A. 'xplore the 3irth (ays for some people you &now:
;. 2ather together a pencil, some paper, and your 1umerology +ome ,lay notes from Numerology
Lesson Four.
=. 1ow underline the 3irth (ays for each of the birth dates you wor&ed with in the previous lesson.
>. 3egin with the first 3irth (ay on your list.
C. Loo& up the person's 3irth (ay and each sub!influence number from the chart in Numerology Lesson
D. *ynthesi7e all of the vibrations in the 3irth (ay, allowing the sub!influences to 'season' the main
E. 5nce again, loo& up the person's Life ,ath vibration.
F. 6inally, synthesi7e the 3irth (ay 1umbers with the Life ,ath and notice how the 'spice' of the
'3irth (ay blend' adds more clarity and richness to the Life ,ath.
J. )epeat the above process with all of the names on your list.
3. (o the process above for the same well!&nown people as in the last lesson, or anyone else you care to
better understand:
6ohn Fran&lin 8elano 5oosevelt! 6anuary 'Cth l--%
)oosevelt, 6ran&lin (elano, ;JJ=!;KCD. $he >=nd ,resident of the %nited *tates ;K>>!;KCD#.
2overnor of 1ew 8or& ;K=K!;K>=#, he ran for ,resident with the promise of a 1ew (eal for the
American people. +is administration was mar&ed by relief programs, measures to increase
employment and assist industrial and agricultural recovery from the (epression, and World War
II. +e was the only %.*. ,resident to be reelected three times ;K>E, ;KCL, and ;KCC#. +e died in
9artin Luther 7ing! 6anuary $*G l.%.
0ing, /artin Luther, <r. 1ote that we don't use the '<r.' to calculate his 3irth 6orce.# ;K=K!;KEJ.
American cleric whose elo"uence and commitment to nonviolent tactics formed the foundation of
the civil rights movement of the ;KDL's and ;KEL's. Among the many peaceful demonstrations he
led was the ;KE> /arch on Washington, at which he delivered his ?I have a dream? speech. +e
won the ;KEC 1obel ,eace ,ri7e, four years before he was assassinated in /emphis, $ennessee.
5ichar" 9ilhous Nion! 6anuary .G l.$'
1ixon, )ichard /ilhous ;K;>!;KKC. $he >Fth ,resident of the %nited *tates ;KEK!;KFC#. :ice
,resident ;KD>!;KE;# under (wight (. 'isenhower, he lost the ;KEL presidential election to <ohn
6. 0ennedy. 'lected ,resident in ;KEJ, he visited .hina ;KF=# and established dMtente with the
%**). Although he increased %.*. military involvement in *outheast Asia, he was also responsible
for the eventual withdrawal of %.*. troops. When .ongress recommended three articles of
impeachment for 1ixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal, he resigned from office August
K, ;KFC#.
1umerology Lesson *ix ! $he 'xpression
In 1umerology Lesson 6ive we discussed the 3irth (ay and the &nowledge found within it. $his lesson
reveals the information found within the 'xpression vibration. In reviewing 1umerology Lesson $hree,
$he .ore .oncept, we found that purpose and fulfillment lie within the 'xpression vibration.
As discussed previously, the name given at birth shares a wonderful story. $he name contains potential
direction and points to "ualities you can cultivate during your life. 3y paying attention to this vibration,
you will reali7e a wonderful opportunity and a divine promise. When embracing the "ualities found here,
you may find that your soul adds to its experience, &nowledge, and growth as you continue with your
soul's attainment.
We feel the 'xpression points to purpose. *ometimes people are more aware of other core parts during
the first stages of their life. As they become comfortable with their other core parts and find ways to
balance them, their 'xpression becomes more evident. As people mature, the destiny actually transforms
but we'll leave that to one of your future lessons@#. As the 'xpression becomes more integrated it will
deepen the connection with other parts. It is as if the other parts are eager to -oin in and assist in helping
attain life purpose.
$o discover what your 'xpression vibration is refer to 1umerology Lesson $wo to find the numerical value
of each letter. 8ou have practiced this s&ill already by wor&ing with the first name. In calculating the
'xpression number, always use the full name as it appears on the birth certificate. $his is the chosen
name and it contains a blueprint, so to spea&. (o not include in your calculations any designations such
as '*r.' or '<r.' 6or those who were adopted, if they can go bac& and find the original birth certificate
name, use that. If that isn't possible, then use the name the adopted parents chose.
5ur true imprint lies within the name as it appeared on the birth certificate. +owever, if we change our
names, we do add the "ualities of name changes. $he changed name overlaps, so in cases where the
birth certificate name isn't available, valuable information can still be found in our first remembered full
Let's begin with a specific example. We'll be using the name '3arbara Ann 0elly'. $he calculation is as
B A 5 B A 5 A A N N 7 1 L L >
% $ . % $ . $ $ * * % * ' ' ,
%*D, $$D% %CD%
First Name! , 9i""le Name! $$D% Last Name! %
%* E $$ E %C 0 *+
* E + 0 $$D%
+ere we find an individual with an 'xpression vibration of ;;A=. We now &now that as life brings
experiences she will learn about the "uality of the = and how it may bring her opportunity. As she
approaches life with this in mind she may attract ways to find more fulfillment and life purpose.
As we discussed in 1umerology Lesson 5ne, the ;;A= is a master number and suggests an old soul
vibration. $he ;; attracts opportunity as a deepening of spiritual connection, which desires to illuminate
its surroundings. $he = contains "ualities of &indness and friendship. It wishes to bring peace and balance
to its surroundings. It is a vibration of a diplomatic nature and adds light to any sub-ect. It en-oys helping
others and carries much feeling within it. 1ow we can get a sense of how 3arbara may attain direction
and begin to find fulfillment and life purpose. 3y engaging in experiences that allow her to explore these
"ualities, she will begin to attract opportunities. As she does this, her other core parts will engage their
"ualities to assist her in attainment.
If you li&e, ta&e a moment right now and intuit or imagine what &inds of environments and experiences
3arbara may attract to find opportunity.
*ome examples that we came up with are as follows:
1nvironments where she coul" help an" assist others
1nvironments which embrace spiritual connecte"ness
3laces where her &in"ness an" caring coul" be of benefit
Facilitating as a me"iator or assisting with "iplomatic approaches
;or&ing with "esign an" balance which assists others in feeling better about themselves
Are you getting the idea9
1ow let's go bac& to previous lessons and refresh our memories. $he individual nature within her Life
,ath Lesson 6our would of course be present. It would point us to tools and assets within her. In addition,
the "ualities within her 3irth (ay Lesson 6ive will flavor the ways in which she expresses herself.
In a future lesson, we will give more guidance in how to synthesi7e these various vibrations. If you feel a
little overwhelmed in the beginning, rest assured that it gets easier as you continue to learn the
fundamentals of 1umerology.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names you have previously been wor&ing with.
=. .alculate the the 'xpression number for each of these names. )efer bac& to the chart in
Numerology Lesson Two to find the numerical value of each letter.
>. 5nce you have the final addition, go bac& to Numerology Lesson One and refresh your memory by
finding the meaning held within each number you calculate.
C. 1ow image or intuit what &inds of environments, situations, and opportunities that would
embrace these "ualities.
D. 6or extra credit, go bac& to Numerology Lesson Four and see what Life ,ath assets or tools can be
viewed alongside the 'xpression number.
E. 6or additional extra credit, go bac& to Numerology Lesson Five and see what may come easily as well
as what may be comfortably brought into the experience.
F. 1ow congratulate yourself. 8ou are becoming a 1umerologist@
1umerology Lesson *even ! $he +eart's (esire
$his lesson is devoted to the vibration held within the vowels of your name. We call this component of our
core vibration ?$he +eart's (esire?. 3y understanding what lies within this vibration, you will gain a
deeper connection to the part of yourself that holds passion and desire. 8ou will feel your greatest
motivations. In addition, you will notice the "ualities you may find in your mate. $his is because the
+eart's (esire connects you to that which is most dear to your heart.
$hrough the years of interpreting numerology, we feel that it is very important to understand the
intention of the +eart's (esire. 3ecause of the emphasis on logic in our culture, the +eart's (esire often
becomes the part of us that we pay the least attention. 3y suppressing this part of ourselves, we often
spend a lifetime doing things to -ust get by without &nowing what we really want and what is truly
passionate for us. It is as if we will do anything but pay attention to the direction which the +eart's (esire
points. %nderstand that within this core part lies the &ey to directing our purpose and success.
Imagine having a parent that understands your deepest dreams and supports you in directing that
energy@ It could save you much time and effort searching for happiness. It is never too late, so let's
begin to unravel the mysteries held within this vibration. As you interpret your +eart's (esire, remember
that within this vibration lies a seed yearning for expression. It is what you must feel, honor, and embrace
in directing your other core parts@
In 1umerology Lesson *ix we loo&ed at the example name of '3arbara Anne 0elly' and found that her
'xpression was an ;;A=. $his wee& we examine her name in more detail by focusing on only the vowels
within of her name. $his method will point us to the insights found within the +eart's (esire.
Always use the vowels A, ', I, 5, % and sometimes 8 if there are no other vowels in the syllable#. It
wasn't until recently that we began to use the 8 at all. It seems that people are entering a new vibration
and level of awareness. 3ecause the vowels are a harmonic vibration, it seems the 8 is part of the
celestial tone that is now more present on 'arth. 'veryone is different, so try it both ways: with and
without the 8. *ense which one seems the most accurate to you. We have found that there is no absolute
rule here. In some case the W can act as a vowel as well but isn't used in the +eart's (esire. ,erhaps it
will also be included within the +eart's (esire in the near future@ We feel that our alphabet may adapt
new letters# to represent the new vibrations coming into the 'arth plane. 1ow that is a thought to
Let's refer bac& to the name 3arbara Ann 0elly as we used in our previous 1umerology lesson:
' E $ E ' 0 , HeartFs 8esire
' $ $%D' 0 '
$ $ $ $ * ,
B A 5 B A 5 A A N N 7 1 L L >
% $ . % $ . $ $ * * % * ' ' ,
+ere we have a F for a +eart's (esire by also using the 8 in her name. 3y not using the 8 as a vowel, her
+eart's (esire would be a K. 6or today's illustration we are going to go ahead and use the 8. We
encourage you to evaluate both and sense which one feels appropriate.
3arbara's motivations hold within them a desire to understand as well as an appreciation for being
understood. *he loves to learn as &nowledge provides her ways to express and connect. *he needs
solitude within her day and time to wor& on her own. $his assists her in attaining &nowledge and will help
her extend out into the world where she can fulfill the opportunities and destiny that awaits her. *he
desires perfection in what she does and, because of this, she could sometimes become critical of herself
and others.
)emember that all numbers can be expressed as balanced, under!balanced, or over!balanced. As we
learn how to connect with the vibration within a number and embrace it!!rather than pushing the
vibration away!!we begin to find the &ey within it. (oing this will assist us in moving into a balanced
state, therefore utili7ing the &ey found within the number.
$he F can become critical when it is out of balance. +owever, by as&ing what it is that the critical nature
is pointing us to within ourselves, we will find its grand intention. ,erhaps the nature -ust wants to be
understood@ $herefore, by allowing and embracing the expression, we then find the &ey motivation,
desire, and passion. $his way it is much easier to move into the balanced state. When we allow our true
energies to be &nown and express, a balance will occur. We can utili7e our discernment and creativity
rather than reaction or a sense of separation.
.ontinuing on with the analysis of 3arbara's +eart's (esire, in a relationship she would respond well to
someone who supports her with her needs. A life mate that gives her space would help her sort and
discern. *omeone who assists her in discovery, learning, teaching, and understanding would be very
nurturing to her heart and would assist her in connecting with the opportunities of her life purpose. $his
is someone she would grow close to and connect with deeply.
As illustrated above, you can easily see how important the +eart's (esire is in fueling our life. It is a life
force energy that comes from our soul and gives us the urge to extend and express ourselves. Again,
when allowed to express, it will assist us in attaining our life purpose as well as directing us to meaningful
experiences and relationships.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. .alculate the the +eart's (esire number for each of these names. )efer bac& to the chart in
Numerology Lesson Two to find the numerical value of each letter.
>. 5nce you have the final addition, go bac& to Numerology Lesson One and refresh your memory by
finding the meaning held within each number you calculate.
C. 1ow for each person image or intuit how the +eart's (esire number would channel itself as a
motivation, desire, or passion.
D. 1ext reflect into the life of the person you are analy7ing and examine where they are directing
their motivations, passions, and desires. 1ote what seems to come easy for them. As& yourself if
they seem to be in touch with their heart.
E. 6or extra credit, go bac& to Numerology Lesson Six and notice how they could utili7e the energy
within their +eart's (esire as fuel to assist in attaining the opportunities and purpose that lays
within their 'xpression.
1umerology Lesson 'ight ! $he ,ersonality
In 1umerology Lesson *even we discussed the vowels within your name. $hey ma&e up the vibration
&nown as the +eart's (esire. $his lesson's focus is on ?$he ,ersonality? vibration, which consists of the
consonants within your name. $he vowels represent an important aspect of our core as well as our
innermost desires. $he consonants have their place in our outer world. Another way to phrase this is that
consonants represent how the outer world interprets us at first impression.
5ver the years we have found many benefits by understanding the ,ersonality. $he information within the
,ersonality gives us an understanding of how others may attempt to see and direct us. It provides us
with insight on which aspects of our personality others may recogni7e and validate. $his information is
derived from their first surface impressions.
+ave you ever had someone tell you that you would be good at something and then heard it again later
from someone else9 ,erhaps as time went by you may have found yourself actually involved in activities
which utili7ed the "ualities they saw in you. And maybe as more time went by, you reali7ed that you were
"uite capable in this area but it didn't fully resonate with what you really desired or felt motivated to do.
What we are describing is the influence the outer world has on us. 8es, the ,ersonality number has
"ualities that are very much a part of us. We may be content with what this vibration has to offer for a
while. +owever, it is the +eart's (esire vibration that assists us in manifesting our full natures. $he
+eart's (esire will lead us to a greater fulfillment found within our 'xpression vibration. As you will recall,
the 'xpression includes both the vowels +eart's (esire# and the consonants ,ersonality# in your name.
*o how can we use the ,ersonality vibration9 It's simple: We incorporate it. In doing so, we can recogni7e
that the ,ersonality is an added dimension of our nature. Its vibration is not the full capacity that exists
within us and we are capable of attainments that lay outside of its influence. 3y adding the ,ersonality as
a supporting influence, it will assist us rather than directing the whole show.
Let's ta&e a loo& at 3arbara's calculations again. In the following 1umerology table we illustrate both the
+eart's (esire and ,ersonality. When adding these two final totals together you will have the 'xpression
' E $ E ' 0 , HeartFs 8esire
' $ $%D' 0 '
$ $ $ $ * ,
B A 5 B A 5 A A N N 7 1 L L >
% . % . * * % ' '
%%D( $CD$ -
( E $ E - 0 $'
$ E ' 0 ( 3ersonality
, HeartFs 8esire E ( 3ersonality 0 $$D% 8estiny
3arbara has a C personality. *o what nature lies within a C9 +ow would this relate to how others would
see 3arbara and how they may respond to her9 +ow might they direct and interact with her9 $hese are
some of the "uestions you can as&. After you have answered these "uestions, you will be able to redirect
the energy as a supportive influence.
As we answer these "uestions, we get a sense that others would see her as someone who could
accomplish what she sets out to do. *he will be perceived as determined and capable of using her tools.
5thers would also see her as someone who is practical and approaches things from a more conservative
direction. A C often holds the stereotypical "ualities of a farmer: *omeone who will wor& very hard and
ta&e on much duty and responsibility while steadily wor&ing to accomplish what is vital. Would this mean
others would li&e to give 3arbara their tas&s and responsibilities as well9 ,ossibly, since they would see
her as "uite capable.
Again, because the four in this position represents the outer world, it may be li&ely that 3arbara has been
directed by her outside world to do things which are far more practical and limited than the full
capabilities of her nature. 3y embracing these "ualities and using them to support the +eart's (esire and
'xpression, she may find greater attainments possible. 3y using the ,ersonality vibration as a supportive
influence, determination and a step by step approach will assist the motivations her F +eart's (esires and
her ;;A= 'xpression in achieving opportunities and purpose. .an you get a sense of the high level of
supportive power she will have behind her dreams, desires, and opportunities9
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. .alculate the the ,ersonality number for each of these names. )efer bac& to the chart in
Numerology Lesson Two to find the numerical value of each letter.
>. 5nce you have the final addition, go bac& to Numerology Lesson One and refresh your memory by
finding the meaning held within each number you calculate.
C. As& yourself, ?+ow might the ,ersonality vibration and it's outer world influence direct the affairs
of the individual9 What might they find themselves doing9?
D. 1ow, ta&e some time to imagine how the "ualities within the ,ersonality number could support
the motivations within the +eart's (esire and the 'xpression in achieving opportunities and
purpose. Write down a list of possibilities.
E. )epeat steps > ! D for each person's name.
1umerology Lesson 1ine ! 6ormula for 3lending .ore Aspects
In the previous eight numerology lessons we have discussed the fundamental vibrations held within
numbers and the letters of the alphabet. 8ou have learned about the core elements of a numerology chart
and been given simple step by step illustrations to follow. (uring this lesson, you will learn how each core
aspect contributes independently as well as synergistically.
(uring this lesson we'll be describing life as a -ourney. As we live each day we experience, access, and
develop our natures. $he following formula is based on this concept. Again, we will use 3arbara Ann 0elly
as our example. We have prepared a blan& chart that you can print out that will ma&e it easy for you to
create your own 1umerology ?mini!reports? li&e the one below. ,lease clic& here to go to that page and
print out the blan& chart. +opefully you have a printer available. If not, -ust reproduce it on a piece of
paper. $hen return bac& to this spot to continue your learning.
Numerology 9ini-5eport
,erson's 6ull 1ame: 3A)3A)A A11 0'LL8
The Life 3ath Chart!
November %+th $.*'
$$ is $$D% % E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% A9aster NumberB - Aalrea"y one "igitB $ E - 0 .
$$D% E - E . 0 $.
$ E . 0 $C
Birth Force! $ E C 0 $

The 1pressionG HeartFs 8esireG an" 3ersonality Chart!
HeartFs 8esire! ,
' E $ E ' 0 ,
' $ $%D' 0 '
$ $ $ $ * ,
B A 5 B A 5 A A N N 7 1 L L >
% . % . * * % ' '
%%D( $CD$ -
( E $ E - 0 $'
3ersonality! $ E ' 0 (
HeartFs 8esire! , E 3ersonality! ( 0 1pression! $$D%
The Blending Chart:
Life ,ath: $he inner talents and abilities used throughout your life -ourney. $hey may come "uite naturally
or they may be experienced as lessons to help you understand and express your true nature. $hey are
your inner resources which you will continually develop and refine in order to express your Life ,urpose.
Life 3ath! $
Independence, adventure, initiative, originality,
determination, individuality, direction
3irth (ay: $hese are some additional talents and abilities that may come to you "uite easily. $hey ?spice
up? your 3irth 6orce.
Birth 8ay! -
,ower, authority, capability, organi7ation, efficiency
'xpression: $hese energies describe where you are headed on your -ourney. Loo& for how you can be
involved with people, places, and things that express these vibrations. $hey are the outer expression of
your Life ,urpose.
1pression! $$D%
Awareness, intuition, creativity, discernment,
+eart's (esire: $hese "ualities provide the inner fuel to accomplish your outer 'xpression as you develop
and utili7e your Life ,ath and 3irth (ay vibrations. $hese energies represent your true passions and
interests. $hey are the inner heart of your Life ,urpose.
HeartFs 8esire! ,
Analysis, research, calculation, perfection,
understanding, the unseen, intuition, vision,
investigation, reason, solitude
,ersonality: $his is how other people will perceive you as you -ourney through life. $hese "ualities can be
supportive influences that you can rely upon and that assist you in attaining what you want.
3ersonality! (
.oncentration, management, application,
conservation, dedication, efficiency, organi7ation
As you prepare your mini!report, you can add other descriptive words that apply. )eview your notes from
the last few wee&s. $he individual may also express their number vibrations in both under!balanced or
over!balanced ways from time to time. )emember all numbers can be balanced, so write down their
balanced expressions as you create your mini!report@ +elp people!!and yourself!!to turn toward that
which you wish to create.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names that you have chosen.
=. %se the blan& mini!"#r$ that you printed out to format the information for each of the names.
)efer bac& to the chart in 1umerology Lesson Two to find the numerical value of each letter.
>. 1ow do your calculations and complete the mini!report for each person with which you've been
practicing. 2o bac& to 1umerology Lesson One and refresh your memory by finding the meaning
held within each number that you calculate. Insert the descriptions in the chart in the appropriate
C. )eview your previous sessions and see if there is any other information you would li&e to add to
your mini!report. 8ou can even create a summary to go along with your chart if you li&e.
D. 6or extra credit try some new names.
1umerology Lesson $en ! +armonious and (iscordant Aspects
In this numerology lesson we begin ,art $wo of our 1umerology with +eart 5n!Line wor&shop. (uring the
next few lessons we will discuss various cycles, modifiers, and other &ey elements found in a numerology
chart. 3y adding this information to your chart interpretations your analysis will become richer and more
In 1umerology Lesson 1ine we discussed the 6ormula for 3lending .ore Aspects. In this lesson we want
to help you learn how to discern the many ways the core elements may effect or impact each other. In
1umerology Lesson 5ne we discussed the theory behind numerology and its vibrational nature. Let's ta&e
that theory a step further and use the words ?harmonious? and ?discordant? to describe the relationship
between the main core aspects. Let's use music as a metaphor and imagine that each of our lives are a
uni"ue song. A harmonious relationship is a blending that comes together and appears to flow with grace
and ease. A discordant relationship is a blending that seems offbeat or out or sorts in some way. A
discordant tone could even appear to split off and sound li&e two tones disrupting each other to find
identity. $his may sound familiar to some of you already.
In wor&ing with over!balanced and under!balanced energy, you can imagine that the harmonious and
discordant relationship might have something to do with bringing about this imbalance. We believe so. We
also believe that everyone has free will. $herefore, some people can ta&e even the most discordant
combination and transform it into an opportunity. $hey "uic&ly reshape the imbalance and see& ways to
find empowerment. It is much li&e the friction of a match stri&ing an abrasive surface to create a fire that
then continues to build momentum.
In other situations we have found harmonious energies, which should flow with ease, that are never "uite
able to gain momentum. $herefore, the intended purpose is never "uite reali7ed. $his has brought us to
feel that both aspects, harmonious and discordant, can be positive as well as negative. +owever, by
understanding the relationship of the core elements with each other and the potentials that exist within
their relationship, a numerologist can help find solutions. $hey can act as a guide and help their clients
recogni7e possible choices that they hadn't recogni7ed before. As a chart interpreter, you may also be
able to point out possible patterns in which awareness can be developed.
In this lesson we explore examples of possible combinations for you. 5ver the years of examining charts,
we have found that there are no set rules. *ome combinations in which compatibility seems so unli&ely to
exist, can bring out the best of each number's "ualities through a person's consistent learning by trial and
error. 5n the other hand, some combinations which are easy to blend, can create a lac& of desire and
energy. In these situations the person may become complacent or bored. $hey may not live up to the full
potential found within their chart. We wish you to become insightful 1umerologists. $herefore, this
lesson's 1umerology +ome ,lay focuses on exercises to help in utili7ing both harmonious and discordant
energies in constructive ways@ 6or fun, imagine ways that the combinations could become out of balance
as well.
)efresh your memory by going bac& and rereading the &ey descriptions of each core part. $he Life ,ath
points to talents and abilities. $he +eart's (esire is an expression of motivation and desire. In the
'xpression you find opportunity and purpose, and in the ,ersonality you find supportive traits. %se these
descriptions when blending these energies.
Let's refer bac& to our sub-ect, 3arbara Ann 0elly, who has a ; for a Life ,ath and a F for a +eart's (esire.
$his vibration is usually discordant. What does that mean9 It may mean that the ;'s talents and abilities
leading her to attainment are strong!willed. $his would conflict with the desire and motivation of the F
+eart that wants to ta&e time to develop introspection and understanding. $he ; would become impatient
with the F and the F would resent the ;@ Anyone with this combination will probably be very familiar with
this description.
,eople may feel li&e a dichotomy exists within them when energies that seem foreign to each other exist
in their natures. A practiced 1umerologist will assist by helping create connection between these parts.
$his helps to create inner communication and an easier flow of energy.
Let's pose a couple of important "uestions:
;hat is a possible "irection to ta&e with these two seemingly conflicting energies to help
them learn how to connectH
;hat woul" nee" to occur for this to be possibleH
,erhaps if the desire and motivation of the F +eart were empowered to use its &een observation,
intuition, and ability of analysis, it could empower the ; Life ,ath to use this newly ac"uired &nowledge to
lead it to greater attainment@ A potentially discordant combination is now co!creating in a way that wor&s
for both energies. $he inner vibrations can now flow with more ease.
%sing another example, let's consider the combination of a = Life ,ath and a > 'xpression. $his
combination is usually harmonious. In this case, the ability of the = Life ,ath to act as a team player is
supported by the >'s social awareness and opportunities found through expression. $he cooperation
within the = can help the > meet it's purpose. 3ut, what if the > 'xpression lac&ed purpose and direction
and was too frivolous and playful9 $he = would experience an inner lac& of cooperation which could lead
to frustration. $his example illustrates how a combination that is usually harmonious can still create
imbalances@ Again, it is about free will@
In our next example, let's use a C 'xpression and a E +eart's (esire. $his combination is usually
harmonious. $he C has abilities which li&e to create systems and order while the E +eart's (esire is
motivated to serve and wants responsibility. $hese two vibrations can team up and become incredibly
powerful. +owever, what if the C becomes too restrictive and one dimensional9 $he E!!who loves to
contribute!!would feel the restriction and may respond with a lac& of commitment. $he E +eart would feel
disconnected and could not serve in the ways that it wished@ In this case, a practiced 1umerologist could
point out possibilities and help the client bridge to more useful awareness'.
1umerology is a wonderful tool to use when facilitating others. 3y helping a person understand their
nature and balance their core parts, people become more powerful and effective.
Table of Harmonious an" 8iscor"ant 5elationships
Legen"! h 0 HarmoniousG " 0 8iscor"antG v" 0 :ery 8iscor"antG e 0 1ither
$-%0" %-%0:8
$-'0h %-'0h '-'0:8
$-(0h %-(0h '-(0" (-(0:8
$-*0e %-*0" '-*0h (-*0" *-*0:8
$-+0" %-+0h '-+0h (-+0h *-+0" +-+0:8
$-,0" %-,0" '-,0" (-,0h *-,0" +-,0" ,-,0:8
$--0h %--0" '--0" (--0" *--0" +--0" ,--0" ---0:8
$-.0" %-.0h '-.0h (-.0" *-.0" +-.0h ,-.0" --.0" .-.0:8
$-$$0" %-$$0h '-$$0h (-$$0" *-$$0" +-$$0h ,-$$0h --$$0" .-$$0h
$-%%0" %-%%0" '-%%0" (-%%0e *-%%0" +-%%0h ,-%%0" --%%0h .-%%0h $$-%%0"
Numerology Home 3lay
1% 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the charts you created in Lesson 1ine.
=. 6or each person, practice blending the core elements:
@f the combination is harmoniousG eamine the traits an" how they coul" blen" an" flow with
@magine how they coul" become "isruptive an" move into an un"er-balance" or over-
balance" stateI
@f the combination is "iscor"ant eamine the traits an" how they may conflict with each
Consi"er how they coul" be supportive to each other an" create harmonyI
C. 6irst, combine the talents and abilities of the Life ,ath with the purpose and opportunities of the
D. 1ext, combine the Life ,ath with the motivations of the +eart's (esire.
E. Last, combine the +eart's (esire with the 'xpression.
1umerology Lesson ;; ! $he Intensification of 1umbers
$his 1umerology lesson details the averages of numbers found within a name. $he Intensification of
1umbers can point to areas where we can learn more about ourselves. 0nowing this information can help
us round out our natures. It can also help us gain a greater sense of self!definition, point us to areas
where we can grow, and help us develop inner strengths.
We feel that a person's individual nature can not be separated from the whole. We are one collective, so
to spea&, of human beings. Let's once again use the metaphor of music. 'ach of us has our own set of
individual tones numbers#. When we combine each tone together, we can hear our personal song all of
our numbers blended into a whole#. In the same way, we can combine each individual person's song and
come up with one universal song which reflects the entire collective of human beings. Imagining this
metaphor will help you understand the Intensification of 1umbers.
As we examine the collective human race, we find that certain tones numbers# are more expressed than
others. *ubse"uently, other tones or numbers ma&e up less of the whole. We'll be using the word
?average? to express this concept.
It is also possible to see where we may have a '+idden ,assion' or possible '0armic Lesson.' As the
excessive numbers often reveal a deep seated passion, and the missing numbers can point to a 0armic
The =eneral 5ules
$he following illustrates averages of the numbers ; ! K found within a name. $he numbers ;, D and K are
found most often. +ere's a summary of each number as expressed collectively:
$ - ;e all have free will an" initiative to create our place within the worl"I This has given us
initiative to grow an" epan" as a race of beings as well as in"ivi"ualsI
* - ;e have a strong "esire for free"om an" are curious about what is new an" innovativeI
Through the * we progressG "evelopG an" epan" our sense of possibilityI
. - ;e are resilient even when life brings us "ifficulties or trage"yI ;e move into our hearts
to helpG loveG an" forgiveI
$he numbers =, >, and C are usually only found once within a name.
2ometimes the ' will be repeate" because of the "esire for creativity an" self-epressionI
Because these three vibrations usually only appear onceG they are "ouble" in force if foun"
more than onceI
$he number F may be missing.
@n the collective of human natureG the "iscriminationG analysisG an" perfection that a , carries
is not as freJuent as the numbers liste" aboveI
@n many names the , may not even be represente"I Because of averagesG if the , is missing
it is not significantI
@f a , "oes occurG it gives a "esire to proveG reasonG an" un"erstan" the motives that are
behin" any eventI
$he number J may also be missing.
@t is common for a successful person to lac& this numberI
@f it appears once you will &now this person can wor& un"er stressful situationsI
@f there are too many -FsG the person may put themselves through a lot of pressureG mental
challengeG an" possibly achieve great attainments because of the incre"ible effortI
Benefits of #n"erstan"ing @ntensification
$he Intensification of 1umbers within the name are felt deep within the character. $hey may not show on
the surface as the .ore 1umbers do. +owever, it is useful to understand these energies since they help us
gain insight in several ways:
;. $hey help us to understand why we may repeat patterns.
=. $hey point to areas where we may feel an inner void, or have a &armic lesson.
>. $hey point to areas where we may lac& experience or development from previous lives.
C. $hey may show us why we rely on certain s&ills.
D. $hey may show us where we obsess or perhaps where we have a hidden passion eager for more
room to express.
Number Average Chart
$he following chart shows what usually occurs in a name:
Number Letter Averages
#sually occurs three or four times
three or
% B7T #sually occurs once one
' CL# #sually occurs once one
( 89: #sually occurs once one
* 1N; #sually occurs three or four times
three or
+ FO< #sually occurs once one
, =3> 9ay be missing )ero
- H4? #sually occurs once or be missing
)ero or
. @5 #sually occurs three times three
How to Fill Out the Chart
We have prepared a blan& chart that you can print out that will ma&e it easy for you to create your own
Intensification of 1umbers chart li&e the one below. ,lease clic& here to go to that page and print out the
blan& chart. +opefully you have a printer available. If not, -ust reproduce it on a piece of paper. $hen
return bac& to this spot to continue your learning.
+ere are the steps:
;. In the first row, write down on the chart the first, middle, and last name of the person whose
chart you are calculating.
=. In the next row, loo& up and write down the number that corresponds to each letter in the first,
middle, and last names.
>. In the ?.ore? column, write ?8es? in front of any number that is also one of the .ore 1umbers
and place it's abbreviation after the ?8es?. +ere's the legend of abbreviations:
L3 - Life 3ath ABirth 8ay is inclu"e" in the Birth ForceB
1 - 1pression
H8 - HeartFs 8esire
3 - 3ersonality
C. In the ?H or !? column, place a plus or minus sign after the numbers where there is a difference
from the averages. %se a plus for more and a minus for less.
D. 1ow note the relationship with the average. 6or example, two C's would have a greater
significance than four K's. Loo& for the ?0ey /odifier? also called the ?Intensifier? in
1umerology#. $his is the one number that has the most excessive energy available and stands
out the most in relationship to the average. 8ou can write the word ?0ey? after the plus. $o
illustrate we highlighted the 0ey /odifier by color on our chart.
E. 1ext, loo& for whatever numbers# are void. If it is any number other than F, place a minus next
to it.
F. 1ote if the void numbers# are also within the .ore 1umber. If so, the effect is lessened. If the
void energy is not found as a .ore 1umber, place the word ?0ey? after it as well.
1planation of 9eaning
Where excess energy exists, we will use the energy to achieve, grow, and ac"uire in relationship to the
number. If we find areas that are void, be assured that we want to round out our character and attain life
lessons in these areas. *ome 1umerologists feel a voided number is a &armic area or one that we may
have avoided in previous lives for some reason or another. It may be that experiences were not available
to us and we are now wishing to add &nowledge during this life.
Learning 1ample
6or this lesson we will again use the name 3arbara Ann 0elly as our example. 6ollow along as we
interpret the chart.
Ann 7elly
%$.%$.$ $** %*'',
Core Amount E or - Number Letter Average
>es - L3 ( $
three or four
>es - 1 ' E 7ey % B7T one
% E ' CL# one
>es - 3 C - ( 89: one
' * 1N; three or four
C - + FO< one
>es - H8 $ E , =3> )ero
C - H4? )ero or one
% - . @5 three
Let's start by noting which numbers are in excess H sign in the ?H or !? column# of the averages:
;. ; ! *he has four occurrence's of the number ; which is slightly in excess of the low end of the
three or four average. +owever, all of the ;'s bridge to her ; Life ,ath and strengthen it.
=. = ! *he has three occurrences of the number = which is way above the average of one and ma&es
= her 0ey /odifier. 3ut -ust as above, this ?excessive? number is her 'xpression and one of her
.ore 1umbers. $herefore the = bridges to her ;;A= 'xpression and strengthens the "ualities
found there. What may be excessive compared to the averages is actually another strengthening
force for 3arbara.
>. >!*he has two occurrences of the number > which is one above average. $his would tell us that
she would add a "uality of lightness to events and surroundings within her life. $his may show up
as humor, or possibly a -oyful nature added to her spirit.
C. F ! *he has one occurrence of the number F which is higher than the average of 7ero. +owever,
once again the F bridges to her F +eart's (esire and strengthens it as well.
*o, three of her .ore 1umbers are found in excess in the Intensification of 1umbers .hart but all
numbers appear to be supportive. )emember, ?excessive? does not mean ?bad?.
1ow we want to loo& at the energies that are void. +ere we see that the C and E stand out. As we
mentioned in ?$he 2eneral )ules? above, the J is sometimes found as missing in a name:
;. C ! *he has 7ero occurrences of the number C which is one below the average of one. $he C is
also one of her .ore 1umbers, so she has some experience with it. +owever, with the C missing
in her name and it being the ,ersonality vibration, she may have some additional lessons here.
,ossibly she has to learn how to apply herself in ways that would fulfill her, rather than being
busy ta&ing care of everyone else. $he reason for interpreting the C this way is that the 7ero void
of energy# points us to lessons about application and duty. 3ecause the C is a .ore 1umber and is
placed on her ,ersonality, it relates to how others see her and how they may try to direct her.
=. E ! *he has 7ero occurrences of the number E which is one below the average of one. It's possible
that 3arbara may attract opportunities to help her learn how to balance responsibility. *he may
have the challenge of ta&ing on too much responsibility for others or becoming confused about
ta&ing action on her own behalf. $he E also points to creativity, relationships, and humanitarian
endeavors. *o she may have some added lessons in these areas.
>. J ! $he J is borderline and often does not occur within a person's name. $herefore, we have not
included it in our interpretation.
We feel that the intensification modifiers are really a lot li&e road signs. %nli&e the .ore 1umbers that
ma&e up our nature, the intensification modifiers point us to areas that we &now will be examined
throughout our life as lessons. Whether in excess or void we are pointed in the direction of improving the
"ualities of our nature.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. %se the blan& Intensification of 1umbers .hart you printed or created and follow the seven steps
detailed above in ?+ow to 6ill 5ut the .hart?.
>. 1ote which numbers are in excess of the averages.
C. 1ote which numbers are void.
D. 1ote the single 0ey /odifier for the excess energy and what lessons may be encountered by its
E. 1ote the numbers that are void and what lessons may be encountered by the lac& of their
presence. )emember to notice the relationship with the .ore 1umbers.
1umerology Lesson ;= ! $he 6irst 1ame and 0armic 1umbers
In 1umerology Lesson 'leven we discussed the 0ey 'lements found in the Intensification of 1umbers
$able. $his lesson's topic includes $he 0armic 1umbers, $he 6irst 1ame, $he 2rowth 1umber, and $he
6irst Letter and 6irst :owel. Let's begin by examining some &eys that are revealed in the 6irst 1ame.
After that we'll discuss the benefits of understanding what 0armic 1umbers are and how they impact us.
The First Name
We often hear our 6irst 1ame called out loud as people address us. It is no wonder that the name which
casually represents us holds within it special "ualities. 5ur 6irst 1ame is a repeated vibration!!a mantra
in a sense!!that declares an intention each time it is voiced. *o what ma&es the 6irst 1ame stand out
from the whole name9 All of us have a 6irst 1ame. /any of us have at least one /iddle 1ame or a /iddle
Initial. /ost of us also have a Last 1ame. 3ut our 6irst 1ame, our ?personal name?, is fre"uently used to
identify us in day to day life. It is as essential to the relationship we have with ourselves as it is with the
way we connect to other people. Its tone is declared over and over again.
In describing the relationship of our 6irst, /iddle, and Last 1ames in numerology, we could say that the
6irst 1ame represents our personal self. It also sets us apart from other members of our family. It holds
within it a 2rowth 1umber, a vibration that supports us in a deep expression of our individual nature
more on that in -ust a moment#. 5ften we see evidence of this energy in our private lives.
5ur /iddle 1ame supports and reinforces our identity. It is thought to be more hidden within the self. 5ur
Last 1ame carries within it the collective vibration of our family. Its numerical sum represents our family
traits, inherited "ualities, and what you might call our ?family ma&eup?. It also represents our more
formal nature.
%sing our example of 3arbara Ann 0elly, let's ta&e a loo& at her 6irst 1ame again. What information can
we find here9 In 1umerology Lesson = we spent some time calculating and interpreting the components
of a 6irst 1ame. In 1umerology Lesson > we examined the vowels and consonants of her 6irst 1ame as
well. 8ou may want to go bac& and review these two lessons to refresh your memory. In this lesson we go
one step further and describe three other elements that are found within the 6irst 1ame.
First Name Chart
B% % 0 First Consonant
A$ $ 0 First :owel
Total %*
8igit 8own% E * 0 , , 0 =rowth Number
$he 2rowth 1umber
3y adding the 6irst 1ame together and reducing it to a final digit we find the 2rowth 1umber. It is a
significant 0ey 'lement but isn't felt as intensely as a .ore 'lement is. $he 2rowth 1umber adds energy
to the core and denotes a pattern that assists us in growth and development. $herefore, we could say
that it could be used as a tool to help us on our -ourney.
In the name 3arbara, we notice that her 2rowth 1umber is a F. $his means that when 3arbara embraces
the "ualities of the F throughout her experiences, it helps her grow and develop. Analysis, investigation,
and understanding are all tools found within her 2rowth 1umber. It would ma&e sense that her abilities to
teach and learn would be strong as well as her need for solitude at times.
It is delightful that her 2rowth 1umber is also her +eart's (esire. $his gives us a hint that she created
the F as her 2rowth 1umber to attain a greater sense of her heart@ It is always helpful when the 2rowth
1umber is the same as one of the .ore 'lements. A person is more apt to use the vital energies found in
the 2rowth 1umber to bring about balanced experiences and promote development. When the core is
void of the same energy found in the 2rowth 1umber, it is much more difficult to benefit from the 2rowth
1umber's nature. We feel if the latter is the case, there is a perfect reason and life's experiences will
reveal a way to eventually discover and learn from the 2rowth 1umber's contribution.
The First Letter an" First :owel
$he 6irst Letter and 6irst :owel found in the 6irst 1ame are also 0ey 'lements. $hese two vibrations
contribute energy in a special way. *ome 1umerologists feel that these two letters describe our ?reactions
and responses?. %sually a 6irst 1ame begins with a consonant. 3ecause the consonants are a component
of the ,ersonality vibration, we feel that the 6irst Letter could give us some clues to how we may respond
to the outer world sometimes referred to as the ?material world?#. We feel the 6irst :owel can provide
insight into how we might respond to our dreams and motivations, our more spiritual or non!material
world. In cases where the first letter is also a vowel, use the 6irst Letter to represent both vibrations.
'xamining the 6irst 1ame 3arbara, the 3 is her first letter and also a consonant. A 3 holds the vibration
of a =. $his would tell us that 3arbara may initially respond to the outer world in courteous &ind ways
see&ing friendship and balance. +er responses to experiences in the outer world may be to first "uietly
thin& a matter through.
$he 6irst :owel in her name is an A. +ere we find that 3arbara would feel more confident in areas that
are of a more personal nature. *he may be less reserved in her home and family life. $he A holds the
vibration of a ; and depicts courage and leadership. Also, it tells us that 3arbara may be harder on
herself than she would be towards others.
7armic Numbers
$here is a theory in 1umerology that a few numbers bring "ualities along with them that suggest &armic,
or unfinished, business. It may be that we choose to create lessons in these areas to round out our
natures. Another possibility is that we want to develop "ualities that were somewhat void in the past.
'ither way, 0armic 1umbers can feel a bit more challenging than others. If you have a 0armic 1umber as
one of your .ore 'lements, you may experience the number as over!balanced or under!balanced before
experiencing a fully balanced and accessible energy.
Loo& for these 0armic 1umbers in your .ore 'lements. )eflect on the area of your life that the .ore
'lement represents and note where you may find confusion from the 0armic 1umber that is present
there. 6or accuracy, remember that the numbers ;; and == are /aster 1umbers and stand on their own.
Always add an ;; as an ;; rather than a = and a == as == rather than a C. $his ma&es a difference in
determining if you have a 0armic 1umber or not.
7armic Number $.D$
When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a ;K before a ; you have a 0armic 1umber. A ;KA;
carries in it lessons about self!definition and self!motivated thought. 3ecause a ; carries within it an
energy that is self!directed, an individual with a ;KA; learns how to consider outside energies rather than
-ust individual needs. Independence, adventure, initiative, originality, determination, individuality, and
direction are all traits held within the ;. When these traits are not balanced over or under# they can
bring about indulgence, opinionated thought, and aggressiveness. 3ecause human nature, for the most
part, learns through contrast continually experiencing the pain of co!creating and living with what we
don't truly want#, eventually a balanced nature is "uite possible.
7armic Number $'D(
When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a ;> before a C you have a 0armic 1umber. A ;>AC
is still a C but with a focus on learning and accepting the "ualities the C represents. 5ften there is a
feeling of restriction and limitation. As discussed in Lesson 5ne, the C represents concentration,
management, application, conservation, dedication, efficiency, and organi7ation. 8ou can imagine how
productive one's life could be when applying s&ills in these areas. +owever, when a person comes in with
a ;>AC, they will be learning how to bring these energies into harmony, therefore manifesting the
"ualities they represent to a greater height. 3y doing so, restrictive beliefs can be transformed.
7armic Number $(D*
When reducing the numbers to a final digit, if you find a ;C before a D you have a 0armic 1umber. A ;CAD
is still a D but with a focus on learning about progress, freedom, and flexibility. In previous experiences
the D probably wasn't fully understood or utili7ed. $herefore a person may feel restless, easily distracted,
and find it hard to follow through. $heir first life experiences may result in the under!balanced and over!
balanced traits previously mentioned above as well as impulsiveness and indulgence. 3ecause life brings
many opportunities, this life's experiences will bring situations to learn how to apply the energies in
beneficial ways.
7armic Number $+D,
With the 0armic 1umber of a ;EAF you often find a person who has difficulty in relationships. $hey
sometimes feel isolated and alone, which can create confusion in love relationships. 3ecause they are
more introspective than the ;, they may be less self!directed in some ways but may be more resentful or
detached. 5f course when a ;EAF learns how to heal it's beliefs around separation and uses its fine
abilities to gain deeper spiritual understanding, the ;EAF energies can be redirected into a balanced state.
In this way the person can begin to create relationships where self!love is a supportive trait rather than
feeling that they are selfish or being misunderstood.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. .alculate the 6irst 1ame to find the 2rowth 1umber, 6irst Letter, and 6irst :owel.
>. 6or each name, note the 2rowth 1umber and apply it to the person's growth and development
C. 1ote the 6irst Letter and apply it to possible responses and reactions in the public world.
D. 1ote the 6irst :owel and how it may impact a person's responses and reactions in the more
personal areas of their life.
E. Lastly, go bac& through your charts and rechec& your addition. /a&e sure /aster 1umbers have
been added correctly. 1ote where a 0armic 1umber exists in relationship to .ore 'lements.
Interpret how this may impact the person.
Numerology Lesson $' - The Habit Challenge
In the last three 1umerology lessons, we discussed several 0ey /odifiers that influence the .ore
'lements found in a 1umerology chart. $his 1umerology lesson features a trait we call the ?+abit
.hallenge?. *ome 1umerologists refer to this aspect as the ?,oint of *ecurity?. 3oth names describe the
nature of this aspect "uite well. Although it is not exactly a modifier of .ore 'lements, the +abit
.hallenge does influence the flow of energy available to them.
+ave you ever felt a habit or a repeated pattern that was hard to identify9 1o matter how aware of the
pattern you became, it continued to occur over and over9 8our +abit .hallenge may shed some light on
this sub-ect. $he +abit .hallenge is -ust what is sounds li&e!!a habit we feel challenged by which is
usually negative. 3ecause all numbers have a polarity as well as a balanced state, the +abit .hallenge is
usually experienced as an extreme under!balanced or over!balanced# rather than a balanced vibration.
5ur challenge is to learn how to balance its influence. $his trait then becomes positive and empowering.
5ften stress, confusion, and insecurity are energies that create the reactions found in the +abit
.hallenge. When a person becomes aware of the reactions, they can choose to bring the extremes into a
nurturing and balanced state. Li&e all vibrations that exist within an individual chart, synergy can enhance
the individual parts.
Habit Challenge Chart
(etermining a +abit .hallenge is "uite simple. It is the total letters in a name added together. In other
words, rather than adding the value of each letter, li&e in previous lessons, we add the total number of
letters together and reduce them to one single digit.
Barbara Ann 7elly
, letters ' letters * letters
, E ' E * 0 $*
$ E * 0 + Habit Challenge
Chart @nterpretation
In 3arbara's case we find a E for her +abit .hallenge. We can speculate that 3arbara may vacillate
between the under!balanced and over!balanced aspects of the E, attempting to balance them. *he may
become over!attached to her home, family, and environment. *o much so that she finds it hard to extend
herself beyond her familiar environment. *he could also find herself giving advice, living her dreams
through others, or perhaps becoming over!responsible. Another trait of an under!balanced E could be
avoiding responsibility involving others and perhaps failing to &eep appointments or obligations. When
balanced a E +abit .hallenge can become a very creative and resourceful asset to have.
6or ease, we created possible descriptions for each number. 8ou may want to add to our descriptions. As
creative beings, there are many possible +abit .hallenge expressions. We listed a few to help you along.
+ave fun and see what other possible expressions you come up with.
3ossible Habit Challenge 5esponses
(uring this course we've as&ed you to use your intuition regarding how a given number would express as
under!balanced or over!balanced. We'll now present some specific examples for each number. Although
we are presenting these descriptions in relationship to the +abit .hallenge, they are not restricted to this
sub-ect alone. $he following descriptions apply to each of the numbers in context, including the .ore
'lements. )efer to 1umerology Lesson 5ne for the balanced descriptions.
$ Habit Challenge - Lea"ership!
#n"er-balance" - insecureG "epen"entG passive
Over-balance" - bossyG opinionate"G "ominating
When acting in an under!balanced way, the ; may respond in a procrastinating manner, be indecisive,
and act in vacillating ways. $he ;'s natural assertive nature could become over!balanced and result in a
response that is bossy, impatient, stubborn, impulsive, and over!attached to ones own beliefs.
% Habit Challenge - 3eacema&ing!
#n"er-balance" - in"ecisiveG "epen"entG uncertain
Over-balance" - oversensitiveG "isapprovingG unsupportive
As an under!balanced response, it may be hard to maintain a sense of identity because of a desire to
please. $he = as an over!balanced response may become fussy over little things and caught up in details.
' Habit Challenge - 1pression!
#n"er-balance" - unfocuse"G vacillatingG anious
Over-balance" - eaggeratingG gossipyG lac&ing in concentration
As an under!balanced habit it can exaggerate, become self indulgent, and be without direction. A > is
creative and expressive so when it becomes an over!balanced response it can lead to scattered energies,
starting many tas&s, and finding it hard to focus.
( Habit Challenge - Form!
#n"er-balance" - "isorgani)e"G narrowG uncertain
Over-balance" - hea"strongG limite"G antagonistic
A C, as an under!balanced response can expect a lot of others and fail to commit itself. When over!
balanced, it can become too serious and careful, often creating opposition. In addition, it could become so
attached to methods that it forgets to see the big picture, getting caught up in details.
* Habit Challenge - Free"om!
#n"er-balance" - non progressiveG cautiousG "oubtful
Over-balance" - erraticG impulsiveG careless
$he D could respond in an under!balanced way by escaping reality through indulgent means. With an
over!balance response there could be a possibility of changing directions too often before results are
evident. $his instability could effect relationships and career.
+ Habit Challenge - 5esponsibility!
#n"er-balance" - "istantG self see&ingG unorgani)e"
Over-balance" - "iscontentG overemotionalG over-responsible
When the E is under!balanced, its response may be to avoid responsibility involving others, perhaps
failing to &eep appointments or obligations. $he E +abit .hallenge can become very attached to its home,
family, and environment. When it becomes over!balanced, it may live through others or possibly desire to
give unsolicited advice.
, Habit Challenge - @n"ivi"uality!
#n"er-balance" - "isregar"e"G superficialG un"evelope"
Over-balance" - resentfulG hypercriticalG secretive
If responding in an under!balanced expression, it can act in over!analytical and critical ways and can even
become cut off from its own deep feelings. An over!balanced response can become very detached, shut
people out, and hold onto resentments.
- Habit Challenge - 9anifestation!
#n"er-balance" - powerlessG impoverishe"G un"iscipline"
Over-balance" - tactlessG pushyG possessive
When under!balanced, material success and motivation may be lac&ing. When an J becomes over!
balanced, it may ta&e its effective wor& characteristics into friendships and home life. In addition,
intimidation and manipulation may become a way of attaining results as well as trying to do everything
and forgetting to delegate.
. Habit Challenge - Compassion!
#n"er-balance" - passionlessG oppressiveG aloof
Over-balance" - unaccountableG impracticalG "reamer
If expressing in an under!balanced way, it can be somewhat cold or detached, feeling that it is being
broad!minded. In addition, it can become a -ac& of all trades and master of none. $he K can become
moody and filled with ups and downs. 5ver!balance can be expressed as too dreamy and impractical or
too generous for its own good.
A 1ote 5n /aster 1umbers ! 3oth ;;A= and ==AC can be read as either their master vibration of their
digited down vibration. /aster vibrations represent a much higher fre"uency. When a ;;A= or ==AC
cannot hold the higher fre"uency, they will revert to either a = or a C respectively. *o, also refer to the
under!balanced and over!balanced aspects of the = and the C when analy7ing the ;;A= and ==AC.
$$D% Habit Challenge - @llumination!
#n"er-balance" - aimlessG fearful of psychic abilitiesG submissive
Over-balance" - etreme nervousnessG misgui"e"G obsesse"
%%D( Habit Challenge - 9aster Buil"er!
#n"er-balance" - lethargicG spiritlessG inactive
Over-balance" - etreme tensionG overwhelme"G controlling
$he purpose of pointing out the under!balanced and over!balanced traits that may occur from a +abit
.hallenge, is to help identify possible patterns. 5nce identified, an individual can become conscious and
wor& towards balancing the negative traits into a positive and creative response rather than a reactive
one. We have found that once the +abit .hallenge is embraced, it can them be balanced and brought into
an energy which can be an impetus for success.
When wor&ing with the +abit .hallenge, also pay attention to the other .ore 'lement numbers. $he +abit
.hallenge may be easier to balance if it has harmonious energies to help it along. If other .ore 'lements
are (iscordant, the +abit .hallenge may be a little more difficult to direct into a positive and balanced
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. Add the letters in the first, middle, and last names together as the chart indicates.
>. 1ote the +abit .hallenge and refer to the under!balanced and over!balanced "ualities above
C. )efer bac& to Numerology Lesson One to see the positive intention or goal of the +abit .hallenge.
$hese balanced attributes are what the +abit .hallenge is wanting to teach.
D. 'valuate the rest of the chart loo&ing for harmonious or discordant relationships between the
+abit .hallenge and the other components of the chart.
E. 6rom the information gained in the above step, create your own description of how the +abit
.hallenge may express itself in that specific chart.
Numerology Lesson $( - The 9aturity Number
In this lesson we feature a ma-or element in 1umerology called the /aturity 1umber. $his vibration is
something to loo& forward to in our latter years. $he /aturity 1umber is created by blending two .ore
'lements. *ome 1umerologists call this vibration either the )eality 1umber or the %ltimate 2oal 1umber.
We prefer the /aturity 1umber because this vibration begins to become evident in the middle range of
one's life.
$he /aturity 1umber ac&nowledges possible ways an individual may contribute bac& to the universe their
uni"ue expressions, creations, and &nowledge cultivated from this life. $his number is also an indicator of
a meaningful, satisfying, and happy life in latter years. $herefore, as we enter the latter years of life!!
after gaining &nowledge, learning how to balance our energies, and becoming more self aware!!this
vibration engages within us and begins to express outwardly.
8ou might wonder when a person may begin to notice this vibration. In small children, you can sense this
vibration for a few years by noticing the way they act and by observing some of their personal interests.
+owever, the early effects of the /aturity 1umber usually fade because the Life ,ath, +eart's (esire, and
'xpression vibrations become more evident during the first stages of life development. Again, the
opportunities the /aturity number presents usually blossom later in life.
If you are in your late thirties or early forties, you may wonder from time to time what is in store for you.
.an you &eep up the same energy through the rest of your life9 What lies ahead and what may present
itself to assist in ma&ing life easier in the future9 If you are in your fifties or sixties and feeling that life
has not been all that you desired, or if you are -ust wondering where else you may find happiness,
opportunity, and satisfaction, loo& toward the /aturity 1umber for guidance. $hese are times when the
/aturity 1umber is ready to present itself. 5pportunities that can be found through embracing the
/aturity 1umber's "ualities are waiting to be revealed. $he /aturity 1umber really is a promise that you
charted out for your latter years. It will lead you in directions where you can attain fulfillment, purpose,
and reward. What a wonderful time of life and a great gift to give bac& to the universe@
Calculating the 9aturity Number
It is "uite simple to find out what your /aturity 1umber is. Add your Life ,ath 1umber Lesson C# and
8our 'xpression 1umber Lesson E# together.
1ext, reduce these two numbers to a single digit. )emember if you find the /aster 1umbers of either ;;
or ==, there is no need to reduce them to a single digit. +owever, you do have the choice of embracing
the opportunities found in the ;; or the = if an ;; is your /aturity 1umber. If you have the /aster
1umber ==, you can embrace the == or the C. As mentioned in previous lessons, when we have a /aster
1umber for a final digit, it is sometimes difficult to remain at the high vibration that exists with in the
/aster 1umber. In these cases it is "uite perfect to identify with the other number.
Life 3ath Chart
November %+th $.*'
$$ is $$D% % E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% A9aster NumberB - Aalrea"y one "igitB $ E - 0 .
$$D% E - E . 0 $.
$ E . 0 $C
$ E C 0 $ Life 3ath

The 1pression Chart
B A 5 B A 5 A A N N 7 1 L L >
% $ . % $ . $ $ * * % * ' ' ,
%*D, $$D% %CD%
First Name! , 9i""le Name! $$D% Last Name! %
%* E $$ E %C 0 *+
* E + 0 $$D% 1pression
$he /aturity .hart
The 9aturity Number
$ Birth Force $$D% 8estiny
$ E $$ 0 $%
$ E % 0 ' 9aturity Number
Numerology Chart @nterpretation
*ince we &now 3arbara's age you always do as a 1umerologist@#, we can tell that the influence of the
/aturity 1umber is already present. *he may even be wondering where she can find new directions for
opportunity, growth, and satisfaction in her life. In addition, she may be wondering what lies ahead for
her latter years.
0nowing that she has a > /aturity 1umber should give her much encouragement. It wants to bring
"ualities of -oy, creativity, and pleasure throughout her latter years. $his /aturity 1umber wishes to
lighten up her life. If she has felt burdened or that complexities have &ept her from feeling free, this
vibration surely wants to simplify her life and point her in a direction of what really matters@ We have a
feeling that life will present her with opportunities to embrace some of the simper -oys of living. /ore
expression wants to come into her life!! more play, friends, and creative outlets. *he may have to watch
to not scatter her energies, but by the time a person expresses their /aturity 1umber, they usually have
learned how to balance the energies found within the numbers.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& the Life ,ath calculations in Numerology Lesson Four and the 'xpression calculations in
Numerology Lesson Six.
>. 1ow add the two .ore 'lements together to find the /aturity 1umber.
C. )efer bac& to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the opportunities that may lie
ahead in the years to come.
D. .ompare the /aturity 1umber and the +eart's (esire number and discern how they complement
each other.
E. 6rom the information gained in the above step, create your own description of how the /aturity
1umber may express itself in that specific chart.
1umerology Lesson ;D ! $he ,ersonal 8ear
In previous 1umerology lessons we learned the essentials that describe our character, motivations, and
opportunities. 1ow let's go one step further and find out how one's individual nature is effected by the
timing of events and cyclic influences that exist in a 1umerology .hart. In 1umerology there are two
types of .yclic :ibrations:
1% 7ey Cyclic :ibrations
2% 3ersonal Cyclic :ibrations
$hrough the next several lessons these various vibrations will be the topic of discussion. In this lesson we
feature the ,ersonal .yclic :ibration of the ,ersonal 8ear. *ince the ,ersonal /onth and ,ersonal (ay are
part of the ,ersonal 8ear, we'll show you how to calculate them as well.
$he ,ersonal 8ear is a vibration that you can immediately recogni7e and receive benefit from. +ave you
ever noticed how during some years you felt very restless and eager to begin new underta&ings9 5r that
in other years you felt "uite content to stay at home, wor& on your environment, and focus on your
family. $hen again, some years you might have felt li&e you were letting go of much with which you
previously identified and that you felt anticipation about the future. What we are describing is the
influence that $he ,ersonal 8ear can have on you. We really do create our lives with a certain rhythm and
there are optimal times to initiate new tas&s.
$he ,ersonal 8ear's rhythm is based on the vibrations of ; ! K. $he ,ersonal 8ear is the most illuminating
when you are facing a decision or wanting to &now the probability of certain events. 'ach year you wor&
through one of the nine ,ersonal 8ears since the ,ersonal 8ears run concurrently. $hey start on <anuary
;st and continue through (ec >;st. At the end of the year you begin the next ,ersonal 8ear. 6or example,
if you are in a K ,ersonal 8ear this year, on <anuary ;st you will enter a ; ,ersonal 8ear.
<ust as we have an individual ,ersonal 8ear vibration, there is also a %niversal 8ear that describes the
general planetary vibration during the entire year. $he %niversal 8ear runs with our calendar year. It is
"uite simple to calculate:
Add the numbers of the current year
)educe them to a single digit from ; to K
*ometimes in a = year the /aster 1umber of ;; will be present. 3e sure and add correctly to ma&e sure
you get the correct number. $he same is true in a C personal year, the /aster 1umber of == may be
#niversal >ear Chart
%sing the 8ear of ;KKK for our example:
$ E . E . E . 0 %-
% E - 0 $ #niversal >ear
%sing the 8ear =LLL as our example:
% E C E C E C 0 %
% #niversal >ear
,ersonal 8ear .hart
1ow that we &now the %niversal 8ear, we are ready to calculate our ,ersonal 8ear. $o figure out what your
,ersonal 8ear is, add your month and day of birth to the %niversal 8ear.
Birth 9onth E 8ay of Birth E #niversal >ear 0 3ersonal >ear
,ersonal 8ear :ibrations
$he ,ersonal 8ear embraces each number's individual "ualities and applies them as the energy needed to
initiate, cultivate, expand, progress, and eventually reap the rewards of a cycle of experience. $he
individual energies within each number express themselves in a natural organic rhythm that cultivates
human potential and growth. $o refresh your memory 1umerology Lesson 5ne describes the numbers in
greater detail.
It ma&es sense that a ; would lead our experience and a K would conclude, holding within it the
&nowledge, compassion, and understanding gained from a full cycle of experience. 5nce we conclude a
full cycle through the K ,ersonal 8ears, we start all over again. $he following definitions will give you
some guidance in how to apply each number's energies to the direction contained in a ,ersonal 8ear.
$ 3ersonal >ear
$his is a new beginning time. 'mbrace courage, openness, and initiate new ideas. 'nergy is behind you
supporting new directions, self definition, and new ideas. 6ollow your dreams and begin cultivating what
really motivates you. It is not a time to wait around as you could miss out on what this year has to offer.
8ou really are setting the pace for the next nine years.
% 3ersonal >ear
$his year re"uires cooperation, patience, and continued development of what you began last year. $ime is
needed to put everything into motion. .ontinue to focus on your motivations and step by step progress
so that what you began last year can further develop. )elationships are also an area of focus throughout
the year.
' 3ersonal >ear
$his year wants to expand your life and focus. It brings increased activity and recognition. 'nthusiasm
moves into the picture. 8ou may find yourself "uite busy with more social interaction. *eeds can be
planted in the hearts and minds of those around you. If you become confused by too many directions,
pic& the one that excites you the most. 'xpression and .reativity are highlighted.
( 3ersonal >ear
5rgani7ation is &ey in this year including continued development and focus. 8ou may feel a little restricted
in some ways but &eep in mind the reward ahead from you efforts. $his is a foundation year and as&s you
to finish details where continued support is needed.
* 3ersonal >ear
$his year promises rewards and progress from what you developed the previous four years. 5ften
opportunities come your way to advance in various directions. $he year as&s for flexibility, and may bring
some ris&s, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. *ometimes relationships at a distance and
travel are highlighted.
+ 3ersonal >ear
)elationships with family, friends, and co!wor&ers is &ey this year. $he spotlight shines more on domestic
matters. Love interests are often highlighted as well as the passion that connects us to our creativity.
$here is also a focus on self!love, connection, and nurturing.
, 3ersonal >ear
$his is somewhat of a sabbatical time. /uch is gained through reflection and personal refinement. 8ou
may want to as& yourself some important "uestions li&e what your Life ,urpose is and what you want
your life to be li&e. It is a time for see&ing a deeper understanding into your inner nature. *olitude is
often needed in order to "uiet your mind and get in touch with what really matters to you.
- 3ersonal >ear
After the reflection of last year, it is time to move from the inner world into the outer world and manifest
in greater ways what you have been wor&ing toward during the last seven years. /aterial issues, career,
and worldly accomplishments come to the forefront. 5rgani7ation is again important and monetary gain is
. 3ersonal >ear
/uch li&e the F ,ersonal 8ear the K invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. 8ou have
graduated from a cycle of experience. It is a time for completing many areas of experience so that you
can move freely into the next cycle ahead without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage.
$here is a letting go of the old as anticipation of future possibilities exists within you. 2ratefulness and
compassion are especially important at this time.
$$ 3ersonal >ear
%nless /aster 1umbers are noted in the .ore Aspects of the individual's chart, the ;; ,ersonal 8ear is
usually approached as a = ,ersonal 8ear. In the case where the ;; is embraced, it would benefit an
individual to utili7e their intuitive, spiritual, and inspirational talents to direct their affairs. .ontribution to
humanity and inspiring others is usually part of the agenda.
%% 3ersonal >ear
Again, unless /aster 1umbers are evident in the .ore Aspects of an individual's chart, it is "uite difficult
to approach the year as a == would indicate. $herefore, the C would direct the energies. If the == is
embraced, you can expect much to be accomplished since this /aster 1umber wants to create on a large
scale. Li&e the ;;, the == re"uires a certain devotion to the well!being of others and the goodness of
humanity. A universal approach is necessary to fully engage in this /aster 1umber vibration.
,ersonal 8ear 'xample
November %+th E Current #niversal >ear
$$ E % + E $...
$$ E - E $ 0 %CD% 3ersonal >ear
%sing the example of 3arbara's 3irthday, we note that she is in a = ,ersonal 8ear. 3y referring to the
,ersonal 8ear descriptions, we &now that she is in her second year of a new cycle which began last year.
$he best way to direct energies this year is to further develop the ideas that she aspired to last year.
,atience and time are her tools along with the cooperation of others. A = ,ersonal 8ear also highlights
friendships and relationships. When doing a chart, always note when the ,ersonal 8ear corresponds with
a .ore 'lement or any other ma-or element. 3ecause 3arbara's (estiny is an ;;A=, this year may further
her along with opportunities that are part of her most beneficial life experiences. $his is a splendid time
to en-oy a more relaxed pace. $he > ,ersonal 8ear that follows will certainly pic& up the pace@
3ersonal 9onths an" 3ersonal 8ays
Within our ,ersonal 8ear we also have ,ersonal /onths and ,ersonal (ays. A ,ersonal /onth or ,ersonal
(ay is similar in vibration, however its meaning is tailored to the actions of the particular number
represented for the month or day. In other words, you would apply the same "ualities that are noted in
the examples previously mentioned to a monthly or daily experience.
3ersonal 9onth Chart
It is simple to calculate your ,ersonal /onth. 1ow that you &now what your ,ersonal 8ear is, add it to the
current month and you have your ,ersonal /onth vibration. We will use the month of /ay and 3arbara's
,ersonal 8ear for our example.
9ay E % 3ersonal >ear
* E % 0 , 3ersonal 9onth
3ecause 3arbara is in a F ,ersonal /onth in /ay, we &now that the month re"uires deeper reflection and
analysis to further her along in her = ,ersonal 8ear. (uring the month of /ay, refining ideas and pro-ects,
continued personal development, and educating herself in areas that represent her goals will add to the
development of her = ,ersonal 8ear and this cycle of her life.
3ersonal 8ay Chart
'ach day of the month has its own ,ersonal (ay vibration for each individual. $o find a ,ersonal (ay, add
the ,ersonal /onth to the calendar day in "uestion. Again using 3arbara for an example, and the random
date of /ay ;>th, we would find her in an ;; ,ersonal (ay. )emember to apply the /aster 1umber
comments above.
3ersonal 9onth E Current 8ay 8igit
, 3ersonal 9onth E ACurrent 8ay 0 1ample! 9ay $'thB $'D( 0 $$ 3ersonal 8ay
$his day is a good one for spiritual pursuit and self care. It is also a grand day to pay attention to
intuition and creativity. ,erhaps an opportunity will present itself to help a friend or share a delightful
experience. It could also be a day that re"uires a little patience in some ways, because it is a more
internal day than one that is externally demanding.
$he vibration found in your ,ersonal (ay can help you determine when it is a good time to initiate a
direction, sleep in and ta&e it easy, help others, travel, rest, study, etc. 5f course, planning our life
wholly by what is represented in the ,ersonal (ays isn't realistic. +owever, we can get a good idea of how
our energy might flow each day and how to best utili7e the energies available.
6irstly, note and pay attention to your ,ersonal 8ear. $he force of the year is best reali7ed in the months
between /arch and *eptember. *eptember is the month where the ,ersonal 8ear will be most evident.
Why9 3ecause *eptember is a K the Kth month# and when you add K to any other number, it will always
digit bac& down to the other number. .hec& it out@ $herefore, *eptember will mirror the vibration of
whatever ,ersonal 8ear you are in. $hen the last three months of each year begin to prepare you for the
coming new year.
*econdly, note your current ,ersonal /onth. $his will help you plan and time various stages throughout
the year. Lastly, note your ,ersonal (ay. 6or example, on some days you will need extra time to reflect
throughout the day, where other days you will feel eager to accomplish and get things done.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& to the Life ,ath calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each
>. )efer bac& to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number
represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.
C. 6igure out the ,ersonal 8ear for each person and note if it corresponds to any of their .ore
D. 1ext, .alculate their ,ersonal /onth and note how their year progresses.
E. If desired, also note the ,ersonal (ay and how to best ta&e advantage of its energies.
1umerology Lesson ;E ! $he ,innacles
$he ,innacles are 0ey .yclic :ibrations and represent four ma-or cycles of life. In this 1umerology lesson
we discuss these four main periods of experience and show you how to calculate them as well as interpret
them. $he ,innacles are essentially road maps of experience. $hey give us an outlet to experience our
.ore Aspects from the beginning of our life to the time we depart.
3y paying attention to the ,innacles, you receive direction and the benefit of added clarity. $he ,innacles
are a cyclic energy that wants to deepen your life's experiences. 'ach ,innacle represents a period of
development and is accurate in its timing. It is assists you in cultivating fulfillment and your life's destiny
and purpose.
$he ,innacles are based on nine year cycles. )efer bac& to 1umerology Lesson 6ifteen. )ecall the
,ersonal 8ears ; ! K# that ma&e up a complete cycle. It ta&es a cycle of seven to gain insight and it ta&es
a full nine year cycle to create fulfillment. An example of this is the time it ta&es to bring a baby in the
womb to maturity. $his is why 1umerology bases its cycles on nine. 6ulfillment is present when energy is
fully experienced and embraced.
First 3innacle!
We find that the energy present in the 6irst ,innacle develops your character. It is there for very personal
reasons. $his is a time when we develop our egos and define our sense of self. 8ou might call this the
springtime of life. In latter years we often hold onto the beliefs created during this time period.
2econ" 3innacle!
$he *econd ,innacle represents the summer of life. $he energy found in this pinnacle influences our
relationships with our family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are involved.
$his ,innacle represents a productive time of life and prepares us for our next ,innacle.
Thir" 3innacle!
In the $hird ,innacle, also &nown as ?middle age?, we mature and enter the autumn cycle of life. $his
period can be a wonderfully productive time of life and our /aturity 1umber often begins to ma&e sense.
We usually broaden our experiences to include a more global awareness as well.
Fourth 3innacle!
In the 6ourth ,innacle, or the winter cycle, we embrace deeper fulfillment as we expand our awareness to
include a broader definition of spiritual understanding. $his is an integrative time of life. $he last ,innacle
wants to bring rewards and opportunities to use the &nowledge gained through our life's experience.
$he ,innacles connect you to a well!defined road map which illuminates your individual life rhythm.
.onsider the ,innacles a step by step developmental experience that can show you how to connect the
dots of your life experiences. (uring the first ,innacle of experience, it's often hard to imagine the
future. /uch later, when a person enters their 6ourth ,innacle, it is easy to loo& bac& and see why the
,innacles exist in their particular pattern.
Calculating the 3innacles
$he ,innacles are found within the full date of birth. %se addition to calculate the four individual
$he 6irst ,innacle e"uals the sum of the digits of the month and day of birth.
$he *econd ,innacle e"uals the sum of the digits of the day of birth and year of birth.
$he $hird ,innacle e"uals the addition of these two numbers.
$he 6ourth ,innacle e"uals the addition of the digits found in the month and year.
3innacle Chart
%sing 3arbara's date of birth as our example:
%+th $.*'
$$D% 9aster NoI
% E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% - $ E - 0 .
$$ E - E . 0 $ Life 3ath
$he /onth and (ay I $he 6irst ,innacle
$$D% A9onthB E - A8ayB 0 $.
$ E . 0 $C
$ E C 0 $ First 3innacle
$he (ay and 8ear I $he *econd ,innacle
%+D- A8ayB E $.*'D$-D. A>earB 0 $,
$ E , 0 - 2econ" 3innacle
Add the numbers of the first two ,innacles together I $he $hird ,innacle
$ AFirst 3innacleB E - A2econ" 3innacleB 0 . Thir" 3innacle
Add the /onth and 8ear I $he 6ourth ,innacle
$$D% A9onthB E $.*'D$-D. A>earB 0 %C
% E C 0 % Fourth 3innacle
$iming of the ,innacles
$o calculate the timing of the ,innacles, begin with the number >E which is C times K#.
*ubtract the digit of the Life ,ath from >E:
$his is very important for your calculations to be correct. $his gives you the timing of when the
first ,innacle's influence is present. It also gives you the timing of the age when its influence
1ext add K years to this age:
$he time the 6irst ,innacle ends. $his is the period of time the *econd ,innacle will influence the
.ontinue by adding K to the age when the *econd ,innacle ends:
$hese next nine years are the $hird ,innacle of experience.
Again, add K years to the age when the $hird ,innacle ends:
8ou will find when the 6ourth ,innacle will begin and continue till the end of the individual's life.
Age Chart for 3innacle Timing
Life 3ath Number First 3innacle 2econ" 3innacle Thir" 3innacle Fourth 3innacle
. C-%, %--'+ ',-(* (+ on
- C-%- %.-', '--(+ (, on
, C-%. 'C-'- '.-(, (- on
+ C-'C '$-'. (C-(- (. on
* C-'$ '%-(C ($-(. *C on
( C-'% ''-($ (%-*C *$ on
' C-'' '(-(% ('-*$ *% on
% C-'( '*-(' ((-*% *' on
$ C-'* '+-(( (*-*' *( on
With the Age .hart for ,innacle $iming we determine in the 8ear of ;KKK that 3arbara is in her $hird
,innacle. )eferring bac& to Numerology Lesson Fi&$een we note that she is also in a = ,ersonal 8ear. +er $hird
,innacle is also a K vibration. $his means that she is directed in her = ,ersonal 8ear by the influence of a
K ,innacle.
A K ,innacle brings with it a desire to gain universal &nowledge along with an interest in human&ind. $his
is much easier to do when in a latter ,innacle than when experiencing this vibration in as a 6irst ,innacle.
(uring the next seven years!!because 3arbara is in a = year!!her talents will probably want more
expression. *he may pursue creative hobbies as well as non!conforming lines of wor&. )elationships want
to deepen and embrace compassion and understanding. $his is a cycle that also brings closures of many
&inds because it is a ,innacle that as&s a person to live by higher truths.
*ince 3arbara is only in her second =# ,ersonal 8ear of this nine year cycle, she is -ust beginning to get a
feeling for what this cycle is all about. In her ; ,ersonal 8ear she &new changes were ahead and she
began to prepare for them. $his year changes are "uietly underway as she develops her ideas and applies
A K ,innacle brings inspiration to live by higher ideals. 5ften it is a very rewarding time as well as a time
of deepening. *elf care is a focus because as we develop compassion, forgiveness and understanding for
ourselves, we can also support others more fully.
When applying the energy available from the number represented in a ,innacle, &eep in mind if it is a
beginning ,innacle. When applying the energy to a 6irst ,innacle, often the experience is about balancing
the energy available. In a first ,innacle, experiences are more related to discovering what the energy is
about. In other words, the energy of a F as a first ,innacle!!if we personify the number in human terms!!
wouldn't present itself as a ?master educator? or ?practiced intuitive?. /ost li&ely the energy would be a
catalyst to develop and trust intuition.
$o provide another example, a D for a first ,innacle would probably create many changes in environment
and promote unsettled conditions. A D as a 6ourth ,innacle might attract world travel and bring
contribution through public spea&ing or areas of global influence. It's important to match the energy of
the ,innacle to the appropriate time the ,innacle represents.
3innacle @nterpretations
Apply the vibration within the numbers as learned in 1umerology Lesson 5ne to each ,innacle and its
significant vibration. As you create your interpretations, &eep in mind how each of the energies
represented in each ,innacle wor& together to create a road map of experience.
$ 3innacle!
$he individuality, leadership, and courage represented in the ; applied to a ,innacle encourages the
individual to stand up on their own. It as&s the individual to use their own wit, mind, and actions to direct
their life. 5ften in a 6irst ,innacle this is a little difficult for they may not feel fully prepared to do so. $he
reasoning behind the presence of this vibration as a 6irst ,innacle may be to develop strength of
character that will benefit them later in life. As a 6ourth ,innacle, opportunity may be present to be
outstanding in an area of underta&ing and demonstrate leadership. Another possibility is that this could
create more personal direction than would be available in other periods of life.
% 3innacle!
(uring a $wo ,innacle mediation, diplomacy, and sensitivity are present. Wor&ing as a team member and
cultivating balanced relationships is important. It is not a period for independence. It cultivates the ability
to get along with others using the energies present within a = vibration. As a 6irst ,innacle, a child may
seem oversensitive and lac&ing in confidence. A parent can assist the child by wor&ing with them to build
confidence and by helping them to develop their talents and abilities. As a 6ourth ,innacle, "uiet pursuits
and pleasant surroundings are possible. In addition, there are opportunities that include cultural and
public considerations.
' 3innacle!
A delightful ,innacle to pursue creative directions filled with inspiration and expression. $his ,innacle is
one of the easiest ,innacles because it isn't as physically demanding as many of the others. 'n-oyment is
a focus as well as pleasure. <oy is prevalent. 6or a 6irst ,innacle, it can lead to scattered energies,
vacillation, and exaggeration until the individual develops greater self!definition and learns how to
channel their abilities. A parent can support a child by encouraging expression and creativity. $his helps
build confidence and encourages direction. As a latter ,innacle, you might be delighted to &now that hard
wor& is not the focus. %sually this ,innacle attracts money to support the inspirational directions that are
possible while its influence is present.
( 3innacle!
A 6our ,innacle is a time of accomplishment and building a foundation to rely on in the future. At times it
may feel restrictive because there is a need to remain focused and accomplish a mission. $he nature of
this ,innacle is very concrete since it uses all of the energies available in the C vibration. %sually hard
wor& shows benefit because much is accomplished and put into form during this time. As a 6irst ,innacle,
a serious and practical nature will flavor ideas. It is possible that responsibilities will run high. If this
,innacle is the 6ourth, rewards will come through the contribution of effort to a worthy cause or even
development of a hobby or s&ill. $here is still more to do@
* 3innacle!
A 6ive ,innacle creates public contact and represents unexpected activities. 5ften there is much freedom
to move about and be a part of worldly underta&ings. %sually this is not a time to stay home because the
world desires your participation. It is progressive and adventuresome in nature, re"uiring flexibility. As a
6irst ,innacle, it is often difficult to focus on a direction because so many interests and ideas may seem
stimulating and exciting. A parent can support a child by helping them learn how to finish tas&s and
teaching them the benefits of direction without stifling their many interests. As a 6ourth ,innacle, new
lines of wor& or public underta&ings can lead to great accomplishments. 'xperience is a great teacher and
helping others to understand their experiences could be a highlight if this ,innacle is present in the latter
+ 3innacle!
(uring a *ix ,innacle humanitarian service flavors ones experiences. $his is a time where responsibility to
others is the driving force. Lines of wor& could include public service, healing, and even creativity.
Anything that sooths and benefits human&ind. 5ften there is a strong desire to create a family and share
love. In a 6irst ,innacle an individual could feel a strong urge to marry at a young age. 5ften there is a
need to feel deep connection and a desire to act out the energies held within the E in a family and home.
Later on these same energies can broaden and benefit human&ind in ways that contribute through
humanitarian service. In the 6ourth ,innacle, friends and family are always present and old age brings
comfort through loved ones.
, 3innacle!
(uring a *even ,innacle an individual will be as&ed to get in touch with their individuality. $his is a time
of soul development. 5ften the see&ing of spiritual direction, deepening of intuitive ability, and self
definition are important for cultivating a deeper experience of human intention. *pending time alone can
be very important. A person with a *even ,innacle often contributes &nowledge through research and
perfection. If a young child experiences a F as a 6irst ,innacle, they may seem somewhat detached and
may be considered ?gifted?. A parent can help them by ma&ing sure education is provided and by
supporting them to feel li&e they fit into the world. As a 6ourth ,innacle an individual may decide to teach
others the &nowledge that is available through understanding the connection of body, mind, and spirit.
- 3innacle!
An 'ight ,innacle is a time to manifest material attainments. $his can include business responsibility as
well as managing professional affairs. )ecognition is possible through steady repeated effort. *ound
-udgment comes in handy as well as understanding the needs of people. 'ven though this vibration has
its place in the material world, the spiritual world wants to be incorporated. As a child experiences an J
for a 6irst ,innacle, expect them to be ambitious and have a taste for the finer things in life. %sually they
start wor&ing at a young age and are eager for responsibility. When experienced as a latter ,innacle,
management of property, money, and possessions will still re"uire sound -udgment. *tatus and
recognition are also possible.
. 3innacle!
$he 1ine ,innacle fills life with beauty, art, and creative inspiration. %niversal &nowledge and
understanding flavors this ,innacle. 5ften philanthropy fills the heart of the individual experiencing this
cycle. %nless the individual has developed experiences creating a compassionate and forgiving nature,
this ,innacle may bring many ups and downs to help them attain a deeper universal understanding. $here
is somewhat of an unconventional nature present with this vibration. As a 6irst ,innacle, the individual
usually learns through their life experiences and they often leave something behind so they can move
forward with greater &nowledge. $heir talents want to be cultivated during the presence of this ,innacle
since a K embraces all experience. (uring any ,innacle, and especially as a 6ourth ,innacle, money,
wealth, love, and recognition are all possible for those who follow their heart.
$$ 3innacle!
)efer bac& to the $wo ,innacle. %sually when an 'leven ,innacle is present it will be experienced as a $wo
,innacle. If experienced as an 'leven ,innacle, the person will gain through experiences of faith and
spiritual connection. Interests and activities that re"uire spiritual practice will be prominent. 8ou may find
other /aster 1umbers in their overall chart.
%% 3innacle!
$his ,innacle is "uite rare to experience in its full potential. %sually the individual will experience this
,innacle as a 6our ,innacle, especially if this is their 6irst ,innacle. If they are able to hold the vibration of
a $wenty!$wo ,innacle!!through the nine year cycle!! they will continually wor& to attain a goal that is
very vast in its nature. $heir vision wants to touch many lives and they are usually channeling a
?collective intention?. It may even ta&e them a lifetime to achieve this type of goal as other ,innacles will
be set in motion to support this achievement.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& to the 3irth 6orce calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of
each individual.
>. )efer bac& to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number
represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.
C. 6igure out the four main ,innacles for each person.
D. 1ote if any of their ,innacles correspond to any of their .ore Aspects.
E. 1ote the ,ersonal 8ear that they are currently in within the ,innacle's nine year cycle. ,lay with
synthesi7ing the energies of the ,ersonal 8ear with the nine year cycle of the ,innacle.
F. Lastly, examine the other ,innacles and note how they combine to create a life road map.
1umerology Lesson ;F ! $he .hallenges
In the last 1umerology lesson the ,innacles, which are 0ey .yclic :ibrations were discussed in detail. $his
lesson features the .hallenges. $he .hallenges are also 0ey .yclic :ibrations and run concurrently with
the ,innacles. <ust as the ,innacles present a well defined road map, so do the .hallenges. +owever, the
.hallenges represent a different aspect of the path.
With the ,innacles we see the road ahead. We can attain a good idea of where the road is headed. If we
use the metaphor of ta&ing a wal&, we can relate the ,innacles to the path on which we wal& to get to our
destination. $he .hallenges represent the twists, turns and potholes in the path along the way. At first
the obstacles appear as something to overcome. +owever, while wal&ing the path and becoming
conscious of the imperfections, the .hallenges actually begin to enrich our experience. Learning how to
maneuver is an impetus for a successful and an enriched experience.
$he .hallenges first appear to do -ust that, challenge us. 8et they are actually incentives that lead us to
victory. $hey call on us to develop s&ill and talent. It is important not to try and overcome the .hallenge
but instead to actually become it@ $hey point us to habits that wish to be redirected thus helping us to
continually evolve. $he .hallenges and ,innacles go hand in hand. 5nce you determine the current
,innacle, always loo& toward the .hallenge to discover what else there is to learn.
$he .hallenges are based on nine year cycles and run concurrently with the ,innacles. ,lease refer bac&
to 1umerology Lesson 6ifteen. 8ou will recall that the ,ersonal 8ears of ; ! K ma&e up a complete cycle.
8ou can combine these two 0ey .yclic :ibrations!!$he ,innacles and .hallenges!!with the ,ersonal 8ear
to attain an understanding of the range of experiences possible in a given year. <ust as with the
,innacles, the .hallenges also express differently depending if they are the first, middle, or last cycles of
Type of Challenges
$here are essentially three types of .hallenges that extend through a person's life:
;. 5utstanding .hallenges
=. /ixed .hallenges
>. .ipher .hallenges. .ipher is another word for ?7ero?. A .ipher .hallenge has three divisions, the
single cipher, the double cipher, and the complete cipher.
Outstan"ing Challenges!
5utstanding .hallenges are a pattern of .hallenges that run through several nine year cycles. When a
specific challenge occurs two, three, and sometimes four times within a person's life, we call those
5utstanding .hallenges. In this case, an individual has a real opportunity to master this specific vibration.
It is a ma-or life lesson to embrace and use throughout their life.
9ie" Challenge!
$he /ixed .hallenge consists of a variety of different numbers bringing the development that arises from
wor&ing with multiple energies.
Cipher Challenge!
%ntil this point in our wor&shop, a .ipher 7ero# hasn't been used in our numerology calculations. $his is
because the .hallenge is calculated by subtraction. +aving a nine as a .hallenge is not mathematically
possible because it is the highest number used and all the other numbers are subtracted from it. /ore
on that in a moment.# +owever, the cipher can actually ta&e on the "ualities of the nine.
$he .ipher .hallenge is the most interesting. $he cipher, as mentioned, actually ta&es on the "ualities of
the K. A .ipher .hallenge, is a time for experiencing all challenges or no challenges. As a person masters
their nature, a .ipher .hallenge gives room to draw continually from its variety. A .ipher .hallenge may
create a sense of lac&ing direction. When a .ipher .hallenge runs through multiple cycles, the lac& of
direction can cause difficulties. In this case, loo& toward the .ore Aspects, and other energies, to gain
Challenge Type 2ummary
$he ;, =, >, and the .ipher are the most common .hallenges. $he C and D follow and the E comes next.
$he E is usually a very positive challenge. $he F and J usually connect to a .ipher challenge and occur in
the latter cycles.
A .hallenge re"uires you to apply the energies found within the number developing the energy as an
asset. In other words, learn to cultivate the s&ills available within the number and apply them to
everyday life. )emember to embrace rather than try to overcome the forces at hand. In this way the
.hallenge combines with the ,innacle and ensures success.
Calculating the Challenges
In calculating the .hallenges, we combine the same numbers found in the 3irthday. Instead of using
addition, as with the ,innacles, we use subtraction to find the .hallenges.
Always subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger number. )emember a nine ,innacle is
never found as a challenge because it is the highest number used and all the other numbers are
subtracted from it.
1ote: /aster 1umbers are not used in calculating .hallenges. When finding a .hallenge, reduce /aster
1umbers to one digit before subtracting.
$he 6irst .hallenge is the difference of the month and day of birth.
$he *econd .hallenge is difference of the day of birth and year of birth.
$he $hird .hallenge is the difference of the 6irst .hallenge and the *econd .hallenge.
$he 6ourth ,innacle is the difference of the month and year.
Challenge Chart
%sing 3arbara's date of birth as our example:
%+th $.*'
$$D% 9aster NoI
% E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% - $ E - 0 .
$$ E - E . 0 $ Life 3ath
*ubtract the /onth and (ay I $he 6irst .hallenge
- A8ayB - $$D% A9onthB 0 +
0 + First Challenge
*ubtract the (ay and 8ear I $he *econd .hallenge
.*'D$-D. A>earB - %+D- A8ayB 0 $
0 $ 2econ" Challenge
*ubtract these two numbers from each other I $he $hird .hallenge
+ AFirst ChallengeB - $ A2econ" ChallengeB 0 * Thir" Challenge
*ubtract the /onth and 8ear I $he 6ourth .hallenge
$.*'D$-D. A>earB - $$D% A9onthB 0 ,
0 , Fourth Challenge
$iming of the .hallenges
$o calculate the timing of the .hallenges, follow the same instructions found in 1umerology Lesson
*ixteen. 6or your convenience, the age chart is included in this lesson.
Age Chart for Challenge Timing
Life 3ath Number First 3innacle 2econ" 3innacle Thir" 3innacle Fourth 3innacle
. C-%, %--'+ ',-(* (+ on
- C-%- %.-', '--(+ (, on
, C-%. 'C-'- '.-(, (- on
+ C-'C '$-'. (C-(- (. on
* C-'$ '%-(C ($-(. *C on
( C-'% ''-($ (%-*C *$ on
' C-'' '(-(% ('-*$ *% on
% C-'( '*-(' ((-*% *' on
$ C-'* '+-(( (*-*' *( on
With the Age .harts for both ,innacle and .hallenge timing, we determine that in the year of ;KKK,
3arbara is in her $hird ,innacle and .hallenge. 3y referring bac& to 1umerology Lesson 6ifteen, we can
note that she is also in a = ,ersonal 8ear. +er $hird .hallenge is a D vibration along with a K $hird
/any times a D .hallenge compliments a K ,innacle. $his combination occurs fre"uently. We find that the
D .hallenge creates more exposure to other professionals and to the public. $hrough these encounters,
tools for self awareness, healing, and personal empowerment are all possible. $he K ,innacle is drawn to
universal understanding, so this combination is "uite creative where possibilities are concerned. $he
energy can aid the individual and others with whom they come into contact.
With this ,innacle!.hallenge combination, 3arbara will attract numerous opportunities to grow personally
in the next few years. (uring the next seven years because 3arbara is currently in a = ,ersonal 8ear# as
her talents express themselves more, she will also develop relationships in broader ways. $he D
.hallenge will broaden her sphere of influence as well as expand her sense of community.
Challenge @nterpretations
Apply the vibration within the numbers as learned in 1umerology Lesson 5ne to each .hallenge and its
significant vibration. As you create your interpretations, &eep in mind how each of the energies
represented in each .hallenge wor& together with the concurrent ,innacle and current ,ersonal 8ear.
$ Challenge!
6eelings of opposition and difficulty with authoritative figures may be dominant. $his is a time to cultivate
will power and learn to trust the yourself. Avoid trying to overcome the actions of others. (evelop a
greater sense of personal identity and apply your original ideas, wit, and adventuresome spirit.
% Challenge!
$his is one of the most common challenges. *ensitivity is a human element and wants to enhance the
"uality of life. When suppressing this energy, shyness and lac& of confidence results. $his is a time to
allow feelings and emotions to teach us more about what is within us. .ultivating sensitivity helps us
apply &nowledge and understanding leading to the harmony and balance.
' Challenge!
'xpression may feel misdirected or repressed until this challenge is recogni7ed. 3y embracing the >
energy, cultivation of talent and s&ill may result in many creative endeavors. 'xplore the talents and
allow them to express and redefine themselves. *pea& up, share ideas, and meet and mingle with others.
( Challenge!
$his .hallenge usually comes as a latter .hallenge. Its gifts are a sense of value and the ability to put an
idea or concept into form. $his is a time to manifest and attain a result. (irection is evident. It as&s you
to apply the energies of the C to a cause of purpose.
* Challenge!
$his number as a .hallenge creates a public life. 6reedom and flexibility are important and the world
wants to gain from the participation of an individual with this .hallenge. *ometimes remaining grounded
and &eeping a sense of direction can be difficult. )emember to give things time to mature before pulling
up roots.
+ Challenge!
$his .hallenge brings service and often with it a chance to heal, teach, and experience all that man&ind
can appreciate through the finer senses. Appreciation in all forms are highlighted. Whether this time is
devoted to learning how to appreciate and love oneself, or is focused on others, the responsibility of love
and all that it is embraces is at hand. $his also may be a time to experience domestic affairs in whole new
, Challenge!
With this .hallenge comes a feeling of separation or a sense of detachment. It offers wisdom, &nowledge,
and understanding which can ease the illusion of aloneness. *ometimes an event buried from the past
wants to be healed and, through awareness, release can occur. )efinement and cultivation can lead to
great achievement and contribution in the world as well.
- Challenge!
$his .hallenge as&s the parts of ones nature holding onto -udgment to learn discernment as well. It is
time to chec& motives, beliefs, and begin to see the big picture rather than -ust one side of any given
situation. In addition, if energies are applied to meaningful enterprises, attainment and recognition can
Cipher Challenge!
As mentioned above, this .hallenge represents all .hallenges or no .hallenges. It is not uncommon for
this challenge to span more than one cycle. It cultivates choice in the individual to either coast along or
embrace a benevolent attitude. 'mbracing the latter, with compassion and a sense of direction,
contributes to the world and life brings much reward and promise. $he person with this challenge has an
opportunity to ma&e a difference in the world in wonderful ways.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& to the Life ,ath calculations in Numerology Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each
>. )efer bac& to the number chart in Numerology Lesson One to identify the energies that each number
represents along with the explanations given in this lesson.
C. 6igure out the four main .hallenges for each person.
D. 1ote if any of their .hallenges correspond to any of their .ore Aspects.
E. 1ote the ,innacle that runs concurrently with the .hallenge and the possible ways they could
F. 1ote their ,ersonal 8ear in relationship with the ,innacles and .hallenges. ,lay with synthesi7ing
the three energies after defining them independently.
J. Lastly, examine the combinations of the other ,innacles and .hallenges. 1ote how they combine
to create a life road map.
1umerology Lesson ;J ! $he Life ,ath ,eriods
In this 1umerology lesson, we will discuss the last of the 0ey .yclic :ibrations &nown as the Life ,ath
,eriods. (o not confuse this term with the core Life ,ath number. Instead these are Life ,ath ,eriods
which are experienced in three stages throughout life and represent a broader range of influence than the
other 0ey .yclic :ibrations. $heir presence brings a rather global influence and effects our individual
natures in a less specific way. Whatever Life ,ath ,eriod a person is in, they can learn from what the
energies present and have to offer. $heir influence helps to develop the character of the number within
the person.
First Life 3ath 3erio"
$he first Life ,ath ,eriod begins at birth. $his developmental period runs through youth and young
adulthood. $his first period is a part of life that usually includes one's school years and young adult wor&
experiences. What a person learns during this period lays a foundation for the next Life ,ath ,eriod.
2econ" Life 3ath 3erio"
$he second Life ,ath ,eriod is our most productive time of life and spans our middle years. (uring this
middle period, the energy present typically touches our family life, career, and other areas of daily life. As
we grow and experience life, the &nowledge developed from our experiences influence this second Life
,ath ,eriod and are available to us in later years.
Thir" Life 3ath 3erio"
$he third Life ,ath ,eriod is a time for integrating &nowledge and wisdom. $his period builds upon the
growth and development of the first two Life ,ath ,eriods. It is a time for reflection and releasing any left
over struggles or concerns.
A Numerological Allegory
5nce there was a traveler who was born!!-ust li&e all souls!!with a mission. 6rom the moment of her
birth, a seed was planted deep within her being to wal& entirely around the 'arth.
*he came into this life with a wide variety of latent abilities. +er time in the crib was part of her -ourney,
as were her first attempts at crawling and her first steps. In fact, her birth was actually her first ?step? on
her -ourney.
As she grew, it was clear to any thoughtful observer that her life, li&e all lives, was heading toward
?something? or ?somewhere?. As she became of age to travel outside of her community, it was with fond
farewells that her loved ones expressed their parting words of love and support.
As she traveled each day, month, and year the path was constantly changing. +owever, what didn't
change was what excited and motivated her as she wal&ed along the path.
+er travels brought her into contact with many other people and, as people do, they had their own
perceptions of who she was and what she was doing. *ince she was well nurtured as a young girl, she
&new that other's impressions of her were... well, their impressions.
As she was becoming more adept in her daily wal&ing, it was also becoming clear to her that she had her
strengths and wea&nesses. $o her credit, she continually practiced turning her wea&nesses into strengths.
*he &new that they were not personal defects but instead were gifts placed within her being to develop
her being in new ways.
*he wal&ed through the countryside. *he wal&ed through various towns cities, statesAprovinces and...
eventually, countries. *he wal&ed, lived life, and experienced the path. *ometimes the path was fraught
with difficulties while at other times it provided sure footing under her rather tired# feet. And yes, for all
of you readers with a F Life ,ath, she occasionally en-oyed passage on ships. *he's "uite a person but it's
too much of a stretch to say she wal&ed on water@
After much more wal&ing, she actually began to include continents traveled in her -ournal of events.
6inally, at the end of the last continent, she loo&ed bac& over her travels. All of the people, places, and
things. *he pondered what she had added to her soul and the world in which she had wal&ed.
Allegory @nterpretation
+opefully, at this point in our on!line wor&shop, you were able to connect some of the elements of our
traveler's story with the elements found in this 1umerology course. +ere's a list for your en-oyment:
Where *he's +eaded: 'xpression
+er Latent and latter developed# Abilities: Life ,ath, 3irth (ay, and Intensification ,oints
What 'xcited and /otivated +er: +eart's (esire
(aily, Wee&ly, /onthly, and 8early .hanges: ,ersonal (ay, /onth, Wee&, 8ear
Impressions of 5thers: ,ersonality
Wea&nesses $ransformed into *trengths: +abit .hallenge
.ities :isited: $he 'ssences and $he $ransits coming up in the next two lessons#
)egions and .ountries :isited: ,innacles and .hallenges
.ontinents :isited: Life ,ath ,eriods
What *he Added $o +er *oul and the World: /aturity 1umber
Timing of the Life 3ath 3erio"s
$he following chart illustrates ages when Life ,ath ,eriods begin and end. $he transitions from one period
to the next are very gradual. $he ,eriods always change in a ; ,ersonal 8ear, but the influences of the
next Life ,ath ,eriod are sometimes felt a couple years before they actually change. In the same way, a
previous Life ,ath ,eriod gradually fades over a period of a couple of years after the new Life ,ath ,eriod
Li&e the ,innacles and .hallenges, the Life ,ath determines the timing of the Life ,ath ,eriods:
;. $he 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod starts at birth.
=. $he *econd Life ,ath ,eriod starts on <anuary ; of the ; ,ersonal 8ear closest to the =Jth
>. $he $hird Life ,ath ,eriod starts on <anuary ; of the ; ,ersonal 8ear closest to the DEth 3irthday
and continues the rest of the life.
Age Chart for Life 3ath 3erio" Timing
Life 3ath Number First Life 3ath 3erio" 2econ" Life 3ath 3erio" Thir" Life 3ath 3erio"
. C-%, %--*( ** on
- C-%- %.-** *+ on
, C-%. 'C-*+ *, on
+ C-'C '$-*, *- on
* C-'$ '%-*- *. on
( C-%' %(-*. +C on
' C-%( %*-*$ *% on
% C-%* %+-*% *' on
$ C-%+ %,-*' *( on

Calculating the Life 3ath 3erio"s
$he 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod is digited down from the /onth of 3irth.
$he *econd Life ,ath ,eriod is the digited down from the (ay of 3irth.
$he $hird Life ,ath ,eriod is the digited down from the 8ear of 3irth.
3y this point in the course, you &now how to interpret the /aster 1umbers of ;; and ==.
We begin by using 3arbara's date of birth as our example:
%+th $.*'
$$D% 9aster NoI
% E + 0 - $ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$$D% - $ E - 0 .
$$ E - E . 0 %-
% E - 0 $ Life 3ath
/onth of 3irth I $he 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod
$$D% First Life 3ath 3erio"
(ay of 3irth I $he *econd Life ,ath ,eriod
% E + 0 - 2econ" Life 3ath 3erio"
8ear of 3irth I $he $hird Life ,ath ,eriod
$ E . E * E ' 0 $-
$ E - 0 . Thir" Life 3ath 3erio"
3y calculating 3arbara's birth date we determine that her 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod is an ;;A=. 3ecause her
Life ,ath is a ;, her 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod is felt from birth until the end of (ecember after her =Eth
3irthday. $he influences of the ;;A= expose her to energies represented in this /aster 1umber.
$herefore, the energies of awareness, creativity, inspiration, and developing a sixth sense are present.
)emember these influences are broad in nature. ,erhaps she recogni7es situations in her environment
that provide examples of these "ualities. 3ut most often the impressions that are left with the individual
are outside of conscious awareness. We also &now that she experiences the /aster 1umber of ;; as the
single digit of =.
$he energy in the 6irst Life ,ath ,eriod lingers for a couple years into the second Life ,ath ,eriod, -ust as
the *econd Life ,ath ,eriod is felt for a couple years before it actually officially begins.
3arbara is experiencing her *econd Life ,ath ,eriod now and it is an J vibration. $his period started on
the beginning of <anuary before her =Fth 3irthday and will conclude at the end of (ecember before her
DCth 3irthday. $he J vibration as her *econd Life ,ath ,eriod influences her productive years. $he
energies present themselves as environmental influences of power, authority, and leadership s&ills. (uring
this productive period, her career ideas and family influences may contain these "ualities. *he may also
notice how others use power and authority as well as how organi7ed and efficient they are. *he may
examine her values and beliefs in these areas. 0eep in mind that a Life ,ath ,eriod provides a global
influence. It subtly guides a person to notice the "ualities that the vibration represents.
3arbara experiences a K for her $hird Life ,ath ,eriod. It begins in the <anuary before her DCth 3irthday.
+er integrative years will guide her with the wisdom of a K vibration. *he may desire to expand herself
spiritually and creatively. $he K holds within it universal understanding. What a nice last Life ,ath ,eriod
to behold. $his vibration assists in addressing all areas of life since a K holds all vibration within it.
Final Notes
)emember to examine an individual's whole chart to see if the same vibrations appear anywhere else in
the chart. .oncentrations of the same energy create a greater importance to wor& with and understand
the dynamics of the vibration.
In 1umerology Lesson 5ne we provide &ey words to describe the energies of each number. ,lease refer
bac& to Lesson 5ne and apply the energies to each of the Life ,ath ,eriods. 0eep in mind which Life ,ath
,eriod the number represents and apply the information according.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& to the Life ,ath calculations in Lesson Four to identify the birth dates of each individual.
>. )efer bac& to the number chart in Lesson One to identify the energies that each number represents
along with the explanations given in this lesson.
C. .alculate the three Life ,ath ,eriods for each person.
D. 1ote if any of their Life ,ath ,eriods correspond to any of their .ore Aspects or other 0ey
E. 1ote how the Life ,ath ,eriods could build on each other to create a path of experience.
1umerology Lesson ;K ! $he 'ssences
In the last five 1umerology lessons you've been learning about the .yclic :ibrations. $here are two types
of .yclic :ibrations:
7ey Cyclic :ibrations
;. $he ,innacles
=. $he .hallenges
>. $he Life ,ath ,eriods
3ersonal Cyclic :ibrations
;. $he ,ersonal 8ear
=. $he 'ssences
>. $he $ransits
In this lesson, you will learn how to calculate and interpret the 'ssences. $he vibrations found in the
'ssences contain directions to help you receive fulfillment in your current ,ersonal 8ear. 8ou can tap into
abilities that may have gone unrecogni7ed throughout the course of the year, by paying attention to the
current 'ssence operating in your chart. We find the 'ssences are very informative. When you &now what
your 'ssence is, you are more apt to use the energies available with clarity and ease.
$he 'ssences are derived from specific letters in your first, middle, and last name. $he system will wor&
regardless if a person has one, two, or more than three names within their complete name.# As you've
learned in this course, each letter in the alphabet has a numerical vibration. 'ach letter also represents a
definite period of time. %nli&e the other .yclic :ibrations, the 'ssences and $ransits are found in the
letters of your name rather than your 3irth (ate. $hese time periods are called $ransits as illustrated in
the following chart:
Length of
A 6 2 $ year
B 7 T % years
C L # ' years
8 9 : ( years
1 N ; * years
F O < + years
= 3 > , years
H 4 ? - years
@ 5 . years
As you can see from the chart above, the numerical vibration assigned to a letter represents how many
years the letter's nature will operate as an 'ssence. Let's use the name Ann as an example. $he ?A?
operates for one year, the first ?n? for five years, and the second ?n? for five years. When the first letter
completes its time, the next letter steps in. It ta&es eleven years to fully complete the time and activity in
the name Ann. After the name is complete, it is repeated throughout the life.
A 0 $G N 0 *G N 0 *
$ E * E * 0 $$ >ear Cycle
In fundamental terms, names are created by combining letters. A name can be thought of li&e a theme
that is repeated again and again throughout a person's life. All of a person's names are individual
expressions and yet they harmoni7e li&e a musical chord when combined.
Calculating The 1ssences
$o find the 'ssence for any given year, create a chart following the procedure below. We've prepared a
blan& $ransit and 'ssence .hart for you. ,lease clic& here to go to that page and print out the blan&
chart. +opefully you have a printer available. If not, -ust reproduce it on a piece of paper. $hen return
bac& to this spot to continue your learning.
;. In the first open space in the 8ear column, place your sub-ect's year of birth. .omplete the rest of
the column filling it in year by year.
=. 6ill in the Age column year by year. )emember to begin with 7ero in the year they were born.
>. 6ill in their 6irst 1ame letter by letter in the next column. )emember to repeat the letter
e"uivalent to the number the letter represents.
C. )epeat this step for the /iddle 1ame and Last 1ame as appropriate for each of the sub-ect's
D. 1ow add the numerical vibrations together followed by a slash ?A? and the single digit reduction
placing this information in the next column.
E. 1ote the 'ssence for the current year.
<ust li&e your (ay of 3irth, there is information in the individual numbers that ma&e up the single digit
'ssence. )efer bac& to 1umerology Lesson 6ive to refresh your memory since the principles are the
same. Also note whether the 'ssence is a 0armic number or not. )efer to bac& to 1umerology Lesson
$welve for a "uic& update if you li&e.
Age Chart for Timing The 1ssences
6or ease of illustration, we have included only the first seventy years below in our example using
3arbara's name. 8ou can easily continue adding years to the chart. <ust li&e the ,innacles and .hallenges,
an 'ssence begins on the individual's 3irth (ate. In contrast, the ,ersonal 8ear begins at the beginning of
a new year <anuary ;st#.
>ear Age
$.*' C B0% A0$ 70% *
*( $ B0% N0* 70% .
** % A0$ N0* 10* $$
*+ ' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*, ( 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*- * 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*. + 50. N0* 10* $.D$
+C , 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+$ - 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+% . 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+' $C 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+( $$ 50. A0$ L0' $'D(
+* $% B0% N0* L0' $CD$
++ $' B0% N0* >0, $*D*
+, $( A0$ N0* >0, $'D(
+- $* 50. N0* >0, %$D'
+. $+ 50. N0* >0, %$D'
,C $, 50. N0* >0, %$D'
,$ $- 50. N0* >0, %$D'
,% $. 50. N0* >0, %$D'
,' %C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
,( %$ 50. N0* 70% $+D,
,* %% 50. A0$ 10* $*D+
,+ %' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
,, %( A0$ N0* 10* $$
,- %* B0% N0* 10* $%D'
,. %+ B0% N0* 10* $%D'
-C %, A0$ N0* L0' .
-$ %- 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-% %. 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-' 'C 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-( '$ 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-* '% 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-+ '' 50. A0$ >0, $,D-
-, '( 50. N0* >0, %$D'
-- '* 50. N0* >0, %$D'
-. '+ 50. N0* >0, %$D'
.C ', B0% N0* >0, $(D*
.$ '- B0% N0* >0, $(D*
.% '. A0$ N0* >0, $'D(
.' (C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
.( ($ 50. N0* 70% $+D,
.* (% 50. N0* 10* $.D$
.+ (' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
., (( 50. A0$ 10* $*D+
.- (* 50. N0* 10* $.D$
.. (+ 50. N0* 10* $.D$
%CCC (, 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C$ (- 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C% (. B0% N0* L0' $CD$
C' *C B0% N0* L0' $CD$
C( *$ A0$ N0* L0' .
C* *% 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C+ *' 50. N0* >0, %$D'
C, *( 50. N0* >0, %$D'
C- ** 50. A0$ >0, $,D-
C. *+ 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$C *, 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$$ *- 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$% *. 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$' +C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
$( +$ A0$ N0* 70% -
$* +% B0%
1umerology Lesson =L ! $he $ransits
$he individual letters of the alphabet combine together to create many different aspects found in a
1umerology chart. $he letters ma&e up the 'xpression, +eart's (esire, and the ,ersonality. $he 2rowth
1umber, 6irst Letter, and 6irst :owel are also derived from letters. We devote this lesson to the individual
letters expressed as $ransits.
As we learned in 1umerology Lesson 1ineteen, the $ransits are the letters that ma&e up a name or word.
'ach letter represents an influence and lasts for an e"uivalent number of years relative to their numerical
placement in the alphabet reduced to a single digit#. 'ach of the $ransits convey a message.
When calculating an 'ssence .hart, as we did in 1umerology Lesson 1ineteen, we note which letter in
our first, middle, and last names are influencing the current year. Again, the system will wor& regardless
of how many individual names are within a person's complete name.# $he combined vibration e"uals the
'ssence, but each individual vibration, or $ransit, also represents significant energy influences for the
given year. 'ach $ransit has an independent message while it is operating in a given year. $he $ransits
and 'ssences are e"ual in their importance to the ,ersonal 8ear and it is helpful to interpret their
energies together.
$o refresh your memory, the following chart illustrates the length of time each letter is active as a $ransit
Length of
A 6 2 $ year
B 7 T % years
C L # ' years
8 9 : ( years
1 N ; * years
F O < + years
= 3 > , years
H 4 ? - years
@ 5 . years
Age Chart for Timing of The Transits an" 1ssences
Let's refer bac& to the chart created in 1umerology Lesson 1ineteen. 3y using 3arbara's name as an
example, we can highlight the active $ransits. 1ote the current year and you'll find which $ransits are
influencing the year in "uestion. 'ach $ransit lasts between one and nine years as indicated in our
previous chart. $heir influence starts on the sub-ect's 3irthday rather than <anuary ;st li&e the ,ersonal
8ear does.
>ear Age
$.*' C B0% A0$ 70% *
*( $ B0% N0* 70% .
** % A0$ N0* 10* $$
*+ ' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*, ( 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*- * 50. N0* 10* $.D$
*. + 50. N0* 10* $.D$
+C , 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+$ - 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+% . 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+' $C 50. N0* L0' $,D-
+( $$ 50. A0$ L0' $'D(
+* $% B0% N0* L0' $CD$
++ $' B0% N0* >0' $CD$
+, $( A0$ N0* >0' .
+- $* 50. N0* >0' $,D-
+. $+ 50. N0* >0' $,D-
,C $, 50. N0* >0' $,D-
,$ $- 50. N0* >0' $,D-
,% $. 50. N0* >0' $,D-
,' %C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
,( %$ 50. N0* 70% $+D,
,* %% 50. A0$ 10* $*D+
,+ %' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
,, %( A0$ N0* 10* $$
,- %* B0% N0* 10* $%D'
,. %+ B0% N0* 10* $%D'
-C %, A0$ N0* L0' .
-$ %- 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-% %. 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-' 'C 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-( '$ 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-* '% 50. N0* L0' $,D-
-+ '' 50. A0$ >0, $,D-
-, '( 50. N0* >0, %$D'
-- '* 50. N0* >0, %$D'
-. '+ 50. N0* >0, %$D'
.C ', B0% N0* >0, $(D*
.$ '- B0% N0* >0, $(D*
.% '. A0$ N0* >0, $'D(
.' (C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
.( ($ 50. N0* 70% $+D,
.* (% 50. N0* 10* $.D$
.+ (' 50. N0* 10* $.D$
., (( 50. A0$ 10* $*D+
.- (* 50. N0* 10* $.D$
.. (+ 50. N0* 10* $.D$
%CCC (, 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C$ (- 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C% (. B0% N0* L0' $CD$
C' *C B0% N0* L0' $CD$
C( *$ A0$ N0* L0' .
C* *% 50. N0* L0' $,D-
C+ *' 50. N0* >0, %$D'
C, *( 50. N0* >0, %$D'
C- ** 50. A0$ >0, $,D-
C. *+ 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$C *, 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$$ *- 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$% *. 50. N0* >0, %$D'
$' +C 50. N0* 70% $+D,
$( +$ A0$ N0* 70% -
$* +% B0% N0* 10* $%D'
$+ +' B0% N0* 10* $%D'
$, +( A0$ N0* 10* $$
$- +* 50. N0* 10* $.D$
$. ++ 50. A0$ 10* $*D+
%C +, 50. N0* L0' $,D-
%$ +- 50. N0* L0' $,D-
%% +. 50. N0* L0' $,D-
%' ,C 50. N0* L0' $,D-
@nterpreting The Transits
When interpreting the $ransits and 'ssences, remember to examine their energy in con-unction with the
,ersonal 8ear. $he ,ersonal year is covered in 1umerology Lesson 6ifteen. )efer to Lesson 1ineteen for
the 'ssences.
1ote the $ransits operating in ;KKK, in 3arbara's example above, are ), 1, and '. $he same $ransits were
operating in the previous year. In the year =LLL, the ' completes and the vibration of L ta&es its place on
1ovember =E, of that year 3arbara's 3irthday#. $he ) continues on and completes in the year =LL=,
while the 1 carries on until 1ovember =Eth of the year =LLJ.
3arbara was is in a = ,ersonal 8ear in ;KKK. $he chart above shows that 3arbara began a ;KA; 'ssence in
her ; ,ersonal 8ear and the ;KA; 'ssence duration is = years. 1ow let's combine the energy of initiating
new ideas and developing talents found in the ;KA; 'ssence# with the $ransit influences of ), 1, and '.
$he ) brings with it a creative and compassionate period. Ambition is highlighted but confusion
can also be present. *ometimes it is hard to sort through all the options possible while sensing
and feeling so much. *ometimes delays present themselves while self love is highlighted.
$he 1 brings a pleasurable period with exciting events. $ravel is indicated. /any changes are
possible. Adaptability is enhanced and will bring opportunities. $he finances can fluctuate but
usually arrive at the right time. A progressive attitude can help lighten responsibilities and attract
help in ways not previously thought of.
$he ' brings added freedom and possibly exciting changes. 5pportunities for meeting new and
interesting people may appear. 5pportunity to travel or become involved in a more global
approach to life is present. *ometimes this can be an eccentric period of life.
We notice that both the 1 and the ' are D energies. $his may add a restless "uality to 3arbara.
*ometimes she may find it hard to finish what she has begun. *he may even change ideas more
fre"uently than usual. 3ecause she is in a 0armic 'ssence of a ;KA;, she may challenge herself to openly
surrender and develop individual talents and interests more fully than in other times of her life. $he
activity in her $ransits may expose her to the world in vaster ways assisting her in attracting opportunity.
Whenever we have a repeated energy, or the same letter appearing as an active $ransit more than once,
it can attract over or under balanced energy. In addition, when the same numerical vibration is active as
a $ransit more than once, as illustrated by the 1 and ' in 3arbara's chart, out of balance energies may
occur. $he excessive energy can always be directed by practicing awareness.
Transit Highlights
A A$ yearB!
.hange, new starts, beginnings. A change of direction in the career, or a change in home. .reative
pro-ects begin.
An overactive energy is present. ,ay attention or opportunities may be missed.
B A% yearsB!
A slower pace is indicated. $eamwor&, partnerships or love interests are favored. +igh sensitivity is
possible. $ime to balance health.
'motions could be extreme at times. A good time to learn how to center and balance.
C A' yearsB!
.reativity is enhanced. *ocial activities are highlighted. (omestic life could become stressed. A time to
learn how to en-oy but restlessness could result.
/ay desire to play too much with little accomplishment or become extremely restless.
8 A( yearsB!
5pportunities to organi7e and ta&e responsibility for one's own life. A practical, hard wor&ing period. )est
is needed.
.an become a wor&aholic. Life can seem limiting. $here is a challenge to free oneself from limiting beliefs
or restrictions.
1 A* yearsB!
6reedom is sought. $ime of exciting changes and meeting new people. 5pportunity to travel and possible
new or renewed love interests. .an also be an eccentric period.
/ay change ideas and interests too often and not yield results from application of efforts.
F A+ yearsB!
)esponsibilities are ta&en on. A good financial period. (omestic matters become important. )omantic
interests are highlighted.
.an become overburdened with responsibilities.
= A, yearsB!
*olitude needed at times. $endency towards secrecy. 6inances may be good. 'xcellent period for study
and research.
*pending too much time alone could alienate others or create a desire to withdraw from the world.
H A- yearsB!
2ood period for business expansion. 6inancial trend is upwards. .an try too hard. .an establish
/ay become overambitious and encounter resulting conse"uences.
@ A. yearsB!
An emotional period. *ensitivity and nervousness are heightened. *ometimes delays prevail. /ay be a
time of highs and lows. .reative opportunities present themselves.
/ay have difficulty in getting things started because of so many distractions.
6 A$ yearB!
A change of some sort on the hori7on. 6inancial prospects are good. Indecisive at times.
5ver activity and distraction may lead to confusion.
7 A% yearsB!
A spiritually inspiring period. ,artnerships are enhanced. $ime to balance health. /ay attract situations
needing mediation.
An emotionally sensitive time.
L A' yearsB!
/any new friends and social events. 2ood time for creative purposes. 3e careful not to waste
opportunities by scattering energies.
5ver indulging in pleasure can be enticing.
9 A( yearsB!
A practical and realistic time. (esire to wor& hard. 6inances improve slowly. 'nergy levels may seem a
little low at times.
/ay have tendency to over wor&. 1eed to get enough rest.
N A* yearsB!
,leasurable period with exciting events. $ravel indicated. /any changes possible. Adaptability enhanced.
6inances may fluctuate but appear when needed.
/ay feel extreme restlessness.
O A+ yearsB!
2ood period for study. (omestic responsibilities accepted. 6inances improve. A calm, sure period.
.an become emotionally drained by the problems of others.
3 A, yearsB!
Intellectual activities enhanced. $ime spent alone is needed. 2ood business vibration if precautions ta&en.
(esire to isolate from the world.
4 A- yearsB!
2ood time for 6inances to improve. %nusual business ventures favored. 'ccentric time. $actful
communication is important to maintain understanding.
/ay be -udged as over!eccentric by others.
5 A. yearsB!
A creative and compassionate period. Ambitions are highlighted. /uch confusion and emotion present.
/ay be delays at times.
.losure to many events and delays are possible. *ometimes a difficult period leading to deeper
understanding of self.
2 A$ yearB!
.ircumstances may change. 5ften surprises appear. /ay feel over emotional at times. An active and
ambitious period.
*ituations may regress or revert needing more thought and attention.
T A% yearsB!
,ossible change of home. ,artnerships are li&ely to prosper. Important to ta&e care of health matters.
/ay feel more sensitive and aware than usual. Intuition is present.
/ay feel more tension than usual.
# A' yearsB!
$his is a creative time. 'n-oyable experiences associated with groups. ,ay attention to finances.
.onfidence may need boosting from time to time.
/ay be a very confusing period.
: A( yearsB!
/ay progress with an important practical venture. ,ersonal power is highlighted in this period. ,ossibility
for outstanding achievement combined with hard wor&.
,lans may be too ambitious to be carried out. $a&e caution or can become overwor&ed.
; A* yearsB!
/any changes are possible. An adventurous and impulsive period. $ravel li&ely. Interests are varied and
may change "uic&ly and often.
$endency to scatter energy over many interests may occur.
< A+ yearsB!
+ome life is enhanced. An unusual period in some ways. ,ublic recognition is possible. )omantic and love
interests highlighted.
/ay feel a need to support others needs before individual needs are met.
> A, yearsB!
A need is present to choose a direction. *olitude desired to sort life decisions. *piritual awareness gained
after confusion.
/ay vacillate with mental confusion feeling unable to ta&e positive action.
? A- yearsB!
6ine financial prospects may reveal themselves. 3usiness ability enhanced. /ay be attracted to the
unusual or esoteric sub-ects. (omestic matters may lac& attention.
/ay find domestic situations a bit stressed.
Numerology Home 3lay
;. 2et your pen and pad out and refer bac& to the names with which you have previously been
=. )efer bac& to the $ransit and 'ssence .hart you created in the last lesson to determine the active
>. $ranslate the definition of the $ransit and then combine it with the 'ssence and the ,ersonal 8ear.
C. 1ow combine these energies with the .urrent ,innacle and .hallenge.
$o print additional blan& $ransit and 'ssence .harts, go to 1umerology Lesson 1ineteen for the lin&, print
the chart, and then return here.