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Amrish Sharma +91-9819859398 amrishsharma.


        7 years’ Experience on Character Rigging / Scripting / Hair Sim / Dynamic Setups / Tool Development. Working Knowledge of Pixar’s RenderMan and Arnold. Specialized on Character Rigging, Facial Rig, TD, Scripting and Tool development: MEL, Python, PyMEL Technical RND and Creating innovative tools to overcome production challenges. Well versed with Hair and Fur Creation, and in both nHair and nCloth engines. Advanced, animator-friendly rigging, versatile technical support and ad-hoc problem solving. Complex Hair and Dynamics Setups. I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written).

Work Experience Prana Studios Pvt. LTD, Mumbai, India Hair TD / Rigging TD: August 2011 – Present

Quest of Queen (DVD Feature Film) for Disney Dorothy of Oz (Feature Film) for Summertime Entertainment Winter (DVD Feature Film) for Disney Elf on the Self (DVD Feature Film)

      

Responsible for creating Hair rig setups, primary/secondary characters and simulation for shots. Responsible for technical support to Cloth/Hair/Fur Department. Responsible for RND to make pipeline better, before project come to floor. Using MEL and Python to create hair and cloth rigs. Using script created massive character rigs for crowd simulation. Worked on muscle deformation, cartoon characters rig as well as stereoscopic film Created custom scripts for the CHF dept. as well as for the pipeline to make work faster.

Mumbai, India Freelance Rigging Artist: June 2009 – July 2010

Project:  Responsible for gaming characters rig.  Created custom scripts for the rig characters.  Writing specialized tools and plugins for the rigging and animation pipeline (Python) — Ongoing technical R&D

Maya Entertainment LTD, Mumbai, India Rigging Lead: May 2008 – June 2009 Project: Ramayana The Epic Feature Film, Maya Entertainment LTD Da Jammies TV Series, FarCor Entertainment Rosie Episode TV Series, VGI Entertainment Noddy TV Series, Brown Bag Entertainment
  Creating scripts with custom rig setup for primary/secondary characters as it involves multiple variations of primary characters with real human like muscle deformation and huge amount of secondary characters for war scenes. Maintaining quality as required for production pipeline. New technique of integrating Maya muscle system in our pipeline customizing rig so that animation can work with muscle rigs without facing any problems Customizing rigs to archive complex dance actions of characters with dynamics for hair and cloth. Scripts for animation transfer and mirroring animation helping animators to copy or transfer animation to both the sides.

Working Knowledge of Pixar’s RenderMan and Arnold Adobe Photoshop. Max Scripting. India . Operating System : Windows. ncloth. Jungle Book Prince and Pauper. Super babies: DVD feature length project 321 Penguins: 20 episodes TV Series Cosmic Quantum Ray: TV Series Kong II: DVD feature length project Christmas Carol: Promo and DVD feature length project Freez: TV Series (Season 1 and 2) Magic Celler: TV Series DVD feature length movies: Robin Hood. Shave N Haircut. Mumbai. Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Mumbai. PyMEL. Maya Muscles System. India Educational Qualification 1999-2000: Higher secondary from Bhavan’ amrishsharma.Amrish Sharma +91-9819859398 amrishsharma@gmail. Advanced knowledge of Autodesk Maya. Three Musketeers. Adobe After UTV Software Communications(Motion Pictures Division) LTD Dynamics Lead: December 2005 – May 2008 Projects: Shrek 3 (Test project) for Dreamworks Animation Arjun the Warrior: Promo for CG feature Bratz.MEL. RND on rigs and working on transfer of animation for animation rigs to hair and fur rigs and other technical issues. Linux. Professional Qualifications 2003-2005: Diploma in Digital Arts and 3D Animation from ZICA. Python. Worked on character rigging. Alice in Wonderland     Integrating toon line in with the rig setup so as to archive 2D look from 3D rendered character. cloth and other technical problems Technical Skills       Scripting and Tool Development with . Rigging character and scripting for animator so as to help them updating new rigs and incorporate technical improvements. Adobe Premiere. India 1996-1997: Senior Secondary from UEHS. Mumbai. Getting realistic deformation of character and scripted character GUI to help animation interact with character easily.