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Monthly - Independent Issue N 14 December 2009

Muslim worshipper run down in a

hate motivated crime p3
Full profiles of 2009 Australian Muslim
Achievement Award Winners p 8,9,10

E rin Rutherford reports: Zahrah Habibullah-

Williams of Souk Collective, is working hard
to bring unique spiritual art to the community.
She has been to Oman, Morocco and beyond
and these travels have been an ongoing source
of inspiration. More recently based in Sydney,
Zahrah has found sources of inspiration all around
her. She was recently given the opportunity to be
involved in an interfaith exhibition at St. Ignatius
College Riverside alongside another Muslim
artist, Peter Gould from Azaan. The exhibition,
“Inspired Graphics” was a joint show of selected
photography and calligraphy in the foyer of the
O’Kelly Theatre at the College.”Storylines,” a
Riverview arts initiative, sought to raise awareness
of the stories of people from African, indigenous
and Muslim backgrounds. The hijab exhibit titled
“Feeling the Fabric” (see photo opposite) featured
an installation of hijabs donated by colleagues
along with written excepts of what hijab meant to
them. Photo courtesy: Zahrah Habibullah-Williams

* How to burn Swiss chocolate

Opinions: * After all, I am a proper Zionist Jew
to Al-Hejaz during Hajj and Umrah.
Jeddah flood toll reaches A Little bird told me: However, Al-Haram An-Nabawi in
Page 2

Al-Madina, is managed efficiently

113 and 48 missing Is the Hilton hotel part of the
and is immaculately clean, unlike the
disorganization of the facilities at Al-
Haram in Makkah.
S audi civil Defense and Director of Disaster Management
Brig. Muhammad Al-Qarni said that the official number Haram or the other way around? Our group stayed in the Hilton in
Makkah. During the prayer time, one
of flood victims stood at 113 and the number of missing at 48 can switch to the in-house TV channel

foolwoing the recent Hajj flooding in Jeddah. A letter from a Hajj attendee: poor infrastructure, poor hygiene system, Americanis- within the hotel, and join the prayer
Al-Qarni said that the committees formed to find housing ing the sacred site of Kaabah! at Al-Haram lead by the Imam there,
for the victims managed to provide shelter to 5,104 families

A lhamdulillah, we have been cultures, habits and customs. However, whilst still in the Hilton. This is strange!
comprising 19,950 people. He said that the committee also Has the Hilton become part of the
distributed aid to 5,341 families comprising 20,729 persons. fortunate enough to have recently pilgrims coming from any technically
performed Hajj. Although the trip was sophisticated countries would appreciate Haram or has the Haram become part of
The committee has also identified 6,488 properties and 5,812 the Hilton? It is a very strange feeling
damaged cars in the floods, he said. More than 1,300 cars have exhausting and tiring, we feel humbled the above claim regarding the lack of
and eager to return again and again, infrastructure in Al-Hejaz. indeed!
been pulled out of the muck. Why are the Hilton Towers built so
Many Saudi citizens participated in online discussions about and hope that we can, inshaAllah. The Hajj is not something new. The
spiritual aspect of Hajj is not simple relevant people in charge have had close to Al-Haram Al-Makki? How can
the causes of this year’s Hajj season flood, with most criticism such prominent American enterprises
aimed at the royal family and local government corruption. to describe in a few lines and it is not plenty of time to put efficient systems in
really the intent of this introduction. place to facilitate the smooth transition be allowed to have front row seats at the
Despite a population of more than 4 million, Jeddah still lacks Kaaba? This is absolutely ridiculous!
a sewage system and waste water treatment facility. The rain that Although it has been some time since of pilgrims, and to allow them to have
our return from Hajj, we are still in a healthier and safer Hajj, instead of However, the more outrageous is
fell during Hajj had nowhere to go but to flood the streets and allowing the likes of Starbucks to have
neighbourhoods, creating havoc and death in its path. a state of disbelief to have witnessed subjecting them to excessive levels of
the level of poverty in Al-Madina, diesel fumes, vulnerable to other hazards another front seat within another huge
The Saudi government’s reaction to the disaster in Jeddah tower directly across from our holiest
followed the usual formula of denial then blame of the victims Makkah and the surrounding areas. It and inferior levels of hygiene.
was not easy to miss the slums, which It is not easy to facilitate adequate site.
for failing to follow government orders. Instead of taking Have the people responsible decided
responsibility, Prince Khalid al-Faisal, the governor of the are not very far from the Harams. restrooms/toilets for the large volume
Unfortunately, we were unable to of people during the Hajj journey. This that the courtyard surrounding the
Mecca region, in which Jeddah lies, blamed “arbitrarily built” area of Al-Haram Al-Makki must be
neighbourhoods rather than the absence of a sewage system. witness any evidence of high-level, would be a big challenge. However,
sophisticated infrastructure such considering that cleanliness is a constrained to only a couple of hundred
Saudi media, which is mostly owned and fully controlled by the metres?
ruling family, followed suit and pointed the finger at citizens who as decent railway networks or an basic Islamic principle, and with the
underground system. understanding that the oil price is all but Well, if the rulers are convinced
bought land and built houses in unplanned areas. that they are eligible to name some of
Jeddah is infamous for land grabs by members of the ruling Although the distances between the controlled from this land (i.e. financial
sites for Hajj and between Makkah aspects should not be an issue), one the entrances of the Harams in both
family - land that is then sold to citizens looking to build a home, Makkah and Madina after their family
without the required planning and infrastructure such as sewage, and Madina are relatively short, there would expect that pilgrims should enjoy
is no efficient transportation system, clean and sufficient ablution and toilet names, then surely it seems that they
electricity, water and phone. feel that the Harams are their own
King Abdullah has ordered the formation of an investigative or replacement of the railway that the facilities throughout Hajj.
forefathers of the rulers of Arabia and Of course, there are huge amount of personal property, and they are behaving

committee, headed by the governor of Mecca himself. The accordingly. Or, have they finished
committee will not hold any public hearings, or subject members their allies destroyed a hundred years money spent in maintaining Al-Haram
ago! Al-Nabawi and Al-Haram Al-Makki. naming all the entrances of Al-Harams
of the “infallible” ruling family to its authority. with all the beautiful names of Allah
“No one should blame lazy municipal workers or cheating Some would say that managing However, one needs to remember that
millions of pilgrims moving at certain many wealthy Muslims are more than (sobhana wa taala), and all the Sahaba
contractors, or even senior government officials who work under (companions of the Prophet peace and
the Al Saud. Simply, we must blame the boss, the big boss. That’s times from one place to another is not happy to totally maintain and provide
an easy task. Indeed, it is a hugely for them. Many are already doing that. blessings be upon him)? What amazing
where the buck stops” said a Saudi man on one of on line forums. arrogance!
complicated task, especially as the Also, one needs to acknowledge the
pilgrims come from a multitude of huge financial income that is brought in


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Sydney: Muslim The myth of Sheikh Haron

Page 3
Worshipper Attacked Jamal Daoud*
Outside Mosque

Self styled Iranian born Muslim cleric Sheik Haron
(also known as Man Monis) was arrested at his home
Faruque Ahmed Since the incident was first publicised in an
on line blog and following my reports to the
in Croydon Park in October 2009 and charged with
sending hate mail to seven families of Australian

O n Friday, November 20, 2009 after the Newtown and Redfern Police Stations, one soldiers who had been killed in Afghanistan. Jamal They portrayed him as an unstable, angry,
midday prayer, people were coming out witness has been asked to attend Redfern Daoud reports on his impressions of Sheik Haron violent man. Suddenly, they discovered that he
from Zetland Mosque in Sydney, Australia. Police Station to make a statement. following a recent meeting. is all but opposite to this.
Then two men with their bull bar fitted Australian media outlets have thus far been I was surprised. And I told him why I was

utility arrived at the scene. They went on to silent about this incident. Inquiry was made es, I met Sheikh Haron at last. I thought, surprised. I, too, swallowed their propaganda
insult worshipers with obscene language and to several media outlets regarding this matter as many of us did, that he is a mythical about him. He told everyone on this country
they also vandalised parked cars nearby. It and their response was, “it is an old story and character that did not exist in real life. Did not that he is just against the war. So what. I was
was also reported that the attackers spat on we are not interested”. When the question “our” spokesperson tell us that he does not exist? and still against the war, both in Iraq and
worshippers. was put to them, “are you familiar with the We should usually listen to our spokesperson at Afghanistan.
Then these attackers carried out a physical story”? these responses were negative too. the end of the day! And he sent a few letters using clear clean
attack.They punched and kicked one person, A witness reported the matter to police And I discovered that he is an ordinary clever respectful words. He stated in plain language
and dragged his unconscious body for about and followed the alleged offenders and person. His entire problem with our government that the government is responsible for all losses
50 meters. Then the attackers placed the their vehicle from Zetland to Surry Hills. and media is that he opposes injustices in this on all sides. And that is my claim too.
unconscious victim on the road and ran him NSW Police apprehended them on the world. The same as many of us. He opposed the The government was happy. They thought
over with their utility. The victim is now in a spot and according to police they are being war on Iraq and Afghanistan. Did not two thirds that they had a new excuse to lead a campaign
coma at the St. Vincent Hospital, Darlinghurst. questioned. of Australians oppose these wars? against the Muslim community in the lead
Horrified witnesses immediately rang the So what was his story? up to the next election. They thought that
ambulance and notified 000 operators. Finally, Editorial: He now believes that both the government they could portray the Muslim community as
a fire truck appeared before the ambulance; The events reported above have been and the media outlets are regretting the day they people who do not belong to this great nation.
the ambulance arrived after half an hour. confirmed to Crescent Times by contact sent the Federal police to arrest him. Before But they made the biggest mistake.
Police also attended the scene. However, with the writer and by review of the witness his arrest, he was an unknown figure. They Now they uncover his real identity. Now
initially the police priority was to disperse statements provided to Redfern Police could manufacture a lot of stories and myths he can talk. And he has shocked them by his
the crowd. They were aggressive with the Station in regard to this matter. The matter around him. They could accuse him of all sorts informed balanced responsible logic. This is
worshippers present and one police officer remains under police investigation as a case of things. If a politician receives strange letter the main reason why the crusade against the
pushed a witness of the attack against the wall. of grievous bodily harm. from an unknown source, they could blame the community faded very quickly and swiftly.
mystery Haron. If someone went missing from a What made us laugh is how the Muslim

Melbourne: commit car park, it could be that Sheikh Haron did this.
The government, media and security agencies
enjoyed the fact that he could not speak, deny
“spokesperson” had discovered that he is
a mythical character that does not exist in
real life. And the funnier question of when

to multiculturalism claims, dismiss accusations or tell a different this spokesperson was elected to represent a
story. community of 360,000 members!
* Jamal is a Sydney based writer and activist.

before and after Aussie Muslims featured in new

PWR downloadable book
Crescent Times, Victoria
Crescent Times, Victorian Bureau The federal Department of Immigration and
More than thirty religious leaders representing Victoria’s major Citizenship has launched a new publication about
faith groups have met with the state’s Premier John Brumby and Australia’s 340,000-strong Muslim community.
representatives of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, to affirm Called The Australian Journey – Muslim
their support for multiculturalism and harmony between different Communities, the book was launched by the
religions in Australia’s second most populated state. Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs
Following the meeting on the 18th November, the group issued and Settlement Services, Laurie Ferguson, in
a joint statement acknowledging the Parliament – an interfaith, November, at Punchbowl Boys’ High School in
international gathering taking place in Melbourne between December Sydney.
3rd to the 9th – and committing itself to continued discussion on Mr Ferguson said the book was a way for the
multifaith and multicultural issues. federal government to recognise the contributions
The statement referred to Victoria as a place where everyone was of Australian Muslim communities.
encouraged to speak their minds, practice their faith and celebrate Mr Ferguson also said the book showed the diversity of Australian
‘This is a showcase of the diversity of Australia’s
their heritage without vilification, violence or persecution. Islam, with depictions of different ethnic backgrounds and religious
Muslim population, and the contributions that
It made mention of the Black Saturday bushfires, with religious belief and practices.
many have made to our nation,’ Mr Ferguson said.
leaders saying they remained united in “profound sorrow at the “In Queensland, musician Asim Gorashi combines traditional
In addition to a history of the Muslim
terrible destruction of life and property that occurred in our state Sudanese music with contemporary jazz and Middle Eastern
community, forty three Australian Muslims are
during the bushfires of February 7th 2009.” influences,” he said.
portrayed in the book, using personal stories and
Muslim communities in the state were represented by the Board “In Sydney, Jihad Dib, the principal of Punchbowl Boys’ High School
of Imams, the Islamic Council of Victoria and the Islamic Women’s works tirelessly to educate young Australians, while Victoria Police
The Muslim individuals featured come from
Welfare Council of Victoria. officers Mouhammed Abdou, Mahar Sukkar and Sahin Sahinkaya and
a wide range of backgrounds and occupations
Premier Brumby said religious leaders were involved in important ACT Ambulance paramedic John Killeen play an important part in
ranging from local government, the arts, business,
work that encouraged understanding between different communities Australia’s emergency response.”
medicine, police and emergency services,
in Victoria, which he called one of the world’s “most harmonious The Australian Journey – Muslim Communities is available on the
education, defence, sport, the media, fashion and
societies”. Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.
issue 14, December 2009

“We owe this legacy in large part to the commitment within cultural Some, like Australian Rules Footballer Bachar
and faith communities to reach out to each other, in pursuit of Houli and the late businessman John Ilhan, will
understanding and acceptance,” he said. be familiar to Australian readers.
He said the state government’s support for multifaith activities Others are less well known, but portrayed in the
promoted social cohesion. publication as ordinary Australians working and
The Victorian minister assisting the Premier on Multicultural contributing to their society.
Affairs, James Merlino, said the state government had spent more than Mr Ferguson said the publication would allow
six million dollars since 2006 promoting cooperation and harmony, young Australians to identify with the Australian
between different religious and ethnic groups. Muslims featured as positive role models.
Up to eight thousand interstate and international visitors are “It proves to every child that you can aspire
expected to be in Melbourne for the Parliament of the World’s to any occupation, in any field, and be a valued
Religions. Australian citizen,” he said.
Community Events
Melbourne: Parliament
Page 4

of World’s Religions Australia Wide Community Events:

2009: overview - Nature of Evidence in Islamic Legal Theory (Usool ul-Fiqh)

DAAR AISHA OPEN DAY - What is Madhab & Why it is important
Fatima Danoue Date: Sunday 20 December 2009 - Real Examples of how Islamic Fiqh works
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00pm - Provide ample time for questions and answers
Crescent Times, Victoria Location: 74-76 Haldon St. Lakemba (next door to the All notes wil be provided.
Commonwealth bank ) Lunch will be provided
You are invited to the Daar Aisha Shariah College Open Day. Sunday Enquiries: Tel: 0403 779 829, 0433 232 014
20th December, 2009, 10am-2pm. Meet the teachers, talk to the Email:
students, find out all info regarding Daar Aisha courses. Women
Only please. The Presenter:

REMINDER Imam Afroz Ali is the Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali
Date: starts on Tuesday 29 December 2009, runs twice a week, Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development,
Tuesday and Thursday headquartered in Sydney, Australia. He is a qualified Imam in
Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm on both nights the Islamic Tradition, having studied under Traditional Islam
Location: 74-76 Haldon St. Lakemba (next door to the and received licence to teach in various Islamic Sciences.
Commonwealth bank ) His studies have taken him from university-based Islamic
University- Madina, Saudi Arabia then moving towards
T he Melbourne Convention and Exhibition The reminder: stages of the afterlife. A summer intensive. Men
Only. Registration Essential. 9759 6222 ~ 0432 718 777 ~ info@ Traditional Scholarship in Yemen, United States and Mauritania,
Centre has hosted the 2009 Parliament of the where he has spent considerable time to learn from the most
World’s Religions, an event which convenes every five
esteemed Rightly Guided Islamic Scholars of our time. He
years, featuring more than 1300 world-class speakers,
ARABIC LANGUAGE PROGRAM 2010 has also travelled to Cairo, Egypt for further studies in Islamic
artists and performers from Australia and around the
Date: Orientation Day: Wednesday 27th January, 2010 Jurisprudence with Scholars at al-Azhar University and is on the
Course Commencement: 31st January, 2010, duration 14 months. Board of Advisors at Markaz Aleem in Cairo, Egypt.
The modern Parliament of World Religions began
Time: Sundays 10.00am - 12.00pm, Wednesdays 7.30pm - 9.30pm SA
in 1993 in Chicago on the centenary of the original
event, in 1893. In 1999 it took place in Cape Town, Location: Al-Ghazzali Centre Academy, 1021A Canterbury Road,

(Cnr. Willeroo Street), Lakemba. Entry via Willeroo Street INTERNATIONAL DEEN INTENSIVE RETREAT
South Africa, and in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.
Part of al-Ghazzali Centre’s Faculty of Linguistic Sciences Programs, Date: Friday 2nd April - Tuesday 6th April 2010.
The Parliament is the largest and most diverse
this program is a foundational course to develop students who have Location: Conference Centre, Victor Harbour, SA
multi-faith gathering of religious and spiritual
reading and writing ability in Arabic but little or no comprehension Cost: $350 per person
communities in the world and is held to celebrate the
and speaking ability. Some individuals interested in Arabic language It is with great excitement that ‘Ayn Academy in collaboration
world’s diverse spiritual traditions, faiths and beliefs.
may have some basic learning, and some may have none, but this with Al-Ghazzali Centre would like to announce the “Seeking
Melbourne’s Parliament has drawn together more
course is designed in a streamlined manner to benefit both levels the Sacred - INTERNATIONAL DEEN INTENSIVE
than 650 programs under the theme Make a World
of “beginner” and “intermediate” students. The objectives of this RETREAT”, to be held in April 2010. We are very honored to
of Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the earth.
course are: be hosting 3 esteemed teachers for this Deen Intensive: Shaykh
At the Parliament, which opened on Thursday the
* To learn to understand and speak Classical Arabic; Yahya Rhodus, Imam Afroz Ali, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani
3rd of December, delegates discussed issues such
* To be able to read and generally understand Traditional Texts of The 4 day Deen Intensive will feature a study of the Classical
as climate change, indigenous rights, and the West’s
Islamic Sciences; Texts: Book of Knowledge from Ihya Ulum ad-Din (Imam al-
relationship with Islam. Participants will take part
* To be ready to undertake advanced level Arabic Language programs Ghazali) - commentary by Shaykh Yahya Rhodus Roadmap for
in over 500 events including keynote addresses,
upon completion. the Seeker of Guidance: reflections on the Book of Knowledge
seminars, conferences, dialogues, performances,
Cost: $1800 per person (equates to $30 per week) - instruction by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Treatise for the Seekers
concerts and exhibitions.
Enquiries: Tel: (02) 9708 1539 | of Guidance (Imam Al Muhasibi) - commentary by Imam Afroz
Parliament chairman William Lesher said the
Registration is essential Ali.
world faced daunting problems, but the solution was
VIC The Deen Intensive Retreat will be a very meaningful 4 days, with
spiritual. He referred to the parliament as a tidal wave
the opportunity to study sacred knowledge from international
of compassion sweeping the world.
THE HISTORY OF ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE scholars in a peaceful environment perfect for reflection, with
‘’We are becoming an inter-religious community.
Date: 19th December, 2009 the chance to meet brothers and sisters from around Australia
Martin Luther King Jnr and others envisaged a
Time: 9:30 am - Registration completion. 10am - 6pm Program and New Zealand.
gathering like this, where people gather to build a
Location: Islamic Council of Victoria, Level 2, 66-68 Jeffcott St, We are anticipating a large turnout for this program from both
new, just, peaceful, sustainable world,’’ Dr Lesher said.
West Melbourne within Australia and internationally. Please register your place
The director of the conference, Dirk Ficca, a
Cost: $30 per person via:
Presbyterian minister from the United States, says it
This full-day seminar will cover /?chronoformname=SeekingTheSacred
is particularly important that the voices of moderate
Muslims are heard. - The historical development of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)
“There are going to be 40 programs on Islam
and the West,” he said. “Talk about a tradition that
is misunderstood, talk about a tradition that is
maligned, talk about a tradition where one percent
Australian Abyssinian Award 2009:
of the tradition has given the entire community a bad
name, it is Islam. And so we want to give reputable
Islamic scholars and leaders the chance first of all to
Leader Newspaper (VIC)
share what they believe Islam is all about.”
Major Muslim speakers of the Parliament are many
and include Dr Sakena Yacoobi, the Afghan woman were given practical and valuable scene at the town of Kinglake, devastated by
who founded 80 underground schools for girls in
1995. She entered Afghanistan secretly with $20,000 T he Victorian state government last
year (2008) initiated a new program
to address perceived problems in the media
experience, and contributed to the success
of the program.
• Shayma Al Shaksir, a journalism
the Black Saturday bushfires. He has since
scored ongoing part time work as a journalist
of her own money, and opened the schools to educate with the Moreland Leader.
3000 girls. She is also one of the four key speakers at coverage of Australian Muslims. As part student from Victoria University, scored
issue 14, December 2009

the parliament’s opening at the Melbourne Exhibition of this program, freelance journalists or a front page scoop, working with the Leader Newspapers has again offered to
Centre. final year journalism students of Muslim guidance of a more senior journalist at host successful applicants this year and two
Dr Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss professor of background or who had familiarity the Wyndham Leader on a story about a further interns are in the process of being
contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University with Muslim culture were encouraged Muslim teaching student denied a work offered placements at the organisation’s local
and grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, who in 1928 to apply for internships – temporary placement at a Christian college. Her newspapers. Leader Newspaper is giving
founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, is also paid placements at media organisations story was picked up by the Melbourne young Muslim journalism students valuable
one of the key Muslim figures at this year’s parliament who volunteered to host the interns. metropolitan newspapers and won an experience and a chance to make a difference
along with Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Leader Community News was one such highly commended, at the Australian in the media.
Dr. Anwar Ibrahim. organisation. The company is part of News Council of the Deans of Education For more information about Leader
Almost 6000 people have registered for the event, Limited and operates 33 local papers in awards. Newspapers see
featuring 800 speakers, and almost 700 conferences, the Melbourne metro region. • Saeed Saeed, a freelance
seminars, panels and entertainment sessions. The two 2008 interns hosted at Leader journalist, was the first reporter on the

Native Leading by Example – Muslims

Page 5
Islamic Fashion Space:
at the forefront of morality,
Matters ethics and integrity?
Creative Kaftans
Ebtisam El-Najjarine*
part of their religion, will be considered
imitation, thus unlawful.

Eugenia Flynn If you don’t already own a Kaftan, it’s time
(For more info about this, see the Fatwa
of Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani in Taqrir
even more of a statement on the integrity to buy one. Especially during summer time,
Looking back over the year that has and ethics of Muslims. Tirmidhi)
they are an essential item of clothing to wear,
been 2009, I think we have all seen our For me this is a great travesty. Not just So what does this mean for us? Well for
as they are made of lightweight fabric, and
fair share of ups and downs. For me, the because, as I have often said, Muslims starters, it has opened the doors for a much
ride of highs and lows is increasingly can be teamed up with pants or skirts. Being
should be on the side of justice in this loved item to be available in a greater range
evident and hard-hitting within Indigenous very comfortable and available in a range of
country and contribute to freedom for of styles from previously available. They
Affairs. In February we had the one-year sizes, colours and styles, it’s a definite must-
its First Peoples, but purely and simply range from short sleeved ones, where you
anniversary of the apology to the Stolen have garment.
because no matter the side benefits, would have to wear an under layer, to mid
Generations – surely a good thing. More suspending the Racial Discrimination Act
Although Kaftans have been around for
knee-length styles, to all the way down to
recently, however, we have seen the Federal – so the Government can legally be racist quite a long time, originating from the
7/8 length. From buttons, to v-necklines
Government’s refusal to re-instate the – is morally and ethically wrong. Middle East, the West began to wear them in
and every colour under the sun, there is a
Racial Discrimination Act. We all live by morals and ethics and the 20th century. However, the past couple
Kaftan to suit any sister’s likes.
Not widely advertised, the Howard integrity in this world – as Muslims we of seasons have seen the Caftan in the West,
Government suspended the Racial There is a price to suit anyone, made
are held to the highest standards and also spelt more recently as Kaftan, become a
Discrimination Act as part of the Northern mostly from silk, chiffon or cotton, they
answerable to the only real Judge, Allah. fashion item.
Territory Intervention (what I and others normally range in price from as low as
However, I believe that as Muslims we Although there is a Hadith recorded by
like to call an Invasion). In turn, the $15.00 to designer Kaftans which are
must think about our morals and integrity Imam Abu Dawud (Allah have Mercy on
Government has been able to discriminate hand embroided silk fabrics costing up to
in wider terms than those that affect our him) and others that states the Messenger
against Aboriginal people in the Northern individual behaviour. $20,000.000. While some may prefer to
of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace)
Territory. As the end of the year approaches, I ask purchase a car with that type of money, I
This continues to today. us all to take a look back over the year that can point out that most Islamic clothing
“Whosoever imitates a nation is amongst
At the time of Invasion, there were a was 2009 and think about the year ahead. stores do sell them for no more than $100.
them.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, no. 4031)
small number of Muslims who felt that the Let us ask ourselves, in 2010: What With the summer season disappearing
It should be remembered here that not
measures were good for Aboriginal people can our contribution be to Australia? rapidly, we may not see Kaftans available
everything that the non-Muslims wear and
– making a statement on the morals and What morals, ethics and integrity will we in most stores for long, but the possibilities
integrity of Islam, by wanting to see a ban on do, is Haram and unlawful. Imitation, which
demonstrate to the world? for Muslims are endless. They are widely
is prohibited, is effected in two ways:
alcohol and pornography. Mostly, however, What kind of dawah will our actions give? available and without a doubt, will be
the majority of Muslims were completely a) One wears a particular type of clothing
Something to muse on as we end another around for quite a while to come.
apathetic to the plight of Indigenous with the intention of imitating the Kuffar,
year in this dunya... *Ebtisam El-Najjarine, created Sissta
Australians now having to live under these meaning, one wears something because one
Designs, in 2005 to suit the needs of Muslim
highly racist and extreme conditions – * Eugenia she is a writer based in Adelaide, SA. wants to be like a particular non-believer or
women and import quality designed
conditions that non-Aboriginal Australians She is a regular writer with Crescent Times. non-believers.
clothing that would suit the needs of men,
do NOT have to live under. I find that this b) Wearing any clothing which is unique
women and children. Her website: www.
and exclusive to the non-believers and/or

Auburn, NSW: Perth: Accounts Administration Officer commencing If you believe you have the necessary
Monday the 4th of January 2010. capabilities and can commit yourself
Al Hidayah Islamic School
Dawah Central: Position vacant: Accounts
Applications are invited from persons who
hold a current driving license, permanently
on a long term basis to a highly professional
organisation that is contributing positively to
Administration Officer the advancement of our community, please
new mosque
reside in Perth, Western Australia and who
The Al-Hidayah Islamic School has can demonstrate a high degree of computer forward your resume by mail to:
been operating in Bentley since 1994 and literacy/competency. Previous office The Administrator

proposal has consistently provided the Muslim

community of Perth with Islamic Studies and
administrative/administration experience
is required. Experience in QuickBooks
Al-Hidayah Islamic School
PO Box 761
WA Government Curriculum Studies to a accounting software would be advantageous. Victoria Park WA 6979
Help us to build a mosque in the Auburn/ very high standard. For its Support Group, the Prospective candidates should be aware that Or by email to:
Regents Park Area (Sydney, AUSTRALIA). School is seeking the services of a responsible it is the basis of the School’s operation that: Applications close Wednesday the 16th
This is COUNCIL APPROVED for a person able to take up the fulltime duties of The Islamic nature of the School must take of December 2009Schoolwebsite: www.
mosque on a 3,882 Square Meter Costing AU precedence over all other considerations.
$1.8 million dollars for the land alone. Land


Settlement is on the 23rd December 2009 Jannah
WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Rahma Association has recently
The Prophet (SAW) said: Whoever builds a purchased a house at 3 Railway Street, Old
Masjid, Allah will build a house for him/her in Guildford and intends to utilize it into a Perth, WA
Paradise. Mosque\Community Centre.
You may Purchase 1 Sqm for only $450.00 •The Federal Government’s $1200 Insulation rebate is here now
Our vision is to establish a mosque and
or donate to: Islamic school to serve our community Insha
Bank: Commonwealth Bank, •This gives you up to 120sqm of insulation completely free
Account Name: IDCA We need your help to assist us in fulfilling
BSB: 062107 Account Number: 10437587
•We use thick fibreglass insulation rated at 3.5
this dream and establish this much needed
For more info please contact IDCA on: institution that will educate the future •We will remove and dispose of your old batts too for only $200
(02) 9738 7700 or / www. generations. Other than your dua there are a few main Call Ali on 0404 174 492 for a measure and quote
ways you can help: Don’t miss out
NSW: The Rahma 1. Buy a square meter: A $350 deposit will
buy you one square meter of the land.
issue 14, December 2009

Islamic Association 2. Direct deposit donation: Any amount you

are able to directly deposited into the following
New Mosque: account:
Commonwealth Bank: Guildford To place your advert in Crescent
The Rahma Islamic Association is a non- BSB: 06 2176 Account Number: 10242792
profit organisation established by young
Times, please email:
3. Spread the news of this project to the
Australian born Muslims, which works for the people you know.
good cause of Muslim community in the area Contacts:
of western Sydney. Sheikh Azzam Mesto:0405 699 623
The Prophet (SAW) said that who builds a
house of Allah in this world, and then Allah
Hajj Youssef Elrich : 0404 925 093
Hajj Shady Elriche: 0406 279 999
(SWT) will build a house for him/her in

East - West
Page 6

Muslim community needs directly elected leaders! Tarek Chamkhi
O ver the last few months we have heard a number of complaints from members of

the Muslim community about the performance of the Australian Federation of

Islamic Councils, AFIC. Most of the complaints have focused on the autocratic way this
organisation is run on a day to day basis.
Another inquisition?
Many of us are survivors of dictatorship in our homelands. We are not prepared to
will have enough wisdom to live together
countenance further exampples of such totalitarianism in our new home down under.
in the same planet without cutting off each
Others are simply appalled by the management style favoured by those running OUR
other’s heads.
Islamic organisations. The locally born and bred Muslims simply distrust such leaders, Switzerland was well known by its
when they see the contrast between how secular or non Muslim organisations act, and how unbiased foreign policy, smooth democracy
the leader(s) of AFIC in particular act. and deep religious and ethnic tolerance.
The case of Imam Abdul Jalil Ahmed, from Rivervale Mosque, WA (one of the pioneers of From now on, I urge myself and any of you
the Islamic council of WA, ICWA) is a case in point, alerting us to the real need for change to review such a stereotype, and watch out
at the top. Over the years, Imam Ahmed has served thousands of Western Australian from where you may get the bite!
Muslims, officiating at marriage ceremonies since 1986. Without notice, he received a letter After the 9/11 attacks in the USA, most
human rights organisations noticed that civil

from the Attorney General’s Office in Perth telling him that he was no longer recognised as ’m really concerned! Scared from liberties were significantly set back. Many
a marriage celebrant for the tiny WA muslim community! The letter stated that this action another inquisition in Europe and the American Muslims feel unsafe - anyone
had to be taken as he was no longer recognised by AFIC as a person qualified to perform West in general - including in Australia! who catches the plane interstate or overseas,
marriages - this coming despite his long standing membership with AFIC through the local Come on! Take it easy mate! We are student or professional feels under constant
branch “ICWA”and with no warning or consultation with him. Basically AFIC had decided safe and living in democratic developed surveillance - some Islamic leaders there even
to take his name off the list of recognised Muslim amrriage celebrants without any cause. countries, which are much safer than any have to put up with surveillance cameras in
The letter from the Attorney General’s department thanks him for his many years of service Muslim country on the earth! Is it that their bedrooms! CAIR the biggest Islamic
to the community as a marriage celebrant. There has never been any question about his what you would like to say back? organisation in the USA and the best active
The civilisation tension between the civil liberties fighter in the entire Western
fitness or capacity to perform the role of marriage celebrant in accordance with Australian
Muslims and the European Christians has world, has recorded thousands of accidents
or Islamic law - so why was he arbitrarily “struck off ”??? Friends and colleagues of Imam never stopped since the conquering of of hate, ethnic crimes and discrimination

Abdul have concluded that the decision was taken by AFIC’s leader as payback for Imam Spain on the seventh century, by Tarek Ibn against Muslims or anyone who seems like a
Abdul’s role in recent elections. Ziad. During 13 centuries of tension and Muslim. Many Sikhs have also been victims
As Australian Muslims we deserve better practices, transparent leadership and a Shouraa pay back, the intolerance and extremism as hate mongers mistake their turbans as
(Democratic) attitude and system in our daily politics and social wellbeing. from both sides has never stopped. signs of Islam and target them.
The best way to resolve these leadership problems is to reform AFIC itself, to have the Stupidly, many believe that Islam is the The wheel of civilisation goes forwards
president elected directly instead of behind the scenes. If that does not happen, none of the cause of all crusade wars, terrorism, war then backwards every few generations! For
Muslim community will feel represented by or in AFIC. crimes and so on. But the historic facts, the case of Western modern civilisation, it
regarding political violence, terrorism is not a myth that we could be dragged back
war crimes, inquisitions, torture reveal to Medieval times, at least regarding human

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim

that these events under the name of the rights and civil liberties.
Crescent were much less than those Just this week, it was reported that at
committed under the name of the cross! least another four European countries are

facing trial
What the majority of Swiss people chose thinking about banning minarets! Such
two weeks ago, to ban minarets, is just refreshing news!
another warning sign that the West could
just suddenly go back to the dark ages Editor in chief
He has denied the charge without notice. I would pray that such a
which he says is part of a thing will never happen, and that all parts
political conspiracy against

Somalia: Foreign
him by the government
aimed at undermining his
three-party opposition
The alliance made
massive gains in the March
2008 general elections
Fighters Joining
against the ruling coalition
which has ruled Malaysia
uninterrupted since it won
independence more than
half a century ago.
Appealing to the high A s the Horn of Africa country
sinks deeper in a deadly cycle of
violence, the African Union mission
foreigners aiding the Somali militant
group. The list includes Pakistani

A nwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian opposition court to reject the case, Anwar’s lawyers argued that medical national Abu Musa Mombasa as
tests conducted on the aide after the alleged sodomy were in Somali believes that more foreign
leader, will stand trial on charges of sodomy fighters are joining Al-Shabaab militant Al-Shabaab’s head for security and
early next year after his efforts to have the case inconclusive. training operations. Estimates put the
As a result, they had argued, trying him for sodomy would group to oust the Somali government
thrown out were rejected by a top court. of Sheikh Sharif. number of foreign fighters in Somalia
The high court in Kuala Lumpur rejected the be tantamount to abusing the justice system. at between 1200 to 1500. “Those
However the judge rejected the argument, saying the “The presence of foreign fighters in
request on Tuesday, setting a date of January 25 Somalia is very true,” who say our Muslim brothers are
for the trial to begin, Anwar’s lawyers said. prosecution may have other witnesses or evidence to prove foreigners are wrong. They came here
issue 14, December 2009

its case. Wafula Wamunyinyi, the African

“I didn’t expect anything different,” Anwar, Union representative for Somali, to assist their brothers in Somalia,” Al-
62, told reporters after the ruling by Justice He also rejected the argument that the case was a Shabaab official Sheikh Ali Hussein
“malicious prosecution”. told in an exclusive
Mohamad Zabidin Diah. interview. Fidow told a press conference in
“The manner in which the case is proceeding Anwar’s lawyers have said they will take their case to Mogadishu. Somalia has lacked an
Malaysia’s court of appeal. “Al-Shabaab has recruited many
seems worrying. I think we are in for a tough foreign fighters to help them over effective government since the ouster
battle but we have compelling arguments. We The case is the second time that Anwar has been accused of former president Mohamed Siad
of sodomy. throw the transitional UN-backed
have facts.” Somali government.” Barre in 1991.More than 14 attempts
Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, He spent six years in prison between 1998 and 2004 to restore a functional government
after being convicted of corruption and of sodomising his Intelligence sources said that
was charged in August last year with allegedly foreigners make up the bulk of Al- have since failed.
sodomising a 24-year-old male former aide. former family driver. Islam on line
Anwar insisted he had been framed and was freed when Shabaab leadership. A list released by
He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of intelligence sources named a number of
sodomy, a crime in Muslim-majority Malaysia. Malaysia’s top court overturned the sodomy conviction.
Copenhagen climate change Racism Haunts UK

Page 7
why is a deal so important? Muslim Boxer

H ow can Copenhagen unleash protection for Impacts fall disproportionately on the poor,
those who will suffer most from the adverse those who do not have the means to deal
impacts of climate change? with them. Impacts highlighted by the IPCC
Climate change is becoming a major threat to include:
efforts to promote sustainable economic and social _ By 2020, in some African countries, yields
development and to reduce poverty. Impacts are from rain-fed agriculture (the dominant
already showing and are very likely to increase method) could be reduced by up to 50%;
as climate change takes hold. Consequently, it is _ Approximately 20-30% of plant and
absolutely essential that adaptation be accorded animal species are likely to be at increased
the same level of priority and support as mitigation. risk of extinction if increases in global
Adaptation thus needs to be one of the cornerstones average temperature exceed 1.5-2.5°C;
of strengthened global cooperation on climate _ Widespread melting of glaciers and snow
change. cover will reduce melt water from major
Impacts fall disproportionately on the poor, mountain ranges (e.g. Hindu Kush, Himalaya,
those who do not have the means to deal with Andes), where more than one billion people
them. Countries recognize that a strong adaptation currently live;
framework is required, which addresses the needs _ More than 20 million people were
of developing countries for scaled up financial displaced by sudden climate-related disasters
support, technology and capacity-building. in 2008 alone. An estimated 200 million
Increased investment in adaptive capacity, such people could be displaced as a result of
as strengthening the ability of countries to reduce climate impacts by 2050.
disaster risk, will safeguard economic progress
Likewise, costs for the planning of additional
already made, on the way to achieving overall
mitigation actions are borne by developing
development goals.
countries. Kick-starting the action initiated in
What are the 4 political essentials for a
Copenhagen deal?
Copenhagen requires start-up funding in the order
A successful Copenhagen deal needs to map out
of USD 10 billion per annum 2010-2012. Such
how further global cooperation can be catalyzed by
funds need to be rapidly available to developing
agreement on a number of political essentials.
1. Ambitious emission reduction targets for

4. An effective institutional framework with
developed countries espite being a world champion who But the racist slurs never discouraged the
governance structures that address the needs of
Developed countries have accepted to continue
developing countries earned several titles for his country, Muslim boxer. “I’m proud to be British and
taking the lead in reducing GHG emissions. Doing
so requires agreement on an ambitious mid-term
Copenhagen needs to deliver on an efficient mix British Muslim boxer Amir Khan it’s a very small minority [that mention race],
of financial instruments with effective means for is still haunted by racism because of his skin but it does hurt you and it pushes you all the
target for the group of developed countries as a
disbursement and for measurement, reporting and colour. way,” Khan said. Khan, of Pakistani origins,
whole, with each one of them making an effort
verification. Much of the currently available funding “I can only say that sometimes skin colour became the WBA World light-welterweight
of comparable scale in line with their historical
has not reached developing countries in a way that
responsibility and current capabilities. does make a difference,” the 22-year-old WBA champion on 18 July 2009, becoming Britain’s
is regarded as efficient or beneficial. It is critical that
To date, most developed countries have light-welterweight champion told reporters third-youngest world champion after Naseem
the funds that are agreed as part of the Copenhagen
announced their mid-term target for emission on Saturday, December 5. “I know for a fact if Hamed and Herbie Hide
outcome have governance principles that are
reductions for 2020. However, despite the fact I were a white English fighter maybe I would Britain’s ethnic minorities are racked by
founded on equity, respecting the interests and needs
that key developed country forums such as the G8
of developing countries, and that includes them as have been a superstar in Britain, and the world.” the pain of racism with an estimated 87,000
have recognized a 2° C limit, pledges for mid-term
targets by industrialized countries fall short of the
equal decision-making partners. Furthermore, the The Bolton-born boxer said he was the target members of ethnic minorities being a victim
agreed outcome needs an institutional arrangement of racists since his first professional defeat to of racially motivated crimes. Figures also
IPCC range (25% to 40% below 1990 levels by
that optimizes the allocation of funds and provides Breidis Prescott, of Colombia, in September show that ethnic minorities have the worst
2020.) Negotiations could raise the current level of
for a transparent system to monitor, report and last year. unemployment and housing crises in the
ambition to get to a reduction level in line with the
verify actions and support. There is also a need to
imperatives of science by focusing on international “Straight after the Prescott fight, when people country. Some 70 percent of all ethnic
strengthen existing institutions, while at the same
mechanisms and cooperation. said, ‘He’s finished’, there were racial remarks minorities live in the 88 most deprived
time explore proposals for the creation of new
2. Nationally appropriate mitigation actions of made,” Khan said. areas, compared to 40 percent of the general
institutions. The United Nations stands ready to
developing countries “If you go on the message boards and chat population.
assist countries in implementing a Copenhagen
The biggest contribution to the global emission
agreed outcome in a practical way. forums there are always people who have to get ISLAM ONLINE
increase over the next decades is projected to come
from developing countries, though their average
Source: official website of the UN Climate Change the religious thing in.
Conference in Copenhagen
per capita CO2 emissions will remain substantially
lower than those in developed country regions. In
2007 at Bali, developing countries indicated their
willingness to undertake additional nationally
Syria blames blast
appropriate mitigation actions, provided that they
receive support for such actions.
A major concern of developing countries is that
on tyre blowout
mitigation actions could distract resources away
yria’s interior minister has said an explosion which killed at least three
from their overriding priorities, which are poverty
eradication and economic growth. The Copenhagen people and injured many more was caused by a tyre blowout and not
deal could build on domestic mitigation actions a terrorist attack. Said Mohammad Sammour told state-run Syrian TV
underway or planned in developing countries, on Thursday that a bus driver and two petrol station workers were killed in
and identify how they can be enhanced with the “accidental” explosion in the Sayeda Zainab district in Damascus. “It is not
international support. a terrorist act at all,” Sammour told journalists at the scene of the explosion, a
3. Scaling up financial and technological support for petrol station, where the mangled remains of the yellow Scania bus could still
both adaptation and mitigation be seen. “It happened while one of the empty bus’s tyres was being repaired. George TSIOGAS
Adequate financial, technological and capacity- An explosion took place as result of the excessive pressure.”
building support is the engine for advancing
Reem Haddad, a spokesperson for the Syrian ministry of information, also
DATE OF BIRTH: 22-Apr-82
international cooperation on climate change
as well as national action. An essential part of a said “there was absolutely no terrorist action behind the incident” on the HEIGHT: 180 CM (5’11”)
issue 14, December 2009

comprehensive deal at Copenhagen is identifying Iranian bus. BUILD: MEDIUM

how to generate new, additional and predictable “This explosion occurred as a result of a malfunction in one of the tyres ... I
financial resources and technology. Resources think they pumped too much air into the tyres.” Asked how a mere tyre burst EYES: BROWN
needed for both adaptation and mitigation have could destroy an entire bus, Haddad said: “It’s a big bus and it has big tyres. It HAIR: BLACK
been estimated to total around USD 250 billion per is possible.” She said the explosion was “completely unrelated” to the visit by
annum in 2020. Start-up funding is essential: The Saeed Jalilee, the Iranian national security adviser and chief nuclear negotiator,
financial challenge is unique and particularly stark who met Syrian officials in Damascus on Thursday.
when it comes to current finance. At the moment,
adaptation costs are primarily borne by the affected
Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, reporting from Damascus, said: “It’s very rare that we Have you seen George TSIOGAS? It is alleged TSIOGAS was
countries, including poor vulnerable communities see such incidents here in Damascus. Syria controls this country very tightly; involved in a burglary and theft in Footscray West in 2007. Warrants
which have no responsibility for emissions. the security is very tight.” Amin said that at the news conference given by Jalilee for his arrest have been issued. Call us on 1800 333 000 or visit www.
November 2009 page 3 of 4 United Nations and Syrian officials, the incident was not addressed and officials from the two
Framework Convention on Climate Change countries said what the interior ministry said was enough.
Page 8


Australian Muslim Lifetime Achiever Volunteer of the year 2009:

Award: Ibrahim Din (NSW) Ahmed Youssef (ACT)

Ibrahim Din is one of the earliest Turkish to cut costs. Sometimes they became tilers,
Ahmed Youssef is a founding member and collection of works which will contribute
migrants who arrived in Australia after the sometimes painters and other times metal
former President of the Canberra Islamic towards his dream of an Australian National
end of the White Australia Policy and the workers. Not only did they donate many
Centre (CIC). The CIC is a resource centre for Islamic Library (ANIL). The aim of the ANIL
introduction of the multicultural policy. He thousands of dollars themselves, they also
both Muslims and the general public who want is to become the largest repository of material
arrived in Australia with his family in 1969. worked almost full time to finish the mosque.
to know more about Islam. Ahmed has been on Islam and Muslims in the Southern
Ibrahim was one of the founders of Auburn From 2000 onwards, Ibrahim Din worked to
a greatly respected member of the Executive Hemisphere and to be made available
Qur’an and Islamic Cultural Centre in 1977. bring in younger members of the community
Committee since the inception of the Centre internationally, nationally and locally for
This also marks the beginning of the Auburn to assist in the management and development
and has worked tirelessly as a volunteer Imam research into Islam and Muslims.
Gallipoli Mosque. They first purchased a house of the mosque. He was open to new ideas to
running regular Islamic classes, dawah, Islamic Ahmed also attends functions as an Islamic
and converted it into a mosque by removing attract non-Muslim visitors to the mosque. In
marriages and Islamic funerals. representative. He has attended multi-faith
the walls. He became the president of the 2001, the first mosque open day in Australia
Ahmed is active in Canberra civic and Islamic pastoral counselling courses and is a member
association in 1982. was conducted in Auburn Gallipoli Mosque.
community affairs, meeting with government of the Australian Capital Territory Pastoral
The committee dreamed of having a mosque Today about 10,000 Australians visit the
officials and overseas visitors. He is highly Care Board. Ahmed also visits prisons
similar to the majestic mosques in Istanbul. mosque every year.
regarded for his dedication as a Muslim regularly to provide chaplaincy services to
The present mosque construction started in Since 1992, Ibrahim Din has also served
scholar and in promoting harmony and mutual prisoners. Ahmed provides hours of voluntary
1987. He had to give a few years of break in as the deputy president of the Supreme
understanding among Muslims and people telephone translation each week for people
management towards the end of the 80s. Islamic Council of Halal Meat that regulates,
of different faiths. He is a knowledgeable from culturally and linguistically diverse
He was re-elected as president in 1991. At controls and monitors halal meat production
and humble man and is widely noted for his backgrounds.
the time, only the rough building was standing in Australia for exports and consumption by
gracious manners and demeanor. To find out more about Ahmed Youssef ’s
and with 8,000 in the bank and 630,000 debt Australian Muslims.
Ahmed has put together an extraordinary work see
to various places. Ibrahim Din and his team Ibrahim Din continues to serve full-time
at the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque without
Australian Muslim Sportsperson of
managed to raise the funds and complete
receiving any pay what-so-ever. The mosque

the construction of the mosque by 1999. In

has become one of the landmark monuments
many instances they had to work as labourers
for Islam in Australia.
Australian Muslim Man of the Year Hazem El-Masri (NSW)
2009 - Professional of the Year 2009: Hazem El-Masri is a well loved Australian Ken Stephen Award in 2002. The award
Dr Jamal Rifi (NSW) former professional rugby league footballer. recognises players who contribute to the
Hazem emigrated to Australia with his family betterment of their community away from
In 1984, Dr Jamal Rifi migrated to Australia from Tripoli, Lebanon in 1988 when he was rugby league.
from Lebanon to study. Despite initially Photo: Jamal 12 years old. In 1994, he was spotted by In June, 2009, Hazem announced that he
facing challenges with the English language, Rifi Bulldogs development officers while playing would retire from the NRL at the end of the
he successfully completed his studies and for Belmore Boys High School. season. Hazem played his last game on 25
qualified as a medical practitioner from the Hazem played for the Bulldogs in the September 2009 against the Parramatta Eels in
University of Sydney in 1990. Dr Rifi’s generous National Rugby League. He was also an the preliminary final.
nature and desire to give back to this country Australia and Lebanon international, and New Hazem is married with three children. Hazem
led him to become involved in serving the South Wales State of Origin representative is an exemplary sporting role model on and off
community, particularly in the areas of youth, winger. He has played his entire club football the playing field. He has been recognized as
family and community development. He was a career at the Bulldogs, with whom he won the an excellent ambassador for his community,
founding member of Muslim Doctors Against volunteer pool guards, and was instrumental 2004 Premiership. An accurate goal-kicker, in religion, club, sport and country. In 2007, Bill
Violence and the Christian Muslim Friendship in establishing a program, called On the Same 2009 Hazem took the record for the highest- Woods published an authorised biography, El
Society. His efforts to build harmony between Wave, to recruit and train Muslim youth as ever point scorer in premiership history and Magic: the life of Hazem El Masri.
the Muslim and non-Muslim communities lifesavers at the Cronulla beaches. He also for a record sixth time was the League’s top For more information on Hazem El-Masri
have been recognised with a Human Rights encourages young people to join the State point scorer for the season. see
Medal. He is a former member of the NSW Emergency Service, and in every way helps Hazem is widely respected for his community php?page=player&id=605
Medical Advisory Board and a community them to take positive career paths. Dr Rifi was work with young people, winning the NRL’s
representative for the Youth Partnership with also involved in supporting a group of youth to
Arabic Speaking Communities. trek the strenuous Kokda trail. With all of his
As the President of the Lakemba Sports dedication to serve his community, Dr Jamal
Club, he has used sport as a social tool to Rifi is also a dedicated husband and father to
Australian Muslim Academic of 2009:
build bridges between communities and five.
channel young people’s physical energies into For more information on Dr Jamal Rifi
positive activities. He trained the first group of see
Professor Abdullah Saeed (VIC)
youth from south-western Sydney to become recipients/?m=jamal-rifi Freedom in Asia; Islam and Human Rights;
Professor Abdullah Saeed was born in the

Australian Muslim Role Model of the Maldives and holds degrees from Australia and
overseas. He has a BA in Arab/Islamic Studies
and Islam and Muslims in Australia.
He is involved in interfaith dialogue between

Year 2009: from Saudi Arabia, MA in Applied Linguistics

and PhD in Islamic Studies from the University
Christians, Jews and Muslims. He travels
regularly to countries in North America,

Yasir A. Mahmud (VIC) of Melbourne, Australia. In 1993, he joined

the then Department of Asian Languages and
Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast
Asia. He has a wide range of professional and
also included developing a community website, Anthropology at the University of Melbourne research relationships around the world.
issue 14, December 2009

Yasir Mahmud is a hardworking and dedicated

professional who strives to be an excellent role founding an innovative youth career pathway as a Lecturer, rising to Senior Lecturer in His Islamic research has a focus on the
model for his community in everything that he does. service, assisting the Sunday Arabic classes and 1996 and Associate Professor in 2000. He was negotiation of text and context, ijtihad and
In August 2009 He achieved the Campbell assisting not for profit organizations to improve appointed Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab interpretation. His publications cover Islamic
Page Business Excellence Award and in 2008 their services. finance, Muslim communities in Australia,
and Islamic Studies in 2003.
the Campbell Page Golden Frog Award for his Yasir is also a registered member with the following Islamic law and freedom of religion, Christian–
Prof Saeed has taught Arabic and Islamic
outstanding success in supporting unemployed job Muslim relations, Islamic thought in Indonesia,
*Refugee Council of Australia Studies at undergraduate and postgraduate
seekers to find suitable work and his continuous Qur’anic hermeneutics, Islam and human
focus on customer satisfaction. *The Eritrean Community in Australian levels. Among the subjects he teaches are: Great
*Eritrean Islamic Society in Australia – ERIS Texts of Islam: Qur’an; Muslim Intellectuals rights, and Islamic law reform. He writes for
He is a devoted family man and also volunteers
much of his time to help refugee families and youth *Engineers Australia and Modernity; Great Empires of Islamic both scholarly and general audiences.
to settle into Australia. Yasir is passionate about *The Victorian University Alumni Civilization; Islamic Banking and Finance; For more information on Professor Abdullah
supporting fundraising projects and motivating the *The RMIT Alumni Qur’anic Hermeneutics; Methodologies of Saeed see
youth in his community. His volunteer work has *HMYCC Network Hadith; Methods of Islamic Law; Religious
Page 9
This event is proudly supported by:

Australian Muslim Woman Australian Muslim Business
of the Year 2009: Senior
Constable Maha Sukkar (VIC)
of the Year 2009:
Photo: Maha Sukkar on duty Baraka Woman (NSW)
Baraka women is designed and made in Baraka’s no fuss designs use natural
Australia with love by Kath Fry and Eisha fabrics that breath, ensuring you feel
Saleh. The business was launched in August cool, comfortable and relaxed on the go.
2008 with a fresh innovative approach. Fry The collections draw inspiration from
and Saleh teamed up after meeting at Daar international trends and fashion forecasters
Aisha Shariah College in Sydney where both alongside the need to coordinate with your
women had been taking weekly classes on existing wardrobe saving you time and
Islamic law. After both having experienced money.
the challenge of finding modest yet stylish The Baraka tagline, “beautiful clothes for
clothing for women, the Baraka women beautiful women,” is accompanied by the
decided to solve the fashion gap problem goal to provide quality Australian made
Senior Constable Maha Sukkar is encouraging Aside from her operational police work, Senior themselves. clothing that will last. The label is committed
people of all religious and cultural backgrounds to empowering women to make a difference
Constable Sukkar regularly gives motivational The result is a label that makes you feel
to follow their dreams, after realising her own speeches to students at local and Muslim schools and beautiful and confident every day. Their in their world wherever they live. 5% of each
dream of joining the Victorian Police. Senior has also addressed other community organisations, clothing label, Baraka, which translates to sale goes back to ‘project women’. A project
Constable Sukkar is a former graphic designer such as the Rotary Club of Narre Warren, about the “blessing” in Arabic, understands that style that works with different organisations
originating from Beirut, Lebanon who always need for more cultural and religious understanding is your personal signature and creates pieces that promote the advancement of women
had a passion to serve her community. in the community. that are simple and easy to wear, beautiful and through donations, upskilling or mentoring.
In 2004, Senior Constable Sukkar became comfortable giving you the freedom to add For more information about Baraka visit
the first policewoman in Australia to wear a Senior Constable Sukkar also hopes to attract more your distinctive personality.
hijab as part of her official police uniform. The women and more recruits to the Victorian Police
navy, lightweight hijab, specifically designed from culturally diverse backgrounds that reflected
for Senior Constable Sukkar, has Velcro to the community.
enable its release should she get caught in a
physical scuffle.
Since graduating, Senior Constable Sukkar
Australian Muslim Creative Artist of the Year 2009:
has dedicated much of her work and personal
time to promoting understanding between
Peter Gould (NSW)
Australians and the Muslim community, while Photo: Peter Gould
encouraging young people of all backgrounds “For many centuries
to pursue their goals and ambitions. Senior Sydney-born designer & digital artist Islamic art has captivated
Constable Sukkar was presented with a Peter Gould founded Azaan to explore his and inspired hearts. It is
Department of Families, Community and passion for contemporary graphic design, art, important to continue
Indigenous Affairs (FACSIA) Award in photography and the rich visual & spiritual this tradition within a
recognition of her positive contribution traditions of Islam. contemporary context
to Australian Muslims regarding social Since embracing Islam in 2002 his travels and embrace the digital
integration. Also, In November this year, and studies throughout the Muslim world have canvas. I believe it can be a
she was awarded the Victorian Multicultural inspired a unique cultural fusion that is reactive catalyst for positive change
Commission award for excellence in the to a world of misunderstanding. Peter’s work in a time of confusion and
field of Police and Community Multicultural has reached many audiences locally and abroad misunderstanding.” Peter
advisory Committee. through exhibitions, appearances, graphic Gould
design projects and collaborations with other More information on Peter
artists Gould see
Peter’s portfolio includes his photography,
artwork, and his graphic and design web

Muslim circumCiSion
design studio, which services a broad range
of clients locally and internationally. He
also owns and runs the award-winning
commercial design studio Creative Cubed.
Highlights include exhibitions in the United
States, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore as Dr. Mohammed. M. Jabbar
well as events in Europe and the Middle East.
He has won several design awards such as the
Cnr. Sydney Rd & Bell St, COBURG Vic 3058
issue 14, December 2009

ISNA 2009 branding competition. He has

collaborated with many prominent Muslim (03) 9354 4042
Creatives and houses a permanent collection
of his photography at Zaytuna Institute in 82 Stud Road DANDENONG Vic 3175
Berkeley, California. He leads a design studio (03) 9794 5055
developing branding, identity, marketing
material and websites for a broad range of No referral necessary
clients worldwide. Our Muslim practitioners are highly skilled
Peter is also honoured to have been resulting in minimal discomfort and bleeding
included in the Australian Government’s For more information, please visit our website:
publication ‘The Australian Journey: Muslim
Australian Muslim Australian Muslim Event of the Year
Page 10

Best Community Organisation 2009: Australian Federal Police

2009: Ramadan Iftar – Sydney (NSW)
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ramadan

Human Appeal International Iftar was held on Tuesday 8th September in within both the wider community and the AFP.

Bankstown NSW. The AFP has great respect for The AFP iftar is attended by over 400 guests
Athe traditions of Islam and in particular hosting the comprised of a cross section of Islamic
Human Appeal International (HAI) is a charitable, worldwide serving more than 10 million people in 2nd Sydney AFP Ramadan Iftar dinner. The AFP communities, religious leaders, business
humanitarian, non-governmental organization countries including: Sudan, Senegal, Mauritania, Iftar is a wonderful opportunity for the community representatives, charity organizations and
(NGO) established in 1984 which works in the Bosnia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Lebanon, to gather and break fast together. It fosters Muslims members of the government. This event has been
fields of charity, development - specializing in Social Iraq, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and people of all faiths to build stronger ties and a great way to commence meaningful engagement
and Educational Development - Health Care and Eritrea, Somalia and Palestine. Of those individuals networks as well as celebrate Ramadan with Halal between the AFP and the wider Islamic
Emergency Relief. In addition to this, HAI holds served, 80% are women and children. HAI has also food and entertainment. communities of Sydney. The Iftar celebrates
consultative status (Category II) in the United sponsored 32,000 orphans providing them with The goal after last year’s Iftar was to engage more not only the breaking of the Ramadan fast, but
Nations Social and Economic Council, maintains an food, supplies, safe shelters, education and medical widely across Islamic communities in Sydney, this a stronger community engagement by the AFP
observer capacity in IFAD (International Fund for care through Complete Assistance Projects that continues to drive the AFP’s Community Liaison which strives to build bridges toward positive
Agriculture Development), and is a member of the ensured them secure and decent lives. Teams (CLT) . The Sydney CLT was created in 2008. and successful partnerships. Most importantly,
International Council for Voluntary Associations HAI is credited with 20 years of humanitarian Through the hard work of the CLT, engagement it provides an occasion in which everyone can
(ICVA). work and will continue to address humanitarian continues to grow as a core component of AFP reflect on mutual achievements in creating a
HAI has also carried out joint ventures with the needs internationally. Human Appeal International business. The AFP works hard to contribute to united community.
United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Australia has been established in Sydney since 1991, social cohesion to encourage mutual understanding
the United Nations Relief and Works Agency seeking funds from generous supporters to assist
for the Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), the
United Nations High Commission for Refugees
us in providing services to thousands of poor and
needy people through our various programs.
Australian Muslim Best Media Outlet
(UNHCR) and has reached several memorandums
of understanding with UNICEF and the AGFUND.
2009: Crescent Times (WA)
Human Appeal International has 12 offices
Established in Perth in October 2008, Crescent and internationally. In addition Crescent Times
Australian Muslim Best New Community Times is Western Australia’s first Independent
local Muslim community newspaper. The
hopes to provide details about information and
services available to the Muslim community as
Project 2009: Believe Achieve Inspire newspaper is published by a national company,
Crescent Press Pty Ltd, with the aim of serving
well as providing an outlet for Muslim owned
or operated businesses to advertise their
Leadership Program (FAMSY) VIC the Muslim community though various
publications and general publishing services.
Since its beginning in 2008, the newspaper has
They work to support Muslims through
providing advertising, promotion and referral
The Believe Achieve Inspire Leadership initiative in the provision of multi-streamed expanded to be distributed in Perth, Melbourne, to services that may assist them. The classified
section enables placement of free advertising

Program is a unique initiative of the Federation and tertiary accredited professional and Islamic Sydney and then Adelaide. The number of the
copies published each month is around 8000 for individuals who have items to sell or
of Australian Muslim Students and Youth based leadership development, designed to give away as well as space for employment
(FAMSY) in collaboration with Victoria develop and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. copies nationally, with an estimate readership of
15000 to 20000. Crescent Times is distributed opportunities to be advertised.
University, providing a comprehensive Successful participants will be awarded a national wide free of charge each month and The Crescent Times team hope that the
leadership development course for future Graduate Certificate of Management from can be considered the first national Australian newspaper will bring the community closer
Victoria University, this combined with the rich Muslim newspaper. together and strengthen relationships. In the
community leaders. last 12 months of operations the newspaper
Launched in 2009, the Believe Achieve Islamic content will enable effective, capable The newspaper aims to inform the community
by publishing news of interest to Muslims, has proven that it is a real bridge between all
Inspire Leadership Program is a world-first leaders and contributors to the community. sections of Muslim community as well as with
including reports of events locally, nationally
the wider Australian community.
issue 14, December 2009
Page 11
Wearing the Commercial Contracts:
‘Unity Cap’ Common terms in a sale of
Mohd Safwan Saparudin & Wan
a business:

Afrah Wan Ahmad Nizar*
(Part 1)

T here are many who are are intended

Mohammed (peace be upon
concerned about unity of him) is the best example for us to Hyder Gulam and to be included
in the sale.
Muslim communities. Lest we
forget, the principle of unity is
follow. He united the Ansaar and
Muhajireen; devising a kinship Michael Dywer* Each party
pronounced in numerous verses should provide
so wonderful between them
in the Qur’an, one of them: “O
mankind! Lo! We have created
you from a male and a female, and
that it is heartfelt and tearful to
read their stories. They love each T his article will run in two parts
and will focus on some common
features of commercial contracts
by contract, which should be
specified expressly. Payment
strictly within time should be
other so ferociously that they
have made you nations and tribes which concern the sale of a business. an essential term of the contract on the subject
will do anything in the name of
that ye may know one another. These non-exhaustive terms are and breach should entitle the matter. This is
Islamic brotherhood (ukhuwwah
Lo! the noblest of in the sight important and their inclusion is seller to terminate immediately. relevant to an
of Allah is the best in conduct”. fundamental to any sale of business •What happens to the deposit Photo: Hyder Gulam assessment of
I was raised in Malaysia where
(Quran 49:13) contract. in the event of breach? the value and
the majorities are muslims,
The history of the Prophet continued below continued below continued below viability of the business, to whatever pre-contract
investigations or inquiries are to be made and the
drafting of the agreement. The agreement needs
to specify precisely what assets and liabilities are
transferred/assumed the purchaser in exchange for
Businesses are usually sold as going concerns.
Therefore, each of the physical assets and intangible
assets, such as goodwill, must be separately
identified and transferred in the way appropriate
to that asset. Intangible assets include such items
as business names, trade marks, patents, leases,
designs, licences, permits and goodwill. Tangible
assets include stock and trade, fixtures and fittings,
plant and equipment and items like vehicles.
Liabilities. It is necessary to also consider
liabilities, given:
•Some assets which should vest in the purchaser
on completion also involve the assumption of
some of the seller’s liabilities; and
•It may suit the parties for the purchaser to
assume responsibility for some of the seller’s
debts/liabilities as part of the transaction.
The seller may have several types of debts/
liabilities at the time of sale;
•Debts to suppliers of raw materials, finished
goods, services;
•Debts and liabilities to employees for salary,
annual leave and long service leave;
•Contingent liabilities to clients or customers for
the quality and performance of goods or services,
under warranties, product liability, including
the service, repair or replacement of defective
continued from above behind each other’s back. continued from above continued from above •Contractual liability to other contracting parties
Islamic Education is practised These are becoming alarmingly This article is for information Under the general law, in the when the contract is assigned to the purchaser on
and knowledge of Islam is easily normal events in and among only, and is not substitute for event of essential breach or completion of the sale, under contracts relating to
accessed. When I studied at the the communities, and we are all specific legal advice. repudiation by the purchaser the a variety of topics; or
International Islamic University suffering because of them. 1. The Deposit: The deposit deposit is forfeited to the seller, •Currently pending or potential litigation
Malaysia (IIUM), I started I have met brothers from paid by a purchaser can be even when there is no express involving the seller, including against suppliers,
mixing with Muslims from other various backgrounds, and all of considered a promise to forfeiture clause in the contract. creditors, customers and for public liability claims.
countries; from Arab countries, them called themselves Muslims demonstrate their commitment However, generally agreements 4.Transfer of assets free from encumbrance:
Pakistan, Indonesia, Europe, (those who submit to God). and also a guarantee or security for sale cover this topic expressly. All contracts contain a contractual warranty that
China, Kosovo and Africa. It is not that we are different; for contractual completion. The If the seller claims damages, the items sold will be in a good state of repair
And then, I came to Australia. it is that we are special in our deposit is considered a part credit must be given for the and working order at the date upon which the
Suddenly, I am in the minority own way. Remember... We all payment of the purchase price forfeited deposit. contract stipulates that the contract is completed
group. Being a muslim seems have strengths, but we also have and upon completion, payment 2.The Balance Price: and possession is transferred, except as otherwise
more challenging but significant faults. of the balance remains. It is Agreements need to cover disclosed in the contract of sale. These contractual
in my life. Meeting other muslims So let us wear the ‘unity cap’ and important to specify expressly payment of the balance purchase warranties should deal with fitness for purpose,
is a beautiful gift. We shake hands see each other as Muslims (even what amount will constitute the price, including adjustments and and goods being or merchantable quality.
and smile brightly at each other. better as brothers or sisters). Let deposit (ie 10% of the purchase stock in trade on completion, Next month, we will conclude this article on
Although we are not that many us visit and get to know each price), to who the deposit is by cash or by bank cheque. It some common features of commercial contracts
issue 14, December 2009

in numbers, the same belief that other better. Let us find our to be paid, in what form, and should also be specified to whom which concern the sale of a business.
there is no God but Allah links us common ground. Let us forgive when. payment is to be made, e.g. to *Hyder is a lawyer with Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers,
together deep in the heart. each other for past mistakes. And •To who is the deposit paid? the seller, to the seller’s solicitor Melbourne. Hyder practices mainly in the areas of
However, we sometimes (or let us all start a new page. Then For purchaser’s protection, it or to an authorised person/ Commercial & Corporate, Defence Procurement and
maybe most of the time) forget we could find our strength, cover should be paid to a business entity. The consequences of late Islamic Finance. He is a registered nurse, a qualified lawyer,
to observe our good manners. our faults and create a unity for agent or solicitor as stakeholder, payment, such as additional an accredited mediator as well as a Fellow of the Royal
We tend to be suspicious and the future Ummah. to be retained/invested pending interest, are adjustments and College of Nursing in Australia. Michael Dwyer, 4th Year
judge harshly of each other. We completion of the sale. should be documented in the Law Student – Deakin University, on clerkship with Logie-
*Safwan Saparudin is the CT manager Smith Lanyon Lawyers.
also make assumptions (without •When is the deposit paid? default provisions.
in Adelaide and his wife Wan Afrah This article is for educational and general information
making sure if it’s true or false) Generally the deposit should 3.Description of assets and purposes only and should not be relied on as (or in
is currently a Psychology student of
and share them with other people. be payable the latest when liabilities undertaken:It is substitution for) legal, accounting, financial or other
Adelaide University and Executive
We even attack verbally especially Manager of Hidayah Quranic Centre. the parties become bound necessary to identify what items professional advice.
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Page 13
I advise Unjustified
those who
attacks on the

polygyny integrity, faith
to leave and intentions of
Amirudin Ahamed* a fellow Muslim
I n her essay, Ms El khodr (CT, Nov ’09) displays an obvious
hatred for polygyny. Her courage needs to be admired.
She dares to be critical of an institution permitted by
Allah and practised by the Prophet and his companions. context in which the laws on polygamy
It’s not a question of whether polygyny solves problems (as were revealed and the reasons behind it. I
Keyser Trad argues) or creates problems (as Sabrine Elkhodr Sabrine El Khodr* then contrasted these circumstances with
claims). The question for a Muslim is whether Allah has modern reality and asked the reader to think
permitted it or prohibited it. about the practical application of a practice

The Quran makes it very clear that it addresses a polygynous which though allowed, will almost certainly
n his response, Mr Amirudin
society by always referring to wives in plural than the wife in cause marital disharmony and thus social
states that Sabrine Elkhodr
singular. It only limited polygyny to four wives. Whether it destabilisation. Not once did I suggest the
displays an obvious hatred of
is a norm or an exception is debatable. Those who despise practice was outdated but rather, suggested
polygyny. Her courage needs to be
polygyny would quote only the first half of verse 4:129: Photo: Sabrine El Khodr that its practice be limited to situations when
admired. She dares to be critical of
it is actually needed as a social measure, rather
“You will not be able to deal equally between wives, however an institution permitted by Allah
neither obligatory nor encouraged. than as a means of satisfying sexual appetite.
much you wish” and stop right there to push their message. The and practised by the Prophet and
Both Amirudin and Keysar cleverly Whilst this was not explicitly stated in my
continuation of the verse “but turn not altogether away from his companions.
base their responses to my article on article, a closer examination of the arguments
one leaving her in suspense” actually repudiates the views of It is a sad indictment on our
the premise that my arguments echoed would have made this quite clear.
people like Sabrine. Taken together, the verse indicates that a community when criticism of
secular or “modernist” ideals. Perhaps Mr Amirudin proposes that those who
50-50 division of affections is ideal but impossible but avoid a the way that Islam is practiced
these respected brothers should get their dislike polygamy leave Islam for another
100-0 division. Besides, the verse does not address a minority justifies an attack on the integrity,
heads out of the sand and recognise that religion. I would like to remind this brother that
of Muslims. It addresses all Muslims – which indicates that faith and intentions of a fellow
while this practice is allowed and cannot such a suggestion is distasteful and offensive.
polygyny is widespread in an Islamic society. Muslim. For those who were able
be prohibited, it poses a threat to the Please ask yourself this - would the Prophet
Yes, marriages are broken down when a man takes a second to see past the feeble and rambling
stability of Muslim families. Amirudin (saw) approve of you inciting a Muslim to leave
wife – but whose fault is this? Is it the fault of a man who arguments made by Keysar Trad
says that it is the first wife who is in the the faith because they are critical of the way in
submits to God and accepts His criterion of right and wrong in the previous issue, I respect
wrong and responsible for the marriage which it is practiced?
or the fault of a woman who hates what Allah has permitted? you for your clarity of mind and
break-up because she does not have In conclusion, I ask Amirudin, Keysar and all
If we judge by what Allah has revealed (“Those who do not perspective. Accusations have
the faith to overcome her ego. Such a other pro-polygamists out there one question
judge by what Allah has revealed are Unbelievers” 5:47), it been made against me that suggest
statement is extremely chauvinistic and - how do you propose we fix the problem of
is the first wife who is in the wrong and responsible for the I have manipulated information
simply perpetuates a draconian attitude families breaking down as a result of polygamy?
marriage break-up because she does not have the faith to to serve my agenda as well as a
that women should simply “put up” with Ultimately, it’s very easy to attack a solution.
overcome her ego. suggestion that my article was
whatever their husbands throw their It’s much harder to come up with one yourself.
a criticism of Islam itself. I trust
Elkhodr also repeats the argument that polygyny was * Sabrine is a Sydney based university student
that those insightful enough to way, whether it’s Islamically justified or
applicable to the Prophet’s society and not to present-day
contemplate the intent of my not. Most scholars will assert that the
society. This is exactly what the non-Muslims say about Islam
article will find that I have in fact permission of the first wife is required if
in general. The Prophet was a great man who reformed a
provided a commentary on the the husband wants to engage in polygamy.
primitive society but surely his teachings are not relevant to
ramifications of a practice that we There have been women who have even
the 21st century. This is a dangerous argument. If polygyny,
all know to have caused significant encouraged their husbands to find second
amputation, whipping are all outdated, then surely salaat,
problems within our ummah. wives. They may have no qualms with
saum, hajj, zakkath, hijab, refraining from pork, circumcision
The article circulated around a sharing their husbands so kudos to them.
etc are outdated too! Why should we practise them?
very obvious reality - polygamous However to the majority of women, such
Where have I heard arguments similar to that of Elklhodr marriages have been known to a suggestion is worthy of rage and angst. It
before? Oh yes! The writings of the likes of Irshad Manji! have significantly higher divorce is extremely arrogant for any man to tell a
Elkhodr concludes her article with the advice that those rates than monogamous ones. In woman that she should simply “overcome
who endorse polygyny should leave Australia and move a community where criticism of her ego” when faced with this situation
to Utah in USA. I would like to advise those who despise the implementation of Islamic since she also has a right to decide whether
polygyny to leave Islam (which has made polygyny halaal) for practices is considered heretic, she wants to share her husband or not.
another religion which bans legal polygyny while permitting it is important that readers are Amirudin also points out that the
issue 14, December 2009

polygamy outside marriage! given the opportunity to actively suggestion that polygamy is outdated is a
*Dr. Amurudine is a high school teacher 1997-to date in Melbourne. think about the circumstances dangerous argument. Perhaps he should
He has written articles and presented seminars on Islam. that warrant the application of reread the last paragraph of my article
a practice that while allowed, is where I clearly provide the historical

EDITORIAL TEAM: Contributors in tHis issue: Amirudin Ahmed - Faruque Ahmad -

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Tarek Chamkhi:
Gilad Atzmon - Nasya Bahfen - Paul J. Balles - Zabrina A Bakar - Tarek Chamkhi -
MELBOURNE EDITOR: Nasya Bahfen: Fatima Danoue - Jamal Daoud - Linda Delgado - Michael Dywer - Idris Ellis - Sabrine
MELBOURNE OFFICE: Rashid Alshakshir: Elkhodr - Ebtisam El-Najjarine - Eugenia Flynn - Hyder Gulam - Han- Wan Fauziah
PUBLISHER: Wan Kadir - Haroun Kirsten - Amanda Charmand Mazumder - Debora McNichol -
Crescent Press Pty Ltd ADELAIDE OFFICE: Safwan Saparudin:
OPINION EDITOR: Irfan Yusuf: Adam Parker - Erin Rutherford - Mohd Safwan Saparudin - Aisha Stacey - Irfan Yusuf
W hen we publish opinion articles in Crescent to our readers, but we do our best to provide space for

The Zionist’s
Page 14

Times, we do not necessarily endorse their all schools of thought, personal beliefs and directions
content. Opinion articles do not necessarily represent of Islamic thought! All are free to submit articles for
the opinion any of our team members, editors or publication to defend and hold what they see as truth!
publishers. The editor in chief
However, we are not afraid of opinions! Our role is

not to teach a particular package of opinions and beliefs

After all, I am a

proper Zionist Jew on Palestine

To deny the danger posed by the Holocaust
religion and its followers is to be complicit in
Gilad Atzmon* a growing crime against humanity and against Adam Parker*
every possible human value.
Israeli-born musician and writer Gilad I am also in total support of the Jewish
Part one of Adam Parker’s article on the history today’s State of Israel.
Atzmon explains why denying the danger National Project
and settlement of Palestine.
posed by the Holocaust religion and its Some believe that after 2000 years of Around the 18th century BC the Prophet

“phantasmic Diaspora” Jews are indeed Abraham came from the ancient city of Ur in
followers is to be complicit in a growing crime n January 2009, the West Australian
entitled to an imaginary “national homeland Iraq to settle in Canaan, along the Jordan Valley.
against humanity and against every possible newspaper published the following We know that neither the Old nor the New
of their own”. The Zionists apparently meant it
human value. comment from a regular letter writer:

Keysar giving
sincerely. his speech
The Jewish state is now real enough Testaments were revealed at that stage. Hence
The Holocaust religion doesn’t offer the region did not contain any group calling
to have turned the entire Middle East into a
redemption. It is a crude, violent “... the Jews were living in the land of Israel itself Jewish or Christian or indeed Muslim.
ticking bomb.
manifestation of sheer collective brutality. more than a thousand years before Islam”. However, those who followed Abraham had
Reviewing the Israeli record of crimes against
It cannot resolve anything, for aggression can surrendered their will to the will of God and
humanity in the last six decades doesn’t leave
only lead to more and more aggression. In the I did a considerable amount of research to hence had entered a state which, in Arabic,
much room for speculation. We are dealing
Holocaust religion there is neither room for respond to this claim, but the paper chose would literally be called “Islam”.
here with a pathological sinister society.
peace or grace.” not to publish my letter response. If we accept this definition of Islam, it means
Hence, as much as some of us may agree that
Yes, I am a survivor, for I have managed to My response alluded to the bankruptcy of all Prophets from Adam to Muhammad (peace
Jews should enjoy a hypothetical right for a
survive all the scary accounts of the Holocaust: the statement. A fair and unbiased person, be upon all of them) are Muslims – and this
land of their own, planet Earth is certainly not
the one about the soap, the one about the after doing an even elementary amount of

the ideal location for such an affair. includes Moses and Jesus. All of them believed
lamp shades, the one about the camps, the research, must conclude that the original in the God of Abraham.
Hence, I would urge the US National Space
mass shooting, the one about the gas and the ownership of the place we know of as All three Semitic monotheistic faiths –
Administration (NASA) to join in and to make
one about the death march. I just managed to Palestine had nothing to do with religion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - accept and
a special effort to find a suitable alternative
survive them all. (see below for notes 1-3) the early inhabitants. honour the Prophet Abraham. He had two
planet for the Zionist homeland in outer space
In spite of all these fear-inflicting stories Around 5000 BC a Canaanite Semitic sons, namely Ismail and Isaac. Isaac had a son
or even in another galaxy. The galactic Zionist
that were purposely installed in my soul since Tribe of Arab heritage came to the territory Jacob, who himself had twelve sons. Abraham
project would signify the immediate move
I opened my eyes for the first time, I have and settled just east of the Mediterranean was 100 years old when Isaac was born. I’m not
from “promised land” to “promised planet”.
become a functional and even a successful that makes up today’s Syria, Lebanon and certain exactly how old the latter was before
I would enthusiastically stress that, rather
human being. Somehow I have survived the Palestine. A subgroup of the tribe, known Jacob was born, nor how old Jacob was before
than searching for “a land with no people for
horror against all odds. I have even managed to as the Jebusites, founded a town named his eldest son Judah was born, but we must
a people with no land”, what we really want is
love my neighbour. In spite of all these fearful, Jebus which eventually became known as agree that we’re nearing 1500BC. We do know
a “lonely planet”. It can even be a “desert” for
traumatic indoctrinations, I have miraculously Jerusalem, exactly where it is today. that it was about 1400 BC when the Prophet
they claim to know how to make the desert
managed to master my cheering alto saxophone My research indicates that the Philistines Jacob and his 11 sons joined Yusuf ( Joseph) in
bloom. In a planet of their own the galactic
rather than the sobbing violin. arrived 2000 years later, most probably from Egypt.
Zionists wouldn’t need to oppress anyone,
In fact, I have already decided that if the Crete. They lived amongst the Canaanites It was in Egypt that the Prophet Musa
they wouldn’t ethnically cleanse either, they
Queen or any other member of the royal but concentrated their homes to the south- (Moses) was born and adopted by Pharaoh’s
wouldn’t have to lock the indigenous people
family should ever consider making me into a west on the Mediterranean coast in today’s wife. Therefore, it is clear that there was no
in concentration camps, for there won’t be any
“Sir” for my bebop achievements, or even for Palestine in the area of Gaza. The respective saturation of Jews in Palestine until several
indigenous people around to abuse, starve,
facing Zionist barbarism with my bare pen, areas were known as the Land of Canaan – hundred years after the Palestinians had
murder and cleanse. They wouldn’t have to
I will immediately change my surname from its Biblical name – by the Canaanites, and as populated the area. We should remember
pour white phosphorous over their neighbours
Atzmon to Vive, just to become the first and Palestine by the Philistines. that Moses was an old man when he led the
for there won’t be any neighbours. I would
only Sir Vive. Over millennia, long before the birth of Children of Israel out of Egypt, and that they
highly recommend NASA to search for a planet
I am also totally against Holocaust denial Jesus, empires from Egypt, Mesopotamia, then wondered in the widerness for a further
with very low gravity just to make it light for
I clearly resent those who deny the genocides Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Mongolia, Greece 40 years.
people to wander around. After all, we want the
that are taking place in the name of the and Rome came to rule over the area for The conventional view of the region’s history,
new galactic Zionists to enjoy their futuristic
Holocaust. Palestine is one example, Iraq various lengths of time. Amongst the based as it is on Zionist propaganda, just doesn’t
project as much as the Palestinians and many
is another and the one that is set for Iran is most prominent Canaanite and Philistine stack up. By the time Moses’ (often reluctant)
others may enjoy their absence.
probably too scary to contemplate. (Phoenician) cities were situated at today’s followers finally settled in the area after leaving
So here I am, a proper Jew after all: I am a
The Holocaust is a relatively new religion.(see Beirut, Sidon, Acre and Tyre, as well as Egypt, other tribes had been resident there for
survivor, I oppose Holocaust denial, I support
below, note 4) It lacks mercy or compassion and Jerusalem and Nablus. some 1,700 years.
the Jewish national aspiration. Even the chief
it promises revenge through retribution. For Their religion was nature-based, and bore Part two will appear in January’s edition of
rabbi of Britain cannot ask for more than that.
its followers, it is somehow liberating because little resemblance to modern Judaism. These CT
it allows them to punish whoever they like as 1. Acknowledged recently to be a “myth” by the Israeli Semite peoples formed the base of today’s * Adam Parker is a Perth based writer and community
long they gain some pleasure. This may explain Holocaust museum Yad Vashem. indigenous population, as opposed to those elder.
why the Israelis ended up punishing the 2. A historical fact protected by European law. who migrated from abroad under laws of
Palestinians for crimes that were committed by 3. A slightly confusing narrative. If the Nazis were
Europeans. It is clear that the newly emerging interested in annihilating the entire European Jewish
religion is not just about an “eye for an eye”; it population as suggested by the orthodox Zionist
is actually an eye for thousands and thousands Holocaust narrative, then it is rather ambiguous as to

Al-Iman Hijabs
of eyes. just what led them to march what was left of European
Jewry into their crumbling Nazi fatherland at a time
A month ago, while visiting Auschwitz, Israeli
issue 14, December 2009

when it was clear that they were losing the war. The
Defence Minister Ehud Barak left a note in the two narratives i.e. “annihilation” and “death march”,
official visitors book: “A strong Israel is both
the comfort and the revenge”.(see below, note
5) No one could summarize the aspiration of
seem to contradict each other. The issue deserves further
elaboration. I would just suggest that the reasonable
answers I have come across may severely damage the
Comfortable, modern,
the religion any better. The Holocaust religion
doesn’t offer redemption. It is a crude, violent
Zionist Holocaust narrative.
4. The Israeli Philosophy professor, Yeshayahu stylish
Many colors + designs
manifestation of sheer collective brutality. It
cannot resolve anything, for aggression can
Leibowitz, was probably the first to define the Holocaust
as the “new Jewish religion”. To view range: In Perth:
only lead to more and more aggression. In the
Holocaust religion there is neither room for
*Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born musician, writer Can deliver Australia
0406 259 209
and anti-racism campaigner. His latest jazz album,
peace or grace. Take it from Barak, revenge is “In loving memory of America”, was released on 1 alimanhijabs/ wide
where they find comfort. March 2009 and can be purchased here. The article is
How to burn Swiss chocolate?
The Islamophobe

Page 15
quartet of the USA N
Irfan Yusuf*
ext week, I’m organizing a huge bonfire.
Hundreds of people dedicated to

freedom of religion will be joining me. We have
Paul J. Balles* call unhinged, authors, David Gaubatz and decided to show our solidarity with four Swiss cathedral/mosque.
Paul Sperry. minarets by burning the symbols of Swiss And so mosques across the Ottoman empire
Paul Sperry, another Islamophobe, teamed resemble Eastern Greek churches. But where

culture at our disposal.
aul J. Balles turns the spotlight on four up with Gaubatz in writing the book, Muslim
Some will bring chocolate to burn. Others will did Fatih Sultan Mehmed get the idea of
prominent American Islamophobes Mafia. Sperry, who knows little or nothing minarets anyway? After all, the first mosques
turn the bonfire into a huge toasted sandwich
and argues that the acts they use to about Islam, has no qualms about making built by the Prophet in Quba did not have
justify their statements “are no more related unsupported claims and generalising about by emptying their fridges of imported cheese.
Still others will be targeting cuckoo clocks. The big tall minarets. Neither did his mosque in
to the teachings of Islam than the paedophilia Muslims.
Madina. The minarets were added after he
of a few priests is connected with Catholicism The fourth in this quartet, Daniel Pipes, wealthier ones will bring records of their secret
bank accounts (I assure readers I’m not in that passed away.
or the acts committed by Rabbi Meir Kahane writes: “The deepest differences between
of the Anti-Defamation League related to Muslims and Westerners concern not politics category). So where did the minarets come from?
Judaism”. but sexuality. Each side has a long history I’m shocked that Muslims are not repeating Well, when the first generations moved out
Nidal Malik Hassan’s brutal murders at Fort of looking at the other’s sexual mores with a the imbecilic spectacle that accompanied of Arabia, they modeled their mosques on
Hood were unforgivable acts of an obvious mixture of astonishment and disgust.” (or rather, that followed by 6 months) the the existing architecture. One of the oldest
psychopathic killer. The fact that he was a Pipes’s assertions are twisted and exaggerated publication of the Danish cartoons. Remember mosques in existence can be found in China. It
Muslim had nothing to do with his maniacal generalities. He speaks of differences between was built by a companion of a companion (tab
the burning of embassies? Remember the huge
action. Muslims and Westerners as if there weren’t at-tabi’i). If you walked in the street where it
Muslims among Westerners. protests in Arab and other nominally Muslim
According to the Fiqh Council of North was located, you could not tell it was a mosque
America (Muslim jurists), some individuals To claim that sexuality represents a greater countries where normally you cannot even
sneeze without the secret police reading the from its architecture. Why? Because it looks
around the world issued statements praising difference than politics shows Pipes’s inability
contents of your handkerchief to make sure the just like a Chinese pagoda.
the brutal killings and attacks and condemning to make valid comparisons. Muslims and
Westerners both marry, have sex and produce blood and mucus don’t spell some criticism of Similarly, mosques in Syria were modeled on
the American Muslim community for “betrayal
of Islam and for hypocrisy” for denouncing the children, though Muslims view Western the king or general or emir? existing Byzantine churches, which had towers
massacre. sex before marriage as illicit, immoral and a I doubt any crazed crowds will be protesting for bells. Muslims also decided to build towers
Such comments are not only a travesty of the reflection of a degenerate society. or burning Swiss embassies. Why? Because for their muezzins.
teachings of Islam, they are just as psychotic as Pipes fails to see the scope of political let’s be frank and honest about this. Where will And so the minaret is little more than an act
the action of the murderer. Islam teaches that differences. Westerners generally believe the corrupt Muslim rulers store their ill-gotten of architectural plagiarism. Muslims added
all Muslims, wherever they live, must respect that democracy is a far superior system of minarets to mosques so that they did not stick
and embezzled wealth if they tell their people
the life and property of all people, whether government. Muslims have traditionally been out like sore thumbs in the environment.
comfortable with monarchies (or theocracies). to boycott all things Swiss? Which other
Muslims or non-Muslims. The early Muslims were happy to build
Just as bad as the crazies who murder Most of the problems have arisen from country has such liberalized banking laws that
allow corrupt despots to hide their loot? mosques that looked like the houses of worship
and support senseless slaughter, are the Western attempts to force democracy on
Swiss Muslims are largely of indigenous of the dominant cultures where they settled.
Islamophobes. Islamophobia is an irrational Islamic countries.
“Here are some examples of customs and European - Albanian, Bosnian and Turkish Australian Muslims, of course, don’t need
fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims.
The acts used by Islamophobes to attempt social attitudes from the Muslim side of the – extraction. Their mosques are likely to to follow this precedent. We prefer building
to justify their statements are no more related divide,” says Pipes, “that have me, for one, be designed along Ottoman lines, with flat mosques that look like something out of 1965
to the teachings of Islam than the paedophilia shaking my head...” He then relates anecdotal domes and skinny minarets that look like Karachi. We cry “racism” when residents
of a few priests is connected with Catholicism incidents of extremely rare events that have scud missiles (and would probably be about get upset at our insistence at always being
or the acts committed by Rabbi Meir Kahane nothing to do with “customs and social as inaccurate if filled with explosives and different. Then we spend tens of thousands of
of the Anti-Defamation League related to attitudes”. dollars taking local councils to court.
launched). Ottoman mosques are modeled on
Judaism. A major problem with Islamophobes is that All for the right to build domes and minarets
they attack people rather than issues. They the St Sophia’s Orthodox Basilica in what was
Pat Robertson, David Gaubatz, Paul Sperry that our ancestors copied from churches and
and Daniel Pipes are all Islamophobic cult busy themselves with name-calling and ignore once Constantinople. Apparently when the
city was taken over by Fatih Sultah Mehmed, synagogues anyway.
leaders who take every opportunity they can to legitimate concerns.
he ordered the Basilica to be surrounded by Still, try telling moronic Swiss voters that
vilify Islam and Muslims.
*Paul J. Balles is a retired American university a bunch of minarets but otherwise left the they are seeking to maintain their Christian
On his “700 Club” TV show, Pat Robertson
commented, ridiculously, that Islam is “not a professor and freelance writer who has lived structure intact. He also ordered mosques heritage by objecting to what are essentially
religion”, but “a violent political system bent on in the Middle East for many years. For more across the empire, including in European cities (or at least historically) Christian religious
the overthrow of the governments of the world information, see The like Sarajevo, to be designed to resemble the symbols. It isn’t just their clocks that have gone
and world domination”. article is republished with permission from the cuckoo.
Robertson’s Evangelical followers are so author.
completely brainwashed by their minister
that they are incapable of discerning that his LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
political blather is nothing but blind hatred of All letters subject to editing,. The sender should provide his/her full name, full address and contact number to enable verification if required.
Islam. Unfortunately, his cult members don’t You could email your letter to or SMS them on: 0414 155 366. Alternatively dear readers could post letters to:
question or challenge Robertson. They follow
P.O.Box: 628 Mirrabooka, 6941, WA
After the Fort Hood debacle, Dave Gaubatz,
have a lot of contact with a strong Muslim
the opinionated co-author of the controversial for nothing in future! It is time we got moving!
community, Insha’Allah we will grow.
Muslim Mafia, called for “a professional and A CALL FOR ACTION AND UNITY Have we not learned from the past how
At this point in time we are not so financial to
legal backlash against the Muslim community Assalaamu Alaykum. division amongst Muslims has historically
lend our support in a big way but as President
and their leaders”. I believe that congratulations are in order for a very been our downfall? When the all- conquering
of Islamic Association of Launceston I will
Four Republican House representatives professional and informative Anniversary edition of the Muslim armies had entered France and the great
put forward a request to the bro and sis and
are basing a call for an investigation of CAIR Crescent Times. Charlemange was on the run, he heard that the
to purchase a year’s subscription to CT. Your
(Council on American-Islamic Relations) on May I add my name to the long list of those who Arabs and the Berbers were fighting each other
topics cover a wide range of issues and the
the extremely biased book, Muslim Mafia, believe that the “Times” is exactly what we need in the over booty – yes, the spoils of war! He turned his
advertisements let us find those most sought
written by the extremely biased, some would Australian Muslim Community. I particularly wish armies around – and the rest is history!
after products online Alhamdulillah, so much
to congratulate Irfan Yusuf on a well written article in Our Lord and Master tells us in the Holy
easier than racing off to the mainland and then
bringing some “home truths” to us with regard to the Qur’an to, “Hold fast to the rope of Allah and be
running from shop to shop in a hurry. I also
To place enormity of the problems we as Australian Muslims face
in establishing our “credentials” as “Australians” – not
not divided amongst yourselves”.
It is time we “ hear and obey” (sami anna wa
understand your frustration over AFIC I too
was promised help but it fell on deaf ears but like
that we need to do so, but there is so much hate and
your FREE
atawna) , because we will never change our
you said, it is all in Allah’s hands, we needed help
misinformation in the wider Australian society that we condition until we do something to change it
issue 14, December 2009

with a mosque or small place to hold our classes,

need to be ever aware of the threat of stigmatizing and ourselves.

but I guess we need to be patient. Allah tests us
using Muslims as a political football. Keep Going! Jazakallah.
on patience all the time and we are rewarded
I believe that the high standard of the Crescent Times Adam Parker, Perth, WA when he can see the efforts we make above and

is sufficient enough to ensure that each member of the
beyond anyone else, so keep up your wonderful
Federal Parliament receives a copy. Let them know how Salamalaikum, Brothers and Sisters, work, may Allah reward you Ameen.
we feel! Let them know – if they don’t already know – I have read your paper on many occasions,
On behalf of the Islamic Association
that we reject the views of the likes of Kevin Andrews and on a visit to Melbourne recently, I picked Launceston we thank you for your efforts,
out of hand! Let them know that we will not crumble in up a November issue from the Islamic book and Insha’Allah you will continue to grow, and we
please email:
the face of racism and bigotry! clothing shop in Coburg, please let me thank send our very best to all of you and for the future
In the previous copy of the Times, you kindly printed you for putting time and effort into reporting on of CT.
a letter of mine in which I called for the establishment of a wide range of issues that concerns the Muslim
info@crescenttimes. Muslim Lobby groups across the country, which could Safwan
community, here in Launceston Tasmania there
Ayisha Varga El Shamandi – Launceston,
Tasmania lobby on our behalf so that we do not give our votes away is only a very small community and we do not

The Man
Page 16


Haroun Kirsten* d)Intolerance and racialism;
e)Adoption of un-Islamic manners and

customs and innovations which in turn causes
The Islamic Way of Life” in modern friction in the family and ultimately in the
society is seriously being threatened by Islamic community at large.

Muslims’ obsession with materialism, One of the most important rights to be
greed, selfishness and lust for power. fulfilled is the proper Islamic education and
These un-Islamic vices generally create moral training of children.
problems, such as rapid increases in the rise of The rights that parents have over children and
juvenile delinquency, formation of anti-social the rights that children have over parents have
gangs and gang warfare, disrespect to parents been discarded over time, except in the families

and authority, violence, crime, and drug taking and communities where a strict code of Islamic
and other abusive use of intoxicants and toxic It was perfect
tarbiyyah of children are being carried out.
substances. There was not a mark or a flaw in it
Tarbiyyah means to look after, to nurture, to

There have been considerable comments Suddenly
nourish, to help grow and flourish. Tarbiyyah
and studies on the causes that lead to these An old man appeared and said
(form the Arabic root word which means to
problems in society. Some of which are: Your heart is not as nearly as beautiful as mine
own, to look after and cherish).
1)Parents neglecting the Islamic rights their The young man looked at the old man’s heart
children have over them, such as providing a
Our beloved prophet (SAW) took thirteen
years through Allah’s Rahma to strengthen the
Zabrina A. Bakar It was beating strongly,
pious, caring, exemplary Islamic Way of Life But it was full of scars, jagged edges and holes
Imaan and Taqwa of his followers.
He laughed.

and environment at home. Sending children to state schools for ten to
2)Parents neglecting the child’s Islamic ne day, I received a phone call from “You must be joking!”

thirteen years is taking a tremendous risk a dearest friend. Just from her first
education and Tarbiyyah He said, “Compare your heart with mine,
In preserving Muslim children’s Islamic hello, I knew something was wrong.
3)Lack of assertive discipline in the child’s Mine is perfect and Yours is a mess of scars and
Identities, especially if there is no thorough And I was right. The moment I asked her, she
upbringing and a lack of consistency in the tears”
and significant Islamic education and moral started sobbing.
method of discipline. “Yes” said the old man
training, as well proper Islamic role models Ya Allaah, please give strength to my dear
4)Muslim children attending secular state “Every scar represents a person to whom I have
(parents and Mudarris) for the children friend to face this difficult trial in her life, I
schools and spending six to seven hours per given my love. I tear out a piece of my heart and
to emulate and pious and religious home whispered a prayer for her.
day for five days a week, for forty weeks per give it to them and often they give me a piece of
environments in which to nurture the children. I remembered what Mother Theresa used to
year, and for thirteen years! (from pre-primary their heart which fits into the empty place in my
Children who are nurtured and educated say,: “Love, to be real, must cost - it must hurt
to year 12) in totally non Islamic environments heart but because the pieces aren’t exact I have
by pious and God fearing parents and who - it must empty us of self”.
and in the company of teachers and peers some rough edges which I cherish because they
grow up in a community of practicing and From the sobbing, sadness and crushed
whose beliefs backgrounds and life styles may remind me of the love we shared.
Da’wah orientated Muslims, are fostered in words, I knew she must really loved the other
be totally alien to Islam and which the parents Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart away
a community which has many role models to person.
are largely unaware of. And the other person hasn’t returned a piece of his
copy and to guide them in growing up as strong “Dearest” I asked my friend, “do you
5)Children at state schools dealing with heart to me These are the empty gouges – giving
and pious Muslims. remember that Allah has said this in His Holy
negative peer pressure and associating with love, is taking a chance. Although these gouges are
Because of the prevalence of negative role Book…”
friends who may lack moral and spiritual values painful, they stay open, reminding me of the love
models in our modern materialistic society, “And We will surely test you with
and being of no benefit to them Islamically and I have for these people too. And I hope someday
parents have to be more strict with themselves
morally, and also facing the pitfalls associated something of fear and hunger and loss of they may return and fill the space I have waiting.
as Islamic role models. Here we have to
with mixing freely with the opposite sex. wealth and lives and fruits, but give glad So now do you see what true beauty is?”
mention the most threatening and dangerous
6)Corruptive influences of TV and now tidings to the patient.” (Al-Baqarah 2:155) SubhanAllah, isn’t that beautiful, my brothers
of negative role models to which our children
lately the Internet, which can be more This is what life is full of, right? and sisters?
are constantly exposed. These are the models
damaging and morally destructive because of Allah has promised to test us with one, two, Truly, it is the imperfections of our hearts that
of Muslims who either do not practise or
its secretive nature, if not properly supervised a few or all of the things He mentioned in His come from the pieces we cut and gave away,
practise a selective type of Islam by selecting
and controlled. Verse above. He told us clearly of that. that actually make our hearts so beautiful…
what they like and ignoring the rest. This
7)Broken homes and breaking up of the But have we ever wondered why - despite So let us all look at all the scars and bruises in
creates confusion, distortion of what is correct
family unit. knowing well before hand of His upcoming our hearts, and realize that because of all these
and an imbalance in the attitudes and conduct
For the many reasons mentioned above tests, we easily fall into sadness, shocked and scars and bruises, we have a perfect heart!
of children.
and below, the state of Muslim communities disbelief when these tests actually happen to And as I looked at my heart, I saw this one
Parents have a vitally important task in
globally have reached a stage where it is more us, and at the same time, forget the glad tidings spot of deep scar from an empty space left by
developing, preserving, and maintaining the
critical than ever to teach our children the pure He has promised to send our way right after a piece of my heart I gave to someone. And I
Islamic Identities of their children. This task
‘traditional’ (according to Quran and Sunnah) His tests? smiled as I know even though that deep scar
should never be regarded as being minor or
Aadaabul Islam or Islamic manners and modes This was when I realized something. is still painful and hurting me, it reminded
insignificant, but in terms of success in this
of conduct and to instill in them Islamic Trials of life will come, my friends. It has me of how beautiful my life has become and
world and in the hereafter, it is truly of the
religious and moral values. been guaranteed by Allah. Thus, we must have the glad tidings I received from it, as a sign of
utmost importance, for there is, if justice is
The teaching of Aadaabul Islam has been lost patience in facing them. Love from my Lord rewarding me for being
done to the children, the promise of a great
over time by the majority of Muslims and even But Allah, being The Most Merciful and Most patience, alhamdulillaah. And like the old man,
reward, Inshaa Allah. Parents will be judged
by some of our scholars and leaders, which is Loving, has also guaranteed glad tidings for us, I still hope and pray that the piece of heart I
according to their intentions and efforts as
a shame, because they do not set the required if we are patience facing His tests. gave away, will be filled up again one day,
“shepherds” and they will be answerable for
examples of the Islamic Model with the proper So, come to think of it, don’t you think we inshaAllah.
the children entrusted to them by Allah, for
Akhlaq as demonstrated by our beloved should be smiling looking at our broken hearts Look at your hearts too, my friends. And
just as children are a source of joy and pleasure,
prophet (SAW) and his companions to look and our wounded souls; and tell ourselves, thank Him, for allowing the scars to be there,
issue 14, December 2009

so too are they a test .

up to. aren’t we lucky to have all these scars and as it is a sign that His glad tidings are on their
The Tarbiyyah of children requires lots of
Many scholars and writers have documented bruises because by them being there, we know way towards you!
time, effort, patience, persistence, devotion
concerns about the failure of Muslims to adhere that something great called glad tidings are What an amazing feeling, you agree?
and constant du’ah for the protection, well-
to and to practise this important and vital coming our way? Absolutely!
being *Sis Zabrina also known as Zabrina A. Bakar, is a Life
aspect of the Religion of Islam. The discarding We pray that Allah give us patience, guidance Absolutely!
Storyteller, motivational and inspirational writer and
of this aspect of our religion leads to: and understanding in the Tarbiyyah of our Let me share with you a Story of a Man with
speaker; and author and creator of Award Nominated
a)Rapidly rising occurrences of disrespect children and that Allah SWTA may be pleased The Most Beautiful Heart. and National Bestseller Islamic motivational book Life
and disobedience to parents, elders and with us and with them. Most Beautiful Heart Open Secret book series. her books are available in
authority; * Haroun Kiersten is the founding principal of One day Australia from:
b)Disregard of the rights of others as well as Al Hidayah Islamic School. He has been teaching A Young man was standing in the middle of the
the rights of the self over others; since 1966. town
c)A lack of compassion for the young; Proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart
Analyse:American Army Major Nidal Hasan massive killing:

Page 17
When the Shrink Needs Death is the
a Shrink doorway to

The Kiki
plausible, even, that she urge her husband to choose another
career path from the start because she knows her husband
better than he knows himself.
Might is right in the military. Soldiers are trained to ask
principle: no questions and to do things that no one who believes in
God should be asked to do. Mother-reared soldiers may be life
mentally and emotionally torn between their countries and
Debora McNichol* their consciences. This phenomenon is nothing new or unique
to Major Hasan. Aisha Stacy*
Hasan’s fellow soldiers, whose coping mechanisms must
And among His wonders is this: He creates for you include detaching themselves from the perceived enemy, likely We love death more than you love life. Ominous words indeed. Especially
mates out of your own kind so that you might incline found Hasan a threat to their psyches and ostracised him. And when coupled with the mass shooting at American army base, Fort Hood.
towards them, and He engenders love and tenderness Hasan had his reasons for trying to emotionally and physically We love death more then you love life. Army psychiatrist Major Nidal
between you: In this, behold, there are messages detach himself from the Army. Hassan concluded his presentation to senior army doctors with these
indeed for people who think. (Quran 30:21) A military organization must necessarily have its share of words more than 18 months ago. Should alarm bells have gone off then?
It is lawful for you to go in unto your wives during the dirty little secrets. But Vietnam, for example, shows us how These words can certainly conjure up images of death, destruction, suicidal
night preceding the fast: they are as a garment for you, those secrets cannot stay hidden. American soldiers came tendencies, and mayhem, but why is that so? Were these words really a
and you are as a garment for them.... (Quran 2:187) back from Vietnam psychologically disturbed, physically portent of evil or were they the words of a man trying, perhaps inadequately,
American Army Major Nidal Hasan has been charged ill, unable to sleep, prone to addiction, institutionalized, or to explain why Muslims do not fear death.
with the murder of thirteen people at Fort Hood, Texas incarcerated. Both Iraq wars have followed this trend to greater The death of thirteen innocent people cannot be justified by platitudes
and the attempted premeditated murder of thirty-two or lesser extent. and unsubstantiated claims about what was going through Major Nidal’s
more. The complete details of this tragedy have yet How does a soldier do his time without going off the deep mind at the time of the alleged shooting. It was a tragedy for all those
to be revealed; it will be months or years before the end? The Quran gives us help in an answer as old and as simple involved. However these words, we love death more then you love life, do
public knows all the facts behind this terrible story. as Adam and Eve. not necessarily mean that the person uttering them is moments away from
What we know about Hasan is a big batch of
taking either his own life or the life of others. Allah makes it quite clear in
contradiction. On one hand, we have an (alleged) Prayer Schedule December 2009 Quran that human life is sacred.
murderer who had been communicating with
America-hating extremists. He was investigated by the Sydney, New South Wales “We ordained ...that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder,
or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all
FBI and not particularly well-regarded by his peers Date Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1 Tue 3:56 5:37 12:45 4:29 7:52 9:26 humankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of
or superiors. On the other hand, he had been given a 2 Wed 3:56 5:37 12:45 4:30 7:53 9:28 all humankind.” (Quran 5:32)
recent promotion and was known as a quiet, peaceful, 3 Thu 3:55 5:37 12:45 4:30 7:53 9:29
4 Fri 3:55 5:37 12:46 4:31 7:54 9:30 Muslims believe that the life of this world is but a transient place of trials
Allah-fearing man. 5 Sat 3:55 5:36 12:46 4:31 7:55 9:31 and testing, a mere stopping place p on the way to everlasting life in the
He must have been incredibly lonely, too, as he felt 6 Sun 3:55 5:36 12:47 4:31 7:56 9:32 hereafter. Death is the doorway to everlasting life. A person who has lived a
attached to, yet excluded from, both the Army and 7 Mon 3:54 5:36 12:47 4:32 7:57 9:33
8 Tue 3:54 5:37 12:47 4:32 7:57 9:34 pious life, being careful to follow the commandments of Allah hopes for life
the Muslim worlds. How sad that Hasan could not 9 Wed 3:54 5:37 12:48 4:33 7:58 9:35 everlasting in a paradise beyond our wildest imaginings.
have dealt with the emotions that led to the decision 10 Thu 3:54 5:37 12:48 4:33 7:59 9:36 A person who fears Allah and remembers the impermanence of this
that “suicide by murder” was a viable and acceptable 11 Fri 3:54 5:37 12:49 4:34 8:00 9:36
12 Sat 3:54 5:37 12:49 4:34 8:00 9:37 worldly life begins to face death without fear. He or she loves the thought
method of escaping the military or doing his part to 13 Sun 3:54 5:37 12:50 4:35 8:01 9:38 of dying and meeting Allah, even more then materialistic people love to
help his fellow Muslims. 14 Mon 3:55 5:38 12:50 4:35 8:02 9:39 party and gather possessions. A true believer loves death because it is, by
Too bad, too, that he tried to find a wife at some 15 Tue 3:55 5:38 12:51 4:36 8:03 9:40
16 Wed 3:55 5:38 12:51 4:36 8:03 9:40 the will of Allah, his doorway to Paradise.
point but was unable. (This fact in itself is amazing 17 Thu 3:55 5:39 12:52 4:37 8:04 9:41 Abdullah ibn Omar said, “The life of this world is a paradise for the
because of the many, many Muslimahs in this country 18 Fri 3:56 5:39 12:52 4:37 8:04 9:42 disbeliever and a prison for the believer. When a believer dies and departs
looking for a husband.) Having someone at home 19 Sat 3:56 5:39 12:53 4:38 8:05 9:42
20 Sun 3:56 5:40 12:53 4:38 8:06 9:43 from this world, he feels like a prisoner who has been released to go freely
with whom to air our frustrations, get good counsel, 21 Mon 3:57 5:40 12:54 4:39 8:06 9:43 on the spacious earth”.
and rejuvenate and strengthen ourselves is one of the 22 Tue 3:57 5:41 12:54 4:39 8:07 9:44 People with deep faith used to believe that eternal life in a blissful heaven
blessings that Allah intends for us in marriage. This is 23 Wed 3:58 5:41 12:55 4:40 8:07 9:44
24 Thu 3:59 5:42 12:55 4:40 8:07 9:45 was the just reward for a life well lived. They too would long for heaven and
ignoring altogether the fun and joy children bring to 25 Fri 3:59 5:42 12:56 4:41 8:08 9:45 fear hell. What has happened to the world when the idea of being safe in
a marriage. 26 Sat 4:00 5:43 12:56 4:41 8:08 9:45 heaven with a merciful God and expressing this desire can be construed as
Whether having a wife would have helped Hasan 27 Sun 4:01 5:43 12:57 4:41 8:09 9:46
28 Mon 4:01 5:44 12:57 4:42 8:09 9:46 a desire to take human lives? What is it that we fear about someone who
keep it together, Allah only knows. It is certainly easy 29 Tue 4:02 5:45 12:58 4:42 8:09 9:46 loves life everlasting more then the life of this world?
to imagine, however, a wife supporting her husband 30 Wed 4:03 5:45 12:58 4:43 8:09 9:46
through such a tumultuous, trying time. More 31 Thu 4:04 5:46 12:59 4:43 8:10 9:46

Prayer Schedule December 2009 Prayer Schedule December 2009 Prayer Schedule December 2009
Adelaide, South Australia Perth, Western Australia Melbourne, Victoria
Date Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Date Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Date Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1 Tue 4:12 5:55 1:05 4:52 8:15 9:52 1 Tue 3:26 5:03 12:06 3:47 7:09 8:40 1 Tue 4:01 5:52 1:10 5:03 8:27 10:11
2 Wed 4:11 5:54 1:05 4:53 8:16 9:53 2 Wed 3:26 5:03 12:07 3:47 7:09 8:41 2 Wed 4:00 5:51 1:10 5:03 8:28 10:12
3 Thu 4:11 5:54 1:06 4:53 8:17 9:54 3 Thu 3:26 5:03 12:07 3:47 7:10 8:42 3 Thu 4:00 5:51 1:10 5:04 8:29 10:13
4 Fri 4:10 5:54 1:06 4:53 8:17 9:55 4 Fri 3:25 5:03 12:07 3:48 7:11 8:43 4 Fri 3:59 5:51 1:11 5:04 8:30 10:14
5 Sat 4:10 5:54 1:07 4:54 8:18 9:56 5 Sat 3:25 5:03 12:08 3:48 7:12 8:44 5 Sat 3:59 5:51 1:11 5:05 8:31 10:16
6 Sun 4:10 5:54 1:07 4:54 8:19 9:57 6 Sun 3:25 5:03 12:08 3:49 7:13 8:45 6 Sun 3:59 5:51 1:12 5:05 8:32 10:17
7 Mon 4:10 5:54 1:07 4:55 8:20 9:58 7 Mon 3:25 5:03 12:09 3:49 7:13 8:46 7 Mon 3:58 5:51 1:12 5:06 8:33 10:18
8 Tue 4:10 5:54 1:08 4:55 8:21 9:59 8 Tue 3:25 5:03 12:09 3:49 7:14 8:47 8 Tue 3:58 5:51 1:12 5:06 8:33 10:19
9 Wed 4:09 5:54 1:08 4:56 8:22 10:00 9 Wed 3:25 5:03 12:09 3:50 7:15 8:48 9 Wed 3:58 5:51 1:13 5:07 8:34 10:20
10 Thu 4:09 5:54 1:09 4:56 8:22 10:01 10 Thu 3:25 5:03 12:10 3:50 7:16 8:49 10 Thu 3:58 5:51 1:13 5:07 8:35 10:21
11 Fri 4:09 5:55 1:09 4:57 8:23 10:02 11 Fri 3:25 5:03 12:10 3:51 7:16 8:49 11 Fri 3:58 5:51 1:14 5:07 8:36 10:22
12 Sat 4:09 5:55 1:10 4:57 8:24 10:03 12 Sat 3:25 5:04 12:11 3:51 7:17 8:50 12 Sat 3:58 5:51 1:14 5:08 8:37 10:23
13 Sun 4:09 5:55 1:10 4:57 8:24 10:03 13 Sun 3:25 5:04 12:11 3:52 7:18 8:51 13 Sun 3:58 5:51 1:15 5:09 8:37 10:24
14 Mon 4:10 5:55 1:11 4:58 8:25 10:05 14 Mon 3:25 5:04 12:12 3:52 7:18 8:52 14 Mon 3:58 5:51 1:15 5:09 8:38 10:25
15 Tue 4:10 5:55 1:11 4:58 8:26 10:05 15 Tue 3:26 5:05 12:12 3:52 7:19 8:52 15 Tue 3:58 5:52 1:16 5:10 8:39 10:26
issue 14, December 2009

16 Wed 4:10 5:56 1:12 4:59 8:27 10:06 16 Wed 3:26 5:05 12:13 3:53 7:20 8:53 16 Wed 3:58 5:52 1:16 5:10 8:39 10:26
17 Thu 4:10 5:56 1:12 4:59 8:27 10:07 17 Thu 3:26 5:05 12:13 3:53 7:20 8:54 17 Thu 3:58 5:52 1:17 5:11 8:40 10:27
18 Fri 4:11 5:57 1:13 5:00 8:28 10:07 18 Fri 3:27 5:06 12:14 3:54 7:21 8:54 18 Fri 3:59 5:53 1:17 5:11 8:41 10:28
19 Sat 4:11 5:57 1:13 5:00 8:28 10:08 19 Sat 3:27 5:06 12:14 3:54 7:21 8:55 19 Sat 3:59 5:53 1:18 5:12 8:41 10:28
20 Sun 4:11 5:57 1:14 5:01 8:29 10:09 20 Sun 3:27 5:06 12:15 3:55 7:22 8:56 20 Sun 3:59 5:53 1:18 5:12 8:42 10:29
21 Mon 4:12 5:58 1:14 5:01 8:29 10:09 21 Mon 3:28 5:07 12:15 3:55 7:22 8:56 21 Mon 4:00 5:54 1:19 5:13 8:42 10:29
22 Tue 4:12 5:58 1:15 5:02 8:30 10:10 22 Tue 3:28 5:07 12:16 3:56 7:23 8:57 22 Tue 4:00 5:54 1:19 5:13 8:43 10:30
23 Wed 4:13 5:59 1:15 5:02 8:30 10:10 23 Wed 3:29 5:08 12:16 3:56 7:23 8:57 23 Wed 4:01 5:55 1:20 5:14 8:43 10:30
24 Thu 4:14 5:59 1:16 5:03 8:31 10:10 24 Thu 3:29 5:08 12:17 3:57 7:24 8:57 24 Thu 4:01 5:55 1:20 5:14 8:44 10:31
25 Fri 4:14 6:00 1:16 5:03 8:31 10:11 25 Fri 3:30 5:09 12:17 3:57 7:24 8:58 25 Fri 4:02 5:56 1:21 5:15 8:44 10:31
26 Sat 4:15 6:00 1:17 5:04 8:32 10:11 26 Sat 3:31 5:10 12:18 3:58 7:25 8:58 26 Sat 4:03 5:57 1:21 5:15 8:44 10:31
27 Sun 4:16 6:01 1:17 5:04 8:32 10:11 27 Sun 3:31 5:10 12:18 3:58 7:25 8:58 27 Sun 4:04 5:57 1:22 5:15 8:45 10:32
28 Mon 4:16 6:01 1:17 5:04 8:32 10:11 28 Mon 3:32 5:11 12:19 3:59 7:25 8:59 28 Mon 4:04 5:58 1:22 5:16 8:45 10:32
29 Tue 4:17 6:02 1:18 5:05 8:33 10:12 29 Tue 3:33 5:11 12:19 3:59 7:26 8:59 29 Tue 4:05 5:59 1:23 5:16 8:45 10:32
30 Wed 4:18 6:03 1:19 5:06 8:33 10:12 30 Wed 3:34 5:12 12:20 4:00 7:26 8:59 30 Wed 4:06 5:59 1:23 5:17 8:46 10:32
31 Thu 4:19 6:04 1:19 5:06 8:33 10:12 31 Thu 3:35 5:13 12:20 4:00 7:26 8:59 31 Thu 4:07 6:00 1:24 5:17 8:46 10:32
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The Bridge at
Pahalgām, in Kashmir
Idris Ellis*
Or call: 0414 155 366
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that supports you

Photo: Idris Ellis, courtesy Idris Ellis

Three rode out from Pahalgām, to see the countryside;

Over the bridge & up the ridge, two tourists & a guide.
Personal advert: Sunni Muslim Age 24. Living In WA Has his own It was late Spring, & snow still clung to that high country,
business. Looking for a good noble Muslim sunni girl for marriage. Prefer The sun was bright, the brook did run, the feeling was so free;
girl who wears hijab, who resides with her family in Western Australia. Pure air set the tone; trust flowed in our blood;

Contact Muhammad Raza 0401229358 Hooves clicked on stone and splashed in mud;
Strong, steadfast steeds of Mongol stock, bred on Spiti Ridge,
Were what we three rode, across that rustic bridge;
AL-HIDAYAH And mine had a mind of his own & he went where so he would,
ISLAMIC SCHOOL WA When on a hard-mouthed horse, fighting will do no good;
Best to let him have his way, lest you find yourself astray.
Crescent Times is a monthly Muslim community
newspaper and as such welcomes contributions of So all went well, upon that ride, up & around the mountain-
letters, articles and photographs from all members of the ENVIRONMENT SINCE 1994 side,
community. Contributions sent by email or on computer
disk are appreciated; there is no publication charge for Phone 08 9351 8593 Along dirt roads with views aplenty, two tourists & a guide.
articles submitted. The deadline for all contributions
is the 25th of the month prior to publication. My horse showed me that he knew the way, so I let him have
All contributions and advertising may be sent to:
PO Box 628 Mirrabooka WA 6941 or by email to: his say,
TILCO No point in being a fool, when I had a ready tool at hand
Advertisers and/or advertising agencies upon and
by lodging material with Crescent Press Pty Ltd for BUILDING To take me safely on a mountain ride. It was so grand!
publication in the Crescent Times or authorising
or approving of the publication of any material MAINTENANCE WA Till; at last, our day was spent &, so, back to town we went;
INDEMNIFY Crescent Press Pty Ltd and the Crescent
Along the road, along the ridge, on towards Pahalgām bridge.
Times against all claims, demands, proceedings,
costs, expenses, damages, awards, judgements and
LIMESTONE FENCING The home stretch came into sight, & horses do as horses might,
any other liability whatsoever wholly or partially
arising directly or indirectly in connection with the GENERAL MAINTENANCE Mine sped up & veered to the left, tho the road veered to the
publication of the material, and without limiting
the generality of the foregoing indemnify Crescent BILAL RIFAL right,
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AND WARRANT that the material complies with all
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will not give rise to any claims against or liabilities
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* Idris Ellis is a NSW based poet and writer.
issue 14, December 2009

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Page 19
thinking skills. gifts that should be at the top of any parent or and your child read today?

Many Muslims scoff or reject fiction reading. grandparent’s gift list. Once a child masters
They want their children to recite and memorize a book, the book can be saved for younger *Linda D. Delgado is the owner-publisher of Muslim
the Qur’an…but if their children have no siblings. Books are life-long gifts to the Writers Publishing. She is an award winning book
understanding-comprehension of what they receivers of them. author and poet. Linda is a Muslim revert, lives in the
memorize or recite they have not benefited from Literacy is the beginning of the path that can USA, and is a grandmother and great grandmother.
Linda D Delgado* the Qur’an’s teachings and beauty.
Providing and reading fiction books to
take Muslims out of poverty and provide the
opportunities to excel and succeed in many **

children so they will learn to love reading are areas of learning and knowledge. What did you literacy

Newborn baby Imani Chamkhi

A Pathway
From Poverty
A simplistic explanation for literacy is for a person
to be able to read with understanding. How well
does the extent of literacy of predominately
Muslim populated countries compare with some known
literacy statistics from 2007 World Factbook for males
and females?**
In the USA where literacy levels are among the highest
world-wide, what factor is pointed to as the cause for
those not achieving literacy in the USA?
According to The Literacy Gap, http://www. in the US, the typical middle-class
child enters first grade with 1,000-1,700 hours of picture
book reading time; a low-income child averages just 25.
This literacy gap emerges early and, without intervention,
widens. Only 50% of low-income 4th graders read at or
above the basic level compared to 79% of their middle- Above: Safiyah and Zac welcome the newest member of Crescent Times team, baby Imani Matilda.
class peers, according to the Department of Education’s Born in the middle of compiling this issue of Crescent Times, she is expected to become a regular contributor soon insha
2007 Nation’s Report Card.
Having a low income is also a determining factor for
Muslims having lower literacy achievements among
males and females…that and the importance of reading
not being a first priority in Muslim education.
Growth of Muslim Population - No case of Rejoicing
by Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi Secretary, Sir Syed Scientific
Society, Lucknow writes:
“Why with 25 percent, 1.5 Billion of the populations
in this world are they (Muslims) scientifically and
technologically backward, politically marginalised and
economically poor?”
“The combined Muslim share of World GDP (60
trillion dollars) is hardly 3 trillion dollars which is less
than the GDP of France (Population 70 Million), about
half of the GDP of Japan (Population 120 Million) and
one fifth of GDP of U.S. (Population 300 Million).”
“In the scientific field the record of Muslim nations is
dismal. Five hundred Science PhD’s are produced every
year. Out of the five hundred and odd Nobel Prizes in
Science from 1901 to 2008, only one was awarded
to a Muslim, which is about 0.2% of the total Awards.
What a sad commentary for Muslims as far as scientific
achievements are concerned.”
Today, Muslim educators and parents are concentrating
their efforts and pointing Muslim students in the
direction of mathematics and the sciences. The push for
Muslims to enter these two fields is based on economic
factors as jobs in these areas generally pay more.
What Muslim educators and parents are not focusing
on is the fact that reading-reading comprehension is
a fundamental skill that must be mastered first before Above: Zain Bhikha performing in front of an appreciative audience. Photo courtesy Aiman S Ahmad
students can move forward into these two areas of
much to think about with his spoken word
An Evening with oozed humility, much like the simple,
issue 14, December 2009

Reading needs to begin with parents reading and elegant decorations on stage. He obliging What a Piece of Work is a Man (a line from
showing themselves as examples to their children. Shakespeare’s Hamlet), and little needs to
Parents need to consistently read to and with their Zain Bhikha heaped moving serenades such as Mountains
of Mecca, Salaam (“if you can say salaam six be said about the little children who opened
children and discuss the stories they read to ensure the the evening with their melodic voices
children have understood what they read. Aiman S. Ahmad times, you can sing it”), For Ever (a song
about his son that he had never sung live and who perhaps would grow to be just as
Growing a child’s vocabulary is critically essential to In an Eid-ul-Adha treat and fundraiser for successful as Bhikha.
before), Zamilooni, and Allah Knows upon a
their mastery of reading well with comprehension. Seek the Jeffcott St Mosque on 5th December, There was also a quiz - and everyone
very transfixed audience.
‘n Find and crossword puzzles are excellent learning the Islamic Council of Victoria trotted out smirked when any size one prize winner
What preceded it was just as lovely.
aids as are having children look up words in a dictionary the popular South African Nasheed artist ran out to accept size 13 boots, but Eid is
Melbourne’s own shining star Zaid Boyd
and using a thesaurus to expand their vocabulary. Zain Bhikha. all about giving. Later, Bhikha signed CDs
regaled the audience with a performance
Reading newspaper articles and magazines also offers Decked in a long flowing shirt and (which were on sale downstairs) and posed
of two great compositions a capella, and
opportunities for young readers to hone their critical trousers, Bhikha, who was in Melbourne for photos.
the poet Nour Abuzeid gave everyone
for the Parliament of World’s Religions,
Fi amani’Allah
Eid el Idha in Bangladesh is almost same in its traditions and religious
Page 20
arrangements as other Muslim majority countries. To explore more,
Amanda Charmand-Mazumder, wrote from Bangladesh:
Just like home!!
B angladesh has a Muslim-
majority population,
with 89.6% of the over
150 million people being of the
is available until the morning
of Eid, the farmers or handlers
sleep with their animals overnight
throughout the week until it is
Eid Sacrifice in

Muslim faith. This means that the sold.
traditions of Islam are country- After the Eid prayer on the 10th
wide and experienced by almost day of Dhul Hijjah, the cow (or
all the population. animal for sacrifice) is slaughtered
About one week prior to the according to Islamic law. This
Eid-ul-Adha festival or Qurbani means, laying the animal on its
(Sacrifice), an estimated seven left side, facing it to the Qibla
million plus livestock, which (Mecca), mentioning the name
includes non-dairy cows, sheep, of Allah (Bismillah Al-rahman Al-
goat and camels, begin to flock raheem/Allahu Akbar), cutting
in from the around the country through jugular veins, carotid
and across the border from India. arteries, trachea, oesophagus and
Specialised livestock markets leaving the spinal cord intact.
built from bamboo are instated in The animal is left to drain and
selected vicinities and the people die completely for a few minutes,
who are able to purchase an animal then skinned and cut into parts
shop around for the fittest and for easier distribution. Pretty
best priced sacrifice. Cows and much the entire cow is cut up and
camels can be shared by up to 7 divided, except the ears, horns,
families and divided accordingly, teeth, eyes and skin. The bones,
whereas goats and sheep can only meat and liver in are separated
be purchased by one. piles then distributed in three
Cows are seen around the parts; one to the poor people of
country, sharing the roads with the area, one to the poorer or less Above: Bengali kids patting their sacrifice cow, hours before Eid day. Photo courtesy: Amanda Charmand-Mazumder
traffic, pedestrians and occupying fortunate people of the family and
open land to graze until sold. The one to the family who purchased meat twitched until it was cooked!
with their carry bags to witness the honest distribution and
animals are taken home, tied up the animal. If seven families For me, Eid ul Adha was a special time and portrayed
take their share of the meat.

somewhere safe from thieves and purchased the animal then that to me the real meaning of Eid. The only time these poor
SubhanAllah, the cow that I witnessed being sacrificed
given hay, leaves and water to third is divided into seven equal people are able to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits
did not whimper, make a sound nor did it look like it was
nourish them. parts. The poor people are there of meat is on Eid ul Adha. A person really feels grateful
in pain. It did continue to move up to 5 minutes after it was
Purchasing an animal for sacrifice when they can see fruits of the seeds they sow. Allahu
slaughtered from the reflex reaction of the spinal cord and the




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