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Each person has their role either in daily life or work. As well as the shipping agency.
The role of a shipping agent organizing a pilot, tugs and linemen who will help bring the ship
into the port. The shipping agent ensures that a ship has the necessary berth in port and that
all required paperwork, including customs paperwork, is completed.
When a ship arrives in port, the shipping agents role includes bringing mail and local
currency for the ships crew. The shipping agent organizes the supplies needed for a ships
crew to survive on the next leg of a journey.
Shipping agent have some responsibilities for organizing the cargo to be carried by a
ship and for making sure the necessary paperwork is completed for a ship to leave port.a
shipping agent may pay bills on behalf of the ships owner when the ship departs from port.
Another roles of shipping agents are ensuring a berth for the incoming ship, arranging
for the pilot and the tugs if necessary, drawing up the documents for the customs and
harbour services and assisting the master in making the necessary contacts with the local
authirities and the harbour authorities.
Besides, arranging for the necessary ship fresh water or provisions, arranging for the
necessary doctor for the crew any medical assistence, arranging for storage bunkers if these
are needed and arranging for the necessary repairs alsothe roles of shipping agents.
A shipping agents coordinate the arrival and launch times with the ships schedule,
synchronizing vendor request, arrival dates and needs or directions from the pilot or captain.
A ships needs while in port are arranged and coordinated through the ship agent. The agent
is responsible for maintaining a formal schedule, disseminating information to involved
parties and creating an in or outboard the personnel resources required on vessel for
scheduled pick-ups or offloads and is contact for any certified signitures.
A ship agent should know all shipping regulations for all ports, ensuring compliance
with international shipping regulations, safety practices and policies of the ship's owner. The
agent should also know all applicable publications containing regulations and certifying
authorities. Agents should maintain copies of all documents, including bills of lading, and
insurance and inspection certificates.
A ship agent is available during arranged hours for communications involving the
ship's owner. The agent is also the point of contact for all stakeholders, crew and port
authorities, serving as the ship's main liaison while in port. These communication duties
include cultivating various relationships at port with appropriate agencies, as well as fulfilling
commercial and public relations needs. Communications should be recorded in a ledger for
reference. On-call and extended hours are often required.
Besides, a ship agent must canvass cargo to be carried by the principals vessel and
also collect all freight due and to remit the freight collected less communication due to agents
to the principal. A ship agent also must prepared all the shipping documents requires.
Example is the bill of lading, delivery orders, arrival notifcations freight invoices and cargo
Futhermore, a shipping agents must maintain recors of all transaction and also co-
ordinate vessels arrivals, departures, loading and unloading activities through liasing with
port operator, customs, shippers, consignees, forwarding agents and stevedives. They also
must keep principal informed of all the local business environment and market trends.