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January 1 , 2010 – Colonial Heights United Methodist Church – 423-239-6031

February 7– Tom February 14–Tom February 21–Tom February 28–Tom (Jon
(Michael in charge) (Clay in charge) Solid (Sam in charge) Solid Lawniczak in charge)
[Holy Communion] Rock–Rock:IV: The Rock: Rock V: The The Playoffs with
Solid Rock–Rock III: Rock of Life Changing Rock of Living by Jesus during March
The Rock of At-One- Grace What’s Worth Living Madness!: Jesus
Ment By! Chooses Good Sam for
Point Guard!

Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

“I baptize you with water; but one who is more powerful than I is coming; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandals. He wi! baptize you with
the Holy Spirit and fire.…Now when a! the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and
the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came "om heaven, ‘You are my Son,the Beloved; with you I am we!
pleased.’”” (Luke 2:16b, 21-22 NRSV)

On Sunday, January 10, 2010 we will celebrate a reaffirmation of our Baptismal

vows. David Graves, Kingsport District UM Superintendent will lead the service. As we
move into a New Year let us affirm our lives to God through the Reaffirmation of our
baptismal vows. The following is a brief history of baptism.

The History of Baptism: From Jewish Ritual to Christian Doctrine

© Mark L. Porter May 6, 2008

Before Christianity
Originally Baptism was a purification ritual adapted from the Jewish faith and performed by the priests at the
temple to make someone who was deemed as unclean back into being clean and presentable in the eyes of God.
This could be from touching an unclean person, the dealing with the dead or diseased, being with a woman during
menstruation, or any number of other things that the Torah had determined as ‘unclean’. The ritual had the
person being cleansed bringing the appropriate offering, such as doves, lambs, or sometimes simply just grains, to
the priest and having the priest say the appropriate words to God before ‘washing’ the unclean person in the
waters, oils, and/or perfumes at the temple. This procedure was
symbolic of the uncleanliness going from the person to the water,
therefore allowing the person being baptized to enter the Temple
for worship on Saturday as the holy day.
Early Christianity
At the start of Christianity, being as it was at that time a small
cult branching from the mother religion of Judaism, they kept the
practice of washing away the sins through the symbolic act, as Jesus
was washed and performed the washing from John the Baptist.
They did not ask for an offering to the priest, just a vow and oath
of belief in the Christian religion and all that they stood for.

Front Porch • 631 Lebanon Road • Kingsport, Tn 37663 • 423/239-6031

January 1 , 2010 – Colonial Heights United Methodist Church – 423-239-6031

Proposed January Worship Leadership

Please plan to attend the Wednesday rehearsal prior to the Sunday in which you will be providing leadership. (Greeters, Liturgical Artists and
Set-up Coordinators need not attend the Wednesday rehearsals.)

1/3–Musicians (Holy 1/10 Musicians 1/17 Musicians 1/24 Musicians

Communion) (Reaffirmation of Sam in charge Jon in charge
Michael in charge Baptismal Vows)
Clay & Michael in

Audio Audio Audio Audio

Powell Kidd Clay Holt Sam Hiester Powell Kidd

Video/Lights Video/Lights Video/Lights Video/Lights

? ?

Computer Computer Computer Computer

Clay Holt Sam Hiester Adam Shelton Julie Horner

Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist Liturgical Artist

Linda Jones Melissa Shelton

Communion Stewards
Melissa Shelton
Jenita Large

Minister Minister Minister Minister

Tom– David Graves, District Tom–Solid Rock–Rock I: Tom–Solid Rock–Rock
Superintendent Get off that Shaky II: Understand that
Ground God Rocks

January 31–Jim in charge Audio–Powell Kidd Computer–Wendy Chamblee

Minister–Youth in charge

Please check the above listing. If you cannot attend on the Sunday for which you have been scheduled, please contact Jim
immediately, and we will look for a swap-out with someone else. Thanks.

Front Porch • 631 Lebanon Road • Kingsport, Tn 37663 • 423/239-6031