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Table of contents
1. Gross References ..................................................................Page 3
2. Scope of works......................................................................Page 3
3. Flow of Works Chart...............................................................Page 4
4. Methodology......................................................................Page !2"
. #ools and $%&'p(ent..............................................................Page2)
*. Safety Meas&res....................................................................Page 2)
". +ppend'ces...........................................................................Page 2)
). Pa'nt'ng Safety F're
,,Page 2-
1.Gross References
1.1 General Refer to t!e "eneral Re#$%re&ents 'or(sect%on
Refer to the follow'ng worksect'on.
Mechan'cal general re%&'re(ents/ F're protect'on syste(/ hydranl'c syste(/ a'r
handl'ng &'nt and 0ent'lat'on syste(.
1.2 Material:
Mater'al for 1anger and s&pport follow'ng the standards on spec'2cat'on
+ppro0ed type 3y $ng'neer
To describe mechanical works associated with install hanger and support of mechanical system to
ensure compliance with contract requirements, drawings and technical specification. The design of the
pipe work installation shall be tested and certify strictly in accordance with the requirement specification,
). Sco*e of +or(s
Page 2
Scope of works install hangers and supports of Mechanical System including the uct
works system, Piping fire protection and !ydrandlic system. The scope of work for this method
statement shall include all the Mechanical system.
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,. Flo' of +or(s -Flo' c!art.
Page #
Shop drawings
etermine pipe as per
appro&ed location ( le&el
)ot appro&ed
*ngineer +s
,nstallation of
efine position
of support
)ot appro&ed
/. Met!o0olo"1
/.1. General
#.1.1. The si.e of !angers and supports shall be in compliance with the contract specification,
documents, and appro&ed shop drawings.
#.1.2 !angers and supports of mechanical system shall be fabricated at factory from the
appro&ed and gal&ani.ed steel sheet roll.

#.1." To ensure that all !angers and supports material are fabricated form the appro&ed, worker
Shall take photo picture on the appro&ed material for record, before starting any fabrication process.
/hen the finished parts deli&ery to site, the *ngineer0s shall check the quality and material
used, by the 123 labels together with the e&idence of the photo picture or refer to shop drawing , on the
material been used in the fabrication.
#.1.# 4nly the site engineer0s final appro&ed !angers and supports shall be used for the site
installation works.
#.1.5. 6arious hanger systems and components for system shall be used and shall be
3oordinated with the ceiling work at the 3ontractor option with the appro&al by the Mechanical
#.1.7 %ll flanged 8oints shall be pro&ided with suitable gasket as appro&ed type by the *ngineer.
#.1.9 Supports shall be attached to e&ery system using screws or bolt to pre&ent slippage and
#.1.:./all or o&erhead supports shall be anchored to structure using bolts of suitable type and
adequate si.e or other methods suitable for conditions or materials encountered, only as appro&ed by
the *ngineer.
#.1.;. Supports insulation work will be mentioned on method statement for mechanical system
insulation work.
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/.). Han"ers an0 S$**orts for 0$c( 'or( s1ste&s
#.2.1 Supports and hangers shall be <-type formed steel angles, shall be as shown in Table 1
The &ibration isolation rod hanger for fans shall be indicated on shop drawings.
Table 1 Han"ers an0 S$**orts Sc!e0$le - Refer to AS /)2/.
uct Si.e
Si.e of <-type
formed steel
!anger rods
spacing for
>lange ?oint
spacing for
T3 ?oint
@p to ;AA "A = "A = " :mm ",AAAmm 15AAmm
;A1 to 17AA #A = #A = " 1Amm ",AAAmm 15AAmm
17A1 to 22AA #A = #A = " 12mm 2,#AAmm -
4&er 2,2AA 5A = 5A = " 12mm 2,#AAmm -

Anchor bolt
(Appro type
by the ICE)
is use
area normal
L to L!"#
$%& $!& $&
'oo( use rod
Ino) or rod Hot
div galvanize
W * %+
L - type (ormed steel angle
W - Include the thic,ness o( insulation
F%"$re 1 Sect%on of Han"ers an0 S$**orts
(Detail refer to drawing SRF-DT-500)
)oteB a' !angers and supports details please refer to appro&ed shop drawings.
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F%"$re ) Deta%ls of Han"ers an0 S$**orts of D$ct 'or( for R%ser
-Deta%l refer to Table HS.2 of MOS !an"er s$**ort.
/.).). F%3 S$**ort
#.2.2.1. 3heck length of duct round and weight according to Table 12-1,12-2.
#.2.2. %ccording to Table ", select the Steel angle and %nchor bolt. Steel angle must be fabricated at
Page 9
#.2.". >i= support must be fi=ed to slab or beam.
#.2.2.#. Spacing of >i= support by steel angle shall be 15AAmm and below, or refer to shop drawing

F%"$re 4 Sect%on of F%3 s$**ort
(Detail refer to table HS.5))
>i= supports details please refer to appro&ed shop drawings.
Table. ) S%5e of Steel An"le an0 Anc!or 6olt
-refer to AS /)2/.
Steel angle length - < Steel angle Si.e$minimum'
%nchor Colt si.e Slab $mm'
@p to 1AAA <-"AD"AD2.5 MD8
@p to 17AA <-5AD5AD".A MD10
@p to 22AA <-5AD5AD#.A MD12
4&er 22AA <-5AD5AD5 MD12
)oteB >i= supports details please refer to appro&ed shop drawings.
/.)., Plen$& C!a&ber
Plenum Chamber Thickness:
- Thickness for gal&ani.ed steel sheet shall be as shown in Shop drawing appro&ed
/.)., Re%nforc%n"
- Eequirements for Si.e of <-type formed steel angle reinforcing shall be as shown in Table #.
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Duct including
Anchor bolt (Approved type by the engineer)
L-type formed steel angle
Table /. S%5e of L7t1*e for&e0 steel an"le Re%nforc%n"
- ,nstallation
details shall
be indicated on
- etails of plenum chamber shall be indicated on the shop drawings.
Page ;
<argest imension of
Plenum 3hamber $mm'
Si.e of <-type formed
steel angle
Si.e $minimum'
Ma=imum Spacing
@p to 1AAA <-"AD"AD2.5 15AA
@p to 17AA <-5AD5AD".A 15AA
@p to 22AA <-5AD5AD#.A 15AA
4&er 22AA <-5AD5AD5 15AA
4.. Pi!e "an#ers an$ su!!%r& '%r s(s&em
- Piping or equipment supported by wire, plumber0s tape, rope or other means or arrangements shall not
be permitted.
- Pipe or equipment supported by &al&es or other line accessories shall not be permitted.
a' 6ertical piping shall be supported as followsB
i' EisersB Steel angle support to rest at least on refer to shop drawing appro&ed
ii' 3opper pipeB Steel angle support with rubber and refer to shop
b' !ori.ontal piping shall be supported as followsB
Pipes shall be attached to or supported from structure using hangers and de&ices as specified or
c' !anger and >i= support spacing shall be as the following Table 5.
Table 2 Han"er an0 F%3 s$**ort s*ac%n"
15 2 25 !2 " 5 #5 $ 1 125 15 2 25 !
&teel (ipe
2) m or less !) m or less
1)5 m or less 1)2 m or less
1)5 m or less 1)5 m or less
&teel (ipe
&pan by span
or less
1)5m or &ho- on &hop
&pan by span
or less
&pan by span or less
1)5m or &ho- on &hop
1)5m or Dra-ing
&pan by span or
&pan by span or less
1)5m or &ho- on &hop
d' <ow temperature pipe insulation shall be required for refrigerant lines and chilled water lines at
points of support between pipe and hanger using rebar sheet or wood appro&ed.
e' 3opper pipe isolation shall be required for each point of contact with hangers or other ferrous
f' !anger rods
'4 !anger rod si.e shall be as the following Table 7B
Table 8 Han"er ro0 s%5e -Ite& 6 of S*ect%on.
&upported pipe (mm) .od diameter (mm)
/2 #
2 to /1 1
1 to 12 12
012 to 215 1#
0215 to !25 2
Page 1A
3ver !25 2"

Table 19 U bolt S%5e -S*ect%on.
D%a&eter P%*e U bolt S%5e
17mm F "#mm 7mm
#2mm F ;Amm :mm
4&er ;Amm 1Amm
>rom 15A - 25A 25=2mm
/./.,. A00%t%onal S$**ort
%t changes of direction in either &ertical or hori.ontal and point near the &al&e, additional support
shall be pro&ided. !owe&er it may be omitted when coincidental with required standard spacing
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F%"$re :. A00%t%onal s$**ort
/././. F%3 S$**ort
1. 3heck the pipe weight, number and support spacing $Table 5'.
2. %ccording to Table ;, select the Steel angle and %nchor bolt.
". The method of fi=ing for ,nsulated pipe is in accordance with Section:.:.
Page 12

4alve si5e is Less than 1mm
&upport near valve
#mm and above

&upport near branch

4alve si5e is 1mm and above
#mm and above
! or below
&upport near branch
&upport near bent &upport near bent
&upport near bent
! or below ! or below
-I-E -I-E
-I-E C./ "0 A12LE WEL3
Figure 10 : Example for connect pipe over 65mm
-for C!%ller 'ater *%*e.
Table : S%5e of Steel An"le an0 Anc!or 6olt
)oteB Steel angle and bolts shall be indicated on shop drawings.
&teel Angle Length &i5e of &teel Angle and Anchor Bolt
L % &teel angle &i5e(minimum)
Anchor Bolt &i5e(minimum)
&lab 7all
1 L-59595)5 :19!92 :19!92
15 L-#!9#!95)5 :19!92 -
1 L-#!9#!95)5 :19!92 :19!92
15 L-#!9#!95)5 :19!9" -
1 L-1919#)5 :19!9" :19!92
15 ;129"$9" :19!9" -
1 L-1591595)5 :19!9" :19!92
15 ;159"$9" :2"9!9" -
:19!9" :19!92
15 :19!9" -
1 :19!9" :19!92
15 :19!9" -
:19!9" :19!92
15 :19!9" -
1 :19!9" :19!92
15 :2"9!9" -
/./.2 Sett%n" of Floor Dra%n an0 Clean o$t
Setting of >loor rain and 3lean out shall be followed as under >igures.
Page 1"
(Fire stopping will be supply late)
F%"$re 1) Sett%n" of Clean o$t T1*e A
(Fire stopping will be supply late)
F%"$re 12 Deta%l of *%*e *enetrat%on for 'ater *roof
Page 1#
(4' pipe &teel panel
'ut pipe
*inishing -or8
(Architectural -or8)
'lean out ('3A)
(rocess 1)
1) <nstall pipe and steel panel)
2) *ill concrete)
(rocess 2)
1) *inishing -or8 by Architectural
2) 'ut pipe)
(rocess !)
<nstall '3A ( upper part ))
(4' pipe &teel panel
7ater proofing
(Architectural -or8)
'ut pipe
*inishing -or8
(Architectural -or8)
'onnect &anitary
(rocess 1)
1) <nstall pipe and steel panel)
2) *ill concrete) :a8e slope
for -ater proofing)
!) 7ater proofing
( Architectural -or8 )
(rocess 2)
1) *inishing -or8 by Architectural -or8)
2) 'ut pipe)
(rocess !)
1) <nstall =>uipment)
2) Apply sealing compound)
Page 15
- >or all sprinkler piping installation either wall or ceiling area.
- /ork will be e=ecuted by fi=ing anchor bolt into concrete structure or brick wall with appro&ed
bracket support and dimension according to appro&ed shop drawing
- %ll brackets supports shall be factory-fabricated and hot dipped gal&ani.ed to ?,S !:7#1 Standard
prior to deli&ery to site for installation.
- eli&er pipes and fittings to designated area of site work. 3heck and ensure sufficient quantity for
area installation.
- %ll supports shall be fabricated at workshop factory shall be appro&ed type based on sample
submitted and appro&ed by the *ngineer.
- ,nstalled supports will be checked by the *ngineer.
- %ll bolt and nuts accessories shall be appro&ed brand2 types by the *ngineer based on submission
and appro&ed.
- <ocate position of pipe installation as according to shop drawing.
- Siamese fire department connection shall be as per appro&ed drawing location easily be
approached by fire engines for emergency fire fitting. Type of connection shall be compatible
with hose fitting used by the local fire department and based on 6ietnamese standard.
a' Pipe shaft area B
- 3arry pipe by manual labor to location. 3hain block may be used to lift bigger pipe for
b' 4n ceiling area B
- 3arry pipe to designated area of installationB for bigger pipe, chain block shall be used to hoist
pipe to ceiling area.
- Pipe shall be cleaned before installation.
- Pipe shall be ad8usted to fi= location as according to appro&ed shop drawing indicated and
according to the construction schedule.
- Mark and determine the location of pipe support.
- ,nstalled pipe shall be pressure tested and inspected by the *ngineer for appro&al.
- Shall be cleaned system before pressure test 2 leak test.
4.4.+ *arkin# an$ cu&&in#.
Page 17
7 %ll pipes si.e diameter 15Amm and smaller shall be cut by electric powered, circular machine
with abrasi&e wheel. Metallic wheel cutters shall not be permitted.
7 >or pipes with outside diameter 15Amm and greater shall be cut by 4=yacetylene torch.
7 %fter cutting, edges of pipe shall be grinded forming an angle of "A
. Eefer to >igure 1A
4.4., Cu& a h%le &% -%in smaller !i!e:
>or steel pipe connect to steel pipe that is two times smaller than diameter of main pipe
7 3ut a hole on main pipe by using o=yacetylene torch to create a hole.
7 @se grinder machine to smoothen the edges and burrs of the cut hole before 8oining the main pipe
and the smaller pipe together forming a ;A
7 Seam of 8oining shall be welded in three passes.
7 uring work not in progress, the opening of hole shall be temporary capped to pre&ent entry of
foreign ob8ect.
- Take out gal&ani.e for >ire protection
- >or flange weld, spot weld at 1 point, then connect flange surface perpendicular to pipe and spot
weld at "-# points prior to full welding and after that take down floor weld complete for >ire
protection pipe. )ote that seam of weld in outside face shall not be out off flange face.
- Eemo&e water, oil and paint off completed weld.
- /eld at "-# points on seam, then roll pipe to continue welding from up and down.
- 3ompleted weld shall be clean by using wire brush and prime paint.
,nspection of weld. Eefer to >igure 1A
- /eld seam shall be checked &isually.
- /eld 8oint will be thicker than edge of pipe ma=imum "mm.
- /eld defects shall be remoed and repaired under the *ngineer0s super&ision.
a. Screwed threaded connection.
- Pipe will be threaded by using the threading machine ?,S CA2A" Standard with automatic thread
defining dimension.
- %dd suitable oil onto the cutting part or filling oil regularly onto cutting part of threading
machine. /hen oil changes color due to mi=ing with water, change new oil.
- 3hange threading teeth when pitches are not threading in regular manner due to wear and tear.
- 3heck length and surface of pitches &isually and ad8ust selection of threading range by hand.
- Eemo&e oil and dust on pitches, inside and outside pipe prior to start threading.
Page 19
b. Tightening threaded pipe and fitting.
- %pply teflon sealing tape around the threaded pipe.
- Screw pipe and fitting by hand, and then use pipe wrench to tighten slowly till pipe and fitting
firmly tighten.
- %fter tighten screw connection, co&er odd pitches with primer paint and mark of pipe wrench.
- Pressure test shall be carried out after area pipe work completed and 8ointed area paint dry up.
d. Sprinkler heads installation and co&erage.
- % sprinkler head shall be installed at e&ery part of a ceiling di&ided by beam, etc. pro8ected A.#m
abo&e from the surface of installation for the said heads. !owe&er, this shall not apply in case the
mutual central distance of the said beams does not e=ceed 1.:m or less.
- ,n case there should be 1.2 m abo&e of width and length for air duct, shelf etc, a sprinkler head
shall be installed at the bottom surface of the said duct etc.
- % distance between the deflector of sprinkler heads and the surface of installation for the said
heads, shall be A."m below.
- Sprinkler heads shall be so installed that the spindle thereof is perpendicular to the surface to
which the said head is fitted.
- )othing shall be either installed or placed in the section within the distance of A.#5 m from the
deflector of a sprinkler head, and A."m below of hori.ontal direction, or installation refer to Spec
4.4.. Support installation
a. >or ceiling support. Eefer to Section on ceiling $file %utocad'
- rill a hole and insert anchor bolt into concrete structure according to construction working
schedule and appro&ed shop-drawing.
- >i= threaded rod support into insert anchor bolt and fi= 3-channel into location before laying pipe
onto the bracket support.
- 3heck the le&el of bracket support to ensure the pipe work ha&e been done as according to the
appro&ed shop drawings and location.
S$**ort !an"er s%5es on ce%l%n"
Page 1:
S$**orte0 *%*e -&&. Ro0 0%a&eter -&&.
5A and smaller A:
5A-1AA 1A
125 through 2AA 17
25A and larger 2#
b. >or support on wall and pipe shaft. Eefer to >igure Eiser $file %uto3ad'
- Mark sure ( fabricate support and then Gal&ani.e for le&el C", C2, C1, Eoof, Eiser
- 3heck support by plump-line to ensure bracket support are in a &ertical straight line
- >i= bracket support onto wall and fastened with nuts to get support in position.
- Mark the location of pipe support as according to appro&ed shop drawing.
- ri&e a hole into wall of concrete structure or brick wall.
- rill an anchor bolt into drilled hole.
- >i= bracket support onto wall and fastened with nuts to get support in position.
4.4./0 Prime paint and identification of pipe
7 3ompleted pipe will be prime paint by the appro&ed color code.
7 Symbol of identification of pipe will be suitable to diameter of pipe.
7 irection of arrow denote the way of water flow
Sc!e0$le of letter%n" s%5es
-or refer to s*ect%on.
4utside diameter of pipe or
co&ering $mm'
Si.e of stencil
letter $mm'
Minimum length of flow
arrow $mm'
2A to #A incl. 12 7A
5A to 1AA incl. 25 1AA
125 to 195 incl. 5A 125
2AA and larger 95 15A
Sc!e0$le of !an"er s$**ort s*ac%n"
Page 1;
diameter or
25mm to
5Amm to
diameter or
Steel pipe
2.Amm 2.Amm 2.Amm ".Amm
2 Mac!%ner1 ; Tools
- Power hacksaw
- 3ircular cutting machine with abrasi&e wheel
- Pipe clamp
- Plump-line
- Power drill.
- 3hain block.
- Threading machine.
- Scaffolding
- Pipe wrench
- Spanner
- !ammer
- /ater le&el ruler
8. Safet1 Meas$res
- Temporary barricade and warning sign shall be set up at area of site work
- %ny worker works at the height of 2m and abo&e shall wear safety belt.
- /orkers shall be trained about safety condition.
- Machineries, equipments and staging should be inspected by safety super&isor prior to work
- % safety forms signed by workers and briefing before work will be pro&ided to control the safety
working condition $forms enclosed'.
4. A**en0%3
7 <eaking test record.
7 %&ailable for ,nspection $%>,'
7 ,nspection Eecord $,E'
<. Pan%t%n" sefet1 f%re *%*e
Step 1B 3arry pipe to location area installation, properti floor at work area to be done.
Step 2B 3lean pipe
Page 2A
Step "B Painting ,ron-Mould safety and $Creak-Hinc if need' by Grey color
Step #B Painting one undercoat by Eed color
Step 5B Painting complete safety by Eed color F 1
Step 7B Painting complete safety by Eed color F 2
Step 9B 3heck after instal finish
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