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Objective type questions

1. The preferred alloying element for low temperature applications of steel is

a) Cr b) Mo c) W d) Ni
2. Sulphur in steel
a) Acts as adeoxidiser c) reduces the grain size c) Increases hardness
d) decreases tensile strength and hardness
3. Silicon steel used for electrical equipment contains which of the following percentage of
a) 0.2-0.5 wt % b) 3.4 wt % c) 8.0 -10.0 wt % d) 6.5 wt %
4. Which of the following is the highest specific strength of all structural materials?
a) Magnesium alloys b) Titanium alloys c) copper and zinc alloys d) nickel alloys
5. Aluminium bronze contains
a) 10 % Aland 90 % Cu b) 10 % Al and 90 % Sn c) 10 % Al and 90 % Zn
d) 10 % Al, 10 Zn and 80 % Cu
6. Free cutting steel is
a) Containing carbon free b) easy of machining c) required least cutting force d)
producing continuous chips
7. Muntz metal contains copper and zinc in the ration of
a) 50:50 b) 80:20 c) 40:60 d) 20:80
8. Addition of Mn to Al results in
a) Improvement of corrosion b) improvement of casting characteristics c)improving
machinability d) improving precipitation hardening system
9. Structure steel contains which of the following principal alloying elements?
a) Ni, Cr, Mn b) Pb, Zn, Al c) Zn,S, Cr d) P, Sn, Mo
10. The crystal structure of brass is
a) B.C.C b) H.C.P c) F.C.C d) B.C.T
11. Which of the following does not impart high hardness to steel
a) Cr b) Ni c) Si d) Cu
12. Inconel is an alloy of
a) Ni, Cu, Mn b) Ni, Zn, Fe c) Ni, Mo, Fe d) Ni, Cr, Fe
13. Railway rails are made of
a) Mild steel b) alloy steel c) carbon steel d) tungsten steel
14. Basic composition of monel alloy are
a) 70 Cu-30Ni b) 70 Cu-30 Zn c) 30 Cu- 70 Ni d) 30 Zn-70 Cu
15. Duplex heat treatment is used for
a) -Ti-alloys b) -Ti alloys c) near -Ti alloys d) + Ti- alloys
16. The property of corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to
a) Predominant nature of chromium present in stainless steel
b) The formation of thin film of oxygen and moisture absorbed from the atmosphere
c) The formation of a thin film of chromium oxide on the surface of steel
d) The inherent property of chromium to resists corrosion
17. Eutectic Al-Si alloy can be modified by small addition of
a) Na b) Zr c) Ti d) Sr
18. Liquid nitrogen container can be made by
a) Ferritic stainless steel b) HSLA steel c) Austenitic stainless steel
d) maraging steel
19. The primary strengthening mechanism in Catridge brass is
a) Solid solution strengthening
b) Precipitation hardening
c) Dispersion strengthening
d) Ordered strengthening
20. Superalloys
a) Al-based alloys b) Cu-based alloys c) Ni-based alloys d) Mg based alloys