Understanding the essence (part 4) Goddess Çärada

The Goddess Çärada, is none other than Sarasvati herself. Her name ‘Çärada’ means ‘the giver of essence’ and she gives one the ability to understand the essence of scriptures and various embodiments of knowledge, God and spirituality. The formation of the Yoga will tell us more;

Formation and Meaning of Çärada Yoga
Moon in the first dreñkäëa of movable signs, 2nd dreñkäëa of fixed signs or 3rd dreñkäëa of dual signs, whilst Mercury is in a quadrant from Moon forms Çärada Yoga. In this yoga, the specific use of dreñkäëa is mentioned. The dreñkäëa is based on the trines to Lagna (viz. 9th and 5th houses), and Lagna itself, this leads us to the knowledge of the Guru and Åñi, which resides in the 9th from any house. Specifically when we do invocation of mantra, the Åñi is invocated1 on that portion which is above the head, and is the place where the intelligence resides, and hence the Åñi is said to reside on this portion steering the intelligence and giving it knowledge. The Dreñkäëa shows the Åñi presiding over an individual, and whilst there are many dreñkäëa charts (5 or more), the specific Dreñkäëa Chart which shows this is the Jagannath Dreñkäëa. The calculation of the same has been tabulated: Table 1: Jagannath Dreñkäëa 1st 2nd 3rd Fiery signs Aries Leo Sagittarius Earthy signs Capricorn Taurus Virgo Airy signs Libra Aquarius Gemini Watery signs Cancer Scorpio Pisces It can be inferred from the table that the 1st Dreñkäëa is always a movable sign, the 2nd a fixed sign and the 3 rd a dual sign. This is the case for all signs. Now if a planet is placed in movable sign in Räçi and also the 1st dreñkäëa, it will occupy the same sign in Räçi and Dreñkäëa. This is the same for planets in the 2nd dreñkäëa of fixed signs and 3 rd dreñkäëa for dual signs. A planet placed in such a position becomes blessed by the Åñi as its actions in life (Räçi) and its focus (Dreñkäëa) are the same, and will give blessings. Dreñkäëa of the Moon shows the Åñi who will guide the natives mind in this world. The Moon shows the native’s attitude towards life, and the chart with reference


Invocation of Mantras.

to the Moon will indicate how the native wishes to interact with the world. Jupiter’s position with reference to Moon will indicate the native’s attitude towards money and can produce either Sakata Yoga or Gajakesaré Yoga. Mercury placed in a Kendra from the Moon indicates the native is adept and enjoys learning, and when the Moon receives the auspicious guidance by the Åñi due to its dreñkäëa placement, the native will receive divine insight and write about spiritual topics and the universe as were they guided by a Åñi.

Example of Çärada Yoga
Chart 1: Native blessed with spiritual learning and achievement.

In the given chart, the native has Moon in Aquarius in the 2nd dreñkäëa, whilst Mercury is in the 7th from it, forming the Çärada Yoga. Here Moon lords the 5 th house and shows that the natives blessing from Åñis will begin when he is initiated into Mantra or prayers. As Moon is placed in the 12th house he will experience the results during sleep. When the native was running the Maha Dasa of Jupiter and Antara Dasa of Mercury he was initiated into the Sävitur Gäyatri Mantra which was a custom for his family (Pitå Käraka Venus is in 5th house with Bhrätå Käraka - Sun). It will be noted that the Åñi of the Sävitur Gäyatri is Vishvamitra, and as both Moon and Mercury are in Durvasa Dreñkäëa, the Sävitur Gäyatri Mantra would be most excellent for the native.

Now Mercury placed in the 6th house shows research and study, whilst its lordship of the 4th house indicates that this will come through establishment of a school or a body of study, as Rähu is placed in the 4th house this will happen in country abroad. When the native began Mercury Mahä Dasa he established the Sri Jagannath Vedic Center for the purpose of promoting the study of Jyotiña in the world, with its main fraction placed in the USA. Chart 2: Jyotiña

In the given chart 3 very auspicious Yoga’s for knowledge are formed. i) Çärada Yoga is formed by Moon in 2nd dreñkäëa of a fixed sign whilst Mercury is in Kendra, ensuring that the native easily understand the essence of spirituality. Dhémantaù Yoga is formed by Lagna lord in the 3rd house, and this is coupled with a very powerful Guru Maïgala Yoga, just as in the chart of Swami Vivekananda. This makes the native a very determined Jnäna Yogi. The 10th lord and the 9th lord join in the 9th house, forming Dharmakarmädhipati Yoga, ensuring that the native will work towards establishing truth in the world.



On a special note, the placement of Jupiter in the 3rd house, is Marana Käraka Sthäna, and is very inauspicious for the native, and can cause troubles to the houses

lorded by Jupiter. However; these indications would become auspicious as soon as the Guru entered the natives life, as Jupiter is the Bhrätå Käraka, and hence also the Gurudevata. The native is an aspiring Jyotiña, and as Mercury is 9th lord in the 10th, the native is sure to reach outstanding heights in his learning, and spiritual practice.

Further use of the dreñkäëa
The Yoga of the Moon and Mercury is not exclusive to indicate the blessings of the Åñi’s in our learning. Any planet placed in/aspecting or lording the Lagna in an appropriate Dreñkäëa, can confer divine insight upon the native. This again follows the Jagannath Dreñkäëa (refer: Table 1: Jagannath Dreñkäëa). • • • • The 1st dreñkäëa is considered as the sunrise or Brahma Gayatri. The planets; Sun and Mars thrive in this Dreñkäëa. The 2nd Dreñkäëa is considered as Midday or Vishnu Gayatri – the two Gurus; Jupiter and Venus thrive in this Dreñkäëa. The 3 rd Dreñkäëa is considered Sunset or Shiva Gayatri – Saturn and Moon (controllers of longevity) thrives in this Dreñkäëa. Mercury thrives in all three Dreñkäëa’s, just as the chid Buddha (son of Soma) was able to learn from all Gurus.

As is noticeable the Midnight or Kali Gayatri, is not mentioned. The reason is that the midnight has no noticeable light and hence the knowledge cannot pass through. The Shadowy planets – Rähu and Ketu are excluded from the scheme, just as they are excluded from the Shad Darshan, because they obstruct light. It is however possible for the nodes to give a very high level of knowledge in some yogas.

Examples of Dreñkäëa use
Chart 3: Understanding Jyotiña Çastra

In the given chart, the Lagna is occupied by the Sun, who is placed in the 1st Dreñkäëa. This ensures blessings of knowledge on the native especially in matters related to the occult – Scorpio. This interest developed in Mars Dasa, as the Sun and Mars are in Parivartana with each other, hence Mars’ ensures that the Sun gets his results. The native has been studying Jyotiña since their 16th/17th year.

Chart 4: Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

In the given chart of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, there are 2 planets in Lagna; i.e. Mars and Jupiter. Among these two, Jupiter is placed in the 3rd Dreñkäëa, whilst Mars is placed in the 1st Dreñkäëa. The placement of Mars in the 1st Dreñkäëa ensures an easy grasp of the essence of the Vedas, as it’s placed in the Cancer. The native will especially be attracted to the Åg Veda, as Cancer is a watery sign. The joining between Jupiter and Mars also forms the auspicious Guru Mangala Yoga. And as Jupiter is in the Lagna it conferred fame upon him. (continued...)

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