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Kälämça – the fortune of luxuries

(published in the book; Varga Chakra)

By Visti Larsen – Guide and Guru: Sanjay Rath
The ñoòaçämça is the second harmonic of the fourth house, which puts the focus
on the happiness (fourth) the mind (second harmonic) experiences through
material conveyances.
Mahäåñi Päräçara states the following when describing the use of the ñoòaçämça:

suoa=suoSy iv}an< vahnana< twEv c,

sukhä'sukhasya vijïänaà vähanänäà tathaiva ca |
“(In the ñoòaçämça), happiness and unhappiness through conveyances is
One ñoòaçämça equals 1/16th of a sign. 30 degrees divided by 16, equals 1:52:30
degrees, which equals 1 Ñoòaçämça.
Counting of each ñoòaçämça starts from Aries for Movable signs, from Leo for
Fixed signs, and from Sag for Dual signs. The counting is forward and regular.
This will cover the first 4 signs (aries, taurus, gemini and cancer in case of
movable räçi) twice, as 12+4=16.
Table 1: Ñoòaçämça calculation

Amça Movable Fixed Dual

1 Aries Leo Sagittarius
2 Taurus Virgo Capricorn
3 Gemini Libra Aquarius
4 Cancer Scorpio Pisces
5 Leo Sagittarius Aries
6 Virgo Capricorn Taurus
7 Libra Aquarius Gemini
8 Scorpio Pisces Cancer
9 Sagittarius Aries Leo
10 Capricorn Taurus Virgo
11 Aquarius Gemini Libra
12 Pisces Cancer Scorpio
13 Aries Leo Sagittarius
14 Taurus Virgo Capricorn
15 Gemini Libra Aquarius
16 Cancer Scorpio Pisces

The deva lording the divisions in odd signs are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and
Sürya, which repeat regularly through the divisions. In case of even signs, this is
Table 2: Kälämça Deva

Amça Odd sign Even sign

1 Brahma Sürya
2 Viñëu Çiva
3 Çiva Viñëu
4 Sürya Brahma
5 Brahma Sürya
6 Viñëu Çiva
7 Çiva Viñëu
8 Sürya Brahma
9 Brahma Sürya
10 Viñëu Çiva
11 Çiva Viñëu
12 Sürya Brahma
13 Brahma Sürya
14 Viñëu Çiva
15 Çiva Viñëu
16 Sürya Brahma
The above amça can be used for various purposes. One of the most important is
to see the native’s approach to their conveyances, like computers, boats, cars, etc.
The kälämça of the lagna will indicate how the native’s attitude towards
conveyances is.
• If the kalamsa of Brahma rises, then the native will like to buy or create
new conveyances all the time.
• Viñëu’s amça shows a person who likes to use and reuse their
conveyances and doesn’t part with them easily.
• Çiva’s amça shows a person who finds all the faults in their conveyances
and aspires to buy a new one.
• Sürya’s amça indicates a person who likes to give away their conveyances
for the benefit of others.
The kälämça of the Moon shows the major attachment the native has in this
• Brahmämça indicates a strong attachment to knowledge, and the native
should learn the Gayatri mantra to satisfy their attachment to knowledge.
• Viñëu’s amça indicates a strong attachment to home, comforts, material
objects and other sources of satisfaction.
• Çivämça causes a very strong attachment to people and relationships in
this world, and the native always seeks the comfort of others presence.
• Süryämça indicates an attachment to karma yoga or work, and the native
will always be very attached to the results of their labor and the
achievements they have made in the world.

Use of ñoòaçämça
The focus of this varga is off course the fourth house, and the käraka is Jupiter,
which rules sukha and shows where this sukha comes from. Another and just as
important käraka is Venus, being käraka for iha-loka sukha is hence käraka for
the spoils of this material world, and is more prominently known as vahana
käraka, and shows the conveyances that carry one (specifically vehicles).
• The Märaka (2nd and 7th), from the 4th house and Sukhapada (ärüòha of
fourth) are detrimental towards luxuries, and during Daçäs related to the
planet(s) associating with the same, the native may have accidents or loss
of the luxuries. This is vital in timing such events as car-accidents, or
shipwrecks, of personal property.
• The second house being the eleventh from the fourth house, will show the
gains/wealth (läbha) from these conveyances, which is obstructed by the
sixth house, indicating the competition/enemy. The third house being the
twelfth from the fourth, should be checked incase of leasing out these
conveyances. The same is obstructed by the fifth house, which will show
the followers or children’s use of the objects. This could be in the form of
weapons or vehicles, etc, which the family inherits.
• If the person is a salesman, then the twelfth house would have some
influence, as well as the second house, because the twelfth is the house of
giving/loss of conveyances.
• The seventh house being the house of travels, holidays and business is
similarly very important for the fourth house.
In this way, argalä should be reckoned with reference to the 4th house in
ñoòaçämça, as well as lagna, to see the influence of these conveyances and the
native’s relation to them, through life.
• The argalä of grahas on the Karaka - Jupiter, will show which type of
conveyances the person owns. The strength of the argalä giving grahas
will show the quality of the luxuries.
• The ärüòha Pada of the 4th house or sukhapada will show how the native
goes about in acquiring these luxuries, and who helps him/her do so.
Example: if the ärüòha of the 8th house aspects/joins the sukhapada, then
the native may obtain conveyances through bank loans, or such.
The above principles will become clearer, with practical application.

In the following chart, Lagna Lord – Jupiter is in the 4th house supporting an
abundance of luxuries and wealthy living. Jupiter receives argalä from Ketu,
indicating computers and microprocessors.
Rähu is joined Ketu as well, and being the 12th lord in the 2nd house, supports
sales. The Native spent most of his Rähu Daçä in the sales of computers.
The simultaneous läbha argalä on the 4th house shows that these gave him
significant gains/wealth in his life. As there are no planets in the 6th house, he
dominated the market with great ease, without problems from competitors.
Ketu and Rähu also give Sukha-argalä (4th) on the 11th house of personal gains,
but the same is obstructed by Venus and Moon in the 8 th house (loans/debts).
The lordships of Venus and Moon give us some idea of what these loans were
spent on.
Hence the inevitable was destined in Rähu Daçä, Venus Antara Daçä, where the
person lost a considerable amount of his business due to debts. The native is no
longer into computer sales, and actually he is having a hard time getting a
working computer.
This confirms that, “those who carry lakshmi (Venus) in their minds (Rähu), will
suffer a great fall. Whilst, those who carry her in their thighs (jupiter/9th), will
incur a great raja yoga.
In the natives chart, the fourth lord Saturn is auspiciously joined lagna lord -
Venus and Moon in Cancer. This shows the acquiring of some very luxuries
artifacts, as Venus and Moon form Vahana Yoga. As this happens in the tenth
from Lagna, this would obstruct the native from deriving happiness (fourth)
from these luxuries, and instead the native would be forced to use them.
Jupiter is in the sixth house, and receives argalä from Sun, Mars, Venus, Moon
and Saturn, showing happiness from livestock (sun), weapons (mars), vehicles
(Venus), boats (moon) and cooling devices (Saturn). Suns argalä is obstructed by
Ketu and Rähu, and the native owns some very high tech computer devices
(exalted Ketu).
Sukhapada is in the Lagna, whose lord Venus lords both the lagna and the eighth
house, and hence the native would be inclined to taking loans to acquire
In Venus Mahä Daçä, Venus Antara Daçä, the native was forced to acquire a Car,
so he could get to work in the winters (Saturn). The native didn’t have enough
money to buy a car, and didn’t feel it necessary to have a car all the time, hence
he rented a car. The native rented a new Honda Acura, because it had some
desirable luxurious additions.
We can infer, that if Venus had been in own sign/mülatrikoëa, or exalted, he
may have acquired a considerably more luxurious car (Mercedes, Cadillac, etc).
The native did however not buy the car, and merely rented and kept it well for
the years to come, and not until Venus Daçä, Ketu Antara Daçä, which gives
Parakrama-argalä on the Lagna and has räçi dåñöi on the mrityupada (A8), did he
take a loan and buy the car.

This native has sukhapada in the twelfth from Lagna, showing some loss related
with vehicles/conveyances. This is confirmed from the lagna lord being Venus
(preference for cars) and having räçi dåñöi on the twelfth house.
Fourth lord – Saturn, is in the eighth house and lord of sukhapada – Mercury, is
also placed here, creating a very dangerous situation.
The märaka reckoned from sukhapada are Venus and Jupiter, and Jupiter being
paraspara käraka with Saturn and Mercury is sure to bring the event.
During Saturn Mahä Daçä, Jupiter Antara Daçä, the native got into a terrible
vehicle accident and lost his father. The readers may note that Saturn is Chara
Om Tat Sat