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Surya Pravesh Chakra – annual chart reading


Rafal Gendarz

Guide & Guru: Visti Larsen

The reading is for my Guruji Visti Larsen whose birthday was recently

Chart 1 : Annual Chart 2005-2006

This reading has two parts; first we want to see overall picture of Health (Vara) realations (Yoga &
Tithi), success of events (Karana) and experience (Nakshatra). This is called Panchanga-Analysis.

Next is point-by-point reading of Surya-Pravesh Chart.

Pancanga (the five limbs)

Tithi: Krishna Shashthi (Ve) (89.32% left)

Vedic Weekday: Monday (Mo)

Nakshatra: Pushyami (Sa) (76.95% left)

Yoga: Sukla (Mo) (63.52% left)

Karana: Garija (Ju) (78.64% left)

Vära Lord (the health)

The Moon is bad-placed in maraëa karaka sthäna, but in own sign, it means that there will be health

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problems initially which will be overcomed, through the blessings of the mother (cancer räçi).

Tithi & Yoga Lords (relations in the world)

a) Tithi is under the Jala-Tattva principle; here we talk about desires / mental satisfaction & relations.

The Tithi is Shasti lorded by Venus, and although Venus is in enemy sign, it is rescued by nice
Parivartana, with Jupiter which prevents native from serious setbacks in field mentioned above.

Shukra is in Lagna so many of the natives desires are fulfilled (Lagna) during the daçä.

b) The Yoga is that of Sukla lorded by the Moon. The Moon will thus dominate the relations with
society at large. Effects of this Graha in relationships will be good as the moon is in own sign and is
protecting. Saturn’s conjunction will give some depression from time to time and will disrupt the
relations in work and other activities.

Nakñatra (the karma)

The Moon is in Pushya nakñatra, which will color the karma yoga. The focus of activities in this time
will be teaching and knowledge, as Båhaspati is the deity of pushya. Saturn lords this nakñatra and is
placed in the eighth house, showing that spiritual pursuits will be the focus of this teaching.

Karaëa Lord (career and success)

We see that Jupiter is the Karaëa Lord, being in eleventh house gives rise to fulfillment of hopes and
dreams. Being placed in an enemy sign it gives some problems. Shukra which is benefic engaged in
Parivartana will give good success during this year.

Overall period
There is no change in the major daçä periods, such as näräyaëa, dåg or çüla daçä, so there is no change
in the major direction of the native’s life. The sudarçana cakra daçä will show the changes from year
to year, and the daçä räçi for this year is Scorpio.

The Moon (The tides of fortune)

We should focus on Moons position from dasa räçi which is Scorpio this year. As Moon is in the ninth
bhäva from Scorpio, we see that native will be in very fortunate situation this year.

The same Moon is in eigth bhava from Lagna which gives little personal fortune, but makes the
person focused on spirituality, as the Moon is in own sign it forms Harsha-Yoga which gives good
experiences in spiritual matters.

The Moon is in eighth bhava; usually it means that one sees death during this time, but as it is in own
sign some tapasya or hard effort will help overcome this situation.

This combination is strenghted by Saturn whose conjunction gives life to Kalika-Yoga making person
austere and spiritual especially in traditional flavour.

Ätmakäraka (the direction of the soul)

Now we can go into ätmakäraka analysis, as Venus is ätmakäraka and situated in Lagna makes
person very determined, as all atmabala is directed in this direction. This will be in field of writing as
the ärüòha of the third house is here.

When we talk about atmabala, then we cant avoid the role of retrograde planets, which is Mars in this
case. Mars lords the twelfth house and aspects it, forming Vimala Yoga which is very good for
meditation and all such activities. Mars is aspecting eighth (spirituality), eleventh (hopes) and twelfth
(meditation) bhavas, in this areas one will show his strong desires.

We see also unfamous kapaöa yoga (malefics in forth house, whilst a benefic is in lagna) which makes
the person cheated by others, as this is in fifth bhava from dasa rasi it has negative impact on general
fortune. We see this Graha in trikona to the moon which tell us that this event can give some

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disturbances to the general happiness. This will also afflict finances (making debts) as Rähu is placed
in eighth from ärüòha lagna.

Native must be very careful about to whom he trust; As Rahu is PiK and third Lord, one should be very careful
about elders & siblings.

We see that fifth house (Mantra) is occupied by Mars; this is situated in ninth from ärüòha lagna. This
means that person chants the mantras of Mangala and this gives shelter to this person especially from
social obstacles / external sitations.

Guëa of this person is read from lagna. As parivartana is there we see that Jupiter is crucial graha in
seeing one's guëa in year-long period. This is a Sattvic graha which makes the person, duty-oriented,
very peaceful, knowledgable and happy (Parasara).

As Jupiter is lagneça and placed the in eleventh house, it means that ideals are manifested in forms of
hopes, but this will be done through very pious means as disposition of native is very non-violence
due to being in third from ärüòha lagna.

Eleventh lord in Lagna; Person will get fame (lagna) through female-friends, and this will be
rewarded as there is nice parivartana yoga there. These friends will give support to the native (fifth
from AL).

Nodes in second, eighth houses gives rise to Kemadruma Yoga which gives strain to finances. This
placement is worth worrying about during the daçä.

Also, we see that the ärüòha lagneça is in the twelfth house so it means that personal fame can be
reached in this year outside of birth-country. As this is placed in maraëa karaka sthäna, it could leave
the person bitter after some of these pursuits. This can also mean some voyage motivated by work
(12L and 10L have Parivartana).

As twelfth lord Ketu is in tenth house it gives some mistakes and there are some problems with
planning in work area. As Kapata Yoga is aspecting by Rasi Dristi this can also be instigated by this

Ketu is in tenth bhava which rules sight therefore Agni mantra’s would be very helpful here. Native
can also chant Narayana-Mantra.

W e see that The Moon and the Païcäïga lords are generally well-placed, making the overall
estimation of the year very fruitfull. There are many spiritual combinations here which also should be
carefully noticed. Good luck Guruji!

Om Tat Sat

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