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Test for Renault Key/Immobiliser failures (emergency recode)

Renault Key/Immobiliser
Download Renault Key/Immobiliser Test Kit
Unzip Password is "reman"
When you have the 4 digit emergency
1. hold central locking button down red immo light lashes slowly count number o 1st
digit o immo code and release.
!. hold down central locking button and count !nd digit and release re"eat or #rd and
4th digits
#. when all numbers entered$ ignition o and hold down central locking button immo
lights remains constant$ "ress key on/o %uickly towards interior mirror. &o"eully
"li" will resynch.
'nce immo light starts lashing (ign on/o and hold c/l button down again until red light
remains constant and try again$may take a ew goes.
!"al Plate
T#e $ain Identification of R%&'U(T )e#icles
!"al Plate is used for identification of R%&'U(T "e#icles since *+,+
T#e location and design was c#anged se"eral times during t#at long period
In "e#icles produced un till *++- .ou will find t#e o"al plate in engine compartment
It is made of aluminum and can be located separate or toget#er wit# obligatory )e#icle
$anufacturer Plate
In "e#icles produced after *++- t#e !"al Plate is made from plastic in form of stic/er
located on rig#t side middle door pillar
It can be seen by opening front passenger door
0rom *++12
)umber Descri"tion
1 Ty"e mines o the vehicle and chassis number
! *T+, -total all u" weight o the vehicle
# *TR -ma.imum "ermitted total train weight ( vehicle loaded with trailer/
4 +a.imum "ermitted weight on the ront a.le 0*.T.+.,. ront a.le1
2 +a.imum "ermitted weight on the rear a.le 0*.T.+.,. rear a.le1
3 Technical s"eciications o the vehicle 04ountry 4ode1
5 *aint reerence
6 7%ui"ment level
8 97&I4:7 T;*7
1< Trim code
11 ,dditional actory o"tional e%ui"ment
1! =,>RI4,TI') )?+>7R
1# Interior matching trim code
0rom *++-2
)umber Descri"tion
, the name o the manuacturer
> the 7.7.4. a""roval number
1 the ty"e mines o the vehicle "receded by the world manuacturers identiication code
09=1 corres"onds to R7),?:T =R,)471$
! the chassis number
# the ma.imum "ermissible weight
4 the ma.imum "ermitted total train weight
2 the ma.imum "ermitted weight on the ront a.le
3 the ma.imum "ermitted weight on the rear a.le
5 the irst igure indicates the gearbo. or actory o"tions$ the second igure indicates
the e%ui"ment level
6 97&I4:7 T;*7
8 the technical e%ui"ment code
1< additional actory o"tional e%ui"ment
11 the e%ui"ment level
1! the "aint code
1# =,>RI4,TI') )?+>7R
14 the trim code
3efore *++-2
(ocated in %ngine 4ompartment
5 6 7 0irst figure 7 gearbo8 type9 second figure 7 e:uipment le"el
5; 7 4ountry code
Tec#nical Type
Tec#nical Type identifies "e#icle $odel9 3ody Type and %ngine9 it will be as/ed w#en
.ou will order some spare parts
It can be found on !"al Plate or sometimes in )I& number <ust after t#emanufacturers
identification2 ()0* (R%&'U(T) or )0= ($atra))
Tec#nical Type ta/en from )I& number sometimes is misleading
Tec#nical Type consist of > symbols
Until year *++-2 ?7..7@
0rom year *++-2 ?7.7@@
? 7 body type
.. 7 pro<ect code
@ 7 engine type
>ody Ty"e @@A
&atchback # door 4#
&atchback 2 door >2
Baloon ?tility B 3
7state K,
4abriolet ! door 7 5
4ou"e ! door D6
:ight 9an = C
+onocor" 2 door D )
*assenger 9an D )
>ody Ty"e @ @A
*ick(u" ? &
Baloon ! door +!
Baloon 4 door : 4
Traic I ront WD T (
Traic I rear WD * (
Traic I 4.4 9 (
+aster I ront WDR (
+aster I rear WD E (
7state # door W(
5? is used w#en t#ere are too many "ersions for certain model to use normal coding
(R*+9 4lio I)
*roFect 4ode +odel
<3 Twingo
11 7s"ace I
!8 R !2
#5 R 11
4< Bu"er 2/ 7."ress
4! R 8
46 R !1
2< ,l"ine , 31<
2# R 18
24 Barane
23 :aguna
25 4lio I
3# 7s"ace II
,0341 +egane I
>0321 4lio II
40531 Kangoo
D05<1 +aster II
70331 7s"ace III / ,vantime
= B"ider
C :aguna II
& +ascott
D 9el Batis
K 7s"ace I9
:06#1 Traic II
+ +egane II
0abrication &umber
!n !"al Plate .ou can see 0abrication &umber It contains serial number of "e#icle
from certain Tec#nical Type and t#e production plant identification
T#is number identifies "e#icles age and origin9 it will be as/ed w#en .ou will order some
spare parts
0irst symbol from 0abrication &umber identifies t#e factory of production T#ey are2
, Betubal /Cuarda 0*ortugal1
> >atilly 0B'9,>1 0=rance1
4 4reil 0=rance1
D Douai 0=rance1
7 *alencia 0B"ain1
= =lins 0=rance1
C Crand 4ouronne 0=rance1
C )ovo +esto 0Blovenie1
& &aren 0>elgium1
& TRW 0Bweden1
D >illancourt 0=rance1
D 4uritiba 0>rasil1
K Die""e 0=rance1
: 4ordoba 0,rgentine1
+ +edellin 04olombie1
) Bahagun 0+e.ico1
' Cuyancourt Technocentre 0=rance1
* 9alleFo 0+e.ico1
E Kenosha 0,merican +otor 4or"oration1
R >ursa 0Turkey1
B Bandouville 0=rance1
T Romorantin 0+atra ,utomobile1
? +aubeuge 0=rance1
9 =,B, 0B"ain1
W 9alladolid 0B"ain1
@ &eulieG 0B"ain1
; )ovo +esto 0Blovenie1
H >ramalea 0,merican +otor 4or"oration1