Perhaps that is why online shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

This type of shopping allows us to shop when we want and the way we want. We do not have to deal with worries about what to wear to the mall or department store, nor do we have to be concerned about store hours. We can wear whatever we choose and shop whenever we want. We can also avoid traffic, which saves us frustration and gas money, and we can avoid the stress of crowded stores and driving across town only to find that the store is out of the product we wanted. The reality is that shopping online is in many ways an easysaver that lets us have it our way. With the recent rise in popularity of music classics it’s not surprising then that Emi Encore is available online. Encore is the budget label from EMI Classics, which now contains 265 titles, featuring countless renowned artists. The range of the collection is varied, including offers of core works as well as more intriguing, esoteric titles. There is sure to be something for every taste and personality, whether a beginning classical music lover or a musical connoisseur. Encore is an easy saver way to build an impressive collection of classical music. As you can see from the small sampling of the offerings that follow, Encore indeed offers a wide variety of music. Works by Johann Sebastian Bach; performed by Barbara Hendricks, Ann Murray, Jean Rigby and Jorma Hynninen Works by Ludwig van Beethoven; performed by Cristina Deutekom, Nicolai Gedda, Hans Sotin and Philharmonische Chor des Stadt Bonn Works by Ludwig van Beethoven; performed by Christian Zacharias, Ulf Hoelscher and Heinrich Schiff Works by Irving Berlin; performed by Kiri Te Kanawa and the Abbey Road Ensemble Works by Carlos Gardel; performed by Raul Garello, Julio Oscar Pane and Jose Alberto Giaimo Works by Scott Joplin; performed by Itzhak Perlman, Andre Previn, Shelly Manne and Red Mitchell Works by Franz Lehar; performed by Helen Donath, Brigitte Lindner, Siegfried Jerusalem and Martin Finke Works by Darius Milhaud; performed by John Harle, Peter Donohoe, Jeremy Taylor and Michael Collins

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; performed by William Shimell, Samuel Ramey and Cheryl Studer
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Jean S. Blue is married to a man that has always loved classical music. For Christmas she wanted to buy her husband a collection of CDs, but she really wasn’t sure which ones to get until she saw the EMI Encore label combined with EasySaver shipping on Amazon. Because Emi Encore is so affordable, Blue was able to order a number of CDs. Between the many easy saver options, Blue will save a lot of money on her husband’s Christmas gift this year.

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