It was a Saturday night. I sighed to myself softly as I lie down next to Jasper in our king bed.

"How did I ever get so damn lucky with you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as I looked over at my sexy husband. Jasper hand always been everything I'd always wanted, And of course, Everything I've always dreamed of. I giggled slightly with his response. "Darlin'..." That's all he said.. I was a bit confused. He would always do that to me, just to see the cute puzzled look that I would make on my face. "You're so mean." I teased him as I nudged his arm, smirking slightly as I kissed his cheek. Tonight was the night that I and my JazzyBear got married and I wanted it to be absolutely perfect for us! The family had gone out on a hunting trip to give us, just us some alone time. I love him so much.. I just couldn't look away from his handsome face. "Have I ever told you I love you?" He asked me, raising his eyebrow and trying to make me melt which almost always worked. "Actually yes, I think you have.. But tell me again.. Just in case.." I giggled slightly, pressing my cold lips to his. "I love you Alice Cullen.." He whispered softly as he kissed me. Tonight would be perfect I thought as we lay together, eye to eye next to each other in bed. "I can't look away from you.." I told him in a soft voice, giggling again. He simply smirked in return, saying nothing. I pressed my lips to his again, wrapping my arms around his neck as I moved a bit closer to him in our king sized bed. I had always wanted a king or even

queen sized bed even though we didn't sleep... Mainly for this purpose. He lifted his arms, taking my face in between his hands as our lips moved in sync. "Mmm.." I groaned softly against his lips, loving this moment. I started to feel the lust and passion build up inside of me, I knew he felt it too. We kissed, and kissed as he ran his hands down my slim waist, as if he held onto me with everything he had. Jasper sighed softly to himself as he pulled back, kissing my neck now. I let a small moan escape my neck as he pulled me ontop of his lap. I sat down ontop of my lover, Jasper as I connected my lips back to his. I felt him smile softly against my lips as he kept his hands proped up against my waist. I pulled the heavy blankey thank layed on the bottom of the bed ontop of us two as I kissed his chest. "Oh baby.." I whispered into his ear as he kissed my neck again. I loved him more like this, when he did these things to me. These guilty pleasures. He was amazing. Everything and Anything that I'd ever need. I nibbled on his ear softly as U ran my hands down his thighs, gently slipping off the warm blanket off of us both. He groaned softly at my touch, I knew he liked it. I wanted to drive him crazy. To make him feel good. To give him back what he has given to me all of these years. "I'm going to make you feel good, baby.." I whimpered into his ear as I tugged on his belt buckle. "It needs to come off... Now.." I sighed gently, loving this moment as I unbuckled his belt.

I threw Jasper's belt to the side as I unzipped his awaiting jeans. He kept that sexy, waiting for the moment of time smirk on his face. If he wanted pleasure tonight, I was surely gonna give it to him. I unzipped his zipper completely, as I tugged down his jeans, kissing his chest again. I dug my nails into his thighs again, making him groan loudly. I giggled softly as I threw his jeans off along wth his belt. I was starting to create a pile of clothes on the floor. I laughed softly at my jokes that weren't really funny. Jasper probally thought that I was laughing at him.. Which wouldn't help much but I wasn't laughing at him. Anyways, I traced my fingers along his boxers licking my lips as I pulled on the softly, snapping them back and giggling softly. I wanted to see Jasper's length again. I looked up at Jasper to make sure this was what he really really wanted. Jasper nodded as he watched my every sexy movement, grinning wickedly. I nodded back up at him as I began to pull down his boxers, licking my lips again. I began to see pubic hair. He looked so yummy. I didn't really mind it. It turned me on. I felt myself getting a little bit wetter. Jasper growled as he could smell it through the air. I looked up at him, winking softly as I pulled his boxers completely down. "Ahh.." I smirked wickedly just like he had been doing. "The beast itself.." I darted my

tongue out, noting that his dick was already standing straight up into the air. I licked up a drop of precum that had acumulated during teasing. I groaned. "Yum." I sighed, taking the rest of his dick into my mouth inch by inch. Jasper groaned as he raised his hands, needing more. He pushed down on my head, as I swallowed more of his cock.. Jasper came in my mouth.. I began to hum in satisfaction. He made me happy. I made him cum. I smiled, licking him clean as he rested back on the bed. I got up, looking at him. Jasper grabbed my waist. "Alice....." He sighed, not even bothering to take the time to take the time to take my clothes off as he ripped the off. The next thing I knew, my had was thrown back in pleasure, my clothes in shreds in the floor and Jasper's head in between my legs. I moaned so much louder and louder. "Oh Jazzy!" I grabbed a fistfull of his hair, grinding my hips against his face as he moaned even louder. "Oh baby.. I'm close.. Please don't stop.." Jasper did what I asked, following my straight commands as he licked and nipped at my throbbing clit. "Oh yes!" I screamed out, cumming now into his mouth. Jasper smirked against my pussy lips, swallowing as he stood up and grabbed my hips. "Are you ready?" I looked up at Jasper with lustful eyes. "I am always ready for you.." I told him as he entered me. We

grinded with passion for hours and hours, holding our on eachother as we both came together... Violently. Jasper fell down ontop of me, kissing my lips as he pulled put, staying in the same position, way too tired to move. "You're my life.. My reason for being here.. Without you.. I'm nothing.." He told her with passion in his eyes as he kissed her lips again.

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