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Loop Series Two:

Films (Layers)
Loop Series 2:
Films (Layers)
Track 01 - Superlattice
Track 02 - Wires and Dots
Track 03 - Edge State
Track 04 - Programmable Matter
Track 05 - Crystal Growth
Track 06 - Anti-dot Array
The music contained in these tracks was made on the Sequential Prophet VS
synthesiser. This instrument uses a unique method of sound production called vector
synthesis, developed by Dave Smith and his team in California in the mid 1980s. In
simple terms sounds are created using four digital oscillators with unique waveforms
which form the points on a vector which can be manipulated dynamically either
automatically or by hand using a joystick or keyboard. The result is a very rich and
evolving sound which combines digital and analog processing (filtering and amplitude).
On this album the sounds from the Prophet VS were then recorded in real-time on the
Electro Harmonix multi-track looper, a device which enables multiple takes to be layered
upon themselves thus forming the compositional aspect of the pieces of music
presented here
Recorded at Memetune Studios, England
All music and design copyright (c) Benge (Ben Edwards) 2014. All rights reserved