No One Likes A Hero

By Chris Benisek

POST PRODUCTION SCRIPT INFLUENCE FILMS Ilkley Grammar School Cowpasture Road Ilkley West Yorkshire LS29 8TR Email:




Teenage boy awakes, this is the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST. He then gets out of bed and walks across to his wardrobe. He opens the door to reveal that he owns only one item of clothing, a Spiderman costume. Whilst character is getting changed he realises that there appears to be a phone number written on his stomach. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST What the hell is that? CENTRAL PROTAGONIST then rings this phone number. This then triggers another phone in the room to ring, waking the SECONDARY MALE from the same bed. SECONDARY MALE, then moves slightly from the bed to get to his phone. SECONDARY MALE Oh my phone Well hello there handsome CENTRAL PROTAGONIST Who the hell are you? SECONDARY MALE Who the hell are you? You weren’t wearing the mask last night you dark horse. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST rushes to get dressed CENTRAL PROTAGONIST I’ am just going now. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST runs quickly out of the door. EXPOSITION: LATER THAT DAY

2. EXT: TRAIN STATION – DAY CENTRAL PROTAGONSIT attempts to use his superpowers as a mode of transport. CENTRAL PROTAGONSIT Oh Jesus I’ am firing blanks, better take the train. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST then walks through the station, hesitates slightly and then enters the train. The location is created by the train sign. It then cuts to a 2

montage which is presented, as the screen separated into quarters. During this the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST gets of the train, walks around the city of Leeds. Goes into a shop and looks at hair dye and tries to lift a light object but is too heavy and tries to have a drink of water, but the gets it all down himself as he is wearing a mask. EXPOSITION: SOMETHING IS’NT RIGHT HERE

3. EXT: ALLEY WAY - DAY GANGSTAR runs into frame from round a corner. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST who is crouched upon a ledge confronts him. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST That doesn’t look like your bag, what the hell are you doing? GANSTAR What you on about mate? CENTRAL PROTAGONIST That’s not you bag mate, that’s a woman’s bag. GANSTAR Let me explain. Then cuts to the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST who attempt to get of the ledge to meet the GANSTAR. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST I don’t really like heights. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST then struggles to get down from the ledge. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST then walks over to the GANGSTAR CENTRAL PROTAGONIST Seriously mate gives me that bag. Due to this confrontation the GANGSTAR swings for the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST, however the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST moves out of the way. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST (Laughing)You missed Whilst the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST is boasting the GANSTAR swing again, causing the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST to be knocked out and to the ground. GANSTAR then walks over 3

the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST, and gives the bag back to a FEMALE CHARACTER. The camera then focuses upon the logo on the CENTRAL PROTAGONISTS chest; it zooms in and then gradually zooms out. EXPOSITION: INFLUENCE IS THE WORST ADDICTION

4. INT: CORRIDOR – DAY Once the camera zooms out it reveal that the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST is in a different scenario. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST gets up and observes his surroundings. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST Where am I? CENTRAL PROTAGONIST then runs down the corridor to try and escape this new found setting. The screen splits into two and the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST will run from one, to the other. As he does this he becomes more confused. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST Oh Jesus? CENTRAL PROTAGONSIT appears in the same position, then drops to his knees and looks up at the screen. CENTRAL PROTAGONSIT then reaches for the screen and clenches his fist. CENTRAL PROTAGONIST Nooooooooo Screen the faces to a un tuned television. AS this occurs the voice over of an AUTHORITIVE FIGURE is played. AUTHORITIVE FIGURE Hey! What are you doing out of your room? CREDITS Through out this credit sequence the cast and everyone associated with the film will be mentioned. Out takes will be played along side as the credits roll down. PRODUCTION COMPANY LOGO: The end. INFLUENCE FILMS


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