ALBEMARLE COUNTY MASS MEETING Credentials Committee Instructions A. A.

1 Registration Registration form – Each person should first fill out a registration form, make their name tag, and then proceed to the registration tables, alphabetically by last name. There will be several stations as outlined below. Check registration form (NOTE: Steps A.2 and A.4 through A.6 may be accomplished before the meeting in cases where the registration form was pre-filed) • IS THE FORM FILLED OUT COMPLETELY? Is the FULL LEGAL name, address, etc. legible? • Verify they are a resident of Albemarle County. If not, they may attend the meeting, but not vote. • Are both Qualifications and Certifications statements signed? Check identification – Each person must be validated: 1) show proper identification, 2) personal recognition (do you know the person to be who they say they are?), or 3) sign an affidavit. Check registration database – Ask each person if they are a registered voter in Albemarle County: • If not, invite them to the meeting, but inform them they cannot vote. • If so, validate their name in the registration database. [Rachel brings computer] • If they insist they are a registered voter in Albemarle and are not listed in the registration database, validate with the Albemarle Registrar. Record voter – For each verified person: • Check their ACRC dues status on the slate of ACRC members. If they are not currently paid in full, ask them if they would like to become a member, have them fill out the Membership Form. • Record their name and District Convention and Status Convention status (if any) on the Mass Meeting rostter. Issue information package – For each verified voter: • Put their form in a single stack • Give them an information package (Rules and Agenda, Voting Ballot, Slate of Members). Deadline for registering – Everyone presenting before the Credentials Committee Report is allowed to register. Report Preparation – When registration is complete: Credentials Committee chairman tallies and reports (at proper time) total number of properly registered Mass Meeting attendees Optionally, Mass Meeting Chairman may read all names. Objections are sent immediately to registration for resolution. Credentials Committee chairman reports any amendments. Report is voted upon. Lists of 5th Convention District Delegate applicants and State Convention Delegate applicants are provided to Mass Meeting Chair


A.3 A.4



A.7 B. B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5

C. Votes There will be four tables set up inside the meeting room for voting stations. If voting is required, voters will be instructed to go to the appropriate table, by last name: C.1 C.2 C.3 Compare name tag against registration form; accept their vote if properly registered. After everyone has voted, count the votes for your station and report to Credentials Chairman All four station votes are totaled and reported by the Credentials Chairman to Mass Meeting Chairman


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