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Language Learning
2014 - 2015
Welcome to our latest 11+ catalogue
This catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for language
learners from early secondary to A-level and beyond. Everything here is distributed by
European Schoolbooks Ltd (ESB) and is available by mail order, online via our website:
and to personal callers at The Italian Bookshop, 5 Warwick Street, London W1B 5LU.
Prices are correct at the time of printing (01/09/2014) but may be changed without notice
if affected by publishers’ increases or exchange rate movements. + after a price indicates
that VAT (currently 20%) must be added.
Using this catalogue
New titles are listed with catalogue codes and prices in green. Age ranges and descriptions
are as accurate as we can make them but are only a guide. For further advice on any
product please contact the Marketing Department at European Schoolbooks Ltd.
The table below provides a rough indication of how the language levels used in this
catalogue broadly correspond to UK and European frameworks:

Inspection Copies for Teachers
You can request an inspection copy of any textbook (sorry, not audio-visual materials) you
are thinking of buying in class sets. If you then purchase 12+ copies of textbooks directly
from ESB or The Italian Bookshop, the inspection copy may be retained free-of-charge.
Please ask for details.
In addition to inspection copies we offer a range of other services to the language teaching
community. If you are organising a teachers' meeting, a language day or any other kind of
languages promotion, we can attend ourselves or send an appropriate boxed selection
of relevant books and materials.
If you have any queries or suggestions for future additions to the catalogue, please
contact our Marketing Department on 01242 245252. We are always pleased to hear your
comments and feedback regarding our resources.

Language Levels
Common European
Framework of
General Certificate
of Education
UK Qualifications
Beginners A1 Entry Level
Near beginners A2 Foundation GCSE
Pre-intermediate A2-B1 -
Intermediate B1 Higher GCSE
Upper intermediate B2 AS/A2
Advanced C1 BA Hons
Upper advanced C2 MA degree
Courses 04
Business courses 08
Teacher resources 09
Evaluation/Tests 09
Listening 10
Speaking 10
Reading 10
Vocabulary 11
Music and song 11
Idioms and gestures 12
Mixed skills 12
Grammar 13
Civilisation 14
Cinema 15
Graded readers 15
Simplified literature 17
Miscellaneous aids 17
Dictionaries 17
Games 18
Magazines 18
Contacting us:
European Schoolbooks Ltd
The Runnings, Cheltenham GL51 9PQ
phone: 01242 245252 email:
The Italian Bookshop
5 Warwick Street, London W1B 5LU
phone: 020 7240 1634 email:
Italian Italian
Amici d’Italia
Amici d’Italia is a clearly presented Italian
course in 3 levels, ideal for key stage 4
secondary school students. The course is made
up of fun, motivating and age-appropriate
topics to help capture children’s imagination.
Each student’s book has an introductory unit,
followed by nine units. The digital book offers
teachers an interactive version of the student’s
book for use on the computer. Online resources
are also available to download, including videos,
cultural factsheets and illustrated word lists.
048704 Libro dello studente 1 £10.95
048705 Eserciziario + CD 1 £8.45
048706 Guida per l’insegnante + CD (3) £17.50
048707 Libro digitale £47.75+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
Ragazzi in Rete
Ragazzi in Rete is the new version of
Rete Junior which has been popular with
schoolchildren since 2005. When complete,
Ragazzi in Rete will consist of 3 volumes
following the levels A1, A2, B1 of the CEFR.
A teacher’s guide, audio CD, and web material
complement each volume.
047306 Libro A1 £20.95
035640 Guida insegnante A1 £14.95
047307 CD audio A1 (2) £28.95+
Near beginners
035642 Libro A2 £23.50
Ages 11-18
Parla con me
Now complete with the publication of the third
volume, this communicative course is aimed
specifically at students aged 13-18 years old
and covers levels A1-B1 of the CEFR. The
course is divided into 10 units that are grouped
under 4 larger themes (Internet, Contatti,
Tendenze, and Arti) which will appeal to teenage
students. This course offers a very balanced
approach to learning Italian by developing
students’ listening, reading, writing and
speaking skills, together with their grammatical
knowledge and awareness of Italian culture.
046010 Libro + CD 1 £18.95
046011 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £9.85
Near beginners
047286 Libro + CD 2 £19.75
047967 Guida per l’insegnante 2 £10.95
034434 Libro + CD 3 £19.75
034434 Guida per l’insegnante 3 £9.85
I come Italia
I come Italia is an intermediate level language
and culture course containing 20 informative
dossiers presented through the eyes of Italian
teenagers. The dossiers are filled with a
selection of authentic material, including many
visual stimuli, and cover a wide range of topics
relating to all aspects of Italian society. The
student’s book also contains suggestions for
websites to visit and exercises to prepare for
the CILS level 2 (B2) exams.
035496 Libro dello studente + CD £13.95
035842 Guida per l’insegnante £6.55
Progetto italiano
A multimedia language and civilisation course
designed specifically for teenagers, available in
monolingual and bilingual versions. The series
combines textbook and workbook together in
one volume, providing a range of activities for
both the classroom and home-study. The course
encourages task-based learning and each
chapter is supported by a grammar appendix
with the aim of improving students’ accuracy.
A unique aspect of the series is the comic strip
which features throughout, following the lives of
five teenagers whose experiences and interests
should be familiar and relevant to the students.
Each book is also accompanied by an audio CD
which contains dialogues, authentic interviews,
and exercises to practise pronunciation. A DVD
with videos and quizzes is now also included
with the book.
042443 Libro + Quaderno + CD + DVD 1
043055 Student’s book + Workbook + CD +
DVD 1 (for English speakers) £17.95
044635 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £9.95
038541 CD-ROM for IWB (LIM) £51.00+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
In bocca al lupo
A course for students aged between 11-14
covering levels A1-B1 of the CEFR. In bocca
al lupo adopts a communicative approach,
encouraging students to be as active as
possible in the learning process. In bocca al
lupo is a balanced course, providing systematic
practice of listening, reading, speaking and
writing skills and also including grammar charts
and cultural information.
045804 Libro + CD 1 £19.95
045805 Libro 1 £16.95
045807 Quaderno di lavoro 1 £13.75
045808 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £13.50
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
Italian 5
Affresco italiano
A comprehensive yet distinctly practical course
which pays particular attention to grammar
and vocabulary. Using a tried and tested
methodology, Affresco italiano progresses
gradually in line with all six levels of the CEFR,
guiding complete beginners through to advanced
proficiency. The clear thematic structure is
highly flexible, allowing the teacher to create a
programme tailored to the needs of each class.
042229 Libro per lo studente + CD A1 £22.50
047110 Quaderno A1 £10.95
042961 Guida per l’insegnante A1 £6.95
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate,
Upper intermediate, Advanced,
Upper advanced
The main principle behind Chiaro! is to
ensure that the experience of learning Italian
is relaxed, enjoyable and at the same time
efficient. It therefore adopts an active approach,
encouraging students to communicate from
the outset with tasks that require collaboration
and interaction. Chiaro! places great emphasis
on developing the four major linguistic skills
but also on learning how to learn. Students can
reflect on different learning styles and develop
an understanding of what works best for them
in order to maximise their progress. Authentic
scenarios and visual stimuli introduce the
language and culture of Italy. Teaching objectives
are clearly presented at the start of each unit
allowing students to evaluate their skills. The
student’s book comprises exercise chapters,
revision units, clear grammar charts, and sections
dedicated to phonetic practice. An audio CD
and CD-ROM (complete with transcripts, self-
study exercises and glossary) are also included.
A book of supplementary exercises is also
available for each level, in addition to a new
workbook dedicated to listening practice and
comprehension across levels A1-B1.
043317 Libro + CD-ROM + CD 1 £20.75
046278 Esercizi supplementari + CD 1 £12.75
044867 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £13.50
044546 Ascolti supplementari + CD (A1-B1)
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
Nuovo Espresso
This all-new edition of the bestselling Espresso
course maintains the popular format and
methodology of its predecessor, revitalising it
with brand-new texts, activities and updated
exercises that reflect both the requirements of
the CEFR and suggestions from teachers and
students. Multimedia plays a key role in this
new edition with its integrated videocorso: a
series of episodes following the loves and lives
of four friends, dealing with everything from the
day-to-day to the exciting and unexpected. The
episodes are supported by la videogrammatica
which develops linguistic arguments and
expands students’ understanding of the
grammatical structures, expressions and idioms
in the video.The introductory page to each
lesson offers a glossario espresso, while four
test di ripasso enable students to assess their
own skills. The cultural section, caffè culturale,
is now more frequent and enriches each lesson
with fresh texts and extra information about Italy
and Italian society.
All taught units, exercises and solutions are
found together in one volume. The DVD-ROM
provides the audio tracks for both the lessons
and exercises (the class audio is also available
separately on audio CD) in addition to the video
materials. Teacher’s guides are available online.
033025 Libro studente + DVD-ROM 1 £32.95
033026 Libro studente 1 £20.95
033027 CD-audio 1 £10.95+
Near beginners
033029 Libro studente + DVD-ROM 2 £34.50
033031 Libro studente 2 £21.95
033032 CD-audio 2 £10.95+
Further levels: Intermediate (April 2015)
An engaging Italian course for young adults
which adopts a flexible communicative
approach, providing students with a solid
grounding in both the language and culture of
Italy. The course will cover A1-B1 of the CEFR.
Packed full of vibrant images, varied exercises,
and with a strong focus on practical everyday
usage, the structure of Bellissimo! facilitates
smooth and clear progression in all four
linguistic skills, while the content supports both
grammatical and intercultural reflection.
The integrated workbook offers substantial
opportunity for practice and consolidation of
each unit, with extra pages dedicated to Italian
culture and examinations. Online resources for
both pupil and teacher complement the course,
while the student books are also available
in digital multimedia format, ideal for the
Interactive Whiteboard.
037102 Libro + CD 1 £18.95
037104 Guida per l’insegnante + CD (2)
037108 Libro digitale 1 £47.75+
Further levels: Near beginners (NYP),
Intermediate (January 2015)
A communicative course for adolescents
and adults, with optional bilingual coursebook
at beginners level. Thanks to its steady and
gradual progression, along with handy tips
and reminders in the margin, this course is
especially suitable for those who have no prior
experience of language learning. This compact
course includes the student’s book and exercise
book together in one volume with an audio CD
included, offering 60-90 hours of teaching. The
coursebook comprises 12 units, plus 3 revision
chapters, with songs and games to consolidate
knowledge, a final test and grammar appendix.
046012 Libro + CD 1 £19.50
031639 Libro + CD 1 (for English speakers)
048594 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £11.50
047879 CD-ROM for IWB (LIM) £51.00+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
Italian Italian
Adopting a task-based approach, Bravissimo!
follows the latest recommendations of the
CEFR, encouraging students to become active
protagonists in their own learning. The student’s
book is modern and stylish, and designed to
generate quick progression in language skills.
It includes authentic texts, vibrant images
and illustrations together with rich and varied
cultural content. Each volume presents 8
units of lessons and exercises, leading to 8
group project tasks. Dedicated sections for
self-evaluation are also provided at intervals
throughout. The course comprises a student’s
book complete with audio CD, a workbook
(with an optional Italian-English edition for
beginners level A1), video materials on DVD +
CD-ROM and a teacher’s guide. The course is
also supported by a number of complementary
resources online.
048190 Libro dello studente + CD 1 £19.50
048402 Quaderno degli esercizi 1 £11.50
048450 Workbook (bilingual edition) 1 £10.50
048737 Guida pedagogica CD-ROM 1 £29.75+
049010 DVD + CD-ROM 1 £26.95+
048427 Libro digitale USB £54.00+
Further levels: Near beginners,
Intermediate (October 2014)
L’italiano all’università
A course designed principally for university
students, available in 2 volumes covering
A1-B2 of the CEFR. The first volume (levels
A1-A2) is now also available in a bilingual
English-Italian version. The student’s book and
exercise book come together in one volume,
along with the answers to all activities as well
as the audio CD. The coursebook is divided
into 12 chapters, which cover topics such as
the contrast between working and studying, the
weather and living arrangements. In line with
recommendations from the European Council,
L’italiano all’università adopts a communicative
approach and uses a wide range of written and
oral texts as a means of introducing students
to grammar, vocabulary and essential phrases
in an inductive way. This course encourages
the students to become active agents in the
learning process; at the end of each unit there
are self-assessment exercises so students
can test and consolidate their knowledge and
chart their own progress. The course is also
supported by an online learning platform with
interactive versions of the exercises as well as
additional resources.
045772 Libro + CD 1 £23.95
031641 Libro + CD (for English speakers) 1
046609 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £9.90
Further levels: Intermediate
Nuovo Contatto A1
This new edition of Contatto takes a
pragmatic, communicative approach to
language learning, working on all four major
linguistic skills whilst developing students’
pronunciation and grammatical knowledge. This
beginner’s course introduces the Italian culture
through a rich array of authentic texts and
encourages students to draw comparisons with
their own native culture.
032023 Libro studente £18.95
Caccia ai tesori
A journey through the characteristics and
diversities of the Italian language, together with
the life and history of people and places in the
“Italian World”. Caccia ai tesori is a multilevel
coursebook (B1-C1) that aims to develop
practical language competency and cultural
understanding. The volume is full of authentic
texts and consists of 11 thematic units. Topics
include: food and wine heritage, art and design,
family and society, school and professions,
the environment and the intervention of man,
sport, music and entertainment, literature and
languages. The course contains a large variety
of texts and activities as well as exercises on
thematic vocabulary. Each unit comes with
2 audio tracks and a video. The book also
contains grammar explanations, answer keys
and transcripts of the audio-visual material.
Intermediate - Advanced
030595 Manuale + DVD/mp3 £24.95
New Italian Espresso
An Italian course for English speakers (CEFR
A1-A2), particularly suitable for schools and
universities. This revised edition of Italian
Espresso offers a vast range of multimedia
resources to aid and invigorate the language-
learning experience. New texts, activities and
updated exercises have revitalised the original
course, whilst retaining its popular format and
methodology. The easy-to-use layout has also
been improved, now featuring helpful grammar
boxes and lexical notes, as well as links to
the comprehensive workbook. Each lesson is
supported by its own Italian-English glossary
as well as dedicated sections on Italian culture
and grammar, including an extra unit on the
Imperative (tu, noi, voi). A sitcom-style video
series is integrated into the course, which
follows the daily lives of four friends. Each
episode can be watched either with or without
Italian subtitles and is complete with class
activities. Supplementary web-based resources
are also available.
031553 Textbook + DVD-ROM 1 £39.75
031554 Workbook 1 £20.95
Uni.Italia is a multimedia course aimed
at university students and corresponds to
the CEFR intermediate levels: B1-B2. The
coursebook is in black and white and offers
between 60-80 hours of teaching material.
Close attention is paid to textual analysis and
introducing students to contemporary issues
related to Italian culture and society.
042270 Libro dello studente + CD £21.50
045258 Guida per l’insegnante £10.75
Inspection Copy Service
An inspection copy can be supplied
of any textbook being considered for
class adoption and can be retained
free-of-charge if the book is adopted
and purchased (12 copies or more)
directly from The Italian Bookshop.
Please contact us for details.
Italian 7
The Italian Project
The Italian Project is the bilingual edition of the
popular course, Nuovo Progetto italiano (split
version). Available in four levels, this multimedia
course places students at the centre of their
own learning, which enhances their motivation
and encourages participation. The course
alternates communicative and grammatical
elements while encouraging systematic work
on all four language skills, thus providing a well-
rounded approach which continually renews
the student’s interest. The ‘Conosciamo l’Italia’
sections, which are interspersed throughout the
text, complement language study by introducing
various aspects of Italian culture and society.
The student’s book and workbook are together
in one volume, along with a grammar appendix
and glossary, making it a compact course. An
accompanying DVD with video series and an
audio CD are included with each volume. A free
interactive CD-ROM is available online as well
as further supplementary resources.
044406 Student’s book + Workbook + DVD +
CD 1a £21.95
Near beginners
044480 Student’s book + Workbook + DVD +
CD 1b £22.95
Further levels: Intermediate,
Upper intermediate
Primo contatto
An introductory Italian course for absolute
beginners, ideal for those new to foreign
language learning. The course dedicates
substantial attention to pronunciation, favouring
a functional lexical approach. The book is
organised into 6 short units, subdivided
according to communicative functions, and
provides 3 units of revision. A volume with
additional exercises is also available, helping
students to consolidate their language skills and
providing ample opportunity to independently
practise the taught content. Both volumes are
complete with grammar appendix, multilingual
glossary, an end-of-level test, exercise answer
key, and audio transcripts.
037248 Volume + CD £8.95
037249 Volume con esercizi + CD £14.95
Nuovo Progetto
Nuovo Progetto italiano is a multimedia
language and civilisation course that combines
a variety of communicative activities with easy-
to-follow grammar tables, modern illustrations
and authentic Italian material. This revised
edition has retained the innovative structure of
the original books whilst building on feedback
from many teachers who have used them; the
units have two extra pages of activities, the
content in several units has been made easier
to digest, and additional listening activities
have been included. The video course DVD
with accompanying exercises - now included
with the student’s book - presents a series
sitcom-style episodes, complete with interviews
and a quiz, to help develop language skills. An
interactive CD-ROM with additional language
exercises is available to download free of
charge. The course is also complemented by
two collections of specially tailored short stories.
038358 Libro dello studente + DVD 1 £22.95
045820 Quaderno + CD 1 £14.95
038363 Guida didattica 1 £13.95
039839 Glossary & grammar £8.50
038360 CD audio 1 £12.50+
044606 Quaderno di Video/DVD 1 £9.80
042633 Dieci Racconti £7.95
038387 CD-ROM for IWB (LIM) £41.50+
Further levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Nuovo Progetto
italiano (split version:
4 volumes)
This version of Nuovo Progetto Italiano divides
books 1 and 2 into four volumes (1a, 1b, 2a,
2b) following feedback from teachers and
students. Instead of a separate workbook, the
exercises are integrated into the student’s book.
Each volume comes complete with video DVD
and audio CD. An interactive CD-ROM with
additional exercises is available to download
free of charge. The content remains unchanged
between this and the original series; each
volume comprises 6 of the 12 units featured
in the corresponding “non-split” level and is
supported by a range of online resources.
045344 Libro + quaderno + DVD + CD 1a
Near beginners
045472 Libro + quaderno + DVD + CD 1b
045553 Libro + quaderno + DVD + CD 2a
Upper intermediate
045599 Libro + quaderno + DVD + CD 2b
Nuovo Rete!
This revised edition of the popular course
will be available in 5 levels, covering A1-C1 of
the CEFR. Improvements and additions have
been made following teachers’ feedback and
new research on language education. The
structure of each volume has been simplified
and there are now 8 units that are subdivided
into 3 lessons and include sections on culture
and civilisation. An end of unit test and a
revision worksheet concludes each module.
An appendix includes notes on grammar and
phonetics plus a glossary. The course takes an
inductive approach to language learning, asking
the students to deduce for themselves the
rules and patterns of Italian from the examples
provided. Emphasis is placed on learning
practical language to meet everyday needs,
again conforming to the requirements of the
031722 Testo A1 £25.95
034202 Guida + CD (2) A1 £29.50
038660 Libro attivo per PC e MAC A1 £25.50+
038658 Libro attivo per la LIM (IWB) £69.00+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate,
Upper intermediate
That’s allegro
A bilingual beginner’s course (CEFR A1) that
immerses students in the Italian language
and offers a unique insight into Italy’s people,
regions and customs. That’s Allegro consists
of 12 units (4 of which are revision units) and
uses a well-structured layout together with
authentic texts, photographs and numerous
games and activities to introduce the language
gradually but effectively. The revision chapters
include invaluable tips on the best way to learn
vocabulary and to practise written and oral
skills. This is also available as a monolingual
version, Allegro, which is a complete course
comprising three levels: beginners A1, near
beginners A2, and intermediate B1.
042656 Student’s book + CD 1 £25.95
Business courses
Obiettivo professione:
Corso di italiano per
scopi professionali
A course in business Italian specially designed
for both professionals and students who are
aiming to enter the business world in commercial
sectors, finance and law. Combining a clear and
straightforward layout with authentic written
and audio texts, Obiettivo professione teaches
useful language for the workplace in areas such
as: email correspondence, giving presentations,
telephone communication, attending business
trips, sales, describing trends and performances,
and many other skills. The course provides
around 60-90 hours of study and is also available
as a bilingual version (with both Italian and
English instructions).
Near beginners - Intermediate
035766 Libro + CD £25.75
035212 Libro + CD (for English speakers)
iperlibro di italiano per
A business coursebook that aims to increase
knowledge of using formal Italian in the
workplace, providing a variety of authentic texts
and documents. The course proposes a model of
linguistic competence in the four key skills which
is in line with the CEFR. With a strong focus on
‘learning to learn’, this course presents a range
of texts relevant to correspondence and various
business situations. The book is accompanied
by a DVD-ROM with extra resources including:
grammar summaries, cultural information,
simulations of likely scenarios, a comprehensive
glossary and answer key, and numerous audio-
visual activities for practice and consolidation.
Upper intermediate - Advanced
036572 Libro + DVD-Rom £34.50
Nuovo Magari
This course - for upper intermediate to
advanced level - is aimed at students looking to
refresh and perfect their competency in Italian.
Ideal as a progression from previous courses,
the two volumes (level B2 and C1/C2) also act
as the logical continuation of the A1-B1 Domani
series. The culture of Italy is at the heart of this
course, which is structured around five key
themes: geography, society, art, language and
history. Nuovo Magari is an enriched version of
the original Magari course, offering: two new
units plus updates and revisions; a video section
with activities following each unit; two detailed
sections on literary extracts at C1/C2; and a
website dedicated to supplementary material.
The teacher’s guides are available to download
free of charge.
Upper intermediate
035150 Libro + CD B2 £18.95
035151 Libro + CD C1/C2 £26.95
Spazio Italia
An enjoyable course with a strong focus on
gaining competency in the spoken language,
enabling students to quickly and confidently
interact with native speakers in a variety of
contexts. The coursebook with integrated
workbook is currently available in three volumes
corresponding to levels A1, A2 and B1 of
the CEFR and is well supported by authentic
videos, audio tracks and online resources.
Each volume comprises 10 structured units and
comes complete with an ‘easy reader’ story,
glossary, and 2 tests. The course presents
vocabulary, grammar and Italian culture in a
clear and practical way and is available either
with or without DVD-ROM (cannot be bought
separately). The version with DVD included
provides 10 cultural videos and an extra 100
activities to practise and consolidate various
language skills including speaking, grammar and
vocabulary. The DVD also acts as an interactive
coursebook with integrated multimedia.
033378 Manuale + Eserciziario 1 £18.95
030156 Manuale + Eserciziario + DVD-ROM 1
033384 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £7.20
030160 CD audio per la classe 1 £7.95+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
An innovative language and culture course
founded upon strong theoretical principles
related to the CEFR. The units are organised
into several cultural themes: geography, art,
history, society and language. These are
then sub-divided into 5 areas that focus on
developing specific skills related to grammar
and phonetics, vocabulary, and spoken and
written communication. The course adopts an
active approach that encompasses a range
of learning styles to motivate students and
encourage interaction from the start. The
activities, exercises and authentic resources
are creative, inductive and practical in order
to maintain student interest and show how
the skills learnt can be employed in real-
life situations. The student’s book includes
an appendix with grammatical notes, word
games, further exercises, end of unit tests and
a self-assessment checklist. The DVD is an
exciting addition which includes a short film
with activities, songs and listening clips for
independent study, plus a radio adaptation of
the dramatic cartoon strip which features in
the book. It also contains the answers to all the
exercises and a glossary.
048474 Libro + DVD-ROM 1 £23.75
048741 Libro 1 £16.95
044104 Guida per l’insegnante 1 £13.50
044986 CD audio 1 £10.95+
046020 CD-ROM for IWB (LIM) £40.95+
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate
Caleidoscopio italiano
Delve deeper into Italian
culture as you hone your
language skills with the help
of some of Italy’s most prominent writers of
contemporary literature. Like fragments of
a kaleidoscope, this compact course brings
together a multitude of diverse literary extracts
- each reflecting a specific aspect of Italian
life - which together create a detailed overview
of Italy as a whole. This flexible course is ideal
both for self-study and class-based teaching.
The texts are arranged into six thematic units
complete with a variety of exercises to develop
students’ linguistic skills. Audio recordings and
extra activities are available online in addition to
exercise solutions and teacher resources.
Intermediate - Advanced
030155 Libro £22.95
Evaluation, Tests
Preparazione al CELI
A series to help prepare students for the
Certificati di conoscenza della lingua italiana,
an internationally recognised qualification in the
Italian language. Each book is divided into 3
sections: section A develops students’ reading
comprehension; section B focuses on writing
skills; and section C looks at lexical knowledge.
041641 CELI 2 £15.50
Preparation for level 2 of the CELI exams,
which corresponds to level B1 of the CEFR.
Upper intermediate
041643 CELI 3 £15.50
Preparation for level 3 of the CELI exams,
which corresponds to level B2 of the CEFR.
Quaderni del PLIDA
This series is the result of a successful
collaboration between ALMA and la Società
Dante Alighieri.These workbooks are a simple,
practical and trustworthy method of learning
the language needed for the PLIDA exams. The
PLIDA exams (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante
Alighieri) have become, in a relatively short
space of time, one of the main certificates of
competence in the Italian language. These exams
are based on the guidelines from the CEFR and
are therefore available in 6 levels (A1 - C2). Each
volume illustrates what
a student must ‘know’
and ‘know how to do’ in
order to pass all 4 skill
areas (listening, reading,
speaking and writing).
Along with practice
exercises, there are
two past tests, a CD
and answers with each
044437 Libro + CD A1 £19.75
Further levels: Near beginners, Intermediate,
Upper intermediate, Advanced,
Upper advanced
Teacher resources
Da zero a cento
Test di (auto)valutazione sulla lingua italiana
This collection of graded tests is a useful tool
for evaluating students’ level of competency
in the Italian language, in accordance with the
CEFR (A1-C2). Thanks to a scoring system and
the provision of an answer key, the book is ideal
both for class use and for independent study
as a general workbook. Each test consists of a
range of exercises that deals with vocabulary
and grammar but that also aims to consolidate
socio-cultural understanding by incorporating
interesting information about Italian history and
Beginners - Advanced
035226 Libro £16.50
Attestato ADA
A comprehensive resource containing teaching
guidelines from the Società Dante Alghieri,
including definitions of the ability levels and
didactic content recommended for all L2/LS
Italian courses. It offers highly flexible reference
material which can be easily adapted to the
needs of teachers of all types of Italian courses.
All levels
032229 Libro £30.50
Ricette per parlare
A collection of games and activities to
develop speaking skills. The book contains 39
activities suitable for a range of ability levels
and offers a variety of tasks for work in pairs
and small groups, including board games,
card games, role-plays, matching exercises,
interviews, quizzes etc. Much of the book is
photocopiable, offering teachers a set of high-
quality resources which are easy to prepare.
Beginners - Advanced
031312 Libro £20.95
Tante idee...
A collection of 40 easy-to-use teaching
activities with photocopiable resources, ideal for
students who are at level A1-B1 of the CEFR.
The aim is to help build a dynamic atmosphere
of class confidence and collaboration. Develop
grammar competence and communication
skills through creative, fun activities for work in
pairs, small groups and full classes. The graded
activities include role-plays and games that
stimulate curiosity and interest.
Beginners - Intermediate
042189 Libro £16.95
Giochi senza frontiere
A vast and original selection of didactic
games for learners of any level. This selection of
games allows students to learn without realising
they are learning; the games are motivational,
recreational and encourage experimentation.
Besides the more classic activities which test
oral and writing skills (comprehension and
production), there are also others which help
improve concentration, break the ice, start and
end a lesson, and many more that can aid the
dynamics in the classroom.
Beginners - Advanced
039173 Libro £20.95
Teaching activities to stimulate learning
and make your students move! There are
those who don’t want to get up, those who
are embarrassed... here are 21 activities with
photocopiable material which will overcome
every dilemma! Written by teachers of Dilit
International House in Rome - a prestigious
language school and centre of Italian education
- these tried and tested activities offer
something for all abilities. The language level
and duration of each activity is clearly indicated,
along with detailed step-by-step instructions for
both their preparation and realisation.
Beginners - Upper advanced
039016 Libro £20.95
Italian Italian
Language skills
and practice
Ci vuole orecchio!
A series of authentic recordings, all based
on real life scenarios, which can be used by
students to test and practise their listening
skills. Each volume contains diverse audio
tracks (e.g. family discussions, radio interviews,
telephone conversations, formal discourse) of
varying difficulty to expose students to a wide
range of vocabulary and grammatical structures
particularly associated with the spoken
language. Each track is followed by several
stimulating activities devoted to language
comprehension and analysis. The transcripts
and answers to the exercises can be found at
the back of the book, making this series ideal
for classroom use and independent learners.
044369 Libro + CD 1 £14.75
Further levels: Intermediate,
Upper intermediate
Se ascoltando...
The Se ascoltando... series provides an
extensive variety of exercises that aim to
improve students’ listening skills. The texts have
been designed both for use in the classroom
and for home study. The books consist of
activities to be completed before, during and
after listening to each extract and include
pronunciation, grammar and spelling exercises.
037740 Book + CD (A1-A2) £27.95
Further levels: Intermediate
Ages 11-18
Pro e contro JUNIOR
This useful resource presents a series of broad
topics designed to generate ideas and stimulate
lively discussions in the classroom. Each of
the 20 units poses a specific question based
on topics including: love, friendship, fashion
and social-networking. The supporting visual
stimuli and written extracts are both relevant
and interesting for teenage students. To aid
discussion, a list of arguments ‘pro’ and ‘contro’
is included at the end of each unit. The texts
are accompanied by a short comprehension
exercise to help students pick out key
arguments, while a set of comparative exercises
develop vocabulary. A creative group activity
concludes each unit.
034260 Libro £17.95
A voi la parola
Dedicated materials for Italian conversation
designed to complement regular A1 and A2
level language courses. The engaging topics
focus on culture and society, each introducing
a range of vocabulary for students to employ. A
useful bank of phrases to facilitate discussion is
also provided at the beginning of the book - an
easy reference tool on the inside cover. Each
topic presents a varied range of activities for
students to practise production, mediation and
interaction in spoken Italian. Visual stimuli enrich
each page with high-quality photographs and
colourful images. Students can also reflect on
their progress using the self-assessment chart
at the end of each module.
033565 Libro + CD £14.50
Giocare con la
A resource which
uses the latest
methodology to
offer a fun, dynamic
and effective
way of practising
pronunciation at
home and in the
classroom. After a
brief introduction to the theory of phonetics, six
chapters introduce students to specific areas
of study e.g. sounds, vowels, accents and
intonation. Each chapter includes photocopiable
sheets, practise tests and instructions on how
to make the best use of each exercise.
Beginners - Advanced
035227 Libro + CD £31.50
Quante storie!
Quante storie! is a collection of writings by
contemporary Italian authors. These selected
passages from novels and poems give a flavour
of the literature that has come from Italy in the
last few decades. Each extract is followed by
teaching material which provides information
about the author and their work, in addition to a
variety of activities and points for conversation.
As answers are also included, the book can
be used by independent learners (CEFR level
B1-C1). Authors featured in the book include:
Ammaniti, Camillieri, De Luca, Lodili, Sereni and
037403 Libro £10.95
Raccontare il
An interesting text which helps intermediate-
advanced level students become more creative
in their use of Italian by studying extracts
from the work of Buzzati, Calvino, Ginsburg
and Moravia. Each of the 16 units includes an
extract followed by a glossary, a comprehension
activity, exercises on narrative and linguistic
elements, and a final section for either written
or oral production. A teacher’s book is also
available with solutions to the activities as well
as useful stylistic and linguistic reflections.
Upper intermediate - Advanced
039161 Student’s book £14.50
039178 Teacher’s book £4.65
Italian 11
apprendere la grammatica italiana con le
This innovative series uses music and song to
teach Italian grammar. The student first listens
to the song, then tries to analyse the words and
reflect on the language and structures used. The
next step is practice!
038509 Libro + CD (A1-A2) £13.50
Further levels: Intermediate
L’italiano con le
This text uses Italian songs from the 1990s and
early 2000s to introduce students to key linguistic
features of the language and to socio-cultural
themes. The book consists of 10 units of varying
difficulty (levels A2-C1) and each focuses on one
song by contemporary Italian singers or groups.
Each unit includes a biography of the artist and
song lyrics, together with a variety of exercises
from guided listening and comprehension
tasks to more independent writing and reading
activities related to the themes of the song.
Answers to all the exercises are provided at
the back of the book. The songs can be used
as multimedia resources, since they are linked
to cinema (film scores), literature, history and
Near beginners - Advanced
044734 Testo £30.50
The Italian Bookshop
Our bookshop in London serves
the Italian community in Britain,
along with teachers, students
and lovers of Italian language and
literature worldwide.
Come and visit us
online and in store!
5 Warwick Street, London
Tel: 0207 240 1634
Attiva il lessico
Attiva il lessico provides practical exercises
to consolidate and enrich lexical knowledge
of Italian. Topical vocabulary - corresponding
to CEFR intermediate levels - is presented in
context with exercises similar to those set in
the CELI/CILS/PLIDA examinations. Sections
on collocations and idiomatic expressions are
included, in addition to an answer key (ideal
both for self-study and classroom use) and an
alphabetic index of vocabulary. Progression
through units is flexible; choose to work through
systematically or select specific units to suit your
031693 Quaderno A2/B1 £9.95
031694 Quaderno B1/B2 £9.95
Italiano per modo di
This book contains a vast range of exercises
for learning and practising commonly used
Italian idioms and proverbs. It has 14 thematic
chapters (e.g. food and drink, newspapers,
the body, religion, and animals) which include
graded activities for beginners, intermediate and
advanced level students (A2-C1 of the CEFR).
The answers are provided at the back of the
Near beginners - Advanced
030937 Libro di esercizi £13.75
Parole crociate
A series of
crossword puzzle
books which
incorporate some of
the most frequently
used words in Italian.
The puzzles help
students build up an
active vocabulary
and to gain a clearer
understanding of Italian grammar and written
comprehension. Topics covered include: The
House; Town; Family; Work; Food and Drink;
and Free Time, progressing to more challenging
topics such as Politics, Religion and Economics
further along the series.
031302 Livello 1 £7.75
Further levels: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate
Music and song
Nuovo Canta
che ti passa
An innovative resource for beginners and
intermediate-level students which uses
contemporary Italian music to teach the
language. Nuovo Canta che ti passa is ideal
for use as supplementary material for A1-C1
level courses, enriching the cultural learning
experience while offering practical revision of
both simple and more advanced grammatical
points as well as widening vocabulary through
a fun and engaging medium. The course
comprises a variety of language-based activities
including communicative classroom exercises,
games and comprehension exercises.
Biographical notes on each musical artist are
included in the volume, in addition to a teacher’s
guide and solutions to all exercises.
Beginners - Advanced
034428 Libro + CD £28.95
Senti che Storia!
This series is designed for teaching Italian
language and history through 10 songs which
have marked the most significant periods
of history from the Unification of Italy to the
present day.
038005 Student’s book + audio CD £11.50
042485 Teacher’s book £5.20
Italian Italian
Italiano in cinque
This practical exercise book is available in 2
volumes which together cover CEFR levels A1-
B2. The aim of this series is to help students to
remember the key grammatical rules of the Italian
language, as well as essential vocabulary and
useful expressions linked to everyday topics. It
does so by providing a series of quick and varied
exercises which can be used in the classroom or
at home as an effective revision tool.
044185 Libro £13.95
Further levels: Intermediate
Piazza Italia
Two volumes present a series of authentic texts
taken from newspapers, magazines, websites
and blogs on daily life in Italy, society, and the
attitudes and habits of Italians.The texts are
organised into thematic units (CEFR levels A1-
B1 and B1-C1). The texts are followed by class
activities and revision exercises which aim to
engage the student and develop their reading,
speaking and writing skills together with their
socio-cultural knowledge of Italy.
Beginners - Intermediate
044372 Libro 1 £16.95
Further levels: Intermediate - Advanced
Qua e là per l’Italia
This volume presents the customs, traditions,
geography and culture of Italy by taking a
journey through her 20 regions. Each chapter
contains authentic texts from a variety of sources
(newspapers, magazines, books, the internet,
recorded interviews) followed by exercises
which test students’ listening and reading
comprehension and their written and oral skills.
It encourages students to reflect on intercultural
themes and to discuss them independently. This
text covers levels B1-C1.
Intermediate - Advanced
032429 Libro + CD £23.75
Idioms and
Dizionario dei gesti:
una prospettiva
Mastering a foreign language also includes
being able to understand forms of non-verbal
communication. This interesting dictionary of
Italian gestures has a clear and easy-to-follow
layout, with photos of each movement followed
by information about its meaning, context of use
and possible intercultural differences. This book
is accompanied by a DVD which contains short
clips illustrating how each gesture is used.
Beginners - Advanced
044970 Libro + DVD `£30.95
044772 Libro £24.50
044773 DVD £13.95+
Mixed skills
La grammatica vien
Delve deeper into the
Italian language and consolidate grammatical
understanding with this selection of original
literature extracts and varied activities
(intermediate level B1-B2). Each of the 11 units
is dedicated to a contemporary Italian author:
Paolo Maurensig, Luciano De Crescenzo,
Leonardo Sciascia, Tiziano Terzani, Italo
Calvino, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Tabucchi,
Carlo Fruttero and Franco Lucentini.The volume
includes audio CD and answer key for all
035578 Book + CD £13.75
Attività per stranieri sulla grammatica e il
A useful workbook
for beginners in
Italian which focuses
on grammar and
vocabulary. The
exercises are graded
according to the
CEFR levels A1 and
A2. The volume
consists of ten units
covering specific
grammar topics with
clear tables and
plenty of activities to put the rules into practice.
The volume also features a wealth of images,
cultural references, vocabulary and idiomatic
expressions. An audio CD and answer key is
also provided, making this an ideal tool for
independent study.
033283 Libro + CD 1 £17.75
This series adopts a communicative approach
to developing the four main linguistic skills.
Content is based on frequently used aspects
of the Italian language and real-life situations
that students are likely to encounter. The
student’s book concentrates on group and
pair work, role-play and games, all of which
require student interaction and collaboration.
The student’s book and exercise book can be
used in conjunction with one another but also
as stand alone volumes, the latter including
exercises which progress from guided activities
to more unstructured work. A bilingual book
with useful grammar notes and Italian-English
glossary complements the series.
031200 Dimmi - Manuale £21.50
043302 Praticamente dimmi - Esercizi £25.95
043252 Grammar notes - Glossario £16.75
Italian 13
Via della Grammatica
A comprehensive grammar comprising
40 illustrated units, designed for beginner
and intermediate level students of Italian.
Grammatical rules are clearly and concisely
presented with particular emphasis placed on
practical, everyday usage. The book includes
a wealth of exercises (with answers provided)
and a test every 5 units to consolidate students’
knowledge and to encourage independent
learning. Also available as a bilingual edition.
Beginners - Intermediate
045236 Libro dello studente £19.95
045771 Libro (for English speakers) £19.95
This compact volume acts as both a practical
point of reference and an exercise book. Divided
into 40 illustrated units, the book tackles all the
main grammar rules concisely and effectively
and includes a range of exercises and activities
of varying difficulty. By using examples of
real adverts, images and authentic dialogues, presents a clear model of Italian
grammar which is as close as possible to
today’s spoken Italian. A bilingual version is also
available, particularly suitable for AS and A2
Beginners - Intermediate
037878 Libro £17.95
044850 Libro (for English speakers) £17.95
I verbi italiani
Grammatica, esercizi, giochi
An engaging exercise book filled with games,
quizzes and tests aimed at teaching students
all they need to know about Italian verbs! Each
unit progresses in difficulty and revises those
areas that foreign learners often find difficult
when learning Italian verbs and grammar. Not
only do the exercises contain numerous cultural
references, but the revision tables, answer
key and useful study suggestions ensure
that students can use it for self-study as an
accompaniment to their course book.
Beginners - Advanced
032711 Libro £15.95

L’utile e dilettevole
Esercizi e regole per comunicare
These rich, multilevel workbooks are suitable
both for self-study and as a supplement to
classroom courses, offering an enjoyable way
of practising the Italian language in context
and through elements of Italian culture. The
two volumes (A1-B1; B2-C2) are divided into
grammar units of graduated difficulty, each
beginning with a short outline of forms and
uses. Practical examples of everyday spoken
Italian (including idiomatic expressions and
proverbs) are coupled with a range of authentic
materials which reflect the socio-cultural aspects
of Italy today. The books comprise a variety of
motivating exercises (including crosswords,
anagrams, jokes, treasure hunts, rebuses) which
are adapted to different learning styles and meet
numerous studying needs. Over 500 interactive
exercises are also available on CD-ROM.
Beginners - Intermediate
033393 Eserciziario vol. 1 £18.95
Upper intermediate - Advanced
033390 Eserciziario vol. 2 £15.50
All levels
033394 CD-ROM £21.95
Invito a teatro
Invito a teatro is an innovative text which
consolidates Italian linguistic ability through the
study of theatrical plays. The text is divided into
two parts: the first contains several extracts
from Italian plays for puppets and marionettes
(examples include: Gianduja and l’Opera dei
pupi); the second uses extracts from the work
of Verga, Pirandello and De Filippo. A variety
of activities follow the extracts including:
comprehension, writing, speaking, and
vocabulary exercises. Answers can be found
at the back of the book. To aid and encourage
reflection on linguistic diversity, a glossary and
notes explaining words and expressions in
dialect are provided.
039838 Libro £14.95
che passione!
Teoria e pratica per capire e usare il
congiuntivo in italiano.
If you are confused by the subjunctive mood,
need some practice or just want to refresh your
skills, Congiuntivo, che passione! is for you!
This practical guide for B1-C2 level students
is ideal both for self-study and class-based
teaching. Each chapter focuses on a particular
use of the subjunctive tense - simply choose
a specific topic or work through the chapters
step-by-step. The explanations are clear yet
comprehensive, supported by a wealth of
examples from a range of sources including:
news articles, literature, adverts and song lyrics.
Numerous and varied exercises in each chapter
allow for thorough practice of every topic - the
answers to which are all available online for
quick and easy assessment.
Intermediate - Advanced
030212 Libro £17.95
Nuova grammatica
pratica della lingua
An enriched practical guide to Italian
grammar covering all the key points, with over
350 exercises, quizzes and games to help
students work towards a clearer understanding
of Italian language use. Each activity also
introduces aspects of Italian society, culture
and history. The text carefully focuses on the
most commonly used grammatical structures,
including reference to the use of idiomatic and
colloquial expressions and other popular forms
of speech.
Beginners - Intermediate
031268 Libro £19.95
Italian Italian
Le preposizioni
This workbook aims to improve and
consolidate students’ understanding of Italian
prepositions. Using a modern and effective
didactic approach, the book clearly explains
general rules and specific uses of individual
prepositions. Detailed and comprehensive, all
topics are presented with simple charts and
contain a variety of exercises, games, tests and
activities to practise using Italian prepositions.
Beginners - Advanced
031203 Libro £14.50
I pronomi italiani
A practical volume containing simple grammar
explanations and numerous exercises for a
thorough practice in, and understanding of,
the use of pronouns in Italian. This workbook
provides a variety of games and activities which
gradually increase in difficulty to cover a range
of ability levels.
Beginners - Advanced
030306 Libro £14.50
Civiltà Italia
This innovative text is composed of 63
informative dossiers divided thematically (daily
life, economics and society etc). Each dossier
has a text and an illustration, followed by a page
of activities and short linguistic notes. Difficult
words and phrases are explained in Italian at the
bottom of each passage, encouraging students
to become more independent and to use their
intuition to make sense of the text before
consulting a dictionary or asking their teacher
for help. A final exercise assesses their acquired
language skills.
Near beginners - Upper intermediate
030222 Libro £19.75
L’Italia è cultura
A series of five monograph booklets, each
presenting one of the following aspects of Italian
culture: History; Literature; Geography; Art;
Music, Cinema and Theatre. Each booklet offers
a rich collection of fascinating cultural information
using simple and comprehensive vocabulary
and complemented by plenty of high quality
photographic images. The booklets provide
students with a better understanding of Italian
society as well as an opportunity to practise
their language using interesting resources and
a variety of exercises. All booklets are of B2-C1
Upper intermediate - Advanced
043211 Storia £7.95
043212 Letteratura £7.95
043213 Geografia £7.95
046987 Arte £7.95
043223 Musica, cinema e teatro £7.95
La Bella Italia
Explore magical Italian cities such as Florence,
Venice, Rome and many more! Learn about the
history, art and cuisine in the different regions of
Italy and improve your language skills with the
comprehension activities. Downloadable audio in
MP3 available online.
Near beginners
047674 Venezia, Treviso e il Veneto £7.50
032437 Milano e dintorni £7.50
032343 Roma e il Lazio £8.00
032246 La Toscana con Firenze e Siena £8.00
Sapori d’Italia
Sapori d’Italia takes us on a journey into Italy’s
gastronomic heritage. Find out more about
typical dishes, common eating habits, regional
delicacies and the general excellence for which
Italian cuisine has come to be known. Through
real life scenarios, we learn about the culture of
Italy’s gastronomy. This book is divided into 8
themes which contain linguistic objectives so that
students can progress from level A2 to B2.
Near beginners - Upper intermediate
048569 Libro + CD £10.95
048586 Guida insegnante £5.00
A civilisation course which uses literary texts
to present an overview of contemporary Italian
culture. The book has 22 graded sections
(covering A1-B2 of the CEFR) and 7 “treasure
chests” for self-evaluation. Subjects include
geography, history, eating and drinking, school,
work and free time, mass media, holidays and
festivals, sport, music, cinema, and art.
Beginners - Upper intermediate
030207 Libro £15.95
038463 Guida dell’insegnante £16.75
Spazio civiltà
An Italian culture course packed with bright
images and rich in interesting facts and articles
about everything from Italian society to its
cities, customs and cuisine. The wide range of
activities (with answer key) is organised into 5
thematic areas (In giro per l’Italia, Storia d’Italia,
Letteratura e arte, Pianeta Italia, and Grandi
personaggi) teaming extensive cultural content
with simple language appropriate for A2/B1
level learners. The clearly structured magazine-
style layout provides compact, easy-to-follow
lessons which promote effective progression
in both cultural awareness and lexical and
grammatical comprehension. A series of
downloadable videos complement the course
as well as online teacher’s resources.
Near beginners - Intermediate
030863 Libro £17.95
Italian 15
Quaderni di cinema
An easy-to-use and informative series of
booklets to accompany a vast range of Italian
films. The articles and exercises present in
each volume increase students’ knowledge
of Italian cinema while aiding their linguistic
understanding. Each volume includes a brief
section about the director, cultural contextual
information and some examples of important
scenes which students can study in particular.
Upper intermediate - Advanced £9.80
047308 Il mio miglior nemico
044848 Tre uomini e una gamba
039482 Io non ho paura
034453 Il Gattopardo
031463 La vita è bella
043627 Amarcord
044600 La famiglia
035622 Happy Family
035635 La prima cosa bella
More titles available.
Graded readers
Ages 11-14
Italiano facile per
These original tales give youngsters the
opportunity to discover the pleasure of reading
in Italian whilst developing fundamental
linguistic skills. Choose from a range of literary
genres (thrillers, adventure stories, fantasy).
Each reader includes a range of engaging
activities and is accompanied by an audio CD,
a particularly useful tool to improve listening
comprehension and pronunciation.
046773 L’isola misteriosa + CD £8.50
044908 Un’avventura a Venezia + CD £8.50
Near beginners
044906 I bambini viola + CD £8.50
046776 Una nuova amica + CD £8.50
044907 Il gioco più bello del mondo + CD
Mosaico Italia
A culture and civilisation coursebook for
B2-C1 level of the CEFR. The various chapters
consider some of the most important and
characteristic aspects of the real Italy. Each
subject is analysed through the use of written
extracts, authentic listening activities, images
and exercises to improve both cultural and
linguistic understanding.
Upper intermediate - Advanced
042146 Libro + CD £17.95
L’Italia dal vivo
This interactive civilisation course focuses
on four main topics: professional profiles;
landscapes; postcards of Milan, Florence
and Rome; and the city. A DVD (subtitles
optional) accompanies the workbook and gives
students a lively and engaging introduction to
contemporary Italian culture. The workbook
provides a wealth of activities to be carried
out before, during, and after the clips to test
comprehension and enrich students’ vocabulary.
Together with visual resources, the course
includes systematic work on grammar and
literary excerpts which encourage reflection on
aspects of Italian language and culture.
Near beginners - Intermediate
044892 Quaderno £12.75
044893 Quaderno + DVD £28.95
Cinema italiano in
This innovative series offers students the
chance to learn and improve their Italian through
the medium of film. There are 3 levels available,
each comprising 3 purpose-made short films.
An accompanying booklet provides numerous
exercises to help clarify the language used and
consolidate the students’ understanding. The
activities also act as a springboard for further
discussion of specific grammatical, lexical and
cultural issues. An additional ‘redux’ pack of
6 original shorts (spanning beginners through
to advanced level) is also available, again with
supporting workbook. The films can be watched
either with or without Italian subtitles.
044187 Livello 1 (libro + DVD) £22.95
Further levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Also available:
Beginners - Advanced
044375 Edizione Redux (libro + DVD) £25.95
Collana Cinema Italia
The aim of this series is to develop language
and vocabulary skills through the analysis
of modern Italian films. Each booklet offers
reading, listening and writing activities to
be completed before, during and after the
screening of the film. The exercises consider
the socio-cultural aspects of the films, provide
commentaries, and broaden the topics in
question. Each booklet focuses on two popular
Italian films.
Near beginners - Intermediate
044491 Caro Diario: Isole / Medici £7.60
Upper intermediate
043216 Io non ho paura / Il ladro di bambini
047766 I cento passi / Johnny Stecchino
For our full range of language
materials, including courses,
grammars, teacher’s resources,
graded readers and more, please
visit our website or come and see us
at The Italian Bookshop.
Italian Italian
Primiracconti classici
This series is dedicated
to some of Italy’s most
acclaimed authors.
Each title includes a
brief biography followed
by 8-10 extracts of the
writer’s work, together
with a brief introduction.
Explanations of difficult
words and phrases
are provided as well
as activities to test
035611 Alberto Moravia £7.35
035612 Alberto Moravia + CD £9.95
044476 Italo Calvino £7.35
044474 Italo Calvino + CD £9.95
Upper intermediate (due October 2014)
030777 Dino Buzzati £7.35
030778 Dino Buzzati + CD £9.95
Imparare l’italiano con
i fumetti
This series of readers
takes original Italian comics -
popular in Italy and around the world - and
adapts them for intermediate level students
of Italian (CEFR level B1-B2). The series
introduces a wealth of diverse vocabulary,
supporting students’ comprehension with a
range of activities which accompany the story.
Each volume includes contextual information
about the original comic, author and illustrator
and provides an overview of each of the main
characters with detailed full-colour illustrations
Intermediate £9.90
031150 Dylan Dog - Jack lo squartatore
030729 Dylan Dog - L’alba dei morti viventi
031161 Corto Maltese - ...e di altri Romei e di
altre Giuliette
Each story is accompanied by brief notes
which explain the more difficult words and
expressions, and original illustrations which
help bring the story to life. The optional CD
is a great way to improve listening skills and
pronunciation. Activities (with answers) test
comprehension and improve vocabulary.
044388 Mistero in Via dei Tulipani £7.35
044389 Mistero in Via dei Tulipani + CD £9.95
038943 Traffico in centro £7.35
042634 Traffico in centro + CD £9.95
Near beginners
044386 Il manoscritto di Giotto £7.35
044387 Il manoscritto di Giotto + CD £9.95
043794 Lo straniero £7.35
044110 Lo straniero + CD £9.95
043208 Un giorno diverso £7.35
043207 Un giorno diverso + CD £9.95
043796 L’eredità £7.35
043803 L’eredità + CD £9.95
044468 Ritorno alle origini £7.35
044470 Ritorno alle origini + CD £9.95
043210 Il sosia £7.35
043209 Il sosia + CD £9.95
Imparare leggendo
Consisting both of original stories and adapted
classics, each book in this vast series is filled
with colourful pictures and activities to facilitate
understanding and encourage students to
revise fundamental grammar points and practise
their oral and written skills. The CD includes
both a recording of the text and additional
exercises to test the students’ listening skills
and pronunciation, either in a class environment
or for self-study at home. Some of the books
also include interesting facts relevant to the
characters, the setting or the period in the book,
a clever way of holding students’ attention and
motivating them to learn.
Near beginners
035608 Indagine a Firenze + CD £9.95
035618 Mistero a Roma + CD £10.75
Many more titles available.
Further levels: Advanced, Upper advanced
L’italiano con i fumetti
This innovative series enables students to
discover the pleasure of reading in Italian
through comic strips. A wide range of didatic
activities accompanies each book, which are
supported by an animated online version with
voices of professional actors, music and sound
032039 Roma 2050 d.C. £8.80
Near beginners
032046 Una storia italiana £8.80
035049 Il mistero di Casanova £8.80
032021 Habemus papam £8.80
035124 Rigoletto £8.80
Young Adult ELI
These readers are aimed at students who want
to learn the Italian language through famous
literature or original and contemporary stories.
The different sections which accompany the
text (notes on the author, in depth analysis,
activities...) enrich the literature, facilitating
comprehension and learning of the language.
The pleasure of reading is combined with an
efficient teaching method, including a glossary
at the foot of each page, exercises and a test
section at the end. All books come with an
audio CD which provides a narration of the text,
read by mother tongue speakers.
Near beginners
048822 Le avventure di Pinocchio + CD £9.20
048823 I malavoglia + CD £9.20
049053 I promessi sposi + CD £9.20
Italian 17
Italiano facile
A series of readers with activities suitable
for learners from beginner to advanced level.
Each reader takes the form of an original short
story which may be a thriller, a romance, a
horror story... accompanied by comprehension
exercises and suggestions for discussion.
Answers to the exercises are given at the back.
All titles in the series are accompanied by a
CD with recordings of the dialogues and music
where appropriate. The style of Italiano facile is
light-hearted and should appeal to teenagers
and adults alike.
043033 Dolomiti + CD £10.75
032637 Dov’è Yukio? + CD £10.75
Near beginners
037931 Amore in paradiso + CD £10.75
037936 Fantasimi + CD £10.75
More titles available
Further levels: Pre-intermediate,
Intermediate, Advanced
Easy Readers
Easy Readers have a long and honourable
history spanning nearly 70 years. From the
beginning it has brought together publishers
and editors in different countries in a unique
collaboration to make authentic literature
available to language students in an
approachable, yet unpatronising format.
A-series uses a core vocabulary of around
650 words (CEFR A2)
B-series uses a core vocabulary of around
1200 words (CEFR A2)
C-series uses a core vocabulary of around
1800 words (CEFR B1)
A-Series £4.55
032000 Andreuccio da Perugia
032001 Gli imbianchini non hanno ricordi
032002 Ti ho sposato per allegria
B-Series £5.70
032010 Cinque novelle
032016 Volevo i pantaloni
032029 Và dove ti porta il cuore
C-Series £5.70
032084 Nuove avventure con Montalbano
044447 Novelle per un anno
039198 Io non ho paura
More titles available
032040 Selection of 12 assorted titles £57.50
Il Ragazzini
Il Ragazzini 2015 by Giuseppe Ragazzini is
a comprehensive Italian-English/English-Italian
dictionary which is revised and updated anually.
This hardback volume is available with optional
031794 Dizionario + DVD-Rom £79.00
031791 Dizionario £68.00
Lo Zingarelli
This comprehensive dictionary is updated and
revised annually to keep up with the introduction
of new words and expressions. It contains
144,000 entries and 380,000 definitions including
information on specialist uses, literary quotations
and etymology, synonyms and antonyms. The
Minore contains 67,000 entries.
Advanced - Fluent/Native speaker
031784 Vocabolario della lingua italiana
031781 Vocabolario della lingua italiana
+ DVD-ROM £79.00
031789 Lo Zingarelli minore £31.50
A series of beautifully illustrated readers which
retell simplified versions of the classics. Each
reader contains comprehension exercises,
activities for in-depth study, games and
background information about the author.
043801 L’Eneide £8.15
044333 L’Iliade £8.15
043800 L’Odissea £8.15
044334 I Promessi Sposi £9.20
045818 Il mito di Perseo £9.20
045803 Fiabe regionali italiane £9.70

ELI Fotocarte
A collection of 76 photographic flashcards
designed to generate thought and discussion
of current affairs in class. Thought-provoking
questions and keywords are printed on the
back of the cards, together with a thumbnail
version of the front image. The teacher’s guide
contained in the pack provides suggestions
for learning paths by topic and extra ways to
use the cards in order to practise writing skills.
Topics include: the environment, food, human
rights, social issues, the family, bullying, school
and work, sports, and social networks.
Intermediate - Advanced
038291 Fotocarte £19.50+
Italian Italian
Prepara la valigia!
It’s time to pack your bags for the holidays!
Learn the vocabulary for clothes and accessories
and practise using the words and phrases.
Whoever completes their list and packs their bag
first wins!
036542 £14.95+
Segui l’indizio
Discover Italy and all things Italian with this
exciting guessing game. Can you name the
places, monuments, people and products
pictured on the cards? Guess correctly with
the least number of clues and you could be the
Near beginners
037099 £14.95+
Navigate your way through Italian verbs and
tenses in this action-packed board-game,
expanding your vocabulary and improving use
of common verbs and useful phrases. Practise
using the present, perfect, imperfect and future
tenses in a fun, effective way.
Near beginners - Intermediate
031665 £14.95+
La lista della spesa
Players must try to be the first person to get all
the food items on their list. The game can also
be used like bingo. It contains 66 photographic
cards, 36 gamecards and a guide with activities,
quizzes, recipes and sayings.
Near beginners
034884 £13.50+
Campionato d’italiano
Answer questions on culture, society,
traditions as well as geography, sayings,
environment and free time. The challenge is
gripping but who will be the next champion?
Near beginners - Intermediate
034874 £13.50+
L’isola delle
Discover interesting objects and colourful
characters with this fun illustrated board game.
Improve your comprehension skills while you
match prepositions of place with articles.
Near beginners - Intermediate
034873 £13.50+
ELI Magazines
ELI Magazines have been a familiar
medium for language learning worldwide
for more than 20 years. With their help,
hundreds of pupils, many of them
reluctant learners, have come to enjoy a
foreign language and appreciate some of
the similarities and differences between
cultures. By integrating ELI Magazines into
their lesson plans, thousands of teachers
have found a new and rewarding means of
motivating their pupils.
All subscriptions comprise six issues
(September to May) and all titles are
now published in a 16-24 page spread.
A teacher’s guide and free online audio
materials are also available for most
magazine titles. These magazines are
available in French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Russian and Latin.
For Italian, there are 6 titles available:
097195 Volare
Near beginners
096526 Azzurro
096526 Ciao Italia
Upper intermediate
097179 Ragazzi
097127 Tutti Insieme
Upper advanced
096598 Oggitalia
1 subscription £16.00
2-5 subscriptions £10.00 each
6 or more subscriptions £8.50 each
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