Research on Moriana

Brem Welch

Initial Thoughts
I decided that I wanted to draw the city of Moriana almost
immediately. The contrast between the two side of the city was
almost poetic and I thought that it would make a very interesting
concept for a city. The irony in this is that all cities these days
follow a similar pattern and all you have to do is take a wrong
turn and then you end up in the wrong neighbourhood and the
city has a completely different feel to it.

Development into these Ideas
I figured that the dangerous and more rundown part of the city
might be the more interesting part so I started to try and find
influences. I already had an idea that I wanted it to look like a
!"#$%s &merican city' so my initial research took me towards
film (oir.

Back to the Drawing Board
&fter dabbling with )ilm (oir' I decided that although I liked the
look and effect it gave it perhaps wasn%t the best route to take
for concept art' at least not at the e*tremes that I used. I also
wanted to give so thought to the fake part of the city' the mask
that hide the monster beneath. I used the te*t to inspire me but
the direction I went in wasn%t the best one' too much focus on
people and not enough on the city.

Real World Influences
&fter my misstep I decided to take some proper inspiration
from my own e*periences and real life. )or this I looked at (ew
+ork and the train systems there' I looked at some computer
games and how they create cities that draw you in as well as
looking at flowers for inspiration on city shapes. ,ventually I
decided to use a -otus flower to help influence my city because
personally I cannot stand looking at the centre of a lotus flower'
where the pods are kept' it makes my skin crawl' however the
outside is .uite beautiful so I used this idea to start shaping my

Why /top There0
1sing the idea of the lotus flower I let it take a much broader
hold on my work and I thought about its significance in ,ast
&sia' particularly 2apan and 3hina. With this in mind I started to
draw influences from 2apanese architecture which ultimately
helped me create some of my work.

3ircling Back
/o when it came to drawing up my final pieces I didn%t want to
put the noire style I had e*plored to waste so instead I focused
on incorporating the two themes and I decided that the darker
part of the city would be inspired by film (oir while retaining
some individuality and the nicer more appealing part would be
based on 2apan and the architecture you would find there.

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