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Monastery of the Seven Rays

Monastery of the Seven Rays,
IInd Year Course in Sexual Magic
Initiatic Paper to follow between the 4th and th lessons!
"#$ M$%&I&' () S$*+%, M%'IC )(R #+M%& -$I&'S, .#( %P$ &$I"#$R '(/S 0,$S ,(%1 &(R
/$MI2'(/S 0,$S /$MI/I$+*1!
3uestion4 5.hether sexual 6agic is possible between 6e6bers of one7s2own28ind 0that is
to say between a fully hu6an 6ale and a fully hu6an fe6ale1 is the 76ost conte6ptible
of 6ediocrities795
%ll sexual relationships between hu6an 6ales and fe6ales, which are based on love
and a feeling of sy6pathy and protective co6passion, possess a 6agical di6ension by
their very nature! "his 6agical and occult overtone or di6ension is expressed first of
all in the biological process of attraction between 6e6bers of the opposite sex within
each of the 6any species of 6aterial nature! "he law which herein operates is the law
of 6agnetic attraction between the positive 06ale1 and the negative 0fe6ale1 poles of
the species, as it exists as a sexual field of energy! %s it evolves higher and beco6es
6ore co6plex this very sa6e 6agnetis6 6anifests itself in ter6s of the biopsychological
attraction 8nown as hu6an desire, which when intensified beco6es passion! #ere another
sexual field of energy has co6e into being which rests upon the biological level of
existence and which expresses itself in ter6s of the social conventions and patterns of
6ateship or courting2one7s2intended26ate! "hese for6s of 6agnetis6 are not obvious to
the superficial and casual observer, yet this type of 6agnetis6 can be felt and
further6ore, one7s participation in it can be controlled by the 6ind and will! (ne can
so to spea8 allow oneself to be given over to it entirely or not at all! "his type of
6agnetis6, sexual attraction, as it rises fro6 the pri6itive levels of hu6an experience
6eets its approval and sanction in the religious and 6oral traditions of ancient
peoples! "he ancient scriptures of the world in countless passages testify to the
divinely sanctioned union of 6ale and fe6ale, as the funda6ental relationship ordained
by 'od, #i6self! )urther6ore, the holy writings of all cultures forbid sexual actions
between 6e6bers of the sa6e sex as being contrary to nature or against the divinely
sanctioned laws of physical 6atter! "herefore, while sexual 6agic spea8s of congress
between 'ods and 6en, this relationship exists as an exception in the 6ythology of the
hu6an race, but not really such an exception to the above principle of 6ale2fe6ale
sexual congress, since hu6anity is fe6ale to deity, which is 6ale, because the hu6an
race is always passive, fe6ale, or negative to the 'ods, who are active, 6ale, and
%6ong hu6an beings, sexual experience between 6an and wo6an is natural and
therefore 6agical! "he basis in 6agnetis6 of sexual attraction leads fro6 an experience
of natural union to the possibility of an occult union! .hat can be 6eant by the occult
union of sexual congress9 In reply let us say that if physical attraction and
e6otional, or passionate desire are both satisfied, then there is a release of energy,
which co6es fro6 the 6agnetis6 of biology and that of passion! "his 6agnetis6 having
been brought out of 6atter and 6oving upwards along the pathway of evolution towards
e6otion, and having 6et the success of satisfaction of desire, 6oves ever upward
towards the world of 6ind! "he world of 6ind usually would evaluate the process and
confir6 the natural and upward cli6b of this 6agnetis6, which achieves a certain
gratification and increase in energy in the world of 6ind, where it for6s a new reality
8nown as attach6ent! "his 6ental state then tends towards an even higher reality or
level of being 8nown as love! #ere in the world of love the 6ale and the fe6ale beco6e
one in an even 6ore funda6ental 6anner and way than ever before! "hey are of one love,
that is to say they are spiritually one and hence have lost their individuality as it
for6erly existed and having 6erged the6selves in love, beco6e a totally new being!
"hus, the spirit which was attached to the 6ind of the person having attach6ent is no
longer there in the world of spirit, for now having attained to love the two have
beco6e one and have lost their individuality being now, and as long as their love
should endure, one2in2spirit! .hen one is in love (&$ IS, there is no two, no you, but
the spiritual I a6, alone! %lone does this spiritual reality exist and have the
fullness of perfect being: but as we can co6e to understand this 6agical transfor6ation
and creation of self, by sacrifice of self one gains the greater self as the ancient
writings say, and therefore being and reality, essence and existence ta8e on an
entirely new 6eaning! "here wells up fro6 the lower levels of living 6atter a wonderful
energy and light2force, which creates a new world with a new person to live in it! "his
we can call the fully 6agical side of sexual congress! "his is the essence of sexual
6agic for the hu6an 8ingdo6! -ut this art of 6agical wor8ing cannot be 6astered by
young and passionate hu6anfol8 governed by selfish and desire2do6inated 6otives! "his
6agical art is seen in the husband and wife of 6any years, who by sacrifice and by life
together as one have created a new reality! Sexual life has been one part toward this
creation, it has been the funda6ental part because beginning with very crude 6atter, so
vile, so ugly, so 6iserable, they, acting as one, have transfor6ed their lives into a
beautiful world of loyalty and union! "hey have transfor6ed the seasonal drives of the
ani6al crisis by 6eans of a continuous refine6ent of sexual 6agnetis6, until they have
achieved by 6uch sacrifice and toil the creation of a world of love and eternally
enduring beauty! "his see6s to be the true 6eaning of love and of sexual loyalty, when
understood as existing a6ong hu6an beings!
)ro6 the standpoint of the 'ods this is conte6ptible, for they 6ust loo8 down
fro6 (ly6pus at the struggles of hu6anfol8 as they try and create so6ething both
lasting and beautiful 22 which for hu6ans is very difficult! "he 'ods 6ust loo8 down
and see what is co6ing out of these natural processes in vile 6atter, and loo8ing down
they see 22 we are 6ost certain 22 a wor8 of art being created fro6 the co66on clay of
the lowest 6arshlands! )or the 'ods, who function naturally in the higher worlds of
being, who never co6e down except under the 6ost unusual circu6stances, this earthly
sexuality is 6an7s fate and only 6an can 6a8e the 6ost of it! Man is seen in such a way
that he 6ust follow his desires as they rise to the worlds of light beco6ing
refine6ents of feeling and sy6pathy, or else they will fall bac8 deeply into the 6ire!
-ut the 'ods 8now that 6an is capable of creating ob;ects of great beauty and therefore
these sa6e 'ods 8now that while they 22 the 'ods will only rarely encounter hu6an
beings in sexual 6agic, and these being the 6ore highly evolved and spiritualised or
esoteric hu6ans, nevertheless the refine6ent of biological attraction into the beauty
of love is the goal of the general run of 6an8ind, therefore the 'ods in the higher
worlds of space consciousness cannot concern themselves with those who succeed, let alone
those who fail a6ong hu6anity! )or the 'ods do not particularly li8e to loo8 down upon
the unusually inferior beings of the earth, who are rather bravely struggling to
achieve so6ething lasting and of value! .hen the 'ods co6e down, however, they do not
concern the6selves with perfect hu6an beings in any 6oral or religious sense, rather
they co6e only to those who will recognise the6, na6ely the initiates, the priests, and
to 6agicians such as the ,uage of <=th century #aiti, who had dedicated his life to
serve the greatest of the 'ods, the Christ2,egbha! -ut this is very rare, and because
of its funda6ental rarity it cannot be thought of as being of significance except only
to the esotericist! #owever, hu6an sexual 6agic being so different 6ay be considered as
the refine6ent of ani6al 6agnetis6 and attraction, over a very long period of ti6e!
#u6an sexual 6agic is essentially 6oral and social, for it is the basis of the fa6ily
and society! )or this reason the basic biological attraction between 6an and wo6an
gives rise to the 6oral distinction between what is and what ought to be! "he what is
see8s the what ought to be as the what ought to be see8s the what is, both are
attracted to each other by a 6oral 6agnetis6, which is entirely sexual and which rests
on the union of 6an and wo6an! Society is co6posed of variously 6agnetic unions having
various for6s or conventions or custo6s or taboos for handling the what is and the what
ought to be of 6ale2fe6ale and offspring! "he fa6ily and society ulti6ately for6 the
6ost i6portant creation of hu6an sexual 6agic, because of the occult laws which are
observable everywhere in hu6an behaviour! "his is the reason why 6agic begins with
6atter, for only if it has its roots in the 6ost ordinary and practical affairs of
6an8ind does any occult ideal have validity! "o say that sexual 6agic is so6ething
practiced in an occult setting, using incense, candles and various other instru6ents,
while this 6ay be >uite interesting and perhaps achieve a theatrical and artistic
effect, that is all there is to it, for even if Crowley felt by setting up a te6ple of
sexual 6agic that he was going to acco6plish so6ething by having sexual congress with
6ale and fe6ale partners! ;ustifying this with his own interpretation of the ancient
texts, all he achieved was a for6 of show6anship and perversity, based on the gla6our
of robes and occult e>uip6ent! as the disintegration of everthing be sought to do
confir6s absolutely! "herefore, we 6ust as the 6ost conservative and traditional of
schools of sexual 6agic 6a8e it >uite clear that for 6ere hu6an beings sexual 6agic is
a very restricted and yet very noble enterprise! "o be so folly2oriented as to devise a
6ode of life a la Crowley is to ris8 the loss of one7s sanity and spiritual life! )or
the 'ods have decreed that to 6an and to wo6an the scope of sexual 6agic shall be
within their abilities! if by love and sy6pathy a6ong the6selves, they are truly
see8ing to be one!
#owever, if sexual 6agic is so li6ited for hu6an beings, as history and society
point out, why should we have such a large body of 6aterial in course for6 to give out
at this ti6e9 "he answer is si6ple4 sexual 6agic relates not ;ust to 6an but to other
worlds than the hu6an, and further6ore now that 6an8ind is beco6ing less confined by
sexual custo6, 6any false teachings have co6e forth, which the Monastery 6ust warn
against! "hus, our reason is both to explore the universe and to protect the
develop6ent of your soul! and for this reason our 6ethod is both careful and yet
richest beyond any 8nown 6easure!
Michael %>uarius and Racine