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3rd hour

What if? Project

What if?: The Elevator wasn't invented.
My breath came ragged in heavy gasps, I knew it would all be complete soon. They
would silently find me, and I would fall. In the bowels of this building is where the truth
lies, and I was just out of reach of it. My desired destination is 40 floors beneath me, a
drop that would take at least an hour by octavas. How could our society be so blind as to
not recognize that there is a simple problem in the flow of our daily lives? Ignorance will
kill me.
I always felt octavas were intrusive. Every child born in the United States undergoes
surgery at whatever age they begin taking their first steps. This law was created in 2020,
therefore everyone who had already begun walking, was to receive one. The operation is
messy, unplanned, unprofessional. They give you anesthesia, it doesn't hide the sounds.
The octavas are placed inside of your ear canal, eventually reaching your brain 6 months
after the surgery. When I had my operation, I knew what I was hearing, and I knew I was
The general purpose of octavas is easily explained, though not necessarily understood
why they are needed. When one is falling or wanting to travel upwards, these chips are
activated, and your gravity diminishes. Inside of the gargantuan buildings, where stairs
fails to transport, there are octava docks located on each floor. In addition to these docks,
there are material docks located on each floor. If you are in need of transporting large
items to various locations throughout the said building, you put it in the base dock located
on the first floor, and a series of pipes move it to the required destination, similar to the
system of luggage at airports.
With every invention presents its challenges. The government should have anticipating
them, and yet they chose not to. Silly, immature teenagers that misuse this required
object. In the octava docks, teens will switch their octavas in the opposite directions
repeatedly, causing them to float up and down in rapid, and violent matters. When
octavas are over expanded, the result is fatal. Two deaths this year have been reported
due to the overwork of octavas.
I am only 16 years of age, and yet even I know that octavas are of government use only.
The evidence of my theory lies in the bottom of this abandoned building, where the ideas
of octavas began and are now stored. No one will believe me until I bring back evidence
for everybody to take in, to truly see. I am completely baffled about why our society has
transformed itself into this lowest point of actually endangering the lives of millions of
people. How long has the idea of transportation of going up and down in buildings, been
looked at? Obviously not long enough.
In my opinion, this whole debacle became publicly known when the trial of Elisha Otis
had finally come to an end. It is not possible to be unfamiliar with the trial of Elisha Otis,
it is the basic block for school teachings. Elisha Otis was a crazy, delusional inventor and
wasn't appreciated for his genius. He developed an idea for a machine that operated by a
system of pulleys, and that would therefore move this device up and down tall spaces.
The people of his town in 1880, believed him to be a witch, for thinking outside the
king's orders. He was put into trial by the townspeople and it was there he was wrongly
convicted of treachery. His idea was brilliant, and it could have made our society much
less complex then it is in today's time.
I am unclear on whether or not I can resurrect the sparks of imagination that was Elisha
Otis'. My first task is to prove the unthinkable: that octavas are used as listening devices
of every citizen in the U.S., making it so we are never in solitary, even when we think we
are. I understand the risk that I am taking on my own life, knowing that while falling it is
possible for myself to be detected, and my octavas shut off. Splat. I will do whatever it
takes to force our world to realize their mistakes, giving once again another life to do it.