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• This former President of India was awarded with the prestigious 2008
Hoover medal for his outstanding public service----- Dr A.P.J Abdul
• The company which had acquired sun Microsystem, the inventors of
java programming---- Oracle.
• The second g-20 summit was recently held in ----- London.
• The company which has acquired controlling state in Satyam
Computers ---- Mahindra Tech.
• The only New Zealander to be introduced in the International Cricket of
Fame---- Richard Hadlee.
• AREVA, the govt. owned nuclear power company belongs to which
country----- France.
• Glonass, the Global National Satellite System belongs to ----- Russia.
• The world’s largest diamond producer is ---- Botswana.
• The Indian born CEO of Motorola, who has emerged America’s top paid
CEO ---- Sanjay Jha.
• The newly appointed managing director and CEO of ICICI ---- Chanda
• The newly appointed managing director and CEO of AXIS bank ----
Sikha Sharma.
• The industrialist who is commonly referred to as the ‘Wind Man of
India’ ----Tulsi Tanti.
• The brand which has emerged as the no 1 brand and is also the first
one to touch the 100million $ mark ---- Google.
• The company which is the world’s largest commercial vehicle maker
---- Diamler.
• The company which has launched the first Led TV in India ----
• Acc to the World Bank report, the country which has the highest no. of
underweight kids ---- India.
• The no. of chess Oscars India’s Grand Master Viswanathan Anand has
received till date ---- Six.
• The company which has become the first Indian sponsor of Manchester
United ---- Bharti Airtel.
• The newly appointed Finance Secretary of India---- Ashok Chawla.
• The fourth country after the US, Russia and France with whom India
will have a broad based civil nuclear agreement shortly ----
• Adobe system is led by this Indian American President and CEO ----
Shantanu Narayen.
• The noted Indian wildlife biologist who has won the Whitely Award also
known as the Green Oscar ---- Dr MD Madhusudan.
• Airtel is the sixth largest telecom company in the world acc to the
subscriber base.
• The recently launched world’s largest telescope is has been named
after ------ William Hershel.
• Winner of the 18th English premier league – Manchester united.
• The country that has emerged as the largest source of India’s import in
the last two years ---- China.
• This Sherpa has climbed Mt. Everest a record 19th time ---- Apa Sherpa.
• The former head of IMF, who has been voted as the president of
Germany ---- Horst Koheler.
• Bharti group has ventured into partnership in food and beverages
segment with ---- Del Monte Pacific.
• Winner of this year’s booker prize ----Alice Munroe.
• The youngest minister in the cabinet of Dr Manmohan Singh at the age
of 28 ---- Agtha Sagma.
• The first official summit of BRIC nations was held in ----- Yekaterinburg.
• New attorney general of India ----Goolam-e-Vahanvati
• Two spacecraft sent to moon by NASA recently ---- LRO, LCROSS.
• The world’s most powerful laser has been christened as ---- National
Ignition Facility.
• Legendary sarod player Ali Akbar who died recently, belonged to which
gharana ---- Maihar.
• Acc to the recent report, Israel spends most on its defence relative to
• This Indian business tycoon has been awarded the US-India business
council’s(USIBC) 34th anniversary ‘Golden Vision’ award ---- Azim
• The Scripps National Spelling Bee championship 2009 has been won
by ---- Kayva Shivashankar.
• The name of the new experimental search engine launched by Google
---- Google Squared.
• Bing, a new search engine has been launched by ---- Microsoft.
• Marillyne Robinson of US has won this year’s Orange prize for fiction of
her third novel ---- Home.
• This company has introduced the world’s first solar powered cellular
phone ---- Samsung.
• The nuclear powered submarine that India has to get by the end of the
year from Russia ----K-152Nerpa.
• The word that has been crowned one millionth in the English language
---- Web 2.0
• This auto company has launched a new range of premium truck known
as ‘World Truck’ ---- Tata
• The club which won this year’s FA cup ---- Chelsea.
• The largest CDMA service provider in the world ---- Verizon Wireless.
• The second largest CDMA service provider in the world ---- Reliance
• The first animation film from India to win five international awards and
to be selected in the screening in 11th international film festival ----
Eyes of Silence.
• The former England captain who has announced his retirement from all
professional cricket recently ---- Michel Vaughan.
• Noted artist , who holds the record for highest price an Indian painting
has ever sold in a public auction. He died recently ---- Tyeb Mehta.
• Roger Federer made history recently when he defeated Andy Roddick
to win his Sixth Wimbledon.
• The largest commercial satellite which was launched recently from
French Guinea ---- TerreStar-1.
• The state which has the maximum no of deemed universities ---- Tamil
• This UK University recently presented an honorary doctorate in arts
and culture to SRK ---- Bedfordshire University.
• The first SEZ in north India will come up in the state ---- Nagaland.
• This city is set to become the solar city of India ---- Chandigarh.
• This Indian origin CEO has been named the 2009 CEO of the year by
Global Supply Chain group (GSCLG) for promoting socially responsible
business practices ----- Indra Nooyi.
• The new defence secretary of India ---- Pradeep Kumar.
• This city has recently achieved the total fertility rate (TFR)of 2 children
per couple ---- Chandigarh.
• He has become the youngest Indian to win the Golf title on an
International tour ---- Gaganjeet Bhullar.
• The former RBI governor, who has been reappointed as the chairman
of the PM Economic Advisory Panel ---- C.Ragaranjan.
• The Nobel prize winning South Korean president who died recently ----
Kim Dae Jung.

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