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10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 1/14
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Pak Tea House History, Pakistan, Society Murder of History(Part 1)
Murder of History(Part 1)
March 19th, 2012 | 17 Comments by Abdul Majeed
I have written in for Posterity. In a hundred years time when the future historian sets
out to contemplate the Pakistan of an age gone by and look for the causes that brought
it low, he might find in this book of mine one small candle whose quivering flame will
light his path.
K.K.Aziz, in Preface to his book The Murder of History
In the last 64 years, a lot of wrong Information has been passed on as facts by our textbooks and
Media. In this article, I have mentioned some of the most popular myths about Pakistan History and
tried to debunk them using authentic sources. I should admit that this is a beginners effort, I dont
claim to possess absolute knowledge nor do I claim that whatever I have mentioned is absolutely true.
My basic aim is to provide an alternate discourse on the below-mentioned issues.
1. The 1857 War of Independence was in fact a mutiny.
It was no more than a localized uprising in some parts of India.Surendra Nath Sen, in his
book Eighteen Fifty Seven(Calcutta,1958) says Outside Oudh and Shahbad there are no evidences
of that general sympathy which would invest the Mutiny with the dignity of a national war. R.C
Majumdar, in his book The Sepoy Mutiny and the Revolt of 1857(Calcutta, 1963) declares that it
cannot be regarded as a national rising, far less a war of independence, which it never professed to
Reference:- KK Aziz, Murder of History;Sang-e-meel Publishers; Chapter 2; p149
2. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the Pioneer of two nation theory.
This myth has been propogated ad nauseum since Sir Syeds death. The origins of this myth can be
traced back to Molvi Abdul Haq. He based his claims on parts of a single speech made by Sir Syed in
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10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 2/14
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1884 during his visit to Punjab.(Reference:- Zia-ud-din Lahori, Aasar e Sir Syed, Page 127,128). Iqbal
Ali, in his book Sir Syed ka Safarnama e Punjab quotes Sir Syed as Of the word nation, I mean
both Hindus and Muslims. That is how I define Nation. It does not matter what their religious belief is
because we can not see it and what we see is that despite us being Hindu or Muslim, we are governed
by the same rulers, we benefit from the same sources, we suffer from droughts equally. That is why I
define the people living in Hindustan as Hindus. On Page 139 of the same book, Sir Syed is quoted
as I do not think Hinduism is a religion, rather any one can call himself Hindu. Thus, it pains me
today that despite living in India, I can not call myself a Hindu. In an essay written by Sir Syed
which was published in Aligarh Institute Gazzette on 12 June 1897, he wrote, We have been living
together for centuries now. We eat the same food, the same water, breathe in the same air. Thus,
Hinuds and Muslims are not different. As the Aryans were called Hindus, Muslims can also be called
Hindus because they live in Hindustan.
References via Professor Amjad Ali Shakir, Do Qaumi Nazriya, Ek Tarikhi Jaiza, Jamiat
publishers; 2007; Chapter 1; Pages 44-52
3. Allama Iqbal was the first person to present an idea of an Independent Muslim state.
This Narrative has been used in textbooks and media for long. We should consider that a lot of
schemes for division of India were presented by different personalities between 1857 A.D to 1940
A.D. KK Aziz wrote, Exactly 64 such suggestions, vague or definite, were made between 24 June
1858 and 31 December 1929. Twenty-eight Muslims had made such proposals before Iqbals address.
(in 1930). (Khursheed Kamal Aziz, The Murder of History : A Critique of History Textbooks used in
Pakistan; Sang-e-meel Publications;Chapter 2; Page 165).
The earliest suggestion was given by John Bright, Member of the British Parliament representing
Durham. On the 4th of June 1858, while participating in a discussion in the British Parliament, he
suggested that India be divided into five or six large presidencies with complete autonomy, ultimately
becoming Independent States. In December 1877, he reiterated that He is seeing several independent
and sovereign states in India when British withdrawal had been affected.Justice Javed Iqbal(son of
Allama Iqbal) wrote in his book Zinda-Rood(biography of Iqbal), that At Victoria Station, a recent
convert to Islam, Khalid received him and presented him a collection of speeches of John Bright.
Khalid requested Iqbal to read the book before attending the Round Table Conference. John Bright
was the person who, in 1858, had said that India will have to be divided into at least five Independent
states when the British leave India. According to Amjad Ali, Iqbal spent the night reading that book.
(Justice Javed Iqbal, Zainda Rood;Page 451 and 574). Hasan Jaafer Zaidi, in his essay identified a
certain Lahore-based Newspaper which started propogating this myth back in 1945-1946. Mr
Mohammad Ali Jinnah in an interview given to Beverly Nicholas(author of Verdict on India), on
January, 1944 in Bombay referred to John Brights speech delivered on June 4, 1858 . (We are a
Nation, Excerpts from speeches of Quaid-i-Azam; page 60)
The writer is a medical student by Profession and has written regularly for Pak Tea House and His primary interests are History and Political Economy. He is also
the Assistant Editor at PTH and blogs here.
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10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 3/14
Written by AbdulMajeedAbid
Filed under: History, Pakistan, Society Tags: Allama Iqbal, Independent Muslim, Pakistan, theory
17 Responses to "Murder of History(Part 1)"
1. Anurag Iiith says:
March 19, 2012 at 9:07 pm
Everyone should this book. Awesome!!
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March 20, 2012 at 1:18 am
10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 4/14
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3. aneela_shahzad says:
March 20, 2012 at 12:35 pm
though this is
a beginners effort and you dont claim to possess absolute knowledge nor you claim that
whatever mentioned is absolutely true.

but still you make a nice case to distort the view of nationhood in the minds of your
misfortunate readers, i am a teacher by profession , perhaps i know better then you that text
books are written in the most generalized ways, omitting all lengthy details, wherein the same
theme has to be repeated year after year, in all subjects, so that a part of the info. will inevitably
become part of the pupils memory.
the purpose of the text book is to produce a healthy, confident, knowledged and happy mind-
crop of a people not a distorted, confused , unhappy youth that would be more willing to plunge
into self-destruction then to have held its feet in the flood of disasters or would have dared to
hold on to its flag, for the shame of what it represents (after someone like you has explained
how this flag came into being)
you message is not of amending of the wrongs, it is of self-annihilation.
1) The 1857 War of Independence is always narrated in the text books as a story of a
few skirmishes that added up as a last hope, a last possible attempt to rid the country from the
british, it is called so because of the aspiration it held for the people, not for its scale or its
2) how does hindu and muslim being one nation come under the heading two nation, can the
writter explain this, before attempting to call Sir Syed a hindu for him!!! have the hindus
declared to the writer that hinduism is not a religion.
3)Iqbal presented the idea as the policy of the Muslim League in the recent scenario of the
world war, in the movement for independence, in a League annual session for the first time
im sure Iqbal would have nothing to brag about the novelty of an idea.. he was a good reader
from the beginning, well-versed in English, Urdu, Persian and German, he had read
all European and Muslim philosophers, Ghazzali was his favorite, still reading
more wouldnt hurt him, only creating a drama when he got the treasure books one night before
his speech that would change his whole thought process, which perhaps wasnt even there is
mind boggling.
4. Abdulmajeedabid says:
March 20, 2012 at 1:45 pm
Dear Aneela,
As a teacher, you would know much more than myself the trouble caused by wrong information
among the students. also, please also note that what I have written has been extracted from
acclaimed and published material, including the landmark book, The Murder of history by
K.K Aziz Sb, a historian. I believe all literate pakistanis should read this book. Im not
distorting the view of nationhood,Im just trying to point out the blunders done by the authors
of textbooks and how national discourse has been distorted by the propaganda of establishment.
10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 5/14
The facts do not need any lengthy details to be put in the books. How is pointing out the truth
self-annihilation.? I HAVE NOT CALLED SIR SYED A HINDU, I have quoted him. If he
though like that, Who am I to interpret it differently? You think including truth will lead to a
distorted, confused, unhappy youth, thats your personal opinion, not a fact.
Regarding the 1857 war, I still remember a particular line from my own textbook, 1857 ki jang
ko angrezon ne ghadar kehnay ki koshish ki halanke k haqeqat main aisa nahi tha. Enough
Allama Iqbal was not the FIRST person to hint at a separate muslim majority province.
Period. This has been emphasized in every single textbook of Pakistan and in hyper nationalist
mouth pieces like Nawai Waqt.
5. aneela_shahzad says:
March 20, 2012 at 5:31 pm
are textbooks not acclaimed and published material , and do you claim who is behind the
writing of these and other books, like the one you quote from.
My mind does not accept that such a staunch muslim like Sir Syed, who would eventually come
up with a two nation theory, would have called himself a hindu, yes he could have called
himself a hindustani, thats totally different, anyways the people of the subcontinent who
cherish him, do for his two nation theory not any of his previous discarded theory.only
prophets have to say exactly the same thing from day one to day last.
Your quote about 1857, is logical to me, of course the muslims were traitors in their eyes and of
course they were freedom fighters in our eyes, whose eyes are you looking from?
listen , it makes no difference who thought of the theory of evolution first, and the number of
scientists, researchers and philosophers who culminated in Darwins work, how many names do
the text books mention, but the thing is you believe in the theory, so you cherish the guy.
tell me who, and which establishment is behind the text books taught in the English schools, i
have read no. of iyahs of the Quran in grade 6 book is 6666, whereas it is actually 6236, but
surely that would not offend you.
6. paktea says:
March 20, 2012 at 6:51 pm
tell me who, and which establishment is behind the text books taught in the English schools.
The textbooks have to be read by everyone even if they are in English-medium schools because
even at graduate level, every student has to pass a Pak-studies/Islamiat test before he/she can
graduate.(It was ordered by a certain Gen Zia). Your questions can be better answered if you
read the book first. To name a few, I.H Qureshi and Dr. Safdar Mahmood are two famous
people propagating myths of Nazriya Pakistan(If you read the Muslim League Papers, the
Jinnah Papers and the transfer of power documents, the word Nazriya e Pakistan has not been
used a single time in them and it was not until 1962 that this word was used by a certain Mr.
Abdul Bari, a member of Jamaat e Islami, the same Jamaat that opposed Pakistan vehemently
when it was formed) and creating mythical ideologies). The number of Ayaah doesnt change
the whole ideology of Muslim Life, does it? But this false information does. We need to teach
our children the truth and nothing but the truth. Regarding, 1857, more Muslims were siding
with the British than with the rebels. That was why the movement failed. As far as Darwin is
concerned, he was the first one to explicitly claim using the Galapagos Island Animals as
example to state about evolution, We ARE taught about Lamarck and the Greeks who had
different views about evolution.AM
10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 6/14
7. Rao_Sahib says:
March 21, 2012 at 2:33 am
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8. aneela_shahzad says:
March 21, 2012 at 12:01 pm
Has the user of the word nazaria e pakistan claimed the historical value of the word, if yes it
is a matter of the mans integrity not of nationhood, if no, which is the real case, the term must
be taken literally.
AMA you seem to have a habit of dealing with religious terminologies politically and political
terminologies religiously.
the number of iyahs does make a difference for those who believe in Gods words as
unchangeable and indestructibly, and it does matter when it gives to religious hatred when our
holy number is equated to the devils number of others.
For me dangerous information is not use of this word or that, it is the idea that this country was
not meant to be Islamic; and the idea that monkeys came down the trees to become men (and
nobody can say if/when this would be reversed).
9. Taha Rizvi says:
March 22, 2012 at 7:27 am
Ahhh.. I dont know what grade you teach but I do know (as an O levels student) that
Pakistan Studies books inculcate an ideologically false perception of what Pakistan stands for
and who are its real enemiesnowhere was i told that the beloved Jamiat actually opposed
the creation of Pakistan along with the mullahs at Jamiat-e-Ulema-Hind..I also was taught that
India attacked us unprovoked in the 1965 war Also I was told about the massacres our army
committed in East Pakistan.
This, in my opinion, is the real murder of historyI dont know what other students will think
when they find out our founders were more liberal than todays politicians but I was pretty
shocked when i heard about Jinnahs secular stand.nowhere is it written openly (at least in the
books I was taught from) that Pakistan was created because we were a different set from the
Hindus, but the idea that students get is that ours is an ideological nation(whatever that
means..) separate from the cunning Hindus.
We have to work hard to create a different national identity. One that defines us as Pakistanis
and not as oppressed muslims. We are taught to be proud of the fact that we are Muslims and
anIslamic nation, instead we should inculcate a Pakistani identityon the Turkey model.
Yours sincerely,
Distracted Student
10. aneela_shahzad says:
March 22, 2012 at 5:07 pm
10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 7/14
Distracted Student
go to a court proceeding and listen to the defense of a murderer, will he not tell you a story
totally opposed to truth but equally plausible and believable, if you want to learn all your
history from Indias mouth or from those who might have imperialistic plans over you, they
might be able to prove to you in no time that your religion is a pile of ghostly myths, and your
nationhood is standing on a quicksand of opposing agendas.
as soon as you accept nationhood over religion, they will present a case of ethnicity over nation
and it will be proven to you that, for the sake of human dignity, freedom of choice and
democracy we should hand over Baluchistan to the Jews, Sindh to the US, Punjab to India and
Khyber to the Afghans, and Indus will be fairly distributed under the auspice of a permanent
NATO force..
i repeat, the purpose of a curriculum is to integrate not disintegrate, to give confidence not guilt,
make an active, lively, progressive nation not a disgusted, depressed, suicidal one. textbooks
have to be precise and repetitive, they have their limitations, same in biology as in P.Studies,
many controversial theories and concepts have to be dealt in compromising ways, even if the
whole scientific community might be at battles over them.
11. Taha Rizvi says:
March 22, 2012 at 6:36 pm
Our curriculum has failed to unite us (cricket has done a better job)..Students look
for opportunities to leave this country. Our curriculum doesnt give us confidence and in no
way does it work to create a progressive nationInstead all it has created is a group of
students who blame all of our misfortunes on India or the western forces and than conveniently
sit down to discuss Katrina kaif and Brad Pits latest movies. They blame others for all their
problems..from sectarian conflicts yeh zaroor bahar ki forces ka kaam hai to how messed up
is our education system mobile on karo kal ka paper leak hogia hai
I am sorry, but all we have done is create hypocrites who pray 5 times a day and than spend
their nights chatting with their girlfriends and surfing you-know-what on the web. Nationhood
is completely lost to us and instead of working for betterment of this country we pray for other
countries to fail. kuch ho na ho india match har jai..Its an environment of hate.. mein tau
bahar jaonga parhne ke liye
12. Taha Rizvi says:
March 22, 2012 at 7:34 pm
I agree, our curriculum should be designed in a way that glorifies our history and heroes. every
nation does thisbut the problem is we are overdoing it. Weve created a generation that
believes that we have done nothing wrong ever.
hum doodh se dholey hain and all of our problems are because of outside forces ghair
mulky taqatain As a result, weve become paranoid as a nation..Sab humare khilaf mill ke
sazish kar rahe hain.
This is what needs to be taught, love for this country, instead of hatred of the others.
13. Raison says:
March 24, 2012 at 5:29 pm
to aneela
Can Pakistan be united without making use of lies, many many layers of lies? The pakistani
10/24/2014 Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House 8/14
leaders know that they are lying or that their standpoint is not corroborated by history. Sooner
or later lies fall apart or end up in bloody contradictions. That is what is happning in Pakistan.
And your remedy is: lets lie more strongly in order to unite. But that will only lead to more
bloody conflicts and more fascism. May be you dont understand what fascism is and how it
works. When a religion is fascistic or fascism becomes religious then it becomes a final
14. aneela_shahzad says:
March 24, 2012 at 8:29 pm
. then how are you Hindus still standing
15. Muder of History (Part 2) | Pak Tea House says:
March 27, 2012 at 9:25 am
[...] For Part 1, Click here. [...]
16. The murder of history in Pakistan says:
May 26, 2012 at 8:17 pm
[...] delivered on June 4, 1858 . (We are a Nation, Excerpts from speeches of Quaid-i-Azam;
page 60) Murder of History(Part 1) | Pak Tea House Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread
Secularism in [...]
17. dralihabib says:
August 6, 2014 at 1:46 am
i would like to say a few words allama iqbal was the first person who gave the vision of
dividing subcontinent on the basis of relegion on the other hand john bright couldnt even think
of a muslim perspective of the problem so that is very simple allama ikbal may have extracted
some idea ar found it compelling but only a muslim free thinking independent visionary like
him could give a concept of dividing subcontinent on the basis of relegion to save the intrests
and rights of muslims
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