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Hi, ......................
MING: How do you do ............................. Nice to meet you.
JOHN: How do you do ......................... ........................................
MING: My name is Du Xiao Ming, you
can call me Ming.
Excuse me , can I have your
name, please.
JOHN: I am John. Nice to meet you .
MING: Pleasure is mine. Where do you
come from?
JOHN: I am from Chicago, Illinois,
USA. And you?
MING: Are you American?

JOHN: Originally I am Irish from Britain

and currently reside in The
United States of America. What
about you?
MING: I am Chinese from Haikou,
Hainan, China. Excuse me, John,
for my curiosity, but what do
you do for living?
JOHN: I am a biologist. But at present I
work for The International
Student Exchange Organization.
And what is your occupation ?
MING: I am a student of a Foreign
Trade School in Haikou, Hainan.

Is Chicago the capital of the

No, it is not. It is the capital of
Illinois, one of the 50 states
in the USA

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MING: How d’you do

Good morning
(afternoon; evening)
JOHN: How d’you do
Good morning
(afternoon; evening)
MING: I am Du Xiao Ming, .
And yours ?

JOHN: My name is John, I am

glad to meet you . I am
John. It’s a pleasure to
meet you .
MING: Nice to meet you too.
Where are you from?
JOHN: I come from the USA,
Chicago, to be precise.
MING: Is American your nationality?
JOHN: I am Irish living in USA. Where do you come from ?
MING: I come from The People’s Republic of China and live in Haikou on a
Hainan Island. Excuse me for asking, but what do you do for living ?
JOHN: My current job is with The International Student Exchange
Organization, but I am a biologist. What about you?
MING: I study at The Haikou Foreign Trade School in Hainan Province.

Is The Northern Ireland a part of Great Britain ?

No, it is not. The Northern Ireland is a part of The United Kingdom , but
England, Wales and Scotland constitute Great Britain .

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Canada Canadian ?

French French

Japan ? ?

Greece ? Greek

Holland ? ?

Nepal ? Nepalese

Korea ? ?

Brasil Brasilian ?

? ? Spanish

Russia ? ?


Is Istanbul the capital of Australia? No, it is not. The capital of
Australia is Canberra.
Is New York the biggest city in the USA? Yes it is. But Mexico City
is the most populous city in the world.

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Israel ? Hebrew

Turkey ? Turlish

? German German

Australia ? English

Czech Republic ? Czech

Finland Finnish ?

? ? Italian

Denmark ? ?

Suadi Arabia ? ?

Egypt Egyp


Do they speak French in Holand? No, they don’t. The spoken
language in Holland is Dutch and they speak Hebrew in Israel.
Do the English live in Japan? No, they don’t. The English live in
The UK and the Japanese live in Japan.

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Do you know, that Venece is famous for its canals?

What is San-Francisco famous for?
It is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge.

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What is the landmark for China? The Great Wall is.

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TOM CROSS: Hello! Is this 65522331 I have

ANN SMITH: Yes, it is. Ann Smith speaking. What
can I do for you ?
TOM CROSS: Tom Cross here. How d’you do. I am
trying to reach Mr. Stevenson’s office.
Is Mr. Stevenson available at the
ANN SMITH: Good morning Mr. Cross.
Hold the line, please. I will try
to put you through .
ANN SMITH: Mr. Stevenson, there is Tom
Cross on the line five. Would
you like to have him
connected ?
MR. STEVENSON: Oh, yes, of course. Let me talk to him.
Hi, Tom. I haven’t heard from you for ages . I hope everything’s
all right with you.
TOM CROSS: Hi, Mr. Stevenson. You are right, it’s been a while since I
talked with you last time. I hope I haven’t interrupted you at this
MR. STEVENSON: Of course not. Go ahead . What can I do for you.
TOM CROSS: I am calling to change the time of our arrangement. It has been
set for 5:00 PM on Friday and I am afraid I need to put it off.
MR. STEVENSON: I do not think it may cause any problems. I hope you have good
reasons to do so.
TOM CROSS: If so, would it be convenient for
you to rearrange our meeting for
the next Friday, please? I will be
out on a business trip for the
whole week.

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MR. STEVENSON: Let me check with my schedule. Right. I will be able to see
you... let me about 3:00 PM next Friday. How does that
sound ?
TOM CROSS: It sounds fine. This arrangement suits me best. I will definitely
be back by that time.
MR. STEVENSON: I am pleased to hear it .
TOM CROSS: I apologize for these inconveniences . Thank you for your
understanding.. I am looking forward to seeing you next Friday.
MR. STEVENSON: Thank you for calling, Tom. It was nice of you . Good-bye


TOM CROSS: Hello! Is this Billard Enterprises I am calling to?

ANN SMITH: Hello! Ann Smith speaking. How can I help you?

Billard Enterprises. Ann Smith’s on the phone. How can I be of any

assistance to you?

TOM CROSS: Hi! This is Tom Cross calling. Could you put me through to Mr.
Stevenson’s desk, please? It is kind of urgent.

I would appreciate if you could put me through to Mr. Stevenson’s desk.

Please, treat it as an emergency, please.

ANN SMITH: Hi, Mr. Cross. Please, hold on. I will check with Mr. Stevenson’s office and
get back to you in a minute. Thank you.

How do you do, Mr. Cross. Please, hold on. Let me check if Mr. Stevenson
ANN SMITH: is available now. I will get back to you just in a minute. Thank you for
calling Billard Enterprises.

Excuse me, Mr. Stevenson, I have Tom Cross put on hold at the moment.
He claims it is emergency. Would you like to put you through?

MR. STEVENSON: Yes, please. I would like to speak with him at once. Put him through.

MR. STEVENSON Tom? Stevenson here. How have you been doing all this time ? I am glad
you called me.

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TOM CROSS: Mr. Stevenson? I am pleased to have one more opportunity to contact you.
I hope you have a little time to spend on me.

MR. STEVENSON: Sure, I have. I am all ears. How can I serve you?


CALL on a cellular (mobile) phone

SEND IN a letter by (via) telex

a copy of a documentby (via) fax

a letter, a scanned
copy of a document with an e-mail
and a picture

LEAVE a message on an answering machine

TOM CROSS: I am calling in regard to our arrangement which was set for 5:00 PM on
Friday. As I see it we probably need to have it postponed.

MR. STEVENSON: Sure. No problem. It would not effect our plans in any way.

TOM CROSS: Then, will it sound reasonable to meet next Friday? I will be away from my
desk for several days this week.

MR. STEVENSON: Let me consult my timetable. All right; I have nothing special planned for
3:00 PM next Friday. I hope you would be available at this time.

TOM CROSS: Perfect. I would gladly accept this arrangement. I am expected back early
next week.

That is what I counted on. It perfectly fits into my schedule.

MR. STEVENSON: I am glad to hear it.

TOM CROSS: Please excuse me for causingsome changes in your busy schedule. Thank
you for considering my request. I will see you next Friday then.

MR. STEVENSON: Thanks for bringing it to my attention . Good-bye.

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FALKS: Hello! Is it a Global Tours Travel Agency I have reached?

NANCY Yes, it is. Nancy Banks speaking. What can I do for you?

FALKS: Hi, Nancy. This is Julia Folks from Chicago calling. I would like
to purchase a package tour to China. Do you still have them

NANCY: Of course. We are currently holding a “Great Wall” package

sightseeing tour including visits to numerous historic sites in
China. Is that what you are looking for ?

FALKS: Perfect. It must be quite a lengthy stay, isn’t it? Unfortunately I

have only to weeks to spend on it.

NANCY Right. Generally speaking it is a 14-day package tour, but me

can tailor it to match your requirements .

FALKS: Fine. When is the departure date?

NANCY: You will have the round-trip ticket with the dates June 21 st for
the departure and July 5 th for the arrival to Chicago. Does that
sound good enough ?

FALKS: I think that is exactly what I wanted.

NANCY: Right. Would you like me to make booking?

FALKS: Yes. Please do. And make sure to have the first class seats on
my flight.

NANCY: Could you, please spell your name as it appears on your


FALKS: Sure. J-U-L-I-A F-O-L-K-S. Please note K-S at the end.

NANCY: Thank you. I will need to ask some questions as the formal red
tape requires. Would you mind?

FALKS: Not at all. Please go ahead.

NANCY: First, what is your birth date?

FALKS: I was born on the 26 of July, 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia and I
am a US citizen.

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NANCY: Right. Do you have a valid passport ? Could you quote dates of
issuance and expiry?

FALKS: It is valid until May 19 th, 2003 and has was issued on the 20 th
May 1998.

NANCY: What is your permanent residence address, please? You need to

include your contact information .

FALKS: Sure. 678 Washington Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA. The zip
code is 98001. Telephone number: 981 as an area code and

NANCY: Thank you. Now, Would you be traveling alone?

FALKS: Oh, yes. Excuse me, what would be the conditions regarding
room and board , please?

NANCY: Your tour includes total of 14 days and 13 nights in major

metropolitan cities of China visiting the most famous historic
sites. You start from Chicago catching flight to Beijing, where
you will stay in a luxurious Hilton hotel for 4 nights. You will be
also provided a guide to help you with your sightseeing. The
package comes with three substantial meals a day in a hotel
restaurant including welcome and farewell parties .

FALKS: That’s marvelous . What about other destinations ?

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NANCY: Sure. Your itinerary spreads over to Shanghai, Xi’an, Hong

Kong and Macau with 2 to 4-night stays in each on the same
terms and conditions as in Beijing.

FALKS: It sounds very challenging. Let me ask you this... who is

responsible for all visa red tape formalities . Could you bear all
of them?

NANCY: Yes we can. We will have your visa processed in an appropriate

Embassy or consular office in no time for additional fees.

FALKS: By the way . What are the total expenses I should have in mind
to purchase this particular tour?

NANCY: Right. In order to purchase this tour your price will total to
3.500 USD excluding the airfare which is a separate charge . The
airfare may vary from 1.200 USD to 2.800 USD depending on a
class of seats and type of an air carrier .

FALKS: I think these are reasonable rates . Could you consider the
reservation for my first class air ticket on one of the Air China
flights? As an option, I would prefer to fly with Northwest

NANCY: I will, sure do. How would you prefer to pay for your booking:
cash, check or credit card? We accept all major credit cards .

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FALKS: I prefer to make out a check . Shall I make it out to Global

Tours Travel Agency or any of your executives ?

NANCY: Of course. Thank you for having business with us.

FALKS: Hello,....Nancy! When do you want me to come and make the


NANCY: Well. The sooner the better . Let me see... Next week will be
fine. Please do not forget to bring your passport, 2 passport-size
photos, and extra 50 USD for the visa.

FALKS: I will not. Thank you for your time, Nancy. See you on Monday
then. Bye.

NANCY: Thank you, Ms. Folks. I will be waiting for you . Good Bye.

FALKS: Oh,...I have almost forgotten ...Is the address you have
advertized in the newspaper correct?

NANCY: Yes, it is. Just in case call me before you leave for the

FALKS: Thank you, Nancy. Bye.


FALKS: Hello! Is this the number for Global Tours Travel Agency I am dialing (calling)

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NANCY Correct. Nancy Banks here. How can I help you?

You’ve dialed the right number. How can I be of any assistance to you?

FALKS: How d’you do, Nancy. My name is Julia Folks from Chicago. Do you have
package tours available to China I could purchase?

NANCY: Yes. we have. I could offer a “Great Wall” package, which introduces most
exciting and famous historic sights in China. Does that match you interests?

FALKS: Excellent. Do you think you could fit it into two weeks? My time is limited.

NANCY As a normal , this particular package takes 14 days, but we can consider your
request to fit it into your schedule.

FALKS: Great. When is the flight?

NANCY: Your tour starts on June 21 st and the arrival date back to Chicago will be set... Let
me see... on July 5th . How does that sound?

FALKS: It sounds like I will be able to keep my schedule.

NANCY: Exactly. Would you want to book one?

FALKS: Of course, I would. Please make reservations for the first class seats in the plane.

NANCY: Will you, please spell your name for me? I need it to avoid errors in your traveling

FALKS: No problem. J-U-L-I-A F-O-L-K-S. Please do not misspell as in “FOX”.

NANCY: I appreciate that . The formal procedures require to feel in a special form, so I need
to ask you some questions. I hope you do not mind.

FALKS: Of course, not. I am listening.

NANCY: What is the date of your birth, please?

FALKS: My birth date is the July 26 th, 1958. I am a US citizen by birth from Atlanta,

NANCY: OK. Is your passport valid? When was it issued and when does it expire?

FALKS: The validity of the passport is five years and it was issued on March the 5 th 1998.

NANCY: Could you tell me your residence address, and please, include your telephone and
fax numbers if any.

FALKS: Of course I would. Here it is: 678 Washington Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA
with the zip code of 98001. My phone number is 981-6784561.

NANCY: I appreciate that. Would you like a package for one person?

FALKS: Definitely yes. Could you give me the details on room and board, please?

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NANCY: This is a 14-day and 13-night package tour to the major metropolitan areas of
China. you will be able to visit the most ancient sites and stay in luxurious hotels.
You arrive to Beijing from Chicago and spend 4 nights in Beijing Hilton Hotel.
There is a guide available to assist you on your sightseeing tours. There is a three-
meal-per-day board available for your convenience in a hotel restaurant with the
welcome and farewell parties included.

FALKS: Gorgeous. Could you give me a brief outline of other destinations, please?

NANCY: With pleasure. Your further destinations are Shaghai, Xi’an, Hong Kong and
Macau having the same accommodations and board as in Beijing.

FALKS: It is exactly what I was looking for. Could you take up the responsibilities for my
visa red tape and other formalities?

NANCY: Yes, we usually charge extra fees for having visa issued for our clients by foreign
Embassies and Consulates.

FALKS: Could you quote the total costs I am liable to if I decide to sign up?

NANCY: OK. Let me make some calculations.... The best price for th package will amount
to 3.500 USD, which does not cover the airfare. It may have the range between
1.200 USD and 2.800 USD determined by the class of seats and air company you
wish to fly with.

FALKS: The price fits my budget. Can you make reservations for the first class ticket on
one of the Air China flights? If seats are not available, please consider Northwest
Airlines as the next best option.

NANCY: Yes, definitely I can. Ms. Folks, what form of payment would you consider: cash,
check or credit card? We can honor most of major international credit cards.

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I’d rather pay with my Discover
Card. Will that be OK?

NANCY: Of course it will be fine. We take most major credit cards. Thank you for your

FALKS: Nancy!... When is it appropriate for me to accomplish the purchase?

NANCY: Let me consult the calendar... early next week will make it perfect. Please, make
sure to have your passport, 2 passport-size photos and extra 50 USD for visa with

FALKS: OK. I will. I appreciate your being so kind and professional. I will see you on
Monday then.

NANCY: Thank you for doing business with us. I’m looking forward to seeing you on
Monday, Ms. Folks.

FALKS: Excuse me, more thing; Are you on the same address you have
indicated in the newspaper ads?

NANCY: Yes we are. You could call me on Monday to give you directions.

FALKS: Thank you, Ms Folks. Good bye.


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Julia Hi, Marsha. How nice to see you again. Are you flying anywhere ?

Marsha Oh, hi Julia. No I am not going anywhere at this time. I am meeting my

friend from Italy arriving with the flight from Rome. And... what are you
doing here?

Julia I plan to spend my Summer holidays in Paris, France. My flight has not
been announced yet and I have to do a bunch of things before boarding . I
may sound weird , but this is my first flight and I do not really know what
should I do first.

Marsha Well. I have some time to show you around and help you.

Julia Thank you so much. I may have missed my flight without you being here.
Where do we start?

Marsha First, show me your ticket. Thank you. We need to register it. OK, you
are flying with Air France and its check-in desk is right there, number 5.
You can check in your baggage too there.

Julia Do I need to present my passport too?

Marsha Oh, yes. They need to make sure that you have visa to enter the country.
At the check-in desk the agent will issue a boarding pass to you, on
which you will find numbers of your flight, terminal, gate and seat.

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I need to check in two suitcases and

carry one handbag on board.

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Julia OK. What is the next step towards my airplane?

Marsha Having your boarding pass issued and baggage checked in, you need to
proceed to the passport control and customs . These services usually are
the boarder ones. Once you pass them, you in fact are outside of your

Julia What are these services for?

Marsha Ok. Let me put it this way ...the passport control will inspect your
passport, your personal data , validity of visa and authorize you to leave
the country issuing the exit visa. Customs usually check your hand
baggage you carry on the plane, whether you have nothing that is not
allowed to have on board the plane, like handguns, drugs or inflammable
chemicals which could put at risk the safety of the flight.

Julia OK. Now I see how complicated are the procedures at the airport.

Marsha Having passed through these procedures you are free to board the plane
via gate stated in your boarding pass.

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Julia Do I have to make any statements while being checked at customs?


I have nearly
forgotten to tell
you that you will
be required to fill
out the declaration
form. It will be
your official
statement that you
accept the customs
terms and
regulations and
have nothing to

Julia What about an airplane. Is there anything special I need to do?

Marsha Well, the only thing to do is to comply with the flight safety regulations
and fasten your seat belts while the plane is taking off and gaining
Julia :You know, I am little bit scared to fly for the first time in my life and
probably I will feel alone all these hours. I do not know how I would

Marsha Do not worry. There is a crew with flight attendants to assist you on your
flight. OK, here’s your flight being announced. Hurry up. Good luck.

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Hi, Marsha. I am glad to see you here. Are you going to travel?

How d’you do, Julie. I am meeting a friend from Italy. His flight from Rome has been delayed for
the next 2 hours. Are you catching a flight?

Yes. I am flying to Paris, France to spend my Summer vacations. I arrived a bit earlier to find out
what I have to do prior to boarding the plane. You know, this is my first flight and I am not sure
about the procedures.

Do not worry. I have got time to help you around.

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I do appreciate your giving me a hand. I would have probably missed my flight if I had not met you
here. What are we supposed to do first?

To start with I need your ticket. All right. Your

airline company is Air France and its check-in

desk is number 25. You need to check in your

baggage too there.

Is it necessary to show my passport too?

Of course. The airline agent will check if you have visa obtained prior to your entry to France.

Is that all I have to do to board the plane?

Not at all. The check-in desk agent will print out a boarding pass for you. It will indicate the flight,
terminal, gate and seat numbers for you.

All right. Where do I go from there?

With your boarding pass and passport you need to approach the passport control and customs
lounges. They in fact are the last services in your home country.

What these services actually do?

All right. Let me explain. The passport control is responsible of checking the validity of your visa
and correctness of your personal information in the passport. After which they will stamp in an exit
visa, as a permission to leave the country. Customs are liable to inspect your personal belongings
you will have on the plane and make sure you do not have items that are restricted to have on
board, such as handguns, drugs and hazardous materials which could endanger the safety of

Now I can understand why they require to register for the flight at least one hour in advance.

Having completed these formalities you will be invited to the gate indicated in your boarding pass
to board the plane.

Am I required to answer any questions at customs?

It has almost slipped out of my mind to warn you that you will be asked to fill out the declaration
form. In it you need to declare if you have any valuables taking out of your country including
amount of currency in cash.

Do I need to do anything special on board the plane?

file://C:\Documents and Settings\GJRS\Desktop\Dialogues\Airport\pg_0006.htm 6/14/2009

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Probably the most important would be to follow the on-board safety regulations and fasten your seat
belt before the plane takes off and until the illuminated sign on the panel above your seat turns off.

Being on my first flight ever, I might feel very lonely on the plane. It is little bit frightening.

You will not. A crew with flight attendants will be at your service during the
whole flight. All right. It’s an announcement about your flight. Take care.
Have a safe flight.

Complete the names of the airline companies in framed boxes

file://C:\Documents and Settings\GJRS\Desktop\Dialogues\Airport\pg_0007.htm 6/14/2009

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Write in framed boxes countries to which the airline companies belong to

file://C:\Documents and Settings\GJRS\Desktop\Dialogues\Airport\pg_0008.htm 6/14/2009

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file://C:\Documents and Settings\GJRS\Desktop\Dialogues\Airport\pg_0010.htm 6/14/2009

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YES, IT IS AA 215.

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Exiting to the ground transportation at the airport

Julia Excuse me, sir. Is this the shuttle bus to Hilton Garden Inn?

Stranger No, Ma’am, it is not. This bus shuttles to the downtown Marriott
Courtyard. Next one to it is the uptown Sheraton shuttle. The stand
number six is for shuttle buses to all Hilton hotels.

Julia Thank you, sir.

In the lobby of the hotel

Welcome to Hilton Garden Inn, the best in entire Hilton chain
Porter hotels. Let me help you with your baggage.

Julia Oh, thank you so much. They are heavy indeed. Where is the front

Porter It is in the rare of this lobby, right behind the planter .

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Julia Hello. My name is Falks, F-A-L-K-S. You should have a room

reserved for four nights through the Global Tours Travel Agency.
Could you please check on that ?

Receptionist How do you do, Mrs. Falks. Could you, please wait a second. I will
check it up in the register.

Julia Of course. No problem.

Receptionist Mrs. Falks, I am so sorry to tell you that your reservation has been
canceled already . You were supposed to arrive two days ago and
we kept it for you until yesterday.

Julia Right. I changed my plans and I should have notified you about it.
Never mind. Do you have rooms available ?

Receptionist Yes, we do. Which one would you prefer: singles, doubles or
suites ?

Julia That’s perfect. I would rather take a single room.

Receptionist Would you like your single room with a king or queen size bed?

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Julia I will take one with a king size bed. And do you have TVs in

Receptionist Of course, we do. All of them are equipped with cable TVs with
TNT, NBC, HBO, and computers with an Internet hook-up . Also,
the rooms are air conditioned.

Julia Excuse me, please, what are the rates ?

Receptionist The singles rate at $60 per night including complementary

breakfast. Other services are surcharged .

Julia Do you honor Visa or Master Card ?

Receptionist Yes, we do. Could you sign the registration form here, please?

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Julia Wonderful. What about my meals? Are my vouchers for three daily
meals still valid?

Receptionist .By all means. We’ll need to reschedule them.

Julia Could you, please in brief tell me about the services provided by the

Receptionist Of course. We have a restaurant and a night bar on the ground

floor. You can have your meals in the restaurant or use our room
service for an extra charge .

Julia A night bar?

Receptionist Yes. The night bar is open

from 8:00 pm until 3 am. and
there is a nice entertainment
program on every night with
the soft music and wide
selection of drinks.



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Julia I am used to exercise every morning. Do you have any facilities for

Yes, we do. You can find a fitness room on the second floor and a
swimming pool with hot-spring spa , sauna and whirlpool in the
attached building . We have outdoor tennis courts too

Julia Oh, I have almost forgotten. Is there a Currency Exchange in the

hotel? I have the foreign hard currency to turn into dollars.

* A currency
message board
has daily
updates of rates
throughout the

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Receptionist For your convenience, all financial transactions you could conduct
with the City Bank branch right in the left wing of the lobby.

Julia You know, I might need a car to get around the city. There’s plenty
of sightseeing to do.

Receptionist In the right wing of the lobby you can locate the Budget Rent-A-
Car desk. You could rent a car of your choice on a daily basis with
full coverage of insurance . Or, you can hire a chauffeur to show
you around. And that is not all...

Porter With a special Limousin service you may drive in style and luxury.

Julia What about the rates. Are they reasonable ?

Receptionist I can assure you that rates are quite moderate .

Julia Oh, one more thing; This is my first visit to your city and I would
like to have a guide. Is that possible?

Receptionist No problem at all. Our Tourist Services, which is right next to

entrance, will provide you with a well-trained, bilingual and
professional guide. They could also tailor an itinerary for you.

Julia That’s marvelous. Thank you for your quite comprehensive


Receptionist It’s been a pleasure . Thank you for choosing our services , Mrs.
Falks. Here’s your key. You room number is 307. Please take an
elevator to the third floor in the Northern wing. Your door will be
the third one to the right. We hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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Julia I am sure I will. Thank you so much.

Receptionist Please do not hesitate to call the front desk should you need any


Could you please help me to catch the shuttle bus to Hilton

Garden Inn?

Sure. These shuttle bus stands are for Marriott and Sheraton
hotels. The last one, number six is for all Hilton hotels.

I appreciate your help, sir.

Welcome to the best Garden Hotel in the Hilton chain. May I

assist you with your baggage.

Thank you for being helpful. I need the reception, please.

You can see it behind the indoor garden island.

How d’you do. You must have a reservation for Mrs. Falks, F-A-
L-K-S. The room has been booked by the Global Tours Travel
Agency. Could you please consult your list?

Good evening, Mrs. Falks. Let me see through the register. It

won’t take more than a minute.

Sure. Take your time.

Mrs. Falks, we apologize but your reservation is not valid any

more due to your late arrival. We could have kept it for you only
until yesterday.

My plans has been changed and I definitely needed to have you

informed about my late arrival. But it’s OK. Could you check me
in for the next four days?

Fortunately, we are not sold out. I could check you in singles,

doubles or suites. Which one would you like?

Fine. Could you make it a single room, please?

We have singles available with king and queen size beds. Which
would be your preference, Mrs. Falks?

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I would prefer a single with the king size bed. Excuse me, is there
a TV available in singles?

Sure, it is. All our rooms have cable TVs, desktops with Internet
access and air conditioners.

Could you quote the prices, please?

The singles are for $60 per night including continental breakfast.
Other services are available for an additional charge.

Can you charge my Visa or Master Card?

Sure, we can. Could you put your signature on the registration

form in the box below, please?

Terrific. How about the vouchers for daily meals. Can I still use

Sure, you can. We will simply adjust the dates on them

May I ask you to introduce me in brief to the services available on

the premises?

Sure. No problem. There are a restaurant and a night club on the

ground floor. You could choose to dine in the restaurant or call
for the room service which is available for 24 hours 7 days a

A night club?

Yes. The night club has Jam Sessions performed almost every
night. Soft Rock and selected choice of beverages will make you
feel quite relaxed

Do you have any sporting facilities in the hotel?

Of course, we have a fitness room and an indoor swimming pool

with a Finnish sauna, whirlpool and spa. Outdoor tennis courts
are available also.

It nearly slipped out of my mind. Will I be able to exchange

French Francs for Dollars? I mean, do you have any Currency
Exchange offices around?

The branch of the City Bank located in the left wing of the lobby
will fulfill all your financial operations.

Does the hotel provide a transport related services?

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With the Budget Rent-A-Car in the left wing of the lobby you can
have two options: either rent a type of a car you use to drive that
comes with full insurance coverage in case of accident, or choose
to have a chauffeur provided to drive you around.

Our Limo service is available to add fashion and style to your


What about the charge. Are these services expensive?

I am sure prices quite compatible to fit into your budget.

This is my first stay in this city and could I possibly have a guide
to visit places of interest?

Of course you could. The Guest Services office will have the
professional, multilingual guide assigned to you any time you
wish to do sightseeing. They could map your itinerary too.

That’ great. I appreciate your time and assistance.

We are happy to serve you. Thank you for choosing our hotel.
Here are your keys. Your room 307 is in the Northern wing of the
hotel. You can take elevator to the third floor and your door is
third to the right. I am sure you will have a pleasant stay here,
Mrs. Falks.

Thank you for all your courtesy and kindness. I will make the
best of my stay.

Please feel comfortable to call us any time if you need any help.

Thank you very much.


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Complete the names of hotels in the picture

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Write full name of the hotel in the blank boxes. Try to write for yourself the
address of these hotels.

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