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AS Media Studies Coursework Name: Johnathan Ramsay

Proposal Form
Describe your idea for the brief:
My magazine will be focusing on genres such as rap and hip hop with images
included following the fashion conventions of the genres. As all of the
magazines took inspiration from are !S based there is a gap in the market
from a rap"hip hop magazine focusing on !# talent including established
international artists. $hroughout the magazine will be following conventions
from the magazines have taken inspiration from such as the layout of the
magazine and a strong colour scheme.
Genre/ sub genre:
$he genre of music have chosen is %ap"&ip &op although these are very
diverse genres they link in together nicely. have taken inspiration from
magazines such as ''() $he Source and *ibe.
Target audience:
am targeting an audience between the ages of +, to -. predominately male
as the chosen genres are male dominated. My target audience will have an
interest in attending live gigs) downloading new music and an interest n the
fashion associated with my chosen genre.
Major conventions:
will use conventions such as having my masthead filling the width of the top
of my cover with a main cover line going across the mid/section of the cover.
My cover will also include coverlines with lists of artists included within my
magazine to encourage my target audience to read on into my magazine.
My contents page will include a main image on the right hand side with the
number contents on the left as well as brief descriptions of each feature under
the sub headings. n my double page spread will include conventions such
as placing my main image on the left hand side page with the te0t on the right.
1ithin the te0t will include drop caps and pull 2uotes as well as a catching
strapline above my main body of te0t.
Original images:
am going to use images of a fellow student posing as an up and coming
artist3 will take mis en scene into consideration when preparing these images
with the use of props such as a microphone and a costume fitting the fashion
conventions of my chosen genre. also have images from live gigs have
attended such as Snoop Dogg.
Potential difficulties/ 4lan 5:
may have difficulty ac2uiring professional 2uality images3 will book the
college photography studio to overcome this potential difficulty and produce
photos of a professional standard. may also have difficulty ac2uiring the
props needed for my images. f this presents itself as a difficulty will take my
images outside using an urban background to follow the conventions of my
chosen genre.