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An unexamined faith based on belief without evidence that cannot stand up to science, reason

and critical criticism is a useless faith.

What's the worst that can happen if there is no God?

Your thoughts will be of your own private affair. You will be responsible for your thoughts,
emotional responses and actions. It will mean that instead of judging, persecuting, blaming,
pitying, hurting and segregating people because of religious conviction or beliefs because “my
God loves me more than you because I believe,” you will have to take care of and serve each
other, for there is no one else looking out for us. It means that you need to pay attention to how
you can help others today, instead of awaiting some grand war to end the suffering of the

The idea that the Ultimate authority of love and compassions is a jealous, angry God who put
everything into place that caused the fall from grace, then foregone with a creation he knew
was doomed and would regret before creating it, who continued to create it regardless and was
fallible in love, compassion and empathy and powerless to forgive by his own free will makes
no sense. A God infallible in love, benevolence and kindness could not do such things.

Only a God of vanity would care more about people believing in him, sending those who don't
to torture, than care more about how we serve and love each other. A deity infallible in love and
compassion cannot be judgmental, create a hell while knowing most humans were already
doomed to go there, or order and commit murder as God does throughout the OT.

Matthew 7:18, Luke 6:43 – Someone once said that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. The idea
that Adam/Eve's disobedience rendered God's creation imperfect, that humanity is stained by
their sins, that women were given pains in labor and men must toil the ground as punishment
makes no sense.

Only an imperfect God could create imperfect humans.

A just God would not punish someone else for your sins or you for someone else's sins. A just
God would not condemn most of humanity to infinite torment for a finite crime of disbelief. A
just God who did not want any of his creation to perish for eternity would certainly never have
forgone with a creation he knew was doomed by his own hand.

Why did the rest of humanity get punished for Adam and Eve's sins?

Perhaps we should take an evangelist and behead them for Hitler's Holocaust, seeing as Hitler
was raised in a Catholic monastery, was an alter boy, learned his anti-Semitism in church, was
supported by the Vatican and became the leader of the German Church who forced religion to
be taught in schools, public and the military. Or perhaps we should take a random Christian and
feed them to the lions for Jack the Ripper's murders. As with the sins of Adam and Eve
somehow, being passed down magically to every person as they are born as if some physical
disease, instantly rendering them a sinner....the connections don't make any sense.
David Mills, in his book “Atheist Universe” writes:

“Blaise Pascal, a 17th century French philosopher articulated an argument known as Pascal's
Wager. If an atheist is right that there is no God, Heaven, or Hell; then you have nothing to
gain. But if you're wrong, then you've lost your soul for eternity. On the other hand, if a person
believes in God, then he has everything to gain and nothing to lose. If he's right, then he'll go to
heaven. If he's wrong about there being a God, then he'll at least have looked forward to going
to heaven even if he merely rots in the ground beside you.

There are several fallacies with this argument. The most obvious is that the same argument can
be applied to any religion-- not just Christianity. For example, I could say that, since we have
everything to gain and nothing to lose by converting to Islam, we should all become Muslims.
Or since we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by being a Hindu, we should all adopt
Hinduism. Christians never stop to consider that they are in just as much danger of going to
Muslim hell as an atheist is in danger of going to the Christian hell.

Pascal's Wager is also flawed in its premise that a person has everything to gain, and nothing to
lose, by converting to a religion. The fact is, whether we like it or not, our earthly life is the
only life we have evidence for that we are going to experience. If we sacrifice the this one life
in dormant subservience to a nonexistent god, then we have lost everything!”

I also contend, however, that there is a bigger fallacy with this argument.

God is said to be jealous, angry, and anyone who doesn't believe in him or his son goes to
hell/purgatory/lake of fire/Hades. Only a God of vanity would care more about whether you
believe in him or not, than how you treat people. For a God of love would care more about how
you serve and love others, rather than if you believed in him or not. Only a god of vanity would
want subservient doormats, who put themselves down to raise him up and who think they
cannot change their own behavior or character without him. A god of love would give us all the
tools to control our own character, to learn from our own experiences and give us the free will
and creativity to follow our own paths. Only a God of vanity would have plans for us for his
own selfish entertainment.

It is better to not believe in God and treat others with love, compassion, empathy,
understanding, kindness and consideration than to believe in God and treat others with
judgment, prejudice, pity and anger.

Only Satan would be jealous, angry and be so vain and unjust as to judge people for the simple
act of not believing in him and condemn them to infinite pain for the finite crime of disbelief,
but the bible claims this is God's doing.

Only Satan would use threats or make us think that we are unworthy of being forgiven or
loved, just because we make mistakes. Threats are the hallmark of the wicked.
Only Satan would use guilt, shame, fear and threats of damnation for non-believers, while
rewarding believers who judge and persecute others, who have changed the stories and context
of the Bible for their own agendas, who use threats of Hell or hate on anyone they deem to
choose as targets.

Only Satan would teach people to be afraid of questioning him or his word, and to be afraid of
any scientific evidence, historical evidence or reasoning that “creates doubt.” Only Satan would
want us to blindly follow him and be too afraid to examine our beliefs, to question those on the
pulpit, and to take everything in without critically thinking about it.

If you believe in God, but are wicked to others and that can be as simple as telling someone
that they are doomed unless they believe in God, if there is no God, you have done more
damage than a non-believer who acts out of love!

I don't care if you believe in God or not, because what I do know, is that even if Jesus did exist,
if you are going to follow his teachings, you have to subvert laws for love and act out of love.
Only a God of love would care more about how we treat each other, regardless of whether you
believe in him or not. If God does exist and is love, I know he cannot have these horrible
attributes also attributed to the devil.

Considering the persecution of non-believers by Christians since its post-pagan times starting
in Roman Catholicism, I would contend that assuming God, and Jesus are real; either the Bible
was written by judgmental fallible humans or inspired by the devil himself, or Christianity
since Rome converted has been corrupt and led by the very Devil himself.

Whether you believe or not, if you have not love, you have nothing and lost everything!

If God does exist and you've wasted your time praying or trying to convert people, instead of
doing what you can to feed, clothe, employ and nurture people, you have wasted your whole
life. By serving others, you are serving God. Serving people doesn't mean subserviently
praying for them or trying to pressure them into converting.

If God doesn't exist, and you have wasted your time praying instead of doing what you can to
feed, clothe, employ and nurture people, you have wasted your entire life.

Whether God exists or not, if you have wasted your life not serving the people that you know
are real, you have lost everything and have gained nothing.

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