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National Defence University Islamabad

Business Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Saman Attiq
Course Objectives
This course is designed to provide the non- science/ mathematics/ business students an intense foundational
introduction to the fundamental concepts in Statistics and Mathematics. The main objectives of the course
are to enhance students competency in application of statistics and mathematical concepts to solve business
management problems and to improve their level of quantitative sophistication for further advanced business
Learning Outcomes
The non- science/ mathematics/ business student should have mastered and demonstrated the following
quantitative skills after completing this course:
The student is able
to understand the significance of the connection between statistics and its applicability to the real world
to create, read, and interpret graphs, charts, histograms, and diagrams
to understand their applicability to surveys
to understand and use the basic measure of central tendency, dispersion and normal distribution
to collect, organize, and represent data, and be able to recognize and describe relationships
to understand the hypotheses testing and its significance of statistics
to understand the concept of estimation, error, precision, and accuracy in interpreting the results of such
to understand and use the language of probability
to demonstrate several approaches to basic problem solving and implement those strategies
to perform operations on matrices and apply them
Marks Distribution
A. Mid-Term Evaluation = 1 + 2 + 3 = 60 marks
1. Mid-Term = 30 marks; 2. Quiz = 10 marks; 3. Assignments = 20 marks
B. Final Exam = 90 marks
Total = Mid-Term + Final Exam = 60 + 90 = 150 marks
Recommended Books:
1. Levin I. Richard. Statistics for Management, (Latest Edition); McGraw Hill
2. Budnick. Mathematics for Business Economics and Social Science (Latest Edition)

I. Fundamentals of Business Statistics 60 %
II. Fundamentals of Business Mathematics 40 %
Course Contents
Weeks Topics Quiz & Assignment

Week 1
Introduction to Statistics
Statistical Data and its Graphical Representation
Frequency Distribution
General Charts & Graphs

Week 2 Descriptive Statistics
Central Tendency Measures

Week 3 Descriptive Statistics
Measures of Dispersion/Variation &
Measures of Position/Distribution

Week 4
Inferential Statistics
Linear Functions
Correlation Techniques
Quiz # 1

Week 5
Inferential Statistics
Linear Functions
Regression Techniques

Week 6 Hypothesis Testing
Week 7 Index Numbers Assignment for Statistics
Week 8 Revision & Mid-Term Exam
Week 9 Probability
Discrete & Continuous
Normal, Binomial & Poisson Distributions

Week 10 Permutation & Combination
Week 11 Business Equations
Functions, Linear, Quadratic & Cubic Equations
Linear Inequalities

Week 12 Determinants & Matrices Quiz # 2
Week 13 Differentiation
Week 14 Integration
Week 15

Presentations Assignment for Mathematics
Week 16 Final Exam