Name: Adelfa Maria Malpica Dommar Identity card: 5.549.255 Address: Residential set Marine River, floor 6, Apt. 6-1, The New Barcelona, Barcelona Urbanization, Anzoátegui State. Country: Venezuela. Telephones: 0058 (0) 281-4186932 / 0414-8206148 Email: ,

Central university of Venezuela, Caracas. Title obtained: Lic. in Geography. Year finish: 10/1987 University Santa Maria, Caracas. Title obtained: Lawyer. Year finish: 07/1996

Oriente University -INDESA, Barcelona. Title Postgrade: Graduated in Security, Hygiene and Environment. Year of study: 11/2005 to 12/2006. Santa Maria University, Caracas. Title Postgrado: Specialization in Private Right. Year of Study: 10/1996- 1998.

Affiliations: College of Lawyer and College of Geographers

I had to work in all type of activities (Oil, Mining, Hydraulic, of construction, forest, etc) evaluating Studies of Environmental Impact and inspecting the sites of execution and development of Projects. Experience has been initially in the Ministry of the

Environment and the Natural Resources of Venezuela Country, and in oil Companies that are located in Venezuelan oil fields, component Production, included within: activities of construction, exploration and Perforation. To develop, to direct
and to control: Operational budgets, personnel supervisory, Plans of handling of remainders, Plans of cleaning and environmental recovery, maintenance and improvement of the EMS ISO 14001. Investigation and reports of the environmental and labor accidents and incidents. Preparation of procedures under Norms ISO 14001. Biotreatment de Ripios de Perforation and grounds contaminated by hydrocarbon spills, preparation of the terms of reference for licitation of companies. Inspection and pursuit to Dangerous and no dangerous companies of handling of remainders, materials and effluents. Procedures and Work instructions under Norm ISO 9000 and ISO 14001, etc. Also I have preparation in the area of Hygiene and Security

by formal studies and courses that I have made, and that of indirect way I have applied in the companies where I have had work responsibilities.

CONSORCIO URIAPARIDates: 11/2007 to 02/2008. Position: Unit Commander of Environmental Management of Inspection (UGAI). Project: Inspection of Construction of Hydroelectric Prey Manuel Carlos Piar-TOCOMA. Reporting to: Manager of the Inspection. Functions and responsibilities: Conformation of the unit of Management: organizational and functionally, evaluation and pick up of personnel required, organization and distribution of tasks according to contractual commitments with CVG-EDELCA. Coordination, supervision and evaluation of 3 environmental supervisors, 2 environmental Consultants, 1 environmental Operational Analyst and 1 Administrative Assistant. To represent the Unit of Environmental Management of the Inspection in all the referring subjects to the environmental responsibilities acquired with CVG-EDELCA in the contract Nº Volume II - Specifications of Environmental Inspection. To coordinate the permanent supervision of the works related to the execution of contracts to inspect in environmental matter: Construction of operative Facilities: of offices and dining rooms of treatment of bus rock crushing and, terminal, factories, warehouses, plants, camping Plants concrete, etc. Construction of: new section of Railroad, internal Road, Overflow, House of Maquinas, Left Prey, Cofferdam 4, sites of storage of dangerous remainders, Stuffed Toilet, etc. Liderizar and Coordinar the revision and evaluation of the documentary Products of any nature that elaborate the Contractors or CVG-EDELCA, who indirectly keep direct relation or with the environmental aspects del respective Contract, giving answer to the same ones by means of report. To advise and to watch because the Venezuelan environmental legislation is fulfilled, the environmental Study of approved environmental impact, Authorizations, complementary environmental Report, the content of the environmental specifications of contracts to inspect and the instructions that CVGEDELCA distributes.

To coordinate the preparation and annual presentation of the Cronogram of Environmental Work Inspection released by activities. To coordinate the accomplishment and give of weekly, monthly, semester, annual the reports, of emergency and closing to CVG-EDELCA, and to make presentations to the Management in which they are required. To report in writing to CVGEDELCA through the Head of the inspection the serious situations or emergency when these appear. To pronounce itself on aspects that keep relation with the associated environmental component to the execution of Contracts To be inspected is of type Te'cnico or Administrativo. Liderizar the design, application, evaluation and modification of the Indicators of environmental management that will be used in the inspection, and to generate reports of the results of its application, as well as to evaluate to the contractor according to the environmental indicators of Management. To coordinate the design, implantation and pursuit of a Program of Induction in environmental matter, for the personnel of the UGAI, the Inspection and its subcontractors, following the directives established by CVG-EDELCA in the respective Contract. Person in charge of the detection and reports opportune of possible environmental Impacts in operational activities or the process of construction of the projects. To attend all the meetings programmed by the Management of the Inspection, CVG-EDELCA, OIV-UGAC, and all those that are planned coordinadamente with or by the UGAI. To plan, to evaluate, to train and to supervise the personnel to my position, with the purpose of obtaining an optimal performance, of way to make cash the fulfillment of the objectives and I put raised for the UGAI and the Inspection in general, as well as to motivate and to integrate work parties, within harmonic a labor atmosphere, of satisfaction and productivity, according to the strategic Plan of the business and the objectives of the Uriapari Partnership. To coordinate the internal Organization specialized to fulfill the Plan of Supervision and Cronogram of Environmental Work Inspection, to make its execution and to carry out its pursuit and control or fits, guaranteeing the legal fulfillment of all the operational aspects regulated by norms, decrees, regulations and laws. Person in charge of the related administrative activities to the planning, organization, personnel administration and of its activities etc.

Position: Superintendent of Environment. Dates: 1/2006-2/2007. On time complete employee. Characteristics of the position Area of experience: Environmental in exploration construction, perforation and oil Production. Reporting to: Manager of SHE. Nº of supervised: 3 supervised in Area of Environment (Production, Construction and Perforation). Main functions: Planning of activities, objectives of work, Coordination, supervision and evaluation of 3 environmental supervisors. Coordination and execution of Technical inspection of field with Organisms Public as well as with personnel of the company, field technical draft preparation and information. To make reports of incidents and environmental accidents and the Plan of corresponding Environmental Recovery. To report monthly, daily weekly and to the Management, by means of reports related to the activities developed by the environment Department. Elaboration, administration and execution of the operational budget of the Supervision of Environmental Subjects, according to the objectives and I put raised. Update and execution of: Plan of Monitoring of Quality of superficial and underground waters, sediment and Biota at time of drought and time of rain, Monitoring of Quality of the Air and Atmospheric Emissions, Monitoring de Environmental noise. Preparation of reaches or terms of reference for hiring and matrix of evaluation for process of elicitation of companies for the execution of the Monitoring and other types of works. Revision, update and execution of the Plan of verify Controls of effluents, waters white and potable, adjusting the parameters to measure and the frequency of the sampling to the environmental and sanitary norm. Active Participation in the update of the Plan of Environmental Supervision: revision and fits of 30 cards of Processes, its corresponding service lives and lists of control posts, and update of 15 cards of Environmental Measures, which came to reinforce the System of environmental management of SINCOR as far as operational controls and prevention of environmental impacts. Organization and execution of the environmental Supervision allowing to detect weaknesses, to give consultant's office and to contribute to the improvement of the environmental management of the activities of the Keypunch department, of Construction and Production, improved the methodology of the Environmental Supervision in field and plant by means of the systematic supervision, the detection of deviations, the proposal of actions to the people in charge and the pursuit of the same ones, fulfilling the registry and the tradability demanded by the System of Environmental Management of the Company, contributing with the legal fulfilment and being avoided damages to the environment that can generate immediate or future sanctions. Coordination of 3 massive training in: Handling of Substances, materials and remainders dangers and in environmental Legislation, to the different Departments from the Division Production and Construction. Preparation and execution of char them of Induction to ISO 14001 to the personnel of the drills, and of diverse operative Departments of SINCOR. Revision and adjustment of Plans of handling of remainders and specific effluents of diverse contractors of Construction, adjustments in the development and application of such to the requirements of the Environmental Norms and requirements of the MINAMB with respect to the handling, final disposition

and pursuit of the remainders and effluents of the contractors. Determination of sites for temporary disposition of dangerous and no dangerous remainders in the field of Production. Pursuit of control of the Sites of mineral Loan non-metallic. Participation and support in internal and external audits of ISO 14001. Person in charge to maintain and to improve the System of Environmental Management in the Component Production, Design and Writing of Procedures of Work under norms ISO 14001 and responsibilities in the implantation of the System of Quality that began in the Company. etc. Contribution of improvements to the following procedures: Procedure of Handling of Remainders and Remainders, Manual of the System of Environmental Management, Procedure of Operation of the Sanitary Filling, Procedure of pursuit and measurement, Procedure Operation of Plant of Toilet, etc. Coordination and execution of char them and videos of environmental Sensitization in the occasion of the international Day of the Water, World-wide Day of the Earth, Day the International of the Biodiversity and worldwide Day of the Environment; Supervision and Pursuit of the operational controls of Plants of treatment, activities of perforation and construction, Stuffed toilet, Laboratory, operational facilities of Production, etc. Supervision and pursuit of the process of Bio treatments de Ripios de Perforation, range tuning of hiring of the contractor executor, support in the Monitored of the environmental variables demanded by the MINAMB and the environmental Norm. Proposal of reach of the design of electronic Program of Administration and Environmental Management of the environmental Supervision of Programs, Plans and Projects, etc.

PETROLERA ZUATA S.A. (Petrozuata). OIL ZUATA S.A. (Petrozuata)
Position: Consultant of Environmental Regulations. Dates: 2/2000-10/2003. On time complete employee. Characteristics of the position Area of experience: Environmental, in exploration construction, perforation and oil Production. Reporting to: Manager of Pariaguan District. Main functions: Analysis and insertion of the Environmental variable in specific Projects, Document preparation, Specific Environmental Evaluation and Descriptive Memories for the Transaction of Administrative Authorizations with Organisms Public of Projects like: Construction of exploratory Well Locations, Macollas of holes and its routes of access, laying of lines of flow, electrical gas and, primary and secondary road, Wells of injection, Sites of mineral advantage non-metallic (sites of we rendered), System of vented of gas, fuel Station, Seismic 3D, Dredged of channel of approach of Port of embarkation of crude, etc. Coordination and accomplishment of Technical inspection of field with personnel of the Company and personnel of Organisms Public, field technical draft preparation and information. Adjustment of the execution and development of projects to the effective Environmental Norm. Preparation of Plans of specific Environmental Recovery for each Project. Preparation, Management and transaction of Guarantees of faithful fulfilment; calculations, transactions and payments of taxes and environmental and sanitary rates. Consultant's office and transaction of sanitary authorization of Clinic and Plants of Treatment of the Component Production before Public Organism. Coordination, Consultant's office and revision of Study of Environmental Impact and the Plan of Environmental Supervision Component Production Phase Operation. Plans of Environmental Measures. Participation in the design of electronic Program of Administration and Environmental Management of Plans and Projects. Preparation and transaction of Registry of Company like Activity Susceptible to degrade Environment (RASDA). Accomplishment of the Diagnosis of the currents of remainders in the Component Production, Preparation and transaction of the Plan of Handling of remainders of the Component Production. Evaluation of the necessities of an Incinerator for the Component Production, preparation of requirements, management of the purchase quotation, document preparation for the proceeding of Authorization for Public Organism, etc. Design, preparation and presentation of Program of Security against the fire. Participation in Environment, Security and Prevention Programs of the Company. Design and Writing of Procedures of Work under norms ISO 14001, etc

MINISTERIO DEL AMBIENTE Y DE LOS RECURSOS NATURALES (MARN) - Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) Position: Geographer. Date: 7/1999-1/2000. By contract to half time. Characteristic of the position Area of experience: Environmental, in construction, oil Production, and other activities. Reporting to: Head of Department Environmental Quality. Main functions: Evaluation of Studies of Impact Ambient (EIA) and Evaluations Ambient Specifics (EAE) to determine if it comes it conformity and technical accreditation; Analysis, Evaluation and transaction of the requests of Registry of Companies like Activity Susceptible To degrade Ambient (RASDA). Analysis and Evaluation of Plans of Restoration and Environmental Recovery and Plans of Environmental Measures of specific Projects. Person in charge to evaluate and to supervise to the fulfillment of the Environmental Norm and the possible impacts of the Companies that execute activities in the Oil and Petrochemical Complex of Jose and outside him. Evaluation of the Plans of Handling and pursuit of the companies enrolled in the MARN like Activity Susceptible to degrade the Atmosphere. Evaluation and Accomplishment of Technical inspection from field to companies in operation. Inspection and pursuit to Management the dangerous and no dangerous Companies of effluents

and remainders. Analysis and evaluation of the Plans of Environmental Supervision presented/displayed by the Companies to the MARN, etc.

Position: Environmental Adviser. Date: 8/1998-4/1999. By contract to half time. Characteristics of the position Area of experience: Environmental, in exploration construction, perforation and oil Production. Reporting to: Head Environment Department. Main functions: Consultant's office in Evaluation and Insertion of the Environmental variable in specific Projects of: Construction of Locations of well Perforation and its routes of access, laying of lines of flow and gas, compressing Plants, main secondary road and, Stations of flows and Plants of transference, Seismic water well 3D, Perforation, etc. Accomplishment of Inspection and Technical information of field. Transaction of Administrative Authorizations for Organisms Public. Design, writing and legal and technical exhibition of Factory on Environmental Management, aspects (Practical standards and Penal Law of the Environment). Consultant's office on Environmental Questionnaires, Documents of Intention, Environmental Terms of Reference, EIA, Evaluations, Descriptive Memories, Registry of Activity Susceptible To degrade the Environment, Plans of Handling of Remainders, Plans of Environmental Measures and Plans of Environmental Recovery, etc.

JANTESA ENGINEERING AND INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS Position: Environmental Specialist. Date: 7/1998-1/1999. By contract to half time. Characteristic of the position Area of experience: Legal and environmental. Reporting to: Head of Environmental Department. Main functions: Writing and Handling of Procedures and Work instructions under Norm ISO 9000 on: Environmental questionnaires, Environmental Documents, Terms of Reference, EIA, Environmental Evaluations, Descriptive Memories before diverse Organisms Public. Adjustment of Procedures on Development and execution of Projects adapted to the effective Environmental Norm, Transaction of Administrative Authorizations before Organisms Public. Legal consultant's office Environmental and Administrative. etc.

MINISTERIO DEL AMBIENTE Y DE LOS RECURSOS NATURALES - Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) Position: Geographer III and Functions of Lawyer. Date: 8/1990-10/1997. On time complete employee. Characteristics of the position Area of experience: Environmental, in construction, perforation and oil Production, and other activities. Reporting to: Head of Department. Main functions: Planning and Administration of the Natural Resources. Evaluation of requests of Authorization for Occupation of the Territory and Affectation of Natural Resources, Administrative Writing of Approvals and Authorizations. Accomplishment of Inspection and technical information of field of the Projects request object. Evaluation and pursuit of Programs and Projects (Construction, Production, dismantling, of recovery or environmental restoration, etc), Evaluation of Plans of recovery and environmental restoration in diverse oil, mining projects, of construction, hydraulic engineers, etc. Consultant's office in application of Practical standards to Oil, Mining, Hydraulic Projects, etc. Participant in the redesign of the Program of Training Administrative "Autorizator and sanctioning procedure" like representative of the Main directorate of Planning and Arrangement of Ambient (DGPOA). Member of the Commission of Mining like representative of the DGPOA for the design of viability alternatives of the Mining Activity in the Forest Reserves and Wooded Lots of the Bolivar State. Person in charge of the Program on Evaluation and Location of the sites and alternatives of handling of the Rubbish of the construction in Barcelona-Port Cruz-Guanta. Legal consultant's office in the Administrative Activity Environmental Authorization, of Management, Planning and Control of Renewable the Natural Resources. Evacuation of Resources of Reconsideration. Evaluation, writing and evacuation of legal opinions asked for by the Directions of Line, Regional addresses, Environmental Offices of the public prosecutor, Courts of the Republic, and other Institutions. Analysis and opinions on Projects of Laws, Decrees and Resolutions, Analysis and writing of documents, and other own activities of a lawyer etc.

IESA-Valencia: Coaching course in Organizational Ambient, strategies to reach stop performance. Year: October 2006. Duration: 30 Hours. BUREAU VERITAS OF VENEZUELA: Course Introduction to Norm ISO 14001:2004. Year: August 2006. Duration: 16 Hours. SINCOR-RMCA- Training Hours: Course of Preventive Handling. Year: Julio 2006. Duration: 16 Hours. SINCOR-SAP: Course SAP MM-001 Requisitions. Year: March 2006. Duration: 16 Hours. ASOHAZMAT INTERNACIONAL-PROHAZ-MAT: Course Knowledge and awareness, manipulation and incidents with dangerous Materials, Level Warning OSHA 1910-CFR 29. Year: March 2006. Duration: 16 Hours. E-SCOLA GALICIAN (Spain): Basic course Prevention of Labor Risks. Year: 2004-2005. Duration: 2 Months. FUNINDES-USB: Course Handling of Remainders in the Oil Industry. Year: 2003. Duration: 16 Hours.

PDVSA-CIED: Course I modulate B: Security, Hygiene and Atmosphere. Year: 2002. Duration: 24 Hours. MARNR-PDVSA and Branchs: I Summit of Petroleum and Atmosphere. Year: 2000 WALL STREET INSTITUTE: Course of English (Intermediate Level). Year: 1999-2000. Duration: 6 months. VENEZUELAN SOCIETY OF GEOLOGISTS: I Venezuelan Days of Environmental Impact. Year: 1999. ADVICE OF THE JUDICATURE: Update in the new Penal Process in the Judicial Circuit Penal Model. Year: 1999. Duration: 32 Hours. FOUNDATION'S STUDIES OF ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHT (FUNEDA): II Days of Right for East: The Constitutional Shelter. Year: 1999. FUDENA-FUJUCAVI: V Venezuelan Congress of Environmental Right. Year: 1998. PDVSA-MARN-DAO: Forum Regional Development and Oil Opening. Year: 1998. SIEMBRAMAR-MARN- INTERPRISES MAVESA: Conference on integral Management of Solid Remainders. Year: 1998. SCHOOL OF GEOGRAPHERS OF VENEZUELA: Third Venezuelan Congress of Geography. Year: 1997. CENTER OF CIVIL IMPROVEMENT PROFESIONAL-ASOCIATION: I Seminary of Administrative Right. Year: 1995 Duration: 16 Hours CIDIAT-MARNR: Procedures and Evaluation of Studies of Environmental Impact. Caracas. Year: 1994. Duration: 32 Hours. MARNR. Factory of Legal advising on the Environmental activity autorizatory. CUMANA. 03/1990, Duration: 32 Hours. Ministry of Education: University institute of Technology of the Tiger. Programming of Microcomputers in Language BASIC and Operating system MSDS. THE TIGER. 05/06 To 15/09/ 1989. Ministry of Education: University institute of Technology of the Tiger. Direction and Teaching. THE TIGER. 22 To the 24/07/89. Ministry of the Youth and the University Institute of Professional Improvement of the Teaching. II Days of Education and National Identity. CARACAS. 23 To the 27/02/81.

LANGUAGES: English Interval level, Basic French. OTHER ABILITIES And SKILLS:
Knowledge of Techniques of Inspection of field, Topography, Photo-interpretation of aerial photography, use of GPS. Knowledge on Industrial Security and GIS. Leadership in conduction of Projects, handling of personnel, execution of policies, norms and procedures. Capacity of negotiation with public and deprived to establish Agreements, cooperation and advantage in common areas of interest. Experience in negotiation and handling of labor conflicts or another type. Knowledge of First AID. Etc. Knowledge and handling of Microcomputers: Environment Windows 98, NT and XP, Package Office 98 to the 2003, Publisher 98 to the 2003, Internet, Programs: Formtool, Flow3, AutoCAD 13, And Diverse Utilities: Paint Shop Pro, Pm6, Acrobat Reader. SAP and People soft program.

NAME OF THE COMMUNICATION: "Los rubbish of the construction and demolition, an environmental problem: case Barcelona-Port Cruz-Guanta". ACTIVITY: Forum solutions to the problem of the sweepings in Venezuela. ORGANIZING INSTITUTION: Camera of Disputed Of The Pan-American Congress-Office Of Health (O.P.S.). PLACE And DATE: CARACAS, CENTRAL BASE. JULIO 1993. NEWSPAPER Publication/ reviews Or ARTICLES: The NEWSPAPER OF CARACAS, Section Pág.8 CITY, ECOLOGUIA, Article: "El rubbish, guillo, ponlo in hombrillo". Reviewed work: "Los Rubbish of the Construction and Demolition, an Environmental Problem, Conurbation Case Barcelona-Port Cruz-Guanta". Year 1994