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The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Prophet

Muhammad died from a broken heart at the age of 62! years. He

further told us that Muhammad learned in the course of his
Mission that he was unable to convert all of his people of the Arab
nation that were settled and dispersed throughout the Near or
Middle East. Particularly, this was true in Arabia. The Prophet
foretold that after three generations or centuries from him, the
people would no longer be of him and would go astray from the
Straight Path of Islam. Reformers would be raised in every
century to help give guidance to the people up to the time of the
Coming of the Great Mahdi.
These prophecies have been fulfilled from the time of the 10th and
11th centuries, beginning with the Crusades and the constant wars
of European states in their campaign to establish Christian
dominance over the world, and were particularly troubled by
Islams Presence in the world from the 7th century, A.D. This
clash of civilizations between the Cross and the Crescent continues
to this very hour. Where did the Arab originate as a branch of the
Caucasian race of Semitic origin? Where did the Jewish people
come from and what is their Semitic origin? And what happened
to the Aboriginal populations in the area of our world before the
coming of the immigrant Arabs and Jews?
According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad, when the White man left the island of Patmos or
Pelan, they entered the Arabian Peninsula and started making
trouble among the Indigenous people of the land. As we may
recall from an earlier article, we spoke about how many of the
children were so frightened at their strange, unalike appearance,
that they stoned many of them on their doorsteps. Others were
hidden away in some of their households, while others escaped
into the hills of Central Asia or Eurasia and lived among the tribes
and People of the Steppes and among the northern tribes that were
already established there. Another larger group were exiled into
the caves and hillsides of Western Europe where they were left
without Divine guidance for 2,000 years and became savage until
our scientists raised Moses to teach them civilization and how to
master the original people through deception and falsehood.
They had a very difficult time surviving this period of their history,
as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has pointed out to us the
Caucasians True History as taught directly from the Great Mahdi,
Master W. F. Muhammad. We read much of this history in the
18th Surah of the Holy Quran entitled, Al-Kahf: The Cave. In
our Nations Book of Supreme Wisdom Lessons, we are given a
reference to yet another Cave by Master Fard Muhammad entitled,
The Book of Cave out of Darkness, which describes the state of
Michigan, its weight, and all things pertaining thereof, including an
earlier mention of the City of Detroit.
In the early days of Islam, Detroit is referred to in our history as
Mecca, and Chicago as the City of Medina. Between these two
cities, the flight of both Master Fard Muhammad and the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad took place under severe persecution
of our open enemies, while a New Era was proclaimed exactly
following in the prophetic footsteps of Prophet Muhammad over
1,400 years ago during the Hijrah or Flight of Prophet Muhammad
(May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) took
place. The Prophet, under severe persecution, fled from the Holy
City of Mecca to Medina in Arabia in 622 A.D. This flight marked
the turning point in the Era of Islam and a New Calendar was
introduced based upon these events that transpired in the Life of
Prophet Muhammad. It was in a Cave called Hira, some three
miles distance from Mecca in which the Prophet and his sole
companion, Abu Bakr, escaped and hid for three days while the
Quraish Army were seeking to take his life.
From this chronology of events, Islam had its starting point and the
Arab Lunar Calendar was introduced. So, too, in our Nation of
Islams mathematical chronology of events, we began our birth as
in a Cave in the Western Hemisphere, in the Wilderness of North
America where Islam came to birth in a period of gross darkness
and ignorance, among an unlettered or illiterate people considered
by the builders of this world as rejected and despised and as being
no people at all. We were persecuted by our open enemies and
former slave masters, since the time of slavery to the present
moment of time. Yet, we continue to thrive and survive into the
21st century, gradually coming out of the Cave of Darkness and
Ignorance on this Western horizon, giving birth to a new Era or
Dispensation of Islam regardless to the threatening death plots of
the cavemans society and world.
And We send not messengers but as givers of good news and
warning, and those who disbelieve contend with falsehood to
weaken thereby the Truth, and they take My messages and the
warning for a mockery.Holy Quran, Surah 18, verse 56

The first use of the word cave man or cavy to describe the type
of White mans society in Europe and in America was given to us
to study in a series of problems appearing in the Problem Book,
written by Master W. F. Muhammad. Beginning with Problem
Number 10, we are presented with the term Cavemans Lake and
the term cavy living near Lake Erie. These terms describe the
loathsome condition in which the Master found our Lost-Found
people in America subjected to our former slave masters.
In Problem Number 9, more details of the City of Detroits
population is given and the types of foods eaten by our people
which includes the consumption of the poison animal, hog, on a
daily basis and the near 100 percent destruction of our beauty
appearance from eating this poisonous animal. Finally, The Book
of Cave Out of Darkness is introduced to us within the confines of
measuring the weight and contents of population and livestock in
the whole state of Michigan near this Cavemans Lake. Looking
up the word cave, caveman and cave dweller, a very
interesting picture emerges describing the White mans type of
civilization, its clandestine nature and his love for cave-like
dwellings and the type of lifestyle he lives and imposes on others.
A cave is described as being hollowa natural underground
chamber for storage (which is usually dark and secluded). A
caveman is described as a cave dweller, especially being of the
Stone Age. A second meaning is given as a man who acts in a
rough or crude manner, and a cave dweller is a prehistoric man that
dwells in a cave. A cave is also described as a cavern, which is
hollow, of a large or indefinite extent. No better words could have
been chosen by our Saviour to describe the isolated people, and
society, and location of the present White Race from Europe and
America than a cave and its people as cave dwellers, whose natural
instincts are barbaric, crude, and uncivilized.
The poison animal, the hog, is their constant companion, along
with the dog, who guarded their cave-like dwellings in Europe
before they were cleaned up and civilized by our scientists under
the Prophet Moses. He established for them the Mosaic Law,
particularly concerning what foods to eat and what foods to stay
away from. These are the same restrictions on foods and their
preparation called Kosher by the Orthodox Jews that the
Muslims are also able to eat. The Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad used to buy his meats and poultry, chicken and lamb
from Jewish markets, which he also practiced in Mexico when he
established his final Residence.
There are many practices of the Jewish Faith which are similar to
our own that would never classify us as being anti-Semitic. The
hog is a grafted animal from the rat, the cat, and the dog, and was
made by our scientists, according to the Divine Teachings of the
Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to clean up the filth in the
caves and hillsides of Europe, and was made for medical purposes
and never made as a food for human consumption.
This is a barbaric practice handed down by heathens and the
uncivilized. Yet, it is this filthy animal, forbidden to eat by God
that is wrongly given to us as food to eat from the White Race and
their exploitive policies. Most of them eat this forbidden food with
the exclusion of the wise from among them in the Medical
Profession, Moslem Sons and the Jews. It is these truths that we
can discuss and agree upon to make a more healthy and beautiful
people and society.
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that there are
two main branches of the White Race. The one branch was exiled
into what we know today as Western Europe, and the other branch
fled or escaped from Arabia into the hills of the Steppe nations
located in Central Asia or Eurasia and Nordic countries near the
arctic circle. This area begins in what we call Turkey, or ancient
Anatolia, running through a vast region of various tribe-like
nomadic people that make up the countries going further East into
Armenia, Azerbijan, Bokhara, The Black Sea and Caspian Sea area
into the Caucasus Mountains. These tribes make up the Sythians,
Celtic, Teutonic and Slavic nations, Germanic tribes, Bretons,
Scottish, and Welsh people of Ireland, which includes the Nordic
realms of Scandinavia, homeland of the Vikings and Danes of
Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland. These barbaric tribes co-
mingled with the original people of those areas and hid their true
identity so they would not be made known. We are given their
description in the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran, entitled, The
Cave,Al-Kahf. Or thinkest thou that the companions of the
Cave and the Inscription were of Our Wonderful Signs? When the
youths sought refuge in the Cave, they said: Our Lord grant us
mercy from Thyself and provide for us a right course in our
affair. So we prevented them from hearing in the Cave for a
number of years, Then we raised them up that we might know
which of the two parties was best able to calculate the Time for
which they remained. (Surah 18, verses 9-12)
He said: My Lord, respite me to the day that they are raised. He
said: Surely thou art of the respited ones. Till the day of the time
made known. He said: Then, by Thy Might! I will surely lead
them all astray, Except Thy servants from among them, the purified
ones. Holy Quran, Surah 38, verses 79-83
To be continued.
For the last several weeks, we have taken up the subject, The
Book of Cave Out of Darkness, referring to the history of the
White Race and their expansion from Europe to dominate the
entire world. We reviewed the hidden history of this people from
their being made on the island of Pelan or Patmos, and their return
to Arabia where they made mischief among the aboriginal
people. We spoke of their exile from the Arabian Peninsula into
the caves and hillsides of Europe and their expansion into the
Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to the British Isles
and ultimately reaching the Western Hemisphere. In America,
they colonized and established their cave-like society, which
means secretive and secluded. This subject was studied from the
perspective of our Supreme Wisdom Teachings from Master W.
F. Muhammad, the Founder of the Nation of Islam in
America. We have also studied this subject from the perspective
of the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran, The Cave.
In 1999, while visiting London, England, with a small group of
Laborers from the Nation of Islam, hosted by Student Minister
Hilliary Muhammad, I asked to visit Guildhall in London, where
the huge effigies of Gog and Magog are erected. These mammoth
effigies represent the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxon race rooted in
barbaric tribes of the Northern Hemisphere who roamed through
that area bordering the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, and the
Caucasus Mountains. Generally, these tribes are identified with
the Scythians that are related to Teutonic and Celtic Tribes that
fought against their neighbors and eventually clashed with the
Romans. These barbaric tribes conquered and ruled along with
Germanic Tribes of the whole Northern Hemisphere.
According to the commentary on the identity of the Gog and
Magog Tribes, by Maulana Muhammad Ali, they are the fierce
people of European origins who have spread and dispersed
themselves throughout their northern homeland eventually
conquering and dominating the entire world. The description of
this people is given in our Supreme Wisdom Lessons as cavys or
cave dwellers. This is the most accurate account of their true
history which they have tried to conceal. This subject, The Book
of Cave Out of Darkness, reveals their savage nature and brute
force that they used to conquer all other people of our
planet. Their existence in a cave of darkness also implies a
covering of ignorance. It is in this cave mans society where the
Master traveled under a disguise to find his Lost and Found people
of the Nation of Islam and rescue them from the society of the
Cave Dwellers.
We have previously presented maps showing the regions of the
earth which represent their homelands from Western Europe to the
extent of the Caucasus Mountains and Cold Arctic regions. Taking
this subject into modern America, we are going to refer to yet
another Problem dealing with the people of the caves and those
whom they have captured revealing the Divine Help that has come
to us today. In the tenth problem of the Problem Book, we read the
following words: The uncle of Mr. W. D. Fard lived near this
lake (referring to Lake Erie), in the city of Detroit, therefore, he
uses the water from this Cave Mans Lake for all household
purposes. A certain cavy told him not to use too much water, if
you can help it. So he only used forty gallons per day, but the
second uncle of Mr. W. D. Fard, who has civilized the cavy when
he used to live on the tree-top and dug holes along the hillside for
nearly two thousand yearsthe exact time will be four thousand
B.C. So this same cavy cannot fool the second uncle of Mr. W. D.
Fard. And now he is using two hundred gallons of water per
day. How long will it take the first and second uncle to empty the
lake using water at the above rate? One cubic foot of water weighs
sixty-two and one half pounds.
In the first part of this Problem Number 10, we are given the
measurement of Lake Erie, its length and its depth. Could the use
of the water represent the use of knowledge and wisdom to awaken
our dead people? We seem to get a hint that the Cave mans
civilization or wisdom is limited and is being interfered with by the
second uncle of W.D. Fard with increased capacity to learn, and he
is able to use two hundred gallons instead of forty. In reality, each
one of us who is awakened to the profound Divine Teachings of
the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is able to identify our captors
and use the proper language to identify our dilemma which goes
back to the time of Moses trying to civilize the devil or cavy, four
thousand years ago in the caves and hillsides of Europe. Is this a
hint at the Divine Work of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
and His Great Helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,
who are using a higher percentage of the Supreme Wisdom
Teachings to awaken our dead nation, and at the same time this use
of wisdom is awakening the cave mans civilization into higher
stages of consciousness?
Could this Problem Number 10 represent the ongoing efforts of the
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as the Great Helper of the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad in making His Great Commission
known? Is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan using the
Supreme Wisdom in getting us safely across the Lake to the other
side while giving credit to no one but Almighty God, Allah,
As we move in the direction of Tuskegee, Alabama, to celebrate
the Holy Day of Atonement and the 18th Anniversary of the
Million Man March, consider this study of the Problem Book and
the Cave Mans civilization, and the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran
that is unveiling the true history of our adversaries whose primitive
emotions and natural temperament is likened to that of a beast-like
mentality. Do we not have a Divine Right before God to rise
above the savagery and violence that is breaking out in this land
and in this government to teach civilization and moral reform to
the uncivilized, restoring peace, and order, and justice to America
following its reign of terror?
And they are brought before thy Lord in ranks. Now certainly
you have come to Us as We created you at first. Nay, you thought
that We had not made an appointment for you. And the book is
placed, and thou seest the guilty fearing for what is in it, and they
say: O woe to us! what a book is this! It leaves out neither a small
thing nor a great one, but numbers them (all), and they find what
they did confronting them. And thy Lord wrongs not anyone.
Holy Quran, Surah 18, verses 48-49
To be continued.
From the beginning of Surah 18, Al-Kahf: The Cave, we are given
a warning to those who set up partners with Allah (God). The
opening verses are particularly addressed to those who say that
Allah has taken to Himself a sonThey have no knowledge of it,
nor had their fathers. Grievous is the word that comes out of their
mouths. They speak nothing but a lie. Then maybe thou wilt kill
thyself with grief, sorrowing after them, if they believe not in this
Announcement. (Surah 18, verses 5-6)
According to the commentary on these verses as rendered by
Maulana Muhammad Ali in his translation of the Holy Quran, he
refers us to a certain Hadith in which the Prophet speaks to the
Believers concerning the importance of reciting these opening
verses numbering ten as a Divine Protection from Allah against the
unjust disposition and presence of the Anti-Christ or Dajjal when
he appears in the world in the latter days. Dajjal signifi es one who
conceals the truth with falsehood and is one who is a liar and a
great Deceiver. The most prominent feature of the Christian
religion is the practice in its present form, to make Jesus of 2,000
years ago, the son of God in open opposition to the belief in the
Oneness of God and His Divine Worship.
It is the theology of the Christian religion that has corrupted the
image of Jesus turning him into a god beside Allah, and has
likewise corrupted the image of His Mother, Mary, as part of the
Godhead. This corruption of the Godhead into a gross polytheistic
form is revealed in an earlier Surah of the Holy Quran where God
questions the Messengers about their teachings to the people, and
ultimately questions the Prophet Jesus about his being taken for
worship, along with his mother, as partners with Allah. Say: O
people of the Book exaggerate not in the matter of your religion
unjustly, and follow not the low desires of people who went astray
before and lead many astray, and went astray from the right path.
(Surah 5, verse 77)
Finally in verses 116 and 117, Allah is speaking with Jesus about
this false doctrine introduced by the Christian theologians after his
deathAnd when Allah will say: O Jesus, son of Mary, didst thou
say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah?
He will say, Glory be to thee! It was not for me to say what I had
no right to (say). If I had said it, Thou wouldst indeed have known
it. Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Thy
mind. Surely Thou art the great Knower of the unseen. (Surah 5,
verses 116-117)
I wrote in one of my recent articles that the Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad taught us that Muhammad had died from a broken
heart. In the 6th verse of Surah 18, we are given proof of the
Prophets great anxiety and sorrow over the inclination of his
people towards polytheism and would not accept this
Announcement that God is One and Indivisible and has no
partners. The worst form of idolatry is taking a Servant of God, as
in the case of Jesus to be worshiped besides Allah. This grieved the
Prophet so much, that it led to his demise. He could not convert all
his people at large in the principle belief in the Oneness of God;
and this spiritual condition hurt his heart. We will note that this
subject of Christianity is taken up in depth in the opening verses of
Surah 18 as a warning against idolatry and the misrepresentation of
the nature of the Supreme Being whose Proper Name is Allah.
The word Kahf signifies a cave, as well as a place of refuge and
Raqim means an Inscription or a Tablet with a writing on it.
Maulana Muhammad Ali offers an interpretation of the cave as
referring to that peculiar aspect of Christianity which finds
manifestation in its institution of monkery, which it assumed soon
after its birth. And the term Inscription as advertisement which
colored Christianitys later development and business operations
for material gain and aggrandizement. Thus, the people or dwellers
of the cave, in whatever meaning we accept, were cut off for a
period of time from direct communication with the outside world
lasting hundreds of years.
As for the location of the cave, it is described as being in the
Northern Hemisphere. This place is not only true of England or
Great Britain and its northern Isles, but describes the whole of
Europe being in a Cave of darkness. According to the Divine
Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the greatest
light is shown on this subject, referring to the White mans history
and his confinement to the caves and hillsides of Europe where he
lived in a savage condition for 2,000 years. Moses was sent to
them to teach them civilization and how to make a home for
themselves, and how to stand upright, which ultimately released
them from their cave-like dwellings and led them to the road of
modernization. We relate to thee their story with truth. Surely
they were youths who believed in their Lord and We increased
them in guidance. And We strengthened their hearts when they
stood up and said: Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the
earth; we call upon no god besides Him, for then indeed we should
utter an enormity. These our people have taken gods beside Him.
Why do they not bring clear authority for them? Who is then more
unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah? (Surah 18, verses
According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad, the Jewish members of the Caucasian race were the
first to leave the cave by following Moses and his teachings and
are always one step ahead of their brethren in every field of
endeavor. They lead in the world of finance, and banking, business
and politics, and in entertainment and social media. In Surah 5,
verse 82, we read: Thou wilt certainly find the most violent of
people in enmity against the believers to be the Jews and the
idolators; and thou wilt find the nearest in friendship to the
believers to be those who say, we are Christians. That is because
there are priests and monks among them and because they are not
As we continue this story of the cave dwellers, and their
civilization spreading in Europe and expanding into the Western
Hemisphere, we can visualize the map or geography of the
Northern Hemisphere to study their expansion, from Nordic lands
into Canada, Alaska, Quebec, through the St. Lawrence seaway
entering the Great Lakes and the importance of the city of Detroit,
Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio, on Lake Erie and
Lake Huron, and Lake Superior, all touching on this northeast
corner of the United States of America, where we, the Lost-Found
Nation of Islam was established and founded upon the Coming of
the Great Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad, and His raising of the
Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Messiah, and the
Exalted Christ.
And they remained in their cave three hundred years, and they
add nine. Say: Allah knows best how long they remained. His is the
unseen of the heavens and the earth. How clear His sight and His
hearing! There is no guardian for them beside Him, and He
associates none in His judgment. And recite that which has been
revealed to thee of the Book of thy Lord. There is none who can
alter His words. And thou wilt fi nd no refuge beside Him. Holy
Quran, Surah 18, verses 25-27