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Get an OMV scholarship and study for a Masters in

Petroleum Engineering:
Q&A for students

1. Masters Program & University
1.1 General Information
Where can I study for an internationally recognised masters in petroleum
The masters in petroleum engineering is a provided by the Leoben University of Mining and
Metallurgy in Austria (MUL) and is strongly supported by OMV.
General facts about MUL.
The university is the central European leader in petroleum engineering studies with the
highest rankings in several disciplines. Its a prominent university in Austria and students
come from all over the world to study petroleum engineering there. At the moment there
are more than 75 different nationalities studying at the university, of which 25% are women.
The university provides a modern campus with an excellent research infrastructure.
Can I apply if I have a bachelors degree from a university other than MUL?
Yes, however, the university has the final decision on acceptance and may stipulate the
requirement to complete a number of additional prerequisite courses. For further
information please contact the university.
Is there a specific uniform to wear?
Is there a study fee to pay?
Yes, but its included in the OMV Scholarship package and will be paid by OMV in addition
to the allowances and salary you will receive; the details of which are outlined further down
in the Q&A.
1.2 Program International study in petroleum engineering
How long is the program?
The new masters program is designed to be completed over 4 terms/semesters.
term: advanced fundamentals
& 3
term: specialization (well construction, reservoir engineering, production
term: practical experience (includes internship, project work, masters thesis)

Where can I find the curriculum for the masters program?
You can find the curriculum on the university homepage. Any change in the curriculum does
not affect the validity of the OMV scholarship agreement. The university homepage can be
found at the following link:


Is there a possibility of going abroad during the masters program?
Yes, the University offers the possibility to study abroad during both the bachelors and the
masters programmes. The partner universities are listed on the homepage of the Leoben
University. For further information please contact the university.
Can I do a double degree?
Yes, however it is not possible to enroll onto a double degree program in the 2014 academic
year. The university intends to foster international relationships with different universities;
and in particular with UPG in Romania to implement the double degree program in the
future. If the double degree program is implemented students with an OMV scholarship will
have to enroll onto the double degree program.
Is the whole masters program taught in English?
Yes, as the masters program is an international program, all lectures as well as all exams
and masters thesis are in English.
How many people attend the masters course per term?
The program will increase in size from 2014 to 2016 when new state of the art classroom
facilities will be available at MUL. Exact numbers are not yet known as this depends on how
many students apply and qualify for the program. However, it is expected that approx. 50
students will enrol in the 2014 program. This is planned to increase to between 70 and 100
students per study year on future courses.
Do exams have to be organised individually or is it done by the university?
The dates for the exams are set by the university. Students then have to register for the
exams through the university.
What about the masters class system and the unique PE teaching offices?
The masters class principle is an integral part of the IPA study program. Learning is
supported through the comprehensive caretaking of students by professors and assistant
professors/lecturers, and supported by the optimised layout of the university lecturing
Every student is granted a permanent teaching office space for learning and individual &
group work during the second and third terms. These facilities contain state of the art IT
equipment and visibility of the lecturing area. Students will also be able to store study
material within the classroom at any time.
This combination will ensure a unique atmosphere for optimized learning efficiency by
facilitating interdisciplinary project work (within PE disciplines and Petroleum Geoscience
disciplines) and the ability to communicate with training/internship and other offsite
The complete infrastructure of PE teaching offices will be available as of the summer term in
2016. The first generation of students will be supported through the use of temporary
Is an internship obligatory?
Yes, an internship during the masters program is obligatory. Students must complete an
internship lasting at least 40 days. During the internship the student must maintain a log
book, which s/he must obtain from the secretary of the special department. This serves as
proof of attendance on the internship, and will serves as a record of all activities performed


during the internship. This must in turn be signed off by the line manager of
the organisational unit where the internship takes place. Furthermore the
student must plan to complete the internship between the 2
and 3
What requirements are there for the masters thesis?
The masters thesis must be done in one of the following specialist fields:
Drilling Engineering
Petroleum Production Engineering
Reservoir Engineering.

Students can propose a masters thesis subject to the university or select a subject from an
approved list. Students must align their proposed topic and their project work with a field of
interest for OMV. Their thesis must be finalised within 6 months. Further requirements
regarding the masters thesis are available from the MUL institutes for Drilling Engineering,
Petroleum & Geothermal Energy Recovery and Reservoir Engineering.

Who will be my supervisor for my thesis?
Students can propose a supervisor for the masters thesis, but if not a supervisor will be
nominated by OMV. The masters thesis needs to be approved and aligned with the
respective institute at MUL. The masters thesis should be aligned with OMV.
Is there a final test prior to receiving the masters degree?
Yes, after submitting and passing the masters thesis and all modules from the course
curriculum, student will sit one final exam. The exam focuses on the defense of their
individual masters thesis.
Which academic degree do I receive after finishing the masters program?
After the final test, students will receive the academic grade Diplom-Ingenieur or rather
Diplom-Ingenieurin, abbreviated to either Dipl.-Ing. or DI, which is similar to the
1.3 Other issues masters program & university
Do I get a VISA from the university?
No, however the university will assist students in the preparation of VISA applications and
all related documents.
Can I take relatives with me?
Yes, however OMV will not pay for any of their related costs, and the university will not
assist. Therefore VISA applications etc. will need to be organised and funded by students
How can I get to university from my home country? Who organises my travel?
Students will need to book flights themselves. The university can assist with any questions
on this. OMV will pay a travel lump sum. The amount depends on the country of origin of
the student. The university will also assist in finding accommodation and other
administrative requirements prior to the start of the course.
Do I have to arrange insurance for the duration of the course, and if so who pays?
Yes, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have adequate insurance
coverage (e.g. medical insurance, which is obligatory in Austria). The university can assist in
procuring the required insurance. The insurance should be purchased in Austria if it cannot


be procured by the student in their home country. All insurance related costs
have to be paid for by the student.
What if I fall ill during my studies?
As medical insurance is obligatory in Austria, it is best for students to arrange insurance
prior leaving their home country. If however this is not possible insurance can be arranged
in Austria. This will ensure that you are able to go to a doctor or into hospital if medical care
is required.
Am I allowed to visit my home country and who pays for it?
Student may make as many journeys home within their study leave as they wish. However
OMV will only pay a lump sum, depending on the students country of origin, for one home
visit per year. Furthermore OMV will pay for travel costs at the start and end of the course.
Is there a degree awarding ceremony at the university?
Yes, there will be a ceremony at the university, the details of which will be provided by the
university closer to the time.
2. Scholarship
2.1 Application procedure
Which criteria are required to be awarded an OMV scholarship?
Bachelor degree in petroleum engineering
Acceptance of the applicant by MUL
Strong academic achievements in past studies
TOEFL certificate (computer test minimum of 90pts or written test 550pts),
Internationally oriented
Strong soft skills
Share OMV values (Partner, Professional, Pioneer)
Committed to starting an international career in OMV

Which documents do I need for the application
Cover letter
Proof of the university entrance qualification bachelors degree
Birth certificate (original) or copy of passport
National Insurance number

Is there a deadline for the application?
Yes, applications can be submitted from now until mid-September 2014, but must be
received no later than the 22
of September by OMV.
Who do I contact for more information on the application process?
The OMV Recruiting Team, scholarship contact: Birgit Hnigmann.


Do I have to pass a test or assessment prior to receiving the OMV
Yes, in order to be awarded the OMV scholarship you must pass a selection
process locally (in the country where you live).
This includes:
Assessment day
Final selection approval is held by MUL
The selection of the candidates will be carried out at an OMV assessment center
The selection will be based on your previous academic achievements as well as a
personality evaluation, conducted at the assessment center day. This will include your
personal interview.
Do I have to pass the TOEFL certificate before applying for the scholarship?
No, but you must submit the TOEFL certificate prior to commencing study at MUL.
When will I know if Ive been awarded a scholarship?
OMV endeavours to give feedback as soon as possible, but the latest you will be informed is
2 weeks after attending the assessment day.
2.2 Student Benefits/Costs
What are the benefits of the OMV scholarship?
Allowance for living costs for the entire year including the summer break
Allowance for meals
Allowance for new accommodation expenses (to help with the associated costs of
initially moving into your accommodation)
University tuition fees paid in full
Further educational expenses (books etc.)
Travel expenses for international students
Guaranteed internship place
Close industry contact throughout your studies

Are all costs covered by OMV?
No, not all costs are covered by OMV.
What costs are covered by OMV?
Living costs: ~340* per month - to cover accommodation expenses; this amount is
paid by the university to the students account for the entire year including summer
Other living expenses of ~ 200* per month
Meal vouchers or money for the Mensa (university canteen): ~ 120* per month
Vouchers or money for further meals outside university: ~ 270* per month
Educational expenses (books, printing): ~ 150* per semester
Study Fee: 744 per semester, paid directly by OMV to MUL
Additional startup expenses at the beginning of the course: ~ 200* once, per study
start at MUL


Laptop: organized by university ~ 800* once per study start at MUL
Travel expenses at the begin and end of study: ~ 800* (around 400
per flight, depending on country)
1 Home leave per course year: ~ 800* per year (2 home leaves per course)
* This amounts may vary due to different country regulations for study, tax and family
allowances. We try to assure that no financial disadvantages occur from this scholarship.
All costs which are not listed here will need to be covered by the student.
Is the OMV scholarship guaranteed for the whole course or can I lose it?
Yes, the OMV scholarship is guaranteed for the whole masters program as long as the
student fulfills all of his/her obligations. Thus students must actively use the provided
Petroleum Engineering teaching offices and ensure successful graduation within the agreed
timeframe of 4 terms. Furthermore it is essential to obtain the minimum ECTS credits per
semester (as required by university), and demonstrate a strong learning attitude at the
university. The OMV scholarship can be lost if a student is found to be in breach of the
scholarship contract (e.g. student aborts its studies, student holds no valid visa, no
successful completion of each term etc.)
Do I get the OMV scholarship during vacation time?
Yes, the OMV scholarship is guaranteed for the entire calendar year up for up to two years
of study. As such vacation time is included. During the internship students will receive their
internship salary instead of the scholarship.
Can I choose the laptop? Which laptop do I get?
No, the laptop is chosen by the university and will be provided to all students with an OMV
scholarship. Furthermore the university will ensure that the necessary computer licenses
and programs are in place and available. The laptop remains the property of the university
until the successful completion of the masters exam. At this point the laptop will be
gifted to the student and regarded as their personal property. It can however be taken
home by the student at any point during the course.
What do the mentioned living costs include?
The living cost allowance primarily covers the cost of accommodation. Furthermore a lump
sum for other living expenses will be paid by OMV to partly cover costs for cleaning,
socialising, toiletries etc.
In addition to these allowances there is another financial award at the start of each year of
study aimed to minimise the impact of the move into your accommodation. This will be
paid by OMV via the MUL to you.
Do I have to open a bank account in Austria?
No, it is not mandatory but it is highly recommended that you do.
2.3 Obligations
What are the obligations for the scholarship?
Students must enrol onto the double degree MSc with MUL/UPG once the double
degree is implemented and accredited by the Austrian & Romanian authorities. It is
expected that this will be in place sometimes during 2015. Students must also fulfill
all of the necessary prerequisites and study elements to receive a double degree


Submit registration confirmation and all necessary
certificates/documents during study at the university to OMV
Fulfill internship and if possible also their masters thesis within OMV
Sign a payback clause of 3 years after graduation
Accept any job offer put forward by OMV
Complete and graduate from the program within 2 years

Is the OMV scholarship a binding contract? Do I have to sign a payback clause?
Yes, the OMV scholarship is bound to a fixed employment period of 3 years after graduation
if OMV offers a suitable job. Therefore the scholarship agreement includes a payback clause
and the possibility to work for Austrias largest listed industrial company.
How much money do I have to pay back according to the payback clause?
In the event that a student breaches the scholarship contract or any of its obligations, the
student has to pay back all scholarship payments including all additional allowances.
If a student is unable to finish the study program within 4 terms, the scholarship payments
will cease and it will be decided on an individual basis if the student needs to pay back all or
part of the funding received.
Am I allowed to work beside the scholarship?
Yes, the student is allowed to work within summer breaks. The student needs to make sure
that no tax disadvantages will occur from the additional income.
2.4 Internship (summer, when the university is closed)
Where can I get further information about the scholarship?
Is it possible to do an international internship at OMV?
OMV will offer international internships for the best students. These will be considered and
offered on a case by case basis.
Can I choose between different internships at OMV or is there no choice?
There is no guarantee that you will be awarded your internship of choice, but OMV will try
to find suitable and interesting internship places for all students. OMV prefers that students
do their internship in their home country if possible. Furthermore the best students have the
opportunity to do a unique international internship.
Do I have to do the internship at OMV or can I choose another company?
Yes, OMV will offer internship places to OMV scholarship students. As such the respective
OMV affiliate will provide an internship place. Only in exceptional cases will scholarship
students be considered for an internship outside of OMV.
If I receive the OMV scholarship do I have to apply for an internship?
The internship is an obligatory part of the masters course at MUL and for OMV scholarship
students the details will be defined by OMV. Details about your application or necessary
documents will be provided in time by OMV and the university.


Do I get the scholarship during my internship?
No, during your OMV internship you will receive an internship salary and the
scholarship funding will pause for that time. A separate internship agreement
will be entered into for this period.
Will I receive a salary for the OMV internship?
Yes, the OMV internship includes a salary of around 1400/month. Over and above this there
are additional allowances for accommodation, travel and field trips.
How long is the internship?
The duration of the compulsory internship is 40 shifts, so around 8 weeks.
Where can I see recent internship offers from OMV?
You can find recent internship offers from OMV here:
What are the benefits of the Internship?
Working in an international and technically competent environment
Developing insight / knowledge of specific areas
Access to experienced and competent technical experts
Social networking through mentors
Access to cutting edge oil and gas technologies
Opportunities to participate in elements of projects which will bolster your CV
An open door for professional opportunities

2.5 Other scholarship issues
Who is the contact person within OMV?
Please contact:
Birgit Hnigmann
Trabrennstrae 6-8
1020 Wien
Phone: +43 (1) 40440 21861
Which role does OMV play during the masters program?
OMV stays in close contact with their scholarship students. If any questions, problems or
other topics arise, students are encouraged to contact OMV directly.
How many students will receive a scholarship?
2014 - up to 20 scholarships are allocated. From 2015 this is planned to grow to 15 Austrians
and 18 International scholarship students.
2014 - up to 20 scholarships are allocated. From 2015 this is planned to grow to
approximately 60 scholarships.
Is the scholarship need-based or academic based?
The scholarship is academic based.


Is the scholarship open to both men and women?
Yes, OMV is an equal opportunities employer and students are encouraged to
apply as long as they meet the minimum educational requirements.
Is there an age limit?
No, there is no specific age limit.
3. Job Possibilities after Graduation
Do I get a fixed contract offer from OMV after my graduation?
Successful completion of the masters program does not automatically result in
employment, but the best graduates will receive a fixed job offer. OMV will try to offer as
many suitable jobs as possible according to qualifications & personal requirements.
Who are the best graduates?
The best graduates are those ones who pass the exams in the given time frame, achieving
the best academic results and have shown a desire to learn as well as having displayed soft
skill abilities throughout both their studies and their internship.
What career opportunities are available within OMV?
In OMV you will have the opportunity to get international assignments early on in your
career. Moreover OMV roles will provide you with responsibilities and interesting job
perspectives throughout your career. If you have any further questions please visit the OMV
Can I work in Austria after graduating?
After your graduation most students will be expected to start work in their home country
where possible. However, OMV wants to encourage young engineers to work
internationally, and as such there are many possibilities to work abroad.