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God’s People— Gathered to Go!
April 2008

Bethany Lutheran Church
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New LICS Facility Proposed
Forty guests, including area ministers, attended the LICS Ministers’ Roundtable luncheon on March 6th at Lexington Town Hall. The LICS Board of Directors’ Planning and Development committee introduced Ted Talmage of Talmage Architects, and Royce Lehman of NorthLake Construction Company. Talmage and Lehman presented plans and cost estimates for a new LICS facility, to be located at the intersection of Harmon Street and American Legion Road. Talmage explained that the proposed structure, at 14,000 square feet, will double the present space used by LICS with the Thrift Store, Food Pantry, and office buildings. Lehman presented a detailed cost estimate for the 1.4 million dollar project. Donations of the land and professional services during the pre-construction phase have already begun and are certain to get the project off to a great start. The proposed building project will be presented in detail at the LICS Spring Assembly on April 24 for a vote by member churches. Please keep LICS staff, board members, and the folks that are working on this project in your prayers during the upcoming months.

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Worship & Formation
Choir Practice (everyone is welcome) 9:30 am

Sunday School 10:00 am (all ages)

LICS Donations
In March we collected 92.5 pounds of food for LICS. To donate food items to LICS, bring them to worship, the first Sunday of each month and we will deliver them to LICS for you.

Sunday Worship with 11:00 am Holy Communion

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Disciples are LIGHTS
Loving others Inviting others Giving to God for others Helping others Telling others Students of God’s Word
Welcome these new disciples: Amber Edwards Kristyn Edwards Tammy Corley Charlie Jackson Peyton Reed Preston Reed Their contact information is in the directory.

Thrift Shop Needs
Flowers, plants, and furniture for the Parking Lot Sale, on April 26th. In addition, towels, sheets, kitchen items, baby items, furniture, sporting goods, shoes, large-size clothing, men’s clothing, and boy’s clothing are all needed at the Thrift Shop.

Volunteers Needed
Lexington Social Services & Community Relations Lexington Thrift Store Swansea Outreach Center

LICS Spring Membership Assembly
Everyone is invited to attend the assembly on Tuesday, April 24th. The assembly will be held at Lexington United Methodist Church with registration at 5:30 pm. Program will begin at 6:00 pm with dinner to follow (Shealy’s BBQ). Please RSVP with Pasty at 957-6656, extension 225.

Ways You Can Serve at Bethany
Coordinate 1 activity (mission, education, or fun) for the youth ages 7-13. Volunteer for VBS (July 14-18) Fayetteville Mission trip (June 22-29) Invite people to Bethany Give your tithe faithfully Assist on Sunday (acolyte, assisting minister, communion assistant, crucifer, usher, lector, worship space prep, sing in the choir, collect sign-in sheets, hand out bulletins, clean and press altar linens) Visit and/or call homebound folks Take pictures during BLC events Be the female, lay voting member for BLC Interested? Contact Pastor Karen

Food Pantry Needs
Fruit, soup, beef stew, chicken, tuna, jelly, mac & cheese, cereals, and canned pasta.

Sewing 101 Class Needs
Sewing 101 is a training class to help people become economically independent. Sewing machines, rotary cutters, rotary cutting mats, sharp scissors, small thread scissors, cotton thread, tape measures, seam rippers, irons, and ironing boards are needed for this class.

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Please plan to attend the Mission and Ministry Fair to find new, hands-on ways that we can help other people in the Lexington area. In addition to discovering new ministries, we will also collect money during the next eight Sundays to feed the hungry. During the Sundays of April and May, all contributions marked “Feed Lexington” will be donated on June 1st at the fair. The donation math is simple… when 55 people (our average worship attendance) give $1 for each of the 8 Sundays—we can raise $440 to feed the hungry people in Lexington. Wonder what God will do when 110 hands offer to serve as well?

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Selecting a Bishop
Last fall, in preparation for selecting a new bishop, pastors and lay-people from around the state met, at the request of the Transition Team, to discuss our synod’s mission and ministry. We were given 3 questions to discuss, and a summary of the feedback was recently distributed to each congregation. It is important for you to hear some of the things that other SC Lutherans are saying about our mission and ministry, so here’s a summary of the summary (a complete copy of the report is on the bulletin board outside of my office). What are our synod’s mission priorities? Evangelism, pass on the faith, witness to the gospel, to be more unified as SC Lutherans, to focus on scripture in daily life, youth, develop a mission strategy for changing demographics, learn how to be more contextual, see our congregations as mission posts, young adults (20-30 years old). Transition team thoughts: Since many conferences listed priorities of evangelism, growing God’s mission, and strengthening Lutheran identity, we need to work together to define these concepts. What do we truly seek in greater evangelism efforts—new South Carolinians (people moving here), the un-churched, Hispanics, African-Americans? Are we seeking to share Christ or concerned more about our congregational survival/sustainability? What opportunities, resources, and challenges do we have in our synod? Resources: our institutions, internet, preschools, our theology of grace, strong Lutheran identity, liturgical worship, strong & faithful leaders. Challenges: Aging membership, changing demographics, youth leaving during high school, not wanting to change the status quo, mistrust in the church, no Bible literacy, keeping the church relevant, complacency, decreasing membership, worship styles. Opportunities: Hispanic and African-American outreach, youth and young adults, un-churched, SC is a fast growing state. Transition team thoughts: Another way to ask this question would be what are our assets? Community organizers always suggest focusing on assets rather than needs… because the list of needs is so often so overwhelming it can lead to discouragement and paralysis. In what ways is God calling us to build on our assets and resources to address our challenges and opportunities? Where is God calling us to be in the next 5 to 10 years? To be a “public” church, be better disciples, to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable, live out the Great Commission, move outside our church walls to invite people in, increase Biblical literacy, to act boldly, to reach out, to be out in the world rather than inside of our churches. Transition team thoughts: A desired growth in discipleship and service clearly dominated the response to this question. If the responses to this question become our vision for the coming years, how might we use our resources to achieve them? Knowing from our long history as the baptized community, that a growth in mission requires change on many fronts, how will we manage the risk and the promise required to grow in God’s mission and our ever-changing context? In April, pastors and assembly voting members will turn our attention to reflecting on the gifts of leadership needed by our bishop and synodical vice president to address the above stated needs, priorities, gifts, and challenges. Before attending our conference meeting on April 22, I would like your input about the gifts that you believe the bishop of the SC Synod should possess (I’ve talked a little with council about this). Please email me (, or write me a note and drop it in the mail or put it on my desk. I ask that when you provide this information, you give me your name and preferred contact method, so that if I have any clarifying questions, I can contact you.

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The SC bishop will be selected at the synod assembly, held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on May 16-18. As of this newsletter, we have 3 of the 4 delegates allotted to Bethany. I will be attending, along with Sandy Gibson (one lay male voting member), and Savannah Martoi (one voting member under the age of 30). We still need one lay female voting member in order for Bethany to be fully represented at the assembly (if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible). The SC bishop is selected by ecclesiastical ballot. Prior to the assembly, all voting members will be given the summary information from the Transition Team to help guide us in our voting. On the first day of the assembly, nominations will be taken from the floor and must be accompanied by a written biographical information form. All pastors in good standing with the ELCA (yes… nearly 17,000 of them) are eligible for nomination (although a SC person has always been selected). All nominees will be posted as soon as the ballots are tallied. On Friday night and Saturday morning, people nominated, but unable to serve, may removed their names from the list of nominees. The remaining nominees will be on the second ballot, and from that point forward, they cannot remove their names. The top candidates will be on the third ballot and must submit another biographical form and submit to a background check. Prior to the fourth ballot (most likely on Sunday), a question and answer period will be held so that people can ask questions of the nominees. It may be possible that a fifth ballot will be distributed for a final vote between two nominees. In short, this process isn’t “pre-wired” with candidates, and it is VERY important that the voting members from Bethany understand the congregation’s desires for a bishop, in order to be prepared to vote. If you have questions about the information from the mission and ministry of the synod or about the bishop election process, please let me know. As soon as I receive the Transition Team summary of our upcoming meeting on the gifts desired for the SC bishop, I will publish them. In the mean time, please begin to pray about this process—an additional female lay person to attend from Bethany, the people voting, the people nominated, the people counting the thousands of votes, and most of all… that God will pour out the Holy Spirit on us all… so that the best bishop will be selected for the SC Synod. God’s Peace, PK P.S. Sorry for all of the words… but this is important stuff!

Meet-n-Greet Potluck Lunch April 13, right after worship
We have a lot of new folks who regularly attend Bethany and several new folks that have joined Bethany in the past several months. We are going to have a potluck luncheon and spend some time getting to know one another. Bring your favorite foods… but more importantly… bring a spirit of sharing. Take this time of food and fellowship to sit next to someone you don’t know very well… and find out what they are interested in, how God is at work in their life, and where/how they would like to see Bethany become LIGHTS for a sometimes dark world. Contact Jeff Bouknight to help with this meal and fellowship.

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Bethany Calendar of Events
Tuesday, 04/01 Wednesday, 04/02 Sunday, 04/06 7:15 pm—Bible Study 6:00 pm—BYO Supper and Drink with Bible Study at 6:30 pm 9:30 am—Choir Practice 10:00 am—Sunday School all ages 11:00 am—Holy Communion; Collect food for LICS 6:00 pm—Music & Worship Meeting 7:15 pm—Bible Study 6:00 pm—BYO Supper and Drink with Bible Study at 6:30 pm 9:30 am—Choir Practice 10:00 am—Sunday School all ages 11:00 am—Holy Communion 12:15 pm—Meet-n-Greet Potluck Lunch; youth are helping with the meal 7:00 pm—Council Meeting 7:15 pm—Bible Study 6:00 pm—BYO Supper and Drink with Bible Study at 6:30 pm 9:30 am—Choir Practice 10:00 am—Sunday School all ages 11:00 am—Holy Communion No Bible Study 7:00 pm—Saxe Gotha Conference Meeting; Faith Lutheran Church 6:00 pm—BYO Supper and Drink with Bible Study at 6:30 pm 6:30 pm—Senior High BCY Meeting 9:30 am—Choir Practice 10:00 am—Sunday School all ages 11:00 am—Holy Communion 7:15 pm—Bible Study 6:00 pm—BYO Supper and Drink with Bible Study at 6:30 pm

Tuesday, 04/08 Wednesday, 04/09 Sunday, 04/13

Tuesday, 04/15 Wednesday, 04/16 Sunday, 04/20

Tuesday, 04/22

Wednesday, 04/23

Sunday, 04/27

Tuesday, 04/29 Wednesday, 04/30

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Acolytes April—Needed Lectors April—Savannah Martoi Ushers April—Amber Edwards & Kristyn Edwards There are plenty of ways to serve during worship. If you didn’t know, liturgy means “work of the people” and there are TONS of things you can do in worship. If you want to be a liturgist, contact Pastor Karen. Tellers Apr 6—Wyman Windham Apr 13—Craig Healy Apr 20—Johnny Lucas Apr 27—Jeff Bouknight Cleaning Families


Joann & Gordon Addy Rosabelle & Bill Backman Lillie Coggins Norman & Brenda Deal Merlaine Johnson Nezzie Koon Alan Lindler and family Kay Renwick George & Alice Shealy Vasco & Rosa Shealy Murray Shumpert Jeannette Smith Helen Sox

March 23—Kevin & Kelly Reed in honor of Peyton & Preston’s baptism. March 30—Lisa Allen to the glory of God. April 6—Craig Healy and Alice

April 13—Joan & Vincent Potts in honor of Beverly and Jessica’s birthdays. April 20—Open April 27—Open The flower calendar is in the narthex and flowers cost $35.

Save Your Stuff
for a Bethany Yard Sale! Sale date soon!

2008 Financials—as of March 27
What we committed to do in 2008 2008 Annual Budget: $63,344.00 Budgeted To Date: $14,617.85 What we have accomplished in 2008 Year To Date Tithes Received: $11,943.50 Year to Date Ministry Expenses: $9,271.29 What we have left to do in 2008 Pray over: $51,400.50

Please check the bulletin board over the mailboxes.

urch Bethany Lutheran Ch
720 Bethany Church Road Lexington, SC 29073

Phone: 803-755-3570 Pastor Karen Gibson E-mail: Web:

God's People - Gathered To Go!

Back Cover Chuckle
From the SC Synod Newsletter

Sitting at the side of the road waiting to catch speeding drivers, an Oklahoma State Trooper saw a car puttering along at 22 m.p.h. Thinking to himself that this driver was just as dangerous as any speeder, he turned on his blue lights, and pulled the driver. Approaching the car, he realized that there were five elderly ladies—two in the front seat and three in the back—wideeyed and shaken. The driver, obviously confused at being pulled, said, "Officer, I don't understand. I was going the exact speed limit, 22 m.p.h. What seems to be the problem?" The trooper trying to contain a chuckle, explained to her that 22 was the highway number, not the speed limit. A bit embarrassed, the woman grinned and thanked the officer for pointing out her error. The officer said, "Before you go, Ma'am, I have to ask, is everyone in this car OK? These women seem awfully shaken." Sheepishly, the driver replied, "Oh, they'll be all right in a minute, officer. We just turned off of Highway 127."