The Antichrist

If you’ve seen the antichrist and he looks like the creature in the picture above, then it’s probably too late to save you! The antichrist and those imbued with his spirit walk among us covertly and overtly. The growing popularity of blatant evil, piercings, tattoos with occult and satanic themes, and the worship of pain are some of the antichrist’s overt manifestations. It is his covert manifestations that are the most insidious. Those who loudly call themselves “believer”, “minister”, “pastor”, “preacher”, “rabbi”, or “saved”, are usually the very ones doing the antichrist’s work! Scripture tells us that we shall know people by their fruits. What follows below is a list of traits exhibited by the antichrist and his tools (in the order of their seriousness):

Discourages people from using God’s holy names (Yah, Yah Veh, Yah Weh,
Yahu’ah, Yeho Vah, etc.). Often claim that their use is “disrespectful” or even “forbidden”. Conveniently forgets all of the scriptures that tell us to use God’s holy names! (1 Chronicles 16:10, 35; 23:13; Psalms 99:3; 105:3; 106:47; 138:2; 145:21; Matthew 28:19; just to name a few!) (List most of your prominent evangelists, pastors, and rabbis here).

“Talks the talk” but doesn’t “walk the walk”. Hypocrites that condemn others
for the very sins that are prominent in their own lives. Often discovered very publically bringing shame and disrepute on their congregation and on believers in general. (List most of your prominent evangelists, pastors, and rabbis here).

Asks for money for themselves. According to the Apostles, this is a clear indicator
of a false prophet or false teacher! (Didache 11:12) Even if they ask for money for “their” ministry, they themselves are not to partake of it at all! Even if they only ask for food, they themselves are not to partake of it at all! Only if the community considers the prophesies and teachings of that individual to be truly of Yahu’ah or His Son Yah Shua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) are they to provide for the prophet or teacher - and then without being asked! Everyone else is expected to work for a living! These false prophets and teachers usually preach the Doctrine of Baal (the pagan god’s promise of prosperity and wealth for his followers). (List most of your prominent evangelists, pastors, and rabbis here).

Calls anyone who disagrees with their dogma “heretics”! A favorite tactic of
those who practice any of the above! Like declaring any work you disapprove of “pornography”, calling anyone who disagrees with you a “heretic” cuts off almost all debate. In both cases few will dare investigate the charge. These labels instill apprehension and the fear of disapproval and rejection among all those who have contact with those so labeled. This isn’t to say that there are no heretics, but a debate is supposed to be won with factual evidence and logic, not name calling! Expose the false teachings and you will not have to attach a label - it will attach itself! (List most of your prominent evangelists, pastors, and rabbis here).

Quotes scriptures out of context. Another tactic used by the antichrist and his

tools to justify their practice of the above. Each and every verse of scripture was not meant to stand alone! Example: Jeremiah Yirme Yah 44:26 "Therefore, hear ye a word of Yehovah, all Judah who are dwelling in the land of Egypt: Lo, I -- I have sworn by My great name, said Yehovah, My name is no more proclaimed by the mouth of any man of Judah, ...” Therefore, we should never say God’s holy name! But if we read the entire scripture in context, we discover that this prohibition is very specific: “...saying, Live doth the Lord Yehovah -- in all the land of Egypt. 27 Lo, I am watching over them for evil, and not for good, and consumed have been all the men of Judah who are in the land of Egypt, by sword and by famine, till their consumption.” This, added to the rest of Jeremiah 44, indicates that this prohibition was ONLY for those of Judah who fled to Egypt with Jeremiah against God’s will! Those same Jews became extinct “by sword and by famine, till their

consumption.” (List most of your prominent evangelists, pastors, and rabbis here). As I hope this writer has made clear, the antichrist does his best work through the so called “church” or “synagogue”! He depends upon desperate, fearful, gullible, lazy, misinformed, and often rebellious believers to make up his flock. Note that he rarely calls it God’s flock - it is his flock to fleece. The antichrist and his tools seem to be in a “win/win” situation. They preach “peace and prosperity” and sometimes “tolerance” (of evil), which is what most people want to hear. As long as their flocks grow so does their wealth. And they always use their wealth to promote the antichrist’s agenda, which includes their own power and wealth. When they fall, it is always to the discredit of all believers because they have been held up as fine examples of the faith - and thus discrediting their true enemies! “Them that sin rebuke in sight of all that others also may fear.” (1Timothy 5:10) It’s time that we all speak out against all of the so called “believers”, “ministers”, “pastors”, “preachers”, “rabbis”, and “saved” who exhibit the above traits. It’s time to call a “spade a spade” and expose the antichrist and his tools for what they are - liars and thieves. Scripture notes that in the last days there will be many false miracles and signs. We can now find them easily at some church, synagogue, or on television for the greater glory of some preacher or rabbi even though they pretend to follow the scriptures. False prophets and teachers continue to multiply in spite of their brethrens’ frequent downfalls. One hundred years ago, Western Civilization was proudly and outspokenly Christian. One could count on one hand the number of independent pagan countries in this world. In spite of all of its many flaws, Yahu’ah was indeed on the West’s side. Today, the West has abandoned Yahu’ah and His Son - and He has abandoned the West. We are reaping what we have sown. If we have read the scripture and understood, we all know what is to follow. Now is the time to speak out. If we wish to be part of the remnant, we must do our part and die for our faith if necessary. We shall not receive our rewards in this life - but what are a few decades compared to eternity? May Yahu’ah Sabaoth (God the Father, Lord of Hosts), Yah Shua HaMashiach ben Elohim (Jesus Christ the Son of God), and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) bless you and keep you. Amen.

Hallelu Yahu’ah Sabaoth! Hallelu Yah Shua HaMashiach! Hallelu Ruach HaKodesh! Hallelu Yah!

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