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OB !.O.P
"#$E 8%, &'O(' )O*P+E,, -E!E.'+ )'P$'+ $E..$O./
!'$E O- B.$4
*'.$'+ "$'$#"
E6periences in
campai7ns and 48man
• 8 year experience working against stereotypes, prejudices and violence against ethnic
groups in Nigeria through public campaigns and public relations;
• 5 year of progressive international intergovernmental work in Northern Nigeria on
Religious extremism
• experience with social media, public communication, public campaigns, trainings and
coordinating social public awareness campaigns
• nalytic skills of the public perceptions and stereotypes;
• N!" management and implementation of human rights, gender, edutainment,
advocacy#campaign, peace education, maternal health $public health and policy projects
• campaign against discrimination and violence against women, other of vulnerable groups
%media campaign, &', radio and outdoor(
• !overnmental and non) governmental mechanism to combat the discrimination against
people living with *+' in Nigeria,
• raise awareness on the discrimination against women and girls faced with domestic
• -ed team of ./ persons that implements youth advocacy campaigns against rape and bad
name calling,
• "rgani0ing concerts and events against killings of southerners in the North of Nigeria
• "rgani0ing meetings and other public events on the anti $discriminatory bill
• wareness campaign, &' spot to promote tolerance and non)discrimination, violence
against women
• 1oordination of informal discussions, interviews, street events and debates on interfaith
relations and mutual co) existence among different faiths in Nigeria,
• 2articipation to the public events and taking the role of a public speaker in both national
and international conferences on housing for the homeless and key populations,
)#..E&$ .E"E'.)4
Current Research Projects:
 +nfluences of cultural values and tradition on democracy and peace )3/.3)3/.4,
 5eing 6hell) 6hocked7 protracted social violence in Niger 8elta Region) 9N":7 +nterplay
towards a policy ;aking <xercise case 6tudy 7 Niger 8elta 3/./)3/..
'.E'" O-
 2roject 2lanning# ;anagement and 1oordination7 8esign and 6et up, +mplementation and
;anagement of 2rograms 1onflict &ransformation 6ystems +ntegration and !overnance(
 2rogram monitoring and <valuation 7 8evelopment of data collection = reporting tools,
monitoring plans, etc
 1ampaign development and strategies building
 "rgani0ation 8evelopment and 1apacity 5uilding for 16"s 7 6trategic planning,
 dvocacy and community awareness
 &echnical -eadership and &eam 8evelopment7 &eam building, working in multicultural
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:#'+$E" '&!
 2roactive, ble to prioriti0e, take direction and meet deadlines,
 !ood knowledge of conflict and development challenges in >est frica
 *ave a good knowledge of gender justice and development and its application
 &eam oriented )willing to assist others to develop and grow their skills
 !ood +nterpersonal skills, able to build relationships and influence others,
 <nergetic, likes to travel and work long hours,
 <nthusiastic, innovative, strategic thinking, open minded, responsible, flexible and tolerant
 6trong technical writing and analytic skills
 'ery !ood computer skills bility to build strong working relationships and foster
 2roven presentation and organi0ational skills in a national organi0ation,
 <xceptional <nglish writing ability %both technical and persuasive(
 +nitiative, self)motivation and commitment to continuously improving work results
 ;ore than ? years experience of 2rogramme management and development
 bility to analy0e information, evaluate options and to think and plan strategically
Other ";ills:
• 1omputer literate, good knowledge of7 >ord, <xcel, dobe, 2age ;aker, 2hoto +mage,
Navigator, +nternet <xplorer, 1orel, "utlook
Dates Course completed Place o tra!n!n" #rade$result
.@@@ $ 3//?
Research program courses %3//3)3//?(7
1onflict Resolution, *uman Relations,
2eace Research and 8evelopment
Research, Research ;ethodology,
5,, in Religious 6tudies and *uman
Relations,Nnamdi 0ikiwe 9niversity)
wka 3//?; >ith additional courses in
1onflict Resolution, 6tate 2olitics, local
campaign and networking for results,
2ractical . year program on &raditional
2eace with National :outh 1orps
members %N:61( 3//5
%&heme focus7 <nvironmental protection
and sustainable peace(
Nnamdi 0ikiwe 9niversity)wka 5,
Dates Course completed Place o tra!n!n" #rade$result
3//@ 2rogramme ;anagement +nformation in
conflit prevention
8epartment of Religion and *uman
Relations) N9
pril 3//8 1omprehensive 1onflict ;anagement,
security signals
8epartment of Religious and *uman
3//A R*, !ender, 2rogramme ;anagement
and "rgani0ational !overnance
9NB2, Nigeria ttendance
3//5 8emocratic &raining and -eadership
>orkshop %8&->(
frican -eadership Borum %-B(, "tta,
"gun 6tate, Nigeria
3/./ &errorism, 8emocracy and 6ustainable
!overnance in Nigeria
6pecial ssistance 6ecurity and
+ntelligence) 8*1
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Emplo%er&s name and locat!on 'o( t!tle and summar% o dut!es
)outh or Peace *u!ld!n" +
De,elopment !n Ar!ca -)OUPEDA.
/orld Fa!th Internat!onal0 Ne1
3445 6
)outh D!rector$ Nat!onal D!rector
&ask 8escription7
2rovide training and administrative and to project members#partners in the areas of capacity
development, delivery of 2rogramme intervention and services networking, policy,
campaigns, advocacy, partnership and coordination of state level work,
7e% Funct!ons8
 2rovide regular technical assistance to partners in the following areas7
 1ommunity based participatory peace education approaches
 6upport to governance work and youth development challenges
 ;ainstreamed gender into :"92<8 affiliates and N6s
 Re invigorate the gender mindset of young women towards peace building
 + 8esign, prepare, implement, monitor and evaluate community conflict prevention
campaigns among adolescent and young people component of the 1hildren, naly0es
and evaluates data to ensure achievement of objectives and#or takes corrective action
when necessary to meet set objectives for conflict prevention among adolescents and
young people, 1ontributes to the development and#or introduction of new approaches,
methods and practices in project management and evaluation,
 2reparation of status updates and reports on conflict transitions, impact !overnance
+nitiatives and <ducation activities in buja National "ffice,
 + undertake support visits to monitor gender and justice principles adoption with the
>orld faith self developed co) existence tools, 1onduct !overnance +nitiatives and
1ommunity 5ased dialogues, as well as conducts periodic 2rogramme reviews with,
16"#B5"s and other partners, 2roposes and#or undertakes action on operational
procedures affecting project management and implementation,
 + contribute to the preparation of the 6ituation nalysis by compiling data, analy0ing
and evaluating information, and writing chapters of the nalysis based on information
from the field#partner offices,
 + engage with state, national and international agencies working in areas of conflict
transformation impact governance, 2articipate in inter sectoral meetings with
2rogramme colleagues, %N6s( ministries responsible for conflict prevention in the
general population; participate in 2rogramme reviews, and follows up on
implementation of recommendations and agreements with interested partners
 + facilitate the development of the work plan with 2artners = N6s, ensuring it meets
targeted achievement of specific assigned objectives as well as provision of guidance
and support to staff in meeting project objectives,
 ssists partners in planning and organi0ing training programmes, +dentifies training
needs and objectives for the purpose of capacity building, 2rogramme sustainability, as
well as promotion and advocacy,
 + facilitate and support the development and strengthening of strategic
collaboration#partnerships with civil society organi0ations in governance and
leadership and in the fight against *+'#+86 associated with conflicts in Nigeria and
its *uman Rights issues,
Deense 9ealth Clu(: ;o"ad!shu
Cantonment <Aso2oro0A(uja,
Pro"ramme Assoc!ate -Peace 7eep!n" ;!ss!on Un!t. 8evelopment = *+'
2rogramming, &his involves 1oordination of all poverty reduction, *+', 6R*R, + !uided
the provision of technical assistance to sub)projects on prevention, impact mitigation,
networking and coordination activities of project beneficiaries, communities and
development partners related to 8evelopment including cross cutting issues like Rights,
!ender and *+' e,g, campaign on sanitation programmes of Rural -inkage Network,
"thers include
 >ork with the 1oordinator as may be necessary, to coordinate the development of
campaign materials) +<1#media materials for peace keepers
 2romote community awareness and sensiti0ation on *+'#+86 prevention and
stigma reduction among military men that are *+' positive,
 2rovide technical assistance, representation, linkages and support to 2rogramme
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Emplo%er&s name and locat!on 'o( t!tle and summar% o dut!es
 2articipate in the initiation, design, development and monitoring of *ealth
campaigns, project activities for peace keepers %pre and post missions(
 8esign and implement training in counseling, interpersonal communication, and
gender and *+'#+86 to the military men and women in the support groups
 2rovide guidance to the project team and facilitate the transfer of appropriate
technical skills on 5ehavior 1hange 1ommunication, 1ommunity mobili0ation
and advocacy,
 2reparing regular reports and updates about projects to funders and other
 Bacilitate strategic collaboration with other youth organi0ations involved in
Reproductive *ealth and *+'#+86 intervention and conflict transformation,
 ;obili0e the military 1ommunities for increased 2articipation and involvement
in the promotion of good governance and the fight against *+'# +86, and the
abuse of *uman Rights during and after crises period,
National :outh 6ervice 1orps 344>  Course Coord!nator$ N)SC Peer Educat!on Tra!ner: Ass!stant School Counselor
+ ?olunteer 1!th a Non #o,ernmental Or"an!@at!on
 ;obili0ation, training and mentoring of 4/ +n)6chool 2eace 2eer <ducators,
conducted outreaches and establishment of 2eace :outh 1lubs ,
 9nited Network of :oung 2eace builders %9N":() &he *ague
 2eace and 1ollaborative 8evelopment Network) 96
 Bellowship of Reconciliation) 96
 +nstitute for 2eace and 1onflict Resolution %+21R(
 cademy for 2eace and 8evelopment
 <1">6 :outh ;ission
 >e >ill !ang for 2eace %>>!2(
 +nstitute for <conomics and 2eace
 nd others
I ha,e had soc!al learn!n" research eAper!ence home and a(road or (eha,!oral chan"e to1ards Peace8
 Da2ar: one month -34B4. 2articipation at the +nterviews with ./ social 2eace ctivist
 N!"er!a: t1o months !n 'os < plateau State -3445.
 8uring my 5)thesis in Religious 6tudies and *uman Relations, + made participatory observation and interviews, studying
religious violence in Northern Nigeria
 N!"er: B month -344C.
 &he field visits included interviews with 3/ representatives of grassrootsC movements doing
 nonviolent resistance to Dglobali0ationE, and transnational
 1orporations in Niger, 6ome researchers were also interviewed,
 7aduna: one month: and t1o 1ee2s -344C.
 &he field visit was made to prepare future research on nonviolent and peaceful co)existence, 1ontacts where made and about
3/ interviews with organi0ers, educators and leading activists from the North,
 &he visit of 3//8 was to reconnect and build research cooperation with universities in the Northern Nigeria and the >estern
 <xtensive traveling in Northern N!"er!a -Peace d!alo"ues and tours. between 3//@ and 3/./, approximately one month,
in order to take part in social movement activities, as well as making interviews with activists and &rainers of nonviolent and
peaceful co)existence between 1hristians and ;uslims,
 + have a good knowledge of the regional organi0ations such as the <1">6, 9 and the a lot more issues of conflict and
civil engagement,
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Emplo%er&s name and locat!on 'o( t!tle and summar% o dut!es
I have been involved in several organizations, and organized numerous
fora, meetings as well as conferences.
 s1ourse 1oordinator of unit, 6ilame 6econdary 3//?
 1o)1onvenor of Religion and &raditional peace lternative 6tudies 2anels at 1entere for 2eace
*ealth 6tudies 3//@)3/./
 8eputy 8irector#2rogramme "fficer %consultancy(:outh ction 6ociety of Nigeria %:6"N(
 %. years( 3//8)3//@
 1o)Bounder and 1oordinator, Religion and 2eace 6ociety of Nigeria
 'ice)1hair of the board of Dpeople for 2eace ctionE 3//@)3/./
 5oard member of the D 6ocial ;edia BorumE 3/./
 &he +nternational 2eace 8ay 3//@,3/./ and 3/..
Reading, &raveling, 5rainstorming,mediation,dialogue and dventure
En"l!sh7 6peaking, reading and writing excellent,
French7 9nderstanding poor,
REFEREES80 A,a!la(le on reDuest