“Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are”—

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. India is a nation with a unique identity among the
world nations. Because any nation will have a single tradition and culture but
we are the nation with diverse traditions and multi cultures. The things
which depict Indian culture are its Dances, Music, Literature and many more.
Due to globalization several things pervaded into India from the western
world. These things brought a drastic change in certain common aspects like
food habits and dress wear. Of course wearing the dress which we feel
comfortable may not be an offence but ignoring the things like traditional
wear on festivals and auspicious occasions should be considered with serious
attention. Apart from these two, we are neglecting many things which were
once considered as unique talents of India.

Dance—India possessed different styles of dances like Kuchapudi,
Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri and Odissi etc. Certain people
considered these as their profession and used to earn their living by giving
performances in auditoriums. Similar is the case with music.
Music—no way inferior to western music India has its own vocal and
instrumental music. The vocal includes carnatic and Hindustani styles. The
instrumental includes veena (often referred as analogy to goddess
saraswati), tabala, mrudangam and shehnai. These days the teachers of
these instruments are saying that the instrument veena isn’t attracting more
students because students are feeling it is too heavier to carry from one
place to another.

Literature—Rabindranath Tagore, the man whose works are applauded by
western people was felicitated him with prestigious Nobel Prize for his work
Gitanjali. Since then no Indian received that prize which doesn’t mean our
ability to write is reduced. We are underestimating ourselves and we are
very interested in reading the books of J.K.Rowling but not the books written
by Indian authors. How many of us know the names of Arundati Roy and
Arvind Adiga who won the prestigious literary award—Man Booker Prize.

What reasons made Indian culture to lose its glory and legacy:
1. In this competitive world, every parent is expecting their child to focus on
academics as much time as possible in which these activities are not part.
2. Majority of education includes works of western people (except local
language and social studies).
3. Lack of support for artists of these talents.


As someone said “too much of anything is good for anything”, the
enthusiasm to learn things of other nations is not wrong, but they should not
be done at the expense of our traditions and culture. If people like Lata
Mangeskar, S.P.Balasubramanium and Ilayraja might have thought that
way, we have lost many songs which are considered as jewels. The works of
great poet Kalidas, whom we consider as Shakespeare of India, are unknown
to many young Indians. The sole reason for which today Indians are
venerated on world stage is just because of the vintage of this nation. It is
the duty of young citizens of India to restore the glory by encouraging the
artistic performances of these traditional aspects and giving them more
importance instead of considering as the things that decorate the curriculum