Match fixing a bookie calls Hansie cronie before the match between

India and south africa.
Cell phone rings. Hansie picks up.
Cronie : hello
Bookie : I am ........ Here.
Cronie : yes tell me
Bookie : how is the pitch
Cronie : ya dry and good for batting
Bookie : I want u to loose today's match
Cronie : impossible
Bookie : I will pay u $20000
Cronie : but it is very difficult to make india win.
Bookie : I will pay u $25000
Cronie : still it a tough ask or u tell by what margin we should win
that will be much more easier
Bookie : no india should win
Cronie : ok. I will try my best
Bookie : no make it.
Cronie : ok.
Bookie : what will be the score
Cronie : 300
Bookie : if u bat first
Cronie : yes
Bookie : no make it 220
Cronie : impossible. Agarkar and joshi are playing. Very difficult to play badly
Bookie : 220 no change.
Cronie : I will try
Bookie : ok. If india bat first
Cronie : 180
Bookie : no make it 275
Cronie : no u are asking too much. Dravid is playing.
Bookie : ok make it $30000
Cronie : I think this is going to be very tough match in my life time
Bookie : ok, deal is made.
Cronie : yes
Bookie : bye.
Match starts india bats first. India score only 220 in 50 overs.
During the lunch break hansie's cell rings.
Cronie : hello
Bookie : its me. why did india score only 220.
Cronie : what can I do. All six balls they scoring two runs and four balls only
one run and full toss balls they are defending.
Bookie : still u should have played badly.
Cronie : I asked all my bowlers to bowl badly. I also asked kirsten and gibse to
bowl. Still they didn't hit them. What can I do.
Bookie : ok. Forget it. I want u to loose the match.
Cronie : I will try.
Bookie : make only 180
Cronie : ok.
Bookie : bye.
S. Africa bats. They play really badly. They try to run only 1's for 2's. but si
nce indians were fielding they can't stop themselves from running 2's. indians d
rop 6 catches. All south Africans charged down to joshi's bowling and they purpo
sely miss the ball, but they
got to run a bye for that because Dighe was searching for the ball behind the st
Inspite of bad display of batting they score 218 off 49 overs. Last
over 3 runs required the worst part is agarkar is bowling. Hansie
is still batting with strydom. Bookie gets really furious. hansie is ready to fa
ce the last over his cell rings.
Cronie : hello
Bookie : its me. I told u so many times why did u do like this.
Cronie : what can I do. I tried my level best and I made it very obvious also.
Bookie : ok forget it. I want u to loose the match atleast now.
Cronie : what can I do. Our fate, agarkar is bowling.
Bookie : I don't know u are loosing
Meanwhile Agarkar bowls hansie try's to hide his bat behind his back.
But the ball hits the bat and goes to third man. so they take a single.
Cronie : sorry what can I do I was hiding my bat but still the ball comes and hi
my bat. If I play much worse than this everybody will find out.
Bookie : (gets really tensed). Ok I can understand.
But please don't take last two runs.
Hansie speaks to strydom and tells him not to take a single.
Agarkar bowls a juicy full toss. Strydom uses all his batting skills
and restricts it to a single. Scores are level.
Bookie : ok. Past is past. Atleast finish it in a tie.
I don't know what u are going to do u are not taking a single or u give
u'r bat to the umpire.
Cronie : ok. Ok. Don't worry this time I will see to it we are not taking the
single. Let it be obvious also.
I am not taking the single.
Agarkar bowls, unfortunately he bowls a no ball. S. Africa wins the match.
Bookie goes mad and hansie faints in the field itself.
Morale : Indians doesn't have the necessity to fix the match.
They are pure.