Creating Accounts on Windos !""" Ser#er
Because of the decentralized security of a workgroup environment, you need to create an account for
every user on the network and keep the passwords synchronized:
1. Click Start, point to $rogra%s, point to Ad%inistrati#e Too&s, and then click Co%'uter
Under S)ste% Too&s, click Loca& Users and Grou's.
. !ight"click the Users #older, and then click Ne User.
$. %n the User Na%e &o', type in the user %( that the user will &e using for the logon process.
%f you are working with multiple workgroup computers, this name must match e'actly.
). *ype the re+uired information in the Fu&& Na%e and Descri'tion &o'es.
,. *ype the password for the user. -gain, this must &e the same on all servers or workstations
that want to share data.
Click to clear the User %ust c*ange 'assord on ne+t &ogon check &o'.
S*aring Data it* Wor,grou' Users
(ou&le"click the () Co%'uter icon.
2. /avigate to the desired location of the folder that you would like to share, right"click
this folder, and then click S*aring.
Click the S*are t*is Fo&der option.
*he S*are na%e &o' will &e populated with the folder name. %f you would like to
change this name, type the new share name in the &o'.
). By default, the connections limit is set to the ma'imum allowed0 however, you can set
an allowed user limit.
,. %f you click the $er%issions &utton, you can set a share"level permission on the share.
*he default permissions will &e set so that the 1veryone group has full control. 2hare
permissions are separate &ut e+ual to /*#2 permissions. %n other words, &y setting the
share permissions, you are a&le to add additional permissions when users are
connecting to this folder across the network.
.. Click OK to close the 3roperties window.
4. -fter the folder is shared, you see a hand icon under the folder.
(et*od -. $re/Create t*e User0s Co%'uter Account
#rom the -ctive (irectory Users and Computers snap"in, right"click the container
where the account resides.
2. Click Ne, and then click Co%'uter.
%n the Co%'uter na%e &o', type the name of the 5indows 2666"&ased computer that
you want to add to the domain.
7ake sure the computer8s name is also entered in the Co%'uter na%e 1're/Windos
!"""2 &o' 9this should occur automatically:.
$. Click C*ange. 2elect the user or group that will &e ;oining this computer to the
domain, and then click OK.
%f you want 5indows /* $.6 and previous operating systems to use this computer
name o&;ect, click to select the A&&o 're/Windos !""" co%'uters to use t*is
account check &o', and then click OK.
Creating a Do%ain
2etting up a &asic client<server domain isn8t all that difficult. =ou8ll need a network interface card 9/%C: for
each computer and ca&ling 9or wireless hardware: to connect the machines. %nstall 7icrosoft 5indows
2666 2erver on one computer. Use the Con3igure 4our Ser#er Wi5ard to make the server a domain
controller. /e't, install 5indows >3 3rofessional on the other computers. *o connect to a network during
setup, you must have the correct hardware installed on your computer and &e connected to your network.
Use the Netor, Setu' Wi5ard to set up your system8s network connections, including assigning a
computer name, configuring the networking protocols, and setting up file and printer sharing.
Note #or everything you need to know a&out setting up and running a domain for your small &usiness or
home office, % immodestly recommend Microsoft Windows 2000 Server