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Scheme – E

Sample Question Paper

Course Name : Civil Engineering Group
Course Code : CE/CS/CR/CV
Semester : Fifth For CE/CS/CR And Sixth For CV
Subject Title : Estimating & Costing
Marks : 100 Time: 4 Hour
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Assume suitable data if necessary.
5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order.

Q.1a) Attempt any THREE ------------------------------------- 12 Marks
a) State different types approximate Estimate. Illustrate any one with example.
b) State the different types of detailed estimate & its uses.
c) Enlist the factors to be considered while preparing detailed estimate.
d) Draw the formats of Abstract & Measurement Sheet.
Q.1b) Attempt any ONE --------------------------------------- 06 Marks
a) Prepare approximate estimate of a building having Plinth Area of 1550 sqm using
following data;
i) Plinth Area Rate Rs. 6000.00 per sqm.
ii) Contigencies 5%
iii)Work Charged Estb 2%
iv) Water Supply & Sanitary Arrangement 15% on cost of building.
v) Electrification 8% on building cost.
vi) Architectural Fee 1.5% on cost of building.
b) State significance of Check List for estimation of building. Enlist sequentially six
item of works.
Q.2 Attempt any TWO ------------------------------------- 16 Marks
a) Work out quantity of internal plaster for a room of size 6.3m x 5.1m ( inside
dimension) having floor height up to ceiling 3.3m. Schedule of opening is as
mentioned below:
D1 1.1mx2.1m
W1 1.8x1.2m
V1 0.4mx0.7m
b) Calculate percentage of reinforcement for 15cum of concrete for the following item of
i) footing
ii) column
iii) beam
iv) slab

c) Calculate quantity of following item of work & enter the same in standard format of
Measurement Sheet with brief description of item. (Refer fig 1)
i) Exavation for Foundation
ii)UCR Masonry in Foundation & Plinth

Q.3) Attempt any FOUR ---------------------------------------------------- 16 Marks
a) Differentiate between Revised & Supplementary Estimate
b) Draft a face sheet for a construction of building work using following data, cost of
construction-----Rs. 15,00,0000
contingencies -----5%
w.c. estb -----2%
centage charges--- 8%
c) Write unit of measurement for;
i) Half Brick thick wall
ii) Neeru plaster
iii) Stone masonry wall 450mm thick
iv) Honeycombing brick masonry

d) State the rules for deduction for plastering as per IS 1200

e) Calculate quantity of concrete for slab & Beam using given data:
Dimension of slab 5.5mx4.55m x125mm.
Size of Beam 230x350 with effective span of 3.35m

Q.4 a) Attempt any THREE --- 12 Marks
a) Workout quantity of 6 mm, 10mm, and 16mm diameter reinforcement for a rectangular
beam of size 230mmx500mm. The beam is reinforced with
2 Nos-10mm dia. at top, 2Nos – 16mm dia. at bottom.
2 Nos.-16mm dia. bent up.
6mm dia. two legged stirrups are provided at 150 mm c/c throughout the length.
Length of beam is 4.5 Assume suitable cover.
b) Prepare rate analysis for brick work in superstructure in CM 1:6. for 10.0 cum
c) State the factors affecting Rate Analysis
d) Estimate quantity of earthwork using Prismoidal formula
Chainage 0 30 60 90 120
RL of GL 112.00 111.80 111.70 111.60 111.50
RL of Formation level ------ 112.60
Formation Width 10.00m; Side Slope 2:1

Q.4 b) Attempt any ONE ---------------------------------------- 06 Marks
a) Prepare Rate Analysis for 25 cu.m. RCC M20 slab.

b) Work out quantities of earth work for a section of road as given in table

Chainage m 0 30 60 90 120 150
Ground level 110.00 109.00 109.70 108.70 109.80 109.80

Formation level at 0 m chainage=110.00 m.
Gradient of formation line 1 in 300 upward.
Top width of Formation 10.00m
Side slope 2:1

Q.5) Attempt any TWO ------------------------------------ 16 Marks
a) Workout quantity of concrete in footing for RCC column from table and fig.

Column Nos. Top size Footing size de/ds
in footing
C1 10 230X450 1000X1600 450/200

b) Calculate the quantity of cement and sand for;
i) PCC----30 Cum
ii) Plastering--- 120 sqm
c) Workout the quatity of following items for Septic Tank having internal size
1.2x2.9m & height 1.5m.Assume suitable data.
i) Earthwork in Exavation
ii) PCC 1:3:6
iii) BBM In foundation in CM 1:6 (230MM Thick)
iv) M-15 Slab on septic Tank

Q.6) Attempt any FOUR ---------------------------------- 16 Marks
a) Mention the desired accuracy in taking measurements of: Length, Area, Volume &
b) Describe the Centre line method of estimating the quantity of item.
c) State the capacity of truck & tractor for brick,sand
d) State any three methods of calculation of Earthwork for Road. Explain any one of
e) Which method is more accurate for calculation of Earthwork & why?