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Parth Vidyadhar Patil

3446 Edinburgh Avenue, Apartment #3, Riverside, CA 92507, USA.

PHONE: +1-9513291292 Email: Rmail:
University of California, Riverside, USA. 2014-2016
Pursuing Master of Science in Computer Engineering.
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India. May 2014
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics.
Secured 68% aggregrate.
Sathaye College (junior college), Mumbai, India. May 2010
Secured 90.34 % in PCM.
Secured 85.55 % at HSC Examination.
Summer Training and Internship Program Embedded Systems 2013
ThinkLabs, SINE IIT-Bombay.
Successfully completed the project RTC using I2C protocol as a part of internship.
Worked on AVR Microcontrollers and interfaced various sensors and devices.
Studied and implemented communication protocols like UART, SPI and I2C.
Final year B.E project - Car Black-Box System.
Basic aim of the project is to detect a car crash and send a required message to near by
hospital, insurance company and traffic police department for the help. The product
also store the information in a SD card of necessary parameters like speed, signal,
brakes etc. which would help in further investigation.
Implementing GPS, GSM, accelerometer, SD card interfacing , lane following, signal
detection, speed detection with AVR microcontroller ATMEGA 64A.
Project was funded by S.P.I.T- IEDC ( Sardar Patel Institute of Technology -Innovative
Development and Entrepreneurship Centre) 2012-2013
Room Automation
Primary purpose of this project was to reduce energy consumption.
Designed a circuit which could switch off lights and fans when a human being is not
present in a room. Electronics components that were used in these circuits were IR
sensors, comparators (IC -741), logic gates, Timer IC-555, etc.
DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) and Echo cancellation
Implemented a code for DTMF and Echo cancellation using Code Composer Studio. It
was realised on Digital Signal Processor TMS320C5515.
Lights out
Developed a game which tested human logical and analytical skills and
displayed IQ of person playing it with help of AVR microcontroller.
Controlled a array of LEDS through a keypad. This keypad was interfaced to micro-
controller and implemented a embedded C program to generate the required puzzle
pattern and display the score.
Solar powered multipurpose Battery Charger
Implemented a multipurpose (3, 5 and 12 volts) battery charger powered by solar
Listening bug
Developed a small and concealed product which could record speech.
Vital components used in circuit were bipolar NPN transistor BC547, SPDT switch, MIC,
ceramic capacitors, cell battery, antenna, etc.
SKILLS Softwares
Pspice, MATLAB, SCILAB, Eagle, MPLAB, MASM, Circuit maker, Codevision AVR, SinaProg,
Keil vision, Silvaco, active HDL, Xilinx, Autocad, AimSpice, Code Composer Studio.
Programming Languages
C, C++, Java, VHDL, Verilog, assembly language programming.
Secured 2
position in Innovative Project Idea Competition for the project idea PAY
AS YOU DRIVE Conducted by IEDC S.P.I.T.
As Member of Robocon team of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, participated in
National-level Robotic contest ABU ROBOCON 2013.
Organized several robotics workshops like wired robotics, line following robot, wireless
robot etc. for committees like IEEE, IETE, ESA.
Authored and presented a technical paper on Digital Chronometer Using RTC DS1307
at International Conference on Electrical, Electronics , Computer Science and
Mathematics Physical Education and Management (ICEECMPE) held at Delhi.
Participated and successfully presented projects in Electroworks 2012 and 2013.
(National Level Electronics project competition)
Participated in Texas Instruments Innovative Challenge- INDIA Analog Design Contest-

Elected to Student Council Body, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, 2012-1013 for the
post of Sports Secretary.
Participated at National level volleyball Tournament in 2011 and 2012.
Won many trophies, medals and certificates in field of athletics.
Executive Head during cultural festival of college S.P.I.T. SPACE.
Organized a blood donation camp as a part of student council member.