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I. Background of the study about semantic
Semantic is study of the relation between form and meaning. It is the study of how
meaning is structured in sentences, phrases, and words. An understanding of semantics is
essential to the study of language acquisition (how language users acquire a sense of
meaning, as speakers and writers, listeners and readers) and of language change (how
meanings alter over time). It is important for understanding language in social contets, as
these are likely to affect meaning. !he study of semantics includes the study of how
meaning is constructed, clarified, illustrated, interpreted, obscured, simplified negotiated,
contradicted and paraphrased.
!he "nglish term #semantics$ comes from the %reek #semantikos” which means to
show or give signs. Semantics can be applied to different kinds of symbol systems, such as
computer languages and similar coding systems. In general, however, semantics generally
refers to how meaning is conveyed through the symbols of a written language. Semantics
can be understood when it is contrasted with another linguistic term, synta.
II. Makes sketches about utterance, sentence, and propositiona
A further abstraction, ignoring many
grammatical components of the sentence
An abstraction of the grammatical and
leical content of an utterance
&ound to a specific situation, a specific
a. !tterance
An utterance is the use of any piece of language by a particular speaker on a
particular situation.
1. #)ello$
2. #*ongratulation$
3. #Shit$
4. #%o$
5. #*ome$
6. #+uch$
7. #)i$
8. #Silent$
9. #,amn$
10. #&ye$
b. Sentence
A sentence is a linguistic construct. -rom a linguistic point of view, these are
(grammatically) different sentences.
1. ,esi is going to campus.
2. Amel saw her brother.
3. )e cooks noodle.
4. I stand up in front of class.
5. .any people run in the hall.
6. *lass is over today.
7. It is a doll.
8. !he monkey climbs the tree.
9. Isna and her friend come late in structure class.
10. !his room is clean.
c. $ropositiona
A proposition is a logical construct, which abstracts away from grammatical
1. )e is handsome.
2. *lass is over.
3. /elly is a famous singer.
4. .y grandfather died last year.
5. !his room is dirty.
6. I am late.
7. !he music turns on.
8. .y parents married 00 years ago.
9. !he sun shine.
10. !he airport is busy.